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Tricky Shorts

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A prank to trick neighbourhood boy into coming to his first day at Senior school in shorts, backfires wildly on a fourteen year old when he becomes much too interested in the shorts himself, leading to blackmail.

Publ. May 2015
Finished 26,500 words (53 pages)


Nicholas Williams (11-14yo), Tim Taylor (9-11yo), Travis Taylor (16yo), Shane Kennedy (12yo), Luke (12yo), Justin & Markus (10yo)

Category & Story codes

Tie-Up & Spanking Boy story
t(solo) bt tt – cons/reluc oral anal – bond spank toys clothing


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading erotic stories about boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Author's note

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Chapter One

For the last time Nicholas Williams looked down at the two items laid out on his bed unsure which of them would be likely to cause him the most embarrassment over the next few hours. The traditional school shorts were bad enough being both tighter and shorter than anything anyone of his age would be seen dead in normally but he was almost getting used to them now. The other items, however, were something else. True he'd worn the handcuffs before, but not the attachments which had now been added, at least not at the same time. The length of chain hanging down from the centre was ominous enough, ending as it did with a felt lined, leather collar complete with small padlock, onto which the handcuff key had been fixed. But there was also the not so small matter of the butt plug that to was fixed to the chain. A butt plug, he himself had made just a few hours earlier.

True those last two items would be hidden from view beneath the shorts but, Nicholas would know they were there and so would whoever it was he'd end up asking to take down his shorts to retrieve the key to the handcuffs. That person, or persons, would also see two other humiliating things. The first being the red marks from his recent spankings that still shone brightly out from his otherwise pale bottom, and the other being that he had no pubic hair. At least, not anymore he didn't.

Just thinking about all the things that could happen to him when he was outside in all this stuff made him nervous, yet, at the same time, it also caused his prick to stand out thick and fat from his now bald pubis as if this had all been planned out in his secret computer diary, which it hadn't. Well no quite, anyway. Someone, he didn't know who, was making him do it. Making him act out scenarios that he'd only thought about before, and making him record each and every one on his own web-cam. The footage then being used to get him to do the next thing. In sort, he was being blackmailed and had been for the last few weeks, into doing ever more risky things, but that, if nothing else, was his own fault after the prank he'd attempted to pull on little Tim Taylor next door. That's what had started all of this and yet, he'd already suffered far worse than the single spanking he'd engineered for Tim. Nicholas actually smiled when he thought of that prank, and he tried to keep his mind on more pleasant thoughts as reached for the handcuffs, as faint smile tickling the corners of his mouth as he thought about what he'd put Tim through over the years.

Tim and Nicholas should have been friends, given that they'd lived next door to each other for all of their lives but, for a multitude of reasons they just never hit it off. This was mainly down to them have drastically different personalities for while Nicholas had always seen himself as a real 'boy's-boy' playing rough games with his friends and doing the things that boys did. Tim, on the other hand, was somewhat short, and slender, with an apparently cute run of freckles across his little nose, but, he was something of a prodigy, and had the really annoying habit of always telling the truth. The latter being a trait that had landed Nicholas in trouble on more than one occasion.

For years Nicholas just about tolerated his younger neighbour, as it gave him the chance to hang out with Tim's big brother Travis, who with his extra two years over Nicholas, was the closest thing the youngster had to a role model, given his largely absent parental figures. Then, when Tim was just nine, and Nicholas twelve, Mr. Taylor died playing sport of all things, and from that moment on, Tim wasn't allowed to do anything the slightest bit rough. This soon led to Nicholas stopping going over, as the other house turned into a "no fun" zone, especially as Travis started spending more and more time out of the house.

Since then, Nicholas had barely said a word to either of the Taylor brothers, especially since Tim had started to give in to some of his mother's stranger ideas, like his wearing short trousers all the way through junior school, even though everyone else, over the age of seven, wore long trousers. Of course, Tim being the only one with bare knees led to teasing, from not only Nicholas but from most of his own age group, leading him to seem even more isolated from his neighbours.

Nicholas knew something else that marked Tim out as 'different' too, something he had yet to make public but which he had no doubt he would sooner or later, probably on Tim's upcoming first day at Webber Comp. He was sure no one else knew what he knew, and that Tim knew he knew and would, someday, tell everyone that Tim was still spanked like a little kid when he was naughty.

Due to the design of the housing the boys lived in, or rather to the poorly added on extension that had become Nicholas bedroom, the teenager had found out that he could hear nearly everything that went on next door. Well, not everything, but certainly anything that made enough noise. Like a spanking. Of course, he didn't know the details, like how Tim was spanked, just that he was, and Tim being Tim, just couldn't deny it when Nicholas had challenged him with the fact one day with a particularly scornful "Is your little short arse still sore from your spanking?" The tears that had appeared in the small boy's eyes, were something Nicholas had treasured until the day inspiration had struck him.

It had been Nicholas' mother who had given him the idea, when one day she'd spotted Tim and now sixteen year old Travis going out to the shops. "Don't they look sweet!" she'd said, "More like father and son, than brothers, especially with little Timmy in his short trousers."

Nicholas had choked at the thought but, as he'd looked out himself, he had to agree that they did. Tim was still so small and slender looking, with his bare legs while Travis, decked out in jeans and sweat shirt, looked older than his years. Then his Mother asked the question that set a plan into action that would backfire in the most spectacular way imaginable.

"I wonder if Timmy will still wear shorts when he goes up to Webber Comp in September?"

This time Nicholas did actually laugh out loud at the idea of the small, boy wondering around the corridors of the large building, the only person showing his bare legs. The humiliation would be so great for Nicholas to witness, as it slowly dawned on Tim that even the girls had their legs covered. Of course he knew it wasn't all that likely to happen. Mrs. Taylor may be strict but she wasn't an idiot and had to know no one wore shorts in secondary school. Yet, as he thought about it Nicholas' prick started to get hard.

That night, still thinking about it, Nicholas caressed himself, to images of his next door neighbour turning up in his tight grey shorts. Not that the shorts were all that tight in real life but, as Tim would be bound to hit a growth spurt soon, they could well be. And, as he worked himself up to a sticky climax the hazy beginnings of a plan started to form. A plan that he then spent the rest of the night typing into his secret computer files, along with all his other thoughts on the subject.

It was a simple plan. Nicholas knew for a fact that grey shorts were still on the uniform list sent out to every prospective parent, and that Tim had probably argued that he didn't want to be the only in shorts, so, all Nicholas had to do was make it appear that he wouldn't be. Of course, Nicholas himself couldn't wear shorts to school as, not only would the humiliation kill him, but Mrs. Taylor might say something about it to his own parents and that would lead to questions he didn't want to get into. No, he needed someone else, a patsy, and he knew the very person, his cousin Shane.

Thankfully, Shane Kennedy lived on the other side of town so would be unknown to the Taylor's and, more to the point, wouldn't be likely to be spotted by some he knew, plus, to make it even better he was the right age at twelve to carry it off, and, just like Nicholas, liked a good prank, and would do anything he was asked to do.

Just as he'd predicted the idea appeal to Shane and, as soon as it could be arranged the two cousins went on a very special shopping trip, to a store neither of them would normally be seen dead in but which was known to sell all sorts of antiquated clothes, such as school shorts. A pair of these in a large '12' size were then duly purchased using Nicholas saved up pocket money, and the plan went into the final planning stages.

On the day in question Nicholas and Shane arrived early at the out of town supermarket that Mrs. Taylor favoured and which he knew she would bring Tim and possibly Tyler. While Nicholas took up his observation post, Shane slipped into the toilets wearing his normal school uniform along with Nicholas' tie to added authenticity, only to reappear a short while latter, somewhat hesitantly, with the shorts instead of his former long trousers.

Together the two boys waited, both hidden in different ways but in clear sight of each others. Nicholas was meant to be watching the door for the first sighting of Mrs. Taylor's car but he couldn't help his eyes from drifting back to where Shane stood nervously fingering the hem of the shorts. The shorts themselves were longer and baggier than Nicholas had hoped they would be as they'd had to buy the largest size twelve they could get as Shane still had some of his puppy fat around his waist,, but still, Shane did look good in them, younger, more vulnerable, somehow and those thoughts did little to keep Nicholas' excitement under control.

It all went perfectly to plan, Mrs. Taylor drove in to the car park, and Nicholas signalled to Shane to be ready, while he himself slid back under cover to watch the events unfold. Then as Mrs. Taylor and Tim (no Travis thankfully) approached the trolley bank, Shane wondered in front of them as if he was getting a trolley himself. At the moment he pulled a trolley from the huddle, he appeared to spot the other boy, he turned waved, said "Hi Tim!" and left.

Unfortunately Nicholas couldn't hear the conversation that followed but it didn't take a genius to work out that like any over protective mother Mrs. Taylor would ask her son about his apparent friend in his nice neat school shorts and that Tim, not having a clue who Shane was wouldn't know what to say. But at the very end of the encounter there was a bonus that even Nicholas hadn't dared dream off. Whatever it was that Tim had said, clearly upset his mother for, at the very next moment, Mrs. Taylor delivered a quick whack across the seat of his trousers. Clearly the plan was going to work.

Back home in his bedroom, Nicholas couldn't have been happier and was so full of confidence in himself that when Shane started to change back into his regular clothes, the fourteen year old really couldn't help himself. Together the cousins had already listened to the row that had been in full swing when they'd arrived home from their bus trip as, for what would probably be the first and last time, Tim tried to reason with his mother. Not that it got him anyway, the conversation bought to a sharp stop when his mother said; "Just you wait until Travis gets home Timmy, and then you'll be sorry!" Now, as Shane bent over to pull his trousers over his shoes, revealing his well rounded buttocks encased in the tight grey shorts, Nicholas repeated that phrase under his breath.

"You what Nick!" Shane asked, turning now once more dressed as a short trousered schoolboy.

"I said," Nicholas sneered, "Don't call me Nick, no one calls me that anymore it's a little kids name and, from what I see you're the only little kid 'round here."

Shane's mouth opened as if he was going to say something but then closed again, as he caught his reflection in the monitor on Nicholas' desk which gave his cousin the chance to continue.

"And you little kids, need to show some respect for your elders and betters."

At this point the old Shane, the one with the spiky hair and the evil grin, would have let his foul mouth vent at Nicholas but, instead, as if he was under some strange spell cast by having his knees exposed by the shorts, all he said was, "Sorry!" A word Nicholas couldn't remember the younger boy saying to him before. Ever.

"So you should be!" the teenager managed to say when the shock of the transformation had faded. His voice trembling as he added, "You naughty little boy."

"I'm sorry." Shane repeated, "I won't do it again."

For a moment Nicholas wondered what it was exactly Shane thought he'd done, but then, he put those thoughts aside, as a much better idea occurred to him. "Bend over!" he said.

Again there should have been an argument, but there wasn't. Shane just simply turned around and bent right the way over, until his hands were down on his shins, his head by his knees and his tightly clad buttocks were pointing right up in the air, like something out of one of Nicholas' dreams.

Frozen to the spot, for the shortest of split seconds, the teenager couldn't believe his luck. His body moved automatically, his hand reaching up, the palm flattening out, and then coming down, right onto his cousin's buttocks.


The sound wasn't quite what he'd been expecting but the reaction was. The instant contact was made, Shane leapt upright clutching at his bum with a yelp of "Shit! That hurt!"

And so ended Nicholas Williams' first real spanking experience, more or less before it had started. The scene was broken, and as Shane shucked down the shorts to check for damage, Nicholas didn't dare risk asking if he could spank him again especially when he saw the bright red mark that had appeared on the twelve year old's buttock. Mind you, that was a sight he couldn't get out of either his head, or his own boxers, and was soon making his own excuses to pop into the toilet for some much needed relief. His mind multiplying the results of the single spank he'd just seen, into a metal image of what Tim's cuter, smaller bottom would look like once his brother had finished giving him a real spanking.

Chapter Two

The next morning Nicholas had intended to sleep in, aware he would have the house to himself for most of the day, only to find himself awaking from the strangest of strange dreams, that had seem himself as the one going to do school in the shorts, and being sentenced to a spanking from all of his mates, one after the other. That being the point when he woke up.

Stretching, in his bed, the fourteen year old wasn't overly surprised to find his prick already hard, as it often was when he woke from a dreaming about playing pranks, just not pranks where he, himself was the victim. Of course, he'd thought about such things, and had even written a couple of his secret plans, as if he had been the target, but that, he convinced himself, was so he could get into the mind of the intended victim, and judge how they would react.

His eyes slowly opening, suddenly became aware of a light flashing over on his desk, that showed that, once more, he'd forgotten to shut down his computer after filling in his thoughts of the successful plan, and the events that had followed it. Nicholas smiled as he remembered Shane all dressed up in the shorts, and just how rounded they'd made the younger boy's bottom until he'd been unable not to resist giving it a spank. From there his still dopey brain recalled how even Tim's skinny bum, always appeared nice and round whenever he lost the battle with his mother and ended up sporting the shortest of his shorts. Then, as he became more awake, Nicholas pondered the other question that had arisen when he'd seen his cousin's bare legs, how the shorts had knocked a good two or even three years of his age. Indeed, he'd previously noted that Tim looked no more than eight or nine in his shorts, but then he was short and skinny. Shane, though, wasn't either of those, and yet, he too, had looked younger by about the same amount. Did that mean, that whoever wore the shorts they would look that much younger?

Soon, as these thoughts collected in his mind, Nicholas' eyes ended up landing on the discarded shorts, which had spent the night over the back of his computer chair, where Shane had left them, when he'd finally changed back into his own clothes. Just seeing them, made Nicholas' groin tingle in a none too unpleasant way, although it did remind him he needed to visit the bathroom, and soon.

Returning to his bedroom some five minutes later, Nicholas went straight over to his computer, intending to add his dream to his secret diary, but, as his hand closed on the back of the chair to pull it out, his fingers touched the shorts instead, and the tingle returned to his groin and, not for the first time, he wondered what it would be like to wear such short shorts. Of course, there was only one way to find out, and that was to put them on. There was, however, one problem to over come first. Something Shane had discovered the first time he'd worn the shorts. That the boxer shorts he had been wearing had been longer than the shorts, especially in the leg. Shane had had to roll the waist of his boxers up to stop them showing, but Nicholas had a better idea.

