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This story is the second part of a trilogy. It is a continuation of a previously written story, 88E469SD, Ward of the State. In order to follow much this story, it's necessary to get some back ground information from that story.

This story is primarily limited to eight boys involved in The Program, Alex and Aaron, Mark and Steven who were based out of Upstate New York, and the other four, Jimmy, Conner, David and Sean who were based out on Long Island.

The final part, Mark's New Home, follows one of the boys all the way from America to his new home in Greece.

Publ. 2006? (Johnny's pages); this site Mar 2008
Finished Length 50,000 words (100 pages).


Alex (12yo), Aaron (10yo), Mark (12yo), Steven (10yo), Jimmy (14yo) Conner (9yo), David (13yo) and Sean (11yo)

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Consensual Man-Boy story/love
Mtb bbcons anal oral mast – prost



If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Author's note

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I did not include any of this information in the original story, but having received multiple requests to know what occurred with the boys during their participation in the Program while out in the field. The boys, (now men) agreed to sit down with the writer over a weekend during a very cold and snowy week-end in New England and put their collective memories down on tape.

Part One

Aaron and Alex left Elmira along with Mark and Steven. The boys would be transferred to a cabin owned by the State and run by the Department of Correctional Services. Officially, it was a 'Wilderness Training Camp.' In actuality, it was a large house that contained twelve teams of boys who were part of 'The Program'. The cabin was run by four trustee caretakers, as well as two guards who oversaw the Program but rarely had direct contact with the boys. The cabin is located in the Adirondack's, in the middle of ski country.

Jimmy and Conner along with David and Sean went to a cottage on the grounds of a former mental hospital on Long Island that was also run by the State for the prison system as a 'Half-way House' (officially). Like the cabin upstate, it had twelve teams of boys and four staff, along with four guards.

The story continues:

The boys left Elmira in a cold April drizzle. The sky was its usual overcast gloomy gray, but the boys didn't really mind, they were leaving prison and going outside the walls of a building that looked like Dracula's castle. Most prisons in New York State look like Dracula's castle; their design is very expensive, very depressing and very deliberately so.

Two vans headed down the driveway and Aaron looked back. Unlike the Albany County jail and Danamora, Elmira was not a hell hole for Aaron and the other boys. Here, he was not starved and beaten, he was not afraid for his life and terrified by his surroundings, he was warm and protected, had a full stomach and a clean bed to sleep in. He now also had Alex who would protect and defend him. Turning back around, he looked over to Alex who was staring out the window.

"I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Daryl. Did you?" he asked his friend.

"No, he was with Patty and Kellie in the gym when we left." Alex told his friend.

Aaron's thoughts drifted to Patty. She had become more and more visible to the boys as they neared the end of their training and Patty and Daryl were now always together.

"Do you think they do it together?" Aaron asked Alex. Alex turned to look at his friend.

"Why, did you see something?" Alex asked.

"No, but everybody else is, so why wouldn't they be doing it too?"

Alex thought about it.

"No, I don't think so. Doc would go ballistic," he said.

"Besides, Patty can't fuck, she doesn't have any balls!"

"But Daryl does!" chimed in Mark in the back seat.

"If Doc heard any of this conversation, none of YOU would!" the driver then interjected himself into the conversation. The boys all felt silent. Talking about Patty was never casually allowed, and the subject was once again shelved for the time being.

The van entered the Thruway toll booth in back of the van holding Jimmy, Conner and Sean and overtook it as all the boys waved to each other. Aaron smiled as Conner sat on Jimmy's lap jumping up and down like a Mexican jumping bean. Conner looked completely different three months earlier when they last rode in a van entering the prison; for that matter, they all did.

Within a half hour, Aaron was tired of watching cars streak by, and grabbed a pillow and put it on Alex's lap and stretched himself across the seat. Alex took Aaron's ear in his hand and slowly massaged it as Aaron drifted off to sleep. Alex looked down at his friend as the boy's breathing grew deeper by the minute. The boy now lying on his lap was his new world. As long as he had Aaron, his sense of belonging and security was intact. Aaron was his responsibility to take care of and protect, and in return, Aaron was his to love. Alex entered jail as far as he knew just a boy who was caught playing around. Now, the boy laying there sleeping in his lap meant everything to him and he was going to fuck his way out of jail. He couldn't really understand how all of this made any sense. To compound his confusion a car went by the van and he saw it before he heard it. His left ear was deaf because of a broken eardrum caused by a guard and he couldn't even remember being hit. Alex picked up a pillow and put it between his head and the window. He closed his eyes, but he didn't sleep.

