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Twenty Short stories


Twenty short stories about incestuous relationships between fathers and sons, men and boys.
Publ. 2005-2007 (Kirsten); this site Nov 2013
Finished 25,500 words (51 pages)


Various men and boys (9-16yo)

Category & Story codes

Most Consensual Man-Boy Sex stories/Incest
Mbcons oral anal
WARNING: some are non-cons (check the codes at the beginning of each story)


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Author's Note

Please don't remove the author information or make any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

© 2005-07 by Kip Hawk. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

  1. Blowjob for Dad 2005 (800 words / 1½ pages)
    A young teenage boy interrupts his algebra homework to suck his father's prick.
  2. Dad's Faggot 2005 (1,200 words / 2½ pages)
    A drunk father makes his young son into a faggot after his wife leaves him.
  3. Morgan's First Blowjob 2005 (900 words / 2 pages)
    A fourteen-year-old boy gets his first blow job, and it's from his dad.
  4. Dad Loves Kyle's Ass 2005 (500 words / 1 page)
    A man is addicted to fucking his son's ass, even though the boy is only thirteen.
  5. Dad And Daryl's Dick 2006 (600 words / 1¼ pages)
    A man is crazy for his sixteen year old son's cock.
  6. Pater Familias 2006 (600 words / 1¼ pages)
    A Roman military officer fucks his young son's ass after returning from a long campaign.
  7. Alex's Anal Audition 2006 (800 words / 1½ pages)
    A stage father convinces a producer that his fourteen-year old son will do anything to get a part in a new TV show.
  8. Dad's Surprise Christmas Gift 2006 (1,400 words / 3 pages)
    A grown man recalls a special Christmas Eve with his father during his teen years.
  9. Face-Fucked by Dad 2006 (800 words / 1½ pages)
    A fifteen-year-old boy gets his face pounded by his father's prick in the family garage.
  10. His Son's Sweet Little Ass 2006 (1,500 words / 3 pages)
    A man decides he has to fuck his 13-year-old son after watching him at soccer practice.
  11. Ivan the Terrible 2006 (1,000 words / 2 pages)
    A Russian man makes kiddie porn with his nine-year-old son while the boy's uncle catches it on video.
  12. My Dad Is A Poppers-Crazy Cocksucker 2006 (800 words / 1½ pages)
    Dad gives his young son a blowjob as the two enjoy a bottle of poppers.
  13. Raping Ryan 2006 (1,700 words / 3½ pages)
    A man rapes his eleven year old son.
  14. The Yanks Are Cumming 2006 (1,500 words / 3 pages)
    During the first world war, an American soldier spends a memorable night with a French man and his young son.
  15. Brandon's Joy 2007 (1,100 words / 21¼ pages)
    A father text-messages his fourteen-year-old son in school to come meet him for an incestuous butt-fuck.
  16. Neanderthal Nephews 2007 (2,700 words / 5½ pages)
    40,000 years ago, a Neanderthal man must become a father to his deceased brother's young sons by inseminating them.
  17. Son's Speedos 2007 (2,700 words / 5½ pages)
    A father at the beach lusts after his speedos-wearing fourteen-year-old son, and finally gives in to the temptation.
  18. Theokles and His Father 2007 (2,100 words / 4½ pages)
    A father in classical Athens watches his fourteen-year-old son at wrestling practice, then teaches him a thing or two about what made Greece so grand.
  19. Probing Christopher 2007 (1,800 words / 3½ pages)
    A man helps his thirteen-year-old son find out if he is gay.
  20. Stud Son 2007 (2,000 words / 4 pages)
    After an unsuccessful date, sixteen-year-old Rick finds release in his father's ass.

1. Blowjob for Dad

A young teenage boy interrupts his algebra homework to suck his father's prick.

Matt (13yo) and his Dad
Mt – cons oral

I sat in my room doing my algebra homework. I looked up and saw that it was almost quarter past 6:00. Dad would be home soon from the office, and he would probably want to fuck me. He had been fucking me for almost six months now, often three or four times a week. It had been a few days since he had bonked my ass, and I knew he couldn't hold off much longer.

You see, I was Dad's faggot, and only thirteen years old. He had caught me looking at some boys last summer at the beach, and when we had gotten back to the hotel where my family was staying, he sent my Mom and sister away to play miniature golf so he could have a "talk" with me. His talk consisted of his accusing me of being a fag and them shoving his randy dick up my asshole. He told me that I was going to be his fag slut from now on.

Dad opened my bedroom door without knocking. "Hey faggot."

"Hi Dad," I replied. I knew for certain he was going to have me.

"How was your day?" he asked.

"Pretty good," I responded, "yours?"

"Not bad. I feel like getting my dick sucked before dinner. How's that grab you?"

"Sure, Dad. Sounds great!"

"You really are a faggot, aren't you?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Well why don't you come over here and blow me, then."

"OK!," I said as I scrambled over to my father. He began loosening his tie as I kneeled down in front of him. I could see his cock swelling underneath the material of his pants.

"God, I'm horny Matt. Take my dick out and suck on it."

"Yes, Dad." I reached up and undid his belt buckle, then his fly. I pulled his suit pants down to the floor, leaving him standing there in jockey shorts that could barely constrain his lewd prick. I reached up and grabbed the sides of his underwear and gave the white cotton a swift downward tug, releasing his penis in all of its glory.

"Gee Dad, that sure is pretty," I cooed.

"You like Dad's dick, don't you Matt?" my father queried lustfully.

"Yes, Dad, you know I do."

"You really are a little faggot cocksucker, aren't you?"

"Yes, Dad. I'm a pansy. I love sucking dick," I replied right before I formed an "O" with my mouth and engulfed his swollen dick with my adolescent lips.

Dad moaned as I swallowed his shaft down to his root. I took all of his seven inches [18 cm] into my mouth, then my throat, until my nose was nestled in his musky pubes. I kissed the root of his cock with my lips as the head of his prick throbbed in my throat.

"Oh fuck, Matt, fuck that feels good. I don't know why you don't like girls like normal guys do, but God that fucking feels good," my Dad panted as my throat constricted around his rod.

"God, I can't believe my own son is a fag," he continued, "but your mouth sure feels nice."

I then lifted my head up until only the glans of his penis was still inside my mouth. I then swirled my tongue around the head of his cock before I dove back down on it, causing him to buck his hips into my cock-sucking mouth. I repeated this process over and over, masturbating him with my mouth. My left hand cupped his balls and fondled them gently in an effort to augment his pleasure. My own prick throbbed in excitement as I continued my faggoty filial duty.

Dad was obviously enjoying my efforts.


I continued to bob up and down on my father's stiffie. I knew I would soon be rewarded with a shot of creamy sperm.


"Yes Daddy," I replied as I briefly released his cock from my incestuous blowjob. I quickly resumed my sucking, bobbing my head up and down rapidly.


Dad's penis climaxed in my mouth. I quickly swallowed the tasty cum as I felt my own prick explode in excitement. After draining every drop, I reluctantly lifted my head off of his prick as I heard my Mom call us to dinner.

"We'd better get going," my Dad smiled at me. I grinned back, cum dripping out of the corner of my mouth. I'm sure my mom's pork chops would seem somewhat salty that night.

2. Dad's Faggot

A drunk father makes his young son into a faggot after his wife leaves him.

A Dad and his 12yo Son
Mb – non-cons anal – incest

I was twelve when I became Dad's fag.

Mom had run off to L.A. a few months before, unable to take the stress of Dad's drinking and temper any longer, leaving me alone with him in our little house in rural Tennessee. Mom hoped to get in the movies somehow. She once even said she'd even suck some producer's penis until it shot gobs of cum into her mouth if it would get her a job on TV.

Things had been going OK. I had settled into a routine of going to school, coming home and doing homework and then cooking dinner. I would eat alone and leave some for Dad to eat when he finally got home from the bar he had grown fond of. Then I would go up to my room and do some more homework or read Mad magazine or something. I would then usually jerk off and go to sleep. When Dad finally got home, I would often wake up as a result of the noise he made, stumbling and cursing as he made his way drunk through the house.

The night I became a fag I had woken up from Dad's ruckus. I heard him moving around downstairs followed by the heavy sounds of his footsteps on the stairs. I thought he was going to go to the room that he used to share with Mom like he usually did, but that night he decided to come to my room instead.

Dad pushed my door open abruptly.

"Hey pussy are you awake?"

I pretended to be asleep, but Dad staggered over to my bed.

"Hey faggot, wake up!" he had pulled my bedspread back, revealing my underwear-clad body.

"What is it, Dad?" I asked, pretending to be just waking up.

"Man, I'm horny. I gotta get my rocks off tonight or I'm gonna go crazy," he said.

I looked at him blankly, not sure what to make of this drunken man. His gray silhouette loomed large in my room, visible as a result of both the moonlight and hallway light that seeped into my room.

"Boy, I am gonna fuck your ass," he said suddenly.

I said nothing. I was speechless.

"Yeah, I am gonna get me a piece of that little boy-trim. What do you think of that?"

"What are you talking about, Dad?" I had propped myself up on my elbows.

"What are you fucking stupid or something? I'm gonna fuck your butt. I need to fuck something, and here you are. It's about time you started to earn your keep around here anyway."

"You're drunk," I told him.

"Yeah, and you're fucked," he answered, and reached for one of my legs. I pushed his hand away.

"Stop it Dad!"

"Shut up and give me your ass, faggot."

"I'm not a faggot, Dad!" I wasn't. I liked girls, especially one named Samantha from school.

"Well I'm gonna make you into one, then. Now that Mom's gone I need someone else to help me bust a nut, and you're it, so congratulations, you're a fag."

"But I don't want to be a fag."

SLAP. The back of his hand hit me with such force on the left side of my face that I fell over on my back, stunned.

"Listen kid. You're gonna be a fag. Get used to it. You're a homo. You're gonna get butt-fucked and suck my cock. You're gonna satisfy my dick, and I don't give a damn whether you like it or not. You're gonna learn to take my cum up your ass and in your throat."

"But Dad, that's not right, you're my Dad!", I said sitting up.

SLAP. Another blow, and again I fell back on the bed.

"You challenge me again, and I'll hit you again. You're a fag. And you're MY fag. I brought you into this world, and you are here to serve my needs. Now get on your belly."

Realizing that it was pointless to disobey, I complied. I felt Dad's fingers dig into the sides of my jockey shorts, and then he yanked them down and off over my legs.

"Now that's a pretty ass," Dad purred lewdly. "Is it cherry?"

"Huh?" I asked. I really was that naïve.

"Has anyone else fucked your boy hole?"

"No, Daddy. No one."

"Good. I love to break in a virgin."

I watched Dad over my shoulder as he started to undress. He did so quickly but clumsily, nearly tripping over himself when he lowered his pants. I let out a gasp when he lowered his underwear and his massive cock sprang out. It looked huge, but I was only twelve. It probably was no more than average size – six or seven inches [15-18 cm] or so, but it was twitching and looked furious.

Dad spit on his hand and then rubbed his saliva on his rod. He came over to the bed and yanked my legs apart before climbing between them. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass into the air, exposing my twelve-year old asshole to the cool air of the summer's night. He then poised his penis against my hole.

"OK faggot, this is gonna hurt like hell, go ahead and cry like a girl if you want," he warned. He then plunged his entire cock deep into me with one fell swoop, causing me to cry out in agony.

"Ouch! Oh that hurts, please stop it Daddy!"

His only response was a deep moan as his groin pressed against my ass. He wiggled his dick from side to side, increasing my pain while augmenting his pleasure.

"Fuck, that's nice," he said, and pulled his dick nearly all the way out before plunging it back in, causing me to cry out once again.

"Ow!" I cried. "That hurts!"

"I don't give a flying fuck, faggot. Your ass feels so nice around my dick."

He started to fuck me furiously while my ass ached. I grunted every time he plowed into me and could feel tears burning my cheeks as they fell from my eyes.

Fortunately, he was so horny that he couldn't keep it up for too long.

"Fuck, I'm gonna shoot my load, take it, faggot, take my fucking load of sperm up your fucking faggot ass, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK TAKE IT!!"

I felt his hot liquid spray into my guts as he came up my butt. He let out a deep gutteral moan and then collapsed on me, where he lay still for a few minutes.

He then pulled out of me, and walked towards the door.

"Good night, faggot. Pleasant dreams," he said as he left.

And it was over as abruptly as it began.

I lay there in disbelief. My ass was on fire, and to my astonishment, my dick was hard against the bed sheets beneath me. I turned over and beat myself off, cumming after about five seconds of rapid wacking.

I can't remember a time I came so hard. I was Dad's faggot from then on out.

3. Morgan's First Blowjob

A fourteen-year-old boy gets his first blow job, and it's from his dad.

Morgan (14yo) and his father Jack (40ish)
Mt – cons mast oral – incest

Morgan threw his handsome head back and moaned loudly as the horny man bobbed up and down on his dick. Fuck, that felt good. Jack was kneeling between Morgan's muscular legs while he stuffed his mouth with the boy's stiff prick. The fourteen year old kid had never felt anything this good in his young life.

He had been jerking off almost daily for the past few years, but had never experienced such a feeling in his John Thomas before. And his dick wasn't the only thing getting blown – Morgan's mind was also being blown by the fact that the cocksucker who was giving him such intense pleasure was his own dad.

Yes, Jack Lenoir, who by all outward appearances was a respectable forty-something business man, was sucking his own son's cock in the living room of their suburban home. He slobbered all over the boy's dick, shoving his face down into Morgan's crotch until his nose snuggled in the kid's sparse bush, and then lifted his head up until just the tip of Morgan's cock was left in his mouth.

Again and again he repeated this up-and-down sequence as he enjoyed the steely smoothness of the boy's hard-on. Up, then down, up, then down again, back up, and down once more. Instinctively Morgan began bucking his hips upward to meet Jack's downward thrusts, ramming his meat all the way into his father's sucking mouth. He sighed contentedly and ran his hands through his father's hair, which was the same dirty blond color as his own.

Shit, he couldn't believe that his own dad was sucking his rod. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that his button-down conservative father would fall to his knees and open wide for his own son's dick. Morgan had been whacking off while watching a porno video that his friend Joshua had lent him.

He had thought he would be alone in the house and able to have a nice long masturbation session. His mother was out of town, and his father had not been expected home for several hours. Jack had come home earlier than anticipated, however, and discovered his fourteen year old son bopping his bologna while watching an interracial D-P scene.

"Dad!" Morgan cried out as he saw his father come into the room. He scrambled to pull up his shorts and find the remote to turn off the lusty Anabolic scene that was filling the screen. Jack was as shocked as Morgan was, but didn't want the boy to stop.

He had been struggling with his feelings about his teenaged son for some time. Watching the strapping young lad strut around in his soccer uniform had on many occasions forced him to run off to the bathroom for a quick stroke session. And now the object of his forbidden lust was beating off right there in the open.

Without thinking, Jack told Morgan that it was okay. He had told him that it was natural to be interested in sex and horny and that it was okay for Morgan to be masturbating. Jack surprised himself by volunteering to help Morgan get off, and one thing led to another until now, like one of the sluts in the video Morgan had been watching, Jack was gobbling up his son's penis like it was covered with home-made ice cream.

And Morgan was certain that he would be making his own brand of vanilla ice cream very soon. He fucked his dad's face rapidly now, plunging his tingly rod all the way down his throat. Jack excitedly increased the rate of his own up-and-down motion as his son assaulted his mouth.

While he did this, Jack cupped Morgan's hairless balls with his right hand and massaged Morgan's left thigh with his other. Morgan spread his legs as wide as they would go to accommodate his father's oral ministrations. This resulted in a pleasant tugging sensation as his leg muscles stretched away from his groin. Morgan could feel his orgasm approaching, and Jack sensed it too by the tightening of the boy's scrotum.

"Fuck, Dad, I'm gonna fucking cum!" Morgan shouted. Jack simply gurgled his approval and continued to suck the boy's pole.

"Oh, shit, here it fucking comes. I'm gonna fucking shoot my fucking load into your fucking mouth, Dad! Fuck! Yeah, fuck! Oh fuck yeah! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, OOOHHHHHHHHH!"

