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By Apollon

A young boy endures torment from a younger cousin before settling the matter with her. Story codes bg, inc

Garth sometimes dreaded meeting up with his cousin Betty at their grandmas house. The two moms were sisters and the old lady seemed to require regular visits from her two daughters and had for years even when grandpa was alive. She also expected her grandchildren to be there as well. So the visits regularly brought Garth and Betty together on the retired old farm.

Betty despite being a year younger had always been a tom-boy, taller and more assertive. Since they were little they found themselves together a lot and never seemed to get along. She had always dominated toys and play, and seemed to go out of her way to torment Garth by ordering him around and saying anything to get him in trouble. She was long and lanky and when they would wrestle around, in the old barn, Betty always seemed to find a way to end up on top.

But things were changing. At one point when they were together the time before last, Betty snatched Garths baseball cap and retreated holding it behind her. Give it back, he protested as she looked at him defiantly. Try and get it, she said, and a chase ensued. Where once Betty had been in control Garth had been growing and now when he caught the girl he was strong enough to subdue her. He reached around to grab the hat toppling the girl backwards. They landed in a pile of straw with Garth lying squarely on top of his cousin. Both of their arms were pinned behind Betty clutching at the hat. They lay still for a few seconds. Garths chest was pressed against hers and he felt two small bumps pressing back. He was between her widely spread legs and his crotch was pressing against hersand he was getting hard.

Their eyes were locked together and a look of bewilderment was on the girls face. Then an evil grin spread across her face and Garth felt the blood of embarrassment cover his. He wiggled his hands free and pushed himself to the side lying face down to escape the bulge in his jeans being obvious. Betty seemed to enjoy her cousins predicament and said, That felt funny. Garth knew what she referred to avoided the issue. But he let himself glance stealthily at his cousin the rest of the day and noticed that the yellow shorts she was wearing displayed her long coltish legs and fit more snugly. There was roundness to her butt. The shorts clung to her mound and he could almost make out the shadow of a crevice. He snug knit top revealed small bumps on her chest. Betty was growing up.

He and his friends had taken in all the changes they saw in girls in their sixth grade class. Since he and a couple of his buddies had discovered the joys of masturbation they had even begun to admit an interest in girls and allowed them in their jack-off fantasies. But he hadnt equated those things to his tom-boy cousin until now. Avoiding her grinning looks he bolted away and they occupied themselves until it was time to leave. Nothing else was said but Garth got several funny looks from his cousin.

On the way home in the car he quietly relived the incident. Becky had given him a hard on and she had felt it. The smirks told him she knew what it was. What was going through her mind? He had been pressed against her and she hadnt moved. He was getting hard again just thinking about it. For the next couple weeks he would think about what happened more than a few times. He had been around other girls at school and in the neighborhood, but he could never recall being so close and touching that way before. Now lying in bed attending to his stiff dick he would picture what his cousin might look like without clothes. She was just his annoying cousin and he had seen her flat chest a few times in the past. But she was a girl and she was growing a shape. Several times he drifted off to sleep with her image in his mind and his dick in his hand.

Then on another Saturday Garths mom announced another trek to grandmas house. He almost begged to be left home until he learned Becky would be there again. For reasons he couldnt explain he decided to go, knowing he might have to endure the usual torment. They arrived about the same time from their short trips and sat down to a ready lunch. Garth felt Becky eyeing him menacingly while they ate. When they had finished the moms issued their edicts.

You kids run on out and play, you hear? And try to get along for a change. Youre both old enough we shouldnt have to be settling fights and arguments. The stern comments from Bettys mom were echoed by Garths mom with a reminder to be back in the house by dinner time. The two cousins had scarcely cleared the back porch when Betty turned to give her cousin a smirk. She was tall and thin with fiery red hair and freckles, but certainly not homely as one might expect. Garth recalled vividly how he discovered the girl had begun to mature the last time they were together only a few weeks ago. Today instead of the usual jeans or shorts she was wearing a skirt and a top that was snug enough to show the newly acquired bumps on her chest.

