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The new blacksmit takes care of a young boy whore.
Publ. 2000 (Nifty); this site Dec 2012
Finished? 29,000 words (58 pages)


Vania (13yo) and Lanflayd (28yo)

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Boy Prostitution story/fantasy
Mtcons & non-cons mast oral analprost


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Author's note

The following story is a work of pure fiction and deals withthe subject of man/boy sex fantasizing. No real life boys were hurt in the making. It's intended as masturbation material and that's all.

Made by ishfahan. This is written in english which is not my native tongue so I might make a few mistakes hope u enjoy :-)

Chapter 1

The butcher had not been in a good mood today, Vania had come to his shop just after he had closed it. As usual he had been waiting in the alley behind the shop, the weather had been awful and Vania was wet to the bone. Today the butcher Stanis had been a lot more brutal than usual, he had never been a gentle man but after he got his release he was friendly and usually Vania got a solid dinner on top of the coins in his pocket. Vania had greased himself with a little oil before coming, because Stanis always wanted it fast and raw. But today Stanis had started the session by hitting Vania, not the usual playful slaps but hard punches while calling him names. After the first few punches Vania was slipping in and out of consciousness and he hardly noticed that the butcher tore off his clothes and threw him onto the bloody wood table that he used to cut up meat on. Stanis then proceeded to sodomise him, the butcher was hung like a horse and it would have hurt a lot if Vania had been properly conscious. Stanis was so turned on by the violence that he came very quickly. After he had gotten his release he threw the money on the table and left.

Vania slowly woke up some time later, he felt as if he had been run over by a wagon every muscle and joint ached. When he finally got the energy, he tried to get up and managed to sit up and look at himself. He was covered in blood, it was difficult to see how much was his own and how much was from the table. He was bruised all over but nothing felt as if it was broken. He dried the result of Stanis's orgasm from between his legs with a wet piece of cloth wincing as it touched his battered entrance. He looked around and saw the plate the butcher had set out for him, he went over to eat the sandwich. Eating the sandwich was painful but he knew he needed the nourishment. When he was finished eating he went over to the water basin to try and clean up, while he was washing himself he heard Stanis come down the stairs. He turned around to face him, Stanis said:

"I'm sorry Vania but you are getting too old to get my sympathy. I can't hold back anymore, this was the last time. If you can find a younger boy who is pretty I will pay you for introducing him to me."

Vania sat there for a second, he had come to the butcher's shop after hours every Monday and Wednesday the last four years. The money he made here was important because it paid for the hayloft where he slept on at the inn's stable.

"Why don't you like me anymore?" Vania asked.

Stanis looked down between the boys legs and answered, "You have been growing the last few months and now you are getting hairs on your dick."

"That turns me off and then there is only violence that can make me hard, and I don't want that. I always feel guilty when I hit you and I don't want that."

Vania started crying softly, last month his first hairs had sprouted. I had cost him a lot of customers over the last couple of weeks. The last two years he had lived an easy life with enough money from his regular customers that he did not need to find new ones to make a reasonable living. He had managed to save a good deal of money so he could buy himself a place as an apprentice when he turned 14. But he did not have the money to live one and a half year off his money before he could be made an apprentice. It had not made it easier that the local bishop had declared that if a man was caught with a boy, both would be whipped and the boy sold into slavery. Apparently the leader of the church of the white hand had declared that prostitutes were possessed by evil. Two boys had already been sold at the Town Square to a life as a slave.

"But I need the money Stanis if you try not to hit me so hard I won't mind."

"No Vania I cant live with that. I'm really sorry but I need the release, my wife cant give it to me and I don't need a pregnant girl coming here with a baby, so a boy is perfect but I need them young please find one Vania."

"I'll try Stanis."

Stanis smiled at Vania, a sad smile, he had enjoyed the last three years, since he had seen Vania getting picked up by a man outside his shop. He had approached him two days later and they had met twice a week in the shop since then. The boy had just turned 10 at that time. Vania had been 4 feet [1.50 m] tall, skinny and smooth as a baby's bottom, he had beautiful blue eyes and gray blond hair (A trace of a northern ancestor). Vania had grown a foot [30 cm] since then and had gotten a little more muscle but was still very slim. He had grown his first 20 hairs on his dick, which had grown a lot the last few months from a fat 2-inch [5 cm] boydick to an even fatter 4½ inches [11½ cm], Too big for Stanis, to play with. So he turned him face down on the table and fucked him long and hard but now he was too much a young man for Stanis to pretend he was a girl.

"Goodbye Vania come by once in a while for a meal, but our business deal is off."

Vania got his clothes on and picked up the money Stanis had left earlier. It was a lot more than usual, 10 times as much actually. Stanis must be feeling guilty. He turned to leave and as he opened the door he said, "Goodbye Stanis I'll miss your food."

Chapter 2

It was still raining when he left the butchers shop. The bishops edict had made it very dangerous to meet new men and his body had betrayed him a year too early. He had been working on the streets for a year since his parents had died in a orc raid on a village 10 miles outside Trantor. He only had two customers left now, they would still bring enough money for his sleeping place on the hayloft. But he needed to make some more money to feed and clothe himself. Luckily the last two had said that the hair did not bother them, and that they would keep him for the next year. But he still needed to make more money to get a place as an apprentice, when he did not have parents to pay for him or help him find a place.

Vania was in his own world as he walked the dark streets of Trantor he was so caught up in his worries that he never heard the pounding of hooves through the drum of the rain. Suddenly a huge horse appeared from around the corner, he was not fast enough to get completely out of the way and the boot of the rider was the last thing he saw before the world was black around him.

The rider was a sergeant in the Duke's army, he looked out from behind his cloak at the boy who was lying in the gutter.

"Only a street urchin. Leave him!"

The column of soldiers started moving again leaving the boy behind.

The last rider stopped and got off his horse. Lanflayd bent down and checked that the boy was breathing and noticed how dirty, bruised and beaten the boy looked. He slowly lifted the wet boy onto his shoulders and got onto his horse. He pulled his cloak around the boy as he put him down in front of himself in the saddle. Then he kicked the horse softly following the sound of the soldiers.

A couple of the soldiers were waiting at the next square.

"Where were you blacksmith?."

"Just picking up something."

The soldiers noticed the boy in the blacksmith's arms.

"The sergeant said to leave him behind?!" the soldier said nervously.

None of the soldiers felt at ease with the new blacksmith, he moved with the grace of a cat and was almost as fast as one even though he was six feet [1.80 m] tall. They had seen their sergeant back down front him twice during the trip here. There had been no fighting but if the sergeant was wary then they had every reason to be scared.

"That means you two can't bring him with you, the sergeant has no right to order me about. It is not right to ride a small boy down and leave him in the rain."

"No that's true but he is just a street urchin and I don't want to loose my job over him."

"You won't loose your job as long as I have the boy. Now show the way to the castle."

The soldiers turned and rode ahead and Lanflayd followed, he could feel the boy stirring against his chest, but he was still asleep.

The castle was situated just out side the town on a rocky hill that was surrounded on three sides by the river Aoise. The last side was a steep hill from town and up to the castle. A cobbled road led to the huge gates of the castle. It had once been the seat of a powerful king but 120 years ago it had been conquered by the emperor of Khat and was now used as the seat of the Duke and as a garrison for imperial troops. It was a distant outpost in the empire and as such not a very sought after place to be posted.

The stragglers caught the rest of the soldiers just before the gates and after the passwords were shouted the guards lowered the drawbridge and opened the gates. After they entered the castle one of the soldiers that had waited for him at the square in town said: "I will show the blacksmith to the stables and his workshop."

Lanflayd had been ordered to serve here by the head of his guild. The last blacksmith had died in the winter three months ago. He had not been pleased, by this posting, but every craftsman was required to serve the guild for five years, after he became a journeyman, before he could setup a business freely. Lanflayd follow the soldier to the forge, which was situated next to the stables. Over the forge there was a room that served as the blacksmiths living quarters. One of the few perks of the job was that you had a warm room every day of the year.

When they arrived, Lanflayd carried the boy in his arms as he climbed the stairs. The boy was freezing so it was good that someone else had been using the forge that day. The room was large and warm it had a cozy feel to it. There was a large double bed in the corner a couple of dining chairs and a table there was also a large heavily polstered armchair in the room. Apart from that there was nothing in the room. The room was clean but smelled stale from disuse. The soldier excused himself and said that the lieutenant would be round to talk tomorrow. Lanflayd laid the boy down on the bed and went downstairs to get his bags off his packhorse. It took him three trips up the stairs before he had it all. He took his blankets from his luggage. At that moment the boy woke up and tried to get up. He managed to raise himself up on his elbows and looked around.

"Where am I?" he asked.

"You were hit by a horse so I brought you home with me. Get those wet clothes off boy or you will get ill."

Lanflayd threw some dry shorts and a shirt to the boy, he then left the room to go down to the forge to put some water on the boil. He wanted to give the boy some privacy, at that age many boys were shy and he did not want to scare him. He made the tea slowly, almost as a ritual. He had been taught, to make tea that way as a boy, and had always done it that way. I was part of his training and was used to calm the soul. He needed that at the moment, his mind was in turmoil over the boy he ad in his room. He knew that the boy was thin, he did not weigh much. But his shaggy blond hair had covered the face so he did not know what he looked like.

Boys had been the source of all the trouble he had encountered in his 28-year life. He had never been able to keep his hands of them and a boy was also the reason for this terrible posting he had received. He had been discovered in bed with the son of a senior civil servant in Khat. The only thing that kept him out of the hands of the church was that the shame on the boy's family would ruin them so the father kept quiet. The boy had been sent to join the army and he had received a ticket to Trantor and a promise that he would loose his life if the boy's father ever saw him again. He had heard of the bishop's edict and knew that he would have to be careful. After making the tea he went back up the stairs with it.

Vania quickly changed clothes as soon as the man left. He did not know what to expect from this man, he seemed foreign he had a very strange way of talking and moved very gracefully something that made Vania uneasy, it was like watching liquid metal. He took the large blanket that the man had been unpacking and pulled it around him as he looked around the room it was very bare apart from the many bags on the floor. He sat down on the bed. The blanket smelled freshly of herbs and that made Vania feel very dirty, he suddenly became very aware of his dirty hair and sweaty and bloody body. He started crying he was simply devastated. He knew that as bad as he looked, he would not make any money the next week or two.

Vania did not hear Lanflayd come up the stairs, the blacksmith put the teapot down on the table and the boy stirred and stopped crying as he turned to look at the man. Lanflayd rummaged through his pack before he found a parcel with bread and a little dried meat. He poured a mug and gave it to the boy with a smile, the boy smiled back from behind the hair, as he accepted the hot mug. Lanflayd cut a thick piece of bread and a piece of meat for the boy and passed it to him on a tin plate. He poured tea and cut meat and bread for himself, before he sat down at the table across from the boy so he could watch him. The boy was eating like a demon and Lanflayd soon had to cut him another piece.

"What's your name boy?"

"Vania," the boy whispered between mouthfuls.

"I'm Lanflayd. How old are you?"


"Where do your parents live, they need to know you are ok."

"I don't have any, I live on the inn's hayloft."

Vania had started on his tea which tasted good and sweet. The warm drink also made him feel tired so he yawned, he was hoping he could convince the man to let him spend the night there. He also hoped he would not have to work for the lodgings, he hurt too much and was very tired. The man got up from the table and started undressing Vania stared as the man removed his shirt. His entire left chest and left shoulder and arm all the way down to the elbow was one large tattoo of a green dragon. It was so lifelike that you almost thought that it would jump out and eat you. The man's chest was well muscled, he had the body of a fighter not the heavy body of a blacksmith. He was only dressed in a pair of shorts, and Vania wished that he one day could look like that.

"We will have to share the bed Vania, I only have one bed and one blanket."

"Its ok I'm used to that."

Lanflayd climbed into bed with the boy, the blanket was a very large one so there was easily room for the two of them. He laid back and listened to the boys breath only half a meter [2 ft.] from him. He could soon hear that the boy was asleep and drifted off thinking about what the boy might look like under all the clothes and hair.

Chapter 3

Vania felt like he was climbing from a deep pit, as he woke the next morning, his whole body ached from the beating that it had received yesterday. As he gradually regained his senses he could suddenly feel the man he was lying next to. In his sleep he had cuddled up to him and Vania had his arm across the chest of the man, he could feel the breath of the man in his hair and a strong arm under his head holding onto his waist. Oddly enough he did not feel scared as his memory gradually returned, he opened his eyes and as they adjusted to the light in the room he found himself staring into the eyes of a dragon.

He drew back quickly, but soon realised that it was the impressive tattoo the blacksmith had on the left side of his chest and on his left arm. His sudden movement had stirred the man and he drowsily replaced his hand. Vania let the man hold him again; he looked more closely at the face of the man holding him, Lanflayd had jet-black very short hair and a clean-shaven face. The man was different than the local men who almost all wore beards as proof of their manhood. His face looked friendly as he slept there with a calm complacent smile on his face.

Vania knew that he might as well get as much sleep as he could because he did not know when he would spend a night in a clean and warm bed again. He had taught himself to fall asleep under any circumstance, something that was useful in his profession. Men had to be very cold-hearted to disturb a sleeping boy and that often saved him from working in the morning. So he gradually cleared his mind and let himself drift away from the worries of the real world.

Lanflayd woke to the sound of the first bell, and realised that the boy was lying practically on top of him and that he had his hand on the boy's smooth stomach. He could not help stroking it with his fingers; he did it softly to avoid awakening the angel by his side. The silky feeling of the skin beneath his hand was enchanting but the sound of someone knocking on the door of the forge brought him back to the real world al too quickly. He gently laid the boy on the bed as he rose and tucked the blanket in around him, the boy only cuddled up and slept on.

He quickly dressed and went down the stairs and opened the door. The man knocking was the lieutenant; he saluted Lanflayd as he entered the forge.

"Welcome here I am Erit Kantis Lieutenant and in charge of the cavalry stationed here. I hope we will work well together."

"Thank you. I am Lanflayd the blacksmith."

Lanflayd answered the young man, the lieutenant did not look a day over 20 but Lanflayd was sure he was a good officer, there was something about Erit that made Lanflayd want to obey. The lieutenant was a natural leader, one of those people whose mere presence instils courage in the men he commands.

"I have three horses that need your attention today, I will send them over just after noon so you have a few hours to unpack and prepare. Two of the horse just need new shoes, the last one is lame."

"Ok I will be ready at noon."

The lieutenant smiled, "Goodbye Lanflayd see you at dinner. You are invited to dine with the duke, he has a great passion for horses."

"Goodbye I will see you later."

"Before I forget here is a little bread and cheese from the kitchen."

"Thank you sir."

The lieutenant smiled, saluted and left. The bread and cheese was a pleasant surprise, as a non-military person he was expected to cook for himself ordinarily. He now had five hours to get ready for work, plenty of time. He quickly unpacked his tools that he had set down in the forge yesterday, and checked that he had everything he needed. He thought everything was there but only time would show if he was right. He walked out into the castle square and looked around, it was already busy and full of people, mostly military but also many civilians.

He would be the only blacksmith in both town and castle, so the civilians would probably help him, keep a good income. But his contract stipulated that he had to do what the military needed, before he could work for himself.

Suddenly the boy he had left in bed drifted back into his mind. He went into the forge and closed the door, and as he grabbed the bread and cheese he climbed the stairs. The boy was still asleep when he entered the room so he put the food down on the table and went downstairs for some water. He drew a bucket of water from the well; there was a small pump in his forge that must be connected to a main reservoir that served as the castle's water supply.

He fed the fire in the forge and put the largest pot onto the stove filled with water, after a journey like that he needed a bath.

As he returned to his room he went over to the bed and turned the boy over so he could see is face. As he moved the hair from the boy's face he saw the damage it had sustained yesterday there was a large very nasty looking bruise just over the left temple. The right eye was black and slightly puffy. There were several smaller bruises. The boys had a slim and slightly pointed face that along with a pair of large front teeth made him look a little like a rat. As he lifted the blanket he could see that there were several bruises and cuts on the boys legs. He silently wondered if the rest of the boys body looked as bad as what he had seen already. His eyes drifted from the legs and up and suddenly he was looking into two beautiful blue eyes, he was captivated by them and could not blink or look away the boy might not be handsome but those eyes were enough to kill for. He needed his entire willpower to pull away from them.

Vania woke up and saw the man standing over him, he looked up and locked eyes with the man. There was something inexplicably kind in those jade green eyes the same colour as the dragon on his chest. Vania was unable to look away and he felt warm and safe inside, he could not help smiling up at the man who immediately smiled back. Suddenly Vania's stomach broke the silence with a loud groan.

"Hehe are you hungry Vania?"

Vania blushed. "Yes," he whispered.

"Then come and eat," Lanflayd sat down at the table and cut pieces of bread and cheese. Vania got up from the bed but as he got up he could not help but groan loudly.

"You look as if you have been through a war, what happened to you?" Lanflayd asked Vania told him a story about being beaten up by a drunk. He did not want to be thrown out and he knew that boy prostitutes were as welcome as foot warts.

Vania sat down and started to eat the food that was put before him quickly, eating like a carnivore. He had been almost constantly hungry the last few months, but he only seemed to grow a little. He had always wanted to be bigger but nature had apparently deserted him in that department.

Lanflayd could not help but smile at the way the boy ate, all growing boys ate like wolves. But he could smell him across the table.

"After breakfast we will both need a bath."

"I'm not that dirty," Vania answered he had tried cold baths in winter before and saw no real need to try it again.

"Yes you are, I am already boiling water for it."

Vania smiled at the thought of a warm bath, he also realised that now he had a chance to see the blacksmith naked. The dark hair and green eyes fascinated him. He had never seen anything like those eyes before, as almost everybody was blond in this end of the empire.

"Ok but I'm not sure I will be able to wash myself properly. It hurts an awful lot."

"Well I could help you," Lanflayd smiled at the thought Vania saw the smile and now he was sure the man was interested in him.

"Sounds good," Vania answered as he finished his food.

"I will get the bath ready," Lanflayd said.

Lanflayd went down the stairs and rummaged through the forge until he found a bathtub. He then brought it upstairs, as he entered the room Vania was stretching himself in front of the window. The boy was slim as a reed, and looked very cute in the far too big clothes. He paused for a second to enjoy the show but as the boy turned he put the bathtub down on the floor. He went down and got the pot with the boiling water went up the stairs and poured the water in the tub. He then went up and down several times to get enough cold water to get the temperature right.

When he was finished he looked at Vania and said: "It's ready now."

Lanflayd slowly undressed until he was only wearing his shorts, he knew how well built his job had made him, he was strong and well muscled without the heaviness the usually develops in blacksmiths.

"I'll bath first and then I will wash you afterwards."

Lanflayd stripped out of his shorts and got in the bath and started to wash he used soap and carefully washed every part of his body while he was standing up in the tub before he sat down and rinsed himself.

Vania got treated to a god view of the man and enjoyed what he saw; the man was smooth unlike the local men. Lanflayd only had a small bush above his dick and two small bushes in his armpits. The missing body hair made his muscles glisten from the water. His manhood was also rising slightly to the occasion. It was large (Vania guessed it would be 6-7 inches [15-18 cm] when it was in full bloom) but nowhere as large as for example the butchers. Vania was staring at the man he was so beautiful, trimmed and well groomed as he stood there looking like a hero from a story. He had never seen a man who was as conscious of himself as Lanflayd was. Vania noticed how carefully the man washed slowly getting every part of himself clean. Vania had gotten used to wearing emotional armour but somehow Lanflayd made his heart leap when he looked at him. When Lanflayd had rinsed off he got out and dried himself in a towel, which he kept around his waist when he was dry.

"I might need that later," Lanflayd said and smiled.

"Now it's your turn Vania, come over here and get undressed so we can clean you."

Vania slowly walked over to the man, when he got there he stretched his arms over his head and waited for Lanflayd to pull of his shirt The man obliged quickly, and Vania loosened the string that held the large shorts up. They dropped and he straightened himself.

The sight that met Lanflayd was both wonderful and horrible. He had not believed the boy when he said that he was 13 years earlier, but now he saw that it was entirely possible. The boy was not tall and he was slim, but between his leg hung the proof that he had entered puberty, he had a small crown of hairs over his dick, apart from that there was not a single body hair. The boy's dick was in no way enormous, as it sat there on top of two rather well sized balls, but on a boy as small as Vania it looked big. The horrible part of the view was the amount of fresh and old sores and bruises. The majority of the bruises were new and the blue and black colours looked alien on the boy's pale body. There was still a lot of dried blood on the boy and he had clearly not had a bath for quite a long time.

"Jump in Vania," Lanflayd said.