After a few minutes of rustling through his draws the teenager found what he was looking for. The smallest item of clothing he actually own, a dark blue Speedo swim suit. It had been bought a year or so before by an Great Aunt who having heard the family were going on holiday had bought Nicholas, something to wear. What she didn't know of course was that he'd never been seen dead in something so skimpy in public, but, as he'd later discovered the suit was useful for wearing under his board shorts, making it easier, and less embarrassing, to change in public.

Quickly Nicholas stepped into the Speedo and pulled it up to his waist. The fit was a little snugger than it had been the previous year but then that was to be expect at his age, yet, strangely he didn't think about it as he picked up the charcoal grey shorts, and slipped them over his rather pale legs and up to his thighs. Once there he had to wriggle his hips a few times to get them up the last bit, whenever they became caught or tight, but soon they were up around his waist, and he was able to snap them closed and he could see what he looked like in school shorts. Or could he.

A typical boy of his age, Nicholas had never had the need of a mirror for anything other than doing his hair – something he could spend rather a long time on, if there was gel involved – so the only mirror he had, was fixed at head height and was totally useless for seeing anything below his chest. However, there was another option. Something he'd used a few times before when he'd wanted to looks at part of him, he normally couldn't see at all, or at least, not from a good angle. And for that, he need his computer.

A few minutes later, Nicholas was looking at himself on his computer monitor. It wasn't a reflection in the glass of the monitor however, like Shane had done, but in full living, breathing colour via his own web cam. The result though wasn't as good as he'd expected as he just looked like himself, in shorts. He didn't look any younger, or different in any other way, apart from the way he could see his knees and thighs.

"Maybe its not the shorts." He said to himself, which lead to the question of if it wasn't the shorts then what was it?

"Schoolboy!" the answer came to the teenager, and once more he was off looking through his drawers for all the things he would need.

A white shirt came from his top drawer. Pressed and laundered ready for his next day at school he would have normally crumpled it up before putting it on but this time he didn't. This time he actually went out of his way to keep the creases in place as he slipped it on, and buttoned it up all the way to the neck, which proved to be something of a struggle as he'd never actually done that before. But then he hadn't tucked his shirt into his regular school trousers either but he did so with the shorts even if it did mean he had to suck in his stomach a bit, before he could re-fasten the shorts around his waist.

Socks came next. This time not the colourful ones he normally wore for school as they would have been against the uniform rules, had anyone been able to see them under his trousers. Now they could, of course, so he picked up a more conservative pair or old sports socks. These had once been his favourite, as they could reach up to his knees, on the colder days, since they'd lost their whiteness he'd stopped wearing them. Now they were perfectly grey and he pulled them over his feet and all the way up, only to then roll them back down again to a point just under his knees where the elastic rims appeared to look like the coloured bands of some posh school.

A tie, his own, regular school tie, followed, and like the top button of the shirt, he had to make a few attempts at tying it. Not that he couldn't, its just that he never had tied it properly before this time going for a nice neat knot rather than the larger-the-better version he, and everyone else at Webber Comp would have normally done. Then he was ready to have a look at himself.

"Shit!" Nicholas said when he saw his computer monitor. He couldn't believe it. He looked like a schoolboy, alright and a young one too. Hell, if it hadn't been his own bedroom in the background of the image, he'd have sworn someone was playing tricks with him. Twisting and turning, Nicholas studied himself from all the angles he could, amazed at just how long his bare legs looked, at how neat the clothes wore, and just unable to believe that he now looked like a ten year old. If that. Although there was one thing that gave away his true age. His erection.

Pushing out even the tight cloth of the shorts, not to mention the Speedo beneath them, Nicholas' prick was making a very noticeable ridge on one side of the shorts. Of course he was used to getting erections – especially when looking at his computer – but not normally when looking at himself. On the other hand, he didn't look like himself. Did he?

"Jesus that's weird!" he mumbled, his hand ideally brushing across the lump in his shorts. "Wonder if this happens to Tim!" he thought, before his mind switched on to what would happen if Mrs. Taylor saw her preciously little boy, doing something as 'nasty' as rubbing himself.

"You're a naughty little boy!" the teenager said to his apparently pre-teen image. "And you know what happens to bad little boys don't you?"

"They get spanked!" he replied to himself, trying, and somewhat failing to make his voice higher, and younger.

"And how do they get spanked." His older self asked. It was a conversation he'd heard a couple of times from next door and from what he'd worked out from what would happen next, Tim would be laid across the lap of his mother, or more recently his big brother, who'd be sat in a chair, and then be spanked on their bottom. So that's what he did.

Pulling out his computer chair, Nicholas found it to be somewhat lower than he'd expected so had to kneel on the carpet before he could lean over it. This, did give him the sensation of feeling his bedroom carpet on his bare knees, which just like everything else he was doing, gave him a thrill between the legs. He was soon up on his feet again, but only for so long as it took him to adjust the angle of the web cam so it could see him further down, near the floor, then he knelt and bent over the chair.

A further rush went through the teenager as he felt the cloth of the shorts tighten around his front, and more noticeable around his buttocks, until the shorts looked like they had become a second skin on him. The hems even drawing themselves further up his legs, to make even more of legs on show. The charcoal colour shorts not only covering the buttocks themselves, and only just. This, of course, make Nicholas' rear stand out in deep contrast to the brilliant white of his shirt, and the pale pink of his legs until it looked every bit as spank-able as Shane's had the day before when he'd been in a similar position.

At once Nicholas had the idea to spank himself, but how? Reaching around with his right hand on the front of the chair, he could just about teach his rear, if only just. Still, it could work. Drawing back his hand, he gave it a go, and bought it down as sharply as he could on his rear.


A shiver shuddered through him, before the blow had even landed, just from the thought. So he did it again.


It worked better the second time, especially as Nicholas got to watch himself doing it on his computer monitor.


The third landed on top of the first, which seemed to add to the results it made. Making a nice warm feeling appear under the spot where his hand landed.


"This don't hurt at all!" Nicholas said to himself, doing it a few more times, as if he was trying to prove his point.


Time and time again, Nicholas smacked his own hand into the seat of his new short, until he just couldn't do it anymore, due to the cramp that was forming in his arm.

Standing up, he was soon aware of just how his bottom tingled where he'd spanked it. It didn't hurt. Not even a little. His bottom just felt warm and tingly in much the same way as his groin did. His prick still hard trapped inside the Speedos and school shorts which told Nicholas pretty much what he already knew. He wasn't doing it right. A spanking was meant to hurt, not turn him on. Clearly, you couldn't spank yourself with his own hand, so he'd have to find something else to do it with instead. But what?

Walking around the house dressed in the school boy shorts felt really strange to Nicholas, even though he knew he was totally alone in the house and no one could see him. In fact, he'd been known to walk around completely naked when he was younger but this, somehow, felt stranger and, more exciting for reasons he wasn't all that sure about. Maybe it was to do with the air circulating around his bare knees and thighs, or the slight tingle in his buttocks, or erection pushing out the front of the shorts. OR, more likely, it had to do with the fact that being totally naked would have, strangely been easier to explain.

Looking around the house, Nicholas thought of the things he'd heard about kids being spanked with. The first thing to come to mind was the cane, but, for two reasons he put that aside as (a) he was certain they didn't have anything like it in the house – who would – and (b) it just sounded too damn painful.

Then he remembered something he'd seen in Tim's house before. On that occasion he'd gone with his mother to the house for some reason but when his Mum had asked Mrs. Taylor if Nicky – as she insisted on calling Nicholas still – could play with Tim, Mrs. Taylor had said, quite sharply that Tim was busy, and had pointed to the far corner of the hall where the younger boy had stood, in the corner, his hands on his head and clearly sniveling. At the time Nicholas hadn't been sure what was going on, or the relevance of the large slipper that had been placed on the hall table but later he'd figured it out, that the boy had been spanked with it.

Nicholas spent five minutes rooting through the shoe cupboard but was unable to come up with anything similar to the slipper he'd seen that day at the neighbours house. His family just didn't wear slippers, and all of their shoes, it soon turned out, were way too heavy for the teenager to even think about spanking someone with, let alone himself.

Close to giving up, Nicholas went to the kitchen to get a drink from the fridge when he saw the perfect thing, hanging up over the cooker. A spatula of around twelve inches in length, with a hard plastic handle, giving way to a thin metal shaft and then, at the other end, a wide black plastic, floppy head that his mother was often heard to complain would bend under the weight of the food on it. It's main purpose now was as a fly swatter and it didn't take a genius to convert one of those into a spanking implement.

In a flash Nicholas was back in his bedroom, bent over the chair, with the spatula in hand, feeling only a little bit apprehensive about what he was going to do next. Still, even as he thought about it, his hand was already reaching behind his back and aiming the floppy plastic head at his own rear. Then, once more looking at himself on screen, he took a deep breath, and bought the spatula down with a snap into the centre of his buttocks.


Instantly, Nicholas felt the sting, but that didn't stop him from doing it again.


Unlike using his hand, this did hurt, and yet, at the same time, it felt good, in a strange way.


It stung and smarted yet, as his left hand soon confirmed, it also appeared to make his prick even harder than it had been before.


A wet spot had now appeared at the front of the shorts where the crown of Nicholas' prick pushed against the cloth, giving the impression that he would soon be bursting out of the tight material unless he did something about it. So he did. He dropped his shorts.

Nicholas' fingers actually trembled as he unfastened the shorts. Even though he was along and doing so of his own free will – unlike a boy being spanked for real, of course – he couldn't help but feel a certain amount of shame at having to take his trousers down for a spanking. Not for the first time he wondered if Tim was spanked on the bare on his trousers or underpants. The day with the slipper had been on his trousers, but he was fairly sure he'd heard the sound of skin on skin before now. Still, watching himself work the shorts clasp on the web cam image, enable him to detach his teenage self from what he was seeing even though they were his fingers on the fly. And his hands pushing down the back of his shorts, to bare his backside. And his hand, picking up the spatula once more.


The sound was different now as it landed on his bare flesh and it felt different too.


One thing that wasn't different though, was Nicholas' erection. That no longer trapped pushed out over the top of the Speedos and through the fly of the shorts, to shine and glisten in its own lubricant.


With no protection Nicholas' bottom soon warmed up to a point where he could feel tears starting to form in his eyes.


The wetness continuing to form there, while at the same time his mouth went drier and drier.


He groaned, at the sharp stinging pain he was creating in his own backside, and then he moaned. But he didn't stop.


The tear now formed, tickled down his face, but he didn't wipe it away. He couldn't his hands were both busy. One spanking his bottom, and the other doing a similar action at the front.


The self spanking continued for a few more minutes, as did the masturbation it had prompted until the obvious result was achieved.


First, Nicholas' spanking aim went and then, his legs felt as if they had turned to jelly. Finally, just before he was about to fall down, it happened. He came.

Strangely, it caught the teenager by surprise, for even though he knew he'd been playing with his prick, but he hadn't been aware just how turned on he had become, and thought he had a few minutes longer than he actually did have. Instead, he was still in the motion of punishing himself, when his prick erupted all over his chair, and the carpet around it. A split second later he was falling backwards onto his bed, exhausted. Only to jump back up again, when his smarting buttocks touched the mattress.

Chapter Three

Some time later the same day, Nicholas, now dressed in his regular baggy jeans and even baggier shirt, returned to his bedroom after eating a hearty lunch and, at once noticed the messenger icon flashing on his computer. This in itself was strange as no one had his contact details other than a few trusted friends, and they were hardly likely to use it. Still, you never knew, so he answered it.


At first Nicholas dismissed this as just another sort of spam but the account had always been spam free, and, it had been addressed correctly, to him personally, and not his screen name. So, still thinking it was one of his mates, sending him a joke of some sort, Nicholas clicked on the link.

The URL was nothing but numbers, so it gave nothing away until the blank page came up with a movie pane imbedded in the centre. Nicholas then waited a few seconds for the buffering to finish before the image sprang to life, in possible the most surprising way possible, and quickly became his worst nightmare.

The image was very clear, and in high resolution, and was of Nicholas himself, dressed in the schoolboy shorts, first standing beside his computer chair, then bending over it, and then standing up again. The quality so clear that when, during the final scene he opened up the shorts and pulled them down, Nicholas could make out his own pubic hair, as he wanked himself to climax while spanking his own red arse with is mother spatula.

The moment the movie finished playing, the messenger icon flashed a second time. This time, Nicholas answered it instantly. "What do you want?" he typed.


"But…." Nicholas started to type.


"How do you…"


This time Nicholas didn't waste time typing a new message he just hit send again: "How do you…"


"What do you want from me. I haven't got any money."


Nicholas didn't say anything. He just couldn't think of anything to say to that. It they knew about how he'd paid for the shorts – something not even Shane had known – then they could have only got it from his personal files. And if they'd read those, then they really would know everything about him. About what he did? What he'd done? What he thought about? Everything.


"Yes!" Nicholas typed, reluctantly, "What do you want me to do?"


"What message?" Nicholas panicked.


"I can't do that!"


Suddenly the messenger icon greyed itself out, meaning the other person had logged off before Nicholas could say anything else and with little time to decide what he was going to do. Obviously someone had hacked into his computer, but he could easily stop that by unplugging himself from the internet, but that wouldn't stop the embarrassing video from getting around, and clearly, the intruder had read, and probably downloaded his files already, so that wouldn't stop the problem. After all some of them were even more embarrassing than the video!!

In the end Nicholas came to the only conclusion the blackmailers had left open to him. To do as he was told. He couldn't help but wonder what Shane would think about what was going to happen. His cousin was twelve now, and Nicholas had known for sometime that he wouldn't be able to keep telling him what to do all the time for much longer, now he was getting older. This of course, would just be the sort of thing that would break the hold he'd had over him forever. Perhaps even turn it around.

Nicholas' thoughts got no further than that before the doorbell rang. Quickly the teenager ran downstairs to answer it but pulling open the door he got a surprise. Shane wasn't alone. He had a friend with him.

"Luke was round at mine, when I got your message to come around here," explained Shane, "So I had to bring him with me. What do you want anyway?"