Morgan shot off into his father's pistoning mouth and Jack swallowed every drop of the kid's spunk. The creamy volleys of cum shot across Jack's tongue on their way down his throat, and Jack could taste the delicious saltiness of sperm. He kept sucking until Morgan's ejaculations had stopped and then, reluctantly, took his mouth off of the boy's prick. The top of his cock glistened with cum and saliva.

"Fuck, Dad, that was fucking awesome," Morgan panted, "thanks!"

"Sure thing, kiddo, now wasn't that better than jerking off?"

"Shit yeah, Dad! Can we do it again sometime?"

"Anytime you want, Morgan, you just let me know and I'll suck that dick for you."

And many other incestuous blowjobs lay in store for the father and son.

4. Dad Loves Kyle's Ass

A man is addicted to fucking his son's ass, even though the boy is only thirteen.

Kyle (13yo) and his father Bob
Mt – cons anal – incest

"Uhhhh!" Bob moaned, pressing his dick deep into his son's shitter. Bob couldn't believe how tight Kyle was. The thirteen year old's asshole was certainly better than his wife's middle-aged cunt. Bob had been fucking the boy for a little more than a year now, since his twelfth birthday. That first fuck had been uniquely exciting for both father and son, but Bob definitely preferred the more sophisticated thrill he got from plowing a boy with experience.

And Kyle knew what to do. He especially loved the doggy-style incest they were currently engaged in, as it gave him a chance to show off his faggot skills. Kyle banged his ass back to meet his dad's powerful lunge. He squeezed his ass muscles around his father's invading prick as he ground his smooth butt cheeks into his dad's groin. When his father withdrew, Kyle pumped his hips forward to facilitate the outward slide, and then impaled himself again as his father thrust back in.

"Fuck me, Daddy, give me that fucking cock!" he cried.

"Yeah, you like that son, don't you?" his dad panted in response.

"Oh yeah, I love that fucking dick. Keep dicking me, Dad, keep fucking dicking me with that fucking dick!"

Bob continued to oblige the boy by ramming his penis back and forth in his son's bowels. He was feeling that familiar tingle deep in his balls and knew it wouldn't be too much longer before he exploded. He looked down at the obscene sight of his prick pumping in and out of his son's little ass. He slapped Kyle's right ass cheek hard, and the boy released a delighted yelp and wiggled his rump.

That was enough to push Bob over the edge. One more thrust, then a second, and he felt the cum spasm out of his rod.

"OH FUCK, YEAH! I'M CUMMING UP YOUR ASS! KYLE, TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT! YEAAAAH!!" Bob yelled as his sperm flooded his boy's adolescent butt. The incestuous orgasm, obtained by fucking his thirteen year old son in the ass, washed over Bob like a powerful narcotic. This is why he kept fucking the kid over and over again, even when he promised himself he'd stop. It just felt too damn good.

Kyle felt his father's penis swell deep inside his bowels just before the hot spunk began to warm his ass guts. The feeling, coupled with the knowledge that it was his father who was shooting his load up his ass, prompted the boy to cum himself. Kyle spooged onto the bed sheets without touching himself as waves of pleasure swept over his body.

Kyle started wiggling his ass all around his father's cock and time seemed to stand still as father and son enjoyed the bliss of their simultaneous orgasm. Finally, with a grunt, Bob collapsed on to the boy, forcing his son to plop down into his own pool of young cum.

"That was fucking great, Kyle, you sure have one sweet ass."

"Thanks Dad, and thanks for the fuck," the boy giggled.

"No problemo, kiddo. Now get to your homework," he said as he got up and left the room while his dick continued to radiate pleasure throughout his contented body.

5. Dad And Daryl's Dick

A man is crazy for his sixteen year old son's cock.

Daryl (16yo) and his father Jeff
Mt – cons oral – incest

"Fuck, that feels fucking good, fucking suck it, Dad!"

Daryl's dad complied with his son's lewd order and continued to suck his son's thick rod. Jeff loved his boy's dick. At sixteen, Daryl was constantly horny and in need of daily release, and his father was only-too happy to provide an outlet.

Daryl had been getting his dick serviced by his dad for almost two years now, and always found it thrilling to bust his nut this way. It sure as hell was better than jacking off, and his dad was a much better cocksucker than his far-less experienced girlfriend.

"Oh, yeah, suck my dick, Dad!" Daryl panted as his father continued to bob up and down his son's fuck pole. Jeff loved the way his son's meaty cock felt in his mouth. The boy's rigid prick measured almost eight inches [20 cm] and was very thick. Jeff was a talented cocksucker and could comfortably fit all of Daryl's penis down his throat. Jeff cupped his son's big balls in his hand as he continued his oral service. His son was a fucking hot stud, a star of his school's basketball team and handsome as hell.

Jeff was really glad he had such a horny big-dicked boy for a son. He usually sucked Daryl off when he got home from work while his wife made dinner. Jeff would go to his son's room to say hi and ask him if he needed some relief. Today, like most days, Daryl had said yes and had pulled his robin-egg blue shorts and white underwear down around his ankles so his father could have access to his randy teenage meat. Jeff had shut the door behind him and gone over to his son to render service.

Daryl was now bucking his hips up to meet his father's downward oral bobs. Jeff moaned and continued to fondle the boy's nearly hairless balls, which were heavy with adolescent sperm that would soon be jetting into Jeff's mouth. Jeff released Daryl's cock from his mouth so that he could lick the purple head a few times, which caused Daryl to moan loudly.

"Shit, that's nice, Dad! Lick my pole!" Jeff held his son's penis in his hand and made long, slow licks over the head and shaft. He did this for several minutes and then swallowed the prick down to the hilt again. He kissed the boy's pubes with his lips as the thick meat throbbed in his throat.

"Fuck, Dad, I'm gonna fucking blow, yeah fucking suck it!" Daryl cried as he increased the rate of his thrusting. He fucked his father's face rapidly, and felt a sweet familiar feeling in his balls as they unloaded into his father's suctioning mouth.

Jeff increased the rate of his sucking even more as his son climaxed in his mouth. He loved the taste and feel of his son's ejaculations; the salty-sweet liquid proved that he was a good cocksucker. When the boy's spurts subsided Jeff reluctantly released the throbbing cock from his mouth. He wiped his mouth with his hand as Daryl stood up to pull his shorts and underwear back up.

In his post-orgasmic bliss Daryl suddenly had a slutty idea. What if Dad sucked him off while he was in school?

"Hey Dad, want to suck me off tomorrow during fifth period, I've got study hall, it's at 12:30"

Jeff was willing to suck his son's dick whenever the boy wanted it, and he'd be on his lunch break. "Sure," he said. "Where should I meet you?"

"In the bathroom on the second floor."

"It's a date, kiddo," his father agreed as he walked out the door, already flushed with excitement about tomorrow's noon-time incestuous blowjob at his son's school, the proud home of the county's only undefeated boys' basketball team.

6. Pater Familias

A Roman military officer fucks his young son's ass after returning from a long campaign.

Lucius (13yo) and his father Gaius
Mt – cons anal – incest

Gaius slammed his penis into his son's asshole, then withdrew until just the corona was lodged inside the boy's butt. He wiggled his dick from side to side and then shoved it back into the hilt like a sword returning to its sheath after a victorious battle.

Gaius had in fact just returned from battle as one of Caesar's captains in his campaign against Pompei. He had been away from home for nearly a year, and had missed fucking his youngest son. Sure, Gaius had enjoyed sliding his meat into the slave boys that accompanied the armies of Rome, and had fucked more than his share of kids in Gaul, but no hole made him completely mad with lust like his youngest son Lucius.

The kid, now thirteen, was a natural at taking a prick up his behind, and was demonstrating his talent right now on his father's rod. He bucked his ass back to meet his father's thrust and moaned as Gaius rammed into his deliciously tight tunnel.

The last time Gaius had fucked his son the kid had no hair around his dick, and Gaius had been pleased to find that Lucius still was bald down there. His cock had grown a lot, however, and now measured nearly the length of Gaius's middle finger, and he had a nice pair of testicles dangling in a smooth and hairless scrotum underneath. Lucius's balls shook back and forth as Gaius fucked him like a dog working over his bitch.

Gaius nibbled on his son's ear gently and praised Jupiter for having given him such a beautiful boy in his own household. As pater familias, Gaius had the right to use anyone in his household for his sexual pleasure, and Gaius was taking full advantage of this right.

He could not resist, for besides having an incredibly tight and talented young ass, Lucius had a body that was truly sculpted by the gods. He had dark hair with bangs that came down to his dark, brooding eyes, and a trim, hairless, boyish body that drove Gaius crazy and made his balls tingle whenever he saw him.

Gaius had known there was something special about Lucius right after he was born. He felt an immediate attraction to the boy and had ordered a huge feast to honor the gods who had bestowed such a treasure upon him. Gaius had fucked Lucius's older brothers, but had stopped doing so when they grew hair on their faces.

Fortunately, this coincided with Lucius's ripening into full boyish splendor, and shortly after his twelfth birthday, Gaius decided that the time for his deflowering had come.

One afternoon in Lucius's bed chamber Gaius ordered him to take off his tunic and get down on all fours so that he could be fucked by his father. The boy had been honored by the request, and was ecstatic to learn that his ass could elicit such lust in his father. He instantly took a liking to getting impaled on Gaius's paternal prick, and had missed him terribly while he was away on campaign.

Now, the father and son were going hot and heavy in their reunion fucking, and Gaius knew it wouldn't be much longer before he spewed his load up the boy's hole. He held on to his son's hips and pulled the kid back into his groin as he thrust into his ass. In, then out, in, then out, in, then out – faster now, in, then out, in then out – faster, faster, faster – in, then out.

Gaius could feel the tingle building in his testicles, slowly at first then spreading. He continued to pump in and out of the boy's tight butt, once, twice, and three times, then spewed his jism into the enchanting tunnel. Gaius sighed in delirious delight and then collapsed on top of his son, squeezing the boy tight.

Gaius rolled off the boy and pulled him up so that he was snuggling between his big muscular arm and chest. Several quiet minutes went by until the servants entered the garden to bring Gaius and his son some wine and olives. The servants were accustomed to Gaius's sexual escapades and were unfazed by the intense incestuous fucking they had just witnessed.

They wordlessly set the food and drink on a small table beside the couch where Gaius and Lucius were lying. Gaius picked up an olive and gently slipped it into the boy's mouth, and Lucius nibbled on the fingers that offered him the tasty black morsel. Gaius bent down to kiss his son and enjoyed the olive taste of the boy's sweet tongue as it danced in Gaius's mouth.

The warrior knew that this was bliss, that life had nothing better to offer, that his love for Lucius was the only force he had ever encountered that he could not overcome.

As he was later to tell his friend Virgil, amor vincit omnia.

7. Alex's Anal Audition

A stage father convinces a producer that his fourteen-year old son will do anything to get a part in a new TV show.

Alex (14yo) and the producer
Mt – cons anal

My fourteen-year old son Alex and I were in the office of a producer of a new family-themed sitcom (yes, it was very original) on a popular cable channel. Alex was a beautiful boy, the kind the network suits always put on TV programs, with flaxen blond hair and baby blue eyes.

He had made the call-back list, and the day before I had called the producer (and somehow got past his secretary, who was probably fired as a result) and told him that Alex and I were really excited about the part and would do anything to get it. He paused as if trying to figure out what I meant, and then he invited us to come to his office the next afternoon.

"We were very impressed with Alex's reading," the producer said. He was a man in his mid to late thirties and of average build. "But of course," he continued, "a lot of the boys read well."

"No one is as good as Alex," I replied, "he can do whatever you want." I had told Alex to be prepared to do whatever I told him to do. This really was no problem, as I had been using his ass and my mouth myself for the past year. Yeah, I love boys too.

"Is that so?" the producer asked. "Whatever I want?"

"Absolutely," I responded. "Alex is completely at your service."

The producer was obviously a little wary. "There may be a lot of demands placed on the boy who gets this part. We have a very ambitious production schedule," he said, looking intently at Alex.

"That's no problem," I assured him. "Whatever you need, Alex can do."

"Hmmm. I don't know."

"Do you want to see him, shirtless? He's beautiful shirtless, and your ratings with the girls will shoot through the roof. Alex, take off your shirt," I said, not waiting for the producer to reply.

Alex stood up and removed his light blue t-shirt, revealing his taught adolescent torso. I saw the producer's eyes widen.

"Isn't he pretty?" I asked.

"Yes, he is," he responded dryly.

"He can take more off if you want him to."

The man stared at me with a mixture of disbelief and desire.

"You want to see his tight little ass?"

The man nodded ever so slightly.

"You got it. Anything you need, you got it. Alex, stand up and show him your ass."

My boy stood up and turned around so he was facing away from us. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down slowly, leaving just his white jockey shorts to cover the firm young cheeks of his butt. He then shook his rump for a few seconds, and yanked those down too, giving the producer a perfect view of his smooth little ass. It was tight as hell. I knew, as I had been fucking him almost every day after school for the past year. There was nothing better than a boy's ass.

"You want his ass, mister?" I asked. "It's better than any cunt you can find. He'll make your cock cream like it's never cum before."

The producer was speechless.

"I'll just leave the two of you alone for a while, to get to know each other better," I said, rising to leave.

The producer said nothing but just stared at my son's little ass. I knew his penis must be throbbing. Any man, even the straightest man, would be hard as a rock if he saw my son's ass.

"I'll be back in a half hour," I said, and left the room.

I went down to Hollywood Boulevard and walked around a bit. I went over to what used to be Mann's Chinese theatre and looked at some tourists putting their hands in the impressions left by long-dead actors. I watched a few young brothers, probably about fifteen and thirteen, bend over and put their hands in the spots where Clark Gable and Vivian Leigh had once memorialized themselves.

As they bent over, their ass cheeks strained erotically against their shorts, and I swear I caught their father oggling them. I thought about my own son Alex, and how he must at this moment be bent across the producer's desk getting fucked big-time. Fucked by a ped, by someone who knew what a beautiful boy's ass was for.

I made my way back to the producer's office. I could hear panting and grunting coming through the door. The secretary, a fey little thing, was sitting there and ignoring the sounds. I could distinctly here the producer yell, "Fuck yeah, take my prick up your faggot ass. Yeah, fuck, I'm fucking cumming up your fucking little ass, you fucking boy whore!" I knew Alex would be clenching his ass at this point, trying to increase the pressure on the man's penis as he got ready to ejaculate his sperm.

Five minutes later the producer opened the door.

"Your son got the part," he informed me. "He's gonna be a star."

8. Dad's Surprise Christmas Gift

A grown man recalls a special Christmas Eve with his father during his teen years.

Scott (14yo) and his Dad
Mt – cons oral – incest

It was two days before Christmas and I was headed east on interstate 80 to commemorate the birth of our savior at my parents' house in Ohio. My wife, son and daughter were with me, and we would be sharing space with a large cast of relatives endowed with varying levels of sanity for the next several days. My wife was riding shotgun and was busy scolding the kids who were fighting in the back seat over some highly significant issue such as who took whose last piece of bubblegum.

Although a light snow had been falling since shortly after we left St. Louis, we were making good time, and I felt at peace as we drove through southern Indiana. Despite my family's tendency to transform into Dysfunction Junction, the snow and the impending holiday festivities put me in a good spirit and brought my mind back to a Christmas many years ago.

It was 1985, and I had turned fourteen three months earlier. I had passed through that awkward phase of puberty and was an attractive kid; I played on the JV football team and was reasonably popular. It was Christmas Eve, and I had gone upstairs to my room after spending the evening singing carols with my family. As I changed into my flannel pajamas I noticed a note on my pillow, so I picked it up and read the words that would soon change my life: "Scott, I have a special gift for you. Come to my study at 2:00 a.m. Love, Dad."

I glanced at the clock and saw that it was not quite 11:30. I wondered what Dad had for me, and why he had to give it to me at such an odd hour. Obviously it was meant to be a secret, but what could it be? I was definitely intrigued. I had asked for an Atari that Christmas, but didn't see why he would give it to me in the middle of the night.