As Vania entered the tub Lanflayd poured some of the water over his head in order to wet the boy. The water making contact with the different sores made Vania wince, but he smiled at the man and said: "Please continue."

Lanflayd picked up the sponge he had used and started to work up a lather. He started from the top with the long shaggy mane of hair, which he washed several times with soap. In the end he had to settle to the fact that parts of it were too filtered to work with.

He continued with the face and chest of the boy examining every sore to see if it was healing well. He sponged him gently so, as not to hurt him too much, but even though he took great care the boy would cry out from time to time. He continued down to the boy's dick, which had escaped from damage. The firm and gentle hands of the man had an immediate effect on the boy and his tool rose quickly to its full 4 inches [10 cm]. It stood out from the boy's body at a 90-degree angle it was a fat dick and when engorged looked big Vania slim frame.

Lanflayd continue to work the dick and balls of the boy and pressed his hands further between the boy's legs to make sure he was soaped properly behind the balls too. Vania was enjoying the handy work of the man enormously and was moaning loudly. When Lanflayd moved down and started to wash his legs he whispered:

"Please sir don't stop."

Lanflayd laughed softly and said, "Let's clean you first."

He then soaped the boy's legs giving his hurting muscles a gentle massage at the same time. He turned the boy around and started washing the boy's back and as he worked lower onto the boy's buns he suddenly stopped at the sharp cry as he touched the boy's rose.


"Sorry Vania but I did not know you were hurt there."

"No its OK I was just surprised."

"Let me see it."


"Come on Vania."


"YOU have to Vania, now bend over."

Vania slowly bent down and gripped the rim of the tub as he altered his stance to stand with greater distance between his feet.

Lanflayd slowly spread the boy's cheeks and looked at the boy's entrance. It was very bruised and red and looked double the normal size for a boy. Lanflayd suddenly realised how the boy made the money he needed to live.

"That looks bad Vania. Did you have a rough customer?"

"Yes," Vania whispered and started to cry loudly.

"Easy boy easy boy, it's alright you are safe now."

"It's not alright! You were not meant to know." Vania cried.

Lanflayd gripped the wet boy and hugged him tightly while he tried to soothe him.

"Now you don't like me anymore," Vania sobbed.

"Why not Vania."

"Because I am a whore and possed by the devil."

"Vania, I have frequented whores many times in my life and they were all boys so I don't care what you have been before. But we have to finish this bath before you catch a cold."

"So you won't throw me out?"

"No but get ready I need to rinse you and the water in the tub is almost black."

"You won't use cold water," Vania pleaded and tried to get out of the tub. Suddenly a hand had grabbed him by the shoulder and held him there he had no chance to escape the grip. He gave up and stood there while the blacksmith got the bucket and poured the contents over him.

The cold water hit him like a brick wall, and he gave a loud scream with his voice breaking up.

Suddenly he was standing in the tub shivering, he felt Lanflayd wrapping him in a towel and lifting him out of the tub. He set the boy down next to the bed and sat on the bed while he rubbed the boy dry. He took special care not to hurt the boy as he dried him and paid special attention to his now very shrivelled organ. The gentle rubbing brought life back into the boy an almost immediately got a hard-on.

"I think this is ready to continue where we left off Vania," Lanflayd joked Vania realised that this was as good a chance as any and immediately answered.

"Please continue it feels sooo good!"

Lanflayd could not have stopped even if he had wanted to. He pulled the boy down on the bed next to him and tongue kissed him, the boy responded willingly and sucked and played with the man's tongue. Lanflayd broke the kiss and slowly licked and kissed his way down to the nipples of the boy's sucking and biting them he felt the boy's hands on the back of his head pushing him down.

Soon he was licking the boy's pubic hair and seconds later he had the entire dick in his mouth while he was massaging the boy's balls and the sensible area between the dick and the boy's rose. The boy started pumping into the eager mouth of the man as soon as lips met the tip of the dick. The boy was so emotionally stressed and turned on at the same time he only lasted for a few seconds before he came. Lanflayd took the first squirt in his mouth but let the next four spill out onto the boy's stomach.

The boy's semen was thin and creamy, not thick like that of a full-grown man, but nor was it the clear honey of a prepubescent boy. He then cleaned up the mess he had made savouring the sweet taste.

Lanflayd laid back as he watched the boy floating in post-orgasmic bliss, he could feel his own dick hard as a rock poking out from the towel. The boy returned to earth a couple of minutes later, he then slowly sat up and removed the towel from Lanflayd. He admired the 7-inch [18 cm] dick that was only slightly thicker than his own. He then opened his mouth and slowly swallowed all 7 inches [18 cm]. This almost made Lanflayd explode on the spot but the boy then worked his head up and down while using his tongue and a finger in the ass of Lanflayd. The finger touching his prostate set off the orgasm, which Vania swallowed greedily but the amount was too great and he spilled a little which ran down the dick before Vania cleaned it up with his tongue licking every drop that he spilt. Lanflayd was far away when Vania tongue kissed him, before the boy pulled the blanket around them both as they cuddled close together.

Chapter 4

Lanflayd woke slowly an hour later, he felt deeply happy, this was more than sex and the smile on Vania's lips confirmed his feelings. Vania was facing him and had his arm draped across his chest, his head was resting on Lanflayd's arm. He knew that he had to get up if he was to be ready when he had to open his shop. He slowly tried to get up without disturbing the boy, he almost succeeded but when he had tucked the blanket around the boy he noticed that the boy rummage around in his sleep looking for someone to hold onto before he curled himself into a foetal position and slept on. Lanflayd smiled at the boy wondering at the luck he had had picking him up in the rain.

Lanflayd went downstairs and opened the double doors that faced out into the inner keep of the castle. He only just got ready when the soldiers arrived with the horses. Lanflayd enjoyed working with the animals as much as he enjoyed the metal work. When he was finished with the horses the sergeant in charge of the soldier's equipment arrived with five young recruits who were carrying armour and weapons.

"Hello I'm sergeant Bone."

"Lanflayd the blacksmith at your service."

Lanflayd smiled as he made a mock bow to the sergeant, who immediately laughed out loud. The sergeant seemed very friendly, a large man 6'2" [1.88 m] and almost as broad over the shoulder. The sergeant explained that all the items he had brought with him needed repair one way or the other.

"What do you want me to start with then?" Lanflayd asked.

"I have made a list so you can see what we need the most just start at the top and work your way down."

"Do you have any deadlines I need to keep."

"No but if you can finish this within the next 14 days I would be very happy."

It did not look impossible but he would not have much time to work for civilians.

"I will try but let's just say three weeks and I will try to get it out of the way before that."

"Ok but we will probably find more things as the training intensifies later in the spring."

"Well the stock my predecessor had look as if they will last a long time."

"Well I'll leave you to it, do you want me to find a strong boy to help you in the forge."

The sergeant continued: "The old blacksmith's assistant is still in town, but he is a little slow, I have a nephew who is strong as an ox and he is bright enough for the job."

"Thank you but I might already have solved the problem."

"Someone said you brought a child with you after it was hit by Sergeant Uris."

"I don't leave anybody lying unconscious in the rain," Lanflayd answered defensively.

"Well Uris is not a kind man and he has never liked kids. How is the child."

"He is recovering, but he will be ok."

"Good well I'm off."


Lanflayd slowly buried himself in the work. Working in the forge was very relaxing almost like meditation. But he would need help soon. He could do it but it took time, he needed the extra hand that an assistant was in the forge.

Vania woke to the sound of the hammer on the anvil. He got out of bed and looked around for Lanflayd. He saw that he was alone and slowly dressed. It was weird but he had actually really enjoyed the sex earlier, he had enjoyed sex before but this time he had been burning with desire. It scared him that he possibly was in love with a man, but he wanted to take the chance. He put on his own clothes, which were dry now and walked down to see what Lanflayd, was doing.

Lanflayd looked up and smiled as he heard steps on the stairs, the sight that greeted him was a shaggy blond boy in dirty clothes, and had to stifle a laugh.

"Hi sleepy head."

"Hi you woke me."

"Sorry. Could you take the large bellows and blow them slowly."


Vania jumped at the chance to help and for the next three hours they worked. They did not talk about anything except work because the doors were open and anybody could hear them.

"Lanflayd I thought all blacksmiths worked without their shirt on in the forge? The tattoo you have is very impressive I'm sure nobody around here has seen one like it," Vania asked with a grin on his face

"Never mention my tattoo to anybody around here!" Lanflayd whispered.


"I will tell you later when we are alone."

Vania worked hard without complaining he did not have a lot of strength but he put a lot of effort into the work. Lanflayd would find himself watching the boy and daydreaming. Inspite of the hard work the boy's presence made time fly and he would occasionally laugh silently when the boy tried to do something he had no chance of doing. Lanflayd stopped working suddenly.

"I think I love you Vania."

Vania smiled at him.

"I think I love you too I have never felt this way about anybody."

"Vania I am allowed to hire a assistant, I would like to have you here all the time and this job would give me an excuse to keep you here. But you would have to work and work hard because I need the help in order to do my work."

"If I can stay here I would do anything." Vania flashed a careful smile at Lanflayd.

Lanflayd smiled and looked into the eyes of Vania. He could feel that the boy was what he had been looking for all his life.

"Then we need to go and do a little shopping, where is the nearest clothes shop."

"There are two in town."

"Well let's go then."

Lanflayd closed the forge and saddle his riding horse. It was a rather small black horse that looked a little fragile compared to the heavier chargers that were preferred around here.

"Why do you ride a pony?" Vania asked.

"It's a horse and I have had him five years."

"He looks weak."

"He is fast and can ride for a long time, he can't carry me in heavy armour but as I never wear it that does not matter."

"He still looks weak."

Lanflayd laughed, "Let's see if Iri can carry us both."

Lanflayd jumped onto the horse and reached down to give Vania a hand. He was again surprised at how little the boy weighed. Vania sat down behind Lanflayd and held onto him while they rode down into town. They quickly found the store where the commoners traded. Lanflayd bought Vania new clothes, both heavy clothes for work and some lighter clothes for normal wear. All the clothes they bought were black, just like the ones the blacksmith was wearing. They also found some blankets, a pillow and a hammock. As they left the shop Lanflayd noticed that Vania seemed to be somewhere else.

"What are you thinking about Vania."

"It's just that I haven't had anybody help me like this since my parents died."

"Well you better get used to it, I won't let you leave me."

Vania just smiled and followed Lanflayd to the horse.

Vania was still having difficulty believing his luck, he had always dreamed that some man would fall in love with him. That way he could live a safe and protected life. Now it had happened and for the first time in his own life he was in love with the same man. Vania leaned into the man as they rode back to the castle; he had never really trusted horses so he held on as hard as he could. When they reached the castle Lanflayd fed the horses while Vania watched.

"We need a quick bath before we go to dinner. I have to dine with the duke."

"What about me then."

"You will eat at the servants table. Don't tell them anything except your name and where you work."

"What if someone recognises me?"

"Well we will disguise you, You need a proper haircut."

"Please don't do that."

"Why not?"

"It hurts!"

"Well you cant keep on looking like a girl when did you last have a haircut?"

"It was a year ago."

"Then I will cut it today no one will know you in your new clothes and with short hair."

"Please be careful, Lanflayd."

"I will."

They both went up the stairs and poured the bath, Lanflayd washed first. After he was finished Vania got in.

"Please wash me like yesterday."

Lanflayd started washing the boy from top to toe and when he reached the boy's dick it reacted and rose to the occasion.

"Now look what you have done, I can't go to dinner like that."

"Well I will have to take care of it then."

Lanflayd slowly started licking every part of Vania's dick. Vania groaned heavily as he just stood and enjoyed the treatment. Lanflayd swallowed Vania's dick and slowly started bobbing up and down the length of it. His tongue worked every part of the dick it could reach while he gently massaged the boy's balls. He brought the boy to the brink of an orgasm several times and at the end Vania was pleading for his release. In the end Lanflayd brought the boy over the edge and he swallowed every drop of his sweet honey. As soon as the last drops were out of his dick Vania lost his balance and fell into the tub, spraying water everywhere.

While Vania sat in the afterglow of his orgasm Lanflayd fetched his scissors. He cut the boy's hair short, very short in the sides with a little longer hair on the top. Vania did not complain, as he was too satisfied to complain. When Lanflayd was finished he looked at the boy and had a real difficulty recognising him.

"You look like a boy now."

Vania reached up and ran a hand through his hair marvelling at how short it was.

"It feels strange but neat."

"Well at least I can see your face now."

Vania got out of the bath and dried himself. Lanflayd walked over to find his best clothes, as he was about to put on his shorts a small hand turned him around. Vania got on his knees and started licking Lanflayd's dick. Looking down at the now very boyish face slowly working up and down his dick made him hotter than a furnace. Vania massaged his balls and the area between his balls and his ass. He slowly circled his ass with a wet finger before he slowly inserted it and found Lanflayd's prostate. This sent Lanflayd over the top; Vania withdrew the dick from his mouth and held it in front of his open mouth as it exploded. Lanflayd was able to watch as he drenched the boy's face with his seed. The boy then slowly proceeded to clean himself and the man. This sight was incredibly sexy the sperm was dripping down Vania's face while he slowly licked it up like a hungry puppy. Lanflayd had never seen anything like it in his life. He lifted Vania to his feet and helped clean his face with his tongue; it all ended in a deep kiss that seemed to go on for ages.

"Now we are even Lanflayd," Vania laughed.

"Yes but you need to get dressed and so do I we are due at dinner in ten minutes."

Vania quickly dressed, the appetiser he had just received had reminded his stomach that it was hungry.

Lanflayd stood and marvelled at the beauty of Vania. The haircut had turned into a very boyish looking kid, something that Lanflayd really enjoyed.

The dinner was rather uneventful The Duke was a rather boring old warrior who only enjoyed telling about horses and wenches. Lanflayd managed to get the steward to put Vania on the pay list, the pay was lousy but it meant that he had reason to stay there and when he was old enough to be a apprentice he would be allowed to do that. Lanflayd also made an agreement with the cook so he would deliver food overnight for Lanflayd and Vania.

Vania had eaten with the pages and apprentices nobody had recognised him and he just gave his name and said that he worked in the forge. Everybody apparently assumed that Lanflayd had brought him with him. He enjoyed chatting with the other kids he had never really had a chance to talk this way with other kids. When they returned to their room, Lanflayd finished unpacking his belongings Vania sat on the bed and watched, his clothes had not taken long to put away. One of the things that caught Vania's eye was the sword that Lanflayd owned; it was a bastard sword not as long as the long two hand sword most northern soldiers used. He suddenly remembered that Lanflayd had said that he would tell him about his tattoo.

"Lan, why do you have that tattoo?"

"I was raised by wood-elves when my family died, when you grow up in their society you start training to be a warrior at your eighth birthday. When you achieve mastery of a weapon you get tattooed like this. The reason I said that you must not tell about it is that people here fear wood-elves and have fought them plenty of times. They know about the tattoos and their meaning, they would never really trust me anymore."

"When did your parents die."

"I was 10 and the elves took me in."

"You are a lot like me." Vania beamed at Lanflayd.

Lanflayd sat down next to the boy and smile back at him. "We need to go to sleep soon."

Lanflayd shut off the lanterns except the bedside candle and crept into bed where Vania was already cuddling up.

"Lanflayd I don't think I can sleep yet."


"I'm hard as a rock."

Lanflayd chuckled and moved the boy so he had his back to Lanflayd's chest and then he reached around to grab the boy's dick. Lanflayd slowly jerked the boy; Vania reached back and jerked the man. They soon had a very relaxed orgasm together. As usual Vania was very absent after his orgasm, but he managed to whisper a few words to Lanflayd before he drifted off.

"This has been the best day of my life. I love you."

"I love you too my dear."

Chapter 5

Lanflayd woke when Vania had to answer a call of nature. He watched the slim form of the boy slipping downstairs into the stables, the sheer beauty of Vania made him wonder how lucky a man could get. The boy returned quickly and smiled when he saw that Lanflayd was awake.

"Did I wake you old man."

"Yes," Lanflayd smiled.

"I will make it up to you," Vania said.

"And how will you do that?" Lanflayd asked from beneath the blanket. He then noticed that Vania's dick was getting bigger. The boy had an incredible sexdrive; he was hard almost every time they were alone together.

"You will find out."

Vania walked over to the cupboard where Lanflayd stored their food. He found the small bottle of oil and brought it with him to the bed.

"We can't do that Vania, it will hurt you too much."

"I need to feel you, Lan. I really do and I'm almost healed now," Vania pleaded.

"Vania, I can wait a week or two my love."

"Yes Lan, but I can't wait any longer, just let me try."

"Are you sure, Vania?"

Vania just smiled and lifted the blanket off Lanflayd revealing the man's hard member. He used his hands to smear the oil over the man's dick and greased his ass with a little oil too.

"Just lie back Lan, and enjoy the ride."

Lanflayd was stunned as the boy slowly sat down on his dick. The boy's ass slowly stretched to accommodate the man's cock, Lanflayd looked into the boy's eyes, and he noticed the flash of pain in the eyes as his head entered him.

"Vania please if it hurts let's stop."

Vania smiled at him and slowly eased himself all the way onto the man's cock. He then leaned forward and kissed Lanflayd deeply, the emotions that racked the pair in this moment were enormous. Vania was sure that he had died and gone to heaven, at that moment he felt complete. The man's cock buried inside him filled him with well being. He had loved fucking since the first time he had tried it. Sure there was pain but he knew that sex only truly satisfied him when he could fell the power of the man he was with inside him. He started to glide up and down the man's cock while they were kissing, every time the man's cock hit his prostate he would gasp slightly with pleasure.

Lanflayd knew that he had found love that second. He could feel how much the boy enjoyed the ride and he was almost mad with desire himself. He put one of his hands behind the boy's head rubbing the boy's short hair while they kissed. The other hand reached down between them and to his surprise and immense pleasure the boy was hard as a rock. He had fucked plenty of boys before but none of them had ever been able to keep an erection while they were fucked. Lanflayd slowly jerked the boy in the same tempo as the boy rode him.

Vania could feel that he was getting close to the edge, he stepped up the tempo gradually until he was riding the man's cock in a frenzy before he exploded spilling his seed over the man's chest and fingers. The power of this orgasm was enormous it was fuelled by his deep love for Lanflayd and the man's thick rod stimulating him from inside. He spurted six or seven times the last three were dry and they were almost painful as his body tried to expel more than there was available.

Lanflayd felt the boy's ass clamp down on his cock, Vania's orgasm sent Lanflayd into a body wrecking orgasm as he filled the boy with his sperm. He kept pumping and pumping his body shaking with the effort.

Vania felt the man fill him up through the haze of his orgasm, he slumped down onto Lan and just laid still savouring the closeness of the man he loved. He could feel the man softening slowly inside him, the warm fruits of their love were escaping as the man's cock subsided. The juices ran from his hole and down his balls before they dripped onto the man making them both very sticky.

The boy had collapsed on top of him; he could feel the boy's heart beating slower and slower as he relaxed. There was a look of bliss on Vania's face; Lanflayd relaxed just looked at the boy as Vania slowly came round again.

"Oh my god Vania, that was incredible."

"You make me complete Lanflayd, when you fucked me I felt as if I had found a home again."

Lanflayd was shocked by the boy's language but the harsh words from that cute face just made him love him even more.

"Well I enjoyed giving you a home, even if you have the language of a sailors wench."

Vania kissed Lanflayd again and promptly fell asleep on Lanflayd's chest.

Lanflayd laid and enjoyed the afterglow of his orgasm; the boy had a saintly smile on his face as he slept on top of the man. Lanflayd got up half an hour later and as he was getting dressed he saw the boy looking up from the bed with sleepy eyes.

"Do we have to get up, Lan?"

"Yes we have work to do today."

"Can't we sleep for an hour more?"

"No my dear we have a lot to do today, and you need to get that pretty ass into some clothes."

Vania blushed and got out of bed, he wriggled his ass as he got his clothes on, enjoying the way Lanflayd almost dropped his shirt. Before the man collected his wits and finished dressing.

Lanflayd opened his shop and soon got busy with the work he had waiting for him. Vania came downstairs a few minutes later.

"Vania could you go upstairs and get some bread for our breakfast."


Vania ran up the stairs and soon returned with breakfast, which they both enjoyed while they were working.

Erit Kantor entered the forge just before noon. "My horse needs new shoes blacksmith."

"Well bring it in then."

Erit Kantor brought the horse in to the small stable next to the forge and held the horse while Lanflayd shoed the horse. The horse was a magnificent beast 5-foot [1½ m] tall stallion with a viscous temper, but it was surprisingly calm while the blacksmith was working.

