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The Boy From Sweden
(Pojken från Sverige)

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This story focuses on two boys, and their budding relationship. One, a twelve year old Swedish boy, and the other a seventeen year old American boy. The story takes place in Örebro, Sweden.

Publ. Jul-Nov 2011 (Nifty); this site Sep 2017
92,500 words (185 pages)


Erik (17yo), Bo (12yo), and Jan (13yo)

Category & Story codes

Boyfriend story
tb – cons mast oral anal – first


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading erotic stories about boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Céladon's note

In 2011 I had some e-mail correspondence with About a Boy (also This Boys Life or Ian Bridge) to publish this story on PZA. He agreed, saying "Hi there. Sure, I wouldn't mind posting on another site as well. Always nice to reach other readers." He promised to send me the original text, and then the correspondence stopped. I waited some time and when nothing came I completely forgot… Recently I found the correspondence again, checked Nifty and found out that About a Boy has been active until November 2014. An e-mail sent to him early June 2017 came back undeliverable. I am afraid he stopped writing, leaving some stories unfinished. I intend to include some of his stories on PZA.

Table of Contents

  1. Arrival in Sweden
  2. Bo
  3. The Ride and the Lake
  4. An Extreme 'Encounter'
  5. Swimming at Jan's Place
  6. No Funny Stuff?
  7. 'Just Like Scott'
  1. Some of the finer points of sex
  2. Knulla mig Erik!
  3. Weekend Arrangements
  4. The Race and the Pool
  5. The Sauna
  6. The Hospital
  7. The Finale

Chapter One
Arrival in Sweden

It was a long flight from Portland International Airport to Stockholm Sweden. I have to admit I was feeling the jet lag as soon as I arrived. It's summer vacation, and after hounding my parents for nearly the entire school year, they finally relented and allowed me to spend six weeks, by myself in Sweden. Well, not entirely by myself mind you. My dad works with a friend of his in Portland, who is of Swedish decent. His grandfather, Bodil Hansson has a small farm just outside of Örebro Sweden. It was arranged that I could spend my summer there, and in exchange for my room and board, I would help with his farm. He desperately needed someone, so this was, more or less as a part time job.

All of this was fine by me. I wanted to get away for awhile, and get a chance to see and be part of a foreign culture. Scandinavian countries like Denmark and Sweden always interested me, so I jumped at this chance. My name is Erik by the way. I just turned seventeen and finished my junior year of high school. I'm into sports, and in pretty good shape; though I'm not that tall, standing just about five foot nine [1,75 m] (If I'm wearing thick socks). I have medium length brown hair and pale blue eyes, and as my mom says, a great smile. Moms! Go figure.

Mr. Hansson had volunteered to pick me up in Stockholm at the airport. I could have taken the train to Örebro, but he had errands in the city anyway, so this worked out great for both of us. He had just picked me up, and now as he drove us home, I was anxiously looking around trying to get a feel for the countryside. Mr. Hansson, like most Swede's, speaks very good English, so it was easy to communicate; though he slipped in a word or two of Swedish from time to time, that kind of threw me.

"So, I suppose you are hungry, ja?" he asked

"No sir, I'm good. We had a meal on the flight," I responded. He smiled at me.

"No need to call me sir," he instructed. "I'm too old to need that. Det är typ av du (It is kind of you)," he smiled, and pointed out some landmarks that he thought I might be interested in, as we drove the nearly hundred and twenty miles [190 km] to Örebro. "We will have supper when we get home."

"Thank you sir, uh, I mean Mr. Hansson."

"Still too formal son. Just call me Bodil, ja," he smiled again.

"Ja sir…" I answered. My first try at anything Swedish. Bodil laughed warmly, making me feel quite comfortable. I guess I dozed off for a bit, because all of a sudden it was nearly dark, and we were pulling into a long driveway that led to a cozy looking older farmhouse; though there was a modern looking barn off to one side. It was getting late, since my flight didn't get in till around 8:00pm Sweden time, and the drive must have taken two hours.
[Several people have asked, so… 'Jan', is pronounced more like 'Yawn'. And 'Ja', is pronounced like 'Yaw'. Thanks.]

We got out of Mr. Hansson, uh, I mean Bodil's car, and I gathering up my one suitcase and we walked toward the house. The door opened, and an older, yet very pretty woman came out to greet us.

"Hej, trevligt att träffas. Hello, nice to meet you," she greeted me warmly.

"Thank you. Thanks for letting me stay with you," I said.

"You are welcome… Varsågod," she smiled. "Come in please, you must be hungry, yes?"

"A little," I answered. "But please don't go to any trouble."

"No, not at all. It is ready for you." She stepped back and led me into their kitchen. I loved the feel of their home. It was old and simple; and it just felt, warm. She had me sit at the table in the kitchen nook. Bodil looked at his wife.

"Where is Bo?" he asked.

"Ah, the pojken (boy) was tired after his ride. He has gone to bed already," she told him. Mr. Hansson looked over at me to explain.

"Bo is our grandson," he smiled. He is staying the summer as well. He is so much into cycling; he loves to ride. He trains to try and make the local cycling team. You will meet him tomorrow then."

With that, Mr. Hansson sat at the table, and his wife served us up some stew that she had made for us. It was great, and I pounded down several bowls and some fresh bread. When I had finished, Mr. Hansson said he would show me my room. Since Bo was also staying there with them, it turned out my room was out in the barn. I was a little shocked when he told me that; but when we got out to the barn I found that it was quite modern, and had a nice bedroom and shower built inside of it. Bodil had built it himself, as quarters for his farm help; when he had any.

"Here you are," he said. "There are towels and such, and there is the bath. There is a small 'dorm' refrigerator, so if you want to have drinks and food you can use that, ja. Sorry you are not in the house, but, with your age you may prefer a little more privacy anyway. Ja?"

"Yes. This is more than fine sir. Uh, Bodil. Thank you."

"Sure, sure. No work tomorrow. Give you some time to rest and settle in. Okej?"

"Ja, thank you," I smiled. He grinned back at me, and then headed back to the house.

This was so cool. I felt like an adult almost. My own room, separate from the house; ya this was awesome. I put my clothes into the closet, and the set of drawers that were there. The dresser looked like something from IKEA, and I had to laugh at that. Duh, Sweden, IKEA… Of course. I walked out into the barn, just to peek around. It was a concrete floor, all nice and clean. Farm tools, and a four wheel drive ATV; for hauling stuff around no doubt. I looked over and saw a nice Specialized brand road bicycle. It was fairly new, and I figured it belonged to Bo, the grandson I hadn't met yet. I used to bike all the time myself. In fact, one of my best friend's dad back home, owns a bike shop. So I have spent a fair bit of time working there on weekends and such. From the size of the bike, a 50mm, I guessed that Bo must be about five foot four [1.65 m] or so. It hit me now that I was kinda tired, so I went back into my room and got ready for bed. I pulled down the covers of the bed, and stripped off my clothes. Wearing just my briefs I climbed into the soft, comfortable bed.

I lay there for a moment, and then with a smile I decided to jerk off. It would be my first time in a foreign country after all, so that was kinda cool. I slipped my shorts down off my hips, and took hold of my flaccid dick, fingering it to make it grow. I started thinking about my buddies back home. I'm not sure, I kinda think I'm 'bi', cause even though I like girls, I have had a lot of fun with a couple of my bro's over the years. Since I was about eleven, when we used to jack off together. That led to other things of course, and some of the best sex stuff I ever had was with my guy friends, rather than girl friends. Anyway, I was thinking about one of them now as I cranked my meat. Like I said before, I'm very athletic, but not all that big. Well, that's true down there as well I guess. I'm circumcised, and my dick's just shy of six inches [15 cm] when hard. I have a small tight patch of brown pubes, but my legs are still kinda smooth, with only fine silky hair; and the rest of my body is bare. That's ok. Too much hair is kinda gross if you ask me.

Anyway, I quickly got into a nice rhythm, and it didn't take long to work myself into a frenzy. So lying there, thinking about my buddy Colin giving me a blowjob, I quickly reached my first foreign climax. Four choice spurts of goo, cranking up onto my stomach and chest. Oh god it felt good… I realized, with a laugh, that it felt just as good to jerk off in Sweden as it did back home. Big surprise huh? Sleepy as I was though, after I cleaned myself up, I quickly fell off to sleep for the night.

I had a great sleep, and the bed turned out to be most comfortable. In the morning I woke to a small sound coming from nearby. I lay there a moment, and stretched away the nights stiffness. Then I heard another small sound, apparently from the barn area. Sitting up, I swung my legs off the bed and sat on the edge of it for a moment to yawn. Finally I got up, and padded across the floor of the bedroom and pulled the door open a little to peek outside. I didn't see anyone at first; so I took a step out of the room and looked over to the left. That's when I saw the boy. I'm quite sure my mouth must have dropped open, because standing there, wearing spandex bike gear, was the most beautiful kid I had ever seen. The boy looked to be about twelve or thirteen years old; and just as I had guessed, around five feet four inches [1.65 m] tall. He was lean and fit, with long firm legs, that were mostly bare from the cycling shorts down. And, he was simply breathtaking. He had longer hair, that was as blond as blond can be; and even from here I could see that he had intensely blue eyes. This is exactly what you would expect a Swedish model to look like, right down to his dimples, and button nose. I'm not one to describe a dude this way, but this kid was beautiful.

The boy crouched at his bike. He was fiddling with the rear derailer, and I heard him mumble something. "Vardelöst skräp! (useless junk)" he said, in a very boyish voice. I could see he seemed to be a little frustrated. I quickly stepped back into the bedroom, and pulled on a pair of shorts from the dresser drawer. I didn't want to surprise the kid, standing there in just my undies. Then I walked back out into the barn and intentionally made a small sound, just so he would know I was there.

He turned his head to look at me, and there was a brief look of surprise on his face. He seemed to be quite shy. "Hello," I said. Then, remembering the Swedish word, I said; "Hej," And I smiled at him. He nodded timidly at me.

"Hej, är mitt namn Bo," he said, and even then he seemed shy. I was in way over my head with the language, and I could only surmise he meant 'Hi, my name is Bo.'

"I uhh… Do you speak English?" I asked hopefully.

"Yes," he said quite softly. I smiled stupidly, and nodded at him. Then took a few steps over toward him.

"That's a nice bike," I offered, pointing to his bicycle.

"Tack, (Thanks)" he replied.

"I'm a, Erik," I told him. Now that I was standing close to him, I was even more impressed with his appearance. He was very cute. He was surprisingly tan, for a Swede, and in his bicycle spandex, as it often does, I could see the outline of his young penis; clearly defined by the thin, tight fitting material. He was indeed shy, and since he didn't know me, I could sense he may be a little uncomfortable.

"Well, I have to go," he said "I must ride this morning," I noticed he was looking at my chest. I wondered if I had embarrassed him, by wearing only shorts.

"Uh, ya…" I said awkwardly. "I uh, just woke up. so I guess I'll go take a shower. See you later, ok."

"Ja, senare, (Yes, later)" he said, and he rolled his bike toward the door. He stopped and glanced back at me, so I smiled and gave him a little wave. He nodded, and rolled the bike outside.

I let out my breath, and walked back into the bed room and rubbed my hands over my face. Holy shit, I thought to myself; that kid is incredible. I was surprised when I realized that I was beginning to bone up. Geeze, was I perving on this kid? I moved over to the small bath, which was through a door in the bedroom, and turned on the shower. I slipped out of my shorts and undies, letting them fall to the floor, and then I got into the warm stream of water. It felt really nice after the long flight from yesterday, to finally get cleaned up; and I lingered there for many minutes.

When I came out, I realized I hadn't grabbed one of the towels from the bedroom, so I walked in and grabbed one up from the top of the dresser. Throwing it over my head, I began drying my hair and body. Finally I pulled it over my head again, and just out of the corner of my eye, I thought I noticed movement near the window. I pulled the towel down instinctively to cover myself, but I didn't see anything. I walked over to the window and peeked out. What I saw, surprised me. Bo, was just getting on his bicycle about ten feet [3 m] away, and then began to peddle down the driveway. A smile crossed my face as I realized, the little guy had been at the window peeking in at me. Hmm, rather curious… I finished getting dressed, then walked across the driveway to the main house, where I knocked at the door. It opened quickly, and Mrs. Hansson greeted me. "God morgon, (Good morning)" she said smiling. "Please dear, you don't have to knock. You may come in as you please, ja."

"Alright, thank you," I said.

"Good. Come in and have some breakfast med Bodil," she smiled and took my arm, leading me again to the kitchen. Bodil was sitting at the table, and he greeted me, and pointed to a chair.

"Did you sleep ok?" he asked.

"Ja…" I offered. "It's quite comfortable out there, thanks."

"Good, good," he replied.

"Would you like some coffee dear?" Mrs. Hansson asked. I smiled at her.

"No, thank you Mrs. Hansson," I replied.

"Oh… So polite this one," she said. "Jag heter Anneli. My name is Anneli," she translated. "Please call me this," she smiled at me, and went to serve up a plate for me. In a moment she brought a heaping plate of eggs and bacon. Then returned with some juice for me, and coffee for her husband.

"So, I guess I met Bo this morning," I mentioned.

"Ah… He didn't wake you did he," Bodil asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, no. Not at all. He was just getting his bike. Seems like a nice boy, a bit shy," I said.

"Ja. He's a good boy. A little shy at first, but after he gets to know you, he won't leave you alone," Bodil chuckled. "Loves to ride that cykle. Two long rides each day. On Torsdag och Lördag (Thursday and Saturday) he trains with the cykle team."

"That's pretty cool," I said. "I used to ride a lot myself."

"Ah, well, there's another older bike in the barn. Perhaps you may ride with him if you like," Anneli said with a smile.

"Ya, I'll take a look at it," I mused, more to myself than to her, as I dove into my food. It was just like back home, and I loved the cozy feel of their house.

"Well," Bodil said, "The bike may be good transportation for you. Unfortunately, with an American Drivers license, you must be eighteen to drive here. But Anneli or I will be happy to take you places you want to go to. And, we have good buses, and rail travel as well."

"Oh ya. Thanks. Ya, I knew about the driving thing. I'm cool with busses though, so no big deal," I smiled, as I stuffed another piece of bacon in me. When I had finished, I took my dishes to the sink and began rinsing them. (My mom raised me well.) Anneli smiled graciously at my help. I think it impressed Mr. Hansson as well.

"Listen, no work today. If you want to go into town, look around a little, we can drive you. Perhaps Bo can show you around when he gets back."

"Sure, ya that sounds good," I replied.

"Tomorrow, I will have you repair the fence around the back of the barn, ja?!" he told me. I thanked Mrs. Hansson for the breakfast, and wandered outside to look around a little bit.

I walked around the farm. It really wasn't all that big, and was in pretty good shape. I could tell my helping out around there was more of a formality than a job. At most, a couple of hours a day of chores, and then I could do what I wanted. I was surprised at the landscape, cause it actually looked a lot like home, back in the Pacific Northwest. Finally I went back into the barn and found the 'old' bike that Bodil had mentioned. I started thinking about the boy, Bo; and thought it might be cool to ride with him. The bike really wasn't all that old; a twenty one speed, aluminum Trek. It had the new style shifters that I was used to. I pulled the bike out, dusted it off and set about cleaning it up a little; finding tools and other things I needed right there in the barn.

After making some adjustments to the derailer, I found the tire pump and inflated the tires to around 115psi. Soon I had the bike working well, all cleaned up and ready to ride. Surprisingly, I thought about Bo again. I could picture him in his tight cycling gear, and it made me shiver. God that kid was cute.

I went in to my 'room', and changed into an old pair of jeans and headed out back, behind the barn to take a look at the fence. I decided that even though Bodil had said tomorrow; it might be good to just start on it now. It was easy enough to see what needed doing; Bodil had a small scribbled sketch which he had left with the materials. I rounded up a shovel and a few other tools, and set about digging out holes for several new posts. After an hour or so, I was sweating pretty good and pulled off my tee shirt, tossing it over one of the fence railings. There were pre cut posts, lumber and several bags of concrete all stacked there and ready to go. Finding some buckets, and a snap line in the barn, I took them out back and ran a line to be sure everything was level. Then I mixed up some of the concrete, and after wiping the sweat off my brow, I set the first post.

I wasn't really aware of it at the time, but over by the barn, peeking at me through the opening by the fence, was Bo. He had come back from his ride at some point, and was apparently checking me out. He watched as I lifted the heavy bags of concrete, and mixed them in the bucket. Had I known he was there, I might have noticed that he was looking at my sweaty torso, and watching my firm teenage muscles flexing, and glistening in the late morning sun. I finished setting the last post in concrete, and braced it with some 2x2's to hold it while it set. That's when I happened to glance up, and noticed Bo still watching me from the corner. I gave him a quick wave, and he nodded at me before turning and heading out of sight. "Wonder how long he was there?" I thought to myself. After cleaning up the bucket and tools, I began to lay out some of the slats that would be used to match the existing fence. This would likely have to be done tomorrow, after the concrete had a chance to set up. I turned and noticed Mr. Hansson, and Bo walking over from around the barn.

They stopped and Bodil eyed my work. "Bo told me you were working. Eager to get started I see," he said, looking things over with a nod. "I can see you do good work as well. This is exactly how I wanted this done," he smiled.

"Ya well thanks. I just, well, like to get things done. You know," I answered, and he smiled broadly at me.

"So, you two have not met formally," Bodil said, turning to the boy.

"This is my grandson, Bo. He is twelve."

"Farfar, nästan tretton, (Grandfather, almost thirteen)" the boy admonished.

"Ja, yes of course, almost thirteen," Bodil corrected with a smile.

"And Bo, this is Erik, our friend from America. His father works there with your Uncle," I looked at Bo, and reaching out, the boy bumped knuckles with me. I tried not to stare at him, but it was difficult. The boy was amazing. I glanced at his spandex cycling shorts and could still see his junk resting inside the blue and white skintight suit. I realized I was staring, and tried to recover.

"Wow, that's a cool pro riding jersey. It's team Gerolsteiner; from, Uhh 2008 I think…?"

"Ja…" The boy smiled up at me, quite pleased. "You follow cykling?" he asked. He had an adorable accent when he was speaking English.

"Ja," I tried to sound cool. "A little bit."

"The Tour de France is going on now. Do you want to watch it with me on TV?" the boy asked. I saw Bodil smile, and he caught my eye.

"Well, you've done it now," he said. "Come on Bo, leave Erik alone. Let him clean up, then he can come inside for lunch, and watch the Tour with you if he chooses." Bodil turned and started walking back to the house. Bo hesitated a moment, as if he wanted to say something, and then turned and ran back toward the house with his grandfather.

I don't know what I was thinking about, because I couldn't help but check out his firm little butt as he moved away. I've never even thought about a kid like that before. I had a friend back home who was fifteen, an we had messed around a little; but nothing like this. Shaking my head I went around the side and back into my room in the barn. I took off my shoes and socks, then peeled off my jeans and went in to take a shower. Right away I started to bone up as I stood under the cool stream, and when I closed my eyes; Bo was the only face that came into my mind. I stroked myself a few times, but then started to feel kinda guilty, thinking about a twelve year old boy. Almost thirteen, I corrected; and then had to laugh. I quickly finished my shower, and went back out into my room to dry off. For a moment, I felt like someone was watching me. But when I casually looked toward the window, I didn't see anyone.

I fished out a pair of clean briefs from the 'IKEA' dresser, and slipped into them. Just then there was a timid little knock at the door, and as I turned, it opened slightly. Bo peeked his head inside and looked in. I was standing there in just my briefs (no big deal to me), but Bo seemed almost a bit disappointed.

"May I come in?" he asked quietly.

"Uh, ya sure," I answered, as he looked at me. He had already changed out of his spandex, and was wearing some shorts and a tee shirt. (Now I was disappointed.)

"Jag trodde…" (I thought) I would come and wait for you," he said.

"Mormor has lunch ready."

"Mormor?" I asked.

"Oh… Sorry. Grandmother. Mormor is Grandmother," Bo said with an embarrassed grin. "I forget you don't speak Swedish."

"No, no that's alright. I want to learn," I smiled at him. "It's cute, uh, I mean cool when you say some stuff in your language," I began pulling on my clothes, and noticed that Bo was watching me intently. "You can teach me some stuff, Ja?" I asked with a smile.

"Ja," he grinned. "Vill du gå cykel luarde senare?" he laughed.

"Whoa, hold on dude," I laughed back. "Too fast. Too much for my little brain…"

"I just asked if you want to go for a bicycle ride later," Bo smiled.

"So, do you?"

"Ja… Yes, I would like that," Bo grinned, and when I was finished getting dressed, he anxiously took me by the wrist, and led me out the door.

We walked across to the main house, and inside to the kitchen. Bo slid in across from me at the table, and Anneli put down our plates with sandwiches and a soup of some kind. There was also a plate of what she called 'Pepparkakor'. Which turned out to be a some kind of sweet ginger bread.

"Bo," she asked, "What would you like to drink honey?"

"I will have some milk, please," Bo rattled off quickly in Swedish.

"And Erik, what would you like?" she asked

"Han Kommer även! (He will as well)" Bo answered for me.

"Uh, I'll have what he's having," I laughed. It turned out to be milk. After eating, I insisted on helping with the dishes. Then Bo took me back, wanting to show me his bedroom.

It was a pretty typical room for a boy his age. I got the idea that he must spend a lot of time staying here with his grandparents, as the room was set up with all his stuff. There were cycling posters pinned up all over. Including an American team, RadioShack, and even a poster of Lance Armstrong. Which I noticed was actually autographed.

"Nice room," I nodded as I looked around.

"Tack, (Thanks)" he said, slipping into Swedish again. I loved that. He eagerly showed off some pins, and medals he had won, for cycling. He had several small trophies as well, two of which were for 'futball', as he also played soccer.

"Here, read this please," Bo said, as he handed me a newspaper article from a local paper. I sat on the edge of his bed to read it. Bo anxiously sat down right alongside, and leaned into me a bit to read along with me. The story was about a local youth cycling team, and to my surprise, it was written in English. The article talked about the team and the local Criterium Race that would be held in two weeks. Bo pointed to his name, as the article mentioned he was a new rider with a lot of promise.

"Wow, cool…" I praised him, and the boy beamed up at me, as he innocently rested his hand on my knee. I became aware then, that our bare lower legs were touching as well, and it made me shiver with an odd excitement.

Bo stood up then, and put the newspaper clipping on his dresser, then took my hand and pulled me up. "Come," he said. "We can watch some of the Tour," I followed him into the living area of the house, and Bo switched on the TV. He flipped it to the right channel, and we watched the last 50 kilometers of that day's stage together. It was broadcast in Swedish, so I didn't get most of the commentary, but Bo eagerly filled me in on the important stuff. It was fun to watch, not only the Tour, but I watched Bo a lot as well. He was animated, and clearly into this. As we sat on the couch, he bounced around a lot, and made frequent contact with me, which to be honest, was kind of turning me on.

Near the end of the race, the sprinters were trying to get into position as it would be a sprint finish today. Mark Cavendish, from team HTC Highroad, and Tyler Farrar from the Cervelo team were both near the front.

"Who do you want to win?" Bo suddenly asked me.

"Well, I gotta' go with Farrar; he's an American you know," I said honestly.

"Väldigt bra… (Very good)" he beamed. "Cavendish is a douche…" he grinned at me, and we both laughed. As luck would have it, Cavendish and his lead out got stuck in a group, and Farrar managed to sprint to the win. We both cheered, and Bo excitedly hopped up and wrapped his arms around me in a hug. Wow… He felt so good in my arms. I could feel his warmth, and smell his beautiful blond hair as his head was in tight to mine. We pulled apart then, Bo had been lost in the moment, and now blushed just a bit as he sat back down on the couch.

"That was pretty cool," I offered of the race, (but was thinking about the hug).

"Ja… Awesome," Bo replied. And I noticed that he discreetly reached down to adjust himself in his shorts. I pretended not to notice, and wondered if it was the excitement of the bike race, or the hug with me that had stiffened his young boy part.

"Do you want to go for a ride now?" Bo asked me, eagerly nodding his head.

"Ja… Sure," I smiled back at him, and enjoyed the bright smile as his face lit up.

"Ok… Um, you wait while I get ready," he requested, then he ran back to his room. I sat for a few moments, and shortly he came out of his bedroom wearing his spandex bike shorts. He was naked from the waist up, and carrying his jersey as he turned and went into the bathroom. I was intrigued by his upper body. He was trim and lean, with a strong flat stomach; I felt myself shiver involuntarily at the thought of it.

I waited, surprisingly for several minutes, and finally he came out of the bathroom and smiled at me. "I'm ready," he said.

"Ok. Let me use the bathroom first," I said. Then, "I have to pee," I whispered the last part so Anneli and Bodil wouldn't think me rude. They were still sitting in the kitchen. When I went in to the bathroom, I closed the door and stood at the toilet, preparing to take a leak. I looked at the raised seat, and couldn't help but notice several peculiar looking drops of liquid on it. "That looks like…" I leaned in for a closer look, and a smile crossed my lips. "I'll be damned," I thought to myself. "That little stinker Bo, just wanked off in here." Another shiver raced through me at the thought of it, and I wondered what his young cock must look like. It had to be as cute as he was… I was starting to bone up now myself, and this made it impossible for me to piss; so I tucked it away. Just before leaving I grabbed some toilet paper, and wiped Bo's sticky droplets off the toilet seat. Thought I would spare him the embarrassment if Farfar Bodil, and Mormor Anneli happened to see it. Another grin crossed my face, and I flushed the toilet.

Walking out, Bo led me out through the kitchen. We told them we were going to take a short ride, which they were pleased to have me go with Bo. The boy and I walked out to the barn, to the bikes.

"I better change into some other shorts," I suggested, and I went off toward the bedroom. I closed the door behind me, but as I walked to the dresser I heard Bo come in.

"Hurry," he said, as he smiled at me. I smiled back, and decided to give him a little show. So stepped out of my flip flops, I pulled my tee shirt up over my head. From the corner of my eye I could see that Bo's attention was fixed on me. I had to wonder what he was thinking about. Just curious perhaps. I thought it was kind of funny that he had just wanked off in the bathroom though… What's up with him, I really had to wonder. I undid the button of my shorts and let them fall to the floor, then I turned and deliberately smiled at Bo. I could see him swallow, and I noticed him glance downward at the bulge in my briefs. I knew I would bone up, if I wasn't careful, so I turned away from him, and grabbed a pair of Nike sports shorts from the drawer. Stepping into them, I grabbed a new tee shirt out as well, and pulled it on.

"You have good muscles…" Bo said, rather quietly.

"Oh… Thanks. I uh, noticed that you look pretty good also," I answered back. Bo seemed to blush a little at that.

