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Vermont Summer

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Jason is sent by his mother to his aunt in a remote area of Vermont to help his cousin to paint the house. The boys discover each other.
Publ. 1996-1998 (usenet groups); this site Nov 2009
Finished? 31,000 words (62 pages)


Jason (13yo) and Chad (14yo)

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Consensual Boy-Boy story/Love
ttcons mastnudity first


Caution!!!! This story contains descriptions of stuff that might upset you. If you don't want to read about boys doing some nasty things together, then stop reading now! If you are under eighteen, don't read this. Too bad I am so young. It was illegal for me to read this as I was writing so forgive the places where it needs proof reading. :)

Okay… This is your last chance. Don't go any farther if gay teen boys offend you. Don't say you weren't warned.

Orphan story

This is an orphan story, that means that the author's e-mail address is no longer active and there is no other way to contact the author. Are you the author, please contact me through this feedback form with Vermont Summer in the subject line. Thank you for taking the time to send feedback to the webmaster through this form.

The following story happened to me last summer and is, for the most part, true. I have exaggerated some points and have changed the names of all individuals in the story. I wrote this story for a contest and my English teacher helped me a lot. Of course, I have added more details after I submitted the orginal! :)

Remember, I'm only 14 (well almost). Don't flame me if you don't like the story. As you'll read from my story, I'm shy and last summer did a lot to bring me out (in several ways!).

I'm not sure if it is even legal for me to write this story and post it. Is it okay for a kid to write about the stuff he does with other kids?

For that reason I am posting this anonymously. And don't try to email me. I don't exist. :)

Jason (not my real name) in Vermont

Chapter One
I Become a Slave

Shit, man. What a drag. School was almost out for the summer and all the plans I made with my friends went down the tubes. I can't believe my fucking mom. She decided that I would only get in trouble staying here in Springfield.

"You know I don't like your friends, Jay. They aren't as good as us. Besides, your aunt needs you to help paint the house with Chad. You always liked your cousin, Chad. He'll be a good influence on you. Anyway, there's lots to do down in Wilmington."

Wilmington, Vermont. One traffic light. Lots of little antique and gift shops. And over an hour by car from home. If I could even drive. Fuck, I won't even get a driver's license for another two and a half years.

What's wrong with mothers? I'm not a slave. Don't I have some say in how I am going to spend my summer? And what's wrong with my friends? We just like to have fun. All the guys act like that. But, my Mom never listens. She doesn't understand that I'm not a baby anymore.

The next day wasn't my best at the middle school. I told all my friends. They tried to make me feel better, but I felt really out of it. Shit, they kept talking about the things they were going to do and I wasn't a part of that anymore. In gym, the coach had us running on the hottest fucking day of the year. In the locker room afterwards, vacation was all the guys talked about.

"Too bad, you can't be at my party, Jason. Jeremy's brother bought us some beer and wine. He also got us some porno magazines," said Brian as he stripped down to his plaid boxers. "Somehow, though, we'll manage without you!" He laughed in my face.

I don't know what got into me, but that laughter hurt. "Shut the fuck up, Brian," I shouted as I shoved him. I just wanted to be alone.

I heard him whisper, "What an asshole." I just kept walking.

I walked over to the shower room in just my boxers. They say that in the old days the boys had to take showers after gym. We never did, though. The only time the showers were used was to dunk our heads on hot days like that one. I quickly shoved my head under the cold stream of water and tried to cool off.

I'm not sure what I would do if I had to take a shower with my friends. I am what Mr. McClain, our health teacher, called a late bloomer. There I was, thirteen and my voice was just beginning to change. Brian was younger than I was and already had hair under his arms! Nope, there was no way I would ever get naked in front of the guys. They would just laugh.

Besides, I'm not sure how I would react around a bunch of nude boys. For as long as I remember, I have always been much more interested in seeing naked guys than naked women. When my friends and I looked at those porno magazines, I never let on that it was the men who excited me.

Don't get me wrong. I like girls and have lots of friends who are girls. It's just that the thought of doing "that" with them makes me ill. Mr. McClain says that almost half of all guys have gay feelings at some point in their life. I guess that my feelings are taking just a bit longer to work themsleves out. And if I really am gay, I guess I don't really care. I like the feelings that I have.

Lost in thought about the generation of boys who used the showers every day, I applied deoderant to my hairless armpits, hoping to mask the smell that all us guys had after gym everyday. I got dressed without talking to my friends.

I kept to myself the rest of the day. Even Mr. Charles, my math teacher couldn't get me out of my funk. I liked Mr. Charles. He was the youngest teacher in the school and liked the same things I did. In the winter he coached the ski team at the high school. In the summer he did a lot of camping and hiking. Any other day he could make me smile with his stupid jokes. But not this one.

At two-thirty I got on the bus to go home. On these warm days, I usually walked with my friends, but they were all going to Brian's house to make plans for the first party of the summer. Brian's parents were going down to Boston for the weekend and were leaving Brian alone. He was planning a pool party. Of course I would be in Wilmington, painting my aunt's house.

So I spent my last two days in Springfield packing for a fun-filled summer in Wilmington. A summer to be spent painting my aunt's house and watching that fucking traffic light changing colors.

Chapter Two
I Lose All Privacy

"I'm so glad you agreed to help Chad. I can't pay you much, but the two of you will have lots of fun, I'm sure," said my Aunt Leslie as my Mom pulled away.

I had endured the hour drive down from Springfield in silence. The day was dark and gloomy and fit my mood. When we got to Wilmington from Springfield, we had to go another few minutes down Route 100 and then turned onto the dirt road leading to Aunt Leslie's house. If Wilmington is in the middle of nowhere, then my aunt's house was five miles [8 km] beyond nowhere.

And the house really did need paint. Leslie and my fourteen year old cousin, Chad, had lived there forever. The house was in the middle of a heavily wooded area at the end of a dirt road, a mile [1½ km] from their nearest neighbor. It looked like it had its last coat of paint before I was born. The white pigment had almost disappeared in some spots. The green paint was hanging off the trimming in strips. It would take a lot of scraping before we could even start painting.

"Let me show you to your room," Said Aunt Leslie. "I can't give you the guest room. I've got all my goods stored there." My aunt Leslie is a buyer and seller for the antique shops in this town. She travels all over New England in her used U-Haul truck.

"Chad said he would be happy to share his room with you. You've always gotten along so well," she said as we walked into his room.

Fuck! I give up my summer and now I give up my privacy. I like to spread out when I am home. My mom always complains about how messy my room is, but it's mine and I live the way I want. Now I don't even have my own space. Nothing to call my own except my clothes.

"I'll leave you to settle in. You're bed's the one against the wall. Chad brought in that dresser this morning so you can use all the drawers. You have your own bathroom, of course."

My own bathroom. Yeah, right. I only share it with one other person. He'll probably stink it up and forget to flush after he takes a dump. My thoughts got more and more morose as I put my clothes into the antique dresser in my shared room.

"Yo, Japer!"

I jumped when I heard the shout. There was Chad with his ubiquitous goofy grin, charging into the room. His armed reached out and snaked around my neck. He pulled my head into his chest and gave me a good-natured squeeze with both arms. "Am I ever glad you're going to help me with the house. I wasn't looking forward to doing this alone."

In many ways, Chad and I are opposites. I am usually quiet and serious and keep my thoughts to myself. I get embarassed easily and avoid making myself look stupid. Chad is always open, never afraid to make a fool of himself, and always smiling. Mom calls him gregarious.

Although he is less than a year older than me, he is a good five inches [13 cm] taller. Our builds are similar, quite thin, but Chad is beginning to bulk up. We are both blonde; he's got a flattop; my hair is shaved on the sides and longer on top.

In spite of myself, I just couldn't keep up my bad mood. Chad started telling me about his year, his baseball team, his skiing last winter, and his stories of his school. I soon found myself laughing as he related his experiences in trying to pass algebra one. Too bad he didn't have Mr. Charles. The two of them would have bonded instantly.

I don't know how he did it, but Chad got me out of my rotten mood. Soon we were laughing together at really stupid things. When Aunt Leslie called us for dinner, Chad grabbed me before we could leave the room. He pulled me over to him and draped his gangly, tanned arm over my shoulder.

"I'm glad you're here, Jase," he said, suddenly serious. "I was afraid it was going to be another lonely summer for me."

As quickly as it came, the serious mood left and we raced for the dining room for a great meal of my Aunt's fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and real gravy. As we ate, we made plans for the coming days.

"I'll be off down to Connecticut starting early tomorrow morning," my aunt said. "I want you boys to get started on the house while I'm gone. I've left plenty of money if you need to buy some food or rent a movie. I've left the numbers where you can reach me if there are any problems."

"Yep, Mom. I know the drill; I've been through it a thousand times. Don't worry about us. There's plenty to keep us busy."

The evening passed quickly. Chad and I sprawled out on the livingroom floor and watched Speed as Aunt Leslie bustled in and out of the house packing her truck with last minute items for her trip to Connecticut.

"I'm leaving at five in the morning, boys. You boys can get up and fix your own breakfast. And don't stay up too late! You've got a lot to do tomorrow."

"Yeah, Mom. We're just going to watch Saturday Night Live and then go to bed."

"Okay, goodnight, boys. I'll see you Tuesday evening."

With that, she went to bed and the house suddenly grew quieter. Chad was engrossed in the movie but all I could do was think of Springfield and the party going on at Brian's house. They were probably all shit-faced by now. And I was here, in the middle of the woods watching a movie I had seen a hundred times before.

Saturday Night Live was SOS, the same old shit.

"I've seen this one before. I'm going to bed," I told Chad.

"I'll be there in a little bit. I just want to catch the Weekend Update."

I took a leak and brushed my teeth before getting into bed. I stripped to my boxers and stuffed my dirty clothes into the hamper in the closet. I didn't want to leave my shared room a mess on the first night.

I turned out the light pulled the covers up to my chin, and rolled onto my side, facing the wall. I tried not to, but all I could think about was Springfield and everybody partying without me. I really don't know what got into me. Perhaps I was tired, but all of a sudden I felt a tear drop down my cheek. I'm such a baby.

I heard the door open and Chad walked quietly into the room. I could tell he was trying not to wake me as he made his way to the bathroom. I heard the door close quietly and then the sounds of a heavy stream of piss hitting the water in the toilet. A flush and then the sounds of water running as Chad brushed his teeth. When all was quiet, the door opened.

"Jase, are you awake?" Chad whispered.

"'Course I'm awake. You thought I could sleep with you banging around the room?" I replied.

I turned over to smile up at him.

"I'm going to leave the bathroom light on, in case you have to go tonight. Okay?" Chad always made me feel he cared.

He removed his t-shirt and threw it into the middle of the floor. I admired the smooth definition of his developing teen muscles. He sat on his bed and began unbuttoning his 501s. I watched as he peeled off the pants revealing his black silk boxers. The Levis ended up in a pile on the floor, too.

"Nice shorts," I said.

"Yeah. They make me feel like I'm wearing nothing. I walk around the house in them on hot days, at least when Mom is home. When she's gone, I usually don't bother to put on clothes.I like being naked when there's nobody here to see me."

Shit, I would never even think of walking around my house in my underwear. Besides, Mom would scream at me and make me put my pants on. She never even lets me go without a shirt on hot days.

Then Chad did something that surprised me. He hooked his thumbs into the wasteband and peeled off the boxers, adding them to the growing pile on the floor.

This is something none of my friends would ever do. Chad was standing there in the light from the bathroom completely nude. He didn't even try to turn away or hide himself.

I tried not to, but my eyes went right to his dick. It was circumsized, just like mine. But, it was larger, maybe five inches [12½ cm] long. The skin was smooth and pink and his cock pulled a little to the right. His balls hung loosely in a hairless sac, the left one slightly lower than the right. A small, but dense crescent of blond hair rose above his equipment. God I wished my body would develop like his.

His nakedness kind of excited and embarassed me at the same time. With no father or brothers, the only live nude guys I had ever seen were the fat old men in the changing room at the pool. It wasn't cool to change in front of my friends. We always turned our backs when we took our clothes off.

Chad walked quietly over to me, his dick and balls rolling back and forth with each step. He sat down on my bed, his smoth cock no more that a couple of feet from my nose. I could have reached out and touched it if I wanted. Chad's serious face reappeared as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Dude, I'm really glad you're here. This is going to be our summer. It's going to be excellent. Nobody can take that from us."

He walked over to his bed and climbed in, pulling the blankets to his chin.

"'Night, Japer," he said.

"'Night, Chad."

I fell asleep almost immediately.

Chapter Three
Just Us Guys

I awoke with the sun streaming through the windows. It was only eight-thirty but already the day was warm. It would probably climb to ninety degrees [30°C] before evening came. A light wind rustled the bright green leaves of the maple trees outside the window.

I looked across the room to Chad's bed, but it was empty and unmade. Suddenly the hiss of the shower began behind the closed door of the bathroom. As usual in the morning, my penis was hard and I had to take a wicked piss. The sound of the shower wasn't helping things, either. I grabbed my woody and held on, hoping Chad wouldn't take too long. I turned to the wall and scrunched up into a little ball, hoping that would relieve the strain on my bladder.

After an eternity, the shower finally stopped and a few minutes later Chad entered the room. Still in the fetal position, I began the wait for my cousin the leave the room so I could get out of bed without him seeing my hardon.

Suddenly a scream pierced the silence and I felt the wind almost leave my body when Chad's lanky, naked form crashed down on my tightly rolled body. He nearly scared the piss out of me. Literally!

"Morning, dude! Get out of bed!" Chad extricated himself and began to pull the covers off me. It became a war as he pulled and I held on to them for dear life. Hell, even though I was in my boxers, there would be no way to hide my boner sticking out of the fly. There was no way I was going to let him see me in that state. I'd never hear the end of the kidding from him.

"C'mon Chad. You scared the fuck out of me. I nearly pissed in the bed. Leave me alone."

"Okay, suit yourself. I'm going to make some breakfast."

With that, my cousin got up and walked out the door to the kitchen, stark naked. I didn't have time to comment. All I could do was bound out of bed and sprint for the bathroom. I think I set a world record for the single longest pee after my dick finally got soft enough to allow me to unload. After jiggling to get the last few drops, I buttoned up my paisley boxers and ventured into the kitchen to find something to eat.

Standing at the stove cooking bacon, Chad's young body gracefully waved back in forth in time to the Phish tape blasting from the stereo in the living room. The song was one of their slower, blues tunes.

"Jesus, Chad. Put on some clothes! Aren't you afraid you're going to burn your pecker?" I laughed. I didn't mention that he was giving me a hard-on.

"Nah, I'm an expert at this. Turn the heat just low enough to keep the grease from splattering. Don't you ever cook nude?"

"Yeah, right," I replied. "Doesn't everybody?"

Chad turned and grinned at me. "I guess I do look a little funny. I never thought anything of it. I've never really bothered getting dressed when my mother's gone. What's the point? I told you, I like being naked when nobody's here. Besides, if I spill something on myself, I don't need to do any laundry," he chuckled.

With the bacon done, Chad pointed to the cupboard with the cereal and directed me to pour him a bowl of Cheerios while he fixed us some orange juice from the refrigerator. He opened the sliding glass door and carried our juice to the table on the deck. He came back for the bacon as I carried our cereal bowls out.

"I eat out here every nice day. Helps me with my tan," Chad reported.

For the first time I noticed the smooth, all-over tan on my cousin's body. With just the hint of a paleness around his middle, Chad's tall, lanky body was a golden brown color. His blonde hair glistened in the sun and the contrast made him seem even darker. Compared to my pale torso, Chad was a greek god.

"You must eat out here a lot."

Instantly understanding the comment, Chad replied, "Yeah, I do. But I spend a lot of time in the sun. I guess I am a nudist. I love the feeling of the sun on my body. Mom says that when I was a small kid, she could never get me to keep my clothes on. Even now I go naked as much as I can. Of course, Mom makes me wear at least my boxers when she's home."

I envied my cousin. He was only a little older than me but seemed so self assured. I'd never have the guts to walk around naked in front of another guy. Hell, Chad would only laugh at my small dick and tiny tufts of almost invisible blonde pubic hair.

"If you want to, we can go skinny dipping later. Lake Willoughby is just down the path through the woods. Nobody wears clothes there. Heck, people drive from five states just to spend the day sunning on the rocks nude."

No way! The thought of stripping naked in front of Chad was bad enough. There was no way I was going to let complete strangers make fun of my body. I hate being a late bloomer.

On the other hand, the thought of naked people lounging around, just down the path excited me. I decided then and there that we would at least make a visit to the lake so I could see for myself.

We took our dirty dishes to the sink and ran a damp cloth over the counter. Chad said his mother got really mad if he left the place too much a mess.