Vania could feel the lieutenant's eyes on him all the time while Lanflayd was working. The soldier even blew a kiss at Vania and licked his lips while he looked at Vania with eyes full of lust. Lanflayd saw none of this but as soon as Erit left the forge Vania wanted to talk. The boy was visible shaken and looked lost.

"He was looking at me as if he was going to rape me."

"Have you met him before Vania."

"No never before I came here with you, but I don't trust him."

"He is a officer I don't think he will do anything."

"Lanflayd, I don't feel safe around him."

"I will protect you Vania."

"We have to be careful, Lanflayd, the military are not people that we should cause trouble with."

"Try and keep out of his way, Vania, but I don't think he will do anything he has too much to loose."

"It was just those eyes, he looked so full of hate."

"I will protect you Vania, remember that no matter what happens I will protect you."

Lanflayd hugged Vania tightly for a minute and when the boy relaxed again he let him go.

"Now we have work to do."

The boy slowly returned to work, and as he got into the rhythm of the work he found that the ringing of the hammer on metal made him feel at ease. They worked the rest of the day and soon Vania took off his shirt as he was sweating like a pig. This made Lanflayd's heart skip a beat and he worked the rest of the day with a smile on his face. When the evening bell rang Lanflayd sent Vania to the kitchen to get the dinner. Vania came back with the food, and they ate it in the forge, as they were hungry like wolves and quickly finished a large portion of food. When they were finished Vania returned the plates while Lanflayd heated water for a bath. When Vania returned they had a bath together they were both tired and Vania complained that real work was hard and that his muscles hurt. After the bath Lanflayd gave Vania a massage on the bed and the poor boy was so tired that he fell asleep. Lanflayd covered him with the blanket and snuggled up to him and fell asleep with his arm around him feeling every beat of the boy's heart.

Lanflayd was woken in the middle of the night by a lot of noise from the castle yard. Vania never moved a muscle as Lanflayd got up and dressed the boy seemed able to sleep through earthquakes. When he came down to the square, it was filled with people milling about in apparent disorder, he noticed that in the middle of the castle square there was a group of bloodied men and horses. The wounded were being tended to by a mass of other soldiers and medical staff. Lanflayd scanned the crowd for somebody he knew and soon found sergeant Bone's standing guard on the battlements.

Lanflayd walked up to him and asked him: "What has happened."

"A patrol stumbled onto a large force of orcs on the road to Wontal."

"Orcs! I thought you beat them to a pulp four years ago."

"Apparently they have gathered another army, scouts have been sent out to see if they can get an idea of the size of the army."

"Does this happen often?"

"This patrol was 50 riders before it was hit, all of them veterans. Orcs never come down in larger groups unless they are up to something."

"Does this mean war then?"

"We will have to see but the duke has already sent word to Khat that he needs reinforcements."

"Just my luck to get stuck in the middle of a war."

The sergeant started laughing "Well then we will see if you are as dangerous as lieutenant Kantor thinks you are."

"Does he think I'm dangerous?" Lanflayd laughed nervously.

"Apparently he thinks he can see you are a seasoned warrior by the way you move. Kantor is the best man to man fighter we have here. I think he judges people by the way they move, he used to be a prize fighter in the south before he joined the army."

"Well I have never been in a war in my life."

"If you say so, blacksmith, but I would not pick a fight with you either."

"I will get back to my forge now, I guess this means a lot of extra work."

"It will mean a lot of work for all of us, blacksmith."

"Goodbye, Mr. Bone."

"Goodbye, blacksmith."

When Lanflayd returned to the forge he immediately heated the forge and started to work on a new sword. He worked hard and steadily almost in a trance, feeding all his emotions for Vania into the metal. He had picked the best piece of metal from the storeroom something the old smith had been saving for a special occasion. As he worked the metal he lost all contact with the outside world.

Vania woke slowly as the ringing of the hammer on metal worked itself into his dreams. He got up and saw that it was still dark. He put on his shorts and went downstairs, when he saw Lanflayd working like a possed on the metal in the forge, he knew that now was not the time to disturb him. He could see the concentration that this work required and just sat down and watched in fascination. He must have fallen asleep at some time because when he woke up and went outside the sun was high in the sky and Lanflayd was not in the forge.

Vania climbed the stairs and found Lanflayd busy at the desk. He was engraving the sword while he was slowly chanting some foreign words. Lanflayd looked up when he entered.

"I must have been very poor conversation this night, Vania."

"You seemed a little preoccupied," Vania laughed.

"Well doing what I did requires a lot of energy, so if you would get us some food from the kitchen that would be nice. Get a large portion I feel like I could eat a horse."

"What are you making, Lan?"

"A sword."

"But why were you making it in the middle of the night."

"Because I felt that it was the best time to do it, and because of the orc raid on a patrol last night."

"Orc raid!"

"Yes a patrol was hit by a orc army, killed almost all of them."

"Does that mean war, Lanflayd?"

"I don't know, now go and get breakfast quickly."

Vania went to fetch the breakfast, as he was crossing the square he noticed that the people he met seemed nervous. There were a lot of soldiers in the street who all seemed very busy. The air was thick with tension as the peopled prepared for the worst. When Vania had gotten hold of some food he quickly returned to the forge. On the way back he met Erit Kantor who looked at him like he had done yesterday before he walked on.

Lanflayd had just finished the sword by engraving the last runes on the blade. It was a thin blade a lot thinner than the usual short sword and it was also somewhat longer. It looked like a mixture of a rapier and a bastard sword. The runes ran all the way up the blade on both sides, they were ancient runes of power, strength and precision. This was the first time in his life Lanflayd had made a weapon fuelled on emotions; it was an ancient technique where the strength of the emotions infused the weapon with power. He was rather proud of the weapon it was a very good piece, it was too small for a grown man but just right for Vania.

Vania came up the stairs with the food and as he came through the door he saw Lanflayd standing looking at the new sword in the light of the sun.

"WOW Lanflayd that is a beautiful sword."

Lanflayd turned around and walked over to Vania and gave him the sword.

"This is for you my dear, try and see if it feels right."

Vania took the sword and slowly swung it around. It somehow felt right when he had it in his hands. He had never held anything bigger than a eating knife in his life and he had no idea how to use it but he was thrilled by the feeling of power a weapon like this gave the man holding it.

"But Lan, I have no idea how to use it, it's the first time I ever held a sword."

"I will teach you Vania we will start tonight but now I need to work. I think that people will be anxious to get their weapons repaired after last night."

"Do you think that I can learn how to use it, Lan? I'm not very strong."

"Swordfighting is not all about strength its more about skill and cunning so don't worry about it I will teach you how to use speed against strength. Now eat your food because we need to work hard."

Vania smiled a little insecurely and started eating the breakfast. As usual he was hungry as a wolf, but today Lanflayd ate like a forest fire and quickly finished the huge meal.

When Lanflayd went down into the forge he took his own sword with him and placed it where he could reach it in the forge.

"Bring your sword Vania and always have it near you. Don't bring it outside the forge before we have made a scabbard for it."

"OK Lan." Vania jumped down the stairs holding his sword.

The blacksmith wrapped the boy's sword in a piece of black cloth to keep prying eyes from seeing something that they should not see. They worked hard all morning, whenever Vania had five minutes Lanflayd would instruct him in balance exercises with and without a sword. Lanflayd quickly discovered that Vania was very quick and had a good balance, but the boy had very little strength. He knew that would change soon as all people working in a forge grow strong. The forge was hot as hell that day as the fire had been burning for a long time and Vania was only wearing his work pants, Lanflayd was still wearing his sweat drenched shirt. Lanflayd would catch himself staring at the boy, the bruises were fading but the boy was wet with sweat and the liquid made him shine in all the colours of the rainbow.

When the dinner bell rang Lanflayd stopped working and told Vania to get the food. They were both tired and after eating Vania collapsed on the bed.

"Come on to bed, Lan."

Lanflayd laughed out loud. "Get up boy now you have to learn how to use your new toy."

"Can't it wait."

"No now get down into the stable and bring your sword."

They worked long and hard in the stable Vania was dead tired but he tried hard. They almost solely worked on defence with Vania trying to deflect Lanflayd's attack. A few times Vania tried to attack Lanflayd and was rewarded with a smack of the flat side of the sword from Lanflayd.

"Learn to crawl before you try to walk Vania. When you can defend yourself well we will work on your offence."

"I need to be able to attack otherwise I will die in the end."

"You need to defend yourself until I come to rescue you."

"Please, Lan, just a little trick."

"Tomorrow now we need a bath and sleep."

They took a quick bath and Vania collapsed on the bed and was fast asleep when Lanflayd had locked the doors. Lan wrapped his arm around the boy and fell asleep almost before his head hit the pillow.

Chapter 6

Lanflayd woke early next morning; Vania had his arms wrapped around Lanflayd's chest. He was sleeping deeply and he was wearing a saintly smile on his lips. The pleasure Lanflayd felt when he saw Vania in such obvious peace was hard to describe but it would have removed any doubts he might have had about the boy's motive. He gently slipped out of bed and fetched a bottle of scented oil from one of his bags. Vania had just continued sleeping on his stomach his arms stretched out where it had been wrapped around Lanflayd's chest. Lanflayd removed the blanket from Vania and sat down on the bed next to the boy. He then proceeded to rub the massage oil gently into the boy's sore muscles.

Vania slowly drifted into consciousness the strong hands kneading his back made him feel light headed. He looked up into his lover's eyes and smiled before he closed his eyes and settled down to enjoy the massage. The stiffness in Vania's muscles was slowly worked out of them as Lanflayd's hands worked their magic. Vania felt strong hands lifting him and turning him over before they started to work on his chest and stomach. He was enjoying this very much it was very different from the sexual frenzy he usually found was the only way he could relieve stress.

Lanflayd smiled gently when he turned the boy around; as usual the kid was erect. He slowly started masturbating the boy with firm strokes the boy responded by pushing against every stroke. The blacksmith used his free hand to insert an oiled finger into Vania massaging his prostate driving him higher and higher. The boy was approaching a release when Lanflayd stopped touching him and rose for a second to drop his shorts to the floor. Vania gasped when Lanflayd's hands left him as he searched the room looking for the source of all this pleasure. The man was getting back into the bed and as he sat between the boy's legs he lifted them to his shoulder exposing his hairless ass. Lanflayd greased himself and the boy before he slowly inserted his manhood into the boy. Vania purred as he felt the man's tool fill him up. Then Lanflayd bent over him and kissed him deeply while he slowly started fucking the boy with long purposeful strokes. Lan resumed stroking the boy and that pushed Vania over the edge. Vania exploded with immense force, his juices drenching both his own and Lanflayd's chest.

When Lanflayd felt that Vania was too tender he stopped stroking him but resumed his slow fuck while he was kissing the kid. He only paused for a few seconds to taste the result of Vania's orgasm and proceeded to share it with the boy. The boy was far away in post orgasmic bliss, so he turned him onto his stomach before he entered him again. He lay down on top of the boy and started fucking him. Vania was getting fucked with the full weight of the man resting on top of him while the man bit and kissed his ears and neck. Vania velt totally overpowered by this and the powerful strokes pounded his cock into the bed making it hard once again. The feeling of total surrender excited him and he was soon approaching another high. As Lanflayd felt the pressure building inside the body under him he increased his speed and power. Lanflayd was really working hard and he was bringing his entire strength into play, soon Vania convulsed in another orgasm totally blowing away any sense he had left in his body. This sent Lanflayd over the edge and he unloaded into the boy with all his might. Lanflayd covered the boy's body with his own before wrapping them both in the blanket.

"I love you Vania."

But he got no answer, as the boy was unable to respond to him. Lanflayd was spent and rested for a few minutes with his arms around the slim frame of the boy.

Lanflayd got out of bed and wrapped Vania up in the blankets before he dressed and went downstairs to start working. He resumed repairing the items that he had waiting for him. They had made a good deal of progress the day before and since the repair of military items was the only thing they worked on they would soon finish what was waiting for them.

Lanflayd worked for an hour before he went to the kitchen to fetch breakfast. When he returned he went upstairs with the food. Vania was still fast asleep so Lanflayd woke him with a kiss and a gentle shake.

The smell of the food was the first thing Vania noticed, his stomach was an empty pit groaning for food so he kissed Lanflayd before he got out of bed and sat down at the table rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Why did you not wake me, Lan?"

"You needed your beauty sleep, darling."

"Don't you think that I am handsome enough."

"You are pretty as they come Vania, but you tend to fall asleep after sex. Maybe you have some rare disease."

Vania laughed sleepily and started to eat greedily.

"Lan, it's because I am only a small boy and you wear me out."

"I think that you are the one wearing me out, I am too old to fuck day and night."

"You seemed very strong this morning."

"Well that is true."

They both finished their breakfast before they went down and started working. An hour before midday Lanflayd gave Vania a few things that needed cleaning before they could work on them. He went into town to buy a scabbard for Vania's sword. He finally found one that was in good quality but plain so it would not raise any eyebrows. It was a shoulder scabbard like his own so it would not interfere with the way you moved when you were wearing it.

When he returned Vania was already finished doing what he had been told to do and had started to tidy up the forge. They shared a quick lunch in the forge in a break from the work, the orc raid had left the castle and town scared, there were rumours flying around town about the size of the orc army. Nobody seemed to know anything for certain, so it was difficult to get a clear idea of what the future would bring.

"Lan, what happens when the orcs attack us."

"I suppose that they will get as many people as they have supplies for into the castle and then close the gates."

"What about the people that are left outside."

"They will have to flee until we defeat the orcs."

"Was this what happened when my parents died?"

"Maybe Vania, but I don't know."

Vania felt tears welling up in his eyes and he started crying, Lanflayd pulled him to his chest in a hug that enclosed the boy. Lanflayd hugged him for a long time while the sobbing subsided.

"That's not fair Lan, that's not fair at all!"

"No Vania not at all, but life is seldom fair."

"Why can't they let all the people into the castle."

"Then everybody will starve, the duke only has supplies for the army and the richest people from the town."

"Why has he not filled the storage rooms with food?"

"Poor people's lives are not worth anything."

Vania turned around and looked emptily into the air, Lanflayd just sat behind him and held him close.

"If you had not picked me up that night I would have been left to the orcs when they come."

"Let's go practice for an hour, Vania."

They worked hard for an hour and Vania was getting better his good balance was helping him a lot. The workout seemed to take Vania's mind of the many hurts he had experienced in his life.

They worked the rest of the afternoon, and when it was time to eat again Vania was sent to the kitchen to get their food.

Vania slowly walked over to the castle kitchen and collected the food, on his way back he ran into Erin Kantor the lieutenant blocked the staircase they were standing on.

"One of your old customers recognised you when you were in town to buy clothes with the blacksmith, Vania."

Vania was shocked and fear paralysed him

"If you want to stay out of the way of the church you better do what I tell you BOY!"

Vania realised that he was in trouble now and that this could cost himself and his lover their lives.

"I don't have any money sir."

"You have a good body and you probably know how to use it, so if you come to the cavalry stable at midnight I will keep quite."

"Lan will know if I leave him at night."

"If you do not show up and perform to my satisfaction I will make sure that the church hears about your past actions and I'm sure they can guess the nature of your relationship with the blacksmith."

"I will be there," Vania whispered he knew that he would have to do this to protect his love.

Erin Kantor moved out of his way and left the frightened boy standing on the staircase. Vania quickly decided that this was not something he would share with Lanflayd.

Vania returned with the meal and they ate in relative silence Lanflayd presumed that Vania was tired since he was not saying anything.

"Maybe we should head to bed early tonight, Vania."

Vania's face brightened, "sounds good, Lan."

They washed without any real sexual acts just a little cuddling and Vania went to bed. Lanflayd cleaned up the forge and read a little in a book before he joined the boy in bed. The boy seemed to be sleeping so Lanflayd just lay down next to him and put his arm around him before he drifted off to sleep.

Vania lay down quietly and waited for the church bell to ring. When it struck midnight he got out of bed and sneaked downstairs and over the courtyard into the cavalry stables. There was a lantern lit and when he entered the lieutenant was there waiting for him.

"You must do everything I ask and if you do it well I will try not to leave any marks on you."

"Yes sir, please don't hurt me."

Vania was very scared at the moment he had no idea what the lieutenant wanted from him.

"Get your clothes off in a hurry boy," Erin Kantor commanded as he closed and locked the door.

Vania undressed and stood there shivering in the middle of the room. Lieutenant Kantor undressed as he approached the boy.

"So you are cold little boy, well we will get you warmed up soon now lie down on that carpet in the straw."

Vania watched as the man undressed he was heavily muscled and looked incredibly strong and between his legs stood a hard penis that was about 7 inches [18 cm] long and very thick. The lieutenant did not look bad he just looked very scary as he approached the boy. Erin straddled the boy's chest so his cock was right in front of the boy's mouth.

"Now you had better get this one nice and wet before I put it in you, but if you do a bad job I will just pull it out and fuck your ass dry."

Vania dove onto the cock and did his best on it he could see that the man was enjoying himself so he kept it going, the closer the man was to orgasm the less stamina he would have when he started to fuck After a few minutes of sucking the man withdrew and lifted the boy's legs to his shoulders and plunged his tool into the boy's ass. Vania tried to relax and it did not hurt so much physically as he was quite used to getting fucked by big tools but the psychological pain of betraying Lanflayd was real and very strong so he cried. This did not discourage Erin Kantor at all he just took it as proof of the power in his tool and kept a steady pace.


Lanflayd woke when he noticed he was alone in bed and waited for his love to return. After quite a few minutes he wondered why Vania had not returned and decided to go look for him He quickly found out that the boy was not in the forge or in the small stable next to it. Lanflayd went out the door and looked around the courtyard. He could only see one light and that was from the window of the cavalry stables. He went back upstairs and dressed quickly before he left. When he came to the stable he found that the door was locked so went to a window and all he could see was the legs and ass of a large man. It was quite obvious that the man was fucking somebody and Lanflayd guessed instantly who it was beneath him. The shock sent him reeling back from the window was the little slut playing him for a fool while he was continuing his tricks. But he realised very quickly that there had to be a better explanation for this, something to do with why the boy was so quite this evening. Ice cold rage filled Lanflayd; he quickly found an open window and slipped into the stables. The noise from the fucking couple was rather loud along with the horses being unrestful due the disturbance from the people there made it easy for Lanflayd to get close unnoticed as he came within 8 feet [1.80 m] the man groaned a last time before getting up. Lanflayd recognised the lieutenant immediately as he stood there with his now slightly limp organ hanging covered in cum and a little blood.

"If you don't want me to tell on you and your lover little boy, you must keep quite about this and come here when I ask you. Now lick my cock clean so I don't soil my clothes."

As Vania rose to get the job over with Lanflayd flew into action. He jumped from the shadows and swung his knife at the neck of Erin Kantor. The lieutenant felt a slight jab of pain and thought for a second that the blacksmith had nicked him with the knife. When Erin screamed for help the next second all that happened was that his throat filled with blood. Lanflayd saw the disbelief in the eyes of the officer as the man realised that he was just about to die. A second later he fell on top of Vania. The boy passed out in shock as the bleeding man covered him. Lanflayd quickly removed the man from his love to check if he was ok, and he was relieved that the boy was still breathing slowly. The boy's face and chest were covered in blood and Lanflayd quickly found some rags to clean the worst of it off with. When he was cleaning the last bits off with a damp cloth the boy slowly recovered.

"He made me do it, Lan, he threatened to tell the church."

"Quite love I know that he made you do it, now we need to think fast to get out of this alive. You need to make sure you have not dropped anything that could identify you here."

"I did not bring anything, Lan."

"Good get ready to go in a minute when we get home you have to take a bath quickly and wash your clothes too. Then you have to make sure that there are no bloodstains anywhere."

Lanflayd bent over the body of the lieutenant and carved orc runes into the face of Erin Kantor disfiguring him horribly with the orc words for traitor and other insults.

Vania was scared by the cool way Lanflayd had acted the last few minutes. The blacksmith's face looked as if it was carved in stone while he worked. When he was finished he picked up Vania and quickly snuck over the Castle Square and entered the blacksmith. Vania got undressed and washed himself quietly in the dark with only a small candle to see by while Lanflayd burnt their blood-soaked clothes in the forge and cleaned his knife before joining Vania to wash. When he was sure there was no trace of blood anywhere he took the visibly shaken boy to bed and sheltered him with his body under the blankets.

"Vania tomorrow it is imperative that you act normal. Nobody must suspect anything. With a little luck they will think it's the orcs who have done it and then we will be in the clear."

Vania started crying.

"You scared me today, Lan. I have never seen anybody die and you did it without any emotion."

"Yes… I am a very good killer. I was blind with rage when I saw him use you."

