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A Boy's Tale

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This story is about a boy who wakes up in modern times and can't remember anything except that he has telekinetic powers. So he spends a lot of time with the government and a lot of time escaping and does all kinds of crazy stuff and finds some nice boyfriends to hang out with. It's just the best story ever, go read it right now!
Publ. 2007 (Nifty); this site Aug 2010
Finished 142,500 words (283 pages)


Drake Sawyer (13yo), Allison (16yo) and Alex (14yo)

Category & Story codes

Consensual Boy erotic story/sword & sorcery
tt tg – cons mast oral anal piv


This story contains descriptions of sexual acts between minors. If this is not to your tastes, or is illegal wherever you live, please leave now, unless you wish to be educated and/or have an open mind. Nothing was hurt in the making of this story except for maybe a headache here and there when I wrote it too late at night. This story is pure and total fiction and if you don't realize that after the first paragraph, you've been smoking some funky granola. This story expresses my and everyone's attraction to little boys and is obviously fictional.

Author's note

I suck at naming my stories but trust me, this one's THE best I've ever written. Enjoy!

I lost contact with the author. Are you the author, please contact me.

Chapter 1

Boy have I got a heck of a story to tell you! I figured I ought to write it all down cuz it's just too good of a story not to share. It's a better story than I ever heard told if I do say so myself, and I haven't even wrote it out yet! Hmm, I dunno where to start so I guess I'll just tell you about myself. My name's Drake Sawyer or at least that's what I told everyone this time. I grew up to the great age of thirteen before something happened to change my whole life. I guess it kinda depends on how you look at it but I'm still my same old thirteen year old self, and a mighty handsome young man too heh heh heh. I'm really a couple hundred years old but I sure don't look it.

Well I bet you're confused now so I'll start from the beginning.

The first thing I remember in recent memory was waking up in a scary, dark place and I was real scared but then there was an explosion and I climbed out of a big hole in the ground and wandered around for a bit. I couldn't remember who I was or why I was there so I looked for someone, hoping they could help me out. One thing I did know for sure was that I was wandering around in a cemetery and it got me real nervous.

I finally found what I guessed was a road though I never seen anything quite as fancy as it before that. It was perfectly flat and hard as a rock with little yellow dashes in the middle. It was night time and I couldn't see very far but I did see two bright lights coming down the road towards me from very far away and I figured it was some real fancy horse drawn carriage. I reckoned it must have been pulled by at least four big, strong horses to move as fast as it did but when it got closer I didn't see or hear any horses at all. I was standing in the middle of the road and started to wonder if it was going to hit me but I was too scared to move, especially with the big thing making a loud growling noise. Luckily it slowed down and stopped real fast a couple feet in front of me. I stared at it but the lights were so bright, I couldn't see much other than a big, dark outline.

After a little more time staring at it, a loud noise that I never before in my life heard came from it and scared me half to death. I fell backwards onto the ground and heard the low growl coming from it and started to have second thoughts about it being a carriage. Maybe it was a new kind of monster I had never seen before and it was going to eat me! I wanted to get up and run away but I saw how fast it could move and I knew it could catch up to me and kill me easier than me stepping on an ant! I knew a little bit about bears so I hoped there was no difference as I got up and slowly inched towards the side of the road. Most bears would just let me go if I showed I wasn't going to bother them. Then I heard another strange sound followed by a human voice.

"Hey kid, what the hell's wrong with you? Get outta the road."

I was confused and scared and too busy taking in the whole situation to respond. Then I heard the man shout something else.

"What are you doing out here by the cemetery this late at night? And what the hell are you wearing? Come here for a second."

It sounded like the voice was coming from the left side of the gigantic beast or machine or whatever it was so I cautiously walked over. Now that I was out of the bright lights, I could see that there was a window with a man sitting in it. There were all sorts of fancy, glowing gadgets and things inside what I now realized was a machine, not a monster.

"H… hello sir. What is this enormous thing that's carrying you?"

He gave me a funny look then answered, "It's a Honda Odyssey, why?"

"Honda… Odyssey… That sure is a funny name. Does it carry you around like a carriage?"

I heard a boy giggling from deeper inside the great machine but I couldn't see inside the back part.

The man stared at me some more then asked, "Okay, enough playing. Where's your parents, kid?"

"Parents… I… I don't know. I don't think I have any."

"Okay, then who brought you out here?"

I thought some more but couldn't remember anything.

"I… I can't remember," I said and started to frantically search my mind for any hint of what I was doing out here. "Where am I?"

"You're in a real old cemetery a couple miles outside LA."

"LA… I've never heard of that."

"You're not from around here, are you?"

"Guess not," I answered quietly and almost started crying because of the frustration of not being able to remember anything.

"You're all covered with dirt… and those clothes… what happened? Did someone hurt you?"

"Umm… I was trapped in some dark, scary place and then there was this explosion and stuff flew everywhere and I climbed out of a big hole and I don't know where I am," I frantically explained and a couple tears rolled down my face.

The man reached down and picked up a small glowing piece of metal and pressed his finger against it a couple times and put it on the side of his face.

"Hey, I got a bit of an emergency here. I almost ran into a kid in the road outside that old cemetery outside of town… yeah, that's the one. He says there was an explosion or something and now he can't remember anything and he looks pretty beat up… yeah, I would bring the cops too just in case… alright, I'll stay here with him till you get here. Okay, thanks, bye."

"Who were you talking to? Can that little metal thingy hear you?" I asked.

"Umm, you just sit tight kid, I gotta pull over to the shoulder," he said and I jumped back as the machine he was riding in growled loudly and lurched forward and over to the side of the road. Then it became silent except for four flashing yellow lights on the front and back. The guy opened a door and stepped out and another door on the side opened and a boy about my age stepped out too.

"Jimmy, you stay in the car. It's not safe."

"Aww, come on dad, I wanna see him."

He walked over behind his dad and they both stared at me in the moonlight.

"You're all covered in dirt and those clothes look like something a homeless person wouldn't even wear. Are you sure you don't remember anything else?"

I nodded and examined both of them closely. They were wearing some pretty fancy looking clothes and they had on shoes like I had never seen before. Then a memory suddenly flashed into my head and I asked, "Am I in the… um… United States?"

"Uhh… yeah," the man answered as if it was obvious.

"I don't think I'm from here but I remember being here for some time."

"What's your name?"

I thought as hard as I could and after what seemed like forever I answered, "I think it's Drake Sawyer."

Somehow I knew that wasn't really my name but I thought I had been called it by people at some point.

"Do you go to Wilson Middle School?" the boy asked but I just looked at him, confused.

Then I heard a loud rumbling noise coming from above and I looked up and saw a large, black outline moving across the sky. The rumbling was getting louder and closer and I assumed it was a terrifying monster coming to swoop down and attack us.

The two saw that I was staring up at it and shaking and the dad asked what was wrong.

"It… it's a monster! Oh my gosh, it's getting closer! I never seen a bird that big! It's going to attack us!" I screamed then crouched down and covered my head.

"That's just an airplane… probably landing at LAX."

"I never heard of one of those. Are they dangerous?" I asked as I peeked up cautiously and saw that it was passing overhead.

"Drake, now tell me the truth. Did you do any drugs tonight?"

"Drugs? No, I don't remember being hurt enough for a doctor to give me any lately."

"Not that kind."

"Well I don't know about any other kind."

"Okay, well I'll just let the police deal with that."

Another smaller carriage machine zoomed past loudly on the road and I buried my head in my knees and started to cry.

"I don't like this place, it's scary. I don't even know where I am or where my home is."

"Try and calm down. The police will be here soon and they'll get it all sorted out for you."

I looked up at them for a moment and tried to think of something happy that would take my mind off all of it for a while. My gaze stopped at the boy standing next to his dad. I couldn't help but notice he was very beautiful. He had perfect skin and very clean blonde hair that all set neatly against his forehead. His big eyes kept looking at me and before I knew it, my brain started to put together a strange daydream to make me calm down. I pictured the boy walking over to wipe away my tears and hugging me and trying to comfort me. Then his dad faded away into the darkness and we were all alone. He gently encouraged me to take my shirt off then did the same and we laid together on the soft grass under the dim glow of the moon. There were no airplane monsters or Honda Odysseys around. His beautiful, perfect skin would feel so nice against mine and we could keep warm by holding each other and getting each others hearts pumping excitedly. I took off all the dirty, smelly, worn and torn clothes and he caressed me all over and everything was going to be alright. I could hold him all night and get sweet little kisses from his soft lips all over my body.

My happy daydream was interrupted when the kid asked, "Why are you staring at me?"

"Sorry…" I said and didn't care to explain just what I was thinking about at that moment.

"Maybe you should go back in the van until the police get here," the man told his son and this time he obediently trotted back to the machine and got inside.

I sat there trying to remember whatever I could about myself and didn't come up with much. Soon I heard another loud noise and a line of machines with flashing lights rushed quickly to where we were and stopped. I got up and watched as several men in uniforms jumped out of each one. I had never seen any machines that looked like that or could move that fast. I didn't have much time to look at the curious machines though because I was much more concerned with the large, uniformed men running towards me. It really looked like they were going to attack me so I put my hands up in front of me and closed my eyes. When no grabbing or tackling occurred I cautiously looked at them standing in front of me and whimpered, "I didn't do anything wrong, I swear. Please don't hurt me."

"Calm down. We're here to help you so if you could just answer a few questions for us…" one of the men told me.

"Hold on, he's bleeding," one of the men in the other uniforms said and grabbed my arm. Under a big tear in my sleeve I saw a deep scratch and I remembered a splinter of wood scraping it during the strange explosion not long after I woke up.

"Okay, let's get him into the ambulance," another man said.

"We'll look around and try and figure out what went on."

One of the men went back to the machine and opened the back door while another stayed with me. One more went to talk to the man who I met first and yet another shined a bright light over the cemetery and started to look around.

"Stay calm, what's your name?" the man holding me asked.

"I think it's Drake."

"Okay Drake, I'm going to need you to come into the back of the ambulance for me so we can take a look at you."

"What's an ambulance?"

The man stared at me for a second then took something off of his belt and held it in front of my face. Suddenly a bright light came from it directly into my eye and I quickly stepped back and covered it.

"Ow, hey, stoppit!" I complained.

"Calm down, I just need to check your pupils."

"I can see just fine but that's not helping me know where I am," I replied.

He tried to do it again to my other eye and I turned completely around and yelled, "Stoppit! That hurts!"

The man took a deep breath and sounded frustrated.

"I need you to relax so we can help you. I just want to take a look at you to check your pupil response to see if they're dilated or not."

I didn't understand a word of that but I didn't trust him.

"Do you remember eating or drinking anything that tasted funny or made you feel funny?"

"No, I don't remember eating or drinking anything at all."

"Do you remember how you got this cut on your arm or how you got out here?"

The man sure wasn't helping. All he was doing was making me even more scared that I didn't know what was going on.

"No, I can't remember anything," I cried with tears rolling down my face.

One of the other men walked over and said quietly to the man that was questioning me, "They said he didn't know what a car or plane was and can't remember anything and he's acting real paranoid. He wasn't even too sure about his own name."

"I don't think it's really Drake, I think that's just what people call me," I interrupted and they both looked at me.

The man started lifting up parts of my clothing and touching me all over and he said, "Okay, I don't see any more injuries but I think we better get him to the hospital fast."

"I don't wanna go with you! You tried to hurt me, I don't like you!" I screamed and the man that had just came over grabbed my arm tightly. I tried to squirm away but I froze when he bumped me where the cut on my arm was. I started to cry even harder as he held firmly onto my shoulders and made me walk over to the bigger machine with the blinking lights.

They forced me to lay on a sort of bed inside it and I wanted to struggle but they kept telling me not to. I didn't stand a chance against them if they did want to hurt me and I just wanted to get out of this place so I stopped struggled and laid perfectly still, and tried to stop crying.

The man kept asking me more questions that I couldn't answer and I said, "Whoa!" as the whole machine took off down the road.

"How does this carriage machine move so fast?" I asked.

"I'll tell you later, alright? Does any other part of your body hurt?"

"I got a headache and my arm hurts and I bruised my legs I think and I'm really tired."

"You might have a concussion."

"What's that? Is it bad?"

"Just try and stay awake for me. I need to take a little bit of your blood so we can test it back at the hospital and figure out what's wrong with you."

I stared wide eyed at the large needle he held up and he noticed how scared I was of it.

"You'll barely feel it, I promise," he said softly but moments later, the only sound anyone around could hear was me screaming.

After he was done I rubbed my arm and cried, "You keep hurting me, you're not trying to make me better at all, are you?"

"I promise we're going to make you feel all better and find your parents and get you back home good as new."

"Okay," I answered and didn't really believe him. He rubbed some stuff on my cut that burned a lot and I screamed again and completely stopped believing that he was there to help me. I swung my good arm at him and missed. I tried to get up but he pushed down on my chest to keep me down. I kicked something and stuff fell all over. I saw him get out another smaller needle and he managed to get it in my arm despite my struggling. I instantly felt really tired and couldn't help but fall asleep. I don't remember everything about when I woke up but I knew I was inside a strange building with large curtains and all sorts of strange machines making weird noises. I was dizzy and everything looked blurry as I looked around. When I tried to move, I realized my arms and legs were restrained. I struggled around and panicked when I couldn't get free. Who knew what terrible things these people would do to me now that they had me tied down and somehow made me sleep. I didn't even want to think about what all the strange machines could do to me but I couldn't help it. Maybe one would take more of my blood or tear my skin open or put strange things into me to make me sleep again… or worse.

I struggled even more and heard a beeping noise get faster and faster. This was just like being trapped in that dark, scary box the first time I woke up. And just like that time, all of a sudden I heard things crashing and breaking around me. The curtains by the sides of the bed flew back and everything not bolted down went flying away from me. I noticed when it was all over that I was still being held by the restraints. I looked around at all the destruction and had a strange feeling that I had caused it. I wanted to yell out for someone to help me but I had no idea what kind of attention that would attract. A few moments later though, a whole bunch of people in white clothing and a few in gray rushed into the room and gasped.

When one leaned over me, I screamed, "Let me go!"

They kept looking around and trying to put things back in their place.

"What happened here?" a lady asked me and I didn't answer. I tried to sit up but restraints tightened and I sank back down onto the bed, defeated.

I was still so groggy and weak from whatever made me sleep before that I couldn't struggle anymore.

"What happened to all this stuff?" a man in a gray outfit with a shiny metal star on his shirt asked.

"I dunno," I quietly answered then decided to try to appeal to these evil people's sense of humanity. "What's wrong with you people? You stick needles in my arms and make me sleep and make my cuts hurt more and tie me down and touch me all over and I never did anything to you. Just let me go, it's not right to torture innocent kids like this."

"We're just trying to help you, alright?"

"Stop saying that! You're not! Every time someone says that, it's right before they do something to hurt me some more!"

One guy in a white coat leaned over me and said, "If you promise not to try and run away or hurt anyone, we'll undo the restraints, alright?"

I nodded and watched cautiously as they unstrapped the leather straps holding me to the bed. I didn't dare move as they took turns asking me the same questions that everyone did before. I still didn't know where I came from or who my parents were or anything.

"We gave you something for the pain and bandaged up that nasty scratch on your arm. Does it feel better?" a nicer sounding lady asked as most of the other people set all the machines back in place around me like they were supposed to be.

I examined the bandages and nodded. I heard one of the men whisper, "I can't imagine how this happened… something really weird is going on. Call the FBI," but I didn't know what that meant.

"What are these doing to me?" I asked as I looked at the weird things stuck to my bare chest.

"Those record your heart beats so we know you're alright."

I wasn't sure if I believed her.

She asked me, "So, what gave you these nasty scars?"

I looked down and on my chest were three huge, long scars. I ran my finger along one and tried to remember. The beeping sound got faster again and my eyes widened as a scene of unspeakable horror flashed into my mind of how I got the scars.

"What's wrong?" she asked but as quickly as it came, the memory faded away. A couple tears rolled down my face and I answered, "Something really, really bad…"

One of the men was talking to what I assumed was some sort of doctor. They were talking about my condition and I heard them say they couldn't find a single sign of brain damage or any foreign chemicals in my body. They both came over to me and asked me to tell them anything I knew about what happened to the room.

