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You Can't Make Me

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PZA 5th Anniversary 2007-2012 Story

The challenge was to write a short story with more or less the following story begin (idea by BoyMike):
Story synopsis: Richie and Mike (12/13 yo) find two old collars of slaves of one the boy's father; they start playing (erotic) master and slave in the woods, so the tracking device send an alarm to the authorities. The older brother(s), who saw them playing, wanted to teach their younger brother(s) a lesson and told the slave police that their two new young slaves had wandered away.

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Five boys, all playmates in the past, have grown apart as their teenage years start. Mike and Richie find old slave collars and decide to play 'You Can't Make Me' taking one of their old games to new places. Bored their older friends decide to join in and get the 12 year olds in trouble. But one of the older boys outsmarts himself, placing all five in jeopardy by reporting the youngest as run way slaves. The deputy at the County Slave Center has other ideas. So they are caught up in a slave system they have only knew existed.
Publ. June 2012-
Under construction, Nov 2013; 41,500 words (83 pages)


Fab Five: Mike (12), Richie (12), Kris (13), Tim (14), Brian (14)

Category & Story codes

Slave-Boy story
Mtbslave masthumil bond spank cbt ws


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

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Table of Contents

  1. Boring summer day
  2. Discovery
  3. You Can't Make Me
  4. Richie Gets Creative
  5. Payback
  6. Designs by Mike
  7. The Phone Call
  8. You Did What?
  9. Confession
  10. Getting Mike Ready
  11. Richie Waits His Turn
  12. Wrapping Up Brian
  13. A Round of Questions
  14. Midnight Justice
  15. Express Slavery
  16. Judgment
  17. First Lesson
  1. Please Not Me
  2. You Can't Make Me
  3. Monday - Kris Picks
  4. The Old Swimming Hole
  5. Cramming for Exams
  6. Richie's shoot
  7. Mike Knows
  8. Bikini Time?
  9. Tim the Slut
  10. Tim's Choice
  11. Lunch Guest
  12. The Trap is Sprung
  13. Stake - Medium Done
  14. Fight to Breathe
  15. Only Third Minute?
  16. Next Level Training
  17. New Game
  18. Brian vs. Richie – Wood
  19. Crunch Time

Fab Five Boy Data

Richie12 years63½" [1.61 m]93 Lbs. [42 kg]
Mike1260" [1.52 m]90 Lbs. [41 kg]
Kris1362" [1.57 m]90 Lbs. [41 kg]
Tim1462" [1.57 m]105 Lbs. [47½ kg]
Brian1464" [1.63 m]118 Lbs. [52 kg]

Chapter 1
Boring summer day

Mike and his buddy Richie exploded out of the house right after an early breakfast. Piling on the pancakes and sausage prepared by Billy their new slave. Billy was an excellent cook, and cleaned the house well, but since Mike's father was very old fashioned Mike still knew nothing about him and never got to play any of the slave games that Richie whispered about. And unlike most slaves, Billy was always dressed in shorts and t-shirt. Both his parents were prudes.

When two slaves boys escaped last year Mike's dad had decided he could only afford one now. And he was kept confined to a small room in the basement.

Not that Richie had any real experience with slaves. When his father got divorced seven years ago he had been five. So he only knew what his older brother told him, but he was away at college now. Mike didn't believe half of what Richie said. Richie's older brother John often teased the wavy haired blond as being 'slaver bait,' but if John had been paying any attention lately, he would have rated Richie 3rd in the looks category. All five drew stares when they went to the mall.

For the last week they had been cooped up indoors by the week of rainstorms that had stalled over their vacation. They had plenty to do in Mike's room, but his older brother Brian had hogged the large screen and the good game computer with his friends Tim & Kris.

Richie was trouncing Mike on the basketball court playing some one-on-one until just before lunch, when Brian stirred his 14 year old bones out of bed and joined them ending their game. And soon after Tim showed up with Kris tagging along.

Mike and Richie gave up the court and ordered Billy to make them a picnic lunch before heading off into the woods toward the river. Mike lived on a lot of old farmland, not that his dad did any farming. Working out of what used to be a spare bedroom on the second floor allowed his dad to be always at home. And his mother didn't go out much either, she used the dining room for most of her charity work, mostly organizing fund raisers.

With a parent on every floor Mike liked to get outside every chance he could. Last week had been rough, with his dad working in the next room, he and Richie were constantly getting 'Quiet Down' commands from his mother, and 'Shut Up In There!' from his dad.

Not that either Brian or Mike were what anyone could consider loud. Both were very shy boys, the quietest and smartest boys in school, definitely geek material. Both were save by their athletic ability, although smaller than most of their classmates. Brian was blessed with exceptional speed, Mike was just fast.

Mike's buddy Richie lived close by and was always over at Mike's. Richie had two sisters who he couldn't stand, so he practically lived at Mike's.

Just roaming around for a while, eating Billy's sandwiches after finishing off the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, the boys found themselves down by the swollen river. With all the rain they were not supposed to go near it. During last year's hot dry summer the lazy river was often used by all five boys for skinny dipping.

Since the pair were 'good boys' who followed their parents orders, especially in these days of well behaved boys (due to Article 3 subsection H of the Juvenile Male Enslavement Act of 2027), they just looked at how high and fast it was, and then wandered away.

In any era all five boys would be considered a bit timid. Although all five were considered very attractive to the girls in their school, of the five blonds, only Tim had a girlfriend. Kris bragged a lot, but the boys knew him as all talk. And some of the bigger guys had made attempts to interest Brian & Tim in some sex games, Brian couldn't get away fast enough. Tim laughed it off.

Richie suggested they go to the Pirate Ship. Just up the river, but the off the dirt road they used to get to their swimming hole, was spot all five had used for several years as their fort or club.

Two years ago all five had taken an old mast and converted the fort into a pirate ship. Built years ago as a deck that overlooked the river by some previous owner, it had a couple of different levels, and some railings, so when Kris found the top half of a mast they converted it into the Mangy Cur. Back then all five went to the same school.

Junior high split them up last year, and although Kris was in the same grade as Richie and Mike, he took every opportunity to hang out with the two older boys, after all he was a teen-ager also. In fact Mike and Brian had gotten into several fights as brothers do over Brian's porn collection. Last year 13 year olds Brian and Tim had not wanted the younger boys around, especially Richie who couldn't keep a secret. Richie had gotten Kris into trouble at school over a video that Kris had on his phone. It was only a girl in a bikini, so the teacher just deleted it, but Kris always held a grudge. Mike stuck with his friend and the Fab 5 had fractured.

A year later all the boys were more interested in sex.

Chapter 2

Well built to start with, the deck had survived pretty well, and Mike's Dad had really secured the mast (anything to keep the boys out of the house) so it wouldn't fall over.

Right away Mike spotted that someone had built a fire and used up their supply of firewood. It had been used by someone as there were a couple of those plastic milk crates he had never seen before.

Richie was shoving some leaves off the deck when he found the first steel collar.

"Look at this! I think it's a slave collar! It's got all those things for chains on it."

Mike rushed over, it did look like it was, it was kind of beat up.

"Maybe it's from one of my dad's slaves that escaped last year!" Mike added. "There was a reward…"

"Didn't he ever find them?" Richie asked.

"Don't you think you would have noticed? We've got Billy? Remember? And when run-aways get caught it's a big deal. Don't you remember that one who spent two days at the mall in those stocks. And everybody could do what they wanted to him." Mike remembered that Richie could be a bit dense.

"Did you do anything to him, Mike?"

"No but I saw Kris spanking the tar out of him. And remember their were these girls who kept jerking him off all afternoon?"

Richie went silent. Thinking about how weird it would be to be naked and having girls jerk you off. It was kind of exciting. Then he found the second one.

"Oh, wow! Maybe we can get a reward. Here's the other one."

Mike didn't think so. "No, they can't be real, I thought they have GPS chips to find them."

"No, they put the GPS chips right into the boys. But I thought they had some kind of alarm if someone tries to tamper with a collar," Richie answered.

"We can take them back home, but it's to far to go now."

"Just think, Mike… if this was real… you'd have to do anything I asked."

"Yeah Richie, I'd be you slave. Maybe you'd get me to do your homework. Or mow your lawn or make you bed."

As Mike turned away, Richie got an idea. He crept over to the old storage locker, he was in luck there was still plenty of rope. Pirates always needed rope. Richie tied a piece to one of the rings on the collar. Then he snuck behind Mike.

Chapter 3
You Can't Make Me

Richie held a end of the opened collar in each hand, he closed on his prey and was right behind him. In one sweeping motion he brought both arms down and the collar came down just under Mike's chin and then closed with a click.

"You dufus, what did you…" Mike started.

"Silence slave!" Shouted Richie, grabbing hold of Mike's arm and twisting it behind him. In the short time since he found it, Richie figured out that with the key lock broken, the catch still worked. And twisting just to the left of the catch would open it. Richie was good at figuring out mechanical problems.

"You… can't… make… me!" Mike hollered back.

Richie knew that meant the game was on. 'You can't make me' was really 'I dare you to try' which usually ended in a tickle torture.

"I'll never be your slave!" Mike continued as he tried to break the armlock. Both boys were about 90 pounds [41 kg], but Richie had a three and a half of inches [11 cm] of height on Mike and a couple more pancakes for breakfast. Mike wrestled Richie to the ground, but couldn't break free, and soon found himself face down with Richie on his back. Richie quickly used his other hand to tickle the armpit of Mike's trapped hand.

"I give! I'll obey, what time is it? I can't see my watch."

Under the long established rules of You Can't Make Me, Richie understood that he had to let Mike up for a minute. But Mike would follow any command. That is as long is it was something they had done before, and that Richie would start from the same command when it was his turn. He would have whatever time was left to get Mike to Give again.

Mike figured that Richie had 13 minutes left in his turn. Mike was always honest. Turns were 15 minutes long. Richie set the timer on Mike's watch, just like they always did. What Mike didn't know was that the game had changed in a couple new ways.

While Mike was shaking the kinks out of his arm, Richie plotted his strategy. The rail on the upper deck was made of crossed braces, with an upright every two feet [60 cm]. He stashed some more ropes in his cargo shorts.

"Ready?" Mike nodded, "then take off your shirt, slave."

Mike slipped out of his t-shirt. He just had some muscles, just a start of pecs, and his abs were just starting to develop. Mike pulled his jeans up a bit, but they still showed plenty of boxers.

The advantage Richie had was the collar. Mike still had a rope fastened to it. Richie would have to give Mike the same advantage, but that was later.

Richie tossed the rope over the X of a brace, grabbed and pulled. Mike was taken completely by surprise and found himself headed face first toward the railing.

Mike managed to grab a brace on either side of his head, but Richie's leverage (and a foot braced against the side of the deck) soon had his collar right at the X. Richie slipped a free end through another eyebolt and Mike was trapped. The knot behind his head was just a tease.

When Mike brought his right hand up to try to free the collar, Richie was waiting with a loop. Richie had again already wrapped the rope around the upright and brace on Mike's left. So Mike could only struggle with one arm against Richie's improvised pulley.

Mike took his time securing one end to the left upright, so he'd be free to use both hands to trap Mike's left hand. Mike tried a couple of backwards kicks, but Since Mike's upper body was 2/3rds secured he only had to slide his hands down from Mike's shoulder, trapping Mike's bicep, then his forearm and it was all over.

Richie had ten minutes left. Mike expected to be tickle tortured for ten minutes, he'd probably give up at least three more times. Mike knew that he couldn't use the exact same thing on Richie. So he started to plot strategy for attacking Richie in a few minutes. And Richie was more ticklish than he was.

But Richie was not going in to tickle. He decided to go for broke.

Chapter 4
Richie Gets Creative

Mike felt Richie pull off his shoes. So he's going to tickle my feet. That may change things, Mike thought.

Richie started with a two hand attack on Mike's ribs, working up and down until Mike was giggling, but then he quickly shifted gears and in seconds Mike's jeans were starting down his thighs.

Mike didn't no how to stop this with no hands. "You can't… " Mike shut up, hoping Richie hadn't noticed. Mike had given up a right to protest giving Richie extra leeway. After all you can't tell a pirate 'You can't' you either give in or tough it out. The game had some rather stringent rules. One thing for sure is that while Mike was sure he was ahead, no one ever won.

Richie had heard, but so had Tim. And while Richie was engrossed with deciding whether to use it now or save it for a minute, Tim motioned to the two boys following him to stop. When Tim ducked behind some bushes, Brian and Kris did too. Luckily for once Kris hadn't been chattering away alerting the two younger boys, While Mike & Richie just getting started their game, the others had grown bored with basketball had some lunch and followed the younger boys,

Brian already had his ipad filming before Mike's jeans were all the way off. Get some blackmail material on little brother. Kris and Tim recognized a good idea and soon video was streaming back to three computers for storage.

Richie knew he should pull down Mike's boxers. He had planned to give Mike a spanking, but had not figured on the extra 'Can't' from Mike. But he was wasting time, so Richie flattened out his hand and started spanking. Announcing "The disobedient slave must be punished!"

Mike let a surprised screech when the first slap came. This was unexpected. Richie took some off the next couple, but then got into it again as Mike was fighting to stay quiet. 'You Can't Make Me' was on.

Richie probably should have stuck to tickling, he'd had a lot more practice at that. Mike was kicking his legs and his small butt was able to avoid some blows. Richie decided to restrict some movement and get a better view of his target, so he grabbed the waistband of Mike's boxers and began to give him a wedgie. Mike's bottom cheeks were just starting to get some pink in them, and now Richie had zeroed in on a couple of spots.

Tim found a place to set his iPad, and motioned to the others. They set theirs down also, but none of them stopped filming. They retreated back into the woods so they could talk strategy.

"So those two wimps are playing slave?" Kris stating the obvious.

"That looked like a slave collar around Mike's neck, I wonder where they got it," added Brian.

"First we ought to see how far this game is going to go, and get as much video as we can. It sounds like they are playing 'You Can't Make Me' again," Tim whispered

"So we let it go until they tire each other out. Then we step in and play with both of them!" said Kris in a little bit too loud of a voice. Luckily Mike was sobbing a bit, and the spanks were WHACKING pretty loudly.

Mike had 'Given' at the six minute mark, so the two caught their breath for moment. As both rested no advantage was gained. Mike had caught a break because of Richie's poor early technique.

Richie re-started the watch as he resumed the spanking. Richie tried a couple of other areas, and found that the crease between thigh and butt cheek seemed really sensitive. Mike shrieked his agreement. Mike had to give up twice more.

Brian and Tim were spectators for most of this, but Kris was sneaking around getting ideas about what he could use on his two classmates. They had agreed to wait until Mike was almost done torturing Richie. Richie would be tied up they figured and the smaller boy would be easier to grab. Brian knew all of Mike's tricks, his little brother could never get away from him.

Chapter 5

Both boys took a long break, having a couple of cold drinks packed by the efficient Billy. Neither boy said much, Mike busy planning his offense and Richie trying to plan for the unknown, Both boys were having a great time. As were the three watchers.

"Richie, can you get this collar off me?" Mike asked rather hesitantly as he untied the rope leash. Mike had also grabbed a longer rope as he was starting to form a plan.

"Yeah, there is a trick to the catch that holds it until a slave officer can really lock it. Both the heavy duty locks are busted. I wonder how the slaves managed to disable the alarm and break the locks.," Richie answered.

"I'm still not sure these are really slave collars. And you never mentioned the trick."

"I seem to remember that when you gave the first time you had no shirt but were wearing a collar. So that is how we'll both start. Uh… if you want you could put back on your jeans, We've got time for a couple of games, so I'll keep that collar trick a secret. And You Can't Make Me Tell!" Richie shouted the last.

"Wait, you don't have your collar on yet… or your leash." Mike got out the other collar and tied on a twelve foot [3½ m] rope to it most of it coiled up. He held a short section with both hands, As the warm July sun was pushing the temperature past 90 degrees [32°C] Mike made no move to put on his long hot jeans.

The boys squared off. Mike tugged with both hands taking a step to the railing at the 'stern' of the ship. Richie pulled in the opposite direction, and Mike let go with his right hand. Richie was able to pull away, but he stumbled as Mike gave him more slack. Richie went down on one knee, falling closer to the bow. Right where Mike wanted him to go, Richie watched the loose end of the rope fly from Mike's hand. Richie scrambled to his feet, but Mike had already darted past him and was now pulling with two hands again, down on the rope over the crossbar of the mast.

Luckily for Richie the mast was only about seven foot [> 2 m] high, and the crossbar was only about 4 feet [1.2 m] off the deck, So there was no danger of being pulled off the deck, but now the rope was behind him. If he could get to the knot, or even find the catch release while Mike had to hold on to the rope. Maybe I can grab him as he tries to tie it down.

But Mike quickly ducked down, pulling the rope and Richie up, and tied it off to the cleat almost at deck level. No way could Richie reach it now. Unless he could use his toes.

Richie figured that Mike would try to tie his hands or pull down his shorts. Richie used one hand to grab the front and one the back of his shorts as he watched Mike grab a milk crate, sure enough Mike was making loops at the end of the crossbar. 'I've got to keep my arms down, he'll have a harder time tickling me,' Richie told himself.

Mike moved another crate behind Richie and stepped up. Mike had wanted a blindfold, so Richie wouldn't be able to see what's coming. He only found a stocking cap, that would work.

Mike started flicking his finger at Richie's ears, giving them some good hard Thunks, working out how Richie reacted. When he got the timing down, Richie dodged to the right and Mike planted the cap on when Richie didn't keep it moving. Mike made a tug on Richie's shorts when one of Richie's hands went for the cap, but Richie recovered.

Richie figured that he was eating up precious seconds of Mike's time, so he just clamped his elbows to his sides and held on tight to his shorts.