"Er… okay," Nicholas said slowly, looking the new blond boy up and down. He, like Shane was dressed in long black shorts and loose shirt that suggested they'd been playing football before coming over. Luke was a little taller than Shane, and had already lost his puppy fat, but still very much a boy, so didn't seem to appear to be any sort of threat to a teenager like Nicholas, so he went ahead with the plan anyway. "Come upstairs Shane, and I'll tell you."

His cousin shrugged, used to such vague suggestions, before he nudged his friend, "Come on Luke, Nick's got some great stuff. Wait 'till you see his computer. It can do everything."

"Can't it just!" Nicholas mumbled, before adding, "Don't call me 'Nick' but by then the two younger boys had already run ahead of him, up the stairs.

By the time the teenager got upstairs the two younger boys were already waiting for him with expression that made it appear as if he'd been hours instead of seconds behind them. "SO what do you want then?" Shane asked, with more nerve than he'd have shown if he'd been on his own.

"Well," Nicholas started, "You remember yesterday, with shorts and everything."

"Yeah, we set your neighbour up good and proper, I told Luke about that already, didn't I Luke."

The blond boy nodded, making his fringe go in his eyes until he shook his head to clear it.

"Anyway, well I didn't tell you everything." Nicholas paused, trying to decide on what to say next, "It wasn't Tim being set up but you."

"ME!" Shane shrieked, before remembering Luke was there. "You set me up? You got me to walk around in them posh shorts and everything!"

"I know and I'm sorry." Nicholas said, meaning it, although not for the reasons his cousin thought.


"Don't know! Guess I just wanted to see what you'd look like in them, and," the teenager paused again.

"And what?"

"And, well, to see if I could spank you."

Shane blushed, looked at Luke, who smiled back, before turning back to Nicholas, "But you didn't spank me, did you?"

"No. I didn't."

Suddenly Luke spoke: "But you wanted to, right!"

"I guess." Nicholas shrugged.

"But mum said you weren't to hit me no more." Pouted Shane, "not after you nearly busted my arm."

Nicholas' mouth opened, ready to protest that Shane's arm had only been sprained not 'busted' and that his mother had over reacted but, just as he was about to, he realised that he could use that as part of his plan. So instead of coming out fighting, he literally backed up by asking Shane not to tell his mother, something he'd never actually done before.

"Why? Why not?" the dark haired boy demanded.

"I'll get in trouble. I'll be grounded for ever."

"No more than you deserve. Hell, you'd do loads worse to me than that, if it was me that had done it to you, wouldn't you."

It took a few minutes for Nicholas to work out what his cousin was saying, but when he had he nodded and played his trump card. "Couldn't you do something about it instead."

"Like what?" Luke asked before Shane was able to.

"I don't know." Nicholas turned to the new boy, "I thought maybe Shane could punish me instead."

"How? He can't ground you, can he?"

"No, but he could do something else."

"Like what?" Shane piped up, suddenly interested.

Nicholas swallowed, and said the words he hoped he wouldn't have to say: "He could spank me."

"Like you tried to do to him, you mean?" asked Luke.


"On your bare bum?"

"Wait, a minute, I didn't spank Shane on his bare bum!"

"Maybe not, but then he wasn't being punished, and you are."

The blond boy had a point, and they all knew it. Shane, however had thought of something else: "But you're mum doesn't like kids being spanked, nor does mine."

"So you don't tell them." Luke suggested, "that way you can't tell about what Nick did and he can't tell about what you did. Got it?"

Shane thought about it, then slowly smiled. "Yeah! I get it. That's great. When do we do it?"

"Now, while no one's home." Nicholas attempted to regain control.

"Great, and we'll spank you on your bare bum too?" asked Shane.

"Yes." The teenager nodded, before catching what his cousin had said. "What do you mean 'we'?"

"Luke's going to spank you too."

"Why? I didn't do nothing to him?"

"Yeah you did you ruined his day by calling him over here didn't you, so he should, at least get a go, don't you think?"

Because of the video Nicholas knew he had to agree but still he point up a show of thinking about it, before he said anything to the two smiling younger boys who were standing in front of him. "Okay." He said, "Luke can do some too."

"Great!" the boys said almost together, before Shane took the lead once more, "Okay then let's get started, get your clothes off Nick!"

"Nicholas! My name is Nicholas!"

"Yeah, whatever, drop your trousers so we can spank you."

Fighting off the blush his cousin's words caused, Nicholas turned away to pull his shirt over his head, before hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his jeans and pushing both them and his boxers down to the ground at once. Then, suddenly aware the boys might be able to tell what he was doing that morning from the light red marks on his bottom, he quickly turned back to face them, his hands, naturally dropping to cover himself.

"Hands on your head!" Luke snapped.


"It's what naughty boys have to do."

It made about as much sense as anything else did, so Nicholas did it, fully aware that both the younger boys would instantly stare directly at his groin which they both did. But worse yet, they then talked about it, as if he wasn't there.

"He's nearly as big as me." Luke said, making Shane giggle.

"He's got more hair than you."

"Only just." Luke blushed before turning the subject back to the teenager's penis, "It'll probably get bigger when its stiff though."

"It'd have to." Giggled Shane, sending the pair of them off again.

"Can we just get on with this, please." Nicholas got fed up with waiting, not to mention having the younger boys making fun of his tackle.

"Sure, no problem." Shane said, before turning to Luke, "How do we do this?"

The blond boy took a quick look around the room. "I think the easiest way would be for you to sit on the chair by the computer, and for him to get over your lap."

Shane did as he was directed, "Get over here!" he then told Nicholas, only to find it somewhat awkward at first to have the larger boy across her lap, but the twelve year old soon had it arranged so that Nicholas' head was down almost on the floor, while his feet were a bit up in the air, this made the bare bottom into the perfect target for what he was about to do.


Starting with his right hand, Shane hit his big cousin as hard as he could, and kept right on doing it.


Quickly Nicholas started to squirm under the spanking.


His bottom quickly started to sting even more than it had when he'd used the spatula on himself.


Then Shane changed hands, and started to spank him from a different direction, watching in fascination as the once pale buttocks started to go pink.


By the time Shane could feel the warmth coming off Nicholas' buttocks he'd decided that that was probably enough and allowed the fourteen year old to stand.

Instantly Nicholas' hands went to his stinging bottom, but Luke soon put a stop to that by announcing it was his turn.

Seconds later and Nicholas was bent over once more, on a lap of a boy he barely knew, and the spanking was continuing.


Quickly something became apparent. Not only had Luke learnt from watching Nicholas' first spanking, but also he was a good deal stronger than Shane and all of his spanks hurt. A lot.


Tears quickly formed in the corners of Nicholas eyes, but he wasn't going to cry if he could help it. Only he couldn't help it. Not after Luke's next move.

"Open your legs up!" the blond boy instructed, lightly slapping Nicholas' thighs until he'd done as he was told.


The next volley of blows now struck virgin territory, that was clearly far more sensitive than the rest of the teenager's buttocks had been for in seconds Nicholas was crying, and kicking with his legs.

"Help me hold him Shane!"

Luke's request was soon filled and between them not only did the two twelve year olds managed to hold the larger, naked boy down, but they both took turns spanking his already red bottom with everything they could.


It didn't take too much of this sort of treatment before Nicholas was yelling, crying and begging them to stop, but they just went on until they were both too tired – not to mentioned excited – to continue.

Finally they let the naked boy stand up, but it wasn't over yet. "GO and stand in the corner and think about what you've done." Luke told him, "Hands behind your head."

With tears streaking his face, and a bright red bottom, Nicholas turned for the nearest corner only to be stopped in his tracks, by Shane, "No not that one. The other one, By the window."

At once Nicholas knew why that particular corner had been suggested as it was from there that he could see into Tim Taylor's bedroom and, Tim could see into his. Neither could see all that much of the others room, unless they were also stood there. Naturally, if Tim chose that time to look out, not only would he see Nicholas completely naked, but he'd see the teenager had just been well and truly spanked, and that was if he hadn't heard it all to start with.

For the next hour Nicholas stood with his face to the wall listening to the whispers and giggles coming from behind him.. There was also the occasional rustling of clothes and he had a pretty good idea what that was, as he'd felt the poking from at least one pre-teen erection during his spanking but he daren't look around, in case that warranted yet more spanking which he was sure his bum couldn't take.

Eventually, Luke and Shane had to go home, and Nicholas was able to pull himself away from the corner. The second he did, however, his computer uttered a beep that he had a new message.


Nicholas couldn't help himself and he clicked. Once more the URL was disguised but the action in the video wasn't. In it, he plainly asked two younger boys to spank him, and then got naked so they could. Then, at the end, when he got up, not only were the erections clear in the younger boy shorts, but so was his. Poking out from his groin like a telephone pole, every bit as red as his punish bottom was.


And then the icon greyed itself out.

Chapter Four

Nicholas read and re-read the information that was up on his screen from his secret blackmailer. Nothing written there was new to him, as it was all written by his own hand, or typed anyway. Some of it going back several years.


Nicholas couldn't help himself for while the last thing he wanted to see was himself being humiliated by his cousin and his cousin's friend again he could barely stop himself from watching it once more. It had, after all been a nearly a week since that had happened, and, thankfully his bottom had returned to its normal colour.


As before the connection went dead, without Nicholas having to do anything, which only made him shiver at just how much control these unseen people had over him. Of course, he already knew what he was going to have to do, and that he would soon be giving his blackmailer his most embarrassing video yet. But then, the teenager also knew that it was all his own fault and what's more, that his blackmailer was right. It was something that he'd thought about before.

From as far back as he could remember little Nicky had enjoyed walking around naked, although back then he hadn't had all that much to show, or indeed, know just why he did it. Just that he liked it. Naturally as he got older, this happened less and less until, eventually it stopped altogether. Or rather, as far as his parents knew it did. By the age of ten, he was too starting to feel embarrassed to be seen naked, but, still enjoyed the sensations of it, so drew the only compromise that was open to him. He went naked at home. Alone. Then came the twist.

One day, the new eleven year old Nick, had ventured out into the garage naked – this wasn't all that risky as it only involved a short trip actually outside from one door to the next, and he was pretty sheltered by the house – and was rooting around the boxes of various odds and ends that were stored then when he found an old pair of toy handcuffs he'd had when he'd been younger. The were made of somewhat bulky plastic but did lock and came with keys, and for a while as a younger boy, he'd liked wearing so, more or less without thinking about it, he'd put them on, and had instantly received a buzz in his newly enlarging penis. Of course, getting erections while he was naked was nothing new to him, but those had been nothing like the one he'd got when his hands had been, in theory anyway, captured by the cuffs.

Within a few weeks Nick had combined his current favoured game with the one that had made him giggle as a little kid and would now wonder the house, not only naked, but handcuffed into the bargain. Of course, as he soon discovered, there was little point in wearing the cuffs, if he had the keys nearby so first he took to wondering away from the keys and then, reversed it so that, even before he started his games, he'd place the keys somewhere that would be difficult to get to – like the garage – then return to his room, strip naked, cuff himself, before trying to make his way to his freedom. It soon becoming clear that, this almost sense of helplessness, would soon become the centre of his enjoyment.

Then, a few weeks later, Nick added another twist. Gags. Naturally there was no real need for them, seeing as Nick was always alone so, even if he did cry out there would be no one to hear him, but, that wasn't the point, especially when it lead him into an entirely knew way of doing things, thanks to his dad's stash of duct tape.

Nick had no idea why his dad had a box full of the two inch wide grey tape, but it didn't take him long to think of a use for it. At first he was content with just putting a strip of it over his mouth but then, after a moment of inspiration, he discovered that if he anchored the tape reel over something, and then turned around on the spot he could rather effectively mummify himself. Of course, he couldn't do it all over, but he could do the upper half of his body and then his lower half, just as long as he could still use his hands to hold the scissors to cut the tape off afterwards.

However, despite all these early attempts there was always that one thing missing from his games, the ability to be completely tied up and helpless. That was the one thing he could never do on his own, for the very obvious reason that if he was truly helpless then, just how the hell could he free himself when he was finished. But, in order to do that, he would need someone he could totally trust not to tell anyone, and more importantly, to actually let him go when they were done. This gave him something of a dilemma. His cousin Shane, wouldn't tell anyone, but he wasn't sure the younger boy would actually let him go, while on the other hand Tim, next door, certainly would release him, but would he tell anyone. Luckily, Nick thought he had a way around that.

"Timmy," eleven year old Nick had called over the fence, "Do you want to play a game."

"What sort of game!" the naturally suspicious younger boy had replied.


"What's that about?"

"It's simple." Nick explained, lowering his voice slightly, "You tie me up and see if I can get free."

"Why would you want to do that?"

"It's just something we do at big school." Nick said, knowing the world of the senior school would be something totally alien to the younger boy, "And I have to be ready in case the big kids do it to me on my first day."

Timmy's eyes had grown wide, "They do stuff like that?"

"Course," Nick shrugged away the lie, "So do you want to help me or not?"

"But I've never tied anyone up before."

"Don't worry, I'll show you, come up to my room."

By the time Timmy got to the older boy's bedroom, Nick had already stripped the laces from his boots and had grabbed some of his old socks, a small rubber ball, along with a nice selection of ropes and cords he'd got together just for this occasion. "Okay here's what you've got to do," he said as soon as Timmy was inside. "First you tie my hands behind my back, but you've got to do it right. What you do is first wrap the rope around my hands, in a loop and then again in a figure eight, then you use whatever rope is left to wrap around the middle of the rope, between my hands. Then you do the same to my feet, but leave a bit of rope loose when you do my feet so you can… well we'll get to that. Okay?"

"Sure!" the little lad shrugged his bony shoulders. "What's that little ball for?"

"So you can gag me."

Timmy wrinkled his little freckle covered nose: "Why?"

"Because it's all part of being tied up." Nick said, in a voice that older boys always used with younger ones when they asked stupid questions. Not that that it had been a stupid question, it was just that Nick didn't want to get into answering it. Not that it mattered, Timmy had already moved on to other questions.

"How long do you get to get out?"

"Until I get out!" Nick replied smugly.

"What if you can't get out?"

Nick hid his smile at the thought, "We'll well see then. Come on, let's get started."

"but," Timmy started to say, before Nick's actions forced him to change his question, "Why are you taking your clothes off?"

