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I Bought Five Little Boy Slaves

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Mike, an experienced and cruel slaveholder, bought five little boys sentenced to slavery by an inhuman judicial system. They struggled hard to cope with their new life but they are not the only ones to learn.
Publ. Oct 2007-Aug 2011
Finished 201,500 words (403 pages)


The slaves: Timo (10yo), Nico (10yo), Marcus (9yo), Chris (10yo), Julian (10yo), Sebastian (11y; from ch. 8), and Jan (18yo; from ch. 14)
Their master: Michael
Other boys: Hassan (12/13yo; ch. 24-25); Luke (6yo;; Sebastian's brother; from ch. 19)

Category & Story codes

Boy-Slave story/future
Mb Mtb – Mdom anal oral mast – tort bd spank humil pierc chast electr cbt ws



If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Author's note

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Table of Contents

  1. Little Slaves
  2. Selection
  3. Painful Duty
  4. New Rules – New Pain
  5. Challenging the Master
  6. Misery
  7. Breaking Julian
  8. Rescue Mission
  9. A Servant's Dilemma
  10. Sebastian's Recovery
  11. Julian's First Orgasm
  12. The Party
  13. Marcus' First Time
  14. New Slave, New Rules
  15. The Happiest Slaves of the World
  16. First Milking
  17. Decorations
  18. A Day Off
  19. Luke Meets His Brother
  20. Jan's Lessons
  21. Julian's Insight
  22. Doggy Parlour
  23. Camping
  24. The Castle
  25. Hassan
  26. Angels
  27. The Mundane
  1. Doubts
  2. Crisis
  3. Nursing
  4. Experiences
  5. Running Away
  6. Consequences
  7. Home Again
  8. Cuts
  9. Collared
  10. Visitors
  11. The Heritage
  12. Forever Young
  13. The Gift
  14. Thunder
  15. Lessons
  16. Baby Boy
  17. A Journey Begins
  18. A Matter of Control
  19. The Last Step
  20. Bad Surprise
  21. Decorations
  22. Bad Surprise
  23. The Plan (1)
  24. The Plan (2)
  25. The Plan (3)
  26. Conclusion
  27. Epilogue

Chapter 1
Little Slaves

I slowly went through the files on my computer. I looked at the images, read the descriptions of each item and checked the price list. My budget is limited since I made a huge investment a couple of days before. But it was time for some fun and pleasure.

I was looking for new slaves after I sold the last one. He became too old and was boring me. Unfortunately I found out that the prices for my preferred age had increased extremely since I bought my last boy. I closed the files of two very pretty young teens with a sigh. They were too expensive. Reluctantly I opened the register of the preteens. Maybe I could afford some of them. I decided to view the slide show before going to the details. The first twenty or so boys weren't very promising but suddenly one caught my attention. Could this be? I clicked on the image and the file reviled the truth. It was Timo, the son of a school mate. He just turned ten a few weeks ago. How could such a polite and well raised child end up in the juvenile alternative detention act? Sure, boys are boys and full of nonsense.

I made a bookmark on his file and continued the slideshow. But the next picture caused me stopping again. Timo couldn't get in trouble alone, his best friend Nico had to be with him. And here he was. A couple of month older he was the ringleader in every mischief they got in. I wondered whether it was just the two of them or the whole bunch of artful dodgers was involved. I had not to wait long to find out. Three more well known boys followed in line. Marcus, a smart nine year old curly-headed orphan; Chris, close to Nico in age and Julian, of course. I didn't like Chris, he was a spoiled brat and simply fat. But Julian, well, I knew his father very well too. He always was pretentious. I couldn't hide a bit of malicious joy.

It was a temptation. I quickly added the prices for the boys and it was within the bounds of possibility. But should I buy boys I know so well? It could raise problems but on the other hand, I would save them from sex industry or heavy work. I had to make my decision soon, the list with the new stock was to be published in two hours and the boys would be sold very quickly. I had connections to the slavery office so I always got a look on the list before it was published.

I picked up the phone and called the office. I learned that the boys were sentenced to slavery for life because of assaulting, stealing and vandalism. It was a harsh sentence for such an offence but the officer told me they hurt a policeman badly as they tried to escape and this was considered as a major crime. I wondered how five young lads could do this. Appeal was declined and so they are now slaves for the rest of their lives which could be rather short if they were bought by the wrong people. I told the officer I want to buy some if they were in good condition.

I went to the distribution centre. The boys were lined up, restrained and with blindfolds over their eyes. Dressed in skimpy blue shorts and short white t-shirts, they stood there with trembling knees, knowing well they were on display for sale. The warden striped each one and led him to my seat. Each boy winced when I touched his private parts and Nico started to cry immediately what earned him a slap in the face from the warden. I checked the boys thoroughly although I knew they were all young and healthy. The boys had no clue to whom they were displayed and I gave them no chance to recognize me.

Back in the office I wanted to buy Timo, Nico, Marcus and Julian. The warden told me about a new discount scheme; if I would buy Chris too the price would be only marginal higher. After some further negotiations the deal was fixed. The boys would be delivered in a few hours.

Five young lads were kneeling on the cold floor in the holding cell in the basement of my house. This room, about 3 x 4 meters [10' x 13'], would be their home if the weren't working in my house. Foldable beds were attached to the wall; in one corner was a hole in the floor with a shower head above: their 'bathroom'. Modesty has no place in a slave's life. Several hooks and loops were bolted to walls and ceiling and a metal bar with chains was attached to a tackle in order to force discipline to the slaves. Each boy's wrists were cuffed and tied to their ankles. The blindfolds were still in place as well as the ball gags.

I sat at my desk and watched the boys on the monitor that was connected to a camera in the holding cell. The boys had been brought three hours ago and had been left alone since. They still didn't know where they were or who had bought them. I could see fear and despair in their faces. Two weeks ago I saw them running on the soccer field, full of joy and innocence. Now their life would never be the same, a moment of stupidity had destroyed their bright future.

The juvenile alternative detention act, established eight years ago, had changed the administration of justice entirely. Children up to 18 years could now be enslaved by court instead of being sent into a detention centre. The enslavement could be temporarily but was mostly for life. Juvenile crime has been reduced significantly and the authorities were happy as well as the majority of the people. The trials were short and quick, some injustice was out of concern. The unlucky kids were sold to whoever could afford. Few restrictions were made for their use as they were no longer considered as humans. In fact, animals had to be treated better than slaves. Intentional killings were not allowed, but many slaves die because of their working conditions. Of course, temporary slaves would be treated better but there were very few of them.

I felt pity for the boys, but now they were mine and they had to be worth the money. I didn't intend to buy five slaves so I had to decide how to use them. Chris had to loose his fat before he could please me. He was up for some really hard work. One would become my personal slave, in charge of the others and responsible for their tasks as well as for my wellbeing. Two would become my houseboys and will cook and clean the house as primary tasks. Maybe I could turn one into a boy pet. Well, and the last one would entertain me with his screams. I like to torture my slaves. Of course all my slaves would endure pain as much as possible but this unlucky boy will suffer most.

But now it was time to begin their initiation. I went downstairs to prepare for the process. I had bought metal collars, leather cuffs for wrists and ankles, cock rings and other stuff suitable for ten year old boys. All my stuff would be too big for them because my former slaves were older. I heated up the electric branding iron and selected a whip. Everything was arranged outside the holding cell where I was used to punish and torture my slaves. I went into the holding cell and removed restraints and gag from Timo. I had warned him not to loosen his blindfold until I say so. He had to crawl out of the holding cell to the middle of the punishing area. I took a seat on a throne like chair in front of him. I smiled as I watched the trembling boy with his long blond hair in front of me.

"Slave, worship your master!"

They had been taught some basics in the centre as I had requested and so he knew he had to bend down and kiss the floor. Slowly and reluctantly he did.

"Slave, take off you blindfold!"

He removed it with both hands but kept his eyes shut. The bright light hurt his eyes. Slowly he got accustomed to it and looked around. His eyes lightened as he recognized me and he moved to stand up. I brought the whip down hard over his shoulder. He yelped and fell to the floor. He curled into a ball.

"Get on your knees and worship your master, slave!"

I had to whip him again before he moved to the required position.

"You are now my slave, boy, I own you. You will do whatever I want, immediately and without questions. I'm your master and so you will call me. You are mine, entirely and forever if I want so. Do you understand?"

"Yes" he sobbed.

"Yes what?" I shouted and whipped him.

"Yes Master!" he cried.

"Forget the past, forget your old live. It doesn't exist anymore. You are a slave now, my slave. Do what you are told and you won't get punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"My slaves don't need clothes. Strip!"

He blushed but removed reluctantly his shirt and pants after I had lifted my whip again. Of course his hands clasped of his genitals.

"Put your hands behind your head, slave! You are not allowed to hide anything from me. Don't dare to cover your parts again, slave!"

He bit his lower lip in embarrassment but clasped his hands behind his head.

"You will now receive the decorations of a slave. Come closer."

I reached out for a collar and put it around his neck. The two parts fitted perfectly and with a click they were connected permanently. Without the right tools he would need a cutting torch to take it off. The cuffs for his wrists and ankles were locked in place with small but strong padlocks. I shackled a bar between his ankles, about 30 cm [1'] long, forcing him to spread his legs slightly and prevent him from running. His wrist cuffs were clipped to two d-rings at the sides of his collar so he couldn't interfere with the following part. He winced when I took his genitals. I placed a cock ring around the base of his penis and his scrotum and locked it. It was tight enough to maintain an obstacle for his blood circuit so he would get hard quicker and it would last longer. It pushed his genitals further out too so they would be more prominent.

I told him to kneel down again for the last part of his initiation. I stood in front of him and locked his head between my legs. I took the branding iron, aimed to his left shoulder blade where his slave registration number already had been tattooed and pressed the iron against his skin. He screamed, buckled and finally passed out. I removed the iron and his shoulder was decorated with my emblem, indicating him as my property. To support the healing process I put some ointment onto the branding. I lifted the boy up and hooked his collar to the wall in the holding cell. A ball gag was put into his mouth and secured behind his head.

The other boys were of course able to hear Timo's screams. When I reached down to remove the bindings from Nico he flinched and tried to shove away but to no avail. Two hours later all five slaves were equally treated and fitted with the signs of slavery. I removed their gags but let them hooked up at the wall. All had regained consciousness and struggled to keep standing. They got some water to drink and then I left them alone for the night, given the order not to talk.


I awoke early in the morning and went downstairs to the slave's home. I put water in a bowl and mixed instant slave food in another. Both I carried into the holding cell. The instant slave food is a quite tasteless paste but had all ingredients young slave boys need. It's easy to make and cheap. No slave likes this food. It is designed to keep slaves alive and not to give them pleasure. The boys groaned in discomfort. Their bodies hurt and they were starving.

"Please Mike, let us out." Julian begged.

I froze. Slowly I turned to the boy, staring him in the face in disbelieve.

"How dare you, slave?"

I laid the whip hard on his thighs. He screamed.

"Shut up, slave!" I yelled at him, whipping him again.

"I'm your master, you little piece of shit. I own you. I can do everything to you I want. Call me again by my name and I'll beat the hell out of you!"

The whip hit him three times more.

"You are my slaves now. Get this in your heads!"

Each boy received a stroke with the whip. All started to cry.

"Stop whining! You will talk only if you are spoken to or I gave you permission. Every sentence will begin and end with 'master'. If someone else talks to you it's 'sir' or 'ma'am'. Do you understand?"

"Yes master." the boys sobbed.

The whip flew again.

"I can't hear you."

Nico winced as I hit his legs. "Do you understand, slave?"

"Master, yes, master!" he shouted in agony.

"Do you all understand, slaves?"

"Master, yes, master!" five exhausted boys cried.

"Listen, boys! I will say this only once. It doesn't matter anymore what you want. I am your master. You live only to serve and please me. Keep me happy and you will be too. When you fail, you will suffer. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes, master!"

I attached chains to their collars and shackled them to the wall. Then I let them off the hooks. They fell to the ground immediately. The chains were long enough to reach the bowls with food and water, except Chris, he could only reach the water.

"Feeding time, slaves. Slurp your food. No hands."

They looked at me with big eyes. But hunger was stronger than pride and so one by one they crawled to the bowls and began slurping. Chris cried when he found out he couldn't reach the bowl. Marcus tried to push the bowl closer to him but stopped immediately when my whip hit his back.

The bowl was soon empty and clean, the boy's faces stuck with food. I took the chain behind Marcus' collar and dragged him over to Chris.

"Lick him clean!" I ordered.

Both started to protest but my whip stopped that at once. Reluctantly Chris brought his face close to Marcus and began slowly to lick but increased his speed soon. When Marcus was clean I dropped him and pulled Julian over to be licked. The two other boys crawled to him too. Chris got a pill from me to swallow after he finished his task. The boys were still hungry but they would get used to this feeling soon.

I removed the chains from their collars and attached leashes between them so they will form a row. Nico was first in line. Gags went back in place. I told them they had to crawl on their knees because they were not worthy to stand on their feet in presence of their master. The boys were terribly scared and that was what I had intended. I took Nico's leash and pulled him forward. Five young slaves were dragged on their knees through my house and gardens. I showed them everything they need to know. Soon their knees and shins were very sore, another feeling they had to get used to. Their hands, still clipped to their collars, were totally useless and the boys often stumbled and tripped over. They really learned to fear my whip which rains unmercifully down on their little bodies, hard enough to sting but not to cut their skin.

I told them about the different roles I intended them to play. The boys shivered when I talked about the boy pet and nearly panicked when I explained the role of the whipping boy. Becoming a houseboy seemed to be acceptable in spite of the amount of work they would have to do. First all hoped to get in charge of the others but then nobody seemed to be eager to become my personal slave when they realized that this slave would be within the range of my whip all the day and would be punished for every fault one of the slaves would make. Of course, the culprit would receive his lashings too, either from me or my personal slave, who would surely be pissed off from the beating he got because of the other's failure.

I told them to sort out by themselves which slave should play which role. I expected their decisions two hours later. There was a whipping post in the back garden and I led the slaves to it. I unclipped their wrists from their collar and shackled them to the post; let their bodies hanging with their feet in the air. The gags were removed so they could discuss the matter. I allowed them to do so, gave each slave a final whip and left.