Mike dropped a long rope over Richie's shoulders. Richie guessed that Mike was going to wrap him up to the mast, quickly he brought both hands to the front, jamming the back of his shorts against the mast and locking his hands together, grabbing fabric at the same time.

Richie felt Mike slide a rope between his ribs and arm, then wrapped it just above his bicep, then again just above his elbow. But it's not tight, and he's just lashing my arms to the pole. Richie tightened up his muscles, like the kid in Salem's Lot, 'When I relax them again I'll have some slack to escape. And he's wasting a lot of time.'

The boys in the bush could see that Mike was also making a loop over the crossbar after each tie on Richie's arms. Brian figured that soon Richie would have to fight against six knots that would bite hard when Mike started tugging.

With little resistance from Richie who was saving his strength and didn't recognize his predicament, again. Mike slipped each end through the far end of the crossbar. Then made a pyramid of three crates, gathered the loose ends together and clambered to the top. Reaching up he put the left and right ends through a staple at the top of the mast. Mike took out some slack and Richie could feel slack coming out. But not being able to see he had no idea that he was going to get a real painful lesson.

Mike crouched and jumped up off his perch, then fell swinging to a landing. "Raise the sails, slave!"

Startled, Richie's hands flew apart as ropes bit into the soft skin of his upper arms and elbows pulling in three unexpected directions. Mike scampered and before Richie knew it his arms were tied to the mast in 8 places.

Richie heard the crates being shuffled and then felt Mike step up in front of him, the cap was pulled off. Sweat was rolling down Richie's face. Mike hopped down, "I think you'll want to watch…"

Richie knew what was coming and he wasn't going to say 'Can't' giving up his shorts would mean Mike had to get five submissions in not much time. I'm winning Richie told himself as Mike pulled down his shorts.

Tim recorded the unveiling, Richie's light blue boxer briefs set off his dark tan. And being boxer briefs they really showed off the clean lines his body. His sun lightened hair was almost as white as Brian's. All his limbs were slender with plenty of young muscle for shape. He motioned to the others to stay back. He wanted to see if Mike was going to strip him.

Chapter 6
Designs by Mike

"You know you're going to lose those boxers, don't you slave? And you can only stop me by saying you'll obey a command. Look I have almost 8 minutes left. Bet it seemed longer."

Reaching out with two fingers Mike slid the right side down an inch. "The only thing you can do is spread those legs out wide to make it hard for me to get them off. With your skinny hips and your legs straight up and down it won't take much for gravity to win."

Richie took the hint and moved his legs apart. At first he wondered why Mike was helping him, but then felt more pressure in his shoulders.

"You can take some pressure off if you step up on these milk crates."

Richie followed the suggestion with trepidation, but found that it did take a lot of pressure off. But then he noticed Mike had slipped behind him again.

Mike wrapped some heavy twine around the mast a few times, then went twice around Richie's waist.

The ninth tie would keep Richie still as it anchored him just below his navel. Mike playfully tugged the left side of Richie's boxers. Bright white skin peeked out below that impressive tan.

Distracted again, Richie didn't resist when Mike looped and tied his big toe to the left milk crate. And then the right toe to its crate. Tied to the corner, when Mike shoved the crate away Richie found he could only balance on his right toe. As Mike slid away his left crate Richie really was hanging on in eleven spots.

"Now don't give up, you've saved another minute. I think I need some water."

Richie was about ready to give, but he was worried about the next command. Would he have to start naked in the next round? Maybe if I can hold off, and give before he gets my boxers…

Mike walked back over drinking some water. "Do you want some? Open wide."

As Richie looked at the bottle, he realized how thirsty he was. His body was glistening with sweat. And since he was spread-eagled in the sun, he opened wide.

Brian stifled a laugh as Mike stuffed a napkin into Richie's mouth. Then tied another one around the boy's head. Then he poured some water onto the napkin. Billy will have to iron those to get all the wrinkles out. Got to give my brother some credit, he's playing Richie.

"You know, you're going to win this round. You won't get to say 'You can't make me.' I won't get a free command, but I'll start the next round with my boxers on. While you'll start with yours off. And I think it's time for them to come off now."

Mike brought the picnic basket over, and started looking for something. Richie saw the shears Mike's mother used to cut wildflowers, Richie didn't think Mike was going to use the vase.

Richie watched helplessly as Mike made a couple of quick cuts up the side, stopping a finger width short of the waistband. And then he did it on the other side too.

"I don't think these can cut the elastic… so maybe I'll just re-design these. Do you think I can come up with some new underwear that makes me rich, Richie?"

Mike cut just under the waistband from the side cut to the back, and with every snip Richie felt more of his ass on display. When Mike made the same cuts on the other side Richie was surprised that they sagged down, revealing about half of his butt cheeks, but didn't fall off.

While Richie tried to twist around, Mike pulled out on the fly, and quickly cut up the inside seam of each thigh, stopping just short of the center seam. "I'm going to make the first thong with a fly." Mike ducked down and followed the mid-seam up on both sides. Now each half fell away leaving just a piece of blue decorating the cleft of Richie's ass.

"If I cut the front just under the waistband, it's just going to fall off, and I don't like the square shape for the front of a thong." Even as Mike talked he cut from the middle following the angle where the thigh joined the groin. And to see his 'line' he had to cut it on the inside. Now the waistband was only supporting a bikini patch in front.

Mike slid the scissors inside the blue 'briefs' and in three snips the suit sagged to Richie's thighs.

Not much remained covered. "Look I've only got five minutes left."

Mike snipped through thin fabric on each side, and the whole thing fluttered to the ground.

Tim put up three fingers after he got the attention of the two staring at the near naked Richie.

Richie was just wearing the elastic waistband from his boxers.

Gagged, hanging from his sore arms and shoulders, balancing on his big toes, his outstretched legs cramping the bunched muscles in his calves and thighs, Richie was a perfect hourglass shape that Mike could maneuver with the little twist of elastic.

Mike twisted a loop in front. Richie screamed "No You Can't!" into his gag. Mike for the first time grabbed the nude balls of another boy and put the loop around them. Richie popped a boner. His slender little dick became a stiff little cock about three inches [7½ cm] long.

Tim waved two fingers.

"I think it is too loose." Mike had the big serving spoon, Going behind the mast he pulled the back of the waistband back and twisted it around the spoon. He used a loop of elastic from the other side of the mast to lock it in.

Tim put out one finger…

"I'll bet you were giving up again. And I think I can get a few more turns in before my time is up." Mike's watch said he had two minutes left.

Thirty seconds later Brian and Tim were hog-tieing Mike down on the deck.

While Brian couldn't resist tickling his brother, Kris was busy inspecting the garrote around Richie's waist. Both boys brought their camera phones closer.

Tim was using his for another idea. He was calling County Slave Center Department. Of course he thought it was a brilliant idea. Brian would have definitely told him he was stupid.

Chapter 7
The Phone Call

"County Slave Processing and Transfer Center, Special Deputy Carter speaking."

"Hello… I want to report I… we captured two run-away slaves."

"Okay son, just slow down and tell me who you are and where you are," the deputy stalled as the info from Tim's phone displayed right in front of him. When Mike had snapped the collar on Richie's neck the alarm had gone off. The one on Mike's collar had never sounded.

Carter had drones in the air almost at once, but they were the cheap surplus junk, so they had only a few minutes of poor quality footage.

Poor when you compared it to what he was getting now off the phones of Brian & Kris. Once Tim's phone had given their exact location, the other two stood out like beacons in the deserted area. Carter activated software to start downloads from the boys' phones. Strictly for security reasons.

"Have you got them secured?" And look all three phones have about 30 minutes of fresh video!

"Yes sir." Tim answered.

"Good, now I've got to set-up the pick-up, so I'll have to call you back in 30 minutes, don't go telling anyone if you want to keep the reward for yourselves. How many others are with you, any adults?" As Carter kept him talking, he emailed transfer SUV that could be near them in 5 minutes.

"Just Brian and Kris… they're my age."

From the video Carter could tell both the others were small teenagers, and quite good looking. And from the sound of his voice and the look of his neck, Tim didn't seem to be very big either. As soon as he steps into the video…

"Now if one of the other boys tries to let them go, they could be enslaved also. If you can restrain them, we won't prosecute. Warn them and maybe you won't need to. Can you go over and get close-ups of the captives? And how come that other slave is wearing boxers. Get them off, get some video of him, we need to see if there are any identifying marks"

As Tim walked over to get a close-up of Richie, he walked into a shot from Kris' camera. Another puny kid, can't weigh much. Too many clothes, but very gorgeous face and blond hair., Carter thought. As Tim came over to get video of Mike, Carter got a real good look at Brian. Some great looking thighs on that one. When they got Mike's head turned to the camera Carter was able to identify him as Brian's brother from his Facebook, and Mike's page had plenty of pics of Richie, the boy on the pole.

"What have we got going here?" Carter mumbled to himself.

Tim knelt down beside Brian, and slapped Mike's boxer covered butt a couple of times. "We need to get these off him, so I think you should go over to Richie and send Kris back over here. Then you can get that off Richie's balls. Give him some water when you take off the gag."

When Kris reluctantly left Richie, Tim pulled back to get a better shot of Mike. "Kris, we need to get those boxers off of Mike, come over here first," Tim motioned Kris over so he could whisper the rest. "And if Brian tries to stop us we can just tie him up also, okay. I expect he's going to object when we strip Mike. So get something ready." As usual Kris never objected to putting ropes on Brian.

When they had played here everyday a couple of summers ago shy blond Brian was usually a captive of the pirates. Kris rummaged around and found some of the poles they used when playing Robin Hood. They were just what he wanted.

Brian came back over after giving Richie some water. "Should I let him down?"

"No, we've got a half an hour to have some fun with these little twerps," Tim replied. "Come back over and give us a hand with your brother. He's about to get naked."

Mike squirmed helplessly in his hog-tie, knowing that the three older boys were going to concentrate on him for a while. He didn't want to find out what tricks they had learned in the past couple of years.

"Should we just cut them off, like he did to Richie?" Tim asked.

"No, my mom would notice. She puts them in the drawer the same way every time. I'm surprised she doesn't have Wednesday written on them." Brian answered. Tim was glad that Brian was going along with it so far.

Kris was busy lashing two poles together into an X. "Since we got to untie his feet to get them off, this is what we're going to do." Kris quickly whispered to the other two boys his instructions.

While Brian undid the rope that joined Mike's wrists to his ankles, Tim moved the phones to different spots to catch all the action and Kris brought the poles over and laid them on Mike's back.

Brian pulled Mike's legs out straight still tied at the ankles, Tim and Kris knelt on opposite sides and on the count of three grabbed the waistband and slid Mike's boxers down to his calves. While Mike's tight little butt gleamed whitely on display, Kris slipped the ends of the poles under Mike's armpits, trapping his bound arms. It was easy to pull the rope around his wrists to the middle of the X.

Kris pulled on the bottoms of the poles and Mike was forced to kneel. Mike's head and shoulders were trapped between the front of the X, forced to the deck. His forearms were being lashed to the pole by Tim and Brian, while Kris untied his feet.

Trapped on his knees, Mike did not struggle when Kris pulled his boxers off his ankles.

A moment later he wished he had more of an effort to escape.

Chapter 8
You Did What?

Brian lifted up his younger brother's left ankle, holding it steady with a hand on Mike's calf, next to the pole as Kris quickly started the wrapping and frapping that made a tight and flexible lashing. Brian saw that Mike's left foot was secured before letting it go. Kris had to wait a second as Tim was checking his watch then he grabbed Mike's other foot. Kris was completing the second lashing, when it hit Brian.

"Why did you say we had a half an hour? And why are you looking at your watch? What's going to happen?" Brian shot his thoughts off rapid fire.

Mike had other things to worry about. Only his knees were touching the deck. His arms were attached to the upper part of the X at his forearms, his wrists secured to the middle. Mike's legs were bent and spread by the lower portion of the X. And Kris could move the X any way he wanted to.

"I called the sheriff to pick up these two runaway slaves."

"What! You did what!" Brian couldn't believe it. His idiot friend had to be joking. 'Yeah, that's it, he's just scare Mike and Richie,' Brian thought.

Richie forgot himself and said "You can't do that." As soon as he said it he knew that they would notice him.

"Yeah, we're gonna collect a reward." Kris kicked one of the crates as he said it. Richie's legs spread a little farther apart. A little farther again as Kris nudged the other one wider. Richie moaned and watched as Kris went back to Mike.

"That was pretty clever tying Richie's toes to those crates. Where is that twine?" Tim handed it to Kris after a brief search. "And it was pretty sweet when you did that to his balls. I think I'm going to combine those. Tim, why don't you get the munchkin hard." Kris was in a zone now, ordering the older guys around.

Tim didn't hesitate, grabbing Mike's 12 year old cock and jacking it the same way he always did with Kris.

Kris busied himself tying long pieces of twine to both of Mike's big toes. Kris handed one to Tim and the two teens started looping and twisting the rough string around Mike's cock and balls. Mike tried to stay still as he could. It didn't take a genius to figure any movement would yank on his balls.

When Tim and Kris were satisfied with their work, they moved back and each grabbed a pole. As they lifted the X Mike's knees left the floor, now he was supported by the ropes. And the twine. Tim and Kris set the ends down on the railing of the deck. Mike tried to arch his back to relieve the pressure on his balls.

Brian stepped forward and grabbed Mike around the waist to help support him. Brian was trying to find the knot in the twine when Tim grabbed the back of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. Brian heard Mike scream as he lost his grip. Tim pulled the shirt off Brian and then grabbed Brian around the waist pulling him away, and pinning his arms to his sides. As Brian struggled to free himself from Tim, Kris was able to trap first one wrist then both and Brian soon found his hands bound in front of him. Kris made a noose in a second rope and slid it up Brian's forearms, pulling it tight to secure Brian's elbows.

Tim wasted no time and used his position behind Brian to pull down Brian's shorts and underwear in one quick motion. Brian knew what came next. The cannibals captured a pirate about a 100 times two summers ago. Like clockwork Tim and Kris had Brian's knees and ankles looped and tied. The only thing new was this time Brian was completely naked.

Tim forced Brian to his knees and Kris tugged not so gently on the rope around his wrist until Brian was stretched out on the deck. Tim brought out the other pole and centered it along Brian's spine. His hands were now forced back behind his head, and lashed to the pole just even with the back of his neck. His elbows were also lashed to the top of the pole. The pole passed below the rope around his knees, and his ankles were pulled back and they were lashed onto the pole just below his ass.

Tim and Kris carried their captive over to the two forked trees that served as the cooking spit of the cannibals. Dropping Brian into place jerked all the boy's joints and brought Brian out of the 'game' and back to the present.

"What are you doing now. Why are you capturing me?"

"Well the deputy said I should if you gave us any trouble," Tim replied.

"Wait, you actually did call the sheriff?" Kris asked, concern now creeping in to his voice.

"You can't turn in Richie and Mike as runaway slaves. Mike's my brother, how are you going to explain that?" Brian put in.

"Don't worry he said he was going to call me back in about 5 minutes. As soon as he does we'll take off and be out of here long before he can get here." Tim thought he had it all planned.

"The sheriff is going…" Brian was interrupted as Tim gave his butt cheek a hard smack then another. While the spanking was hard, being suspended caused him to bounce around in real pain.

"You know they can track any phone call if you give them enough time, They can track phones that are turned on. Did you talk for longer than 30 seconds?" Mike asked.

Tim turned and stared as his iPad.

Unfortunately for Tim, Deputy Carter decided it was now time for him to make his entrance.

Kris and Tim collapsed from two bursts of the taser in Carter's hand.

When the two boys woke, they found themselves handcuffed, nude on the ground and Carter was putting shackles and chains around their ankles. The other three boys were nowhere to be seen.

Chapter 9

The first thing Deputy Carter did after cuffing Kris and Tim was to gag the other three boys. Mike, Brian, and Richie were all cut loose but were immediately cuffed and chained and stuffed into transportation cages. In three minutes all three were in their own sound proofed compartments and on their way to the County Slave Processing and Transfer Center.

As the three were unloaded they had no doubt as to where they were. There was a large sign out front, and another across the whole side of the building.

Richie was the first one pulled out in his transport cage. One deputy carried him through a side door while the other stayed to guard the other two. Just inside the door was a service elevator that whisked them down into a lower basement. Richie couldn't guess how many floors down they went.

The deputy roughly pulled Richie out of his cage and stood him up. A cable was snapped onto the chain of Richie's handcuffs and in seconds Richie was on his tiptoes and the deputy was out the door.

A couple of minutes later both deputies were back, and Mike and Brian were hoisted to their toes. Three naked, trembling boys were hanging gagged and chained staring at a sign that said Interrogation Room with an arrow pointing to a door.

Carter had to wait for the transport van to return, so while his partner went back to the car for the beer cooler, Carter gagged Kris and then tossed him over the railing. Because it had two decks Kris's ass was just at the right height. The boy was balanced, his hands cuffed behind him and his feet were off the ground.

Carter didn't gag Tim because he was talking a mile a minute. Carter was of course recording it all. The longer he talked the worse it got for Tim and his friends. Since Carter wasn't asking any questions he just considered it a confession. Carter just took a beer and drank it down. It would be about another 25 minutes for the van to return.

Finishing his first beer, Carter decided he had enough babbling from Tim, so pulled a gag out of his pocket. It was one of the hybrids Carter liked. It looked like an old fashioned cloth gag that tied behind the boy's head, but it had a spring carbon plate that held the tongue down. Tim could make some noise, but no one would understand anything.

Carter gave his partner the split leather strap in exchange for another beer. He took a long sip while his partner started to tan Kris's skinny ass. The kid had hardly any meat on him, but Kris had cute wiry muscles that were all covered with very pretty skin. And he definitely reacted to every blow.