I set my alarm for 2:00 so that I would not doze past the appointed time, but need not have done so. I was far too excited to sleep, so I just lay in bed and stared at the ceiling while I listened to the melodic strains of Wham on my Sony walkman, which my father had given me a few Christmases earlier.

Finally 2:00 arrived and I got out of bed. At a time when not a creature should be stirring, not even a mouse, I quietly crept down the stairs to the study that my father used. It was a place where he worked and sought private sanctuary from the chaos of his home life, and my sisters and I were only rarely allowed in. The door was slightly ajar and I knocked.

"Come in, Scott," my father ordered quietly, "and shut the door behind you."

I complied with these instructions and stood before my father, noticing the half-empty whiskey decanter on his desk.

"I have a special present for you, Scott," my father said and took a large sip of his drink, then another. "It is actually a present for your penis," he added nonchalantly.

I was shocked to hear him say such a thing but could tell by the lustful glint in his eyes that he was dead serious. The penis he mentioned immediately responded and rose to full mast in an instant.

"I can see your prick is excited," my father stated as he pointed at the tent in my pajamas.

"I am going to give you a blowjob, Scott. You're old enough now to experience the pleasure of lips on your penis."

I was speechless as I stared at my father with bulging eyes. I would never have thought that he would utter such lewd words, let alone try to get into my pants. But I was fourteen and horny as hell and wasn't going to turn down an invitation to my first blowjob.

"OK," I finally mustered.

My father walked around from his desk and stood in front of me. He reached out and stroked my rigid cock through the thick flannel cotton of my blue PJ's as he smiled at me. His breath smelled heavily of alcohol.

"I think you're going to like this," he said as he dropped to his knees. He grabbed the sides of my pajamas and yanked them down, releasing my cock to the cool night air.

"Now that is pretty," he sighed as he looked at my six-inch [15 cm] boner. He took hold of it and stroked it a few times, then started lapping the big purple head with his tongue. I moaned while Dad licked all around the corona with his talented tongue, and it felt so good I thought I might collapse. Dad anticipated this and grabbed my ass cheeks to hold me up. After giving my dick head a nice bath, he ran his tongue the full length of my veiny shaft several times, then opened his mouth wide and took the tip of my swollen prick into his mouth.

I let out a loud appreciative grunt when Dad's hot mouth engulfed my randy meat. I gently ran my fingers through Dad's dark hair while he sucked on my prick head, then clenched fists around several strands when I felt him swallow my entire penis down to the root. Although this was my first blowjob, I could tell that my father had definitely sucked cock before, as he had no trouble taking all my pole into his throat.

"Oh, Dad, that feels so good!"

"Mmmpf," came Dad's muffled reply as he pressed his lips against my pubic mound. He slowly raised his mouth back up to the tip of my cock then swirled his tongue around the head again before plunging all the way back down. He repeated this several times and I started to thrust my hips forward to meet his plunges. This definitely beat jacking off, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I shot my load.

"Dad, I'm gonna shoot soon. You should stop," I warned.

Dad's response was to grab my young ass and pull me towards him so that I couldn't get away. Clearly Dad wanted me to jizz in his mouth, and I was certainly willing to let him. He may be my dad but it felt so good and I didn't want to stop. I felt the pressure build up in my balls and gave him one last chance to back down.

"Here it comes, Dad, I'm gonna shoot!"

Dad bobbed his head up and down more quickly and was grunting with deranged lust. My cum fired out of my adolescent prick and into his mouth and was quickly vacuumed down into his eager throat. I thought I was in heaven as I came in his mouth and never wanted the feeling to stop. This was pure heaven. Pure bliss. I had never known anything could feel as good as it did when Dad drank all the cum out of my balls that night.

Finally I pulled my cock from Dad's mouth and he licked the head one last time to get the last few drops of semen that were dangling from my slit.

"Fuck Dad, that was nice! Thanks!"

"You're welcome, Scott. And Merry Christmas. Now if you're a good boy next year, maybe you'll get another nice present next Christmas," he said as I pulled up my pajamas and headed back up to bed.

I got the Atari the next morning, along with several game cartridges for Donkey Kong, Frogger and other games, but neither Dad nor I said anything about the previous night's activities. The following year he once again invited me to his study for a secret nocturnal blowjob, and he has done so every Christmas Eve since. We have never talked about it and he has never blown me any other time of year. It is just our special little Christmas tradition, something we both enjoy but never discuss.

Before I knew it we were pulling up into my parents' driveway, and my sleepy kids and wife got out of the car to greet everyone. I hugged my mother and then my father, who patted me playfully on the rump.

"I hope to see you at 2:00," he smiled at me.

"You bet, Dad, you bet," I assured him as I felt my dick once again start to rise.

9. Face-Fucked by Dad

A fifteen-year-old boy gets his face pounded by his father's prick in the family garage.

A son (15yo) and his dad
Mt – cons oral – incest

I was feeling pretty horny, which of course was not unusual for a fifteen year old. What you might think was unusual, however, is that I was feeling horny for my dad, and I wanted him to fuck my face again. He had been doing this for about a year now, and we both loved it. He loved my hot boyish mouth, and I couldn't get enough of his big cock.

It was a Saturday and I had just gotten back from soccer practice. Mom and my sister were doing some arts and crafts thing in the den and Dad was fixing something in the garage as he often did on the weekends. I went out to say hi.

"Hey Dad."

"Hey sport, how was practice?" he asked.

"Good. Coach says we're looking great."

"I bet he did. I'm sure he likes watching all those boys running around in their tight shorts," Dad joked.

"Yeah," I laughed and felt my dick throb in my own shorts. They were white nylon, and did little to hide my growing adolescent prick.

"Especially you," Dad said. He could be very charming.

"Aw, Dad."

"I bet he loves looking at your pretty red lips," he said as he started to grope his crotch. "So pretty, so red, just like a girl's and made for sucking dick."

"Only yours, Daddy." I answered smartly. "You know I only want to suck your dick."

"Yeah, I know, you little faggot," Dad laughed. "You want to take it down your throat now?"

"You know I do, Dad!" I replied, which prompted Dad to unbuckle his pants and pull them and his boxers down to his ankles. His thick eight inch [20 cm] boner twitched demandingly as it awaited my oral ministrations. I licked my lips in anticipation and walked over to him, then knelt before my father's organ. I clutched his balls firmly then opened my mouth and began licking his prick head.

"Yeah, boy, that's nice," he hummed.

I licked his crown for a few minutes, then opened my mouth and engulfed his rod. I lowered my face all the way down his pole until my lips reached his pubes. Once his dick was securely planted down my throat Dad took charge of the blowjob like he always did.

He grabbed my ears, holding my head in place and wiggled his prick from side to side, which caused his pubic hair to tickle my nose. He then withdrew until only his portobello-shaped cockhead was in my mouth. He ran his rough hands through my blond hair and then slammed his prick back into my eager esophagus as he let out a low guttural moan.

Dad pumped his beefy prick in and out of my pussy throat, bringing him ever closer to that sweet moment of orgasmic release when he would flood my gullet with his pungent cream. After about five minutes of relatively slow fucking, he picked up the pace and started to drive his johnson in and out of my gripping throat. I brought my own pud out of my shorts and began to pull on it. Dad was sighing loudly now and I knew I would soon receive a nice spermy reward.

"Fuck, son, your mouth is so fucking hot!" Dad exclaimed as he pistoned in and out of my queer mouth. "I'm gonna fucking cum!"

Wild with a lust that only teenaged faggots can truly understand, I began to bob my head with more vigor. Dad's dick snaked deeper into my throat as it sought its blissful release. His big balls bounced rapidly off my chin as his pumping reached terminal velocity. One, two, three, four times, and then I heard Dad yell as his cock exploded in orgasmic delight.


Dad's cum coated my throat and mouth, and the sweet-salty taste gave me a rush which caused me to re-double my sucking efforts. I felt several bursts from Dad's penis before his moaning subsided, and then I reluctantly relinquished his yummy prick from my mouth.

"Fuck son, that was hot," he panted as he pulled his Levi's back up. I stood up and brushed some dirt off of my knees. Dad kissed me gently on the forehead and patted my ass, and then I went back into the house to leave him to finish his repair project. I was already looking forward to the next time I could service his cock. As he knows, my face never closes.

10. His Son's Sweet Little Ass

A man decides he has to fuck his 13-year-old son after watching him at soccer practice.

Tyler (13yo) and his father Jake
Mt – non-cons anal – incest

Jake Adams looked at his watch. It was nearly 6:30 and almost time to go pick up his son Tyler at soccer practice. The cute thirteen year old played on a team of seventh and eighth graders, and Jake had recently found himself strangely drawn to his son's soccer practices and games. He had noticed that the boy had a beautiful ass, which was rather disturbing to the otherwise normal law-abiding citizen.

Jake Adams was a man's man. He liked to go fishing and hunting, and he loved to kick back on a Sunday and watch football while drinking beer. He paid his taxes and certainly wasn't no fag. He had always been into girls, but he had nonetheless started to find his son's firm little pubescent boy ass incredibly irresistible.

Jake thought about Tyler's cute butt as he drove to the field at the middle school. He arrived a few minutes before the team had finished their drills and was able to enjoy the sight of the boys running around in their tight little blue shorts and soccer jerseys. His eyes focused on Tyler's ass, and he felt his perverted cock stir in his pants. Fuck, the kid was hot, even if he was his own son.

The boy had a hair of gold, like his mother, and a lithe little body that moved so perfectly as he chased the little black and white-checkered ball around the field. Jake decided then and there to fuck his kid that evening. His wife, conveniently enough, was out of town on business, so he and Tyler would be alone tonight. A perfect time to rape the kid's fanny.

The boys finished their exercises and Tyler came running over to his father.

"Hi Daddy," he said with a big grin. Jake's cock throbbed in his pants.

"Hey kiddo. How was practice?"

"Great. Coach says we're looking pretty good."

Jake smiled at the unintended double entendre. "Yeah, you are looking great! I liked your moves out there."

"Gee, thanks Dad," Tyler said as he climbed into the passenger side of the SUV. Jake looked over at his son's smooth legs and felt his cock stir again.

"How about pizza for dinner?" Jake suggested.

"Sounds super!" Tyler responded enthusiastically.

Jake picked up his cell phone and called Luigi's and ordered a large with pepperoni. It was the boy's favorite.

After picking up the pizza Jake and his son drove home, then the two sat down to eat with Tyler still in his uniform. Jake poured himself a double vodka tonic and took a big gulp. The man wasn't sure how he was going to get his boy's ass, but he was determined to get it.

"You really did look very hot out there tonight, Tyler" he said as he took a big gulp of his drink.

"Thanks," Tyler answered, chomping into his slice.

"Your muscles are really developing," Jake said, then after a pause he added "Even your ass is looking hot."

Tyler stopped chewing his mouthful of pizza and started blushing a red as deep as the tomato sauce on the slice he was holding.

"You really have a nice ass, Tyler."

The boy swallowed. "Um, thanks, Dad."

"I mean it. It's really pretty, just like a girl's. Why don't you show it to me, baby."

"Huh?" He looked up at his father with a weird look on his face.

"Show me your ass, Tyler. I want to see it."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I want to." Jake was feeling really horny now at the prospect of seeing his son's nude rump and was growing impatient. "Now stand up and show it to me, or I will rip your shorts off myself" he said firmly.

Tyler sat still for a moment, then slowly stood up. He turned around so that his back was towards Jake and then the out-of-control father yanked his son's cotton shorts down to his ankles. Jake gasped when he saw the smooth little globes of his boy's young butt framed by the jock strap he had given him.

"Very nice, Tyler, very nice," he leered softly.

"Are you going to spank me, Daddy?" the boy asked quietly, with a noticeable element of fear in his voice.

"No, Tyler, I just wanted to see your pretty butt," Jake responded.

"Can I pull my pants up now?"

"No, Tyler," he answered flatly, taking a big gulp of his liquor. "Lean over the table." Jake felt himself going out of his mind with lust. His prick was now in control of his actions.

Tyler complied but was curious. "What are you doing, Daddy?"

Jake took another swig of his drink, then spoke to his boy: "Tyler, your ass is too beautiful, I am going to have to fuck it."

Tyler was too shocked to say anything. Taking advantage of the boy's astonished silence, Jake pulled open his fly and yanked his now rigid cock out of his pants. He finished off his vodka and, stepping up behind his son, he grabbed a bottle of olive oil that was on the table and poured some onto his turgid rod. Then, holding his prick in his left hand, he spread Tyler's boy cheeks open with his right hand and placed the head of his dick against the kid's small pink hole.

"Dad, I don't know about…"

"Shut up, Tyler," Jake hissed at the boy, with a ferocity that he didn't know he possessed. "Daddy needs to fuck your pretty ass and you're going to let him. It doesn't matter if you're a fag or not, I just need to have it, so shut your pretty mouth or I'll make you into a cocksucker too." Jake announced before he pressed his cock forward against Tyler's virgin hole.

His hole resisted, but Jake was determined and his dick head finally popped in, causing his other head to swoon in delight as he entered his young son. He had never felt anything so good. Time stood still as his prick took him to paradise, and Jake was only vaguely aware of his son's anguished cries of pain.

Jake looked down at the uber-geil sight of his veiny eight-inch [20 cm] cock thrusting into what had, until a moment earlier, been his thirteen year old son's virgin asshole. The boy continued to cry out in pain and fear, but Jake paid him no mind. He was concentrating on the glorious sensation that was emanating from his penis, and was mesmerized by the site of Tyler's deflowering. He shoved his dick all the way to the hilt and wiggled it from side to side. It felt so good that he couldn't help but yell, and his ecstatic moans merged with his son's wailful strains to form a discordant symphony of pain and pleasure.

After luxuriating in the bliss of their sinful incestuous union for several minutes, Jake slowly began to withdraw his cock until just the head was left lodged in his son's ass. While Jake was enjoying the sight and feel of his cock protruding from his boy's butt, Jake thought he heard Tyler say "why are you doing this, Daddy, why?" Instead of answering Jake slammed his cock balls-deep into Tyler, prompting another cry from his ravaged son.

Jake began to pump in and out in a steady rhythm and he concentrated on what he was doing. He was fucking. But he wasn't just fucking; he was fucking a boy. A young boy. And not just any young boy, but his own son! And it was his son's virgin boy ass! All these thoughts swirled around Jake's randy mind as he pistoned in and out of Tyler's hole, and all too soon Jake felt the tell-tale tingling in his balls that preceded orgasm.

"Hmpfh. Take it, Tyler. Take your Dad's fucking prick up your fucking ass."

Jake picked up his speed and the kitchen table started to move across the floor as a result of Jake's thrusts. The cum boiled out of Jake's balls and into Tyler's ass as the depraved father let out another loud scream. Jake then collapsed on top of his son and after a few minutes withdrew his deflating cock from his now strangely silent son.

"Thanks kiddo, that was great." He said to his son. "I really love your ass. Now clean up the dishes why I go shower up, and you know you had better not mention this to anyone."

Jake headed upstairs as the confused boy pulled up his shorts and started to put the dishes in the dishwasher. He never did tell anyone, and his father continued to use his ass for many years to come.

11. Ivan the Terrible

A Russian man makes kiddie porn with his nine-year-old son while the boy's uncle catches it on video.

Sasha (9yo) and his father Ivan
Mb – cons anal oral – incest

Ivan Andrevich looked over to the Sony monitor and watched the obscene sight of his thick penis sliding into his nine-year-old kid's little ass. The blond young Russian boy was on all fours while his dad fucked him and his uncle recorded the depraved incestuous kiddie porn on video.

"Ah, dobry, Sasha, that's nice. Nice, good ass, Sasha," Ivan muttered as he pumped his son's behind with his thick pole. He couldn't believe his luck. He was getting to fuck a tight little boy – his own son, no less – and getting paid nicely for it. Tomorrow he would hand the video over to his friend in a cafe in central Moscow in exchange for a nice wad of cash – which would be in dollars – and the man would then arrange for the video's distribution in Europe and North America through contacts in Berlin, Prague, Marseilles, Amsterdam, Napoli, New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Ivan's brother Dmitri moved underneath Ivan's legs so he could get an under-side shot of the man while he fucked his son. Dmitri pushed Ivan's muscular legs apart and pointed the un-blinking camera upwards. What Dmitri saw in the view-finder was pure gold. Ivan's prick was ramming in and out of Sasha's smooth little butt hole while the kid's hairless little cock and balls bounced around with the force of each impact.

