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The Chair

Copyright 2007-2010 Rachael Ross all rights reserved. Intended for adults only. [email protected]
Story Codes: MF/f, SciFi/Fantasy, Alien, Medical, First
Synopsis: Dr. Cockley isn't like all the other dentists...In fact, he probably isn't really a dentists at all.

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The Chair
by rache

"Who's my next drilling?" Dr. Cockley asked.

"It's gonna be me, if you don't get your finger out of my ass," I said, trying to sound annoyed.

He'd walked up behind me as I did some filing, pulling patient records. His hand slid up the back of thigh, under my white nylon skirt and into my thong in half the time it takes to say it. He was two knuckles deep and wriggling his finger like a worm on a hook in the tight recesses of my anus. He knew too well what I liked.

"It might be you anyway." He left his finger right where it was and I bent over from the waist, pretending to need a file from the bottom shelf, and taking a long time to find it. "Waiting room looks pretty empty." He looked around as if to confirm it, since we were just behind the receptionist's desk.

"You have a ten o'clock with Tate," I said with a little sigh. "Now do you mind? I have work to do."

"Hmmm..." The dentist sighed too, but he pulled his finger out of my butt with a soft popping sensation. "Tate, huh? That woman's always needing something. She's a hypochondriac, you know. I'll bet she..."

"Not Mrs. Tate." I turned to look up at him, hugging some records to my breasts. They were healthy and firm and perfect the way only a twenty-three year old girl's can be, but I didn't want the doctor to see my hard nipples. It was a little game between us, he tried to fuck me, and I tried to say no.

"Not Mrs. Tate?" Cockley shook his head slowly, his hazel eyes narrowing.

"Elizabeth Tate," I said. "The younger."

"The younger?" He rubbed his smooth square jaw. "Ohhhh...You mean the..."

"Youngest." I nodded, watching his sensual lips curl into a genuine smile.

"Ten o'clock you say?" He held his finger up to his nose, sniffing it suspiciously, and then taking it into his mouth, sucking it like a lollipop while I watched, trying to look bored. "Then I'd better get cleaned up." he said a moment later, whistling happily as he walked away. "We might have to give you an enema later, Susan..." he called behind him. "How's my afternoon look?"

"Yeah right," I snorted. "You're booked solid." But he couldn't hear me and it didn't matter anyway, just about then the door was opening with a soft tinkling from the bell above it and Mrs. Tate stepped in, leading her youngest daughter Elizabeth by the hand.

"Good morning." I put on my professional face, smiling for them and sitting behind the counter. "Hi Elizabeth, my don't you look pretty today!"

That got a smile out of the child's mother, but Elizabeth herself looked decidedly unhappy.

"I'm Liz," she told me. "Not Elizabeth."

"Well of course you are, Liz." I nodded seriously, and I turned to her mom. "Now can I get you to fill out these, and..."

"Is he in?" Mrs. Tate just couldn't contain herself any longer. "Is he here?"

She was an attractive woman, especially for having 4 children, all of them girls. She was tall and thin, but not unpleasantly, with a good figure and nice round hips. All of her daughters shared the woman's soft green eyes and thick brown hair. If only she wasn't so...eager, I sighed inwardly. But some people were just like that, I guessed.

"Of course," I agreed. "He's just washing up. If you can fill out these forms we'll..."

"I was wondering if he could see me, I have this toothache..." Mrs. Tate winked at me and it was all I could do to keep from rolling my eyes.

"I'll, uh...I'll see what we can do," I promised the woman, flipping through my calendar like I might actually be able to get her into the chair.

"Oh thank you," she sighed with relief.

"Now, the paperwork, if you don't mind." I thrust a plastic clipboard and a pen into her hands.

"Oh, of course." The woman glanced at her daughter, who was looking through an old Seventeen magazine. "This is her first time..."

I nodded and smiled patiently.

"...She's only 12, is that too young do you think? I know you said to bring her when…after…" Mrs. Tate licked her lips. "I could bring her back next week, cancel her appointment, I mean. Then I could...He could see me right? He’d be free if...if Elizabeth cancelled?"

"Shhhh..." I shook my head. "Nobody's canceling, Mrs. Tate, Liz will be just fine...Just fine..."