"I woke up and I was scared and then everything…" I answered and motioned and waved my arms around. "Are your machines supposed to do that? I think they're broken."

They all looked at each other in disbelief and one of the men asked me, "No, they aren't supposed to do that. Have you ever heard of telekinesis?"

"How could this have anything to do with that new telephone thingy that Mr. Bell invented. I never used one, honest. I don't think it can move stuff though, just let you talk to people."

Everyone stared at me for some reason. I realized I had remembered something about a newspaper with a story about telephones and who invented them so I quietly added, "It was in all the newspapers."

We were all pretty well confused by that point so they decided to take the discussion outside after cleaning up the room a bit more. The nice lady who said she was a nurse stayed with me. Soon after everyone left the room, she handed me something she called a remote and said I could watch TV.

"What's TV?" I asked as I examined the remote. I smelled it and she took it from me and pressed a button on it and I heard a bunch of noise coming from somewhere.

I looked around and mounted on the wall was a machine with little people in it. One of the little people turned to another and said, "I know you're not the father cuz the baby don't look nothin like you!" then another said, "We'll find out the results of the DNA test when we come back from the break."

"Ahh! How are there little people in that box?!" I gasped.

The nurse looked at me like I was crazy then pressed the button again and the people disappeared.

"Maybe you should just lay back and try to relax. Think of something nice and relaxing and try and get some rest."

I closed my eyes and pictured myself laying out in a field under the moonlight as the wind lightly blew. Then that beautiful boy from the night before hopped into the picture. Before I knew it we were rolling around naked with each other on the grass and laughing and giving each other little kisses. Then he kissed my neck and chest and kissed me over and over on my right nipple. He sucked on it gently and it felt so good. I smiled slightly because it was nice to get away from all the stress of what was going on and think about the cute little guy. I rolled over so he was under me and started to do the same for him. His skin was so smooth and warm against my lips. When I pictured us holding each other affectionately and kissing, I was interrupted by an annoying beeping sound getting faster and faster. I opened my eyes and was reminded that I wasn't alone in the room. I felt so embarrassed when I saw what the nurse was staring at. My hard penis was sticking straight up under the thin blanket that covered my otherwise naked self. I felt my cheeks burn and I smiled shyly at the nurse who started to snicker.

"That's alright sweetie, you think about whatever you want if it'll make you feel better."

"Okay," I said and closed my eyes and proceeded to keep fantasizing.

My hand slowly made its way down and I fingered my penis a little. I didn't want to jack off with anyone watching me though so I stopped and enjoyed my fantasy hands free. The cute little guy was gleefully sliding his penis through my mouth when another nurse came into the room and snapped me out of it. She saw me and I smiled and blushed and the other nurse whispered, "He's trying to relax and think about nice things."

The new nurse snickered a little bit and told me, "Your blood work is back and it shows that you're extremely dehydrated and malnourished but there's nothing bad inside of you. How about I have them bring you up a nice lunch?"

I suddenly got extremely hungry and thirsty and replied, "Yes, please ma'am. I'm starving!"

While we waited for the food, the nurse tried to explain what the TV was and how it worked. I was amazed by it! Finally I got up the courage to ask, "What year is it?"

"It's 2006, why? Didn't you know that?"

I slowly shook my head as I was shocked by her answer. I had a distinct recollection of the year starting with 18 the last time I checked. Everything started to make a little more sense but I still didn't know how I got where I was or what was going on.

I had a ton of questions for the nurse about all the machines I had seen and I asked them between bites as I wolfed down the food that came. She didn't look annoyed but I asked if I was asking too many questions anyway. I told her she didn't have to answer them but she said I was too cute not to.

I was starting to remember bits and pieces of my life but none of it made any sense. I remember living in a village by a castle and on a ship and in with Indians and cowboys and most of the memories were right here in the US but everything was different now. Technology had exploded and there were lots more people now. As for what specifically happened to me, I had no idea.

Soon after I was done eating, I watched TV and learned a lot more. My favorite was something called the live news channel. All sorts of weird stuff was happening all over the world and somehow they could show it all on the TV. I kept asking for more food because I didn't feel full yet and the nurse was nice enough to keep bringing me more. I saw someone in a weird uniform motion for the nurse and they talked out in the hallway. They didn't think I could hear them but I turned off the TV so I could. They identified themselves as the FBI people I had heard about before. I overheard what the nurse was saying to him.

"He doesn't seem to know a thing about modern life or even what year it is and has never seen a television or anything like that before. And that's his fifth tray of food… that boy's not natural. As soon as he woke up when we brought him here, somehow everything in the room got thrown away from him but there wasn't anything in there that could have caused it… except him."

The FBI guy walked into the room and smiled at me but I could tell he was faking it.

"So, I hear you're doing better. That's good. I'd like to ask you a few questions."

The way he talked, he sounded like he knew me but I sure didn't remember him. He was probably just faking it though.

"You're from the FBI, huh?"

"Yeah, I am."

"I heard about them on the news channel. They were arresting a bunch of bank robbers with big guns."

"Oh yeah, that robbery over in Philadelphia. I'm glad that's over."

"Are you police for the whole country or something?"

"Yeah, sort of. So what's the earliest thing that you do remember?"

I was unclear about my other memories so I just told him about waking up in the dark, scary box and the explosion.

"Do you know what made everything move when you woke up here?"

I still had a strong feeling that I had caused it but I shook my head no.

"It's not that I don't trust you but it's standard procedure for me to search you for any hidden weapons or anything else that might have caused it so if you don't mind…"

He started to lift up the blanket and I was glad I wasn't still hard from before, though I was still quite embarrassed about being naked. He silently looked closely all over my body and rubbed up and down my skin all over to make sure I wasn't carrying any weapons inside me or something. He made me spread my legs and flip over and lift up my arms and wiggle my fingers and all sorts of stuff. It almost felt like a nice massage as he rubbed me everywhere. When he told me to spread my legs and started to rub up and down my thighs, my penis quickly stood up and I blushed and said, "That feels kinda good."

He looked sort of uncomfortable and I thought it would be pretty fun to tease him a little.

"The nurse said I had to relax and this is helping lots. You forgot to rub the best part though."

"Uhh… maybe you can do that yourself later."

"Aww," I replied and giggled.

"Okay, well it looks like you're not hiding anything… were you the one who moved all that stuff in your room?"

"I dunno, maybe."

"You sure have eaten a lot."

"Yeah, I guess I was pretty hungry. I'm kinda thirsty too," I said and then I saw him jump and he wasn't looking at me anymore.

I looked where he was looking and saw a floating glass of water hovering over me. I grabbed it and took a drink then said, "Hey that's really cool! What machine makes stuff float like that?"

"I think I'll ask you some more questions later. I have to call some people. Just rest for now," he said and quickly left the room. I covered myself back up and really wanted to jack off but I'd be so embarrassed if someone came in. Sure enough, the nurse came back in very soon and we watched TV together. She didn't seem to notice that I kept stopping on any channel that had a cute boy on it. Now that I'd eaten, I wanted to jack off even more and it didn't help that all the cute boys were on TV. In fact, I had never seen so many downright beautiful boys in one place like that before.

After watching a whole bunch of different shows, I asked the nurse if I could get up and walk around. She got me a gown and I put it on under the blanket… backwards actually but she said it didn't matter. Even as we got up, it didn't make any sense to me to wear it any other way. We walked around and met some of the patients and I, being the silly little nut that I was, made most of them laugh. Not long after we got back to my room, a doctor came in and told me that they had found something wrong with me and they needed to give me another shot. I saw the needle and heard the heart beeping machine thingy speed up again. I trusted everyone a little more now so I let them stick it in my arm but just like last time, I felt extremely tired and before I knew it, my head hit the pillow.

This time when I woke up I felt like quite a bit of time had passed. I wasn't restrained so I sat up and looked around. I was unsure if what they gave me had actually helped something or if they just wanted me asleep again. I still had a heart beeping machine hooked up and it gradually got faster as I looked around. I was definitely not in the same room. This one had a window so I unhooked the heart thingies and hopped out of bed and looked out. The view outside the window wasn't what I expected from what I had seen on TV. There were big walls and these things I saw on the news called tanks and lots of people walking around carrying guns. Further out there were high walls and lookout towers. I saw a show on TV before that made me think perhaps I was inside a military base.

Suddenly I heard the door open and I turned to look. In walked a doctor in different outfit than the last one I saw.

"I'm not at the same hospital, am I?"

"You shouldn't have taken those off. We thought you died," he said and pointed at the machine that was now making an annoying constant tone.

"Oh sorry," I said and hopped back on the bed and stuck them back on my chest. "Hey, how come I'm wearing pants now? That means… someone saw me naked to put me in them," I added and giggled. I was in plain gray pants that felt pretty nice.

"I guess so…"

"Was it you?"

"No…" he replied and read some more stuff off his clipboard.

"I'm really hungry, can you get me some food? Hey, I missed supper and breakfast, didn't I? Why'd you put me to sleep?"

"Well to be perfectly honest with you, you made a glass of water float through the air after moving a whole bunch of hospital equipment with your mind. That's why we moved you here in case you were dangerous."

"That wasn't me, that was one of your fancy machines that you've got."

"We don't have any machines that can do that."

Now let me just pause for a second to tell you that what I wasn't telling him at this particular point was that I had many dreams while I was sleeping after they put me out and knew pretty much everything about where I came from, why I was there, why I lost track of over a hundred years, and what I could do. I'll explain it all to you later but for now, on with what happened next.

"Nah ah, I saw stuff flying around by itself in this one movie on TV."

"That's done with computers or cameras and clear wires."

"Well how do I know that wasn't done with wires and computers in the hospital?" I asked as I reached out my hand and a glass of water I saw on a stand near the bed floated over. I took a drink from it and the doctor stared at me for the longest time then wrote some stuff on the clipboard he was carrying. I was in such a better mood now that I knew what was going on but I didn't really feel like telling him everything because I was pretty sure they were keeping me prisoner at this hospital. It was really fun messing with him though.

"You just made that glass fly across the room too," he said.

"How do I know that wasn't wires and stuff?"

"You can make this easy or make it difficult. Now what do you really know?"

"Hey, what's this bracelet thingy around my ankle?" I asked and hopped on one leg so I could look at it. Then I sat back down on the bed after I lost my balance and fell over so I could take a good look at it.

"Maybe this makes stuff fly around the room," I said and poked at it.

"Don't worry about that. It's for just in case you run away and start running around blowing up buildings and stuff so… don't do that."

"I wouldn't do that!" I insisted and made an innocent face at him.

"Can you do me a favor?"

"Ah huh."

"Make something float over towards me."

"Okay," I said and grabbed the coaster that the glass was on with my hand and tossed it like a frisbee over to him like a normal person would have.

"That kinda floated," I said and he didn't look amused.

"I mean with your mind."

"Okay," I said and picked up the coaster off the floor with my mind and made it float up in front of him. When he reached out to touch it, I made it move around like a bug and giggled when he couldn't grab it.

"Make it stand still please," he ordered, trying to be patient.

He waived a weird device over the coaster and wrote some more stuff down. Then he poked at it with his pen and I made it not move at all. He poked at it harder and I said, "You said make it not move so it's not gonna."

He wrote some more stuff down without saying a word. I hopped off the bed and the coaster dropped and I ran over and tried to see what he was writing.

"Whatcha writin about me?" I asked curiously.

"Don't worry, it's not important."

"I bet it is," I said and tried to jump up see what he was writing. Then I simply picked myself up with my mind and read what he was writing over his shoulder. Basically it was just a summary of what I could do and how I affected objects. He turned around and was startled to see me floating there. I giggled then said, "Hey look, what's that?" and pointed towards the window.

He turned to look and I flew up next to the ceiling and when he turned back around, he couldn't find me. Finally my giggling gave it away and he spotted me up on the ceiling. I smiled and waved and giggled some more.

"Well, I see you're a very lively young man… would you like to come down here and answer some questions for me?"

"Okay, but not on an empty stomach."

"If I go get you some food, do you promise to cooperate?"

I nodded and smiled and laid back down on the bed. On his way out the door I asked if there was a TV but he said no.

I closed my eyes and started daydreaming about one particularly cute boy I had seen on a commercial back at the other hospital. He was saying he really liked this one breakfast food but I imagined him on the TV telling the whole world that it was me he liked best for breakfast. I imagined waking up in a nice warm bed with him next to me, staring at me adoringly. We could stretch and yawn then start the morning out by kissing each other. Then we'd cuddle together under the warm blankets and start to kiss even more. It would be so great cuz then we could wrestle around completely under the blankets and eventually find our way to each others' hard morning stiffies and suck on them until we both exploded. I wanted to play with a nice, cute, loving boy so badly but I knew I had to get out of this place first.

I tiptoed off the bed and over to the door and peeked outside. There were two guys with guns right outside the door so I stepped out and started to say, "Hey guys, can I… AHHH!" and suddenly pain shot from my ankle to all over my body and I collapsed on the floor. A guard quickly picked me up and dropped me back on my bed saying, "You can't leave just yet so stay right here for now, alright?"

I nodded and knew that these guys meant business. They weren't going to let someone like me go without me assuring them I wouldn't go around killing people and destroying stuff.

The doctor guy came back with a big plate of all sorts of food and I ate every last bit. He didn't even wait till I was done eating to start asking more questions. He set up what he told me was a camera then started right in with the questions.

"So, do you remember anything from before two days ago?"

"Nope… ooh, am I gonna be on TV? Is that why you're using a camera?" I answered with a mouth full of turkey sandwich. I was amazed at some of the foods they brought that I had never seen before. They were absolutely delicious!

"No. Do you know what allows you to move things with your mind?"

"Nope but wow, I've never seen food like this before!" I completely lied. I did in fact know how and why I could move things with my mind, I just didn't want to tell him and he probably wouldn't believe me anyway. Nobody ever did.

"You said you can't remember anything from more than two days ago and yet what you just said suggests you remember eating a lot of food."

"Well yeah, did you hear how much I ate at the hospital? That's why they really moved me here I bet, cuz I was eating all their food," I quickly explained.

I knew he didn't buy it and could see I was obviously hiding something so I thought up the perfect lie. I'd probably even get him to believe me and eventually let me go.

"Hey, can I tell you something?" I said in a really serious voice.


"I do remember something from more than two days ago," I started to say then faked like I was almost crying. "I remember these people and… and they took me at night after beating me up real bad and brought me out to a place and put a needle in me like you did and I got all sleepy but I was still kinda awake so they hit me in the arm with a shovel and told me to jump into a hole they dug. I thought it was all a dream or something and I was so confused but then one of them shoved me and I fell down into it. Then they reached down with the shovel and closed the lid on this box I landed in and I tried to stay awake and scream but I was too… I dunno, too confused by the thing they put in me. They started throwing dirt on it and I couldn't stay awake. Then I remember waking up and I was in the dark, scary box and couldn't breathe so I panicked and made everything fly everywhere and pretty much blew myself a hole to climb out of. You probably know the rest from there," I explained slowly, getting more and more worked up as I went along.

Finally I got tears to come out of my eyes and I said, "I thought I was dead for sure… I don't know why they would wanna kill me but they did. And now… now I don't know what anything is and can't remember anything and everyone keeps hurting me and giving me stuff to go to sleep…"

By now I was crying my eyes out and I stopped talking and flopped over onto my stomach and covered my head with the pillow. I was so happy with my performance, there was no way he wouldn't believe me. I certainly had experience with post traumatic stress disorder so I figured I'd act like I had that from now on and they'd be nicer and let me go.

"Well thank you very much for telling me, Drake. I'm really sorry that happened to you. I'll come back later, I ought to show this to the people in charge here first," he said and grabbed the camera and left.

I was pretty comfortable under the pillow so I kept lying there and continued thinking about doing naughty, fun stuff with a cute boy. I really needed to get some time completely alone to myself where nobody would walk in or see me so I could jack off. About a half hour later, the man came back along with some other people and I turned over and tried to look paranoid.

"Are you gonna stick a needle in me and make me sleep again… or… or make this thing on my ankle burn me again?" I asked fearfully.

