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Disclaimer: I don't need to tell you this, but the works on this site are 100% fiction. The characters and scenareos are entirely made up by a very horny person. You should not read if it is illegal for you in your location or current age to do so. The whole point of erotic stories is to indulge ourselves as we stay within the parameters of law. And of course, you should not read if my topics offend or disgust you.

Dec 14: Major edits to various stories!
June 30: Panty Theft added + small edits to various stories

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The Community: A Series

This is the tale of a secretive community where incest is the norm, treated as a healthy part of family life. Especially for the children. This is my pet fantasy, so I hope you like it.

Introduction nosex, extreme-ped, inc Just a quick introduction to the incestuous lifestyle of the Community.
Boys' Room MMbb, extreme-ped, inc, anal, oral, interracial, public An all man/boy story in a boy's locker room!
Pacifier Mg, extreme-ped, inc, oral Nothing sooths a little one like daddy's special bottle!
Independence Day extreme-ped, public, orgy, bi A big community orgy to celebrate the fourth! This one's just about as nasty as I could get it. ;)
Kiddie Sutra MFg, public, extreme-ped, vag, oral, creampie The Community news station reports on a new book in the works, with a live demonstration!
Musical Chairs MMMMMMFbbgggg, bi, extreme-ped, anal, vaginal Another dirty orgy type story, this time taking an inside look at the classroom setting of the Community Elementary School.

The Aubern Family

These stories revolve around a particular Community family called the Auberns. They have two little girls and one little boy.

Tucked In Mg, extreme-ped, inc, vag Terrance gently 'tucks in' his precious 5 year old daughter, Cassie
Just Another Day Mb, F-solo, voyeur, extreme-ped, inc, anal Sylvia catches a peek of her husband, Terrance, enjoying their little boy, Samuel
Cartoon Time Mg, extreme-ped, inc, vag The third Aubern child, nine year old Lucy, spends some quality time with her daddy on the couch
Cassie's Special Day MFg, extreme-ped, inc, vag By popular demand, a return to the sweet little Cassie Aubern!

Other Stories

Thrillseekers Mg, public, extreme-ped, inc, vag A horny little girl leads her daddy on a risky, erotic joyride.
The Full Treatment Mb, extreme-ped, enema, anal, semi-nc A pretty little boy is left alone at the spa. Whatever might happen to him?
Coming Home MFg, inc, extreme-ped, oral, anal, ds Second person dominance/submission story about having a wife and a daughter who obey your every command. Yes, I am a bit into that sort of thing...
Panty Theft mg, extreme-ped, teen, vaginal Based on a roleplay about how a teenager gets his hands on a pair of little girl panties... and what's inside them.

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