After they escaped the prattle of the women in the old farmhouse they descended on one of the old barns that had been a play spot for years. They played around old stalls then started to ascend the wood ladder to the old loft where they had played many times before. Betty started up the ladder first and as Garth followed he was looking straight up his cousins skirt. He had seen her panties when they had played before when she opted for skirts sometimes over shorts or jeans. But this time there was something more interesting about her legs and panty covered butt as she went up. When she reached the top she turned as he emerged and tersely said, You were looking up my skirt. So, Garth retorted, You wanted to go up first. And besides, Ive seen up your skirt before; youre always flipping it around. Am not, the girl protested. Are too, Garth came back. She answered by sticking out her tongue.

They realized some of the old games didnt interest them anymore and tossed a Frisbee from loft to loft for a while. They swung on an old hay rope between old stacks of hay and straw. Each time Betty would swing her skirt would blow up. It would seem to stay up as she landed and she seemed slow to recover her legs and panties. Garth hadnt paid attention before and he did his best not to look but couldnt avoid it and it seemed she was taunting him again.

While they had paused and were just lounging around Betty seemed unconcerned when her skirt rode up exposing her long legs and leaned back on her elbows to bring her top tighter over her chest. She commented on Garths cute legs displayed by his cut-off Levis. Like she had a few times before when they were together she began a running dialog expounding on how dumb the boys were in her school and how some girls were growing boobs already and how a few girls had boyfriends in Jr. High. Garth was always a little embarrassed at the boldness of her conversation and was even more surprised when she arched her back again and announced that she was growing and wondered if they showed yet.

Garth never knew what to say; he could only shrug and try to avoid being embarrassed by the precocious conversation. On the way home from the farm and more often now it seemed he found himself thinking about his cousin and the vision of her long slim legs and the regular flash of her panties. He was a regular practitioner of the masturbatory arts in bed at night and as he wrapped his hand around his dick and his mind around jack-off fantasies he again found they included visions of his cousin. He imagined them lying together like they had numerous times when they wrestled only naked. And when he imagined actually doing it with a girl it was often her face and body that brought him off and left a thin sticky residue in his hand.

Summer came and school was out and Garth and his buddy Roger did what every other young boy their age was doing with their leisure time; slipping away pulling down their pants and jacking off to pictures in contraband playboys. They even managed to get Rogers little sister and her friend engaged in a game of strip poker that rendered them all naked. Despite being only nine and ten they were still girls and they were naked giving the boys a good look and satisfying their own curiosity. Only when the boys decided they wanted to examine more closely did the girls dress and retreat leaving the boys to a session of mutual masturbation and for Garth the release of a few drops of thin clear boy fluid.

A few weeks later brought another Saturday trek and Garth and Betty found themselves together again having lunch at grandmas. So youre pretty big now, going to be in Jr. High. No matter what Betty said to him it always came out with a sarcastic tone. When his mother had announced the regular visit he had sort of dreaded the teasing and torment but was also drawn to his brash cousin. And she had started it again. As they slipped away from their moms and grandma and arrived at the old barn, Betty went right to the ladder to the loft. So do you want me to go up first so you can look up my dress again? the girl asked. This time she was wearing a flowery dress that buttoned at the front and stopped just at her knees. The dress was snug over the two small protrusions at her chest he had noticed but he made sure not to get caught looking.

I dont care; Ill go up first if you want, and then you can look up my shorts. Before he could move, Betty stepped in front of him and started up the ladder. After a few steps she turned and looked back down at her cousin then resumed her climb. She seemed to expect it so Garth stepped over and looked up. He could see his cousins long lean legs rise under the skirt and join the panty covered butt that swayed as she climbed. She was deliberately giving him a look and teasing him again.

When she had cleared the top and then he emerged, Betty was sitting on a bale leaning back on her elbows watching him. So did you get a good look? she said with tone of sarcasm. Yeah, pretty good, he said. She stuck her tongue out at him. Why are boys always trying to see up girls skirts? Curious, I guess, he said as he knelt down next the bale the girl was sitting on. Just trying to see our panties? I guess so; and besides youre always showing them off? Am not. Are too. So, youve been looking, she added caustically. Of course, what did you expect?