I put on a pair of running shoes, and we walked back into the barn. "I see you cleaned up the other bike," Bo remarked. "It has trouble shifting sometimes."

"Na… I adjusted the derailer this morning. It should be fine," I said matter of factly.

"Really?! You can do this," Bo asked.

"Ja," I smiled, having used my favorite Swedish word. "A friend back home has a bike shop, and I kinda work there sometimes, so…"

"Can you do mine?" he asked anxiously. "It has been hanging up on some of the gears."

"Sure. Why don't we go for a ride, and I'll watch it. Then I can give your bike a tune up later on. Okay?"

"Ja…" he said back, with emphasis. And he smiled that brilliant white grin at me again.

We rolled the bikes out, and climbing on we started out. I told him to take it easy on me. I was kind of joking, thinking with our age difference it wouldn't be an issue. But as it turned out, the little guy was very good. I worked my ass off just trying to keep up with him. And the truth is, he was in fact, taking it easy on me. We rode into town along some beautiful winding back roads. Bo was pointing out things to me as we went along, and I was impressed at the Swedish countryside. At one point, I slid in behind him to draft his wheel, and I couldn't help but look at the beautiful curves of his butt cheeks, firmly pressed, and clearly outlined by the tight blue spandex. I could see each globe flex and tighten as he peddled, and as if I wasn't having enough trouble catching my breath before; that made it worse. This was fucking crazy. What the hell was I doing, having stimulating thoughts about this boy. And even worse, why did he seem to have an interest in me. Ahh, I was probably just reading into that. He's a pubescent kid, he just has a natural curiosity about stuff. I sure did at that age. I traded my first blowjob with my friend Scott when we were twelve. Fuck that was awesome…

I snapped out of it then, as I nearly clipped the back wheel of Bo's bike, and had to make a quick correction to stay upright. Better stay focused on the present here, before I dump the both of us. We rode for several hours in the warm afternoon sun. I had a great time and saw some interesting stuff; and eventually, to my surprise, I suddenly noticed the farmhouse up ahead. Bo had taken us on a loop of sorts, and we pulled up the long driveway and up to the barn.

"Wow, that was fun. Thanks," I told him. "I'm glad we're back though, cause my butt and legs were starting to feel it." Bo grinned at me as he got off his bike.

"Ja, you should have a massage," he said. I couldn't tell if it was a suggestion, or an offer. But Bo said nothing more about it. We rolled the bikes into the barn, and put them into the bike stand.

"Tack, (Thanks) For riding with me," Bo said. "It's more fun to ride with someone. So… Do you think you can fix my shifter?"

"Ya, no problem bro. I'll work on it after dinner; I'll get it all tuned up for you."

"Thanks," he said, and then put his arms around me in a quick, innocent hug of appreciation. Innocent for him perhaps, but I kind of enjoyed the feel of his soft package pressing into my thigh.

The boy headed back into the house to get changed, and since I sweating from our ride, I decided to take another shower before dinner. I climbed out of my clothes, and stepped into the refreshingly cool water. I soaped my lithe body, and then shampooed my hair. It was inevitable of course that I started thinking about the boy, and just as quickly I was boned up again. I gave into it this time, and as I started to fantasize about Bo, I began working my firm teenage pole. I imagined Bo getting naked. His beautiful body, tan and lean. That glorious smile, and his long blond hair, waving in slow motion. God, I wanted to see his package… I tried to imagine it. Likely he wasn't circumcised, and the thought of seeing it, brought me to the point of no return. My legs went rigid as my orgasm screamed for release. And then I fired gusher after gusher of hot boy cream up and onto the shower wall. My entire body flushed with the rush of it, and I had to steady myself against the wall as I slowly came down off the high. I stood under the cooling water for several minutes, feeling both pleasure, and guilty thoughts at what had just happened. It felt wrong somehow, and It was a bit confusing. But it would have been even more confusing however, if I had know that at that very moment, Bo was lying naked on his own bed, in his room, furiously stroking himself to his youthful and spirited orgasm.

Chapter Two

In the last Chapter: Erik, the seventeen year old American boy, was allowed to spend the summer in Örebro Sweden. He was staying, and working part time, on Bodil Hansson's farm. Another boy, a very cute nearly thirteen year old Swedish boy named Bo, is also spending the summer there with his grandparents, the Hanssons. Interestingly, both boys seemed to have taken a rather curious interest in each other. Bo is heavily into bicycling, and Erik is no stranger to biking himself. With this common interest, the boys had gone on a ride earlier in the day, and now at Bo's request, Erik was making adjustments to the boy's bike.

Dinner had come and gone, and as promised, Erik was in the barn doing a little tune up work on Bo's Specialized bicycle. Erik had worked part time back home at a local bike shop owned by one of his friend's fathers. He wasn't a certified mechanic by any means, but Erik was a bright kid, and certainly knew a thing or two about bicycles, and how to tune them up and make adjustments to the derailer and such. Working intently, Erik hadn't heard the youngster, Bo, come into the barn. The boy stood just inside the door for a minute, watching as Erik worked on his bike, shifting through all the gears in the sprocket and chain ring, making tiny adjustments. He was sitting at a workbench, with the bike on top of it, secured with a bike clamp which was mounted to the table. And…

Bo crept up behind me, and with a devilish smile on his face, he slipped his hands around and playfully covered my eyes with them. "Gissa vem? (Guess who)" Bo whispered. I knew this game…

"Uh… Let's see…," I hesitated. "Uh, could it be Bodil?" I guessed jokingly.

"Nej… (No)" the boy whispered, with a quiet giggle.

"Um, well. I guess, could it be Mrs. Hansson?" I said, trying not to laugh.

"Nej, nej," Bo snickered, "Guess again," he whispered. The fact was, I wanted to delay this as long as I could. The soft smooth skin of the boy's hands felt tender and warm on my face. He was pulled in close to me, and I could even smell the scent of his freshly shampooed hair.

"Oh, I guess I don't know then. Is it Mark Cavendish?" I teased (He was the cyclist who Bo thought was a douche.)

"No, silly…" Bo spoke out, and laughed as he playfully hit me on the shoulder. "It's me of course," he peeked his head around in front of me, as if I didn't know. His face was so close to me that I had to overcome the urge to kiss him on the cheek.

"Oh, it's you," I laughed, and Bo giggled like the schoolboy he was. He rested his hand on my shoulder and he watched as I cycled through the gears on his bike. The derailer moved effortlessly, and each gear snapped cleanly into place with each click of the shifter.

"Wow, this is great," Bo complimented, and he put his arms around my shoulders in an appreciative hug. Had my hands not been a little greasy from working on his bike, I might have swept him up in a return embrace. As it was, I enjoyed the hug; and when he released me, his eyes caught mine, and a thin timid smile crossed his lips. I stood up from the workbench, and grabbed a rag to wipe my hands off with. Then I undid the clamp holding his bike, and lifted it off the table and onto the floor. I looked at Bo, this beautiful Swedish boy standing there in his tee shirt, and shorts; with his long bare legs, so lean, and tan, and…

"Uh, take it for a quick spin," I said, snapping out of it. "I want to be sure it still shifts well under load," I told him. Bo nodded, and rolled the bike out of the barn. I watched as he swung his leg over the top tube, and rode off down the drive.

I went back into the barn, and into my bedroom there. Walking into the bathroom, I washed my hands thoroughly in the sink, then peered at myself in the mirror. "What is going on?" I muttered to myself. Here is a twelve, nearly thirteen year old kid; and I'm having weird thoughts about him. Sure, he's peeked in at me through the window; and I know he jacked off right before we went on our ride… But, I'm reading things into this. He's just a kid, a curious boy and nothing more. Just because I messed around a little when I was that age, I somehow wanted to think all kids did. "Erik, your such a dipshit…" I said, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

I went back outside and stood in the drive just as Bo was peddling back in. He had a smile on his face and he nodded at me. "It shifts great!" he beamed. "Tack… (Thanks.)" We stood around in the driveway for awhile and talked. Bo was a pretty bright kid, and very animated when he talked about riding. He told me that tomorrow, Thursday, was one of the days he got to train with the local cycling team. They were all practicing for the Criterium Bike Race, just a few weeks away.

"I want to do well in this race," Bo told me. "If I can show well in my age group, then I may make the team. That would be so cool…"

"So, are you good at this, Criterium thing?" I asked. "I'm not exactly sure how a Criterium race works," Bo looked at me, and began to explain.

"The Criterium is a road race, but it goes around a course through town, doing a certain number of laps," Bo explained. It's pretty challenging, because it winds through city streets with sharp corners. It's a tough race, cause it's a bunch or riders, in a small area. So you have to really use your technical skills; and be able to sprint well in the end."

"Wow!" I laughed. "You really are into this, aren't you."

"Ja… Do you want to come and watch me ride tomorrow?" Bo asked.

"I would, but I have to finish that fence for your grandfather," I told him. Bo looked a bit disappointed, but he understood.

We sat there in the driveway talking for about an hour, till Anneli (his Grandmother) poked her head out the door and told him he should come in. It was getting late and he needed his rest. Bo looked like he didn't want to go, since we were having such a nice chat, but there was no arguing with Gramma, and after a moment we got to our feet. "Jag älskar dig," Bo said to me in Swedish; then he blushed just a bit. He looked toward the house, then gave me a quick hug and turned to go inside.

"Whoa, wait a second. What did you say? I asked him." Bo only smiled back at me, and hurried off into the house.

I watched after him, and then shaking my head I returned to my room in the barn. I found my back pack, and riffled through it till I found the little booklet I was searching for. It was my English to Swedish translation book that I had bought at Barnes and Nobles, before coming over. I sat on my bed, and thumbed through the booklet, trying to remember what Bo had said to me. It was hard to find things, not knowing how to spell this stuff and all. Finally I kind of gave up. I decided to look at a section called 'Commonly used Phrases'. I decided to learn a few, and use them whenever I could, to surprise people.

"Var är badrummet?" I practiced. "Where is the bathroom…" I laughed, ya, that will come in real handy. "Talar du Engelska? Do you speak English? Hmm, I might need that one. I thumbed through several pages.

"Jag älskar dig… I love you. Huh… Wait a second… Is that what Bo said to me? Na…

Clearly I was starting to read into things again. I wasn't at all sure that's what he said. And even if it was, he surely meant it in a generic way… Right?! I shook my head, then began getting ready for bed. I was feeling kind of tired, not sure if I had fully recovered from the jet lag thing. Slipping out of my clothes, I slid in under the covers and reached out to shut off the light. I lay there in the darkness for a time, my mind actively chattering away. Finally I decided a nice 'wank' would put me off to sleep, so I slid my shorts down over my hips and scooped up my soft junk into my fingers. I began fiddling with myself, and though my teenage boy link swelled in my hand, I began to have funny thoughts again. In my mind I was picturing who else, Bo. I could see his smooth as silk, long boy legs as he stepped over the top tube of his bike. I could imagine his young tool pressed into his shorts… And… 'Stop it. Just friggen stop it.' I told myself. Bo's a sweet kid, and I like him. I don't know why I'm perving on him like this… Well, that was a lie. The boy was beautiful, that's why. He has the face of a model, and a body to match. The bluest eyes, the blondest hair, and shit, when he wore his bicycling spandex his cute little package outlined like that was just so inviting, and… Stop it! I thought to myself and shook my head. I let go of my own junk, rolled over, and drifted off into a fitful sleep.

When I woke the next morning, the sunshine streaming in through the window. Another nice day I figured. I climbed out of bed, did my morning rituals, then pulled on my work jeans and headed out behind the barn to finish the fence I had started. The concrete had set up nicely around the posts, so I cleared everything away and began lining up the slats. An hour passed, and sweating, I once again pulled off my tee shirt and hung it over the railing. I saw Bodil as he was walking in from one of the sugar beat fields that he was growing.

"God morgan, (good morning)" he greeted me as he walked up. "You are starting early today," he said, as he looked over at my work again.

"Ya, just wanted to get this all done today," I responded. Bodil nodded, with a smile. He was pleased with the job, and my work ethic.

"Well, come in for breakfast whenever you want, ja," he waved as he continued on toward the house.

I was already sweating, so I decided I'd just keep at it. As I put up some of the slats, I noticed two boys coming up the drive on their bicycles. They were both decked out in bike gear; matching spandex shorts and jerseys and such. Friend's of Bo's from the team, I figured. About ten minutes later, Bo walked around the barn, with his two companions in tow. Bo was now wearing a matching set of spandex, and the sight of the three boys in skin tight outfits was, well intriguing.

"Hej," Bo called out to me, with a big smile. I stood then, and nodded back with a friendly smile. "These are my friends from the cycling team. This is Jan," he pointed, "And this is Petter."

"Hej…" I greeted in return, and bumped knuckles in greeting with both of them.

"This is Erik, my friend from America," Bo introduced me proudly, as if he was showing me off. Jan it turned out, was thirteen, and about the same size as Bo. Petter was fifteen, and he stood taller, but was kind of a skinny kid, both of them had short blond hair.

I thought the three of them looked good together, in their matching outfits. I kind of smiled to myself at the three matching bulges in their spandex shorts. None of them were wearing underwear, and it showed. We talked for a few minutes, and I noticed Jan seemed to be watching the sweat roll down my bare chest. Apparently I made a good impression. And finally it was time for them to go.

"Well, we better go," Bo said to me. "I wish you could come and watch."

"Me too. Next time though, I promise," I told him. Bo smiled warmly at that. The three boys waved and said goodbye as they turned to walk toward the barn. I saw Jan lean in close and whisper something to Bo; then both boys turned and glanced back at me with a smile. Bo gave me a quick thumbs up, and grinned. The boys walked to their bicycles in the driveway, and mounted them. The other two boys had nice bikes as well. Petter's bike was an older Trek Madone, and Jan had an older Specialized Roubaix, much like Bo's. They were all expensive bikes; better than anything I ever had, so I guess the boy's were quite serious about riding. I watched as they peddled off down the drive, and was kind of pleased when Bo looked back once more to wave at me.

I worked for several hours finishing the fence, and I have to admit, I was kinda of proud at how it had turned out. Bodil had come out to do other things, around the farm, and he stopped to compliment my completed job.

"Ja, that's very well done, son," he smiled.

"Thanks," I said, pleased that he was happy with me.

"Listen," he began. "I have a favor to ask of you. My wife and I are going just into the next town for the afternoon, to visit with family. And, well, young Bo won't be home till after one. My wife was wondering if you might be willing to watch after him this afternoon," Bodil asked of me.

"I'm sorry to ask, I know this isn't your job."

"Awe, that's ok," I said honestly, "I like Bo, we're buddies. I don't mind hangin' out with him."

"Are you sure? We will pay you to watch him," Bodil suggested.

"No. That's not necessary. I'll be here anyway, and I'm happy to do it."

"Ja? You are okay with looking after him, really?" Bodil asked earnestly, and I nodded in reply. "Väldigt bra! (Very good)" If you really would do this, that's wonderful," Bodil smiled.

He walked off toward the house, and I finished cleaning up the tools, and scraps from the fence. I was putting everything in the barn when Bodil and his wife came out of the house, and walked over to me.

"Are you sure you're willing to watch Bo?" Mrs. Hansson asked.

"Ya, no problem," I answered.

"Well that's so very kind of you. And I'm sure Bo will be pleased. He's taken quite a liking to you."

"He's a good kid," I smiled back."

"Well, there's food in the fridge, if you boy's are hungry. I'm sure Bo will be famished after his riding. Here's some money if you need anything," she said, digging into her purse.

"No, no really I don't need any money. Please, it's all good," I told her. She smiled at me, and patted me on the shoulder.

"Well, then we'll be going. We won't be gone long," Bodil said.

"Take as long as you want," I offered. "Bo and I will hang out, maybe have some pizza later on. I don't mind hanging with him, really," Anneli smiled at me again, and the pair of them walked down the drive to their car. Bodil even tooted the horn as they pulled out of the driveway. Just like my dad, I thought.

I finished up, then went in to my bedroom and stripped off my clothes, and then hopped in for a quick shower. When I finished, I got dressed and walked over to the main house. I hadn't eaten anything today, so I thought I might find something to snack on till Bo came home. Going inside, I found some chips on top of the fridge, and with that and a soda, I was good for awhile. I went into the bathroom to take a quick leak, and on the way out I glanced into Bo's bedroom, and went in. Just like a boy, some of his clothes were strewn on the floor. I'm sure he dropped them there when he changed. Out of instinct, (I was raised well) I stooped and picked up his stuff off the floor. I set everything on the bed, and as I tossed his undershorts on top, I had to laugh as I noticed the small brown skid mark that was smudged there. Just like a boy, I chuckled. I have to admit, In a weird way, it kind of excited me a bit.

I went out and turned on the TV. It was on the same channel from the previous day, and coverage of the Tour de France was underway. I watched it for about an hour, amazed at the speed these guys could maintain, even going up steep leg cramping climbs. After a while I heard voices outside, and looking out the window I saw Bo, he was saying goodbye to his friends. The two boys who I had met earlier, and one other boy waved to Bo, and rode back out of the driveway. Bo leaned his bike up against the barn, and I saw him peek into the window of my room out there. I smiled, wondering if he was just looking for me, or as before, looking in to try and see me… I walked through the kitchen, and went out the side door. Bo was walking toward the house; he had just noticed that his grandparents car was gone, and when he turned and saw me, his face lit up with a smile,

"Hej," he beamed.

"Hi bud," I smiled. "How did your practice go today?" Bo shrugged, then turned and showed me the outside of his leg, on the calf just above the ankle there was a nice scrape, or 'road rash' as the riders call it.

"Oh shit dude… What happened."

"Ah, we were just finished, and one of the other boys veered in front of me and accidently clipped my front wheel. Down I go. We weren't going very fast, but the pavement doesn't seem to care.

"Are you ok? I asked.

"Ja. It just stings a little bit, is all."

"Lets go in and get that cleaned up," I suggested, "Looks like it still has some dirt in it."

We went inside and Bo asked where his grandparents were. I told him where they went, and that I was gonna hang out with him the rest of the day. Bo grinned at that idea, clearly it sounded good to him. We went in to the bathroom to take care of his scrapes. With the toe of his left shoe, he struggled to pry off his other shoe, but it was too tight. "Come on," I said, and putting my hands up under his armpits, I lifted, and seated him up on the bathroom counter. He sat there with his legs dangling, and smiled at me. Reaching down, I undid the Velcro and laces of his riding shoe, and slipped it off of his foot. I took hold of his ankle sock and slipped it off as well. He had the cutest bare foot, and I gently rubbed away a few 'sock fuzzies' that were stuck to it. Then I turned on the water in the sink, and gently holding his soft warm foot, I moved it into position, so that I could run the fresh water over his scrapes. "This might sting for a second," I told him. With a soaped up washcloth, I carefully lathered up, and scrubbed the tender skin.

"Shhhh…" Bo took in a sharp breath as the soap stung his wound. His smooth bare leg tensed for a moment while I scrubbed, but as I rinsed his calf with cool fresh water, I felt him relax in my hands. He was watching me intently, a slight smile crossed his lips as I tenderly washed down his lower leg and foot.

When I had finished, I gently dabbed his calf dry with a towel, then examined the scrape to be sure there were no contaminates left there. It looked good to me, so I dried off his nicely shaped foot, and toes, and smiled at him.

"There," I said. "Dr. Erik says you're going to live," This drew a little chuckle from Bo, who leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me in a tight hug.

"Tack, (Thanks)" he said softly. I returned the embrace, putting my arms around him, cupping my left hand lightly on the back of his head. His blond hair felt soft in my hand, and the warmth of his body radiated into me. I could feel his heart beating away against my chest. It was only a few seconds but it felt, well, delicious. As we pulled apart, with Bo still sitting on the counter, it was impossible to miss the 'tent pole' now pushed firmly against his spandex riding shorts.

"Uhh, you want some lunch?" I asked, pretending not to notice, so he wouldn't be embarrassed.

"Ja…" He answered, but he made no effort to cover himself, almost as if he wanted me to see the bulging spandex. I was starting to go stiff myself, so I turned and hurried out of the bathroom, still unclear about what was going on between us. Walking into the kitchen I opened the fridge. "You want me to make some sandwiches?" I asked.

"Ja, that sounds good. I better take a quick shower, and then we can eat," Bo called out to me. Then surprisingly he added, "Do you need to shower too?" My mind went blank for a moment. Was he just asking an innocent question, or was he suggesting perhaps, we shower together… Shit, was I reading things into this again; and at this point I was nearly boned up.

"Uhh," I stammered, "No, I uh, I just took one before you got home."

"Oh…" I heard Bo say. And clearly it seemed to me there was an underlying tone of disappointment. I began pulling stuff out of the fridge, and I heard Bo start the shower. I started making up some sandwiches with the cold cuts that Mrs. Hansson had left for us, and began putting everything out on the table. Then I heard Bo mutter something about his leg beginning to cramp up. I called into him to see if he was doing ok, and he answered that he was.

Bo hadn't bothered to close the bathroom door while he showered, and with the clear sound of running water I momentarily fantasized about just walking in there and joining him in the shower; but unfortunately for me I guess, the water shut off moments later.

"I'll be right out," Bo called. And as I glanced up, I saw the back of him, as he walked naked from the bathroom into his bedroom. I could have died… His naked body was so beautifully proportioned. How could someone that age, look so damn perfect. The boy had firm round butt cheeks, with a little dimple at each side. He disappeared into his bedroom, and my hand disappeared under the table, to squeeze and adjust the hard on forming in my shorts.

In less than a minute, Bo walked out of his room toward the kitchen. He was wearing a large red tee shirt, that hung down below his hips at mid thigh, which made it look as though that was all he was wearing. His legs and feet were bare, and it was impossible to tell if he was wearing anything beneath the baggy tee shirt. He had towel dried his long blond hair, and though he had combed it, it still hung damply about his head. "That looks good," Bo said, as he looked at the lunch I had prepared. "Let's take it in the other room, and we can watch the last of today's stage in the Tour (de France). We gathered up our plates and drinks and walked back into the living area, where the TV was still on. We put our stuff down on the IKEA-like coffee table, and settled onto the couch alongside each other. Bo tucked one leg up underneath himself, with his bare foot sticking out, the soul of it just touching my thigh.

"I have a surprise for you," Bo said, as we started watching. He picked up the TV remote, and switched the TV to a different network. "I just found out about this," Bo told me. The High Def picture clicked in, and to my surprise the Tour was being simulcast; and this network had a feed from the Verses Network back home. It was being broadcast in English, rather than Swedish. Phil Liggett, and Paul Sherwen were announcing the race.

"Wow, seriously…?" I grinned. "This is great; just like back home. Thanks Bo," I said nodding at the boy, and innocently I rested my hand on his bare foot and gave it a little squeeze. Bo glanced at me, and seemed pleased that he had made me happy. We ate our lunch, and watched the rest of the stage. As we sat there, I couldn't help but look at Bo from time to time. His red tee shirt seemed to have slid upward some, exposing more of his long, tanned thigh. At one point he leaned in and rested against my shoulder clinging lightly to my arm. I couldn't tell if this was just a comfortable touch of friendship, or something more; but we continued to watch the bike race.

There were some gnarly crashes in the race, but the stage was exciting to watch. In the end someone from team 'Sky' won the stage. Bo and I 'high fived' each other, happy that Cavendish hadn't won again. Finally, Bo started to hop up from the couch, then winced and squeaked in pain.

"Owe, ow… Cramp…" He squeaked, "Cramp…" as he clutched at his upper thigh and tried to straighten his leg. I quickly lifted from my seat, so that he could stretch it out; and then I took his ankle in my hand trying to help. His young face was 'squinted' up in discomfort. "Where's the cramp?" I questioned. Bo was gripping the inside of his upper thigh, and trying to give it a rub. "Here, let me help," I said, with genuine empathy for him. I wrapped my hands around his right thigh, and began pushing my thumbs into the muscle tissue, firmly massaging the area. "Do you get cramps much?" I asked.

"Once in awhile, after a hard ride," Bo answered. I continued to rub his thigh, and I could feel the knot in his muscle slowly begin to relax. Bo was looking up at me. "Thanks," he breathed, with a smile; and then closed his eyes. "That feels really good," Suddenly he looked up at me again.

"You know the pro riders have a leg massage after their races!" he said, more than a bit suggestively.

I looked down at his exposed thigh. The tee shirt had ridden up a lot further, and I could see now that he was wearing a pair of red underwear. I could see the smooth round curve of his testicles, hidden only by the thin cloth of his briefs. I swallowed with difficulty, as my hands were still massaging his thigh, only inches away from his tender boy package. The feel of his warm soft skin in my hands was so pleasant. Bo's eyebrows were raised with anticipation as he smiled at me, and the softness of his skin was simply too much for me to resist. I began to massage his leg, rubbing, and slowly kneading his tender thigh muscle in my fingers. Bo sighed with pleasure as my warm strong fingers continued to work over his leg, my thumbs firm but gentle as his muscles yielded beneath them. Bo squirmed a bit, and shifted his hips. "Ohh…" He breathed. "Det kanns så bra, (That feels so good)". I didn't know what that meant, but I could figure it out.

I began to massage more of his leg, sliding my fingers down, then slowly back up his warm thigh. At one point, the backside of my fingers brushed up against his boy pouch, and I could feel the heat of them, even through his cotton briefs. I pulled away, embarrassed that I had touched him there; but I heard Bo utter soft sigh. I slid down his leg then, my palms warmly rubbing across his soft, smooth flesh. It was so incredibly sensual to me. I caressed his skin, and my thumbs were gently massaging just above his knee, while my fingers rubbed the fleshy underside. Downward I drifted, cupping his soft bare calf in my hands. Smooth, delightfully hairless, his rounded calf felt so warm, and natural in my fingers. Bo's eyes were still closed, and he almost seemed to arch his head back in pleasure at my touch. Softly I worked his lower extremity, down toward his tender feet. I raised his foot, his leg bending outward just bit at the knee, and I gently cupped it in my hands. I must have a foot fetish or something, because I thought it was so intriguingly beautiful. My thumbs pressed warmly into the soft soles, as my fingers played against the firm skin on top. Somewhere a long ways away, I heard Bo moan quietly, but I don't think it registered to me. I was holding his foot up, rubbing softly, and with my eyes now closed, I leaned toward it and lightly brushed my nose and lips against the soft underside of his toes.

It was like coming out of a deep sleep, and a great dream. I knew I had to stop this, but I didn't want to. I opened my eyes and gazed at his naked foot, just in front of my eyes. Glancing up at his face, I saw Bo's eyes were still closed, but his soft full lips were parted slightly as he was breathing somewhat heavily through his mouth. My eyes followed down along his body line. The red tee shirt had pulled up above the top band of his underwear now, revealing an inch of his abdomen. My eyes trailed down to his red briefs, and the now enlarged lump that lay hidden, but pressing up against it; a small droplet of wetness there. I swallowed hard, and felt a hitch in my own breathing . I could see, just against his thigh, where the leg of his underpants gapped; the soft young skin of his scrotum was poking out a bit.