I returned and found my bunch of slaves moaning from the pain in their arms and shoulders. Chris was the first I released. I took his leash and led him crawling into the basement. He knelt before me like yesterday in the initiation ceremony.

"Now, slave, this is a rare opportunity. I usually don't ask my slaves about their opinions. Who should become my personal slave?"

"I don't know…" he started to sob but was interrupted by my whip.

"What did I say about beginning a sentence?"

"Master, sorry master." he sobbed as he got back on his knees.

"Master, I don't know who should be your slave, Master. Master, maybe Nico would be the best, Master."

"I see. What about you, slave?"

"Master, I'd like to be a houseboy, Master."

"What do you think about Timo and Marcus?"

"Master, Timo would be a good houseboy too, Master. Master, Marcus is the smallest and weakest; maybe he can make a pet, Master."

"I guess you don't like Julian then?"

"Master, no, I like him but he always teased me and if I become a houseboy I'd like to work with Timo, Master."

I was satisfied and so I led him into the cell and attached his chain. His hands were clipped to his collar and the gag went in. I fetched Marcus and began my interview. He suggested Timo as the one to be in charge and to my surprise Nico and Chris as houseboys.

"So you are a tough boy and want to be whipped?" I asked

"Master, no Master, I don't like being whipped, Master. But I'm the youngest and sure you would pick me out to become a pet, Master."

"And Julian?"

"Master, my I speak openly, Master?"

"Of course."

"Master, he is a bully, Master. I liked to be with Timo and Nico so I had to play with him, Master."

He was stored up too and I went out for the next. Nico suggested Timo as leader and Chris and himself as houseboy. Marcus should be the pet and Julian a whipping boy. But, he said, he would perform as pet too and if I want to beat him he would endure. He begged me only not to whip Marcus. After he was put away I fetched the next. Timo was in a better state so I took Julian first. As expected he thought he were the best to become my personal slave. Chris should be whipped and Marcus could be the pet, he said.

I couldn't help but I got hard when I approached the post. Over the years I always fancied the boy. I stopped beneath him and caressed his back, resting my hand on his perfectly round buttocks. He sobbed quietly. I took him off and carried him over to a bench under a tree. I sat down and placed him on my lap. I ran my hand over his legs, lining out the welts from the whip with my fingers. He winced slightly.

"Timo, I like you very much." I said. "I played with you and we watched soccer together. I had you on my lap several times and we were happy both."

I lifted his chin with my hand, forcing him to look at me.

"But things are different now. You are a slave and I bought you. If I didn't someone else would have taken you, perhaps you would have to work in the mines. Boys don't survive long in the mines, you know."

He nodded.

"As I said I like you. But I can't treat you different to the others and I won't treat you all different as I did with your predecessors. That means you have to work long and hard to serve and to please me. You'll please me with your efforts and with your body. I'm a strict and maybe cruel master. I won't repeat my orders, if you don't obey, I'll beat you. I don't want to beat you so do your best. I don't promise, but if you all do well, there might be time for some fun too. But never, never lie to me. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes, Master. Thank you Master."

"So slave, who do you think should become my whipping boy?"

"Master, if anyone had to be your whipping boy, please take me, Master."

I croaked in surprise "Why should I do that?"

"Master, I hoped you like me a bit and maybe you would go easier with me than with one of the others, Master. You told me you won't but maybe you would do involuntary, Master."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I have another boy in mind for this job."

"Master, please, don't do that, take me, Master."

I was pleased by his unselfishness.

"And who should be the one in charge?"

"Master, if there were not the beatings, Marcus would be ideal, Master. He was always the best in school and he learns quickly, Master. "

"And the others?"

"Master, Nico and Chris would be perfect houseboys, Master."

"And Julian?"

"Master, Julian is a good boy, but he talks to much, Master. Do boy pets talk, Master?"

I had to laugh. It took a couple of minutes before I could ask again.

"No boy, pets don't speak. I have only one question left. What did you really to be sentenced to slavery?"

"Master, we were running around the corner and each of us took an apple from the grocery, as a test of courage, you know. The shop assistant yelled at us and we tried to cross the street without looking. The police car made way but hit the traffic lights. The officer suffered a laceration. It was an accident but nobody would listen, Master."

He cried again, tears were running freely. I had expected similar. Deed on Tuesday, Trial on Wednesday, Appeal on Thursday and Sale on Friday. Happy weekend, Gentlemen. Well, the boy's misfortune was my luck.

"And the mastermind behind the stunt was Julian?"

"Master, how do you know, Master?" the boy was shocked.

He got no answer. Instead I pushed him on his knees and led him to the cell. I went to my office, ordered lunch from the nearest deli and started to think about my new slaves. Only one position was clear to me. It would be a pleasure to beat his arrogance out of Julian.

I thought about Nico as my personal slave. He was the cutest boy of all and seemed to be a born leader. But I had to think about Marcus as Timo said. And didn't I want Timo in my bed? Well, that could be anyway, but the personal slave would be available every moment. Marcus would be a perfect pet, without doubt, but I would never hear his beautiful voice saying smart things again. Maybe I should allow him to be in boy mode for some time. What about Chris? Once he has lost his body fat he might be a nice looking boy. And he's not stupid. No chance for him to become my personal slave, but could he be a pet? Or should I choose Nico? He is a cutie, not to big and also smart. The slave in charge must be able to assert himself against the others. Timo appeared very submissive but Marcus told me his opinion frankly. The youngest in charge? Why not?

I went to the basement and unlocked Nico and Chris. I attached leashes and led them both outside. They crawled the way up to the gate. I dragged them forward until their faces showed clear signs of pain.

"You can't run away. If you come to close to the borders of my estate the collar will hurt you. This is a warning not to go further. I pulled the leash and both fell down, twisting and buckling. Muffled screams emerged under the gag. I grabbed their collars and dragged them back. I could see their relief as the pain stopped. Pulling the leash I forced them to crawl to the big lawn. Again they cried into their gags. The way was made of gravel; their knees were pretty raw already. I removed the bar from their ankles and their gags and told them to stand. Nico received a small whip after one arm was freed.

"Make Chris run circles full speed for 10 minutes. If I am not satisfied, you will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes, Master!" he shouted.

"Let's go!"

Chris trotted away, Nico yelled at him, but didn't use the whip. I waited for three or four minutes, but Chris wasn't really running.

"Stop this, come here!" I shouted.

I reached out for Nico, held his collar tightly and whipped him ten times on the back of his thighs and calves. He screamed and danced around.

"Try again!"

This time Nico used the whip to encourage Chris, but I could see his reluctance.

After ten more unsatisfied minutes I secured Chris ankles, told him to kneel down and wait. Nico was restrained again and I made him crawl back to the cell. I fetched Timo, led him to the gate so he could feel the pain and told him to make Chris running. He did a better job, but still Chris was too slow. Timo felt the whip as Nico did before. He laid the whip on Chris harder and the lad tried but failed again.

The last attempt was with Marcus. Chris was tired already when Marcus got his order. After one lap he mad Chris stop. He yelled at him:

"Chris, you know I don't want to do this, but it's my ass that will be on fire if you are not running and I don't want this either."

With this he simply grabbed Chris' balls and dragged him forward. Soon both were running quite well. Chris was shrieking in agony but had no choice to follow. I let them run well after ten minutes passed. Chris was exhausted, stumbled and fell down. Marcus, eager to fulfil his task, hit him twice and yelled at him to stand up. Chris was really scared about Marcus so he got on his feet as quick as possible and lasted another lap before I ordered to quit. It was hard for me to keep a stern face.

Marcus stood there for a few moments looking at me. Then he sunk on his knees and bowed his head.

"Master, I'm sorry, Master."

Chapter 2

The slaves were all back in the cell and fed with some water. I thought about Marcus when I relaxed in my living room. He had taken the initiative and shown creativity. He had submitted himself completely to my mercy without being forced to. He took the whipping I gave him stoically and even thanked me afterwards. This maturity was far beyond what could be expected from a nine year old. Maybe Timo was right, he might be the best.

I jumped from my seat and headed downstairs. Nico knelt closest to the door. I stuck a finger in his mouth and told him to lick. Then I made him bend over with his bottom up in the air. He winced as my finger touched his little rose. I aimed and with one trust I pushed my finger into his anus. His scream was ear-splitting. The sphincter muscle clang tightly round the intruder. I worked around in his bowels a little and pulled out. I grabbed his hair and lifted his head. My finger pointed to his mouth and I ordered him to lick it clean. Fully aware my finger was in his back hole he tried to back away. It needed two slaps in his face before he reluctantly opened his mouth, now crying hard.

Once my finger was clean I went to Timo. Being ordered to lift his tail he knelt there and shivered. The sphincter couldn't resist long and my finger went in. He yelped but tried not to cry despite the searing pain but to no avail. Tears were rolling down his cheeks when I made him lick my finger after one smack hit his face. I turned to Marcus. He knelt a little apart from the others, facing the floor. Suspecting what was in store for him he started to bend but I stopped him. Standing beside him so the others could see I held two fingers out for him to lick. The two already tormented boys gasped with wide eyes. Marcus didn't even flinch when he realised what I intended. He licked the fingers carefully and after I had them withdrawn he bent over with his butt as high as possible. I probed his anus with both fingers but bent the second away before pushing in. For the other boys it looked like I had now two fingers in his ass. Marcus, of course, felt it was only one but nevertheless it hurts big time. He winced and trembled but made no noise. When I pulled out he raised his head with his mouth already open. He grimaced a little when he tasted his own shit but cleaned it thoroughly. Timo and Nico couldn't believe he took it without even a sob.

I removed the chain from his collar and attached a leash. His arms were unclipped too. He crawled along on all fours when I left the cell. I led him to a small room next to my bedroom. He shivered when he saw what was inside. There was a middle sized dog cage, two feeding bowls and a box with cat litter and wood shavings. I opened the cage and detached the leash. I kicked him softly and pointed to the cage. He understood.

Marcus winced when the door shut with a loud click after he was inside. The cage wasn't large enough for him to sit but he could turn around and look through the bars. I smiled when I saw the scared expression on his face. The room had no windows and so I left the room in complete darkness when I turned the lights off and closed the door. The boy panicked almost before he realised that the cage would protect him from any monster the darkness would provide. He calmed down and finally dropped to his side. Within minutes he fell asleep.

I did some work on my computer and returned to the pet's room. Marcus slept soundly. Water and a little bit of slave food was filled into the bowls. I pressed a button on the top of the cage. The bottom of the cage was lined with electrical wires and the button closed the circuit. Marcus was shocked and woke up immediately. The cage door stood open and Marcus crawled out. I pointed to the bowls. With a bowl for himself he managed to slurp the food without smearing it around his face. He didn't try to use his hands. I attached the leash again and we went to the large kitchen. His hands were clipped to a scrub brush. I placed a bucket with water beneath him and showed him how do scrub the floor. He needed almost an hour of continued encouraging with the light whip to finish this task but he got no rest. I hurried him around in several rooms made him doing different chores all as fast as he could on his knees with the bar between his ankles. He was gasping heavily and was trenched in sweat and tears when we finished this part. His knees were pretty sore and he grimaced when I led him downstairs.

His body was now covered with tiny welts from the whip but none would leave scars. I lifted him up and attached his wrist cuffs to straps coming from each corner of a frame in the punishment area. Doing the same with his ankles left him hanging spread eagled in the wooden frame. I tightened the straps so he was thoroughly stretched. He could guess what was coming and his eyes showed his fear but no plea came over his lips. I put a blindfold over his eyes and took a leather belt. He took the first swats in silence but after the third he cried and sobbed. The fifth made him yelping and by the eighth he screamed loud. I stopped after twelve licks distributed all over his body. I started to play with his tiny nipples. They soon got stiff. I put a clip on his right nipple. He wiggled and groaned. Another clip bit deep into his left nipple. I was rewarded with a yelp. Tears were running freely over his cheeks. I took his little penis and attached the third clip on his foreskin. That was too much and he screamed again.

I attached a wire to the chain connecting the three clips and clipped another to the skin of his scrotum. His whole body cramped when I sent the first shock. He couldn't even breathe. I repeated and after the third shock he gasped for air, completely exhausted, his little nine year old body ached all over. The clips were removed. I loosened the straps and took him off the frame. He sank to the floor, trembling and crying. I clipped his wrists to his collar, shackled his ankles and carried him into the cell. His fellow slaves looked terrified when I dropped him. Hearing his screams had scared them but seeing his tormented body was horrifying. I left.

Marcus curled into a ball and kept crying. The other boys joined in, revealing their pity and fear. Eventually Marcus' sobbing ceased and he crawled to the bowl and slurped some water. Julian pressed him to tell what I had done to him. Reluctantly Marcus told them what happened. When he described the torture tears run again over their faces. They cuddled together. Slowly they realized that the horror of their existence as slaves had barely begun.

I had made my decision. The boys were lying on the floor, resting their heads on another's body, sleeping. Marcus was in the middle as if the others were trying to protect him from further harming. I smiled. Soon enough he would not longer be their friend but a feared and merciless overseer. Marcus would feel the loneliness on the top.

I cracked the belt I was carrying on the floor. The boys awoke and rolled onto their knees. I looked at them as if to decide whom I would torture next, slowly stroking the belt. Their bodies trembled; Chris chattered his teeth. I approached Marcus and detached the chain. He looked miserable; tears welled up in his eyes. The other boys were shocked it was Marcus again but were relieved it was not their turn. I put two fingers between his collar and his neck and dragged him away.

In the living room I sat down in an armchair and made him kneel in front of me. I unclipped his hands and lifted his chin so I could look in his eyes.

"Slave, tell me what is the job of a slave?"

"Master, a slave has to serve and to please his master, Master."

"And did you please me?"

"Master, I don't know, I suppose I failed, Master." He hung his head.

"Slave, I showed you what my slaves have to do and how they will be treated. Hold this in your mind when you give your orders!"

His head came up in surprise.

"Marcus, from now on you are my personal slave. This meant you will be my assistant. You are in charge of my slaves, you distribute the tasks. I'm your master and you will be their prefect, their boss. You will have to punish them, strict and severe. I'll show you how far you can go."