Vania grabbed hold of Lanflayd as if he wanted to assure himself that he was still the loving man he knew. After a few minutes he drifted off to sleep. It was not a peaceful sleep, dreams of blood plagued him but every time he woke from them he would feel the strong arms of Lanflayd around him

Chapter 7

Lanflayd woke very early; he had not been able to sleep properly. He was concerned about Erin Kantor's death, scared that there might be someway that he could be connected to the murder. He stayed in bed and approximately half an hour later he heard a scream from the Cavalry stables. There was a big commotion as the soldier's arrived to the scene of the murder. Lanflayd got out of bed and dressed before he walked over to the stables. He had to go there as he lived across the castle square from the stables and it would be suspicious if he was not interested in all the commotion. He listened to the rumours that were spreading through the gathered crowd before he went back to the forge. Vania was awake when he returned to the forge. He was sitting in bed and he was looking like a cornered deer shaking as he looked around. Lanflayd immediately walked over to him and wrapped his arms around him and pulled him to his chest.

"How do you feel Vania."

"I… I'm scared Lan What if they find out that we killed him."

"Then they will hang me in the square Vania, but as long as we are careful there is no way they are going to find out. But you will have to pull yourself together."

"I will try, Lan, but it scares me a lot."

"I will not let them catch us, Vania. I love you far too much my dear."

"I love you too, Lan."

"Lie down Vania, and I will give you a massage to relive some of the tension."

Vania lay down on the bed and turned over before Lanflayd started to knead his back muscles as he worked on the boy he could feel the tension slowly seep out of the Vania's body. He turned the boy around and started on the front of Vania's legs. The boy was not aroused something that showed Lanflayd how worried the boy was. Soon he had finished his job, he gave the boy a deep kiss and got out of bed."

"Do you feel better now Vania?."

"A little."

"Now you and me have to start working, we can eat in the forge while we start up."

Lanflayd gathered some bread and cheese, before he went downstairs, Vania followed him silently. All morning they worked in almost silence, the air was thick with tension every time somebody came into the forge, or somebody shouted in the castle square, Vania would tense up. He seemed to be coping better after lunch, but the gloomy weather did nothing to lift the spirits. It was overcast and there was steady drizzle throughout the day.

The murder in the castle had set the castle and town alive with rumours. People claimed to have seen orcs in the town the evening before, there were rumours that Erin had caught a traitor and that the traitor had killed him or that Erin was the traitor. These rumours pleased Lanflayd a lot he had no wish to be tried for the murder of the officer no matter how justified he felt the deed was.

To add to the confusion later in the afternoon a small group of scouts arrived with the news that the orc army had been sighted. It was plausible that what the scouts had found only was the vanguard of the orc army. If that were true the army they were facing would be enormous. The battle hardened veterans sensed the trouble coming, the walls of the castle should hold the orcs for a long time even if the river bridges were overrun.

The orc vanguard was apparently only two days away from the town. Late in the afternoon Lanflayd went shopping and bought some supplies in the form of clothes and rations, before he went to the kitchen to collect their dinner. When he returned to the forge Vania had finished cleaning the forge and he was standing upstairs in the apartment practising with his sword. He had a very determined look on his face very different from the Vania he had left earlier.

"What has happened, Vania?"

"When I was finished cleaning the forge I sat down in the corner. I was so scared that I could not do anything. After some time I guess I decided that I would and could not give up this time. So I decided to fight."

Vania's had a very secure look on his face and stood with his back straight. Lanflayd was very pleased that Vania had stopped being controlled by his fear.

"Let me help you with that."

They worked together for a while Vania was trying hard but it was slow work it takes a long time to learn how to fight when you have never tried anything like it in your life. When they were tired Lanflayd stopped the training; at least Vania could hold the sword and defend himself a little without hurting himself. They took a bath together in almost complete silence, washing each other lovingly. Vania had returned to his loving self, at the end he was kissing Lanflayd urgently. Lanflayd lifted Vania from the tub dried him and carried him into their bed. Vania was very active and immediately swallowed Lanflayd's cock to the root. Lanflayd twisted around so he could access Vania's stiff rod. Lanflayd quietly asked Vania to take it easy and they enjoyed a long and really good 69. Vania reached his orgasm very slowly something that only made the experience more enjoyable. Vania reached his peak and exploded into Lanflayd's mouth and lost all contact with the world around him. He was just floating on his high and came down from the high very slowly. He had stopped working on Lanflayd but Lanflayd just lay and enjoyed looking at his love in such obvious bliss. When Vania returned to earth he slowly reached out with his hand and jerked Lanflayd for a while before he leaned over and sucked Lanflayd to an orgasm. Lanflayd and Vania kissed sharing the taste of each other before they lay back and rested.

"Vania, are you all right now?"

"Yes, I'm a lot better now, I'm still scared though."

"Yes, but you have learned to deal with it love."

"It was difficult to understand that you could be so different than the person I know from here. I thought a lot while you were out shopping. It does not scare me so much anymore but it's still strange."

"You have only seen me as a fool in love so far my dear."

"I guess that's true Lan, but please don't scare me like that again."

"If anything similar happens again I will do exactly the same."

Vania looked into Lanflayd's eyes and slowly reached out and pulled Lanflayd's lips to his own. They kissed deeply for a few seconds before a large growl from Vania's stomach made Lanflayd double up laughing.

"Well at least I know it's a teenager I love."

"I can't help it Lan, every time we have sex I get sleepy or hungry."

"I think you just relax so much when you have had sex that whatever you need the most shows its head or in this case makes itself heard."

"Our dinner is cold. You forgot it when you came home."

"Just heat it a little, Vania, then we can eat it."

Vania heated the food and they sat down to eat. Vania gulped down his food quickly he seemed to have fallen back to his usual boyish self.

"Lan, does anyone suspect anything?"

"No I think they think it's the orcs."

"Good I hope it stays a secret."

"I think it will the war will keep everyone occupied for a time."

"When will they attack."

"Soon maybe tomorrow or the day after."

"Aren't you scared, Lan?"

"Yes I am for you and for myself but being scared is ok you just have to control the fear."

"Have the villagers fled?"

"Yes and they have rigged the bridges so they can make them collapse."

They spent the better part of an hour with Vania asking questions about the coming attack and Lanflayd trying to answer them as well as he could. When they went to bed Lanflayd wrapped himself around the boy and they fell asleep in minutes.

The next morning Vania woke up with a raging hard-on Lan arms were wrapped tightly around Vania so it was almost impossible for the boy to move. He could feel the man's cock resting half hard in his crack. Vania started rocking a little to stimulate the man's cock while he played with himself. He enjoyed the way the man hugged him tighter as Lan was stimulated in his sleep.

Suddenly Vania was ripped out of his bliss, by a pounding on the forge's door. Lanflayd flew out of bed and in the process Vania was tossed out of bed and tumbled a few yards before he stopped. Vania laughed out loud in spite of his sudden departure from bed. Lanflayd was standing buck naked in the middle of the room with a raging hard-on leaking precum with a very puzzled look on his face. Lanflayd started to walk towards the stairs oblivious to his present state.

"Lan, do you think that it's a pretty boy that is trying to knock down our door."

Lan suddenly realised where he was and what he was doing before he almost broke down laughing.

"I have all I need lying on the floor on front of me."

Vania smiled at Lan, blushed, "thank you Lan."

Lanflayd dressed quickly and went downstairs to answer the door and when he opened the door he found sergeant Bone's pleasant smile on the other side.

"My sword broke in a skirmish this night I need a new blade."

"Come inside sergeant, why don't you just get a new one from the armoury."

"This is a family piece this handle has been worn by my father and his father in battle. I just need a new blade mounted."

"I don't have any good blades lying around here, and it will take me quite a while to forge a new one."

"I already have the blade I just need it mounted," sergeant Bone answered as he reached into a sack and took out his handle and the new blade. He handed both of them to Lanflayd. Lanflayd looked at the blade its quality was good but not brilliant but he immediately started to heat the forge. Vania came down the stairs looking like someone who had been pulled out of bed a few hours too early (which was almost true as this was a lot earlier than he usually got out of bed).

"Please go back upstairs and fix us some breakfast, Vania."

"Do you want something to eat, sergeant Bone."

"Yes please, I have not eaten in a while we have been quite busy preparing the castle for the attack."

"Vania, breakfast for three. Sergeant Bone will join us."

"Ok Lanflayd."

Vania quickly jumped up the stairs to get the breakfast, he prepared it on a tray along with a pot of tea.

"He seems like a nice boy, but are you sure you can trust him."

"Yes, I trust him, boys who have had a hard life often just need a loving hand."

"Yes, it's not easy growing up on the streets, but he looks like he is feeling better than when he arrived."

"He works hard and does what I say and on top of that he is very pleasant company. Do you think you can hold the orcs at the river."

"No we know that they will overrun us very quickly, we just want to spring a few planned traps at the river to kill as many as we can before the siege starts."

"When will they strike."

"This afternoon I think but who knows what goes on in the heads of the orc chiefs."

"Yes that's true."

Vania came down the stairs with the food and placed it on an empty table in the forge.

"Eat sergeant Bone, you will need it soon enough, Vania you too you need to eat too."

Sergeant Bone grabbed some bread and started eating after he had thanked Lanflayd for the offer. Vania ate the way he always did, as if his life depended on it.

"The energy of youth," Sergeant Bone laughed as he observed Vania

"Yes, he is going to eat me out of the house, I should have chosen a bigger boy to help in the forge, because this one eats as if he were twice his real size."

Vania blushed and slowed down, concentrating on chewing his food properly.

Lan ate while he worked and an hour later he was finished with the sword.

"Try it now sergeant Bone just to test the balance."

Sergeant Bone swung the sword in a few practice swings to try the new blade.

"It has a good balance thank you very much my friend now I just need to sharpen it."

"It's my pleasure, sergeant."

"Goodbye Blacksmith and thank you for this, goodbye Vania I am pleased to see that you are doing well."

Sergeant Bone left in a hurry, smiling and waving as he walked out.

"Lanflayd, I like sergeant Bone, he treats me like a person not like a kid."

"Yea I like him too, he has a wife and children in another city the regional capital Largun. I think he misses them a lot."

"Wow so he has kids, I bet he is a great father."

"Yes he seems as if he is the type of person that pays attention to his kids needs."

Lanflayd and Vania worked all morning. An hour after noon the orc war drums started beating as the first charge of orcs hit the bridges. Lanflayd and Vania left their work to go watch the battle from the castle walls. The orcs far outnumbered the humans and flooded across the bridges while others launched barges to cross the river. The Humans waited until the bridges were filled with orc's before they let the bridges collapse. Hundreds of orcs died as the bridges tumbled into the river. The human archers peppered the orcs with arrows. Suddenly a group of orcs appeared from the north on the same side of the river as the humans. They must have found another place to cross the river, which many had thought impossible for at least 100 miles. The human commander realised that this would mean the end of the human force, they would be overrun in a matter of minutes. A few minutes later the call for retreat sounded and the humans retreated in good order into the castle before they were caught by the orcs. After the last soldiers returned the castle gates were closed.

Vania and Lanflayd returned to work and worked well into the evening. The orcs had not attacked yet they were just bringing troops across the river on a few wood bridges they had erected. The huge orc army had set up camp at a careful distance from the castle.

Lanflayd only stopped working when he discovered that Vania had fallen asleep from exhaustion. He then remembered what his teacher had taught him, that rest was needed no matter how dire the situation was. So he picked Vania up and carried him to bed he then went down and fed his horses before he returned to bed and snuggled up next to Vania.

Sleep did not come easily that night but eventually it took hold of Lan and he drifted off into a dream filled sleep that would wake every so often. Luckily he would wake up with the cutest boy in the world in his arms which would remind him how lucky he was.

Chapter 8

Vania woke suddenly from a pleasant dream as he hit the floor; he had noticed a loud noise but taken it as part of his dream. Lanflayd was already half dressed when Vania started to get a grip on reality. Vania got up and hurried to put on his clothes.

"Lan, what happened?"

"I don't know but it was not a natural sound."

Outside the sounds of war could be heard trumpets blowing, the clash of steel on steel and the screams of the wounded and dying.

"Vania, get your sword and the bag we packed earlier when you are dressed I will go outside and find out what happened. Whatever you do don't leave the forge I need to know where to find you."

"I won't go anywhere Lan."

Lanflayd rushed out of the door and flew down the stairs. As he left the forge he could see a lot of fire at the wall to the right of the forge some distance away. He ran as quickly as he could in that direction as he approached the fire he could see that a large section of the wall had fallen down and that large numbers of orcs were pouring through the gap. Soon he found himself tangled in the fighting. His sword gliding swiftly in its macabre dance of death slaying one orc after another. He soon found himself covered in orc blood from the killing spree he had enjoyed. Lanflayd soon realised that he had to get back to the forge soon there were already a large amount of orcs in the castle and it would only be a matter of minutes before they took more control of the situation. He managed to get close to the wall and edge his way back towards the forge. Soldiers were pouring out to try and stop the wave of orcs that had poured in through the gap in the wall. As he approached the forge he saw that the door was open he ran the last meters uncaring for what happened around him and burst through the door. The forge was empty and looked as though it had been sacked, but he could hear the sound of swords from the first floor. He rushed up the stairs and continued into the room where he saw Vania standing in the corner while two orcs were toying with him. They were playing with him like a cat plays with a mouse certain that the prey would not escape. Lanflayd saw Vania's eyes light up as he saw Lanflayd in the doorway.

Lanflayd sword was like mercury and the first orc died before it even noticed that there was another human in the room. The second orc turned and screamed when it saw the tattoo on the man's chest, shortly after that it died as the sword pierced its heart.

Vania ran across the room and jumped into Lanflayd's arms burying his head in Lanflayd's chest and started crying.

"I did not think you would come and save me, I did not think that I could lift my sword towards the end."

"I came as fast as I could, you are lucky orcs like to play."

Vania just carried on crying while Lanflayd hugged him tight

"We need to get out of here the castle is about to be overrun."

Vania nodded as Lanflayd set him down

"Get your bag Vania we are going now!"

Lanflayd got his own bag and looked out of the window at the chaos in the castle courtyard. The defenders had managed to form a defensive line across the hole in the wall. Sergeant Bone could be seen in the middle of the line rallying the defenders. It was holding up at the moment but Lanflayd could see that it was only a matter of time before it broke before the tidal wave of orcs pouring through the gap.

Vania gathered himself and walked over and picked up his bag putting it over his shoulders so he could still swing his sword, even if he felt as if his arm would drop off if he tried again. Lanflayd moved smoothly and effectively with no sign of stress, picking up his bag and walking down the stairs.

"If we are going to get out of this a live and free we need to get out of the castle Vania. The only way can think of is over the opposite wall."

"What about the drains Lan?"

"The tubes leading out of the castle will be blocked in places where the is a lot of water and they will probably be too narrow for me to pass through."

"How do we getaway from the orcs?"

"I don't know but we need to out of here quickly and we have no time to find someone who knows the way out!"

Lanflayd started running over the courtyard and entered one of the stairways that lead to the wall. The walls were only manned with a few men to warn if the orcs tried an attack here. The people manning them were the youngest and oldest of the castle guards. On the particular part of the wall there was a boy who did not look a day over 16 standing in full battle gear.

"What are you two doing here? Why are you not fighting the orcs?"

"We want to stay alive, in 10-15 minutes this castle will be overrun by the orcs. They are pouring through the gap they made in the other wall."

"You are cowards!"

"Yes but we hope to stay alive and free."

The boy looked at the way Lanflayd carried his sword, he had heard the older warriors talking about the blacksmith and he did not want to come in the way of this man. He was scared as hell, he had just started his training last month and he was nowhere near ready for combat yet.

"Listen boy what is your name?"


"If you want to end up as an orc slave or in one of their cooking pots just stay here, but don't try and stop us."

"I won't but I won't leave my post either."

"Stupid," Lanflayd muttered as he fastened a chain to a hook in the wall. He then attached a rope to the chain and swung it out over the wall.

"Vania, I will go first you follow as soon as I reach the bottom."

"Alright what about Ramkan?"

"He has the right to choose to die for no good reason at all if he wishes but he can go down the rope after you. I know you are tired now Vania, but you have to make it down the rope I need you."

Lanflayd gave Vania a pair of leather gloves and kissed him fully and deeply on the lips before he started down the rope. He moved powerfully down and his black silhouette became difficult too see soon.

"Are you his sex slave?" Ramkan asked as Lanflayd disappeared down the rope.

"NO! I love him" Vania shouted and blushed.

"How can you be sure?"

In the distance a loud animalistic roar filled the air with tension something important had apparently just happened.

"I love him," was all Vania said as he felt the rope slacken as Lan reached the bottom. He quickly swung over the edge and started clambering down the rope. The pain was intense in his arms and he just slipped down the rope with no real control. He tried to hold on but his grip kept slipping. He eventually lost his grip and fell the last six feet [c. 2 m]. He hit the ground on his shoulder and rolled quite a few yards before he came to a stop. As he gathered himself he heard Lanflayd approach.

"I am sorry Vania I did not dare let you down first who knows what was down here. Are you all right?"

Vania groaned as he raised himself from the ground his shoulder felt as if it had been used as a boxing bag, but he could still move his arm even if it hurt a lot.

"I think I am ok."

Vania slowly got up and moved around a little, when he looked up he saw a shadow on the wall climbing down the rope.

"Ramkan is coming down too."

"What? I thought he was too pigheaded to leave his post."

"Well maybe he got scared."

Vania smiled slightly as he said that, but the next second he saw a second shape start down the rope.

"Someone else is coming Lan!"

The next shape that started down the rope was a huge man he just moved down using his arms told hold him up and never sliding as much as a foot [30 cm] on the rope.

Lanflayd and Vania walked the short distance to where the rope ended and saw Ramkan standing there.

"So you decided to come after all?"

"No I was ordered to come."

"By whom?"

"By sergeant Bone he came up onto the wall with a rope in his hands, but we decided to use yours."

"So it's sergeant Bone."

Soon sergeant Bone reached the bottom of the rope.

"We need to get out of here blacksmith."

"Yes, do you have a good idea?"

"I know where there is a small boat hidden that we can use."

They all followed sergeant Bone down to the river, on their way they passed two orc corpses with their throats cut.

"Sentries," was all Lanflayd said.

They soon reached a small shrubbery where sergeant Bone removed a few branches to reveal a small flat riverboat.

"This is what we will use. You all need to keep low and very quite for the first couple of hours until we are safe."

They all just followed the orders and packed their bags into the boat. Ramkan had brought nothing except what he was wearing. Sergeant Bone had a small bag on his back that he put into the boat but the only ones with real luggage were Lan and Vania.

They pushed the boat into the water and the adults gently paddled down stream just steering clear of any dangers. This silent and very peaceful way of travelling continued as they looked back on the castle, which was now ablaze. It could be seen miles off as the flames tried to reach the heavens. The orcs had returned and they would not be satisfied with this prize.

Just before dawn they sailed the boat close to land and pulled it out of the water and into the trees. They were deep in the woods and there were only the sounds of the birds in the air. The distance they had put between themselves and the orc's was sufficient to make them feel safe.

"I saw you in the middle of the defensive line Bone, how did you escape from that."

"When the line broke I decided that it would be best if the empire knew about the size of the orc army and the fact that Trantor has fallen will change their whole tactics against the orcs. So I ran for the battlements and found your rope and my friend Ramkan where I had posted him."

"How did they breach the walls?" Lanflayd asked.

"Magic I guess, even if the church denies the existence of it."

"I have seen too much of the world to believe everything the church says."

"Good I think we need to get some sleep."

"Well we have two blankets and two hammocks in our bags me and Vania can share and you two can do what you want to."

"Ramkan told me about the two of you."

Vania immediately turned away beet red in the head.

"What did he tell you? " Lanflayd asked.

"Well he said that you were lovers, it's not really a surprise for me the morning you fixed my sword I sensed that something was up."

"Why did you not report us?"

"Well I am a veteran and I know that when you leave your family you need release from your carnal needs. The last year Ramkan has been under my protection he sees to my needs and I guide him. He has become a good fighter and he is very strong. I don't love him sexually but I care for him, I suspect he feels the same way about me. So who am I to judge you when I myself transgress against the edicts."

"Thank you sergeant Bone." Vania whispered " I am really glad you did not tell on us."

Lanflayd smiled at Vania and gave Bone the hammock and the blanket.

"Then you two won't mind sharing."

"Not at all, the reason I befriended you was that I sensed something in the way you treated Vania."

"Thank you. I have a little bread in my bag that we can share before we sleep."

Lanflayd broke the bread and shared it between them all. He could not help noticing that Ramkan ate the same way as Vania, almost in frenzy!