Betty tilted her head and eyed him quietly for a few seconds. Well some girls like to be looked at, I mean, its not really a big deal. Here; have a really good look and then you wont have to sneak. And with that she flipped her skirt up giving Garth a clear look at his cousins long legs up to where they joined at a pair of snug white panties with little pink flowers on them. He eyed the slim limbs and felt his eyes dwell on the panty covered mound at the top and felt a swelling start in his groin.

Garth knew a boner would be hard to disguise in the shorts he was wearing and he realized thats right where Bettys eyes had focused as she held up her skirt. She was teasing him and the look in her eyes confirmed it. There was that a good enough look? she asked as she dropped the hem but only to the middle of her thighs. Before he could answer she went on; Besides boys really want to see more than just panties. They want to see whats in them, and I know what it does, Ive seen a boys thing when it gets hard. Garth was silenced by the last admission. Then he noticed Betty eyeing the little tent forming in his shorts.

So does it do that to you when you see my panties? Betty questioned. Garth was beginning to get unnerved by the girl. Yes and If you dont quit teasing me and showing off I might have to pull em down and spank you. You wouldnt dare, she retorted, then flipped her skirt tail up and stuck her tongue out again; And besides, youre chicken. Oh yeah? Garth pronounced, and pounced at the girl grabbing her by the wrists before she could evade. He pulled her giggling off the bale and onto the hay strewn at the side. In times past Betty could have handled Garth physically being as big and strong as he. But that was before, not now; he had grown and was much stronger or perhaps she wasnt struggling as much as she could have.

The years of teasing and torment from his cousin were over he decided; he was going to show her. He pushed her over and wrestled her on her back. When he was mostly on top he reached under the girls skirt and flipped it up exposing the pink flowered panties again. She looked up defiantly sticking her tongue out again and giggling when Garth pushed a hand down and grabbed at the elastic. Then the girl laughed and lurched away from her cousin crawling upward to escape. He grabbed a leg and managed to snag her panties in one hand and to his surprise, he felt Betty rise up a little as he pushed his hand between the thin fabric and the bare cheeks of her firm ass. Then he grabbed at the back and sides and tugged them down over her cheeks. Dont tear em, she said and eased up on her struggle. Then she felt him get a firm hold and start to pull. She kicked and protested but he was able to clear the thin garment over the backs of her knees before she tried to crawl away.

He pursued her again and caught her by an ankle, held her legs and pulled himself up over her pinning her face down. Then he reached down and flipped her skirt up over her naked butt. Betty resisted wiggling her hips to avoid his hand and giggling again. Meeting with only token resistance he persisted until the small garment had cleared to his cousins knees and then off of one ankle.

He swatted her a few times as she shrieked and struggled and then turned to avoid his swats. As she rolled to protect her butt the rest of her nakedness was exposed. Garth pounced upward pinning the giggling Betty again, this time on her back. Either Garth had gotten much stronger or Betty was not resisting as much as he expected. Reaching down he clamped a hand on her leg just above the knee. Betty paused in her struggle for a few seconds and held still, eyeing him suspiciously. Garth looked down at her preteen pussy. Garth looked down at her preteen pussy. Despite being only eleven Betty had a few short curly red hairs trying to form a v at her crotch. They were pointing at two puffy pink lips that were separated by a small eraser like nub that stood out a little from a little finger of skin. He held her tightly and slid a hand up her bare thigh until he reached the warmth of her pre-teen pussy.

This was new territory for Garth. He had seen pictures of naked girls and even had a couple of show me experiences with a couple of neighborhood girls including the recent experience with his friends little sister. But they were younger than his cousin. He had seen the diagrams in health and even contraband pictures of people fucking, had fantasies with his buddies in mutual jack-offs, and envisioned similar situations during his newly experienced wet dreams. But now it was real. He had his hand on a bare pussy. It was warm and wet and his cousins eyes got big as saucers as he parted the lips with his fingers and began to rub and probe.