The boy was shocked.

"But you will be held responsible for them. If they fail it is your fault and I will punish you. To avoid that you'll have to train them well. You may ask me for help and advice any time. But you are a smart boy, I'm sure you'll learn fast."

His whole body trembled when I reached out and pulled him closer. I held a small box against his collar and it snapped open. It was replaced with a light gold gleaming collar with only two d-rings on the front and backside. I lifted him on his feet and removed the bar between his ankles. The leather cuffs were unlocked and replaced with silver metal cuffs. I made him kneel again.

"Marcus, I trust you. You can stand and walk. The other slaves are not allowed to use their feet unless told otherwise. If I see one of them walking I will trash you. And make them hurrying all the time. While the other slaves will be always restrained you can move freely. You can give orders or ask me something whenever you need. Otherwise I want you to be quiet. The other slaves are not allowed to speak outside the cell if not directly spoken to. I know you won't betray me as if you do I will kill you with my own hands. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes Master. I'll never betray you, Master." he bent down and kissed my feet. I was surprised and pleased.

"As my personal slave you will please me personally. The houseboys will do all the cleaning, cooking and washing so you can take care of me. I'll teach you everything you need to know. We will start right now."

I stood up, unbuckled my belt and let my trousers drop followed by my shorts. He stared with wide eyes as my cock grew before his eyes. Most boys would have tried to back away but Marcus surprised me once more. Maybe he had seen a movie before. He opened his mouth and made several attempts but could not decide how to take my penis. Finally he bent forward and guided the glans in his mouth with his tongue. He was carefully not to scratch it with his teeth so he stretched his jaw as wide as possible. He slowly started to lick and to suck. I grabbed his head and pulled it softly so my dick trusted deeper in his mouth. He gagged but I held his head in place. I told him to swallow and after a few more attempts he tolerated it. He was quite good and put his hands around the shaft of my dick and stroked it softly. I moaned and made him to move quicker. When I felt I would come soon I told him to swallow every drop of what was coming form my dick. I dug my fingers deep into his hair as my cock became rock hard. Seconds later my body waved through a mighty orgasm and I shot loads and loads of cum in his mouth. He struggled hard but could almost swallow all of it. Only a few drops emerged from the corner of his mouth. I pulled out and fell back into the armchair. When I had recovered I told him to lick my cock clean. When he was finished I stood again and made him pulling up my shorts and trousers. I smiled and ruffled his hair.


We went downstairs again. I took a whip from the wall. It had a lanyard attached to the handle. I took Marcus' right wrist and clipped the cord to his cuff.

"You will have to use this often so you will clip it to your wrist when you are on duty."

"Master, why do I have to beat them, Master?"

"Look, I expect every slave to work to his limits. You boys aren't used to do so. Pain is the best motivator I know. And remember, you are a slave too."

"Master, yes Master. Thank you, Master."


I entered the cell. The boys jumped on their knees.

"Slaves, from now on you have a new boss. He is my assistant, your prefect. You will obey him immediately like you would obey me. To me it's 'Master', to him it's 'Sir'. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes Master!" the boys shouted.

"Come in!"

Marcus hesitated a moment, stiffened his back and entered. I almost chuckled when I saw the determination in his face. Several jaws dropped.

"Boy, explain the rules to the slaves. Then bring Nico up."

"Master, yes Master!"

Nico crawled into my room with desperate look on his face. Marcus followed him. He passed the older slave, knelt in front of me and kissed my feet. I've never told him to do but I liked it. Then he stood and looked at Nico. He pointed at my feet but Nico didn't react.

"Slave, bow your head and kiss your master's feet." Marcus yelled at Nico.

Nico moved forward and when he bent over I spotted two angry red welts on his thighs. I looked at Marcus.

"Master, he was to slow on the stairs, Master." he shrugged.

Nico got up, sat on his heels and looked up. I glanced at Marcus.

"Bow your head, slave, and don't dare to look at your Master without being told." he shouted immediately and whipped him on his back. "Always bow your head and show proper respect."

Where the boy had learned this, I wondered. Nico winced as he heard the yelling from his younger friend and playmate. The lick from the whip made him cry out. Tears welled from his eyes. The poor lad couldn't keep up with the speed his former protected and happy life was scattered into pieces. Very little did he know what his new life had in store for him.

I replaced his metal collar with a broad leather one. This collar fitted smooth around his neck and had a small box at one side. It was secured with a powerful padlock. Small metal sensors were glued at his palms and knees. I attached a leash and told both boys to follow. Nico found it easier as he could now crawl on all four. I led him to the room with the cage. Nico winced when he saw the cage. But as he saw the letters forming his name on each of the bowls he burst into tears. I knelt beside him, caressed his hair.

"You are a very cute little boy. Only the prettiest boys are allowed to become a boy pet. You are a very lucky slave, Nico."

Off course he had a different opinion.

"Listen carefully, my pet. It takes a long time to train a boy being a good pet. You have to learn to behave like a dog, move like a dog and think like a dog. This means you aren't allowed to speak. You may bark, whimper or anything a dog would do. But no human words, moans or shrieks. When you are asked you may nod or shook your head. And you will stay on all fours all the time. Forget your hands; they are paws, nothing else. The collar you are wearing will help you. When you speak or don't keep your hands and knees on the floor the collar will remind you like this."

I pushed a button on my remote control and Nico rolled over the floor, trying desperately to remove the collar that sends searing pain through his body.

"Get your paws and knees on the floor and it will stop!"

He struggled hard and eventually managed to do as required. The pain stopped. He gasped for air.

"Learning is painful. Try to learn quickly."

"Master…" he tried to say but immediately the pain threw him over again.

He needed several seconds before he got on his knees again. Tears were running freely now.

"The only place you won't be punished when you are not on your fours is your cage. This cage is your home and sanctuary. But even there you are not allowed to say anything. Now this is all for the moment. Get comfortable in your new home. You will be fed later. You see the green button beneath the door? Push it with your nose and the door will open. You have 20 seconds to crawl in or you will be punished. Go!"

I sent him in with a light slap on his butt. He winced but crawled forward, pushed the button and managed to get in before the door shut automatically. I turned off the lights and left a whining little boy behind. Back in my living room I addressed Marcus.

"I had to punish him. You know what that meant. Bend over."

I took a whip and hit him twice on the sit spot of his butt. I saw him gritting his teeth.

"That'll do. Go and fetch Timo."

"Master, yes Master, thank you Master."

He bowed and left. He returned after a few minutes with Timo. The boy was clearly scared. Marcus showed his respect to me. Timo got the message and did the same. He stayed with his head down and didn't move.

"Timo, you are my first houseboy. You will run this household. You will do whatever you've been told or you will be punished. I expect you to work very hard or you will be punished. If you need anything ask Marcus. He is the boss. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes Master!"

"Marcus, I'm really hungry now. I think it's time for supper."

"Master, yes Master. Follow me, slave!"

Timo tried instinctively to stand up but Marcus hit him in the hollow of his knees just in time. Timo yelped and crawled behind Marcus to the kitchen.

"Timo, I told you. You are not allowed to walk. Believe me, you don't want the trashing you would receive if he catches you."

"Sorry Marcus."

Marcus hugged his former playmate.

"Timo, you are my best friend. I really don't want to hurt you but if you call me Marcus again while we are on duty I'll have to. Maybe we get some spare time when we can be just boys."

"Sir, I'm sorry, Sir!" Marcus felt his friend stiffen.

"Timo, our master is cruel. Look at my butt, he actually whipped me again. He had tortured me before. I saw what he had done to Nico. He is a dog now Timo, he will never be allowed to speak or walk again, let alone to be a boy. He has a collar that inflicts pain when he does something wrong. And if that happens, I'll be whipped too. Nico will stay in a small dog cage where he can't sit or stretch out."

Timo started to cry.

"What I'm trying to say is that we have no other choice than doing as we are told. That means I have to whip you when you are to slow or make something wrong or we get it worse both. I promise I'll hurt you as little as possible. Please, don't hate me for this."

Both boys cried tightly hugged.

I couldn't hear their conversation but couldn't hear them working too.

"Marcus!" I yelled.

He rushed to me, fell on his knees and kissed my feet. When he stood, I could see the tears in his face.

"Any problems?"

"Master, no Master."

"And why are you crying?"

"Master, I'm sorry Master. I had to sort out something, Master."

"Being sentimental is a bad idea for a slave, boy. Bend over, I'll give you something to cry about."

He winced but bent over immediately. He held his ankles tight. I went over to a cupboard and fetched a rattan cane like it had been used in british schools. His knees were trembling. I aimed carefully and let the cane fly. He almost fell over but regained balance in time. Allowing the pain to sink I waited 30 seconds between each stroke. He cried and sobbed but kept down. The last stroke hit him diagonally, intensifying the previous pain. He screamed loud and rubbed his buttocks. Suddenly I heard a shattering sound from the kitchen. When we entered we saw a horrified slave boy kneeling on the kitchen worktop reaching out for some plates in the upper cupboard. One has slipped out and broke into pieces. I moved to him and took the plates from his hands. He slipped from the worktop to the floor, knelt down and crouched in front of me. He winced when a small piece of pottery was pressed into his knees but he didn't try to move.

"Any explanations, slave?"

"Master, I'm sorry Master, but I lost balance when I heard sir screaming. Please forgive me, Master." he sobbed.

"I'll forgive you but you will be punished. Lift your bottom."

"Master, it was my fault. You had to punish me so I couldn't look after the slave and help him, Master." Marcus said sheepishly.

"You are right, boy, go down and join this slave."

Two little boy tails were trembling side on side awaiting their punishment. I took out a large wooden cutting board. It has a handle so it formed a pretty good paddle. It easily covered both bottoms. The boys cried and sobbed after the fourth swat. After nine swats I moved a little and continued at Marcus' butt until twelve.

"That'll do. Clean up this mess and get my supper ready before I become impatient."

"Master, yes Master, thank you Master." the boys cried.

Marcus was simply reduced to tears. In less than thirty minutes he had been flogged, caned and severely paddled. His determination was completely vaporized. He hobbled to the fridge and tried to compose a supper. Timo was in pain too but knew only he was to blame for his friend's trouble and Marcus could have flogged him easily to punish him again. So he wanted to show his' boss that he could do this task alone. He held his friend at the shoulders.

"Sir, please get out of way. Just tell me when Master is coming so I can drop to my knees in time, Sir. Please relax, Sir."

Marcus was so exhausted he didn't argue. After all it was Timo's job. So he just leaned at the table and watched. Timo had loved to cook with his father, a professional chef, so he knew how to prepare a meal. He had laid out an assortment of sliced sausage, fish, cheese and potatoes with a garlic dip. All was put on a dinner trolley together with beer, red wine and water. He hoped it would suite his master. As everything was ready Timo turned to Marcus who had slightly recovered. He sank on his knees.

"Sir, supper is ready Sir."

"Good, set up the table in the dining room. I'll go and tell master."

"Sir, yes Sir."

Marcus came into the living room after about twenty minutes.

"Master, supper is ready. Would you please follow me to the dining room, Master?"

I was really surprised when I saw the table. The dishes were set carefully and even the cutlery and wine glasses were in correct order. It would suit for a dinner.

Timo knelt beside the kitchen door, his head bowed.

"Master, may I serve, Master?" he asked when I had taken my seat.

Marcus winced. Knowing Timo had just broken the rule of not to speak without being told he couldn't decide whether he should flog him or not. I nodded. Marcus blushed as he realized I had seen his hesitation and moved quickly. He caught Timo by surprise when he hit him on his back. The boy fell forward and wasn't able to cushion himself. He howled when his face hit the ground.

"Don't dare to speak to your master again without being told!" Marcus yelled as loud as he could.

Timo struggled to get back on his knees, clearly in fear of a severe punishment.

"Slave, you should better do as your boss told you. Beside, you may." I said much to the relief of both boys.

Timo crawled into the kitchen and came back pushing the trolley ahead. When he reached the table, he bent forward and kissed my feet under the table. Then he rose a little bit, but stayed head down, awaiting his master's judgement. Marcus stood behind me, his head bowed. Timo had to stretch but managed to serve the plates. Pouring the wine was Marcus' task as Timo couldn't reach up so far while staying on his knees.

"Who prepared that supper?" I asked briskly.

"Master, it was slave Timo under my supervision, Master. He prepared the meal and set the table, Master." he answered carefully.

I reached down to Timo and lifted the chin of the boy.

"Maybe you'll fit into your job, slave. Keep on."

Supper was good and I enjoyed it.

"Boy, make this slave clean up and then store him in the cell."

"Master, yes Master."

I took the wine and headed to the living room.

Marcus hushed his subordinate into the kitchen when the table was cleared. Out of hearing he made a sigh of relief.

"Gosh, Timo that was the first kind of praise I heard from master. But please remember the rules. I can't go easy with you when master is present."

"Sir, I'm sorry Sir. Are you in trouble again?"

"Maybe but it doesn't matter. Hurry up, let's get finished." "Sir, I'm hungry Sir."

"So am I. But master didn't tell me to feed you and hasn't allowed me to eat too. Please don't even think about sneaking something of the food here in the kitchen or from the left over."

"Sir, yes Sir."

Marcus led Timo back to his cell. He clipped his arms and the chain to his collar and locked the cell. Strange feelings came over him when he thought about his friends. He felt sorry for them being held in the cell when he could walk freely but he liked the feeling of power master had given to him. He ran upstairs, knocked at the door the living room and entered when being told. He approached me slowly and kissed my feet again.

"Boy, did it take so long to clean up?"

"Master, I'm sorry master, but we tried to learn where everything was stored so we can be quicker next time, Master."

"Good answer but talking about speed: You hesitated to flog a slave when he broke a rule. Why?"

"Master, I'm sorry Master, I have no excuse Master. I wasn't sure if he really broke the rule or if it could be considered as part of his task, Master. I'm really sorry, Master."

"Boy, I watched you. You tried to go easy with your friend but I want nothing of that. You have to set the standards right from the beginning. Leniency only spoils the slaves. If you don't understand that, I'll teach you. Bend over of my armchair."