My heart was racing as I leaned forward and inch, and gently held my lips against the bottom of Bo's foot, breathing him in. I saw the bulge in his undershorts twitch slightly, as he moaned softly, and… There was another faint sound coming from somewhere. Well back in my subconscious perhaps, or no… Outside in the driveway. I could hear the sound of a vehicle pulling up. Slowly my mind was coming from it's haze, and I heard a car door close.

"Oh shit," I muttered as I hopped up off the couch.

"Huh? What's…" Bo opened his eyes as he recognized the sounds now. He hopped up from the couch as well; a surprised expression on his face. He started to turn toward his room, but hesitated a moment looking at me. Bo smiled up at me, then turned and quickly went into his bedroom. I looked down, and I knew that he had just seen the pole, tenting out in my shorts.

Quickly I grabbed up our plates, and the empty soda cans from the coffee table, and walked them into the kitchen. I began washing off the plates, just as the side door opened, and Bodil and his wife walked into the room.

"Ah, hello Erik," Mrs. Hansson said cheerfully. I cleared my throat.

"Hi," and I nodded at them. "Back already?"

"Ja. Bodil's sister wasn't feeling all that well, so we decided to come home," she said, just as Bo came walking into the kitchen. He was also wearing a pair of board shorts now, and he glanced at me with a sly little grin.

"Hej Mormor, (Hi grandma)" he said, as he gave her a nice hug. "Farfar…" He slid over to hug his Grandfather, who smiled and hugged him back. I dried off the plates, and was able to turn around, now that my boner had finally faded away.

"Oh, what happened to your leg?" Anneli asked, as she had just noticed the scrape on Bo's calf.

"Nothing Mormor. Just fell on the bike, it's okay," Bo replied.

"Let me see dear." She sat at the kitchen table, and the boy turned for her to inspect it.

"Erik cleaned it all up for me," Bo said proudly, as his grandma inspected his leg. She smiled over at me.

"Well you did a fine job," she said. "Thanks so much for watching the boy."

"Oh, it was a pleasure," I told her. "Anytime," and I glanced over at Bo.

We all sat and visited for a little while; Anneli had made up some lemonade, which we all enjoyed; and after a time, Bodil, Bo and I went out to the field. He wanted to show me what chores he needed done the next day. He explained what he wanted, and I had no problem with any of it. Bo asked if I could come and watch him practice with the cycle team on Saturday. "Sure, sure…" Bodil agreed, clapping me on the shoulder. "I told you the boy wouldn't leave you alone," he smiled. "You take Saturday for yourself. Nothing really to do here except some irrigation, ja…" He smiled and with a wave, he ambled off toward the house. Bo and I stood for a moment. I felt a bit awkward about nearly getting carried away on the couch.

"Thanks for the massage," Bo said, seeming to sense my tension.

"Uh, ya… I uh, kinda got a little too into it," I said. "I'm sorry," Bo looked up at me with his wonderfully expressive blue eyes.

"I'm not…" Bo said quite deliberately. Then he grinned at me, and ran off toward the house.

We had a late dinner, and afterward Bodil asked me to stay and watch a movie with them on TV. They were being very kind to me, and I was happy to spend more time with them, and Bo. By the end of the movie, Bo was nearly nodding off. Riding had taken a lot out of him today, and he yawned as he got up off the floor where he had been laying. "Goodnight," he said. He went around and hugged his grandma and grandpa. Then to my surprise, and almost embarrassment, he gave me a little hug as well, then trundled off to his room. I got up and said my goodnights as well. I thanked them for dinner, and letting me watch the movie with them; and just as I turned to leave, Bo called out from his bedroom and asked me to come in there for a second.

"I told you the boy wouldn't leave you alone," Bodil smiled from his chair. I shrugged and went back to his room.

"What's up dude?" I asked from the doorway. He was lying in bed, and motioned for me to come over to him.

"I have something for you," he said sleepily. I walked over to him as he wiggled his finger for me to come closer, as if he wanted to whisper something to me; so I stooped in close to him. Bo reached out. He hugged me briefly, and then pressed his lips into mine in a soft, unexpected kiss. He smiled at me in the darkness, then rolled over onto his side.

I left his room, said my goodnights once again to the Hanssons, and walked back out to the barn, and my bedroom there. I got ready for bed, then slipping in naked under the covers, I put my hands behind my head and stared up at the dark ceiling. I was kind of tired as well, and as I began drifting off, all I could think about, was Bo.

Chapter Three
The Ride and the Lake

In the last Chapter: Erik, the seventeen year old boy from America, and Bo, the nearly thirteen year old Swedish boy, find their curious relationship growing stronger; as they stay with the younger boy's grandparents, on their farm in Örebro Sweden. Last chapter, the boys spent some time alone together, which nearly led to a physical encounter. Bo, is heavily into competitive bicycling, and he shared that interest with Erik.

I woke fairly early the next morning, still filled with nervous energy that had come from my 'near' encounter with Bo, the night before. I had to wonder, how far things might have gone, if Bo's grandparents hadn't have come home when they did. I was enthralled with Bo. He was the sweetest boy I had ever known. He was bright, and funny, filled with youthful wonder and innocence. Couple that with the fact that physically he was absolutely stunning, it was no wonder that I had a real, and growing fondness for the boy. With my pent up energy, I got dressed and made my way out into one of the fields of Mr. Hansson's farm. He had previously shown me what work needed to be done there, and since I was anxious to please him, I thought I would get the early start. One of the irrigation lines there had separated, and Bodil wanted the line repaired, and several sections replaced. I had been working for an hour or so, when I saw Mr. Hansson walking one of his other fields. He waved to me, then gave me a thumbs up, apparently pleased that I was already working away on the project he had assigned.

I continued working for awhile, until I looked up and noticed Bo walking through the field toward me. I leaned against the handle of my shovel, and I smiled as I watched him approach. He was wearing a white tank top, and a pair of navy blue deck shorts, that came just below his knees. With the morning sun shining on him, it reminded me of a scene from some movie. Like he was walking in slow motion, his face radiated his boyish good looks; and his long, shoulder length blond hair swayed gently as he walked.

"Morning pal," I greeted, as he reached me.

"Hej Erik, (Hello Erik)" he said cheerily, and he flashed his warm smile at me. "I brought you some juice, and muffins," he handed me a small sack, and one of his bicycle water bottles, which was filled with fresh orange juice.

"Nice touch," I said, indicating the water bottle.

"Ja, it was the only way I wouldn't spill it all by the time I got out here," he laughed. I pulled on the tip of the bottle, then squeezed some of the cold juice into my mouth.

"Mmm, thanks," I said after swallowing. "Did you sleep well last night?"

"Yes. I… I had a good dream," he answered, smiling slyly at me.

"Eat the muffins. Mormor made them fresh this morning, and they're still warm," I opened the sack, and could smell the fresh blueberry treats. I offered one to Bo, but he said he had already eaten, so I started in on one of them.

Bo reached over and took the shovel that I was holding. "I can help… Ja?" he asked. And without waiting for an answer, he started digging in the small trench I had been working on. I watched him as he shoveled; his young boyish muscles flexed as he dug. I finished the muffin, and took another long drink of juice, and then set the bottle down near the fence. Bo wanted to keep digging, so I gathered some of the irrigation piping and began setting them in the trench that was already dug. We worked for about half an hour, with Bo eagerly helping right beside me. Beginning to sweat again, I pulled my shirt off and tossed it over the fence post, and then turned to grab more of the piping. When I turned back around again, I immediately noticed that Bo had also taken his tank top off, and had tossed it over mine. I had to smile, because here was this sweet kid, trying to emulate me. I thought it was a cute gesture, but didn't say anything to embarrass him; so I reached over and tousled his hair. Bo smiled over at me, and together we worked to finish installing the pipe.

I couldn't help but watch Bo from time to time. For a boy who was still shy of thirteen years old, he had such a nice, lean little body. His shoulders were firm, his stomach was flat, and just starting to show some definition. His smooth tanned skin shined enticingly with a thin film of perspiration in the morning sun. But I wasn't the only one looking… Bo seemed to glance at me, whenever he thought I wasn't looking, and once, while we stooped to tighten the last coupling, he intentionally leaned in close, so that our sweaty bodies brushed against each other. I have to say that I didn't mind that in the least.

When we had finished the job, I was pleased at the amount of effort Bo had put in. He actually helped quite a bit, and as we stood to survey our work, I put my arm around his bare shoulders.

"Thanks Bo. We make a pretty good team," I said earnestly. He beamed at the compliment.

"I like being with you," Bo answered. "Thanks for letting me help," We stood for a moment, then shared the last of the juice that Bo had brought out earlier. The boy had dirt, wetly smeared at various places on his sweaty skin, and I smiled at the sight.

"You're a mess," I chuckled, as Bo looked down at his own torso. I reached over with my hand, and wiped a streak of mud from his firm chest, my fingers rubbing gently across his dime sized nipple. "Come on, lets take the extra stuff back to the barn," We scooped up the few remaining materials, and the tools that I brought out, and together we traipsed back across the field toward the barn. I cleaned up the tools, and we put everything away properly.

"I guess we should get cleaned up also, ja?" Bo asked.

"Ya, prob'ly a good idea," I agreed

"You're a mess too…" Bo said, as he looked at me. And although I really didn't have dirt smudged on my body, the boy reached over and rubbed his hand across my stomach, as if he was brushing some away. Then he looked up timidly at me. "You have good muscles," he said, his hand still touching my stomach.

"Thanks. Um, well I guess I'll take a shower then," I said. Bo looked up at me.

"Ja… I could, maybe take one out here too?!" he said quietly, with a hopeful look on his face. My mind raced, I wanted so badly to shower with him. I had only imagined what his young boy parts looked like. I had only seen their beautiful outline, hidden beneath the skin tight spandex he wore riding. But…

"Uhh, well, I don't know bud. I mean, you have to go inside for fresh clothes and stuff. I don't know how your Grampa and Grandma would react to you coming back out here to shower."

"It's okay…" Bo pleaded, "In Sweden we have many public bath houses… Sauna's and spa's and things. It's common to bathe together with family; and others," he nodded hopefully.

"Dude… I… Look, I would love to… I mean, I don't have a problem with it… It's just, well, I don't want your grandparents to get the wrong idea, you know."

"What is the wrong idea?" Bo asked.

"Just, you know…" I stammered. "Look, maybe next time, ok?" Bo looked seriously disappointed; his head drooped a little, as he looked at the floor. Oh man, I thought, why do things have to be so complicated?

Bo turned and started to walk from the barn, but I reached out and put my hand on his shoulder, stopping him. He stood for a moment, then turned to look back at me.

"Do you remember what you said to me, in the driveway the yesterday?" I asked.

"Ja… So?" Bo asked.

"Well… I think… Jag alskar dig också…" I had been practicing this phrase. (I think, I love you also…). Bo looked up at me, a bit surprised. A thin smile crossed his lips, and his remarkable blue eyes had a fresh gleam in them. Raising up on his tip toes, he gently kissed the corner of my mouth, then he turned and hurried off toward the house. I shook my head, surprised that I had said that. I showered alone. Feeling more than a little confused; and like Bo, somewhat disappointed. This was Sweden after all. It was as Bo had said; many homes had saunas and pools. There were nudist beaches and resorts, and, for the most part overt nudism was not at all uncommon.

But, we weren't talking about being naked together, were we! Showering with the boy wasn't really the issue. There was, unmistakably, an attraction of sorts between us; both emotional, and physical. And, even here in Sweden as open minded as people were, there were still boundaries. Right? I mean I just turned seventeen, and even though I'm a boy by everyone else's standards, there is still a gap in our ages… Right? I mean, shit… Why do things have to be so complicated? I finished my shower, and then pulling on a pair of underwear and shorts, I lay down on my bed to relax and read a few more Swedish phrases from my guide book. I studied the guide for about half an hour, till I heard a faint sound from the barn. There was a soft knocking at the bedroom door, and then it opened just a crack.

"I can come in?" Bo asked, peeking his head through the opening.

"Yes," I smiled. They boy walked in and swung the door closed behind him. He had showered and changed clothes; and his blond hair hung loosely and disheveled around his head. He had the look of a California beach boy; only better. So cute…

Bo walked over to where I was lying on the bed, and he sat on the edge of it along side of me. "So, vad gör du? (what are you doing)" he asked, as he looked at the translation booklet that I was holding. I could guess at what he had said by the inflection in his voice, and I held up the booklet, and pointed to it.

"I'm practicing," I told him. "See… Du är min vän," I smiled. Bo returned the smile, then corrected my pronunciation just a bit, and replied.

"You are my friend too," he smiled warmly at me, and then he put his hand on my bare shoulder. "Du har mjuka skai, (You have soft skin)" He commented, as he slid his palm down to my elbow, and up again.

"What? I can't keep up with you," I told him. "What did you say?"

"Nothing… It's not important," Bo smiled. "Do you want to go for a bicycle ride, with me and Jan?" (His friend from the cycling team) Bo asked.

"Sure. That sounds like fun," I answered.

"Ja…" Bo smiled happily. "He will be here in about an hour, ok? I will go and get ready, and see if Mormor will make some snacks for us to take along."

"Cool," I said, smiling at him. The boy continued to sit for a moment, his hand still softly resting on my shoulder, as he looked down at my torso. He moved his hand then, to my stomach, and ran his finger lazily around my naval.

"You have an 'innie', like me," he sniggered, and with his other hand he pulled up his tee shirt to show me. "See…" With a smile, I moved my hand to his firm, flat belly and held it there against his warm skin. I dipped my finger into his little 'innie' of a belly button, and wiggled it playfully. Bo giggled, and copied my move. He looked up at me with a sly little smile, and then he stood up and headed to the door. "I must go change now…" he said lightly, and I noticed as he walked out, that he reached down to adjust himself in his shorts. As the door clicked shut, I could only lie there and shake my head. Bo was a little tease, I chuckled… Then I had to reach down to make a slight adjustment of my own. This was crazy, whatever it was that we had between us. Crazy, but fun.

I continued to study my translator book for a while, determined to learn some clever little phrases that I could use on Bo; to either surprise him, or make him laugh. I kind of lost track of time, and about half an hour later, Bo came knocking on the door again. He opened it and came in, without waiting for an answer. He was wearing his spandex cycling gear, and it was a bit of a struggle for me not to keep looking down at the soft little bulge pressed against the fabric. (It was pointing to the left by the way, so, clearly I didn't fully succeed in trying not to look.)

"I have something for you," Bo told me, as he anxiously handed me a small plastic shopping bag. "I asked Farfar (Grandfather) yesterday if I could buy them for you," I took the bag and opened it with a curious smile. Reaching in, I withdrew a cool looking pair of shorts.

"They're bike riding shorts," Bo grinned. "We got them at the sporting goods store. They look like regular shorts, but they have a lining, with a seat pad sewn into them," he smiled as I examined the shorts. "This way, you can go on long rides with me, and your butt won't get sore," he laughed.

"Whoa, this is like… Really cool. That was so nice of you to do," I said.

"I wanted to get you the Spandex ones like mine, but they didn't carry them there," Bo apologized.

"No, no, this is way cool," I told him. Bo grinned, happy that I liked his gift. I put my arm around his shoulders in appreciation, "Thanks Bo…"

We stood there for a moment as I further examined the shorts, which I noticed were made by Nike. This was a very thoughtful gift, and I smiled again at the other boy to let him know I really appreciated his doing that for me.

"Go on… Try them on," Bo suggested. I put the bag down on the dresser, and then without any thought, I undid the button of my shorts and took them off. I stooped a bit to step into the new riding shorts.

"Nej, (No)" Bo said, standing just a few feet in front of me. "You don't wear underwear with these."

"No? I suppose you wouldn't, since they're lined and all. Duh…" I grinned, as I looked at Bo, who was still standing there intently. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my underwear and saw Bo's eyes widen, as I slid them down my legs. Standing, I put them on top of the dresser, and glanced again at Bo. He was keenly focused on my soft, naked teenage boy parts. I lifted one leg, and stepped into the bike shorts, then followed with the other; slowly pulling them up my legs and over my hips. Then I stuck my hand down the front to arrange myself in them. I was still looking at Bo. He swallowed, then finally looking up at me, he blushed when he realized that I had been watching him. I smiled warmly at him, to let him know that I didn't care.

"They… They look good on you," he said, a bit sheepishly.

"Ya, they fit just right. Thanks Bo."

"Ok, well, Jan will be here soon, and then we'll take you an a nice ride; a loop up into the hills."

"That sounds pretty good. Uh, by hills I hope you don't mean mountains," I laughed.

"No silly… Just some easy climbs. This is a good ride, very pretty countryside. It's a good training ride."

"Cool. So, how long is this loop?" I asked.

"We will go by the lake, so… About forty three kilometers or so," he smiled. I raised my eyebrows, it sounded like a long ride. I did a quick calculation in my head.

"Hmm, about… Twenty seven miles then?! That's cool I guess."

"Ja, it's easy Erik. You will like it for sure," Bo said. "Mormor said she will pack us some goodies to snack on; and I'll get us both some water bottles," Bo smiled. He glanced back down at my shorts, then hurried out and back to the house.

"Ya, easy for them, they ride bikes everyday…" I said aloud, with a little laugh to myself. I pulled on a pair of ankle socks, and slipped into my Nike trainers. Then grabbed one of my sports type shirts; it was a black, sleeveless 'Under Armour' dri-fit, and I pulled it on. I loved these sport shirts. They were light, and fit snug to your body. I glanced at myself in the bathroom mirror, and flexed a little bit. "I look good…" I said, poking fun at myself with a chuckle. Finished with that, I went out into the barn and checked the air pressure in the tires of both bikes. I pumped them up to the proper pressure, and one at a time I rolled them outside and leaned them against the building. I looked at Bo's Specialized Bike, and shook my head. This really was a nice, carbon fiber performance bicycle; and very pricey as well. I never had anything like this at his age. In fact, I still don't.

As I looked up, I noticed another bike just turning into the long driveway. It was Jan, Bo's friend. He looked pretty sharp, all decked out in his mostly white Lycra riding gear and his helmet. The boy wheeled up to the barn along side of me and nodded, "Hej Erik," he greeted.

"Hej Jan…" I returned with a friendly smile; just as Bo was coming out from the house. He was carrying a backpack and four water bottles.

"Hej Jan," he grinned at his young friend as he walked toward us. They looked at each other, then both glanced at me, smiling. Bo handed me two of the water bottles, and I slipped them into the bottle cages on the bike.

"We are ready to go then," Bo said as he fastened his helmet.

"Want me to carry the backpack?" I suggested.

"Ja, please…" Bo replied, handing the day pack over to me. "Tack, (Thanks.)" I slipped into the straps, and adjusted it. "Är du redo? (Are you ready)" Bo asked Jan.

"Ja, låt oss gå, (Yes, let's go)" Jan answered.

"Hey, that's not fair…" I grinned. "I mean, I don't know what you're saying. You wouldn't be happy if I spoke in a foreign language, right?" The boys turned and grinned at me.

"You are speaking a foreign language," Jan chuckled. And the three of us had a good laugh at that. We mounted the bikes and rolled out of the drive.

The boys set a casual pace at first, and we talked while we rode. Jan, it turned out was pretty cool. He was thirteen, several months older than Bo. He had short blond hair, and was a good looking kid also, but certainly not even close to the stunning good looks and cuteness of Bo. He must be about five foot six inches [1.70 m] tall, an inch or two [5 cm] taller than Bo, and even though he was lean and fit; well, he wasn't Bo. When we we're all nicely warmed up, the pace quickened a bit as we wound around back roads which turned into some very nice countryside. We rotated around a little, riding single file at times as we started some gradual inclines. Both boys were ahead of me at one point, riding side by side, and I had to smile as I looked at them; their spandex shorts firmly hugging their tight rounded butts. Jan's outfit was mostly white, and being somewhat thin, the color difference between skin and Lycra was fairly obvious. I could distinguish his butt crack beneath the fabric, moving from side to side as he peddled. Then I watched Bo as he peddled effortlessly up the incline. His smooth calf muscles flexed with each peddle stroke. His long legs were so well defined, and they blended into the firm curves of his butt. Damn… I thought to myself.

The inclines became more intense, and I had to really work at it. We stood on the pedals from time to time, to get the extra power needed on the steep parts. The boys instructed me on the fine art of the pace line. That's when the riders fall in close, directly behind one another, drafting each other. We're talking at most, six inches [15 cm] from wheel to wheel at high speed. One rider leads for awhile, then pulls off the front and drops back; falling in behind the last rider again. It saves a lot of energy, as it gives the back riders a short break; but you have to stay focused, one wrong move and one or more riders will go down in a heap. The boy's were really quite knowledgeable about all this, and seemed to enjoy explaining things to me; though truth be told, I already knew about this stuff. It was a long, steady climb, that eased off from time to time, giving my legs a slight break. Finally, as we sweated from the effort, the terrain leveled off and we rolled effortlessly along the winding country roads. The air was fresh, the scenery beautiful, and the early afternoon sun was warm on our backs.

At length, the winding road came across, and paralleled a long clear lake. We followed it for a ways, and at one point I noticed some people, a family, swimming and sunning themselves. They were… Hell all of them were naked. Young kids playing naked and swimming, while several nude adults sunbathed near the edge. I quickly looked at Bo and Jan. They had seen them of course, but were only showing mild interest. "So… Is that like, legal here?" I asked. Both boys turned to look at me.

"Ja. it's no big deal," Jan said, matter of factly. I turned to look back once again at the family, enjoying themselves by the water. When I faced forward again, I saw that Bo and Jan were leaned in close, saying something quietly to each other.

"Kom igen. Det finns en plats som vi kan gå simnig," Jan rifled off in Swedish.

"What did he say?" I asked, totally clueless.

"He said, come on. There is a place we can go swimming," Bo translated, and he smiled at me. We rode the bikes down the road a little further; then getting off on a small trail, we walked them down to the edge of the lake. The water looked fantastic, and there was kind of a grassy area along the bank. We lay the bikes down on their sides in the grass. This looked great. We were all sweating from the ride, and I thought a nice swim, and some snacks would be awesome.

"This is a cool spot," I said, turning to Bo, who was standing alongside me.

"Ja," Bo agreed. "We swim here a lot," I nodded and took the backpack off to set it in the low grass. I noticed that both of the boys had unzipped and taken off their riding jerseys; so I followed suit, and peeled my tight 'Under Armour' shirt off over my head. When I looked back at the other boys, both of them were sitting in the grass, taking off their riding shoes and socks. I smiled curiously, wondering how this was going to work. I kicked off my sneakers, and sat down to pull off my socks, when I heard a boyish holler. Looking up, I saw Jan running past me toward the water. He was naked; and he leaped as he reached the water's edge, and plunged into the cool lake. I grinned with anticipation, and turned to look at Bo. He had just pulled his spandex shorts down and was stepping out of them. With a meaningful grin, he ran past me and sprawled out in a naked dive into the lake. Oh man… Though it was only a quick glimpse, I had just seen for the first time, Bo's young boy parts.

It was as I had expected, or perhaps fantasized about. Bo wasn't circumcised, and his young penis had bounced back and forth when he had run past. I don't know, it had been so fast. I thought his soft pink sausage must have been about three and a half inches [9 cm] or so. His testicles had been hanging loosely below his young snake… But I couldn't for the life of me, say if he had any pubes or not. I was… I was…

"Hey, come on…" Jan called out from the water. I stood up and looked at them.

"Come on, join in," Bo said. His beautiful torso gleaming in the clear water. He had such an inviting smile on his face. I smiled back, then undoing my riding shorts, I pulled them down and let them drop into the grass. Both boys watched, as I walked to the edge of the water. My young teenage body was trim, and muscled; and though it didn't register to me, both boys were intently looking at my junk. Looking at my tight patch of light brown pubes, and loose smooth balls. And though Bo had already seen me; mine was probably the first 'cut' dick that Jan had really seen. I took a quick step and dove into the water, coming to the surface near the boys. Bo looked at me as I wiped the water from my eyes. There was an odd, bemused look on his face. Like he was wondering about something. Curious perhaps if his own young genitals had been what I had expected. I smiled warmly at him, and nodded.

In moments we were all swimming, and playing together in the water. We splashed, and wrestled about. The boys would climb onto my back, their smooth tender boy bits sliding across my skin. I'm quite sure I would have gotten a major hard on, but we were having so much fun that it stayed soft, for the most part. At one point, one or both of them playfully groped me under the water. Innocent play, I supposed. I groped back of course, the feel of soft boy flesh was a satisfyingly, enjoyable treat. We swam out to a stump that was jutting out of the water about fifty yards out. After resting there a bit, the boy's wanted to race me back to the shore. I'm older and bigger than they are, not to mention being on the swim team in High School, so I gave them a head start. In the end to no ones surprise, I passed and distanced them; then stood waiting in the waist deep water near shore. Laughing, Bo reached me first, and he wrapped himself around me. He clung to my neck with his arms, and wrapped his legs around my waist; his warm chest against mine. I could feel his soft boy parts pressed against my waist, and as I looked into his eyes he smiled at me. Jan reached us then, and he grabbed hold of me as well. We played for a long while, wrestling together in the water. Finally exhausted, with the boys hanging all over me, I turned and hauled both boys toward the shore, and we climbed out together. The three of us dropped down onto the grass, and lay there side by side to rest.

We closed our eyes, and let the hot afternoon sun warm us. Opening my eyes though, I looked over at Bo, who was lying beside me. He was on his back, and my eyes drifted slowly from his head to his toes. His tanned nakedness was like kryptonite to me; overpowering. His wet body was simply beautiful as he lie there, glistening in the sun. There was simply nothing I would change. His feet were perfect, his legs were smooth and firm, all the way up to his young groin. I swallowed hard as I gaped at his young testicles, resting loose and comfortable in his smooth hairless scrotum. His soft uncircumcised penis resting easily against his left thigh. He was indeed about three and a half inches [9 cm] long, including the foreskin that hung loosely over its tip. It took willpower not to reach out and take it for my own. The boy had only a sparse patch of soft, short brown pubes just starting to grow in above his pole. My eyes drifted upward following the 'v' groove that defined his mostly bare pubic mound, up to his wonderfully flat stomach; and on to his chest, and his golden brown dime sized nipples. I looked from his tender neck, to his boyishly beautiful face, and the long blond hair askew across his forehead. I shivered at how taken I was with him. I had to look at his young boy parts again, and imagine him erect and playful. I shivered again at the very thought of it. Then, out of curiosity I looked past my Bo, to the other boy lying beside him.