Garth this is nasty; were not supposed to do this, Betty breathed, but she didnt sound convinced and she didnt try to push him away or try to escape. She was no longer resisting; she just looked at him with sort of a surprised but curious expression. Then slowly her legs relaxed letting her knees part. Garth let his finger part the crevice and slip into the moist little valley and start to explore. Betty gasped when his finger brushed over the little nub at the top of her crack and did so again when he located the little hole at the bottom. Her eyes got big and her mouth dropped open when he only hesitated a few seconds then pressed his finger in a little ways. It was snug but slippery and he pressed in a little farther. Betty closed her mouth biting over her lower lip with her upper teeth but keeping her eyes wide open. Garth was surprised at the slickness of Bettys tunnel and how easily his finger slipped in and how Betty arched her hips to meet his finger.

He was hard as a rock inside his shorts and had his boy dick pressed against his cousins leg. As he started to slide his middle finger in and out he felt himself humping against her leg. After a few seconds Betty breathed; I can feel yoursI mean how it getsI should see yours too, she stammered as Garth continued to finger fuck her. Then he paused formulating a plan and with his free hand pushed down on his shorts and underwear clearing his rigid boy dick and finally getting them all the way off. He scooted up still keeping his hand in Bettys crotch but rising up so she could see him.

His slim cock pointed up and out and pulsed with his heartbeat. He was circumcised and almost five inches long but still totally hairless. His adolescent balls had only recently dropped and although a practiced masturbator he had only started issuing a little thin clear semen a few weeks ago. She looked down her body at his nakedness until he pressed it against her again and resumed the motion with his finger. When he joined the first one with a second Betty gasped again, What are you doing? You know what Im doing, and I think you wanted to do something like this didnt you? Garth accused.

A look between an admission and earlier defiance crossed Bettys face. Maybe, she said. Garth could feel her body flexing to his fingers and little traces of moisture were appearing on Bettys forehead and upper lip. It was like she wanted to close her eyes but still wanted to watch him. Eyeing her, Garth rose up pulling his fingers away and letting his dick stand out. So is this like youve seen before? Betty nodded, Sort of. Well now that youve seen it Im going to let you feel it, he said and then as he moved up between her legs and pulled them over his thighs she knew that he didnt mean for her to feel it with her hands.

Wait, no, we cant do this, she protested but her words were quiet and insincere. And as Garth scooted up and aimed his stiff tool at her portal she let her legs spread more widely. Garth poised the tip of his penis in her crevice and moved it down gathering a little moisture and settling into the opening where his fingers had been. Youre not supposed to do this, I didnt thinkOuch! Oh shit! Betty exclaimed as Garth plunged his slim boy tool into his cousins virgin pussy in one swift move. He had expected it to go in as easily as his finger had but encountered a narrower opening and had simply plunged through it. It wasnt a barrier that impeded him, just a tight ring that stretched as his hard slim shaft pressed through it.

He stopped momentarily as Bettys head was back and her eyes were closed in a grimace and her body was tense. Sorry, he said. Betty was chewing her lower lip. You should have gone slower, it was just too quick, the girl complained after a few seconds. Then Garth felt her start to relax around him. Ill go slower now, he said, pulling back slight and then pressing in a little farther. That worked for a few more strokes then lust took over his adolescent body and he started pumping harder and faster.

The sensation was amazing; tight, warm and slick rubbing the edge of his purple crown. He pumped harder and faster feeling his eruption rise. He wanted to hold back, make it last, but it was too late; he was too full of frustration and lust and felt a quick shiver through his body until he shook in a spasm and felt a small salvo of thin semen leave his loins. He was coming. Bettys eyes were still open and she was still tense when her cousin gasped and she felt him press harder into her and sort of spasm inside. Then she felt Garth gradually slow down but she didnt seem to know what had happened.