Steven, seeing Aaron stretch himself out across the seat, did the same and laid his head down across Mark's lap. Steven was happy that Mark had chosen him as a partner; at twelve years of age Mark was two years older than he was and it was Mark's job to protect him. Mark wasn't the biggest or strongest boy in the unit, but both Aaron and Alex were his very good friends, and the three of them stuck very close together when it came to any trouble. Besides, Mark was a lot of fun to play with, especially in bed. The highway noise and rocking of the van did its job very quickly and found Steven asleep in less than five minutes with Mark stroking his thumb across the boy's temple.

Mark was very happy with his choice of Steven as his partner. The boy was fun to play with and liked to do the things that Mark also liked to do, like play Nintendo and skate. Even though Steven was two years younger, he wasn't a whiner or a baby and when Mark wanted Steven to have sex with him, Steven never said "No".

Lunch time found the boys in Lake George Village as both Aaron and Steven were awakened. They parked in front of Fort William Henry on the lakefront in front of a row of paddle wheel steamers that plied the waters during tourist season. For the very first time in very close to a year for most of the boys, they were actually walking down a public street without chains around their ankles and wrists. In street clothing, and with a guard in regular clothes and not a uniform, they looked like everybody else who was walking around. The boys were so excited, that even if the guard told them that they wouldn't be fed, but just walked around, none of them would have cared. They were tasting freedom and they relished it!

Skipping lunch wasn't the guard's way of doing things and the boys found themselves sitting down to a meal in a restaurant over looking the Lake that took almost an hour to finish. Both Alex and Aaron had been to Lake George before and knew their surroundings. Mark and Steven had not, and they figured they had somehow found Disney World by mistake. The guard took them to the top of the mountain overlooking the lake after lunch, and the boys climbed boulders for nearly an hour before it was time to get back on the road. It was dark by the time the van pulled into the camp, and the boys all filed into the cabin just as dinner hit the table.

Officially, the boys were now in a 'Wilderness Training Camp'. In New York, you send a boy to wilderness training when you want to 'correct' a boy who is misbehaving or bad. It's sort of like Tough Love or Boot Camp or Survival Camp. There are those places, but they are not part of The Program that these boys were in. Real 'Wilderness Training Camps' in New York State are run by sadistic pathological sociopaths who shouldn't be running dog kennels or slaughter houses. These boys weren't there to be abused, starved or beaten; these boys were there to make money!

Aaron, Alex, Mark and Steven now found themselves in a 'cabin' that was formally owned by a multi millionaire, who had 'donated' his former hunting lodge to the State of New York (For a huge tax write-off of course!) The boys sat down to a roast beef dinner with more than a few of the boys already there familiar to them as visitors to Elmira over Christmas time.

After dinner, the boys were shown to their rooms which already contained their trunks of clothing and they unpacked as quickly as they could. Alex wanted to explore his new surroundings as soon as possible. Each room had a double bed. Each had a TV and a stereo. Every room had its own toilet and each room was connected on each side by two doors that could be locked from either room. Aaron opened his door and knocked on the door inside. Mark unlocked his door and the two rooms were now connected. Aaron thought it was cool. Alex rather liked his privacy, but was never threatened by Mark and the boy allowed the door to remain open.

Each room had a large window and Aaron opened the drapes first. It was pitch black out, but the window overlooked a lake and he could see lights reflecting off the water from houses around the lake on the other side. He couldn't see much more, but it was the first room he had been in a bedroom with a window view for almost a year. He was dying to see it the next morning and left the curtains wide open for the first light of dawn. The cabin had four large shower rooms and each shower room was assigned to three rooms of boys. As the boys would soon learn, the shower rooms were the center of social activity and they were as active in the morning and evenings as the showers in Elmira were, only on a smaller scale.

The boys met with their new caretakers for the first time about an hour after dinner in the Library. There were four caretakers. Like Michael and their caretakers at Elmira, they were all trustees and all four of them were in prison for sex offenses. Unlike the Elmira caretakers, the boys did not have to sleep with them, but they assured the boys that they would not be kicked out of bed if they chose to do so! As it turned out, the caretakers had very few lonely nights to deal with, so there was never any pressure on the boys one way or the other.