Jan was on his stomach, and though his body couldn't begin to compare with Bo, he was still cute; and the round white curves of his buttocks was enticing in its own right. How wonderful this was, I thought, that three boys could lie here so comfortable in our nakedness. Nothing embarrassing, no shyness or bother. It made me wonder why we are such prudes in America. Shy, timid, concerned about such simple, elegant things. It seemed rather odd. I glanced again at Jan who had rolled over now, onto his back. His penis was a bit longer than Bo's, but it looked about the same thickness; about an inch. He had a few more pubes as well, but his young testicles didn't hang as loosely as Bo's; neither did his foreskin which was tight to the tip. As I looked at his face, I saw that his eyes were open, and he was in turn, checking me out. A brief flash of embarrassment washed over me, but then I thought; so what. I looked again at Jan, and when our eyes met, we both knew we had been eying each other. Jan had seen me looking at Bo's naked body, and that's when he began looking at mine. I smiled at him, and he grinned back.

"Nice…" he said.

"Ja. It's cool," I answered. The talking prompted Bo to open his eyes. He looked first at Jan, then over at me. He smiled warmly at me, then propping himself up on his elbows, I couldn't help but notice him glance down at my junk, and I looked at his again. I had to laugh out loud at the curiosity we all shared.

"What?" Bo asked.

"Han vill ha din kuk… (He wants your dick.)" Jan laughed.

"Håll käft! (Shut up)" Bo said, embarrassed. Leaving me once again with no idea what they had said to each other.

"Tror du att han skulle onanera med oss? (Do you think he would masturbate with us?)" Jan asked sincerely.

"Nej. Håll käft dig tönt, (No. Shut up you dork.)" Bo said again. And he turned to punch his friend lightly on the arm.

"So, are you guys making fun of me?" I asked, with mock concern.

"No… Jan's just a dork," Bo said. He got to his feet, and walked over to pick up the backpack. Bringing it over, he sat down again, and dug through it. He pulled out some beef jerky treats, and some kind of chocolate pastries; which he handed to each of us. The three of us sat naked in the grass, nibbling on the jerky, and drinking some of the vitamin drink from out water bottles. In no time at all, the sun had dried us and we finished up the last of our snacks.

I wanted to stay longer, but deciding we should probably get going, I got to my feet and grabbed my shorts from the ground. But before I could step into them, Bo motioned for me to come over to him. I walked to him, and he took my wrist to turn me around. Then he used his hand to brush off some grass which was stuck to my legs, and butt.

"Tack," I thanked him, and climbed quickly into my shorts, thinking that his warm touch on my butt would cause me to bone up. Bo was still sitting naked in the grass, as he struggled to turn his sock right side out. I picked up his other sock, to help him; and then held out my hand, telling him to lift his foot. He lay back and raised his leg up. Cupping his heel in my hand, I began to put his sock on for him; and with his leg raised up like that, his young balls dangled freely below him, and his butt cheeks spread apart slightly. I could see his little 'brown eye' peeking out below his dangling nuts. I did feel myself start to catch wood now, and was glad I had already put my shorts back on; though from the amused look on Jan's face, I think he knew what was happening. Jan reached up, and I took his hand and helped him to his feet. And, just so he wouldn't feel left out, I brushed the grass from his bum as well.

We finished dressing, and after I slipped the backpack on, we picked up our bikes and walked them back up the short trail to the road. The three of us climbed back onto our bikes and started down the highway once again. I looked back toward the clearing, just to get a good visual. This had been a fun little excursion that I wanted always to remember. We peddled another mile or so down the same road, then split off toward another highway, heading back to the South. Soon, we were flying down the several miles of steep downhill gradient. Being heavier, my extra weight came into play, as the very gravity that I had battled riding up here, now became my friend and pulled me rapidly downhill. I shifted my position on the handlebars, getting down low in the drops to become more aerodynamic; and shifted into the bigger gear on the chainring. My bike didn't have a ride computer on it like the other's did; but Bo told me later we were ripping along at seventy two kilometers an hour. That translates out to about forty five miles an hour, which is flying on a bicycle. We hollered like banshee's when we finally leveled out at the bottom, and slowed down. "Ya… That was awesome," I hooted.

"That was screaming fast," Bo said. "I think that's the fastest we've ever done that hill," he gave me the credit, as they had loosely drafted me down the gradient. We rode the last five miles [8 km] at a much slower pace, chatting happily amongst ourselves as we peddled. Finally we came to familiar ground, and with the Hansson's farm in sight, we stopped at the road junction. Jan was going to go the other way, back toward his home.

Jan and I clasped hands, and pulled each other into a one arm 'bro hug'. He looked at me, and with a smile he said, "That was fun. Thanks," Then added "Jag gillar dig väldigt mycket."

"No speekee Svedish…" I joked. He laughed, and rolled a few feet over to Bo, giving him a brief hug the same way. Then he whispered something into Bo's ear. He smiled back at me, and with a wave he headed off toward his house. Bo and I turned the other way, heading back to Bodil's farm. I put my hand on Bo's shoulder as we rode, and he smiled at me. "So, what did he say to me back there?" I asked out of curiosity.

"He said he likes you very much," Bo replied.

"And…? What did he whisper to you?" I asked with a little grin.

"Virkligin? (Really?)" You want to know?" Bo grinned back at me.

"Well duh… Ya, I'm curious," I told him. He looked at me and smiled.

"He said, he wants your dick…" And with that surprise statement, we turned into the long driveway leading up to the farm.

We rode up to the barn and getting off the bikes, we noticed that the Hansson's car was gone. I opened the door to the barn and we rolled the bicycles inside and placed them in the bike rack. Then I followed Bo over to the house. There was a note on the kitchen table; Bodil and Anneli had just gone into town for groceries, and hoped to be back before six o clock. It was only five now.

"Well," Bo said. "I suppose I should go take a shower to clean up."

"Uh, ya… Probably a good idea," I replied. He glanced tentatively at me.

"Ok… Well, I guess I'll go do that then," he said.

"Ya. Me too," I said awkwardly. I gave him a little half wave, and walked slowly through the kitchen. I paused for a second at the side door, but not hearing anything I went outside and walked back out to the barn.

Going into my bedroom, I sat on the corner of the bed to think for a moment, and to pull off my Nike trainers and socks. I stood up then, and walking into the bathroom I peeled off my shirt and riding shorts, and got into the shower. The warm water felt nice against my sweat-sticky skin, and as it washed over me, I began to think back on the days events. This had truly been a great day. The ride, the lake, all of it. And the best part; I got to see Bo, naked in all his Swedish beauty. I was smitten with this youngster, and his innocent, tender nature. I began to shampoo my hair, and with my eyes closed I thought I heard the faintest of sounds. It sounded vaguely like the shower door… And then I felt the warm touch of a soft hand on my back.

"You said, maybe next time, Ja? Well, this is next time," Bo said in his soft boyish voice. He stepped into me; the warmth of his chest pressed firmly to my back, as his arms wrapped around my chest. I shivered beneath his soft touch, and I could feel my boy part begin to stiffen…

Chapter Four
An Extreme 'Encounter'

In the last Chapter: Twelve year old Bo and his thirteen year old friend Jan, took their new friend Erik, the 17 year old from America, on a long, enjoyable bike ride into the Swedish countryside. The boys had planned to swim, and for the first time, Erik finally got to see the stunningly beautiful boy naked. They all had a great time, and seemed more than a bit 'interested' in each other. Later, at home, Erik left Bo in the house, and he went out to his bedroom in the barn to get cleaned up.

My mind went totally blank. Awash in a bevy to thoughts, and none of them seemed to reach my brain. Reason was being smothered by the warm blanket of nakedness that had wrapped itself around me in the form of Bo's young body. I could feel him, pressed against me. Tender and warm, and even now I wondered if I was 'reading' into this. He had talked about sauna's, and pools. He had talked about public bathhouses in Sweden, and how it wasn't uncommon for families to do these things together. Maybe that's all this was. Innocently showering together, simply sharing our new, comfortable friendship. My eyes were still closed as all these thoughts raced through my head in seconds. I could feel Bo's soft hands, gently rubbing against my soapy chest, then up and down my ribs; tenderly washing me. I didn't dare open my eyes, for fear that this was merely a fantasy. A dream being played out in my own mind. But if it was a dream, it was the most amazing dream I had ever had. Bo's hands slipped down my sides to my hips, softly lathering the flesh there. His hands moved in small circular motions, and then he moved his fingers forward, onto my upper thighs. I could still feel his soft, warm body cradled tenderly against my back, and he was trembling nervously.

And then he touched me. His soapy fingers had drifted across my tight patch of brownish pubes, and they slid deliberately down onto my mostly limp boy tool. I could feel his body tense with anticipation, and mine did as well. I stood there, unmoving. Caught between fear and delight. Wanting this so badly, yet frozen by fear of the ramifications. I was seventeen, Bo was nearly thirteen… How right, or wrong could this be? Bo was melting my resistance like ice on a warm summer's day. With my heart pounding, I opened my eyes and turned in his arms to face him. We stood now, facing each other with his arms still wrapped around my waist; his hands resting softly on my bum. As I gazed down into his sweet blue eyes; his expression was one of timid hopefulness.

The sensation of his warm, naked body pressed against mine made me shudder. I could feel his young penis growing erect between us, as its tip pressed gently upward into my nut sac. I swallowed with difficulty.

"We… We can't do this," I breathed. But my words lacked conviction. My arms wrapped around him, and my eyes closed again as I held him to me. Bo's forehead was nestled against my cheek; and tenderly, instinctively I kissed it. My heart was thrumming in my chest, and I could feel Bo's heart racing in rhythm with mine.

"Bo… We can't…," I whispered softly, as I felt my boy part going stiff between us.

"Vänligen… Kan jag kyssa mig! (Please… Can I kiss you!)" Bo asked softly, a tremble in his young voice. I knew those words, and felt powerless to resist this simple request. I tilted my head toward him and our lips met wetly. The warm shower continued to rain down on us as our lips melted together. I pulled away for a moment, but his lips reached for me, and we kissed again. Seconds passed this time, and finally our lips came apart. But we hovered there, eyes closed, our noses touching; exchanging heavy breath as our mouths lingered closely to one another. 'What the hell was happening here?' A thought that played somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind as Bo timidly reached for me again, and gently pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him again and his arms came up over my shoulders, and wrapped around my neck. My hands were still gently caressing his wet, soap slickened back; with my fingers feeling his boyishly lean physique. My left hand drifted down the small of his back, and came to rest across the middle of his firm, well rounded butt cheeks. My fingers pressing lightly against his crease. I shivered again; the same mixture of fear and delight. With the boy still clinging to my neck, I felt him push his groin into me. I lifted him, and Bo wrapped his legs around my waist, like he had done at the lake. Only this time he had a hard on, and his rigid boy pole pressed firmly into me; his smooth boy pouch settling against my pubic mound. My mostly erect length had slipped underneath, and rested warmly between his legs and up against his butt.

We simply held each other, the rush of nervous adrenalin coursing through both of us; as the warm water from the shower continued to spill across our naked bodies. This was naughty, and it certainly wasn't appropriate. But more than that, it was exhilarating, stimulating, and exciting. This was beyond my wildest of fantasies, and I was being drawn helplessly, and willingly into it. Our lips met again, and we lingered for a long moment, until I slid around to kiss the soft skin of his neck, just below his ear. I heard the boy sigh with pleasure, and his warm breath tickled my skin.

"Bo…" I breathed, "We have to… To stop," My lips uttered the words, but neither of us seemed to have heard. The boy sought out my mouth, and then kissed me again. His young lips parted, and I felt his warm tongue innocently searching for an opening. We can't do this, I thought; but my lips parted to accept his tongue and the exchange of heated breath.

Bo was wiggling his hips lightly against me, and I could hear and feel the little grunts of pleasure coming from him, as our mouths were still coupled as one. My hand was still cupped under his firm bottom, holding him to me; and suddenly I could feel his young butt cheeks go taut. His breathing, and his moaning had intensified, as did the rocking of his hips.

"Bo, please… We have to s…," But my words were lost as he moaned loudly and went rigid against me… I could feel his young erection pulse repeatedly against my abdomen, and then the warm flood of his boy sauce squirted between us . Time stood still. All light, and sound seemed to disappear into the abyss of space. There was a moment there where nothing existed. The sound of the shower, our breathing, and Bo's low moans were absorbed into silence. Light didn't exist behind my tightly clenched eyelids. And then… Everything exploded back into life… My cock, still between Bo's legs, against his butt; exploded into a monumental orgasm. Pulse after sticky pulse ejected from my hot, teenage member. It squirted across his young butt, and splattered against the frosted glass of the shower door.

"Uhhhh, uhhhhhhh, uhhhhhh… Oh shiii…" My moans and grunts of pleasure filled the air with sound, until I had nothing left. I stood trembling, my strength so drained that I had to lower Bo to stand on his own in the shower. When we pulled apart, a long sticky thread of his boy seed clung between us. Connecting us.

Bo looked up at me and our eyes met. We both managed a timid, if not awkward smile, and I lowered my forehead to his and rested it there. We stood for a minute, trying to regain our lost breath.

"Knulla. Det var häftigt… (Fuck. That was cool.)" Bo finally breathed. I didn't have the energy to ask him what he had said. "So cool…" he repeated part of it. Somewhat recovered, but shaking with nervous excitement, all I could think to do was to finish the shower. I took the soap and began washing down Bo's backside, gently scrubbing his soft beautiful skin.

Bo stood comfortably and seemed to enjoy the sensual touch. He noticed the shower door, and with a curious smile, he reached out and ran his fingers through the sticky spatters of my sperm that still clung to the glass. He looked back and eyed me with an intriguing grin. We finished bathing each other, and we stepped from the shower. I padded barefoot and dripping into the bedroom to grab towels for us, and we began to dry ourselves off. When he had finished drying himself, Bo wrapped the white towel snuggly around his lean waist; and as I stood drying my hair, I could only stare, and admire his stunning boyish figure.

"Erik…" Bo said quietly.


"Det var så häftigt. Tack… (That was so cool. Thanks.)" he said, then stepped forward to give me a gentle hug. Almost shaking, I put my arms around him to return his soft embrace.

"It's almost six. You better go back inside the house and get dressed, before Bodil and Anneli get back," I told him. Bo looked up at me and smiled softly, then he turned and hurried out through the barn and back to the main house.

I sat on my bed, bewildered by what had just happened. I didn't know how I felt about it. It was, by far the most erotic experience I had ever had, even though we really didn't do much of anything. Back home, I had messed around heavily with a girlfriend or two, though I am still a virgin. Going through puberty, and even recently some of my guy friends and I messed around with each other, and even traded blowjobs and stuff, more than a time or two; but nothing even compared to this in its intensity. I lay back on the bed and closed my eyes. A shiver ran though me, as I though about Bo. I could almost feel his soft, smooth skin against me. I could feel his young erection pressing into me and… And suddenly I thought about me being seventeen. And Bo, he was still a boy. My eyes felt a bit heavy, and I closed them again for a moment just to rest. I didn't realize I was so spent from all the days events, and I never even felt myself drifting off as I fell asleep.


I woke up some time later to someone knocking on the bedroom door. I raised up, a bit groggy, and sat on the bed. I still had the towel wrapped around me from before, and my hair, which had been damp when I fell asleep, was in a dried mess now. I got up and shuffled to the door, expecting to see Bo standing there as I pulled it open. But it was his grandfather, Bodil. Standing there, wrapped in my towel and my hair all askew, he eyed me with a curious smile.

"Hej. I just came out to get you. Anneli has dinner almost ready in the house," Bodil smiled at my appearance, with a little wink. "I told you the boy wouldn't leave you alone. He must have worn you out today."

"Huh…?" I was confused, and suddenly felt guilty. Surely Bo didn't tell him about the shower and stuff… "I, ah… Ya, let me get dressed and I'll be right in."

"Ja. Don't be long," Bodil smiled, as he headed back outside. Quickly I stripped off the towel and pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt, before going into the bathroom. I scooped up some water from the sink, and ran my fingers through my hair to wet it; and then struggled for a moment trying to comb it into something passable.

When I had finished, I quickly made my way over to the house, and in through the side door to the kitchen; where I slid in at the table across from Bo. He looked up at me with a shy, embarrassed grin.

"Hi Erik," he said happily, then he smiled mischievously at me.

"Hey," I nodded back to him, still feeling kind of sleepy.

"Morfar (Grandpa) says you were taking a rest. Did I 'drain' all your energy?" Bo teased knowingly, thinking he was being clever. I shot him a reproachful look, and shook my head at him so he would leave it alone. Anneli brought dinner to the table, and we all settled in and began to eat. Bo kept looking over at me, and he would grin anytime we made eye contact.

"So, did you boys have fun today?" Anneli asked.

"Great fun, Mormor…" Bo said, and he looked at me again with a sly grin. Suddenly, beneath the table, Bo had lifted his bare foot and he touched his toes into my crotch. I jumped a bit at the contact.

"Oh… Are you alright dear," Anneli said as she looked over at me.

"Ya, I… I uh… Just started to get a cramp, is all. From the long ride bike ride today," I managed; and then gave Bo a look. He was sniggering quietly to himself. The rest of the meal was uneventful, and we shared some nice conversation and a laugh or two.

When dinner was over, I helped clear the table and put everything away for Mrs. Hansson. Finally I told Bo I needed to talk with him, outside. He raised his eyebrows questioningly; but I just pointed to the door and we went outside and walked up the driveway, where we sat on the fence.

"Dude, you can't do stuff like that," I said to Bo.

"Like, what stuff?" The boy replied. But he knew full well what I meant.

"Bo I'm serious. If they ever found out about that shit, well… I'd be in big trouble," I said sternly. The smile faded from his face. "Geeze dude… I'm seventeen, and you're not even thirteen. It's like, not even legal," Bo looked over at me.

"Didn't you like what we did?" he asked.

"That's not the point Bo. People don't like adults taking advantage of kids," Bo looked at me with a sour look on his face.

"Lyssna, (Listen)" Bo said, a touch of annoyance in his voice, "First, you didn't do anything. I started it, I wanted to do it. And… And you're not an adult! You're a boy just like me. A little older maybe, Ja, but a boy just the same," There was a little tremble in his voice, and Bo hopped off the fence and started walking.

My head dropped to my chest. I hadn't meant it to sound like that. Hopping off the fence I followed him up the road.

"Bo…" I called out. But he kept walking. I quickened my pace to catch up with him. When I got alongside, I could see a small tear roll down his cheek. It broke my heart to see that I'd hurt his feelings.

"Bo, I'm sorry… I didn't mean it like that," I put my hand on his shoulder and stopped him, then turned him to face me. "Bo. That was awesome, what we did… I'm just, afraid is all. You're right, I guess in a lot of respects I am still a boy. It's just… Well there's an age difference here that most people wouldn't understand," I reached out and wiped the tear from his cheek.

"Why do older people think they're the only ones who know anything?" Bo asked. He hopped over the little ditch beside the road, and sat down in the grass near the fence. I jumped over and sat down alongside him. I glanced back toward the farm house, but we were too far out to be seen; so I reached over and took Bo's hand into mine and we sat there quietly for a little while.

"Bo, I'm just scared is all. I don't know if you really understand. We're getting really close to each other. Besides, a month from now, when I have to go home… Well, it's gonna really hurt, you know."

"That's dumb," Bo said, looking at me. "So, because it might hurt, you want to miss out and not have anything at all…?"

"It's just… Well, complicated," I said. Bo looked at me sternly, and let go of my hand.

"No, it isn't," Bo said. "Det är så dumt… (That's so stupid.)" Last summer, the guys who run the cycling team, they arranged a trip for the boys on the team, and other young cyclists. They were going to go for seven days to France. So we could all see the Tour de France for real. To really see what cycling really is; and see the best riders in the world," he looked at me.

"Each boy had to pay his share to go. My fader (father) didn't let me go. he said it was a lot of money, and that after the trip was over, the money would be gone and there would be nothing to show for it," he sighed deeply.

"So I missed out, and had nothing… All the boys who went, even though it was over, and the money was gone… Well, they had something to show for it. They had the best time ever, and something they would always remember, and have forever…" Bo sighed sadly, then looked at me. "Erik, I don't want to miss out with you. Jag älskar dig, Erik."

Bo leaned over and gently kissed me on the cheek, then he got up and ran back to the farmhouse. I sat there, feeling foolish. Bo was right; why do older people think they're the only ones who know anything? I got slowly to my feet, and brushing the grass off my backside, I turned and walked back to the barn. Lying on my bed, I spent some time thinking, and sending a few emails to my family and friends back home with my iPhone. Then an idea came to me, and I used the browser to go onto my eBay account and look around. It took awhile, but when I found what I was looking for, and I bought it. I smiled to myself, knowing that it would be pretty cool when they sent it to me. I put in the Hansson's address, with a note to the seller, asking him to send it here. There was a soft knock at the door then, so I put my phone down, and hopped up to answer it. Anneli had come out, and invited me to come into the house for some homemade pie and ice cream. I loved that idea, so I went back to the house with her.

"Sit, sit…" Anneli said, as she took the ice cream from the freezer.

"Bo," she called, "Bo come have some dessert honey," she began dishing up the pie. Bo was back in his bedroom, and apparently didn't hear her.

"I'll get him," I said, getting up from the table. I walked past the living room, where Bodil was sitting in his chair watching TV. I knocked softly, and opened the bedroom door slightly. Bo was lying there on his bed with his shirt off looking through a bicycling magazine, and he looked over at me when I came in.

"You mad at me…?" I asked softly. He shook his head, no. I walked over and stood by him, then sat on the edge of his bed as he looked at me.

"I'm sorry," I said quietly. "I don't want to miss out with you either…" A small smile spread across his face, and he sat up and hugged me.

We walked back into the kitchen and enjoyed Mrs. Hansson's homemade blackberry pie. It was awesome, and we all talked for a long while, as Bo and I both had second helpings. When we had finished, I said my goodnights to everyone and headed back out to my bedroom in the barn. I stripped down, still a bit tired from the long day, and with a yawn, I crawled into bed. Tomorrow was Saturday, and Bo had wanted me to come and watch him train with the cycling team; so I would have to get up early then, to do the few things that Bodil needed done around the farm. Sometime later, just as I was beginning to doze off, I heard the faint sound of my door as it creaked open. Raising my head I peered through the semi darkness to see who it was, and I could just make out the slender figure, and blond hair of Bo. He padded softly over to my bed where he stood for a moment, and then he stooped and slid his shorts down his legs. Naked, and without saying a word he slipped in under the covers and scooted up next to me. With his back spooned in tightly against my body, he reached over and took hold of my wrist, and pulled my arm comfortably around him.

The tender smoothness of his young body felt like warm silk on my skin. I drew my knees up a bit, so that my legs cradled his. We fit so nicely together; snug, warm, comfortable. In moments I heard his breathing soften. Bo had fallen asleep, and now his gentle breathing was nothing more than a comforting, white noise. My eyes drooped, and I softly kissed the back of his blond head before falling asleep.

It seemed like no time at all, till I heard the chimes of my alarm going off. I reached out and grabbed my iPhone to shut off the 'wake up reminder.' There was early morning light filtering into the room through the window now, and I looked at Bo. We hadn't moved all night, and we were snuggled closely together the same way we had fallen asleep. His warm bare bottom was nestled in tightly to my boy parts, which surprisingly had remained flaccid. I softly brushed my finger on Bo's ear, and he stirred, rolling from his side onto his back. The covers were pulled down a little, exposing most his smooth tanned chest. I couldn't help but smile at the sight; and without thinking, I placed the tip of my finger on his little pebble of a nipple. I moved it in slow, gentle circles and watched as his skin turned to Goosebumps under my touch. I rested my hand flat on his chest, softly moving it around his silky skin. He felt so wonderful to me. I rubbed him gently now, wanting Bo to wake up. He needed to get back inside before someone noticed. He stirred just a bit, starting to waken, but still sleeping lightly. I slid my hand down under the covers, across his belly, and I softly traced his belly button with my middle finger.

I noticed him smile slightly, but he kept his eyes closed; obviously he was enjoying the rubbing, but trying to pretend he was still asleep. With a smile of my own, I slid my hand down a bit further, till my fingers brushed across his little patch of fine downy pubes. There was more skin than hair, but it was soft, sensual, and inviting to the touch. Bo giggled then, and the game was up. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. "Don't stop…" He pleaded, as I pulled my hand out from under the sheets.

"Good morning…" I whispered. "You have to go inside now. I'm gonna get up and do some chores for your grandpa."

"I can help, ja?" Bo suggested.

"Nope. You have to ride today. You need to save your energy. Go in and sleep for a little while," Reluctantly, Bo pulled himself up and out of my bed. He grabbed his shorts up off the floor, and pulled them up over his hips, and his now slightly erect penis. I smiled warmly at him, and pointed to the door, then watched as he crept out the door and snuck back across the driveway. I peeked out the window, and watched him as he snuck along the house, then quietly climb in through his own bedroom window.

Quickly, I got dressed, and headed outside to take care of my chores for the day. Bodil had told me I could take the day off, since I was going in to watch Bo practice, but, I kinda like the work. And the Hanssons were so nice to me, it just made me feel good to help them out a little. I hurried along, and had everything done in about an hour and a half. Bodil was overly pleased when he came out, and saw that everything was already done. Smiling, he told me to get cleaned up and go in for breakfast. I went back to the barn and took a quick shower, and then went on over to the house. Anneli had breakfast ready for me, and as I sat down to eat, Bo came out of his bedroom and joined me at the table. He was wearing his snug, Lycra riding outfit, and the sight of him in it reminded me of the first time I had seen him. Bo ate some cream cheese and peanut butter bagels, to give him some protein before his ride. I suggested a banana as well; thinking the extra potassium might help to keep him from cramping.

After we ate, we walked out to the barn and did a once over on his bike. Pumping the tires up properly, lubing the chain and such, and shortly after that, his friends from the cycling team rolled down the driveway to pick him up. It was Jan, who smiled slyly at me, the other boy Petter, and another kid, Steffan, who I hadn't met before. The boys, once again were all wearing the same spandex riding uniforms, and once again I had to struggle not to look at the matching bulges protruding from the shorts of the Lycra clad boys.

"Steffan, this is Erik," Bo said, introducing the other boy. "Erik han kommer med oss idag, (Erik will come with us today.)"

"Cool," Jan said, and he smiled at me. I shook hands with Steffan. He was fourteen, and kind of an average looking kid. He was lean, as most cyclists are; and he had kind of curly light brown hair. He was the only one of the boys who wasn't blond. Bo pulled on his small day pack, and getting on the bikes, we rolled down the driveway. We talked together while we road at a casual pace toward town. Steffan and Petter would converse together in Swedish some of the time; nothing concerning me, it was just natural for them.