"Let's get started with the painting before it gets too hot." We went to our room to get dressed. I pulled on a pair of baggy old basketball shorts over my boxers. Chad put on only a pair of ripped nylon soccer shorts. He led me to the garage where we dug out scrapers from an old, dented toolbox. He also grabbed a couple of old cloth painter caps hanging from a hook on the wall.

"I hate all that old, chipped paint getting into my hair. It takes me forever to get it out," he said. I laughed at the thought of the paint chips lodging between the short stubbles of his flattop.

We went to the south side of the house and began chipping away at the trim around the windows. Because he was taller, Chad scraped the crud higher up. I took care of all the trim on the lower parts. Of course, as we worked, the old chips flew off and covered everything in sight, especially me.

Every once in a while I would pause to admire Chad's lithe body working up a sweat as he threw his weight into a particularly stubborn section. I could see up his loose soccer shorts; the globes in his sagging, hairless ball sack would slap against his legs in rhythm with his scraping motions.

By noon the heat had become unbearable. Chad and I decided we had done enough work for the morning and cleaned up. My body was covered with dust and paint chips so as I brushed off my front, my cousin took care of my backside My body tingled as he swatted and rubbed the paint off my body. I did the same for him.

Then we stripped. Again Chad was naked and I was in my boxers. Paint dust encrusted sweat clung to his waist where the elastic of his soccer shorts had caused pinkish wrinkles to form. He rubbed away the grime as best he could, but had me take care of the dust on his backside. I quickly rubbed in downward motions. Just these fleeting touches to his tanned, muscular ass cheeks caused me to get that feeling deep down in my balls.

I quickly turned in case my dick betrayed my lust. I guess Chad throught I wanted him to take care of my backside. He pulled my boxers down a few inches and swatted the grime from my ass.

The moment ended quickly enough and we went into the cool house for lunch. I found myself hardly noticing Chad's nudity as he fixed sandwiches and I made lemonade from a can of frozen concentrate.

Again we sat out on the deck to enjoy our leisurely meal. My cousin sat in a lawn chair with his legs spread-eagled and his balls hanging loosely between his thighs. We discussed the afternoon's activities. First we would go for a swim, then we would bicycle into town to return Speed and pick up another video. When the afternoon cooled enough, we would do some more scraping and then cleanup when darkess came. It sounded like a plan.

About 1:30 Chad bounced up and announced it was time for a swim. He jumped gracefully from the deck onto the back lawn and began walking toward the path through the woods.

"Aren't you going to put on some clothes first?" I asked.

"What for? If we run into anybody, it'll just be nude sunbathers at the lake. They won't even notice."

I figured my boxers would pass for a swim suit so I wasn't worried about walking down in my underwear. But Chad, he was naked. It would be mighty embarassing if we ran into anybody. But I dutifully followed. Nobody can talk Chad out of anything he gets into his mind.

It wasn't a long walk. The narrow path twisted among thin oaks and maples. I marveled at the patterns the sun and shadows played on Chad's body as we walked. His leg and ass muscles reminded me of the sinews of the throughbred horses I see on television. It seemed almost natural for him to be walking through the woods in this state of undress.

Within a quarter mile [400 m] I glimpsed the shimmering water through the trees. After another hundred yards [c100 m] we were on a rocky beach on a point of land. We passed nobody along the way, much to my relief.

It appeared to be a private beach. A canoe rested on its gunwhales under the shade of a large beech tree high above the shoreline. Several lawn chairs were placed in a circle near the water. Reassuring was a large boulderw which hid the beach from the sight of most of the lakeshore.

Lake Willoughby was several miles long and up to three quarters of a mile [1.2 km] wide. The shoreline was littered with boulders. Rocky outcroppings and ledges jutted into the water at various points along this northern shore. The entire shoreline was devoid of any buildings. Pines and mixed hardwood trees surrounded the lake. It was as if we were in wilderness.

"The nude sunbathers are over there," Chad said as he pointed beyond the boulder. We walked around the boulder to view the shoreline running to our left. Large slabs of stone and boulders emerged from the woods into the lake: all were occumpied by one, two, or small groups of people, almost all of them undressed.

It wasn't quite what I expected. I'm not sure what I thought I would see, but for some reason, I had never pictured nudists just resting, sunning, or swimming. I guess I expected to see a wild orgy, or maybe couples fucking wildly. Instead it was an average group of people having an average outing at the lake. Except they were naked.

Another thing that struck I didn't expect was the number of male bodies. As a matter of fact, I saw no females anywhere.

"That's the gay section. The straight people use the area beyond that point." Chad pointed at a spit of land in the distance. "We'll go down there if you want, sometime."

"You mean all those guys are gay? They look so normal," I said.

"They are normal," Chad replied. "Actually, they're pretty cool. I talk to them all the time. There's a fucking radical rope swing between the gay and straight sections."

"Let's swim," he said. With that, Chad dashed into the water, performed a graceful dive, and disappeared beneath the sparkling water before reappearing thirty feet [10 m] away.

The water felt great as I waded in. I quickly submereged, floated to the surface, and took three powerful butterfly strokes. My momentum carried me almost twice as far as Chad had gone.

"Wow, you're good. I wish I could do that. Do you think you can teach me to swim like you, Japer?"

I was speechless. All this time I looked up to Chad and now he wanted to learn from me.

"Sure," I said. "It's easy. You just have to learn the timing." We moved closer to shore and I began going over the basics of the stroke.

Chad's a pretty good athlete, but as much as I tried to get him to relax, he kept trying to kick at the wrong time. He was actually comical as he flailed away at the water. He just couldn't get it.

Finally Chad called it quits. Sputtering and coughing as he raised his body up out of the water, Chad laughed, "I've swallowed half the lake. I think you are teaching me wrong on purpose!"

Unexpectedly he lunged at me and dunked me by mounting himself on top of my head. The closeness of his body had is effects on me. I think I even felt his pubes pass against my hands as I struggled beneath the water. All of a sudden, I felt a woody growing in my shorts.

Afraid of being found out, I quickly swam to shore. As I struggled to stand in the shallow water, Chad caught up to me.

"You'll pay now, Jason!" My cousin grabbed my boxers as I scrambled forward. They ended up around my knees and I found myself face down in the shallow water. I fought mightily to get my shorts back up, but Chad was too strong for me. With a sickening tearing noise, I heard the material rip as they slid from my hands. I looked around and saw Chad with my tattered shorts raised high above his head. A look of triumph covered his face.

I was humiliated. My only thought was to get myself out of the water, up the path, and to the house before my cousin or anybody else laughed at my underdeveloped, little boy's body. I ran as fast as I could. I heard Chad's footsteps right behind me. Somewhow I ran even faster.

But my legs were no match for my cousin's. As I emerged from the woods and onto the lawn, Chad caught me and wrapped his long arms around me as he tackled me to the ground. Our two naked bodies wrestled on the grass, but very quickly I found myself pinned to the ground, staring up at my cousin sitting on my chest.

"Hah! You're no match for me. Say you're sorry for trying to drown me," Chad jokingly teased.

I tried my hardest to come up with a smart remark, but I could only feel the hot tears of humiliation welling up in my eyes. I choked back a sob.

"Hey, what's wrong? Did I hurt you? I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, Japer. c'mon, don't cry. Sometimes I get carried away and don't know my own strength."

He let go of me. I scrambled up and ran into the house and flopped down on my bed. I grabbed the sheets and pulled them over my naked body.

"Yo, Jase. You okay?" Chad's lean, naked body entered the room. "What's wrong?" he asked as he lay on the bed facedown beside me. He put his tanned arm across my chest.

How could I tell him what was eating me? Having him laugh at my little kid's body would be bad enough, but admitting that I was embarassed that he had seen me naked would be even worse.

"N-n-n-nothing," I sobbed.

"C'mon, look at me. we're going to be together here all summer. I need to know what's eating you. I don't want to hurt you anymore. I love you, dude. I've loved you since we were little kids together. I would do anything for you. Now tell me what's wrong." He pulled my my body closer to his and began stroking my hair.

"Y-y-you pantsed me… I w-w-was embarassed. You wouldn't let me go."

A look of concern came over Chad's face. "I embarassed you?" he asked. "Look, dude. I didn't know you would be embarassed. I'm really stupid sometimes. I think just because I like being buck naked, everybody must."

"Well, I don't like it," I replied.

"Why not? I'm not going to force you, but have you ever tried it?"

"No. And I don't want to. You'd only laugh at me!" Oops. There I said it. Now he really was going to laugh at me for being such a baby.

"Laugh at you? "i'd never laugh at you," Chad told me.

"Yeah you would. I'm so skinny. And I'm such a late bloomer. I've hardly got any hair and my voice hasn't changed. I'm just a little kid and you look so cool when you are running around buck naked. I'd look like a real dork next to you."

Chad smiled at me. "You think I would laugh at you? Dude, I couldn't do that. Fuck, when I tore your boxers off and saw you naked, the only thing I thought was how hot you were. Shit, Jase. Don't you know how good you look?"

"But I'm so tiny. My dick's only half your size. Besides, everytime I take my clothes off, I get a boner. You'd only make fun of me." Shit, there I go again, saying more than I should.

"You think you have a tiny dick? It's much bigger than mine was when I was your age. And there's nothing wrong with popping a woody. We're teens. There'd be something wrong with us if we didn't get hard half the day," Chad laughed. "Look, mine's getting hard right now."

Chad turned onto his side, facing me. Sure enough, his pink pecker began to make short jerking movements. With each tiny jump, his dick stood up straighter and straighter. Chad turned onto his back and pulled my head so it rested on his chest. I could hear his heart as it pounded. His dick seemed to pulsate and jump with each beat of his heart.

"You'd better get used to seeing me this way," Chad said. "I have no control over the big guy. Sometimes it seems like it is hard the whole day!" Chad reached down and pulled his cock away from his belly. It snapped back against his stomach with a loud slap when he released it.

I felt my own dick grow to full size as I stared down at his huge erection. I'd never seen anything so big and beautiful. The pink shaft was fat at the base, nestled among the small patch of blond pubic hair. The six inches [15 cm] tapered slightly at the purple head. The dick head was perfectly formed; a tiny drip of clear liquid emerged from the piss slit.

"Looks like you're popping one, too," Chad laughed, pointing at the tented sheet covering my body. "Can I see it?"

"I don't know. I'm not sure I'm ready."

"Hey, dude. That's okay. I'll leave you alone if you want," Chad said.

"No, don't go away. I really like having you hold me. It makes me feel good. Like I am safe. Like I'm a man. It's kind of like we were supposed to be together."

Chad rolled over and draped his arm over my chest and his leg over me crotch. I could feel his hard dick poking into my hip and my hard dick poking his leg. I felt warm and content. We stayed that way for a long time.

"Do you really think I have a good body?" I asked.

"Shit, yes! You're going to grow into a real stud. I wish I looked as good as you."

I looked up at his eyes. He was sincere. I wrapped my arms around his head and pulled him closer.

Soon we broke our hug and my moment of truth came. My dick had softened enough that I had the confidence to expose myself freely to my cousin. Slowly I lifted the sheet away from my body and extricated my legs from its folds. It wasn't so bad. Of course I closed my eyes so I'm not sure if my cousin was looking, or laughing, or what. I don't know, but I'd never felt like this before. It was a kind of freedom, as if some heavy object had been lifted from my shoulders. I think I liked being naked in front of my cousin.

"You go, Boy! God, you're hot, Japer. I'm so glad we have a whole summer together." Chad always knew what to say to make me feel better.

Chapter Four
We grow comfortable together

We fell asleep for an hour or so, our nude bodies entangled with each other. I awoke first, again with a boner. This time I didn't try to hide it. If my cousin woke up and saw me, so what. Heck, we're both teen boys, and everybody knows that teen boys spend half the day hard.

I tried not to wake Chad. I examined him as he slept. His balls sagged in their loose pouch resting on his thigh as he lay on his side. His dick wouldn't stay still. For a minute it looked like it was getting hard, and then it would relax and shrink smaller again. Again it began to harden and again it shrank. A third time it hardened, but this time it didn't shrink. It continued to grow until it was as large as I had seen it before.

Chad, still asleep, rolled over onto his back and moved his hand down to his throbbing cock. He gently caressed the underside, his fingers tracing a line from the head to his loose ball sack. The blonde boy brought his other hand down to this forbidden area and cupped his balls. He grabbed the shaft in his right hand and began to slowly pull up and down on the pulsating meat. His dick head grew darker and a long silvery thread of liquid emerged from the piss slit and dripped onto the tight muscles of his abdomen.

I heard Chad's breathing growing louder and saw his body tense up, arching his back and thrusting his pelvis slightly upward. I marveled at the ripples of his stomach muscles and soft shadows cast by his defined thigh muscles. A quick intake of air caused me to look up into my cousin's face. His eyes were open.

"Oops. You caught me," he said, his face reddening. "Oh well, I expect this won't be the last time you see me beating off in my sleep. I have some great dreams. Somtimes I wish my imagination wasn't so overpowering."

"I'm sorry," I said. "I haven't really been watching a long time. If you want, you can look at my dick. I've got a stiffy, too." I couldn't believe I wasn't hiding myself. I guess I didn't want my cousin to feel embarassed that I saw him hard.

"Look at that thing! Shit, it's almost as long as mine is and you're so much younger than me. Damn when you get to be my age, it'll be a monster!"

I beamed up my cousin. I knew he was saying that just to make me feel better, and it felt good to know he cared about me. I didn't think I would ever hide anything from him again.

"Dude! Look at the time. We'd better get dressed and into town if we're going to get a video for tonight."

Chad and I got out of bed and got dressed quickly. We grabbed some money from the stash my aunt had left and got onto our mountain bikes for the five mile [8 km] trip into town. As we approached a Y in the road, Chad pointed to the right fork.

"That goes to the part of the lake where all those people we saw earlier park their cars."

By the time we had ridden into town and back, there was just enough time for dinner and another hour of scraping before it was too dark to work. We had accomplished quite a bit during the day. All of the south side of the house, except for under the eves had been scraped and was ready for priming.

Chad took a shower while I put away the scrapers and cleaned up the dinner dishes. We had nuked some frozen pizza so there wasn't that much to do. I put our dishes from the day's meals into the dishwasher and cleaned off the counters.

By the time I was finished, Chad had emerged from the shower and was toweling off in the kitchen, keeping me company. He had that clean, soapy smell; even today, every time I smell that aroma, I think of my cousin drying himself in the kitchen.

After my shower, I came out of the bedroom drying myself, just like my cousin had done. It felt so neat, being able to wander around the unfamiliar house without worrying that somebody would see me naked.

The dark of night had finally fallen at about 9:30. Chad and I went and sat outside on the deck. The lights in the house were off and the stars shown in the sky brighter than I had ever seen them. We were quiet for a while, listening to the sounds of the night; crickets chirped, a light wind rustled the leaves in the forest surrounding us, and I could hear the hooting of an owl off to my right. I had never felt so content in my life.

Chad broke the silence. "This is my favorite time of day. All winter long I think about the warm evenings sitting on this deck. I think hot, humid days are worth it, just to be able to cool down like this."

More silence. When we heard the fluttering of wings as the owl moved off farther into the woods, we bagan our plans for the following day. If it was sunny we would grab ladders and scrape the under the eves of the house. We figured it would take a long time since we would have to constantly move up and down to move the ladders. Of course, we would take time out to swim. Chad promised me he wouldn't rip off my boxers anymore.

It was after ten o'clock when we returned to the house to watch the movie we had rented. Chad went into our room and brought out pillows as I put some popcorn into the microwave. Chad poured us some Pepsis and we finally sat down on the floor to watch Meteor Man. It was a pretty lame movie, but Chad and I laughed our asses off.

The two of us spent the evening naked, lying on the livingroom floor; the funny thing was that I hardly even thought about my nudity. As the evening cooled, though, Chad and I found ourselves close together. Eventually, I rested my head on his chest and watched the movie as he stroked my hair.

It was almost midnight when we got to bed. I didn't worry about putting on my boxers. I figured the my cousin wouldn't mind if I spent the rest of the summer naked. As I tried to sleep, I reviewed the events of the day. I don't think I had ever been so happy. With my cousin lying in his bed, breathing deeply I felt safe and secure. I don't think anybody in the world knew the real me except my cousin. I fell asleep anticipating the new day.

Chapter Five
I learn new things

It was almost nine when I woke up on Monday morning. As usual, my stiffy was screaming to release a gallon of piss. As I got out of bed I glanced over at Chad. His eyes were open and he was looking over at me.

"Morning, Jase. Wow, are you happy to see me or are you like that all the time?"

My immediate reaction was to cover myself, embarassed that he had seen me. But things were different now. After all, I was a teen boy and it was only natural to have a hardon in the morning, wasn't it? I released my hands from my straining cock and it snapped up and slapped my stomach, bobbing almost straight up.

"I'm sure it's only half the size of that tent pole in your bed," I laughed.

