Chapter Nineteen: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - Part Five

Some women might have screamed if forty sinister-looking men suddenly burst into their house...but not Melina. Her eyes smoldered with anger as she rose from her seat at the lavish dining table upon hearing the commotion. She was not going to allow anyone to steal what she had worked so hard to obtain!

She turned to the oil merchant, who had also risen from his seat. "Good sir, I implore you...please help me to defend my home against these foul invaders!"

The merchant simply smiled. "My lady, there are far too many of them. I think would be best if we simply give them what they want." His eyes wandered down to the chest of his beautiful hostess.

"Are you mad? They will take everything that I own!"

"Yes - but if you resist them, they may take your life as well. And I, for one, would grieve to see such a lovely woman removed from the world."

Melina was immune to flattery when her wealth was in danger. "Very well...if you will not aid me, then I will fight alone!" She drew a thin dagger from somewhere beneath her dress and brandished it against the two brutish men that barged into the dining room.

She would have tried her best to slay her enemies, but the merchant suddenly moved behind her and clamped a strong-smelling cloth against her face. She wrestled furiously as the narcotic fumes worked their way into her nose. The more she breathed, the less she struggled. Soon she was lying unconscious in the arms of the merchant, who was none other than Rezek, leader of the forty thieves.

"Gather all the women who are pleasing to the eye," he ordered. "Subdue them as I have done, and place them in the pots outside. We will carry them outside the city, under the very noses of the soldiers at the gate. Then, when we reach our secret lair in the hills, we will have plenty of time to enjoy our new playthings." He gazed at the beautiful woman in his arms and could already feel his cock beginning to stir.


When Melina finally regained consciousness, she found herself lying naked on a thick carpet strewn across the floor of a dimly-lit cavern. The air was warm and thick with the smoke of a dozen torches that flickered around the room. Most of her female servants and slaves had been brought here as well; their clothes had been removed, and their wrists and ankles had been bound with rope. Melina tugged at her own restraints and found that they were fastened quite securely. If this had not been so, she would have lunged forth and strangled the bandit leader when he entered the chamber.

"How dare you kidnap me!" she shouted. "How dare you tie me up in this filthy place!"

To her outrage, Rezek ignored her and walked to the center of the cave. His voice was annoyingly cheerful and smooth as he addressed the captive women. "I apologize to all of you for bringing you here and binding you in such a way. Your former master was foolish enough to steal precious valuables from us, and we sought retribution against him. Now he is slain, and we have seized all property that belonged to him." He glanced around at the sea of naked females. "That includes you."

Worried murmurs echoed through the cave, and Melina's angry voice rose above them all. "I am mistress of my husband's house! Now that he is dead, his property belongs to me! You will therefore release us at once!"

Rezek smiled. "I do not think so, my lady. You see, my men are in need of entertainment - the sort of entertainment that some ladies are reluctant to provide to unsavory mercenaries such as ourselves. How long do you think a man can last without tasting the love of a woman? It has been very hard for us, and tonight we intend to slake our thirst." His eyes roamed around the room, gazing at the wide variety of breasts and groins that awaited him. "There are many beautiful girls here, and my men will soon feast upon them all."

"You will not!" cried Melina, her voice growing shrill as the other bandits began to file into the room. "I demand that you let us go!"

Rezek approached her and shook his head. "You are not in a position to give orders, my lady. You can shout all you like, but it will not make any difference." He kneeled down next to her and lowered his voice to a whisper. "By the time this night has ended, you will no longer be a haughty noblewoman. You will become a slave, your only desire to feel a nice, fat cock sliding inside you. You will come, and come, and come, until your mind is utterly conquered." He slid his finger lightly down the slope of her bulging breast. "I shall enjoy making you mine."

Melina scowled and twisted away from him. "Rape me if you like, but I shall derive no pleasure from you or your wretched men."

The bandit gave her a sly smile. "I admire your defiance, but I think that you will soon change your mind." He turned and watched as his men brought several odd-looking braziers into the chamber. They placed the braziers around the perimeter of the cave, carefully lighting each one. "The Devil's Incense...that is what we call it. It has a curious effect upon women." He smiled and withdrew along with his men to the entrance of the cave, where they watched and waited.

A thick smoke began to emanate from the braziers, its dark grey tendrils reaching out toward the women like groping fingers. It was not long before Melina noticed a sweet-smelling fragrance tickling her senses. It was a pleasant aroma, but she was suspicious and decided to hold her breath.