"We know what she needs and I promise, I'll get you in as soon as possible, okay?" I felt like throwing up, but being nice to people like Mrs. Tate was part of the job and I was very good at what I did.

"Liz, could you come with me please?" I stood up and walked to the door that separated the waiting room from the rest of the clinic, holding it open for the girl as she put her magazine down reluctantly.

"Should I go with her?" Mrs. Tate asked, looking up from the forms, but I shook my head.

"Oh no, Liz will be just fine," I told her.

"My mom's pretty psycho, huh?" Liz said as we walked down the short hallway, painted a pleasant shade of pastel blue. Soft music, some Mozart I think, was playing.

"She has a toothache, dear." I smiled at the girl. "You're very pretty, I love your outfit."

"Really?" She looked down at herself. "Thanks. My mom hates it; she wanted me to change before we came here."

"Well, I'm glad you didn't." I laughed lightly and she giggled.

Liz really was very pretty. Just under 5 feet tall, with wavy brown hair falling around her shoulders. The top she wore, which was some kind of stretchy material, black and red and punkish, just covered her barely developed breasts, exposing her little round tummy and narrow waist. The soft baby fat on her hips was nice too, I thought. The skirt she wore, short and black, rode very low, enough so I could see the little pink hearts on the waistband of her white panties. Liz had a cute face, very open and sweet, with high cheek bones and a small mouth, and red pouting lips. She was adorable.

"Here we are." I gestured at the examination room, which was large and cool, and dominated by the huge chair that sat in the very center. "Why don't you have a seat here..." I took her by the shoulder gently, guiding Liz onto it. "Too high? I can fix that." I used the little pedals to lower the chair, leaning her back slightly. "Comfortable?"

"Yeah." Liz swallowed nervously, the way most people did in a dentist's chair, whether it was their first time or not.

"Good." I nodded. "Now I'm going to get your temperature and blood pressure..." I shrugged. "...and stuff like that, okay?" I was wheeling a metal cart over. "Let's just get you settled in..."

"Why are you doing that?" Liz asked me a moment later, watching as I strapped her wrists to the arms of the chair. They were soft, leather straps, black like the rest of the chair with silver buckles. She didn't resist and I just smiled, not really needing to give her an answer.

"Now the legs..." I smiled into her green eyes as I strapped her ankles down, first the left and then the right. "You're such a good patient, Liz. I wish they were all like you."

I pressed a pedal with my foot and the chair hissed softly, the arms swinging out slowly and the legs as well. The chair hadn't looked like it, but the foot rest was actually two separate pieces.

"How do you feel?" I asked the girl. She was laying almost flat now, her head and shoulders just slightly elevated, with her arms straight out, 90 degrees from her body. Her legs were positioned wide as well, as wide as I'd dare go without hurting the child.

"This is weird," Liz decided, looking around nervously. "I want my mom, I think..."

"Okay," I said. "Just as soon as I do some tests, I'll get her for you." I reached for the thermometer. "Can you open your mouth for me, Liz?"

She did as she was told, letting me slide the thermometer under her little pink tongue. "Good girl." I nodded. "So, you just had your first period, huh? A couple weeks ago?" I was getting her blood pressure, wrapping the cuff around her left arm and she nodded slowly, perhaps wondering how I’d known that.


"Good," I said. "Was it scary? Mine was. I didn't like it at all." I said, giving her a sympathetic smile.

"Mmmm..." She shrugged and I began squeezing the air bulb, listening to her pulse with my stethoscope and smiling into her eyes.

"You have really good blood pressure," I told her. "And your temperature..." I reached over and slowly removed the thermometer, "...is perfect. Just a little warm, the way it’s supposed to be."

"Okay." Liz licked her ruby lips. "Can I see my mom now?"

"Almost," I sang softly. "I just need to get a little bit of blood, okay?" She just looked at me and I stroked her cheek. "It won't hurt, I promise. I'm really good at this."

I talked to her the whole time I drew her blood, needing just one small vial anyway, so it didn't take very long. But of course she didn't like it, and she winced noticeably when I put the needle in her vein, but it was soon over and Liz had to agree that it hadn't really hurt too much.