I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth while waiting for my throbbing erection to go down. The running water did nothing to ease the burden on my strained bladder. It was quite a relief to finally let loose a massive stream.

I shook the last drops from my dick and flushed. Entering my room I saw Chad with his back to me lying with his face to the wall. I figured that it was only fair that I scare the shit out of him this time. I screamed at the top of my lungs, my voice cracking at least two octaves, and jumped on top of his startled body.

"Shit, Japer, you scared the fuck out of me!"

"Hey, it's only fair. I almost pissed in the bed when you did it to me yesterday. Maybe if I tickle you, you'll pee in your bed." With that I started probing and poking his ribs.

We struggled together for a few minutes before I collapsed exhausted on top of my poor cousin's body. His bed clothes had fallen to the floor and I could feel the warmth of his erection poking into my stomach. My dick suddenly began growing again and my half-hard cock pushed into his leg.

"Fuck, I gotta piss!" The boy under me threw me off of him as he got up. His dick, too, was sticking up into the air as he made his way to the bathroom. As he was getting ready, I made my way to the kitchen to begin work on breakfast.

I wasn't as brave as he was so I decided that frying bacon was out of the question in my state of dress. Instead I found some frozen waffles and popped them into the toaster. I got the cereal, milk, and juice ready.

Several minutes later Chad emerged from the room and helped me finish preparing breakfast. We ate out on the deck and I marveled at the warmth of the morning sun on my body. Looking down at my hairless legs and the relaxed, sagging ball sack hanging between them, I noticed with amusement that the sun sparkled as it reflected off my sparse patch of blonde pubic hairs. I really liked being a nudist.

But we had work to do and after clearing the dishes we grabbed our shorts and painters caps and went to the garage to get our equipment. We dragged out two step ladders and our scrapers and got to work. The morning passed quickly as Chad and I worked up a heavy sweat, scraping the old paint off the eves. By lunch we had finished two thirds the length of the south side of the house.

After stripping down and helping each other brush the paint chips off our bodies, we entered the cool house for lunch. We must have drunk a gallon [c4 l] of lemonade each; the sweat we had built up had drained us of water.

After lunch Chad brought out towels. I wasn't too keen on going down to the lake without clothes on, but my cousin convinced me that we wouldn't run into anybody. "Besides, if we do, it'll only be the nudists down by the lake."

It felt weird walking through the woods nude. My dick and balls swayed and bobbed with each step. Soon we were at the beach, sheltered to our left by a giant boulder and a point of land to our right. I didn't feel too uncomfortable because of this shelter. I'm sure I wasn't brave enough to venture out where I could be seen by others.

Chad and I spent the afternoon swimming and soaking up the sun. My cousin began to worry that I might become sunburned so he went up to the canoe at the edge of the woods and brought back a bottle of sunscreen. He made me put it on all over, but told me I should really concentrate on my crotch.

"I know from experience. Don't let your balls get burnt. It is annoying as hell. You can't even walk without pain," he laughed.

I took has advice and poured liberal doses of the SPF 30 lotion onto my privates. Of course, as I rubbed it in I got a stiffy. I looked around nervously but nobody but my cousin was around so I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling as I rubbed the oil into the smooth skin of my dick and balls.

Chad took care of my backside. At first I grew excited by his touch as he massaged the lotion onto my skin. With small circular motions he began at my shoulders and upper back. He changed to smoother long strokes down my back and sides. Finally he concentrated on my ass and thighs. I could feel his hands gently kneading the muscles as they smoothed the lotion all around my ass cheeks, including inside the crack. As he moved down to the inside of my thighs, his fingers accidentally touched my balls. I shivered as a wave of pleasured coursed through my body.

It was one of those lazy afternoons when the air is too hot to do any work. Every twenty minutes or so we would jump up and run into the water to rough house. Chad and I worked on his butterfly stroke some more, be he was still hopeless. He could really get me laughing sometimes.

That evening we decided not to get a movie. The Red Sox were on the tube playing a game out in Seattle. My cousin is a big baseball fan and he was looking forward to the Clemens/Griffey matchup. I'm not as interested in baseball so Chad began the game by giving a play-by-play, explaining the strategy of the game. I never realized how much action goes on in every pitch. All the players are in constant motion.

Chad likes to pretend he's dumb, but as he explained the game, I came to see how smart he really was. He actually made baseball enjoyable. Of course, I was just happy to be with him, knowing that this would be our last night alone for a while.

As the innings progressed, I began to watch Chad more and more. He was never ashamed of his body. As he lounged on the floor with his head on his pillow, his right hand moved down and began massage his limp dick. Soon it grew to its full size. I couldn't keep my eyes off his movements.

"Ack! I forgot you were even here. That shows you how comfortable I am with you. Don't mind me. I haven't beat off since before you got here. That's a new record for me. Fuck, I'm horny!"

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My friends say that only losers play with themselves. Of course, Mr. McClain, my health teacher said that all boys masturbate. I know I've rubbed my cock sometimes in the morning, but I've never done it for too long. I don't want to be a loser.

As the night grew later Chad concentrated less on the game and more and more on pumping his woody. I was fascinated as I watched him. While his right hand worked up and down on the shaft, his left hand alternated between playing with his balls and lightly massaging his belly and tits with a feathery touch.

I watched as he increased the tempo of his strokes. His breath became labored, as if he was running a marathon. Suddenly I saw his body tense. He arched his back and lifted his ass from the ground. His toes curled and a pained expression covered my cousin's face. In a few seconds Chad's dick shot a load of white liquid which flew up and landed on his chest. A second spurt came to rest just below the first deposit. Several more shots of cream emerged before Chad finally collapsed back down on the carpet, exhausted.

I couldn't speak. I had never seen anything like that display. I suddenly noticed that my own dick was rock hard and making little jumping movements on my belly.

A few mintues later Chad went to the bathroom to clean himself off. Soon he returned and laid down next to me.

"Shit, that was a good one. It felt neat knowing you were watching me! I'm sorry if I offended you. I really needed to let it out, though. Hell, we'll be together all summer and it was only a matter of time before I did this in front of you."

"How often do you do this, Chad," I asked.

"Well, before you got here, I guess it was once or twice a day. Sometimes more. How often do you beat your meat?"

"I've never tried it," I answered truthfully. "My friends say only losers do it."

A frown came over my cousin's face. "So you think I'm a loser?"

"Oh, no! I'd never think that. It's just, well, they say they never do it."

"Jase, there are two types of boys in the world. Those who beat off and those who lie," he laughed.

"Well, I've never done it," I admitted.

"I'm sure that will change soon," Chad replied with a smile. "Hell, it feels too good not to do it. So, I guess you don't know if you can come yet or not."

"I don't think I can cream yet. Mr. McClain says that when boys begin making sperm they have wet dreams. Luckily I haven't done that yet. I don't know what Mom would say if she had to cleam up my messed sheets."

"Dude, that's another reason for you to start beating off. It'll keep you from having wet dreams. I don't know, though. The dreams I've had have been radical!" We laughed at this.

"Chad, um, do you think maybe you can teach me how to do it?"

"Japer, there's really nothing to it. You just start rubbing and thinking sexy thoughts and your hands will know just what to do. Fuck, I'm getting horny again just talking about this. Wanna do it with me this time?"

"Well, if you're going to do it again, I'll give it a try," I said.

We lay on the floor, inches apart. I could feel the warmth of Chad's body to my left. I watched as he reached down and began to gently rub his hardening cock. I did the same to my already throbbing member. All I had to do was think sexy thoughts. The only thoughts in my mind were about my cousin, lying within reach of me.

There we were, Chad with his six inches [15 cm] in hand, beating steadily and I with my massive four inches [10 cm] trying to time my strokes with his. Just as Chad had said, my hands did figure out what to do. I found my left hand roving up and down my body, playing with my tits and balls. My right hand pumped up and down, pausing now and then to tickle the tender underside of my pink virgin dick head.

My strokes increased in tempo and both Chad and I began breathing harder. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling as my balls tighted within their sack. I noticed my sexy cousin had increased the speed of his pumping, too. I almost cried out when I felt the tingling of my first orgasm. It was kind of like I had to piss really bad, but it seemed to come from all over my body. A small drop of liquid emerged from my piss slit and I collapsed, completely exhausted and sweaty. I had never felt anything as good as that in my life!

I looked over at my cousin and saw him orgasm. This time there was nowhere near as much cream, but the intensity seemed even greater, judging from the look on his face. Chad smiled at me, his eyes twinkling.

"Dude, welcome to the club. Now you know! Isn't it awesome?"

"Chad, I can hardly speak," I panted. "I think I found a new hobby!"

I reached over to give my cousin a quick hug, forgetting that he was covered by a sticky mess.

"Let's get cleaned up and get to bed, Jase. We have all summer to play, and I plan to show you some really awesome stuff. Wait 'til we do it outside in the sun!"

I fell asleep right away that night. It was an exhausting day, but I had learned a lot. I was looking forward to the rest of the summer. I was really lucky to get to spend the time in Wilmington rather than doing the same old shit in Springfield.

Chapter Six
I learn about being horny

Tuesday morning broke cool and clear. Somehow during the night I had managed to kick off all my covers and I found myself curled into a little ball, shivering in the cold morning air. I looked over at Chad and saw him on his side with the covers pulled up to his chin. He was awake and staring at me with his big goofy grin.

"It's 'bout time you woke up. Shit, you looked funny shivering there in the cold."

"At least you could have pulled the blankets up around me so I wouldn't freeze," I said, pretending to be angry at him.

"What? There's no fucking way I'd leave my warm bed to help you, squirt. It's too cold out there. Besides, I wanted to see if you would wake up first or freeze to death first!"

"Fuck you!" I lunged from my bed with a high pitched scream. I sailed across the eight feet [2½ m] dividing our two beds and snatched the blankets from his warm body. Of course, just like me, Chad sported a raging boner. I fell onto him, moving my icy hands all over his neck, sides, and stomach. He fought in vain; no matter which way he turned, I was able to chill yet another part of his body with my cold hands.

"Okay, Okay! I give!" Chad's voice squeeked from high to low as he screamed at me. "Next time I'll wake you up! I promise!" I know he could have picked me up and thrown me across the room, but I appreciated my cousin for allowing me to win this round.

Out of breath and panting, I collapsed on the bed beside him. Chad pulled the blankets up over our two bodies. "Now I have to get warm all over again," he said.

Chad snuggled closer to me and pulled me into his body. I was on my back and my cousin was on his side facing me. He draped his hairless leg over my stomach and wrapped his arms around my shoulders and chest. I could feel the underside of his stiff prick sticking into my hips. The fuzziness of his small patch of pubic hair tickled me. His breathing was steady and I felt the hair on the top of my head move with every exhalation.

Having Chad holding me like that made me feel funny inside. I was comfortable and at the same time I was shaky from the thrill of having my buff cousin so close. I felt safe and loved, but I was also nervous that Chad would discover that the closeness of his body was making me horny. I didn't care if I was gay or not, but I didn't want my cousin to hate me because of it. It felt so good, though. It was all I could do to keep from pumping my woody into the muscles of his lower leg draped down my belly and resting alongside the shaft.

We lay like that for what seemed like an hour. Eventually Chad stirred. "Fuck, I gotta piss." He crawled over me and got out of the bed. He stood up alongside me and raised his arms high over his head, stretching them as he loudly yawned. He grinned down at me when his voice cracked.

God, his body looked like those drawings of the Greek athletes I used to look at in the encyclopedia; I still can't get that picture of my cousin out of my head. The morning light streaming through the windows emphasized Chad's youthful muscles, casting shadows on his smooth, tanned skin. The long muscles of his biceps and triceps trailed down to form hairless armpits which were several shades lighter than the rest of his tanned body. I could see his chest muscles rising and falling in time with his breathing. The abs were slightly rippled and formed a v-shape which trailed down to the small patch of blond hair sparkling in the sunlight.

What really got my attention was my cousin's stiffy pointing almost straight up to the ceiling, pulling just slightly to the right. The pink underside of the shaft was almost transluscent and I could see pulsing red and blue veins just under the skin's surface. The upside-down V where his shaft met the purplish dick-head led up to his piss-slit which had a small drop of clear liquid balancing and sparkling in the light.

Chad's pink, hairless balls were loose and sagging, the right one slightly lower than the left. As I watched, they played a chase game moving up and down in their ball sack. The right one never seemed to be able to move up far enough to catch its mate.

At that moment, I think I realized how much I really loved my cousin. It wasn't just a physical thing. Anybody else in the world, in total embarassment would have hidden himself from my view. Instead, the boy stood there, sharing the intimate details of his body with me, never caring about what I would think. That simple stretch told me that we could do or say anything with each other.

Of course, there was that one thing I could never tell him. If he knew that I thought I might be gay, he would he would hate me. Until I grew out of this phase of my life, I would just have to keep that a secret from him.

The moment ended and he shuffled off to the bathroom, scratching the round muscles of his ass. I heard the water in the sink run and the sound of my cousin brushing his teeth. Eventually I heard him piss.

As he emerged from the bathroom, I got out of bed to take care of my morning preparations. It felt so good not having to cover myself or worry that he saw my raging four-incher [10 cm] waving a morning greeting as I walked past him to the bathroom.

We had breakfast out on the deck. The morning sun took the chill out of the air and we lingered over the meal.

"Mom's coming home tonight," Chad reminded me. "We're going to have to spend some time cleaning the house before she gets here."

The morning was fairly routine as we made finishing touches, preparing the south side of the house for its first coat of paint. By lunch we had finished and removed our dusty painting shorts so we could enter the house without leaving a trail of crud in our wake.

After a quick lunch on the deck, we began cleaning the house so that it would pass inspection by my aunt. I took care of the kitchen while Chad dusted and vacuumed the remains of popcorn and chips from the floor in the family room. By three we had tidied our room and finished cleaning the bathroom. The last thing we did was get into the shower together to give it a good scrubbing.

We spent the rest of the afternoon down by the lake. This time I was surprised at how relaxed I was as we made our way naked down the winding, wooded path. I had spent the entire afternoon without any clothes and it seemed the most natural thing in the world.

My cousin and I exhausted ourselves racing (I won every time) and wrestling (Chad took it easy on me but won every time) in the cold water. Eventually we began taking turns standing the other's shoulders and trying to dive greater and greater distances. After an hour of this, we fell exhausted on our towels stretched on the warm sand of our cove.

Facing up to let the warm sun dry my shivering body, I closed my eyes and began picturing Chad as he was this morning, stretching to the ceiling and allowing me to view his hardened boyhood. I could feel my dick begin to make jerking motions. I was afraid somebody would come along and see me, so I tried to think of other things. I tried to do multiplication problems and began reducing fractions in my head. But the warm sun on my naked dick and balls felt so good that nothing could stop me from popping a woody.

I opened my eyes and saw Chad propped up on an elbow staring down at my four incher [10 cm] with that goofy grin. In spite of myself, I reddened with embarassment at being caught like this.

"Looks like you're gonna need to take care of that thing," Chad laughed. "I know how it is. The sun makes me horny, too." His dick was beginning to jerk as it rose to meet his belly. He rolled over onto his back and took his cock into his hand, helping it along.

"Maybe we should go up to the house," I said, shyly. "Somebody might see us." I looked around to make sure we were alone.

"Nah, it's cool," he replied. "People hardly ever come up here. The private property signs usually stop them. Besides, who cares. Everybody does it. It's normal."

I was a little more relaxed and the sight of my cousin tugging at his pink meat made my dick jump to full attention.

"You had better put some sunscreen on that thing, though," Chad said.

I walked up to the treeline to grab the bottle of lotion, conscious of my boner bobbing up and down. I looked around again to make sure nobody was there to see me. I kept imagining the embarassment of being caught.

There I was with my barely developed boyhood, doing things people should only do locked behind a door.

Returning to my towel, I began massaging the cool lotion onto my dick and balls. I had never felt anything like it. As the sunscreen warmed it made my dick slippery, reducing the friction of my hand pumping my woody. I can still remember the squishing sounds it made as I stroked and the fresh smell that rose to my nostrils.

As I intensified my pulling, a found myself staring at my cousin's hot body. He was on his back with his eyes closed. He head was thrown back, his chin in the air, with a grimace on his face. Chad's chest muscles were heaving up and down in time with his strokes and his abs were tightened as he thrust his hips up and down, meeting his pumping right hand. His left was cupping his loose balls. Every muscle in his sweat-covered legs stood out and his toes were curled downward. Chad's entire body was into the rhythm.

I looked down at my own, younger body, as if seeing it for the first time. It really wasn't that bad. My chest, while not as defined as Chad's was showing signs of muscle development. My abs were clearly visible and ran down in a V to the few pubic hairs I did have. My cock, though small, was perfectly formed and sparkeled as the sun glinted off the lotion.