When they were finished eating and started to prepare for sleeping Lanflayd gave Vania a small pot of scented oil and winked at him. Vania immediately got the idea and excused himself to answer a call of nature. When he was finished he greased himself using most of the oil and returned to camp. The two hammocks had been hung some distance away from each other. The two soldiers were already in the hammock and Vania climbed in with Lanflayd.

"You dirty old man! There are other people here," Vania whispered and smiled.

Lanflayd just kissed him deeply before he rolled Vania over so the was lying on his back on top of Lan. He then gently parted the boy's cheeks and poked a little around with his rock hard dick before he found what he was looking for. He slowly and carefully inserted himself all the way in before he started to rock in and out of the boy. Vania was hard as steel and immediately started moaning and soon he felt Lan's lips cover his own to keep the noise down. They continued this slow and loving fuck while Lanflayd masturbated the boy. After a long and fulfilling fuck Vania and Lanflayd exploded at the same time and without changing position they fell asleep with Vania speared on top of Lanflayd.

The last thing Vania heard was "It was a good idea to choose two big solid trees or we would have had an accident."

Chapter 9

Lanflayd woke up while it was still dark; his hand was glued to Vania's stomach by the juices from the boy last night. Lan was itching all over, he and was covered in dried semen, lubrication oil, and sweat and it had all dried to a crust. This made it feel very uncomfortable he tried to move and was only able to disengage himself from Vania by using a little force. He had slipped out of the boy during the night as his manhood had subsided but his trying to get out from under Vania must have disturbed the boy a lot, but he was oblivious to the world around him. Lanflayd went a short distance from the camp and washed in the ice cold water. The water was ice cold and immediately removed any remnants of sleep from Lanflayd's system. He dressed when he was finished and returned to camp. Bone and Ramkan were still asleep a Lanflayd slipped back into camp and started a shielded fire. Lanflayd slipped over to Vania and gently shook him awake.

Vania groaned and opened his eyes to the near darkness and realised that it was Lanflayd above so he just smiled lazily and stretched like a cat.

"Good morning sleepyhead we have to get up."

"I feel really dirty Lan," Vania whispered.

"You can wash in the river, its cold but you will survive."


"We are going fishing, bring the blanket and some clothes."

Lanflayd led Vania down river and Vania washed quickly it was hell for him but he managed without screaming even though he was shivering when Lanflayd dried him in a towel. Vania quickly got dressed and wrapped the blanket around himself before they walked half a mile upriver.

Vania watched as Lanflayd dug up a few worms from the rich forest soil before they walked down to the water. They quickly found an old willow tree that hung out over the water. They sat down on a thick branch that hung out over the river. Lan had found two of his fishing lines and attached them to a short smooth piece of wood and attached the hooks and sinkers. They put the worms on the hook and threw the lines out and sat down next to each other with the blanket around them.

"This is very nice Lanflayd, the washing was really bad but this makes up for it."

Vania laid his head down on Lanflayd's shoulder.

"I like this too love, let's just hope we can catch breakfast."

They sat on the branch for an hour, and they caught two small trout. The best part of it was the closeness they enjoyed, they just sat there together in silence feeling the person they loved close to them.

"I'm really glad you woke me up to do this, it was very nice."

"And you caught your first fish today."

"Yes that's ok, I guess."

"Let's get back to camp maybe the others are up."

Before they left Lanflayd cleaned the fish and hung them on a piece of string so Vania could carry them home. As they returned to camp they saw that both sergeant Bone and Ramkan were up. Sergeant Bone was fully dressed and busy seeing to his armour and weapons while Ramkan was busy washing in the river, he was dressed only in a pair of short and he was freezing. This was the first time Lanflayd had seen the boy without his heavy battle gear, he was 5 foot 8 inches [1.73 m] and you could see the training he was receiving was starting to fill his body with muscles. He looked a little heavily built but that was only due to the amount of muscle the kid had despite of his young age. He had black hair which was kept quite short and very uniformly cut his eyes were dark brown and he was beginning to show a little growth of hair on his upper lip. He had no hair anywhere Lanflayd could see except a small tuft in each armpit. His face was a bit square and he would grow into a very handsome man. Vania noticed that Lanflayd was looking at Ramkan and he looked to see what there was to see, it almost scared him. The boy was very handsome with a good-looking face and a very well developed body. When he looked in the shorts he could see that even though he was standing in ice cold water he was a lot better equipped than Vania was. All this made Vania feel inadequate, he was rather sad that he could not compete with a young man like him and he only hoped that the boy was not interested in Lanflayd. He thought that that was rather a feeble hope, who would not desire a so beautiful and mysterious man. Lanflayd noticed the way Vania was looking and guessed the reason for his sadness. He bent over and whispered to Vania.

"Vania I love you and I like you just the way you are."

Vania smiled at Lanflayd: "Thank you."

"You should know that I like my boys small and skinny. You know like rats."

Vania looked sad for a second before he saw the twinkle in Lanflayd's eye. When he realised he was being teased he quickly hit Lanflayd as hard as he could.

"That is another reason I like skinny boys they never hit you hard," he whispered.

Vania just hit him again before he went down to the river to show off the catch they had made. They all ate a breakfast of fish and the last bread.

"The only food I have left is a kilo of rice we can boil, how far away are the nearest settlements where we can buy something?"

"There is a small trading post half a days travel down the river there we should be able to get something unless they have abandoned it already," sergeant Bone answered.


They were soon sitting in the boat travelling downstream swiftly; the water from the melting ice and snow in the mountains swelled the river. Seven days of travel down river their goal the regional capitol of Kintan lay,. They were all pretty bored while they were travelling, but the boredom did what it does to most men in similar situations.

They started to tell stories sergeant Bone told stories from the last 20 years he had spent in the army about his campaigns and about how he had met his wife. Stories about his small children who were now 3, 5 and 8, all girls.

His wife lived in the regional capitol Kintan. Kintan is a very large city where the centre is a maze of small streets where there is almost no light because all the houses overhang the street. The city is one of the richest cities in the world and a plethora of sin. Anything was available there at a price. Sgt Bone's wife had a small farm where she lived and she was safe there because even though the local governor could not control the crime ridden town centre he tolerated that if they did not spread too much crime into the surroundings.

Lanflayd acknowledged that he had been through Kintan on his way to Trantor but said nothing about it. While Bone was telling stories of all the exciting things he had lived to see in the army Vania was wondering why Lan did not tell anything. He suddenly realised that he probably didn't want to accidentally reveal his past.

Early in the afternoon the trading post appeared around a bend in the river. There was a lot of activity at the small dock and as they sailed in people swarmed over them to hear what news they could tell.

"I will try and find passage to Kintan sergeant Bone. Come on Vania I will need you too."

Lanflayd strode off almost dragging Vania through the small crowd that had gathered.

"They will keep him busy for a while and when he has told his whole story all prices for travel will triple. So we need to work fast."

"How are we going to pay the boat fare?"

"Well I have somewhere around 30 gold pieces and even if it costs them all we will pay that to get out of here."

"Are we in danger here?"

"Not yet but soon the orcs will come swarming in and tear this place apart on their way south."

"Where will we live in Kintan?"

"Well I was stuck there for two months before I came up to Trantor so I know a few people that will house us."

"Why didn't you tell stories about it in the boat, sergeant Bone sounds as he has seen so much and you can see how much Ramkan looks up to him and it would be nice if you could impress them a little."

"HAHAHA Vania so you want me to seem more impressive to them! No the people I know there don't want their names mentioned to a man like sergeant Bone."

"Are they criminals?"

"Yes they are but that does not mean you can't trust them, their business just happens to be against the law."

"Like its illegal for you to love me?"


They approached a large river barge being loaded; it was obviously the local shop owners who were going to leave with all their goods. Lanflayd walked aboard the craft and Vania could see the way Lan straightened his back suddenly changed the way he looked from a nondescript man in a crowd to someone who was used to being obeyed. He walked quickly up to the man who was supervising the loading of the vessel who turned out to be the captain.

"I need passage for myself, a royal messenger and two servants to Kintan."

"I don't think there is any room aboard, all the cabins are full."

"We don't need a cabin we just need the quickest possible passage to Kintan because my friend needs to deliver very important news to the governor."

"I will ask the owner."

"Can you take me to him please then I will explain it to him myself."

The captain led them to a door in the aft of the boat and knocked once. On each side of the door stood a large armed bodyguard who looked really mean, but Lanflayd did not even seem to notice them. The door was answered by a fat short man who introduced himself as Beram Tonsdal a local trader and owner of the barge. He was dressed in very expensive clothing and wore quite a lot of jewellery.

Lanflayd told the man story about his urgent need to deliver a message to the governor what persuaded the man was not the actual story but the poise and ease with which Lanflayd delivered it. Even to Vania it took a while for him to realise that Lan was lying a lot of the time.

"I am sure we can move together for you and your friend so you can share a sadly only small cabin. Your servants can sleep in the cargo hold."

"What should I pay you for this, we are off course very thankful that you can make the room for us."

"A gold piece for each of you would be enough to cover my expenses."

The price the trader had just given was way above the normal price for a trip like this, but Lanflayd just paid the price and the two adults shook hands on the deal.

"When do we leave Mr. Tonsdal."

"We will be ready in half an hour and don't be late."

"We won't."

Lanflayd and Vania raced back to the little boat and got the luggage. Sergeant Bone and Ramkan followed them to the cabin where there were two small beds. The man who had shown them their Cabin wanted to lead Ramkan and Vania into the hold but Lanflayd stopped him.

"They will sleep here in hammocks we have brought with us, we never know when we will need them."

"OK but it will be crowded in here. Mr.Tonsdal would like you two gentlemen to join him for dinner. There will be dinner for your staff in the crews quarters."

"How long will the trip to Kintan take?"

"About two weeks but it depends a lot on the weather."

The four people could barely move in the very confined quarters and the boys ended up on a bed each while Lan and the sergeant Bone stacked their luggage so it did not take up too much space.

"Boys it's very important that you two don't talk too much about how we got here. All you can say is that we were sent here to bring a message about the coming attack to the Duke in Kintan." Lan lectured.

"All right." both boys answered.

"And try and get as much information as possible from the crews conversation as you can, we want to know how much people know already and as much about the ships owner as you can dig up. But don't ask too much just listen."

The boys left quickly, their dinner was a stew and bread served in the galley. The crew knew nothing about the war and Ramkan and Vania kept quite. They did manage to get the hints about Mr. Tonsdale's illegal trading, the talk was not specific but there were hints about drugs.

Lanflayd and sergeant Bone enjoyed a rather opulent meal and were gently prodded for information by the obviously very skilled Mr Tonsdale, they managed to give out only very little information about themselves but they did talk about the attack which was what interested Tonsdale most. He wanted to know as much as possible in order to make the right decisions in the near future. Times of war are times when fortunes are made and lost very easily.

When they had finished dining they were offered a drink but they both refused citing a pledge not to drink on duty, after which they retired to their cabin.

When they returned they found the two boys chatting about the people they knew in Trantor. They did not have many in common but it was reassuring for them both to talk about things they knew instead of thinking about an unsure future that neither of them had any idea what it held for them.

"Did you two learn anything about our host boys." Bone asked.

Ramkan answered "Yes we think he deals in drugs a few of the crew hinted in that direction."

"Good that is useful to know, anything else?"

"No not really except nobody knows anything at all about what happened in Trantor, there are a lot of rumours though."

"Yes well we were grilled all night by the man himself, I suspect that what little he got from us tonight will make him a large fortune if he uses his information carefully."

They are undressed and went to bed each man in his own bed and a boy in each hammock. Lanflayd had blocked the door with some pieces of wood making it impossible to enter in a hurry. After 15 minutes Vania crawled out of his hammock and joined Lanflayd in the bed. He gently started to massage Lan's already half-hard cock when he was under the blanket.

"No not tonight Vania," Lanflayd whispered in Vania's ear


"We will embarrass the other two."


Lanflayd smiled and gave him a gentle kiss before he wrapped himself around the boy and hugged him till they both were asleep.

Their journey on the boat continued the next 15 days and they soon settled into a routine of eating and sleeping. The only problem was Vania. After five days on the boat without sex he was about to explode from the tension so on the first Sunday they managed to sneak away to the cabin together.5 days of abstinence had turned Vania into a maniac so he attacked Lan as soon as they entered the cabin. Lan locked the door quickly.

After a long and passionate kiss where Vania ground his loins into Lan's thigh, Lan undressed the boy and put him on the bed. He started licking him from his toes and up driving the boy mad with lust. Lan was as turned on as the boy and the taste of the sweaty unwashed boy did not stop him. Vania tried to jerk himself while Lan licked but a quick hand stopped him and a stern look from the man told him that there was a special treat in store for him. He licked everywhere and continued for half an hour to tease the boy. The small balls were drawn tight against the bottom of Vania's dick. He was trusting in the air in attempt to get some friction on his dick to make him cum. Suddenly Lan plunged his head down over Vania's dick and the boy exploded as soon as Lan's lips hit his pubic mound. Lan drank deeply of the boy's juices; Vania was shaking like a leaf as he came down from his high.

"Ahhh I really needed that Lan." Vania said as he smiled down at Lan.

Vania rested his head on the bed for a few minutes while Lan gently rubbed him all over his body.

Vania smiled slyly at Lan "Now its your turn love."

Vania pulled the man into the bed and reached into a bag to get some oil he had in a small bottle

"No Vania we cant clean up properly, just your mouth."

Vania started to tongue bathe the man and when he reached the man's dick he tried the same trick that Lan had pulled on him. The man managed to hold on for a few strokes but the deep throating eventually brought him to a climax. Vania pulled a little of the dick in order to taste the small meal he was getting.

When Lanflayd got his senses back he looked down at the little slim shape of Vania looking up at him with a little drop of cum on his upper lip. The boy licked his lips and cleaned the man's cock thoroughly before they shared a deep kiss.

There were no real chances for sex on the last 10 days of the journey, as there always seemed to be someone around them.

On the morning of the 15th day they heard the lookout call that they were now approaching their destination.

Chapter 10

Lanflayd and sergeant Bone were talking on the deck as they approached the harbor of Trantor, discussing what they should do. It was agreed that sergeant Bone should contact the military leaders and inform them of the approaching army. Lanflayd had no official standing now that his post was destroyed so he just had to report back to the guild and they would find work for him. He only had to talk to the leader of the smithsguild of Trantor. Sergeant Bone offered them lodgings with his family but Lan refused saying he knew a place where they could live comfortably.

Lanflayd then grabbed Vania who was standing at the railing of the boat staring in disbelief at the size of the city that spread around the harbor and into the hills around. It was vastly bigger than anything the boy had ever seen in his life was. The harbor was a buzz of life with more people on one spot than Vania had ever seen in his life. He dragged the stunned boy to their cabin.

"Did you see all the people in the city Lan? Is there a festival today?"

"No this is very normal for a city this size Vania"Lan smiled at the awestruck boy "Its important that you stay very close to me when we get ashore, in the next few hours we will make a fortune if everything goes according to plan."

"How are we going to make money Lan? We have almost nothing with us."

"I know a few very rich people here, and they will pay us a lot of money for precise information. I have made a deal with sergeant Bone he will go through normal military channels which will keep the news out of most normal peoples ears for at least a day or two."

Vania smiled he had feared that they would run out of money soon

"Vania help me pack everything we have to get off the boat a soon as we can."

They quickly packed all their worldly possessions into their bags. As they were finishing packing Ramkan came into the cabin.

"Have you two finished packing already?"

"Yes we will leave the moment we can "Lanflayd answered.

"Will we meet again?"

"Probably Ramkan but don't try to guess the future."

"I am glad I met you two, you two have a special relationship and I won't tell anyone."

Vania smiled and thanked Ramkan

Lan gave the boy a hug and said goodbye to Ramkan before leaving the cabin, with Vania following him closely. The ship was lowering the anchor and the first boat was about to be lowered into the river. Lanflayd slipped a few coins into the hands of a couple of the passengers and suddenly two left their places for Lan and Vania. Vania waved at sergeant Bone who was smiling as he stood at the railing. It was a strained smile that betrayed the fact that Bone knew how hard the next few days would be for him.

"Sergeant Bone looks very bothered Lan."

"Yes he has a few hard days ahead of him."

"Why are you not bothered by the Orc's."

"Vania I will tell you later but the empire is too large for the rocs to conquer we just need to get out of this alive."

"Okay but please tell me what is happening Lan."

"I will Vania just not now."

The boat hit the water and the rowers took them to the docks.

They climbed out of the boat and were met by the stink of the city; it hit them like a wall. It was the overpowering and pungent smell of too many people crammed into too little space. The inner city was filled with three story buildings that towered over the streets. The first floors were slightly larger than the ground level making them reach out over the street. They crowded out the light so the streets of Kintan were submerged in permanent dusk. The inner streets were full of street peddlers pocket thieves and whores all waiting outside the multitude of bars and inns waiting each in their own way to prey on the drunk and lonely.

Lanflayd let them purposefully through the tangle of people into some of the back streets, whores cried their offers to Lanflayd showing what they had to offer, but the crowds seemed to spread in front of the two. Lanflayd had a way of walking with his black cloak billowing around his legs that made people vary. He seemed to sweat danger, and Vania just followed in his slipstream. They found a door in a large house above which there was a sign saying "Cockerel's for sale."

"What is this place Lan."

"It's where I used to spend a lot of my time when I was waiting for an escort to Kantor."

"A butcher?"

"It's a whore house for boys."

"So you came here and bought sex?"

"Yes I spent quite a lot of time actually, I had a lot of spare time and nothing to do. I lived here the last three weeks I was here and worked as a bouncer."

"Why did you work as a bouncer?"

"Well I was running out of money and the owner suggested that I stay here and sort out trouble and he would provide me with someone to spend the time with and a little money."

"The same boy?"

"The last three weeks it was the same boy, his name is luka."

"Did you love him?" Vania asked his voice shaking.

"No I liked him and I still do, he is a very clever kid who survived in spite of a very bad start in life, we would spend time talking, playing chess and having sex. He liked the sex but it was never more than a fun way to spend time."

"Does he still live here?"

"I don't know, he did three weeks ago. He usually supplies the owner Tiel with new boys. Luka can be very convincing and Tiel treats the boys well so usually they stay here as long as they can work here. Come we need to get in."

Lanflayd knocked on the door and a large face looked out of the small shutter in the door

"What do you want?"

"A night in pleasant company with my friend Luka."

The door opened and they walked in, the man at the door was huge 6'7'' and very heavily muscled he looked Vania over quickly.

"He is too old to interest Luka, he only has a couple of years more in him before he is too old."

"He is not for Luka, tell Luka Lanflayd has come to talk to him."

"Wait here."

The guard left the room and Vania looked around the room, it was rather dark but not in a menacing way just comfortable. There were a couple of large sitting chairs and sofa's apparently for people to wait in; the paintings on the wall all portrayed nude or half-nude boys.

The man came back with a slim medium height and stunningly beautiful boy. He had jet-black hair and very feminine features when he saw Lanflayd he ran across the room with a huge smile on his face and jumped into Lan's arms.

"Lan you came back!"

"Luka, off course I did," Lanflayd hugged him back, the youths familiar body pressed into his own.

Vania could not help but stare at this extremely beautiful boy; he seemed so close to perfection. He moved very smoothly as if he floated a little above the ground. Vania felt very clumsy around this boy.

"Who is this Lan?"

"This is my love Vania."

"So you have found someone! Does that mean a little fun is out of the question?"

"You will have to work that out with Vania he calls all the shots."

Luka turned to Vania and smiled to him, Vania looked at Lanflayd trying to sort out what he meant and what he wanted. All Lan did was smile cryptically at him and wave him along into the next room. The room they came into was obviously a bar; Luka walked behind the bar and started to mix a drink for Lan when he had finished he turned and looked at Vania.

"What will it be dear?"

"What?" Vania stuttered.

"What do you want to drink dear."

"Lemonade please."

"Luka I need to talk to our friend Tiel and also with Aron very quickly."

"I will send a boy to get them."

Luka clapped two times and two pretty boys about 10 years old walked in almost no clothes. They were blond and very pretty. Luka whispered with them for a couple of minutes before they left in a hurry.

"They will be quick I think Aron and Tiel will be here in 20 minutes."

"Good Luka, there will be a little reward in this if this works out right."

"I expected as much Lan, we have heard rumors of war here. Is it true are the orcs attacking again."

"If you wait 20 minutes I will explain it all in detail and I won't have to repeat myself."

"You know I have the patience of an angel, I have waited for you to be ready again for a second time quite a few times."

"Well with the appetite you have for sex nobody I know could satisfy you for very long."