At one point, Jan dropped back alongside me. He smiled, and then looked over at Bo, who was riding on the other side of me. "It was fun at the lake yesterday, Ja?" Jan said.

"Ya. That was a cool place," I agreed. Jan looked forward to make sure the other boys couldn't hear us.

"Det var kul att simma nakna med dig," he said quietly in Swedish, with a little smile. I looked at him questioningly, and then Bo laughed and translated.

"He said, it was fun to swim naked with you…" I looked over at Jan, who now seemed a bit embarrassed by what he had said. I smiled at him.

"Ja, det var häftigt… (Yes, it was cool…)" I said, and grinned; finally getting to use one of the phrases I had learned. Jan looked at me, surprised; and then he laughed and slapped me on the shoulder.

The pace quickened just a bit; the boys wanting to get stretched out a little, before they got to practice. Still, we talked, and joked around while we rode. The boys all seemed like good friends, and typical boys. I noticed that with all the riding that we were doing lately, I was starting to really enjoy it again. As we neared town, Bo and I were riding alongside each other, and Jan pulled up to us.

"Hey. I was thinking…" he said, "This afternoon, maybe if you guys want, you can come over for a swim, and a steam…" He looked at Bo and me, with raised eyebrows; hoping it sounded like a good idea. Bo looked at me and grinned.

"He has a pool, and sauna at his house," Bo explained. "It might be good fun, Ja?"

"Ja, stygaa kul… (Yes, naughty fun.)" Jan echoed. I looked at both of them, amused at their little innuendo.

"We'll see," I said noncommittally; but actually, it did sound like it might be fun.

Finally we rode into town, and eventually came to a small bicycle shop there. It was a quaint little bike shop, simply called Örebro Cyklar, and they were the ones who sponsored, and coached the cycling team. There were several people shopping there, and over a dozen other boys, ranging in age from twelve to twenty. All of them were members of the cycling team, and were training for the Criterium Race, which was the following weekend. Behind the shop, there was an open area, and all the boys assembled their with their bikes. Bo introduced me to Greger, who was the owner of the shop, and one of the team coaches. He seemed like a nice guy, in his early thirties. He was happy to have me watch, and told me that Bo was becoming very good cyclist. I stood in the back as Greger began his instructions to the boys. He spoke mostly in Swedish, so it was all 'Greek' to me, or was it just Swedish; I laughed at myself, thinking that was pretty clever.

Apparently Greger laid out the course for the boys, and was going to start them on some conditioning runs. He told me I could come along in the 'team' car, as he followed the boys up into the lower hills. He called out instructions to them from the window, urging them to push themselves. At one point, as the boys were forming a 'pace line' up the gradient, Greger pulled even with Bo, and called out to him. "Come on Bo, show your friend what you've got. Set the pace…" Bo nodded, and stood on his peddles, quickly moving forward to the front of the pack. He settled in up front, and churned out a quick pace for the others to follow. It was clear he was trying to not only impress his coach, but impress me as well. He set a fast tempo, and took an extra long turn at the front. "Ja, bra… Mycket imponerande Bo. Bra gjort, (Yes, good… Very impressive Bo. Well done.)" Greger called out to him, then he smiled at me. "He'll be very good one day…" I watched Bo as he pulled off from his stint at the front, and as he dropped back into the pace line, he glanced at me. I smiled broadly, and gave him a thumbs up. A pleased grin spread his lips, and I felt very happy for him.

After an hour and a half, the ride topped off at elevation, and the boys raced back to the bike shop. Some of the older boys, clapped Bo on the back. Telling him he was very strong on the ride today. He had done more than his share each time he led the pace line, even racing to the front during some of the decent. Bo quietly took the praise, and was even a little embarrassed by it, but he felt good and was happy that I had been there to see it all. Jan came over to compliment him as well. "Good job. You worked hard," he beamed. "You may need a 'special' massage later, to keep things from, 'stiffening up', Ja?!" He smiled, and with no one looking but me, he reached down and 'tweaked' the bulge in Bo's spandex. Bo told me that the boys had another hour of specialized practice, designed specifically for the Criterium race. They rode around the course, while I sat and watched, paying special attention whenever Bo raced by. I began to think about the offer to go to Jan's, for some sauna and pool time. The more I thought about it, the better is sounded. I watched Bo closely, and smiled at how beautiful I thought he was. Ya, some time in the sauna sounded like a real good idea…

Chapter Five
Swimming at Jan's Place

In the last Chapter: The young Swedish boy, Bo, and Erik, the teenager from America finally had an extreme 'encounter' in the shower. Both boys caught up in the more than erotic experience. Later, Erik accompanied Bo, his friend Jan, and several other boys to watch them train with the local cycling team. After the long practice, Jan suggested they go for a swim, and take a steam at his house.

When the training session finally ended, the coach briefed the boys on his expectations for the coming week. They listened patiently, and finally they were dismissed. We gathered out in front of the bike shop, ready to head back towards home As I looked at Bo, and the other boys, they all seemed more than a little spent after the fairly grueling three hour workout; and Jan commented that he was starving, and could sure go for a burger or something. I happened to glance down the street, and I was a little surprised to see a familiar sign there; the golden arches of McDonalds.

"Seriously? They have Mickey D's here in Sweden?" I asked.

"Ya, duh… You didn't know that?" Jan grinned, a bit surprised.

"Nope… So, you guys all hungry?" I asked, looking around at the boys. My question was met with nods from all of them. "Cool. I'll spring for some burgers if you guys want," Another round of nods, and smiles, and the group of us rode down the block to the McDonalds. When everyone had ordered, I paid for our food and we sat outside at a table to chow down. The boys pounded down their food, and talked about practice, and how hard they had pushed today. A few other compliments were thrown at Bo, since he had really given up some extra effort.

Then, with a loud belch from Petter, we finished off our food, and everyone got on their bikes for the ride back. Everybody seemed a bit more content now, with some food in their bellies. We kept a fairly easy pace as we rode the five and a half miles [9 km] back out to where the highway split. Petter and Steffan turned off there, saying their goodbyes, and thanking me again for buying the burgers. Bo, Jan and I rode the other way, till we came to the next turn off, and we all stopped there for a second.

"So…? You guys gonna come over for a swim, and… Stuff," Jan smiled mischievously. Bo looked at me, curiously, and when I nodded, he shot a quick smile over at Jan.

"Ja, we need to go check in at home first. Then we can come over, ok?" Bo suggested.

"Okej, se dig i en halveimme, (Okay, see you in half an hour.)" Jan grinned, and he spun his bike around and peddled down the road toward his house.

Bo and I rode the other way back toward the Hanssons. I glanced at him, and reached over to pat him on the shoulder. He looked over with a curious smile. "You really looked good today at practice," I told him.

"You think so?" he acknowledged with a shy grin.

"Yes I do. I was certainly impressed, and I know your coach was pleased with you."

"Ya?" Bo smiled happily at me. We reached the driveway and turned in. Rolling down to the barn, I opened the door and we pushed the bikes inside; putting them in the bike rack. Bo pulled off his riding helmet and looked at me.

"Thanks for coming with me today Erik," he said, then he up reached and kissed me on the cheek, as he wrapped his arms around my waist in a soft hug. "I'm gonna get changed, and then we can go over to Jan's and mess around."

"Mess around?" I asked, with a questioning smile.

"Ya… You know. Swim…," he grinned, "And stuff." With that Bo turned and headed back toward the house.

I stood and watched after him, this fantastic boy. Again it felt like some slow motion scene from a movie. The gate of his walk, his firm spandex clad rear, and his lean body. To me, he was perfect in every way. He looked back at me and flashed his beautiful dimpled grin as he walked into the house. I closed my eyes for a moment, and could still see his sparkling blue eyes and his long blond hair. Holy Shit… Snapping back into reality, I went into my room and changed my shirt, and then pushed my boner into a more comfortable position in my shorts. I had to laugh at myself; I felt like a pubescent schoolboy in heat…

Several minutes later I walked across to the house to check in with the Hanssons. Anneli offered me a glass of iced tea, and I sat in the kitchen to drink it and wait for Bo.

"So," she said with a smile. "Bo said he had a really good cycling practice today. He was very excited about it."

"Ya. He really trained hard. His coach was very impressed with him," I said.

"Ja, this is good. I think he was trying to impress you as well," she smiled at me, and I blushed just a bit. "Bo is very fond of you Erik, thanks for spending time with him."

"Sure…" I smiled, and I wondered what she might think if she knew just how 'fond' of each other we really were. Bo came walking in from his room then, wearing a white tank top, a small pair of shorts and his flip flops. It made me shiver.

"Mormor, we can go over to Jan's to swim, Ja?" he asked.

"That will be fine dear. In fact…" she smiled, and then looked over at me. "Erik, I want to ask you another favor, if I may."

"Ya, sure, anything… What's up?" I responded.

"Well, Bodil and I are wanting to go visit his sister again. She hasn't been feeling well lately, you know. So we were hoping it would be alright with you, if you wouldn't mind watching Bo again this evening?" I glanced at Bo, then smiled back at Anneli.

"I'm happy to spend time with him Mrs. Hansson," I said honestly.

"That's so kind of you Erik," she patted me on the hand. "I'll have some dinner in the fridge for you guys, that you can heat up," she gave us a few other instructions, thanked me again, and then Bo and I headed out the door to get the bikes from the barn.

"Hey, let me grab a pair of swim shorts; and do we need to take some towels?" I asked Bo.

"We don't need them," Bo grinned, and I should have known he was talking about more than just the towels. In a few moments we were on the bikes, and heading off at a casual pace toward Jan's house.

"You'll like his house," Bo said. "His fader makes really good money, and he designed the house himself. He's like, ah, an architectural engineer or something," We continued to ride along, another mile or so up the road.

"Whoa… Is that it? I asked, as we were approaching a large home atop the hill.

"Ja. Typ av snyggt va! (Yes. Kind of neat huh!)". We rode up onto the curved driveway and leaned our bikes on the fence near the house. Jan had seen us ride up, and he came out to greet us as we headed up the walkway toward the door.

"Hej killar, (Hi guys.)" He grinned. "Come on…" he motioned to us, and we followed him inside.

"Wow… Nice house," I complimented, as we stood in the fairly large entry way, with a small and very unique water feature.

"Tack Erik," he said, as we followed him up stairs. The place was pretty big, and not at all the typical Swedish residence.

"Är dina foräldrar hemma? (Are your parents home?)" Bo asked.

"Nej," Jan turned and smiled broadly at us. "My fader is in Norway on business; and moder and my younger brother are gone till later also," The boys exchanged knowing looks, and Bo smiled slyly at me.

Jan walked me around, showing me the house. It really was a beautiful home, modern, with high ceilings, and a very open feel about it. Bo had been here many times, of course, but it was all new to me. Finally Jan took us upstairs to show me his bedroom. Bo plopped across the large bed, and stretched out while Jan showed me his things. There were soccer and riding posters up all over, just like Bo had. And there was a nice flat screen TV on the wall facing the bed. There was also a small deck, that opened out from his room, and it overlooked the moderate swimming pool in the back yard.

"Wow, nice stuff," I said, with an approving nod.

"Thanks. Come on, lets go down to the pool," Jan said, and then he whispered something to Bo as we walked, which brought a giggle from both boys. I knew they were up to something. We went downstairs, through several other rooms and a hallway out to the back where the pool was.

There was a fairly good sized cedar structure, built on to the back of the house, near the pool, and we headed toward that. The inside was all lined in cedar, and divided into several separate rooms. There was a small shower area, with a bench for changing, and an open cabinet filled with fresh white towels. There was a separate toilet area, and a closed door which led into a nice sized sauna, that could comfortably fit six people. Everything was lined with western red cedar, and had that wonderful, freshly hewn cedar smell to it. Jan turned on the sauna to warm it up, and said we could swim for a while first.

We went back into the changing area, and I saw that Bo had already pulled off his tank top and was just stepping out of his shorts. He smiled at me, and naked, he stepped under one of the two shower heads and began to rinse off. I had just laid my swimsuit down on the bench, and then pulled off my tee shirt, to hang it on one of the hooks; when I looked up, Jan was already out of his clothes, and stepping under the other shower head next to Bo. Both boys looked at me as the rinsed themselves.

"Come on slow poke…" Jan said with a grin. I undid my button, climbed out of my shorts, and looked at the two blond, and naked bronzed boys standing there under the spray.

"Come on then," Bo said. "There's room for three of us in here," I walked over near them, and Bo took me by the arm and pulled me in; I stood between the two boys. Water spray splashed over me, and before I knew it, there were four young hands eagerly helping to rinse me down.

"Feel good?" I asked with a smile, as Jan's hand slid down across my butt cheeks. His smile, and his young four inch [10 cm] semi stiff penis were really all the answer I needed. The boys giggled, and ran out from under the shower heads, out the door toward the pool.

I wondered for a moment about my swimsuit, but, again my question was answered as the two mischievous boys jumped butt naked into the pool. I stepped to the edge, and dove into the crystal clear blue water. In the warm afternoon sun, the cool water was more than refreshing, and as I broke back to the surface, I was quickly descended upon by my two nude companions. They wrapped around me like naked pythons, wanting to play, or play with me; I wasn't sure which, as there seemed to be a awful lot of touching going on. We laughed as we played and wrestled around in the water for the longest time. Bo and Jan climbed all over each other, and me. I'm quite sure we all must have been 'hard' at one point or another; the feel of smooth wet skin on skin, was certainly exciting. After awhile, we crawled out of the pool, to rest in the sun. Jan went into the house to get us some cold drinks, and I lay on one of the lawn chairs. Bo lay down on his stomach on the warm pool deck near me.

I simply couldn't help but stare at this boy, again… The firm musculature of his young, tanned back; the contoured roundness of his white, smooth butt cheeks glistening with water, was sending my mind into a fantasy of desire. Lying there, naked on the chair, I could feel my teenage tool start to stiffen. I didn't even notice that Jan had come back out with our drinks. He sat in the chair next to me, and grinned.

"Du har en stor kuk… (You have a big dick.)" Jan sniggered. Embarrassed, and not knowing what he said, I covered myself with my hands, and Bo quickly raised his head.

"Jan, säg inte att, (Jan, don't say that.)" Bo said, but he laughed in spite of himself when he saw me covering my teenage boyhood. "So, you want to go in the sauna now?" He suggested as he looked hopefully at both of us.

Getting up, I was still trying to hide my partial erection, while we walked back into the little cedar building. We all hopped briefly into the showers to rinse off again, and then grabbing some towels, we went into the sauna. There were several cedar benches built in at different heights, along two of the walls, and with my towel wrapped around me, I climbed up to sit on one of the upper benches. Jan spread his towel out over another bench, and then he lay down on his stomach; and Bo carefully placed his towel down, and sitting on it, he drew his feet up onto the bench and rested his back against the cedar wall planking. I watched the other two boys, and was beginning to enjoy the cleansing heat of the sauna. Pearls of sweat were forming on our young bodies, and I smiled at Bo. Sweat was beginning to roll down from his chest, across his flat stomach. I watched as it dripped onto his flaccid penis, and then slowly trickle down over his smooth testicles; only to disappear between his legs into his hidden crease. Oh, (shudder) what a sight…

"Kan du ge mig en gnugga? (Can you give me a rub?)" I heard Jan ask. But of course I didn't know what he had said. Bo leaned forward then, and sliding off the bench he was on, he sat on the lower bench right next to Jan's hip. He leaned over some, and reaching out his hands he began massaging Jan's back. His palms slid smoothly over the other boy's sweat soaked skin, and I could hear Jan sigh. "Mmmm," he breathed, as Bo's fingers pressed into his soft flesh. I watched, somewhat entranced by the slow gentle motions. Bo's arm and back muscles flexing smoothly as he moved, and Jan's skin melted like soft clay under Bo's warm, manipulating hands. "Mmmm… Mmm," he sighed contentedly. Bo got up on the bench, and straddling Jan's legs, he knelt, and sat his naked butt down across the other boy's bare thighs. He continued rubbing Jan's back, up to his neck and shoulders, and then down again to the top of his wet, fleshy butt cheeks. Oh my god… I wanted to jack off at the sight of it. So erotic, this innocent, boy on boy massage.

Bo continued rubbing, working his way further down. I was surprised when be began kneading the flesh of the other boy's buttocks. He worked the pliant moist skin, and his fingers dipped at times, down into Jan's crease. "Mmmm, mmm…" Jan moaned as Bo's fingers surely must have rubbed across his anus. I began to imagine how wonderful that must feel, and I wondered what else these boys had shared with each other. Bo continued to massage down Jan's legs, as I sat there, boned up under my towel, and watching this unintentionally erotic show.

"Do my front now," Jan breathed, and Bo raised up a bit so that Jan could roll over onto his back. As he did, I saw that Jan's young penis was fully erect. His nearly five inch [12 cm] slender length pressing firmly up onto his pubic mound.

Bo began rubbing his chest. He was very thorough as he massaged gently across Jan's sweat slickened torso, and slowly down over his lean stomach.

"Mmmm…" The now familiar moans drifted from his lips. My eyes widened, as Bo's fingers began to rub across Jan's small patch of pubes; his fingers bumping the other boy's erection as he did. Jan's member twitched slightly, and for me the innocent nature of this massage, suddenly came alive with erotic imagery. Bo's hands slid deliberately across Jan's cock. And though he didn't take hold of it, his rubbing caused Jan's foreskin to peel down somewhat off the tip. I'm amazed I didn't blow my own load right there as I watched… The purple flesh of Jan's glans was exposed for just a moment, before Bo's palm slid it back into place. I closed my eyes and swallowed, wondering just how much more I could take… Bo continued down, rubbing his young friend's upper thighs, and Jan's scrotum slid across the back of his hands with each pass. Finally, Bo worked his way slowly down the other boy's legs, to his feet.

"Oh man… That was so relaxing," Jan sighed contentedly, as he opened his eyes for the first time. "Thanks Bo…" he grinned. And as Bo got up, I noticed that he too, was sporting a full erection. Even though I had seen it before in the shower, I stared at it now, really for the first time. His young, erect tool was just as beautifully perfect as the rest of him. It glistened with sweat in the light of the sauna. The boy had over four and a half inches [11 cm] of sweet meat, and I had to make a conscious effort to slow my breathing, as he excited me so.

"I need a rub also…" Bo pleaded, as he lay down on the bench now. I didn't wait to be asked, and quickly I got down off the upper bench. The towel came off from around my waist, and fell to the floor. Jan smiled as he looked over at me, my cock still fully engorged against me.

"Mycket trevligt… Very nice," he smiled as he looked at me. For a moment I thought I should be embarrassed, but why? I had just spent many minutes staring at their young boners; why should it bother me to show them mine? I smiled back at Jan.

"Ja, yours looked nice too," And we grinned at one another. I moved over and sat on the bench near Bo. With butterflies tingling inside me, and my fingers trembling slightly in anticipation, I reached over to massage his firm, moist back.

Both of us shivered when I touched him. A shiver of pleasure to be sure. I began rubbing his neck and shoulders with firm hands. He turned his head back to look at me, and then with a smile he rested back onto the towel. I worked him lovingly for several long minutes, slowly gaining ground toward his lower regions. At length, my hands played across the gentle curves of his naked butt. Like a blind person, my fingers studied his skin as if it were a mound of smooth, fleshy brail. Bo was making soft sounds of pleasure as I worked over him. And, as he had done with Jan, my fingers slid down into the moist recesses of his crease. Deliberately, slowly, I slid my fingertips across his young anus. I could feel his pucker clench instinctively as I brushed against it. The soft moans told the story of his enjoyment. I rubbed firmly across it now, pressing timidly with my fingers. Bo's hips seemed to raise up against them with each pass. "Ohhhh… Ohh," he sighed, and I could feel my own prick, twitch against my abdomen.

I reluctantly continued down his thighs, rubbing the muscles of his long, slender legs. My fingers molded tenderly around the smooth hairless skin of his calf muscles, and down to those tender, beautiful feet. They were boy feet. Smooth and soft, arousing to the touch. "Ohhh…" he moaned again; or was that me? Finally, Bo rolled over onto his back, and like Jan, his penis was stretched and hard. My hands massaged his neck, and played down over his protruding nipples. He squirmed, and his stomach drew inward tautly; his boy part twitched slightly as I rubbed his belly. "Mmmm… Mmm," His breathing was labored. And then I had reached it. His soft pubic area. I pinched up his small pubes, and rolled them softly, moistly between my fingertips. I watched as his young penis twitched again, and when I looked down at my own boyhood, there was precum leaking heavily from my untouched member. My resistance was gone, and my hand slid over the top of his boy pole.

"Uhhhhh… Uhh," I heard Bo moan loudly, and now it was my own dick that twitched at this overload of stimulation; this was the first time I had actually touched his young tool. An uncontrolled shudder ran through me. The rigid, yet spongy feel of his boner felt so wonderful… So, incredibly arousing. So, perfect.

Had I been able to look up, I would have seen Jan, leaning against the bench above us. He was watching us, and jerking off to the erotic scene playing out in front of him. But I was too involved with my Bo to really notice. My hands slid over Bo's silky boyhood, and I deliberately peeled down the thin sheath of his foreskin. The purple mushroom of his tip glistened wetly with precum, and I was lost… With my palm, I began to stroke him briskly. His moans filled the sauna, and his legs fidgeted beneath me. His beautiful toes curled, uncontrolled. "Uhhhh, mmmm, mmmm…," I saw his stomach draw inward again, and then… "Uhhhhowww… Fu… His boy part swelled, and erupted his molten boy sauce. One, two… Four thin, rapid spurts of sticky boy paste, squirted up to his chin and chest, as he writhed against me. I was still lost in my own ecstasy; and somewhere, there was still moaning… And then I felt hot spatters of viscous goo gush against my back. Jan had jerked himself to a frenzied orgasm, and his warm seed spat out onto me. This was, so… So, incredibly hot. I felt myself twitch, the build up was simply too much. Suddenly, and to my great joy, Bo wrapped his fingers around my length. His touch was all it took, and I felt my tool surge. Intense, multiple contractions that ripped through me like electricity. The first pulse of my hot seed splattered across Bo's cheek near his lips; the rest disappeared into the softly lit room. I was in another place; somewhere… Ecstasy. I was still on me knees, straddling Bo as the last dribbles oozed from my shank; and rolled over Bo's fingers. I felt wobbly, weak, and Bo's hand still clutched my sensitive tool. Finally I lay down (or perhaps collapsed) next to Bo on the bench.

"Jävla häftigt… (Fucking awesome…)" Someone muttered. I don't think it was me.

Jan slid down from the upper bench, and he slipped in next to us, with his naked hip touching Bo's thigh, and his own sticky hand resting on my stomach. We stayed that way for a moment as the three of us rested happily. Our bodies dripped with sweat in the heat of the sauna. Jan stood finally, and grabbed both Bo and I by the wrist, to pull us up. He turned and the three of us hurried outside to plunge into the revitalizing cool water of the pool. The fresh water enveloped us, washing us clean. Bo looked at me and grinned as he tread water next to me. We all swam around for awhile, and eventually we pulled ourselves up and sat side by side on the sun warmed edge of the pool with our lower legs dangling in the water. We exchanged smiles, as we sat quietly. Suddenly, there was a new young voice that broke the silence.

"Åh utmärkt… (Oh excellent…)" said the young voice from behind us. I turned my head quickly to look, and I saw a young boy, about ten years old. He was hopping on one foot, pulling his sandal off. In a flash he peeled off his shirt and shorts, and ran naked to jump into the pool, making a big splash. I looked questioningly at Jan. He shook his head, "It's my annoying little brother," Jan answered. "Mikael, gå in och lämna oss ifred! (Mikael, go inside and leave us alone.)"

"Nej… Jag vill simma med dig, (No… I want to swim with you.)" he whined. Then it hit me; if his little brother was home, then… His mom was as well!

"Oh shit…" I said, as I slid my naked butt off the pool edge and back into the water. Bo and Jan just laughed at me, and continued to sit on the edge.

"It's fine…" Jan said. "We always swim naked."

"Ya? In front of your mom?" I said, doubtfully. The boys chuckled again.

"Ja… I have soccer parties here, and there's a dozen of us. Most of the boys swim naked. A few are shy, but… It's no big deal, really…" Jan said, and just as he did, his mother stepped out of the house.

"Hej älskling. Hej Bo. Åh hej, vem är dett? (Hi honey, hi Bo. Oh hi, who is this?)" his mom said, smiling.

"Mamma, detta är min vän Erik. (Mom, this is my friend Erik.) He doesn't speak Swedish. Erik, that's my mom."

"Uh, hi. Nice to meet you," I said. Surely I must have been red with embarrassment, as I clung naked to the side of the pool. I'm sure she sensed my discomfort.

"Nice to meet you to, Erik. Well, I'll leave you boys alone," she smiled pleasantly, and turned to go inside.

"Mom, take Mikael in with you, so he doesn't bug us," Jan pleaded, as he swung his leg out, splashing water at his little brother.

"Det är inte rättvist, (That's not fair.)" Mikael whined.

"Mikael, you can stay and swim, but leave the boys alone… I mean it," she told the younger boy.

"M~o~m…," Jan pleaded, hoping she would change her mind; but shaking her head, she turned and went back into the house. Jan looked back at his younger brother, and splashed water at him again.

I still clung awkwardly to the side of the pool, but I decided that if everyone else was comfortable being naked in front of his mom, well, what the hell. I pulled myself up, and twisted my body so that I was sitting on the pool edge alongside the others. Bo smiled, at me and patted my thigh.

"See, that's not so bad," he said happily. Mikael was still in the water, and he swam over to the side of the pool; he worked his way along the edge till he was holding on right next to my leg. He looked up at me, apparently checking me out.

"Der kuk ser rolig… (Your cock looks funny…)" Mikael said innocently. I looked at him, then over at the other two, not exactly sure what he had said. Bo and Jan grinned at me.

"He thinks you dick looks funny," Jan explained. "He's never seen someone circumcised before. I looked back at the younger boy and smiled. He had moved nearly in front of me now, and his hand rested on my knee as he looked more closely at my boy part. He was so close to me, that under the water his naked ten year old body brushed up against my leg; his young boy bits touching my foot. He smiled up at me, either unaware, or not caring. I grinned at him, and wiggled my toes playfully against his soft little wiener. Mikael giggled, and then he pushed away from the side of the pool and swam to the middle. He floated for a bit, then did a slow little summersault in the water, and his small naked butt broke the surface; his little ball sac, and his small pink pucker exposed for a moment. Geeze, what a friggen experience this was…

We all swam around for a while, with Mikael playfully clinging to each of us from time to time. Jan's mother came out at one point, with a tray of snacks and fresh drinks for us. She set them on the table, and quietly disappeared back into the house. I guess this was normal fare, so I crawled out of the pool with the other boys, and sat comfortably in one of the chairs as we munched on the meats and cheeses. It felt so wonderfully weird to sit there naked; just relaxing. Even when Jan's mom came back out to see if we needed anything else, it didn't really seem bother me, though I thought I might have noticed her glance at my package. Mikael seemed to have taken a liking to me also, and he as he walked over to grab his drink, he kind of sat on my knee; his warm little bum splayed on my thigh. He munched innocently on the cheese, still gazing down curiously at my cut member.