The warm sun intensified the feeling in my balls and I picked up the pace of my strokes. I no longer cared if anybody might come upon me. All I wanted to was to keep stroking until my body exploded like it had done the night before. At the same time, I didn't want the feeling to end so as I got close, I would slow down so I wouldn't come. Again, though, I would pick up the speed of my thusts. Finally, I felt that explosive feeling thoughout my body. I tried to stop and hold it back but it was no use. My toes tingled, my legs tightened, sweat poured down from my pits, and the blast hit me. I almost screamed out loud as my body shook in the orgasm that accompanied the small drop of clear liquid which emerged from the small slit in my pink dick-head.

Exhausted, I relaxed every muscle. I was aware of my panting; I don't think any race ever left me as out of breath as I was after my second orgasm.

I turned to watch my cousin finish the job he was doing on himself. He let out a little cry as the cum sprayed out of his dick, arcing through the air to land on his heaving chest. After he was done, he dropped his hands to the towel and lay silently as he caught his breath.

He looked over at me and smiled. "Fuck, that was a good one. Doing it outdoors is the best!"

I suddenly realized where we were and guiltily looked around to make sure we were alone. Doing this with my cousin was one thing. Shit, we didn't hide anything between us. But if somebody caught us, I would be too embarassed to ever come out here again. Luckily I saw nobody.

"I see what you mean. God, the sun feels so good on my cock."

Eventually the afternoon wore on and Chad and I swam some more and made our way to the house. I was quiet as we made dinner and sat in front of the TV to watch a Wings rerun as we ate. I'd seen it before so I spent more time watching my cousin than I did the TV set. He was so at ease in his nudity. As he lay on his side, his cut dick drooped, almost touching the floor. His loose balls were hanging low, still moving up and down in their sack. His blonde buzzed hair and pubes seemed to make his thin body even darker and more tanned. I wanted to reach out and touch him. I wanted to stroke his body. I wanted this day to last. But I knew that I couldn't make any of these things happen.

As I watched my cousin's sexy body and those balls churning up and down, I felt my dick harden. I rolled over onto my back, propped my head up against the couch, and to gently stroke the underside of my boyhood. I was getting pretty relaxed about being this way with Chad.

He looked over and then grinned. "Shit, Japer, you sure are a horny fucker!" He threw a pillow at me but I ducked and it missed me.

"Well, I figure your mom's gonna be home in a couple of hours. This'll be my last chance for a few days."

"You're right, Jase. We're gonna have to hold off while she's at home. I may be a nudist, but I sure don't want to be caught by Mom while I'm slappin' the salami! Yech!" He shuddered and made a face like he had gulped down a cup of sour milk.

I settled down and continued playing with myself, alternating solid strokes with light feather touches. Instead of working himself, Chad continued to lie on his side watching me. From time to time he reached down and grabbed his meat, and it did harden, but he made no attempt to relieve himself. He just stared at me.

Something funny happened inside me. Instead of being embarasssed, I found it really sexy to have my cousin watching me. Maybe I'm an exhibitionist, I thought to myself. I was turned on by having Chad watch me and he seemed to like it, too. Besides that ever-present grin, Chad's woody was now full size and his hand was working it hard. I stared into his eyes, but they were firmly riveted on my hardon. Fuck, it was so sexy!

For the third time in less than 24 hours, I felt the rush of blood and the heart pounding thrill of a boy-climax. Nothing came out of my dick this time, but the feeling was every bit as good.

"That was fucking awesome, dude!" Chad's voice cracked on the word, awesome. "You should see yourself. Your muscles tighten, your hand moves a hundred miles an hour, and your face looks like you are being tortured!"

"Yeah," I said. "My body feels like it's been tortured. Fuck, my muscles are tired!"

"You wanna watch me?" Chad asked. "Tell me what I look like. Do you think I look as sexy as you?"

"Fucking, yeah! You look better." I settled down to watch my cousin work his meat. He was so cool pretending that my puny boy's body was anywhere close to being as good as his. I loved him for that and I loved him for letting me watch him doing these private things to himself. I wanted to hug him and rest my head on his chest to watch closeup, but I knew that he might guess my secret.

Again I thought of those naked Greek athletes as I watched Chad's buff body build its way to orgasm. I had become familiar with his whole body during that day and watched in awe as he came, this time in small dribbles on his stomach. I couldn't wait until I could do that.

We suddenly realized the time and hurried to do the dishes and clean up the family room before Aunt Leslie got home. She was due in less than 30 minutes by the time we finished so we took our shower together to save time. Chad washed my back for me and I took care of his. It was really neat to rub the soap into the broad muscles of his back and the bubble-like round ass muscles. Chad laughed at my raging hardon; he remarked something about creating a monster when he taught me to beat off.

We cut it pretty close that night. We were dry and just into our shorts and t-shirts when we heard the truck pull in. Leslie came in the door all smiles and gave us both quick pecks on the cheek. Her hands were full of small packages and boxes that she had brought from her antique buying mission. We helped her unload the small things from the truck and put them into the guest room for sorting and eventual resale to local antique dealers.

Just before going to bed, Aunt Leslie interupted the Red Sox game. "Oh, by the way, Chad. I ran into the Andersons as I was driving in. They're only up here for the week. I invited Todd over to help you boys tomorrow. He's looking forward to seeing you."

After she left, I asked, "Who's Todd, Chad?"

"Ah, he's just a kid from down in Boston. His parents have a vacation house down the road. He's a radical little dude. Kinda hyper, but he makes me laugh. You'll like him." I wasn't so sure I wanted to share my cousin with anybody else. At least he would be around only for a week.

As we got ready for bed, Chad got serious again. "I hope I didn't make you mad by laughing at your boners. You know I am doing it for fun. We don't hide anything from each other anyway."

"Yeah, Chad. We don't hide anything. You've seen everything I've got," I smiled.

As I lay in bed nude, I wondered if my cousin would ever accept me if he knew I was going through a gay phase. I fell asleep and dreamed that my cousin and I were wrestling each other in ancient Greek olympic games.

Chapter Seven
Three's a Crowd

I slept fitfully that night. I am not sure if it was the heat, or the thunder in the distance, or if it was because so much was happening in my life so fast. Everytime I woke up, I would look over at my cousin. He seemed so peaceful in the shadows of the night compared to my restless struggling to find a comfortable position amongst the sweat-soaked sheets on my bed.

Chad was so natural in everything he did and I wanted so much to be like him. And my cousin was so good to include me and make me feel needed in his life. But, there was that secret which, if he ever found out, would destroy everything we had together. I didn't like having to keep things from him, but that's what you have to do when you're gay. I just couldn't risk having Chad hate me.

And then there was this kid coming over tomorrow. I had learned so much from my cousin during our first five days together and he had made me feel so confortable about myself. But now that was going to end with this neighbor kid who was certain to come between us. I guess I had been stupid to think the whole summer would be like the first five days.

Outside, the wind began to stir the trees and the thunder grew louder. Lightning began to illuminate the room occasionally as the storm came closer. Finally I heard the pounding of the heavy rain outside the window. As the storm disappeared into the distance, the air grew cooler and I fell into a deep sleep.


Wham! The bedroom door slammed open. I opened my eyes only to be blinded by the sun streaming through the windows.

"Chad, you awake yet?"

I looked in the direction of the loud, high pitched query. Standing in the doorway was a very strange site. In my half awake state, it looked like a Munchkin, from the Land of Oz, had somehow found its way onto the streets of South Central.

The vision clomped over to my cousin's bed.

"Chad, you awake yet? Your mom said it was okay for me to come in and wake you."

I was able to focus a bit better now. It was a boy, dressed almost completely in black. Huge Doc Martins on his feet, the baggiest black jeans I have ever seen, a long black Raiders warmup jacket over an Orlando Magic muscle shirt, topped by a black wool ski cap. Peeking out from the folds of all this oversized clothing was the small, pink face of a boy, not more than eleven years old.

"C'mon Chad. Wake up! It's time to get up," whined the high-pitched voice.

My cousin turned over under his sheets. He opened his eyes a crack, closed them, and then opened them just a bit wider.

"Oh it's you Todd. Morning. What time is it?" Chad closed his eyes again.

"It's after eight. Your mom said to wait until after eight to wake you."

Fucking eight o'clock in the morning. I couldn't believe we had been awakened so early, especially since I had gotten so little sleep the night before. This was not a good start.

"C'mon, get up!" That voice! I was ready to strangle the kid.

Chad opened his eyes again and looked up at the black-clad youth standing over him. "Okay, Okay. I'm awake." Chad shook his head. His usual, goofy grin returned to his face.

"Hiya, Todd! You've grown since last summer. What's that you're wearing? Looks like you could hide another kid in there," he laughed, poking at the boy.

"It's my new clothes. I'm gonna join a gang in Boston when I go back. D'ya belong to a gang here? Mom and I bought these clothes right after school was out. She told me not to wear them here, but I had to show you. Are you gonna get out of bed?"

This kid talked a mile a minute. Did he ever shut up?

"C'mon, get out of bed. Let's do some stuff."

"Okay, Okay. Hold your horses, Todderoooski," Chad laughed. He pulled back the sheets and brought his legs down to the floor and sat on the edge of the bed.

As usual, his smooth young cock was at full erection. He didn't seem to notice. Instead, my cousin stretched and yawned. The kid beside his bed seemed to notice, though.

"Wow, Chad! Your dick is huge! How'd it get so big since last year? And when did you get all that hair on it? Do you suppose I'll go through puberty soon?"

"Hold on, Todd. Wait a minute. I gotta take a leak. Talk to Jason while I am in the bathroom." Chad pointed in my direction and for the first time, the tiny gangster wannabe noticed my presence.

Chad got up and walked to the bathroom, his woody bouncing with every step. Todd didn't seem to notice, though. Instead he made his way over to my bed. Fuck, now I was a babysitter to the kid.

"Hiya. I'm Todd. I'm from Boston. Where you from? How old are you? You spending the whole summer here?" The kid went on and on. I tried to answer his questions, but he just kept talking. Finally Chad came back into the room, much to my relief.

"Yo. Todder. C'mon. You must be hot. Take the coat off at least." Chad walked to the dresser and put on some boxers while Todd removed his Raiders jacket to reveal a skinny body lost in the folds of the oversized tank top and levis. A black leather webbed belt was cinched tightly around his waist, keeping the pants from falling to the floor. He removed the wool ski cap to reveal a head of fine reddish blond hair, fairly long and cut in a bowl shape.

"Let's go get some breakfast, Todd. Jason, you coming?" Chad looked over at me with a small smile on his face.

"Yeah, you guys go ahead. I'll be in in a few minutes."

The two went out the door together, leaving me alone. Fuck, I hoped the rest of the summer didn't turn out to be like this.

We had breakfast on the deck, Todd somehow managing to put food into his mouth between questions and comments. Even though Aunt Leslie had gone into town for the day, I guess Chad felt his mother was too close to go the nudist routine. I was kind of glad, though. It was something Chad and I shared together and I didn't want this third person horning in.

After the dishes it was time to get to the painting. Of course, Todd volunteered to help. So, when we went to the bedroom to change, we had to find something for the kid to wear. We went through Chad's dresser until we found an old pair of soccer shorts that might fit.

The boy took off his Orlando Magic shirt and then loosened his belt. His baggy pants fell to the floor with a plop. The pale, skinny 11 year old stood there in just his red boxers; they, too, were oversized. With a quick motion, he dropped those, too, to the pile on the floor.

And there stood Todd, stark naked, without a bit of embarassment. He was skinny and I could count his ribs and identify the bony points of his hips. His skin was almost transluscent; I could see blood vessels below the surface.

And then there was his penis. It was tiny, not more than an inch and a half [4 cm] long. The minute, circumsized cockhead was almost blue in color. His balls were tucked tight against his body, tiny peas in a wrinkled sack. And there was not a hair that I could see anywhere on his body. And I thought I was underdeveloped!

"Do you think it's any bigger, Chad? I think I might be starting puberty. See, there's a hair that's starting to grow," the boy pointed to what appeared to be a hairless pubic area.

Chad peered closely at the indicated spot."Yeah, maybe there's a hair beginning to grow. But don't worry about it, dude. It'll come with time. You can't force it," Chad replied. "Here, try on these shorts. Maybe they'll fit."

The boy pulled on the dark blue Umbros. He looked ridiculous, almost lost in the nylon fabric. He couldn't let go of the waistband because it just slipped past his bony hips and the shorts fell to the floor. Finally, he grabbed his web belt and cinched the shorts tightly to his waist. That seemed to do. At least they didn't fall to floor.

During all this, I was changing into my painting shorts. In spite of the lessons I had learned from my cousin, I was still not very comfortable changing in front of this stranger. I quickly tugged down my boxers and just as quickly tried to step into my painting shorts. All was not successful, though, as I tripped on the shorts, stumbled and fell to the floor.

The boys looked over at me, struggling to the floor to try to pull up the shorts. They laughed. I turned red, partially with embarassment, but mostly with anger. I wanted to say something, but held my tongue. I finished pulling up the shorts in silence.

The painting went much slower than we had planned. The first hour was spent just in preparation, arranging the drop cloths and mixing the paint. Then we found the dry clapboards just soaked up the primer. It looked almost like we hadn't even painted yet.

What really slowed us down, though, was Todd. He began the morning by spending all his time tugging at his shorts, trying to keep them up. First part of the waist would fall below the tight belt and slowly the rest would begin to unravel. Soon the shorts would fall to the ground and the kid would have to stop and pull them back up, re-cenching the belt. After the third time this happened, Todd finally gave up and left the shorts off. He spent the morning clothed only by the black leather belt around his waist. It was comical.

I was surprised at how at ease he was in his nudity. As he painted his little penis wiggled. His balls, warmed by the morning sun sagged in their tiny sack. When he stopped so Chad could put sun block over his body, he didn't seem the least embarassed as my cousin spread the oil over that part of his body. Shit, I was totally embarassed for him. I thought I was tiny! I think if my penis was that small, I would never allow anybody to see it.

As we worked, Todd became more relaxed and talked less, much to my relief. As the morning wore on, I realized that he wasn't such a little kid, after all. A year and a half younger then me, we even seemed to have some things in common. He didn't like his mother bossing him around and trying to choose friends for him. He spent his winters skiing on a team in Westford, Massachusetts. He was even a Phish Head.

But probably the thing that brought me closer to him was when he started talking about some of the things his friends would say to him. He complained that they kidded him by his tiny penis. He complained that all his friends were going through puberty except him. I knew the complaints well. My heart went out to him.

And Chad, as usual, set things right for him. I was so proud of my cousin explaining things in simple terms about how the boy should be proud of his body, how puberty would come, and how he should have fun being just what he was.

We lost track of time and were brought back to reality when we heard the roar of Aunt Leslie's truck coming down the track through the woods.

"Shit! It's your Mom," screamed Todd. The skinny boy raced around the yard looking for his shorts which were lost somewhere among the drop cloths. As the sound of the vehicle grew louder, Todd became more animated. Finally he threw up his hands in frustration, bounded up onto the deck and into the house.

We heard the old cargo truck pulled into the driveway just as Todd's naked white ass disappeared through the door. The engine stopped, the truck's door slammed, and Aunt Leslie emerged around the side of the house.

"I thought you boys might be hungry. I brought some burgers home for lunch. Clean yourselves up and they'll be waiting for you on the deck. Did Todd go home?"

Todd emerged from the house, dressed again in his gangster outfit.

We ate in the warm sunshine and after Aunt Leslie left, we resumed our work and continued throughout the afternoon. Todd didn't bother putting on his painting outfit, though. He just stripped there in the yard, carefully placing his clothes in a pile where he could find them this time.

The work progressed slowly and by our agreed quitting time of four o'clock, barely half the south side of the house was primed. We cleaned the paint off the brushes and ourselves with mineral spirits. We then raced down the path through woods to the lake, Chad and I in our shorts, and Todd running along ahead in nothing at all.

With a war whoop, we emerged from the woods and jumped into the water to wash off the gunk from our bodies. It was cold and we could only last a minute or two in the water before we emerged to dry off.

Shivering in the cool afternoon sunlight, we toweled ourselves dry. Todd's skin was almost blue from the cold, his little nipples purple and erect, and his tiny genitals contracted tight agains his body. I've never imagined anything as tiny.

Bundled in our towels we made our way back home. Todd, after dressing, made his way home, leaving Chad and me to take warm showers and dress before my aunt returned.

That night, as we lay in bed we talked about Todd.

"You were really good putting up with him today, Jase," my cousin said. "He just needs confidence in himself."

"Well, I have to admit I couldn't stand him at first. But you were right as usual. He's a great kid when he's not hyper."

I heard the Chad's bed springs squeak and made out my cousin's naked body cross the gap between our beds.

"Can I get in with you? I want to give you a hug. We haven't been alone all day until now. I've missed being with just you."

I lifted the sheets and felt his warm body wrap itself around mine. He held me tight for a minute before speaking.