"I'm not. Well not all of them anyway. I'll keep my underpants on." It was a compromise Nick had forced on himself, as although he really wanted to be tied up naked, he wasn't willing to be naked in front of the little kid from next door, especially as that would have ruined his story. Luckily, Timmy also failed to notice that what Nick ended up wearing wasn't his usually boxer short underwear, but his new swimming trunks that had been bought for that year's up coming summer holiday.

"Okay," Nick said, as he lay down on his bed with his hands behind his back, "remember to do it nice and tight cos if I get out too easy then I get to tie you up, got it."

"Oh!" Timmy looked a little shocked quickly picked up the first bit of rope and got down to business, wrapping it around the older boys wrists just like he was told – Timmy of course, always did what he was told – remembering to pull the cord tight each time he could. And as he did so, he actually started to enjoy himself, especially once he'd clinched the cord and knotted it and was fairly sure Nick couldn't be tricking him.

"Not bad!" Nick said, when Timmy stepped away, twisting his wrists and pull against the cords that held him, "now do my ankles and don't forget to leave a bit of cord extra."

"I'll remember." Timmy nodded, as he set to work, applying a second length of cord to Nick's ankles, around the outside and then in a figure eight before, finally, looping the cord around the centre where, just as he'd promised, he left a short length of rope loose.

"Okay, that's not bad either." Admitted Nick, as he bought his bound ankles up behind his back, "Now use that bit of rope you left on my feet to tie my ankles to my wrists."

Timmy did as he was told, leaving the older boys limbs right where they were, which, as it turned out, wasn't the right thing to do.

"No, do it tighter, so there's no slack."

For a moment Timmy was confused as to how he could make the cord shorter if that was as close as Nick's ankles went to his wrists, but then he had an idea. Leaning over the bigger boy, he pressed his slender weight against Nick's already bent legs so they would go that little bit further, and that way, he managed to tie the final cord in place, so that Nick's fingers could actually touch his feet. Although not any of the knots that held him.

Nick struggled to get comfortable for a moment, before giving out more order, "Now for the gag. Put the ball in my mouth and then use the socks to hold it in there so I can't spit it out."

Timmy watched as Nick lifted his head up and opened his mouth. The vision came with a strange tingle in the pit of his stomach, that he found hard to ignore, but attempted to do so, even though it got stronger as he pushed the little rubber ball into Nick's mouth and tied it in place. "Say something!" he suggested once he was done.

"Mmmmm!" came the muffled reply.

Slipping from the bed Timmy stood up and looked down at the apparently helpless older boy, and the strange feeling got stronger inside him. As he watched Nick struggling to get free all sorts of strange ideas about tickling the helpless boy, or doing other things came to the youngster but he fought them down. "Can you get out?" he asked eventually.

Nick shook his head, grunting something into the gag.

"Shall I let you go then?"

Once more Nick shook his head and grunted again, this time with even more emphasis.

"You want me to leave you tied up?" Timmy asked, to which Nick nodded. "Okay then."

Timmy left the room but, scared he'd get into trouble if anything happened to Nick while he was tied up, he kept an eye on the older boy from the doorway. Even smiling to himself as Nick's fingers attempted to find any of the knots that held him, and failing. Timmy felt a little mean smiling at the bigger boy's discomfort as he was, after all, a nice boy, but Nick had asked for it. Still it didn't seem like all that much of a game to him.

A few minutes later and it looked to Timmy like Nick had stopped even trying to get loose. His fingers no longer searched for the knots and Nick had gone very red in the face, but, at the same time, the older boy had started a strange rocking motion, that sent his hips moving back and forth while the rest of him stayed pretty much still. Of course, he couldn't move much else, but the sight of the boy's buttocks encased in their tight stretchy Speedos, made Timmy start to giggle to himself for reasons he couldn't really understand.

Then a few seconds after the strange movement had started, it stopped. In fact all movement stopped. Nick very quickly becoming completely still. And at that point Timmy panicked. Rushing over he started to pick at the knots holding Nick in place, only to find all the straining that had gone on, had made them incredibly tight but eventually he got them loose and, with a snap Nick's legs flopped down onto the bed at which point the bound boy started to make strange noises into his gag which Timmy rightly translated to mean he wanted it to be removed.

"That's enough." Nick gasped, as soon as he'd spat the ball from his mouth, "I can do the rest from here."

"Don't you want me to help you?"

"NO!" he snapped, "I can do it. You just go home now."

Startled at the sudden change in attitude, Timmy had done just that which had meant Nick would be able to keep a secret what had really happened, for a few more years until, such time as someone hacked into his computer and blackmailed him with the information they'd found there. The information, Nick had himself written in great detail, about the erection being tied up by someone else had given him, and the way, he'd shot one of his first ever loads of cum into his Speedos while he was struggling to get loose. That, of course, was the real reason, he had to get rid of Timmy before he'd got up from the bed as the little kid would have certainly asked some embarrassing questions about the wet sticky stains in the front of the swimwear, either to Nick or more likely to his mum.

From that day on, Nick – soon to revert to his full name – realised that being tied up had, something to do with sex, and while he no longer involved other people in his little games, he still tried out new and different activates over the next few months. Sometimes these were just other attempts at self bondage, such as spending the night tied up, under his bedclothes, but there were other experiments, that would prove to be even more embarrassing than that, when he'd read them back on his computer screen a couple of years later.

By the time, the Messenger Icon started to flash once more, Nicholas had all the things he'd been told to get, together, and was standing behind his computer chair wearing just his straining Speedo, with his hands on his head.


"Yes Sir!" Nicholas said blushing as he looked down at the changes he'd made to his once harmless chair.


The screen went momentarily blank, given Nicholas the faint hope that, maybe, just maybe, he'd been spared from the totally humiliation of performing for his blackmail. Then, just as his hopes were starting to rise, two windows opened up on his monitor. One contained the written instructions he'd been following, while the other was his web cam programme, showing him standing there. His lean, teenaged body, already bathed in slight sweat, while the pouch of his swimwear struggled to contain the half hard erection he'd had since first reading what he was being told to do.

After checking the chair was aligned perfectly in the centre of the web cam screen, so it could bee seen from the bottom to the top, but with the focus clearly on the seat, Nicholas started the plan that had been laid out for him. Picking up an old sock he opened his mouth and stuffed it inside until his cheeks bulged out and his normal lips were replaced with nothing but a mess of cloth. This, wasn't on show for too long however as, it too, soon vanished as he picked up a roll of duct tape and wrapped it around the lower half of his face, until there was no skin visible from his neck up to just below his nose.

Successfully, and completely gagged, he attempted to speak but, of course, couldn't. At this point the sheet of instructions on his monitor shifted up to the next point, and finally Nicholas had the relief of taking down his Speedo. Of course, this left him naked in front of the web cam and the person directing him but, as that person had already seen him naked a few times already that no longer bothered the teenager so much although, obviously he would have preferred it if his erection hadn't been quite so obvious, or taking up quite so much of the screen as he moved in front of the chair.

Turning away from his own excited image, Nicholas Williams, bent over to tie his own ankle to the bar that ran down the side of the chair, between the front and back legs. As per his instructions he didn't do this overly tightly, but left enough cord between his foot and the chair, so, in theory at least, he would be able to move his leg along the side of the chair for a few inches in either direction. This would, he'd been told, enable him to keep his balance, during the challenge to come.

With one foot tied in place, Nicholas then turned his attention to fastening the other one in place. This wasn't going to be as easy as the first one, even though this wouldn't be the first time the boy had tied himself to a chair as, for reasons that would soon becoming clear, he wouldn't be able to sit down to do it. Still, his years of self bondage practise helped him out, and after a bit of a struggle he managed to tie himself in place, standing astride his chair and the object it contained. Nicholas' own home made dildo/butt plug.

The sex toy had been made from the teenager's own plans, dutifully shown on screen so he could follow them by his blackmailer. The three short lengths of electrical cord bound tightly together along three quarters of their length, with the final quarter left to be splayed out, so the finish article would stand up. Then, a selection of thin socks were used to bind around the cable skeleton, to bulk it out to the pre-defined size. The tip would slowly forming into a slight ball shape, under which the shaft became thinner, for a fraction of an inch before it was built back out again to much the same size at the base, where the cable feet emerged. The entire thing, covered in a good thick layer of duct tape, until it gained a shiny silver surface that hid the soft yet firm texture of the finished article which Nicholas had made sure to coat in a good layer of Vaseline moments before his computer had come back to life.

Standing astride his chair, the fourteen year old, carefully manoeuvred himself into a semi crouch until he could feel the tip of his own sex toy, press against the entrance to his anus. Then, holding himself carefully in place, Nicholas arched backwards so he could feel down the back of the chair for the toy handcuffs that were fastened there on a short rope. Once these were located, he quickly closed one around his wrist and then with another stretch, closed the other around his other wrists. The keys to these hung from the back of the chair seat which, at the moment, was completely out of reach. However, once he'd sat fully down, it wouldn't be. Of course that would mean he'd be sitting fully on the dildo, but then, that was what he'd been told to do.

Taking as deep a breath as the gag would allow, Nicholas, silently counted to ten, and then started to push down. His back arching once more as he pushed the entrance to his nether world, against the crown of the dildo, and for a minute or so, it looked as if that would be as far as anything went. But then, as Nicholas rested from the first assault, he found his anus opening by itself and with a little wiggle of his hips followed by a sharp downward shove, the tip of the bulbous crown of the dildo was forced into the boy's bottom.

Suddenly the monitor display changed as the instructions were removed to be replaced with the full screen image coming from the web cam and Nicholas realised there was no going back now. Tied as he was, there was no way he could get enough leverage in order to lift himself high enough to get the dildo out of his bottom even though he had yet to get to the largest part of it. That was about to follow.

Biting down into the cloth in his mouth, Nicholas hips started to alternate between rotating and pushing downwards. His progress was painstakingly slow, but he did gain a few millimetre every now and again only for the cone shape of the dildo's head to then push him back up again. Giving him little option but to repeat his initial approach once more.

Counting down from ten in his head, Nicholas, closed his eyes and bounced his rectum against the dildo in a gentle motion. Then, as he reached zero, he raised himself up as high as he could, and then dropped down, ramming himself, impaling his anus onto the dildo in one go.

A sheet of stretched pain enveloped Nicholas' body from the tips of his curled toes to the top of his head as his sphincter was forced to stretched wide open to accommodate the full girth of the dildo's widest part, although it soon got to relax once more, as the circumference narrowed just below the crown. Now not only was he stuck but he was plugged as well. His bottom already fully stuffed with his own sex toy.

Nicholas remained in his semi crouch for a few more minutes – although it felt like longer – with his eyes closed as he waited for the soreness to subside to a dull ache, as he knew it would do, eventually. Only then did his eyes open to gaze upon the web cam image that looked back at him. For the first time in all the games he'd played he actually got an idea of what he looked like bound and gagged standing astride his familiar computer chair. His long and lean body coated in a sheen of sweat that highlighted the way his leg muscles in particular were straining to keep him in position, above the silver grey object that could be clearly seen disappearing up, into his body. There in the V-shape created by his bound and spread legs, the dildo poked up inside him, while just above it, at the front, his penis was still hard and poking up, hard and tight, into the air as if trying to continue the journey started by the dildo. A journey that Nicholas would soon have to complete.

For several minutes Nicholas stared at – and was turned on by – his reflection, before, finally he continued with the task he'd been set.

Moving slower this time he wriggled and squirmed his way down the dildo, all the time watching his progress in the monitor as the grey object slowly disappeared deeper and deeper into his bottom. Every now and then his prick would give a sudden shudder as the crown of the dildo touched, pushed, of stretched a different part of his insides, before, finally, after nearly ten minutes of trying, his bare thighs were able to touch the actually seat of his computer chair. At the very same time, his prick gave an extra pulse and shot a stream of cum up into the air between him and the computer desk in a very impressive arch.

By the time Nicholas had recovered, he found his monitor had gone dark and that he was alone, sitting on the dildo with no one watching him yet, still he didn't release himself. Not straight away. Instead he waited for as long as he could. Just sitting there, as if trapped, and impaled, and sure enough, his penis started to harden once more.

Chapter Five

Around a week after the incident with the homemade dildo, Nicholas Williams found himself creeping out of his back door, and walking, slowly, and carefully so no one would see him towards the neighbouring house. The butterflies that were making rapid circles in his stomach may have accounted for the strange way he was behaving but, more likely, it had to do with the way he was dressed and the mission he had been given by his mysterious tormentor. Apparently, at least according to the Messenger messages Nicholas had received, the blackmailer had found linked the parts in Nicholas' once secret files, dealing with his torment of Tim Taylor, next door, and now he was going to have to pay the full price for his latest prank in a very fitting manor. The task had been simply put: "You have to get yourself punished in the exact same way as befell your neighbour," he'd been told, followed by just how he could do so, which, included dressing himself in the grey school trousers that had started all of his problems. Naturally, Nicholas' first instinct had been to think he could just lie about it but, the message had concluded that, he had to take his web camera with him, and find some way to film the entire event, just as everything he'd been made to do before had been filmed.

Nicholas waited, until, just as the message had predicted, Mrs. Taylor and Tim had left in the family car, leaving just Travis at home next door. At that moment, Nicholas had stripped off his regular clothes, and having dressed in the same clothes he'd been filmed spanking himself in several weeks earlier, had made his way into the garden to wait for the perfect moment to catch the older boy's attention, which duly came, a few minutes later when Travis, opened his back door to put out some rubbish.

"Hello Travis!" Nicholas yelled as loud as he dared.

Instantly, the close cropped head of the sixteen year old spun in his direction: "Who's there?" Travis snapped, at which point the visitor made himself known, "Oh it's you Nick. How you doing?"


Travis waited, obviously expecting Nicholas to say something else, but when he didn't he added something himself, "Tim's not here, you know."

"I know." Nicholas said, still not sure just how he was going to raise the subject he was meant to be talking about.

"Our mother isn't here either, if that's who you want." Travis told him.

"I know." Repeated Nicholas, "Its you I wanted to see."

"So," Travis stood up from putting the rubbish in the bin, "what can I help you with then?"

"I was just wondering, if its true what Tim says."

"Tim says a lot of things He's at that age.," shrugged Travis, "About what in particular."

Nicholas took a deep breath, and plunged right in: "About you spanking him. Is it true?"