"No, we're not going to hurt you," the doctor assured me.

"Everyone keeps saying that right before they hurt me."

One of the men stepped closer to me and I covered my head with my arms and whimpered, "You're gonna beat me up and bury me in the ground I bet. Or use one of your scary machines to rip me to pieces."

I was sincerely scared that they were going to cause me much pain with a strange machine of theirs so it wasn't hard to act like I was so terrified. If they tried to stick another needle in me though, it was going to go flying out that window before it even got near me.

The man backed up and I turned over on my side so I wasn't facing them anymore. The men all whispered to each other then the doctor said, "We just want to run a few more tests on you to make sure you're not dangerous. If you'd like, we can sedate you so you're not scared of all the machines."

He pulled a needle out of his pocket that looked just like every other one that had put me to sleep but I quickly used my mind to make it fly out of his hand and straight through the window cleanly like a bullet just like I planned.

"Well, I guess that's a no but you're going to have to trust us and if you want us to trust you, don't do anything like that again."

"You can just burn me with this ankle machine thing anyway. Bet it could chop my whole foot right off," I muttered.

"That was just in case you started hurting people and it doesn't burn you, it shocks you with an electrical jolt."

"I don't know what electrical jolts or sedating or any of that means but just don't hurt me anymore. I'm not dangerous, I swear. I'd never hurt anyone ever."

I was going to threaten to hurt them if they hurt me one more time but I wanted to show that I was non-violent so I wouldn't have to try to get out of the place the hard way. For the next couple hours they weighed and measured me and looked in my eyes and ears and mouth and touched me all over and waved machines over me and made me stand in front of a machine that they said took a picture of my bones. By the time they were done, I figured they must have had a whole map of my guts and whatever else was inside me. In between tests they asked me lots more questions then finally I heard something hopeful.

"Well, all the tests came back saying you're a perfectly normal, healthy thirteen year old boy. No bombs or biotoxins or anything. We still don't know how you can move stuff around without touching it but we have a deal to make you. There's a lot more things we have to look at from the tests we did but we can't legally hold you any more if you haven't committed a crime.

"Nope, I haven't I swear," I quickly said and he nodded.

"If you promise not to show anyone your powers, we'll send you to live with a foster family for a while."

"So then I can leave?" I exclaimed.

"Yes, but it's very important that you don't show a single person you can move things with your mind or else the media will go nuts over it and we'll have to bring you back here and keep you here."

"You mean I'll have a nice family who won't be mean to me?" I asked excitedly.

"That's right."

"Okay, it's a deal."

"Alright, I'll be back as soon as we find you some proper clothes and a place to stay."

My plan had succeeded and I was so delighted. Long after supper they finally brought me some cool new clothes and told me I could put them on after I had a nice shower. Then after explaining to me what a shower was, I was off to the bathroom without the ankle bracelet. It was awesome standing under a warm stream of water coming out of a metal pipe in the wall. They sure had invented some neat stuff while I was… well let's just say sleeping. I'll get to that later, ok?

I rubbed the soap all over me and got squeaky clean then I noticed the strange bottles inside the shower. They had a colorful, nice smelling goo inside them and one had a picture of a mango on it but it tasted terrible. It would have been dumb for them to keep food in there anyway cuz it would get all soggy so I figured it was some weird liquid soap or something. I wasn't going to mess with it anymore though cuz I had something better in mind. I leaned back against the shower wall and closed my eyes, imagining a really cute boy in the shower with me. It would be so fun to play around under the water together. I was so excited after not being able to jack off for so long that I skipped right to the naughtiest thing I liked to imagine.

I pictured the boy bending over in front of me so I could stick my penis up his butt and have real sex like boys did with girls. I had only heard about it, never tried it myself, but I just knew that it would be the best thing ever and it always got me so excited to think about it. His buns were nice and round and smooth and he didn't have a single hair anywhere but on his head, minus of course the cute, boyish hair on his arms and legs. I imagined running my hand up and down his sides and around his soft butt. Boys' bodies were so sexy!

I remember seeing my first naked boy when I was younger and I was swimming with my friends. Back then it was okay to get nude with all the village kids and swim at the small local lake. A lot of my friends had stunningly beautiful bodies. The rules back then were great. As long as you didn't start looking like an adult, you were young enough to go swimming with anyone naked. There were even naked young girls swimming around with us boys but I didn't take much interest in them.

I remember one day I had to leave early and heard some noises far off behind some bushes while I was drying off and getting dressed. I went over and peeked through them and saw one of my older friends that was almost too old to be there. He had a much larger penis than a lot of boys. He was starting to get some hair above his though and that's usually when people figured it wasn't proper for them to be swimming around with girls that old too. And to the disappointment of a couple of the boys, girls that started to grow breasts weren't allowed there either.

All my friends my age liked to talk and giggle about what we knew about sex and boys and girls and how much they loved boobs and all that. And right there through the bushes I saw a great example of everything I had heard about. My friend was on top of a girl with her legs up and after a little more staring, I figured out that they were definitely having sex. I was only eleven then and he was fourteen and the girl looked a lot younger. At first I thought I should leave them be so they could enjoy themselves in privacy but I just couldn't stop watching. Then it looked like they were done so I quickly scurried away, happy to have gotten to see what I had heard so much about. It looked pretty fun and made my penis really hard.

A couple days later, I was out swimming at night by myself in the lake and to my surprise, one of my friends showed up too. We told each other about how we liked to sometimes go swimming alone at night cuz it was so relaxing and helped us sleep but this was the first time we ever saw each other there. We swam around and talked and for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about what I saw a couple days before. In fact, I hadn't thought about much other than sex lately. I finally decided to tell him about what I saw after he promised not to tell anyone. We swam up onto the bank and I showed him where I hid in the bushes then said, "This is where I saw them sneak away together and they were having sex."

"Oh my gosh, wow," he said and we both giggled. "So what were they doing?"

"You know… like having sex"

"Were they kissing and stuff or touching each other or was she sucking on his penis or letting him stick it in her?"

"Suck on it? What do you mean?"

"Yeah, you know, girls do it and it feels good."

"I never heard of that."

"Well they just go down like this and lick and suck on it. That's what my older brother said," he explained and I started to get hard just thinking about it. He was hovering over my penis to show me how it worked and giggled when he saw what was happening. I noticed that his was getting hard too and I started to feel funny and stare at certain parts of him.

"Do it, I wanna see what it feels like," I insisted and he giggled.

"I'm not a girl!"

"So?" I said and we were both quiet for a few moments. There really wasn't any arguing with that logic so he giggled some more then slowly stuck his tongue out and touched it then giggled again.

"They do it like this," he said and put the whole thing in his mouth and bobbed his head up and down. It felt better and better but then he stopped right when I started to really get into it. I had no idea anything felt so good!

"See, that's how they do it," he said and sat up and blushed.

"Oh wow! I never felt anything like that! Now I know why they snuck away," I said and he looked surprised that I liked it so much.

I could tell by the look on his face that he wanted to experience it too and for some odd reason, I wanted to suck on his hard little pole so much.

"Do it to me, I wanna feel it too," he insisted and sat back on his butt with his legs spread. I got down on all fours in front of him and gladly tried my best to suck on his just like he did to mine. He started to breathe heavily and hearing it made me feel funny. Suddenly he held onto my head with one hand and started to thrust his midsection up and down so I kept my head still and let him do it. I thought it was kinda weird but it must have felt like he was fucking doing it that way. Just when I was starting to wonder how long it would go on, he screamed and I thought I did something to hurt him. I quickly pulled away and watched his chest rise and fall as he lay flat on the ground.

"What's wrong?" I asked frantically.

"Nothing," he said with a big smile, "Oh wow, my brother was right, the end part is the best! That felt soooo good!"

"Well then now you gotta do it to me," I insisted and he sat up with a big grin. "Come here."

He had me kneel over him so my penis was right by his mouth then slapped my butt and giggled, indicating that he wanted me to thrust in and out of his mouth. My hips were already urging me to do so and it felt so good when I did. I put my hands on his head and thrust faster and faster. A minute or so later, I was pleasantly surprised as all sorts of weird stuff happened to my body and good feelings rushed all over. Neither of us could cum back then but it was still fantastic! I almost fell over but he held onto me so I didn't. His touch on my bare butt and hips felt really nice and I had an urge to lunge down and kiss him but I didn't because it would be too weird. We talked about how great it was and went back to swimming, with me pretty confused about all the weird feelings I felt for him. Sex sure was weirder than I thought.

Unfortunately, that night was where our similarities ended. The next day we met around noon at the lake and he whispered to me, "Hey, we gotta find some sexy girls to sneak away with so we can do that again."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. I looked around at all the girls then back at my naked friend and it was clear that he was the one I really wanted to sneak away with. I didn't want him to think I was weird so I lied and said that sounded fun.

"Maybe they'll even let me stick it in em," he giggled, "But I don't want to get them pregnant."

The rest of the day he kept swimming up to girls he liked but was too nervous to actually ask any of them to do anything with him. Later I lied and said I had the same results even though I didn't talk to a girl all day.

He told me a long time later that he finally convinced an older girl once to suck him off but she didn't really like it cuz it only made him feel good, not her, and she fervently told him she didn't want to have real sex with him since he was so young. I told him I hadn't had any luck getting with a girl, which was true, but I certainly hadn't been trying.

I had however convinced one of my other friends who I was especially attracted to that he should come swimming with me one night. I told him that one day at the lake I saw a boy and girl sneak away and "do this" and proceeded to suck on his penis for a few second and he certainly didn't object. It perked up right away and he loved it. We both clearly wanted the same thing and after more talking, we ended up sucking each other off. I found out he was developed enough to squirt out some semen at the end, which I happily swallowed down. I found out to my own surprise that I was old enough to squirt out some of my own semen too but he didn't enjoy the taste of it as much as I did. When we were done he told me that it was a lot better than jacking off then explained what that was when I asked. Needless to say, I was a very happy boy from then on, despite that fact that this friend also said he wanted to do it with a girl instead. I loved to go out by myself to the lake at night or find some time alone in the bathroom to pretend my hand was a boy and jerk it like crazy until I came. It the best new trick I ever learned!

Not long after that night, I heard some of the boys teasing each other and found out from what they said that there were other boys like me that weren't into girls and when they had sex, they used what holes a boy did have, since they didn't have a nice place to stick it in like with a girl. I wanted to try that with a boy so badly but there wasn't a way to find someone else like me without everyone else teasing me for being different. I did have a nice new sexual fantasy of getting between boys' buns to think about whenever I jacked off though. That pretty much sums up my sexual experiences while growing up back in my home town in England many hundreds of years ago.

As I pounded away at my penis in the hospital shower, I imagined the boy I was plunging my penis into was that first cute friend that showed me what it felt like to be sucked off. I sure wished I had known how to fuck him back then. My thoughts were racing but I stopped jacking off for a second because I had started to wonder what it would feel like if I was the boy getting a penis stuck in me instead. If I ever did it with a boy, he'd probably want to do it to me too and I wondered how it felt. It didn't take long to figure out the best way to find out was to lick a finger and shove it up there. I sat on the floor in a back corner of the shower and licked one of my fingers then cautiously poked at my tight ring of muscle. It felt weird to be doing it but I was too curious not to. I added a bit of force and my finger was soon wriggling around inside me. One particular spot seemed to feel really nice to rub so I kept doing it then got the wild idea to jack off and do that at the same time. It sure was a great discovery because when I let loose a stream of white goo, it arced way up in front of my face before falling onto the shower floor. It was way better than any time I had ever jacked off before and almost as good as getting sucked off on the lakeshore by my friend so long ago. Just feeling my finger inside there made me assume it didn't quite feel as good for a boy to get a penis stuck in him as it did for girls. It sure looked and sounded like the girl my friend was having sex with behind the bushes liked it a lot!

I felt so relieved now that I had finally gotten to jack off after seeing so many cute boys on the TV. I stood up and let the warm water flow down my body and it made the feeling even better. After the feeling faded, I washed my penis and hand again then got out and dried off with a nice and soft towel. Everything seemed so high quality in this time. All the clothes and towels and food were even better than the stuff even the richest people had as far back as I could remember.

I woke up every hundred or so years with a very specific job to do that I'll get into later and every single time it's like everyone in the world got richer, but really technology just changed so people had better stuff. I never expected anything like this though. Between the late 1800's and 2006, so much fancy stuff was invented, I wondered why people didn't walk around all day delighted with life. I got dressed in the very comfortable clothes and peeked at myself in the mirror. I smiled and had to admit that I looked downright handsome now that I was freshly bathed and dressed in those clothes. My golden brown hair hung just above my bright blue eyes. I wasn't used to seeing my face and skin so clean but this new shower invention really worked wonders on it.

When I was done staring at myself, I walked out of the bathroom and the two guards escorted me back to my room. Waiting for me there was a bunch of people I had seen before and some lady I hadn't. They didn't hear me come in right away and I overheard one of the guys say to the lady, "We're sending you to a witness protection house with full surveillance and we're working to provide you with everything a thirteen year old boy could want, and I mean everything, so try to keep him happy so he doesn't…" then the door closed loudly behind me and I quickly turned around and pretended like I had just stepped in then and closed the door myself.

"Hello Drake," the lady said in a very kind voice.

"Hi," I replied then said to the doctor I was teasing before, "Thanks sooooo much for showing me that shower thing. I don't think I've ever been this clean since the day I was born, and I wasn't none too clean on that day either. Don't I look so handsome now?"

"You sure do," the woman answered even though I wasn't talking to her.

"I even smell fine!" I said after raising my arm up and smelled under my armpit.

"Drake, I'd like to introduce you to the woman that you're going to be staying with."

"Oh boy!" I said and ran over to her and looked up with a huge smile. "Wait, you aren't gonna poke needles into me or tie me down or… or hit me… are you?" I asked and peered up at her with puppy dog eyes.

"Of course not, honey. We even have a bunch of people out looking for the people who hurt you and more people out trying to find your parents."

I looked down and in a sad, low voice I said, "I think they're both looking for the same people."

"Oh, that's terrible," the woman said. "Let's try not to think about that. You're a very special young man and it's okay to feel angry about what happened."

I wrapped my arms around her midsection and held her tight, saying, "You can be my new mom."

She patted me on the back and said, "Sure. Well let's get going. I hear there's a lot I can teach you about all sorts of stuff."

I expected to be living with a whole family but living with one stranger was better than a bunch so I was happy.

"Yeah, I seem to have forgotten a lot I guess…" I said trying to sound sad yet hopeful. It seemed like these people would believe anything but I didn't want to stop acting now. I also had to be very careful not to let anyone know that I remembered anything about my life before two days ago.

"Do I get to ride in an automobile again?" I asked excitedly.

"You sure do," she said and held my hand as we walked out of the room. I quickly turned around and said goodbye to everyone.

Chapter 2

I saw so many amazing machines on my way out of that place and when I got outside, I was so amazed that I stopped walking. Seeing things on TV back in the hospital was one thing but looking around seeing giant mounted guns and spinning metal towers and big machines that I saw flying on the news was breathtaking. The nice lady let me stop and look around before we walked over to her car. After I figured out how to open the door, I got in and asked, "Hey, what's your name? Or should I just call you mom?"

"You can call me Lisa."

She started the car and I jumped from the strange, loud noise. It was very hot in the car but she pressed something with her finger and there was wind blowing at me. I figured out where it was coming from and looked in it but didn't see what was making it.

"Buckle up," she told me but I just stared and said, "Huh?"

"Oh sorry," she apologized and reached over and put a belt across my chest and waist and clicked it in place. I examined it and pushed the button and it came undone but I quickly put it back on.

"You're a very curious boy, aren't you?"

I nodded and smiled.

When she pressed another button, people started singing and playing instruments right next to us but I looked all around and couldn't find them.

She explained it was a radio and worked sort of like a TV. She started driving and when we stopped at the gate and she showed them some papers I said, "Oh my gosh, the wind is getting colder!" and put my hand up to the vent. "This is really nice. You got machines for everything, don't you?"

"Yes, and once the doctors look at your tests some more, we might even find a way to get you to remember all about all these cool machines."

"I hope so… I hate being so stupid like this," I said and pretended like I was going to cry.