"Thanks, Japer. I promise we'll get time together for just the two of us."

After he returned to his bed I wondered what he would ever do to me if he found out my secret. I did my best to shove that thought out of my mind and mananaged to fall into a dreamless sleep.

Chapter Eight
The Rains Come

Thursday morning broke cool and clear. We dressed and ate breakfast in the sun. Chad's mom had left us a note telling us to work hard all day because the weatherman was forecasting a few days of rain. She would be in Bennington and wouldn't return until dinner.

Todd came over just as we were finishing our breatfast. This time he was dressed more normally, and he brought some work clothes to change into; slightly oversized basketball shorts and a faded Boston Celtics tee shirt.

With bad weather on the way, we set decided that finishing the priming of the south side of the house would be our goal for the day. Todd seemed to be a different boy today. He was much more serious, less hyper, and worked hard. He hardly talked at all. I kept picturing the kid as he was the day before; naked except for that belt, he had provided us with lots of laughter. I'm not sure if I liked this new Todd as much.

The winds began to pick up as we worked. Blowing in directly from the lake to our south, it was heavy with moisture. By lunch time, the winds were whipping the trees and blowing dead leaves from the woods across the lawn.

After lunch we continued to work as fast as we could throughout the afternoon. The leaves continued to blow in, occasionally sticking to the newly painted primer. We finished priming the south side of the house just in time. We rolled up the drop cloths and stowed them in the garage. As we were removing the paint from our bodies with mineral spirits, we heard a roar from across the valley. Looking out the back door, we saw the hills to our south disappear behind a gray wall of driving rain, a wall which was moving towards us rapidly.

When the roaring mass was on top of us, we ran outside to wash the spirits from our bodies. The pounding rainstorm was so heavy that the water couldn't soak into the ground. Instead, deep puddles formed all over the lawn.

"Watch this," Chad shouted to us above the the din of the downpour.

As we watched he began running across the lawn at top speed. Halfway to the woods he dropped as if he was sliding into second base. He must have slid thirty feet [10 m] and water sprayed up in fantails on either side of his path. He stood up grinning that stupid grin, covered with mud and loose grass.

"Try it! It's radical!."

That was all we needed. I ran off in one direction and duplicated my cousin's sliding technique. It was awesome!

Todd went off in another direction and did a headfirst dive onto the grass. Water flew up in front of him as his body hydroplaned across the surface. He looked like a skipping rock. When he stood up, his face was covered with mud. All we could see was his white teeth grinning behind the grime.

Then Chad came up with an idea. "Hey, I'm gonna try it naked!" He stripped and sped off, sliding much farther this time.

"Neat!" screamed Todd and he, too dropped his shorts to the ground. I winced as I watched him duplicate his head-first dive, but he sprang up uninjured, his tiny penis in one piece.

Embarassed as I was at the thought of taking my clothes off in front of Todd, it looked like too much fun to be left out. Besides, yesterday the kid told me I had a big dick. There was certainly nothing to be embarassed about in front of him. What the fuck. Why not? I stripped down, my nearly hairless four inches [10 cm] exposed for the world to see, and did another slide. It was so perfect!

We must have looked an amazing sight, three naked kids running around, covered with grass and mud, sliding through every puddle we could find.

Eventually the rain slowed and the puddles soaked into the ground. The mud sliding stopped. We stood in the warm rain for several minutes, letting the water wash our bodies. Finally we were clean enough to go into the house to finish the job properly.

"C'mon, let's take a shower together! We can wash each other off," suggested Chad. I wasn't so sure I could handle being that close to the other naked boys.

"Yeah, great idea," replied Todd. Oh well, I guess I was trapped.

Chad turned on the water and adjusted it. He got in, followed by Todd. Reluctantly I got in with them. It was a tight fit. None of us could move without brushing up against another naked body.

Todd grabbed the soap from the tray and began lathering his pale, hairless body. "Do my back, Chad," he pleaded. Chad grabbed the soap and lathered up the child's back.

Chad turned to me. "Turn around. Let me do your back, now, Jay," he said to me. I complied. It took every bit of concentration I had to keep from popping a boner, but I somehow managed to keep it down.

Todd wasn't as fortunate. When he turned around to face us, he blushed in embarassment. "Stupid dick," he said as he covered his tiny, stiffening boner with his hands. He turned away.

"That's okay, Todd," I found myself saying. "It happens to everybody. We're all boys here and we all pop woodies." I looked over to Chad who smiled in approval.

"Yeah," he said. "You've seen me plenty of times like that in the morning. It's okay."

Todd hesitantly removed his hands from his little erection. I was strangely fascinated by what I saw. It wasn't more than an inch and a half [4 cm] long, fully erect. It stood up straight against his belly, the circumsized head now a purple color. I could see the little veins below the surface of the pale skin of the shaft. His balls, warmed by the shower, sagged in their little sack.

Soon we were clean and the hot water began to run low. We emerged from the shower refreshed. As we dried, we took turns towelling off each other's back. We then trooped into our bedroom and changed into dry clothes.

The rain let up enough for Todd to run home just before dinner. After eating we watched the tube for a while. The Red sox were in Texas and Chad gave me another lesson in watching baseball.

As we got ready for bed that night, Chad mentioned that something was bothering Todd.

"We've got to figure out what's wrong with him. Yesterday he was a little overboard. Today he hardly said anything. Only the mudsliding seemed to bring him out of it."

"Well maybe he's just going through puberty," I laughed. "He really wants it. You know all the hormones and stuff."

"Well, I was really proud of you today," said my cousin. "You made him feel so much better when he popped that woody. Most people would have made fun of him."

"Well, I've had a good teacher," I replied modestly. Inside I was beaming with joy. My cousin was proud of me!

Chapter Nine

This is an ongoing project. There will be many more chapters which I will post as I finish each one. It's a slow process, though. My teachers seem to think I should concentrate on doing my homework. :)

The next few days were uneventful. The rain continued all day Friday so we were stuck in the house with only videos. Todd came over and watched with us. He was still quiet and inactive. Chad was right about something eating at the kid.

Aunt Leslie took Chad and me into Brattleboro for dinner and a movie. The ride home was over a dark, winding road. We rode in silence for most of the way but Chad finally spoke.

"Mom, what's wrong with Todd? He seems so quiet."

"I don't know, son. Have you asked him?"

"I've tried, but every time I mention it to him, he seems to get all sad. So I change the subject," Chad said.

"Well just keep at it. When he's ready to get it off his chest, he will. Remember, you can't fix everybody's emotional hurts. Heaven knows you try, though," she smiled at her son. "That's what I love about you."

Sunday was gray, foggy, and cool with the wind coming out of the north. Todd didn't come over that day. His mother took him to church in Bennington and they spent the day there.

We were afraid the rains might return so the only painting we did was the underside of the eves. The dark green paint covered the primer in only one coat so we finished by mid afternoon.

Aunt Leslie fixed us her famous fried chicken that night and made plans for her buying trip to upstate New York. She would leave early Monday morning before we got up, and would return late Thursday night. We would have four whole days on our own!

Monday morning broke bright and sunny, one of those crystal clear Vermont summer days with white puffy clouds in a dark blue sky. With Chad's mom gone, we didn't bother to put on any clothes. I was really beginning to like being a nudist!

We ate our breakfast out on the deck in the warm sunshine. Everything was still wet from the rains over the weekend so we had to dump the water from the chairs before we sat down. The moist plastic was cold on my butt and my balls began to shrivel up.

I looked over at my cousin and noticed his his scrotum was shrinking as well. His tanned, circumcized dick hung over the ballsack and the head rested on the white plastic. I wished my dick would grow big enough to rest between my legs like that. As it was, my limp penis just bent over my balls, tight against my body.

As we were eating, Todd showed up. I was somewhat uncomfortable being nude around him, but he didn't even seem to notice that we were naked. I guess he had seen Chad this way many times the previous summer so it wasn't a big deal to him like it was me.

If possible, Todd was even more silent today that he had been before. The young boy just watched us while we ate, an almost sad expression on his face.

"Want something to eat, Todd?" Chad asked?

"Nah, I'm not hungry."

"What, you're not hungry? You must be sick, then. Maybe we should call the doctor!" Chad joked.

The small boy smiled briefly and continued to watch us eat.

"Hey, guys. It's still too wet to paint today," said my cousin suddenly. "We need to let the wood dry before we put on the first coat. How about we spend the day down at the lake?"

I knew that the weather would dry the clapboards before mid-morning, but I figured that Chad made the suggestion to try to make Todd feel better. So I agreed, telling him what a great idea that was.

We made some sandwhiches and packed them in a cooler with Cokes, Doritos, and other snacks. I was still feeling a little uncomfortable walking around nude while Todd was fully dressed, so I put on a pair of gym shorts. When we were ready, the three of us made our way through the woods carrying everything we needed for a day at the lake.

The sunshine on our bodies was awesome after almost three days of wet weather that had kept us trapped indoors. As soon as we put our towels down and stowed the cooler in the shade of the large maple tree, Todd stripped down naked. Standing in the sunshine, he ran his hands up and down his pale, skinny body. His fingers lingered on the cute, tiny stub of a dick, rubbing it absentmindedly.

With both Todd and Chad nude, I felt very uncomfortable in my shorts so I got naked, too. I got such a feeling of freedom being naked without any worries as the three of us sat on our towels playing cards and listening to music. As the day warmed, we went for a swim, racing, wrestling, and dunking each other. Both Chad and I were gentle with Todd but I soon found there was no need; he fought like a demon. As my dick rubbed up against the two naked boys, I found myself getting hard so I avoided contact as much as possible. I didn't want the little kid seeing me that way.

Exhausted, we got out of the water and laid on backs letting the warm sun dry us. I was fascinated with the naked bodies beside me, one well built with a a body budding into manhood, the other tiny and undeveloped. And I looked down at my own body and saw myself as a link between these two boys. My muscles were just beginning to stand out. My penis, while larger than Todd's by a long way was still immature with just a few hairs beginning to sprout. It felt so good and natural to be lying there in the sun with my friends, none of us worrying about being naked in front of the others. Shit, if my friends in Springfield could only see us!

We ate some of the sandwiches and each had a Coke. Todd seemed to be a bit happier and was beginning to talk a little more.

"Hey, I got an idea. Let's go to the rope swing!" the small boy shouted.

"Yeah, Let's do it," replied my cousin. "I haven't shown it to Jason yet." Turning to me he said, "You're gonna love this thing!"

I remember that Chad had mentioned it my first day at the lake. It meant that we would have to walk along the edge of the lake and around the distant point. It also meant that we would have to go through the gay nude section of the shoreline. The thought excited me, but made me nervous, too. I looked around the edge of the boulder that sheltered our spot on the lake and saw perhaps twenty men, almost all naked lounging on the boulder-strewn shoreline, a good distance away. They seemed harmless, not the perverted, sex-starved deviates that my friends in Springfield said gay men were.

We gathered our towels and hung them around our necks. Chad and Todd began walking.

"Hey, aren't you guys going to put on any clothes?" I shouted after them.

Chad stopped and turned around grinning. "Nah, we'll just have to take 'em off again. Besides, everybody else is naked down there. C'mon. We do this all the time."

I wasn't about to go wandering along the shore naked where everybody could see me. All the guys down there were men, fully developed, and I didn't want them laughing at my tiny equipment. I put on my shorts and hurried after the two naked boys.

We picked our way among the rocks and boulders, heading towards the distant point. After several hundred yards, we began encountering naked men on the shoreline, single and in groups.

The first ones were a couple, maybe in their twenties who were sharing a blanket spread out on a flat boulder. They were both thin, muscular, with deep tans all over their bodies. The two, both longhaired blonds, were sitting up facing the lake. One was sitting between the spread legs of the other. The one behind was spreading suntan lotion over the other's back. As he rubbed in the liquid, his hands strayed down and even reached around to the guy's inner thighs.

I almost popped a woody right there watching that. I tried not to look, but I could hardly turn my eyes away. The guy in front didn't even try to hide his dick from us as we approached. It was much larger than any cock I had ever seen before and he was covered with blond pubic hair that rose nearly to his belly button. The two guys smiled and said hello to us as we passed in front of them. They sure seemed narmal.

God, it was amazing to walk among all those naked men. None of them was embarassed to be seen. Some were hugging each other, others were lying on their own or in groups. They were men of all ages from late teens to the elderly. Some were slim and some were quite fat. Most were circumsized, but some were uncut. The thing was, they were all naked. Most if not all were gay. And they didn't mind us walking among them. I have to admit, some of them actually looked quite interested in us as we passed, but nobody tried to do anything.

Eventually we rounded the point of land and walked a trail which snaked through the woods above the lake. Finally we reached a spot that seemed idealic. It was a ledge, about fifteen feet [5 m] above the water's surface. A large beech tree spread its branches across the ledge and over the water. A fat manila rope hung from a thick branch.

Beyond the rope swing, down the shoreline a couple hundred feet [100 m] was a large, flat rock which stuck out into the water about sixty feet [20 m]. Forty or fifty people were there sunbathing naked. Men, women, boys, and girls of all ages were lying there, playing in the water, or building sand castles on the small beach beyond. I had never realized that so many people were nudists. It kind of made me feel funny to be one of the only ones around with shorts on. But I didn't feel funny enough to take them off! No way I was getting naked where all those people coud see me.

"There it is!" said Todd. "What d'ya think. Isn't it awesome, Jason?"

"Yeah, it looks pretty cool," I said. "Are you sure it's safe?"

"There's only one way to find out!" piped in my cousin. With that, Chad threw down his towel, reached out and grabbed the rope, and pulled it back to a large rock about fifteen feet from the dropoff.

"Cowabunga, dudes!" said my cousin in his best California surfer imitation. With that, he stood on the rock, reached as high as he could on the rope, and leaped forward. His naked body swung in an arc, first down and forward and then beyond the ledge as it began its upward flight. At the top of the arc, Chad let go and tried to manipulate his weightless body into a dive position. He didn't quite get it right, though, and it was almost like slow motion as his arms windmilled and he began the descent toward the lake surface. He hit the water half on his side, half on his stomach, with a thwack sound.

A second later Chad's head emerged from the lake, that goofy grin on his face. "Ouch," he said, almost in a whisper.

Todd and I were rolling on the ground laughing. Todd recovered first and took his turn on the rope. With a high pitched Tarzan yell, he swung his little naked body out over the lake and let go, falling feet first into the water. He emerged with a huge smile on his face.

"Awesome!" he squeeled.

Then it was my turn. I wasn't about to try a dive on my first swing. Instead, standing on the rock, I grabbed the robe as high as I could, making sure the lower part was off to the side so it wouldn't snag my balls when I let go. I jumped straight up in the air and I found myself hurtling forward. I crossed over the ledge, sailing high above the water. At the highest point of the swing, I let go and staying almost motionless in the air before gravity took over and I began my descent into the water. Toes pointed down, I entered the water with hardly a ripple.

My head broke the surface. "Radical!" I screamed.

We each took several more swings, Chad still not perfecting his dive. Finally I was ready to try to dive myself, hoping I could show up my cousin.

I mounted the rock, reached especially high on the rope, and leapt straight up into the air. I swung down and out, arced upwards, and at the highest point above the lake, let go. I piked my body, nearly bringing my thighs into my face, and my body rotated. I released the pike, looked for the surface of the water, and stretched my body into an upright position, head first. I cut the water with hardly a splash. It was perfect!

Well, it was almost perfect. The trouble was, I had forgotten to tie my gym shorts before the dive and they had come completely off when my body had entered the water! I was frantic as I looked around, spinning one way and then another looking for the shorts. Finally I saw them floating just below the surface to my right and I grabbed them. Submerging my body, I was able to get them on without too much trouble.

Todd and Chad were clapping and cheering. "A perfect 10!" shouted my cousin.

Red faced, I walked up the path to the two naked boys.

"Who taught you how to get dressed?" my cousin laughed, pointing at my gym shorts.

I looked down and was embarassed to notice that in my haste, I had put them on inside-out. I looked around to make sure none of the people around had noticed. Nobody was even looking in our direction so, standing on the ledge, out in the open, I chose to be bold enough to take them off and turn them right-side-out before putting them on again. It was a new kind of feeling, knowing that I was getting naked where anybody could see me. It was kind of liberating, but I wasn't about to stay naked!

We continued swinging for a long time. After a while, I noticed a boy, about 11 years old, and what looked to be his father approaching us. They were both quite tanned and naked. The boy was talking.

"Can I try it, Dad? It looks awesome!"

"Let me check out first, son."

The two reached the ledge and watched as Todd swung out in his best imitation of Tarzan. I got a chance to study the pair. The boy with blond, almost white hair, was very relaxed in his nudity. His small, hairless penis was circumcized and hung about halfway down his loose balls.

The boy's father was a larger, hairier version. His dick, of course, was much larger and there was a lot of blond pubic hair which covered his lower belly. His legs were also covered in curly blond hair which accentuated his tan body. He looked to be about 35 years old and was tall and thin.