"You actually did quite well Lan, a shame that someone else has you all alone. Vania do you also enjoy waking up with the dragon?"

Vania was almost paralyzed by the outspokenness of Luka; he sat for a second doing nothing before he realized that Luka was looking very intently on him.

"Yes I love waking up next to Lan "Vania whispered he was not used to talking about love and sex so openly but he decided to tease Luka a little "Lan has never had trouble with seconds or thirds with me though."

Luka laughed loudly "I thought for a moment that Lan had chosen a brainless boy, even though he always said he liked a little brains."

Vania blushed and looked at Lan but he was wearing one of his unreadable smiles. He knew that Lan loved him but he was having a little difficulty figuring out if he liked luka or if he hated him. Luka was a very beautiful and sweet boy who had all the self-confidence he needed and more. The overabundance of confidence made him very easy to hate, but he seemed to be in perpetual good mood. Vania knew he needed to talk to Lan about all this tonight. He was younger than Luka, he knew he did not look half as good as Luka and he was far behind in the knowledge of the world he realized that his lack of any education at all was a big minus around here.

"Where will you stay Lan?"

"Here Luka I think if they have a room that me and Vania can use."

"That would be nice Lan to have you so close."

Lan laughed loudly, he walked over to Vania lifted him up and kissed him deeply. Vania immediately responded and wrapped his legs around Lan's waist and held him tight as they kissed deeply. As they parted Lan winked at Vania as he looked over to Luka.

"Luka we need a room with a good double bed and a hot bath, but it will have to wait until Tiel and Aros have been here."

"You two lovers can have the room we stayed in last time you were here."

"Luka do you still work here as a boy, or have you found something else to do?"

"Tiel is up to something he says I have to start in school soon, he has gotten me a private tutor five days a week and after the summer break I am supposed to start as a clerk for a merchant here in town. I hope I can carry on living here though I like the scenery and the opportunities that this house presents."

"How is Tiel?"

"Well but he still sleeps with any boy he can find."

"Not you I guess?"

"Naw I have grown way beyond his tastes."

"Do you still supply him?"

"Yea if I find someone who needs a safe place to work from."

Lan laughed a little "Always a helpful boy ready to sacrifice time and effort for other people."

"Well I do get a little out of it." Luka blushed a little

The door opened and one of the small blond boys came in with a short plump man with a big smile on his face. The man walked over to Lan and grabbed his hand.

"Hello Lan good to see you back here."

"Hello Tiel good to see you too, how have you been?"

"I am well as always "The small boy jumped onto Tiel's lap and leaned against the man. Tiel's one hand disappeared down the boy's loose pants and started moving about "Potr here keeps me happy for the time being" The boy was squirming and moaning a little he was obviously liking the treatment he was getting, he tried to get to kiss Tiel but Tiel just told him to sit still and relax.

"So what brought you back here Lanflayd?"

"War my friend I can tell you all about this invasion force."

"That would be interesting my friend I could use that information."

"Yes I am sure you could we have approximately 24 hours before the other merchants will start to get reliable information."

"Then I need to start acting very quickly."

"We need to wait a for Aron because together you two will be able make the most of this chance, and we need to talk about my fee."

"The city has been swarming with rumors but most people don't believe it's a real problem."

Aron walked through the door with the boy, who had been sent to fetch him in his arms. Aron walked over to Lan and shook his hand firmly.

"So you are back my friend."

"Yes I am. Luka would you take Vania shopping we both need new clothes you know what I like and Vania can get what he wants. Tiel will pay."

Luka looked at Tiel who just nodded.

"Come Vania we have to go now."

Luka grabbed Vania's arm and led him out the room. The two small boys stayed behind.

"What about these two? Will the keep quite?" Lan asked.

"They will not leave either of us for the next 48 hours."

Vania and Luka walked up the stairs Vania was two steps behind all the time, when they came to the top of the stairs a nobly dressed man was leaving one of the rooms. A boy was standing naked and kissing him as he left, the boy was drenched in sweat but was smiling. The boy was 12'ish and dark haired he was smooth but his dick was very large and still a bit engorged. The boy was not tall or broad so the appendage between his legs looks almost alien on him, hanging thick and long between his legs. Vania realized this boy was almost as big as the butcher at home was. The man looked at them as he passed them at the top of the stairs. When the man had left Luka and Vania walked down the hall to the end and opened a door to a very lavishly furnished apartment the colors were dark and made you feel comfortable. The room was small but that only added to its charm. A few moments later the boy who had been saying goodbye to the man entered. He was only wearing a small patch of cloth that could not cover his cock completely.

"Hi Luka, who is this cutie?"

"Hi Thang this is Vania he is Lanflayd's boy."

"Lanflayd I thought you were his boy?"

"No well yes I was but I have been replaced."

"By this kid? I know Lanflayd has weird taste but this is almost too much he is not really pretty."

"No he is not but Lanflayd loves him. So you better treat him well."

"Yea I guess, Hi Vania I am Thrang."

"Thrang is also known as horse around here, you already know why. Did you notice that very handsome man leaving? He is a rich merchant from out of town he comes here every month and gets fucked for hours by Thrang."

"Yea he is just so loose I never get off with him, well I do but it takes ages. He likes it though and he pays me well and brings very nice presents."

"Hi Thrang" Vania answered "Haven't you sprouted hair yet?"

"Off course but I shave so no one knows because I can almost always control myself so no one knows that I cum like a firehose I just fake a dry orgasm."

"Is it not a little weird to talk so much about sex with men all the time?"

"I have lived here the last seven years since I was 8 and I have been having sex with men all the time. So its just an everyday occurrence for me." Luka answered.

"Yea I have lived here four years and it's not easy the first year but you get used to it and suddenly its actually fun to talk about. Boys like Potr only giggle if you ask them about sex but in a year they will be as open as us otherwise they will bottle up all the emotional fuckups you get here and end up like a wreck." Thrang added.

Luka picked up a jacket and got a purse from a drawer.

"Vania and me are going shopping, you want to come Thrang?"

"No I need a shower and then I need to rest I am too tired to do anything. Well I need to cum first after a fuck like that its hell holding back when you have fucked him for more than an hour."

"Maybe someone will help you "Luka smiled as he said this.

"Yea I know someone who will, Nice meeting you Vania we will have to talk another time."

Thrang left the room and went down the stairs.

"He will go downstairs and find one of the new boys to help him out, that's one of the perks of the job."

"Do the new boys have to service the older boys too?"

"No but most boys have friends who help them out when they need it, Thrang has a sweetheart who loves the feeling of horse in him."

"That one must hurt as hell!"

"Well his sweetheart is the doorman and he needs a huge organ to fill him up."

"What? That huge man, and that small boy. You would think that it would be the other way around."

"It is they take turns Vania, the doorman is an ex employee here but as you can see he got too big to do normal jobs here."

"So he used to work here as a boy?"

"Yea he used to be a boy here but when he turned 12 he started to really grow. Tiel feeds the boys well and he grew very very quickly. Now lets get going we need to go shopping."

Luka led Vania out of the house. They were not bothered on the street everybody seemed to know luka and he just smiled and nodded to most of them. They only went 20 meters down the road before they came to a small shop that had very expensive looking clothes in the window. The owner of the shop greeted luka and looked Vania over. He was a small feminine man who was a little overweight. He had a perpetual smile on his lips and immediately started to fetch clothes for Vania. The clothes he brought were very skimpy, thong underwear, leather clothes and small short dresses. Luka doubled over laughing when he saw all color drain from Vania's face.

"No no dear Ytrek he is not a working boy he needs proper clothes he is the last bouncers boy."

"The dark and silent one?"

"Yea well he is like that sometimes."

"Is he? I have never seen him like that "Vania realized he was lying as he remembered how cold and hard Lan could be if he was pushed.

Luka had been looking in his eyes and Vania realized that Luka knew he was lying.

"Well the boy needs a couple of changes of sensible clothes in good quality, a formal set that he can wear to church and a party set. He also needs underwear, a thick sweater and a jacket."

"Wow quite an order."

"Yes and a similar order for the bouncer, do you still have his size?"

"Yes he had a very nice body," The tailor said dreamingly.

"Well the bouncer's clothes have to be all black you can do whatever you like but keep the color black, the party clothes have to show his body and make him shiver."

Vania looked sharply at Luka

"Well not too saucy he is not a whore "Luka added.

"What about our young friend here?" Ytrek asked.

"I would like my everyday clothes black like Lan's. I know nothing about party clothes maybe you could show me some."

Ytrek found a few nice things for Vania and they ended up with a set, with a dark blue shirt, black quite tight pants, and a blue short jacket that apparently was very fashionable for parties. The formal set was almost all black except a waistcoat that also was blue. Luka and Ytrek had both agreed that blue suited Vania best. They had measured Vania very precisely; Vania had the feeling Luka was measuring him up when he was naked. When they had discussed underwear Luka had whispered something in Ytrek's ear. Vania saw it and blushed assuming they were commenting on his ass as he was bent over putting his pants on.

"I can deliver a set for each tonight shall we say in five to six hours time. If the bouncer smells as bad as this boy does they will need it as quickly as possible. The rest will be ready in a couple of days."

"That would be fine Ytrek Tiel is paying for all this off course."

"Off course."

Vania and Luka walked back to the brothel.

"I will show you the room you two will be using."

"Thank you Luka."

They walked up the stairs and entered the first door on the right the room was quite large with a large double bed and room to move about the window overlooked the street and you could hear the bustle of street life through an open window. On the bed the small bags they had brought had been placed Luka grabbed one and started unpacking. Vania helped him in silence, when they had finished unpacking they sat down in the two chairs and looked at each other.

"We need to talk Vania. You can't keep talking to me in one word sentences."

"Why would I want to talk to you?"

"Because I think you would be a nice friend and you need friends here. I am not trying to steal your boyfriend from you."

"How on earth can I be sure of that? "Vania's voice was shaking a little

"Because I have someone else that's why."

"You have a boyfriend?"

"Yes you would not catch me in bed with a girl. I liked Lan a lot but it was just sex, fun but not enough."

"Did he want to take it further?"

"Naw not really."

"Where did you meet your boyfriend? And what is he like?"

"I met him two weeks ago he came to one of the bars where people go to pick up boys not a nice place but I hang out there to find new boys. He looked around and saw me and just walked over to me. He asked me my name and when I answered he bought me a few drinks and we ended up in his hotelroom piss drunk. He makes me laugh."

"What does he look like?"

Luka laughed "He is tall and has blond hair, he is quite well built, broad shoulder and nice big muscles. He has a little belly not big but just a little and very nice loving eyes. I don't think I would have looked twice at him he is hardly beautiful. He is the new doctor in the garrison he is very smart."

"I thought you wanted to steal Lan from me."

"Yes well in the beginning I thought he would be perfect for me I loved his body and the sex was great but the spark was not there. Its different with Ashlock he turns me on like nothing I have ever tried before and he is well equipped too."

"How do you meet with him?"

"He comes here and tutors me. We have enough time after he teaches me to have a little fun."

"How did you make sure you got him as a tutor when Tiel assigned one to you."

"He always consults Aron on things like this and he owed me a favor."

"I thought you hinted to Lan that you still had sex with the new boys?"

"Yea well actually me and Ashlock often share a boy its great fun."

"Don't you feel bad about that?"

"No I don't I just like it and all the boys get what they want from it which is money."

"I don't understand that."

"Well you love Lan right?"


"He has used boys like this hundreds of times."

"Yes but.."

"Hehehe so different rules apply for different people. No I like having sex and the boys want to make money and besides they are almost all my friends."

"Yea still."

"I know there is a lot of turmoil in this business."

"Yea I know I was there the last few years too."

"I guessed as much, how did you meet Lan."

"He saved my life, took me in and loved me even though he knew I was a whore."

"Lan does not have many prejudices."

The door opened and Lan came in.

"I see you two have made friends, goodbye Luka see you tomorrow. Bring our clothes up in the morning we won't need them tonight."

"Goodnight." Luka smiled at Vania as he left.

"Luka have them bring some water up to the bathroom so we can have a bath."

"I will "Luka shouted from the hall.

"Vania get out of those clothes we need a bath."

Vania started to undress and Lan did the same they left the room with nothing but a towel on and entered a huge bathroom with several bathtubs and mirrors it looked opulent and was like nothing Vania had ever seen before. They soaked for a long time in separate tubs before they rinsed and went back to the room. Vania was feeling relaxed, well fed and clean. He looked at Lan who was standing naked looking out the window.

"Vania we are very very rich now."

"How come?"

"Well I made a deal with Tiel and Aron, they have paid us a considerable amount of money for the information. They will double it easily maybe even a lot more. They will buy everything that they can make a profit from in the next few days."

"What about sergeant Bone? Shouldn't he have some of it."

"Yes maybe we should visit his wife and give her something."

"Yea that would be nice. What are we going to do now?"

"I have moved most of the money to banks in other cities, half in the capitol Khat and the rest in the Elven realm. We have to wait a bit I don't really know what to do. What do you think?"

"I think you need a shag Lan."

Lan watched as the slim boy walked towards him buck naked with a raging hard-on. The gutter rat he had come to love, he could feel his cock start to rise. Vania noticed and smiled at Lan, Lan stood almost paralyzed as the boy slowly and purposefully walked up to him. Vania fell down on his knees and swallowed Lan's cock to the hilt. And proceeded to bob up and down it while using his tongue expertly. Lan's whole world rocked as he looked down in Vania's eyes. The boy was watching him while he sucked and when he caught the boy's eyes he could almost see how much this boy loved him. Lan exploded in Vania's mouth and the boy just swallowed without breaking eye contact at any moment. Vania continued to massage the cock in his mouth to get all of the juice out of it and the smile on his face never vanished a second. Vania was once again sure that Lan was his to keep.

Lan lifted Vania too his feet and grabbed his butt lifting him further up so they could kiss. Vania wrapped his arms and legs around Lan and they kissed deeply sharing the taste of Lan's resent passion. Lan could feel the boy's rock hard erection press into his stomach as he carried him to the bed. Lan gently set the boy down on the bed and lay down on top of him kissing him almost violently. Lan started to massage the boy's dick as they kissed Vania moaning heavily as they kissed. Lan reached for the oil on the little table next to the bed and started to grease up the boy's dick.

"Fuck me Vania."

Lan rolled over next to Vania and lifted his legs up exposing his ass, Vania looked a little shocked but he quickly recovered. He got up on his knees and moved into position between Lan's legs. He gently pushed his dick into Lan and started a smooth rhythm, Vania had not tried this often but in the last few weeks as a working boy one of his customers had started to let him fuck, so Vania had a little practice. The practice did not stop him from getting carried away and he was quickly pounding away and soon exploded with a scream inside Lan. Vania passed out and fell on top of Lan.

Lan just lay there and looked at his love as he recovered from his orgasm. Vania looked up a couple of minutes later and smiled at Lan.

"Now I only need one thing before this has been a perfect day Lan."

"What do you need Vania, I will give you anything."

"I am too tired to move, but I want feel you inside me. I need to get fucked long and good."

Lan smiled at his boy, and the thought of a good long fuck made his member rise to the occasion. Vania who was lying between Lan's legs felt the man's cock start to get bigger. Vania slithered a little down and started to lick the head of Lan's cock that quickly was at full mast. Lan pulled himself out from under Vania and moved down behind the boy who was lying on his stomach and with his legs spread. He quickly greased the boy up and after applying a liberal amount to his own cock he pushed his members head against the boy's rosebud. The boy relaxed and let the man enter him in one slow gliding stroke. The boy purred when the man's cock was deeply buried inside him and the pubic hairs tickled his ass. Lan then proceeded to fuck the boy he altered the speed all the time and as he had just cum he was in total control, he started to speed up pounding the little body beneath him heavily. The boy never stopped purring at any moment but suddenly the boy spasmed and moaned as he had an earth shattering orgasm soiling the sheet beneath him. Lan stayed inside the boy and just undulated a little while he came down from his high. When Vania resurfaced he looked up and looked pleadingly at Lan.

"Again please."

Lan obliged and restarted him motion quickly gaining momentum and fucked him slowly and carefully, trying to give maximum friction to himself and to the boy's prostate. He was obviously succeeding because soon the boy was purring again like a kitten in bliss. Lan was getting closer to the edge but he held himself in control of the situation savoring the feeling of the boy's hot moist ass on his dick. He fucked the boy like this for quite a time and he could feel that the boy was getting closer. He pulled himself from the boy and turned him over.

"I want to look in your eyes Vania."

"Please don't stop Lan I am so close."

Lan reentered the boy and resumed the rhythm he as he could feel the boy getting closer he leaned back and speeded up thrusting with all his might totally letting go of any control he had over the situation. Vania exploded without any contact with his dick spurting a few clear drops of liquid over his smooth stomach and whimpered loudly as he came. The sight of Vania cumming pushed Lan all the way and he unloaded inside the boy thrusting again and again as his body attempted to push his balls out through his cock.

The two lovers kissed deeply, and as they lay and enjoyed each other's warmth the felt a blanket cover them.

"Well now I have been reminded why I liked him Vania that man fucks so good I am glad he has found someone who appreciates it. Well sleep well I need to find someone to help me with a problem I have developed watching you two the last couple of minutes. Your new clothes are on the dresser and please remember to lock the door if you don't want visitors." Luka smiled at them and left closing the door. The last thing they heard before they drifted off was Luka shouting "Thrang come here now!"

The end for now

This was the last part ever sent…

Chapter 1

Adam didn't like the local shopping center. Constantly he surveyed the area for something that he could possibly want or need. Presently that was food as he sat at the small cafe with his lunch of sandwiches and a small bottle of Coke. His coffee brown table gave him a nice view of the hustling and bustling shopping center where it's shoppers where scuttling along. It also gave him a nice view of the cluster supposed women who dressed in barely wraps, loaded with fake jewelry, heavy make-up and numerous hair products. At 188cm tall [6ft 2in] with wavy black hair, deep green eyes and a light tan made him quite the catch at 25 years old. But Adam wasn't interested in women and was quick to try and convey that in his body language. He tried not to seem so negative and distant but it was one of the perils of being a boy lover. It was his defense mechanism along with diving himself into the academics. A quick smile flickered over his face as he recalls his success and accomplishment in his research. A couple of months ago he developed a computer program that could train medical nanites to accurately detect and fix cancerous cells. He was proud of his achievement and gave himself a pat on the back for being able to help out humanity in such a way. Yet here he was, sitting in a small cafe waiting to try and get motivation to trudge through something else.

Movement in the corner of his eye brought his sights to a very good looking boy pulling his grandfather straight towards him, or rather, straight towards the table next to him. The boy was amazing. With medium length dark brown hair, that held a hint of red in the shimmer of the lights, that mopped his head and flicked up along the sides. It framed his beautiful face with soft accented lips, sensational sapphire eyes and a small button nose. His slightly tanned skin glowed with youth and his body moved gracefully to show off his full physique and skinny lithe appearance. The boy of about 11 years old seemed to have an impressive bulge in his tight small shorts that, now that his brain seemed to be reactivating, seemed to show off an impressive amount of equally tanned legs than most boys would show. His form fitting T-shirt depicting a chibi form of ANBU Naruto grinning mischievously at everyone. His pearly white teeth also shone brilliantly in Adam's direction… from about 2 meters away. Adam blushed, offered a quick smile back before turning around and being absolutely fascinated with his sandwich. He couldn't believe that he had been ogling the boy for who knows how long. He quickly tried to finish his food as he could almost feel where the boy was as if he really was radiating sunlight.

"So what do you think?"

Adam startled as he realized that the boy's grandad was talking to him. "Sorry?" Adam said trying not to let any perverted thoughts enter his head. It took him a second to get his brain into and actually look at the scene before him. At the table next to him, barely 2 meters away, seated 1 amazing boy which was distracting him again so he moved his concentration to the older man before him. At about late 60s years of age, the man with peppered hair had a reasonable build and deep brown eyes that shown of intelligence and amusement.

"Naruto? Josh here thinks that the antique is still a good show. You seemed to recognize his shirt so I figured you might be able to explain it to me."

Adam understood where the man was coming from. Judging from the man's age he'd guess that by the time he would be interested in anime in his youth it was already an old and unpopular show. To see it in today's day-and-age was uncommon. Seeing the boys blushed face and almost a pleading asking to be supported Adam decided that perhaps it wasn't uncommon enough. With a chuckle he brought out his phone showing off the dangling Naruto key-chain.

"It's an oldie but a goodie. Although not many still like it. To be honest I'm surprised… Josh? … has actually heard of it."