"Drake, don't say that. You're not stupid at all. In fact, you seem very smart to me. You're just having trouble remembering things because of what some people did to you."

I wondered if I was taking all the acting overboard and I didn't want her to suspect that I was alive over a hundred years before that, and before that, and on and on back to medieval England, so I decided not to talk anymore until we got to her house.

After going down a long road, we started to come up on a big city with buildings bigger than I had ever seen before. Sure I saw them on TV but seeing them in real life was incredible because they looked even bigger in person. Unfortunately, we didn't get very near to the far away building because she stopped and drove up a tiny street and into a sort of barn that she called a garage. The door even opened for us by itself when she pressed a button.

When we walked into her house I asked, "Does anyone else live here?"

"Nope, just you and me. I set up a bed for you in the guest room and there's even a TV in there. I'll even show you how to use the latest video games."

She gave me a tour and I really liked my room. It was so clean and decorated with the fanciest stuff I had ever seen. The sheets on my bed were like a king's and all the furniture had a shiny coating and the floor was made out of really soft stuff. There wasn't a single bug in sight either!

As we walked around I asked so many questions about things that I thought she was starting to get a little annoyed. I sure learned about some cool stuff though! My favorites were the refrigerator, air conditioner, microwave, and video games, and boy was I excited when she told me that the box of little white squares was for blowing my nose or wiping up any little mess I made. I was pretty sure she was hinting at what most teenage boys used them for the most. Now I could jack off in my own room and have something to clean up with that I could just throw away! After we were done with the tour, we watched TV together on the couch in the living room. I really didn't want to annoy Lisa but I couldn't help but ask a bunch more questions about whatever came to mind or something I saw on TV.

TV was great. I learned there were little tiny pizzas you could make in the microwave in just two minutes! I embarrassed myself pretty well when I saw a commercial and asked what condoms were. She boldly told me it was a thin thing that you put over your penis to keep girls from getting pregnant when you had sex with them. She probably just said it like that to shut me up for a while and get me to stop asking her about every little thing. I turned bright red and said, "Wow, they sure invented a lot of neat stuff," then kept quiet. I ignored the TV so I wouldn't get curious about anything and started to think about what I overheard the men saying back at the hospital. I understood most of it. They were obviously giving me everything I could ever want so I'd stay nice and happy and not go around destroying everything. I tried to figure out what a surveillance was but I had a feeling it was something I shouldn't have heard about. Then all of a sudden I heard a man on the news channel say the word and I quickly asked her what it meant.

"Oh, it means they used hidden cameras to see what they were doing in order to catch them," she explained without thinking twice about it.

Now it all made sense. They had set up this house with cameras everywhere so they could watch me and make sure I didn't use my powers to move anything. I kept thinking about the whole situation and it came to my attention that no matter how much cool stuff I saw, I was acting way too happy for someone who they thought got beat up and buried alive by his own parents. I stared off into space and put on the saddest looking face I could manage and when she looked over at me she asked what was wrong. I looked over with glossy eyes and said, "I just wish I could remember everything. I bet there's something wrong with my brain… they… they probably hit me in the head and now… I'm probably going to die."

Lisa scooted over and held me and rubbed my back and told me everything was going to be okay and that the doctors would tell us the results of the tests as soon as they could.

"In the meantime try not to think about it, alright? How about we go make you some dinner?"

I silently followed her into the kitchen and gazed off into space again with a blank stare while she made tacos. I was getting really bored but at least it was convincing.

While we ate I showed that I was slowly thinking happier thoughts and after wolfing down four tacos, I opened up the refrigerator and pulled out a bunch more food that looked tasty. I neglected to mention to them that I ate way more than the average human boy in order to be able to move things with my mind, but I figured they would figure it out for themselves soon enough.

"This food is all so delicious! I never had anything like this before… well at least not that I remember. You're a real good cook. Is that your job at the hospital?"

"Thank you very much. I'm actually a counselor there. You sure are a polite young man. Maybe I'll just keep you forever."

"I hope so, you're really nice. You're the first person that hasn't hurt me so far. I'd trust you with anything," I replied sweetly then thought to myself, "except spying on me with cameras without telling me."

After I had eaten a lot more food and drank some sweet new drinks I had never tasted before, she brought out a big chocolate cake and I stared at it wide eyed.

"Woooow, that sure is fancy cake. Are we getting married?"

"No silly, wedding cakes are much fancier than this one. Plus, you're a little young for me."

"Well then I guess I won't be needing any of those condom thingies," I giggled and started eating a big slice of the cake. I was pretty full after barely using my powers at all so I patted my stomach then headed back to the living room to watch more TV. I continued to be fascinated by all sorts of cool stuff. The sun was starting to set when I heard a loud bell echo through the house. While I was busy looking for where it came from, Lisa got up and opened the door. I figured it was another fancy machine that let you know there was someone at the door.

"Oh hey, I guess you heard about the new neighbor. Well come on in and meet him," Lisa said and I peeked up over the couch and saw a teenage girl walking toward me smiling.

"Hi, I'm Drake," I said and she told me her name was Allison. Lisa had given me a whole bunch of things not to tell anyone so I simply said, "I'm staying with Lisa for a while."

"That's cool."

"Wanna watch TV with me?"


She plopped down on the couch and we talked, but not much because I couldn't think of much I was allowed to say. I was always really polite around girls like my mom taught me to be so I told her she looked pretty and she appreciated it a lot. After just one show, Lisa told us that she had to go pick up some stuff from the store and that she'd be back in an hour or so. Allison didn't move though and suddenly we were home alone together. I didn't think much of it until Allison changed the channel to a scary movie and moved really close to me. She said movies like this scared her and leaned in towards me. She was being pretty friendly for just meeting me and when it hit me as to why she was really there, I got scared. I remembered what the guy at the hospital had said about getting me everything that a teenage boy could ever want and all most of the boys I knew wanted was sex with girls. Most boys would have loved to be home alone with a girl that was cuddling up close to them. I had no idea what to do if she started taking her clothes off or offered to have sex with me. My pulse raced as I frantically tried to think of what to say.

She looked over and saw that I was distressed and said in an enticing voice, "Why so tense? Don't worry, I'll hold you if the movie's too scary."

She put her arm around me and affectionately stroked my shoulder. Any normal boy would have enjoyed that a lot so I knew it was either time to start acting or tell the truth. I didn't really like where either option led to and I tried to think of a way to get out of it. As usual though, my curiosity got the better of me and I started to wonder what a much more grown up girl like her looked like naked. I had only ever seen very young girls at the lake when I was growing up. They had flat chests just like a boy but instead of a penis, they had those weird little curvy things that I guess covered the place a boy was supposed to stick his penis into. I had never really even gotten a close look at those girls because it would have been weird to stare and I didn't find it very interesting at the time. I wasn't completely sure what exactly Allison wanted to do with me though, so I decided to just press my luck a little then tell her the truth. It was like every other boy in the world was obsessed with boobs so I'd at least have to give them a little look if she offered.

"You really seem to like me a lot," I shyly and nervously said and sheepishly avoided her eyes.

"Well how could I not like such a handsome boy?" she said and set her hand on my chest right under my neck then gently rubbed it down to the middle of my chest.

"I um…" I said and got so nervous I forgot what I was going to say.

"You are just too adorable," she said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I really didn't want to kiss her on the lips so I hoped she didn't try to do that.

"I… wow… umm… I've never even seen a girl naked before," I blurted out.

She smiled now that she knew that I understood what she was thinking about doing with me.

"Would you like to?"

I nodded and she stood up and said, "Well then how about we take things nice and slow and start with that."

She unzipped her shorts and pulled them down and I saw that she had on some pretty revealing undergarments. It was too bad that I didn't like girls that way or I'd have been one lucky boy! When she pulled off her shirt I saw that she wasn't wearing anything under it. As if that wasn't enough, she pulled down her underwear and stepped out of them then walked towards me. I got real nervous again and her hopping into my lap and putting her arms on my shoulders didn't help.

"So what do you think?" she asked in a sexy voice.

I studied her breasts as they hung right there in front of me and looked at the two lips between her legs then said, "… umm… I…"

She smiled and said, "I guess that means you like it, huh? You're so cute. Well, this won't be much fun in all those clothes."

"Oh… um…" I stuttered as she began to unbutton my shirt. Finally when she leaned in to kiss me, I turned my head and said, "Wait."

She leaned back and rubbed her hand across my cheek and asked, "What's wrong?"

I had never admitted to anyone that I liked boys before and it was a lot harder than I thought. I just didn't know what to say and I was scared of how she'd react. I wished I could be anywhere but there at that moment.

"It's not that I don't like you… and I do think you're really pretty… but I was just kinda curious and…"

She put her finger up to my lips and said, "It's okay to be curious. There's nothing wrong with that. I know you're probably nervous but this will feel really good. I think you'll like it a lot. Just relax."

"No, it's not that…" I said and knew I had to tell her. "I don't really like you that way."

"Well I know we just met and all but wouldn't it be fun to just get naked and go wild? You know, just try it out once?"

"No, I mean… umm… I was really JUST curious… maybe if you have a brother…" I said and hoped she'd finally understand.

"Huh?" she said and looked confused but then a second later she said, "oh… ohhhh," and quickly got off my lap and plopped down next to me on the couch. We both sat there in silence, not knowing what to say. Then she broke the silence and said, "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to… I didn't know."

"It's okay, it's my fault. I'm so embarrassed."

"No, I shouldn't have assumed," she said and turned sideways towards me. My eyes immediately moved down between her legs and I didn't realize I was staring until she said, "So you've really never seen a naked girl before?"

My eyes snapped back up to her face and I shook my head no. She smiled and said, "Don't be shy, look all you want."

I took her up on her offer and looked some more. She laid back and spread her legs out and as embarrassed as I was, curiosity prevailed again and I shyly asked, "So… a boy just sticks it in there?"

She smiled again and reached down and spread the lips apart. She rubbed them around a little then plunged her fingers up inside it and it made a lot more sense to me.

"Oh," I said and could feel my cheeks turning bright red.

She sat up and said, "Don't be embarrassed. You never learn if you don't ask."

"I wish you were a boy. Then we could have sex all night… oh that would be so fun," I sighed. It felt good to finally admit it to someone, especially since she wasn't making fun of me for it. "Or if I liked girls, I'd be so lucky cuz I'd think you were so sexy!"

"Why thank you," she laughed. "Well you know, you've never done it with anyone before, have you?"


"It would still feel really good. Are you sure you don't wanna just try it with me? You could close your eyes and pretend I'm a boy. I bet it feels about the same."

"I dunno…" I said and started to actually consider her offer. It probably would feel really good and I had an extremely vivid imagination so imagining she was a boy would be no problem. When I realized I'd possibly never have another chance to try it again, my curious nature kicked in and I blurted out, "Yeah, ok."

I immediately worried about what I had gotten myself into. She got up and pulled something out of the pocket of the shorts she was wearing before and said, "Just slip this on first."

She handed it to me and I examined the small packet. I had no idea what it was so I looked at her and felt so embarrassed again. She just smiled and took it from me then ripped it open and said, "This is a condom. It traps all your little sperm in there so they don't get me pregnant."

"Oh yeah, I saw a commercial for those."

She laughed and said, "Well why don't you take those off and I'll show you how to put it on."

I pulled my pants and underwear down and let them drop on the ground. Then I unbuttoned my shirt the rest of the way and tossed that aside too. As soon as my shirt was off, I knew exactly what she'd ask. Everyone always said it.

"Whoa, those are some nasty scars. How'd you get them? Did you get attacked by a bear or something?"

I remembered again how I got them and hated the memory of it. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me. Allison immediately knew she asked the wrong question and I quietly answered, "I don't wanna talk about that."

"Oh sorry," She replied then noticed that I wasn't hard at all and added, "Hey, close your eyes for a second."

I obediently did so.

"Okay, now imagine the hottest, sexiest boy ever is taking his clothes off right in front of you."

I did as she instructed and pictured a boy I had seen just a few minutes earlier on a food commercial. He threw what he was eating aside and stripped down for me and I felt my penis growing larger.

"Great, now you just pinch the top and roll it on like this," she said and I opened my eyes and watched her reach over and put the condom on for me. "There, perfect. I guess someone's been doing a little growing down there. That's a pretty big one for a boy your size. And you're so handsome."

I blushed like crazy and thanked her for the nice compliment. She stretched out sideways on the couch and spread her legs apart like before and rubbed her fingers between her legs some more.

"Now just come on up and slowly push it in there and close your eyes and think about whatever you want," she kindly said and I cautiously got between her legs. I awkwardly positioned myself so I could do it just like she said. The tip of my penis touched the lips and I noticed how warm they were. I liked the feel of it already and after moving it around a bunch with my hand to make sure it was really in the right spot, I pushed up and felt the tight tunnel loosen up just enough for me to stick it all the way up inside. When it was all the way in there I paused to make sure I was doing everything right. The warm, slightly damp and slippery walls clamped down tighter and I thought I felt them get even wetter. This condom sure was a great invention cuz it felt just like my skin was really touching her insides. My arms were already tired from holding myself up so I didn't have much choice but to let myself rest on her chest. Unfortunately my head was right between her breasts and I hoped she didn't mind.

"There, I bet you know what to do now," she said and I pulled my penis back and it felt like the tunnel was closing in around it. I gently pressed forward again and it slipped past the thick walls and was deep inside her again. I tried it a few more times then looked up with her breasts squishing my face and shyly said, "Um… something about this just doesn't feel like a boy."

She knew I was talking about where my face was and laughed then told me to pull it out for a second. Then she rolled over and got up on all fours. I really, really, really liked sex already. It felt so good and I hadn't even begun to think about boys. I couldn't wait to get my penis back inside that great place.

"There, this should feel a lot more like a boy. Just close your eyes and pretend like I'm whatever boy you were thinking about before."

I found where I was supposed to stick it in and was glad to have my penis back inside the warm and cozy place. She may have been a girl but I was having the time of my life already. It felt so good. Now all I had to do was think about a boy. I put both hands on her hips and closed my eyes and pretended like a boy was on all fours with my penis buried deep inside him. I started to thrust back and forth and it hit me again just how good it felt. I gleefully continued my fantasy and in no time I was worked up into a sexual frenzy. My whole midsection was glowing with awesome feelings. My penis felt like it was going crazy in there but I wasn't going to slow down. Being as new to this as I was, I didn't know any better than to try and get to the finish as fast as I could. The only reason I lasted almost two minutes was because of my awesome jacking session in the shower earlier that afternoon and the fact that I was still sort of nervous.

When I blasted off inside her it felt like I was shooting a gallon and I hoped the condom could hold it all. When I pulled it out and collapsed back onto a pillow I saw that I had shot a lot less than it felt like. My heart was still beating madly and my head was spinning and ears were ringing softly and my whole body was buzzing with pleasure. I opened my eyes and saw a girl body which quickly dissipated any sexual feelings I still had.

She turned around and saw me lying there with a big grin and said, "Looks like you enjoyed that, huh?"

"I would have liked it more if it really was a boy but still, thank you so very much for letting me do that. I really didn't think you'd understand. You didn't make fun of me or anything. And WOW did that feel good!"

I was about to tell her that my friends had always made fun of each other, saying that they liked boys instead of girls and were really mean about it but then I remembered nobody was supposed to know that I remembered anything from that long ago.

"Well I do understand and I know that someday you'll find a nice boyfriend. You're so cute, any boy would be lucky to have you."

"Aww, thanks… I think only the gay ones would be lucky to have me though," I replied and sat up and gave her a hug. I looked down and said, "That sure is a nice little hole that girls got down there. Now I know why boys get so excited about sex."

"You are just too adorable," she laughed and tickled my bare sides, which drove me crazy.

"Stooooop, I'm so ticklish," I giggled.

"Well, I'm glad you had a good first time even if it was with a girl."

"That's not what my brain was picturing," I said and winked at her.

"Why don't you tell me a little about who you were thinking of then."

I smiled and proudly said, "That cutie from the microwave burrito commercial."

She couldn't help but laugh then admitted, "Well he is cute."

"Yeah… boy I sure wish I could kiss him."

"Have you ever kissed anyone before?"