While Kris was getting his warm-up spanking, Carter's left hand was free to explore Tim. A really good exploration would mean Carter had to put down his beer. So Carter grabbed a handful of Tim's beautiful teen ass. It tightened up, but was just perfectly smooth and firm. Roaming up Tim's back to his ribs, Carter sipped and watched Kris kick his feet as his white butt turned pinker with each THWAP. Carter next tweaked Tim's left nipple, and fondled the softly muscled pec. Just about perfect, 'We'll have a lot of fun with this one.'

Only a few sips remained of his beer, so Carter started slowly down the center of Tim's body. Feeling the trembling of Tim's abs, Carter knew that Tim knew where he was heading, so he took his sweet time. Teasing the navel, exploring the firm last few inches, one finger pushing through the soft nest to find a soft little cock, "Oh boy, we've been waiting to find one like you. Picture perfect and you don't like it. They are going to love you. Start Tim with that tawse, let's see how he reacts to a little pain, and I'll check out Kris."

Kris hard a hard little spike pressed up against his tummy. Nice. Carter stood behind the boy and leaned up against him. Just enough meat, and does he squirm. Running both hands up the boy's ribs and pulled him back. Nice reaction. He finished his beer and took the tawse and delivered a firm WHACK without missing a beat.

"Get yourself another beer and then get those two little stocks out. We'll use those for the second round."

Carter finished up quickly, evenly spreading pink around Tim's ass. As time was getting short, Carter vaulted up onto the deck and grabbed Kris. "Pay attention Tim, you're going to get the same thing."

Tim saw Carter start jacking Kris's cock, and after about two strokes Tim was distracted as the other deputy was stroking his own cock. The deputy noticed that Tim was not watching and grabbed a handful of Tim's blond hair so he was forced to watch.

Kris was now hard, Carter held up two bamboo sticks, they were held together at one end and opened up on the other. Carter slapped them together and wound a velcro ribbon holding them shut. "These are my cock stocks. Can you guess what goes in them?"

Carter slipped his hand underneath Kris's thigh, separated the boy's legs, and flipped Kris over, deftly coming up with a handful of balls and the tip of Kris's three inches [7½ cm] peeking out from between the boy's lean thighs. A horrified Tim watched as Carter slid one bamboo under the head of Kris's penis and clamped the top one down on his balls. The velcro was already in place, holding the cock stock tight against Kris's thigh, when the scream ripped out of Kris.

Kris tried to curl up into a ball, but Carter picked him up and put him back on the rail. His wounded cock and balls were tight against his butt.

Tim knew what was coming, but the deputy had one hand holding the handcuff chain against his back forcing him down. The deputy's right hand was already grabbing his cock from behind so Tim couldn't squeeze his legs closed. Carter pushed the back of Tim's thighs forward with the bamboo sticks and scissored them around his target.

Tim could feel the smooth bamboo right under the head of his cock. He didn't know it was Carter who pinched it with two fingers while the other deputy got his balls arranged in so both would be trapped.

Tim could not believe the pain that lanced through him. Carter fastened it tight and grabbed on to Tim's hips, as the boy's torso reared up as his back arched trying to escape.

When Carter had two sobbing teenagers reduced to two sobbing boys he set up the official camera in front of the two captives. Before turning it on he gave the two teens some instructions. If they answered the questions correctly they would get three light swats. If they answered wrong the camera would be turned off, erased while they got ten hard lashes, then they would start again until they got it right. The second deputy re-cuffed their hands in front of them so they could support themselves on the deck and keep their heads up so their faces could be seen.

Quickly giving the date and the names of the arresting officers, etc. Carter continued, "We are just starting a field interrogation, both boys are gagged so they can only answer yes or no by nodding their head or shaking it. Now I want both Tim and Kris to raise their heads and nod if you understand." Both boys did.

"Give each boy one spank." With the camera in front recording a very mild swing and a very severe reaction, Carter continued "Neither of you boys are spanked by your parents, are you?" Both boys shook their heads no. Carter pointed at Tim. The deputy swatted him again. Tim bucked and twisted, "You are really just a little wimpy bully, aren't you. You just watched when Richie tortured Mike." Tim nodded his head.

Pointing at Kris, the deputy again mad the lazy little swing that popped right against Kris's cock and balls. "You were really into it when Mike was torturing Richie, you didn't want it to stop did you?" Kris shook his head.

Back to Tim, a slightly faster flick of the tawse caught the tip of Tim's cock and continued through to smash both balls. Wailing Tim was barely able to nod when Carter asked. "You're really sorry now, but you made a phone call reporting two free boys that you knew as run-away slaves. Right?"

Kris got his last stinging swat again right on target on the tip of his cock. "And you tied and stripped Brian when he tried to stop you." Kris nodded.

"I think we got what we need. I just need to walk around and get a shot of the damages to these boys' backsides." While Carter walked away and then down the other deputy had plenty of time to undo the cock stocks and tuck the wounded parts back through their thighs. When the camera came round it got a shot of two lightly pink asses.

They had time for another beer before the van got back.

Chapter 10
Getting Mike Ready

Carter and his partner had just finished hoisting Kris onto his toes, right next to Tim, his slender blond friend. Carter looked at his watch. Just a little past six.

He took out his phone and made a call. "Judge, Deputy Carter here. We've got five boys down here that we'd like to process tonight… We'll need about six hours to get done with all the paperwork & the evidence, See you just after midnight. Trial starts at 12:30 am.

Turning to his partner, "Leave these two here. I'll look in on the other three. You start to put together the video evidence."

Carter knew the other three had been balancing on their toes for the last half hour. Before turning on the official video cameras he let them down and went in to remove the gags.

Flipping his remote, he announced "Richie and Mike, you have been charged with being run-away slaves. There is some evidence that you may have helped slaves escape. Both can't be true, but either one will be enough to make you slaves for a long time. Brian, we're still working out charges on you but it looks like you were trying to make your brother a slave."

"Your trial will be six hours," then he walked out of the room.

He knew in the next hour he'd get plenty of talking out of those three. He'd start questioning them at 8 if he needed anything else.

"Shit guys, we're in trouble!" Richie was the first to exclaim.

"Why? We didn't do anything. We were just playing around," added Mike.

"Tim is the one in real trouble. He called the sheriff and reported you two as run-away slaves!" Brian exclaimed angrily. "He's an idiot. He doesn't realize that slave catchers don't have a sense of humor."

"Aren't run-aways executed?" Mike asked.

"I hear they get crucified, or worse they get impaled on a sharp stake… right up your ass!" Richie gushed eager to impart horror stories, without thinking he might be in one.

"You guys aren't run-aways, so you don't have to worry about that. Probably most of them just get hard labor, or become medical test subjects. They just don't let them be public slaves. And some become sex slaves, or pony boys, or something. But really, they know who the escaped slaves were, and you guys are too young." Brian cut in before Richie scared his brother too much.

"But why did they arrest us then?" Mike asked puzzled.

After a couple of hours dangling naked, chatting away with his friends about everything that happened that day, Mike got his chance to find out something. Deputy Carter came to take him away for questioning.

Mike had a trim little body. The smallest of the five at just 5 feet tall [1.52 m.] and 90 pounds [41 kg] he had an athletic build that had a very light coating of muscle just starting to develop.

A very smart boy, Mike knew that now anything he said would be important. And he knew that the brightly lit room with a two chairs meant he was going to be questioned and probably recorded. He didn't like the look of the chair he assumed was his. It had extra wood rods that created 90° angles that jutted out wherever a normal chair would just have a corner. Mike rightly figured that they would be useful in restraining… There was a cart with several drawers beside the office chair.

Made of very solid wood it had a straight back and no armrests, on the top of the back was a leather collar, and at the front corners of the seat there were large pegs that stood 3" [7½ cm] high. The other was a typical comfortable office chair. Mike guessed the deputy would get that one.

Deputy Carter had quizzed the older boys about their young friends, so Carter knew that Mike was very neat and fussy about his appearance and hated it when his hair was messed up. Since the boy was still not allowed clothes, Carter tried another gambit. "Here, you've been locked up for a couple of hours, and it's going to be several more before your trial. Take a piss in this." Carter handed him a large plastic cup.

Mike looked nervously around, knowing that only the chairs were in the room.

"Right here?"

"Yep, so I can watch you. We got to do a drug test."

Blushing bright red, Mike took the cup and tried to pee. Carter just waited. While it only took 45 seconds for Mike to start it seemed like ages for the boy.

Carter opened a drawer and pulled out a small specimen cup. When Mike was done, Carter poured a small amount into the sample cup and capped it. "Sit down, fasten the collar around your neck, then place both hands behind your head and don't make a sound until I ask you a question."

Mike did as he was told. Carter pulled some chains out of another drawer. Two sets had shackles at both ends.

Carter sat down and wheeled himself over beside the 12 year old, took hold of Mike's right knee and lifted it over the right peg forcing Mike's legs open. The deputy slid his hand down Mike's smooth calf holding it out and then shut a shackle around his ankle. The boy was trembling already, Carter as he pulled it towards the back of the chair. Mike felt the rod along the front of the seat dig into the back of his knee as Carter wrapped the chain once around a peg and then pulled Mike's right arm down until he could shackle it at the wrist.

Mike felt extremely vulnerable when Carter finished shackling his left side. Both knees were spread wide and pulled painfully back. His arms had been pulled downward over a rod at the top of the chair digging into his armpits and forcing his chest out. He was barely able to move.

Then Carter looped a belt around Mike's elbows and drew them together. Mike gave a little cry of pain as the belt was round around again and buckled tight.

Mike adjusted to the new pain pulling against all his joints before he noticed Carter was up to something else.

Carter grabbed a handful of Mike's sun-bleached blond hair and pulled the boy's head back. Mike looked up and saw the large cup above his head. Mike just shut his mouth a second too late as he got a taste of his own piss.

Carter released Mike's hair after the first splash and then poured the rest over the tween's head. Leaving it to drip down from his blond hair it would torment the fastidious boy who really didn't like to be dirty. Carter turned on a video screen that showed Mike's stripping Richie and left without a word.

Chapter 11
Richie Waits His Turn

While Mike had gone quietly down the hall, Richie was a bundle of nervous energy after being released. And talking… asking questions… Carter just ignore him and guided him down the hall to a door that had a sign Corrective Discipline on the door. He let Richie process that before shoving him inside.

"All this chirping after I told you boys to shut up. I think you need some…" Carter was amazed when Richie interrupted him.

"No you didn't, sir, you didn't say anything…" That was as far as Richie got as Carter jammed a flex gag into his mouth and secured it behind his head.

Grabbing Richie around his arm he frog marched him to an old model spanking machine that never caught on. Down here in the overflow area this was used as a restraint device, since it no longer had any of the robotics for punishment.

The platform had two yellow 'footprints' in front of two metal bars one at shoulder height, the other at the tween's waist. It had quickly scanned the boy's 63½ inches [1.61 m] and adjusted. 'One of the few things about this piece of crap that works right!' Carter thought to himself. 'And this kid doesn't have an ounce of fat on him,' Carter added, as he admired the captive boy they had lucked into.

When the boy stepped on the platform his feet were captured by the metal cuffs which had lost most of their padding.

"Grab hold of that bar in front of you."

Richie did and it pulled him forward, bending at the waist bar, while it triggered a set of fake wood stocks to lower down in front of him as Richie bent forward. It had the usual three holes for head and hands, but unlike some of its more successful competitors, it didn't automatically capture the boy's wrists. It basically just sat there like its medieval ancestor.

"Don't let go of the bar, just slide your hands out to their slots." Carter couldn't believe they still had to use this junk. Richie slowly obeyed. "So you're going to be trouble, huh. Put your head down into the middle hole."

Carter had to manually close the top part of the stocks, muttering "better craftsmanship in the 16th century," even as he remembered how they had two slaves with broken jaws when it had 'worked.'

Richie's lean frame was finally in position. Both legs were pulled wide apart, his lean upper torso was a twisting mass of ribs and muscles writhing under the curly blond's skin glistening with a sheen of sweat as Carter let the cables pull him tighter and tighter. Richie's waist virtually disappeared. Huge dimples on both sides of the twelve year old's bubble butt shifted enticingly.

"I'm going to give you 50. Count."

The shock of hearing he was to get 50 strokes disappeared when the first stroke of Carter's leather tawse cracked against Richie's softly muscled ass.

"One," Richie finally whispered after his crying stopped. Richie had never been hit so hard.

"To slow! And it would be 'one sir'! We won't count that one." Carter wound up and WHAPPPED him again, hitting a slightly different area.

After four more strokes Carter left Richie to think about 45 more. And he turned on the video that Brian had shot of Richie stripping Mike earlier

Checking the video links on his phone he was that Deputy Doyle had Tim and Kris secured, and Mike was still immobilized with damp hair. He had some time for the most difficult one. The had the least amount of evidence on Brian. It was a pain that they could not really go at these kids until they've had their trial.

Chapter 12
Wrapping Up Brian

Brian was about to have his world turned upside down.

Brian, normally a quiet boy, watched with a certain fascination as Carter wrapped each ankle with several turns of rope, but just using an overhand knot at the end of each one.

A metal bar with eyebolts at each end did not go between his ankles, but behind his knees. Two very simple knots held it in place, wrapped twice above and twice below the knee.

Still restrained with his wrists above his head, Brian was not in any discomfort since his feet could touch the floor. But now Carter raised his left foot and the loose rope wrapping the ankle was now being wrapped around Brian's thigh. Brian knew that once this was done his other foot would be next and he'd be hanging from his wrists. That had been painful when he was on tiptoe, so he tried to steel himself for what was coming.

Brian started pleading with the deputy almost as soon as his foot came off the floor and his wrists and shoulders took the weight. Since he had seen it coming he didn't disgrace himself by screaming, but he did get off enough to earn a gag.

"Don't do this, you can't do this, you know we are free boys… they weren't run-away slaves… we were going to let Richie and Mike loose after we just had a little fun with them… it's all there on my pad… Richie tortured Mike, then Mike tortured Richie… we were just going to do stuff with Mike… I don't know why Tim and Kris tied me up, but it's okay… they do that a lot…"

The spring gag held down Brian's tongue, and the cloth ends tied behind his long blond hair made a very good visual for the cameras that Carter had rolling. This might be the overflow room, but we're gonna get some real good footage from down here. This Brian has just enough muscle on his young teen to be attractive to everyone.

Dangling there was not too much worse than gym class, Brian figured, but he knew that he could only hang on for a few minutes in gym while he did pull-ups… and now Brian watched as Carter was adding more rope both above and below his knees, using the bar that was now wedged into his folded knees. Oh, no… Carter was adding chains to the ends of the bar.

Brian's knees lifted to the soft hum of an unseen motor, slowly pulling them up behind him, Brian soon bent into a uncomfortable U with his back arched painfully. Then his hands started to come down as his legs went up. Higher now, his fingers well away from the floor, Brian's chest rising and falling well under his hollowed waist and his long hair falling away from his pretty face, Brian was the picture of helplessness.

Carter had another trick to get Brian into a co-operative mood. Brian's chains would reverse themselves seemingly at random, and three water spigots would jet or pour water from above, in front or back, all of it cold, sometimes in a hard jet, sometimes in a soft deluge that would seem to drown the boy.

Also at random, pretty much assured to catch him by surprise like the first one that slammed a jet of cold water into his belly.

Carter left him and the rolling cameras, he'd watch later, he had some video to edit.

Chapter 13
A Round of Questions

Carter returned to Mike, still tied to his chair, cramping and shivering in the puddle of his own piss that had collected on the seat of the chair.

A very neat, almost prissy, fussbudget by nature, Mike was deeply humiliated by his predicament.

"Mike, did you help those slaves escape last year? Is that why you had their collars?"

"No sir, we just found them there!" Mike was sure that since they were talking about the run-aways that he was now in the clear. They knew that he wasn't a slave, so it was all a mistake.

"You put the collar on Richie. You thought that by putting it on him he would be a slave, right?" Carter wheedled away.

"We were just playing, I would never do anything like that. We've never done anything wrong!" Mike asserted, not knowing that his denials were only going to bring him trouble.

Carter gagged him and turned on the video he had been editing. "We're going to sit here and watch this, and then watch it again. We are going to watch until you are ready to confess to enslaving Richie which is a crime," Carter lectured as he took a small loop of a long leather thong and slipping it over the head of Mike's cock, which was indefensible between Mike's spread thighs. Carter tied it to a chair rail out of sight.

Mike didn't want to make any guesses of all the possible things Carter could do now. He tried to watch the video.

It showed Mike tying Richie, stripping Richie, torturing Richie.

And while Mike watched the 'evidence' he was cramping against the strain of the tight bonds that bent his joints against the unforgiving chair. Ten minutes later Mike started to agree to every question put to him, as they mostly had to do with Brian and Richie.

And he told him all about the game they played: 'You Can't Make Me!'

Richie had be left for quite a while, and he was expecting the remaining 45 blows of his spanking. Locked into stocks around his head and hands he was stretched forward, bent at the waist and perfectly helpless, waiting for his spanking.

Carter loved the look of the lean blond Richie. He had been gone for almost a half hour. Bent over a waist high metal bar that was his only real support, the boy's outstretched legs really firmed up his tight little butt.

Richie heard someone come in behind him. The stock around his kept him from seeing what was happening. When the leather strap slashed across his clenched ass cheeks the same stocks kept him from rising up in agony.

Carter watched Richie's back muscles twist futilely under his tanned skin. Richie could squirm quite a bit without being able to go anywhere. And he couldn't avoid the next stroke either.

After Richie took three more hits Carter started his questioning.

Carter almost felt bad that he really had no reason to ask Brian any questions after Richie got done.

Carter went back to the wet room and tormented Brian's stomach and chest with some 'light taps' which left the teens abs slightly pink.

Brian was more difficult as he seemed to have a much better grasp on the situation the boys were in. And he was an unwitting accomplice for the most part.

Not that fact would help him much.