Marcus grimaced in fear but placed himself on the chair quickly. Twenty licks with my belt on his buttocks and thighs made him bawling and crying. His red bottom was spread with angry welts. I didn't want to damage my property permanently so I sent him to the bathroom to fetch a special ointment. He winced and yelped when I worked the oil into his now hypersensitive skin.

"I hope you had learned your lesson. Run and fetch Julian as quick as possible. The soles of a slave's feet are a good target when he needs encouragement."

"Master, yes Master. Thank you Master." Marcus sobbed and limped away.

Timo was horrified to see the whimpering boy. He scolded himself for causing another terrible beating of his boss and friend who had tried to be good to him. He bowed his head in shame.

Marcus detached th e chain from Julian's collar and pointed to the door. Julian just looked at him. Marcus, not wanting another beating for any further delay, stared back and whipped him right across his back. Julian yelped and received another stroke immediately. He jumped up only to get a stroke on the back of his knees that brought him down again. Julian screamed and crawled out of the cell. Marcus whipped him all the way on his thighs and feet. The door was shut and the screaming and shrieking died away.

Chris was in clear distress. He wasn't out yet and didn't understand what was going on. Timo had not wanted to reveal his feelings in front of Julian but told Chris what Marcus had reported to Timo about master, Nico and himself; how Marcus had tried to comfort his friend and that he was caned for this; Timo's bad luck with the plate and the following paddling; the supper and his failure of talking and the monstrous trashing Marcus had obviously received for that.

"Chris, Marcus don't want to hurt us, but if we fail master will hurt him much more. Master hit us nine times together but he got three more alone. I don't know how he can take so much. So whatever master or sir want, for your own sake just do your best."

"But Julian…"

"Julian should have crawled out but he resisted. God knows, if I were on sir's place I would probably have beaten the hell out of him."

"But Timo, Marcus is the boss, Nico is a pet and you are a houseboy. Julian was the next and would become a houseboy too. That left me as the whipping boy. But what would he do to me when even Marcus was trashed so badly?"

Chapter 3
Painful Duty

I heard the boys long before they were knocking on the door. The typical sound of a whip touching tender boy flesh followed by a high pitched scream could not be overheard. This was music to my ears. It seemed I was very lucky by buying these boys. With a little more training Marcus would become a perfect overseer. He showed talents in love making too. Nico is a very cute boy pet. Timo has learned much about cooking from his father. Now Julian would learn his fate. As most arrogant bullies he had clearly a low pain threshold. Even a light whipping from Marcus made him screaming and shrieking. I was sure I would love the torture sessions I had planned for him.

Marcus dragged the boy into the room, holding his collar and using the whip merciless. About one meter in front of me he dropped him, sank on his knees and kissed my feet what caused him clearly a lot of pain from his tormented body. He needed a rest and so I put a hand on his shoulder signalizing him to keep kneeling beside the chair. Whether he was still defiant or simply occupied by his pain I didn't know but Julian made no attempt to follow Marcus' example. Marcus tried to get his attention and pointed to my feet and formed his lips for a kiss but Julian simple knelt there resting his head in the floor, whimpering. Marcus sighed and started to move to the boy but I waved him to stop.

"Wait, boy, I'm sure the walnut sized brain of this slave will soon learn its place in this house."

Julian looked up when he heard the insult. He caught my icy glance. Seeking help from Marcus he diverted his look. Marcus pointed to my feet again and Julian got the message. He crawled forward and tried to plant a kiss on my shoes but I pushed his face away with my left foot.

"I don't want my shoes soiled with his kisses. This slave is full of arrogance and selfishness. He didn't realize that his playmates had long enough from his teasing and bullying. He even wanted your job, Marcus." I laughed.

Julian's expression had turned from surprise to despair. He was far away from having a walnut sized brain; he was smart and realized what was going on.

"No boy, you know exactly who had talked you into the stupidity that sealed your fate. All his 'friends' told me if someone has to become a whipping boy it should be this slave."

He winced and wept as he heard his verdict.

"But I don't think that would be fair."

Both boys looked at me in surprise.

"As a whipping boy he would be still a boy, he would be at the same level in the slave's hierarchy as the others. But he doesn't deserve such a privilege. This thing is from now on not more as a tool or toy. It will be in pain and bondage all the time. It will be beaten and tortured. The only sounds it is allowed to make are screaming and crying. It has no name. It will be a pleasure for me to play with."

Julian burst out in tears. His whole body trembled and shook. He fell to the floor and robbed to my feet.

"Master, please noooooo!" he screamed.

I simply kicked him away. He robbed to Marcus.

"Sir, please help me, Sir, pleaaasssse!"

Marcus, still shocked about what I had just ordered, reached down slowly, like being in trance, and slapped his face.

"Shut up!" he said without turning his face away from me.

Julian was now a sobbing mess. I caressed Marcus' hair.

"He deserves it and you know it. No reason to have a bad conscience. Run and fetch me some straps and a spreader bar."

"Master, yes Master."

When he returned I told him to unclip Julian's hands from his collar and tie them at his back. Then he tied a strap to his wrists and collar and pulled the hands up as far as possible. Julian was beyond any resistance. I showed him how to remove the small bar between Julian's ankles and replaced it with a spreader bar of 70 cm [2'3"] length. Finally he was placed over the same chair Marcus had received his belting before, his bottom up and his tiny rose visible to everyone.

Marcus stood beside my armchair. We were both focusing the slave's ass in front of us. I put my arm around waist and groped for his little pecker. He flinched as I began to fondle it. I pulled him tighter.

"Stand still when I play with my property."

"Master, yes Master." he said sheepishly.

"Isn't that a pretty boy's pussy?" I asked him.

Marcus was puzzled and didn't understand.

"Did you play with this little thing before?" I asked, shaking his dick.

"Master, no Master." he blushed.

"Well boy, this part of your body can bring you pleasure you won't have imagined before. It is designed to fit into a girl's vagina, her pussy. Ever seen a girl naked before?"

"Master, no Master. Only in books, Master." he blushed even more.

"Same fun or even more can be provided by a boy's anus. That's why it is called a boy's pussy."

His tiny member started to respond. Soon he had an almost 6 cm [2¼"] pencil sticking out of his hairless groin. I stroked it faster. A hardly audible moan came from his lips. His hips started to move forward and back. His whole body trembled. My fingers moved really fast now. He buckled his hips and trusted forward, the pencil now rock hard. He yelped; stood stiff and finally fell against me. He panted and moaned from the intensive experience of the very first dry orgasm in his young life.

He lay on his back over my lap, a strange expression of pleasure and relieve on his face. I stroked his hair with my left hand but didn't stop to stroke his cock with my right. He was still hard and after a couple of minutes of continued caressing he came again, as powerful as before. His dick became a bit flaccid and so I intensified my stroking. When he was hard again I spit and lubricated it. Then, still fondling, I lifted him up, led him behind to Julian's bottom, aimed his dick against the tiny hole and pushed his hips forward. Both boys yelped in surprise as the pencil passed the sphincter. Marcus grabbed Julian's hips and trusted forward, pulled back and pushed again as I told him. Julian cried loud, not only from the pain and discomfort of his anus, but winced every time Marcus's hips smacked against his well whipped buttocks. The humilation did the rest. Marcus was in ecstasy now. He fucked the boy's ass hard, digging his fingers deep in Julian's hips, making him screaming. Eventually Marcus' feelings exploded again and he fell forward over the other boy's body. He was exhausted. I let him rest a few minutes until he had recovered.

"How was this, boy?"

"Wow, it was great…" he stopped, realizing his faux pas.

"Master, I'm sorry Master. I was overwhelmed, Master." he cried out.

What he had done was unforgivable to him. He failed to address his master correctly in front of another slave. His body shook visible in anger and fear as he bent over in front of me.

"Master, please punish me, Master."

I hesitated. Sure I had to punish him but I didn't want to whip him on his back again today. It had to be something memorable without lasting damage.

"No boy, face me and spread your legs wide. Put your hands behind your head."

He moved immediately, wondering what I would do.

"I showed you the pleasure your groin can feel, now you'll learn something about the pain. Don't dare to move and keep silent. If not, it'll be worse."

I took his little ball sack and pulled it down. He took a deep breath. I bent my fingers and flicked his left ball. He flinched and shrieked from this sudden pain. I pulled his sack hard.

"I told you. Three more."

I continued to flick his balls alternating. He trembled and squirmed, but held his hips still. Tears ran down his face but he kept silent. His face was slightly green; he was fighting not to vomit. After twelve flicks and a last squeeze I let his balls go.

"I hope you learned something. Leave your hand on you head."

He sank on his knees and kissed my feet.

"Master, yes Master, thank you Master."

"Stop crying and tell the slave to lick your face clean."

"Master, yes Master."

He closed his eyes as he faced Julian.

"Lick it clean."

Julian had no choice but to stick out his tongue and lick up the salty tears. I beckoned Marcus back.

"Now, what you felt before is called orgasm. Did you like it?"

"Master, it felt so good and so different. It was great, Master. Thank you, Master."

"Maybe I will allow you to have another orgasm in future when you behave. But now I think it's my turn to have some fun. Make it hard." I said, pointing to my groin.

He moved forward, unbuttoned my trousers and opened the fly. I lifted my hips to allow him to pull my trousers and shorts down.

"Lick my balls and stroke the shaft."

He did as if he never had done else. Soon he had me hard.

"Suck it!"

When my cock was wet I pushed Marcus away. I went behind Julian.

"He thought he is the best for this job. Let's see if he was right."

I grabbed his hips, lifted it up and lined his hole to my cock. I probed against his clenched sphincter. He flinched but to no avail.

"Come and look!" I shouted.

When Marcus was kneeling aside I rammed my hard dick into the boy's small anus. The spit was a poor lubricant. Julian screamed his lungs out in agony when I pushed my manhood further down his bowels. He twisted and kicked but he had no chance. He was tight. I had never fucked anything tight as this ten year old hole. I had to push hard to get fully in. I pulled slowly back until I was nearly out and trusted forward again with full force. His shrieks nearly split my eardrum, Marcus watched with his hands over his ears. Tears ran again freely. I started a rhythm and increased the pace slowly. The screaming faded to bawling. Marcus did a good job and I came too soon for my taste. I felt my cock stiffening and with a wave of great pleasure I pumped my seed into my slave's bowels. Before I pulled back I grabbed Marcus' hand, squeezed his fingers together and in the same moment my dick was out I rammed his fingers up the slave's ass, drawing another scream.

"Leave it there!"

I returned with a silver but plug. Pulling the hand out I pushed the plug in immediately. I looked at the freshly raped ass. Traces of blood and cum surrounded the silver plug. The boy was breathing heavily. I grabbed Julian's collar and dragged him on his knees. Slapping my semi erect cock over his tearstained face I ordered him to lick it clean. The boy bawled and sobbed but opened his mouth and sucked my dick. Again I replaced my cock with Marcus' hand until it was clean too. I removed the spreading bar and clipped his ankles together.

"Boy, bring this slave back to the cell. Gag and hogtie him and put a blindfold on as well. Don't touch the plug. When he is stored, come back with Chris. It's getting late, so hurry."

With clipped ankles and hands tied on his back Julian hat to creep downstairs on his belly but Marcus provided enough encouragement to keep him moving. Julian was reduced to tears and snot when they arrived at the cell. Marcus helped himself with tools from the punishment area and tied Julian up thoroughly. Timo and Chris watched with big eyes but didn't say a word.

"Don't talk! Chris, come with me."

He removed the chain and Chris immediately crawled along, eager to please Marcus and avoid the whip. He wasn't completely successful because he had trouble on the stairs; his body fat hampered his movements too much. But he got far less than Julian and didn't even cry when they arrived before their master. Marcus did his ritual. Chris was smart enough to take the hint and tried to copy his boss but lost balance and landed on his belly. He received another swap for his clumsiness. Nevertheless he kissed his master's feet.

"Well, you clumsy little fool, what should I do with you?"

"Master, I'm really sorry, Master." he pressed out.

"On your knees, slave."

Chris struggled up. I pinched his fat, looked at his teeth, and squeezed his balls.

"Boy, what do you think? I bought him only because they gave me a huge discount for the rest. I have no use for a fat slave. He is clumsy, slow and ugly. He had cost me almost nothing. I could make a profit if I sell him to a pharmacy lab or an organ bank. Or maybe I could slaughter him and feed his meat to my slaves."

Tears burst out of Chris' eyes. Marcus was shocked more than ever and struggled for words to save his friend. Of course I intended nothing like that even if it would be allowed but it was a good threat I had learned over the years.

"Master, we are yours, Master. " he started carefully. "If you want to sell or slaughter him it will be, Master."

"Master, I'm not worthy to make a suggestion so please punish me for my impertinence, but I really hope you would give him a chance, Master. We had played together since we met in the sand box and I know he can be a good slave, Master. Master, he may be fat but he is strong and had learned a lot from his father. He is able to fix almost everything and he is really an expert with the computer. Master, please. I promise we can make him loose his fat as quick as possible. We can make him run outside, he can carry heavy things and he can work hard, Master."

I thought he had finished but after a hesitant pause he added

"Master, I can stand surety for this. Master, please, Master, I beg you Master."

Both boys were crying hard. I struggled to avoid a smile. I had expected Marcus would stand up for his friend but the seriousness of his plead had surprised me again.

"So you will suffer the consequences entirely if he fails?"

"Master, yes Master." he sobbed without hesitation.

The problem was that nine or ten year old boys usually still live in the present and could not really assess what would come next, even one of my last slaves, well in puberty, wasn't able to put his actions in the right temporal context. Marcus was far beyond this point. He was fully aware he had offered himself for his friend's sake. Now I had to make sure Chris had understood this too.

"Boy, I'm not convinced but I tend to give you a try. I'll offer you a deal. Be aware that you are a slave and I'm in no obligation to do this. Listen carefully. I'll give you a month. If this slave has not lost a significant amount of body fat and is working acceptable by then I'll slaughter him and sell you to an organ bank. Otherwise you'll get another five months to train him. If I'm satisfied you will both survive and continue your servitude. Else I sell you both. Take your time and think about. You can say no, nobody would hold this against you."

Both boys were white as a sheet of paper. Marcus had gulped heavily. He looked at Chris. The boy shook his head and tried to bury his face in his hands.