He cursed himself for going off so quick. It was his first time and he should have savored it. Betty was still looking at him with wide eyes as if still surprised at the stiff intrusion between her legs. If his dick had wilted Garth might have pulled out and rolled off. But after lying still a few minutes he realized he was still hard and it felt warm and firm where he was and started moving again. He would fondly remember this event and envy the youthful stamina. Looking into Bettys face he could see her expression change as she began to savor the feel of her twelve year old cousins dick as it moved more easily now in her eleven year old pussy. Garth leaned his body more over hers then with one hand slowly unbuttoned the top of her dress realizing her new tits were still covered. As he spread the sides of the dress the puffy little cones and nipples revealed themselves. Betty wasnt even wearing a training bra doing her best to show off her growth.

She looked still wide-eyed as Garth felt her pre-teen tits and continued to slowly slide his dick into her. He ran a hand over a firm cone then bent over, still without disengaging and managed to suck one nipple between his lips bringing another gasp from his cousin. Then as he felt the urge beginning again he leaned closer over Bettys body and let her legs down on the hay. He pressed his body against hers bringing his face closer and started humping a little faster and harder. He felt her breathing harder and faster and wondered if a girl her age could get off. Keep going, he whispered to her, This is so good. He recognized a slight nod of agreement. He started humping harder bringing an occasional slap of flesh as Betty grunted an approval.

Garth leaned up on his elbows and looked into his cousins face. Her eyes showed some amazement at the steady intrusion between her legs. So are you sorry you teased me? He said, keeping a steady stroke. Betty started to nod a yes then shook her head. So you wanted to do this? You like it? Were going to do this lot more, huh? Betty nodded robotically in agreement as her cousins actions had progressed from uncomfortable to stimulating. The stabbing and stretching pain was gone and she started feeling something new inside her body. Her cousins penis and pubis were rubbing her in just the right way; better than when she did it for herself. This was what some of the girls talked about and boys tried to get her to do. It was a tingle and her breathing quickened and she began humping upward.

Then she gasped and splayed her legs widely and pulled at Garths naked butt. He felt her body shudder and tense then shudder again just as his own body exploded and spasms matched hers. They kept humping not wanting it to end until Euphoria eventually spread over the pre-teens and they wilted together before Garth collapsed, slipped out and rolled to the side. Both were speechless for a few minutes as they cooled and recovered.

They were quiet as they both reached for discarded underwear and dressed. I didnt know wed do that, Betty said quietly after a few minutes. I didnt either, Garth admitted, feeling a little guilt and wondering for a second if Betty would complain to his mom. But Im glad we did, the boy added boldly. Me, too, I guess, Betty said, thoughtfully. Some other girls at school have done it, she began, And theres this one boy thats always trying to get me to. Hes really cute and we went behind the tool shed at school once and he felt me up and pulled his pants down and wanted to do it. But hes done it with a couple of other girls and then he tells all the other boys and they want to do it too and its really embarrassing; so I wouldnt let him.

Well you know I wont tell anybody, Garth said, leaning up on one elbow. And if you did we live so far apart no one would know me, the girl added, So had you done it before? No, Garth answered. How about you; you said you saw that other boys penis? he asked, just making small talk. Yeah, I saw his and a couple of others, too, but we never did anything, Betty blushed, realizing what she just admitted. Oh, some others, too? he asked with a little smile. They were just little, she defended quickly, My friends little brother and his friend, but theyre younger than us and not very big. She was blushing slightly as she looked back at her cousin. When their eyes met, Garth could see the wheels turning in her head much as his own were.

Umm, but I didnt really get to see yours, she said, sort of quietly letting her eyes glance at him sideways. Yeah, it was kind of fast wasnt it? Betty nodded. Something told him she might be willing to do more. So would you like to see it again? he asked. Umm, I guess so, she said. Id like to see you again, too, he said, Weve still got a couple of hours before they expect us back in the house. We could just take our clothes off and kind of look at each other. I wouldnt mind, the girl said with a shrug. Garth pulled his tee shirt off on one swift motion and then waited as Betty began to unbutton her dress. She let the dress slip off of her shoulders and held it a few seconds then let the garment drop exposing her tiny cone-shaped tits again. The little nipples pointed out stiffly and Garth felt his wilted weenie begin to rise again.

