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The Traitor's Son

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(Eunuch additions)

Chapter 6A

Preceding text
Meanwhile, on Capri, Titus Caesonius Priscus, Tiberius' official 'Comptroller of Pleasures', was looking at the skinny youth who had almost collided with him and Crastus when carrying some fish, freshly unloaded from a boat, to the palace kitchens. However, instead of the young slave using a knife to help prepare some food on a kitchen table, the 16 year-old was himself to be the subject of a sharp blade whilst lying on such furniture.

"You've been distracted from your work by a girl's prettiness for the last time," Titus advised the helplessly bound and spreadeagled youth before giving the appropriate nod to the man who would actually gut the young slave's scrotum. The anguished 16 year-old would now have screamed, just as Pulchellus was presently doing many Roman miles away, if he had not been effectively gagged.

Titus and the man actually perpetrating the deed were therefore only perturbed by muffled yelps, as the latter began the incision into the youth's smooth genital sac. However, before the cut had ventured very far, another person arrived to watch the spectacle.

"I changed my mind," Tiberius advised his 'Comptroller of Pleasures', "and decided to watch the brat's gelding after all. It's something that I've not seen before, as it's never really interested me previously. However, on this occasion, curiosity got the better of me. You never know, the sight might encourage me to decide to have all of my boys castrated!"

"You are, of course, most welcome to watch, Sire," Titus fawningly replied, whilst hoping that Tiberius did no such thing with his expensive catamites. Having one brat, who had somehow survived the Emperor's original sexual interest only to be sent to perform kitchen chores when he had become too old for the Princeps' sexual tastes, emasculated to improve his efficiency was nothing of import. However, the possibility of losing some of the expensive boys, who still served the Imperial cock, through post-castration infection was worrying, given the current paucity of replacements.

"Now, tell me," Tiberius commanded of the expert castrator, whilst closely examining the work performed so far and failing to acknowledge a young victim with whom he had had sex many times, "where are you up to?" The craftsman, brought especially from the mainland for the purpose and who had never met the Emperor before, then nervously explained what he had so far perpetrated and what he still proposed to do.

"You've tied the boy's genitals tightly," an intrigued Tiberius then observed before asking "Is that to stifle the blood supply so that the brat doesn't bleed too much whilst you extract his balls?" The castrator confirmed the Emperor's supposition.

After completing the initial cut, the castrator then skilfully manipulated the crying, squirming youth's left testicle into the light, all the time appraising Tiberius of what he was doing. "Do you see the spermatic cord, Sire," the man then enquired before continuing "Well, a little slice with my knife, like this, severs the boy's ball from his body." As proof, his hand then raised the little discoloured white orb into the air.

"Let me have a feel," Tiberius commanded, holding out his own hand to receive the testicle. Meanwhile, his firmly restrained and appalled former catamite looked on, still uttering ignored muffles into his gag.

"Hmmm," Tiberius reflected, as he received and felt the extracted testis, "it's surprisingly smooth!" The Emperor then suggested to the castrator "Of course, you'll now let me finish the job!" Neither the craftsman nor the person who had commissioned the work, Titus, considered the request to be wise. However, neither also believed it wise to deny the Princeps his wish.

Tiberius' elderly large hands were soon engulfing the youth's half-emasculated genitals, with some fingers inexpertly probing inside the 16 year-old's scrotum to locate the remaining testicle. His poor victim writhed in agony underneath him, within the limits of his tight constraints.

More by luck than good judgement, Tiberius eventually exposed the second uncut spermatic cord. Unfortunately for the eunuch-to-be, the Emperor, in his eagerness to pick up the knife to accomplish his task, then dropped the blade.

Tiberius' patience and temper had never been amongst his best attributes. The Emperor now again proved this to be the case when, instead of waiting for Titus to retrieve the dropped knife, he angrily grabbed the youth's exposed remaining ball and pulled hard in order to yank and sever the orb manually from the young slave's scrotum. Thankfully, before the Princeps achieved his aim, the resultant unparalleled agony had induced his young victim to faint.


Last Paragraph of Chapter 7

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Meanwhile on Capri, Tiberius was thinking about food rather than drink, as he examined the testicle he had impatiently and literally just torn from his own young victim's body.

"If the boy recovers," the Emperor commanded of his 'Comptroller of Pleasures', "have him returned to the kitchens. The first recipe he can prepare can be his own testes. I suggest that he spices them nicely for consumption because I don't want him eating any other food until he consumes his own balls!"


Chapter 45A

Preceding text
Meanwhile, in a luxurious residence not far away, another recently purchased boy was also being introduced to his new home. However, the 11 year-old would have much preferred a different type of welcome.

"Are you sure that you wish to do the deed personally, Mistress?" the shocked old eunuch slave asked of the patrician widow, who effectively owned and ruled him, although legally he was the property of her male guardian. "The process is delicate and dangerous," he added, "and you could cause more damage than intended and so ruin your new purchase or even lose him to fatal infection!"