Marcus knelt down, kissed my feet and said.

"Master, I'll accept Master."

Chris collapsed.

"Noooooooo, don't do that, you can't give your life for me."

"We have a deal. This slave can work with Timo. Training is allowed when all chores are done."

"Master, yes Master. Thank you Master."

"Now prepare them for the night. Take this slave and feed my pet. You'll find the dog food in its room; one can and water only. If the pet sleeps, press the red button to wake it up. The green button opens the cage. Once it is out the collar is active. Remind the pet before you let it out. Put it back after feeding. Don't use your whip on my pet. If it refuses to eat the dog food, put it back immediately. Take this slave down to the cell. Feed you and the slaves with the slave food you'll find in the kitchen and store them for the night, hands secured and with gags. The houseboys may sleep on the beds; the other will stay tied on the concrete. When you have finished, come to my office."

"Master, yes Master."

"But before you leave: I think you have forgotten to punish this slave for speaking without permission and failing to address you correctly. So I have to do this. You know what that means."

"Master, yes Master. I'm sorry, Master."

"Slave, bend over, spread your knees and stick your ass out high."

"Boy, bend backwards, spread your knees and stick your groin out high."

I took my belt and strapped Chris four times on his lower buttocks. I turned to Marcus and saw his pecker hard and sticking out from his pushed up groin. Boys can't control their erections so I took no offence but flicked it twice before I smacked the belt four times on each of his inner thighs. I dismissed the boys. Marcus winced as his thighs rubbed together when he walked away.

I headed to my office. Years ago I had started to make tables with the duties of each slave so they would know exactly when they are expected what to do. That made it easier for the slaves and easier for me to punish them if they fail. There were displays in every room showing what has to be done next. I had to add some chores for my personal slave regarding his duties of training Chris and punishing Julian. And I deleted a section of the sklave's nightly duties. Time would come to add it again. After all, the boys were three or four years younger than their predecessors.

Marcus returned, made his ritual and awaited new instructions. I made him stand spread eagled. He has a beautiful preteen body and the marks form today's punishments began to fade. I beckoned him to come closer and stand between my legs. I pounded his perfectly round buttocks for a while. He winced as I touched the well beaten flesh. Then I turned him around and sat him on my leg.

"We have to do some business before we can go to bed. Tomorrow is the first day on full duty for you and the slaves. Your collar will wake you up at 5.30 a.m. Look at these tables. They tell you all the chores that had to be done. Take care; you are responsible that everything goes right. If you have to use a machine there will be a manual for each. Read it carefully. Make sure the houseboys do the same. They may not be perfect from the scratch, but you know how to encourage or punish them. If you are not sure about something, ask me. Inexperience is no shame, stupidity is. I'll punish you only if you are negligently, carelessly or lazy. You'll have to check everything the slaves do. This is going to be as hard as doing the chores yourself. You have to be everywhere at the same time. Don't worry; you will learn how to do that. Your collar will tell you when I want you but I expect you to report to me at least every hour. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes Master."

I stood him in front of me again.

"Look at me, boy."

"I had never expected what you have done today. You did a great job. Accept your punishments as part of education. And keep your spirit high, you will need it. I know all of you you miss your families and friends and will cry yourself into sleep more than once. But you have to accept the consequences of your own fault. You are slaves now. There is nothing you and your parents or guardians can ever change. Even if they could afford to buy you they wouldn't be allowed. That's the law. I bought you and you are mine. I own you entirely. I can do with you what I want. I am a strict and cruel master. But as long as you behave I am fair."

I wiped the tears from his face.

"Maybe you find this ridiculous when you think about Nico, Julian and Chris. Well, from your point of view this may be correct. I don't expect a nine year old boy to understand this yet but life isn't fair at all. Maybe it is cruel to treat a boy as a dog. But as long as Nico is my pet he will live. Maybe it is cruel to make his life a living hell but as long as Julian is my slave he will live. Maybe it is cruel to sell Chris away to where he might be killed within days. But if I had not bought him he might be dead already because he wouldn't be able to stay alive in a factory or mine. Timo would have ended up there too. And you, my little beauty, would be raped and fucked in a filthy brothel right now until your body is worn out. Then you would be thrown away like a sheet of toilet paper."

"It depends on yourself whether you are going to live the hard life of a domestic slave here with me and your friends or I sell you away. Speaking of friends: Be strict and fair. Beat them only when you have to but if you have to then beat them. They will understand. Normally the slaves hate the one with the whip and I was sure it would be the same with you. But your friendship is strong and as long as they know you care for them they will love you despite the pain you will inflict to them. You are a team. If the team is strong the team will survive. Lead your team, I know you can."

I hugged him. He wrapped his arms around my neck and cried into my shoulder. I lifted him up and carried him around until he has calmed down. I didn't really know why I was doing that. Usually I didn't care about the feelings of my slaves, they would do what I want or else. Maybe it is because I had never a slave as young as he was. But at the end I had to admit to myself that I really liked the boy in my arms. We went to my bedroom and I placed him softly in the basket beneath my bed where he would sleep from now on if he wouldn't join me in my bed. He curled into a ball and was asleep within seconds. I kept stroking his hair and body for a while before I turned out the lights.

Chapter 4
New Rules – New Pain

I awoke from a muffled shriek followed by the sounds of a boy rolling around in his bed. I smiled. Obviously Marcus had missed the first wake up call from his collar and it went to business now. He would feel increasing pain in his neck until the boy's vital parameters were indicating to the collar's sensors he was fully awake and moving. The collar was a masterpiece of technology. It could be used for surveillance, discipline and training. The collar was recording the position of the slave; the physical condition he was in and his actual movements. There was an audio recording module too and even a video tool would available if necessary. The collar could work on its own or could be attached to a wireless network system. Such a system was working in my house since I had invented the technology a couple of years ago.

All collars my slaves wear were much or less sophisticated but all were controlled by a server in my office. Engineering such devices was a pleasure change from my business as a property administrator, a job I had inherited from my father. I'd rather wanted to continue my studies of technology but I had to admit that this would have never provided me the wealth I actually had. Best thing was I could work at home.

Marcus had managed to get up and tried to regain orientation. He remembered where he was and what he had to do. Though still sleepy he shuffled out. His first task each day would be to release the other slaves from their cell. The boys lay awake.

Marcus knelt down and untied Julian's ankles from his wrists, allowing him to stretch his legs. The boy was in great pain from being tied up so long and had not slept. His head rested on the floor. Chris and Timo were waiting. Marcus made them kneeling beside Julian.

"I have to tell you something." Marcus said while lowering himself to his knees.

"Master had made me his personal slave and your boss. I don't want to hurt you but I have to. He had tortured me. He had whipped, caned and strapped me for trying to go easy on you. He had spanked and paddled me for your faults. And he had flicked my balls for my own failure. All in a single day. You want my job? I'll go and tell master."

Timo and Chris shook their heads.

"Master had transformed Nico into a pet. He has to behave like a dog all the time. If he speaks his collar would shock him, same if he doesn't stay on all fours. He is locked in a dog cage where he can't sit or stretch out. I had to feed him dog food yesterday. He is our friend so we must help him. Encourage him and show him he is still our buddy."

The boys nodded.

"Timo is the first houseboy so he is responsible for all chores the houseboys have to do. Chris works along with him. Look at the displays next to the doors. They tell you what to do."

Timo nodded again.

"Chris, you will do all carrying and running. When all chores are done we will go outside."

Chris looked down but nodded too.

"Now a word about Julian. I don't know how he had upset master so much but master had made him a toy. That means he is even lower than a slave. Master said he has no name anymore. So we are not allowed to call him Julian. He isn't allowed to speak. Master told me further that he has to be always in pain and bondage."

"And so it will be. And more."

The boys winced as they heard my voice. I had followed Marcus and overheard his speech from outside. Marcus crawled over when I had entered the cell. He bowed and kissed my feet. Chris and Timo just knelt there with their foreheads on the floor. Julian was unable to move but looked horrified.

"Master, good morning, Master." Marcus greeted me.

"Good morning, slaves. Today is a big day for you. It is your first full day on your new duties. Marcus here will tell you what to do later. Your day will start of course with cleaning yourself. Boy, look at your instructions and tell them what to do."

Marcus took Timo and led him to the shower and told him to crap. Ten year old boys could get used to being naked but doing their business in front of others was different. Timo just stood there with wide eyes. Marcus was still tired and not in mood to make long discussions. He had to empty his bowels too and so, despite his own embarrassment, he squatted over the hole, pulled his buttocks apart and pushed out a couple of turds. When he was finished he got up, whipped Timo on his back and pointed to the corner. Timo jumped and reluctantly followed the example. Chris was next. It needed only a frown from Marcus and the boy rushed to obey him.

I went over to Julian, removed his gag and yanked him on his knees. Marcus was beckoned to stand in front of him. I took his penis and pulled him closer.

"Turn around, spread your legs wide and bend over."

I pushed Julian's face into is butt crack.

"Lick it clean, completely and thoroughly!"

He tried to fight but a couple of whips broke him. Slowly he licked Marcus' ass. The boy couldn't avoid a quiet moan as Julian's tongue caressed his puckered hole.

"Go inside him with your tongue. Make him entirely clean."

Eventually he finished his licking. I checked Marcus' ass and was satisfied. The two other horrified slaves had their turn next. Marcus managed to keep Julian doing his task with only a few swats. The boy fell to the floor afterwards, crying heavily. He curled into a ball as far as he could; being clearly at the verge of vomiting.

Marcus and the houseboys were sent to do their chores. I dragged Julian to the shower. There was a water tap with a hose attached in the corner. After I had rinsed his face I held the boy on his waist face down and reached for the butt plug. I pulled it out at once, much to the boy's discomfort. The hose went into the hole and I filled his bowels with cold water. When I was satisfied with the amount of water he had inside I pushed the plug back in, causing him to scream again. Still holding the boy I started to smack his buttocks hard. He winced and squirmed. Soon he got the first cramps as the cold water did its duty. The spanking continued for about five minutes. I placed him above the hole in the floor and pulled the plug out again. He clenched his sphincter first but within seconds the water spurted out. He hadn't much to eat lately. The plug went in again. I cleaned him with the hose.

Julian was hanging on his wrists in the frame. His legs were bent and the calves and thighs were tightly bound together. His knees were forced apart by two straps from the sides. He was gagged and blindfolded again. He hung there for ten minutes now after I had paddled his ass thoroughly. He was constantly crying, sobbing and grunting, the noises muffled by the dildo gag in his mouth. His body ached all over. The boy's 5 cm [2"] penis hung flaccid; his testicles were still undeveloped but were bedded in a deep scrotum, ideal for ball torture. I squeezed and crushed them several times. His body twisted and he shrieked into his gag. I pulled is balls down and tied a stretcher around. A weight of lead should stretch his balls down nicely, I thought. He screamed as I lowered the weight. It pulled mercilessly. Right in time Marcus arrived to call me for breakfast. I left the sobbing boy alone, noticing his now very rigid member.

I smiled at the sight of a small boy running ahead, opening doors with bowed head. I thought about having bought a natural talent. He submitted himself so easily and endured his beatings as best as he could. He waited at the door to the dining room but I turned and entered the kitchen. I heard a bump followed by an "ouch" and saw a grimacing Timo kneeling beside the trolley, balancing a coffeepot. A splash of hot coffee dripped from his chest. His grimacing intensified as I grabbed his ear and pulled sharply.

"Using your feet and damaging my property, weren't you?"

"Master, ouch yes Master."


"Master, I'm sorry Master, but the cupboards are so high. I knelt on Chris' back while preparing breakfast but I didn't want to break another piece of tableware so I took a step, Master."

Indeed Chris crouched before the cupboard. I couldn't let this go unpunished but he was right. The kitchen was designed for young teens to work in, not little boys.

"Well, I'll think about that. On your back and feet in the air, now. Marcus, join him."

Marcus, who had stood behind his master quickly obeyed. Both boys stretched out their legs. I took my whip and hit them hard on their soles. Two on each foot for Timo, four for Marcus.

"That'll do. Now carry on, I'm hungry."

Breakfast looked as good as supper. Marcus was surprised being ordered under the table but quickly got the hint as he saw my unzipped fly. Timo knelt there with wide eyes as a small curly haired head moved up and down on my groin. The boy was getting better every time. Soon I had to tell him to slow down. I didn't want to cum now. Eventually I kicked him away.

"Clean up and come to your cell." I ordered the boys.

I had to look after my pet. I found his food bowl still filled with dog food. I opened the cage and ordered him out. He had difficulties to move but managed it after to hits of the red button, making him almost jump. I attached a leash and tied it to a ring in the wall. He could reach his bowls but not the cage. I told him that he won't be fed anything other. It was his choice to stay hungry or give in to the inevitable. Before I left I turned a TV screen on and told him to watch and to learn. It was a training video for dogs. He started to cry again.

Julian was still sobbing. He sighed as I removed the weight. I untied his legs and let him hang free for a couple of minutes. Then I lifted one leg slowly until his ankle touched his wrist. I clipped it there. The other leg followed. He was now a very pretty sight, his bottom stuck out and the butt plug was on display. The three boys came down and I lined them up for to watch. I pulled the plug out a little bit and let it slip back. I pulled it a little more and again it went in. This was repeated about 20 times, accompanied with muffled screams, until the plug was completely out. I gave it Chris to clean.

My cock was hard again as I moved to Julian's waiting bottom. The redness was fading so I took a strap and heated him up again. He wailed and sobbed. My pants fell down. I turned to the kneeling boys. All three had boners too.

"Timo, Chris, come here."

I grabbed their hands and placed them on my cock.

"Stroke it. This is the only cock you are allowed to touch. If I ever catch you playing with my property attached to your body I'll cut it off. Never touch your cock or balls. Marcus will wash you if he feels you need it. Only he is allowed to touch your genitals and only for cleaning. Marcus will not touch his own anyway. You understand?"

"Master, yes Master." three boys shouted.