Travis didn't say anything for a moment, just looked at the other boy, not that he could see all that much off him, other than the top of his head. "As it happens," he said, "That's true enough. Mum doesn't think she can spank him hard enough anymore, now Tim's about to go to big school."

"Well, I was wondering," Nicholas again said, "I was wondering if you agree with it?"

"What the spanking? Sure, why not." Travis shrugged, "Little kids sometimes need a good spanking to show them right from wrong and….." Suddenly Travis stopped what he was saying and asked a question of his own: "Why do you want to know Nick?"

"It's for a school project," Nicholas blurted out, just as he'd been told to do, "We're doing a project on what schools were like in the olds and what it was like to go to school back then, and things like that."

"I see. History is it with old Mr. Coyote?"

"Yeah!" Nicholas lied, for although he knew about the rather eccentric head of History at Webber Comp, he didn't actually have any lessons with him but if it would help him carry this off then so be it. Quickly he moved on to the next part of the script, "For the project we've got to try and live like we going to school back then and write reports on it."

"Okay, and you want to do a bit on spanking is that it."

"Yeah, that's it." Nodded Nicholas quickly, "Only its not that easy to find out about stuff like that cos there nothing in the books about how it was done only that it was done and that's it, so I thought that seeing as you actually have spanked someone you'd know what it was like."

There was another pause before Travis said: "Wouldn't you be better talking to Tim about that seeing as he's the one that actually gets spanked."

"I tried," lied Nicholas, "But he doesn't want to talk about it."

"Fair enough. So what have you found out so far?"

"Quite a bit about what the schools were like, but like I said, not much on the spankings. I could show you if you want. I mean, if you've got the time and don't mind helping me with my homework?"

Nicholas held his breath. This was the only way he'd been able to work out that he may be able to get out of this task. Although the web cam in his bag wouldn't work without a direct USB feed, the sound recorder he had in his pocket would, so if he could get Travis to turn him down, seemingly without any prompting, then the blackmailer couldn't blame Nicholas, if nothing happened. At least that was what Nicholas hopped.

"Well, I do help Tim with his homework all the time," Travis said, and found his words leapt upon.

"Oh, okay," Nicholas butted in, turning back towards the safety of his own home, "sorry to have bothered you. See you around."

"Hang on Nick. You didn't let me finish." Travis shouted, after him, but Nick, having turned off the sound recorder, pretended not to hear, forcing the older boy to take the short sprint to the hedge. "What I was….. shit! What are you wearing? Nick!"

Frozen on the doorstep, with his hand already on the handle, Nicholas realised he was caught. If he slipped inside without saying anything then, Travis would be bound to say something either to his family or to Nicholas' so, the only thing he could do was turn around, and continue with the task he'd been given. "It's for the project." He explained, "Didn't you have to wear shorts to school when you were little."

"Hell, no," snorted Travis, "my Dad did, I've seen the pictures, and Tim used to, but I never did. So why are you?"

"For the project," Nicholas repeated, "We have to find out what it was like to be a schoolboy back in the old days, and back then they wore shorts to school."

"But you're not actually at school, in case you haven't noticed."

"Yeah but, I couldn't really actually wear them to school could I. Look at them. I'd get murdered."

Travis watched as Nicholas struck a pose and could only find himself agreeing. As although the two of them didn't really talk all that much he had, seen Nicholas Williams around the street as well as in school, before Travis had left the previous Easter, and had noted just how much the fourteen year old had grown up in the last couple of years but now, seeing him, dressed in the shorts Nicholas somehow looked so much younger. Younger, in fact, than even his own brother had looked when he'd tried on his own senior school uniform, some days earlier. Not to mention the way the dark grey cloth showed off the nice tight curves of the teenager's buttocks when he'd turned around.

"So," Nicholas said, in an attempt to break the strange silence that had fallen over the pair of them, "Can you help me with my project, or not?"


"Well," Nicholas turned the recorder back on again, just in case he could still find a way out of this, "You could tell me what its like to be spanked."

"Hard to describe, besides I've not been spanked for years, since I turned eleven or twelve, something like that."


Sensing the other boy's disappointment, Travis offered up a possible solution, "But if you tell me what you've got so far then I might be able to add some things for you!"

"Well, I know how boys' got spanked, I just want to know what it was like to be spanked."

"Okay then, so how were boys spanked then?"

"Well, sometimes it was with the teacher's hand, sometimes with a plimsoll – which is like an old fashioned trainer – or with a ruler, or if they were really bad then it was the cane."

"Not bad," Travis nodded, "what else?"

Before going on, Nicholas came away from his back step, closer to the older, bigger boy, "If they'd done something minor then they'd have the backs of their bare legs slapped, or they'd have their hands hit with the ruler or cane. But if they were really bad then they'd be spanked."

"And how would they be spanked?"

"On their bums." Nicholas actually giggled when he said, once more making himself look younger than he was, "sometimes even on their bare bums."

"I see." Travis continued to nod as he slipped his hands into the front pockets of his jeans. "Seems you know everything already. Don't think I could tell you anything else."

"Yeah, yes you can," Nicholas piped up. "You can tell me what its like to be spanked, that's the only thing I don't have, and it's the one thing I need to make my project sounds right."

"How so?"

"It's how I've written the rest of it," recited Nicholas from the script he'd been given, "as if it was all happened to me and what it was like, to wear shorts at school, and sit on hard seats, and stand in the corner with your hands on your head, and…."

"Oh, That's what you were doing the other week is it?"

"You saw that!" Nicholas started to blush as he remembered the way he'd been forced to stand in the window after his cousin Shane and his friend had spanked him following the first of the blackmailer's messages.

"No, I didn't, but Tim did, and to think I didn't believe him. Well, I guess it all makes sense now. Sort off. Still that doesn't tell me what you want me to do. By the sounds of it you've got everything sorted out already."

"All except the one thing," Nicholas reminded Travis.

"What thing?"

"What it feels like to be spanked. Can you tell me about that?"

"Not really. You'll probably only know what that's like if you have to go through it someday. Which, of course, you won't cos you're too old for that sort of thing now, although," Travis looked him up and down, "No one would know that from the way you're dressed now."

"That's why I'm dressed like this," Nicholas pointed out, "So I know what it was like."

"Yeah, but like I said you're too old…." There Travis paused, and stared into Nicholas' eye, "Wait a minute, are you asking me what I think you're asking me?"

Finally, knowing his blackmailer would end up hearing this, Nicholas had no option but to come right out and say it: "You could spank me!"

Travis just stared at him.

"Please, its for my school project!" Nicholas begged.

"You really want me to spank you?"

"Yeah! For my project."

"But you know spankings hurt, don't you?"

Nicholas swallowed, and for once didn't have to lie: "Yeah,"

"And you still want me to do it?"

"Yeah," repeated Nicholas, before he remembered the thing he was meant to add, "It has to be a real spanking too, so I can right about it in my project."

"I see." Nodded Travis, a faint smile playing at the sides of his mouth, "In that case, I guess, we'd better go inside, don't you?"

"Sure!" agreed Nicholas, only too happy to get out of the garden where some of the other neighbours could spot him at any moment. However, before he could do that, he had to make sure he would be able to provide proof he'd completed the task he been set, so he made his way directly to the room opposite his own.

"Here you are Nick!" Travis said some ten minutes later when he finally found where his neighbour had ended up, standing in the middle of his little brother's bedroom, "What are you doing in here?"

"I thought it would be best if you did it to me, like you do it to Tim, and Tim said you always spanked him in his bedroom, so I came here." Nicholas explained, hoping, the sixteen year old wouldn't notice the small occasionally flashing red light on top of the small box he'd added to Tim's computer. A box that was now pointing directly at the centre of the bedroom, and which was directly linked, back to Nicholas' own PC beyond the thin dividing wall.

"Okay," Travis just shrugged again, "If that's what you want, I guess it'll be fine, just don't tell Tim, okay."

Naturally, Nicholas had no intention of telling the younger boy anything about what he was doing, and was rather relieved to find out that Travis wouldn't be doing so either. "So," he asked tentatively, "How do we start?"

"Well the first thing we have to do is get this chair and put it here in the centre of the room."

Nicholas watched nervously as Travis walked over to the PC, and then breathed a sigh of relief as all he did was remove the chair from in front of the desk, and place it in the centre of the floor. Then he sat down to give his next instruction. "Come over here Nicky!"

Nicholas started to walk towards him, but then stopped, "What did you call me?" he asked.

"Oh sorry, I forgot you don't like that anymore do you. It's just that dressed like that, in those shorts, you look younger, and 'Nicky' seems to suit you more than 'Nick' does. Sorry."

"Doesn't matter." The bare legged lad, shrugged, having had the same thoughts himself enough times, "I guess its okay."

Travis smiled, "In that case, like I said, "come over here Nicky!"

Once more the disguised fourteen year old, stepped forward, until he found himself, standing beside the chair upon which his neighbour sat.

"Okay, I'm going to bend you over my lap now."

There were no further words, as Travis' hands guided newly christened Nicky down across his lap, with his arms and legs spread out on either side, and his buttocks facing upwards.

"Comfortable?" asked Travis as he tried not to stare at the rear of the other boys shorts which had ridden up still further, to show even more leg, as well as to grew even tighter so they now appeared like a second skin, coating the very nicely rounded rear he'd been asked to spank.

"I'm going to start now!" he finally managed to get himself to say, "Let me know when you've had enough, okay?"

"Okay!" the younger boy said, even as the larger, older hand was being raised above his rear for the first time.


The first blow landed firmly, if not actually all that hard, in the centre of Nicky's shorts, startling the lad slightly, but, as he didn't complain or attempt to pull away, Travis quickly followed up with a second one.


Once more the large hand came down squarely on the willing boy's rear but, again, there was no response.


A third followed, but still Nicky said or did nothing, even though he was fully aware of the warmth that was already being created in his back side.


Nicky's buttocks started to tingle.


Still nothing from the younger teenager, so fearing something was wrong Travis asked, how things were going and if Nicky had enough for his project yet.

"Not yet!" replied Nicky, his voice a little huskier than it had been, "you can keep spanking me."

"Okay," Travis shrugged, his hand having lingered on the tightly encased rear, "How about I do it a little harder now?"

Nicky shivered slightly but still said: "Sure!"

"Okay then. Here it comes."


Two blows landed, one on each of Nicky's buttocks, and just like Travis had promised, both were harder than the previous slaps had been.


Another set quickly followed which pretty much set the tone for what was to come.


Every three or four seconds, another slap landed on Nicky's offered up rear.


Sometimes it was one on each side. Sometimes two on one side. But they always came in twos.


This double pronged attack – especially when concentrated on the same spot – soon caused small sounds to come from Nicky as they contributed to the growing heat in his rear.


Then, after a good dozen blows, Travis stopped himself from going any further, and told Nicky he could get to his feet. "Had enough now?" he asked.

For a few seconds Nicky said nothing, as he struggled to get himself back together from what he'd just experienced. Already he was red in the face, and about to break into a sweat, but, he also knew what he had experienced so far, wouldn't be anywhere near enough to satisfy the unknown person watching on the live feed from his web cam.

"You spank really good." He said, meaning it, especially when compared to Shane who'd had to use a lot more spanks to get the same result Travis had managed in a few seconds.

Travis laughed: "That's what Tim says too. So, you've had enough then?"

"Not really!" Nick's head shook and for the first time Travis noticed the other teenager wasn't wearing any gel in his hair, which had been neatly combed, just like an old fashioned school boy's would have been. There was also, clearly something else on the boy's mind too.

"You want me to continue then?"

"Yeah, but…" again Nicky's voice cracked a little as he forced himself on, "But could you make it a real spanking."

"Real? How so? Hasn't it been real enough already?"

"Yeah, but could you do it on my bum!"

"Your bum!" Travis repeated, noting, once more, the use of the little boy word, "Haven't I been doing it on your arse already?"

"Yeah but I mean on my… my… my bare bum."

The request caught the sixteen year old off guard but, like most teenagers, Travis was very good at covering his own feelings which he did, quickly, by turning it back onto Nick, "Why?"

"Isn't that how you spank Tim?"

"Yes but…"

"…And that's how bad little boys were spanked in my project so that's how it has to be done, so I'll know what it's like."

"I see. Well, if that's how you want it."

Nicky turned to the web cam as he said: "I do!"

"Okay then, come here."

Once more Nicky stepped towards the bigger boy, an pulled up the front of his school jumper so he could get to the front of his shorts, but, as he did so, Travis knocked his hands away. "That's my job!" he said, before telling Nicky stand still which he did. The fourteen year old standing dead still as, for the first time in nearly ten years, someone else undressed him. Travis showing his expert's hand as he quickly unsnapped the top of the shorts, and pulled down the zip. Then his hands went one to each of Nicky's hips, and having curled a finger or two inside the waist band, made short work of pulling the schoolboy shorts down to the lad's ankles in one quick motion. However, he did get one surprise, Nicky wasn't wearing any underpants.

"They didn't wear them in the old days." The panted boy explained, hoping that his jumper was nonetheless long enough to cover his private parts, especially as he was all to aware that his 'willy' wasn't as completely sort as it probably should have been given what had happened, and what was about to happen.

"Okay then," Travis said, his own voice a little croaky, "Shall we continue?"

Nicky didn't replay this time, just climbed back over the youth's knees which, if nothing else, would hide his embarrassment at being turned on by being spanked.

"Make yourself comfortable, while you can." Travis then joked, just as he would have with his little brother, in an effort to lighten the mood. However, on this occasion, instead of Tim's small, and somewhat bony buttocks across his lap, Travis was looking down and a much rounder, a fuller contours of a nicely muscled young teenager that was already showing a slight pinkish glow from the short spanking that he'd already administered. Yet still, here they were, back for more of that same, and that's exactly, what he intended to do.


Without even realising it, Travis added extra blow to the first salvo, and never corrected himself.


Within a few seconds Nicky was moaning again.


The open palm slaps hurting far more now, there was nothing between his bottom and the hand that was punishing him.


The school shorts, hadn't been all that thick, but they had offered some protection, as Nicky was now discovering.


Yet, although the stinging pain was greater, so was the warm feeling that seemed to go along with it.


And soon that warm feeling wasn't just in his buttocks either but was working its way throughout his entire body, and especially to his groin.