Finally we walked back into the cedar building, and took turns under the two shower heads as we washed and shampooed our bodies. I was amused when I looked over at young Mikael, his little two inch [5 cm] wiener had boned up as he stood under the shower with Bo. When we had finished, we got dressed again, except for Mikael who walked naked with his towel back into their house. Jan walked with us through the house toward the front door. I thanked his mom, for the hospitality. She smiled graciously, and said I was welcome back any time. Jan walked us out front to our bikes, where we all chatted for a minute. Bo and I finally got onto our bikes to leave; and saying goodbye, Jan gave us each a friendly hug. He whispered something to Bo, and both boys smiled. With that, we headed off, back to the farm. As we pulled in several minutes later, we both noticed that his grandparents car was still gone; and we put the bicycles back into the barn. I went with Bo, into the house. The telephone was ringing, an Bo quickly answered. He talked for a minute, and then handed me the phone.

"It's Mormor. She wants to talk to you," Bo said.

"Hello Mrs. Hansson," I listened a bit. "Oh, I'm sorry… No, please don't worry about a that," I listened to her again. "No, seriously, take whatever time you need. Bo and I are fine, and I'll take care of the farm chores in the morning," I listened again. "Absolutely, I'm more than happy to help. Okay, thanks. Goodbye," I looked over at Bo.

"Well, Bodil's sister is still feeling poorly, and they are wanting to stay the night at her house, to take care of her. So… We have the place to ourselves tonight," I said, and Bo grinned at me.

"Ja? Just the two of us?" Bo said excitedly.

"Yup. Then you get to help me with the chores tomorrow," I told him.

"So cool…" He grinned. I smiled back at him; It felt great that he was this happy to spend time with me. And, without a doubt, I was looking forward to some alone time with this beautiful boy.

We were hungry, so I pulled stuff out of the fridge and made a nice dinner for us. Then, after we ate, Bo served us up more of his grandma's blackberry pie; Mmm, just as good as it was the day before. When we finished, the two of us cleaned everything up, and we went out to the living room to watch some TV.

"I'll be right back," Bo said. And as he walked back to his room, I spread out on the couch to relax, and find a movie for us to watch. Bo came back a moment later; he had gone in to change; and when he came out he was just wearing his large oversized tee shirt, which came down to mid thigh on him. He was bare from that point down. I was lying across the couch, and Bo settled in on the couch in front of me, our bodies nestled comfortably against one another. We watched for a long while, my arm wrapped around him. It felt so nice; Bo's warm body, resting easily against mine, our bare legs and feet overlaying each other.

When the movie ended, Bo said he wanted to watch another one. We just wanted to lie together like this, forever. The next movie started, and with a smile, Bo looked back at me, and asked me to take my shirt off. Thinking nothing of it, I slipped it up over my head, and now, wearing just my shorts, Bo leaned back against me. Ten minutes later, he raised up just a bit, and grabbing his shirt, he pulled it up over his head. My eyes went wide… The only thing Bo had on, was a pair of bright yellow Tanga style bikini briefs. A small pouch of cloth in front, (which he filled nicely) with a thin, one inch band of elastic material wrapping around his lean waist.

Holy shit… He leaned back warmly against me, and nestled his nearly bare ass against my shorts. This had gone from incredibly comfortable, to incredibly sensual in the space of a heartbeat. I rested my arm around his bare torso again, and felt those butterflies in my belly again. The warmth of his back pressing invitingly against my chest… Oh shit… Parts of me were beginning to stir…

Chapter Six
No Funny Stuff?

In the last Chapter: Swedish boys, Bo, and Jan had talked Erik, the teenager from America into coming over to Jan's house after cycling practice, for a swim and some time in Jan's Sauna. The boys had more in mind than an innocent swim: and soon were swimming naked in the pool. They ended up in the sauna, exchanging erotic massages, that eventually led to each boy's sensual orgasm. Afterwards, Bo and Erik returned home, finding themselves, alone…

As we lie there for awhile watching the movie, with my arm casually around him, Bo innocently moved his hand so that it rested on top of mine; his thumb moved gently back and forth, idly stroking the back of my hand. It was a pleasant feeling that seemed to show how comfortable he felt with me. I closed my eyes for a moment, simply to savor the feel of his warm soft skin, pressing gently against mine. I had never intended, nor expected anything like this to have happened during my time here. Yet, here I was resting comfortably, nearly naked on a couch with this beautiful Swedish boy. I thought about things back home. I had a 'part time' girlfriend; nothing serious, just someone who I kind of liked, and messed around with from time to time. I thought about a few of my guy friends, who I had shared some sexual experimenting with; but none of it felt anything like this.

This boy was doing something to me that I couldn't explain. The casual way we lay together, our legs and bare feet laced together in a warm tangle of limbs; it was all so, easy. There was no posturing, no planning… It just felt so relaxing, so right; and there was simply no other place I would rather be. I leaned forward an inch, and smelled Bo's soft, clean hair. His long blond locks were like silk against my cheek, it was fresh, and enticing. I gently kissed his soft hair, and Bo turned his head to glance back at me. His blue eyes seemed to wash over me, and a warm little smile spread his lips. He turned back to watch the movie again, as I drew in a long, slow and contended breath. I had never felt anything like this in my seventeen years.

We watched the movie for about twenty minutes, both of us seeming content in the moment. After a time, Bo shifted his position; and with me still lying on my side, he was on his back but still nestled firmly against me, his attention no longer on the movie. I glanced down to see him looking at me, a warm smile on his young face. He was so cute. His soft features so smooth and incredibly innocent.

"What…?" I asked softly, as his eyes seemed to be studying me. His smile doubled shyly.

"Ingenting… (Nothing…)" He spoke quietly. He lifted his hand off of mine and placed it softly on my bare chest. "I can feel your heartbeat," he said a few moments later.

"Me too," I answered, as my hand still lay warmly across his torso. I couldn't help but to look down his body, to the sexy yellow Tanga briefs he was wearing. The small pouch of material was filled, with his tender boyhood. "Those are pretty, hot…" I said.

"Ja," he replied. "That's why I wore them… For you," he grinned coyly, as I laughed. His young fingers were absently meandering across my chest, as his forefinger inquisitively traced circles around the ring of my nipple. I also noticed the cloth pouch of his briefs becoming a bit fuller.

"Erik…" He spoke timidly. "Have you… Have you ever…" He paused as if unsure.

"Have I ever… What?" I urged him to continue. He glanced at me, and blushed a little, trying to determine if he wanted to continue.

"Har du någonsin… Gjort det med någon?" Bo looked away from my eyes, embarrassed. I smiled quizzically.

"Bo, I don't have a clue what you just asked me. Just say it," I told him. He sighed.

"Erik, have you ever… Done it with someone?" he rushed, blushing even more. I think I must have blushed right along with him.

"I uhh… Well…" I almost wanted to lie to him. At seventeen I was still a virgin. "No. No I haven't," I said a bit sheepishly. Bo looked back into my eyes, and smiled again.

"But you want to, ja?" he asked. Finally I saw the humor in it.

"Well duh…" I grinned at him.

Bo smiled up at me, then he rolled into me a bit, and nestled in tightly against my body. I could feel the stiffness of his boypole as it pressed into me. I wrapped my arm around him again, and we snuggled into each others warmth. My hand softly stroked the supple skin of his back. This tenderness was worth everything at that moment, and I never wanted to leave this couch. I slid my hand gently, up and down his young torso, across the small of his back, and onto the gentle slope of his hips. When my fingers brushed the elastic band of his briefs, I didn't even think twice about slipping beneath it, and my hand slid across the smooth velvety lambskin of his cheek. I cupped my fingers around it, with my fingertips nestled into the warm, moist depths of his young crease. This was nirvana. Like a weird fourth dimension, somewhere between reality and fantasy. I could feel Bo's soft, warm breath against my chest, and we lay this way for many minutes; until Bo's breathing soften, as he drifted away into slumber. A contented smile crossed my face, and in moments I joined him effortlessly in sleep.

I woke up several hours later, the TV still quietly broadcasting in the background. We had shifted around in our sleep, and I was on my back now, with Bo's arm and leg resting comfortably across me. With a long yawn, I raised up a bit to look at this boy, and softly I rubbed his back. I couldn't resist leaning in and kissing him gently on his forehead. Carefully, so as not to disturb him, I rolled slightly and pushed myself up off the couch. Needing to take a pee, I padded quietly into the bathroom and stood sleepily in front of the toilet, with my teenage member in my hand. I stood there awhile, my eyes heavy and almost dozing. I finally squeezed my young length, trying to coax a piss stream, but instead a thick drop of precum surfaced, and dripped away like sticky syrup. Eventually a warm stream of urine flooded up my shaft, and drained loudly into the toilet; leaving my stretched bladder feeling much better.

I walked back into the living room toward the couch, and stood over the nearly naked, curled up figure of the young Swede; smiling at the tenderness of the sight before me. The soft curves of his young, tanned pubescent body; the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he took breath. My eyes wandered over his length; from his blond hair down to his tender toes. My gaze returning to the soft bulge of flesh, barely hidden beneath the thin yellow fabric of his briefs. A shiver of excited pleasure ran through me, and I smiled at him. I grabbed the 'remote', and turning off the TV, I bent over and slid my arms under the boy.

Scootching him gently to the edge, I lifted him off the couch as best I could, to carry him back into his bedroom. Reaching down awkwardly with one hand, I slid the covers down, and then lowered Bo to his soft mattress. I gazed at him in the dim light, and then pulled the bedcovers up around him, and leaned in close to press my lips briefly against his. Turning, I started to walk from his room, until I heard his soft. sleepy voice.

"Erik…" he said quietly.

"Hm?" I turned my head to look back at him.

"Where are you going?" Bo asked softly.

"Going to bed. Goodnight Bo," I smiled, and started out again.

"Erik…" He called out again.

"Yes?" I glanced back at him once more.

"Why don't you just sleep in here, with me?" his voice requested.

"Because," I spoke softly. "I have to get up early to do the farm chores in the morning, and I don't want to wake you," I answered, turning again for the door.

"Erik…" he persisted.

"What…?" I sighed, turning around yet again.

"I love you Erik…" he breathed sleepily, as he faded off.

With a smile, and a warm feeling inside of me, I turned again and went back into the living room. Setting the wake up alarm on my cell phone, and grabbing a comforter from the back of the couch I lay down and settled in.

"I love you too…" I said quietly, to thoughts of him, as I fell asleep.

The cell phone chimes went off at six thirty the next morning, and rubbing my eyes, I grabbed my phone form the end table and shut off the decidedly annoying alarm. I sat up and stretched, then forced myself to get up, and amble into the kitchen I grabbed some juice from the fridge, and some fresh fruit from a bowel on the counter for a quick breakfast for myself. When I'd finished, I set a place at the table for Bo. Getting out several boxes of cereal, a bowl and a glass for him to use when he got up. Then it was out to the barn. I slipped into my work jeans and shirt, brushed my teeth and headed out to the fields to take care of the chores. I ran the irrigation, just as Bodil had showed me; and then worked down the list things that needed to be done.

Some time later, I saw Bo coming across the field by the fence. He grinned and waved at me, as he hurried over to where I was working. "God morgon… (Good morning.)" he beamed cheerfully.

"Morning, sunshine…" I grinned back at him.

"I will help you, Ja?" Bo offered, and he stepped up alongside of me.

"That's cool, thanks," I returned. Together we spent the next hour and a half shifting some farm equipment to the other side of the field. I was impressed with Bo. Many kids his age would have gotten bored quickly, or would want to quit; but he worked hard, with no complaints till we finished. With everything finally done, we took the tools back to the barn; and putting everything away, I suggested that we go inside, and I would make us a proper breakfast. Bo liked the idea, and we headed over to the house.

We set about making breakfast. Some farm fresh eggs, scrambled the way Bo requested, and some Canadian style bacon fried up just right. I even cooked up some hash browns for us. Bo heated up some blueberry muffins, and then we sat down at the kitchen table to stuff our faces.

"Mmm, you did good," Bo said, over a mouthful of food.

"It's just eggs bro. But ya, it is kinda tasty huh…?

"Uh huh… I was really hungry too," he said, dishing more onto his plate. We grubbed it all down, and just as we were finishing, the phone rang, and Bo picked up the call.

"Hej, detta är Bo, (Hello, this is Bo.)" "Åh hej Morfar. (Oh hi Grandpa)". He listened. "Ja, allt är fint, (Everything is fine.)" He smiled at me as they talked a few moments in Swedish, and then Bo handed me the phone.

"Hello Mr. Hansson," I greeted, "How is your sister doing?"

"Oh, she's still under the weather," Bodil reported. "But she will be fine, I think. We will stay for most of the day at least, if this is okay with you."

"Absolutely. We have all the chores done, so there's no worries here sir," I said.

"Ja… Thanks so much Erik. Bo told me you are doing a wonderful job. I sure appreciate your help. Okay, well then… We will call you later this afternoon to let you know what's going on, Ja?"

"Sure, that's cool. Stay as long as you need to; Bo and I have everything under control here," I listened a bit. "Alright, thanks… Talk to you later," And I hung up the phone. "Well, it's just us for awhile," I winked at Bo.

Bo and I put everything away, and cleaned up the kitchen. We looked at each other, still kind of messy from our earlier farm chores. "Vi borda få stadas upp, ja? We should get cleaned up…" Bo said.

"Ya, that's prob'ly a good idea," I replied, looking at myself.

"Go get some fresh clothes, and come back in here," Bo suggested, as he smiled slyly.

"No funny business…" I grinned back, wagging my finger at him.

"Who, me? No… I promise…" He answered. And with another little grin he headed back towards his bedroom. I walked back outside to my room in the barn, where I stripped off my grimy tee shirt. I brushed my teeth, (force of habit) and gathered up some clean clothes to wear. Then I walked back over to the main house. I went inside through the side door, as always, and walked back through the kitchen. I could hear water running somewhere down the hall, so I carried my stuff that way toward the bathroom. When I turned the corner, I had to smile at the sight before me. Bo was sitting in the large oversized bathtub, half filled amidst a small mound of body wash bubbles. His leg was up over the edge of the tub, his small pink toes dripping with suds.

"Well…! Get in here," Bo prompted playfully. I shook my head, smiling, and then unfastened my shorts and pulled them down my legs. I set them on the counter, but then reached into the pocket and pulled my cell phone out.

"Smile…" I said, as I aimed the phone's camera at him. He grinned one of his beautiful grins that left dimples welled up in his cheeks; and I took the picture. I returned the phone back into the pocket of my shorts, and then slid my Calvin Klein's down onto the floor. Bo smiled as I stepped naked into the tub, and sat down facing him in the warm sudsy water. Bo gently splashed some of the bubble ladened water up onto my chest and neck, and he giggled. I scooped a handful of suds, and leaning towards him, I smeared it playfully on his face, leaving him with a dripping beard of bubbles. We laughed happily and then grinned sheepishly at one another. Still facing each other, with our legs stretched out, my legs were bent slightly at the knees, and over the top of his. I put my hands down in the water, and touched his lower legs, tenderly exploring the smooth skin his calves for a moment.

Bo drew his knee up towards his chest, and then with an innocent smile, he let his foot slide along the bottom of the tub toward me. I felt his young toes make contact, as they slipped up under my dangling testicles. He wiggled his young boyish toes, and jiggled my balls underwater like a floatie toy. I ginned at the ticklish sensation. "Naughty, naughty…," I scolded him playfully. With a sly little smile, he slid his foot further beneath me, and raised his submerged toes against my anus, tickling my boy opening. My eyes closed at the soft touch, as a shiver played up my spine.

"I thought we said no funny business…" I scolded, with no conviction.

"Uhh, no… I think 'you' said no funny business," Bo replied, as he raised his toe up to my bung hole again. I reached down with a smile, and took his soft boy foot into my hands. I raised it up out of the water, and began washing it gently as Bo looked on. He seemed to enjoy my gentle touch, and as I washed the soul of his cute, compact foot, Bo emitted some pleasurable little sounds. I massaged slowly, and slid my soapy fingers between and around his boyish toes. "Do my other one please…" Bo requested, as he lay back, and exchanged feet.

As I did his other foot, I was rather surprised at how sensual, and stimulating this little exchange was. I suddenly became aware that my dick was playing, 'up periscope' in the water.

"Hey…" Bo chided as he saw my boner. "I though you said no funny business…" He laughed, and pulling his foot from my hands, he settled it against my turgid shaft, and rubbed briskly on it for a moment.

"Uh hem… My turn…" I responded, and I moved my foot between his thighs. He took my foot into his hands and began to wash it; then he smiled mischievously, and lowered my foot into the water between his legs. He began to rub it up and down against his soft boy parts. I shook my head at his playful antics, and within seconds I felt his young tool start to stiffen.

"Mmmm…" He sighed happily, "Det känns så bra. (It feels so good.)" He continued to rub, until I took over, and started the playful stroke myself. His rigid cock felt so erotic under the soft soul of my foot.

"Man… That feels really good…" I said. Bo laughed at me.

"That's what I just said…" He teased.

With a grin I took my foot away, and taking hold of his ankles, I lifted both his feet and legs out of the water to playfully dunk him backward. He came up grinning, his long blond hair washed back over his head. Too cute… Bo playfully leaned back against the tub, and spreading his legs, he pulled his knees up to his chest. I looked into the water, between the soap suds, and just like the other day in the pool, when Jan's young brother did his little summersault; I could see Bo's young sac, and the pink ring of his puckered boy hole. He wiggled his ass a bit, and then with a little grin, he 'tooted' under water. Little air bubbles rose from his butthole, and popped up at the surface. I broke out laughing so hard that I honestly couldn't breath.

I had to lie back to get air, and I heard Bo giggling joyfully along with me. He had the cutest high pitch giggle. We laughed for a long while after that. Until finally I was able to sit up and look at this cute boy. I reached out, and slid him along the tub, toward me. His legs over mine, and spread outside of my hips; I pulled him in close, almost into my lap, till our boy parts came together under the soapy water. I put my arms around him and pulled him into a long, playful and friendly kiss. We looked at each other, with a certain tenderness, and I kissed him again.

"Hey…" Bo whispered, our lips half an inch apart. "I thought you said no funny stuff…" he smiled.

"I was wrong," I smiled back, and kissed him again. "Besides… There's nothing funny about this… This is just good stuff," I smiled. We kissed and shared excited warm tongues for a long while, till the water started cooling. Boys will be boys, and just to be funny, I managed to 'squeak one out', under water just before we got out. We heard the little rumble against the tub, and as the bubbles rose, our unfettered laughter began renewed.

We got out of the tub, and shared a towel, as we happily wiped each other dry. Bo stood naked then, looking in the mirror while he brushed out his long blond locks. From behind him, I watched his reflection in the mirror. His now flaccid boy sausage bobbing a little with each brush stroke. Unable to resist, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him firmly from behind.

"Huh? He smiled back at my reflection. "What was that for?"

"Just because. You look so… Så bra, (So good.)" Was all I could remember. I wanted him, and with my soft tool pressed into the flesh atop his warm buttocks, I wondered what it would be like, to enter him… At the thought, I suddenly snapped out of my little fantasy. 'Geeze Erik…' I thought to myself. Quit thinking shit like that. It's one thing to kiss, and jerk off with him… But having sex with a boy his age… That was out there. Wasn't it? Well… Wasn't it?

Feeling a bit funny, I quickly got dressed and went out to the living room to sit on the couch. I turned on the TV, tuning it till I found the Tour de France broadcast. In a few minutes Bo came out and sat next to me on the couch.

"What's up? You left kinda fast…" Bo questioned.

"Ah, I just needed to sit down," I answered honestly. But I thought it best not to tell him why. I smiled warmly at him though, and we watched the rest of the ninth stage of the race together. It was fun watching cycling with Bo, he gets so animated near the end of the race. A rider from Team Rabobank of the Netherlands won this stage. Not his favorite team, but that's ok; I loved watching the smile, and excitement on his face. We sat around on the couch with our feet up on the coffee table, just talking about cycling and stuff. Bo was innocently rubbing his bare foot on mine, until we heard a knocking at the side door.

Bo hopped up and walked through the kitchen to answer it, as I trailed slightly behind. He opened the door, to see Jan standing there with a smile, clad again in his spandex riding gear.

"Hey…" Jan grinned. "I'm gonna' go ride. You guys wanna' come?" Bo opened the door wider so that Jan could step inside.

"Hej…" I called out from the kitchen.

"Hej Erik," Jan smiled warmly at me. He looked back at Bo. "Did you watch the Tour today?" he asked.

"Ja… It was ok. But I still want Hushvod, and the Cervelo team to win it."

"We'll see," Jan replied. "So… You guys want to ride, or what?" Bo looked back at me with a hopeful expression. Riding was his passion, and I knew he really wanted to go.

"Sure, let's do it," I answered, a big smile crossed Bo's face.

"Utmärkt… (Excellent)" Bo beamed. "I'll go get changed. Erik, you change too, and maybe get the bikes out, ja?"

"I'll go help with the bikes," Jan said, and he turned and headed back outside. Bo and I traded places in the hallway, him heading to his room, and I was headed outside toward the barn.

Jan and I walked across the driveway to the barn, and swung the door open. We went in and he held each bike for me, while I checked the tire pressure and inflated them properly. Then we rolled them to the door and leaned them up there.

"I better get changed," I remarked, and headed in to my bedroom in the barn.

"I can come with you, ja?" Jan asked, as he followed me inside. He glanced curiously around the room, and then sat on the edge of my bed. He watched me intently as I shed my shirt; his eyes studying my teenage body.

"You're really strong, huh?" he mused.

"Hm? Ehh, I guess…" I answered, a bit flattered I suppose. I fished through the dresser, and pulled out my Under Armour shirt, and the riding shorts that Bo had gotten for me. I gave a quick glance and smile at Jan, and then stripped off my shorts and underwear.

Jan sat up, and happily studied my nakedness, as he discreetly slid his hand over the budding lump in his spandex. "So… Uh… Have you and Bo… You know, done anything yet?" he asked.

"Hm? I'm not sure what you mean?!" I answered with a sly grin, though of course I was pretty sure what he was hinting at. He grinned back at me, and I pulled on my riding shorts.

"We… I mean… He really likes you, ya know," Jan offered, as I glanced at him.

"I know. I really like him too," I said, pulling the compression shirt down over my head. "And… You're not so bad either…" I smiled at him, and Jan blushed a bit.

I slipped on my Nike trainers, and we headed out into the barn, to the bikes. Bo was walking toward us from the house, and he handed full water bottles to each of us.

"So, what have you two been talking about?" Bo asked smiling; and he reached out knowingly and tweaked the fairly prominent bulge in Jan's spandex. Jan grinned sheepishly, and we all had a pretty good laugh at that. Pulling on our helmets, we mounted up and rolled down the driveway onto the main road. It didn't take long before the boys started chatting to each other in Swedish. A slightly bothersome habit, that I was getting used to, and then both of them turned back to look at me with a totally mischievous smile.

I grinned back at them. "I'm learning the language you know. Pretty soon you won't be able to have secrets…" They grinned broadly at me, and we picked up the pace of our ride. We rode at a fast clip; the boy's practicing, and I was more or less just along for the ride. After nearly an hour, I heard my cell phone ringing from where I had stashed it in one of my zippered pockets. I had the guys pull over for a second, so I could answer.

"Hello?" I said. "Oh, hey Mr. Hansson. What's up?" I listened for a time. "Oh sure, that's not a problem sir," Listening again. "Please sir, don't give it a thought. Seriously I am happy to take care of it," I listened again. "Ok… Ya we'll see you tomorrow then," Bo had been listening, and got the gist of the conversation. he said something to Jan, and then got my attention. "Ask if Jan can spend the night!" he requested urgently. I nodded at him.

"Oh, uh, Mr. Hansson, Bo want's to know if Jan could spend the night," I asked, then listened again. "Oh, sure it's fine with me… (listening) Ok, well then take care, see you tomorrow. Thanks," I hung up the cell, and looked over at the boys.

"Well, can he stay over?" Bo asked. I smiled and gave them a thumbs up.

"Cool…" And the boys high fived each other. "Thanks Erik… This is gonna' be a fun sleepover," They grinned at each other, and we set out again for a bit more riding. Hmm, I thought to myself… Ya, no way they're up to anything…

Chapter Seven
'Just Like Scott'

In the last Chapter: Erik and Bo spent the day alone, as Bo's Grandparents are still away visiting a sick relative. They worked the farm chores together, then got cleaned up and 'played' a bit in the tub. Later, the boys went out bicycling with Jan, only to find out, Bo's grandparents will be gone another night. A sleepover was arranged.

We rode vigorously through the Swedish countryside for another hour. The boys alternating between high speed sprints and a more casual, yet still aggressive pace. A training exercise that their cycling coach had wanted them to do. Even though I was older and certainly stronger, I strained to keep with them. Their constant riding clearly had them toned up and fit for this. Still, with each ride I went on, I could feel myself getting stronger on the bike. Never the less, I really didn't mind riding behind the two spandex clad youngsters. The thin, tight material provided an imaginative view of their dimpled butt cheeks, flexing from side to side as they peddled. The indent of their tight butt cracks wiggled accordingly, and I found myself 'hard' on more than one occasion as we rode. As the boys concentrated on their technique, I was free to fantasize and concentrate on the exquisite bodies of the two Swedish boys.

Finally, we turned and headed back for home. Much of the ride was either downhill, or on the flat, and the pace of the ride was far more casual. After a time, we reached the cutoff road for Jan's house, and stopped for a moment.

"So, you want to go home and grab your stuff for the sleepover?" Bo asked.

"Ja," Jan smiled. "I need to get the… Some uh, clothes and stuff." The boys exchanged humorous looks.

"Listen, why don't both of you go to Jan's," I suggested. "I'll go back home and take care of the evening farm chores. Then when you get back we can hang around, or whatever."

"Ja, I like the 'whatever' part…" Jan grinned slyly. The boys agreed, and Bo rode off with his friend towards his house. I had to wonder what plans they were cooking up, but I knew it likely didn't involve getting clothes…

I rode back to the farm, and put the bike in the barn, then went in to change into my work clothes before heading out to tend the chores. Like I said before, the farm really wasn't all that big, and all of the real work had been done earlier that morning. I worked an hour or so, and as I finished I noticed Bo and Jan riding back up the driveway.