I turned my attention back to the hanging slave. Marcus could guess what was coming now and Julian certainly knew too as my cock poked around his anus. The other two boys knelt agog in curiosity. Julian tried to clench his sphincter, his whole body trembled. Tears were running freely. I reached out for his nipples, pinched and twisted until they were really sore. Then I grabbed his hips, aimed and trusted forward. Even through his gag the scream was frightening. I fucked him slowly. I lost track but I think it had lasted more than 30 minutes until I came with a last violent trust.

After I had recovered I looked at my kneeling slaves. Their expression varied from disgust to horror. Marcus starred absentminded. I removed Julian from his hanging position and tied him again. I thought about ordering a slave to lick the traces of blood and seed coming out of his anus but decided against it. After wiping him with a rag the plug was inserted and I told Timo and Chris to drag him into the cell and secure him firmly. They struggled but managed it eventually. I stored the boys in their cell and rolled a TV in. Over the past years I had taped several training videos showing how I want my slaves working. It was Sunday and I wanted to get some more sleep. I addressed Marcus.

"Boy, feed the slaves now. You may give some water to my toy, nothing else until I tell you. Your collar will tell you when I want you in my bedroom. Make sure the houseboys have my lunch ready at noon. No talking."

Before I went to bed I entered some commands to the PDA. All boys could be controlled with this little computer. A signal would be sent to Marcus in two hours. If any of the boys would fall asleep during the day he would be shocked. Julian would feel a constant pain in his neck.

I awoke as Marcus entered my bedroom. He was unsure what to do so he knelt down at the foot end of the bed. I lifted the blanket and beckoned him to come to my side. He lay stiff as a poker on his back, his whole body tensed as I started to fondle his nipples. My hands ran down to his groin. He winced as my fingers caressed his penis.

"Easy boy. Who owns this body?"

"Master, you own this body, Master."

"This is correct. Relax boy, enjoy it."

I licked his little face, from his left ear over his cheeks and lips to the right. My tongue invaded his ear hole. I felt his body trembling. I went down his neck to his chest. Slowly I licked and sucked his right nipple. As it started to stick out I bit into it, eliciting a shriek from Marcus. I pinched and twisted the left nipple with my fingers. My tongue worked down over his belly, tickling his navel until he squirmed. His cock was stiff and hard. I pulled his foreskin back and run my tongue over his glance. I took it in my mouth and sucked, stroking is nipples and his balls with my hands. He was close to come and I stopped. He moaned quietly. I turned him around, spreading his legs and let my fingers run through his butt crack. He clenched his fists and a wave of tension ran through his body, followed by a deep sob. The boy cried.

"What's wrong, boy?"

"Master, are you going to fuck me, Master?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Master, you said you wanted to see if Julian was the best for my job before you put your cock into him, Master."

"You are my personal slave and your job is to make me happy. It is wonderful to have a little ass around my cock. So yes, I will fuck you, but not today. Don't be afraid, I will show you how you can enjoy it too."

"Master, it hurts, Master." he sobbed again.

I turned him around and held his face with my hands, forcing him to look at me.

"Someone did it to you before. I can feel that. Who was it? Who had made the perfect cock sucker you are?"

He closed his eyes.

"Boy, answer your master's question."

"Master, please…"

"Marcus, tell me. Who was it?"

"Master, I can't, Master. He will kill me."

"Boy, nobody can do you any harm here. Now, who is he?"

"Father Thomas" he said barley audible.

Chapter 5
Challenging the Master

I laughed.

"Sorry boy, I couldn't help. Father Thomas - the hypocrisy in person. You were an altar boy, right?"

"Master, yes Master."

"I see. Tell me more."

"Master, after mass I often had to stay with him in the sacristy. He made me crawl under his cassock and suck him. He had beaten me when I resisted or he was not satisfied, Master." Marcus sobbed.

"Why didn't you tell your foster parents?"

"Master, he said if I tell anything he would kill me and I will go to hell, Master," he cried.

"Don't worry about that anymore, boy. Please continue."

"Master, one Sunday he took me the presbytery. I had to strip and then he pushed me on his bed and…"

Marcus couldn't talk anymore. I held him tightly and let him cry against my shoulder.

"Good boy, Marcus. This is over. He can't do anything to you anymore. I'm here, my boy."

The boy slowly calmed down. I laid him on his back. Softly I caressed his cheeks.

"Marcus, please listen carefully. What the priest had done to you was not right. You were a free boy and he had no right to rape you. I will try to let him pay for that. However, you are a slave now, my slave to be exactly. You and your body belong to me. I can do whatever I want. I could fuck you here and now. But I won't do that. As I said you are here for my pleasure but I want my boy to enjoy it as much as possible too. Therefore I want you to be ready for that. You are much younger as my last boy. If I enter you it will hurt. There is no way to avoid that. But the pain will abate and then you will feel the pleasure. I'll wait until you tell me you are ready. Take you time. Don't rush yourself into something you can't cope with. I do this because I like you, Marcus."

I kissed his tears away.

"Now relax and enjoy."

Stroking his inner thighs I took is little cock in my mouth and began to suck him. I find nothing disgusting in cock sucking by a master to his slave if the slave had deserved such a reward. The boy could not resist my administration and so he moaned in pleasure quickly. I teased him a little as I stopped two times before he could cum but at last I allowed him to climax. As he recovered I continued to caress his naked frame. But time for lunch had arrived and so I had to summon my little slave back to his duties. I switched to the cruel master mode.

"If I were you I would jump out of this bed within seconds to avoid punishment." I whispered in his ear.

It took a few seconds before the message had successfully sunk to his relaxed mind. Then he opened his eyes wide and got a haunted expression. He tensed his little body, jumped up and darted head first out of the bed. He did a forward roll and landed on his knees. After turning around he bowed his head; his body trembled in shock of the unexpected threat.

"Very impressive. From now on you will always leave my bed in this way." I laughed.

"Master, yes Master."

"I'm just joking, boy. But it's time to teach you your morning duties. First you will wake me by sucking my cock. If you perform well I will go easy on you, if not I'll spank you. Sure I will have to piss in the morning so you will drink it. Before you are going to wake me you will prepare a bath. It is your task to wash me. I might go to the toilet before. You will wipe me clean afterwards. As long I am satisfied with your behaviour you can do this with toilet paper. If I'm annoyed the rag in your mouth will do the job. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes Master." the horrified boy managed to answer.

"After the bath you will rub me dry and brush me teeth. Then you will dress me. The clothes for the day should be prepared by you already. All necessary information is provided at the displays. You will lead me to breakfast. Well, we are awake so I think we skip the blow job."

I stood up and pointed to my cock. Reluctantly the boy shuffled forward.

"It is easier for you if you pinch your nose shut."

With clear disgust he took my cock in his mouth and pinched his nose. I threatened him with an immediate caning if he spilled a drop of my juice or even vomited. His heart was pounding and his breathe paced fast. He had closed his eyes.

"Look at me, boy!"

He did and sheer terror was in his look. I smiled and pulled my cock out of his mouth.

"No, my little pet. I'm not going to piss in your mouth. Stand up."

He did with a very puzzled expression.

"You had shown once again courage and obedience. I'm proud of you. Until you displease me I will not force you to act as my toilet. Come."

I led him in my large bathroom. It had an open shower with two platforms at the sides where my young servant could stand while washing me. He had to stretch his body as far as he could to wash my hair but he performed well. After drying and dressing me we went to the dining room where Timo had my lunch ready. With more practice the boy would become a really good cook, I thought while enjoying a breast of chicken with wine sauce on rice. I had entered a list of meals in the computer from which the boys could choose. It had always been a pleasure to be surprised by the selection of my houseboys. I was sure Timo wouldn't disappoint me knowing the skills of his father. I looked at the little slave who was clearing the plate from the table.

"Fetch me the cane, Marcus."

Marcus immediately left his position behind my chair to bring me the dreaded object, wondering what was wrong. Timo was appalled and focused the floor. Marcus returned and fell on his knees, offering me the cane with two hands.

"Boy, I think this slave has to be punished for using his feet. He must have disobeyed me to be able to prepare a difficult meal as this. I think four strokes would remind him that he has no right to stand on his feet. Show him the required position."

Timo was horrified. He had managed to cook the meal kneeling on Chris back. He burst in tears about the unfairness of the situation. He knew if he tried to object to his master's accusation he would be punished even worse. He shuffled to the middle of the room and bent over as Marcus showed him. Dutifully Marcus took the same position.

"Master, please, may I speak?" Marcus asked carefully.

"I hope it is important and you are not simply delaying your punishment."

"Master, this slave had promised me yesterday never to use his feet again in the kitchen. He said he could do it if slave Chris provides him some help, Master. Master, of course I would never doubt about your discernment. I know you will always make the right decision, Master."

"Nice speech, boy. But don't you think he would have spoken for his defence if he is innocent?"

"Master, how could a slave dare to oppose his master, even if he would be allowed to speak?"

"Wise words you spoke, slave. Why do you think this doesn't affect you?" I asked with rising anger.

"Master, you put me in charge of the other slaves. I'm responsible for them. I have to punish them if they fail. But I feel obligated to stand for them when I think they didn't, even by the risk of severe punishment, Master."

"Well, we'll deal with this case of outrageous impertinence later. Anyway I don't want to punish without reason if there is a possibility I could be wrong and so I offer you two choices. First you can take this punishment as to proof I'm right. Second the slave can show me he could indeed have done his task as ordered. If he succeeded the slaves can eat what he has cooked. If he fails I'll double the sentence and add more for wasting food. I await your answer."

"Master, I really appreciate your generosity and thankfully select the opportunity to show the slaves skills, Master."

So we went to the kitchen where Chris was on his knees to scrub the floor. I took a place at the table and told Timo to cook the next meal on the list. He would get no other help as a kneeling Chris could provide. Timo took the cookbook and looked for the recipe. Suddenly he became pale and looked frightened and shameful to the floor.

"What's wrong, boy? Can't you do this?"

The boy shook his head.

"Why not. You may speak." "Master, I'm sorry Master. But for this particular recipe I need a casserole which is stored in the upper cupboard, Master. I would need the help from sir to get up there but you said I can't so I'm defeated. Please punish me, Master."

"Marcus, fetch the casserole."

The boy darted forward, stepped on Chris' shoulders and jumped on the worktop. I accepted the item was in a place no boy could reach without using his feet. Marcus returned to his place behind me. I reached back but couldn't touch him.

"Boy, I want you always within the reach of my hands when you have no other duties. When my hand can't touch you again I'll tear the skin from your ass. Got it?"

"Master, yes Master. I'm sorry, Master." the boy said sheepishly while moving close to my chair.

I laid my arm around his waist and started to play with his balls. His little cock reacted immediately and aroused from its permanent state of semi erection. He blushed but didn't try to move away. Meanwhile Timo shuffled on his knees from one corner to the other, always beckoning Chris to crawl along. It took great effort for Timo to keep climbing up and down his friend's back but didn't slow down a bit. The clever boy used a spatula to push or pull things he can't touch with his hands. Both boys acted in complete silence.

Marcus squirmed and moaned. I had brought him several times to the verge of orgasm only to stop short before he could climax. He became more and more frustrated. Little did he know that this was the state he would be in when puberty had enhanced his libido as most masters would deny their slaves the pleasure of sexual release.

After two third of an hour Timo eventually had finished his preparations. He shuffled to the table, bowed and kissed the floor in front of his master's feet. He lifted his face and gave me a pleading look before he bowed his head again.

"You may speak."

"Master, thank you, Master. Would you please tell me where to set a table? The food needs to cook further for about twenty minutes, Master."

"No table. Just prepare one plate."

"Master, yes Master. Thank you Master."

He bowed again and shuffled back to the kneeling Chris. After placing a single plate on the worktop of the kitchen he beckoned Chris to continue scrubbing the floor. Marcus had started to cry quietly not only from the continued tormenting of denied pleasure but from his already very sore penis. The foreskin and glance of his cock were bright read and ultra sensitive. However I didn't stop the vexation because he had to get used to it. He would spend hours on parties or private meetings being fondled by me or a guest. By the time Chris had finished his task a bell rung indicating the end of cooking time.

Timo had cooked a seafood pie with potatoes. He arranged the plate and brought it to the table. Both boys knelt know before their masters, their forehead touching the floor. The food smelled seductively. I tried and it tasted good. I ordered Marcus to join his colleagues awaiting their verdict. Chris had still no idea what had happened but the two other rear ends trembled obviously.

"Look at me, slaves. Although I'm still not convinced there is a possibility you might have not disobeyed me. Therefore I will ignore the fact you have challenged your master. Don't do this again or face a trip to the whipping post."

Three very pale faces looked terrified.

"The caning is suspended. You may mash this pie and fill it into your bowls for tonight's feeding."

Tons of rocks fell from their shoulders.

"Listen, boys. I accept that you are all too small to work properly on your knees in this house. It is simply ineffective to have two slaves doing the work of one. Further you have been generally obedient and respectful. So I change to rule. As long as you keep yourself out of sight of any guest of my house you may use your feet. I expect you to show always proper respect for your master anyway. That's all for now. Finish your tasks for today, slaves. Marcus, I expect you at the punishment area."

Chapter 6

Nico was a complete misery. He leaned against the wall, his face stained with tears and snot. His whole body trembled. My computer told me he had been shocked three times. I knelt down and reached out for his face. He tried to back away.

"Easy, my little pet, I'm not going to hurt you. How are you doing? Did you watch your videos? No? Too busy with crying? Oh dear, my little one. Don't worry you'll get used to soon."

I stroked his head and back. He hadn't touched his bowls. I led him gently over and pushed his shoulders down until he was on his elbows with hit arms and hands flat on the floor. His face was now over the bowl with the dog food. He turned his face away in disgust.

"You have to eat something, my little pet. This food isn't as bad as your mind tells you. It is all a matter of will power. Look."

I dipped my finger into the dog food and licked it. The dog food had a strong taste but was quite good. His eyes almost popped out. I ran my finger again through his bowl and held it against his lips. His mind found the thought of eating dog food still revolting but eventually his hunger overtook. He opened his lips. He grimaced but licked my finger clean. Still uncertain he looked at me and I nodded to the bowl. He flinched several times before he managed to bring his face down to the bowl and to pick the first peace of meat. He swallowed it. I praised him effusively like I would have done while training a real dog. The ban was broken. He gulped the food down ravenously and left the bowl clean as freshly washed. He tried to lick his face but couldn't reach his nose and chin. Instinctly he lifted his right arm and wiped it over his face. He froze and looked at me in horror awaiting a punishment for using an arm.