The other girls, however, were not holding their breath. They appeared to be breathing deeply, like worshippers at some dark temple. She could see their naked bellies rising and falling as they avidly inhaled the exotic scent. Melina noticed that some of them were beginning to squirm on the floor, as if their bodies had begun to itch in places that they could not scratch.

Melina held out for as long as she could, but eventually she had to breathe. And when she did, the sweet smoke made her mind reel. She began to feel light-headed, as though she was floating into a warm cloud. But there was another sensation growing within her, and a pang of dread shot through her as she realized what was happening. The smoke was making her horny! She could feel her pussy starting to throb and swell, and knew that there would soon be juice seeping through her groin. Her heart began to beat faster and harder, and her breathing quickened as the smoke continued to pour into her mind.

The men smiled as they watched the girls slowly succumb to the erotic vapors. They began to remove their clothes, and soon their cocks were hanging full and hard between their legs as they advanced upon the writhing females. Some of the women were already on the verge of frenzy, and pleaded to be penetrated immediately. Melina watched in horror as a young dark-skinned girl was released from her bonds, only to spread her legs invitingly for the man who had freed her. Her moans filled the cavern as he sank his dick into her wet pussy and promptly began to fuck her. One by one, the girls were set free and then stuffed with hard cocks. The whole cave was soon filled with a cacophony of gasps and groans, a symphony of lust that grew steadily louder as more and more women fell prey to the seductive fumes and eagerly joined the orgy.

Melina held her breath again and desperately tried to ignore the hungry sensations welling up from her groin. Everywhere she looked, she saw firm nipples being sucked, bellies being kissed, and rigid dicks sliding in and out of glistening twats. A few feet to her left, one of the naked thieves was crawling on top of a red-haired girl, nudging his swollen penis against the crack between her legs. The girl whimpered as the meaty organ slid inside her, burrowing deep into her vagina. Her expression became a mixture of agony and lust as the fucking began. The bandit grinned as the woman finally wrapped her legs around his back and urged him to fuck her harder. He happily obliged her, and pretty soon she was just another wave in the writhing sea of naked bodies that covered the cavern floor.

And then it was time for Melina to breathe again. As she inhaled some more of the sweet-scented fog, her mind floated a little bit further away. She could feel her heart pounding, and her pussy was getting wet and itchy. She watched the red-haired girl moan with delight as the cock pumped in and out of her pussy, and she began to wish for something nice and hard to slither inside her own sweltering crevice...

"No!" she growled. "I will not allow myself to be conquered!"

"Indeed. You are a strong woman." Melina looked up and saw Rezek standing over her, his swollen cock hanging thick between his legs. "But you must breathe - and every time you do so, you will take another step toward submission. Whether it takes a minute or an hour, you will belong to us."

"Never!" she shouted. But even though her thoughts were full of hatred, she could not stop staring at that handsome organ of his.

He smiled and began to rock his hips, causing his phallus to sway back and forth. "Do you like the sight of my cock?" he asked, dangling his rigid love tool before the mesmerized woman. "Would you like to feel it?"

She could not find the strength to say no, but quietly shook her head as he kneeled down on top of her. The tip of his penis grazed her erect nipples, and she watched as he coated her tits with dewdrops of cum. She kept telling him to stop, even as tingles of pleasure coursed through her chest. She took another smoke-filled breath...then another, and then another.

It was getting hard for her to think. She did not want him to rub his penis all over her breasts and belly, but she had to admit that it felt nice. She kept telling herself that she would be fine as long as he kept his cock away from her pussy. But the more he stroked her with his hot meat, the more she wanted to feel it plunging inside her, fucking her deep and hard. She held her breath and wondered what would happen if she allowed him to do it. Would she become a slave to her own lust, as he said she would? She did not want to be a slave...but she did want to be fucked. Her pussy was so wet, so hungry...

Then she felt the rope fall away from her ankles. Rezek was blocking her view, so she could not see who was pushing her legs apart. She half-heartedly tried to kick out at the unknown assailant, but strong arms grabbed her legs and held them apart. She suddenly gasped as a tongue began to lick her moist pussy. She knew it was a tongue, but it felt more like a snake as it slithered its way into the sweaty folds of her labia, insistently prodding the entrance to her throbbing sex. She began to pant erratically as the unseen tongue wiggled the flesh of her clit.

Rezek smiled down at the beautiful woman as she started to squirm with lust. "He does a good job, does he not?" He twisted his torso and allowed Melina to see the face nestled between her thighs.