The boy's pricklet couldn't have been more than four centimeters [1½ inch], in stark contrast to his father's massive phallus that continued to plow deep into his ass. Ivan grunted in pleasure each time he buried his bone inside Sasha's ass, and sometimes Sasha would let out a high-pitched little whelp, which seemed only to encourage his father to fuck him even harder. Dmitri's own cock was rock hard as he taped the depraved scene, and he knew that the customers were going to enjoy it.

Dmitri then put the camera right behind his brother's scrotum and got some footage that showed Ivan's hairy ball-sack swaying back and forth as he impaled his son. The man's big balls swung towards the camera and then flew away as Ivan re-entered the boy's butt-hole, only to return seconds later on the outward stroke of the father-son fuck. Dmitri loved the contrast between Ivan's big hairy balls and his nephews smooth pink skin, and started to pull on his own cock as he watched the scene.

"Xorosho!" Ivan exclaimed, "damn, Sasha, you have a beautiful ass!"

Dmitri pulled himself out of the position under his brother's legs and climbed behind his brother. He aimed the camera over Ivan's shoulder so he could get an over-head view of the big cock hammering in and out of the young boy, who had been taken out of school so that they could make this video. The only time the apartment was available for filming was during the day, when Sasha's mother was away at work, so the kid had to miss a few classes.

Dmitri then moved to the side to get a close-up view of Sasha's face, as he knew the customers would be interested in the boy's reaction to getting reamed by his father. Dmitri zoomed in on the kid and saw a face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Each time Ivan slammed into his ass, Sasha winced and squeezed his whorish lips together as if he were stifling a scream.

Dmitri thought those slutty lips could be put to better use, so he moved in front of his nephew and thrust his throbbing cock into the face of the little fag. Sasha knew what his uncle expected and obediently opened his mouth and swallowed up Dmitri's prick. Dmitri sighed and threw his head back with lust. He pointed the camera down and recorded his own blowjob, and reveled in the sight and feel of his nephew's hot lips sliding up and down his randy meat. Each time Ivan slammed his penis into the boy's ass, Sasha impaled his face on his uncle's cock.

While he held the camera with one hand, Dmitri ran his hand through his nephew's blond hair with the other. Fuck, the boy was a good cock-sucker. Dmitri loved to get sucked by a boy, and his brother Ivan loved to fuck a boy in the ass, so the two brothers always enjoyed sharing a hot session with Sasha together.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Ivan suddenly shouted.

"Me too!" Dmitri added.

Both men pulled their dicks out of the boy's holes and scrambled over to his head and began jerking off, as they knew they had to produce a hot facial cum shot to make the video sell well. Sasha licked his lips in sluttish anticipation and then, with a mighty roar, Ivan shot his sperm all over his son's face. The first spurt hit just below right left eye and started to dribble down his face. The second spurt landed directly in the boy's mouth, and Sasha began to eagerly swallow the delicious cum.

The sight of his brother cumming in his son's face pushed Dmitri over the edge and he shot his own wad, which landed on the boy's cheek and mixed with his brother's semen to form a thick hot lake of joy juice. Both Ivan and Dmitri then rubbed their penises all over the boy's cheeks, and Dmitri turned off the camera and walked into the kitchen to fetch a bottle of vodka.

This would bring them a nice sum, he thought as he poured shots for the three actors.

"Na strovya," Ivan said as he started to think about what he would do with the money. Alcohol, money and boy-sex, what a perfect threesome!

12. My Dad Is A Poppers-Crazy Cocksucker

Dad gives his young son a blowjob as the two enjoy a bottle of poppers.

A son (15yo) and his dad
Mt – cons oral – incest

My dad is a poppers-crazy cocksucker. I was fifteen and had been living with my dad just outside Atlanta ever since he and my mom split up three years earlier. One summer night we were sitting around watching TV. It was pretty hot even though the AC was on, and we were both shirtless and wearing shorts. Mine were rather skimpy and I must admit I thought I looked pretty sexy in them. Dad must have agreed, as he kept looking over at me with obvious interest in what he saw.

Dad offered me a beer, and I happily took one (he had let me drink for the past year or so). Dad had already had several himself. When I had finished my second beer, he brought out a little brown bottle and held it up to his nose. He pinched one nostril closed and inhaled deeply through the other one, and then moaned blissfully. He repeated this and then asked me if I wanted to try it. I asked him what it was and he told me it was a special juice that made you feel good.

I asked him if it was a drug and he said not really, that it was legal and everything, but that it was something that should be sniffed, not swallowed like regular juice. So I figured why not, and reached out my hand. He passed it to me and told me to inhale it through one nostril like he had done. I did this and instantly felt an intense rush wash over me, a type of euphoria and horniness that I had never felt before. After the feeling had subsided he told me to do it again, and I did. It felt really good but I was a little worried as my heart was beating really fast.

He told me this was normal and to just enjoy it, and to do it again. I did, and Dad asked for the bottle back. He took a few more hits and then passed it back to me. I took another hit, and then all of a sudden Dad said he wanted to suck my dick. I wasn't sure I had heard him correctly but then he lunged at my crotch and pulled my shorts and underwear down. I was too stunned to react and he quickly engulfed my now hard dick in his mouth, swallowing it down to the root.

"Fuck, Dad!" I yelled. I was simultaneously freaked out and thrilled. Here was my own father sucking my cock, but if felt so fucking good. And I had sworn in front of him, something that was strictly verboten in my house. But with my cock now snaking its way down my Dad's throat, he didn't seem to mind.

Instead of reprimanding me he grabbed my big balls and gave them a nice pull, and I spread my legs open wider to allow him better access to the scrotum he was obviously enjoying so much. He began to bob up and down on my meat and I placed my hands on top of his head, massaging his dark black hair.

Dad pulled his mouth off of my prick and looked up at me. "You like that, kiddo?" he asked with a lustful look I didn't know anyone was capable of, let alone my own dad.

"Fuck Dad, that feels fucking great!"

He picked up that magical brown bottle again and brought it up to his nose, inhaled deep into one nostril, and then the other before handing it to me once more. "Take another hit," he commanded. I did as he said, and felt my head spin and my penis tingle.

"Now I'm gonna make you cum!" he shouted. He started sucking me again, and I started bucking my hips upward to meet his downward bobs. Up, then down, then up, then back down. My dick was on fire and I felt my balls inching towards release. Up, down, up, down, in, out, in, out.

I was now fucking his face hard, and there was an audible slap each time my balls hit his chin. In, out, in, out, and I felt that ultimate tingle before the floodgates in my testicles opened up, shooting gobs of sperm deep into his suctioning mouth. Dad let out a muffled "hmpff" as my spunk flooded his mouth and he desperately tried to swallow all of my teenage load.

When my cock had finished shooting Dad milked it with his throat muscles a few times before releasing it from his talented mouth.

"Thanks, boy," he murmured contentedly while lapping his tongue around my piss slit to catch the last few drops of my cum. "Thanks for the load."

"Um, sure Dad, and thank you."

And the poppers, Dad and I lived happily ever after.

13. Raping Ryan

A man rapes his eleven year old son.

Ryan (11yo) and his father Tom
Mb – non-cons anal – incest spank

It was a Wednesday morning when Tom McAllister decided to rape his eleven year old son. He had been eyeing the boy's firm little ass with increasing desire over the past few years and couldn't take it anymore. His wife had gone out of town on business and he would have several days to enjoy Ryan's pre-teen boy ass without interruption.

Initially Tom planned to wait until the evening to deflower the kid, but as he sat at his desk he found that he was unable to think about anything other than the evil deed he intended to carry out and decided that he had to accelerate its commission. Feigning illness, he left the office early and drove directly to Chestnut Middle School, where he told the principal that there was a family emergency that necessitated Ryan's immediate removal from school. The sixth grader was summoned out of his social studies class, where he had been enjoying a nicely produced movie about fishermen who lived in the fjords of Norway.

Tom took Ryan firmly by the hand and led him to the car. He didn't explain anything to the boy until they were both inside his pre-owned Lexis and he had locked the door.

"I'm gonna rape your ass," he informed the boy matter-of-factly. "I'm gonna fuck you hard in the butt."

Ryan was too astonished to say anything, and it wasn't until they got home and were inside that he started to protest.

"Please don't do that, Daddy, I'll be good, I promise!"

"Shut up," Tom dismissed him. "It's too late for that." Ryan hadn't done anything wrong, but Tom enjoyed the idea that the boy might think that he had.

"I think I'll spank your ass first, I think you deserve it," Tom said, playing up the notion of his son's misbehavior, then added, "and I know I'll like it. Go up to your room and wait for me. I'll be up soon to spank your butt then I'm gonna fuck your ass like I said."

The boy started bawling and Tom gave him a broad slap across his face which sent the boy tumbling backward on to the floor. Tom grabbed Ryan's arm and jerked him up to his feet and then dragged him over to the stairs.

"Go on up, I need to get something to drink, then I'm gonna come spank your ass, and then I'm gonna fuck you like you're my girlfriend."

The boy was sobbing but he scampered up the stairs. Tom went into the living room and walked over to the bar that they had had put in several years ago (he came from a long line of alcoholics). He poured himself some Old Grand-Dad and downed it in a single gulp. He poured himself a second, and then a third shot, and he felt the alcohol soothe his depraved brain. Fuck, he was getting ready to rape his own kid. And not a girl, mind you, but a boy. An eleven year old boy, and Tom was going to fuck him in the ass. Tom's dick hardened as he thought about it.

He picked the bottle up and went upstairs, deliberately stomping his feet loudly so his son would know he was approaching. He opened the door to his son's room and saw the boy lying face-down on his bed, his light brown hair shaking back and forth as he cried despairingly into his Bart Simpson pillow.

"Yeah, you should cry," Tom greeted his son sadistically, "I'm about to spank your butt, but not like I've spanked you before, this time it'll be on your bare ass, and then I'm gonna shove my penis up your asshole."

Tom knew his words would have a terrifying effect on his son, and he took a perverse delight in meeting out his verbal torture. He walked over to his son and pulled him up to the floor, then roughly grabbed at the boy's belt and unbuckled it while the kid struggled fruitlessly. He easily pulled the boy's jeans down, which were followed quickly by the boy's jockey shorts. Tom leered obscenely for a moment at the tiny pink boy-dick which greeted him, then flung the kid across his lap and started to smack the ass cheeks that had clenched tightly in a vain attempt to protect against the impending assault.

Swap, swap, swap!

Tom loved the way the firm flesh felt underneath his swatting hand. Ryan was crying out in pain, but Tom was enjoying every moment of it. He spanked him again, then ran his nails through the punished skin.

"OWWWWWWWWW, please stop, Daddy, please stop!!!" the boy pled.

"No Ryan, I'm going to spank your bare fanny some more. I'm your father and I can do what I want to with your ass."

Smack, smack, smack! The sharp swats rang out across the boy's bedroom and Ryan's ass turned as red as a fire engine.

"OWWWWW, Daddy, it hurts! I'm sorry, I'll be good, please stop, please stop!"

Tom paused. "OK Ryan, I will stop. I will stop so that I can fuck you now."

Before the boy could respond, Tom turned the boy over and violently threw him onto the bed so that he was lying on his back. Tom took a generous swig of whiskey directly from the bottle and then, while Ryan watched in terror, he stripped out of his clothes. The perverted man took particular pleasure in watching Ryan's eyes widen when he lowered his underpants and his fully erect cock sprung into view. At six inches [15 cm], Tom's dick was about average in size, but it seemed monstrously huge to the terrified pre-pubescent kid on the bed.

"This is my penis, Ryan, and I'm going to fuck you with it," Tom explained, "men use their penises to fuck women, and I'm gonna bang your tail just like you were a girl."

Tom walked over to his frightened son and positioned himself so that he hovered above his small body. He quickly removed the underwear and jeans that had bunched around the boy's ankles then grabbed the boy's stick-like legs and bent them backwards until they were almost touching his ears. Tom took his engorged dick in his left hand and placed it against his son's exposed asshole, then pressed firmly and forced the kid's anus to accept the invading meat. Having gained entrance to paradise, Tom sank his entire prick into Ryan's fiery ass and fell into such an intense state of bliss that he was slow to realize that Ryan was screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Shut up, faggot!" Tom finally ordered, placing a rough hand over the boy's mouth.

Muffling his son, Tom wiggled his hips from side to side and delighted in the tight grip of the boy's rectum on his penis. Tom withdrew slowly until the mushroom-shaped head was almost out, then plunged his angry rod back down again, prompting yet another cry from the little faggot.

"Oh, fuck, that's fucking nice!" Tom said as he started to pump in and out in a steady rhythm. "Fuck your ass is fine, Ryan, fuck it's fine!"

The boy sobbed again, although noticeably quieter now.

"Say 'thank you', Ryan, say thank you when your daddy tells you your ass is nice."

"Thank you," he said meekly.

"Say 'thank you, Daddy'," he corrected.

"Thank you, Daddy."

"Say, 'I'm Daddy's boy slut'."

Ryan said nothing, so Tom slapped him hard on the face. The boy let out a cry and immediately repeated the obscene statement as ordered.

"I'm Daddy's boy slut."

"Yes, you are, faggot! Say 'I'm a faggot for Daddy's big penis'."

"I'm a faggot for Daddy's big penis."

"Oh fuck, that's nice," Tom moaned as he fucked his kid. "You're a little faggot and Daddy's gonna shoot his sperm up your ass because your ass makes his penis feel so good, you know that?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"Yeah, mppfffh," Tom grunted. "You want Daddy's sperm? You want it up your faggot ass?"

"Yes, Daddy, I want your sperm." Ryan wasn't exactly sure what sperm was, but he knew what the right answer was.

"Where do you want it, huh, where do you want Daddy's sperm?"

"Up my ass, Daddy, up my ass." Ryan was a quick study.

"Up your ass, alright. Up your faggot ass. You're a faggot now, you know that? You're a fag for your father, giving me your queer faggot ass like that."

"Yes, Daddy, I'm your faggot." The pain in the boy's rectum had begun to subside. Tom's hips were now flying rapidly up and down and he felt the cum rise in his balls.

"Oh, fuck, here it fucking comes, here comes my fucking sperm, I'm gonna fucking shoot my fucking sperm into your fucking faggot ass, you little faggot, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fucking yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

An intense wave of ecstasy washed over Tom as he furiously ejaculated into his son's ass. He found this incestuous orgasm to be immensely pleasurable, better than anything he had ever experienced in his life. If he went to prison, or to hell, it would be worth it.

He collapsed on top of his son, who was now lying there quietly. He kissed the boy gently on the mouth, then licked up the salty tears that coated his cheeks.

"That was nice, Ryan, very nice. You know Daddy loves you, and you made Daddy feel really good. Now we're going to go to the mall and I will get you anything you want, then we're going out for pizza. And you will never tell anyone about this, understand?"

"Yes, Daddy, I won't tell anyone." Ryan looked up at his father with a confused look. His feeling of terror had passed, and he felt a warmth wash over him as he realized how much pleasure he had brought his father. He instinctively reached up to stroke his father's head and kissed him on the lips. Maybe, he thought, maybe he was supposed to let his father fuck him in the ass. Ryan had not only been fucked, but was now fucked-up, and would spend the better part of the next decade getting reamed by his father and other men his Daddy introduced him to.

14. The Yanks Are Cumming

During the first world war, an American soldier spends a memorable night with a French man and his young son.

Jean-Luc (12yo), his father Philippe and Henry (22yo)
Mt – cons anal – incest

September 1918, outside Verdun, France

A bullet ripped into the right shoulder of Corporal Henry Gunderson. The man – if you can call a 22 year old a man – lost consciousness, and when he came to, his unit was gone. He spent the next several hours wandering about in search of his comrades, and as the sun began to set he decided to seek shelter in a farm house that he saw in the distance.