"Hej Erik," they both greeted as they rode up smiling.

"Hey guys," I replied, as the boys brought their bikes into the barn.

"Well, I need to grab a shower first. Then maybe we can figure out something for dinner; you guys are hungry right?" They both nodded in agreement.

"We have to get cleaned up too," Bo said, glancing slyly over at Jan.

"Why don't you come in, and, you know… We could all get cleaned up in there."

"Really…" I said with a smirk. "We could all just, get cleaned up? Like… The three of us?" I laughed, looking at both of them.

"Ja, han vill göra det, (Yes, he wants to do it.)" Jan grinned at my feigned sarcasm.

"Come on then…" Bo chided. And as I gathered up some clothes, the boys turned and headed off toward the house.

When I got inside, the boys had pulled off their shoes and socks, but were both still wearing their Lycra riding gear. Bo was starting to take his jersey off, and as he pulled it up over his head, Jan playfully goosed him.

"Hey… Du kukhuvud, (You dickhead.)" Bo laughed, and tossing his jersey on the floor he playfully lunged at Jan, and the two boys began to wrestle, and roll around on the carpet. I stood and watched. Wearing their spandex, they might as well have been naked; the tight Lycra conformed to their bodies like paint, making their little wrestling match very enjoyable to watch.

Bo wrapped his arms around Jan's waist and hooked one barefoot between his legs. The boys strained and twisted against each other, laughing all the while. Finally Bo moved one arm around, and with his fingers, he jammed Jan's Lycra riding shorts deep into his butt crack, teasingly wiggling his fingers. Jan squealed with mock indignation. They squirmed around, entangling, and twisting each other into various shapes; all of which were exciting for me to watch, as round butt cheeks and supple bulges jutted out in every direction. Jan squirmed, and spun around to wrap himself tightly around Bo, his face near the other boy's mid section. With a grin up at me, he lowered his face into Bo's crotch, taking the soft, fabric covered bulge into his mouth. He wiggled his face around as he pretended to nibble on Bo's groin. Bo screeched wildly, (yet pleasurably) as his friend nuzzled wetly on his package. When he finally pulled away, a large wet spot saturated the thin material, and Bo was giggling joyfully.

"Åh, kommer du att betala för det, (Oh, you will pay for that.)" Bo laughed, and freeing his arm, he moved his hand down Jan's waist. He searched around, and then slid his fingers under the waistband of his friend's riding shorts, and he playfully squeezed, then lingered there on the other boy's flaccid member.

I watched as the boys continued to strain against each other, and tangle together into a compact ball of limbs and sweaty torsos. Locked up, they both looked up at me. "Come on, join in," Bo demanded breathlessly.

"No… You two are doing just fine," I smiled. The boys looked at each other, and with unspoken word, they let go and both scrambled up to lunge at me. We stumbled backwards onto the couch as I became entangled in warm boy limbs. I protested, to no avail as we rolled off onto the floor, the limber youngsters twisting around me like sweaty pythons. The boys giggled and grunted as we wrestled around, trying gain control over me. Bo's sweaty chest slid across my face as he tried to wrap his arm around my head; his bare torso and armpit pressed into me. I could smell his sweet musky boy scent, and found it to be more than a little arousing. Jan, meanwhile, had wrapped his legs around me, and it didn't surprise me when he groped my boy tool through my shorts. Fondle is perhaps a more apt description. Couched in an innocent wrestling 'move', he was free to explore without embarrassment.

In all truth, I could have twisted away from him, but I was kind of getting off on his gentle probing. We all continued to writhe around, each of us under the guise of wrestling; sneaking gropes and grabs, fondles and squeezes, wherever, and whenever we could get away with it.

I stuck my tongue out, and playfully licked into Bo's belly button. He laughed, and slid upward on me then, until his spandex sheathed hips were even with my head; he began to not so innocently hump at my face with a playful and exaggerated moan. It felt as though I was being accosted by a wild pack of horny chimps; and I rather liked it.

"Erik har en styv kuk… (Erik has a stiff cock…)" Jan called out, laughing.

"Ya, and what do you call this?" I said, as I grabbed his young erection. It was pressed solidly against his riding shorts. We all started laughing, and exhausted, we finally rolled apart and lay on our backs, sweaty and breathing hard. I glanced down at myself, and then over at the other two prone figures lying next to me, and I started to chuckle. We looked like a gathering of boy scouts at summer camp; there were 'tent poles' sticking up everywhere…

We rested there for several minutes, until we heard a very distinctive gurgling sound. "Man, I'm starving…" Jan said, as it had been his stomach that was growling at us.

"Let's get cleaned up," Bo said, and then seeing our doubtful looks he added; "No, I mean for real. Let's clean up and eat before we do anything else." It was agreed, and picking ourselves up, we walked back into the bathroom. In addition to the large tub, there was a modern shower enclosure, with dual shower heads on opposite sides. Without any reservation, we all stripped out of our gear. And as Bo reached in to turn the water on, Jan and I glanced at each others mostly flaccid boy parts.

"Vad är detta? (What is this?)" Jan grinned, as he pointed to the pearlescent drop of fluid, clinging to the head of my dick. Without a thought, he reached over and touched it; then squeezed my soft shaft, milking another sticky drop to the surface. He smiled as it dripped onto his forefinger. With a sly grin, he rubbed it gently between that finger and his thumb. I couldn't help but notice the soft twitch of his young dick, as he did so. With a grin, the three of us stepped into the shower; and though I couldn't say for sure, I thought Jan might have licked his fingertips as we got in.

It took a lot of restraint, and genuine hunger for the shower not to turn into an extended play session. We bathed, mostly ourselves; but upon request, generous help was given to each others backsides. And though Jan didn't turn around so I could see it, I know that when Bo helped him wash, and ran his soapy fingers deep into his crease; Jan had surely boned up. A long shower was something that we would explore later, as it turned out. But for now, we finished rather quickly and got out to towel off. When we had dried, the boys went off to Bo's bedroom to dress. I had my stuff right there, so I pulled on a red tank top, some lo rise briefs and a pair of shorts.

I went off to the kitchen and rummaged in the fridge for dinner. There were several pounds of ground beef in there, and I hauled that out with a bunch of other things. I turned to look, as Bo and Jan sauntered into the kitchen. Neither of them wearing a shirt; both clad only in a pair of sports shorts.

I looked them up and down, these two tanned Swedes, and wondered what might be in store for the evening ahead. It seemed like whatever will power I might have had with these boys, had packed up and headed for parts unknown. Shit, Bo looked so friggin amazing… His long blond hair framing his beautiful boyish face; I shivered again, in spite of myself, then shook my head to snap out of it, and likely prevent myself from boning up.

"Uhh, hey… Your grandparents have a barbeque grill, right?" I asked.

"Ja… Just outside by the table," Bo answered.

"Great… Boys, we're gonna grill up some burgers," I grinned.

The boys helped me get things ready and then they fired up the grill outside. I cut up some potatoes, and started them cooking, while Bo and Jan rolled up three ears of corn in some butter and foil, and tossed them on the grill.

"Mmm, det luktar så gott… (Mmm, that smells so good.)" Jan sighed, as the huge burgers began to grill up. I tossed on some slices of the bacon, and some cheese on each burger; and when the cheese melted, we finally pulled everything off the grill.

"Ok guys, put whatever extras you want on your burgers, and let's eat these things," I said. Then began to pile some cut up red onion on mine.

"Eww…" Jan said. "With all that onion, who's gonna' want to kiss you?" he joked.

"I do…" Bo laughed. And with plate in hand, he leaned toward me and abruptly planted a long wet kiss on my lips. Jan raised his eyebrows; surprised, and giggled.

"Then, I do too…" he said timidly; hopefully. I smiled, and leaning into him, I slid my arm around his waist with my hand resting on his warm, bare back. Curiously I pressed my moist lips to his. He parted his lips slightly and eagerly returned the wet smooch. This was different than kissing Bo. With Jan, it was fun, and felt good, but… I mean, messing around sexually is just fun; like with my guy friends back home. But with Bo… Well, it was different. I felt something special; it meant something.

As we pulled apart, I realized that was the first time he and I had done that. Jan blushed and looked away. He had been way too eager for that exchange, and it seemed to embarrass him now. I rubbed my hand reassuringly on his back. "Mm, nice one…" I said. Jan looked back up at me sheepishly, and smiled. "Come on, let's eat guys," I said. We grabbed up the corn and potatoes, and sitting outside at the picnic table we dove into the food like the hungry boys we were.

"Mmm, this is so good…" Bo beamed, as he took another juicy bite of his burger.

"Ja, thanks Erik. " Jan added. The three of us joked, and talked easily between ourselves while we ate and enjoyed our meal. Finally, a series of boylike belches signified that dinner was done…

The boys helped put things away, then wandered off into the living room while I finished cleaning up in the kitchen. When I finished, I made my way in to join them. The boys were watching TV, casually sprawled across the couch; with Bo's right leg draped over Jan's, softly rubbing their toes against one another.

Wearing nothing but their shorts, there was a lot of exposed bronze skin; and in truth, it excited me just to stand and look at them. They looked so comfortable together. It made me wonder what 'special' things these two had already shared with each other. Jan's hand was resting innocently on Bo's bare thigh, and I thought how wonderful it was, that two boys could be so relaxed with each other; not caring, or concerned about the other's touch. I looked from one to the other, and smiled as I unintentionally compared them. Both boys were cute. Small little noses, with soft very boyish features. I gazed at their trim, lean physiques; equally flat bellies, and though Jan was a year older, Bo actually had a little more muscular definition. Jan was further along into puberty, and his young nipples protruded a bit; a standard occurrence, that I remembered when I was thirteen. His other arm was up, and resting behind his head; his smooth little armpit completely devoid of hair. I glanced at Jan's short blond hair, disheveled yet organized all at the same time; then at Bo, with his long, nearly shoulder length blond strands hanging in that same disheveled, yet natural look. He belonged on any sun drenched, sandy beach in the world. I shuddered at how sweet he looked to me.

"Well… You going to stand there, or join us?" Bo asked when he noticed me standing there watching them. I grinned softly and walked over to join them. "Here, sit between us," Bo offered, as the boys pulled apart slightly. I dropped onto the couch between them, stretching my legs out, and putting my bare feet up on the coffee table. Bo's warm, bare leg immediately rested across mine, as he had done with Jan. We sat for an hour or so, watching some lame Jack Black comedy movie on TV; and the boys would glance at each other once in a while, as if waiting for the right moment. They had leaned in, and were lounging comfortably against me, while we watched the show. At one point, during one of the commercials the boys glanced at each other, and then Bo muted the sound on the TV.

"So… Can we just, like, talk about stuff for awhile?" Bo asked timidly.

"Stuff? Like what kind of stuff?" I queried.

"You know…" Jan chimed in quietly. "Like… You know, like sex stuff…" And the boys exchanged a brief, nervous look at each other. The forbidden subject had finally been broached. I looked at each of them, and laughed at the curious and hopeful expressions on their faces.

"How can I say no to that…" I grinned, as both boys smiled delightedly. "So… Whatcha' wanna' know?" I asked.

"Everything…" Jan whispered humorously.

"Ok… So lets be totally open about this, alright," I started. "Let me ask you guys something. I could tell from the sauna at Jan's house, that you guys have, well, jacked off together, right?" The boys looked at each other, then nodded.

"And, based on the body massages we did in the sauna, I'm guessing you two have also jerked each other off… Yes?" Both boys turned a shade of red, and nodded yes. Then I noticed Jan reach down and put his hand in his lap, pressing downward slightly.

"So… Come on, what else have you done together?" I persisted.

"Nothin…" Bo said. "I mean, well we've like, kissed and stuff," he smiled sheepishly as he glanced at Jan.

"Tongues?" I asked. Both boys turned red at the question. So I supposed the answer was yes. "That's cool. So, did you like it?"

"Det var så häftigt, (It was so cool.)" — "Det var jävla lysande! (It was fucking brilliant!)" Both boys spoke at the same time; and I laughed.

"Anything else…" I wondered. The boys shook their heads no. Then Jan perked up.

"Well… We kinda humped our bumps together," he said.

"What?" I laughed, "Humped your bumps…?"

"Ja, you know, like… Ground our hips together," Bo explained. "But we were wearing underwear," he added.

"So… What kinda' stuff have you done?" Jan asked, genuinely curious.

"I know you and Bo kinda messed around a little, cause he told me… (Bo turned red now.) But what else?" I looked at both boys, each of them pitching a tent now. Well to be honest, all three of us were, actually.

"Well, when I was eleven I used to jack off with my friends. Then we kinda started jerking each other off and stuff. When I was your age…" I paused for some reason, but then decided, this was honesty hour after all… "When I was your age we started sticking fingers up our bums, and giving each other head and stuff."

"What?" the boys looked at each other. "You mean, like… Like blow jobs," Jan asked, now seriously excited. I nodded, and the boys grinned a bit sheepishly as each other. "Whoa… We kinda wanted to try that. But…" I looked at Jan, waiting to hear more, but he seemed embarrassed.

"So what made you want to try a blow job?" I asked curiously.

"Uh… Well… It was a story we read on Nifty," Bo answered.

"Nifty? What's that?" I asked.

"It's a web site we found online. They have all kinds of stories about, you know, like boys doing sex and stuff," Bo said. "Show him Jan," Jan got up and ran back to Bo's room, and fishing in his backpack, he brought out his iPad. He hurried with that, and his obvious erection, back to the couch. He hopped up, tucking his bare legs under himself, and leaned in against me again. We waited a second for his iPad to come on, and then connect to a WiFi signal. Finally he searched for the site, and brought it up. He went directly to the story the boys had been reading.

"It's called Just Like Scott, and it's really cool," Jan breathed excitedly.

"Let me take a look," I asked, and Jan handed me the tablet. "Hmm… Just Like Scott, Written by Hans Schreiber. Who's he?" I asked.

"We don't know… He's the guy who wrote the story, duh…" Jan grinned as he smacked his palm against his forehead. I reached down and playfully tweaked the bulge in his shorts to retaliate, and he giggled lightly.

"See, in the story, Sammy is this kid, he's like eleven. And Mike is older, he's fifteen, and he's friends with Sammy's older brother. He's like, taking care of Sammy, and they start talkin' about sex and stuff…" Bo explained quickly.

We read the story for several minutes, Bo and Jan looking on, and reading with me. It was an interesting and clever story. "Oh, here's a really good part…" Bo said, pointing to the screen. "This is where Mike shows him about blow jobs…" And we read:

(Mike) "Just lay there and let me do all the work. Just relax and enjoy the feelings you get from it and don't try to stop me until it's all over. I'll know when to stop," he explained.

(Sammy) I pulled a pillow under my head so I could watch. He reached up and pulled my boner off my tummy and licked the underside of it nice and slow. I gasped. He smiled and winked and did it again. The feeling was indescribable. I twitched each time he did it. The soft warm tongue sent tingles into my throbbing wiener. Then, he sucked my balls into his mouth and started to swirl them with his tongue, and while he did that he began pulling the loose skin on my wiener up and down. I was breathing in short gasps. I felt a little dizzy…

We continued to read until little Sammy had his amazing little orgasm. The story was pretty erotic, and it left all three of us squeezing our own boners with our fingers.

"Wow…" I said. "That was pretty cool. No wonder you guys thought about blow jobs after reading that."

"I know, right?" Jan said, with a gleam in his eyes.

"Ya, and the boys in that story, well, that's the same age difference between them, as it is between us… So, it's cool right?" Bo nodded approvingly.

"Ohh… So I see where this is all going," I grinned as Bo and Jan looked at each other slyly.

"Come on, pleaaase… Show us some stuff, ok?" Bo pleaded, as he rolled toward me, pushing his stiffness into my hip. Jan did the same on the other side of me, and soon both of them had placed a hand on my junk, squeezing my hard on through my shorts. My eyes squeezed shut as my dick twitched in their fingers.

"Okay, ok…," I said, stopping the boys. "Look, if we're gonna do this, then lets get comfortable ok. Where are we sleeping tonight?" I asked.

"Right here," Bo said, "Come on…" He and Jan hopped up and moved the coffee table out of the way, and Bo grabbed several thick comforters and lay them on the floor. Jan had gone back to Bo's bedroom, and came back with several 'double wide' sleeping bags and pillows, and he lay those out on top. The boys were excited as they got everything ready, and I just shook my head; almost in disbelief, yet longing for what we were about to do. I figured we could talk about stuff and then, well, things might just get interesting… I got up and walked into the bathroom to take a quick piss; but struggled with it a bit, till I lost some of my hardness. When I finished, I glanced in the mirror at myself. "Geeze Erik, what the fuck…" I walked back into the living room; and what I saw caused me to pause in my tracks.

Bo and Jan had stripped off their shorts, and they stood there now wearing only the skimpiest of underwear. Jan had on a pair of blue bikini briefs, the tanga style, similar to what Bo had worn the other day. And Bo… Well (Shudder), he was wearing what I can only describe as a thong. A small triangle of soft blue cloth in front, that could barely conceal him; and a thin elastic strap around his waist. But the most sensuous part was the thin strap that disappeared deep into Bo's butt crack, leaving his round globes fully exposed. He stood there, almost shyly; and as I looked at him, I could feel my heart pound in my chest, and my boy tool swell again in my shorts. "I ahh… I… Holy shit…" I breathed to myself. The beautiful curve of his ass, blending into the arched small of his back… I swallowed with difficulty as I walked the rest of the way into the room, not taking my eyes off this sensual display of skin.

The boys glanced at each other, and smiled sheepishly when they looked back over at me. "Vad gör vi? (What do we do?)" Bo asked. A discernable hint of nervousness in his voice. I pulled off my tank top, and boldly pushed my shorts down, letting them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them, I decided to slide my lo rise briefs down my legs; freeing my teenage boy parts. I sensed the boy's excitement.

"First, you relax," I smiled, as I settled myself down onto the quilts and sleeping bags. Bo sat cross legged in front of me, and Jan knelt down next to him. I reached out and helped Bo lie back on the quilt. He was so flipping beautiful, I just wanted to make love to him right there… I moved myself in close, and spreading Bo's long legs apart, I knelt between them. I could feel him shiver excitedly, as he stared into my eyes.

"Blow job, huh?" I asked.

Bo nodded, nervously. It had to be right. I lay my naked body down on top of him; his smooth warm skin felt so incredible beneath me. We were face to face, and I smiled warmly at him, as his eyes betrayed his raw excitement. Cocking my head to the side, I lowered my lips to meet his. I enveloped him. My wet warm lips, sliding over his. My tongue pressed forward and slipped into his accepting mouth. "Mmm…" he breathed. Somewhere in the background, Jan drew in an excited gasp; but I barely heard it.

Bo's tongue fought back, exploring with innocent, yet equal passion. I could feel him. His energy flowed into, and through me. His more than rigid member pressed into my abdomen. I drew my head back; a thin strand of saliva connecting us briefly. I kissed his neck, and slowly trailed my tongue down to his chest. His nipples were hard little pebbles, and I suckled at them. My warm breath played against his bare skin, causing him to shiver with anticipation. Down, I kissed. His young flat belly was firm against the pressure of my lips; and I wetly tongued the indent of his navel. I glanced up at him as he stared, wide eyed at the progression of events. Lower; I began to nuzzle in the crisp 'v' that formed his pubic mound. With gentle fingers I hooked the thin waistband of his thong and slipped it downward. The boy's meager offering of fine silky pubes were exposed before me. I breathed them in, licked them, swizzled my tongue through them; wetting them with my saliva. Bo squirmed invitingly under my touch. With purpose, I pulled his briefs down below his knees and over his feet; his throbbing boy extension slapped taut against his pubic mound. Gently, ever so gently I brushed my lips and nose across its length. Teasing him with the warm exhale of my breath. Bo sighed deeply, and his breath caught as his young tool twitched spasmodically. An almost clear bead of fluid formed at his cap. With gentle fingers, I peeled his foreskin away, exposing the shiny plump cherry of his glans. "Uhhhh…" he sighed.

I'm the one who shivered this time. A splendid shiver of delight, at this moist ruby I had uncovered. I reached out my tongue to wipe away the boy syrup leaking from his slit. Bo's body arched at the contact, and a ghostly moan escaped him. His excitement fueled me, and I licked the underside of his cock, just below the head. He squirmed again in raw unadulterated pleasure. Slipping my lips over his glans, I swirled my tongue around it. Lapping at his slit, as if trying to gain entry. Bo's fingers clamped tightly into the quilt below him. "Knulla… Åh knulla… (Fuck… Oh fuck…)" Bo breathed… Deliberately, slowly, I slid wet, tight lips down his shaft till my nose brushed his still wet pubes. Then I slid back up his length, sucking as I did so. Bo jerked, almost violently, and moaned again. I caught a glimpse of Jan; I had forgotten he was even there. He had removed his briefs, and sitting close, he was squeezing his prick in his fingers; his eyes intently glazed on us. "Mmmm…" one or both of them moaned.

I bobbed up and down, my mouth making love to Bo's young tumescent tool as he squeaked with pubescent, boylike pleasure. Slowly I slipped it out, sucking on the end of it. And then I began kissing, and licking his shaft. Down to his smooth scrotum, where I suckled his nuts into my mouth. I could smell his sweaty boy aroma, and it was a delight to me… As I nuzzled his balls, I began to jerk his tool with my fingers. Slipping his foreskin up and down rapidly over his glans; my thumb and forefinger tight on his cap. It was self lubing now, as more and more of his juicy sweet boy honey drooled out of the tip.

"Ohhhh… Ohh, uhhhhhh…" Bo moaned as his hips writhed about. I took him in my mouth again; heat radiated from his rod. Ever so lightly, teasingly I scraped my teeth over his glans; nibbling on this most tasty of treats. "Uhhhhhh… Uhh…" He moaned with delight. I glanced up again to see the pure look of ecstasy etched in Bo's beautiful features. Jan had slid in closer, one hand squeezing his own throbbing shaft; the other rubbing over Bo's heaving breast. I reached out with my right hand to include him; taking his young balls into my fingers. I squeezed them lightly, and rubbed him while I continued to suck; bobbing up and down on Bo's fine boy post. I could hear Jan sigh and gasp as I fondled him. With my palm still cupping and rubbing against his testicles, I slid my fingers to the soft spot behind his scrotum, and rubbed… He sighed again as I slid my middle finger to his young bung hole and toyed with his moist opening.

It was an erotic orgy of events, and my own teenage prick was leaking precum onto the quilt, and the warm skin of Bo's calf, which had wormed in beneath me. "Uhhhhh, fuuuu…," Bo moaned loudly as his legs and feet twitched. His toes spread, and clenched as feelings began to swirl and ignite deep within him. With my other hand, I wiped precum from my own dripping boy sausage; onto my fingers, and then slipped them between Bo's thighs. I rubbed my fingers into his wet crack. I found his pink rosebud, and lubed it with my precum; then slid my finger gently around, and up into his anus.

"UHH, Uhhh, Uhhhh…," Bo moaned wildly, his stomach writhing. I pulled my hand back from Jan and began rubbing Bo's thigh and hip. He was building… Building toward his orgasmic release… "Uhhhhhhhhhh, Uhhhh…" Bo's fingers clenched tightly into the quilt.

I could feel his young body tense beneath me; his thighs tight as steel as the rush of endorphins filled his every fiber… "Shh, shhhh, UHHHHHH…" He lost himself. His young sac drew up tight, and the ring of his anus clamped down on my finger; locking it tightly within his hot hole. His hips raised, and bucked against me as his cock swelled and pulsed… Splashhhh… A hot jet of thick sticky boy seed erupted into my mouth, and another… There was moaning, his limbs seized in orgasm. Another pulse of molten boy goo spurted onto my tongue… I had to see it… I had to… I slipped him from my mouth, and grabbing his throbbing tool I stroked him vigorously. Three more creamy shots ejaculated from his glistening boy meat, splattering his chest and belly… Bo's entire body shuddered with euphoric relief, as moans of pleasure escaped him… And slowly… Slowly he went limp.

I looked up at him, and was elated to see the look on his face. But I could still hear urgent moaning… What the…? I turned my head to see Jan, pressed in tightly against us, and he was jerking off; his face twisted in a grimace… I reached out and cupped my hand around his butt cheek, pulling him in tight, and burying my fingers deep into his moist crack, my finger piercing is wrinkled ring. He pushed his hips into us, and moaned…… Hot blasts of ejaculate spurted from him; some of it catching me in the face, but most of it coating Bo's boy parts with a plentiful, sticky layer of sauce… He trembled, and collapsed, his head resting on Bo's shoulder. This was too much… I had never been so… So ultimately turned on. I turned to look at Bo's genitals, dripping with the other boy's sperm; and with an unexplained, yet urgent need, I licked his tender balls and shaft. I moved up over Bo's torso, still splattered with his own wet offerings, and I licked that as well. I lay my sweaty nakedness down on top of him, and as our eyes met, I lowered my lips to his and shared the seed of both boys with him. Jan scooted up closely to us, and the three of us exchanged warm, wet kisses. Our bodies all touching one another, sealed together with sweat and other bodily fluids.

It occurred to me that I hadn't gotten off yet, and in truth I was more than a little surprised that I hadn't already lost it during this erotic event. But, in that moment, as much as I needed it; all I could think about was the pleasure I had just given Bo. I could tell from the tenderness of his kisses, and the way he looked into me, that this had been very special to him. The night was still young. Boys recover very quickly, and I knew it wouldn't be long before they were ready to go again. This was Bo's moment, and I loved him. I wanted him to have it. I lay on my back between Bo and Jan, my arms around them both, idly rubbing the soft skin of their backs. The boys were lying on their sides, on either side of me, with their top legs resting comfortably over mine. We all rested there for awhile, sharing and enjoying the warmth of each other's naked bodies…

* Special thanks to Hans Schreiber, author of 'Just Like Scott', for allowing me to reference his story. You will find it on Nifty in the Prolific Authors section.

Chapter Eight
Some of the finer points of sex

In the last Chapter: Bo and Jan had arranged a sleepover, and were just getting things underway. The two young Swedes had conspired, to talk Erik, their older American friend, into teaching them some sexual things. Erik relented, without much resistance; and the two boys first encounter with a blowjob, was met with great excitement.

Eventually, the long day, and the excitement of our near 'orgylike' encounter, took its toll on the two boys; and after several minutes of laying comfortably together, both boys drifted off for a short nap. There was certainly more to come this evening, but a short rest seemed to be in order at the moment. As I had yet to 'get off', I wasn't nearly as drained, and I lay there a while longer, listening to the soft breathing of the two boys. It was peaceful, relaxing, and the feel of their soft warm skin on either side of me was more than pleasurable. My throat was feeling a bit dry however, so after several minutes I gently extricated myself from the boys, trying not to wake them. Finding my shorts, I slipped them on and made my way into the kitchen, where I popped open the fridge and grabbed a can of soda. I went outside into the warm evening air to sit on the picnic table and relax.