He was surprised when I praised him again instead.

"Fine, my little pet, you did well. You can lift one arm shortly to clean, scratch or rub you like a real pet would do, as long as you don't use your hands. They are paws, remember. So don't bend your fingers. Clean your face and lick your arm. Very good, my little one, now slurp your water."

He did while I was stroking his back.

"Listen, my little pet. When we are outside I can't always look at you so you have to answer by barking. It's just the same as blinking. One means no and two means yes. You understand?"

He barked twice and it sounded as real as a young boy could do. I ruffled his hair.

"You are a good boy pet. I'm proud of you."

He managed to smile weakly. I pushed him gently backwards until his feet touched the toilet box. I spread his legs and lifted his body until he squatted over the box, his arms straight with palms on the floor.

"Nico, I want you to remember this position. This is how you do your business from now on. You can only do it here on your box or outside when we take a walk. If you have finished put some litter or sand over it with your feet. This is the only time you are allowed to use your feet deliberately. Got it?"

He barked twice but less enthusiastically.

"Remember doing it before you go into your cage. If you are in you'll have to hold it. It is your cage and if you make a mess you'll clean it yourself. And since you are a pet the only rug you will use is that little red one in your mouth. Is this clear?"

This time he only blinked.

"Oh come on, you are a very fine pet, you will not get in trouble. Now do your business and crawl back into you cage and take a nap. I'll send the boys later to wash you."

He barked twice when I detached the leash before I shut the door.


As expected a very scared boy with wobbling knees waited for me in the punishment area. He fell onto his knees, kissed the floor and kept his head down. He would never forget his first time in the frame so he almost panicked as I told him to stand spread eagled in front of it for me to tie him up. I strapped him in and took a seat at the throne like chair where I sat when the boy saw his new master for the first time. He shivered, hanging helplessly on his wrists.

"I am very disappointed, slave." I said, emphasizing the last word.

He winced. Since his appointment I had addressed him always as boy or called his name. He knew he was in big trouble.

"How could I've been fooled by a boy I had trusted completely; by a boy I had thought to be reliable; by a boy I had made my assistant; by a boy I thought to be obedient and selfless; by a boy whose behaviour I thought to be an example for all slaves; by a boy I liked so much?"

He flinched as every word hit him like a cane.

"I was mistaken by a boy who abused his privileges to talk himself out of trouble by putting his friend's ass into the line of fire; the very same boy who had promised me he would never betray me only to do so at the next occasion."

Marcus twisted and squirmed.

"You let me down boy; you let your friends down; you betrayed those who love you!"

He screamed. He screamed like I never heard a boy screaming. He screamed until he couldn't anymore. After that there was silence. Eventually he said barely audible:

"Master, I swear by the memory of my parents that I only tried to prevent a failure, Master."

His body was shaken by his sobs.

"Master, I would never betray you. I would never be unfaithful to you, Master. I couldn't stand losing the only person who really cared for my since my parents had died."

He lifted his head and I saw in his eyes an endless ocean of sadness and pain. He gulped.

"But if you lost your confidence in me, Master, please let me die."

He collapsed, his whole body hung limp in the frame.

I felt a searing pain in my heart as I realized how much words could hurt. No beating or torture would have caused so much damage as I had just inflicted to him. In a plain stupidity I had probably destroyed the soul of a boy I suddenly knew I love deeply. I jumped up, released his straps and pulled him into my arms. Holding him tightly we both cried against the other's shoulder. In a gentle swaying motion I carried him around. Slowly we calmed and eventually the weeping ceased. But I still didn't want to let him go. I just held him and stroked his back. He stayed passively.

"Master, I'm sorry" he whispered.

"Sh sh sh, my boy. No need for you to be. I have to apologize sincerely. I was too blind to see the difference between selfishness and clear devotion to duty. I believe now a pure and innocent character as yours couldn't even imagine acting in such an underhand way. Please forgive me, Marcus, and stay with me in certainty that I love you."

He didn't answer but put his arms around my neck and clung as tightly as he probably could, bursting into tears again. None of us wanted to let the other go but the sound of naked feet pounding on the stairs interrupted this very private moment. I stood him on his feet with a brief kiss and tried to compose myself before they reached the basement.

Timo and Chris had probably heard the scream and saw now a still weeping boy standing in front of me. Although they saw no new visible damage on his body they concluded he must have been severely punished or tortured. Unfortunately they were partly right as Marcus clearly had suffered mental torments. Timo blamed himself for causing Marcus new pain and therefore felt ashamed. To their both misfortune he subsequently made the mistake to bow first to his friend for whom he felt sorry before kneeling down and kissing my feet.

In my current mood I would probably have ignored this affront but Marcus had already lifted his whip and brought it down hard to the raised bottom of the kneeling culprit. He lashed him four times more before the young slave couldn't even react. Marcus unclipped the whip from his wrist and handed it with a deep bow over to me. I hesitated but he insisted. He turned and bent over, gripping his ankles tightly, still sobbing.

"Master, I had to punish a slave in front of you for insolent behaviour. Please give me what I deserve, Master," he managed to say between his sobs.

I didn't really want to do this but we both knew I had no option or it would have a disastrous effect for the boy's reputation. The whip made a swishing sound before it smacked onto his bottom cheeks. I delivered seven more swats subsequently as quick as I could. Of course the whipping did nothing to ease his crying. But Marcus didn't even flinch once.

I looked around. Timo still knelt on the floor crying and holding his freshly whipped bottom. Chris, who was a step behind his fellow slave, knelt on one leg like frozen. His puzzled look could have been priceless if it wouldn't mean that he didn't show his respect for master and prefect. Marcus had mistaken the silence as indication he could rise but I stopped him with a light slash on his back. Fearing further punishment for disobedience he quickly bent over again, deeper than before. I saw his knees trembling. I stepped to his side, ran my hand over his lower back and looked at the still absent minded slave boy Chris.

In a quick motion I brought the whip hard against the spot where Marcus' buttocks meet his legs. This caught him completely off guard. He gave a yelp and made a step forward. As soon as he was back in position another blow hit the same place. The boy shrieked loud. Chris turned his head to the source of the noise; still looking bemused. As the third blow made Marcus screaming in agony Chris caught my stern glance, realizing his friend's whipping was somehow connected with him. I could see the wheels turning through his eyes as I slowly lifted the whip again. Eventually the coin fell and he jumped forward, squatted as low as he could and kissed my feet. He didn't dare to move and rested his head on the ground.

"Timo!" I snapped.

The boy had watched Marcus' flogging with increasing horror especially because he had not yet realized what he had done. Hearing his name made him almost panicking. Fearing the worst he bowed again, touching the floor with his forehead and awaiting his master's commands. I ordered him to fetch the soothing ointment from the bathroom. I applied the ointment carefully onto the welts and bruised on Marcus' bottom. Working the ointment into his skin clearly caused him further pain but the very expensive lotion enhanced his healing abilities so the welts would fade very soon. Timo expected that he wouldn't receive a similar treatment what was proven to be true. I sent the two boys upstairs to wash my pet.

I really didn't know what do to with the boy kneeling in front of me. He got no real punishment so far. Therefore I had to give him something to remember but I had to be careful. I felt that he was a very sensitive boy trying to shelter his soul bravely. He clearly suffered from his weight physically and mentally but wasn't strong enough to fight against it.

Breaking without destroying him surely was a balancing act over open ground. With some difficulty I secured the boy at the punishment frame; hanging on his wrist cuffs his limbs were stretched to the limit. His legs were spread wide and fixed to an iron bar hanging from the ceiling. This brought his bottom up with cheeks wide apart. He tried to clench them but to no avail. His tiny hole was clearly visible. The boy's penis was really small and the testicles still at his groin. I didn't expect him to reach the first stands of puberty until 13 or later.

"Slave, you have shamefully failed to show your submissiveness towards your master. Normally such an insubordination would inevitable lead to severe punishment and disposal. However I consider the fact you were obviously distracted by the sudden punishment of another slave. But you were clearly absent-minded for several minutes and in this house is no place for daydreamers. You have carelessly caused your prefect a lot of pain. I can't tolerate that. Therefore I will give you something to think about."

I started to flog the very sensitive parts of his body, namely his inner thighs and buttocks. I indented to make these areas really sore so he would feel the effect quite a time because the skin would rub together when he was moving. Needless to say that this was a very painful process so he cried and squirmed a lot. I concluded this part with four well aimed lashes onto his anus. He screamed and twisted and managed even to lift his body further by his arms and legs. But I wasn't finished yet. I detached the bar from its chain so he hung now spread-eagled. He could stand on his toes for a little support. This gave me free access to his upper arms and armpits. The blows weren't hard but he shrieked and screamed. Soon the skin was red and sore too. There were only tiny welts and they would fade quickly. The fat boy was reduced to tears. His body hung limp at his wrists, gasping heavily. He had closed his eyes. I lowered the frame so he could stand on his feet when he had recovered.

It was time to check out the last slave, my little toy. I adjusted my hard cock in my trousers and entered the cell. He lay in a corner of the cell, his head rested on the floor. A short chain was attached to his collar, his wrists and ankles still bound together.

He had his eyes closed but from the pace of his breath I could tell he was awake. Nobody could sleep when a boy is screaming a few steps away. But he was clearly in distress in his bondage and with the constant pain the collar inflicted to his neck. I put my shoe under his chin and turned his face. He opened his eyes and got immediately a horrified expression. He tried to back away but the chain held him in place. I untied the strap between his wrists and ankles and told him to get on his knees.

"Well, my little toy, I hope you had an unpleasant day so far?"

He tried to say something but was hindered by his gag. Nevertheless that earned him four smacks in his face with my hand.

"Didn't I tell you the only sounds I want to hear from you are your screams and howls? You may answer by blinking; one for no and two for yes. Let's try it. Are you hungry?"

He rapidly blinked twice.

"Sure you are. If you are a good toy I'll consider feeding you tomorrow. Are you going to be a good toy?"

He groaned in his gag but blinked twice. I detached the chain and unclipped his wrist cuffs, lifted his arms over his head and pulled down the pulley chain. I secured his cuffs to the chain and put the pulley into motion. Link after link went over the pulley wheel until the boy stood barley on his toes. I told him to stretch his limbs good and left.


Marcus and Timo had just finished their task. Little boy pet Nico had been washed and oiled. They had the toilet box emptied, cleaned and refilled. The boy had felt an initially happiness as he saw his friends but that turned quickly into despair when they not only treated him but even talked to him as if he were a dog. The boys did only what I had instructed. They gave him simple orders and praised him effusively when he performed well, just as if they were training a real dog. However, it hurt the boys to see him suffer so they broke the order. Both boys hugged him tightly and assured him they will forever be friends whatever happens to them. They had a good cry together. Nico had found new power and licked their tears away before he was again cleaned and stored in his cage.

Timo was sent to bring tea and biscuits into the garden. I called Nico out of his cage, took a leash from the wall and attached it to his collar. I told him to hold contact with my leg and led him downstairs, closely followed by Marcus.

Chris had recovered but was still in pain. Marcus pressed his lips together and rubbed his own butt. The pet turned his head away but whimpered as he saw Julian hanging in the cell.

"Master, may I ask a question, Master?"

"Go ahead."

"Master, please don't get upset Master, but are you sure this slave is punished only for his faults and not because he is his father's son, Master?" he said barely audible, pointing at Julian.

I reacted instantly by lifting my hand in rising anger. Marcus bowed his head but did not try to move away. I took a deep breath and tried to keep calm. Slowly I put my hand down to his chin, forcing him to look at me.

"Don't push your luck too far, little slave boy. Tell me, what is a slave? I'm sure they told you in the centre."

"Master, I'm sorry Master. A slave is the property of his master."

I took a pencil from my pocket and slid it trough my fingers. My other hand lay on his shoulder; the thumb pressed painfully against his collarbone. He squirmed under my grip.

"And tell me, what is the difference between a slave and, let's say, this pencil?"

A short crack and the pencil was broken to pieces. The significance of this demonstration got not lost to the boys. Nico whimpered and Marcus went pale. I heard a sniff from behind. Timo had finished his task and came back unnoticed.

"Master, there is no difference, Master." Marcus said sheepishly. I let his shoulder go.

"Tell me then, what is the purpose of a slave's existence?"

"Master, a slave has to serve his master in every way he is told, Master. A slave has to be totally subservient to his master's will. He has to endure everything his master does to him, Master."

"You have learned this phrases well, slave. But do you really understand their meaning? Are you slaves really ready to obey to my orders even if they mean your bodies will be permanently damaged or even destroyed?"

A deep silence fell.

"Master, I don't know, Master. At least I am probably not, Master." Marcus said eventually.

"Neither of you is, boy. I'd had to break your will completely and irreversibly to achieve this. I can do this but I don't want robots in my house. The rule is simple: Be obedient or suffer. You, Timo and maybe my little pet here are probably smart enough to reach this goal without too much pain. I hope Chris had learned his lesson today. But I don't think Julian has even understood that he is a slave now and forever."

The named boy squirmed in his bonds.

"Beside, I'm a sadist. I enjoy your screams. All of you scream really beautifully. It's no use to deny. You all will entertain me in a torture session from time to time. I like to play with your bodies and feelings. But I really love to play with him."

The boys weren't pleased by that dismal prospectus. Tears fell now from Julian's face again, Chris sobbed loudly. Marcus gulped and pointed to the freshly beaten boy.

"Master, do we still have a deal?"

"He had caused you a lot of trouble and pain. I can understand if you want to back out."

Now it was Chris' turn to burst into tears. Marcus made a step towards him, hesitated and looked at me. I nodded my approval. He went to him and spent a few seconds looking at his crying friend. He took his head between his hands, lifted it and wiped his tears away. Then he turned to me and said:

"Master, no Master. We'll do it, Master, with your permission."

"Granted." I smiled and started to release Chris of the frame. I removed the spreader bar between his feet. He yelped as the sore skin of his thighs came into contact. After the spreader bar has been replaced with a 50 cm [20"] long light but strong chain; the straps holding his wrists were untied. He fell to his knees. Despite the pain he clutched my feet.