"There, that wasn't so bad," I said, taking off my surgical gloves and throwing them away, dumping the needle a sharps box. "I'll see if your mom is done with those papers, and if she is I'll bring her straight back here, okay?"

Liz nodded and I picked up her vacuum tube of blood and left her there, not really going to look for Mrs. Tate at all, but going to the small lab and working carefully to get Liz's blood analyzed. It was all computerized and for this test I didn't need to separate her platelets or anything. I just had to prepare a slide. It took all of 3 minutes.

"Ohhh...oh...God...oh...Doctor Cockley!!" I rolled my eyes, listening to Mrs. Tate on the other side of the wall.

The good doctor had found a way to fit her in, as I'd known he would since he had nothing better to do while prepared Liz, and I was thankful that the examination room where Liz was waiting was on the other side of the clinic. It was going to take a few more minutes for the computer to do the analysis and I shook my head, leaving the lab and poking my head into Cockley's office.

"Do you mind?" I asked them. "I'm trying to do some work next door."

"Ohhhh God...fuck me..." Mrs. Tate paid me no attention at all. "Fuck my ass..."

"What? Oh! Susan." The doctor had Mrs. Tate's lithe form bent over his desk, working his long cock into her rosy anus from behind. "Sure. Sorry." He grinned and slapped Mrs. Tate's smooth white ass hard. "Shush now, you'll wake-up the monkey."

"Wha...What? Ohhhh...God...!!" There was just no stopping the woman, she was always loud and the man just shrugged.

"Well, when you two are done here, Liz - and make sure you remember that," I said pointedly to Dr. Cockley, "is ready for you."

"Ugh! Good." He grinned at me, slapping Mrs. Tate's ass again, so hard I knew he was leaving a red palm print behind. "Goobglob! This woman is tight today!"

"Goobglob?" I laughed at him and closed the door behind me, cutting off Mrs. Tate's wail of pleasure, although not completely.

A few minutes later, I ripped off the small printout from the blood analyzer, checking it carefully as I walked back to the examination room.

"Where's my mom?" Liz asked me, looking very much like a particularly pretty butterfly, the way she was spread like she was, seemingly pinned to the chair beneath her.

"Oh, she's having a chat with Dr. Cockley," I replied gently. "A little consultation, they'll be here in a few minutes."

"My arms are getting tired," she complained. "Why do I have to stay like this?"

"Is it uncomfortable?" I frowned at that and walked over to check her restraints.

"No, not really, I guess," Liz said. "It just...It's weird."

"I know." I nodded. "But it'll be over soon and really, once we get started you'll forget all about it."

The girl looked at me doubtfully, but she didn't say anything more and we were quiet for a moment while I prepared the tools for Dr. Cockley, arranging everything carefully. As I reached above Liz, pulling the large bank of lights into place, she smiled at me.

"You're really pretty too," she said, responding to my earlier compliments in the hall.

"Why, thank you Liz." I smiled down at her.

"How come you don't wear a bra?" she asked me without any hint of shyness and it caught me a little off guard.

"Huh? Oh." I dropped my arms, having finished with the lights, and looked down at my breasts a little self-consciously. "I do, sometimes. But they're pretty firm anyway, so..." I shrugged, not really knowing what to say, "...I guess it just feels better without one."

"Oh." Liz nodded, just a little. "I just wondered."

"It's okay," I said. "You're probably wondering when you're going to start growing, huh?" I said gently, meaning her breasts, as we both knew.

"Yeah." She really did nod that time, looking a little relieved that I understood her so well.

"Well, now that you've had your period, I think you'll start growing pretty soon," I assured her. "Fast too I bet. Your sisters all developed pretty quick, I noticed."

"Yeah." She took a deep breath. "They tease me about it sometimes."

"Well, that's what sisters do, sweetie." I giggled and she laughed.

"I guess so."

"And this..." I pulled the printout from the little hip pocket in my nursing skirt, "...tells us that you're ovulating right now."

"Ovulating?" She looked at the paper I held. "What's that mean?"

"It means you're growing into a young woman and pretty soon you'll have boys trying to kiss you." I grinned at the look on her face.

"Really?" She laughed and her cheeks colored beautifully.

"Oh yes." I nodded seriously. "And as pretty as you are I'm betting it'll be a lot of boys."