It was Ramos.

"What is he doing here?" she gasped. "I thought you killed all of the men at my house."

"Most of them. Ramos is an old friend of mine, and I have allowed him to join our band of thieves. He was especially eager to join us when he saw that you were to become our prisoner. Is that not right, Ramos?"

The handsome slave nodded and looked at Melina, his lips curling into a wet smile. He kept his eyes upon her as his tongue resumed its licking.

"You cannot...let him do this..." She looked up at Rezek and pleaded, even as her breasts heaved with excitement. "He control me..."

"Yes, I know. He told me so. He has wanted you for a long time, but he said you kept finding ways to distract him." He slid back on top of her belly, blocking her view of Ramos' pussy feast. "But there are no distractions here. Ramos wants to own you, as you once owned him. He wants to feed you with sex until it becomes your sole appetite."

" not let him..." The rest of her words disappeared as she opened her mouth in a silent moan. Ramos was now swirling his tongue in a tantalizing spiral against her wet sex lips, and it was really starting to affect her.

"I am going to let him do whatever he wants," said Rezek, sliding himself closer to Melina's face. "After he is done eating you, he will probably want to put his cock inside you." Rezek stroked the tip of his own penis back and forth from Melina's throat to her chin. "He will ravish your pussy until he is ready to squirt his seed into your womb. And then, it will be my turn."

"Noooooo..." she groaned, shaking her head from left to right.

Rezek smiled. "There will be no sleep for you tonight. These candles will continue to burn - and while their smoke weakens your mind, your beautiful body will be fondled and fucked. We will coax orgasm after orgasm from your throbbing sex, and each creamy eruption will make you yearn for more." He brushed his rigid cock across her half-parted lips as she squirmed beneath him. "Your thoughts will drown in a sea of bliss as you helplessly surrender to our kisses, our touches, our firm cocks. You will always remember this night, and you will always hunger for it to be repeated."

Melina did not want to give in. But between Rezek's words and Ramos' tongue, she could feel herself quickly losing ground. She felt as though she was hanging from a cliff edge - and one by one, her fingers were being pried loose. Soon she would fall, perhaps forever, into the dark sea of lust that raged below her. When she opened her mouth to make one last plea for mercy, Rezek took the opportunity to slip his penis past her lips. She feebly tried to protest, but her words were incomprehensibly muffled as his hard cock slid deeper into her mouth. She could taste the salty cream that leaked from the spongy head as it nudged against her tongue. Without thinking, she began to suck the swollen organ, drawing more of his sex cream into her mouth.

There were no more protests, no more struggles to free herself. The lust smoke had done its work on her, and now she lay there upon the furry carpet, completely naked, her legs spread wide open for the mouth at her pussy. Her groans of pleasure were muffled by the cock that had been stuffed into her mouth, and her eyes closed as she happily suckled the thick erection. She knew it was wrong, terribly wrong - but the cock tasted so good, and tongue wagging against her clit was impossible to resist. So she sucked, and allowed herself to be sucked. And she loved it.

The first orgasm came from a busty blonde at the center of the orgy. She had been bouncing wildly up and down, her huge breasts wobbling as she eagerly impaled herself on the upright cock of the happy bandit beneath her. Now she was screaming with pleasure, her golden hair flying into disarray as she grinded her pussy against her lover's crotch. Her scream dissolved into a ragged moan, and she kept squirming and coming while another girl nearby decided she had had enough and started to bray in ecstasy.

All over the smoke-filled room, women began to erupt with bliss. It became a chain reaction, as if that first lusty scream had been a signal to the other girls, telling them it was okay to surrender. Orgasmic shrieks and guttural moans echoed through the cavern as pungent juice began to leak from dozens of quivering pussies. Melina listened to the wild erotic cries and felt her own explosion drawing near. Ramos was licking her deeply now, his tongue slurping through her wet pussy lips. He had done this to her before, and she knew what was about to happen. She could feel her swollen clit pulse with lust, throbbing and itching with a desperate desire to be touched. She was ripe for his harvest, and it wouldn't be long before he reaped her...

There! Sucking her...sucking her proud little clit...ohhhhhh...that hot tongue, prodding, wiggling...her breath coming in short gasps now, her stomach tightening up, her hips bucking up against that...ohhhhhh, that tongue! Yes, tickle me there...right my legs a little wider...ohhhhh...I'm going to come! Please...suck me... a little...longer... She held her breath and waited, feeling his wet tongue dance against her slavering twat.