The bark of laughter startled him for a second before he indicated with his hand if he could see it. I handed my phone of while being filled with a warm glow at the bright and big smile on Josh's face. While looking at the key-chain the man continued speaking. "It surprised me too. He started developing an interest in the anime a couple of months ago. But I suppose things change when they get to that age." Looking up, the man studied him for a moment before offering a smile. "Do you mind if we join you? Josh has been prattling on about this Naruto stuff all day and I don't have a gag on hand so perhaps it'll make more sense to you." Adam paused for a moment. 'Stop it brain!'. Gesturing with his hand towards the table and a smile. They move over to him with Josh taking the seat next to him. Trying to calm himself down by diving head first into it.

So he stuffed his hand down the boy's pants.

No wait. That's not right. Adam shook his head to remove yet another thought from his head. This was annoying him now as he had never had such a strong reaction to a boy before.

Taking in a breath he presented his hand to Josh. "Hi I'm Adam Heres, a fellow Naruto fan." Josh smiled before taking the hand and give it a shake. "Josh Puer." he said with a smile. Adam turned to greet then older man. "Oh? Adam Heres? The same Heres that essentially cured cancer with the multinites?" Adam blushed a bit. He was surprised that the man recognized him. He was a private researcher and tried to keep out of the limelight. This meant that this man before him had actually read his article and not just heard about it on the news.

"Errr, yes sir." The man grinned at him before saying "Well it is wonderful to meet you Mr Puer. I always wanted to meet the man that used my nanites for such a wonderful cause. Abe Freeman, by the way." Adam stared at the offered hand for a moment as his mind shut down. THIS was the multimillionaire inventor of the systems he used to make his research happen. Quickly snapping back to reality he grabbed the hand and shook it with a big smile. Abe quickly asked asked about how he knew Naruto and soon they all got distracted from reality talking about Naruto. It was a surreal experience for Adam to speak with one of his idols about trivial things until it was nearly time for the store to close.

Adam had gotten to know both Abe and Josh quite well and enjoyed their company. Josh was an amazing boy who was intelligent, shy, cute but still held a cheeky playful side as he got to know him. Soon, they could feel the glares boring into their back from shopkeepers want to close shop at the first moment they could. Adam was shocked when he noticed that Abe still had his phone after all this time. He was telling Josh to pull a nice pose for his contact video. Josh quickly got out of his chair and pulled a classic Naruto pose. With a big grin on his face he stretched his hand to behind his head, causing his shirt to rise up a bit and show some amazing muscles shaped like a V pointing down into his low-riding shorts. He then snapped his right hand out towards the phone recording him in a classic V-for-victory pose where his forefinger and middle fingers stood up from his clenched hand and formed a V like sign. Abe said that he got it and saved the contact information before handing my phone back to me. After saying a quick good bye and promising to call they left.

Adam took a moment to slow down his whirring mind. Regardless of how Josh looked, he actually found a really good friend in him despite the age difference. It surprised him on how many similar things they were interested and how Josh was able to keep up with his 'techno jargon', as he called it, whenever he started talking about his work or other areas of geeky interest. Smiling and telling himself that he would call them to meet up again.

Walking out of the cafe he opened his phone and checked the contact information. Watching the video on there he picked up his pace for home while thinking 'Yes, I will definitely be calling them.'

Adam did call them. A few days later he picked up the phone and called. A few days were painful to Adam but perhaps he shouldn't seem too stalker-ish. That call then lead him to here. A massive mansion in the possession of Abe. This was their home. It was great. Near enough to the city but still far enough away that no-one was around in the area. Not that is mattered much when a large dense forest surrounded the several tens of acres of land. The large mansion of a house was in a reasonably large clearing. After getting through the big electronic gates it still took him a couple of minutes to reach the clearing and then see the house. It had an interesting mix of old and new. The styling was like an old mansion seen in old movies like batman. Yet the overall house just radiated something stronger which it may well be. The owner had invented nanites which could be used to make some of the strongest materials known and the entire house seemed to have great technology integrated seamlessly throughout it.

When Adam got out of the car he was greeted by a smiling Josh. Josh seemed to have got even more beautiful than the last time he saw him. Being quickly led into the house, he was given a quick tour. The house was lush and homely with pictures and various other pieces. Overall it seemed warm, not just from the mostly red carpets and fireplaces, but just the overall atmosphere. Adam liked it. He was surprised to see that there was a Master wing with three other minor wings, a big library, study, a pool – both indoor and outside – and much more. Passing by a window that overlooked the back yard, in the master's wing, he noticed another small building. When he pointed it out to Josh, Josh gave him a big smile that seemed to hint a cheeky remark. "That's the barn. You know for horses or other animals. We've been soooo busy that we haven't gotten around to getting anything in there yet so it's empty." Satisfied with his explanation, Adam was, once again, dragged off to another place.

They met up with Abe later on where once again everyone was talking and having a bit of fun over lunch. This time Abe's phone beeped where he took a quick look at it before excusing himself and asking Josh to keep Adam entertained until he came back later. Josh offered him a smile before asking him if he wanted to play in the pool outside. Giving him a quick smile Adam said "Sure."

Adam took his bag and got changed into some speedos and white board shorts. Taking a towel before heading out to the back door and waiting for Josh. Josh arrived 5 minutes later clad in only some small and tight black swimming trunks that only covered a bit more than a speedo. These trunks weren't those terrible trunks that went up to a person's bellybutton but seemed to be a bit too low-riding. Instead the legs came down just enough to make the trunks seem rectangular across his body. A nice bulge could be seen in front of his trunks but enough for a tease with no real details seen. His tan seemed consistent and the towel across his shoulders brushed against his pink little nipples. Walking straight backed towards him Adam noticed a tube of something in his hands. When Josh stopped he shuffled and fidgeted a bit before grinning and opening the door and running toward the pool. Adam laughed and took up the challenge jogging off towards the pool.

When he arrived at the pool he noticed that Josh had turned off the leaf shield and was laying down towel and turning to look at him. Adam sighed as he realized that he couldn't mess around and take any glancing feels with Josh. He cast an annoyed glance towards the sky where satellite were detailing everything around them with little care for privacy. Josh seemed to notice before saying with a smirk "Don't worry about the satellites. Ma- ahh Abe doesn't like them being able to spy in on his work so there are special reflectors built into the gates and fences around here that stop our entire property from being seen from outside."

Setting his towel down he quickly looked over the normal but large enough pool. "Can you spread me?" An image flashed through Adam's mind of Josh spread eagle on a bed. Shaking his head a bit Adam turned to see Josh with a smile and a bit of a glint in his eyes while holing out a tube of suncream. This could prove difficult but Adam was glad at least he didn't just wear speedos. "Umm… Wouldn't the UV filters protect us?" Josh paused for a moment before replying "Oh umm… no. The UV filters are broken." 'Strange,' Adam thought. 'if there was anyone who could fix those it would be Abe.' Adam wondered. Adam shrugged and tried to act nonchalant while grabbing the suncream.

Adam applied a blog of suncream to Josh's back before rubbing it with his hands. Feeling the contours of his back and dipping his hand right down to the edge of the low-riding trunks where he finger moved across the beginnings of his crack. I thought I noticed his speedo bulge get a little bit bigger before he jerked for a bit with a grimace on his face for a second, eyes closed, and soon it was quickly removed for a neutral face. Although his stomach muscles remained tenses and they were Adam's next victim as he rubbed his sun creamed hands over his front. Taking in the contours of the muscles laying under his skin and the little pink twitching nipples he has. Once done, Adam remained kneeling down for various 'reasons' and was about to apply the suncream to himself before Josh quickly snatched it from his hands. "Thanks! I'll do you now." And so he did. Feeling those small warm hands slip and slide over his body was indescribable. Soon it was over and he still had problems down-stairs. Sensing that it was not going to go away any time soon, he devised a plan. These issues were not as noticeable in the water, plus the cold water might help. To do that he would need to expose his issue by getting up and getting into the water… Unless… Adam grinned to himself as he noticed that Josh had his back to him and had bent forward a bit next to the pool.

Quickly Adam rushed towards, slipping one arm between his legs then up onto his stomach, while his other arm went across his chest. Lifting up Josh's feet left the ground as his arm pushed into his ass and pressed against his crotch. His hand felt his stomach tense along with his ass while a soft gasp and moan escaped from Joshes mouth. Adam could also feel a slight hardness pressing into his wrist. Quickly he flung him towards the pool where he splashed in. During his flight and subsequent splash, Adam has also managed to quickly slip into the pool and thus averting and awkward questions. 'Mission accomplished!' he thought.

The afternoon came to a close fooling around in the pool. The wet wiggling boy often got tossed through the air after a few 'accidental' glancing feels while wrestling in the pool. At times Adam felt as if he was being watched but quickly shrugged it off as he continued to play with Josh. All too soon the sun was lowering and soon Abe had come out to call them in for dinner. Of course watching watching.

Adam dry his shiny wet body off – even at one stage causing his trunks to dip a bit and that the previously hidden leg and torso were without tan-lines – gave Adam another issue 'down-stairs' which he covered by wrapping his towel around his waist after a very quick dry-off.

Heading inside to find that dinner was ready left Adam bumbling around with cutlery while a near nude boy sat close next to him at the table. Oh, and his steak was very tasty. They talked a bit in the evening and even watched a movie. Adam was glad for this as by this stage he was starting to ease up and was just enjoying the company of the warm body pressed next to him on the couch.

Over the course of the next couple of months, Adam regularly visited the duo. He formed a great friendship in Abe, where they talked for hours about their fields and about life in general. It was an amazing experience for Adam as he was shown all the nanite systems and security systems that Abe had. Those had impressed him a great deal. Yet it was with Josh that Adam held the deepest bonds with.

He and Josh had become quick buddies. Friends that had fun, played games and just enjoyed each other presence. Soon that developed more. A deeper bond. For Adam, he would do anything for Josh. He loved Josh not only because of his body but because of his personality, his quirks, his positives but his negatives. He felt their spirit resonate. Josh also reciprocated and always told Adam everything. Sharing secrets and a very deep bond. Adam didn't quite realize that his bond with Adam was to the same degree as Adam's bond to him. Sadly, they were not ready to embrace that yet because there was one finale element – the changing.

Adam was not a morning person. In his opinion, any person that called him at 8am, or earlier, in the morning should be gagged for at least a month. The chirpy, coffee driven voice on the end of the phone grated along his nerves as he looked out the window to a dreary overcast day. "Sir! Am I speaking to a Mr Adam Heres?" It seems the nagging woman had asked him his name several times now. His brain decided that it probably had to wake up at this stage and mumbled a "yes." with an accompanied yawn. "Very well. I am Ms. Elaine Ficeint from Black and Smith lawyers." She said in her no non-sense voice. Suddenly the voice turned somewhat softer as she got to the point. "I am sorry to inform you that early this morning Mr Abraham Freeman passed away at his home. His per-organised will and orders have stated that you would gain custody of his son Joshua Puer."

Now his brain was awake. His heart chilled at the passing of a good friend and mentor despite the little amount of time they had known each other. Yet his heart went out to Josh. He was baffled on how he was suppose to look after Josh, or why he had been chosen considering how little time they knew each other. Deciding that he needed to be there for Josh, he asked where they were.

"We are currently at their family house. I hoped that you might be able to me here as normally this is held in our offices but the child appears to be somewhat distressed and will not leave." Rolling his eyes at the confused and exasperated voice of a woman that probably had forgotten that she too had been a child, he said he would be about 30 minutes to drive there. Quickly getting changed, grabbing a snack to eat on the way, he drove to the mansion.

Locking away his emotions that were mixed all over the place he made it to the edges of the city where the large enclosed property was. He could see various professionals there and a dark convertible Mercedes with a lady in her early thirty's with blond hair and a stiff formal attire stood patiently. When he got out of his car a blur came from below before slamming into him. Soon wet tears were felt seeping into his shirt. Ignoring the lawyer, he comforted the boy a few moments before he mumbled something and collapsed in a dead faint.

Surprise overtook Adam as he called out for the medics milling around the scene while holding the limp boy. They came rushing over before, much to his relief, said it was shock, emotions and lack of sleep and that he should wake up soon. They mentioned that his breathing was fine, as was his heart rate and pressure so there was no concern. They advised him to put him in a bed and let him sleep. A thought occurred to him where he was concerned that perhaps it was some kind of outside element that killed Abe and that maybe Josh had the beginning stages. The medics gave him an odd look before replying "I'm sorry sir, I thought you knew. Mr Freeman was diagnosed with an incurable fatal genetic disorder and a few months ago a viral infection triggered its finale stages. He held on for a long time but sadly it caught up on him. Apparently his son has been tested and does not have the same genetic disorder."

Adam stood stunned for a few moments. Abe had a fatal disease and never told him? Why? He was relieved that Adam didn't have the disorder. Thanking the medic he went inside, after offering a quick shake of the head to the approaching lawyer, and lay Josh down on a large, soft cream colored couch that was out of the way for the people moving through the house. Placing a pillow under his head and draping the blue wool blanket he found beside the couch over Josh. He watched Josh for a moment in confusion. Normally, after a traumatic day, one would not have a peaceful calm sleep like Josh was currently having. Sighing a little bit to himself, he recomposed himself before venturing outside.

Quickly he was snatched away by the waiting lawyer. Bar a few little block of money and some family heirlooms, Abe had left everything to him including the mansion, a very large bank balance and Josh – his son.

"Son? I thought Josh was his grandson. Is he adopted?" Adam asked after she mentioned Abe's son a few times. "Yes, sorry. I meant his grandson." She said briskly. 'Odd.' He thought, after all, she seemed like the person who knew details. Plus it's a pretty obvious mistake. Movement caught his eye as several people moved pass them.

Watching the medics move the body away he had a moment silence. Once they had passed and moved the body away, a man and lady appeared and started clearing the small room Abe had been in when he died. The lawyer told him that they were the hired doctor and maid that looked after him in his final hours and would be cleaning up the room. She then handed him a copy of the papers he had just signed, along with several other bits and an envelope addressed to him.

"We at Black and Smith would like to offer our condolences for your loss and can recommend you or your son a good bereavement counselor in the area. It is often recommended that father and son or other family relation time is spent to help each other move forward."

Giving her a strange look Adam replied "Well I'm not sure how he would feel about that as he may think I'm trying to take over from his grand-father. He was Josh's father figure after all."

"Oh, I thought you were his father figure. Why did your father act as the father figure to your son? Was it work commitments?"

'This is weird.' Thought Adam. "No… Abe isn't my father… and Josh isn't my son… I just signed for guardianship of Josh… right then." He said while pointing at the files in her hand. She glanced at them before her eyes widened and she replied "Oh! I'm sorry. I forgot."

Biting his lip, Adam offered a tight lipped smile to the crazy woman before she blushed and said she had to go, before leaving with all the other people. The house was quiet again.

Adam took a moment to allow the calm and quiet area around him to still and ease his churning thoughts. Sorting through all these thoughts that demanded attention he calmed his mind down and started to prioritize. Glancing at the envelope addressed to him in neat script, he ripped it open and pulled out the letter. The short letter. The VERY short letter.

Go to the holo-room and issue the command "Are you really dead?". Abe

Taking a moment to gape at not only the short letter AND the odd request but at the implications of the what the command said. Frowning, he hardly noticed that he had gotten up and started walking toward the holo-room, ridged stance and deepening frown grew as he got closer. If Abe jumped out and said "surprise.", Adam was going to punch him. Hard.

Upon entering the holo-room he found no lurking Abe so turned and said to the console by the wall of the all gray room "Computer, issues command 'Are you really dead?'"

"What an insensitive question!" Said the holographic projection of Abe. Although the slight unfocused look in his eyes told him that it was recording. "Although I can understand where that thought may have come from. After all, I invented the nanites that can cure nearly any illness in the body. I would also have the facilities to create a clone body with a genetic defect that can die and seem exactly like me." Adam's eyes narrowed a bit at the suggestions from these statements but he didn't speak up yet. No point really.

"But the point doesn't matter does it? As far as the world is concerned, I am dead, and that's all that matters to you. Legals will sort that for this house and my possessions and money, but it's Josh that we need to talk about." Adam straightened up here. He hoped that maybe some relative of theirs was too far away to come immediately but would take over guardianship of Josh. Although that sounded stretched even in Adam's mind.

"I know you're sexually attracted to boys, Adam."

Adam blanched. It felt more like suddenly his blood has disappeared and that he'd turned in to a cold stone that would shatter into a million pieces if he moved. Gravity had decided to go on a roller coaster and soon Adam was sure he was going to faint. He was cold, pale, ridged like a stone and sparkling. 'Wait. Sparkling?'. His brain seemed to dredge up to notice that some kind of flash had just occurred and holo-Abe was grinning. "Oh I hope that was good. I programmed the system to take a holographic recording so that we can all share this wonderful moment. I can already imagine your face. In-case you haven't caught on, I don't care that you're a boy lover. Actually I do, because I can relate. I'm a boy lover as well, Adam."

Slowly the world started filling in with color again and he slowly turned toward the holo-Abe with surprise.

"Take out your phone and look at that image of Josh that I took when we first met." Adam did as instructed and gasped. Since that day he had several pics of Josh on his phone and hadn't looked at that first picture in a while. Josh looked different. Back then there are a red tinge to his hair and he was shorter and paler. Subtle differences in his face were there as well. Not a large difference but enough to note it as odd.

"He's changed hasn't he? I took that picture not only because I was sure you would like it, but because you can see the changes with your own eyes. A few months before that day, Josh had red hair, was shorter and pale with green eyes. Here." An image of Abe and Josh appeared. While you could seem similarities there were large differences obviously. He would think it might be a cousin of Josh had he not been told it was Josh. Soon more holo-images were fading in and out, outlaying the events of their life together.

"The changing is what we call it. It symbolizes a time to move. Although not always an end or a beginning but a change none-the-less. To understand this better you need to know more about Josh and who he is exactly. I will tell you this much first. Even I don't know much about Josh only that he exists and that I am forever grateful for it. Perhaps now you have noticed and issue with the images I'm showing you. Take a look." Adam had that gut instinct that was telling him something was wrong with those images but he could work out what it was yet. More images flickered up showing their history as it went further back watching them grow younger.

No… Adam's eyes widened in disbelief. 'That is not possible!' his mind screamed. He needed to correct his statement. The pictures showed their life as Abe got younger. Josh stayed the same although looking a bit different every so often he stayed the same age – sometimes a little older and sometimes a little younger but the same.

"As you may have noticed. Josh isn't affected by time. His age doesn't change. Oh there is some variance but that is not dictated by time but my own person preference. What's more is there's far more to this than I can possibly explain. I will start with this though. I understand how you feel because when I was just a couple of years older than you are now, a dear mentor and friend of mine tried to explain Josh to me as I am doing to you."

Adam's brain was working overtime trying to sort his head around this. 'How old is Josh?!!?' he wondered.

"He told me of the person before him and so forth. A little research project I have done can possibly trace him back at least 3,000 years. Of course Josh doesn't really know this. Although be prepared for him to mention random historical facts in passing since he was there."

Adam's mind seemed to shut down at the mention of 3,000 years. He was just absorbing these words. He tried to point out to himself that Abe could have just lost it, but there are holographic evidence. Well that's the 'evidence' that he told himself. Really, he just felt it was right in his gut. Like a "yes, of course. How could it be anything else?" Sensing a serious shift, he tuned back to the hologram.

"How can he be like this? Well it's complicated. Josh probably passed out when I moved on. He won't wake up until a day later. This process is complicated and deals with his nature. From what I can grasp in his comments and various historical documents, I'm guessing he's some kind of spirit or representation. He's a companion. He instinctual finds the boy-lovers who do good and are in need of a companion. The he becomes their companion for eternity. That's the basic level of it. The complicated bit is the changing. His body houses spirit and representations of desire. The changing is when he is needed in two places at once. He changes. The original stays with the companion, wherever and however that may be, while the new Josh seeks his new companion. The new Josh doesn't have the attachments of the old one. He knows of me but I'm just another face in the crowd and doesn't share the same connection as my Josh."

Adam felt guilty as his heart soared. He shouldn't feel as if Josh belonged to him! Trying to reason that he would talk to Josh about it and allow Josh to try and have a normal life and do what he wishes.

"You will just have to work it out with Josh but for the most part Josh can explain his instinctual feelings which will guide the process. You may want something for Josh because it's the most acceptable idea according to society but Josh is institutionally connected to you. His urges will be what you really want, deep down inside. On that note I should point out that from what he has confessed and from what I can see, you might like to know that Josh can show you the tour you didn't get last time. I have a feeling you will like the dungeons under the house."

Abe gave a knowing smirk as Adam paled again and somehow blushed at the same time. He hoped that his desire and fantasy of a cute boy slave to torture and tease would not force Josh to act like that. He wanted to keep the friendly, albeit cheeky but happy Josh.