"A lot of boys?" Dr. Cockley's voice echoed through the examination room. "Where? In here? Who let them in?" He looked around in mock annoyance and I smiled at his little act, which was pleasing Liz greatly. "You must be...No, you don't look like an Elizabeth to me. More like a Liz, I think. Can I call you Liz?"

"Yeah." The girl giggled as she watched him approach.

Cockley could be terribly charming, when he wanted to be, and he had a way with young women, that was for certain. We both did, which was why we were there, of course. That he was tall and handsome and seemingly too young to be a doctor didn't hurt either, and he'd cultivated that, understanding how important appearances really are.

It's why I liked to look the way I did, with my tight white uniform, my long legs encased in white stockings and my full breasts unfettered by a clumsy bra. I might have been intimidating to some of our female patients, I suppose, but most of them reacted much as Liz had, with more a sense of friendly envy, rather than jealousy, and that suited me perfectly.

"Are you alright, dear?" Mrs. Tate followed in the doctor's wake and she looked flushed and slightly out of breath, and she walked a little gingerly, but Liz didn't seem to notice.

"Yeah Mom." The girl took on an air of boredom, being at that age when she could be friends with anyone except her parents.

"Good, okay...I was just, um...I was talking with Dr. Cockley and..."

"And your mother is just being a mother." Dr. Cockley smiled, raising his eyebrows for the girl so she'd know he was bored with her too.

"Do you want to wait outside, Mrs. Tate?" I asked her pleasantly, knowing she didn't.

"Oh! Oh no...I want to watch!" She licked her lips. "I can watch, right?"

"Of course you can." I smiled at her. "There's a chair right over there, you'll see everything."

"Oh, good!" The woman nodded. "I watched all the others, you know. Elizabeth's sisters and..."

"I remember," I agreed, taking her by the arm. "Just sit down right there..." I looked over my shoulder at Cockley, who was washing his hands in the sink. He just gave me a little shrug.

"See?" Liz whispered when I walked back to her a moment later. "Psycho."

I just laughed and brushed a lock of golden brown hair from her eyes. "Are you thirsty? I have a little water here...There you go." I held a closed water bottle to her lips so Liz could suck from the straw. "You've been sitting there so patiently, I told her. I'm sorry this is taking so long."

"It's okay," the girl said after swallowing a few mouthfuls.

"Hmmm…Okay, let's see what have here." Dr. Cockley sat down on a stool and pushed himself over on its little wheels. "Did you do the test?" He asked me.

"Yes I did," I answered. "She's looking perfect right now, plenty of progesterone, her estrogen is down, LH is below what I'd suspect her peak is, so..."

"So she's ovulating." Dr. Cockley smiled at Liz and the girl smiled back. "That's good, very good."

“See…I was right…” Mrs. Tate started saying, but we ignored her.

"Well then, I think we've made Liz wait long enough." Cockley kicked a button and the lights came on, flooding the girl's face with light. "Do you want some sun glasses?" He asked her, "Those lights are pretty bright, aren't they?"

"I'm okay." Liz blinked rapidly. "I don't mind."

"Okay, up to you." Dr. Cockley shrugged and whispered gently, "You have beautiful eyes anyway, so I don't mind either." Liz rewarded his compliment with a little pink blush. "Uh, let me have the jawbreaker..."

"Huh?" Liz opened her eyes wide at that and Cockley chuckled.

"Sorry, it's just a dentist joke."

"A bad one," I said, handing him the gag.

"We really call this a gag, see?" He held it up for her to look at. "What it does is opens your mouth wide and keeps it that way, so I don't have to keep asking you to open up."

"It lets you relax too, sweetie. The gag will do all the work." I added.

"Will it hurt?" Liz asked softly.

"Nope," Dr. Cockley promised. "Not one little bit...Now, open wide for me..."

It was shaped like a small thin donut, made of hard smooth rubber and it really wasn't the best possible tool for dental work. But it was perfect for our purposes, forcing the girl's small mouth wider and wider until she was moaning with some small discomfort. But it didn't take long, and there were no moving parts, which was nice. It only took Cockley a few seconds to position the gag between her upper and lower teeth, just behind her incisors, turning her mouth into a nice round 'O' big enough to swallow the neck of a coke bottle.