And then she couldn't stand it anymore. All of the tension that had been boiling up inside her was suddenly released, and when Rezek withdrew his cock from her mouth, she was free to scream just like the other women. She wriggled and squirmed, just like the other women. Her pussy overflowed, just like the other women. She lay there, bound and naked, helplessly moaning her lust to the thieves who had done this to her...who were still doing it to her. Ramos' lips never left her groin; his mouth was fastened to her twat like a voracious parasite, and he just kept licking her and sucking her, and driving her mad. She could feel rivulets of cum trickling down her bottom, only to be caught by his swirling tongue. Her taste must have appealed to him, for he continued his delicious pussy kisses in an effort to draw more of her sex syrup into his waiting mouth. She had a lot to give, and her orgasm seemed to roll on and on, like waves in a cum-filled ocean.

When it was finally over, she realized that it was just beginning. Rezek was at her side now, leaning down to kiss her breast. She smiled with pleasure as his tongue massaged her soft, bulging flesh, leaving trails of warm saliva all over her plump mound. She knew it wouldn't be long before he paid homage to her erect nipples - and sure enough, his hot mouth was soon latched on to one of her rosy tits. She sighed softly as he began to suckle her, insistently tugging her stiff little tit into his mouth and bathing it with his tongue. She was in heaven, and there was no way for her to resist what happened next.

It was inevitable that her legs would be pried apart again. She looked down the length of her naked belly and watched as Ramos grabbed her thighs and hoisted her ass up from the carpet. His meaty dick was poised at the entrance to her sopping wet cunt, and all he had to do was shove. So he shoved, and Melina growled with agonized pleasure as his massive cock surged into her juicy sex tunnel. It was the biggest, thickest cock she had ever had, and she had been longing to feel it inside her again. And now here it was, burrowing into her vagina, filling her up with hot, hard flesh. When it was all the way inside, he let it stay there for a moment, giving her cunt a chance to get used to this delightful invader. She looked up and saw that his dark eyes were fixed upon hers.

"What...what are you...waiting for?" she panted.

Rezek paused his tit feast and glanced back at Ramos. "I think he wants you to ask for it."

"You mean...beg...?" She scowled and shook her head. "Never..."

Ramos withdrew his cock from her pussy, and then slowly slid it back inside her, making her gasp with pleasure.

"You might as well just do it," said Rezek, gently stroking her taut nipple with his fingertip. "It would make you feel good, to have that big cock moving in and out, in and out..."

"I am NOT...going to beg...*ungh*!" She moaned as the huge cock plunged deep inside her again.

"You sound fairly certain." The bandit leader reached over and brought one of the burning braziers next to Melina. "Let's see if this will change your mind." He wafted the sweet smoke toward her face, forcing her to breathe more of the intoxicating fumes.

"Noooooo...don't..." She shook her head as tendrils of erotic fog wormed their way into her brain, poisoning what little willpower she had left. She could feel her body responding to the seductive vapor, and she knew that it wouldn't take long for her to become the willing sex slut that they wanted her to be. "Please...stop..."

Rezek blew more of the smoke at her. She was breathing heavily now, and every breath seemed to make her pussy throb even harder. She was juicing up again, the familiar need welling up inside her - the need for a nice big cock to rub inside her, to fuck her hard and deep, to screw her into mind-wrenching orgasm!

"Yes...all right...please...give it to me..." She moaned as the enormous organ began to slither back and forth inside her gooey cunt. "Yesssss...fuck me..." She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. "Fill me...fuck me..."

"That's better," said Rezek, grinning. "I was beginning to worry that you didn't want us to play with you anymore."

Melina rolled her head left and right, moaning loudly as the thick cock penetrated her steamy vagina.

"You put up quite a fight...but now it's almost over. You know what Ramos is doing, don't you?"

"He's...fucking me..." She threw her head back and growled with animalistic pleasure. "He'!"

"He's not just fucking you. He's conquering you." Rezek slid his hand up and down her smooth belly as she panted and heaved. "The more his cock rubs inside you, the closer you come to another climax. How many more of them can your mind withstand? Look around the room."

Melina looked and saw what was happening to the other girls. There was not a female in the room who had her legs closed. They were all being kissed, caressed, eaten - and of course, fucked. Smiling faces gave evidence of the pleasure coursing through their bodies, and those who were not wailing in bliss were well on their way to doing so.

"The smoke has taken them," said Rezek, leaning down to whisper into Melina's ear. "As it will soon take you. Within a matter of minutes, you will belong to us. All you have to do is...come..."