Garth sat up on his knees and unbuttoned his cut-offs again and pushed them down then followed them with his white briefs pulling them off of his ankles and letting his rising weenie stick out. Betty quietly pulled the dress off and then the little flowered panties until they faced each other, naked on their knees letting their hands drop to their sides and giving each other a good look. Youre really beautiful, Garth said, eyeing his cousins blooming young body. The normally arrogant girl blushed at the compliment. Oh, Im not, Betty said, My boobs arent big yet, she said glancing at her chest. Theyre perfect, Garth heard himself say and boldly reached out with his fingers touching first one little nipple and then the other. Betty puffed out her chest to meet his hand and let her upper teeth slip over her lower lip. A little extra bit of breath exhaled from the sensation of the boys touch.

You look, I mean, its nice, too, Betty said, looking down at Garths pulsing penis that was pointing straight at her now. Garth reached for one of Bettys hands and, ignoring the little patches of crustiness from the thin residue of their body fluids, placed his hand on his rigid boy cock. A tiny smile teased at the corners of her mouth as she curled her fingers around the stiff shaft. Garth moved his hand from hers and reached between Bettys legs touching the puffy lips with his fingers. He felt his cousins fingers exploring his sack and moving over his shaft to the knob as he spread the girls nether lips and let a finger slip into the warm moist crevice.

They smiled at each silently savoring their chance to closely examine each others naked body. This is fun. Lets just lie down in the hay and keep feeling each other up, the boy suggested. Betty nodded and lay back letting her legs part slightly. Garth settled beside her and began running his hand over her front as she reached for his stiff weenie again. They lay quietly feeling each other for several minutes. Garth let his fingers slip into the crack again and probe down toward the hole. When he touched around it, Betty winced a little. Umm, kind of sore, she mumbled and he moved his fingers back up over the little finger of flesh and the bump that felt like a small eraser.

He rubbed it gently and felt Betty hump her hips to his hand. Oh, yeah, that feels good, right there, she breathed, and she lay still for a few seconds as her cousins fingers rubbed her sensitive little nub. Garth had heard some stories about a special spot on a girl and he assumed he had found it. He pressed a little harder and moved his hand a little faster. Betty spread her legs wider and let her eyes close and her head lay back. Then she winced and giggled pushing his hand away. That really tickles, she said, then rolled to the side pushing Garth over on his back.

She didnt have to say it was her turn; it was obvious as she explored her cousins body. She didnt let her fingers dwell on his chest, moving quickly past his navel and right to Garths pulsing boy cock. It was standing up pointing up curving slightly toward his head but just off of his stomach. The ridge of his crown formed an inverted v and created a line that led to his tiny pee hole. There was a thin scar from his circumcision and the little collar of skin that was left was stretched tight from his erection. The main vein and several smaller ones could be seen in the bottom of his shaft.

Betty was bent over her cousins middle examining his boyhood closely. Then her fingers moved lower and she gently cradled Garths ball sack inspecting the little glands that had recently dropped lower. They told us in health that these are where sperm comes from, the girl said in a matter-of-fact tone. Yeah, but I dont make much yet, Garth lamented, recalling a much larger, creamier discharge that a friend had demonstrated. I dont get periods yet, either, the girl volunteered, Neither does my friend; but her boobs are bigger than mine and she has more hair, you know, down there.

Garth nodded to himself letting his hand drift back over to Bettys middle touching the tiny wisps mixed in with the downy fuzz over her mound. Betty lay back keeping a grip on Garths tool. They were on their backs side by side, each with a hand in the others crotch. Garth searched for the little finger of flesh and began rubbing it as he felt Bettys hand moving on his shaft. It occurred to him she knew what to do. He made a mental note to find out more about her experience. Then he rolled to side letting her hand fall away and began inspecting her naked body as she had done to his.

He circled his finger around a pinkish brown nipple and watched it stiffen. Betty giggled and wiggled slightly. Then in a moment of inspiration he bent his head to her chest and touched a tongue to the tip of the little cone before sucking it gently between his lips. Betty groaned as he hands slowly circled his head. He felt her shiver as he moved his mouth to the other side and pressed his hand harder into her crotch. As he ministered with his mouth and fingers for the next few minutes Bettys legs went wide and he felt some moisture develop again below his fingers. He probed lower with a finger and let it slip into the hole.