"Um… I don't know. Probably not."

"Well would you like to try it?"

I considered her offer then answered, "No, I don't wanna kiss a girl, e"

"Yeah, I agree, only kissing boys is fun," she joked and we both laughed. "You better get dressed before you freeze."

"I think I'll go take another shower since I'm already naked."

"Well take off that condom and toss it in the trash first."

"Oh yeah, almost forgot about it," I said and yanked it off then threw it in the trash bin.

"Okay, well then I guess I'll be going. It was nice meeting you and if you ever want to do it with me again just call me or come on over, I live right next door."

"I dunno how to use a telephone but Lisa told me how the doorbell works so I'll probably stop over a lot."

She left and I put all my clothes in the bathroom. Then I walked back in to turn the TV off but got distracted by a fascinating show called Future Weapons. It showed all the military weapons in development and I had never seen anything like them before. Then I heard a car drive up and figured it was Lisa. I didn't want her to see me naked even though she obviously knew about what I was doing home alone with Allison. It was pretty clear that she had left us alone on purpose. I dashed over to the bathroom and when I didn't hear anyone come in, I wondered if she was really home or not. I peeked out the door and saw her a few feet from it talking on what I learned was a cell phone. I could barely make out what she was saying.

"Oh my gosh, he is?… So did he… oh, okay… mmhmm… no, I don't think he's too disappointed if they did that… yes, I know it would be way harder than finding a girl for him but you did do that pretty quickly and I think it's worth looking into… yeah, if we can find one, I think he'd be REALLY happy… Oh hey, I'll tell Allison to scope out the gay-straight alliance club at her school and look for a really cute one… no, no straight boy would be caught dead there so I think it would be pretty safe to approach anyone there… yeah, well that's why you pay me… oh you're not going to believe this but that's actually one of the things I just picked up… yeah I got him some KY. I figured she couldn't be there ALL the time, especially enough to keep up with such a young boy… I don't really know, do boys like using that with just their hands?… Ha ha ha, well I guess you'd know. He should be pretty happy if I just tell him what it's for and leave him alone with it a lot and I'll get Allison working on finding him a boy. Is it okay if I would write one a check from that same account if she found one?… Yeah, I mean he is really handsome so they'd probably do it for free but just in case, I'd want to pay them to be sure they were extra nice and not do or say anything that would hurt his feelings… okay, sounds good, I'll keep you updated."

As soon as I heard that last sentence, I ran into the bathroom just in time. Some of what she said confused me but I did understand that they were actually going to look for a boy then with a little bribing, get him to be my boyfriend. I hoped it would be a really cute boy around my age. If it all worked out, I'd be having sex with a boy in no time. I quietly danced around the bathroom saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Then it hit me that the surveillance cameras probably saw the whole thing and were watching me even right now. I quickly thought about what the result would be if they saw me just then and figured it would only show them just how happy it would make me if they did find me a boyfriend.

"Drake, I'm home," Lisa yelled and I opened the door a crack and yelled out, "I'm in here."

She walked over and I hung the top half of my body out in front of the door and said, "I was just about to take a shower."

She looked a little surprised at seeing me, or at least seeing half of me, naked but she smiled and said, "Okay well you go ahead. I've got some more stuff for you when you get out."

"Awesome," I exclaimed then started to close the door but then stopped and said, "Oh and Allison went home. I liked her, she's REALLY friendly."

I giggled and closed the door then started up the shower. She told me during the tour of the house that the stuff in bottles inside the shower was called shampoo and it was for my hair, not for eating. I hopped in and tried that out first and liked how much it bubbled up. After I rinsed I ran my hand through my hair and it felt cleaner than I ever remember it being. Then I cleaned every last little bit of me with the washcloth and soap. It was so nice to get so sweaty having sex then go get all clean again right away. Showers were the best invention ever!

When I got out, I dried off and put on the robe she had left for me. It was just my size and so soft that wearing it made me feel like a prince. I greeted Lisa with a big smile and hopped on the couch next to her.

"This robe is awesome! Thanks so much for getting me all this cool stuff."

"You're very welcome. It was no problem at all. The military guys wanted to make up for scaring and hurting you. Speaking of that, tomorrow we're going back for a couple more tests but I promise none of them will hurt. They're just going to put something on your head and try and figure out how you can move objects with your mind."

"Okay, I suppose. Hey, before you said you got me stuff at the store. Show me, show me!" I chanted and bounced up and down excitedly.

"Okay, hold on."

She got up and brought a bag back from the kitchen. I was so excited to see what amazing modern items were in it.

"Okay, first I got you a bunch of new clothes," she said and pulled out some great looking shirts and shorts as well as some underwear and socks. I held up some of the shirts then gave her a big hug and thanked her. They were amazing quality! The colors were so vivid too. One of the plain white ones just had 'I should be in movies' printed across it and I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it. Lisa insisted that I was more than qualified to be a famous movie star simply because of my looks and I shyly thanked her.

"I know you're a little eating machine so I got a lot more food too and put it in the refrigerator already so feel free to help yourself any time."

Normally I'd have rushed over and wolfed down some more food but I wasn't feeling hungry at all after not using my powers for so long.

"And I saved the best for last. I know you're always so shy about this kind of thing but I got you this."

She pulled a really big tube of something out and I recognized it as the KY stuff she had mentioned on the phone, though I didn't know what it was for.

"Toothpaste?" I asked.

"No, much better. I know a thing or two about boys your age so I know what your favorite thing to do is."

"Ooh, cool!" I said and opened the cap and smelled it and made a face. "Well it doesn't smell like it tastes very good."

"Silly, I know you really like to eat but that's not what I meant. Whenever you want to have a little fun by yourself, just squirt some of this out on your hand and it makes it feel much better because it's very slippery. It washes right off in water too. And don't worry, I won't disturb you while you're doing it."

"Ohhhhhhh, that," I said and felt so embarrassed for not understanding right away. "Well thank you very, very much for this one!"

I hopped up onto and over the counter from where I was sitting so I could give her a big hug.

"It was actually made for use by two people if you know what I mean cuz it's safe to use pretty much anywhere but it's nice for by yourself too," she continued to explain. I knew she threw in that extra information to let me know without really coming out and saying it that I could use it to have sex with girls or boys. I learned in the shower at the military hospital that you needed some slippery coating to get anything inside a boy's butt so now I was even more ecstatic about the gift. I hoped it was an indication that they were really going to somehow find a cute gay boy for me to play with.

I was both too embarrassed and too busy fantasizing to say anything for a while but I finally noticed the awkward silence and repeated, "Thank you so much!" plus added, "You're the best mom sorta person ever!"

"Aww, thanks."

As much as I would have liked to stay there and embarrass myself further by talking about sex, I wanted to go try out the KY stuff immediately. I was about to get up when I thought of a great way to persuade them to hurry up with finding a boy for me and at the same time un-complicate the whole situation a little.

"Hey Lisa, can I ask you something?"

"You can always ask me anything."

"Um… would you be mad if I had sex?"

"No, of course not."

"Oh… okay good cuz umm… me and Allison kinda did today while you were gone. I didn't really like it too much though cuz… I don't really like girls that way. And I'm not just too young cuz I… sorta like boys that way instead."

"Well that's nothing to be ashamed about, Drake. Everyone's different and a lot more boys than you might think feel the same way."

"Really?" I asked just for effect. I didn't care very much about what she thought about it because she was supposed to try to keep me happy regardless. That's why I was so sure the next part was going to work.

"Yes, there's nothing wrong with it at all," she said and put an arm around me and rubbed my shoulder.

"Thanks, I was scared you wouldn't like me anymore," I said, sounding really relieved. I was a bit relieved actually now that everyone was on the same page and we didn't have to all pretend like nobody knew that about me. Clearly the people watching the cameras had told her on her cell phone earlier but now she wouldn't have to pretend like she didn't know and neither did any other government people.

"How could I not like such a polite, kind, handsome young man?"

I cuddled closer to her for a second and smiled up at her then abruptly sat normally and said in a somber tone, "But I don't think many boys are like me. I don't know a single one… well I don't know really anyone but you and Allison and you're not boys but… I dunno, I just don't think there are any. All the boys on TV act crazy about girls but I've never seen any that feel like that about other boys like I do."

"Well TV isn't very realistic and a lot of boys just don't tell anyone because they're scared of what they'll say or think."

"There's sooo many really cute boys but none of them like boys and if they do, there's no way to tell," I said, sounding completely defeated. Then I tried to sound extra depressed and added, "I'll never have a boyfriend."

"Just give it some time. I bet you'll find a nice boy like that eventually. Probably sooner than you think."

"YAY!" I thought to myself and was delighted that I had probably just helped shorten that time up. I pictured a bunch of government people watching me on the cameras then jumping up and screaming, "Find a boy! Go! Go! Go!" My acting job wasn't done yet though.

"Probably not," I said and got up and started to walk back to my room. I moped along looking as sad as someone whose whole family just got eaten by wolves and said sadly, "I think I'll go to bed early."

"Would you like something to eat before bed?"

"Nah," I said and shut the door to my room.

I was pretty sure they were still watching me with cameras no matter where I was in the house so I plopped down lazily on my bed and stared at the ceiling. They saw a depressed boy who only wanted one thing to make him happy but really I was just lying there thinking of random things. I was very satisfied with my performance. I pictured Allison going to her school and finding what sounded like a club just for gay kids. She'd sneak a peek into the meeting and find the cutest boy. Then someone would approach him and offer him money to come meet me and be super nice and then have hot, steamy sex, preferably in the hot steamy shower. I didn't really like the idea of someone being paid to pretend to like me but if we did really both like boys, we'd probably end up really loving each other anyway. I was a pretty nice kid too so how could he not sincerely like me? I wanted to think about it over and over but I knew getting hard and jacking off right now would ruin my depressed act. Plus, I left the KY in the living room and I wanted to try that really badly if I was going to jack off.

I knew I could do it at least twice before sleeping. My record as far as I could remember was jacking off nine times in one day. I made that record a day or two after that nice boy taught me how to jack off after I sucked him off. I learned that after a couple times it didn't feel as good unless I waited a couple hours but if I was thinking about something really hot, I could do it a lot more times and it would feel as good as ever.

After finally getting all that out of my thoughts, I started to think about what the military people would do to me after a while. I still had quite a while until I had to do what I really was around for, especially in a city with so many buildings and people, and from what I heard on TV about the current army, they'd cause me a lot of trouble if I made them mad. Of course, they thought I'd cause them a lot of trouble if they made me mad too. For now I was content to make them think my amnesia hadn't gone away so I could live comfortably with Lisa.

All sorts of people had tried to stop me during the previous times I had woken up but I was always able to hide and defend myself perfectly. This time was so much different though. There were thousands of machines and drugs that I had never seen before and I was nowhere near understanding all of them. I decided that no matter what I wasn't going to let them stick any needles in me and I wouldn't take any drugs from them either anymore. All they had to do is decide I was too dangerous like many others had in the past but instead of trying to run me through with a sword or shoot me with a single shot gun, they just had to give me some sort of poison and I'd be dead. If they even just put me to sleep again, they could shoot me all they want because I couldn't stop bullets with my mind while I was sleeping. Who knows what other weird things they could do to me. They could obviously run electricity through my body with just a little ankle bracelet machine and I wondered if any of those other weird machines they held could shock me too. That future weapons show said they could launch a big cannon sort of thing from really far away and I'd be blown to bits with no warning. Worst of all, if they killed me I'd be dead for good.

I was really scared because of all of it and I know you're thinking, well why not just run away and hide somewhere where they can't find me? I had done that so many other times in the wilderness and it was really rough.

Certainly, my life was more important than living conditions that were a little rough but I had another reason. The hope of meeting a nice gay boy and finally being able to have sex with him was worth sticking around for in my mind. Now you're probably thinking that there would be other opportunities for me and you're ready to pack my bags for me and tell me to get going but you don't understand how it's been so far.

Taking my chances trying to find a boy like that on my own wasn't even an option. I proved that to be pretty impossible long ago. Every time I woke up, I knew I wouldn't be around for long so I recklessly talked to A LOT of boys about sex, disregarding what they would think about me afterwards. I didn't even get so much as a kiss though! Every other time period so far still had cute, naked kids swimming in lakes all over the place. I remember spending almost the entire time I was awake in the 1700's going from city to city, watching the boys and their beautiful bodies swim around nude. Since I never aged, I'd of course get naked too and join them and eventually I'd take one aside to talk about stuff. No matter how I said it or what I offered to do with them though, every single boy declined, saying it was too weird or boys weren't supposed to do that or they only wanted to do it with a girl. I must have been extremely lucky to have had two boys mess around with me when I was growing up back in England because it certainly didn't happen again.

It took a while but I finally figured out that boys were so paranoid about being teased that they wouldn't do anything to show they were gay even if I approached them and asked if they wanted to mess around together because somehow their friends or parents might find out. I didn't find a single boy that was so horny that he'd try anything with anyone once like my two friends back in England either. What terrible luck!

With the assistance of my powers though, I did at least get to spy on some cuties around my age going at it with a girl they met at a lake. It was really hot at first to watch a boy pounding a girl in secret like that. Apparently a combination of being thirteen, having a perfect excuse to already be naked, being surrounded by naked girls, and being able to slip away unnoticed was too much for some boys no matter where they lived or what time period it was. Some would finally work up the courage to tell a girl what they wanted to do and they'd of course say yes. Everyone knew girls started puberty earlier so tons of them wanted to have sex before they ever grew any hair or breasts. Many actually swam up to boys that looked like they had a big enough penis to feel really nice inside them and tried to entice them into doing it with them. A lot of the boys said girls were gross or were too nervous to accept the offer if they did like girls. Sometimes though, a perfect boy and girl would find each other and whisper quietly then pretend to go get dressed but never quite get to their clothes.

It was funny how boys that started to like girls always bragged about how big their penises had grown and how much hair they had. There were always several parents watching all the swimming kids that would see them in their developed state though. Then of course, they would talk to his parents and say he was getting old enough to want to do "naughty things" with the girls there and they wouldn't be allowed back.

One fifteen year old boy who developed so fast that he never got a chance to do it with a girl at the lake came up with a plan. He realized his chance had come and gone and it was too late now so he was desperate. He talked to a little eleven year old girl next door to him and found out she hadn't had her first period yet. He wasn't very attracted to a girl that young but he'd take any girl at that point just to do it once so he convinced her to meet him in the field next to the lake. She snuck to the spot after a little nude swimming the next day and had a wonderful time with the boy who had a nearly fully grown penis by that time. When an adult saw her sit on the lake's edge minutes later with semen still dribbling out from between her legs though, she told them who she had done it with and needless to say, his parents weren't too happy. Lots of boys felt the way he did when they realized they missed their chance and wished they could have sex so badly. And to think they all could have done it with me all they wanted without worrying about a thing.

There were of course, other boys who were lucky enough to start to like girls and their penises had bulged up a little but their hair was slow at growing. They couldn't brag about a big, hairy penis but ironically they were the ones that basically had a free ticket to have sex with horny girls from the lake all the time. Outside of those opportunities at the lake, it was pretty hard to sneak away with a girl and have sex. Besides, everyone was afraid of pregnancy. I spied on a lot of these boys as they hung out at the lake as much as they possibly could. They'd do it with a girl every thirty minutes sometimes. Then when they started to be able to spurt out a little liquid, they would just find a curious girl that hadn't had her first period yet and spurt out all their sperm inside her at the end without worry. Soon after boys could cum with semen though, they usually grew some hair and weren't allowed to go swimming there anymore. But what a great time they had before then!

I remember talking to an unbelievably cute boy at a lake in the Virginia colony back then and asking if he wanted to walk off somewhere and try sucking each other off just so we'd know what it felt like when a girl did it to us. He promptly declined my offer but it must have excited him enough that it pushed his courage over the edge and the next day he went up to a girl and they started whispering. Before I knew it, they both got out of the lake right by each other and walked into the tall grass where other swimmers never went. The boy was just a bit younger than me but he was with a much older girl that some people thought was too old to still be there. She was starting to get noticeable lumps on her chest which a lot of boys stared at but she didn't have any hair yet.