"Noooooo..." Melina tried one last time to muster her willpower...but it was much too late. Her thoughts were drowning, and what little of her mind remained was now focused entirely upon the rigid cock plunging deep inside her, feeding her eager pussy with delicious wet friction. She could even hear the noise it made - an audible smacking slurp every time his glistening rod sank inside her. Her twat was incredibly gooey by now, making it easy for his thick phallus to continue its firm, incessant drilling. He was fucking her deep and hard, and she had no choice but to enjoy her descent into slavery.

"Come..." Rezek breathed the word into her ear while his hands covered her breasts. He fondled her plump mammaries, pinching her stiff little nipples as he chanted that single word, over and over again. "Come..." He planted a wet kiss on her ear, making her shudder with pleasure. "Come..." He just kept stroking her and kissing her while that rock-hard penis slid in and out of her juicy slit. "Come..."

He didn't need to tell her again. She could feel herself teetering on the edge, and it would take only a few more thrusts from that magnificent cock to send her sprawling into blissful oblivion. All thoughts of resistance had been pumped out of her once-defiant mind, and now she just lay there, helpless to resist the staggering pleasure that assaulted her as Ramos' engorged penis churned inside her buttery vagina. She loved what he was doing to her pussy; she loved it so much that she was going to come for him.

She groaned as the hot cream began to ooze from her pussy. Pleasure poured into her mind, washing out everything else. Her world stopped turning as the orgasm consumed her, and for a long moment all she could think about was her pussy and the thick piece of meat that was rubbing inside it.

That meat was still sliding inside her when she recovered her senses. In fact, it was pumping her pussy much faster than before - and judging from the hungry expression on Ramos' face, he was not going to stop. He was going to keep rubbing his thick organ into her sopping twat until it was ready to spurt a rich dose of semen into her undefended womb.

She idly wondered whether or not she was already carrying Ali Baba's child. If not, she would soon be carrying Ramos's child, for she knew that this handsome brute was not going to let her leave the cave until he filled her pussy with enough spunk to fertilize a hundred women. In the past, she should have been upset about the thought of being impregnated by a slave - but she was not thinking like that anymore. Right now she was thinking about how wonderful it would be, to stay here with Ramos and Rezek and all their thieving henchmen. She thought about all the nights she would spend in this cave, feeling their tongues and hands and cocks upon her body. They would make her tummy swell with child, and she would happily bear as many offspring as they liked. As long as they kept feeding her with sex, she would do anything they wanted her to do.

Gone was the haughty noblewoman. Now she was just another slave girl in the crowd of naked women, moaning deliriously as the huge cock squirmed deep inside her, bathing her quivering pussy in hot waves of sperm-laden cum.


Morgiana listened, but could hear nothing but the songs of birds in the garden.

"I think it is safe now," whispered Morgiana. She began to crawl out from her hiding place, but Ali Baba pulled her back down beside him.

"What do you think you are doing?" she asked, smiling as he kissed her on the neck. "This is hardly the time for nonsense."

"Yes, you are right," said Ali Baba. He began to tug at the collar of her dress, sliding it down off her shoulder so that he could kiss her there.

She shook her head and smirked. "Are you still under the effect of the wine that Melina gave you?"

Ali Baba nodded. "Yes, I am afraid so. It must be the wine." He pulled her dress down even further, exposing her bare breast. His mouth covered her nipple, and he began to suckle her.

Morgiana sighed happily. "Well, I suppose we will just have to work it out of your system." She helped him to remove her dress, and soon she was lying naked in the flowers as Ali Baba ardently kissed and caressed her entire body.

It was not long before Ali Baba was hastily discarding his own clothing. And not long after that, his erect cock was working its way into her moist snatch. Morgiana whimpered softly as he began to fuck her.

She idly wondered whether or not she was already carrying Ramos' child. If not, she would soon be carrying Ali Baba's child, for she knew that this handsome prince was not going to let her leave the mansion until he filled her pussy with enough spunk to fertilize a hundred women. In the past, she should have been upset about the thought of being impregnated out of wedlock - but she was not thinking like that anymore. Right now she was thinking about how wonderful it would be, to stay here with Ali Baba in this wonderful house. Morgiana thought about all the nights she would spend here, feeling his tongue and hands and cock upon her body. He would make her tummy swell with child, and she would happily bear as many offspring as he liked. As long as he loved her, she would do anything he wanted her to do.

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