Chapter 14
Midnight Justice

Tim was brought into a stark white room, Carter had a hold of his arm, and with his wrists chained to a waist chain, and that connected to his ankles, Tim felt like this was going way too far. Chained like a vicious murderer, and now before an old man in robes, his judge? Where were his parents? Just the deputy and the judge, didn't he get a lawyer? The old man behind the impressive bench started to speak in a halting way that Tim could barely hear.

"I'm Judge Stone. You are charged with numerous serious felonies, too many for a boy like you… we contacted your parents… they have seen the videos… they agreed there is no sense drawing this out… You've seen the videos… we've got tapes of your phone call trying to get Richie and Mike taken as run-away slaves. Do you want to admit this and get mercy from this court or do you want the deputy to take you away… for more questioning?"

Tim, and Tim's balls remembered the deputy's questioning. So if his parents weren't coming down maybe this would end if he just pleaded for mercy. "Yes, I did it, I promise to be good. I'll never do that stuff again."

"Did Kris and Brian willingly help you capture and tie up Mike? Or did you force them to do it?"

"No, I didn't make them, they like to do it. And most of it was Kris or Brian's idea to get his brother." Tim didn't want to take any more blame for himself.

"And did you see Mike put a slave collar on Richie? And who put the slave collar on Mike? Was it you?"

"No, Mike put one on Richie, then Richie put one on Mike. Those two started the whole thing!" Tim quickly answered.

That seemed to be enough for the judge. Cracking his gavel he intoned. "Guilty on five counts. Boy you are now a slave. Collar and gag him, then put him there in case we need him as a witness. Next case."

Before Tim could ask any questions Deputy Carter had gagged him again. And without any ceremony snapped a collar around his neck. Tim tried to resist but Carter just manhandled him over toward the far wall. Taking a chain off the wall he threaded it between Tim's back and elbows. With everything else already chained Tim now up against the wall watching as Kris came in led by Deputy Doyle.

Tim wanted to warn Kris, but it was too late. The judge repeated most of what he said to Tim before starting the questioning. Kris also admitted everything… so the judge continued.

"Did you think it was funny calling the sheriff about Brian's brother and Richie? Did you and Brian film this video of Mike and Richie?"

Kris nodded, until the judge said he had to say things out loud for the record. "Yes, sir. We followed them into the woods and then filmed them."

"Look at this film. It shows Tim, Brian, and you grabbing Mike. You both held him while Tim tied him up. Isn't that correct?"

Deeply scared by all this Kris meekly agreed.

"Listen, here is Tim telling about calling the sheriff's office. Brian objects, but then he goes along with putting his brother into a hog-tie, isn't that right? … Then you and Tim put Brian down and tie him up like a spitted pig, that looked like it pretty clever of you, was that your idea? Did you tie up Brian because he tried to stop you or just because you wanted to?"

Through it all Kris gave little meek answers until he got to the last one. "I don't really know why we tied up Brian, he was helping, maybe it was just Tim's idea."

The judge seemed to ponder this, then banged his gavel again. "Guilty on five counts. Boy you are now a slave. Collar and gag him, then put him there in case we need him as a witness. Next case. It's getting late here, just bring in the last three."

Brian, Richie, and Mike were led into the courtroom. All three looked at Kris and Tim chained to the wall.

"Okay, which one is Richie?" Richie stepped forward. "I've got video of you putting a slave collar on Mike, is that correct?"

Richie responded a meek "Yes, Sir."

"And you must be Mike, because I saw what you were doing to Richie. You've seen the video, correct?" quizzed the judge.

"Sir, we were just playing a game," protested Mike.

"Yeah, it says that here. You call the game 'You Can't Make Me' and you get to torture each other. Isn't that right."

"Yes sir."

"Now Brian I have statements from the other four boys that you were really reluctant about what the others were doing. But you played the game in the past."

"Your honor, I don't think we should here. And our parents should be here also."

"Answer my questions, boy or I'll hold you in contempt of court."

"Your honor I tried to stop Tim after i knew he made a phone call to the deputy. I knew he shouldn't have done that. But we were just playing games."

"Okay boys, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long, and it's just about time for my lunch break. So I'll make it quick. I watched all the video and listened to the questioning. Guilty on all counts. Boys you are all now slaves. Collar and gag them. Process them in and bring all five back in an hour for sentencing."

Chapter 15
Express Slavery

Tim led the way from the courtroom, a chain from the back of his collar attached to Brian, then Kris, Richie and Mike. Down another hallway to an open doorway and outside a brightly lit office where a overweight man in a white coat waited.

"Boys, we've got your medical records, you all look to be in good shape, so this is going to go quickly. I just have a couple of tests to do that aren't covered in your files. And when I'm done checking you, go into the next room for cleaning." Saying that he left them with the deputy in the hallway and called for Tim.

Tim entered, glad to be rid of his chains. Only the collar remained. The examine seemed rather brief, until the doctor told him to bend over. Both rubber gloved hands examined his butt cheeks like they were melons at the market, then Tim flinched as the doctor slid a finger into his asshole. Now the pace of the exam seemed to slow down.

The doc was highly pleased, and he was sure deputy Carter and the judge would be also. They had a blond virgin, and this was only the first boy.

Standing the boy back upright, the doc now returned to checking the bounce in the cheeks, and their firmness, taking a quick glance at his pad to see that the cameras were filming. Shifting Tim slightly so he was in the best possible location, Doc's hand started to check if Tim's equipment worked. Although he confident that would not be a problem, he had seen some of the earlier video while helping to edit the afternoon's feed from the boy's cameras.

Tim was caught by surprise when the doctor started to bring him to a quick ejaculation. Were the marks on the floor for measuring…?

The doc did record how far Tim's sperm flew before he led the boy to the back door and handed him off to Deputy Doyle. Doyle snapped a set of cuffs with no chain on Tim's wrists and led him to a weird short table only a couple of feet off the floor, with shallow walls around the sides. It had a drain at one end. Shackles were at all four corners.

"Get in, and put this in your mouth. The tube goes outside." Tim was handed a mouthpiece with a hole in the middle. It looked like a small snorkel. Tim climbed into the table and Doyle quickly locked in his legs. When Tim put in the mouthpiece Doyle had him breathe through it as he snapped Tim's arms to the corners. A vinyl hood was placed over Tim's head and the tube inserted in a small hole. Doyle checked the seals around the boy's neck. Seeing that all looked okay, he plugged the hose into the air pump and turned on the faucet.

Tim felt the cool liquid start to fill the tub slowly. Doyle had come back with a brush and was liberally applying a gel to Tim's pubic hair. That immediately started to feel hot. Tim's armpits also got a brushing of gel. Tim felt the liquid heat up as it also started to dissolve the finer hairs.

The liquid was about three inches [7½ cm] deep when Tim realized he was going to be totally submerged. He found that there was no give in his shackles. He could struggle, but there was little danger of splashing.

Brian was ushered in just in time to see the liquid start to cover Tim's stomach. Doyle saw that Brian was even blonder than Tim and had little hair under his arms. He swabbed in the gel anyway.

Kris had slightly more hair than Brian, and he had to be forced into the tub. The youngest two got the full treatment for the benefit of those who would see the video later. It would be a year or more before any of them needed another treatment.

Thirty minutes later the doc was on the phone to the judge. They had five virgin asses, a gold mine. The judge, eating a late supper with Deputy Carter while they watched the video feed, spread the good news and made the call that would finance his new retirement cottage.

There was a bounty on virgins. Carter, Doyle, the judge and the doc would all be wealthy men before the day shift checked in again.

Chapter 16

"Boys, you'll be happy to know you'll all be out of here soon. I've got good news for you. Everything is all set. There are some clothes over there for you to wear out of here. You know what you did was wrong, so before you get out of here you are going to get the spanking of your lives. Now I expect no foolishness out of any of you. When your turn comes you bend over and take it." The judge sat back and smiled, before calling Mike to step up get his dozen swats. It was good to see the boys smiling. They looked so much prettier that way.

The five naked boys still had their collars on, and made nervous glances at the pile of clothes on the table. It didn't seem like there was much there.

Mike was the first one called. He came forward to where Carter pointed. Bending over, keeping his hands on his knees Mike lost his smile after the first impact of the large leather belt.

Carter tried to keep the smile off his face as the first stroke slapped across Mike's small white ass. Amazing how each stroke came as a shock to these boys. The second one caused Mike to jump up. Carter pushed him back down with a hand to center of the boy's back. While Carter normally enjoyed spanking such a cute little butt, now he was as eager as the boys to get this over with. No time for counting strokes or even strapping them down.

With five now sobbing, smiling boys lined up in front of him again, dressed in shorts and t-shirts, he delivered his verdict.

"The good news boys is that we aren't going to ship you off as slaves all over creation. You get to be five friends again, not to be house slaves or sent to hard labor or off to test new drugs. You will not be branded, the doctor did insert a microdot chip when you were distracted. All of you will be going to your new home together. I've arranged for all of you to be sold to the same owner. You boys are now slaves for at least two years, at that time your sentence will be reviewed. You will not be slaves for longer than six years unless you do something foolish like try to run away."

"Most slaves get a boring life of hard work. You five are going to be sex slaves. You are going to be pain slaves. You will be somewhat famous, but you won't be getting rich like those boys who volunteer."

"Your new owner will explain all of the details. He will be picking you up in a few minutes." Before the judge had even gotten the first few words out Carter and Doyle had slid behind the boys with neck chains. Carter needed only seconds to clip Tim and Brian together, and then a chain connecting Brian to Kris Doyle clipped Mike to Kris, and then Richie to Mike.

The new slave boys were marched out of the courtroom and down the hallway to a large room with a long padded bench. Once the lead and end links of the chain was hooked to the wall, the boys were forced to sit and wait. For the first time in hours the boys were comfortable.

A tall blond haired man, with the strong look of an former athlete, now middle aged with a large roll of fat around his middle, entered the room and looked them over. He nodded to one of two huge men who followed him in.

"Hello boys, you now belong to me for then next few years. I am Comrade Khruschev. And if you try to escape or cause trouble you will be mine for the rest of your lives. However short and miserable that life may be."

"If you follow all my rules and do as you are told, you may be free boys again. And the first rule will surprise you, you are not to act as slaves."

"You are going to become actors, and you will be playing the part of free boys. On my plane ride I watched you clever little game. You Can't Make Me. Very good, and as long as you don't give up that attitude you will be useful to me."

"As you probably can tell I'm not from your country, but I have been to one of your universities. And I speak several different languages. Can any of you speak another language."

Brian and Tim said they spoke a little Spanish, but that was all.

"Good, now where you are going you won't have to worry because all of my staff speaks English. And just so you won't be tempted, when you meet any of the local people they won't understand a word you say. Except 'Mr. K.' What they do understand is there is a very large reward for any information about any of my slaves who try to escape. You just tell them you belong to Mr. K."

One of the bodyguards handed the boys some sodas, the first thing they had to eat or drink in hours.

"When you address me you will call me Master. You will wear collars from time to time, and you will learn what shocks they can give. But remember that you are chipped, so collars are not needed for us to find you. And as you wake up you will find out what happens to those who disobey me."

One by one the boys passed out from their drinks. One by one they were packed into transport cases.

Chapter 17
First Lesson

Brian looked at his four friends as he was the last to enter the room. They were all hanging from some of the many ropes that dropped down from the high ceiling. Their arms were both behind and above them, forcing them to be hunched over. All of them were just wearing the shorts they had been given. Old fashioned shiny short shorts. Brian knew he was being filmed and he tried not to look for the camera.

As instructed he took off his shirt and handed it to Mister K. He waited, glancing to see how his brother was doing. Mike like the others was bent forward, his hands higher than his head. None of them appeared to be in pain, just nervous waiting for what came next.

"Did you put the ones your voting for in your right pocket?" Asked Mister K. Brian nodded, but quickly added "Yes, Master."

"Go and collect the votes. Bring their shorts over here to me. Take them off slowly so the votes don't get mixed up."

Each boy had five tiles in his pockets. The two in the his right pocket had the names of who should be punished. The other three names in Brian's left pocket were those who might escape today's punishment – Kris, Mike, and Richie.

So Brian's right had Tim and Brian tiles in it. Each boy had to vote once for himself.

Brian made his way to the two closest to the door, Richie and Tim. Brian decided to strip Tim first, he was the one who got them into all this. Tim had on a pair of white shorts with red trim. None of the shorts had belts, just elastic bands. He could pull them off easily, but he remembered that his main job was to do it slowly for the cameras. If there was a screw-up they would do it again, after Brian got punished.

Slowly Brian pulled the waistband out on either side. Brian took a quick peek and as he suspected Tim had nothing on underneath the shorts. Brian had just shorts on also, so it looked like they would all be naked soon. Tim said something like "Don't, don't" but Brian ignored him as he pulled the shorts down a bit more. The cleft of Tim's ass was just starting to show.

Brian saw that Mike and Kris had turned a bit so they could look over their shoulders to see what was going on. Richie just had to turn his head to see Brian slide the shorts down further, they were now level with the base of Tim's cock and most of Tim's ass was hanging out.

Hoping he hadn't done it too fast Brian pulled again and now there was nothing stopping them from sliding down Tim's slender legs. Brian walked them over to Mister K.

With no comment from Mister K, Brian assumed he had done it right, so he kept the same speed when he stripped Kris next, then Richie.

When he handed Mike's to Mister K, Brian hesitated unsure of what to do next. Mister K just pointed to Brian's shorts, and then to a vacant spot beneath 4 ropes.

Brian assumed that Mister K was Russian, and one of the bodyguards was Chinese and the other looked Arabic. Where are we? Brian wondered as he walked over to where the Asian bodyguard, Master Chung waited. C masterfully fitted all four cuffs with ropes.

Brian jerked up onto his tip-toes. Both his arms went from his sides, behind his back and upwards toward the ceiling. He took a half step forward, that hurt his arms more, so Brian re-adjusted again.

Now all five boys were stretched in a very mild strapado. Just resting on the balls of their feet, arms at an uncomfortable angle. While they shuffled and squirmed for the cameras for what was to be a five minute session that filmed each boy for a one minute introduction, Brian thought back as he wondered how far from home they were.

Brian had been the last to wake up. He was dressed again, but not in his own clothes. Clothes from years ago, light blue T-shirt, small yellow track shorts with knee socks. A metal collar was still around his neck. And leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles. All of them were in what looked like an old classroom, seated at wooden desks, looking a bit dazed with pounding headaches.

Kris stood up, grabbed his neck, screaming and fell to the floor. As the shock continued for a full ten seconds, Kris tried to grab the collar, but pulled his fingers away quickly, as his back arched and he kicked his feet against the floor, His twitching subsided as their new owner walked into the room.

"We will be filming today's activities. If there is something wrong we will do it again. Get it right the first time. In three days will be your second photo session. You will be in two teams. The sets of photos will be sold, the boy that sells the most will be rewarded with a dessert after dinner. The losing team will suffer punishment. The boy who sells the least will get any extra session of punishment."

"While a piece of cake may not seem like much of a reward for winning, there is another reward. I have set up a secret members only web site for the Fabulous Five. That's what I'm going to be calling you. As a boy I read some stories about kids who were having adventures, so you are going to have adventures. Sometimes they would be captured and tied up."

"The Fab 5 had girls and a cute little dog. Not this time. And I always hated it that they got untied before anything really bad happened to them. I don't like happy endings."

"Because there are five of you, and most of our little film sessions will be competitions we'll usually want two groups of two. Normally after an extra punishment that boy will sit out the next session. Since we've had no sessions yet we are going to let you five vote who gets to sit out the next session. The winner of the vote will get our first extra punishment session today."

"You will get two votes. The 'winner' will also help make some decisions, or he may be the one who helps in the film."

"In the pocket of your shorts you will find five tiles. Each one has a name on it. You will put the two you are voting for in the right pocket. You will each vote for yourself. Anyone with two votes will be punished."

Sure enough there were five tiles, and Brian figured that if anyone did not vote for himself, they might end up with no votes and Mister K would know they had disobeyed. It was a trap. Brian hoped that no one fell for it.

Thinking that Brian slipped his name into his right pocket. So who should he vote to punish?

Brian's reveries were broken as Mister K spoke again. "Time to count the votes."

Brian could see that Mister K had his shorts, he wasn't sure if anyone else was paying that much attention. But it wouldn't be hard to figure who voted for who.

"When we get done here boys you should all have an idea of what type of punishment you can expect. And how easy it is for us to punish you. You will be filmed for the Fab 5 web site. Later this week you will be filmed and photographed again."

"We already know what will happen to today's losers later this week. They will have an extra photo session that they will not like. But they will probably win that day as I expect many will buy their photos and videos."

"If it all sounds confusing, just remember you will all win and lose from time to time. And you will all have these little extra punishments. Just make sure you don't get a major punishment. But I have talked too long."

"First vote is for Brian."

Again Brian felt his arms being raised in the wrong direction. His shoulders protested, Brian's chest was bent forward almost parallel to the floor, then…"

Just a slight whisper of a swish, then a slight flick and six leather tips made contact with Brian's ass.


Master Chung was a artist with his six tailed cat. Generating great speed with his stroke and then a wrist flick at the end he was able to inflict six painful stripes all close to where he aimed. He was using a whip that offered both action and color for the viewers without severely damaging the boy's skin. He had other whips for that.

"And the other vote is for Tim."

The blond haired teen was lifted by his ropes, back to his toes again. He had been one of the first ones tied so he had been able to get most of his feet under him.

Tensing on his toes for the stinging slash did not prepare him for the explosion that peppered his butt. Tim did manage to stifle his scream into a short "Uhmm!"

Brian recovered enough, and fought to balance himself. His arms were pulled almost straight up, about a body's width apart, and he was aware that two more ropes dangled down behind him.

If he was right K would read Mike's votes next. Brian was fairly sure that Mike wouldn't punish him.