"Mmmm...That's nice," He murmured as we looked down into Liz's open mouth as far as the beginning of her soft pink throat. "How's it feel, Liz? Okay?"

"Ummph..." She shrugged and her little tongue moved slightly, but she nodded that she was fine.

"Okay, now for the next part..." Dr, Cockley pushed his chair back a little. "Could you raise her legs for me, Susan?"

"Sure." I used the pedals to lift the legs of the chair, elevating Elizabeth's legs as she was forced to bend her body at the waist. "A little more I think, not too much...there...that's good." He nodded and the girl's legs were raised so that Cockley could roll his stool between them and her knees were even with his shoulders.

"Those are pretty panties," the doctor said, smiling at Elizabeth and her eyes had grown very wide by then. She moved slightly, her arms straining briefly as she tried to free herself, but Liz wasn't going anywhere.

"It's okay, Liz," I said, stroking her warm forehead. "Just relax."

"Shame to have to cut these," Dr. Cockley sighed. "Scissors...Huh? Oh..."

He frowned as I wasn't standing right there to hand them to him, but I thought comforting the girl was more important for the time being.

"Nevermind," Dr. Cockley grumbled as he leaned over, moving his head from side to side until he saw what he wanted on the neatly arranged tray I'd prepared.

"Here we go...Mom, how are we doing over there?" he asked loudly, not looking at Mrs. Tate at all.

"Ohhh...F-Fine!" she gasped and I looked to see her sitting low in the chair. She had her legs spread wide, her soiled panties loose around her right ankle, and she was rubbing her sex slowly between her fingers.

"Can you see okay?" Cockley chuckled. "I'm cutting off her panties, I'm afraid. No choice."

"Yesssss.... I can see." The woman swallowed thickly.

"Good." Cockley nodded as he worked the scissors carefully around Liz's sex, cutting through the thin cotton easily. "Pity about this. A real assistant would have removed them before strapping..."

"A real assistant?" I giggled and turned to Liz who was quite frightened and confused by now. "He's lucky to have me. I've spoiled him."

"Spoiled?" He grinned, holding up the long ragged strip of cloth that had once been Liz's underwear. "You've ruined me! Don't listen to her, Liz, she's the devil in disguise!"

But Liz barely heard him, she was too busy staring at her mother and I'd tried to keep the little girl's attentions on me, but I hadn't been entirely successful. Not with her mother making as much noise as she did while she fingered her juicing sex. The acoustics of the tiled examination room were just too good sometimes, I thought, wishing we didn't have to listen to the endless squish-squish-squishing sound.

"Here, look at me, sweetie." I turned Liz's head gently and kissed her cheek. "Very soon this will all be over and you'll be fine, I promise."

"Mmph..." The girl tried to say something, but I just shook my head.

"It's okay, I know. The first time is always like this. Just look at me, okay?" I was almost cradling her then, cursing Mrs. Tate inwardly for being such a pain.

Dr. Cockley just clucked his tongue, chiding me for being such a prude sometimes. "Oh, you're so pretty down here, Liz. You're perfect in every way." He looked up at us, his hazel eyes twinkling under the lights. "Come here, Susan, you have to see this. Isn't that the most perfect little pussy you've ever seen?"

I let Liz go for a moment, moving to look over Cockley's shoulder, and the girl was indeed beautiful.

"Look at her labia, they're so cute." He pinched the girl's outer lips together gently in his gloved fingers, pulling them outward. "Like plump little...Oh, there's her clit, she was hiding!" He chuckled and I stared as he used the tip of his finger to tickle her small immature clitoris, stroking it slowly and coaxing it to life. "Come on...Come on, sweetie...You know you want to..."

"Mmm...Mmmph..." Liz began struggling again, frightened no doubt by the unfamiliar sensations Cockley was bringing to her 12 year old sex.

"Shhhh..." I moved back to touch her face, soothing her with my fingers. "He's just examining you right now, that's all."

"Mom, do you want to have a look here?" Cockley called over his shoulder, more teasing the woman than anything else. "Where's that...here we go...Let's see that little hymen now..."