The night air felt nice against my skin, as I sat thinking back to the sexual encounter I'd just had with Bo. My gosh, I had sucked him off; this beautiful Swedish boy… I shivered with delight as I though about his excitement, and his young tool pulsing in my mouth; warmly spilling his seed, his very essence down my throat. Here I was, half a world away from my friends and family back home in Oregon; and at that moment I didn't care if I ever went back. Never in a million years had I expected, or even thought something like this would happen.

There was the slight sound of the screen door behind me, and I glanced back, happy to see Bo slowly pushing it open. He grinned quizzically at me as he walked outside, still totally naked, and unconcerned about it. It was only just beginning to get dark, and since the Hansson's farm sat rather isolated out here, there was really no reason to worry about anyone spotting you running around without any clothes. So cool, I thought. Bo walked over to the picnic table and stood there looking at me, a bemused smile on his lips. "What's up?" he asked.

"Nuthin…" I smiled. "Just got something to drink, and came out to sit for awhile," I looked up and down at Bo's soft naked body. I was sitting up on the picnic table, with my feet down on the bench, and Bo walked up and stood in front of me, putting his hands on my knees.

"Want some company?" he asked quietly.

"Sure bro," I responded, and Bo stepped up onto the bench, between my knees. His young soft tool only inches from my face. It was beautiful, and delightfully tempting, I must say. He stood there for a moment, as if waiting to see what would happen.

On a whim, I leaned forward and gently kissed his limp member. I heard a soft gasp escape his lips, which served to make me smile, and offer him more. Putting my hands on his firm butt cheeks, I used my tongue to lift his flaccid length, and sucked it gently into my mouth. Bo sighed, then put his hands on my shoulders as he rolled his head back, and looked up into the darkened evening sky, with the full moon quietly peeking down on us. "Mmm…" He breathed softly, as I continued to suckle his soft boy part in my mouth. It was amazingly enticing in this limp, pliable state. I could taste the salty sweet of his previous orgasm; as I tongued the wrinkled flesh of his foreskin. Slowly I could feel his arousal build as his member took on a new, extended shape. I slipped it in and out several times as he came to his full length, and Bo made soft cooing sounds above me. He pulled back for a moment, and his tumescent boy part slipped from my lips, and slapped wetly onto his pubic mound. Bo looked down at me with a warm smile, and hopped off the bench as I looked at him quizzically. He reached out to my hips, and grabbing the waistband of my shorts he tugged lightly at them. I raised my butt, allowing him to pull my sport shorts down my hips, and slide them off; leaving me naked and semi hard. The moon seemed to blush above us, as a wispy cloud rolled across its face.

With a playful smile, he stepped back up onto the bench, and putting his young hands on my shoulders, he pushed me backward till I was lying across the table. He put his knee up on the table, and crawled up to straddle, and sit on top of me. Bo's warm butt cheeks nestled over my middle, and he shivered excitedly as my penis swelled against his moist crease. He reached out with both hands and began softly rubbing my chest.

"You have good muscles Erik," he said in gentle tones, as he leaned forward, and his thumbs brushed across my nipples. Each time he moved forward, his buttocks shifted slightly over my entrapped length, filling me with pleasant sensations. I smiled at him, and shifted around on the table, prompting Bo to lie down on top of me; our solid boy parts pressed warmly between us. We looked at each other and enjoyed the moment. I could feel Bo begin to squirm his hips slightly; intentionally making small stimulating motions against me. Reaching around him, I cupped my hands on the firm bulbs of his buttocks, and rhythmically began pulling him into me; gnashing our hips lightly together. He moaned softly at the pleasant, gentle feelings.

"Erik?" he spoke softly.

"Hmm?" I questioned as I continued to rock his hips into me.

"Detta är stygg… This is naughty…" He translated for me, with a sly smile.

"Mm… I know. We can stop if you want," I told him. He drew his head back and looked incredulously at me.

"Are you stupid?" He grinned. "Jag vill ha mer. Snalla, (I want more. Please.)" He lowered his open lips to mine and searched out my tongue. "Mmm…" He sighed into me, and we kissed for a long moment. When we pulled apart, I grinned at him and put my finger into my mouth, coating it generously with spit. Bo looked at me, confused… Until I returned my hand to his butt cheeks, and sought out his pink inner hole. I massaged his anus a moment, and then gently inserted my wet digit into him. He squeezed his eyes shut for a second, and then moaned pleasurably as we resumed our wet kiss; my middle finger playing within him.

"Ohh… That really feels soooo good," Bo breathed softly, and he rested his head on my shoulder while I continued to finger him. "Erik…" he said, after a few minutes.

"Hmm?" I mumbled.

"Are you going to show Jan and me how to… You know… How to do it?"

"Hmm… I might. But I'm sure you guys could figure it out anyway. Why? Do you want to 'do it' with him?" I asked. Bo blushed at the question, but I could feel him gently shrug his shoulders against me.

"Jan's my best friend, you know, so… Maybe," he mumbled softly. "But I really want to do it with you," he lifted his head to look me truthfully in the eyes.

"I know," I replied with a tender smile; then kissed him easily.

"Mmmm…" I sighed, as I felt my dick twitch between us, and I urgently had to stop Bo's hips from rocking against me. "Stop… Stop… I'm gonna cum if we keep this up," Bo smiled at me.

"Come on then," he said, lifting himself off of me. "It's your turn now anyway; and Jan and me want to… Well, help you," he grinned as he took my hand and pulled me up from the picnic table.

We went back inside, through the kitchen to the living room; where Jan was still resting on the pile of comforters. "Lie down," Bo directed me in low tones, as he knelt alongside his sleeping friend. He was about to shake Jan to wake him, but then an idea came to him and he smiled slyly at me. Shifting his position, he lay down near the other boy and positioned himself near his hip. Bo smiled at me, then lightly took hold of Jan's soft dick in his fingers. He looked at it, examining the thin foreskin that cloaked the other boys glans; studying the tender web of veins. He glanced nervously up at me, and I nodded to him. "Here goes nuthin…" he said quietly. Leaning in he timidly wrapped his lips around Jan's boy pole, and began sucking, and swathing it with his tongue. "Mmm," he seemed surprised.

"Mmmm…" he breathed again, with raised eyebrows; as he decided that it didn't taste bad at all. In fact he found it rather appealing. Jan squirmed slightly as he began to wake to these new sensations.

His eyes went wide and a smile crossed his lips as he saw Bo, wrapped around his young tool. Like bread in a warm oven, Jan's soft boy dough began to rise; and in moments he was hard between Bo's lips. Bo worked Jan's young tool a moment, just as I had done his; then he pulled off with a moist slurping sound, leaving Jan's penis shiny wet.

"There…" Bo smiled up at him. "I just wanted to wake you up."

"Ja, det är upp. (Yes, it is up.)" Jan grinned. "Mer snälla… (More please…)" he begged.

"Nej. It's Erik's turn now, ja," Bo said, but he playfully lowered his head and kissed the end of Jan's waiting tool… Bo crawled seductively across me, so the boys were once again sitting on either side of me. "Lie back," he requested.

Bo and Jan glanced at each other with a knowing, impish look, and then to my surprise (and delight) both boys moved in around my stiff cock. It was an awesome sight as they both kissed, and licked at my young shaft from opposite sides. Noses bumped, tongues overlapped, and their hot breaths tickled me. I'm not sure which was stimulating me more, their wet touch, or the sight of two of them doing it to me at the same time. One went high, the other low… Then they traded positions seamlessly overlapping. Lapping being the key word as their slurping tongues frequently, and erotically came together. Both boys were emitting soft pleasurable sounds, as they hungrily consumed my cock. Jan began sucking and licking at my loose testicles, as Bo slid his mouth over my glans and began swirling his tongue around it.

"Mmmm," he breathed, enjoying the sweet taste of my precum, which seemed to be flowing freely from my reddened slit.

I arched my head back, trembling in ecstasy as the two boys continued their onslaught on my throbbing teen link. I felt a finger probing my wrinkled ring, and rose my head to see which one of them it was. But amidst the gyrations of their heads I couldn't tell which of them was offering me the anal pleasure. Whoever it was, entered me. Gently they finger fucked my ass while boisterously continuing their erotic twin blow job. Bo went down deeply on my shaft, gagging slightly as it entered his throat. He pulled back slightly, but kept his lips tightly around my circumference, still sucking smoothly as he drew up and off of my length. As I slipped out of his mouth, Jan immediately took his place there; both boy's saliva's mingled with my boy nectar to wetly coat my turgid member.

Bo had lowered his mouth to my pubic area, and he was wetly twirling his tongue in my soft patch, nibbling playfully as I had done to him. His warm hand rubbing up and down my torso, caressing me. Suddenly, Bo shifted his position. From my side, he spun himself to straddle me, nearly in the sixty nine position; his knees on either side of my chest, his young tender butt cheeks hovering above me, almost pressing into my face. I raised my head up into him, licking the underside of his young, dangling testicles. I could hear him moan. His mouth traded places with Jan's; once again taking command of my cock. It was… A sensuously awesome tag team… "Mmmm… Mmm…," With renewed vigor, I began licking Bo's hanging tackle, then gently bathed his perineum with my tongue; leaving my nose dangerously near his young anus. This was a first for me, and drawn by my own youthful curiosity, I timidly breathed him in. Not at all what I had expected. It was merely a soft boy scent. A clean, sweaty musk that was actually intriguing to my senses. Without any more forethought, I traced my tongue timidly across his clean pink pucker.

I could feel Bo's body shiver at the moist probe. It seemed to delight him; and again I tickled my tongue over his now moist receptacle. He quivered excitedly, and moaned his pleasure over a mouthful of my cock. Bo redoubled his efforts on me, and in no time I could feel the electric tingles charging within me. He rubbed my glans along the roof of his mouth, the gentle ridges teased my sensitive tip, and I was there…

"Uhhh, I'm gonna… Gonna shoot…" I warned. "Uhhhhh, uhhhh…" I had given Bo the chance to escape, but he thought nothing of it. "Oh shiiittttt…," My balls tightened against me and I swelled in Bo's mouth. My body jolted of its own accord, and my dick reared back and spat into his suckling mouth. One, two… Three juice filled emissions rapidly filled him; and he slipped off trying to swallow. Jan was right there however. My forth spurt took him in the face and in his hair, before he coupled over my throbbing boy part. Like a bird feeding its young, my next discharges poured into him. "Ohhh god…," I strained, "Ohh god…"

Bo traded back then, like the dominant sibling, housing my still throbbing member in his lips. My last dribbles oozed softly onto his sperm moistened lips as he continued to play his tongue hungrily over my slit. I shuddered with spent delight, and my sensitive crown could take no more. Both boys sank down against me for a moment, as I tried to recover my breath, and my senses. The boys kissed each other; my ejaculate still coating their soft warm lips…

The boys were as turned on as they had ever been, by what had just occurred. The erotic intensity was really like nothing they had ever experienced. And with this new door open to them, the two boys were feeling yearnings; and the utter horniness of pubescence emerging within them that they had never known. Like a fire, raging inside them, just beyond their control. As I lay there spent, Bo and Jan enveloped each other over the top of me. They tangled together, touching and rubbing anything they could. the taste of my seed had whetted their appetite for such things. Jan looked eagerly at Bo's youthful erection; still so engorged that his foreskin remained tightly peeled back, leaving the sticky wet, reddish cherry of his cap in view. Jan twisted his body around, and clamped his young lips onto Bo's willing member. I watched as Bo rolled his eyes and arched his head back in pleasure; and the sight of it sent shivers through me as well. My own softening erection did an immediate U turn, and began to surge back into an inflated state.

Now lying on his back, with his torso draped partially over my thighs; Bo's hand searched out, and then clamped around my boy tool, as Jan continued to slurp on his slender pole. I sat up so that I could rub Bo's chest with my palm, tying to heighten his pleasure. My eye caught this near tri angle of bodies on the floor, and another idea occurred to me. I urged the boys to shift a bit, and roll somewhat onto their sides. Our bodies now formed a nicely accessible triangle on the floor; and with little prompting, Bo slid my penis back into his mouth. I reached out and slid my hand between Jan's thighs, shifting him just a little, till I was able to make the same offer; and Jan eagerly slid his engorged root into my lips, while he continued sucking on Bo.

There was a lot of moaning amidst this, the perfect three-way. Bo sensually rubbed his hand over the curve of my butt. I found myself doing the same with Jan, eventually slipping my fingers into his heated crevice. I probed his wrinkled grommet, playfully entering to the first knuckle, and beyond. "Ohhh… Oh…" I'm sure Jan was similarly toying with Bo's young opening, and I found myself wishing that I could enter them both at the same time. "Mmmm… Ohhh…" More moaning filled the living room, and both boys began to twitch and wriggle. Jan was leaking a surprising amount of sweet fluid into my mouth; and I lustfully took it.

"Mmm, mmmph…" Bo began to moan over my cock. He was nearing his own climax, and Jan kept at him, sucking on the top half, while his thumb and forefinger pistoned on the bottom half of Bo's young penis…

"Uhhhhnnnn… Uhhh…" Jan was grunting as well, as I sucked him into an orgasmic frenzy… It didn't take all that long, and Bo suddenly twitched and seized as his young boy pecker released its load into Jan's gulping mouth. He spasmed there, releasing his testicles of their burden. The flood of warm seed in his mouth, put Jan over the edge, and I felt his dick expand in mine. He had barley swallowed Bo's sloppy cream, when he grunted loudly at his own inevitable conclusion. His butt clamped tightly, as his length flushed and surged his own baby batter into my mouth. I sucked him hard to the last pulse, and finally unable to take anymore, he withdrew his length, and overly sensitive purple plum from my mouth. In the excitement of it all, Bo had stopped his ministrations on me; but he returned to them now. It took less than a minute, until my second orgasm of the evening demanded release; and I pumped a load onto Bo's tongue. Smaller than my first, but given the short time in between, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

The boys swiveled themselves around, till we were all lying together; their young heads nestled on my shoulders, against my chin. Jan repositioned his knee, so his thigh rested across my boy parts, and I twitched at the contact. Bo moved his head, and for a brief time, his tongue lovingly toyed with my right nipple. I moved my hand, and ran my fingers through his soft blond hair, completely in love with him. We lay there for some time; each of us lost in our own thoughts and pleasure, as we allowed ourselves time to regroup. After a time, Jan went into the kitchen to fetch us all something cold to drink and refresh ourselves.

"That… Was amazing," I finally offered.

"Ja, holy shit, it was incredible," Bo grinned. "And, what you did to my butthole that first time; man that was friggen wild…" He shivered again just thinking about my tongue washing over his boy opening.

"So, I think I'm gonna' take a shower?" Jan said, as he fingered the drying spunk that had squirted into his hair.

"What? Don't you like Erik's special hair gel?" I beamed at him.

"Ohhhh…" Jan grinned, "I'll show you some hair gel…" And he somehow found the energy to spring on top of me, playfully grabbing my nuts. Bo laughed and joined the pig pile, goosing his finger up into Jan's crack. We rolled around for a few minutes; wrestling, squeezing, and playfully biting any loose, dangling parts that got near our faces. We continued till we were all sweating and worked up again; then mutually decided it was indeed time for that shower, and we helped each other climb to our feet, and retreat back toward the bathroom.

Bo stepped into the shower first, adjusting the water and keeping it on the cool side to rinse our sweat stained bodies. Once again we helped bathe each other in an overly friendly way, lathering each other up with a bottle of Vanilla Bean body wash. Playfully we helped shampoo each others hair, giggling and just having fun. We messed around tenderly during this 'afterplay'. Squirming against each other with our soapy slick bodies, sliding skin on warm wet skin. At first, we were having so much fun that our soapy dicks flopped around in a flaccid state; but after some suggestive, and prolonged cock washing; we all began to bone up, and sustained firm, masturbatory erections again. Several times, Bo grabbed my dick playfully, and suggestively tried to direct me toward his anus. He wanted me to 'do him', and seemed a little disappointed at my reluctance. I told him that it had to be right. I didn't want us to just fuck each other. I wanted us to make love together, and this wasn't the time… He was disappointed, but he seemed to understand.

We finished our shower, rinsing ourselves clean, and then dried off while we primped in the bathroom mirror. The three of us stared at our reflections, watching each others flaccid boy parts; no doubt each of us savoring the memory of this evenings wonderful experience. Finally satisfied, we made our way back out to the sleeping bags, and still naked, we plopped down on top of them. The boys nestled affectionately to me, and we chatted quietly for awhile. "Thanks Erik," Jan breathed sleepily. "That was the best ever…" He whispered with a yawn, as he drifted away. Bo rolled into me then, pressing his soft nakedness tenderly into my side. He rested his head of soft, vanilla scented hair on my shoulder, and put his arm over my chest. "You, are the best ever," he offered as he tilted his head upward, and kissed me softly on the cheek. Idly I stroked the smooth, soft skin of his bare back; and I smiled to myself in the darkness. I'm sure that many would argue, that at seventeen few have experienced true love. And I guess, having nothing to compare it to, I really didn't know if that's what this was. But I knew one thing for certain; I did indeed love this boy. My eyes, and body were tired from the long day; and quickly I lost concentration as sleep pulled me under. I smiled one last time, and I drifted off with Bo's warmth pressed against me.

Off in the distance, I could faintly hear the soft chimes coming from my cell phone. I raised my head, to gaze around the dimly lit room. It was just beginning to get light outside, and I remembered that I had set the alarm on my phone. I needed to get up and do the morning farm chores for Mr. Hansson. I sighed at the thought. Though we had shifted positions in the night, Bo was still resting against me; his warm back pushed into my side, and he clung to my arm which was under his head as a pillow. Glancing to my other side, I almost laughed at Jan's prone figure. His foot was up over the top of mine, and his erect penis was standing just off his tummy, betraying whatever morning dream he was having. A soft pearl like droplet of wetness lay on his belly, just below the pucker of his foreskin.

Gently, I pulled my arm out from under Bo, and sitting up I stretched and quietly yawned away my nights slumber. Softly as I could, I got to my feet and turned back to look at the two naked boys sleeping soundly on the floor. Bo was stunning! Even while sleeping there was something about him that just melted my heart. I shivered at this totally splendid sight, and without thinking about it I gave my dick a playful and friendly little squeeze. Finding my shorts, I pulled them up around me; then grabbed a blanket from the footstool, and gently laid it over the two sleeping boys. With a grin, I padded softly out through the kitchen, across the driveway and into the barn. Dressing quickly, I shuffled off into the field to begin the morning chores. Bodil had told me that they would be home around noon, and I wanted to make sure that everything was in proper order when they returned. They had been gone for two days, and I'm quite sure he must have been concerned about the farm. I stood for a moment, breathing in the fresh morning air; and I couldn't help but notice that I was feeling quite happy this morning. The sun had broken over the eastern horizon, and already I could feel the energy of a new day washing over me.

I started the days chores, with my mind reliving the excitement of the previous evening. How great was that…? I thought to myself. I worked hard for several hours, but the time flew by, as my mind was happily occupied elsewhere.

"Morgan, Erik… (Morning Erik.)" I heard from somewhere behind me. I turned to see Bo, and Jan walking toward me between the rows.

"Oh, hey guys," I returned cheerfully.

"How come you didn't wake us up? We wanted to help you do this," Bo asked, with Jan nodding in backup. I shrugged and smiled at them.

"I don't know. You both looked so cute lying there naked this morning, I just couldn't disturb you," I teased, and both boys blushed noticeably.

"Besides, this is my job, you don't have to help," I said.

"We don't have to; we want to…" Jan replied. This time Bo nodded in agreement.

"Thanks guys… Anyway, you were snoozing away, so I'm glad I let you two sleep in a few extra hours." The boys exchanged glances and sly grins.

"Well, actually we've been up for almost an hour," Bo said, grinning sheepishly as he looked at Jan.

"Ya," Jan spoke up, "We uhh… We kinda woke up feeling, well…"

"Horny," Bo interjected, with a laugh and the two boys started giggling.

"Oh… You little horn dogs," I laughed. "You guys already traded BJ's this morning didn't you?" I shook my head and smiled as the two boys happily acknowledged the dirty deed, with big grins.

"We couldn't help it Erik," Jan added. "That was just so cool what you showed us last night; we just had to try it again."

"Without me?" I protested. "That's not fair," I sniffled, and wiped my eye as if I was crying. The boys laughed at my mock indignation. After a moment, they jumped in and helped me take care of the last of the morning farm chores. With three of us working down the list, it only took another hour to finish; and I was satisfied that Bodil would be very happy with everything. The three of us headed back to the house. We cleaned ourselves up a little, and then with the other boys helping, we made up a nice little breakfast for the three of us.

Just as were finishing, we heard a vehicle outside, and Bo peeked out the kitchen window to check it out. "Oh, it's just a UPS truck pulling up the driveway," he concluded. A moment later there was a knock at the door, and Bo went to answer.

"Erik," he called from the hallway. "Erik, he has a package addressed to you. You have to sign for it," I walked to the door, and signed the UPS guys electronic clipboard, and took the package from him with a slight smile as I checked out the return address. This was the item I had ordered on eBay. (Chapter Four)

"What is it Erik?" Bo asked curiously.

"Hm, oh, nothing. I'll show you later ok," I smiled, and Bo just shrugged, unaware that what I had bought was actually something he would like.

We cleaned up the kitchen, and then went outside to relax, sitting around on lawn chairs in the shade of several trees; when we saw the Hansson's car turn into the drive and pull down in front of the house. Bo hopped up and ran out to greet his grandparents.

"Mormor, Morfar, hi…," he said happily as they got out of the car. He went and hugged his grandmother. The three of them walked back over to where Jan and I were.

"Hi," we greeted them, and they seemed happy to be home. "So, is everything okay with your sister?" I asked Bodil.

"Oh, Ja…" he answered. "Thanks… She's still feeling a little off; but she's doing much better now," Bodil replied. "Erik, thank you so much for taking care of things around here. I feel badly that we dumped all that on you like that."

"Not to worry, really," I replied, a little awkwardly. "I'm just glad I was here to help. Family comes first, and you needed to be with your sister."

"Well… That's so nice of you," Anneli said, as she offered me a genuine hug of appreciation. "I hope these two behaved themselves last night," she said, referring to Bo and Jan. The boys exchanged smiles, and knowing glances.

"Absolutely," I grinned. "We had a great time. They helped with the chores and everything. Ya, they were right 'on top' of things…" I couldn't resist the clever remark. The boys blushed slightly, and stifled their laughter.

"Well, I'll make you something special for dinner tonight, for all your help," Anneli said. She smiled happily and headed for the house. Bodil asked me to walk the fields with him; and the boys settled back into the lounge chairs to relax. Bodil and I headed out to walk the farm; he of course wanted to check things out. He saw that all the chores were taken care of properly, and even noticed a few extra things I had done, and he seemed genuinely pleased at what he saw.

"You're a fine young man," he exclaimed, as he clapped me on the back. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out two Swedish 500 Kronor bills, (Just under 200 USD) and made to hand them to me.

"Oh… No sir," I objected firmly, staying his hand "You don't need to do that, seriously. I'm happy to be here; and helping out was, well, I enjoyed it. It feels good to know that you trusted me to take care of stuff while you were gone," Bodil cocked his head, and smiled. "Ja… A fine young man," he repeated, with a little gleam of a tear in his eye. "Tack själv, Erik. Thank you," We turned and walked back to the house together, and Bodil threw his arm around my shoulder.

When we got back to the driveway, Bo and Jan were headed toward the barn, and they motioned for me to join them. Bodil headed on in to the house, and I turned and joined the boys in the barn.

"Jan has to head home," Bo told me.

"Ja. My dad is back from his business trip, and he wants to spend some time with us before he heads out again, day after tomorrow," Jan explained, as he pulled his bike out of the stand.

"Oh, that's cool," I said, as Bo and I walked him toward the door. He looked at us and grinned mischievously.

"This, was a super cool sleepover," he said. "Thanks Bo. And thanks Erik, for showing us that stuff," he pulled on his backpack and helmet, and then straddled his bike. "Hey… Saturday, after the Criterium (bike race) maybe you guys can spend the night at my place…" he said hopefully. We all said our 'see ya laters' and Jan peddled up the driveway, and with a final wave, rolled off toward home.

Since Jan was gone, I figured now would be a good time to show Bo what came in the UPS package this morning. "Come on," I said, "I have something to show you. We went back into my room there in the barn. I grabbed up the box off the dresser and turned to hand it to Bo.

"What's this?" Bo asked curiously.

"Open it," I told him. "It's just something I got for you," His eyes lit up with curiosity, and he pulled at the wrappings to open the package. Opening it, he pulled out a grey plastic bag, and gently tore it open. His eyes went wide, and a huge smile crossed his lips, as he pulled out a brand new, Garmin Cervelo team issued riding kit. It was his favorite team, and this was their newest spandex riding kit; an authentic jersey, and bib shorts.

"Whoa…" He yelled as he looked at the black, blue and white riding gear. He literally flew into my arms and squeezed me into a tight hug. He held me that way for many seconds, before tearfully pulling away.

"Why are you crying?" I asked, but I already knew.

"This is so awesome Erik… You got this just for me?" He wiped an excited tear away.

"Well, it won't fit me," I laughed, "So yes, it's just for you," he grinned and hugged me again. This time kissing me affectionately on the lips.

"So… try it on," I suggested. I didn't need to ask twice. Bo slipped out of his shorts and underwear, and all but ripped off his shirt. He pulled the bib shorts on, eyeing me with a smile as he reached in and adjusted himself; then pulled on the jersey and zipped it up. He ran into the bathroom to check it out in the mirror.

"Ohhh… This is so friggen awesome…" He hooted from the bathroom. I walked in to look at him. I have to say, this was a pretty slick looking riding outfit, and Bo looked exceptional in it. He turned and wrapped his arms around me, holding me in a long, and meaningful hug. "Erik, this is the nicest thing you could have ever done for me," Bo said, still clinging to me. "I have to go show gramma and grampa," he looked himself over in the mirror again and with a huge grin, he headed for the door. Bo made it halfway out of the room, then stopped. Turning around, he looked at me, then ran back and leaped up into my arms, wrapping his arms and legs around me in another meaningful hug.

"You're the best Erik," he beamed, and he pressed his open lips to mine, searching for my tongue. A full minute passed before we came up for air.

"Tomorrow," Bo said, "We can ride up to the lake, for a picnic or something… And, I have something I want to give you too," he smiled at me, and ran off excitedly for the house.

I smiled to myself. It made me feel so good, to have made him happy like that. And I had to wonder what he was up to this time…


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