Henry knocked on the door of the small structure and a young boy of about twelve or thirteen opened. The boy was very pretty, with dark black hair and skin a shade darker than one usually found this far north of the Mediterranean. Henry liked boys and had enjoyed messing around with some friends back in Minnesota, but he was still wrestling with these shameful feelings which gave him such torment. He smiled at the boy, who was obviously quite scared to see a hunky foreign soldier standing on his door-step. Henry pointed at the American flag on his uniform to let him know he was on the Allied side of the Great War.

"Qui est là?" came a voice from within.

"Un soldat, Papa. Un américain."

A man of about forty appeared in the doorway, looking somewhat alarmed.

"Vous êtes américain?" he asked. Henry didn't really know any French, but he could understand what was being asked of him. Henry smiled again, nodded his head and pointed once more at the flag on his uniform.

"Ah, entrez, entrez," the man said, bidding Henry to come inside. Upon entering Henry cast his eyes around the sparsely furnished house. The French man saw that his guest was bleeding and said something to his son, who then scrambled up the stairs. Henry took delight in watching the boy's ass cheeks bounce provocatively in his short pants as he ran upstairs, and his pederastic gaze did not escape the notice of the kid's father. The man gave Henry a wry smile and led him to a chair, and a few moments later the boy bounded back down the stairs with a bottle and some bandages. He handed these to his father, who dressed Henry's wound while his son looked on with keen interest. There was no sign that any woman lived in the modest dwelling.

"Je suis Phillipe Angers," he said pointing to himself, "et c'est ici mon fils Jean-Luc."

"Henry," the lost American answered, "Henry Gunderson."

Phillipe then shouted something to his son who then disappeared once again, only to return minutes later with a plate of food.

"Mangez, monsieur," Jean-Luc said as he placed the steaming plate in front of the corporal. The dish contained a sort of stew with sausage and beans, and Henry found it to be most delicious. Jean-Luc's father poured some wine into a cup, and pushed it towards Henry, who took a nice big sip.

Phillipe and his son tried to ask Henry some other questions, but he didn't understand them. Henry finished his hearty meal and polished off a few cups of wine, and became quite sleepy. He yawned and Jean-Luc took him by the hand and led him up stairs to a bed. Henry stripped off his uniform and collapsed onto the comfortable mattress and immediately drifted off to slumber land.

In the middle of a pleasant dream Henry suddenly awoke. He had heard a noise and sat up with a start, momentarily forgetting where he was. The soldier instinctively reached for the rifle which he had lain against the wall and all of the preceding day's events came back to him, the bullet, the desperate search for his unit, the farm house, the sumptuous yet simple dinner and the kind boy and his father. He listened intently and heard the noise once more. He recognized it as a moan. A moan of pleasure. Sexual pleasure.

"Oui, Papa, c'est si bon, c'est si bon." Henry was astonished and felt his prick harden instantly. He was tired, but it had been a long time since his meat had seen any action besides his own right hand.

"Ah, Jean-Luc, que j'aime ton cul!" the boy's father replied.

Henry couldn't believe his ears. It sounded like the man was having sex with his own son! This he had to see! Horny as hell, Henry scrambled out of bed and tiptoed down the stairs. Once at the bottom he peeked around the wall and his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Jean-Luc was bent over the kitchen table where Henry had so recently eaten and his father stood behind him thrusting his hips into the boy.

Henry's cock was throbbing inside his underwear and he had to release it. He squeezed it hard as he watched the French man sodomize his son. Why was he doing this? Was this acceptable practice in France? How tight is the boy's ass? What happened to the boy's mother? Where did she go? How old was the kid anyway? He couldn't be more than thirteen, pretty young to get fucked, especially by his own father!

These questions washed over Henry's mind and mingled with the electric sensations that resulted from the actions of his masturbatory fingers. Henry stared intently at the father-son coupling, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he watched Phillipe bugger Jean-Luc. Phillipe's muscular ass cheeks rippled as he flexed his groin in and out of the boy's little hole. Henry was pulling harder and harder on his own pud, and suddenly stumbled on the stairs, which made quite a racket.

"Fuck," Henry exclaimed, embarrassed at giving himself away.

Phillipe looked over at his guest-turned-peeping-Tom and, without missing a beat of his rhythmic incestuous fucking, smiled at the American. He gestured for Henry to come over and join them, and Henry complied as if caught in a hypnotist's trance.

"Le cul de mon fils est magnifique, monsieur. Ma femme est morte il y a plusieurs ans, et Jean-Luc est la seule personne qui je peux enculer."

Henry had no idea what Phillipe was saying, but didn't care. He was totally enraptured by the close-up view of Phillipe fucking the young garçon, and Jean-Luc looked up and gave him a smile that reflected a mixture of sweetness and lust.

"Enculez-moi, Monsieur, enculez-moi!" He panted, then licked his lips lasciviously. Was the boy asking me to fuck him?, Henry wondered.

"Tu le veux?" Phillipe asked and withdrew from his son. He pointed at the boy's firm ass, now quivering in the air as if he desperately needed a prick to be inserted back into him. Henry didn't need to be asked twice and moved to fill-in (literally) for the boy's father. Jean-Luc seemed to approve, as he continued to moan in delight. Phillipe went off to the side and beat his meat as he watched the American insert his penis into his son's butt.

Henry couldn't believe how tight the kid was. He plowed his dick in and out of the boy's vise-like ass and ran his horny hands over Jean-Luc's smooth ass cheeks. His ass was so smooth, so tight, so pretty. Fuck, it almost seemed to have made it worth it for Henry to have come across the ocean to fight the Kaiser.

Henry ran his hands underneath the boy and felt the kids cock and balls, both of which seemed to be completely hairless. Fuck the kid was young. Henry still couldn't believe he was dipping his wick in such a young, hairless little French boy. All too soon Henry felt a stirring deep inside his balls, and a few thrusts later they exploded like two hand grenades lobbed into No-Man's Land.

"Fuckkkk, yeahhhhh!" Henry yelled as his climax washed over him. He continued to pump in and out of the boy's fanny until the feeling subsided, and then withdrew and collapsed into a chair. He poured himself a cup of wine and Phillipe resumed his incestuous position behind his son. Henry enjoyed the wine and the after-glow of his orgasm as he watched Phillipe vigorously fuck the kid. Eventually Phillipe himself started to howl and yell something in French, and Henry knew the perverted Gallic man was shooting his sperm up his son's pubescent ass.

Henry drank a few more cups of wine with Jean-Luc and Phillipe before he returned to bed. In the morning he set out to find his unit, as he knew he was needed to help push the Germans back across the Hindenburg line.

Jean-Luc and his father watched Henry walk away as the sun climbed its way into the sky. They would always remember him fondly even though they never saw or heard from him again. Henry, like so many young men before him, would not make it out of France alive; three days later Henry was hit by a second bullet while lost in a daydream about Jean-Luc's ass.

15. Brandon's Joy

A father text-messages his fourteen-year-old son in school to come meet him for an incestuous butt-fuck.

Brandon (14yo) and his father (45yo)
Mt – cons anal – incest

In many ways fourteen-year-old Brandon Armstrong was your typical American kid. The smooth-skinned, fair-haired, soccer-playing eighth-grader would not cause you to turn your head if you saw him at the mall (that is unless you happen to like smooth-skinned, fair-haired, soccer-playing eighth-graders, in which case you may delay your trip to the Gap or Cinabon for a few moments to watch him go by.) Everything about Brandon seemed average.

He had a page on Facebook and a full buddy list. He was a B student, doing just well enough to escape both condemnation and praise from his parents and teachers. He liked to hang out at the mall (and was not oblivious to the men who turned their heads as he walked through it) and enjoyed shooting the old black-and-white ball with his friends and playing new video games with his computer.

He had an I-Pod full of songs by groups you've never heard of and occasionally drank a beer or smoked a blunt on a Saturday night. He lived in a quintessential suburb in the heartland of America, just outside of Indianapolis, and he liked movies with Adam Sandler in them.

Yes, Brandon is your typical American boy. He liked girls, and had wet dreams about a blonde girl named Ashley who was in a few of his classes at Thomas Jefferson Middle School, this girl was not his main source of sexual release. You see, Brandon liked to bounce his tight young ass up and down on his father's penis. Yes, Branson was getting regularly fucked by his perverted father. He didn't know if he was a faggot or what, but he loved to ride his dad's dick until the old man shot his sperm deep inside of him. Nothing felt so good.

And on this particular Thursday, Brandon was riding his father's cock at a time when he should have been in school. It had begun in social studies class, when Brandon received a text message from his father that read "need it now, cu in 15." Brandon's asshole had twitched in anticipation of the incestuous pederastic liaison as he waited for his father to come save him from the tedium of his history class.

Finally the page came over the PA system: "Brandon Armstrong please report to the principal's office." The horny boy got up and left the room as the teacher droned on about some guy who was shot like a thousand years ago in 1914 and caused some war in Europe between like Germany and everyone.

His father had taken him home and, without a word, the two male members of the Armstrong household had stripped. Brandon had pulled off his black t-shirt and jeans before eagerly lowering his young ass over his father's throbbing penis, as if compelled by some unseen force to do so. The fourteen-year old raised his ass nearly all the way off of his father's cock, then slammed himself back down, burying the paternal prick deep inside of him. He wiggled his butt from side to side to tease his father, and then rose again to start the fuck cycle all over again.

"Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, please fuck me in the ass! Oh please fuck me!" he wailed as he bounced up and down.

Brandon didn't know why he liked to get fucked so much, only that he did. Nothing felt as good as the feeling of his father's steely prick inside his boy-ass. His own thin prick was rock-hard and dripping pre-cum as he played slutty cowgirl for his dad.

"Give me your prick, oh fuck that's nice, fuck my ass, Daddy, fuck my boy ass!"

"That's nice, Brandon, that's a good boy, give me your ass! Yeah, your ass is so tight," came the reply.

Mr. Armstrong definitely enjoyed the snug fit of his son's gripping rectum around his penis. The man was normally straight, but for the past few years he had found unparalleled delight in his young son's hot butt. He had first fucked the kid two years earlier, and had been doing so at least twice a week ever since. His wife was a nice enough woman, but she really didn't enjoy sex, so Mr. Armstrong had been free to find release with his son, who couldn't seem to get enough of his father's cock up his adolescent ass.

"Oh Daddy your dick feels so good, please fuck me, fuck me hard!"

Mr. Armstrong responded to the boy's obscene request by thrusting his strong hips upward to meet his down-ward plops, forcing his penis to rub against the adolescent's prostate. Brandon moaned in pleasure and continued bouncing up and down. Mr. Armstrong couldn't believe the energy his son had. He ran his hands over the boy's well-develop calf muscles which were engineering the boy's homosexual bouncing.

He looked down and saw the sight of his prick being swallowed up by Brandon's ravenous ass, and the man rolled his eyes back in lust. He couldn't believe his luck in having such a cock-slut fag for a son. Whenever he suggested a fuck Brandon was more than willing, and the boy constantly gave the forty-five-year-old the best orgasms of his life.

For his part, Brandon felt so good that he couldn't help but jerk on his randy dick. He pulled his pud furiously and soon came so hard that he thought he would pass out.

"Oh, fuck me, Daddy, fuck me in the ass, fuck my faggot ass, oh fuck that feels good, please fuck me, I'm your fag, fuck my fag ass, don't stop, please don't fucking stop."

The boy's hot cum landed on his father's thighs, and the man felt his own ejaculation begin in his balls as Brandon's asshole constricted even more tightly around his invading prick.

"Here it comes, son, take my jizz, take my fucking jizz up your little faggot ass!"

Mr. Armstrong's sperm shot out of his balls and into his son's asshole. He gently massaged the boy's soft but firm asscheeks as he felt the bliss of orgasm wash over him.

Brandon collapsed into his father's arms and hugged the man who he loved so dearly on so many levels. He kissed him gently on the lips and ran his hand through the man's hairy chest, pausing for a moment to tickle his dad's sensitive left nipple.

"Wow Daddy, that was great!" he thanked his father.

"You're welcome kiddo, my pleasure!" came the satisfied reply.

The two lay in silent happiness together.

16. Neanderthal Nephews

40,000 years ago, a Neanderthal man must become a father to his deceased brother's young sons by inseminating them.

Tareq (14yo), Amar (10yo) and their uncle Darbas
Mt Mb – cons anal oral – incest

The Iberian peninsula, c. 40,000 years before the present.

The shaman started to chant as Osra and her two young sons began to throw dirt on the man's muscular but motionless body. The clan had gathered to send Kylbas off on his final journey, the one that would bring his re-unification with the Master Spirit. Except for a garland of red flowers that Osra had placed around his neck, the man was naked, and his knees were tucked into a fetal position under his chin. He was already in gestation for his imminent re-birth in the afterlife, and beside him in this earthen tomb/womb were the antlers of the antelope who had sent him there, along with the spear that had slain the beast.

Kylbas had been one of the clan's best hunters, and the previous week he had been chasing the antelope with his brother Darbas and several other men. Kylbas speared a buck, which collapsed and lay still on the ground. It was not yet dead when Kylbas went over to inspect his quarry, however, and the animal suddenly jerked his head and gored him in his lower abdomen. The cut was not particularly serious and there was initially hope for a full recovery, but a few days later sickness set in and Kylbas developed a fever, then fell into a deep sleep from which he never awoke. He was twenty-eight years old.

The shaman's incantations grew louder, and other members of Kylbas's extended family joined in the burial effort, using their hands to fill the shallow hole with dirt. Once their task was completed, the shaman stepped on to the freshly covered grave and performed a highly stylized dance that was designed to summon the Master Spirit for the collection of Kylbas into the eternal realm.

The funeral rites having concluded, there was now the matter of the living to attend to. Kylbas had left behind a widow and two boys: Tareq, age fourteen, and his brother Amar, ten. A woman could not live on her own without a man, and nor could children whose magic areas had not yet been fully covered by hair. It was true that Tareq had some hair above his penis, but he was not yet a man and had not yet passed the Trial of the Soul that all boys must face before they can enter manhood. At ten, Amar's crotch was as smooth as it was the day he was born. Osra needed a husband, and the boys a father, and under tribal law it fell to Darbas to carry on his deceased brother's familial functions.

Little was needed for Darbas to step into the spousal role of his deceased brother; a simple blessing by the shaman would suffice. The boys, however, had been spawned by Kylbas's seed, and before they could be recast as Darbas's sons they must first be re-fertilized with his own sperm. They must receive their uncle's fluid in their assholes, and this must happen before the moon rose that evening and the sun that saw Kylbas's departure itself suffered its own recurring daily demise. The shaman, who at thirty-eight was one of the oldest men in the clan, was a necessary part of the ceremony, as only he could ensure that Darbas's semen had the intended transformative effect on the fatherless boys.

Darbas walked to the cave with his sister-in-law, the two boys, and the shaman, who was himself accompanied by a young apprentice. No one was sure exactly how old the apprentice was; he had been kidnapped from a rival tribe when he was still a small child after the shaman had a dream in which he learned the location of his successor. Although his precise age was uncertain, the apprentice was clearly in the midst of puberty, his progress through which was being closely monitored by the shaman, who was always too willing to keep a close eye on a handsome young boy.

Inside the cave a bear skin had been lain on the ground and torches had been spiked around it to provide some light. The shaman joined Darbas's hand with Osra's and uttered a few words which made them into husband and wife. Having dispensed with the nuptial prerequisites, he directed his attention to the more interesting matter of making Tareq and Amar into Darbas's sons. The shaman gestured to his apprentice, who handed him a wooden cup.

The tribe's spiritual leader held the rough chalice up towards the sky and said a prayer, then passed it to Darbas and told him to drink from it. The man obeyed and took a large sip, not knowing the contents but having complete faith in the shaman. The recipe for the potion inside was a secret known only by the shaman and his young student; to a honey base had been added a generous amount of semen from a stallion and some special herbs which lifted the clouds of confusion and revealed the truth of existence to those who were prepared to learn it.