I had never seen a naked man so close before. He stood not more than five feet [1½ m] from me. I got a chance to study him out of the corner of my eye, not wanting him to know I was looking. I really liked the way his thin abdomen curved down to his genitals. His cut dick, about five inches [12 cm] long, nestled between the two hairy balls sagging in their sack. It wasn't much longer than my cousin's but it was much fatter.

I didn't get hard as I looked at him. It seemed natural to have him standing there naked. I noticed the man had placed his hand on his son's shoulders in a gesture of familiarity.

The man tried out the swing and did a dive at the end. He wasn't as good as I was, but he was much better than Chad! Then it was the boy's turn. He did a normal feet-first release. When his head broke the surface, his face broke out into a broad smile and a squeal of delight.

I took time out to watch the naked father and son. The man had such an easy, familiar manner with the boy. He kidded the child from time to time, giving him little pokes in the side. The 11 year old giggled whenever this happened and would poke back. It was obvious from their innocent father/son play that they enjoyed being together.

Then I noticed Todd. He had wandered a little way off and sat down under a tree, facing away from the rope swing.

Chad noticed, too and together we made our way to where the small boy was sitting. We sat on either side of the naked boy. He quickly wiped away a tear that was sliding down his cheek.

"What's wrong, Toddster? Did you hit the water wrong? Did the rope get wrapped between your legs? What's eating you?" asked my cousin. He wrapped his tanned arm across the smaller boy's pale shoulders.

"Nothing," he said with a pout. He shrugged Chad's arm off his shoulders.

"Look, dude. Jason and I aren't going anywhere until you talk to us. Now, what's eating you?"

"Nothing. I just miss my dad, that's all. I told you it was nothing."

Chad throught a minute. "Well, that's not something I can fix. But he'll be up next weekend I'm sure and then you'll feel better."

"No he won't! He's not ever coming here again!" the boy almost screamed at my cousin, tears welling up in his eyes. "He and Mom are getting a divorce. He's moving away and I'll never see him again!"

My cousin pulled the boy towards him and hugged the blond head against his chest. He stroked Todd's wet hair and wiped away the tears which were streaming down the boy's freckled cheeks.

"Shhh. It's okay to cry. We know what you're feeling," he said qently. "Fuck, Todd, I'm an expert at what you're feeling. And so is Jason. We both don't have dads. We know how much it hurts, don't we Jason?"

"Yeah, Todd. We know. We're with you." I reached out and touched his arm, running my fingers up and down letting him know I was on his side.

We sat there in silence for a long time, watching the sun sparkling on the water with the sounds of families frolicking behind us. Eventually Todd's tears dried and we got up.

We each took one more swing and then began journeying back to our own, private beach. We paused when we emerged from the woods at the edge of the boulder field that led along the shoreline back to our beach.

"C'mon, Todd!" said Chad. "Stop dawdling. I suppose I'll have to carry you," he said in mock seriousness.

Todd smiled for the first time in a long time. "Yeah, I think you'll have to carry me!"

With that, he jumped onto my cousin's back. "Okay, let's go. I'm ready," he giggled, slapping Chad's naked butt as if he was riding a horse.

Together, we made our way back, picking a path that took us past the naked gay men on the beach. I felt so at home now. These guys are gay, I said to myself, and so am I. They seem so normal. They aren't perverts like my friends in Springfield said. They were just like anybody else.

I felt a little more normal.

Chapter Ten

When we returned to our own sheltered cove, the long shadows and our growling stomachs told us it was almost time for dinner. We finished off our junk food and took one more swim in the lake before making our way, naked of course, to the house.

Todd called his mom and got permission to stay for dinner and to watch the baseball game with us. We took a couple of large steaks from the freezer and thawed them in the microwave. While I fixed a salad and some peas (Chad insisted that we had to eat a balanced meal since Todd was with us), my cousin grilled the steaks on the barbeque on the deck.

With dinner ready, we sat down on the floor, our backs against the couch with our plates on the coffee table in front of us. About halfway through eating it dawned on me that I was stark naked, sitting with two other nude boys, and it seemed to be the most natural thing in the world.

"What's that shit eating grin on your face?" my cousin asked.

"Nothing," I replied. I took a bite of steak so I wouldn't have to explain. I didn't want them thinking I was weird.

We cleared off the dishes, made a big bowl of popcorn with lots of butter, and settled into the living room for the Sox game. I sat in the recliner while Chad and Todd snuggled together on the couch.

It wasn't sexual or anything. They were just lying there together. Chad was on his back with his head propped up with a pillow. His soft penis lay on his tanned hip. Todd was on his side, wedged between my cousin and the back of the couch. He had his head resting on Chad's chest, a leg draped across his thighs, his hairless crotch pressed agains his hip. Chad's arm was wrapped around the smaller boy's shoulders.

I felt jealousy begin to raise its head again. I knew that Chad was doing his best to comfort the poor boy. It's mighty tough having your parents divorce, especially when you're Todd's age. Still, I kept wishing that it was me lying there alongside my cousin.

Todd reached across Chad's body and grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl on the coffee table. He took more than his small hand could hold; as he drew it back, popcorn spilled across the floor and all over Chad's torso.

"Hey, dude! Are you going to eat that popcorn or are you going to throw it around the house?" my cousin smiled at the small boy lying at his side.

"I'm gonna eat it," Todd giggled.

Chad picked up a fallen kernal which was lying in one of the crevices of his abdomen and threw it at the small boy's face. It bounced off Todd's forehead and was lost somewhere behind the couch.

"Brick! I can't believe I missed your mouth. It's such a huge target!"

Todd, giggling, took his handful of the buttery popcorn and threw it at my cousin. All hell broke loose as kernals flew everywhere. The small, naked redhead and the much larger blond wrestled on the couch, trying to shove popcorn into the each other's closed mouth.

Eventually the two boys tired of their play and quieted down. Chad whispered into the smaller boy's ear; I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I was right to feel nervous. Suddenly with a scream, the two boys bounded off the couch and across the room. Chad dragged me from the lounger to the floor. He sat on my chest, pinning my arms with his knees. His soft penis was only inches from my face, wiggling back and forth as he struggled to keep my bucking body under control. Luckily, I was so busy fighting him off that I didn't pop a boner. That would have been really embarassing with Todd there.

Todd brought the bowl with what remained of the popcorn and crouched down just beyond the top of my head. As I struggled, he took first one, and then a handful of popcorn and shoved it at my face.

"Eat the popcorn, Jason!"

"No! Never!" I screamed and turned my face away from his hands.

We continued fighting like that until all three of us were exhausted as much from laughing as from our wrestling. The three of use collapsed on the floor, panting, trying to catch our breaths.

I looked to my right and saw my blond cousin's tanned body heaving up and down with each breath. The ripples of his abdominal muscles were highlighted by the blue light from the TV set. His soft clock lay between his sagging tersticles.

To my left was the smaller boy, Todd. His hairless, freckled chest was rising up and down with each breath. His tiny penis was was contracted fully, almost lost in his tight, wrinkled ball sack. I was fascinated by its tiny size. I can't ever remember being that small.

The moment passed and we proceded to clean up the living room. I found it amusing to watch the naked younger boy, on hands and knees, peering under the tables and chairs, hunting down each piece of popcorn. Chad pulled out the vacuum cleaner and proceded to do a naked sweeping up. With the three of us working, it didn't take long to put the house back in order.

Todd had to be home by ten o'clock, so soon Chad and I were alone, watching the end of the Sox game. We lay on the floor, side-by-side. Chad broke the silence.

"Thanks, for being so good to Todd today, Jayster. When my dad left, I thought I would die, I missed him so much. I'll do anything to keep the kid from hurting like I did."

"That's what I love about you, dude," I replied, half seriously. "You care so much about how everyone feels."

He looked at me, and then leaned over and gave me a hug, holding me tight for about ten seconds. I could feel myself popping a woody, so I was grateful when Chad let me go. He might care about the feelings of others, but if he found out that his body turned me on, I was sure he would hate me.

We went to bed after the game.

"Man, I'm horny," my cousin said as we lay in the dark. "Having Todd here has kept me from taking care of myself. I hope I haven't forgot how to do it," he laughed.

I looked across the room and saw, in the dark shadows, the sillouette of my cousin lying above the sheets. I could just make out both hands slowly running down his pubes to his erect penis. His right hand stayed wrapped around the shaft while his left roamed up and down his torso.

That picture was all it took to get my smaller dick fully erect. I suffered no embarassment taking it into my hands. As I stroked, I watched Todd working on his much larger penis. I imagined that his hands were mine, and I was the one giving him all that pleasure. His hardon fascinated me and I wished that I could hold it. But I knew that would never be.

Our motions got more and more hurried as we stroked ourselves in the dark. Soon I heard a sharp intake of breath and I knew that Chad was coming. I wished I could see it, but it was too dark. It was only a minute or two later when I felt that wonderful tingling which signaled the ejaculation of the small, clear liquid from my raging four-incher [10 cm].

Chad got up and disappeared into the bathroom, returning with a wad of toilet paper. He handed some to me and used the rest to wipe the stickly liquid off his chest and stomach as he stood over my bed.

When we had both finished our cleanup, he sat down, leaned over and gave me another quick hug before returning to his bed. I fell asleep almost immediately.

The Next Morning

WHAM! The door flew open, startling the two of us out of our deep sleeps.

"Chad! Jason! Guess what? Mom's taking me to Boston. She talked to Dad last night and he says I can stay with him for the whole week! He even said he would take the time off from work to be with me!"

"That's great, Toddster!" Chad tried to sound enthusiastic in spite of the early hour. I looked at the clock on the bedside table and saw that it was not quite seven thirty!

"Yeah, were leaving in a half hour. I just wanted to let you know I won't be able to help you with the painting this week. Is that okay?"

"No problem, dude. We'll manage without you. You have a good time with your dad. That's more important."

Chad rose from the bed, his ever-present morning erection pointing almost vertical, and gave the boy a hug.

"Ick! Your boner poked me in the stomach!" Todd giggled.

"Sorry, Toddster. I'm just so happy for you. I forgot about it."

"That's okay, Chad. We all get them," the boy smiled. "I gotta go and pack. I'll see you next week. I promise to help you paint then."

He turned and scooted out the door shouting, "Bye, Chad. Bye, Jason." The front door slammed and silence engulfed us.

"Whew, that was a quick conversation," Chad said. Well, I'm glad he's happy. And maybe it's a good thing he woke us up at the crack of dawn. We've got a lot of work to make up for our day off yesterday."

We didn't bother putting on clothes as we ate our breafast out on the deck. It was another beautiful day, even if it was so early.

That day was our hardest work day ever. We were determinded to finish painting the south side of the house by lunch. In the afternoon, we set about scraping the chipped paint from the clapboards on the west side. It was difficult work; the paint seemed to be baked on in spots, and flaked in others. By five o'clock we had completed all the scraping we could reach without the use of the ladder.

We were wiped. With the sun beating down relentlessly, and the stubborn old paint forcing us to use all our strength in the scraping process, we barely had the energy to take care of the cleanup.

Finally, we made our way slowly down the path to the lake. The cool waters of Harriman Reservoir revived us a bit and we managed to wrestle a bit before we collapsed, naked, to rest in the late afternoon sunshine.

I think summer evenings are my favorite time of the day. I think I'll always remember lying nude in the sun alongside my cousin, without a care in the world.

"Ohhhh. I think we overdid it today," Chad moaned. "My body aches all over."

We laid in silence for an eternity. Our growling stomachs told us, though, that we needed to muster the strength to return to the house for dinner.

We prepared the meal almost silently and sat down together at the coffee table to eat our meal and watch MTV on the tube. After eating, it took us forever to clean up our dinner mess. Finally, though, we were able to collapse in the living room.

Chad laid sprawled out on his stomach, resting his head on the floor with his hands at his side.

"I don't think I'm gonna be able to move until morning. Japer, will you turn the channel? I'm to tired to click the clicker."

I grabbed the remote control and worked up and down the channels until we finally found an old rerun of Cheers. We watched that in silence.

Finally Chad got up and went to the bathroom. He returned a minute later with a bottle of baby oil.

"Yo, Jase. My muscles are killing me. I'll massage you if you'll do me."

I couldn't refuse. God, I loved my cousin's body and now he was asking me to rub my hands all over it!

I took the bottle of baby lotion from him, he resumed his position on the floor, and poured some of the clear liquid onto his back. He shivered.

"Yowzer, that's cold! Put some on your hands and rub them together to warm it. Friction does wonderful things," he laughed.

I spread some on my hands and warmed them with vigorous rubbing. Then I knelt down, straddling his thighs. My small dick dangled only inches above his muscular, tanned ass.

I began the massage where his neck met his shoulders. I kneaded those muscles a bit and then extended my strokes to include the deltoids on his shoulders. I used firm, slow strokes and Chad moaned quietly to himself.

I then worked my way down his spine, stroking the the long muscles on either side. After several minutes I moved out and massaged the tightness under his arms and on his ribcage. All the while my cousin kept up those small moans of peasure.

I loved how his soft, bronze skin moved under the pressure from my hands. As I watched the skin gleaming with the baby oil I was massaging in, I could feel my penis begin to grow hard.

I worked down to the small of his back, still with firm, slow strokes moving from the spine outward. The moment of truth came, though when I reached his round, firm ass cheeks. I hesitated.

"Don't stop," Chad whispered. "Keep going."

I took this to mean he wanted me to do his ass as well. I moved back, now straddling his legs at the knees. I poured more liquid into my hands, rubbed them together, and then began kneading the tight cheeks. As I looked down between his legs, I noticed Chad's pink, hairless balls were visible in the crevice with the even pinker underside of his cock nestled below them. I was in heaven as I got the chance to feel the firm, muscular ass cheeks and peer down the the underside of the perfect penis I loved so much. I was now as hard as I had ever been in my life and was glad that my cousin's eyes were closed. I didn't want him to discover that his body turned me on.

I continued working his butt, massaging between the cheeks. I think Chad's moans became more audible. I worked down to his thighs, rubbing in long motions along his hamstrings and then down between his legs. Twice my fingers accidentally touched his ball sack and I could feel my cousin shiver a bit beneathe me.

I worked all the way down to the soles of his feet. In all, I think I spent almost thirty minutes giving him his massage. Without comment, I finished with a little tickle to my cousin's feet and flopped down on the floor beside him, face down.

"My turn," I said.

"Oh god, that was so perfect," Chad said quietly. "You should get a job doing that. I bet people would pay you big bucks."

He slowly rose and straddled my body. As he leaned forward to start at my shoulders, I think I could feel the head of his dick trail along my ass and up to the small of my back. I was in another world as my cousin began the strong, smooth strokes on my tired muscles.

In a trance, my whole mind concentrated on his fantastic hands as the moved around my body. My sense heightened when he reached the small of my back, anticipating his next move.

My whole body shivered as I felt his warm hands spreading the baby oil on my tight ass muscles. First he worked on the outsides, and then, slowly, he moved his fingers closer and closer together. I let out a gasp when I felt his first tentative moves between my cheeks.

His well-oiled hands massaged my inner thighs and he seemed to show no hesitation when his fingertips brushed my balls more than once.

After about a half hour, but still way too soon, Chad finished the job and collapsed at my side. I could feel the warmth of his body to my right. I reached out and gave him a weak, brotherly hug.

"That was way cool," I said. "I've never felt anything like it. Thanks, Chad."

"Anytime, Japer," he answered. I hoped he meant it.

We showered. Chad went first and called to me when he was about finished so I could jump in before the hot water ran out.

Warm and relaxed, we got ready for bed almost silently. Standing in the middle of the room, Chad gave me a quick hug before we got into our beds for a restful sleep after a long, hard day.

Chapter Eleven

I woke up early on Wednesday morning. It was much warmer and looking out the window from my bed, I could see the sun was shining through the leaves of the maples on the lawn. I looked over at my cousin who was sleeping on his side, his back to me. The top sheet was draped over his lower body, his bony hips exposed to the light of the morning.

I stretched in the warm early morning air. The slight ache of my tight muscles reminded me of the hard work we had done the day before, and the rewarding massage my cousin had given me in the evening. As I relived the feel of Chad's strong hands on my muscles, I felt the familiar stirring in my groin. My penis, already hard, began to make little jerking movements. I pulled down the sheets and examined with fascination my four inch [10 cm] tool.

My erection lay on my nearly hairless abdomen, but would jerk upward an inch or two every couple of seconds. I tried my hardest to keep my hands from my woody, but eventually I gave in to the desire. My right hand stroking slowly up and down, and my left hand cupping my loose balls, I imagined what it would be like to lie alongside my cousin and to play with his dick while he stroked mine. I could picture it in my head, examining his five inch [12½ cm] penis up close, playing with the small, dense patch of blonde pubic hairs, and watching as he ejaculated onto his chest.