Soon, Nicky found himself unable to keep still as he had previously.


His legs kicking, as if that could, somehow easy the constant sting that was quickly building up in his tail.


This caused his bottom cheeks to jiggle even more than they had been from the slaps, until they appeared like two bounds of reddening jelly.


Jelly that was growing hotter to the touch each and every time, Travis' hand came crashing down, as it did repeatedly until the youth reached his built in cut off point. When, almost as suddenly as he'd started, the punishment, he stopped.

A few minutes later, slowly and carefully Nicky climbed from Travis lap, His hands, automatically going around to assess the damage done to his rear.

"Had enough now?" enquired Travis, as he tried not to stare at the front of Nicky's shirt tails which appeared to be jumping around, with a life of its own. "How's it feel?"

"My bum is sore."

"I should hope so," the youth laughed, "Does that give you the answers you wanted for your project then?"

"Yeah!" Nicky said before he looked across at the flashing light in the corner, at once point he changed his mind, "No, not really. I think I can take some more."

"You sure, you've had quite a lot already for your first time."

"Yeah but, I bet Tim gets more than that doesn't he?"

"Yes but he's used to it."

"But I you should punish me just like you would Tim, when he's done something wrong."

"Are you sure, because that will really hurt."

Nicky swallowed hard at those words but kept with the script, "Just spank me the same way that you spanked Tim, the last time he did something really wrong, okay?"

"Are you sure that's what you want Nick, cos, you know, I don't just use my hand and Tim doesn't even wear as much as you are now?"

"I know!" admitted Nicky, quickly realising he was giving too much away, and struggled to correct it, "At least that's what I found out for my project."

"O-Kay!" Travis sighed, "If that's what you want, let's get the rest of your clothes off, then."

Once more fourteen year old Nicholas Williams stood stock still and allowed another, slightly older youth, to undress him. Dutifully, he raised his feet up one at a time, so his shoes could be slipped from his feet, and his socks peeled down his shins. His tie, released from around his neck to allow both his shirt and jumper to be taken over his head in one go, to leave him totally naked.

Despite his very teenage nature telling him to do so, Nicky fought back the urge to cover his nakedness with his hands allowing Travis to look at everything he had, something which the youth seemed rather intent on doing. Not even hiding it, as he openly looked over the younger teenager's body that was almost, but not quite, as well defended as his own. Nick's arms were somewhat skinnier than his, however, leading up to a slender neck, that itself topped a nicely formed chest. His face, still caught somewhere between that of a boy and man, but leaning firmly in the direction of the former, even now he was no longer wearing the juvenile clothing. Of course, now he no longer had anything on, there were several things that made him look his true age, but those were all lower down his body. Hanging between the teenager's sturdy looking thighs, the nicely shaped, and far from soft penis, poked out not quite hard, yet stiff enough to form a slight bridge pointing away from the low slung, slightly furry balls, and the soft crest of sparse hair that crowned it.

"Are you going to spank me some more now?" Nicky eventually had to ask to avoid the eyes staring at him.

"Okay," Travis snapped his mind back to what he was doing, "Go to the back of my mother's door and bring me what you find hanging there."

Nicky went, walking naked as the day he was born, through someone else's house. His bright red bottom almost glowing in the gloom of the hall until he turned into a nearby bedroom. Then he returned carrying what looked like an over sized ping pong bat, but which he'd previously heard in a very different use. One he was now about to experience and which was going to hurt. A lot.

Travis took the bat from him: "Okay get back over my lap and get ready!"

The youth barely waiting for him to get into position before he was raising the paddle up, and bringing it down sharply right across the outstretched bottom.


The sound of the impact echoed in the small room, and for a second Nicky imagined himself to be next door listening in to young Tim getting yet another spanking, but then, a sharp burning flooded into his rear reminding him, in no uncertain terms, just who was being spanked.


He wasn't ready for the second blow, but by the third he was already squirming.


Travis' spare arm curled around his side, somehow holding his arms to his body, and his body tightly to the youth's lap.


"Ouch!" yelled Nicholas out loud for the first time.


Tears welled in his eyes.


His body attempting, and failing to fidget away from the blows that kept coming.


His breathing became little more than sharp panting between the sharp cracks of the paddle landing on his rear.


Then, it all changed. Nick was no longer a strong teenager taking a spanking he'd asked for.


As the blow continued to fall, his demeanor changed, regressing down to that of the character he'd been forced to play.


Opening crying now, he became the naughty little schoolboy getting a well deserved spanking for some unknown misdemeanor.


No longer were his movements simply fidgeting, but something more. Nick was now openly fighting against the punishment he was receiving which Travis right read as showing the teenager had had enough and he stopped.

"This time even you have to admit you've had enough." The youth smiled as he helped the very chastised teenager up to his feet.

"T-t-thank you!" Nicholas managed with some effort, his voice barely audible mixed as it was with his sobs.

"Well, I hope you've got enough for your project now Nick, cos I don't think your bum could take a re-cap."

Looking across as the thankfully still working web cam Nick nodded, his hands finally succumbing to the temptation to hold his battered bottom. An action, that not only, obviously left his front uncovered but which also caused his hips to move forward, as if he was presenting himself to the youth. Or more to the point, to present his rapidly hardening 'willy' complete with the damp tip that, went some way, in Travis' mind to explain, the strange way Nick had been acting all day. Something to which he had the perfect solution.

"Wait there." He told the damp faced teen, as he jumped up and headed for the door. "I'll be back in a moment."

Nicholas waited several minutes, wondering just what was going on. As far as he was concerned he'd already completed the task that had been set but, dare not risk attempting to contact the task master, until he got home. Instead he just stood there, rubbing his bottom, until it occurred to him that he should probably be standing in the corner, which is just where he was, facing the join in the walls, with his hands on his head, when Travis returned.

"Ah, just like I thought, you really do want to take this further don't you? Well, that means that this is going to be just what the doctor ordered. Turn around and have a look."

Slowly Nicholas turned from the wall, to stare opened mouthed at the item that now stood in the centre of the room. Having replaced the chair Travis had sat on to spank him, the new item made him shudder as there was no doubt what it was for, and that it was going to hurt.

"I made it as a surprise for Tim some time ago, but he's never got big enough to use it yet," explained Travis, "However, I think its going to be perfect for you, don't you Nicky?"

Nicholas, didn't answer, he just couldn't take his eyes from what looked like either an oversized saw horse, or a cut down vaulting horse, with its wide padded top, and four sturdy looking legs and cross beams. However, what made it all the more sinister were the five leather straps and buckles that had been fastened in place, one each leg, and the largest in the middle of the top. They could only be there to secure a person bent over the horse and, given what had been happening there was only really one reason why someone would be bent over such an item. To be spanked. Or worse.

"Well come on then Nicky, get yourself bent over so I can finish off what you started."

With those words from the youth, Nicholas knew his fate was sealed. In it, Travis had reminded him that it was he, not the older boy, who had started this entire thing and, therefore, he could hardly complain about anything that was to happen, even if his bottom was already throbbing from the spanking and paddling he'd already had. So, with some trepidation, the naked boy bent himself over the contraption. The weight of his body, resting on his hips, stomach and chest, across the surprisingly comfortable wide top, while his head and legs dangled down from either end, and his hands, over the sides. The blood rushing to his head, as Travis moved in to take his left wrist, and pulled it down to where the first strap waited to trap it, in wide, and soft leather.

"Comfortable?" Travis asked, as he moved around to Nicholas' other side, and repeated the process with is left arm.

Now with both his arms strapped into place, Nicholas was not only helpless, but left feeling even more vulnerable as the action of buckling his arms down, had stretched them slightly, and made him to lay down tight to the top of the horse, which, in turn had raised his rear up making it an even more obvious target than it had been already. That, however, was about to change. For the worse.

"Lift your foot up." Travis instructed, which Nicholas did, so it too could be strapped into place. The ankle straps were nearly at the same level as the wrist straps, which mean Nicholas' legs had to bend at the knee before they could be fastened in place. This, naturally, caused his bottom, not only to become even rounder, than it had been, but also induced it to stick out slightly from the end of the horse so that it became the only part of him, other than his head, to overhang the horse. The one upside of this, was that, it meant Nicholas was no longer forced to lie upon his genitals although that did mean they were then on display, along with just about every other part of him, that he was fairly sure no one had actually seen before.

"Still comfortable?" Travis' voice cracked slightly as he asked the question, although Nicholas didn't notice as, while he'd spoken, the youth, had also removed his shirt, to display his smooth, lean, muscled chest and then went on to take down his jeans, to stand there in just his boxers. "It's hot!" he said by way of explanation, which he probably was, given the sheen of sweat that covered both the teenager's bodies. But in Travis' case, his hotness had resulted in, or been caused by, the larger prick that was jutting out the front of his boxers, and creating a damp patch in the thin cotton. However, when he spotted, Nicholas looking at it, Travis, turned sharply away.

"I've got the perfect thing to finish off your project up here," he said, standing on the tips of his toes to reach up to the top of the wall mounted cupboards above his brother computer. An action that caused Nicholas to smile, as it meant the youth was presenting his very obvious erection directly to the web cam, and for a second Nicholas half hoped that would be enough for his blackmailer to start to pick on the older boy and leave him alone. However, the item Travis retrieved, totally cleared those thoughts from bound boy's head.

"Tim's been threatened with this but he's never actually been punished with it as Mother says Tim's bum is still too small for it. Yours, on the other hand, should be just about perfect. You ready?"

Nicholas wasn't ready, and doubted he would every be ready to feel the sting of the long, thin cane, the youth was swishing through the air but, for some reason, he just couldn't find his voice to say so. Perhaps, he would reason later, he did want to know what it was like to be caned but, he would dismiss that thought, each and every time, it came to him, as he remembered what happened next.

Taking up position, beside the horse, Travis, lined up the cane with the fourteen year old's already deeply red buttocks, pulled back his arm, and let the cane fly.


"Eeeoohh!" yelped Nicholas as the cane sliced into his bottom to leave it's tell tale line right across both his cheeks. It hurt worse than anything else that had happened to him, by some large degree and there was more to come.


Desperately Nicholas wanted to move, as if that could shake off the burning strikes that were landing across his rear, but he couldn't. He was too firmly strapped down to the horse to move anything other than his fingers, toes and his head, none of which helped the pain he was in.


He couldn't even cry out as his teeth were tightly clenched together, and he was forced to gasp for air, as it was.


His face cooled by the tears that had restarted at the first bite of the cane into his buttocks and were quickly turning into a flood as the last blow landed.


"One more!" Travis announced but, as he raised his arm to deliver the sixth blow, the youth happened to glance at Nicholas' face for the first time since he'd started to cane him, and noting the teenager's scrunched up tear stained face, contorted in pain, he suddenly became fearful that he'd gone too far.

"I hope that will help you complete your project!" the sixteen year old said, "Your bum doesn't look as bad as Tim's did the last time I spanked him."

Nicholas found that hard to believe, but he was just glad the cane was no longer flying through the air. His bottom throbbed and ached, from all it had suffered and he just wanted to rub it, but, even as he though about it, that's just what Travis started to do for him. Caressing the red hot checks, as if he could massage away the marks the cane had left on the previous battered flesh.

Slowly, as the manipulations continued, the pain did easy, slightly, which allowed Nicholas to relax, even though he was still strapped down to the punishment horse. And, as he relaxed, the tingling started to return to his groin, until he wasn't sure if it was the actions that had gone before, or what was currently happening. But whichever it was, something was starting to make his willy grow again and, given the position he was in, there was no way he could hide it.

"Seems it wasn't all bad then!" laughed Travis, as his fingers drifted lower, down from the ruby red buttocks to the softer, pinker, cooler, flesh of the bound boy's genitals.

"Oh, oh!" Nicholas groaned at the first touch of another person's hand to his private parts, and then it was all over.

"Shit that was quick!" the youth said, looking down at the small puddle of teenager cum on his brother carpet, "You must have really liked working on your project, eh, Nick!"

The comment caused Nicholas's face to go every bit as red as his bottom was for with it, he realised that not only had he enjoyed aspects of his punishment – though not the actual pain – but, worse yet, the youth living next door, thought he got off on being spanked. And if that was the case, then no doubt, so would the mysterious person on the other end of the web cam. That, could only mean, he would have to do another task to get rid of that assumption, and that, the new task would have to be something even more outrageous than those he'd already completed.

However, before Nicholas could find out what was to happen next, Travis had something for him to do right now. The youth moving from rubbing the teenager's battered rear, to standing in front of his head, and pushing down his boxer shorts. Suddenly the fourteen year old was face to face with the biggest erection he'd ever seen in his life. Okay, so the only erection he'd previous seen had been his own, and once, Shane's, and neither of those had been quite as close as this one was, but still, Nicholas was certain what Travis was offering him was bigger than both of those and that didn't even take into account the heavily hanging balls, coated in longer, thicker hair than the youth had on his head.

"I helped you with your 'project'," Travis told him, jerking his hips so his prick waved in front of Nicholas's face, "So you can help me with mine. Go on, you know you want to."

Strangely, despite never having thought about it before, Nicholas found that he did want to, and almost without thinking about it Nicholas opened his mouth and took the crown of Travis' prick inside.

"Oh yeah, suck it spank boy!" the youth yelled, tossing his head back, and pushing forward with his hips so that more of his engorged organ went inside the younger boy.

Nicholas doing his best in this new field of activity. His mouth sucking hard on the prick sticking into him, and even managed to get his tongue to swirl around the shaft which, as it happened, was more than enough to bring the scenario to a climax, and a moment later, he was fighting to swallow all of the cum that Travis was shooting almost directly down his throat.

"Shit that was good!" the youth announced as he pulled his shrinking prick from Nicholas' mouth. "You're a great cock sucker!"

Nicholas shuddered at those words, for that was the last thing that any boy his age wanted to be told, and he could only hope Travis still wasn't in touch with anyone from Webber Comprehensive. Still, at least this was to be the end of it, and once more it wasn't until later, that he realised just how inviting his bum must have looked all bent over, and spread open as it had been on the horse. So in come ways, he was relieved Travis had only settled on a blow job even if, thanks to his homemade dildo, Nicholas was rather more practised in taking something in his rear, than he was in his mouth. Still, now he was being released, that wasn't something he thought about. In fact all he could think about was the damage done to his bum, and if the bruises would go down, by the next time he had to take gym. That was the reason he kept on feeling and touching his rear, as he redressed, although Travis, laid back on Tim's bed watching, thought it meant something different.