"Have fun!" And with that, hologram-Abe winked out of existence and the holo-room shut down.

Adam stood still for a moment taking it in. He walked out of the room and decided to verify what he could. Going over to the couch he shook Josh lightly. He lay still, breathing deeply and completely calmly. Shaking a bit harder, enough to wake up nearly anyone, yet not, apparently, Josh. He picked Josh up and took Josh to his room before laying him on his bed. Taking his shoes off of him and making him as comfortable as possible before draping the sheets over him. If he was going to be sleeping a day or more then he should do it comfortably. Heading back into the living room he sat down again. Now even more thoughts swirled through his head. Glancing at the legal stuff that he left on the couch, his stomach told him that perhaps having some lunch while watching a movie would help calm him down and distract him. That was what he did. He didn't really pay much attention to the movie but it did it's job of distracting him. This gave his subconscious some time to sort through this mess.

Dealing with the personal issues first;

He decided that he couldn't do any more about Josh until Josh woke up.

While Abe was a good friend, he hinted that he may still be alive somewhere with his Josh… or happy at least… or… well there were many options but at least it seemed more like he was giving him Josh and had oversaw the process than anything else. That helped him move past it.

Legals. Well he didn't really have too much to worry about. It seemed to be sorted, and his flat didn't have another room for Josh to stay at. So he would talk to Josh but probabilities were that he would stay here. He also ignored the jab his mind sent about that he may have been swayed by the idea of a dungeon under the house.

This was the way he moved through the day, making phone calls and arranging things. Heading off to one of the guest rooms he went to sleep after taking off everything except his underwear.

Josh was feeling much better. His old spirit had split of to go. Now he was his own person. He missed Abe but it was hard to remember. It was literally like remembering a past life memory. So generally he was alright and happy to be with Adam. He had a shower and his daily enema before heading off to the kitchen. He was starving!

Eating some ceral at the table he thought about what he should tell Adam. While pondering this, Adam came stumbling into the kitchen, blindly grabbing for food before setting it on the counter behind him. Josh glanced and smirked at the clock which read 8:25am. Josh normally woke up at 7am but he knew Adam didn't usually wake up until 9am and even then it took a while for his brain to shift into gear.

Josh admired the view before him and the big bulge that was the morning erection. His own cock twitched in excitement and stated to rise. It was becoming harder the more Josh looked over Adam's body. A strange feeling, that he felt like he knew before, was building up in his gut.

"Josh!" Adam had finally spotted him and exclaimed in surprise before moving to the side and placing the bench between them. At first he looked concerned and was obviously searching his face to see how he was. When he deemed that he wasn't going to start bursting out crying, he did his customary quick body perv on his body. His eyes widened, not only at the beautiful sight before him but also at the fact that he wasn't wearing any clothes. Adam quickly turned away and glared a bit at his pulsating cock.

Josh was amazing! No tan lines, a firm body with soft edges and it just screamed flexible. His cock and balls were quite impressive, nearly the size of a small man's. Yet they did not seem awkward on his body. Everything just fitted perfectly. That shapely V to his groin, the bouncing bubble butt and so much more. Adam didn't know how he was going to survive with Josh looking like this.

"Josh! I'm glad you're up and about but why aren't you wearing anything?"

Josh's shrug went unseen before he replied "I dunno. I guess it just feels natural. Clothes are irritating and get in the way." Adam felt his face blush and wondered if that was his fault. "Umm… maybe you should put something on. I wanna talk to you and see how you are?"

Josh sighed before finishing his breakfast and walking back to his room to get some clothes. At least not before mumbling "Well you can't really see how I am when I'm wearing clothes hmm?"

Adam closed his eyes when Josh left before rolling them. 'Cheeky brat!' He quickly rushed back to his room and grabbed his clothes from yesterday before whacking them on. His cock refused to go down.

Walking back to the kitchen he saw Josh sitting on the table with some white with red lining soccer short on. Judging from a slight glimpse he noted that no underwear was being worn much like no t-shirt or anything else. Sitting there Josh innocently swung his legs back and forth.

Adam grabbed the food he put on the bench and started having breakfast. Soon they began talking. They both missed Abe but for Josh he was struggling to remember him and for Adam, well he suspect that the wily old coot had skipped out somewhere and somehow had another Josh with him. For some reason they bonded while they were talking again. Adam's fears of a totally different Josh were unfounded.

"No. I remember everything about you. One of my first clear memories is going into the shopping center and feeling a warmth. I followed it and then it led me to you! I remember our talks and everything!"

They talked some more where Adam found out that Josh felt the urge to just be near him. Adam could handle that. They spent the day relaxing, picking up a few things from Adam's house and playing video games. They both were recovering and delving further into each others bond.

Adam started making a nice big dinner and kicked Josh out of the kitchen to make it. Josh wandered back to his room to find something interesting to do on the internet. His desktop picture surprised him. It was an erotic picture from M-BoysWord. He didn't remember this! His cock grew hard again, and that funny feeling in his stomach appeared again. Looking at the red-haired boy in heavy metal color with two red stripes going down it and four rings placed around it. He was amazed. The boy appeared to be in quite the position. He was bent at the knees a little bit where a long smooth metal pole, decreasing in girth as it went up, came from the floor to the boys ass impaling him slightly as his ankles were shackled to the floor. What's more, is that his hands were locked to some chains on either side of his body that went up to some pulley systems on the floor before joining another lot of pulley systems above that attached to some weights. Some rope wrapped around the boys testicles and then went down to a small pulley on the floor that constantly pulled on the nuts and when rope was fed into it, it did not return. Which meant that the further the boy allowed the weights to pull his hand down beside him, the further he impaled himself on the increasing width pole while the pull on his nuts didn't allow him to move back up.

Josh felt his dick pulsating as he imagined himself as the boy. Clear fluid started leaking out of his took and he was nearly vibrating from anticipation. Searching for M-BoysWorld online he discovered that BoysWorld was a special place connected via the Morpheus project. Through there he found out what life was like for those people and found many images and videos. Several times stars seemed to flash through his eyes as that amazing feeling tripled and washed through his entire body. When he heard Adam shout that dinner was ready. Josh stood for a moment to stop himself shaking. His dick was still leaking so he took off his shorts and wiped it thoroughly before throwing them in the cleaning basket and heading down to dinner.

"This looks amazing" Josh exclaimed. Which, incidentally was what Adam was also thinking, but not for the dinner but the, again, nude boy walking towards it.

"Forgot something?" Adam said as Josh looked confused for a moment before looking down and blushing. "Sorry, sir. I forgot." He did not, however, return to his room to get clothes but rather sat down at the table where his plate was. Adam decided he might as well let it go for now. They spoke a bit as they ate before a bit of mashed potato dropped off Josh's fork and into his lap. He yelp and moaned a bit before using his fork to collect the potato of his dick then gave his dick a blow of air to cool it down. Adam was staring and in-order to hide it he said "Well there's a reason to wear clothes. Are you okay?"

Adam gave him and eye roll before saying "I'm alright." A wicked glint entered his eyes and his lips curled into a smirk before he said "Although it hurts a bit, I don't mind it. Maybe you could kiss it better?" Instantly bother their faces blushed. Adam because he of the statement and Josh because he had no idea why he said that out loud. Mumbling an apology he quickly applied himself to his dinner not looking up at Adam.

Later that night Josh curled up against Adam on the sofa to watch a movie. Neither were paying much attention to it. Adam had a naked boy-god curled up by his side, radiating a comforting warmth, while Josh had all those scenes playing through his mind with himself and Adam as the cast. The movie had ended now and neither had offered suggestion on what to do next. It was a little bit early for bed but still. A scene of a boy trying to seduce his master flashed through Josh's mind and before he could stop himself, he too was learning up and trying to kiss Adam on the lips.

That moment everything froze for a few seconds before Adam's eyes widened and he pushed Josh off of him. Josh lost his balance and fell on his butt, giving a little bounce before he stopped and looked up to Adam with hurt shining through his eyes. Adam's rejection tore through him worse than anything he had felt before. Even hot potato on his dick. Tears gathered in his eyes before he ran off to his room, ignoring the pleas to wait from behind.

Adam jumped up from the sofa and rush towards Josh's room. Inside he rushed to the boy laying face down on the bed sobbing trying to placate him.

"I'm sorry Josh but we can't kiss like that. I like you a lot but I'm afraid I'll hurt you beca-"

"But I want you to hurt me! I want to be like those boys. I want you to love me." Josh said with red rimmed eyes while pointing to the computer that had images from M-BoysWorld loaded on it. Adam's was surprised that Josh had seen or even found images like that. He again wondered if his desires were somehow still affecting Josh and settled to try and meditate some more to repress the desires.

"Josh, we can't be like that. They're in a different world. One where people can heal physically instantly and where if anyone needs help emotionally then they have many people to rely on get assistance. A world where it's impossible to inflict too much damage. We don't have that here and your too young to understand it." Adam flinched at his lame excuse near the end. Something that Josh picked up on straight away. "I'm just like them! My mental age in making this decision places me much higher than you!" Adam was frustrated at not being able to convince Josh he was looking out for him, especially since his gut was telling him 'go with it'.

"Well then you have the mind of an infant since you can only clearly remember from a few months ago." As soon as the words came out his mouth, he didn't need to see the look of utter betrayal from his eyes and the wounded expression on his face in order to feel like an ass. He tried to back track and try a different way "I'm sorry that was uncalled for. I didn't mea-"

"GET OUT!" Josh screamed. Tears streamed down his face. Feeling like nothing would fix this for the time being, he left and went to his room. He sat there thinking for hours before sleep claimed him.

Both of them woke up the next day with raging hard-ons and it took a while for them to settle down. This repeated through-out the week. It was a quiet and solemn affair, not only due to their big fight but the last of the legalities, funeral where Josh insisted that it wasn't needed because Abe was fine, which gained him pitying looks from several members of the community that attended the 'important' funeral. Soon both were finding that they would soon pounce and hump nearly anything that moved. Which was quite impressive for both of them and their self-restraint. Both of them stubborn. But Adam was glad for it because it made him think – not just think but REALLY think. He decided that while he knew the boy Josh, he didn't know the full Josh – just the same as Josh didn't know the full Adam.

"Josh, can I speak to you? I made some cookies. I also mean a real talk. Both of us need to sort through it so we can sort it out like adults." Josh gave him a weary look but the smell of the freshly back chocchip cookies convinced him to come and sit next to Adam on the large sofa. They turned sideways on the sofa and sat cross legged to look at each other with the plate of hot steaming cookies place between them. Adam sighed as he found that the cookies placed on the sofa between them meant he was looking straight at Josh's still uncovered crotch.

"Alright I'll go first because you want to know why I rejected you." Josh looked a little down for a moment before reach out for a cookie but Adam's hand stopped him.

"No, not yet. They're still hot and I'm using them in my explanation. You see they're very tempting. They look great and smell wonderful. I really want one and so do you. You said that you think I don't love you but that's not true. I love you a lot. Not just your looks but everything about you. You're like this cookie. But I'm scared because I don't want to hurt you. I'll expand upon why a bit later. Now if I took one of these cookies and ate it in front of you and said how wonderful it was, and picked up a cookie and placed it on your lips so that you felt the warmth pressed against your mouth and smelt it… it'd be really hard not to eat it yeah?"


"That's what you're like for me. When you don't wear clothes and when you kiss me, it makes it harder for me to resist. Now the reason WHY I resist is because not only in it difficult for the boy anatomically in a man boy relationship, I really like bdsm relationships. Have you read about that? Do you know what that means?"

Josh's cock started to inflate as he blushed and said "Yeah. I've been reading heaps of stuff on it and looking at some of the videos and pictures. I really like that stuff."

"You see that concerns me because generally boys don't like it. I mean it's pain, it's a guy telling you what to do and making you do nasty stuff. It might seem like fun and games but it's a real thing and that can hurt you. Really bad."

"But I like that. I mean you acknowledge that some adults like it and I do know what I do and don't like, while I may not have all the memories clear on how I know it. I'm sorry I said that you don't love me because I think I understand what you mean. I read some stories on this bdsm stuff and they said I should have a safety word so that you know if there's something I don't like. So we should just have fun and do what we enjoy and if leads to the bdsm stuff then that's fine because we already have it worked out."

Adam tried to find a way to back out or to poke holes in the logic. Josh had not only given him an extra option and shown that he had an understanding of what he was talking about but also used himself as temptation. Adam decided that there was not much else he could do except be stubborn. Perhaps Josh would settle for just kisses and hugs. Sighing in defeat he said "Alright. You win. We'll give it a go but please use your safety word if it gets too much. I promise I will never be angry or disappointed at you for it. On that note, what is your safety word?"

"Raven. Because a raven can fly away and there's an old superstition that if there are no Ravens at the Tower of London then the monarch will fall along with Britain. I'm the king!"

Josh had worked that out before he could see. He loved that Josh would have such an interesting answer and then end it with a childish statement. Adam smiled. "I like it. Very well, let's give it a try hmm?"

Josh was quick to answer by moving forward and giving him a kiss on the lips. Adam tensed but then allowed himself to relax and take over. Placing his laft hand behind Josh soft brown wavy hair, he pressed him and guided him in the deep passionate kiss. His right hand moved up and down the smooth tanned back, moving across Josh's ass and giving one of his checks a pinch. Josh moaned and push deeper into the kiss while appearing to hump the air. They broke off, gasping for air. Josh twisted around and leaned back into the sofa before sliding all the way down it until this back was on the seat and his pelvis thrust-ed out into the air.

"Wow! That was amazing!"

Josh rolled over to his side, forgetting the plate of warm cookies between them. He pulled back with a surprised yelp and then looked down to see his right nipple covered in chocolate. Adam smirked and while Josh was distract, went in for the strike. Quickly his tongue darted out and lapped out the chocolate mixed with fresh boy sweat. "hmmm… tastes nice." he said before looking up at the surprised face, "The chocolate was good too." They laughed and played around all day and the day after. Yet Adam stopped the advances to anything sexual, wanting to wait a bit later as he was quite content then.

Of course over the next couple of days it became very hard for them. Not only figuratively but literally. They were so incredible aroused and horny that their dicks just didn't go down. Josh had left to go swimming while Adam cleared lunch. At least that's what Adam thought had happened. When he heard the yell for help from Josh, Adam quickly told the computer to remove anyone in the swimming pool before starting to run out to it. Before he did, he managed to catch the computer saying "Error, there is currently no-one in the pool." Wondering where Josh was calling from, he asked the computer where Josh was. The computer replied that Josh was in his room. Adam figured that Josh went to look at some more pictures if he went to his room and not the pool like he said, but he wondered way there was a yell for help.

Dashing off to the room, he swung open the door and paused at the sight that greeted him. Josh was laying on his bed, with his legs tied off to two sides of the bed, opening them wide, using two different bed sheets. He also had a small rope wrapped around his testicles and tied to the end of the bed – pulled taunt. Finally he had his hands wrapped in some bed sheets which then connected to the head of the bed. His face was flushed, his dick was rock hard and pulsating while dribbling pre-cum and there appeared to be a video of a boy in somewhat similar positions playing on the wall – although that boy used chain, weights and other toys.

"How did this happen." Oh, Adam could guess but he wanted to hear it. He was reward with a deepened blush which caused Adam's smirk to raise to a full grin.

"I was just playing around and having fun, but then the sheets got tangled and now I'm stuck." Adam said while indicating to the sheets wrapped around his hands.

"Oh? I thought that was the point."

"No. Now can you please let me out?"

"But you're all waiting for some fun, already tied up. Plus I have been REALLY horny for the past few days and I think this has given me some ideas on what I can do to alleviate it, since nothing else works."

Josh blushed again before casting his eyes down. "I'm sorry. I think that's my fault. You haven't claimed me yet so we keep get more and more horny until you do."

"Claimed you?"

Josh nods. "It's how I officially become your slave and bound to you for eternity. You leave a permanent mark on me forever that you can control me from and I can't heal."

"Okay that sound really sexy but at this stage anything does. Mark you? You said heal as if you can do it on command. I think I'm going to buy you puppy dog ears after the thoughts that came to mind then. How do we bond?" Adam was really struggling to think straight now. Lust was filling him and pouring out his eyes. Since they were stuck together and this was inevitable then what was the harm now?

"Yeah, to bond, you have to suck me until I cum, then swallow it. Then I suck you until you cum but I dribble a bit into a cup or something and you paint it on my body. Whatever you paint and wherever you paint it, a tattoo will appear just like it in that spot. You can make it appear or disappear at will but it will never go away and I can't control it at all. I can control my ability to heal unless you order me not to heal or to heal something in particular, then I heal at a normal rate. Otherwise it takes me like two hours to heal nearly anything, but it makes me pretty tired. Now PLEASE suck me off!"

"Are you sure you want to be my slave? Tell me!"

"Please Master! Let me be your willing slave to do whatever you desire! But please PLEASE let me come right now!"

Josh withered in his bonds, desperate to cum as the sexual tension in the room compounds. Most of the world had faded away fro Adam except a tied down, withering Josh who held a look of lust and plead while look at him. Adam had a quick idea flash through his mind that was simple but fitted both him and Josh. He took note of the interestingly placed paint brush and small saucer by the table before bounding over to the withering boy.

Undoing the knot-work on the boy's nuts to the point where it was still tight but only held together by his fingers pinching the rope together, he started. The pulsating organ entered his mouth as the smooth hot organ twitched and moved around his mouth. Josh through his head back and moaned loudly. Thrusting his hips forward which caused his still tied testicles to be pulled away from his rippling body. Sweat already gleaned his tight body and the pain from his nuts shot through him. But so did lust. Again he hip thrusted as he experienced his first blowjob. Nearly going insane with desire he kept thrusting and damning that rope that was delaying his climax. After ten agonizing minutes where Josh was kept on the brink the entire time, Adam released the knot allowing Josh's sore balls to make an explosive climax. Josh kept screaming as the climax came again and again, pumping more seed into Adam's mouth. His body was like rubber as each muscle twitched randomly before he faded away in a daze for a few minutes. Enough time for Adam to swallow and calm himself down a bit before jumping on the bed and snatching the saucer up.

Soon a warm heat covered his organ as a little tongue waved over his member. Adam thought he was going to cum within the first few seconds from this treatment. Yet somehow he managed to hold off for as little while longer before have the best orgasm in his life. All the fluid in his body seemed to have gone to his member as he came again and again. He paused for a moment panting before pulling his member out of the warm mouth – making sure not to let any cum hit him. Josh then used his extra freedom from his nut-tie to twist around and dribble some of the cum onto the saucer without letting any of it touch his skin. He then quickly swallowed the rest and allowed Adam to skillfully wipe his mouth.

Adam now sat back for a moment and thought of if he really wanted to go through with his idea. He wanted it simple and to the point. They could get other more interesting tattoos later on if they wished for now he wanted something small, simple and out of the way that would be a permanent reminder of his station. He decided to draw the simple words "SLAVE Owned by A.H." on him as not only does it bring it to the basic level but if someone saw it then they would know what it means compared to some kind of rare symbol. He also wanted to give him a thrill. While it is trust in the master to not allow the tattoo seen in public places, in private places it's the thrill of walking around, knowing you could be ousted at any moment. He nodded to himself before getting into position. With careful strokes he used plain bold letter on Josh's right hip to the pubis, just where a thin speedo strap would go over. Writing the words right on the dip caused by the V that pointed toward his prize. He made sure that the word "SLAVe." was large and big while the "Owned by A.H." were in smaller letter just below. The total height would only leave about half a centimeter room above and below for a speedo strap. It was small but he didn't want to cover his boy in ink he was beautiful without it.

"Okay I'm done."

"Okay" Then is glowed a bit before Josh yelped and is snapped into a clear cut black tattoo. It looked amazing. That was his slave. As soon as it was done he could almost feel where it was. Plus it felt more. Obviously he needed to talk to Josh about this more to find more about this.

"Can I see it? Please!" Josh sounded excited and Adam hoped he locked it. He undid the binds and Josh rushed to his mirror to look. Instantly he sprung a boner.

"I love it! Thank you Master!" He ran over to his Master and gave him a big hug. "I'll love you for ever and ever!"

"And I will always love you, Josh. For all eternity." They smiled and hugged a bit before Adam's mind came to a fully rested state.

"So that's all we have to do, right? In order to be bonded."

"Yup! I suck you off, swallow some of you cum and you use the rest to paint your claim on me then I confirm it and we're bonded forever!" He added with a giddy smile. Adam smiled as well as he felt amazed that he managed to have such a wonderful boy in his possession. 'Hang on…' He frowned for a moment. "And I had to suck you off right?"

Josh stilled before a glint in his eyes appeared and a smirk joined. "I lied."

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