I still couldn't take my eyes off the boy despite his rejection so when I saw them, I floated up into a tree right by where they stopped and watched them. It was his first time and from the moment she laid back on the grass with her legs spread open invitingly, an ecstatic smile was on his face. Soon his penis pulsed inside her without shooting out a drop of semen and he looked like the happiest boy on the planet. I however felt terrible because if he had said yes, that could have just as easily been me down there with him.

Even worse, when I was twelve I looked young enough to still swim naked with everyone else because I had a nice, hairless penis but it had grown like crazy so it was about five inches [12½ cm] long when hard. I was completely nuts about sex back then and probably still sperm free. If I would have turned out to like girls, I could have snuck off with the hottest older ones and had sex all day. But no, I had to be one of those weird boy-likers. What a waste of a perfectly timed puberty.

After seeing a bunch of boys do it with girls though, it only made me wish I was the one they were holding and kissing in the tall grass. I had literally spent years all together trying to find a boy to play with but with no luck. I even tried impressing them with my powers but they had a tendency to just run away or turn it into a magic show instead. So after all that frustration and heartbreak, now here I was with a bunch of people desperately trying to find me a boyfriend to be with and I wasn't about to give up that once in a lifetime chance no matter what the risk. My little thirteen year old brain, which by the way was located in my pants, would definitely risk dying if it meant I had a chance to be with a real boy. Considering how awesome it was to have sex with Allison, I couldn't even imagine how much I'd like to do it with a real boy and not have to close my eyes and pretend anything.

After all that thinking I was sort of glad when Lisa came in and tried to cheer me up. She told me not to get so upset about it and to stop worrying.

"Hey mister, you're not going to go to bed without going in the bathroom and brushing your teeth, are you?" She said and set the KY on the nightstand right next to my bed and I smiled shyly. "You know, I always wanted a really expensive car but I'd never afford one. That doesn't mean it's not fun to imagine I'm driving one sometimes with the wind blowing through my hair." She ran her hand through my hair and then brushed it across my cheek.

"I think I better go brush my teeth!" I exclaimed and jumped up and ran towards the door. Then I quickly turned around and grabbed the KY then dashed back out the door and down the hallway into the bathroom in just my new underwear. I couldn't get the thoughts of cute boys swimming around nude out of my head. They were so cute floating on their backs with their penises sticking up, not caring that anyone saw them. Then there were the ones that laid on their tummies on the side of the lake and tanned their sexy buns. I missed seeing naked boys like that so much.

From what I saw on TV, nobody swam naked anymore. They all had pools instead and they always wore swimming trunks. It made sense cuz everyone on TV seemed as obsessed about sex as I was and with the invention of condoms, I figured no boy and girl could swim around naked together without having sex. I did see a movie on TV where all the boys got naked to take a shower after gym class at a school though. The stupid person pointing the camera just barely left everything interesting out of the shot though. At least that meant boys these days were still okay with being naked around other boys though. As long as the girls were in a different room it was okay too.

I pictured what it would be like if the boys and girls used the same locker room and showers and giggled a little. That would never happen but the way things were now, a boy sure would be lucky if he liked boys. He'd be surrounded by hot, wet, naked boy buns and sexy penises regardless of how big they were or how much hair they had. And better yet, they'd all be rubbing themselves all over with soap. That would be even better than catching little glimpses of them underwater and on the banks of a lake.

I threw my robe off and sat down on the toilet and squirted out some of the KY stuff in my right hand. I was already rock hard from thinking about all those boys so I smeared it up and down my penis. It was even better than I expected. I had never used anything slippery to rub it instead of just jacking off like normal and I liked it already. As I pushed my hand down my penis it felt even slipperier than when I stuck it in Allison. I gave it a few more rubs slowly then went nuts and did it as fast as I could.

I suddenly remembered how Lisa told me what this stuff was normally used for. I decided to try it out on myself and squeezed some more out on a finger on my other hand. I got off the toilet and got comfy lying down on the bathroom mat. Then I reached around and slowly massaged my little ring of muscle until it got nice and loose. My slippery finger wiggled its way up inside me and I found my favorite spot again. I rubbed it a bunch and imagined I was in a locker room shower all alone with a cute boy. We looked at each other adoringly and kissed. Then I turned around and let him stick it in me and thrust away. I leaned forward against the tiled wall and he hugged me then started to jack me off while he went at it.

I got my other hand back to jacking off and kept picturing that hot fantasy. When I was about to cum, the boy bent over and it was my turn. I gasped and shot out a huge stream of cum so hard that some landed on my neck. I sighed and enjoyed the great feelings rushing through my body. I opened my eyes and grabbed a couple kleenexes to clean up. Then I washed my penis off with a wet washcloth and brushed my teeth. I walked back to my room with my robe on then threw it off and got in bed just in time for Lisa to walk in.

"My teeth are alllll clean now," I giggled.

"That's great. Are you going to go to sleep now?"


"Okay, sweet dreams."

"Don't I get a bedtime kiss?"

"Oh alright," she said and gave me a soft kiss on my forehead.

I smiled and rolled over and closed my eyes. Soon I was fast asleep.

Chapter 3

My sleep didn't last long because not longer after I went to bed, I started to dream. I had a horrible nightmare about what gave me the bad scars on my chest. It was attacking me and I couldn't get away or fight it.

I woke up screaming and realized it was only a dream. Then I looked around and to my horror, everything on my nightstand was lying on the ground and the lamp was smashed against the wall. I must have used my powers without realizing it while I was having that dream. To make matters worse, Lisa came in and said she heard a crash and me screaming.

"I'm okay… I was just having a bad dream. I really didn't mean to…" I explained and started to cry. Everything was going alright until now. When the military people heard about this, they'd think I couldn't control my powers and that I was dangerous.

"Drake, it's okay, don't cry. You didn't do it on purpose."

"Exactly, now they're gonna think I'm dangerous and can't control my powers."

She knew exactly what I was talking about but still said, "No, I'm sure it was just an accident and it's not like you hurt anyone. What were you dreaming about anyway?"

"It was about how I got this." I pushed the sheets down and ran my finger down one of the three large scars on my chest.

"How did it happen?"

I panicked because I wasn't supposed to remember that so I said, "I… I forgot it already. It was something really scary though."

She looked like she wasn't sure if I was telling the truth or not.

"Okay, well if you remember later, make sure you tell me about it, ok?"

"Okay," I said and she gave me another kiss on the forehead.

"Don't worry about that mess, I'll clean it up in the morning."

"Thanks, goodnight," I said and tried to get back to sleep. It took a while because I couldn't stop worrying about what might happen when the military people found out about this. I still wasn't going to leave before they found a boy for me but I knew I had to be totally on edge the whole time I was there so I could defend myself if they tried anything. I finally got to sleep and when I woke up in the morning I had a rock hard penis and naked boys dancing around in my head. I quickly threw on my robe, grabbed the KY, and headed off to the bathroom. I madly rubbed myself until I exploded into another imaginary boy. I got all ready and dressed and ate a big breakfast just in case I needed a bunch of energy to use my powers later that day.

"Good morning," Lisa said and walked in as peppy as ever. "Did you sleep okay the rest of the night?"

"Yeah, I had a much better dream before I woke up."

"Ooh, was there a cute boy in it?"

"Cute AND naked!" I giggled.

"Well lucky you. I had a dream that I was fishing but we forgot the poles so I had to jump out of the boat and catch them with my bare hands."

"That weeeeird," I said and laughed so hard the orange juice I was drinking almost came out my nose. After breakfast I watched some more TV and learned even more stuff about all the fancy technology they had now.

After a while Lisa came in and said, "Hey, you can just do whatever until 1:00 then we have to leave."

"Okay," I said and started to worry about everything again. It was like I could feel the cameras watching me with the people all staring at me, trying to decide if I was really dangerous or not. A little thirteen year old eating breakfast sure wasn't very threatening. I couldn't take it anymore though so I asked Lisa if I could go see if Allison was home. She probably figured I wanted to have sex again but I really just thought she was a very nice girl and there were no cameras in her house as far as I knew.

I walked outside for the first time in a while and felt the golden sun shining down on me. It was a nice, partly cloudy day with a little wind. I walked down the driveway and got a nice surprise. A very cute boy a little younger than me was walking a dog almost as big as him. He passed me and we each said hi to each other but that was it. I turned around and stared at him a little more. He had tight tan shorts on and such a cute butt. I wished I could see it without those shorts covering it. Sadly, the gigantic dog kept on dragging him down the sidewalk and I turned back around. I walked up to the house where Allison lived and was about to knock on the door when I saw a button that I remembered made the ringing noise. I pressed it and heard the noise inside and Allison came and opened the door.

"Hey Drake, how's it going?"

"Not so good. Can I come in?"

"Sure, what's wrong?"

I walked in and kicked off my shoes then sat down on her couch.

"Whoa, this house is the same as mine."

"Yeah, they built a whole bunch of the same ones in a row," she explained and sat down next to me on the couch and put her arm around me. I loved how nice she treated me all the time. "So, what's on your mind?"

"I have to go get some tests done on me today and I'm really scared about what might happen," I said, wishing I could tell her everything about what was really going on. I figured the military people just told her they'd pay her if she lived next door, was nice to me, and had sex with me whenever I wanted but didn't tell her anything else about me.

"Well do you think worrying about it will somehow change what might happen?"



I couldn't explain why being on edge the whole time would keep them from surprising me with a needle or shock or something so I just replied, "Okay, I guess not."

"I remember when I had to get my appendix taken out a couple years ago and I was worried about missing school for a couple days. But I worried about it so much beforehand that I wasn't paying attention in school and I got a lot worse grades then than after I came back."

"Hey, how old are you anyway?"

"Drake! You're not supposed to ask a lady how old they are."

"Oh… sorry."

"I'm just kidding, I'm sixteen."

"Wow, if I liked girls I'd be so cool getting to have sex with a hot girl your age," I said and smiled innocently at her.

"You're just so cute, I bet every girl that sees you starts undressing you with their eyes."

"Well too bad for them, I only like boys," I giggled and blushed. "How come you're not in school right now?"

"It's Sunday you little nut, school's not until tomorrow."

I was glad to hear that she'd be at school tomorrow because that meant she might go find a cute boy for me. I just hoped that all the gay kids had a meeting that day.

"Why don't you try and think about something positive so you won't worry so much."

"Umm… it's a really nice day out."

"Yeah, it sure is. Wanna go swimming in the pool? That will take your mind off the tests."

"You have a pool? I thought you said these houses were all the same."

"Well I guess they decided to give this one a pool."

"That does sound fun… I dunno if I have a swimsuit though. Can I swim naked?"

"Yeah if you want all the neighbors to call the police," she laughed and I thought it was pretty stupid that it was against the law to be naked when not too long ago nobody had a problem with kids swimming naked. Maybe they found out a bunch of young kids were having sex all the time when they went to go swim and made a law against it.

"Why don't you go check and see if Lisa has one for you and I'll get the pool all set up for us."

"Okay," I said and ran back over and asked Lisa. Those military guys sure thought of everything because she went in my dresser and pulled out a really cool looking swimsuit. It was black with bright red and orange flames going up it.

"Whoa… that's so cool!" I said and held them up to my waist.

"Have fun," Lisa said and I skipped back over to Allison's house. She came back in through the back patio door just as I arrived back there. Her suit was laying over a chair and she picked it up and sat down on the couch with me. I was going to go in the bathroom to get changed just because I was always shy about that sort of thing but she pulled her shirt off right in front of me so I didn't bother. This time she had a bra on and I couldn't help but stare when she took it off. She smiled at me and I shyly looked away and pulled my socks off. She stood up and pulled her pants down and I swiftly pulled my shirt off over my eyes so I could see. My eyes quickly found their way to her underwear as they also came off.

"Do you wanna have sex again?" she asked and caught me off guard.

"Oh… umm, no. Sorry, I didn't mean to stare. I just never got to see a girl naked before, except the last time and it was in the dark."

She stretched and spun around then sat sideways with her head on the arm of the couch and said, "I don't mind… as long as you don't mind me staring at your sexy little body either."

I giggled and examined the interesting parts of her. I could see it a lot better than the last time when it was just in the dim light of the TV. My curiosity was raging and a million questions were running through my head. I knew she'd be happy to explain anything to me so I started asking.

"Do normal boys really like big breasts so much?" I asked and stared at hers. They were pretty big.

"Yeah, they sure do."

"Hmm… I think they just get in the way when girls are trying to run and stuff."

Allison laughed exceptionally hard and her breasts wiggled all over, sort of proving my point. I jumped forward onto my tummy so I was right in front of those weird lip thingies between her legs and asked, "So you just make them spread apart when a boy wants to have sex with you?"

"Sort of. You know when boys see a girl naked or start rubbing their penis, it gets hard on its own…"

"Or when they see a boy sometimes," I interrupted and winked.

"Yeah that too. It's kinda the same with girls. They get excited about seeing the boy and they loosen up a bit. Oh and that 'hole' you liked so much is called a vagina and that stretches out to fit a penis in it and some stuff coats the inside to make it nice and slippery," she explained and I kept staring at it the whole time. "Go ahead, try it. That part at the top is what feels really good to rub so it makes all that stuff happen fast."

I giggled and was just curious enough to try it. I cautiously put my fingers on it and rubbed back and forth. I ran a finger along the lips and they felt warm and squishy. I kept up the rubbing and watched them spread out a bit, revealing a tight, pink tunnel.

"Wow, cool," I said and giggled some more.

"This is way better than health class, huh?"

When I was growing up back in England only the rich kids and royalty went to school so I never really had a health class way back then. I was forced to go to school in the 1700's after coming to the US so I played along and they taught all the boys my age a special lesson one day about how our body was going to change as we grew and that was it. Almost all of kids' knowledge about sex back then came from talking to each other and older kids, or from doing it girls at the local lake of course.

"You mean they teach kids all this stuff in school?!" I asked in amazement and imagined a bunch of boys hearing about everything with big lumps in their pants.

"Well not this detailed, but they tell them the basics of where babies come from and how a lot of stuff works during sex and what all the parts do.

They aren't allowed to teach about jacking off though."

"Do they get naked right there in school and have sex?"

She laughed and reached down and messed up my hair with her hand and said, "Even if you did lose your memory, you'd probably remember that. I think their parents would be kinda mad if they did. Plus, not every boy likes girls so they wouldn't want to tell everyone to do that. Oh and not everyone's old enough to be able to do it either."

"They said on TV that you remember stuff better with hands on learning," I laughed.

"Oh trust me, everyone's paying very close attention already when it comes to that unit in the class."

I had been thinking about watching all those cute young boys and girls having sex by the lake and I remembered something else I had seen. I thought of a good way to ask about it too.

"Hey I heard on TV that it feels good when you do this…" I said and climbed up onto her stomach and started licking at her pointy nipples.

"Yeah, girls like that a lot. And you know what…"

She put her hands under my arms and nudged me a little higher up then pulled me toward her and started to lick at my nipples. I was shocked when all the nerves in my body perked up and it sort of tickled in a good way.

"Whoa…" I sighed and she let go and I sat up on her stomach. "I guess you don't need breasts for it to feel good. I never knew about these."

I looked down and rubbed both of them lightly and it felt pretty nice.

"Nope, no breasts required," she laughed. "Keep that in mind the first time you and another boy are messing around."

"Thanks! I doubt that will ever happen though. If it does though, I'll tell him Allison said to do this," I said and dove down and started licking sloppily at her nipples then looked up and giggled.

"You're so cute," she said and gave me a hug.

I sank back down between her legs and saw that she was still wide open.

I touched the tight pink part then poked in the middle lightly. It started to loosen up just a little so I probed deeper and my finger got wet.

I looked up at Allison to make sure I wasn't doing anything she didn't want me to but she just smiled and said, "Try using a couple fingers."

It was so awesome of her to let me do all this. I was going to be a girl expert after all this, though I didn't know why I would even want to be. I bunched up three fingers and pushed them as deep as I could.

"Just like a penis," I giggled and pulled and pushed it through her. "I like this vagina thingy a lot. I hope it feels just like this with boys."

"Hmm, well I can't say I know much about that."

I kept working my fingers in and out of her and asked, "Does this feel good?"