"The process might be delicate and dangerous," the woman replied to the old eunuch slave, who normally performed the deed on her behalf, being skilled in the art, "but it's also rather simple. I've carefully watched you do it successfully so many times that I believe that I'm ready to do it too."

The old eunuch slave's shock at his mistress' stance was not just related to her practical inexperience. He was also extremely surprised to discover that she was prepared to lower herself to perform an often messy deed that was usually confined by Roman custom and sense of propriety to specialist male plebeian artisans.

The old eunuch slave therefore considered that his mistress had lost all sense of her elevated social standing, which should have not only disbarred her from doing what she clearly wanted to do but also made the very unladylike notion quite distasteful to her. However, he also knew better than to reveal his thoughts to her, which he therefore kept secret.

The old eunuch slave had long since recovered from the disgust and shock felt when his mistress had originally announced that she actually wanted to watch him perform similar previous deeds, which stance was also against normal decorum for a woman of her elevated standing. However, her latest request really was truly scandalous to Roman morals, although, of course, probably no one else would ever learn about her libertine behaviour.

The woman's large household, in which all males were eunuchs, was loyally discreet about such matters because, outside the special room she was now in, she actually treated then very well. None of them would want to be sold on to someone else for being loudmouthed.

Overcoming his renewed secret personal disgust and shock, the old eunuch slave now soon found himself supervising his mistress by issuing verbal advice to her whilst she proceeded with the relevant deed. On her part, the woman was happy to follow her servant's suggestions because she genuinely did not want to ruin or kill her new expensive purchase.

"Hold the boy's penis in your left hand, Mistress," the old eunuch slave first advised, "to keep the unruly thing out of the way and so avoid damaging it." "Isn't it funny how many of them become hard during the operation?" the woman rhetorically queried in response, as she complied by grasping the small throbbing erection concerned.

The old eunuch slave immediately felt another shock surging through his ageing body. He had never heard his mistress talk about such crude matters previously.

"I've noticed," the woman continued in a similar unseemly manner, "that some boys squirt their seed too. Do you think that this one will?"

The fair-haired blue-eyed boy, who was bound naked and spreadeagled face-up on the table below the woman and who could easily have been Marius if she had not been outbid for him, could not join in this conversation about him. He was gagged to prevent any noise disturbance that might be created by loud entreaties and screams, as well as damage to his lips and tongue from his own teeth, as they clenched in agony and shame.

Again overcoming secret fresh personal disgust and shock, the old eunuch slave correctly answered "The boy looks a little too young to ejaculate, Mistress." "Good," responded the woman, who was wearing an expensive stola, "as I wouldn't want such a substance to splash onto me and my clothing."

"Now that the boy's penis is safely in your left hand, Mistress," the old eunuch slave went on to suggest, "commence the required incision with the knife in your right. Carefully cut straight down the middle of his scrotum, sufficiently deep to create an opening but cause no damage within!"

The woman again obeyed, whilst lowering her head closer to the smooth hairless scrotum of the boy upon whom she was operating and who was equally compliant. He had earlier been told that he should attempt to keep very still or otherwise an accident might occur, such as the severing of his penis. This threat encouraged his beautiful naked body to stiffen as much as his cock, as his new mistress proceeded, with her rather enjoying the feel of his incongruously excited and throbbing penis in her protectively enveloping left hand.

The woman was also thoroughly enjoying the secret sadistic sexual thrill that she was experiencing at finally being able to satisfy her fetish to castrate a beautiful boy in the room specially set aside for the purpose. The entrance door to the chamber gave many of the eunuchs in her household bad memories whenever they passed.

The woman also knew that later tickling her clitoris in privacy when recalling the castration would provide her with many moments of pleasure in future too. She additionally proposed to add to the experience by personally gelding all subsequent male newcomers to her service.

"That cut should now be long enough," the old eunuch slave eventually advised before moving on to instruct his mistress in how to prise the created scrotal opening apart and search for and snip the two spermatic cords within before carefully extracting the freshly severed young testes. He already knew that he would not have to instruct her in the technique required subsequently to stitch the boy's genital wound, as she had told him that she was not interested in indulging in that particular procedure.

The woman was only interested in castrating the beautiful boy and her early assertion that she could successfully accomplish the deed was now proved correct when she happily took two freshly extracted testicles, lying in a small pottery bowl, away with her from the room. She left behind a sobbing child, whose copious tears resulted from a mix of distress at his lost manhood and the pain of his castration and the current stitching of the cut on his now empty scrotum, above which his penis had returned to now permanent sad flaccidity.

Not long afterwards, the woman lay naked and alone on her bed in the quiet privacy of her inner quarters. She was tickling her clitoris with the forefinger of one hand, whilst playing with a boy's freshly extracted testicles with the other.


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