"Master, I'm sorry Master. Please Master, don't let sir risk his life for me, Master," he cried onto my feet.

Marcus lashed him on his bottom.

"Be quiet! Master has spoken and thus it is."

I broke free, went to the cell and took Julian down, making him crawl outside to his friends. Timo and Nico looked puzzled. Obviously neither Chris nor Marcus had talked about the deal.

"Listen, boys. I want my slaves skinny but strong. In his current state Chris is only a useless mouth to feed. Neither he is in condition for hard work nor can I find any pleasure from his body. Ordinarily I would dispose him. This would have also happened if your prefect had not persuaded me to a deal. Marcus has four weeks to help Chris to a recognizable decrease in weight. If he doesn't achieve this, both have to suffer the consequences. If he manages it, Chris must shed within other five months so much that I can accept him as permanent slave. Otherwise I will implement my threat. It was Marcus' choice and he accepted."

"Tell your friends the consequences, slave." I ordered pointing to Chris.

"Master will slaughter me and feed my meat to you. Sir will be sold to an organ bank."

"And after six months? Marcus?"

"Master, you will sell us both, Master."

"That's the deal."

The three boys couldn't believe what they had heard. Even Julian had forgotten his own misery. All looked at me as if I were the devil. To increase their humiliation I wanted to make up what I had forgotten the first day. As all slaves were assembled it was a good opportunity to get rid of their hair. Slaves should have no or at least only very short hair for better hygiene and as further reminder that their old life was over.

I ordered Marcus to kneel in front of me and fetched the electric hair cutter. He winced as I put the buzzing cutter on his forehead.

"I'm going to shave your head now, slave. Your hair is a relict of your past and you will leave it behind you. Stay still."

I made the first pass right down the middle, cropping his curls to a barely visible stubble. He was always a bit proud of his curls. It got to him that by his helplessness to avoid the loosing of it he was now truly and entirely at the mercy of his master. With every pass of the haircutter a bit of his human dignity was torn away from him. Tears formed in his eyes. By the time the last curl had gone he was crying softly. I felt a bit pity too because I had liked his hair. Maybe I would let it grow again but for now it had to be done. With a razor I removed the remaining stubble and after a couple of minutes his head was perfectly shaven. I ran my hands over his denuded scalp, amazed at how soft and pale the skin was, never touched by the sun.

All boys lost their hair one by one. All but Julian shed tears. Julian endured it stoically with a hint of defiance in his face.

After they had swept the floor I told Marcus to bring Chris, Timo and Nico to the garden to wait for me. I glared at Julian. The boy looked at me in sheer horror when I put him face down over my shoulder. I unclipped his ankles and attached an adjustable spreader. After reminding him he had promised to be a good toy I stood him on his feet. His ball gag was replaced with a large ring gag. It stretched his jaw to its limits. I put a stick between his back and his elbows and tied his hands together on his belly, forcing him to push out his chest. The ball stretcher was still in place so I clipped a small weight on, just heavy enough to be noticeable without real pain. Julian endured everything without resisting or complaining. Finally I attached a leash and led him out.

Chapter 7
Breaking Julian

The boys waited in the garden near a bench under a tree where Timo had put tea and biscuits down. None of them had dared to eat one. Chris had spread his legs as wide as the chain allows him, his arms held away from his body. I could see the pain in his face. Marcus knelt beside Nico and caressed his friend as if he would caress a dog. Timo just stood and held the pet's leash, looking to the other direction, where, just one or two kilometres behind the trees, his family lives. So close but as unreachable for him as the moon.

Marcus pulled the leash to get Timo's attention. The boy turned and sank on his knees. Chris groaned as he fell down. I threw a pair of chains to them.

"Get up boys, you can rest later. Marcus, replace Timo's bar with a chain and put one to your ankles as well. Two rounds at average speed to warm up, everybody. Now."

They trotted away, with some difficulties of course. Chris was soon half a round behind, joined by Julian. The boy was hobbled by the spreader bar between his ankles allowing him only to stumble awkwardly. The leash tangled from his collar; the weight danced between his legs. Chris tried to jog with legs wide apart to minimize his pain. The other two boys had stumbled several times when their steps were too wide but had found a steady pace soon. I gave them another round until all boys were back.

"That was a lousy performance, Chris. Stop that nonsense. It meant to hurt. Run properly or I'll keep your skin sore for a long time."

"Master. yes Master. I'm sorry Master."

"50 squats followed by 50 push-ups and 50 squats again. Chris, you do as much squats as you can. You too." I ordered, pointing at Julian.

I took a seat on the bench, leading Nico to my side. Stroking his back I ordered him not to move. My hand went down to his bottom and between his cheeks. He winced but kept still. Stroking and kneading his buttocks I watched the boy's exercises. They were sweating and panting. Chris was a pure misery but he tried to get up and down in a slow but constant rhythm. He didn't want to displease me again and knew he had to strain his body to loose weight. But the pain made his eyes watering.

I slid my hand further down and started to fondle Nico's small parts. The boy blushed and squirmed but his cock reacted quickly. I ordered him to turn his face to me. The embarrassed look turned into a puzzled as it seemed he had not played with himself before and he didn't know the sensations of masturbating. Soon he got a distant expression as I continued to play with his balls and cock.

By the time Marcus and Timo had finished their tasks, now heavily panting. But no time for recovering was granted as I sent them to a fifteen minutes run. I ordered Christ to stand behind Nico and clipped the pet's leash to his cock ring. I leaned forward to the pets head and whispered in his ear.

"Now, my little pet, I want you to crawl as fast as you can around the lawn. I know you were a runner so show me you can make Chris run. Don't stop before I tell you. Go!"

Nico went off and caught the nearly exhausted Chris by surprise. The leash pulled at his genitals and he stumbled forward. The pet did well and the leash pulled merciless on his parts as he hardly could keep the pace.

So I was alone with Julian who hadn't stopped to do squats. It wasn't easy for him to hold balance with his bound arms and spread legs. Drool spilled out of his mouth and he panted. I made him kneel in front of me. My cock became hard by the sight of the boy's mouth, forced open to welcome his master. His eyes got wide as he saw my cock swinging in front of his face as I stood up and lowered my pants.

The boy stared at the huge monster pointing to his face. It wasn't that big, to be honest, but for a ten year old boy facing his first adult cock it seemed gigantic. To say the boy was scared would be an understatement. He knew exactly that this rod hat torn his ass apart twice, he could still feel the pain. That's what my cock was symbolising to him: incredible pain. The smart boy realized now what the purpose of the new type of gag in his mouth was. His mind connected my cock with pain and so it had to bring him new agony only in another orifice of his little body.

I waited. The boy had reached his breaking point. He knew it. Until now he had somehow hoped is father would come to rescue him from a terrible nightmare. He had been taught in the slave centre that he was not longer a free boy but his mind couldn't accept that. During the past days he had tried to keep at least a little bit of dignity. He endured the torments by telling himself that it wasn't true and someone would recognize a failure and bring him home to his parents. But now, after he had heard the conditions of the deal with Marcus, after he had seen Nico in his new pet mode and the other boy's complete submission, he realized that this would not happen. His mind told him to run away but in his subconscious he knew it was impossible even if he weren't restrained.

I could sense the battle in his mind. A part of it was not ready to give up its resistance and was fighting the part that says defiance would be futile. He had no chance and he knew it. Tears started to run down his cheeks. His face had lost the horrified expression. His will was broken. Struggling not to loose his balance he leaned forward, arched his body and kissed my feet, at least he touched it with his gagged mouth. After he got up again he closed his eyes, pushed his head forward and put his mouth over my cock. I stroked his hair, put my hand behind his head and pulled him gently forward. He gagged when my cock touched his uvula but I held him tightly until he calmed. I felt his throat and told him to swallow. I pushed a little further, just for a moment. I didn't want him to choke and pulled back.

He was puzzled. My cock was in his body but it didn't hurt. The constant pain in his neck under his collar was gone too. He looked up and saw me putting my PDA back in my shirt pocket. I pulled my cock out and removed his gag. My cock slapped over his face and I smiled at him.

"Suck it, my little toy. Use your tongue."

He was raw and clumsy but showed a good effort. He wasn't able to make me cum. I told him to stand up and bend over. He closed his eyes again but obeyed without hesitation. He whimpered as I pulled the plug out and winced when the head of my cock touched his sore sphincter. His whole body trembled but he didn't try to back away despite the anticipation of agony he knew he had to endure. He shrieked as something stretched his muscle to its limits but the pain was short and as he stopped his screaming he felt only the plug back in place. I made him stand in front of me, untied his hands and replaced the bar with a chain like the other boys wore. He was told to kneel down, legs spread wide, and to put his hands behind his head. His body was straight and his chest was pushed out.

I had thought about Marcus' words. He was partial right. The boy had to be broken but sure I had projected my dislike for his father to the boy. Julian was a handsome boy, not as cute as Marcus, Timo or Nico, but definitely attractive.

I called the other boys to come. All were panting and gasping. Chris was exhausted, Nico's knees were raw and sore. I untied the leash from Chris' balls.

"Sit down, boys, but pay attention."

"This slave had finally accepted his new life. He will still be my little boy toy but since he had accepted his role I restore his status as slave. When he is not with me he will work with the houseboys."

I heard a whimper from Julian and saw tears in his eyes.

"Is something wrong, slave? You may speak."

"Master, no Master. Thank you Master. I promise I'll be a good toy, Master." he cried.

"Sure you will, slave." I smiled.

"Now, boys, look at him. The position he is in is called 'attention'. I want you to stay in this position when you wait for orders or I tell you something, like now. Attention."

Marcus was the first to understand the order and moved quickly into position. Timo followed and unsurprisingly Chris was the last. Nico was unsure and looked at me.

"No, my little pet, dogs stay on all fours. Come to me."

He whimpered and crawled over. I put his head on my legs and stroked his hair.

"While you are in any set position you are not allowed to move in any way. Depending on the type of position this could last several hours. You will be completely still otherwise I will punish you severe. I expect you to practise the positions as often as possible. Of course not the softest noise is allowed. Most of the positions you will perform in front of other people. Your behaviour reflects on me and so I will not tolerate the slightest mistake. Do you understand?"

"Master, yes Master." all boys replied not very enthusiastically.

"Marcus, unless you are already on your knees due to your status you will stand at attention but that's the only difference. Stand up now."

The young prefect did and presented me his beautiful small body. I poured me a cup of tea from the thermos jug and enjoyed the biscuits. Occasionally I held out some crumbs for Nico to lick. After ten minutes none of the boys had managed to keep still.

"Boys, this is new to you so I'll not punish you today. But if any of you squirms around next Sunday like you did now I will flog the hell out of him. The next position I'll show you today is called 'display'. Knees wide apart you'll lean far back and push out your groin. Clench all your muscles. I want to see every muscle, sinew and bone clearly outlined. Marcus, this is on your knees too. Display!"

Once in position the boys quickly realized what it meant. Thinking of displaying their genitals in this way to other people embarrassed them a lot and all boys blushed. Julian's penis pointed up to his navel, Marcus had his tiny cock semi-hard. Timo and Chris stayed flaccid. Soon their legs ached from the strain of their muscles.

"The last position for today is probably the hardest of all. It's called 'table'. Marcus, come over to me."

I made him bending backwards until his hands reached the floor. Then he had to bend his legs and lower him down until his belly was levelly. His tiny pecker stood out nicely. I poured another cup of tea and placed the cup on his stomach. Each boy got something on his belly after he got into position. I didn't expect Chris to hold this position long; his muscles would be incapable of holding his weight.

"As 'table' you'll serve exactly as one. My guests or I will place our glasses, plates or whatever we want on your bellies. And we'll have a good access to your parts. Whatever someone does as long as you are a table you don't move. Your body will hurt but if you spill a drink or drop a plate this pain would be nothing compared with what you'd feel when you were punished. This starts now. Stay in position for ten minutes only."

Deactivating his collar I pulled Nico over my legs, his head and arms hanging at the left and his legs at the right side of my lap. I ran my hands over his fine young backside. I felt his tensed muscles in his shoulders and gave him a firm massage. Soon he grunted and moaned, each rewarded with a smack on his lovely bottom. After about five minutes all boys trembled clearly, Chris squirmed and the plate on his belly was in danger of sliding off. I gave him a sharp warning and he managed to keep still for a while.

I shifted Nico so his bottom was now sticking out. Spreading his legs I ran my fingers up and down his butt crack. I felt his pecker sticking against my legs. I teased his anus with my little finger until his muscle lost the battle. Slowly I started to finger fuck him. He whimpered and squirmed but made no attempt to resist.

I took the cup from Marcus' belly and allowed him to stand up. He grimaced as he moved his aching limbs. He collected all items and released his friends.

"Boys, ten minutes isn't long. In a few weeks I expect you to remain in this position for at least one hour. Do it every day. If you can hold this posture, everything else will be easy for you."

Their faces showed how much they disliked this expectation. Seeing me pushing my finger in Nico's ass didn't please them either. It reminds them that I could do to them everything I want.

"To finish your training session for today run three laps and give me fifty sit-ups. Assist each other. Now!"

The boys groaned but went off. I wiped my finger on Nico's body and pushed him from my legs. Taking his leash I walked over the lawn to the trees in the back of my garden. I told Nico to lift a leg and mark the tree with some of his piss. He looked embarrassed but tried to get some fluid out. We repeated it a few times until we reached a small wooden shed. I unlocked the door and took a small bag. We returned to the bench were the boys exercised their sit-ups. All were panting and grunting. Christ tried to keep up bravely but to no avail. Eventually I stopped his efforts and announced

"Boys, for the first time you did quite well. I want your bodies always in good shape so we will repeat and increase your training. Remove the chains between your feet. You have one hour playtime left. Stay on the lawn and don't make to much noise but otherwise are just boys."

I took a soccer ball out of the bag and kicked it on the lawn. The boys were tired already but nothing would stop them playing soccer. Nico pulled desperately on the leash but I held it tightly. He whimpered and gave me a pleading look. I shook my head.

"I'm sorry, my little pet, you can't play with them."


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