As the first born of the boys, Tareq would be the first to be re-formed by Darbas's sperm. The shaman instructed Darbas to pass the cup to his older nephew, and the man complied. Tareq took a sip and his head immediately started to swoon. The shaman told the boy to remove his skins, and the boy hastened to remove the rough garment that was wrapped around his waist and shoulders. When the clothing dropped to the floor, it was clear to all present that Tareq was excited by the experience. His four-inch [10 cm] cock (to use a unit of measure which future hominids would develop several millennia later) was hard and pointed straight out.

Tareq's mother gasped, his younger brother giggled, and his uncle smiled. The shaman told the boy to present himself on all fours on the bear skin like a woman, and the boy eagerly did so. Darbas began to remove his own clothes, and a collective "ahh" resounded throughout the cave when the man's fully erect penis came into view. At five and a half feet [1.65 m], Darbas was a little larger than your average member of the tribe, but his penis was exceptionally huge. It was easily eight inches [20 cm] long and very thick. Osra smiled, as she knew that as the man's new wife she would get to enjoy this impressive man-flesh after it had re-sired her sons.

The shaman stood over Tareq and chanted a prayer, then ran his hands over the boy's ass. This was not, strictly speaking, a necessary part of the procedure, but no one else knew that, and the shaman was never one to pass up an opportunity to feel a boy's ass. The kid's rump was lightly covered with fuzz, which the shaman found delightful. Giving the boy's butt a strong smack, he summoned Darbas to come forward and enter the boy he wished to make his son.

Darbas was only to happy to take on this task. He walked up to the boy and kneeled down behind the ass that was presented for his taking. He placed his hands on the boy's firm ass cheeks and spread them apart to reveal the pinkish brown hole inside, then he lowered his head to take a whiff of the boy's cunt.

The musky odor seemed to combine with the bitter-sweet taste of the shaman's potion, causing his head to swirl and his penis to throb with an angry urgency he had never experienced before. He let out a bestial grunt and scrambled into position to fuck the kid. He brought the purplish head of his insistent cock up to the boy's hole and pressed forward, sinking his massive rod into the boy's hot bowels in one powerful thrust.

Tareq cried out as he felt his uncle's penis slide into him. It was exquisitely painful, but almost immediately the pain subsided. His own head was swimming from the shaman's strange elixir, and he felt a desperate need to be speared by the man's thick meat.

Darbas ran his rough hands all over the boy's back while he luxuriated in the feel of his initial penetration. After a few minutes of this bliss he grabbed the boy's hips and began to withdraw his prick until just the head was inside, then he slammed back inside the adolescent's heavenly tunnel.

This second thrust sent a wave of pleasure washing over the conquered boy. Tareq found the penis in his ass to be thrilling beyond belief, and he gave himself over to the fuck, grinding his butt back in an attempt to swallow up more of the massive meat. Darbas was pleased by this and ran his hands through the boy's moppy hair to show his affection. He had always loved his oldest nephew, but had no idea his ass could make him feel so good. Yeah he had fucked some boys before, but no boy – and certainly no girl – had ever given his penis such an intense delight. He withdrew his cock again, then plunged back in, then repeated the process again and again and again, his heavy scrotum swaying back and forth in rhythm with his fucking.

Throughout this entire time the shaman was singing and dancing around them, and had whipped himself up into a rapture that was contagious. Darbas continued to fuck his nephew but felt like his thrusts were moved from another world. His pelvis seemed to be moving automatically, beyond his control. He wanted this feeling to go on forever, but he soon felt a tingling sensation in his nuts and knew his sperm would soon be erupting. He looked down at the beautiful site of his big dick sliding in and out of Tareq's shapely ass, and felt his balls boil over.

Letting out an ecstatic yell, Darbas's semen ejaculated out of his penis and into Tareq's ass. As the first shot of jizz landed inside the boy, he ceased to be Darbas's nephew and became his son, re-conceived and simultaneously re-born as the man's own. Sensing the molten liquid squirting inside of him, Tareq ejaculated without ever having touched his own prick, shooting boy cum all over the bear skin rug, which Kylbas, who would henceforth be known as the boy's Honored Birth-Father, had brought home from a hunting trip two years earlier.

After their orgasms subsided, Tareq thanked his new father for the fuck, and Darbas reluctantly withdrew from his son's gifted ass. He had another boy to make his own, and was excited to see that Amar had already undressed and was waiting to join his brother as one of Darbas's brood.

The shaman knew that as Darbas had just shot his load, he would need some coaxing to be able to take on his younger nephew right away. He handed him the wooden cup for another shot of the mysterious brew, and, after allowing a few moments for it to take effect, told the naked Amar to take care of his uncle, who was now sitting on the bear skin rug. The boy walked slowly towards Darbas, permitting him to take in the beautiful sight of his small, hairless little body.

Amar knelt down before his uncle, and much to the man's surprise, the boy licked his lips and asked to take his penis in his mouth. The sheer obscenity of such a question from such a young boy instantly caused Darbas's prick to stiffen once again, and he opened his legs to allow his little nephew access. The boy leaned in and started to lick his cock-head, and Darbas oohed with delight. Amar then teasingly nibbled at the tender skin that overhang his penis, then opened his mouth wide and swallowed his uncle's meat. Darbas could not believe that such a young kid could be such a talented fellator. He wondered if the boy had done this before, and shot a quizzical look at the shaman, who appeared to be lost in another dimension.

After several minutes of expert cock-sucking, the shaman announced that it was time for Amar to be anally penetrated. Knowing that Darbas was likely tired after fucking Tareq, he told the man to lie down and let the boy take care of the work. Amar straddled his uncle and sat down on the man's massive club. He hesitated when he felt the penis make contact with his asshole, but the shaman came over and pushed down on his narrow shoulders, forcing the meat past the stubbornly resistant sphincter.

Amar had had so many sips of the shaman's potion while he watched his uncle fuck his brother that he barely felt any pain, even though Darbas's penis was very long and thick and his asshole very narrow and inexperienced. He sank all the way down on the prick until he was sitting on his uncle's lap and felt the man's pubes tickle his butt cheeks. He then rose up just as the shaman had told him until only the tip was still lodged in his fanny, then collapsed back down on it. He felt a wave of compulsion spread over him and he started bouncing up and down on the cock with a speed that amazed all of the witnesses to the ritual.

Darbas had never felt anything so tight as his nephew's ten-year-old ass. He cupped the boy's smooth little ass cheeks as the kid rode him, easily taking each one in the palm of a hand. He started to thrust his hips upwards into the kid's bouncing ass and focused his eyes on the beautiful sight of the boy's hairless little prick dancing before him. It was only two inches [5 cm] long but was as hard as a rock, so it was obvious the kid was really enjoying getting buggered by his uncle. It seemed as though the man's massive cock was hitting a magical spot inside his ass, and after a few minutes Amar started to feel that funny feeling he sometimes got when he rubbed himself at night.

He began to convulse violently as he experienced a dry orgasm, which caused his sphincter to squeeze Darbas's cock extra hard. This extra tightness was enough to send the already randy man over the edge, and he himself began to orgasm inside Amar's tight pre-pubescent ass. Unlike the boy's orgasm, however, Darbas's involved a thick creamy wad of sperm, which instantly made Amar into Darbas's son when it shot into the kid's little ass. Darbas was incredibly happy, and he grabbed his new son's head and brought it to his own so that he could kiss the boy to thank him. He forcibly stuck his tongue into the kid's surprised mouth, but Amar seemed to know instinctively what to do as he massaged his father's tongue with his own while he stroked the man's hairy chest with his tiny twig-like fingers.

Tareq and Amar were now Darbas's sons, and there would be no further need to sodomize them. However, there was also no rule preventing it. And as the boys' father Darbas would have absolute control over their bodies, and could continue to fuck them as long as he wanted. Darbas enjoyed both of his sons' asses for the next several years, until eventually the clan met disaster one spring when a tribe of taller and less hairy men moved into the area.

The women and small children were kidnapped and integrated into the conqueror's community, but all the men and older children, including Darbas and his two sons, were slaughtered and unceremoniously dumped into a mass grave. Their passing was commemorated by neither a red garland nor a shaman's dance, and their souls went uncollected by the Master Spirit. Instead, they restlessly roam the hills of northern Spain, looking unsuccessfully for a way to the other side.

17. Son's Speedos

A father at the beach lusts after his speedos-wearing fourteen-year-old son, and finally gives in to the temptation.

Marco (14yo), his father Charles, and cousin Jeffrey (16yo)
Mt tt – non-cons anal – incest bond

Most American pederasts would agree that one of the truly unfortunate fashion developments in recent years is the lengthening of boys' bathing suits. Nowadays kids wear absurdly long trunks that come down below their knees, almost to their ankles, a hip-hop-inspired design that deprives the world of one of nature's most beautiful sights: a young boy frolicking on the beach naked except for a think piece of cloth clinging revealingly to his hard wet body.

Despite the contrary societal trend, I have always forced my son Marco to wear speedos during our annual family beach trips to the Jersey shore. Last summer, when he was thirteen, he was positively breath-taking as he scampered on the beach in his green and white-striped speedos.

The small bulge in the front of his suit left no doubt that he had not progressed far into puberty, but his lithe form still commanded the rapt attention of young girls, and quite a few men, as he ran around the sand. Marco had undergone a growth spurt recently, so I knew that there would be a little bit more meat evident this summer.

Marco was obviously aware of this too and wanted to get something more modest when we went shopping for a new suit. He had outgrown the one from the previous summer and was clearly much more self-conscious about his changing body.

"How about this one?" he asked, handing me a horrible baggy thing that he picked off the rack at the sporting goods store at the mall.

"That kind is so loose and gets in your way when you move in the water," I told him.

"But it's what everyone wears," he responded.

"Well not you, you always wear speedos, that's a cool bathing suit. Now how about this one?" I suggested as I picked out a bright red pair (I have a weakness for the classics). My dick started to stir in my pants as I thought about my son wearing them at the beach.

"Ah, Dad, those let people see everything," he complained.

"Well you're a good looking kid, you ought to let people appreciate it some," I explained as I playfully tousled his dark hair. Marco let out a weak embarrassed laugh as his face turned the color of the speedos I was compelling him to get.

Two weeks later we were at the beach with my wife's tedious relatives. We always vacationed in Jersey as it was more-or-less equally convenient (or inconvenient) for all the members of my wife's family; we lived in Boston, my wife's brother and their family lived in Buffalo, and her parents were in Philadelphia.

This was quite a motley crew. My father-in-law never stopped talking about the stock market, and my mother-in-law seemed to have no interest other than sudoku. My wife's brother drifted from job to job and showed signs of alcoholism, and his wife was an amateur astrologist who was constantly offering my father-in-law stock tips based on the alignment of the stars. They had two kids, Jeffrey, who was a sixteen-year-old stud and quite an aficionado of wind-surfing (and the only one of the group I really liked) and their weird daughter Carla, who was into the Goth scene and quite morbid.

But none of this really mattered, as all I wanted to do was gaze at my son Marco on the beach, and our first day there I confirmed that he was still a sight to behold as he body-surfed and splashed around in the water. I stared endlessly at his lean muscular body and could see that the lump in the front of his speedos was noticeably larger than it had been the previous summer.

I used the X-ray vision of my mind to penetrate his suit and see his young dick and balls pressed up against the confining fabric and wondered how much pubic hair he had now. He hadn't had much the previous summer, just a narrow band of light fuzz above his dick.

But as beautiful as the teasingly plump bulge in the front of his speedos was, I am at heart an ass man, and was accordingly even more taken with his backside. The thin material clung tightly to his nicely formed ass and dipped sensuously into his crack so that you could see the outlines of each of his cheeks perfectly. My own dick was rock hard as I watched the show that Marco was obliviously putting on. No one could notice my tumescence, however, as I was wearing rather conservative trunks myself; speedos are for beautiful young boys, not middle-aged men.

I had brought a book with me, one of Thomas Mann's, but I couldn't peel my eyes away from the sight of Marco in his skimpy speedos and didn't get through many pages. In the mid afternoon Marco and his cousin Jeffrey played frisbee with some other kids, and I delighted in watching him run and dive into the water as he endeavored to grab the disk. One time he was blinded by the sun and couldn't see it coming and it hit him right on the head, which made all the other kids laugh. Marco was a good sport and laughed it off himself.

Around four o'clock Marco ran up to me and asked if he could go back to the house to get a snack. He stood in front of me and dried himself off with a towel, giving me an up close view of his nubile young body, which over the course of the day had turned an exquisite shade of bronze that complemented the scarlet of his speedos quite nicely. I didn't want to take my eyes off Marco, particularly his beautiful ass, and was determined to go where he (and his ass) went. I told him he could go and that I would go with him, offering the pretext that we were running low on beer.

We walked over the sun-baked dunes and up to the house in silence. When we reached the beach house we entered the dark storage area on the ground floor. We started to make our way to the stairs that would lead to the main floors of the house, but something caught Marco's eye and he stopped suddenly.

"What's this?" he asked, pointing at a table in the corner which was covered by large planks, sails, and poles.

"That's Jeffrey's windsurfing equipment," I answered.

"Cool, do you think he would teach me how to do it?"

Marco idolized his older cousin, and the impressionable youngster must have decided that if Jeffrey was interested in wind-surfing then he would be too. He walked over to the table and bent over it to inspect the equipment, and in the process thrust his rump out towards me. Each of his luscious mounds pressed insistently against the wet fabric, and the erotic sight made something inside me snap. His ass was so divine that I decided I had to fuck it right then and there.

"Marco, your ass is beautiful," I said softly.

The boy was so engrossed in looking at his cousin's windsurfing stuff that he didn't hear me. So I repeated, "your ass is beautiful, Marco."

He looked over his shoulder at me with a confused look on his face. "Thanks, I guess."

"I mean it, Marco, I need to have it. Daddy needs your ass."


"I need to fuck you, Marco. I'm going to fuck your nice ass," I told him as I walked slowly towards him, as if controlled by some unseen force.

He turned all the way around and faced me. "That's not funny, Dad."

"It wasn't a joke, Marco. Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. It's up to you, but either way I'm getting inside your tight little ass."

I was even scaring myself as I said these obscene words, words that no father should ever say to his son. Marco looked around nervously as if trying to see if he could get away, but I was now standing right in front of him, and of course I was much bigger and stronger than he was. I jerked him around violently so that he was facing away from me once again, then pushed him face-down over the table.

"What are you doing, Dad?" he screamed, "let me go!"

"I'll let you go after I've fucked you," I informed him as I pulled his left arm up over the surface of the table. I took a black nylon strap from my nephew's wind-surfing paraphernalia and tied his wrist to a railing on the far side of the table, then repeated the process with his right hand.

My son was now bound across the table with his ass sticking over the edge. He couldn't move his arms but could shake his ass and kick his legs, which was so sexy it just spurred me on all the more. I cupped Marco's left ass cheek and squeezed it gently, then squeezed it again hard. I delighted in the firmness of his ass flesh while Marco continued to struggle against the cords that tied him down, but I had done a good job and he was unable to extricate himself.

"Don't, Dad, don't!" he cried, "Stop it! I'm not a fag!"

I didn't care if he was a fag or not and in any event I was in no mood to stop. I urgently needed to see his bare ass, so I grabbed the side of his speedos and started to pull them down. The damp material clung to him tightly and it took a great deal of effort to get them to slide off his hips. Once they finally slipped over his ass cheeks I tugged them down to his ankles where they could act as a restraint for his lower limbs, which were still flailing about in a desperate but futile protest.

I started to rub my hands over my son's bare boy ass. It was still wet from the ocean and was a pale white color compared to the tan of the rest of his body, having been protected from the blazing power of the sun's rays by the tantalizing pair of speedos I had forced him to wear. I reached around and felt up his dick, which I could tell had grown nicely since last summer.

It was probably around four inches [10 cm] or so. I could feel more pubic hair above his cock, and wondered if he had also gotten hair on his balls, so I dropped my hand a few inches lower to find out. I was happy to learn that the boy's scrotum was still smooth and hairless.

By this point my own prick was begging to be released from my shorts, so I quickly peeled them off and let it spring free. I then walked over to the tote bag that I brought back from the beach, removed some sun tan lotion and squirted it onto my turgid meat. Then I returned to my imprisoned son and spread his ass cheeks apart and squirted some lotion directly on to his young hole so that I could sodomize him.