"Kris is next."

"No, no, no!" Kris was already moaning as Chung adjusted his ropes, pulling the boy into position. Kris was one of the skinniest boys, without a lot of padding. The cat whipped, and Brian was sure that Kris started screaming before the whip hit. " Eeeeoooow, Oh shit, ow!" Kris really didn't stop.

"And here's a vote for Mike."

Brian could just see Mike just behind and to his left. The boy was hoisted into the painful forward lean. Brian couldn't see where Chung lined up, but he saw Mike's mouth open wide in shock, but nothing came out of his little brother's mouth. Brian did see tears start to stream down Mike's face as he silently sobbed.

"Four boys have already tasted the whip. Yet we have six stones to count."

Brian could see another small pair of shorts now in Mister K's hands. They should be Richie's. So he'd get it for sure, but who else. He'd been pretty nice to Richie who was always over playing with Mike.

"Richie. So all are accounted for…"

Mister K had barely gotten done when Richie screamed as the lashes whipped around his firm little butt. Richie looked his best when naked, he had a perfect lean athletic figure.

"Now it becomes more interesting. We have five votes left. So if they are all equal you will get what Tim is going to get.

Master Chung walked over to Tim and grabbed his right ankle. Tim rebalanced on his left foot as Chung threaded a rope through a ring on Tim's cuff. Fighting for balance Tim could not see what was happening.

Only Kris could see that Chung was now bringing the rope back to a ring hanging from the ceiling, then still with plenty of slack run it back through Tim's cuff. Master Chung was using a small step stool to reach higher, pulling Tim's leg higher than his head and just a bit to the side.

Kris immediately saw the new area that was opened and he started to say "Oh, no, Oh NO!" Kris turned his head so he wouldn't have to watch.

With his legs spread in two different directions Tim screamed as he had never done before as the whip sailed in from beneath him, lashes hitting his cock, three wrapped Tim's balls in agony as four of the tips found spots on his asscheeks.

Mike was able to get a glimpse of Tim as his screams turned to moans. He could see his leg was not also stretched upward.

Kris snuck a couple of peeks, But he knew his combination of votes hadn't come up yet. So he knew that his balls would be wracked soon.

Both Richie and Brian were lined up in front of Tim so they had no idea what was coming.

"You know boys that if this ends up in a tie, we will have another vote and another punishment."

Chapter 18
Please Not Me

"Let us see who is next… two more sets of votes… Brian."

Both Mike and Richie had a good view of what Master Chung was doing. Brian's inside leg was roped twice and then pulled to the sky. Kris could see when he took a peek. But he couldn't watch.

Brian felt his right leg go upwards, so much so that Brian had to support all his weight on his shoulders and left toes. Expecting the whip to come crashing down into his ass again Brian was unprepared for Master Chung's hand to slide down his calf, to his thigh, then slightly tap his other thigh. Brian involuntarily hopped away, leaving his balls more exposed.

The cat was lightning quick, some thongs crashing into balls, cock and the white skin of Brian's belly while others thudded into his balls and butt cheeks. Brian screamed and then threw up what little he had in his stomach.

The two fourteen year olds were hanging their blond heads. Not really able to care about what came next. One of the boys should have been able to figure out what his fate was.

Mike and Richie were terrified. Kris was beside himself. He had voted for Brian and Kris. That meant he was next. Unless Brian was going to be the big loser, and his votes were still be counted.

"Kris, your turn again."

Kris started to try to get away, his great escape lasted about five seconds. His left ankle was grabbed. Kris twisted a bit and almost lost his balance trying to see. Master Chung kept a firm grip on the ankle and delivered a stinging slap to the thirteen year old's butt. Kris started to scream his "No, no, no…" chant as his leg was hoisted back and up. And up and tied.

Chung dangled the cat back and forth across Kris's soft white ass. Kris clenched and unclenched trying to prepare. "EeeeeeOOOOhhhhh!" Kris gulped in more air and started again. He momentarily lost his footing, and swung for a second before getting it back again.

Kris felt the pain deep in his stomach. And some of the lashes to his ass had crossed really burning.

He prayed that that wasn't Brian's vote.

It wasn't but that wasn't going to help.

"TIM!" It rang out like the voice of doom. Tim was just regaining his senses. If he had thought about it he would have known his vote was still pending. He could have… well not really.

Tim gasped as his left foot left the floor. Before he grasped what happened both of his feet were lifted up, higher than his head so he was 'leaning' forward, with most of his weight transferred to his shoulders. All four of Tim's limbs were slightly pulled out, even as they were anchored above him. Tim had never felt so helpless.

Tim reacted to a SWAT of the cat across his the left side of his ass, instinctively trying to move away from the pain and only set his body in motion, each pull jerking one arm and shoulder and the reaction pulling on the other pair.

Brian and Kris were both in the awkward one leg pose. Their bodies were sort of level to the floor. Kris had his left leg bent with just his calf straight up. Kris's right slender leg was slightly bent, tendons and muscles standing out and shifting as he struggled to stay up on his toes.

Brian was more bent forward as his foot had been raised high enough that his thigh was pulled up also.

Richie and Mike were tensed, shoulders aching from their long first encounter with a strapado tie. Both would have been thankful if they were not worrying that their balls may be next.

"We do have a tie… KRIS you'll join Tim."

As slight as Kris was Master Chung easily had both of his legs up, and almost immediately Kris found it more difficult to breath as his butt was now higher than his head. The strange angled position affected his diaphragm making every breath just a bit more labored.

Both legs lifted also clenched his butt cheeks into a tight double knot, expecting the blow that was to come.

Before it did Mister K ordered the other three boys to be let down. As they were set loose he handed them two tiles and whispered that they were to vote again.

Kris waited, knowing that he had another blow coming from the cat. Knowing that another round of punishments would break the tie, only made his pleading 'No, no, no" more annoying.

Master Chung made his return known by dragging the cat down Kris's back. There was little extra fat on Kris, what there was seemed to be concentrated in his cute little bubble butt. The cat LASHED again and Kris was in agony. Pampered and spoiled all his life, Kris was the coward who attacked Richie and Mike with his wit, and curried favor from Tim and Brian.

While Mister K was collecting the votes, Master Chung was gathering up Tim's ropes and using a fifth was pulling them all toward the center.

Tim's ankles came forward, and his arms were pulled inward. Tim set his teeth as his shoulders screamed, each twist of rope around the others tightened his dangling position.

Kris had barely stopped sobbing from a single stroke when he looked over and saw what had been done to Tim. Thirty seconds later Kris was also in a hanging hog-tie of his own. Kris was not as strong as Tim and so his ropes were gathered much closer together, and much lower, putting a lot more strain on the boy's joints. Then Master Chung ran his hands along Kris's lean ribs, hips and flanks, before giving him a little spin. Three, four full turns to the left with Chung pushing Kris's legs, then letting him go. Now Kris is in a free spin to the right.

Tim is next to feel what a simple swinging, spinning motion can do. While his ropes had been joined much higher and kept his feet and hands further apart, it only allows more revolutions, each one tightening his hog-tie. And a faster longer spin at the end, then the counter spin.

With his head at the lower end, dizziness quickly came into play.

Moving back and forth between the two both sweat glistened teen bodies were spinning for the cameras.

After the spinning session which lasted about three minutes it was time for the second round of votes.

Both boys regained their senses somewhat as they watched Chung rig a stone tied with rope. About the size of a skull, but only half the thickness, it was wrapped with several lashes of rope, A long free end remained. Then Chung made up a second. Kris had a more vivid imagination and so he actually gave a sigh of relief when Chung took a doubled rope and wrapped around his waist before adding one to Tim's midsection just above his navel.

Grabbing a stone in one hand and the free end of the rope in the other Chung was ready.

"Do you boys know that the old system for weight in England was based on stones? A man might be described as weighing 15 stone. That would be a big man, about 210 pounds [95 kilos] as each stone weighs 14 pounds [6.35 kilos]. That is what these stones weigh. Not really that much, you can easily carry that much."


Tim can easily figure out his situation. Hanging about 4 feet [1.2 m.] off the ground he can see the rope belt just under his ribs and the stone sitting on the floor below. Master Chung was squatting below him, and slipped the loose ends under Tim's belt. Pulling the stone upwards, Chung quickly looped and tied the stone about a foot [.3m] under the teen's rib cage. Tim watched with his mouth agape as an elaborate lashing took place to join him to the stone. Every time Chung let go of the stone Tim could feel the downward pressure in his back.

Tim too late noticed a long drool of spit hanging out of his open mouth. All he was saying was "Oh, uh, uh…" as he tried to keep from screaming.

In just over 15 seconds Tim was being 'wound up' again as Chung pushed his leg, then head, then leg, getting him ready to spin, four times around, five times, then he was let go…

The extra weight caused the effect of the spin to be greatly intensified. Pain and dizziness battled for control in Tim's brain. He was started his backspin when Mister K called out "Kris!"

The thirteen year old Kris started sobbing as soon as the rope was pulled up under his rope belt even as Chung was still supporting the weight with one hand.

Dropping the stone as the rope was tied caused Kris to scream. Chung started Kris spinning, then started Tim to rock back and forth causing much more movement on the stone.

Mister K let the other three boys watch as they imagined the pulling as now both teenagers were sobbing with tears running down their faces.

Two minutes of swinging, rotating pain was shot by several cameras, including one directly below. It would be edited to almost thirty minutes with slow motion added.

"Now let us find the big loser."

Brian knew in the first round Tim had received votes from himself and Richie, while Mike had voted for Kris. Brian had voted for Tim again… Brian wondered whether the younger boys had kept their votes the same or switched.

Chapter 19
You Can't Make Me

Brian and Mike had kept their vote their vote the same but Richie had changed his. He had voted for Tim for getting them into this, but seeing Kris scream and cry like a little sissy got Richie thinking about all of the time Kris had bullied him in the last couple of years. Both he and Mike were thinking of every time last year when Tim and Brian teased, tickled, or tormented them that Kris was cheering them on.

Tim had his stone removed first and the hog-tie loosened. Then he waited as Kris was freed from the stone.

"I was very impressed by your game of 'You Can't Make Me' and so we will play it often. Of course I'll probably always win. The odds in my favor for this game will be about 5 to 1. But, and this is something to remember, I want to see some fight. When you start acting like meek little slave boys things will get much worse."

"Just remember your friends voted for you to have this pain. And this boy will get a hard whipping for either a minute if he does not give up, or for every ten seconds left will get another 50 seconds. So if you give up quick you will be whipped for almost five minutes."

"You would never say you can't make me in that situation, would you Kris?"

Quickly Kris said, "No Master."

"We'll see very soon. Get Tim down and get Kris ready for his whipping."

Four boys watched with rapt attention as Kris's feet were pulled a bit higher, even as his wrists were rapidly let loose.

Done so that he stayed well away from the floor, both hands were joined at the small of his back and lashed together. They were pulled up with ropes that circled his upper arms and chest before being wrapped again around his wrists. Then the two loose ends were separated and pulled back around, angling across the front of his hips the followed the V straight to his cock and balls.

Looping each ball twice and then both ropes looped around the base of his cock, then each rope was lashed to its nearest thigh.

Kris was already hurting. But he was determined not to give in to the extra whipping. He watched as additional lashes were added. Now his legs were joined at the ankle, above and below the knee, and at the top of the thigh. All these were joined to his wrists. Kris was really conscious that with his hands tied both to his chest, feet and balls they would be no help in fending off the whip. And hanging upside down stretched his torso and rib cage making those targets also.

"We are going to help you Kris. We are going to give you a gag so you will have to drop the gag. When it hits the floor however many seconds you have left of the sixty will be your extra punishment. But we won't start the time on the extra until you say You Can't Make Me. So if you just start screaming Master Chung will just keep beating."

Kris opened his mouth for the thick piece of bamboo that would serve as his gag. As he clamped down he also felt that it had weights added to leather thongs on both ends. Facing the floor, he could see they would dangle and swing, making it more difficult to keep the smooth round wood in his mouth.

Kris felt the first stoke of belt explode across the back of his knees. The summer blond hair whipped back and forth as every part of Kris reacted to the unexpected target, his legs bent, his balls were pulled backward, his hands and torso tried to the opposite way, and Kris was spinning slowly.

The next swing of the belt caught him squarely across his lower belly. White light exploded behind his tightly closed eyes. Kris had one focus. Keep his mouth closed.

The next one seemed even louder as the belt ripped over his arms and shoulders. Then another across the front of his chest. Kris had seen that one coming, so he was prepared. But the next one found his ass. Already hurting from the earlier strokes of the cat, the hard pounding of the heavy wide belt was unbelievably painful.

How long has it been? Kris wondered as he noticed that as he swung the gag was moving in the opposite direction. He lost part of it.

Struggling to get it back, he dropped it.

"Very good Kris. Almost 30 seconds, You have only two minutes and thirty five seconds to go.

Kris took another wallop across his ass and sobbed… you… can't…


With that the other boys watched with a sense of awed wonder and a premonition of their own fate. Chung would lash out every 5 seconds, each CRACK across Kris's lean body sounded exceedingly loud. Chung's whips were precise tools for whatever effect he wanted. Today he wanted to shock the spectators and give Kris such a beating that moving for the next two days would be painful, but only for a couple of days. And while he might have some bruising it would fade very quickly with the latest medical treatments from Doctor Abdul who specialized in physical therapy. The boys would never be healthier than three days after each session.

And from the way Kris talked the other members of the Fab 5 would certainly be afraid of breaking the rules.

Kris was very flexible, so the way he writhed at the end of the rope to try and avoid Chung's belt seen from the side Kris's waist almost seemed a few inches across. Kris's bony shoulders and skinny upper arms looked much better with his arms pulled tightly back and bound in white rope.

Chung was hitting Kris's tight little ass with every fourth stroke, and Brian noticed that in every four one would hit Kris's thighs, either front or back, one would hit the shoulders or chest, and the fourth would be aimed at the soft white belly. Brian was pretty sure that Chung could hit any spot at will, so those snaps to Kris's groin were scare the boy rather than misses. Because Chung nailed Kris at least three times in the balls.

Kris was left dangling for another minute after his beating had ended, and while the boy's sobbing continued, Mister K. turned to the other boys.

Now for the next two days you are going to be allowed to rest. Actually we want you to work on your tans. You will be allowed to go swimming in the small lake we have here. As the loser Kris will help decide who plays what part in the next task. You will also be given a class on knots for a half hour in the afternoon, and you will also spend a half hour looking at some internet models that our patrons like. When you look at these models you should be learning something. Because on the third day you will be involved in a photoshoot.

Brian and Tim you lost today, you will be given an extra punishment for the photoshoot. But it means you will probably win the next one. You to will go with Mr. Chung.

Doctor Abdul steadied Kris back to his feet after he was lowered and untied. Since there were only a little blood where a couple of strokes from the cat had crossed, he treated those and then led Kris to a bed in the small clinic room. After Kris suffered through tomorrow would Abdul start his treatment.

Chung took the two boys back to their separate cells and locked them in for the night.

Mister K. startled Richie and Mike with his question. Since they were the winners they got to choose like free boys. "So do you want to be boys or girls?"

Chapter 20
Monday – Kris Picks

The alarm bell that served as the boys wake up call jerked Kris awake. And the movement of sitting up from his cot brought instant reminders of his beating yesterday. On the floor by the opening in his cell door was T-shirt and shorts, and a tray with two hard rolls, some cheese, and a juice box. The language was hard to even read as the letters were different. But it had the picture of an orange on it.

Dressing was incredibly hard, he found that the beatings on his arms while they were tied made lifting them painful. Lifting his legs to put on his shorts just moved the pain from muscle to muscle, each getting its chance to torment him.

The doors opened and the boys gathered in the small common room where Mister K waited to give them the day's instructions.

"Normally the loser of the last session picks the teams for the session. But since that was the first one, and we had two boys with a single vote they will be one team and Brian you had two votes, Tim had three and managed to avoid the big punishment, you two will be the other team. Since we had no teams in the last one you two will suffer a team punishment shoot."

Brian and Tim looked at each other. They clearly thought this was unfair, that they had been punished much more than Richie and Mike. Mister K. smiled as he could see that he was building animosity and that paybacks would be real. That made for good shoots.

"One key difference between slaves and free boys is that free boys get to make decisions. Kris will be the one deciding what you wear for the photoshoot."

Richie and Mike had been instructed to keep their choice secret. Since they weren't quite sure just what was going on that was no problem for them.

"When you get your suit, take it and put it on, and then straighten up your cells. Mister Chung will take you to the lake in 15 minutes. I will inspect your cells and if I find one that is a mess you will receive a punishment after dinner."

Kris handed out the swim suits that the boys were to wear today.

None of the swimsuits were the baggy type that free mothers had their children wear to set them apart from the naked slaves. And none were suits the boys would have chosen on their own.

"Kris who will wear the pink suit." He held up a small pink speedo. Kris got a smile on his face for the first time in a day or two. Without hesitating he knew that Mike would be super embarrassed to wear something like that. The kid was a little priss who always liked to be super neat and modest.

Next up was a light grey suit that looked more like boxer brief underwear than what Kris was used to in a swimsuit. It looked like it was made out of cotton. Kris gave those to Richie.

"Now for these two we have two exceedingly fine garments." Mister K gave Kris the worst looking pair of briefs he had ever seen, they are too small. The other suit looked like white boxers.

Kris was faced with a dilemma, Tim would kill him if he gave him the white suit. As soon as it gets wet it will be transparent. And whoever wore the grey one would be almost as bad.

As members of the losing team Kris had been instructed that Brian and Tim would be given shirts to wear that went along with the suit they were given. Kris gave Brian the white suit, and a T-shirt with ripped sleeves. So Tim got a orange tank top to go along with the grey suit.