"Yeah, that feels pretty nice but the best spots are that part right outside and some other parts way deep inside."

"And your nipples too," I piped in and smiled.

"Oh yeah, can't forget them."

I yanked my fingers out and saw her vagina slowly closing. I got a little peek inside it first though and it looked really cool.

"I guess now you know how to please a lady," Allison laughed.

I climbed back onto her stomach and said, "Well I was just curious… Hey! Can you tell me any stuff I should know about sex with boys?"

She thought for a second then said, "You probably already know all about which parts of you feel really good when you touch them in a certain way so do that for him and he'll love it. Oh and I didn't tell you this but when you have sex and squirt out semen at the end, that's called an orgasm. Girls have them too, they just don't squirt out any semen or anything. Boys should always try not to do that until the girl does cuz otherwise they'd stop and the girl never gets to feel the best part."

"Oh, I'm sorry," I apologized, thinking about how fast I finished when we did it.

"Hey, don't worry about it. That was your first time and you didn't know. Plus, it's really hard for boys your age to hold on for very long. But I was going to say that you can forget all that when you're with boys cuz they don't care how long you last with them. If you and a boy had sex and you finished up as fast as you did with me, he'd love it."

I was daydreaming about doing it with a boy until Allison said, "Hey, what's that I feel poking at me down there."

I looked down and saw that my penis was hard and bulging my pants out right against the opening to her vagina.

"You made me think about boys," I said and smiled wide and giggled.

"You know, it would be easier to poke that thing in there if you didn't have those shorts on. Then you can really have some fun thinking about boys."

It hadn't been long enough since I jacked off that morning for me to be horny enough to want to settle for a girl again so I said, "No thanks, I just jacked off before I came over."

Allison was so nice to me and I was fascinated with all her neat body parts. It was really easy to be thinking about boys when we did it too so I planned to have sex with her a lot until they found a boy for me. It still was only a substitute though. It only seemed about as good as jacking off compared to real sex with a real boy so I still wanted them to find one so badly.

"That's alright, maybe later."

I bobbed down between her legs and looked at the big pink tunnel again and said, "Definitely later! Especially if you keep making me think of boys."

"Speaking of that, I thought of some other stuff you should know. It's very important that you know the best positions for boys to do it in."

"What do you mean by positions?"

"Well there's a whole bunch of different ways you can have sex with a girl. You know how we tried it just laying like this but then you liked it better on all fours? Well there's a ton of other ways. Now if you're just sucking each others penises then you can do that any way you want. You can even lay opposite each other and have each of you suck the other at the same time. But when it comes to doing more than that, there's a couple cool ways people like to do it."

She got up then sat in my lap facing me and said, "See, this is another good one. You would just stick your penis up there and I'd go like this."

She bounced up and down and I giggled and said, "I don't think boys my size like that one cuz your breasts keep hitting my face."

"Yeah, maybe that one's not for you. Well with boys you have to be a lot more careful because the inside of your butt wasn't built to have a penis rubbing through it like a vagina is. And to get a whole penis inside it, they have to be relaxed so the best way is to have them lay back like this… and, kneel right here for a second."

She laid back like she was before and I kneeled between her legs like she told me to.

"Okay, now the other boy should put his legs up like this and either set them on your shoulders or just hold them back. And there you go, his butt's in just the right place for you and he can relax the most."

"I like this, I think it will work great! Thanks for showing it to me."

"No problem. If he's used to doing it though and you want to try other ways, he can get on all fours like we did. Or you could both be standing and he could lean up against something and you sort of thrust up into him. It's kinda hard, but another good way is for you to lay down flat and have him slide onto it and bounce up and down. Oh and you can lay next to each other and like this and do it sideways but that way's kinda hard too."

She stretched out next to me and positioned herself so I'd understand how it worked. When she was done explaining I wrapped my arms around her and said, "Wow, I didn't know there were so many ways to do it. You're so awesome for teaching me all this stuff." Allison rolled over and returned the hug then said, "You're probably going to want to learn a little about kissing too."

"Yeah, I guess," I shyly admitted, knowing she was going to want to kiss me. I didn't want to be a bad kisser though so I'd have to try not to think about the fact that she was a girl.

"Okay, let's see how much you know about it," she said then suddenly leaned in and pressed her lips against mine. After a moment, she pulled away and said, "Don't keep your lips so tight." I loosened them up a bunch and spread them apart a little. Next she said, "It's always nice to sort of hug the other person too and maybe touch them in some places that will get them excited. I put one arm under her neck and with the other one I held onto one of her breasts then rubbed her back. "Yeah, that's perfect. You're doing great. Don't be afraid to move around a little either." This time she took the initiative and held me tight then rolled over so I was on top of her. She ran her hand over my butt then brought it back up and snuck it under the waistband of my underwear and slowly rubbed my bare buns. We paused the kissing again and she said, "I bet if you did this to a boy, he'd really like it." She was right because I really liked having her touch me there. I kept my eyes closed and tried to imagine that it was a boy under me with his hand down my pants. My penis shot back up to maximum hardness and I wished it was really true. I opened my eyes and it was still Allison but that was okay because I liked spending time with her learning how to make a boy happy. I ran my hand down her side then over between her legs and started to rub my fingers over her like she showed me before.

"There, I think you've got it."

"Great! I think I'm all set now, where's a boy for me to try it all on?" I said and looked all around and giggled.

"Who knows, maybe you'll get to try all this sooner than you think."

"I hope so cuz I don't like kissing girls," I said and wiped my hand across my mouth.

"Where did you learn all this stuff?"

"Well, I've had sex with a few boys before but a lot of it I learned from the internet."

"What's that?"

"Oh wow, you don't know what the internet is?"

"Is that the thing everyone on TV talks about with the w's and dot coms?"

"Yeah, it's like a worldwide library that a computer can connect to."

"Wow, I wish libraries had books about sex."

"Actually, some do but yeah, the internet has a lot of stuff you'd never find in a library."

"Like what?"

"I know, how about I show you real quick. I'll be right back."

She got up and returned soon with a small device that she called her laptop. She opened it up and summarized how a computer worked then opened up the internet and showed me CNN's website, since I liked to watch that news channel.

"Oh cool, so they put stuff there and people can look at it? Wow, that's a good idea," I said and studied the cool thing she called their website.

"Okay, close your eyes for a second, I'm going to surprise you with something really cool."

I covered my eyes and hoped it was a big list of gay boys that lived around us. Instead though, I suddenly heard some noises that sounded familiar coming from the laptop and she told me to open my eyes. I stared wide eyed as a guy stuck his penis inside a naked woman and they started having sex. I was too excited to speak. I never thought I could watch people have sex without having to sneak up into a tree and spy on them but here it was playing on her laptop just like a TV. The woman sounded like she liked it a lot too and the guy kept saying "oh yeah."

"That is awesome!" I finally said when the video stopped. She made another video play and it was two different people. The lady was sucking on the guy's penis, which by the way was huge. Then the lady stood up and said something that confused me.

"Hey, what does fuck mean?"

"Oh, that's what people call it when the guy sticks his penis inside her and moves it in and out. See, this video is called blow job, that's another term for sucking, and then this one… is called guy fucks a hot teen."

Another video started and another guy with a gigantic penis was having sex with a young looking woman.

"So if a boy walked in right now and asked you if you wanted a blow job, that means he wanted to suck you. And if he asked if you wanted to fuck him, that means he wants to have sex."

"Okay," I said and liked her example a lot. I continued watching the amazing video.

"Ooh, I know what you might like…" she said and pressed a bunch of buttons on the laptop and a different website appeared. Then she made another video open and this time it was a guy giving another one a blow job.

Then they stopped and the two started having sex. It was interesting to watch but I didn't really like adult guys very much.

"Hey, now do one with boys my age!" I said ecstatically.

"I figured you'd say that but sorry, the government made it illegal for anyone to put videos of people under eighteen having sex on the internet."

"Ahhhh! Well that's a really stupid law!" I said and felt majorly disappointed. I beat up the pillow next to me.

"But at least it's legal for any boys under eighteen to have sex with each other. People over eighteen can only have sex with other people over eighteen though."

"That's a kinda dumb law too," I said and she laughed.

"Well in England they made a law saying that anyone under sixteen can't have sex at all."

"Wow!" I said and pictured those two kids I saw having sex when I was eleven back in England. "That's the dumbest law ever! Can the boys at least jack off?"

"Yeah," she laughed. "Oh that reminds me, did you know that almost every boy in the world jacks off and about two thirds of girls rub themselves or stick their fingers up there until they have an orgasm too?"

"Oh cool. That's what I'd do if I was a girl," I laughed. "Why don't the other girls do it?"

"I don't know, probably a bunch of different reasons. I have to show you one more thing that's pretty cool."

She started pressing the buttons again and I asked her how she could press them in the right order that fast. She said everyone starts out slow but they use computers so much that most get this fast eventually.

"Okay, check this out," she said and opened another video.

"Teen toys her pussy?" I read off the title.

"Yeah, pussy is another word for the parts that a girl has between her legs."

The video started playing and I saw a naked lady that looked about nineteen holding some weird thing in her hand. The camera zoomed up and it looked like a big floppy penis made out of rubber or something. She worked it up inside herself and yanked it in and out.

"Wow, cool. She sounds like she likes that a lot," I giggled.

"Yeah, it feels pretty good. I got to use one of those once."

"What is it?"

"It's called a dildo and it's a fake penis made out of latex or plastic or something. It feels a lot like the real thing but it's not as good cuz you don't get to hug or kiss anyone like you would with a real boy."

I started to wonder what it would be like to feel one of them inside me. A finger was a lot different than a real penis so I wanted to see what it would really feel like. The dildo the lady had in the video was huge though and I was pretty sure it wouldn't fit inside my little butt.

"Wow, that's a really good invention. It's even bigger than that guy in the last video's penis though, wow."

"Yeah, it's a pretty big one. They come in all sizes though."

"Wow, I wish I had one. Then I'd know what it feels like to um… get fucked by a boy," I said with a big smile, remembering my new vocabulary.

"Well just cuz you're the most adorable boy in the world, I'll try and get you one… one for each of us actually."

I gave her another energetic hug and said, "Yay, then we can both pretend we're being fucked by boys."

"Sure, it's a date," she said and we laughed.

"You're the best friend I ever had!"

"Aww, thanks, you're so sweet. Hey, I think we got a little sidetracked. How about we get our swimsuits on and enjoy that nice weather."

"Okay," I said and jumped up off the couch and pulled my pants and underwear down.

"I just love that cute butt of yours," she said and squeezed one of my buns and I jumped and giggled. Right before I pulled my swimming trunks up she added, "And I bet a lot of boys see you and think the same thing."

I bent over and waived my butt around and said, "I dunno about a lot but if they like it then they can come on in."

"Okay, I'll tell any boy that if he says it," she laughed.

"Mmmm, I want a boyfriend so bad!" I said then pulled up my trunks and showed them off to Allison. "Maybe I can attract them with this sexy swimsuit."

"Oh yeah, you look totally hot. I bet if we went to the pool, boys would be begging you to take it off," she said and put her two piece suit on. "Okay, let's go."

We stepped out together onto the sunny backyard patio. It was all perfectly flat and looked like the same stuff that roads were made out of. There was no dirt or sand or anything. The pool was really neat looking too. I felt like I was inside the royal palace in England but better.

"Wow, this is really nice," I said.

"Yeah, I like it a lot too."

"Weeeeeeeeee," I yelled and jumped into the pool with a big cannonball.

"Ahh, hey you got me wet," Allison squealed.

"Well that's kinda the point, come on in," I said and motioned for her to jump in.

"I think I'll tan for a little bit first," she said and laid out on a long pool chair.

I swam around and did all sorts of jumps off the diving board and Allison even clapped. I couldn't help but use a tiny bit of my powers to do a double backflip but it just looked like I jumped really hard. Allison was very impressed and said I was just like a little otter when I was in the water. Finally I convinced her to come swim with me. We played around and had a splashing fight.

"You know, it's dumb that they don't let you swim naked at your own house," I said.

"Yeah, it's sort of weird because at public pools a lot of people get naked in front of everyone else in the locker rooms to change into their swimsuit but then it's illegal for people to see them naked outside the locker room."

I swam over and jumped up on Allison's back and made her give me a piggy back ride then said, "You know, a long time ago they let kids go swimming naked in lakes and stuff."

"They still do that today in other countries. In fact, in Amsterdam they have nude beaches."

"Oh boy, let's go there!" I giggled.

"Hey, don't get too excited. They don't let you have sex on the beach."

"Aww, that's not fun. I'd find a cute boy and sneak off into the bushes with him or something," I giggled.

"Well where are you going to hide the lube if you're not wearing anything?"

"Hmm… well maybe we'd just give each other… umm what's it called again?"

"Blow jobs."

"Oh yeah, that. Yeah, that would be fun."

"You little horn dog," she said and dumped me backwards into the water.

When I popped back up she hung her arms over my shoulders and asked, "So what would you do if all of a sudden you were alone somewhere with a boy and he told you he was gay?"

"Hmm… well first I'd probably ask him a couple hundred times if he really was or if he was just kidding."

"Okay, then what?"

"Then I'd still not believe him so I'd make him prove it by getting naked with me."

"Ooh, sounds hot. Then what?"

I started to daydream about how nice it would be to have a boy like that. I knew exactly what I'd do with him after that. I closed my eyes and leaned back, resting my head against Allison's soft breasts.

"Then I'd give him a big smoocheroo on the lips just like you taught me and I'd start touching him… in places. Then I'd try that thing you said where we suck each other at the same time. Ooh and I'd tell him we had to race and see who could finish the fastest, heh heh heh."

"Bet you'd win."

"Yeah, you bet. But after we were all done, we'd be all hot and sweaty so we'd take a nice cold shower together and I'd wash every single part of his body then kiss it."

"Ooh, you're so romantic," Allison said as she started to massage my shoulders.

"Of course, we would be so excited to be together, we'd get out of the shower and have sex like bunnies until we were so sweaty we'd have to get back in the shower."

Suddenly I heard Allison gasp so I opened my eyes to see what was wrong. She looked down at me with a worried expression and said, "Drake, I think there's something… in your trunks."

She reached down and grabbed onto my now thoroughly hard penis through my suit and added, "Uh oh, I think it's growing. It might pop out of your suit." Then she jerked my suit down to my knees and laughed.

"Heeeey, I don't wanna get arrested for being naked," I protested.

"Okay, I'll cover you up," she said and wrapped her hand around my exposed penis.

"Mmm, yeah, now everything's fine."

"Go ahead, keep thinking about what you were, it sounds fun."

"Okay," I said and went back to leaning against her with my eyes closed.

She kept jacking me off slowly and I imagined that I was standing in the shower with that same cute boy from the microwave burrito commercial that I fantasized about the last time. He was behind me plowing his penis between my buns and jacking me off at the same time. Allison had gotten me so wound up thinking about sex already that I could feel the time to cum approaching sooner than normal. I started to breathe heavily as each stroke felt better and better and she must have noticed because she sped up a whole bunch.

"Uhhh, ohhh that feels good," I moaned quietly. She gripped my chest higher and rubbed her finger around one of my nipples. Now my whole body was going crazy and I couldn't hold it in any longer. I squirted a big burst of semen out into the pool followed by a bunch of littler squirts. It felt so nice to be jacked off out in the warm sun under the water like that.

After panting like I had just sprinted around the whole house, I gazed up at Allison and said, "Mmmm, that was awesome."

"I'm glad you liked it."

"I was thinking about that cutie from the microwave burrito commercial again. Boy is he hot! Ooh when he was done fucking me I'd say 'wow, you're done in just ONE MINUTE.'"

Allison laughed hysterically because that's almost exactly what the boy said on the commercial.

"You sure are one funny little dude," she said then ducked under the water and pulled my suit back up for me. When she came back up I wrapped my arms around her in a nice hug then grabbed onto her bikini top and pulled it off.

She quickly covered herself with her arms and screamed, "Drake, you little!"

I put the bikini top on myself and smiled and she couldn't help but let a little laugh escape.

"Oh yeah, the boys will think I'm so hot now," I said and she laughed so hard she could hardly keep herself covered.