Betty groaned and winced, Umm, kind of sore, she breathed, but she let the digit penetrate. It was warm and slick like before. Garth rose up and moved between the girls legs moving his hand in a ragged rhythm over her mound and crevice. Her head was back he eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily pressing her mound up to meet him, obviously horny. Do you want to do it again? he asked this time. She nodded without opening her eyes. If Im not too sore, she breathed.

Garth lifted her legs and scooted up until her thighs were draped over his. He aimed his tool at her crevice and parted the lips with one hand. Betty brought both hands down and spread her lips wider exposing the pinkness inside and rolled her hips when she felt the tip of Garths tool. She winced again as he touched the portal and gave muted Ouch, and stiffened as he pressed the tip in. She was obviously sore from the previous penetration but as he worked more in past the tight little ring he felt her start to relax. He stayed on his knees and held her legs up looking down between them watching his shaft disappear until his pubis was up close to hers.

Bettys eyes were still closed as he let her legs down over his thighs again and reached up gently rubbing each of the little cones that were just barely jutting up from her slim chest. He rubbed over them and down her front flexing his shaft and rolling his hips into her. Looking down again he could see the little finger of flesh resting just above where his shaft disappeared. He moved his hands down and let his thumb caress it. Betty gasped and her mouth came open. "Ah, ah, ah, came from her mouth as she grabbed Garths hips and bucked upward splaying her knees out widely and almost thrashing around under him.

He felt her body clench around his pre-teen tool and pulled his hand from between them and leaned forward pressing their naked bodies together as he humped harder into her. She gasped and clenched again around his penis and as much as he wanted to make it last it was all he could stand and felt himself launch another salvo of sterile boy semen into his cousin. For several seconds they kept going; clench-squirt, clench-squirt. It felt like a gallon but he knew it was only a few drops from his immature and already spent glands.

When their motion stopped Garth let his body sag on his equally limp cousin pressing his chest against hers. Their naked torsos were moist from their activity and his face was even with hers and only inches apart. As his phallus began to wilt Betty let her eyes open and looked into his. An unusual urge came over him and he moved his face forward and pressed his lips to hers. Bettys eyes widened and she held her lips firmly until he raised his head.

Why did you do that? she questioned, a surprised look on her face. I just felt like it, he said, almost embarrassed. Ive never been kissed by a boy before, she whispered. Well now you have, he responded defiantly, And I think Ill do it again. He wasnt about to admit that he had never kissed a girl before and pressed his lips to hers again and held them there. Slowly he felt the firmness soften and the girl let her eyes close. Then a minor wave of embarrassment cloaked them both and Garth rolled off of his cousin.

They dressed quietly only glancing at each other a few times as they brushed the tell-tale hay from their clothes. I guess we should get back to the house, Garth said, glancing at his watch. Yeah, Betty said, and got up moving over to the ladder. So do you want to go down so you can look up my dress? she quipped. Nah, thats OK, the boy answered returning her smile.

When they were both on ground level and about to leave the barn they hesitated at the door. I had fun today, Betty said. Me, too, Garth added. Ive heard girls talk about it and stuff but I didnt know, you know, if I would like it, but I did. Me, too, Garth echoed, And well be back in a few weeks, huh? Maybe we can do it again? Betty eyed his sly look, Maybe, she said. But, one thing before we go back to the house? What? he asked. Would you, like, maybe, kiss me again? Garth smiled and stepped in front of his cousin. He wrapped his arms around her and bent his head to hers gently touching their lips together. This time both of their lips softened and before they broke the kiss they touched each others lips with their tongues.

Im certainly glad you werent fighting and bickering with your cousin this time, Garths mom commented on their way home. She wasnt tormenting me like she usually does, he responded. Well, I think she just wanted your attention before. You just keep being nice to her and youll get along fine. Oh, I will, he said grinning to himself, I will.

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