Kris was left with a tan and black suit slightly bigger than a speedo. The waist was low on his hips, and seen from the back barely covered the cleft between his butt cheeks. The two little dimples at the base of his spine were well above the waistband. The elastic on the suit was also very old. Kris would find that the waistband would fall and leg bands were very weak and tended to creep up.

Mister K was a bit disappointed that all the cells were neat. Each day they would get more shirts and shorts, so they would start to get sloppy. He was sure if he tried hard enough he could find something, but he also wanted to get out to the lake. Plenty of pictures would be taken today and the suits would make them very interesting. The boys wouldn't know that someone could win or lose each day. Wednesday would be a very entertaining day. Each boy would do a set of photos in his role as a famous internet model with a much better, if smaller suit, and then a reshoot that had each boy tied in some way requested by their patron. And the last couple would be nude teasers.

A member auction had determined the patron for a particular model and got to suggest two ties to be used.

And the final sets would be the punishments of Tim and Brian.

Chapter 21
The Old Swimming Hole

Calling it a lake was a misnomer. An old gravel pit that never was profitable, it was more than a pond, deep enough for diving off the small dock and some assorted junked pipes for climbing and diving. Certainly worse than any swimming pool these kids had grown up using in their antiseptic pampered lives. It was clean enough as there was nothing but sand around the old pit. The beach area just rocks and sand. No shade to speak of and the sun would drive them into the water.

And it wasn't just the white suit that would be transparent when wet. A lot of money had been spent on the finest quality drone cameras. Built with their own AI he could target each boy with a couple of cameras. By tonight members would be able to buy thousands of pictures and video of their favorite boy.

Tim and Mike were ashamed to step out of their cells. The speedo style briefs that they put on were worse than being naked. It seemed to put their cock on display.

Brian was covered by the loose dry white boxer style suit he had been given, and the shirt a cotton t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and it was only long enough to cover his chest. Mister K. had said they would be working on their tans. Brian didn't have much of one, so he didn't see how this shirt would help.

Tim also had a cut off tank top which wasn't going to help him hide this lousy speedo he had. His ass would stick out a little even if it didn't ride up. And it was low cut so most of his stomach would be in danger of burning.

Mike didn't even have underwear that showed as much skin as this pale pink speedo. Considering that he was often naked, it felt strange wearing this revealing a swimsuit.

Richie would also be surprised when his suit got wet. It wouldn't be transparent like Brian's but it would cling to him like a second skin when it got wet. In fact all five of the boys would find that their suits would mold to their butts.

Each boy was given his own sun-block and told to use it. Tim and Brian's was fairly strong, so neither of them would do much tanning on Monday or Tuesday. The others would get a good tan over the next couple of days. And some interesting tan lines.

On Tuesday after lunch Tim and Brian were given the same sunblock as the rest so they would get some tan before the shoot. What upset them the most was that their cut-off tops had been replaced with bikini tops. Just two triangles and strings to hold it together and tie it on.

For the first half hour they had their hands handcuffed behind their back to keep them from taking off their tops. Since both have long blond hair they are harassed by the younger boys. Without hands to protect them, and their swim suits highlighting how vulnerable they are, almost immediately they become fair game. Kris leads the attack on Brian, first pushing him off the dock to get him wet, then grabbing the suit, sometimes trying to pull it down, and often taking a shot at Brian's balls.

Mike and Richie gang up on Tim and give him a wedgie. The stretching does not help his miserable suit. At least half of one butt cheek is flashing at all times.

Once the handcuffs were off, general mayhem ensued. Mister K got wonderful footage of playful payback that had suits going up and down, on and off. For the first two days all four boys tapes sold at about the same rate. Surprisingly Richie was in the lead. K expected that today's might be a bit more in favor of Brian and Tim as the bikini novelty would sell. Mister K did not let the highjinks go on for long. Tuesday was only a teaser for the Wednesday shoot.

In their evening study hours the boys have learned some knot tying tricks, like folding a length of rope in half allows you to put four wrappings of rope in two turns, as well as giving a loop to start with, and all the boys can tie hands or feet together in a fraction of the time it took them working with a single end at a time.

They've also had time to study photo sets from the internet, so far just a series of boys in a playground, on a white bench, playing in trees. And a few that were done in a photography studio. Tonight they will each see who they are to re-create at their photoshoot.

The other subject they have been learning is photography. Which is not so much how to work cameras which are almost foolproof, as about how to compose a shot, make sure that the subject is lit properly. They've learned that learned that when one of the team is in front of the camera the other is behind it taking the pictures. And for the shots with the model tied up it would be up to his team member to do it. And since there would be video cameras going as well, both boys would be in 'costume' for the shot.

Chapter 22
Cramming for Exams

Both teams were given rooms to work on their shoot for the following day. Kris was again using the whirlpool and other therapy to bring him back up to full health. If his activity at the lake was any indication, he was probably at 95% already, but since he was not involved in the photoshoots it kept him out of the way. After an hour he was led back to his cell where he was given more old videos to watch. Kids television and movies that were at least 200 years old he thought. Some were in black and white, which was kind of strange, but after a while he got used to it.

Mike and Richie now knew which models they were to play tomorrow. Richie was supposed to study a blond kid named Tomas. Tomas's shoot was in a playground, with slides and swings.

And Mike had a studio model that went by the name Milan. Richie would be shot first tomorrow so they started with Tomas's pictures first. They didn't get any video, so would have to learn by really checking out the pictures. Their were a few less than 100, and they would be judged on how well they re-made the set and would be judged by the patron on that. Failure meant punishment.

Of course the boys would soon know that the patrons were awful picky, and there would be few perfect photoshoots.

Tomas started in t-shirt and jeans, then took off the shirt after 11 pictures. He started with a blue cargo climbing net and moved to the swings. He sagged his jeans to reveal white boxers with a checkered band.

On picture number thirty he changed to a plain white basketball jersey with a number on it, but no name of any team and loose white shorts. After ten of those the shirt came off and Tomas was in loose blue shorts playing on the swings. Those sagged also revealing white briefs low on Tomas's butt.

Then he was in red, loose shorts again and an Underarmor compression shirt, playing on the swings and slide, or rather posing on the swings and slide. After about 10 Tomas was shirtless again.

The first key thing that Mike noticed was blue-eyed Tomas had a radiant smile in every picture. And it didn't looked forced. Part of his job was going to be keeping Richie smiling and happy.

Richie was wondering why there were so may pictures of Tomas just sitting around? Mike picked it up. Every few pics, Tomas would spread or raise a leg, revealing a flash of white briefs. The boys looked at each other for a moment, but said nothing. Mike could tell that Richie got the message. The last bunch was Tomas in a blue speedo.

They moved on to study Milan, and Mike figured they'd find the same thing in them. But Milan was only in two sets of clothes. Some ripped jeans (with no shirt) and a wrestling singlet with some weird striped sox.

Brian and Tim got the same sets, plus a few added photos of two girls. Brian got the Tomas set, and some by a girl named Gaja. She appeared to be a gymnast, because she really twisted herself up.

Tim got the Milan set, and about 10 pictures of girl that dirty blond (brownish) hair. She also had some very limber poses, but what she was wearing concerned him most. And Katya is a slut.

Chapter 23
Richie's shoot

Mike and Richie get their first surprise when they wake up to find their clothes for the first shoot are slightly less than what they saw in the pictures last night.

The Tomas pics had him in a blue t-shirt, long baggy blue jeans that sagged to show off normal white boxers. The only thing that looked the same to Richie was the red belt.

The shirt had been cut-off just under his chest, and the jeans were cut-offs also. And although he would be wearing underwear for the first time since he had been captured, this pair were closer to the tighty whities he wore three years ago. He could get them on with a struggle, but they were only about half sized. Just covering about half of his butt, and leaving most of his belly to gleam whitely. When he sagged most of the white showing would be his skin.

The jeans were fairly low cut, and did cover the tops of his thighs. He was feeling somewhat thankful when he met Mike. Mike's jeans were also cut-offs, but not only were they loose, they were extremely short. Richie could see Mike's ass cheeks sticking out when he turned around.

Instructed that they only had 10 minutes for each part. Richie had four costumes to wear. So they had to move fast.

The first few had Richie 'hanging,' stretched, on a blue nylon cargo net for climbing in the playground. The shots were no problem, Except getting Richie to smile. Mike had a thumbnail printout to run through the shots. But instead of a happy blond Tomas with only his arms uncovered, Richie reached as high as he could and the shirtsleeves fell down, so Richie's arms popped out just like the original. But his shirt rode up also, and with his jeans low pretty much all of Richie's midsection was on display. His belly button seemed miles away from that red belt, and plenty of white skin showed below the tan line that went across his. Mike went over and tickled Richie which caused the jeans to show the top of the white briefs, but did get a smile. Mike gave him a pep talk and Richie gave him a smile that showed some dimples, and they got started.

Taking a seat on near the slide, Richie lost the shirt and with Mike to guide him, sagged his jeans even more. Half his thighs were covered, but half of his ass showed in at least half of the shots. The two from behind clearly showed the top half of his butt crack and plenty of soft white cheek.

When they moved to the swing Richie kept the smile that looked pretty good. And Mike had to think that Richie's lean torso was a pretty good match for that Tomas. Richie had a pretty good 4-pack anyway.

When it was time for the first major costume change about 30 pictures in Mike got a command from the earpiece he wore from Mister K.

Richie was standing on the swing, a simple seat with two chains holding it to a wooden frame. Richie was tall enough that the wooden crossbar was now right over his shoulders.

Mike moved forward with some ropes, he had Richie reach back and grab the crossbar. To keep his balance Richie had his arms behind the chains. Mike made two quick lashes and Richie was trapped with the crossbar behind his neck and his arms pulled back by the chains.

Mike snapped some photos, then undid the red belt and the cut-offs fell. Taking hold of Richie's leg, Mike wound it around the swing chain before setting it back on the seat. Doing it with the other leg, Richie's own weight was working against him. Mike quickly attached Richie's ankles to the chains on either side and started again to snap some more photos as he moved around Richie.

Now Richie had a worried expression. This was something that hadn't come up in the photos the looked at last night. He guessed Mike was getting instructions from the Master, as they had been told that whoever worked the camera would get direction through the earphone.

Mike next took the pocketknife that was with the supplies just off camera. This seemed to be what they were doing when they got into trouble Mike thought as he cut off Richie's briefs. Now he had to get Richie moving, struggling for about five minutes, They had supplied that in a tube of Icy Hot. The cream used for athlete's muscles, seems cold going on then gets warmer the longer it's on.

Following instructions, Mike puts a dab on each of Richie's nipples. And then putting a big glob on his palms Mike rubs his hands together and then goes to work on Richie's soft penis. As Richie gets stiffer the cream starts to burn on his nipples, and as his cock starts to bob toward his belly, Mike wipes the remainder onto Richie's balls.

Mike returns to his camera work and Richie gets to wriggle and writhe for the cameras.

Mike thought this might put them off schedule, but it was part of the plan.

Richie got changed after the cream wore off, and found that the white outfit was abbreviated also. The jersey top was cut off, and the shorts were unchanged, just plain white, with very loose legs, and no briefs. The shots of white would be skin, but some of the shots had a bit more color as Richie's cock and balls were still recovering.

The loose blue shorts they expected for the next were replaced by the blue speedo they were expecting in the last sequence. It sat half way down on his hipbones, and Richie again worked on the cargo net and the swing. Richie gave a sigh of relief when the call came to change to the red outfit. Again the shorts were changed to a red speedo, and the shirt was gone entirely.

Now they were down to the final 15 pictures. Richie had been expecting a low riding speedo, but they had already used it. Richie had never heard of a targa style suit, It was not really too much smaller than the speedo, but on both sides it was no more than a waistband. Front and rear it had a triangular piece sort of like a bikini bottom. Bigger than a girl's bikini, smaller than a speedo, so both of Richie's hips were exposed in all of their pale dimpled glory.

Mike was able to get some pretty good pictures out of Richie, looking smiling and playful on the cargo net again, but he started to worry that he'd be up soon.

As soon as they reached the end of the Tomas set it was time for another extra. The patron wanted Richie back on the cargo net, nude. And this time Mike just led a nude Richie to the net and ordered him up on it. Richie was told to face the net, as he stepped up a couple or rungs off the ground. Being a kid's playground the net was reinforced at each crossing point with red plastic about every 10 inches [25 cm] instead of knots. Richie's feet were tied only a square apart rather than spreading him our wide. And when his hands were both tied just above his right shoulder the blond hair tween was able to move around a lot.

Mike felt a lot of foreboding when he again had to go get the sports cream. Again Mike applied the cream to Richie's nipples and then started to jack-off his buddy with the cooling lotion that flared up with what felt like burning heat. Richie's testicles felt really sensitive.

The new twist was that Mike was to put another smear of cream between Richie's ass cheeks. And after waiting for that to start to take effect, Mike had to get a new glob and smear it around and into Richie's tight little asshole.

Mike had to restrain Richie by wrapping his left arm around his friend's waist as the boy was already dancing and turning, pivoting around on his trapped wrists, but not able to evade Mike's probing finger.

When the inside of Richie's anus started to burn Richie started to plead. Mike was pulled back as Master K wanted at least five to ten minutes.

Richie kept struggling for almost eleven.

Chapter 24
Mike Knows

Leaving the playground for the sterile studio they will get very familiar with for photo sessions the boys are given little chance to talk. Richie is drained of energy, and Mike is apprehensive. The earpiece is transferred to Richie and Mike is directed to the floor, covered in the white background matte plastic, under the many high grade lights that banish the shadows softly.

Mike has a typical preteen body. Like the model boy Milan, his upper body shows none of the muscles that will develop. Thin, but round with no sharp lanky edges. The photoset makes best use of Milan's body when he is stretched out, and especially when viewed from the side. Indeed the patron who is sponsoring Mike and Richie likes them a bit soft, but lean and vulnerable.

The patron loves the Milan pics, but finds them just a bit wanting in that the model is 'overdressed' and has on some really strange high top basketball shoes. So Mike is improved as his jeans still have no belt even though the waist is much too large, and instead of being rolled up at the knees, Mike's have been sloppily cut-off so there are no legs at all.

Not a very demanding shoot and both Milan and Mike need to smile as much, nor are there as many costume changes, Mike is able to zip through his session of 50 pictures with his only prop being a wicker easy chair. Mike figured that he'd be tied to the chair when he saw it, but that was not to be the case.

Most of the chair shots gave plenty of view up the loose legs of Mike's shorts, but the patron really wanted to see more of Mike's butt and belly that peeked out of the top of the shorts when Mike was on the floor. Just hints of what was hidden showed up when Mike rolled through several poses on the floor. And there were a couple of real nice shots of Mike on his hands and knees that Mister K noted for future shoots.

Richie tied Mike's hands in front of him, then taking the boy's crossed wrists behind Mike's head secured them to a eyebolt set in the floor.

Mister K was fairly discouraged with the acting from these two so far. The photos were coming out fairly good, and the videos had great shots, but only when the Richie was under the spell of Icy Hot. The next shoot would be a more direct competition, maybe that would spur them on. And now we'll see how Mike like his sports cream.

After having no trouble taking off Mike's jeans, Richie had both of Mike's ankles tied together and stretched Mike out a bit securing them to another bolt in the floor. Now he anointed Mike's small pink nipples with the magic cream. Mike just showed nervousness as Richie reached for his dick with fingers dripping with cream.

Mike really had no experience with the cream. Putting it on Richie his fingers had tingled a bit, but his digits were nowhere near as sensitive as his nips or his penis.

Richie makes quick work of rubbing Mike into full erection and is able to be back to the camera when Mike starts to feel the cream. Seen from the side stretched out and 'resting' on his arms Mike arches his back a bit more as his lips curve into an 'Oh' that escapes.

Mike's firm little ass starts twitching as Mike begins to feel the first burn in his groin. Now Mike's head jerks up to check and see if his cock is on fire, and then he starts to move his arms in a helpless struggle to do something to stop the burning feeling.

Mike starts moving his legs, twisting his torso, anything to get free. And his legs pull free as Richie's knot failed. Mike is able to bring his knees up, but to no real help as they are still tied together at the ankle.

As the shoot is only half over, Mike's mini-torture is ended after about five minutes. He has another 40 pictures to go in the wrestling gear.

Milan's wrestling singlet covered him up pretty good. Mike's was also bright red, but was probably two sizes to small. Being a stretchy lycra that was not a huge problem, the legs stretched enough for him to put it on, and when he put it his arms through the straps bit into his shoulders. Mike's thighs were left bare as every part of the fabric rode up. Molding Mike's ass, creeping into the crack between the cheeks, and showing just a peek of boy bottom, Mister K was sure the patron would be pleased. The sides of the singlet Mike was wearing were pretty much open to the tween's hip. Milan's covered him almost to the armpit. And they had definitely lost the leg warmers that covered the boy's legs. Mike had attractive legs, well shaped from any angle. Which was pretty true of all of the Fab 5. Kris was so thin, but had fairly nice legs. Especially when stretched.

Mister K was pretty pleased with the look, even the headband that tousled the boy's hair. But this set needed something. Mister K figured it out and relayed his instructions through Richie.

Mike felt that the singlet put his package on display as soon as he put it on. He knew what these pictures were selling, and had no doubts about what it would take to be a star in this industry. But this wasn't something he was getting paid for, and being a slave certainly didn't mean he had to like it, but he was still shocked when Richie told him to get his dick hard, and make sure it points straight up.

Mike got his cock pointed in the right direction, but had a problem keeping it on his belly. It seemed to want to point straight out. Mister K found this acceptable.

Most of the shots used an inclined bench and they got some good shots of Mike kneeling with his chest on the bench and his ass in the air, but most of the shots seemed ordinary. Mike rolled the singlet down for the last few shots, much lower than Milan had, showing off Mike's torso, but while it may please the patron, Mister K is sure that what they've seen so far is not likely to beat Richie and the other team would be shooting theirs with a distinct advantage. Their patron had only provided a few shots of two girl models… so flexibility will be the key to that shoot.