"Stop, Dad, stop!" Marco continued to yell.

Disregarding his pleas, I placed the greased head of my penis against his anus, but it had clamped down tightly. This boy was no match for me, however, and I was able to force the length of my prick into his stubborn hole without difficulty. I plowed all the way into him until my pubes were tickling his ass cheeks. Marco screamed in agony, but I just lay on top of him and enjoyed the pressure of his sphincter clamping down on my rod.

"Oh fuck, Marco, your ass feels as great as it looks," I said as I started to caress his right butt cheek. Marco continued to yell and started twisting his ass in an attempt to escape the onslaught, but the added friction only intensified the pleasure his tight poop chute was giving my dick.

After a few minutes of enjoying the initial penetration of my incestuous rape, I began a slow in-and-out pumping motion and started to lose myself in the sensation that spread over my body. I had never felt anything so good. Marco's ass was the best fuck I ever had. Better than his mother's stretched-out cunt or any of the young hustlers I had picked up while on business trips to various cities. He was even better than that twelve-year-old boy I had fucked in Mexico City two years ago, who had been my best fuck up till that point (but that's a story for another day).

I wiggled my prick from side to side and reveled in the warm and snug sensation his ass provided. I pulled nearly all of my cock out of him until only the blood-engorged head was lodged inside, then slammed back inside, only to repeat the process. As my fucking wore on, the sounds coming from Marco's mouth began to sound less like screams of terror and more like moans of pleasure.

I started to fuck him even harder, and he groaned even more lustfully. I ran my hands all over Marco's firm back and shoulders and then started mussing his thick black hair. I reached underneath to feel his prick again, and was pleased to note that it was as hard as steel. A few more frantic thrusts and I felt the flood-gates of my testicles open up and the sperm shoot down my penis tube and into Marco's boy ass.

"Oh, fuck, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh what a fucking nice ass, oh yeahhh!" I sighed as my cum coated his insides, then collapsed on top of his body. As I lay on top of him, I unexpectedly heard a voice coming from the doorway.

"Very nice, Uncle Charles."

I whipped my head around and saw Jeffrey standing there with his swimsuit around his feet and his hand busy pumping his large pecker.

"Hey Jeffrey, uh, um," I stammered, "yeah he was pretty tight." I was astonished at having been caught, but in light of my nephew's masturbatory activity it was pretty obvious that Jeffrey wasn't going to rat me out. A lewd though immediately came to mind.

"You want some sloppy seconds?" I asked him.

Jeffrey didn't hesitate. "Fuck, yeah!" he said, "I've always wanted to try fucking a boy."

He then crossed to the other side of the table so he could look at my son directly.

"What do you say, cuz, can I have a go at your little butt?" he asked him. Marco was clearly overwhelmed by the afternoon's developments. He had initially resisted his father's rape, but had started to like it, and now his older cousin, who had been his hero since he was a little kid, was asking to fuck him too. He knew he would do anything for Jeffrey, and this was no exception. He looked up at him like a little puppy.

"Yes, Jeffrey, you can fuck me," he murmured.

Jeffrey quickly walked over to take my place behind Marco. I moved off to the side and watched my sixteen-year old nephew enter my son's ass. Jeffrey's prick was big and thick, much bigger than my average six inch [15 cm] cock. Jeffrey's tool was probably eight inches [20 cm] and thicker than a banana, but he had no trouble slipping his prick into Marco's hole. The boy was no longer resisting, and his ass was lubricated my sperm. Although I had just come, my prick hardened again as I watched the two boys fucking and I started to beat my meat.

Jeffrey must have been pretty excited by watching me fuck Marco because he didn't last long. After only a minute or so of thrusting he started to shout that he was coming, and then grunted loudly. The sound of his ecstasy and the sight of the two fucking brought me over the edge and I shot another load all over the floor.

"Wow," he said as he withdrew his deflating cock, "that was hot."

"It sure was, boys. Now how 'bout that snack?"

18. Theokles and His Father

A father in classical Athens watches his fourteen-year-old son at wrestling practice, then teaches him a thing or two about what made Greece so grand.

Theokles (14yo) and his father Adastros
Mt – cons anal – incest

A gymnasium in Athens in the year 428 BCE.

Adastros took a sip of wine from the cup that a slave boy had given him as he stood in the covered walkway looking onto the palaestra. The portico provided Adastros with a perfect view of a group of nude adolescent boys who were engaged in wrestling practice. Among them was Adastros's youngest son Theokles, who had been the reason for the man's visit today. Adastros had come to meet with the boy's tutor to hear of his educational progress. The teacher had said that Theokles was excelling in all subjects, particularly music, rhetoric, geometry, and above all, athletics. After the conference Adastros decided to stay to observe his son in action personally.

Theokles sat with his classmates awaiting his turn at a match. He looked up to see his father and gave him a big smile. Adastros smiled at his son warmly and then turned his attention to the two students who were currently competing against each other. Their well-oiled bodies glistened in the mid-day Mediterranean sun while their developing muscles alternatively flexed and released as they sought tactical advantage over one another. Arms and legs flew about and torsos twisted until finally one was bested, and two more ephebes stepped up to take their turn.

Like most of his peers, Adastros understood the beauty of the adolescent boy, and had bedded many boys in his day, particularly since his wife's death a few years earlier during the plague that had devastated Athens. Adastros's penis had started to harden as he watched the first pair of boys wrestle, and now as the second set went at it his meat rose to a full erection and caused a noticeable tent in his richly embroidered chiton.

Of course, men were expected to enjoy the spectacle and Adastros had no need to hide this obvious sign of his appreciation. Most of the boys would in fact be honored to be fucked by a man as wise, successful and respected as Adastros. Many of Theokles' friends had older lovers who mentored them in addition to fucking them, although Theokles had not yet himself been introduced to the mutual pleasures and virtues of pederastic love.

Adastros called the wine bearer over and gestured for a re-fill.

"Thank you, Ganymede," Adastros joked as he playfully patted the young boy on his trim butt. The slave smiled as he had been trained and bowed respectfully to the older man before heading off. Adastros watched the nimble little boy scamper away in his skimpy tunic and then turned his attention back to the activities in the palaestra just in time to see his son step up for his turn. Theokles was beautiful to see, certainly one of the most handsome in all of the gymnasium.

At fourteen, his body was nicely developed but still boyish, muscular but still sweetly vulnerable and vaguely feminine. His buttocks were rock hard and often made men do double-takes in the agora. His genitals were nicely sized (not too big), and only a few tuffs of the hair that would soon mark him as a man had begun to sprout around his penis. Adastros had always been proud of Theokles, a beautiful, bright, and talented youth who seemed to be aglow with the eternal glory of the gods that his name proclaimed.

Theokles' opponent was also an attractive boy, and the two athletes were the same size and appeared evenly-matched. As the contest began it became clear that both boys were skilled wrestlers and desired victory. This was not just a game meant to pass time, rather the two boys were honing skills that they would need when they engaged in hand-to-hand combat against the well-trained soldiers of Sparta who recurrently threatened their magnificent city. Theokles deftly thwarted several of his opponent's moves, but the other boy was similarly adept at defensive techniques.

Adastros found his eyes drawn irresistibly towards his son's ass. The firm cheeks flexed and rippled as the boys lunged at each other, and occasionally Theokles would lift his leg high enough for Adastros to get a glimpse of the boy's hairless scrotum swinging underneath. The swaying of the boy's taught ball sack enraptured Adastros, and the man soon realized, as his penis throbbed insistently, that he had to have his boy's ass. While elite Athenian men regularly fucked boys they met at the gymnasium, they did not, at least not openly, fuck their own sons.

But Eros was a naughty boy who delighted in shooting his intoxicating arrows without regard for society's expectations. Moreover, as an aristocrat and an esteemed military officer who had helped lead the Athenian fleet in the Pelopponesus the previous year, Adastros was beyond moral reproach and reigned as the undisputed head and master of his household and everyone who lived in it. If he wanted to fuck his son in the ass, he would do so, and no one could stop him.

Finally Theokles succeeded in wrestling the other boy to the ground. Excited by his victory he ran over to his father, and it seemed to Adastros that the boy's penis had stiffened somewhat as a result of the stimulation of the bodily contact.

"Father, did you see? I won!" the boy exclaimed as he threw his arms around the man's neck. Among the youth's charms was his demonstratively affectionate nature. Adastros hugged the boy towards him and wrapped his arms around the boy's trim waist, then allowed his hands to venture downward and grab his son's ass cheeks. Theokles was startled but delighted, and he smiled broadly at Adastros with sparkling eyes that were as blue as Poseidon's waters on a clear day.

"I did see, you were beautiful to watch," his father answered. Adastros squeezed the firm ass cheeks that his fingers were holding hostage and pulled the boy into his groin, which was at the level of the youngster's lower abdomen. Theokles felt his father's erect penis press against his stomach and a wave of excitement coursed through his young body.

"It seems as though you did enjoy it, Father," Theokles giggled teasingly. While still a virgin, Theokles' friends had taught him what it meant when a man's organ hardened like that.

Adastros looked his son square in the eyes. "Theokles," he said, "the wicked winged son of Aphrodite has filled me with desire for my own son's ass, and I must place my own arrow inside you. Will you allow me to do this?"

The question was really a nicety, and both father and son knew it. Theokles would be fucked whether he wanted it or not. Nonetheless, Theokles was quite agreeable to the proposition, even honored by it.

"Oh Father, I want to be the quiver for your arrow, please fuck me, fuck me now. I want to feel your paternal penis inside of me, for I love you more than any boy could love any man. I would be honored to pleasure your penis with my boy-ass."

Adastros chuckled at his son's word play.

"I will fuck you. And fuck you hard, paidos," he said, ducking inside a small storage room that lay behind him. He grabbed his son's ass and pulled the boy into the room with him.

"Lie over that table so that I might have access to your wondrous ass," Adastros instructed his son, pointing to a long table that held some vases along one wall, one of which depicted a man and boy in an amorous pose.

Theokles complied and his father hastily removed his clothing. Bent over the table, Theokles turned his head to see his father approach him with a massive phallus. The boy gulped as he contemplated his imminent deflowering by his father's Satyr-like instrument, but was determined to excel at pleasuring his father just as he did at everything else.

Adastros ran his hands over the boy's smooth ass cheeks several times, delighting in both the sight and feel of the firm and beautiful flesh. He grabbed one of the decorated vases and, after confirming his hunch that it might contain olive oil, poured a generous glob of it onto his rod. He coated his penis well with the copious juice that had been squeezed from the fruit that the goddess Athena had given to her namesake city, then stepped forward and placed the head of his meat against his son's quivering asshole.

"I love you, son, I love you as Zeus loved the Trojan boy, as Apollo loved the ill-fated Hyacinth," Adastros proclaimed as he pressed his penis into his son's anus. The heat and tightness of the boy's ass made Adastros swoon and he quickly shoved his spear of lust all the way in to the hilt. Theokles suppressed his desire to scream as he felt the sharp pain enter his rectum. He was going to give his father a fuck to be proud of.

"Kallos, kallos," Adastros panted, "you are so beautiful, so beautiful," he repeated as he pumped in and out of the boy's rump. Adastros had never had such a good fuck in his life, none of the numerous girls and boys whom he had penetrated had made him feel this good. Adastros ran his hands all over Theokles' body and took pleasure in feeling the boy's muscles under his finger tips.

He reached under the boy and stroked his nipples and then ran his hands along his chest until they reached his crotch. Adastros grabbed Theokles' testicles with his left hand as he grasped the boy's cock with his right hand. Adastros was thrilled to discover that the kid's prick was fully hard and he started to jack him off as he tugged gently on his hairless scrotum. Theokles started to moan as he did this, and was soon begging his father not to stop.

"Pull on me, Father, pull on my penis, it feels so good."

"Only if you let me have your ass, son, only if you let me fuck you in the ass."

"You can fuck me, Father, my ass is yours, you can fuck me whenever you want. You gave me life and I will gladly give you my ass, I will be your wife and take care of all your needs," he answered, and to prove the truth of his words he started thrusting his ass backwards to meet Adastros's plunges. Theokles ground his asshole against Adastros's pubis and whimpered like a whore who wanted nothing more than to get fucked.

"Fuck me Father, my Father, my Master, my ass is for you, I beg you to fuck my ass, to fuck me in the ass, to dominate my ass and take all the pleasure my boy-ass has to offer men."

"Oh fuck, boy, your ass is so hot. I love fucking your ass," Adastros replied as he continued to vigorously fuck and masturbate his son.

"Oh it feels so good, Father, my penis feels so good. I think something is going to happen!" Theokles suddenly exclaimed. This prompted Adastros to stroke the boy faster. Soon Theokles let out a loud moan as he ejaculated for the first time in his life, which caused his sphincter to clamp down even harder on his father's stiff penis. The added tightness pushed Adastros over the brink of orgasm, and he started to shoot sperm deep into the boy's spasming ass. As his jizz coated his son's insides, Adastros felt his son's own sperm wash over the dexterious hand which had provided the boy with his own release.

"Oh, fuckkkkk!" Adastros exclaimed, and his son echoed with an ecstatic yell of his own.

Finally, Adastros collapsed on top of his son, and the two lay there for a while. Adastros poured a cup of wine for himself and his son from one of the other jugs. He sat down to drink it, but thought he heard a noise just outside the room, so he went to investigate. He peered outside and discovered that the wine slave was getting fucked by the teacher that Adastros had met with earlier. He smiled and returned to the table to drink the wine with his son, then suggested that the two head to the baths.

That afternoon Adastros and Theokles bathed together, had their bodies oiled, and then had a light supper of dates, olives, cheese and bread before heading out to the theater.

"What are we going to see?" the boy asked his father as they walked to the amphitheater.

"A new play from Sophocles about that king of Thebes who fucked his mother. You know, Oedipus."

19. Probing Christopher

A man helps his thirteen-year-old son find out if he is gay.

Christopher (13yo) and his father Stuart
Mt – non-cons anal – incest

"Christopher, are you gay?" came the voice from the doorway.

The thirteen-year-old sat silently on his bed, too shocked to answer the question his father was asking. He could feel his face starting to blush.

"Answer me, boy, are you gay? Or maybe you're just curious? I'm not mad, I just want to know."

Stuart Sloan was not angry at his son. To the contrary, he was rather aroused by the idea that his cute little boy might be a faggot who would let a man shove his penis up his tight little ass. Like many paranoid parents in contemporary America, he regularly checked his kid's internet browser history to see what sites he visited, and had recently discovered that Christopher had downloaded some porn from a site called "Big Dicked Dudes."

"Um, I don't know, Dad," the boy answered meekly.

"I know you have been looking at some inappropriate pictures on the internet, Christopher," Stuart said calmly, "the computer keeps a record of the sites you visit."

Like every savvy kid of the cyber age, Christopher knew this, but this time he had simply forgotten to erase his tracks like he normally did.

"Yeah, I guess I am a little curious, Dad," the boy admitted.

"Well, that's only natural, son. Many boys are curious about having sex with other boys and men. Tell me, have you had sex with anyone, a boy or a girl?"

"No, Dad."

"An older man, perhaps? Maybe one of your teachers?" He was particularly thinking of his English teacher, Mr. Morris, whom he had noticed tended to look at the young boys in his charge rather too intensely.

"No, Dad, no one, honest!"

Stuart was somewhat skeptical, as he remembered the sexual hi-jinks he had been up to when he was Christopher's age. "What about Matthew?" he asked, referring to Christopher's best friend.

A pause followed before Christopher answered.

"Well, Matthew and I have jerked off together a few times, but that's all, I swear."

Matthew was a damn cute kid who had virtually lived at the Sloans' house the previous summer. The Sloans had a pool, and the boys spent most of the summer frolicking in it. Stuart enjoyed sitting on the deck beside the pool watching them in their innocent yet vaguely homoerotic play. The two made quite a stunning pair. Matthew's dark hair contrasted nicely with Christopher's blond locks, and each one had a rock hard ass that could make a Greek god do a double-take. Stuart had decided then and there to fuck one or both of the nubile young lads if he got the chance.