"Hey Nicky," the youth shouted when Nicholas finally walked, stiffly towards the door. "Any time you want another spanking just let me know, okay!"

Nicholas didn't answer. The way the sixteen year old's prick was already starting to re-harden, giving him more than enough information than he needed and he left the neighbours house, without a thought to collecting his web cam.

Chapter Six

For the last time Nicholas Williams looked down at the two items laid out on his bed unsure which of them would be likely to cause him the most embarrassment over the next few hours. The traditional school shorts were bad enough being both tighter and shorter than anything anyone of his age would be seen dead in normally but he was almost getting used to them now. The other items, however, were something else. True he'd worn the handcuffs before, but not the attachments which had now been added, at least not at the same time. The length of chain hanging down from the centre was ominous enough, ending as it did with a felt lined, leather collar complete with small padlock, onto which the handcuff key had been fixed. But there was also the not so small matter of the butt plug that to was fixed to the chain. A butt plug, he himself had made just a few hours earlier.

True those last two items would be hidden from view beneath the shorts but, Nicholas would know they were there and so would whoever it was he'd end up asking to take down his shorts to retrieve the key to the handcuffs. That person, or persons, would also see two other humiliating things. The first being the red marks from his recent spankings that still shone brightly out from his otherwise pale bottom, and the other being that he had no pubic hair. At least, not anymore he didn't.

Just thinking about all the things that could happen to him when he was outside in all this stuff made him nervous, yet, at the same time, it also caused his prick to stand out thick and fat from his now bald pubis as if this had all been planned out in his secret computer diary, which it hadn't. Well no quite, anyway. Someone, he didn't know who, was making him do it. Making him act out scenarios that he'd only thought about before, and making him record each and every one on his own web-cam. The footage then being used to get him to do the next thing. In sort, he was being blackmailed and had been for the last few weeks, into doing ever more risky things, but that, if nothing else, was his own fault after the prank he'd attempted to pull on little Tim Taylor next door. That's what had started all of this and yet, he'd already suffered far worse than the single spanking he'd engineered for Tim. Nicholas actually smiled when he thought of that prank, and he tried to keep his mind on more pleasant thoughts as reached for the handcuffs, as faint smile tickling the corners of his mouth as he thought about what he'd put Tim through over the years, and suddenly feeling like he had something in common with his neighbour after all. Two things in fact. Both of them had been picked on, and neither had any hair other than on their heads, although for Tim this was a natural thing, while Nicholas once proud bush of dark curls, had just been flushed down the family toilet,

"You can't be serious!" Nicholas had typed into the messenger window in response to that request. The first time he'd really questioned anything he'd been told to do.


"But, It's bad enough going to the woods, handcuffed in the shorts without the other things as well."


"No. No. Please don't do that." The teenager pleaded, thinking off the things he had done, both forced and otherwise, in front of his web camera recently. "I'll do it. I'll do it." He hurriedly typed.

When the answer came through a split second later, Nicholas had to sit on his hands to prevent himself from saying anything, as he carefully, very carefully read the instructions he was given. Then, he set about following those instructions, to the letter, showing each item as he either made it, or collected it, to the web cam so his tormentor could agree, or disagree with it. Only when he had everything he needed, was he given the go ahead to start what would turn out to be his final task but for that he needed to go into the bathroom and he wouldn't re-emerge for some time. Now he was back in his bedroom, remembering what it had been like to have no hair between his legs, for the first time in at least two years, and reading what he had to do next.Resting the rest of the handcuff and chain on the seat of his computer chair, Nicholas ensured he remained totally in shot of his, ever recording web cam as he opened up the small felt lined collar and placed it around the root of both his hairless penis and the balls that hung beneath it. Making sure to keep the handcuff key threaded in place – loosing that just didn't bare thinking about – Nicholas closed and fastened the buckle on the underside of his equipment.

"TIGHTER!" flashed on the screen, giving the teenager no option but to pull the small leather strap right to the last possible hole before sliding the metal pin into place. "NOW THE PADLOCK!"

The lock was small, and didn't have a key off its own – at least not one that Nicholas knew about – but that was the least of the teenager's problems, as he fastened it unmovable into place securing the leather collar onto his groin. His prick was starting to harden.

"GOOD. IT'S WORKING!" flashed on the screen followed by an explanation that informed him of how the collar's job was not only to give him an erection but to make sure he kept one, no matter what happened, until it was removed. This was hardly the sort of news Nicholas wanted to hear, but given what his next job was going to be, he didn't have all that much time to think about it.

Turning is back towards the web cam, Nicholas bent over slightly, picking up the tub of lubricant as he did so. Unscrewing the lid, he poked a finger into the thick gel, wiggling it around until it was coated in the light reflective substance, then, he reach back behind himself and stroked the lubricated up and down the crack in his buttocks.

"INSIDE!" he was instructed, and that's what he did, knowing that, and, after all that time sat on the dildo earlier, it would be better for him in the longer run. His eyes, naturally drawn to the displayed image of himself, slowly, and carefully fingering his own bum hole. An action that was causing a more dramatic response both within, and around the cock-collar he was already locked into.

Standing, and turning back around, Nicholas did his best to ignore, the hardness that now waved in front of him, Nicholas moved the chair to one side so he could crouch down. Then, once more making the web cam could follow his actions he, reached under himself for the chain that was hanging from his groin. Feeling along it with his dry hand until he found the butt plug, he pulled his latest homemade sex toy up in front of himself, and started to apply the lubricant to it.

As with the chair dildo, the butt plug, also came to a small point at the head, before that rounded out quite dramatically, almost giving away the identity of the golf ball, that was beneath the cloth and tape covering. Two strands of electrical cord had been taped around the ball to form the head, and then the shaft of the butt plug. A small loop of the cable, poking through the tape at the base of the plug to allow the chain to be attached. There was, however, a good four inches of padded shaft to go between the underside of the butt plug's crown and the base and while this was of a slightly lesser dimension than the crown itself, it was still rather study, with only the last inch or so, being of what Nicholas would have previously considered a 'comfortable' size. Yet still, he had no option but to work it up inside himself, which is what he did next.

Remaining in the crouch, Nicholas hopped around, until he was side on to the web cam's every seeing lens. Then, passed the butt plug on a chain, back through his legs, and, taking hold of it from the other side, offered the head up to his anus. Gritted his teeth, and started to push it inside.

"TWIST IT!" he was advised but he was already doing so, it just wasn't clear on the display. His fingers doing all the work to get his bottom to sufficiently stretch, to take the sex toy inside himself.

"Ow!" the teenager moaned, the first time he felt his sphincter start to give, only for this momentarily lack of concentration to loose him the small amount of headway he'd made.

Pausing for a second, Nicholas, closed his eyes to the messages flashing up on his screen, and counted down from ten. When he reached three he took a deep breath. At two, he steeled himself, and at one, he shoved the butt plug into his bottom nearly in one go.

"Shit!" he yelled, jumping up to his feet, but it was done. Well, almost anyway. The crown of the butt plug was lodged on the wrong side of his sphincter muscle with only a couple of inches of the shaft, and the chain it was attached to, poking out from between his still pink buttocks.


Even as those words flashed up, Nicholas was already easing the remaining part of the butt plug inside himself, whilst, at the same time, wiggling his hips as if that could make room for the intruder, when all it really did was demonstrate to the web cam just how hard his prick had become during the apparently self imposed, impaling operation.


Moving a little stiffly due to the intrusion in his back side, Nicholas picked up his school shirt from the bed, and slipped his arms into it, and buttoning it up the front. The shirt was just long enough to hid his embarrassing, erection but it gave Nicholas little comfort as he threaded his tie under the shirt collar, and tied it into a nice neat knot.

The shorts came next and proved a little tricky as the butt plug moving inside him, made lifting his legs to put them into the shorts, an entirely new experience, but that was nothing to actually trying to fasten the shorts closed. That problem was three fold. The first, was the old one about the shorts being a little two small for a fourteen year old, and Nicholas obviously not wanting to trap anything in the zip as he drew it up. Not that he had to worry about his pubes of course. The second problem was, to try and ensure the chain, and particularly the handcuffs remained in place. The former tucked up neatly between the cheeks of his buttocks, and the latter just hanging out over the back waistband of the shorts themselves. And then there was the final, and not insignificant situation caused by his having a cock ring on. Not only did this keep his prick in its hardest start imaginable, but it also pushed his balls forward slightly, increasing the risk of getting them caught in the zip. In the end, Nicholas had little option but to bend his prick to one side, breath in, and run the zip up sharply, praying for the best.

It worked and nothing was damaged, although Nicholas did have second thoughts when he attempted to sit down, in order to pull on his knee socks and shoes. The shorts, pushed out by his rampant erection, were now even tighter and he partly feared they'd split right down the middle, as he reached to pull the socks up, and tie his laces. Naturally, when it came to stand back up again. Nicholas – or rather 'Nicky' as he now was once more – did so rather gingerly.

"DO YOUR HAIR LIKE A LITTLE SCHOOLBOY!" flashed up, and dutifully Nicky reached for his comb, and using the same gel that usually made his hair stand on end, he combed it flat, with a little centre parting, just like his grandfather would have done when he was Nicky's age. Or a few years younger.


It was the same device he'd used to try to get Travis Taylor to give him a way out of the spanking the sixteen year old had given him, and now it was going to be used to record how he got on in this challenge or, more to the point, if he would do enough, for the torment to end. It barely showed against the thicker material of the breast pocket, and Nicky and his tormentor spent a few seconds checking the levels before, the final order was flashed onto the screen.


Reaching behind himself, Nicky turned his back to the web cam, before peering over his shoulder to watch as the steel bracelets poking out over the waistband of his shorts, were closed first around one wrist and then around the other. Completely trapping him, inside the adventure that he had gone a good way to making up himself, little knowing that one day he'd actually have to act it out.

Then, he turned off his computer monitor – but not his PC which would continue to listen to his adventures, and went first downstairs, and then out of the front door. It being only when the great thick door slammed shut behind him, that Nicky realised that he didn't actually have his front door key with him.

Standing on his own doorstep with the cool wind blowing around his bare knees and thighs, Nicky suddenly realised that the only way he was going to get out of this was to go around asking people to get the key from under his balls, and then un-cuff him. But who. If he asked the wrong person then all hell could break loose and the cops could become involved which would only expose not only himself to awkward questions but a lot of other things as well. Of course, that would only become a problem if he actually got close to someone. If he'd looked ridiculous as an over grown schoolboy when he'd encountered Travis Taylor, at least, then he hadn't had quite so obvious an erection pushing out the front of the short school shorts.

Thinking of limited options he now had, Nicky made one decision fairly fast, moving from the open spot he'd been occupying to one hidden behind the trees that were dotted around his front garden. His first option would be to go next door and get Tim Taylor to release him. The little kid probably wouldn't ask any questions but there was the small matter of him not being able to keep a secret. And, for that matter, what would happen if it was Travis that answered the door. Nicky was fairly sure the older teen would release but that, somewhere along the line, he'd probably end up getting spanked again, and that wasn't something he wanted, just yet.

The next option would be his cousin Shane, but after Nicky's last encounter with him, the tables had turned and Nicky couldn't be sure the younger boy would free him even if Nicky could make up a convincing story about it being the results of some sort of bet gone wrong. Still, that was probably his best option, so unless he could think of something in the meantime, that's where Nicky headed.

Naturally Nicky didn't walk out into the street but instead chose a long way around, picking his way through several gardens before, he could emerge out into the rough ground at the end of the estate. This would take him, via a small park, into a similar estate on the other side when his cousin lived. The problem was, Nicky wasn't the only one sneaking through the woods, at that time as he was about to discover, when a smaller body collided with his, just as he was about to cross over a small stream.

"Got yah! Yelled the shaggy haired blond boy, who came to be sitting on Nicky's chest. "What you doing in our woods?"

"Your woods!" the teenager scoffed, whilst pulling himself back together from the landing he'd been unable to protect himself against. Not to mention the way he was now laying on his hands. "Who says its your woods?"

"We do!" said another voice, belonging to a second boy, now standing beside the downed teenager, "And you've got to ask us before you can get through, or else. Ain't that right, Justin?"

Nicky paused, as the blond boy nodded, his blond hair flying everywhere. This gave the teenager, even more time to catch his breath and to look the two youngsters over. Neither of them looked to be any more then ten or eleven and under normal circumstances probably would have hidden from someone like Nicholas Williams, but these circumstances were far from normal. Still, Nicky, thought he'd be able to turn the unexpected encounter to his advantage. "Could you do me a favour?" he asked.

"Like what?"

"Well," Nicky quickly formulated a story he assumed the youngsters would be able to relate to, "Some big kids grabbed me, and stuck handcuffs on my hands. If I told you where they hid the key, could you let me go?"

"NO way!" answered Justin, instantly, "cos if we do that then them big kids will grab us and to the same thing to us."

"They won't." Nicky tried to bump the smaller, denim clad boy from his stomach, but Justin held on tight, "They won't even know who you are."

"Yeah, whatever!" scoffed the standing kid, "but what do we get out of it?"

"Yeah," confirmed his buddy, "Like Markus said, what do we get out of it?"

"Anything you want?"

"Anything?" they chorus.

"Yeah," confirmed, Nicky, "But you've got to get the handcuffs of me first."

"What handcuffs?"

"On his hands." Justin answered before Nicky could, raising his body from the teenager, and rolling him over, so they could see the steel encircling Nicky's hands. Naturally, they also saw the chain. "Hey, his hands are chained to something inside his shorts."

This revelation, for some reason, caused, Justin to jump from Nicky and for both of the youngster's to giggle wildly, which if nothing else did give Nicky the chance to roll himself up onto his knees which gave them something else to look at.

"Look at his dick!" Markus whispered, as loudly as only a little kid could.

Nicky blushed bright red as the two smaller boys, looked at the rounded head of his prick pressing against the front of the shorts, unable to do anything about the show it was making for the young prying eyes.

"Hey, dare you to touch it!" Justin said suddenly, nudging his friend.