"The first thing you're going to realize when you get up tomorrow is that there are no locked doors, there are no fences with razor wire, and there are no guards with guns to prevent you from running away." The cabin leader said to the new boys as they sat there.

"You could run if you chose to, but it would be the dumbest thing you ever did in your life!" he continued.

"First, if you run, you will get caught and be returned to prison. You won't be returned to The Program, you'll go to general population," he said.

The boys all knew what they were being told. If they were not in The Program, they would be beaten, abused, fucked, starved and very much more, and then the inmates would get their turn at the boys when the guards were finished.

The team leader continued.

"Probably your best source of information and answers to any questions you might have would come from the other boys in the cabin," he told them.

"Getting it straight from another boy would probably be more acceptable to you, so feel free to ask any questions you have. If there's something that they can't answer, any one of us will help you in any way we can. Tomorrow you are restricted to the cabin for orientation. After tomorrow, you may leave with another member of the cabin if you want to, but you must stay together for at least a week until you know your way around the grounds," he told them.

The boys all looked at each other.

"You are in the Adirondack State Park. Children have walked away from their campsites up here and have never been seen again. The last little boy, a six year old, disappeared less than two years ago. This is deep woods territory, and I'm not trying to bullshit you when I tell you that you could very easily get lost and never be found. Don't go out alone, and when you do go out into the woods, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back," the caretaker told the boys.

They could feel the excitement rising within themselves as the caretaker spoke. Going out, even with another boy, was something they hadn't done now for almost a year in some case, now they were one more day away from opening a door and walking outside? They were almost giddy with excitement at the thought. As for getting lost in the woods: In New York State? In 1989? Alex didn't think so. A few years later, Alex read of a Corporate jet that went down in 1968 trying to land in Plattsburgh. It was finally found in the mid 1990s sitting on the bottom of Lake Champlain.

"Mealtimes are 7 to 9, 12:00 and 7:00 unless something special is going on or you're out in the field and return late," he told them.

"We do not get up in the mornings at a scheduled time because some boys don't get back from the field until very late, so breakfast is always served between 7 and 9 in the morning. So if you want to have breakfast cooked for you, you need to get to the kitchen by 9. If you wait, you'll have to cook your own breakfast. There's always extra food and stuff in the kitchen to make a sandwich, you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. All chores are rotated between all the boys. You will be responsible for keeping your own rooms clean and will rotate doing laundry and cooking as well as KP duty and general cabin cleaning," he told the boys.

"If you look around, the place is fairly well kept and clean, and we'll all help to keep it this way."

"Most of the rules and regulations will be explained to you tomorrow, but there is one rule that you need to learn immediately," he said as he stood up.

"There are 24 boys in the cabin, and each one has a partner. You are forbidden to interact with another boy unless his partner also fully and freely agrees to the arrangement. Do you have any question about this rule?" the caretaker asked the boys.

"What if a bigger boy makes you do it with you?" Steven asked. Steven's question did not come out of thin air. Steven was sent to prison for 'having sex' with other boys. At age ten he was raped by two of them in the school bathroom and they testified that he was the instigator. Normally, the boys wouldn't have gotten away with this bullshit, but one of the boy's father was a District Attorney. Since we all know that children of District Attorneys never lie, Steven was quite naturally found guilty of making two boys three years older than him screw him in the ass on the bathroom floor.

"It has never happened here, but if it did, you would tell a caretaker and the boy responsible would be returned to Elmira," he told Steven.

"Some of the boys here are more than partners, some are couples and they are never interfered with. All the boys know that, and they know that there are very serious consequences if the rule is broken. You don't have to worry about any boy here doing anything with you that you don't agree to, Steven."

Steven was happy; Alex was happier. Nobody but him was going to touch Aaron, he would see to it! Alex reached over and took Aaron's hand in his. The caretaker smiled, he had read the new boys' files, he knew about the new couple. The caretakers preferred couples; they always took care of each other and there was rarely any problems with third party interaction.

With the meeting over, Alex and Aaron returned to their room to finish unpacking. Aaron stood by the big window over looking the lake below and saw that the window opened. He wondered if it was locked, and tried it. The window opened to the outside and a very chilly wind began blowing in moving the curtains. Aaron got down on his knees and put his arms out the window. He looked at his hands stretched out before him, they were in free air! The cold wind hit him in the face and he felt it on his cheeks, it was cold, yet it was wonderful to the boy.

"Alex!" he called to his friend.

"Look, no bars."