Mister K had thought to cut the singlet off Mike, but the customer had sent it in, and might want it used with another model later, so that was out. And these two were rather lame with their acting so he just decided to have Mike strip it off, and just film his natural fumbling with a too small garment.

Once naked Mike was directed back onto the inclined bench, with just the small of his back resting on the bottom edge.

Richie just starts off with a simple wrist cuff of rope, passes a coil around a leg of the bench, across and underneath, coil around the other leg, then two wraps around Mike's other wrist. As the boy struggles to get more support by wriggling up further onto the bench, Richie uses the same tie on Mike's ankles. Bent back from the knee his legs are now no help in this odd posture. Just his shoulders and the top of his butt are on the bench. His arms around a bit. And Richie now moves in with the sports cream. So now when Richie tries to rub some on Mike's nipples, Mike tries to squirm away, and Richie has to grab Mike by the balls before he can get some spread on Mike's stiffening penis. Richie plays quite a bit, the three quick jerks of the first session are replaced by several slower pumps that has Mike almost on the edge… then Richie stops and the heat builds. Richie was actually stalling as he is none to comfortable as he greases up his fingers for the attack on Mike's ass. Richie drops down below Mike, his own idea, so he gets a better view from between Mike's legs. Slathering plenty, probably too much, up and down the cleavage of the tween's ass some of it drops back onto Richie's chest. Richie just recycles it back to his finger and takes the plunge. Not knowing how much pressure to use Richie's whole finger is buried in Mike's virgin asshole.

Both boys react quickly to that, Richie pulling out as Mike tries to arch his body away from the intruder. Mike's struggles make for great video as the boy's sweat lubed body gradually slides off the bench, leaving him stretched out on his knees, butt and midsection hanging off the bench, still hollowed by his hands tied to either side.

Maybe that last fifteen minutes of Mike's tight little body will be enough. Maybe he won't have the worst sales and download numbers. Editing on the fly he has 10 minute rough cuts ready to go. Now to get the other team going. He really expects high sales from those shoots. And they had a punishment from last week that was going to be a really good show.

Chapter 25
Bikini Time?

"Just because free boys always get a choice, do you want to wear purple or white?" Mister Chung asked Brian as the teen stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. Chung thought it amusing that a slave boy still was modest or more likely bashful.

Brian remembered what happened to the white suit yesterday. Everything was visible as soon as it got wet, so he chose the purple. What he got was worse than he expected.

It was a pink bikini with tiny purple flowers and blue trim ties. The top was actually a little larger than he expected, but the bottom was smaller, much smaller.

Kris's beating was fresh in his mind, so he was sure that they wanted him to say "You Can't Make Me." Tim had told him how painful it was to be dangling with a stone tied to his waist. He had come close to being in that predicament just a couple of days ago. And Brian knew that it left no marks. In an hour he could be right back here staring at the same pink bikini. Trouble is he didn't know how to put it on.

It was obvious he could put it on like a pair of briefs, but what me really wanted to know is where could he put his cock and balls. There didn't seem to be enough room. Brian ended up untying one side, he had a lot better chance to arrange things. It certainly won't work if he gets an erection.

After three days practice the bra was no problem. Just put it on backwards, tie it, turn it back around and slip on the shoulder straps. Damn, this one didn't have shoulder straps, it ties behind the neck. He finally gets it done and it's too tight. The bottom of the cups are right under his nipples, and with the tan lines he got it almost seems like he has boobs sticking out.

And as far as tan lines go, the ones he has down there make it seem like he's showing a lot of skin. The bikini is low cut, sort of scooped out, and the sides don't reach to those lines where his stomach and legs meet. Turning his head to try to see what the back looks like, he can't see but can feel that at least his butt crack is covered. But he can see no suit and plenty of white ass on the side.

When he gets outside Mister Chung stops him, and taking a hairbrush, parts the teen's hair in the middle and pulls Brian's long hair into a ponytail.

Brian has a bigger shock when Tim steps out to join them in the hallway.

Tim's outfit has a white skirt, a very small white skirt. Tim has it pulled low on his hips, but it is adjusted upward by Chung so it is just under his navel, leaving the bottom of the skirt just covering Tim's groin area. Brian gets just a flash of yellow from underneath.

Tim has some sheer pink fabric for a top, something made for a woman as it rides low on Tim. The back and sides ride at the bottom of his ribs, swooping past the bottom of Tim's pecs. Being sheer his nipples show thru the fabric of the strap descending from the back of his neck. The extra fabric is tied into a ugly ball of a knot under Tim's chest.

Brian's observations on Tim's get-up were cut-off as Mister Chung led them into a small studio set and pushed Brian out into the lights. Brian was going to be first.

Brian was first posed in the lotus position, seated with his ankles crossed in front of him, his forearms resting on the top of his thighs, hands open on his knees.

After a couple of pictures Chung told Tim to get rid of the ponytail. Seated on the floor Brian got a look under Tim's skirt as he walked behind to undo the ponytail. It looked like Tim had on a yellow thong. Tim's walk back confirmed Brian's suspicion, poor Tim's ass had even less covering it than Brian had.

Brian stopped worrying about Tim as had him move to another pose. Now he had to move his feet back, opening up his crotch area. The pink bikini stood out against his soft white skin.

Next he had to roll back on his shoulders, keep his knees apart with his elbows and biceps as he raised both arms and legs upwards. Tim could see what Brian could only imagine. Brian's ass cheeks were on display from this weird angle. The thin piece of pink fabric covered very little and was wedging its way into the cleft of Brian's cheeks.

As Tim got several pictures, he knew they had to move on.

Next Brian had to make an arch. First facing the camera, Looking forward at the camera from between spread arms flat on the floor, and his stomach arched towards the ceiling. The top of the bikini crept upward, and the edge of Brian's pectoral muscle peeked out.

Tim instructed Brian to kick one leg up in the air, Brian did and Tim got a few shots before Brian collapsed in a heap.

Repositioning Brian so he was side on to the camera, Tim got some of the pictures that would really sell well. Brian's cock pressed out under its pink cover and his flat stomach was forced up into prominent display. And his dimpled hip stole the show.

A couple of leg kicks and then Brian was arched away from the camera. His head facing the background, his blond hair showed in the background between his legs. And it was between his legs that the camera was focused on. The Pink bikini was wedged between his ass cheeks showing between his straining legs, his cock was covered, but his left ball had worked its way free.

Leg kicks and then shoulder stands kept 're-adjusting' his suit and Brian was doubly embarrassed as his cock started to stiffen, pushing the bikini out of shape in a very identifiable way.

Brian's weight was back on his shoulders when he had to do the splits, spreading his legs wide while Tim moved in for close-ups of his bikini.

The final few shots of the set were with Brian on his stomach. Gradually his pink triangle had worked its way into being a thong. Brian his last poses to be another arch, this time with his fingers holding on to his toes.

Tim got a few shots of Brian that brought back memories of the hanging hogtie he had been in last week. And just when Tim thought Brian's session was over Mister Chung waved him back.

Snapping a very small set of cuffs on Brian's thumbs, then on the boy's big toes Brian was restrained in this rocking horse position. And Tim got instructions to take off Brian's bikini. Which amounted to untying a bow on Brian's back, and one on Brian's hip.

The rest of Tim's job was simple. He just had to keep Brian rocking for the next five minutes. Tim was to kneel on the far side of the scene and keep hitting Brian with a lightweight leather tawse.

After a couple of minutes of Brian's energetic struggles and screams their team's sales were surging well into the lead, and even though Tim's shoot hadn't started yet, the blond teen in the see-thru top had sold quite a few videos just from this preview.

Brian's bubble butt was clenched from the unusual position and every spank intensified his pain. And Tim was taking shots at his legs and back also. Brian didn't know that Mister Chung was whispering commands to keep the punishment light. And then it was Tim's turn.

Chapter 26
Tim the Slut

Tim had a different Patron than Brian. One guy had sponsored both Mike and Richie's shoots, a woman had sprung for Brian, and so Tim's was going to be different.

Tim had seen the photoset he was going to re-create. The girl's face was kind of plain, and she had sort of dark blond hair. And since she was flat as a board Tim figured her to be a couple of years younger than he was. He was much prettier than she was, but she really seemed to be a slut. And the outfit she was wearing he now had on. And not only was the top sheer, but the thong was see-thru also! But seeing the beating they gave Kris last week, that he had just missed getting himself had convinced him that he'd go along with just about anything, at least as far as them taking pictures.

He figured he could take five minutes of paddling from Brian if his photo shoot ended the same way.

Brian had taken over the camera after a short rest and recovery period.

From what he had gathered they were being judged on both their 'performances,' their camera skills, and the amount of sales they generated. Sales would determine the winning team, and the losing team would get punished.

The lowest score among the boys for camera and photo shoot would get the major punishment of the week.

Some cheesy music started playing and Tim started dancing, well sort of swaying and shaking. Every so often Brian would get a hint of yellow between Tim's legs as his bikini panties showed beneath the short skirt.

Brian was amazed that Tim's nipples actually stuck out. Neither boy was aware that Tim's nipples were a side effect of puberty that would remain with him as his growth was now being controlled by the food he ate, so they would remain with little puffy cones.

As the music picked up Tim had to match Katya's slut shots. And Brian was aghast when Tim dipped down and spread his knees giving the camera a view of his yellow panties. Sheer yellow panties that revealed his cock pointed up against his belly.

It went by so quick Brian wasn't sure… Tim dipped again and Brian was sure that he hadn't imagined it.

Tim did a quick roll across the floor and flashed his bare ass, 'covered' only by single string between the cheeks of his pure white butt. Tim kept moving knowing the little skirt would provide some cover, but then the song ended.

Brian moved in with a spray bottle and started to wet Tim down.

Tim knew that after a minute of dancing he was to take off the skirt. But during that minute he was to grab himself a few times. He was determined to win this week since anything else would put him way down in the scoring. A place he didn't want to be.

Kris had been last place in the first shoot. So he had a -5 score but he was not in today's. Whoever finished last today would lose five points. Tim was -3 from the first shoot. Richie had 'won' last shoot so he had 1 point, Mike had zero. Staying in positive numbers was not going to be easy. Five firsts equals one last.

Tim heard the music start, his hands were cupped and he splashed himself with water. The only thing he could be thankful for was that he hadn't had to dance in high heels. Tim did a quick grab of his dick and then his fingers hooked the bottom of the skirt. He bunched it up and then dropped it.

Tim spun around and dropped to his knees with his head to the green screen, His slender legs spread and then Tim straightened them up. The little skirt only half covered his ass as the yellow triangle disappeared between the cheeks of his ass, and his legs were perfectly shaped.

Another grab and Tim felt his cock start to stiffen. He spun upright, Tim knew this would win for him, another quick grope and he started to shimmy the skirt down his hips.

He almost fell when he tried to step out, but caught his balance and spun around giving his audience a look at the twin white globes for the first time as he gave his hips an extra shake.

To Brian it looked like Tim was enjoying this. Tim continued slow circles as he worked on the knot that held on the pink top. And his cock was growing harder on its own. Tenting the thin yellow mesh.

He playfully pulled down the sheer top before he let it loose, and his nipples were really visible through their sheer covering. Doing a final dip, getting his heels under his butt, he turned sideways and used his back arm to keep him from going to the floor, and his near arm keeping the top in place he gave a couple of bucking thrusts up as he dropped the top. His pale chest contended with his grinding pelvis with its erect cock trimmed in yellow.

Unfortunately for the rest of the viewers, that was all the patron had scripted.

When all the returns were in Tim was the easy winner. And a couple of new patrons were making some expensive new requests.

Chapter 27
Tim's Choice

Four naked boys joined a Speedo clad Kris back on the beach. All four wore leather cuffs on their wrists and ankles. No chains were on their feet, but their wrists were all hooked to the back of each boy's neck.

By virtue of being the loser last week Kris got to make his debut as the MC announcing this week's winner. He had spent the last hour studying the few lines he had, explaining the point standings, and introducing this week's punishment. Kris was more conscious of Mister K off camera, and the hundreds or thousands watching on the secure network.

When his nude friends were lined up in front of him, Kris knew the camera was going to be just off to the right. The scoreboard was on his left and thankfully he didn't have to make it work. Mister Chung was controlling that off camera.

"Good afternoon fans of the Fabulous Five! We have just completed our second photo shoot. It's been an exciting week here and we have a lot of catching up to do. And we are going to explain the scoring to those watching us at home."

"Last week I lost the first competition which was decided by a vote of all the boys. For that I got a very painful beating and lost five points." As a bright red 'Kris -5' lit up on the scoreboard, Kris added "And I won't forget that for a while."

"Our winner last week was Richie, so he scored 1 point. Second place for Mike earned him no points. Normally only four boys will compete, so in the second week's competition I will get 0 points. Trust me zero is a good score."

"Third and fourth last week were Brian at -1, Tim at -3. And again for those with short memories I was last at -5."

"So moving on to this week's competition which was determined by sales of our live photo shoots. Each minute there is another 5 seconds added to preview. Those who buy early count for more than those at the last minute, but who really cares about all that."

"Our winner this week is Tim." A column labeled Wk 2 came up with gold 1.

"Now remember that each week the losing team is punished as well as a special punishment for the boy with the worst score. This week our competition was 'Boys vs. Girls' and Tim was part of our beautiful bikini girls. If our runner-up is not either Mike or Richie then we'll know the 'Boys' team lost and will start their punishment in a few minutes."

"So let us see second place, or as I like to call it 1st Loser…" 'Brian -1' lit up on the board as well as a 'Kris 0.' Ohhhh, boys you are in trouble."

"I should also explain that each team was scored on two parts. Their own individual sales, as they were the model this week, and also on how well they produced the shoot for their partner, with 80% being on the sales."

"Reason we say that is because the sales of the two boys was fairly close, so the photo work was the deciding factor."

"So let's see the other two boys scores."

Richie - 3

Mike - 5

"Okay now for dinner tonight our winner will get a reward. Come on up here Tim and tell us what you want to eat for dinner tonight. Chicken or steak."

Tim came up with a bit of swagger-which was hard to do naked with his hands chained behind his head-well aware also that he was going to be the sole focus of the camera for the next bit.

"Steak, I really like a steak. Umm, Medium, I don't like it bloody!" Tim replied with a real honest grin on his face. He hadn't really enjoyed everything they had been eating, and still didn't know what some of it was, but it was tasty after he got used to it.

"But I'm sure that our patrons are just about sick of hearing me talk. There is just one more thing to cover for next week's show, let's get the loser up here also. Mike come on up. And Tim you can go back and watch what is up for the losing team."

Mike came up at a much slower pace, not sure if his individual punishment was going to start now or what.

"Our loser this week will decide the teams for next week, and he gets to sit out as he rests up. So tell us who our partners are going to be."

Mike hadn't given any thought to it. And he had no idea what the contest was going to be for the next week. He was sure that Kris wanted to be with Tim, which would leave his brother and best friend together. But would they be a strong team?

And putting Richie with Kris would give the two older boys back together again.

"Uh, Tim and Richie against Brian and Kris." Mike knew that Brian wouldn't be happy with Kris, but there really weren't that many choices.

"Thanks Mike. We won't be hearing much from you for a while. I've been informed that since Tim did not choose chicken for dinner tonight the Boys team will have a punishment we call Chicken on a Spit. First thing is to give Mike a special gag."

Mister Chung came out with a metal gag of some sort. It had straps that buckled behind Mike's head, but the gag also had four metal hooks or prongs that forced Mike's mouth to stay open. The hooks were not sharp and were covered in plastic and the straps forced Mike's cheeks back.

As Mister Chung grabbed some rope, Kris pointed to the scoreboard which now had a total column. "I'm sure you are all excited to know that the end of each month we will have a special punishment for the boy who has the lowest score."

The board lit up a new column which now sorted itself. Richie, Brian, and Tim all had -2 for scores. Mike and Kris both had -5.

"And now Mister Chung is going to prepare our chickens. So Richie you come up here also and lets start with chicken wings."

Chung deftly started with soft cotton rope, grabbing the middle with both ends together hanging down gave him a loop that Chung placed against Mike's wrist, sliding the ends through and then wrapping them away from the loop quickly secured the boy's wrist and Chung released the cuff to the boy's collar. Now Chung wrapped around Mike's upper arm as he tightened the blond tween's wrist by his armpit. Mike could flap it if he felt like it, but he really wasn't feeling comical right now.

Richie's turn came soon as it only took about thirty seconds for the expert ropemaster to give Mike a second wing. After another minute Richie matched him, but Chung added a wooden rod that he lashed inside Richie's elbows. Richie's arms pulled against the wooden dowel behind his shoulders. Kris came back out and guided Richie beneath the huge metal swingset while Chung added the wooden pole to Mike's back and elbows. In one section all the swings had been removed and just some ropes that had been tossed over the top bar hung down.

Mister Chung then added more rope, tying from the center of the rod, under his arm, over a shoulder, back behind his neck, over the other shoulder, back to the wooden rod, pulled tight, then reversed, this time around Mike's chest, under his pecs, and again behind his back to the rod, through the loop and then up to the rope behind Mike's neck, back to the bar with another knot, a twist that changed direction, and then around his chest from the right this time above Mike's nipples. As the rope harness progressed Chung wove the knot from the rod below his shoulder blades to the back of his neck, fanning out to include his arms pulling them back and tighter. Everything tightened up with every new set of loops.

Kris dragged Mike over to the ropes hanging from the swing set and held the boy steady as Chung quickly lashed a hanging rope around the rod. Chung started a harness around Richie's chest in the same manner, but once the first ropes above and below the lanky blond's chest were in place Chung started a wrap that linked the boy's chests together. Tied together with a lashes that crisscrossed and joined their chests in three places.