It looked like Lady Luck was now dealing him some winning cards.

"Did you touch Matthew's penis?" Stuart asked his son.

"No, Dad."

"Did he touch yours?"

"No, Dad, nothing like that happened. We just jerked off together, talking about girls and stuff."

Stuart interrogated his son further. "Were you thinking about the girls or looking at Matthew?"

"Um, looking at the girls, I mean thinking about them."

"Are you sure?" his father pressed him.

"I guess I was looking at him, I mean he was right there and all. I don't know if I'm gay, Dad, I just don't know. I like Matthew an awful lot."

Stuart's cock was throbbing in his pants as he conjured up the image of the two horny young teenagers beating their meat together, quite probably on the same bed his son was now sitting on.

"I know you do, Christopher. But sometimes a boy your age will have a crush on a friend, but it's just a temporary phase," his father explained, "though of course some boys do turn out to be gay."

An awkward silence hung in the room.

"Well, Christopher, there is one way to know for sure."

"What's that, Dad?" the youth asked in earnest.

As an answer, Stuart issued a command to his son. "Go to the bathroom and get the jar of vaseline," he ordered.

While he knew what vaseline could be used for, Christopher did not understand his father's request.

"Why, Dad?"

"Just go get it and bring it back. Don't make me ask you again."

The confused boy got up and went down the hall. He returned a minute later, carrying the jar of petroleum jelly tightly tucked under his arm. He walked into the room and nearly dropped the jar, however, when he saw that his father was standing there fully naked and sporting a massive erection.

"What are you doing Dad?" he asked in disbelief.

"Well the one way to find out for sure if you're a queer is to have you get fucked up the ass to see if you like it. So I'm gonna help you find out."

Christopher was astonished, but his young cock hardened in an instant.

"But you're my dad!" he protested.

"Yeah, which makes it perfect. I only want what's best for you, and I'll be gentle and loving. I will love you whether you turn out to be gay or not. This way you get to find out if you're gay, and I get my rocks off. Dads have needs too, you know."

"I don't know, Dad, it's kind of weird."

"Yeah it is, but life can be weird sometimes. Now do you want to take your clothes off yourself, or do you want me to rip them off of you? I'm gonna fuck you one way or another, Christopher. It'll be easier on you if you cooperate."

The boy noted a vaguely threatening look on his father's face that he had never seen before. He doubted that his dad was really motivated by a desire to help his son discover his true sexual orientation, but he knew that the man meant business. He nervously pulled the t-shirt over his head and began to fumble with his belt.

"Turn around," his father ordered, "I want to see your ass first, and pull your pants down slowly."

Christopher blushed but complied with his father's lewd order. He turned so his back was towards his father, then unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled his jeans down below his knees. He left his boxers in place.

Stuart enjoyed the sight of his son standing there with his jeans down and his firm little ass straining against the plaid fabric of his boxers.

"Now take your shorts down, slowly."

Christopher obediently pulled down his boxers, and Stuart whistled when he saw his boy's bare ass come in to view.

"Now I'm going to enjoy fucking that!" he shouted obscenely.

Christopher was still struggling to understand what was going on.

"Are you gay, Dad?" he asked, turning his head towards the increasingly excited man.

"No, Christopher, I'm not gay, but I do like to fuck a tight boy ass. And I've been noticing your ass for quite a while."

Stuart also wanted to see how his son was doing in the dick department, so he ordered Christopher to turn around. The kid did so, revealing a prick that had grown to full staff.

"Well you just might be gay after all," he said when he saw the young erection. "You have a nice-looking cock, boy. You're growing up to be quite a stud."

Stuart observed Christopher's penis further. It was rather skinny but nearly five inches [12 cm] long, and was a slightly darker shade than the rest of the kid's skin. A thin band of pubic hair ran horizontally above its base and a pair of balls in a hairless scrotum hung underneath.

But this moment was not about Christopher's cock, as pretty as it might be.

"Get on the bed, on your hands and knees," Stuart ordered, "I'm gonna do it doggy-style, the way real fags like it."

"But, Dad, I dunno about…"

"Get the fuck up on the bed and stick your ass out, Christopher," the man interrupted. "Don't make me ask you again."

Christopher shuddered and complied with the lewd order. His father was a strong, muscular man and Christopher did not want to incur his wrath.

"Now that's a sight for sore eyes," Stuart sighed as he looked at the butt thrust out towards him, ready for his taking. He opened up the jar of vaseline and dug out a big glob of goo, which he promptly spread over his seven-and-one-half-inch [19 cm] cock. He then placed his penis against his son's sphincter and pushed into the forbidden object of his lust. He stopped when just his head was inside, his head swooning from the heat and tightness of his son's virginal ass.

"Oh, Dad, it hurts! Take it out!"

"Shush, kiddo, it'll hurt at first, but it'll get better. Just hang on," was Stuart's response, who then added "here comes some more" before pressing his assault further.

"Owww!" Christopher screamed.

"Fuck, that's nice," Stuart grunted. Man and boy were each caught in their own worlds of pleasure and pain, respectively. The sensations spreading over Stuart's penis were so delightful that he could not wait any longer, so he plunged the rest of his massive meat into his boy with one forceful thrust of his hips. Christopher wailed, but Stuart ignored him. He wiggled his dick from side to side inside the kid's tight ass, then began a slow in-and-out fucking rhythm. He pulled his rod nearly all the way out of Christopher's butt, then slid it back into his asshole. This went on for several minutes. In, out, in, out. Gradually Christopher's cries subsided and Stuart's pumping increased its tempo.

"Come on Christopher, give me your boy ass! Give me your tight little boy ass!"

Christopher didn't respond to his father's latest lewd command, he was just waiting for the reaming to end. He didn't really like what was happening, although he realized that it had ceased to hurt.

"Come on Christopher, shove your ass back on me, give it to me," his father repeated, slapping his son hard on his right ass cheek.

With his ass stung by the sudden spanking, Christopher started to back up on his father's cock as the man fucked him.

"Yeah, that's it. That feels so good. I'm gonna cum. Gonna fucking cum up your ass. Your fag ass. Here it comes, oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" Stuart bellowed as he ejaculated inside his son.

Stuart collapsed on top of Christopher and father and son lay without speaking a word for several minutes.

"So, are you a fag?" Stuart asked, breaking the silence.

"I don't know. It hurt at first, but it stopped. But it still didn't feel good."

"Well then, we'll have to try again tomorrow to be sure," Stuart answered as he got up from the bed and left the room.

20. Stud Son

After an unsuccessful date, sixteen-year-old Rick finds release in his father's ass.

Rick (16yo) and his father Dave (38yo)
Mt – cons anal oralincest

Dave's face turned scarlet when he looked up and saw his sixteen-year-old son Rick standing in the doorway. The good-looking boy had gone out on a date with his girlfriend, so Dave had decided to indulge his secret lust for ass play in the living room of their west Texas home. Shortly after his wife ran off and left him to raise Rick on his own five years earlier, Dave had discovered great delight in shoving dildos up his asshole, and his son had come home unexpectedly early and caught the thirty-eight year old man flagrante delicto in his perverse passion.

"Holy fuck, Dad, what the fuck are you doing?!" the astonished youth asked.

Dave started to mumble an inarticulate response as he pulled the realistic-looking sex toy out of his butt and scrambled to wrap a towel around his waist. "I'm uh, well I'm just…"

"Shit man, you're fucking yourself with a dildo!" Rick interrupted his father's stammering.

Dave realized it was pointless to deny the obvious.

"Yeah, I like to stick things up my ass, Rick, I have for a long time."

"Fuck, Dad, are you queer?" the boy asked incredulously.

"Well, Rick, I do like guys, yes," the exposed father admitted.

"Fuck, that's sick, I can't believe it, my own fucking dad is a queer."

Dave walked over to his disturbed son and placed his hand gently on his muscular shoulder in an attempt to reassure him. Rick quickly brushed the hand aside.

"Don't touch me, fag!"

"Rick, please try to understand," his father beseeched him. "I'm still your father, and nothing has changed. Besides, a lot of guys like to put things up their asses. Girls too. Did you ever fuck a girl in the ass?"

Rick didn't know how to respond to this unexpected question. He had wanted to fuck a girl in the ass for some time now – he had seen a lot of ass-fucking in porn and thought it looked like fun – but had not yet convinced a girl to let him try it. In fact, he hadn't even persuaded a girl to let him fuck her pussy, or even to give him a blow job for that matter. He had had a few lame hand jobs, but not for quite a while now, and this evening's date had been another disappointment; the fucking bitch refused to do anything at all. He had wasted thirty-five bucks at the Olive Garden for nothing.

"No," he admitted, "I've never fucked a girl in the ass."

"But I bet you've wanted to, huh?" his father pressed him.

"Well, maybe, but it's not the same. Fucking a girl in the ass is different from fucking a guy."

"Well how do you know that if you haven't done either?" his father asked. "In fact, all asses pretty much feel the same."

All this talk about fucking was beginning to have an effect on Rick. As homophobic as he may be, he was still a horny adolescent who had been left with a bad case of blue balls by a cock-tease of a date. His disgust began to subside and he could feel his dick starting to press uncomfortably against the denim of his Eddie Bauer jeans.

Dave observed the tell-tale sign of arousal in Rick's crotch and realized there was a way out of this situation for both of them. He knew he was treading on thin ice here, but he sensed an opportunity that would both teach his son about the harmlessness (and joy even) of ass-fucking and would give Rick some much needed anal satisfaction.

"You want to fuck me in the ass, Rick?"

"What?!" the kid responded aghast.

"You want to fuck my ass, Rick? I'll let you if you want. That way you'll see what it's like, and I know you'll like it."

"Fuck, Dad, I can't fucking believe it! First you're shoving a dildo up your ass, now you want me to fuck you?" Rick was trying to convey outrage, but the obscene tent pushing out of his jeans belied his protestations. In truth, and Dave was counting on this, Rick was randy as hell and desperately wanted to fuck almost anything.

"Have you even fucked a girl in her cunt?" Dave asked his son. Rick said nothing, and Dave inferred the correct answer from his silence.

"Why don't you stick your prick up my butt, son? It's better than a cunt, and it'll be the best thing you ever felt by far, I promise."

"I don't know, Dad," the kid responded, but his resolve was clearly weakening.

A wicked smile crept onto Dave's face as he came up with a way to sweeten the deal.

"I'll give you a hundred dollars," Dave whispered softly.

Rick's penis throbbed in his pants as he considered his father's lewd offer. He would get to fuck, even if it was a guy's ass, and get a hundred bucks. Not a bad deal.

"Come on, Ricky, I bet you could use the money, and I know you sure could bust a nut," Dave was now bringing on the hard sale, so to speak.

"Shit, Dad, I dunno."

Dave knew by his tone that he had the boy. He had long found his well-built son, who played on the local high school football team, to be desirable, but he had never seriously entertained the idea of messing around with him before this evening. In fact, Dave had never had anything other than a dildo up his ass before, but now he very much wanted – no, needed – to have his son fuck him.

Dave walked over to his son again and pressed the palm of his hand against the boy's crotch, and this time the boy made no effort to move his father's hand away. As he expected, Dave could feel the boy's hard-as-a-rock prick beneath his jeans. He squeezed it and Rick let out a loud sigh. Confident now, Dave began to unbuckle Rick's belt then unsnapped his jeans and pulled down the fly. He then dropped too his knees and yanked Rick's trousers and boxers down while the kid stood there without making any resistance. Rick's erect penis jumped into view, and Dave let out a faggoty "ooohh" when he saw it. It was seven-inches [18 cm] long and tapered so that it was thicker at the base than at the tip.

"That's a nice piece of meat, Rick, and I want you to put it inside my ass. But first let me have a little taste of it and get it nice and ready."

Without further ado, Dave opened his mouth wide and took the head of his son's throbbing cock inside. Rick hadn't been expecting a blowjob, and he let out a surprised but approving sigh when he felt his father's mouth encircle the first few inches of his highly sensitive prick. Dave started to bob up and down on the boy's cock and although he thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of the steely smooth rod sliding in and out of his mouth, he reminded himself that the purpose of this fellatio was to prepare Rick to fuck him in the ass. He removed the cock from his mouth and ripped the towel from around his waist, then immediately got down on the carpet on all fours with his ass facing his son.

"Come on, Ricky, fuck your daddy in the ass. Give me that nice big cock of yours."

Having gotten all riled up by the suck job, Rick was ready to fuck. He obeyed his father's instructions and approached the ass that was facing him. As guys went, Rick thought his father was reasonably good-looking. He was in his late thirties but still kept good care of himself. Rick focused his attention on his dad's asshole, which seemed to be winking at him and beckoning him onwards. He grabbed his prick and brought the head against the lewd hole.

Dave let out slutty moans of satisfaction when he felt the heat of his son's cock lying in his furrow.

"Yeah, shove it inside me, baby, I want to feel your cock deep inside me. Fuck me with that dick."

Rick pressed his weight forward and sank the head of his prick into his father's ass.

"Ohh, it's so fucking hot, it feels so fucking great!" he exclaimed as he felt his father's anus starting to grip the complex of nerves that surrounded the glans of his penis. This was the area that Rick always gave special attention to when he jerked off, and his father's ass seemed to magically know how to take care of this area.

"Oh, it sure does," his father echoed, "give all of it to me, Rick, fuck me with your hot dick!"

Rick sank the rest of his thick seven inches [18 cm] into his father's ass, and Dave let out a yell of sheer delight. "Fuck, yeahh!!!"

Rick shook his head from side to side in disbelief at how good this felt. Maybe this was a little bit queer, but right now it felt too fucking good to worry about that. A soft, tight, wet warmth was enveloping his prick, and he was in heaven. After luxuriating for a few moments inside this incestuous tunnel of love, Rick instinctively placed his hands on his father's hips and started to buck his hips back and forth so that he could get a good fuck going.

For his part, Dave was also enjoying the experience immensely. His son's turgid rod felt better than any plastic dildo ever could. It was so thick and hot, and, although inexperienced, with each thrust Rick seemed to be hitting a pleasure center deep inside of Dave's body. Dave reached his left hand back and grabbed the boy's balls while the kid fucked him. Dave fondled the testicles, which he knew were teaming with sperm that was dying to shoot out into his ass. Dave started to buck his ass backwards to greet his son's thrusts and could feel the kid's cock penetrating deeper inside of him.

"Come on, stud, fuck my ass, fuck your daddy's ass! Be a good boy stud for your daddy and shoot your fucking high school cum up my fucking fag ass!"

Rick's excitement had been steadily growing and his father's dirty talk brought him to a fever pitch. He started fucking his father really hard and knew it wouldn't be long before he spewed his load.

"Oh, fuck, it's so fucking hot, Dad! I can't believe how fucking great your ass feels!"

"Yeah, son, it's all for you. Your cock feels fucking great inside my ass. Keep fucking me. I want you to cum. I want to feel your cum shooting up my fucking fag-dad ass!"

Rick's pelvis seemed to be moving at light speed now. He was flying in and out of Dave's ass, fucking the man who had fucked him into existence. This was the man whose sperm had spawned him, and he was getting ready to give his father his sperm in return. A few more thrusts, and then Rick felt the ignition switch turned on in his balls. He started to moan as the tingling traveled from his testicles and up through his penis, and then started screaming a few moments later when the sperm shot out of his cock.


Rick kept slamming his prick in and out of his father's hole as he enjoyed the sensation of his orgasm. Dave came himself when he felt Rick's cum flood his innards, which caused him to clench his asshole even tighter around Rick's ejaculating penis so as to milk out every last drop of filial sperm. Finally Rick collapsed on top of his father, thoroughly spent. Father and son lay silently for several minutes until Rick's cock deflated and slithered out of Dave's butt.

"So, what do you have to say about a guy's ass now?" his father finally asked.

"Pretty fucking hot, Dad, thanks!"

"No, thank you, stud, now you had best get to bed."

Rick and Dave each went to their separate bed rooms. Neither had ever slept better in their lives. A new chapter had begun for both of them, and Rick's cock and Dave's ass would be happy ever after.

This was the last one…

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