"No way." Came the automated reply from the other two people present, albeit for very different reasons.

"Go on, Markus. Touch it. He can't do nothing about it. Unless you're scared too!"

"No way. I'm not scared." The darker haired lad shouted, every bit as loudly as he'd earlier whisper.

"So, go on then. Touch it. Double dare you."

Just like every other boy his age, Markus was unable to resist the double dare so reached out his index finger and began to tease the tip of the ridge in Nicky's shorts while his friend watched him, actually rather surprised that their captive did nothing to stop what was happening to him. To test this, Justin, suggested something else, "Give it a squeeze."

"Ouch!"" Nicky moaned, as the soft pre-teen fingers dug into both his shorts and the genitals they barely contained.

"Wow, his balls are big and hard!" observed Markus as his fingers continued to plough into the older boy's groin.

Justin giggled: "Maybe you should soften them up a bit."

"Ouch! That hurts!" Nicky complained, but the two lads ignored him although they did swap places. Justin taking his turn to have a grip and grope of Nicky's balls and erection. His small fingers working up and down the hard shaft, before he pulled his hand away, and aimed a hard flick, at the expanded lump.

"Ouch!" the teenager yelped, and attempted to pull away, but, just before he could do so, Justin's hand latched onto his waistband and held him in place.

"Hey, Markus," the youngster turned to talk to his friend, "This kid must like people tying him up and stuff, did you feel how hard his dick was."

"Yeah!" confirmed the other lad, nonetheless shoving his own hand into Nicky's already crowded, groin. "DO you think he's got hair yet?"

"No, course not," laughed Justin, directly into Nicky's face, "look at him, he's only got short trousers on, course he can't do nothing like that yet."

"Really, he's dick feels like its big enough."

"No way!" Justin insisted, "and I'll prove it too."

"No don't take my shorts down," protested Nicky but it was already too late. The two preteen boys had already unfastened the waistband of his shorts, and from there, it didn't take them long to run the barely holding zip down, and to peel the short grey cloth down to the teenager's knees at which point, first Markus and then Justin re-latched their hands back onto Nicky's dick. "It really is hard ain't it." Said the first boy.

"Yeah," replied his mate, "But like I said he ain't got no hair has he."

Markus peered in close, "No, he ain't has he, but he's got something round his dick, look there, at the bottom. It goes around his balls too."

Nicky was forced to stand their with his hands cuffed behind his back as the two smaller boys examined the self-bondage he'd been forced to put himself into. Naturally it didn't take them very long to find the key that was attached to the leather cock strap although it did take them some time to find out just how to take it off, but next to no time, to realise that it was the key to the handcuffs Nicky had mentioned earlier. This, of course, meant the teenager was now totally in their control, as it was only that key that could release him, and it was now in the hands of the two boys, both of whom were younger than him. That thought gave him body wide goose bumps that had little do to with the cool weather, and more to do with the way the four young eyes were now studying him, in every detail.

"Hey, I've got an idea." Justin said just Nicky was sure one or other of his captures was about to discover the butt plug lodged firmly up his bottom, "let's take him to our HQ, and play some more with him there."

"Yeah! Come on. Let's go." Markus agreed setting off at once, his hand still locked around Nicky's erection, forcing the teenager to follow him deeper into the woods.

It took fifteen minutes for the three boys to get where they were going, emerging from the other side of the woods, at what looked like it had once been some sort of stables. However, Markus didn't lead him towards any of the former horse blocks but to a small brick built building at the end which had once housed the on duty riders and stable boys. The door was shut and Nicky hopped locked but that wish was soon dispelled when the door swung open, seeming on its own, and the two smaller boys stepped aside so they could push the teenager inside, before closing the door, once more, behind the three of them.

Slowly Nicky's eye adjusted to the dim light inside the room he was able to take in the buck beds at one end for the stable boys, and the surprising large, single one, for the jockey, while, off to one side, was a tiled area that he assumed was some sort of shower. However, Nicky didn't get long to wonder about what was inside there, as moment later a figure appeared in the doorway. A figure that, at first made Nicky's hope's raise but then, when he saw the expression on the small freckled face, he lost all hope.

"Hello Nicholas," little Tim Taylor said slowly, "I've been waiting for this moment ever since, you tried to set me up to wear shorts at Webber Comp."

"You!" Nicky shouted, finally putting two and two together, "You're the one that's been doing this to me?"

"Of course. Even though I didn't do it on purpose, well not at first anyway."


"Remember when your mum got you your web cam for your birthday? Well, do you really think she was able to install it herself?"

Nicky just stared at the small boy.

"No, of course, she didn't, she asked Travis to do, but he's useless with computers so he asked me, seeing as he knew I'd installed my own. Naturally I used my software to get yours working, not realising that both our web cams would end up connecting to each other."

"So you, you've seen…."

"…everything…" Tim confirmed. "Course I wouldn't have done anything with it if you hadn't tried to set me up. But still, here we are. And now you have to do everything I say, don't you Nicky?"

Even in the circumstances he was now in, Nicholas' first impulse was to correct the use of his name, until, that is, he realised it was pointless. He was trapped and what, Tim was saying was perfectly true. He did have to do everything the younger boy, and his friends said. But what did they want? He was about to find out as Tim gave the other two boys a predefined signal, that had them both pushing one of their knees into the back of both of Nicky's giving the bigger boy, little option but to drop to his knees on the rough floor.

"Suck it!" was shouted at him causing him to look up and being rather surprised to find that in the time it had taken the two smaller boys to fell him, Tim had stripped himself out of his jeans and shirt, to stand there naked in front of him, with his surprisingly large penis standing out hard and proud in front of him.

"Suck it!" Tim repeated, his voice suddenly sounding older and deeper than it had before.

"No please don't make me!" Nicky pleaded, but they all knew it was no good.

"Don't pretend like you don't want to. I've got film of you sucking my brother, remember." Tim reminded him, whilst pushing his hips forward. Slowly, realising he was beaten, Nicky opened his mouth, and allowed the other boy to slide his hard pricklet into his mouth, and not just the crown either, like it had been with Travis, but all of it.

As the younger boy's penis slid deeper and deeper into his mouth, Nicky attempted to pull his head back but it did no good as once more Tim Taylor acted out of character, and took a hold of his once neatly combed hair, to hold him still, using it like handles, as he guided the kneeling teenager's face onto his rigid organ, until Nicky's nose was pressed hard up against, the smooth hairless skin of Tim's lower belly.

For several seconds the two boys froze like that so Justin and Markus could see that all of Tim's pricklet was in the older boy's mouth, then, Tim started to move Nicky's head back and forth along his short length, over and over again.

"Oh yeah, suck my cock!" Tim moaned, the curse words sounding even ruder from the normally polite boy's mouth as he neared his end. His hips soon thrusting forward to meet Nicky's head as he dragged it back onto himself. The action becoming ever more violent, until, he was practically slamming his Nicky's head into his mid-section.

Suddenly, Tim's young, thin, body, became rigid and he held his pricklet pressed deep into Nicky's mouth, so the teenager to feel every single one of the good, hard, strong, pulses that ripped through the eleven year old's body.

"Wow that was brilliant!" Justin explained, "he really sucked your dick, Tim, he really did."

"Yeah! He did." Confirmed Tim pulling himself back together, "And do you know what, he's going to be sucking a lot more dicks too."

"Wow!" was all Justin could say to that, which gave Tim an idea.

"Hey, why don't you get him to suck you now, Justin?"

"What? Really? Me? You sure?"

"Yeah why not? Nicky will suck you off, won't you Nicky?"

Nicholas said nothing, which apparently didn't go down to well with the blond youngster, Markus however, had other ideas, and unseen by his friend, he sneak up behind Justin and yanked down his trousers, revealing is slightly babyish white Y-fronts.

"Hey!" protested Justin, but it was too, late as a second later Tim too had joined in, and Justin found himself, laid out on the nearest bed, with his legs dangling over the side, while Tim pulled down his underpants to show his surprisingly soft, immature penis.

"Come on Nicky," Tim taunted the teenager, "Come and suck Justin's willy for him."

For some reason Nicky was slightly relieved he was no longer the centre of attention, shuffling forward so he was knelt between the little boy's struggling legs, looking down at the small penis, and the smooth skin of the tiny hairless balls. Then, without further instruction, he leaned forward and sucked the small morsel into his mouth.

"Hey, he's got my willy!" Justin yelped making his friends laugh.

Meanwhile, Nicky started to work his way down the small foreskin, actually enjoying the sensation of the small penis started to harden under his attention. It didn't actually get all that big, but Nicky was too taken by the sensation of sucking off another boy while he was being held down by his friends. Not that Justin was struggling for all that long.

"Ooh that feels great!" the youngster was soon yelling.

"Told you you'd like it." Tim told him, but Justin was no longer listening. He wasn't struggling either. Just bouncing his hips up and down in time to the sucking he was getting.

"It feels funny!" he said next.

"You're coming." His teacher informed him, to which he just squealed and began to ham his ticking willy harder into Nicky's mouth. Nicky, in turn could feel the hard little rod in his mouth pulse as the youngster it was attached to, apparently reached his first orgasm, it taking a few more minutes before Justin finally finished, and grew still.

"Nice one Nicky!" Tim told him, patting his head, like he was a small dog, "Now we'll give you your reward, get up on the bed."

Obediently, the teenager did as he was told, even allowing the three younger boys to manoeuvre him onto his back in the centre of the single bunk. His hands were still behind his back but, thankfully, the bare mattress had just about enough give in it to prevent that from being a problem, even as ropes were being tied around his ankles to, he thought, fasten him spread-eagle on the bed. However, the boys had other ideas, and they pulled Nicky's legs up and back, folding his nearly naked body in half, but keeping his legs spread wide open. They then tied the ropes attached to his ankles to the head of the bed, leaving him, totally exposed, without a secret in the world.

"Hey what's that thing?" Markus asked pointing between Nicky's obscenely spread legs.

"A butt plug." Explained Tim, didn't you notice how funny he was walking, that's why."

"But why is he wearing it?"

"To get him ready." Tim sighed, clearly not having explained as much as he'd thought to his friends, "Still I think he's had it in for long enough now. I'll get the key and then you can take it out."

A few seconds Tim came up with the key he wanted which wasn't the one that had been hanging from Nicky's balls all this time. Instead the small boy, produced a key from his jeans which released the cock ring from the teenager's groin, allowing him to pull the chain down, away from the butt plug. Then, once he'd done that, he sat back to allow Markus to complete the job.

Reaching for the small loop of wire that barely protruded from the older boys bottom, Markus worked his finger under and around it, somewhat gently tugging on the item that, at first, appeared to be stuck fast inside Nicky's bottom. Slowly Markus increased the effort he was using and, slowly, the shaft of the butt plug started to emerge, followed by, eventually, the flared middle of the device passed through Nicky's anal ring, followed, quickly by the crown.

"See how his bum hole is all open now." Tim explained to Markus who was still holding the plug in his hand while, at the same time, he unfastened the dark haired boy's jeans. Unlike his friend, Markus didn't do anything to prevent himself being stripped just stood there and allowed it to happen but then, as everyone soon saw, Markus had less to be ashamed off than Justin had. His pricklet, was neither soft or small, but it was very, very hard and already appeared damp at the tip.

Reaching down, Tim brushed his finger across the end of his friend's pricklet, and transferred the translucent liquid Markus was emitting over to Nicky's still wide open hole, causing the teenager to gasp.

Almost in a dream, Nicky looked back through his own open and spread legs, to watch as Markus was guided up onto the bed, until he was on all fours above the teenager. Then he started to lower himself.

Tim's hand appeared between the two bodies, helping to guide his friend's hardness towards the teenager's hole. Markus moaning as his pricklet was manipulated and stroked into place. This sound increasing in both frequency and volume, as a warm tight feeling encircled his organ as it slipped untroubled into the older boy's anus.

"Okay, start moving it in and out of him." Tim continued to instruct from the side lines as he watched his friend having anal intercourse. This Markus duly did, pulling slowly in and out of Nicky.

This was a feeling Nicky had never had before. Having only been screwed by dildos and, of course, the butt plug, he couldn't believe just how different – and how better – being fucked by a real boy was. Even if it was a little boy.

Soon, Markus was pumping in and out of Nicky, and several minutes later, he felt his cum rising inside his balls, and instincts finally took over. His thrusting becoming faster and more frenzied until, seconds later he was filling Nicky with his thin preteen cum. Then he just rolled off Nicky, and lay at the foot of the bed, breathing heavily.

"That's the fun over with then," Tim then announced, returning to his jeans from where he found a thin leather strap with a split near the end. "Now its time for little Nicky's punishment."

"What?" Nicholas said, "haven't you punished me enough?"

"No, not nearly enough." Tim sneered at him, "Not for all those things you've done to me over the years. No way."

"But…" Nicholas protested, but it was too late, Tim was already swinging the strap closer and closer to Nicky's widely spread rear.


"Ahhh!" Nicky cried out. "It hurts!"

"Yeah its meant to, just like all those spankings you've got me over the years." Tim said, drawing back the strap and flicking it across Nicky's bottom. It wasn't very hard, but it good a big reaction.

"You'd better get used to being spanked," Tim told him once he'd calmed down, "Cos there's going to be a lot more of this sort of thing in the future. You won't believe how many kids there are that want to spank the bum of a naught little school boy."


"Well, there's me and my friends to start with, then there's Justin's big brother Luke, and his friend Shane – you know Shane don't you, course you do, he's your cousin."

"But he's already spanked me, and Luke too."

"Yeah, I know," Tim smiled, "We're seen the video, but, guess what, they want to do it again. And soon. Just like Travis does. In fact," Tim put down the strap, "Travis wants to spank you so bad, I think I'd better wait till then before you get to feel what this strap really feels like. Of course, knowing Travis, that's not the only way, he'll be making your bum sore."

For a moment, only Tim laughed at his joke, but thanks to a few quick gestures, his two friends soon caught on to the joke, and looking at the still slightly opened entrance to Nicky's anus, the three smaller boys, wondered if it could really stretch far enough to accommodate the monstrous organ they had seen on the web cam that had been left in Tim's house following Nicky's spanking there. One thing was sure, they wanted to find out.

And strangely, so did Nicky.

The End

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