Alex came over and looked out the window. He searched the grounds for a fence or a light tower. Between them and the lake there was nothing but trees and bushes and some houses.

"Come on," he said to Aaron.

"It's getting cold in here and we still need to take a shower before bed." Aaron's arms came back in the window as Alex closed it.

As Aaron was getting undressed, there was a knock on the bed room door.

"Go into the bathroom." Alex told Aaron.

"But why?" Aaron asked.

"Just do it!" Alex told him as he went to the door and waited for Aaron to shut the bathroom door behind him. A caretaker had come to pick up the now empty trunks and drop off more towels and sheets. After the caretaker left Alex opened the bathroom door.

"You can come out now." Alex said.

Aaron came back into the bedroom now fully naked.

"Why did I have to do that?" he asked his friend.

Alex looked at Aaron. "Because you were getting naked stupid!" he said to him.

Aaron smiled and laughed. "Alex, we've been naked for the past three months in front of everybody. What's the big deal?" he asked.

"Then we had to be naked and now we don't and I don't want people seeing you naked unless you have to be!" Alex said to Aaron as he got out of his clothing.

"I'm the only one who gets to see you naked, and I'm the only one you do it with from now on," he told Aaron matter-of-factly.

"Nobody sleeps with you but me from now on. Understand?" he said. Alex was getting agitated, but more importantly, he was getting teary eyed. Aaron saw the distress in his face.

Aaron laid down on his back looking at his friend who was now shaking a little. Ever since the guard at Danamora hit Alex with his fist and made him deaf, Alex was never too far away from loosing it and wanting to either fight or cry. Alex was completely changed from that time forward, he was always fun to be around when the boys were alone together, now Alex was always on the defensive.

"Nobody touches me but you Alex. Don't worry about it," he said. Aaron reached up and took Alex by the wrists and brought him down on top of him. Wrapping his arms around his friend, he felt Alex shudder. Aaron's big strong Knight had a few chinks in his armor, and it was better to mend them in private as he pulled over the bedspread and covered both of them up in its warmth. Showers would wait; it was time to get Alex back on thick ice.

Mark and Steven had finished unpacking after dinner and as soon as the meeting was over, they undressed and went to the showers together as they had done for the bulk of the last three months. Shower time was play time as far as Steven was concerned, getting clean was an afterthought. Prior to being raped by the two boys in school, Steven had very little sexual contact with other children, an exploratory with a male cousin at age six and a circle jerk in the bathroom in little league, but that was about it until he found himself on the floor on his hands and knees in school with two boys humping him. Now, he was in prison, he was ringed by his caretaker and he was in The Program where he would be having sex with men for the next two years. After spending nearly eight months in a county jail and a youth facility getting his balls fucked off, The Program was heaven to him. His partner Mark was a very nice friend, and he sure did know how to do it!

There was another pair of boys in the shower when Mark got there with Steven and the boners on both boys instantly told Mark that the shower scene remained the same as in Elmira. Mark sat Steven down under a shower head and Steven needed no instructions. As Mark sat in his lap, Steven entered Mark as both boys washed each other from head to stomach. Steven didn't especially like receiving anal, but on the other hand, Mark did. What Steven did like was receiving oral and Mark was a pro when it came to keeping Steven happy.

Mark didn't mind one bit. Steven had a great set of balls and a pretty good looking dick, and sucking on Steven reminded Mark of the fun he always had with his brothers and cousins back home. The two were a perfect match and rarely disappointed each other. By the end of the shower, Mark and Steven met the other two boys already there, and discovered that they slept in the room next to Mark. Another set of doors were quickly opened after showers, and the new boys were soon to discover that the interconnecting doors were rarely closed and you could see from on end of the cabin to the other most of the time.

After showers, the boys noticed a large box just in front of the window and took the pillows and the quilt off the bed and opening the window, laid down on the box and stared out from underneath the quilt. It was pretty cool, but what was really exciting was seeing no bars and screens in front of the window. Both boys stretched out on the box and wondered what the lights on the top of the mountain were all about. Both Mark and Steven fell to sleep in about five minutes of staring and woke up freezing a few hours later. Closing the window, they went to bed wrapped in each others arms for warmth and comfort. It was a 50/50 arrangement.