He was spreading lubricant over her sex and I could just barely see his hand moving between Liz's thighs, knowing that he was using the tip of his finger to prepare her for the small speculum he'd use to expose her more completely. Cockley was careful, of course, always slow and gentle. He didn't want to hurt the girl in any way, although we both knew that wasn't entirely avoidable.

Liz stiffened as she felt the cool plastic rim of the speculum being carefully inserted between her vaginal lips. It wasn't the sort of device most people think of, which would have delved far too deeply into the girl, this sort of speculum was very thin and it adjusted very slowly, widening Elizabeth's sex a millimeter at a time until the uneven pink and white of her interior was exposed beneath Cockley's steady gaze. Even so I knew it wasn't very comfortable, and I continued to hold Liz's head in my hands, kissing her occasionally and trying to sooth her fear away.

"Can you see it? Can you...Oh God! Can I look?" Mrs. Tate pushed herself unsteadily to her feet, approaching Dr. Cockley like a drunkard, and she moaned as the man pointed out Elizabeth's intact hymen.

"There it is, not very deep at all and perfectly formed." He looked up with a mock frown. "You've never ridden a pony, have you, Liz?" He clucked his tongue, not waiting for a reply. "Every girl should have a pony, I think."

"Oh God!" Mrs. Tate leaned closer, her chin practically on Cockley's shoulder and he turned his head.

"Mrs. Tate, if you can't behave yourself..." he warned her. "Go sit back down, please. You've seen it. There's a good girl, go on." He gave me a look as the woman reluctantly retreated. "Parents! We need to rethink our policy. Okay, I'm going to do this the easy way, Liz. You'll feel a little pinch...Right...Here..."

I held Liz tightly, my cheek next to hers as Dr. Cockley used his finger, which of all the tools available really was the best to break the girl's hymen. He pushed his finger inside Elizabeth’s virgin sex, well lubricated and stiff, stretching briefly and quickly rupturing that small membrane. Quick was always best, but it still hurt and Liz gave a small spasm of pain and she tried to scream, but it wasn't very loud. I'd closed my mouth over hers, sealing my lips over the hole it had become, and shared her pain as best I could.

"Theeeeeere...All done," Dr. Cockley announced, and he kept his hand low, wiping away the small amount of virginal blood that stained it. There was no sense frightening the child more than she already was. He spent the next several minutes cleaning her carefully, working his finger inside her, but only slowly and not very far. He was just ensuring that her vagina was open and clear of any unusual physical characteristics, which was highly unlikely in any case.

"I wish you could have used a topical for that," I sighed.

"Me too." He nodded. "But she needs to be clean."

"I know." I shrugged, understanding he meant chemically, but it didn't make me feel any better. That was always the part I liked the least.

"Well, she's ready now," Cockley said and I smiled back at him. "I suppose you'll want to talk to her." He rolled his eyes, never understanding my motives in that regard.

"She deserves it, don't you think?" I asked, not making a real argument. "She's been so good, such a good patient for us today."

"I suppose she deserves something." He shrugged. "And I’m all out of lollipops. Okay. You talk and I'll get the switch."

He grinned at me, since he always liked calling it 'the switch' for some strange reason.

"Sweetie? Liz? Look at me." I stroked her flushed cheeks. "We're almost done, okay? Just one more thing to do and you're going to like it a lot, I promise."

I saw some pain in her eyes, and emotional hurt as well. She was afraid of me and angry, feeling that I'd betrayed her somehow and I frowned despite my efforts not to.

"In a minute there's going to be something touching you..."

"Here we go..." Cockley said, cradling the switch in his arms. It was long and bloated, soft pink in color, with segmented sections. He put it carefully on Elizabeth's bare stomach and she stared at it, her eyes big as saucers and her body seemingly paralyzed with fear.

The worm, for that's what it truly resembled, a great fat pink worm, writhed and it's flesh seemed to ripple as it began to change shape slowly, sensing the girl beneath it. The creature lengthened, becoming elongated and what might have been called its tail, for the other end had several small stalk-like appendages, grew down over Liz's bunched up skirt towards her exposed sex.

Behind us, Liz's mother still made too much noise, cumming again apparently, although she'd been masturbating non-stop for the better part of an hour already.