It would never be, though. I am sure that if he even knew my thoughts, he would hate me. I imagined him somehow reading my mind and forcing me out of the house in his disgust for my "choice." No, it would never be.

The negative thoughts had their effect on me. My dick softened to about two inches [5 cm]. I looked over at Chad, but he was still asleep with his back to me.

I must have fallen asleep again, because when I next opened my eyes, Chad was gone. I heard the sounds from the bathroom and looked at the clock, noticing that it was well after nine. The morning had grown hot and hardly a whisper of air rustled the curtains. It was going to be a killer day out there. I hoped we wouldn't have to work as hard as we had the day before.

We had our normal, naked breakfast out on the deck. Even in the shade, the heat of the morning was oppressive. Not a leaf stirred in the trees surrounding the yard. The humidity made it seem even hotter. Already my body was pouring sweat.

It got hotter as we worked throughout the morning. We dragged as the time went on. Not even our mid-morning lemonade break relieved the oppressive heat. By lunch time we had had enough work.

With a huge jug of lemonade and armfuls of junk food and sandwiches in a cooler, we made our way slowly to our beach. I surveyed the shoreline when we arrived and at the gay section a hundred yards to our left was a sea of humanity. Naked men were sprawled on every horizontal surface, and many more were swimming and splashing around in the cool waters of the lake.

We emptied our arms and proceded into the water as fast as we could. At last we could cool off! Neither of us had the energy to move; we just lay in the shallows, the water covering our bodies from shoulder to toe. Chad's dick, slightly contracted in the cool water, bobbed up and down. When his body made waves, his penis would move backwards and forwards. The curves and folds of the underside of his cut penis made the sight even more interesting.

"What d'ya think? Wanna go to the rope swing?" Chad asked.

"Yeah, but it's a fuckin' long way down there. Too hot to hike all that way," I replied.

"I know, let's swim there! If we get tired, we can get out and rest."

This was going to be a test for me. I didn't want to put on my shorts for the long swim and I also was nervous about going naked in front of all those people. I debated in my mind what to do. I liked being naked, especially with my cousin, but all those people would see me my tiny, little boy's dick when I got out of the water. On the other hand, all those people, mostly men, were also naked and even those who were not built seemed to be unashamed. I thought back on how I had grown accustomed to being naked in front of Chad, and then in front of Todd. Fuck, I even jerked off with my cousin and wasn't embarassed too much anymore. Shit, it was going to be difficult, but it also turned me on in a way, knowing that all those people would see me. Finally I made up my mind.

"Okay, that sounds fun. Let's do it!"

After fortifying ourselves with Doritos and lemonade, we entered the water and began our journey of maybe a third of a mile [500 m]. The surface of the lake was smooth as we breast stroked with our heads out of the water.

"Slow down!" my cousin shouted from behind me.

Even though we had been in the water a couple of minutes, I looked back and saw he was already ten yards behind me. I treaded water as I waited for him to catch up.

"Don't forget, I'm not a pro swimmer like you!" my cousin said, huffing and puffing.

We continued on our way toward the distant point of land, this time more slowly. I could hear my cousin's breathing and I knew we would have to stop long before we reached the point. Eventually he asked me if we could stop and we made our way to the crowded shore, finding a relatively flat spot without a sea of humanity occupying it.

Chad moved up on shore, lying back on a granite slab and propped up on his elbows while I remained prone in the shallows. I looked up at my cousin and saw his wet body shining in the sunlight. His toes, closest to me, were pink and wrinkled like prunes. The sparse hairs on his legs were plastered to his tanned skin. His balls were retracted tightly inside the wrinkled sack against his groin. His penis, shrunken to about three inches [7½ cm] long, lay on his tanned right hip. Small drops of water clung to his pubes, sparkling in the sun. Streams of water flowed between my cousin's rippled abdominal muscles and his strong chest moved up and down as he tried to catch his breat. His head was thrown back, so I could only see the his chin jutting up to the sky above the protrusion of his adam's apple. Even today, over two years later, I can still picture him like that in my mind.

I looked around. Like the last time, when we had passed this area while hiking to the rope swing, there were men of all ages and body types lying in the sun and swimming close to shore. Gay couples, seemingly oblivious to others, chatted together. Some were lying close to their partners and some couples were even embracing. It was almost shocking for me to see it. Wasn't this supposed to be gross and unnatural? At the same time, though, it made me feel better about myself. It seemed like it was so right. I longed to be able to express myself as openly as these men did, but I also knew that I risked hatred and disgust from my cousin. And shit, I couldn't even summon the courage to get out of the water and show my naked boy's body openly.

I looked around. Most of the guys nearby didn't seem to even notice us, even though we were the only kids in sight. On the other hand, a few men were glancing our way. Some seemed to have annoyed looks on their faces, maybe because two boys had intruded in a men only area. I think that a couple of guys were actually interested in what we were doing, though. Hell, Chad's ripped body made him look like a god.

I noticed Chad was no longer breathing heavily.

"Ready to go on?" I asked.

"I think I'm gonna walk," my cousin said, a thoughtful look on his face. "I thought I was in shape, but I guess swimming's not my thing, like you. Are you okay with that?"

I knew what he was talking about. He knew I was embarassed by being nude in front of strangers. He was so good about that kind of thing. He always thought about my feelings. Maybe it was time for me to think about his feelings. Maybe it was time to try to ignore my shyness. Maybe I could do that much for Chad.

"Yeah, I'm okay with that. I'll walk with you."

I could see the look of surprise on his face as I emerged from the water. I can't say it was an easy thing to do. I looked down at myself. My balls were almost invisible, pulled tightly into my groin and protected from the cold water. My tiny penis was even smaller than usual. I pretended I wasn't concerned about it.

From where we were on the shore, the trail to the rope swing meant hiking among the boulders and up well inside the tree line. We had to pick our way through the sea of blankets and towels, and scores of naked men. I kept my eyes down to the ground ahead, not wanting to see if anybody had noticed me and was laughing. I followed my cousin's footsteps, trusting him to choose the best, and hopefully most direct, route to the cover of the trees. After an eternity I felt the welcomed shade of and saw the dark earth of the well worn path ahead of me. That wasn't so bad!

I lifted my eyes and followed Chad's naked form as we travelled the twists and turns of the path. Within five minutes we had reached our destination. A small, dark-haired boy and his bearded father were already at the swing when we arrived. The boy was no more than eight years old, his tiny uncut dick sticking out over his wrinkled ball-sack. The man, probably in his thirties had a compact, defined body. His beard was slightly more gray than the dark hair on his head and covering much of his chest and belly.

All four of us took turns swinging on the rope, with Chad doing his usual goofy flops which caused the rest of us to groan in the pain we imagined he suffered each time he hit the water. The funny thing was, I don't remember when it was that my shyness disappeared. It just seemed kind of natural to be there naked with the other guys and I had forgotten that I wasn't wearing any clothes and didn't even have any nearby.

Eventually the father and son disappeared, leaving just Chad and me. We took turns doing daring feats off the rope. When I broke the surface after a particularly difficult one and a half, I noticed a tall boy, maybe fifteen years old and dressed only in baggy Michigan basketball shorts, talking to my cousin at the top of the cliff.

I scrambled up the cliff, not even thinking about my nudity. When I emerged at the top I walked over to the two boys. Their conversation seemed animated and I heard the strange kid talking about a tournament in Montreal.

"Hiya, Jase," Chad said. "This is Justin. He's on the hockey team at my school."

I turned to the boy. He was tall, maybe six feet [1.80 m], and thin. He had longish, dirty blond hair parted down the middle. His features were long, with a large nose that somehow seemed right for his face. His cheeks were reddish, not so much from the sun, but more from blood, like he had an eternal blush. They were dark, much like the color of his lips. Justin's adam's apple stuck out of his long thin neck and moved up and down with each breath. His naked upper body, though not strongly built, showed long muscles that had seen lots of work. I could see small tufts of darker hair under his arms. His belly, even though thin, showed no hint of abdominal muscles at all. His dark blue, oversized shorts hung on his boney hips and his thin legs were tanned, with sparse blond hairs. Loose Nike hightops covered his feet.

Suddenly I remembered that I was nude. Embarassed at being naked in front of him, I clasped my hands in front of me, trying to make it look like a natural way of standing.

"Wassup, dude," he said to me in a low, unemotional voice.

"Not much," I replied, looking up into his blue eyes.

I noticed that those eyes were looking down at my naked body. I felt the blood rushing to my head and my ears pounding with my heartbeat. I was sure that my blushing was very noticeable. Maybe I wasn't really ready to be a nudist. I decided I wanted out of there as fast as I could go!

"I'm gonna swing some more," I said as I made my way to the rope. Instead of launching myself from the large boulder to get as much height as possible, I took a running start and barely cleared the edge of the cliff before I let go. I hit the water hard and I am sure the cracking sound my body made could be heard half a mile away.

The cool water seemed to help stop the rush of blood to my head. I swam out towards the middle of the lake and looked up at my cousin and his friend. They were looking down at me as they laughed.

"Nice form dude!" said the lanky newcomer. I wanted to get out of the water to show him what I really could do off the swing, but my embarassment kept me in. Instead I swam around for a while, hoping the boy would go away. After five minutes or so I looked up and noticed that my cousin and Justin were sitting and talking. I figured that the kid wouldn't go away so the only thing I could do was go back up and rocky outcropping.

Once at the top, I decided to do one more swing, this time to show off my best diving form. I reached as high on the rope as I could, and jumped up and back just a bit. Soon gravity took over and I was hurtling through the air, obove the edge of the cliff and high over the blue water. At the height of the arc, I released the rope and bent at the waist, in a perfect pike position. At the same time I crossed my right arm across my chest and kept my left arm extended. The pike position caused my body to rotate forward and my arm gyrations caused me to spin. After one and a half rotations and a full spin, I brought my arms forward and straightened my body. I entered the water in perfect extension and knew that I had barely made a ripple on the surface. It was the best dive I had ever performed!

When I broke the surface I heard applause. I looked up and saw Chad and his friend standing at the edge of the cliff, fifteen feet [5 m] above me.

"That was so cool, dude!" Justin cried down at me. "How'd you learn to do that?"

I scrambled back up, no longer embarassed to be seen naked. So what if I had a tiny dick and almost no hair down there. This kid thought I was cool!

"Jason swims and dives on a team in his town. He can do anything in the water," my cousin bragged.

"That looked so cool, man," said Justin. "Can you teach me how to do that?"

"I don't know," I replied. "It's pretty hard at first. First you have to make sure you get the right kind of swing." I continued to explain how I did it.

Soon Justin thought he was ready to try. He kicked off his Nikes. I was surprised when he hooked his fingers in the sides of his shorts; I had figured he would swim in his basketball shorts. I was disappointed to see that he had on plaid boxers beneathe the mesh garment and made no move to remove them.

Justin grabbed the rope much higher than I did and jumped up just as I had explained. I am not sure where he went wrong, though. I think he released the rope too soon because his body did everything right, except he entered the water before he ever had a chance to straighten his body. A loud crack signalled the pain he must have felt at the awkward entry.

My cousin and I looked down the fifteen feet [5 m] to the water waiting for the boy to surface. It seemed like forever but finally his head broke the surface.

"Ouch!" he cried out. "Now I know what they mean by hard water!"

Laughing, we watched as he pulled his lanky body out of the water and onto the flat granite slab at the base of the cliff. He muscled himself up and his boxers slipped halfway down his hips. When he straightened out, I could see his dark patch of pubic hair poking out above waistband of his boxers which were plastered flat to his body. I could see the contour of his penis through the wet material and it looked like he was built twice as large as my cousin. He reached down and pulled the shorts back up onto his bony hips and as he did, his dick slipped out the fly. He didn't seemed embarassed. Instead he just reached down and placed it slowly back into the boxers.

"Hey, Justin," my cousin said. "Wanna come over to the house? We've got a shitload of food and you can tell us about Montreal."

"Yeah, cool," said the tall boy. "I don't have to be home 'til dinner."

Justin slipped his feet into his high tops, grabbed his Michigan shorts and the three of us made our way on the trail back to the house. As we walked through the boulder field, I noticed more than one person staring at the three of us. Justin and Chad walked ahead and I took up the rear. The two were talking and seemed to forget about me. As for myself, I was halfway down the shoreline when I realized that I had forgotten all about being naked in front of all the guys on the shoreline. I guess I was making progress.

We were hot and sweaty when we got back to our private beach so we dove back into the water. The others no longer ignored me because now I had the advantage in the water. At first it started as simple horse play with innocent dunking, but soon it got a bit more physical. I jumped on my cousin and dunked him under the water. He came up sputtering. Then I swam after Justin and tried to do the same, but while he was no match for me swimming, he was much stronger. He had managed to get his feet onto the sandy bottom and then to pick me up and toss me what seemed like ten feet through the air. I landed with a huge splash but was back to the surface and swimming after the lanky boy again. Again he sent me flying. The third time I went after him with a plan. I swam underwater to where his feet were and pulled them out from under him. Just as he was surfacing, I put my hands on either shoulder from the front, mounted up as high as I could get out of the water, and pushed down with my extended arms. I hardly noticed that my tiny dick was only inches away from his face; all I saw was his body collapsing underwater. I had won the battle!

Eventually we tired from our game and went onshore to lie in the sun to dry off. Before lying down, though, Justin hooked the elastic of his boxers at the hips and slowly removed them. His dense bush, darker than the hair on his head, emerge first and then the rest of his genitals. His circumsized penis was long, probably seven or eight inches [18-20 cm], with a diameter of about two inches [5 cm]. I had never seen anything so huge in my life! Even though his balls were retracted like Chad's and mine because of the cold water, they were larger by far than any I had ever seen. I was in love with his body!

Justin walked over to a low hanging branch and hung the cotton boxers to dry in the sun. He then lay down on our blanket and the three of us stayed quiet as the sun dried us.

Justin broke the silence. "Hey, aren't you guys afraid you'll get raped walking naked on the faggot beach?"

With that question, I felt as if somebody had punched me in the stomach. Suddenly I felt deflated and sorry that I was lying there with these guys.

"Nah, they're cool," answered my cousin. "And I wish you wouldn't use that word around me. Only ignorant people use words like faggot or nigger. I don't like to hang with ignorant assholes."

"Hey, man, cut me some slack," Justin answered. "Everybody uses that word. Shit, I was over on the beach there last week and I saw some guys in some bushes beating off together. They're fucking perverts!"

"That's perverted? Then what do you fucking call it when you and Robby thought you were alone in the showers at the rink last winter? You seemed to like that a lot as I recall."

Justin scowled. He looked over at me with a threatening look and then turned back to Chad.

"Hey, man. You fucking promised you wouldn't tell anybody about that. You seemed to like what we were doing, especially when we let you join the fun. Besides, Robby and I aren't fags. We were just playing around with each other."

"I told you not to use that word around me," my cousin answered quietly, but with force. He looked over at me and said, "I think it's getting late. We'd better move our shit back to the house." He got up and started to gather our towels and stuff empty cans and wrappers into the cooler.

"Yeah," replied Justin. "And I told my mom I would be back home early. I'll see you guys sometime."

With that, Justin walked over to the tree where he had hung his boxers. I watched his tall, thin body make its way. His balls had begun to sag in the heat and his long, soft dick bobbed back and forth as he walked. He pulled on his boxers and basketball shorts, grabbed his Nike hightops, and quietly walked around the sheltering boulder and back down the beach.

"What an asshole," my cousin muttered when the lanky boy was out of earshot.

In silence we packed the rest of our food and towels. After a quick swim to cool off, we made our way up the path to the house.

We didn't talk much as we cooked dinner and ate it on the porch. It was still light out and the Vermont summer evening was filled with sounds. Crickets chirped and redwinged blackbirds called to each other. In the distance I could hear the lonely cries of the loons on the lake. As it grew darker the fireflies emerged, circling around the edge of the woods and putting on a display to attact sexual partners by blinking on and off. I wished it could be that easy for me.

Throughout the evening, my thoughts went back to what Justin had said about my cousin enjoying doing things in the shower at the hockey rink. I wanted to ask him but didn't know how to put it into words without upsetting Chad.

As we lay on the floor next to each other I kept trying to figure a way to bring it up. Finally I asked him if he and Justin hung out together much at school.

"Nah, not too much. He's weird. He pretends to be all big and studly, but everybody knows he's the biggest closet case in the school."

"What's a closet case?" I asked.

"You, know. In the closet, except everybody knows what he's like."

Chad saw the confusion in my face. I had never heard the term, closet before.

"In the closet is what gay people are called when they are hiding it from other people."

I asked, "If he's hiding it from other people, how do you know he's gay?"

"Well, you can tell. When we were little kids playing peewee hockey, he used to run around the locker room wiggling his boner in all our faces. Even then he was bigger than all of us.