"Drake, give that back! Someone might see me!"

"Ohhhh fine," I said and handed it to her. She ducked under the water again and put the top back on.

"Yeah, you look better with it on," I said with a wink.

"Hey," she whined and splashed me.

"I meant you look better with it on than I did," I giggled.

I went to the edge of the pool and peered into the house and saw it was a little after noon. We swam around and played for a while longer then I told her I should probably get out because I had to leave soon. When we dried off and got inside, I asked Allison what smelled funny.

"Well duh, it's you silly. You just got out of the pool."

I sniffed myself and smelled it stronger than ever.

"Was there something weird in the water?"

She came over and took a whiff of me and said, "That's just chlorine."

"What's that?"

"It's a chemical people put in pools to stop algae and seaweed and germs and stuff from growing in them."

I kept sniffing myself so Allison laughed and said, "Wanna jump in the shower real quick?"

"Sure, I can't go to the doctor's and stink up the whole place."

We went into the bathroom together and took our swimsuits off. I was still in awe of how cool it was that I could hang out naked with a girl her age even if I wasn't attracted to her. If I was back in England at the lake, I'd tell all the boys there about her and what I got to do with her, leaving out of course the fact that I always pictured boys when we did anything. They would have thought I was the coolest!

Allison rubbed some shampoo into my hair and asked, "So, are you still worried about the tests?"

"I'm not worried about the tests so much, it's what they might do to me that I'm worried about. But I guess I'll be okay."

Allison must have known what I meant at least a little. It's wasn't exactly normal for government people to come up to her and pay her to have sex with a thirteen year old so she must have suspected there was something special about me.

"Doctors are there to help you and if they do anything bad to you, it's usually to prevent something worse. But hey, maybe they'll just have you run on a treadmill or something."

"Nah, they're doing something with my brain… I'm not supposed to talk about it though."

"Well hey, maybe you'll end up getting your memory back."

"I don't know if I really want to remember what happened to me cuz it wasn't something good," I said and ran my fingers along the scar on my chest. That obviously had nothing to do with anything in reality but she didn't know that. I was such a good actor. "I'd rather just remember you instead cuz you're the nicest friend ever."

"Aww, come here you," she said and gave me a big hug. Every time she hugged me I was just tall enough to have her breasts pressed right into my face and I almost giggled every time because of that. She started to give me a quick scrubbing with soap and said, "How about tomorrow after school I'll come visit you and see how you're doing. And I'll hopefully bring over a dildo for each of us and we can relax and think about boys and have some fun together."

I didn't see her do it but she must have licked one of her fingers and snuck it between my buns because I felt her finger poke at that ring of muscle then squeeze past it and wriggle around inside me.

"Do you like that?"

"Yeah, but I bet a dildo would feel even better."

"Looks like you like it a lot," she said and rubbed her hand up and down my penis a few times. "I can't believe you're getting hard again already."

"One time I jacked off nine times in one day!" I proudly said, not caring that she knew I remembered that because there was no surveillance.

"Wow! You're one horny little guy. So we're on for tomorrow then?"

"Yeah, that sounds really nice," I said and knew that if I made it to the next day alive, it would happen just like she said because as soon as she told the government or military people what I wanted, they'd get it for me.

"Alright, so don't go meeting any cute boys between now and then."

"Oh don't worry, I don't think that will happen," I said and rinsed myself off under the water after she pulled her finger out of me. "Okay, your turn!"

She handed me the soap and I went to work washing all the chlorine off from her body. It was a nice opportunity to see and touch everything up close again. When I got between her legs I crouched down and rubbed my fingers around and noticed that they were already spread apart. I looked up at her with a cute smile and said, "Ooh, you must think I'm a hot, sexy boy here to fuck you, huh?"

"Must be," she replied.

I rubbed up and down her legs and after rinsing off she said, "You really like fantasizing about playing with another boy in the shower, don't you?"

"Yeah, it would be so awesome to fuck a boy in a shower! It's so nice and warm and cozy and we'd both be naked. And we wouldn't have to worry about making a mess or getting all sweaty."

"Well it looks like your penis is up and ready for some action. Wanna get a condom on that thing and have a little more fun before you go?"

Just being in a shower seemed to make me so horny so I gladly agreed. Allison stepped out of the shower and grabbed a condom package out of the bathroom cabinet and tore it open. Then she stepped back in and rolled it on me like before. I was so excited that I already had my eyes closed and was imagining a new boy I had seen was in there with me.

"Ooh, who is it this time?" Allison whispered and I smiled and said, "That really cute boy from Home Alone 4. It was on this morning and they showed him dancing in his undees before he got in the shower. Then they showed him all blurry behind the shower door dancing around in there. He must like showers as much I do!"

"I saw that movie. You two would make a cute couple."

I opened my eyes and said enthusiastically, "I'm gonna show you everything I learned!"

I started to push two fingers into her tight pussy and suck on one of her nipples. It wasn't exactly something I would do to a boy but I wanted to make Allison happy before I went on imagining she was a boy.

"Does that feel good?"

"Yeah, you're doing a really good job, it feels great."

Inside her vagina I wiggled my fingers around and pulled them in and out rapidly. Soon they were coated with so much slippery stuff that it started to drip out onto my hand. I wondered if that meant she liked it enough that she might have an orgasm soon. I started sucking on her other nipple and tickled the first one with my fingers. Soon she started to moan softly sort of like the women on the internet.

A great idea came to me and I moved around behind her and stuck my penis into her pussy. It felt extra wet and slippery now. She leaned forward a little on the front of the shower so I reached up and played with both of her nipples between my fingers. She started moaning and I was delighted at the job I was doing. I couldn't help but start to imagine that cute boy was in front of me instead but I realized it was going to make me cum too quickly so I opened my eyes. Allison now had one hand down at her crotch and was rubbing that sensitive area she told me about before. After about two minutes more of fun fucking, I heard her practically scream and her whole body tensed up.

"Oh boy, did you just have an orgasm?" I asked excitedly.

"Yeah, you were amazing. You sure learn fast."

"Yay, I did it!" I said then started to fuck her even faster. "Okay, now time to pretend you're a boy again."

"Go ahead, sweetie."

I closed my eyes and there I was with that beautiful younger boy again.

He bent over and spread his cheeks, just waiting for me to stick it in him. When I did he cooed happily and made noises just like Allison did because he loved it so much. I reached around and jacked him off and kissed his neck and back while I continued to fuck him and he couldn't get enough of it. I could practically feel his penis shooting off in my hand right before I had to cum. I blasted off inside the condom and held tightly onto Allison. I let out a small cry as I came because it felt so strong. When I pulled out of her she turned around and I giggled and said, "Thanks for letting me borrow your pussy again."

"Any time," she beamed then rolled my condom off and threw it out into the trash for me. We rinsed ourselves off a little bit more then got out and dried off. It was just about time for me to leave so I got dressed in the living room and said goodbye and thank you to her a bunch of times then dashed back over to my house.

I ran in the front door and it looked like Lisa was all set to leave.

"Oh, I was just going to go get you," she said. "Are you all ready to leave?"

"I guess so…"

"Don't be nervous, they're just going to put some things on your head so they can see how your brain works. It won't hurt a bit."

"But what if they think I'm too dangerous and… and they… blow up my brain?"

"Trust me, they wouldn't do that. Especially to such a nice boy like you." She saw that I didn't look very convinced so she continued, "I probably shouldn't tell you this and it may or may not make you feel better but they would never do anything to you until they figure out how your powers work. Those military people are always looking for any way they can make their soldiers better and if they can find out how to give them the same powers as you, they'd be very happy. Even if they can't, they will probably ask you to go on missions for them because one special unit is better than none."

"Oh," I said and thought about all that. It did make me feel a lot better knowing I was so valuable to them and not just a strange nuisance they had to deal with. It also explained why they spent so much money on me. "So, if they figure it out, will they get rid of me?"

"No, I very much doubt that. That's against the most basic rules of this country. Just don't go robbing any banks or hurting anyone though."

"I'd never do that!"

"Of course not," she said and rubbed my shoulder affectionately.

Before long we were back at the military base. I waved at the people at the gate but they didn't look very friendly. I followed Lisa to a special room with a bunch of big machines. I was still nervous but I believed what Lisa said. There were some guys in white coats in there and they greeted me by name and I quietly said hi. They told me to sit down in a chair and then they showed me the hat that I had to put on.

"This will tell us what parts of your brain are being used at any given time. So we'll just tell you some things to do and that's about it, okay?"

"Will it hurt?"

"Nope, you won't even feel it."

"Okay," I said and let them put the hat on me. Then they looked at a bunch of stuff on the machines and said they were all ready. Someone pointed a camera on a stand at me and turned it on and it was ok because I was used to being watched by now.

"They held up a laptop that looked different than Allison's and said okay, try to follow this dot with your eyes."

A little white dot started bouncing around on the screen and I kept my eyes on it. It bounced faster and faster until it was just a blur and I thought I did a pretty good job following it before it stopped.

"Good job. See, here's a picture of your brain. The parts in the red were being used. Most of these parts control your eye movement."

"Wow," I said and looked at the picture of my brain on a screen behind me.

They had me do a bunch of weird stuff like lift my arms up and think about certain things. Then they had me watch a video of a boat floating on the water on the laptop then out of nowhere a big scary face appeared and flashed on the screen and I just about jumped out of the chair.

"Hey, that wasn't nice!" I yelled.

"Sorry, it had to be a surprise or it wouldn't have worked. Okay, now try to imagine that you're being chased by a big, scary, hungry tiger."

I closed my eyes and used my vivid imagination to pretend I was getting chased by a tiger and my heart even sped up.

"Okay, that's good," they said and I looked back at the screen.

"See, that's the run away from a tiger part of your brain," one guy said and I laughed.

"And that's the thinking Bill's dumb jokes are funny section," another guy said when it changed and we all laughed.

"Now we're going to have you look at a bunch of things on the screen. Don't worry, this time there won't be anything scary."

I watched the screen and there were more weird things like a close up shot of a yummy looking cake and a little kitten. Then they showed a picture of a really pretty woman taking her shirt off in slow motion then reaching back to take her bra off. The video clip stopped before she got completely naked but I didn't really care. All the people in the white coats were whispering to each other and I looked back at them.

"How old are you again?" one of them asked.

"Thirteen," I answered and I already knew what was wrong. I figured the part of my brain that thought about sex, which must have been a pretty big part, was supposed to be red but it wasn't. Most other boys would probably stare at the screen like a zombie and start getting hard but not me.

Lisa got up from where she was sitting at the side of the room and whispered to one of the guys and he whispered to the rest and they changed it to the next video. A couple videos later was a really cute boy smiling as he jumped into a pool in slow motion. I couldn't help but start to picture him without his swimsuit on and the white coat guys whispered to each other again.

I looked back at them and shyly said, "He's cute!" and saw that a part of my brain was really bright red.

They didn't say anything, just put the next video on. When they were done they told me I did a really good job then asked me to lift up a chair on the other side of the room with my mind. I made it float up in the air and they all talked to each other about what parts were red, using a bunch of huge words I didn't know. They had me move it around the room and make it spin then had me lift myself up. I heard one of them say that when I was floating that it used the coordination part of my brain as well as some other part from before. When they were done they told me I did a really good job and I smiled. I was pretty sure they weren't going to hurt me.

Lisa led me to another room with weird looking walls and they had me lift up these big metal rings that looked really heavy and they kept adding more. They were probably trying to figure out how much I could lift and one of them tried to explain how the room worked to detect waves and particles or something weird like that. I eventually lifted all of them and they asked me what the heaviest thing I could move was. I immediately remember when I was on a boat in the 1700's on my way to the new colonies in America and a pirate ship was approaching so without anyone seeing me I lifted it up and dropped it upside down in the water. I wasn't supposed to remember that though so I just told them that I didn't know. After all the hard work though, I was starting to get tired and hungry. I was currently holding up a huge pile of metal rings and they said I had to keep it up for a couple minutes while something called a scanner did something. I wanted to drop it but things were going really good so I didn't want to make them mad by not doing exactly as they said so I kept holding it up. The people typing on computers and working machines behind a glass window saw that I was starting to sweat and the metal rings were wavering.

"Just hold on for a little bit more," one of them said. I tried as hard as I could and when they finally said it was done, the weights crashed onto the floor and so did I. I panted and sat back and held myself up with my arms.

The one guy that was in the room adding more weights rushed over and asked if I was okay.

"Yeah, I just need more food."

"Well we're pretty much done here so you can go eat and we'll analyze the results," one of the guys behind the glass said.

Lisa came in and told me I did great. I asked her how I could hear the people's voice through the glass and she explained what microphones and speakers were as we walked out. When we got in the car she told me that we'd stop at a restaurant on the way home since I was such a good boy.

She drove into the city and stopped at a really nice looking restaurant. When we walked inside she said she wanted a table for two and the lady led us to a really nice booth in the corner.

"Wow, this is just like places I saw on TV," I said.

"You can order anything you want but just remember to not say anything about the base or your powers," she reminded me quietly.

"What powers," I whispered back and winked and she smiled.

When the waitress came, I asked for lemonade and started to make a list of everything I wanted to order. When she came back, Lisa ordered a chicken sandwich and I ordered two chicken sandwiches, soup, and three hamburgers. The waitress looked at Lisa and she said, "He's a growing boy."

I giggled and looked around to see if there were any cute boys in the restaurant. It was about 2:30 so there was almost nobody in the place, and no cute boys.

"So, did you have fun at Allison's house?"

"Yeah!" I gleefully exclaimed. There was nobody close enough to hear us so I blushed and said, "She taught me a whole bunch of stuff I didn't know about sex. Ooh and lots of important stuff for sex with boys. Oh and then we had sex heh heh heh."

"Well that was nice of her. It sure was a nice day out. Did you have fun swimming?"

"Yep, I even did a double backflip off the diving board and she said I swam so good I was just like a little otter."

"Wow, that's cool."

"Yeah and later she made me think about boys again and pulled my suit down and pretended like she was the boy I was thinking about. It feels really cool to get jacked off underwater."

Lisa just smiled and didn't know what to say.

"And later when we went back inside we smelled bad from the pool so we took a shower together. She knows how much I like thinking about boys in the shower and she let me pretend like she was a boy again and we had sex. Ooh and this time I even made her have a… um… a orgasm!"

Lisa glanced back and forth to double check that nobody was around to hear us then said, "You must have done a really good job then. I bet you're pretty big for your age too, huh?"

I knew what she meant and I nodded vigorously and giggled.

"It sounds like you had a really nice time."

"Yeah, I sure did! I wish she really was a boy though."

"I'm sure you'll find a nice boy eventually."

"Yeah, that's what she said. I dunno, maybe I will."

"Well you're definitely very handsome."

I smiled proudly and kept waiting hungrily for the food to come. I was absolutely starving after all that work using my powers. I liked how my stomach was different since I got my powers. I could eat and eat and eat and not feel full and my little tummy stayed as flat as ever. It was awesome! Finally after more than half an hour the waitress made two trips and filled the table with plates of food.

"Thank you so much!" I said and immediately started wolfing down a hamburger. By the time Lisa had finished her chicken sandwich, I only had one chicken sandwich and one hamburger left.

"Wow, I've never seen anyone eat like you," she said and I giggled.

When the waitress came back to bring us the check she looked amazed that I had eaten it all. I thanked her again and Lisa paid the bill with something called a credit card and left some money on the table for the waitress.

On the way home I stared out the window and asked Lisa about a whole bunch of stuff I saw. The world was so weird looking now. I spent the rest of the day watching TV and learned even more stuff that I didn't know about the world. I took a shower early because I couldn't wait to jack off again.

This time I imagined that the boy I had seen walking his dog had come inside and gotten in the shower with me. He looked a couple years younger than me but I bet he still would enjoy having sex. I stood out of the path of the water and rubbed my lubed up hand vigorously over my penis. After not doing it since I fucked Allison in the shower, it didn't take more than a couple minutes to spurt out big globs of semen all over the shower floor. When I was finally in bed around 9:00 I couldn't stop thinking about Allison's promise that we'd get to play with dildos the next day so I jacked off the old fashioned way with no lube under the sheets and cleaned up with kleenexes.


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