"That woman..." Cockley frowned and he walked towards her quickly, unzipping his trousers and freeing his long, but not quite hard penis. He grabbed Mrs. Tate by the hair, pushing his cock into her mouth, and finally finding a way to shut her up. "Ahhh...That's better. Suck it good, Mrs. Tate. But not too good!" He chuckled. "It'll be awhile before you can take your daughter home..."

The pink worm had found Liz's vulnerable pussy and I kissed her face as it began working itself inside the girl. It wouldn't hurt her, not at all, if anything it would soon teach her how good she could feel down there, with the proper stimulation. Its body was supple and conformed itself to her vagina, excreting its own special lubricant to not only ease its passage deeper, but to trigger responses in Elizabeth’s own chemistry.

Even as I held her, brief minutes after the worm had begun to enter her sex, Liz began to squirm slightly, her body moving just a little. The creatures was burrowing into her vagina, widening the way, pressing against her soft walls gently. It's rippling motion bringing pleasure only heightened by the hormones flooding her bloodstream. She was getting high, a natural high and that was always the best kind. Her eyelids fluttered and her small barely formed breasts heaved as Liz arched her back, inviting the worm deeper into her womb.

I lifted my face from hers a moment later, as the head of the beast had stretched itself to find Liz's open mouth. It hesitated, as if unsure of what it should do, and then slowly began to press itself between the girl's wide-spread lips. I watched with pleasure, stepping back and knowing Liz needed nothing more from me. The creature was stretched across her body now, delving into her open throat as well her vagina. It would feed her air, filtered through its body, while they mated, working to change the girl physically in subtle, but important ways.

Inside the girl's womb I could imagine it finding the tender neck of her cervix, caressing it as a lover, bringing her even greater pleasure as the alien beast ensured she was ready to receive its potent seed. Elizabeth's body shuddered, and a low sound radiated from beneath her lover, deep from the child's chest. She was cumming now, her first orgasm ever, and it would not be her last. She would cum over and over again, her body responding eagerly to the deep pressure of the worm as its body would swell and contract within her cunt.

I released her arms and then her legs, the restraints were no longer required, and indeed they were more of a hindrance at this point. I smiled as Liz immediately wrapped her arms around the pink worm, hugging it to her body. Her legs did the same, the girl's ankles locking as she moved her hips, rocking herself to another orgasm. They would be like that for an hour, perhaps longer, the alien's seed jetting out of it and into her fertile womb. Liz would be pregnant soon, if she wasn't already, and the creature that would grow inside her would not be born.

No, the alien baby would remain there for the rest of its life, growing and living within Elizabeth's womb; just a small thing co-existing with her and sharing her desires just as it shared her life. Liz wouldn't be a slave to it, she'd be a partner with it and she'd suffer no ill effects or regrets, other than a stronger than usual sex drive. But that wasn't so bad, was it? An odd side-effect to be sure, but hardly dangerous.

I glanced over to see Liz's mother sucking feverishly on Dr. Cockley's large penis as he held her head in his hands, fucking her face happily, and I wondered...But no, that was just an aberration. Mrs. Tate had always been fixated on sex, a genuine nymphomaniac, and it wasn't the alien's fault that the woman had no self-control. Elizabeth's sisters had all turned out just fine; as would Elizabeth herself I was sure.

Like me! I smiled to myself as I touched my own stomach, pressing my hand low and knowing I wouldn't really feel anything there. Elizabeth was a very lucky girl, just as I had been when my mom had brought me to Dr. Cockley's office ten years before. There'd been another assistant then, a beautiful young woman named Cindy, but she'd opened her own clinic in Pittsburgh, like the girl before her who had moved to Seattle.

I had been going to night school for several years and I was getting close to graduating. Soon I’d have to start looking for a place to start my own clinic. I thought perhaps Houston might be nice.

There are a lot of young girls in Texas.

The End

Authors Note: Well, that was my very first ever "alien/tentacle" story and I'm not exactly sure how well I did with it, but I wanted to try and it was fun. A quick write and very easy, it gave me a nice little break from the other stuff I'm writing these days. I may try another sometime, I'm not sure. Perhaps a sequel of sorts to this one. Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! :) -rr 25 april 2007

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