Kris's next task was to get both boys hard while Chung started an elaborate tie that circled both waists and pulled the tweens' bellies together trapping their stiff little dicks between them. Once around the waist a couple of times, Chung made a knot joint that changed to go down the cleft of Richie's ass and then up between Mike's cheeks, an knot in back then Chung separated the rope and pulled each end around Mike's pelvis, a joining twist, then both boys balls were trapped, wrapped, and the ropes separated to follow the v-lines on Richie's groin back again to the small of the boy's back.

Richie's right thigh was lashed to Mike's left, then Chung repeated on the other set. Chung pushed the boys down so they knelt in the sand as he lashed each ankle up to the top of its thigh. Then he heaved on the ropes and drew the pair of trussed chickens up into the air by the rods lashed to their chicken wings.

Kris took advantage of Mike's scream of pain. Sliding a metal trap through Mike's open mouth he sprung it on the boy's pink tongue. Not able to close his mouth because of the hook gag, Kris drew Mike's tongue forward and used twist ties to secure it to the hooks on either side of Mike's lower teeth.

Richie had his head back, so he could see that Mike's tongue was trapped by a mousetrap-like bar on a spring and there was another spring bar waiting.

Kris grabbed the curly blond head and tilted it closer. "Go ahead and give Mike a big French kiss, stick your tongue in there," Kris cooed to Richie. As Richie resisted Kris grabbed hold of the double set of balls already aching from being knotted together.

Richie's tongue slid forward past his lips, and retreated again as he made contact with Mike's. Another squeeze and Richie made a more determined push, forcing his pink little tongue into the trap waiting between Mike's lips. Kris nudged it into place and almost got a finger caught as the bar whipped down locking the boys' mouths together into a very long kiss. A very painful tongue kiss.

The final task for Kris was to butter the chickens for roasting. Taking a palm full of oil Kris started on Mike's ribs and massaging a good handful of Mike's butt. "Now we just have to leave you out here to cook. When these white little asses turn red we'll know you are done."

Mike barely squirmed when Kris slid his oily fingers up and down the crack of the tween's ass. While the rope harness was helping distribute the stress, the unusual pull of being lifted up by his elbows and the protesting pain in his shoulders was winning the battle for Mike's attention.

Kris had plenty of oil and plenty of time, so his slick fingers danced and slid over the two boys already smooth flesh. Gliding down Richie's smooth stomach he found a stiff little dick, that he assumed was Richie's. But as he played with it Mike let out a moan, Kris's other hand soon found the other little cocklet, and Kris was able to grip both at once. Now both boys were making complaining noises around their trapped tongues.

Not sure of what he was allowed to do Kris only did a few pumps on the rigid little shafts, before sliding down and oiling Richie's legs. He saw the Tim and Brian were being allowed to put on shorts and the muscle tanks tops that were ripped up and down the center seam so they always revealed a good bit of ribs and midriff from the side. And he could smell steak on a grill somewhere.

Quickly smearing more oil on any patches that looked dry, Kris hurried to join the group moving toward the irresistible smell of grilling steak.

Chapter 28
Lunch Guest

As Tim and Brian went in to the delicious aroma of grilled steak, there was another teenager waiting at the table. He was dressed in yellow running shorts, white knee sox with a couple of red stripes at the top and a red mesh muscle shirt that had its side seams intact, but ended above a very good set of abs. The teen had a full head brown, wavy hair, although quite a bit of it was sun-bleached. The ripped boy was very tan.

"Boys, I want you to meet Maximus. He is one of our star boys for the last two years. He's just celebrated his 15th birthday and is quite a favorite with many of our patrons. And one of them has requested that he join this group as, well, a bully. Very often he will take the role of a kidnapper. As you can see he can easily grab and carry away those two outside, and will add some action to some of the videos you will be making. He will join us for lunch, then I will need to talk to Tim and Kris."

Max went off with the adults to their table at the far end of the room. The boys knew where they were to sit at each meal. Brian and Kris had the usual local mishmash, while Tim's place had a steak and baked potato. Tim easily won the race to the table.

Mike groaned as the pulling ropes shifted his position, turning the pair of baking boys again. Their fourth turn, bringing Mike again to the top.

Richie's ropes dropped just a bit, so Richie's weight transferred to the ropes lashing them together. Being below had some advantages, not the least being out of all the direct sunlight. Richie's arms still pulled up and back, but as the blond boys were kept at an angle by the shifting ropes one side was always up to the burning rays. Ten minutes on a side did not seem like much, But Richie's butt and hips had never been exposed to the sun. And because of the where the sun was in the sky at least two sets of boy canvas was being painted pink at any time.

Mike's ass had gained a tint in his first go round. And almost immediately he could actually feel the rays hit his soft skin. And Richie and Mike felt no relief on their flanks that had been pointed straight up. Mike's left and Richie's right were now working on thirty minutes of brutal sunlight.

And unusual areas like the soles of Mike's feet were also sun virgins, getting raped red by the burning solar rays. Promising unusual pain for the coming days.

Richie was again aware of the wetness of being in the below position. Not only was Mike's mouth draining spit down into his, but sweat was washing down on him. Sweat dripping from Mike's nose dripped on Richie's neck, and all these little annoyances were made maddening as his limbs ached and knotted in their strange positions. And every time he twitched, something pulled on Mike. And Mike's thigh pulled Richie's thigh, the pressure caused Richie to clench his butt cheeks, which pulled on the pairs of balls tied tightly together, both boys squirmed, and Mike twisted, and Richie was pulled… a slow mad aerial dance by two boys baking in the early afternoon sun.

Turned again, the boys rotated until they saw Brian come out and pound some stakes into the sand just a bit down the beach. Long heavy stakes, almost as tall as Brian disappeared down into the sand. Using a very small sledge hammer Brian drove them in on a slant until about 3/4th of each stake was underground. Mike and Richie quickly figured that they were going to get their fronts fried.

Brian figured that too. But while he was setting up two sets of ropes out, attaching small pulleys to each stake and feeding a rope into each, Kris and Tim were being instructed by Max, unaware that their film had started, and this was the first scene.

"Brian's patron was a bit unhappy with some of Brian's pictures, so he wants a little extra. I'll grab Brian from behind in a full nelson, Once my hands are locked behind his neck each of his arms belong to one of you. Grab a rope and tie it to one of his wrists, I'll let him fall to the sand and you each pull on the rope…" Max continued instructing his two helpers. Moments later Tim was sent out to see if all was ready.

Tim inspected to see that each stake had a long rope threaded into each pulley, and that they ran freely and didn't get stuck. Kris was getting some last minute instructions from Max.

Chapter 29
The Trap is Sprung

Max called out to Brian, "C'mon over here, next to our two chickens. Let's get some shots of you with them. Come over here beside your brother."

Brian sprang over to the entwined duo. At the moment both of the younger boys were in the last couple of minutes of their sides getting toasted, so Brian ducked under and came up behind his brother Mike. Max stood on the other side behind Mike's head, and keeping his hand low delivered a rapid bunch of slaps to Richie's already pink ass cheeks.

As Richie's squirms jostled the pair, Max said "Your turn." Brian took aim and spanked his younger brother, once… okay that barely grazed him… a bit harder slap that had to hurt… then quickly Brian added a third that really cracked the boy's dimpled butt.

"Brian, we need to show a bit more action, and that shirt you're wearing doesn't show how hard you are swinging," Max said as he circled round behind Brian.

Brian got into the spirit of things, tossing his shirt off over his head, and delivering three more sharp spanks to Mike's quivering backside.

On a signal from Max the chickens rotated again. Now Richie's tender ass was pointed up toward the sun. Max's hand print was starting to fade, and Brian attacked the new target with three, no four well aimed hits, before standing back to watch his palm print 'develop' on the twisting, crying blond boy.

As soon as Brian stepped back, with his attention totally focused on his brother's friend, and thinking of all the bratty things they'd done that he could get payback on, Max crept forward, right behind Brian. Seeing his opening Max sprung and applied an easy full nelson on the unsuspecting teen. Max's hands locked behind Brian's neck and he had both of Brian's arms helplessly locked out to the side.

Max could easily walk Brian around the chickens and out to the beach where Kris and Tim waited. Struggling against the taller boy behind him did Brian little good as his fellow captives each quickly secured a wrist.

"Why… don't guys… " but that was all Brian got out before a ball gag was jammed into his mouth. Too much happened at once as Brian dropped to the sand, both of his arms were yanked out toward a stake… Brian flexed his biceps trying to fight it, but then felt his shorts being pulled off his hips… as Brian looked down his arms snapped out to full their full extension and he was trapped… and of course naked.

Kris and Tim wasted no time and jumped from wrists to ankles, Brian tried to keep his legs away from the boys grasping hands, but as soon as Max joined in Brian was spread eagled and helpless under the sun.

"Okay boys, next step in Brian's punishment will be to tighten him up a bit. Where each rope goes through the pulley there is a little plastic piece that locks it in place, go up to each arm stake and tighten it up, just a bit, not too much…" Max was saying all of this for the cameras, the boys already had their instructions, and they also knew that this was their cue to toss aside their shirts.

Brian squinted into the sun trying to follow what was going on, Both boys were bringing the long loose ends of the ropes back to Max. The tightening hadn't really hurt, although Kris's rope had really bit into his wrist. Brian watched in gagged silence as Max was arranging the rope ends into loops just on either side about even with Brian's armpits, he guessed something was going on but wasn't sure what, then he grunted again as Tim and Kris had tightened his legs even more and were scurrying back to Max who took a seat between Brian's outstretched thighs. Max fiddled with the ropes and loops appeared as if by magic, the teen had plenty of training in creating the little nooses.

Brian noticed that Kris was shucking off his shorts. He had a tiny Speedo, Tim was stripping off his a bit more reluctantly, he was naked when they came off, but was following instructions he got at lunch.

"Kris get ready with the oil, Tim you come over here and tie this around Brian's balls…"

Tim was given a thin cord that Max had already doubled up and looped, so all the 14 year old had to do was slide it on and pull it tight. Dropping down to his knees between Max and Brian, Tim re-assured himself that he had to do this… he was the winner this week, he had to stay on top… so he grabbed the tip of Brian's cock and flipped it out of the way. Gingerly grabbing the loose skin Tim lifted up his buddy's balls and dropped the noose over. Just as Tim stuck the tip of his tongue out between his lips, a sure sign Tim was getting excited, he pulled the cord tight and Brian screamed… and Tim felt himself locked tight up against Max's bare chest in a full nelson.

Chapter 30
Stake - Medium Done

Too soon Tim was wrestled down by Max and Tim could not fight off the smaller Kris who pulled his arms one at a time and eventually tied Tim down.

Fighting mad at finding himself tricked, Max kept the hold on for minutes, using his weight, longer arms and leverage to keep the teen trapped while his young accomplice gradually was able to slip on the prepared nooses and restrain both of Tim's arms and then got the gag in place before Max let go and Tim dropped to his back.

Kris still kept away from Tim's well aimed kicks after one had caught the younger boy in the ribs. Crawling around he took in some slack, noting with satisfaction that now Tim's wrists were jerking against Brian's ankles.

Max slapped both hands down on Tim's right thigh. Tim winced, first in pain and then in fright as Max trailed his hands slowly down the slender blond's leg pinning it to the sand.

Kris knew this was his cue, he was now supposed the narrate the rest of the action. His reward for being the loser in the prior contest. But first he had to follow Max's example and get Tim's other leg under control.

After getting in a couple of slaps, Kris wrapped his hands around Tim's soft left thigh. Caressing it as he trailed his fingers down the thigh and past the knee, Kris again started his job of informing the audience. "What Tim forgot was that his team lost in week one, and while they both suffered, they never got a punishment as a team. So this week we can catch up by punishing both teams. And Tim got to choose whether he wanted to be a chicken or a steak. Poor Brian's didn't even get to taste Tim's steak lunch, but now he does get to be grilled with his teammate and he should be thankful that Tim doesn't like his steaks well done."

While Kris was narrating, Max maneuvered Tim's right leg into position, pulling it over Brian's left and spreading it out wide and straight. Once he had it near the rope coil Max immobilized Tim by sitting on the teen's calf. Max had little trouble securely tying up the trapped ankle. Releasing the little plastic doodad that kept Brian's rope tight when the end was loose gave a bit of slack that Tim started to use to struggle. Max made a small adjustment on the way the pulley was fastened, taking away a bit of slack until Tim's kicking caused Brian's arm to jerk in response.

Tim's lower body lay on top of Brian, with both legs spread wide Tim's ass covered Brian's groin. Getting Tim immobilized quickly stacked the two with a lot of overlap that was not how the shot was planned. But this was not the first time for Mr. K's operation, and Max had plenty of experience, even if some of it had been on the receiving end. Each pulley was tethered to its stake with an adjustable nylon cord that had its own ratchet to tighten or loosen as needed.

Once each boy had a limb tied to the end the rope itself pulled ankle against opposing arm in a closed system that had been pretty well measured. But the pulley ratchet allowed it to be tightened like four little racks. Max backed off the tension on Tim's leg a few notches and crawled down to tighten those on Tim's arms.

Whatever renewed movement Brian enjoyed soon evaporated as Max started to draw Tim's arms farther apart and closer to the stakes, and of course Brian's legs as well. Most of the slack was in Tim's body and it was pulled off of Brian until just Tim's two thighs were spread across Brian's outstretched thighs.

"Now we could tie Tim down like this, but that gets Brian that extra bit of shade. And Tim has been a bit uncooperative in this whole matter, refusing to accept his punishment. But that's our game 'You Can't Make Me' so I'm going to release Tim's leg and get him to slide it under Brian's thigh, so each boy will have one on top and one underneath." Kris talked as he scrambled back over the sand to where the boys came together and grabbed the rope around Brian's balls in his left hand and Tim's balls in his right. And he squeazed.

Tim screamed into his gag, thrashed and flailed with his free leg, kicking Brian's ribs and flinging sand around until Kris relaxed his grip.

"Bring your knee up and do as your told or I'll crush them again!" Kris commanded, his face lit up with a sly smile as he really enjoyed this part of his own slavery.

When Brian heard the catch phrase from their summer games he knew that Tim would resist at least once. With all of his limbs tied, he was along for the wild ride controlled by Tim's wild energy. And no matter which rope pulled, Brian's balls ached.

Twice more Kris got to squeeze Tim's testicles. But as the third mad struggle faded Tim brought his knee up so he could get his toes under Brian's thigh. Max helped by raising up Brian's leg, and Tim shot his leg under.

Max soon had the two teens arranged as the patron had specified with interlocking groins, lashed with outstretched arms and legs, broiling in the afternoon sun. Kris resumed his patter for the audience as he fitted each boy with wrap-around sunglasses that were really blindfolds. "I'm going to oil these two up so they fry better, but first there is one more rope that needs to be tied down." Max expertly took up the loose ends of the cord around Brian's balls and wove it around Tim's testicles, making sure that it had the professional flair that this patron expected. Which meant that the neatly knotted package had the boys' nuts separated, and their cocks also had a tight band at the base.

Two blond teens spread-eagled on hot sand, under the burning rays of the afternoon sun, both with pale white skin that literally gleamed and was just about 15 minutes from sunburn were already miserable. Movement by Tim, still mad and eager to escape, wrenched Brian's leg instantly and hit both boys in the balls a second later.

And Kris had the job of making the teens even more miserable. If left alone they might get the idea that to stay motionless was their best defense against pain, but made for pretty boring video of two gorgeous boys. And since it was to run live for another few hours to a super select set of patrons that could not be allowed.

So as the only boy allowed Speedo and sunscreen Kris knew he was doubly blessed. And he got to play with Brian & Tim without their knowing about it. They'd probably know it was him and not Max or somebody else, but as long as he didn't spout off they couldn't be sure. And of course Max made him do it. He'd have to think of how Max had made him…

Kris started on Brian. Safer choice as Kris thought Brian was a bit of a wimp, as he never really got mad and never really beat anyone up, not even his brother Mike.

Now Kris felt emboldened enough to grab Brian's cock and start to jerk it off. Brian made a startled sound from behind his gag and set the network of ropes in motion. Kris noticed that Brian got hard almost immediately. Kris had orders to keep both teens hard. And if they just twitched and never shot, so much the better, so Kris jerked only a couple more times before switching to Tim.

Being blindfolded made Kris's touch a terrific shock to Tim. Two fingers grab the tip and another starts feeling the underside, but quickly the hesitation is gone and Tim feels the expert fingers of the unknown boy doing what teen boys do best. Tim thinks it is Kris, but knows Kris would never dare to touch him, unless Tim had made him do it. And that hadn't happened in quite a while. Tim had cut that out, he was into girls now, but his cock was sure responding.

Kris got Tim's slender cock bobbing up and slapping against Tim's stomach. Which gave Kris an idea. Pulling the cock down, out of the way, Kris unleashed a flat hand slap across Tim's lower stomach. Two more followed and the puppets were both dancing against their ropes.

Kris changed over and Brian was on the receiving end of Kris's pink belly attack.

Brian found it hard to breath as he tried to suck in his stomach to avoid Kris's stinging, pounding slaps.

The alarm on Kris's watch signaled that he had only 30 seconds left, so he got Brian's cock hard in a hurry and then slipped it under Tim's thigh. Working quickly on Tim, Kris got his erection back to full stiffness and trapped Tim's slender cock squeezed between Brian's thigh on top and Tim's underneath.

Kris gave Tim's nipple a pinch and twist before he hurried back inside. He had another 55 minutes before he could torment them again. And he got to do it 5 more times.

Tim was the first to realize that he could cum from the friction and the smoothness that held his cock a prisoner. Brian was surprised when it happened to him. Their struggles could make them ejaculate, but after the first two times they started to feel every grain of sand.

And of course the sun was relentless.


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