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This page contains stories written by adults, for adults. The stories are sexual in nature and may contain preteens and early teens engaging in sexual activities. If you are offended by such content, please now.

I hope you will enjoy my stories, but if you don't, I don't mind: There are plenty of other stories to read.

If you would like to contact me about my stories, send me an message. (The message can be sent anonymously.) I'd love to know if anyone is actually reading my stories.

Thank You!

A big "Thank you!" to all my readers who have sent feedback! I love knowing which stories you like and why. I also enjoy receiving suggestions. It really motivates me to write more stories.

What's New

(Last updated June 19, 2017)

Dear Diary New!


Boy Buddy (mb, 1st, cons)

A lonely boy finds the friend of his dreams.

No-Pajamas Party (b+/b+, 1st, exhib, anal, oral)

A boy gets invited to a sleepover with his new friends, but it's not what he expects.

Transgender Boy (bb, exhib, tg, 1st, oral, anal)

A cross-dressing boy becomes a little too much like a girl.


Beach Fun (bf, 1st, preg)

Two boys meet two girls on the beach and have a little fun.

Brother First (fb, 1st, inc, preg?)

A teen-aged girl takes her little brother's virginity.

Brotherly Love (m+g, 1st, slow)

A pre-teen girl discovers how wonderful it is to have her big brother be her lover.

Built-in Friend (bg, inc, 1st)

A preteen girl discovers that having a twin brother is more fun than she had previously thought.

Clothes (bg, 1st, preg)

A girl describes her childhood adventures with the neighbor boy.

Comfortable with Brother (mg, inc, 1st)

A preteen girl goes to her older brother for comfort and ends up getting it and more.

Dear Diary (b-solo, exhib, bg, 1st) New!

A pre-teen boy is caught masturbating by his mother. Rather than getting in trouble, he discovers a host of new pleasures.

First Bikini (M+g, b+g, 1st, exhib, interr, reluc, preg)

A pre-teen girl gets her first bikini and is confused by the feelings it awakens in her.

The Good Life (m+f+, M+F+, mf, bg)

A woman tells the story of how she discovered sex and the life that she made with her friends.

Little Brother (fb, bg+, 1st, inc, preg?)

A teen-aged girl helps her pre-teen brother deal with his concerns about his small penis.

Little Sister (m+g, 1st)

A girl enjoys hanging out with her older brother and his friends—and vice versa.

Lost in Space Remake (fb, Mb, reluc, 1st, slow)

A boy is chosen to play Will Robinson in a remake of Lost in Space, but it's not his acting ability that earns him the part.

Naked Brothers (bg+, exhib, nosex)

Women discuss their experiences with seeing their brothers naked when they were growing up.

New Territory (b+g, 1st, inc)

A girl writes to her best friend about her new home.

The Pack (b+g, 1st)

A girl enjoys the attention of four boys, and they all revel in the newly-discovered pleasures of sex.

Persistence Pays Off (bg, 1st, exhib)

A pre-teen boy seduces his elementary-school crush.

Summer Fun (bsolo, fb, bb, 1st, exhib, preg?)

A teenaged girl picks a pre-teen boy to be her summer boyfriend.


Teacher's Pet Boy (Mb, exhib, slow)

A teacher has fun with a male student. This story is mostly the same story as "Teacher's Pet Girl," except that the student is a boy.

Summer with Uncle (Mb, 1st, rim, inc, exhib)

A pre-teen boy is introduced to sex by his uncle.


The Dancer (Mg, 1st, preg)

A preteen girl does a special dance for a special friend.

The Gymnast (Mg, 1st, preg)

A young gymnast gets special instruction.

Teacher's Pet Girl (Mg, bg, 1st, slow)

A teacher has fun with a former female student. This story is mostly the same story as "Teacher's Pet Boy," except that the student is a girl.


Trick and Treat (bb Fb+, 1st, exhib, slow)

A pre-teen delinquent talks the straight-laced neighbor boy into trick-or-treating au naturel; a lonely young woman turns a trick, and the boys get an unexpected treat.

Young Lover (Fb, 1st, preg)

A young woman falls for a cute, pre-teen boy.


Stay-boy (b, drug, nosex)

A fictional advertisement for a puberty-delaying drug for boys.

Stay-boy History (b, mf, exhib, drug)

A companion piece to Stay-boy. Tells the history of how Stay-boy came into common use and how it changed society.

A Stay-boy Boy (bb, mm, mf, drug)

A teenaged boy discusses his experiences being on a drug that prevents him from starting puberty.

Cute (bg+ drug stay-boy)

An 11-year-old girl's attempts to seduce the new neighbor boy are frustrated by Stay-boy.


Anonymous Sex (M+F, preg?)

A woman is introduced to an exciting new experience.

Bored (M-solo, M/M, oral, anal, mc)

A man dabbles with hypnosis. Remember what they say, "Be careful what you wish for!"

Costumes (b b g, exhib, nosex)

A clever mother devises the perfect Halloween costumes for her three children and thoroughly enjoys showing off her handiwork.

The First Thing (b, humor, nosex)

A brief observation.

Getting to Know Father (M+F, bg, inc, exhib, swing)

A boy becomes privy to a family secret.

Hotel (Mg, Mb, Mbg, bg, inc, cons, anal, oral, piv, 1st)

An interactive (and, hopefully, erotic) story in which you spend the night in a hotel room with a young girl and boy. (Requires javascript.)

Mars Colony (bg, MF, Fb, Mb, first, inc, exhib, cuck, preg, sci-fi)

Vignettes of sex among child colonists on Mars with allusions to the adults' activities.

Naked Summer (b+, exhib, nosex)

A boy goes to visit his cousin for the summer. He quickly overcomes his modesty and learns to do as the Romans when in Rome. (If enough people are interested, I may write more chapters.)

Naked Summer Part 2 (exhib, bb anal 1st cons, g/b mast cbt reluc, mb anal nc)

A boy continues his summer visit with his cousin, becoming increasingly comfortable with nudity and being introduced to various forms of sex.

Two boys meet two girls on the beach and have a little fun.

New House (b+g, Mg, Mb, preg?)

A man moves into a new house and discovers that the neighbor children are frisky.

No-Pajamas Party for Girls (g+/g+, gb, gsolo, oral, exhib)

A girl gets invited to a sleepover with her new friends, but it's not a typical sleepover.

Roaming the Neighborhood (Fb, bg+, fb)

A pre-teen boy on summer vacation roams the neighborhood, hooking up with girls of various ages.

Sibling Switch (bg, mm, mg, 1st, inc, magic)

A quarrel between siblings is resolved in a way that neither one expected.

Sleepover (b-solo, gg, bg, 1st, inc, exhib)

A pre-teen girl experiences a number of firsts at a sleepover with her new friend.

Tentacles (bg, vore, snuff)

A pre-teen boy temps fate to determine if there's any credence to a local tale.

Testicular Ultrasound (caution, nosex)

A fictional advertisement for a birth control procedure for pre-teen and teen boys.

Tickling (Mb, b+g, 1st) A man has some playful fun with a precocious boy and girl.

Vitex (Msolo, drug)

A fictional forum discussion about a man's attempt to control his sexual urges.

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