"And he was the first to begin to get hair down there. After games when we were in the shower, sometimes he would jack off in front of us, showing us that he could spurt. Sometimes he would grab one of the other boys and pretend to fuck their ass.

"But now we're older and he tries to hide it. He talks about how he wants to fuck hot chicks, but we all can see him looking at us in the shower. The funny thing is, he never talks about boning the chicks until after his dick starts to get hard when he's looking at us in the shower. We all know what he likes. Fuck, we talk about it all the time with each other. It doesn't bother the other guys. I figure he's just about the only person who doesn't know he's a flaming homosexual!"

He laughed quietly and then continued. "Besides, he's best friends with Robby and Robby's blown every guy in our grade. He can't seem to get enough. And Justin is with him every weekend, spending the night sleeping in Robby's big double bed."

"How do you know that they sleep together?" I asked?

"I've slept over at Robby's house a couple of times. I know what happens when it's bed time!" he laughed.

"You mean Robby's tried to do things to you?"

"I told you he's blown every guy in my grade. Yeah, we've done things together."

"He gave you a blow job?" I asked, hardly able to believe what I was hearing.

"Yeah," he grinned at me with that goofy smile of his. "It's amazing. His mouth was so warm and I was able to push the big guy in all the way down his thoat and I even came in his mouth. Fuck, he was good!"

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. My cousin was admitting that he had fooled around with other guys and was hardly even embarassed about it. I didn't know what to think.

We sat together quietly watching the end of the game on the tube. I guess both of us were a little horny after talking about blow jobs and all that. We played with ourselves a little bit, but besides popping noticeable woodies, nothing else happened.

I kept thinking about the things my cousin had said that day. Maybe things were going to be alright between him and me, even if he found out I was gay. He even mentioned that he had a gay experience with a friend. Shit, a new feeling was coming over me. It was like I had been alone on a desert island for a year and suddenly I was with people again. I didn't feel like I was alone anymore. It was almost as if I had been nobody when the day started and now I was suddenly somebody.

When the game ended, we cleaned up the house and ourselves before heading to bed. With the lights out we quietly in our twin beds.


"Hmmm?" he muttered.

"What did it feel like? You know, the blow job," I asked.

"I told you. It was incredible. The best thing I have ever felt."

"Oh." I felt like I was trespassing or something. I didn't want to go too far. We lay in silence a few more minutes before I broke the silence again.

"Do you think some guys our age are really gay or just maybe going through a phase?"

"I don't know. I've thought about that a lot. I think some people are born gay and that's the way they are all their lives. I think other guys are born liking both guys and girls and that's the way they are. Some guys are born liking just girls and that's the way they are all their lives. Some people just don't know yet."

"What about Justin? What kind of guy is he?"

Chad thought for a minute before answering, "I think he's somebody who's confused. He definitely likes guys and maybe he likes girls, too. But he doesn't want to admit it the guy part. His family probably taught him that liking guys is a bad thing and so he doesn't want to admit it."

"What kind of guy are you?"

I couldn't believe I asked that. It just slipped out of my mouth almost without thinking. Except I had been thinking about it all night after he had told me about him and Robby. When Chad didn't answer me, I thought I had pissed him off.

"I'm sorry. You don't have to answer that, Chad. I know it's too personal."

"No, it's not too personal," he answered. "Shit, we don't have any secrets from each other anyway."

When he said that I felt really guilty. I had that one, big secret I hadn't told him or anybody else. I had hardly admitted it to myself.

"I am not sure what kind of guy I am," he continued. "I think about it a lot. Sometimes when I look at the guys in the locker room I get that good feeling in my gut. Lots of times I think about what it would be like with a girl, but I don't get that same feeling when I look at girls down at the lake. I don't know. I guess I'll figure it out one of these days. If I had to make a decision today, I think I would say I like guys only."

I thought about that for a long time. My cousin was so amazing. He had just confided in me the same secret I had been hiding from him. It took a lot of guts for him to say that to me, not knowing what I would think. I could have rejected him altogether for what he had admitted to me, but he was still brave enough to make the admission. I think I loved Chad more at that moment that anytime in my life. I found myself crying tears of happiness.

After an eternity, I broke the silence. In a nervous, halting voice, I said, "Yeah, me too."

The sounds of chirping and the deep breathing of my sleeping cousin answered my admission.

Chapter Twelve

I woke up early; I guess the birds greeting the morning sun with song, had awakened me. As I lay in bed I tried hard to go back to sleep but the oppressive morning heat and my overactive brain conspired to deprive me of the extra hour or two I needed.

My thoughts kept racing back to what Chad had told me the previous evening. My cousin admitted to me that he was gay! I looked over at him lying naked, face down on his bed. In my mind he didn't look any different; his tanned body in its unconscious state was still muscular and athletic. I'm not sure why so many authors talk about the angelic look of a person in sleep; with his sweaty hair sticking to his scalp and saliva dribbling from his open mouth, Chad looked anything but an angel.

In my heart, though, I saw him as a totally new person. This guy had risked everything by admitting to me the deepest secret anybody can have. In my heart I saw a glow around him that hadn't been there before; he seemed an angel in spite of his physical state as he lay there asleep. Impossible as it seemed to me, I loved him more than anybody on earth and his admission the night before proved he loved me. I couldn't believe that anybody could trust anybody else so much.

I also thought of myself. While my heart swelled thinking about my cousin's love, I found I could deflate it when I thought about myself, hiding my secret inside me. I wanted to prove my love to him, but I had spent years protecting myself. The night before I hadn't had the courage to admit it to him until he had fallen asleep. Years of practice had made it easy to keep the truth from him.

I guess I had fallen asleep again because when I looked over, Chad was no longer in his bed. I heard noises coming from the kitchen so I quickly got up and took care of my morning bathroom duties before joining him. He was in the kitchen, naked as usual, although the countertop blocked my view of his lower half.

"Morning, Chadwick!" I smiled to him.

"Morning, Jason," he replied quietly without looking at me.

"What's for breakfast?"

"Whatever you want to get for yourself, dude. Same rules as always," he said. With that, my cousin walked out the door and onto the deck.

I poured myself a bowl of Cheerios and joined my cousin outside. We sat in our usual chairs and munched on our food without too much comment. I finished my cereal quickly and went back for another bowl. Emerging from the kitchen, I broke the silence.

"Looks like another hot one." A pretty lame comment, but somebody had to say something.

"Mmmm," was the only answer I got.

I sat down again and we continued to eat without sayng a word. The only sounds were the birds and a steady south wind rustling the leaves of the forest surrounding us. Again I broke the silence.

"What are we gonna be doing today?"

My cousin replied, "Well we need to scrape as much of the west side of the house as we can. South winds usually mean rain so I don't want to risk painting today." I dreaded the hard work but knew he was right.

"Sometime this afternoon we should clean the house real good. Mom's coming back tonight."

This time it was my turn to reply, "Mmmm."

We worked without much talk all morning long. The work was hard and the humid high temperature didn't make things any easier. The fact that I had so much trouble going back to sleep that morning made things even worse. I was in no mood to work hard but there was no way out of it.

"Fuck!" I shouted when my scraper slipped out of my sweaty hand for the tenth time. I quickly picked up the offending tool and threw it as hard as I could into the woods. I heard it bounce off a tree after it had disappeared from my sight. I know it was stupid, but I was angry.

"Hey, asshole!" Chad shouted at me. "Those things cost fucking money. Now go get it, dipshit."

That comment stung me. My cousin had never said a mean thing to me in my life. I was unprepared for the fury in his voice. Without word, I turned and walked into the woods in the general direction of my throw. It took me almost twenty minutes to find it, half hidden under the brown leaves that had fallen the previous autumn. I was afraid to go back, but even more afraid to not to. I didn't want to risk any more of Chad's anger.

When I returned to the house Chad was still scraping, but with even more vigor. I watched his naked, sweat-covered body as the muscles glinted in the hazy sunlight. From the side I could see his perfect penis and loose balls swing with each long, deliberate stroke of the scraper. I watched paint chips fly, some landing on his moist body and his drenched blond pubic hair. Somehow, though, the magic I felt whenever I saw him like that wasn't there. Instead, I looked away, hoping he wouldn't get too angry at my long absence. He turned to look at me as I returned.

"Sorry," I said in a small voice. "I won't do it again. I'll work during lunch to make up for the time I lost."

"No you won't. I'm the one who should be sorry. There's something eating at me and I don't know what it is. I shouldn't take it out on you," my cousin said. He returned to his scraping without saying anything more.

We continued to work in silence the rest of the morning. The wind picked up steadily as we scraped and by noon the tree limbs were thrashing back and forth. After a quick lunch break we continued to work, knowing a storm was coming. Sure enough, at about 3:00 we heard the distant rumbling of thunder rolling towards us from the south. As the sky darkened we quickly gathered our equipment and got it into the garage just as the first raindrops began to fall.

Since Aunt Leslie was returning home that night we spent the afternoon cleaning the house. Chad did the bathroom while I cleaned the kitchen. I worked on the bedroom while he cleaned the lving room. Outside, after the initial thunderstorm, a driving rain fell throughout the rest of the afternoon. To keep the rain out we had closed all the windows; the house became stifling as we worked.

With the house as spotless as two young teens could make it, we had dinner. We talked about nothing throughout the evening as we watched reruns of Friends and Seinfeld. Our usual jokes and laughter were absent. At 9:30 it was time to get dressed again; Chad's mom was due within an hour.

As Chad pulled on his boxers and I dressed myself in my Umbros, I realized just how much I had come to enjoy being naked. It had been days since I had worm anything, and even the loose fitting soccer shorts seemed to confine me. Even more, I had realized how much I enjoyed seeing my cousin's naked body in every aspect of life. My tiny and almost hairless penis didn't compare to his bigger equipment, but there was a contentment I felt in just being able to be myself around him and having him be himself around me.

But was I really being myself, though? My cousin had admitted to the most terrible secret imaginable; he told me that he was gay. At the same time, though, I couldn't find the courage to let him know about me.

With the driving rain we hadn't heard the truck coming up the drive until it was almost at the house. Drenched, Aunt Leslie came in the the front door.

"I hope the outside of the house looks as good as it does inside!" she exclaimed as she looked around. "Ugh! It's stifling in here, though. I hate having to keep the windows shut during these storms."

We talked a little about her buying trip and then she told us to make sure the lights were out when we went to bed; driving through the storm had exhausted her. We turned down the volume on the TV so she could sleep. We watched Leno for a while. We were actually returning to normal again, laughing at some of his jokes. He began a joke about gay guys in West Hollywood and Chad clicked the remote over to Letterman. I looked over at him; he was frowning.

Exhausted from rising so early that morning, and the hard work that day, I went to bed early that night while Chad continued to watch Letterman. I removed my shorts and climbed into bed naked. It was still too warm in the house to get under my sheets; I lay as still as I could, listening to the rain pounding against the closed windows, and hoping I could cool off. Just like that morning, though, my overactive brain would not let me relax. I kept reviweing the events of the day. Chad's angry words to me when I had thrown the scraper played through my head over and over again, each time hurting more than before. Yeah, I was stupid for throwing the damned thing, but his words and his puny apology only made me feel worse.

To top everything off, the day had started so great. I remembered how my heart pictured Chad as an angel. Here was somebody who loved me enough to confess his deepest secrets. Now, at the end of the day we were barely talking to each other. I couldn't help myself as I felt the tears begin filling my eyes. The day began as one of the happiest in my life and now all I wanted to do was to go home and get away from my cousin. I wanted to cry out loud, but instead stifled a sob.

I heard Chad approaching the room and I quickly turned towards the wall, not wanting him to see the tears in my eyes. Trying to hold back my sobs, I was relieved when I heard the shower running, giving me time to compose myself. When Chad finished and made his way quietly through the darkened room, I was able to control myself and my breathing. I listened to him, waiting to hear steady breathing signalling sleep. And as I waited, those terrible angry words crept back into my mind. "Hey, asshole! Those things cost fucking money. Now go get it, dipshit." In spite of my efforts I let out a sob before controlling myself again.

"Jason?" my cousin called out to me quietly. "What's wrong?"

I pretended to be asleep.

"I heard you, Jason. Don't fake being asleep. We gotta talk. I heard you!"

I didn't say anything. I heard the springs of his bed and his bare feet padding against the carpeted floor. I felt his hand on my shoulder pulling me towards him as he sat down at the edge of my bed. I could smell his freshly washed body and hair.

"Jason," he said quietly. "I'm sorry. I fuck up everything I do. I wish we could go back to the way were were yesterday morning."

I thought about that for a short time. Why did he think he had fucked up? I was the one who threw that thing in anger. I was the one who was too chicken to tell him I was gay until he had fallen asleep. I was the one who did everything wrong. Why was he saying he was fucked up?

"Look, Japer. I heard you. I messed things up between us and I am sorry. I am so fucking sorry." His naked body, sitting beside me on the bed started shaking as if he were crying. Then I heard a sob escape from his mouth.

That's when the anger and frustration of the day took over. I could no longer hold back the tears and cried as quietly as I could. Between the sobs I tried to speak.

"N-n-no," I said. "I'm the fuck up. I shouldn't have gotten so mad. I woke up too early this morning and I was tired and it's hot and I hated having to work so hard and I did stupid things and you should be mad at me." The words poured from my mouth as I finally allowed the day's frustrations out. "I promise I won't be stupid like that again. At least I'll try anyway."

"Japester, I fucking heard you. Don't you understand? I heard you and it's my fault!"

Now I was confused. Of course he had heard me crying. That's why he had come over to my bed. It wasn't his fault I was crying.

"It's not your fault, Chad," I said. "I'm just tired. Sometimes I cry when I am tired."

"No," he said. "I heard you last night. You said 'Me, too.' when I told you I was gay."

Now I understood! He hadn't been asleep last night! And then I felt the sudden rush of shame. The person I admired most in the world knew about my dark secret. I wanted to curl up and die right there. The blood was pounding in my head. I was so confused. On one hand he had admitted to being gay and I should have been happy he knew about me. On the other hand, it was a secret I had held on to for so long, I didn't want anybody to know, especially the one person I loved so much.

He continued. "I tried so hard to keep it in when you got here. I didn't want you to know about me. I tried not to make you be like me. I'm sorry. I fucked up."

I was confused again. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "You didn't make me gay."

"Yes I did. It's my fault! I turned you gay," Chad said. "I fucking pranced around naked and forced you to be naked, too. I kept trying to hold it back but it got worse and worse. I laid in bed holding you and beat off in front of you and massaged you and… I tried so hard not to but I am a fucking pervert. I guess they are right when they say queers are out to recruit younger guys. I am such a fuck up!"

He began crying without control now. I was seeing a new side of him. He wasn't the assured, older cousin teaching me how to be honest about myself. Instead he seemed the insecure younger one. I reached over to him. He tried to pull away but I grabbed his wrist with all my might and pulled him back to me. I reached up and wrapped both arms around him and pulled his body down to mine on the bed.

"D-d-don't," he said between sobs. "You shouldn't be doing this. I'm a fucking pervert."

"Shhh," I replied quietly, holding his warm body tightly.

After his body relaxed a bit I continued, speaking in a hushed tone. "You haven't turned me gay. How can you turn the sky blue? It already is. You haven't done anything but be yourself. The only thing you have forced me to do is to try to be myself. Can't you see that I'm the fuck up? Everything you do is so natural. You don't hide things. I'm the fuck up. I can't even tell you, of all people, about the real me."

We lay together quietly for a long while, listening to the rain against the window, but now with much less force. Finally Chad broke the silence.

"We're both a couple of fuck ups, I guess." He looked up into my eyes a smile on his face. "Are you sure I didn't turn you gay?"

"Nope. As long as I can remember I have been, as Justin would say, a 100% faggot!"

We laughed quietly as we lay together face to face. I could feel his hard, throbbing cock hot against my left thigh. The underside of my small dick dug into his stomach. His hair smelled of shampoo as his head rested on my chest. We listened as the last few drops from the storm spattered against the window on the other side of the room. I looked into his eyes and saw the glistening of tears on his cheeks. I brought my face down and gently kissed his cheeks with a quick movement. Even though it was just a quick, shy peck, I could taste the saltiness of his tears.

We stayed in each other's arms like that for another half hour. Finally, we began to sqirm a bit and released our hold on each other.

"We gotta get some sleep or Mom's gonna be pissed," Chad said. "Thanks for everything, dude. Sorry I broke down on you."

"That's okay," I said. "You're pretty cool, even if you are a faggot."

With one more quick hug, my cousin got up from my bed and walked back to his own. I watched the familiar contractions of his ass muscles as he made his way. He sat on his bed, reached up, and opened the window above him. I could feel the cool air rush into the room. The storm had replaced the stifling heat with cooler, dry air. I was more comfortable than I had been in days, or maybe even in my whole life.

The End?

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