The trip to Long Island for Jimmy, Conner, Sean and David was just as exciting to them as it was to the van going Upstate, it just took a little longer. The van stopped for lunch in New Paltz and the guard made a mistake by asking Conner where he wanted to eat. Jimmy ate Pizza Hut food shaking his head; he could have gone to a real restaurant with real food. With an abbreviated lunch, the van pulled onto the grounds of a former mental hospital and pulled up in front of a very large cottage with boys playing both inside and outside. They surrounded the van as the passengers got out. Jimmy recognized a few of the boys from Elmira who were there during Christmas.

Looking around, the place was fairly secluded, with very large brick buildings off in the distance that were surrounded by razor wire and towers. Jimmy knew the place to be a prison, but he didn't know its name. Neither did he want to! There were no fences or towers around the cottage and he could see a highway down a grassy knoll with constant traffic moving along it. A one minute walk could put him there with his thumb sticking out and him gone in minutes he thought. But then; what would happen to Conner? "Dumb thought" he said to himself and turned around and walked into the Cottage with Conner practically dragging him by the hand.

The fourteen year old Jimmy was partnered with nine year old Conner, and David, a thirteen year old was paired with Sean who was 11. Jimmy and David's responsibility was to take care of the two younger boys and Jimmy took his responsibility very seriously. Since boys don't love boys unless they are gay, Jimmy didn't love Conner, but pity the poor dude who stepped between him and the boy. Jimmy could kick ass and made no bones about anybody who challenged his dominance over Conner. One aspect of Conner that irked Jimmy was the little boy's penchant for jumping into caretakers laps and having them pick the boy up in their arms. Jimmy was determined to break the child of that habit; it bothered him when Conner went to another person for attention. He never asked himself why.

Like upstate, there were 24 boys in residence, all paired. three other boys were Conner's age, and all were paired with boys ages 13 and 14 which afforded the younger boys maximum protection out in the field. Conner met the younger boys first. All the younger boys were very firmly attached to their partners unlike Conner who flew around from area to area with Jimmy watching very closely.

Dinner came shortly after they arrived, and the talk at the table was of news from Elmira and what team they came from. Michael now had eight boys at the Cottage, and they all had their favorite stories to tell about the caretaker who ringed them. Conner's meal time routine at Elmira was to sit in his caretaker's lap and eat from his plate. When Jimmy took Conner as his partner, Conner continued the practice with Jimmy. Now, he was the only boy in the cottage sitting in his partners lap at the table. It got the attention of not only the other senior boys, but their little ones as well.

After dinner it was unpacking time and most of Conner's unpacking was done by Jimmy. Conner was very busy flipping through channels on the TV and watching cartoons. Finally, Jimmy switched off the TV and undressed Conner for showers, Conner had not fallen asleep on the ride down much to Jimmy's surprise and Conner was beginning to fade by the minute. Taking off his own clothes, Jimmy picked up Conner and walked down the hall to the shower. Two other boys were already in the shower and nearly finished when Jimmy came in with Conner. Jimmy stepped into the shower and sat down on the floor of the shower stall and began washing Conner's back as the little boys head went slowly towards Jimmy's chest. Half asleep, Conner wrapped his arms around Jimmy as he let go of his bladder all over Jimmy's stomach. Conner's first day ended halfway through the flood, and there would be yet another one that night. The other two boys watched the flood and Jimmy washing his charge. There was no doubt in their minds concerning the relationship between the two. This went beyond partners; this was a new couple in the Cottage.

Unlike upstate that was still wrapped in the final snows of winter, Long Island was beginning to bloom with color. Upstate, the birds were still silent. On Long Island, they were chirping away and the flowers and trees were blooming all around the cottage. It was quite a bit warmer than upstate

Getting back to their room, Jimmy lay the now soundly sleeping Conner down on the bed and dried him off. If Conner was awake, he'd probably want to be putting on his pajamas for bed, Jimmy thought to himself. Jimmy preferred Conner naked in bed and moved the boy up to his pillow. Going over to the window, he opened it as a little cool breeze came through the opening.

Going back to the bed, he pulled down the covers and got in and dragged Conner on top of him where the little boy always slept. After turning out the light he pulled up the sheets and blankets and a very big quilt and snuggled in with Conner feeling the cool air go through the room. He was toasty warm under the covers, as he stroked Conner's hair which was now growing back in at a pretty good clip and looked into the child's sleeping face.

If he were gay he could very easily love this boy he said to himself. Jimmy's hand went down Conner's back and over the top of the boy's buttocks. Doc's diet was taking its toll on Conner's body and a lot of it was going to Conner's ass. It was warm and soft and Jimmy liked it that way. Should he get back up and put a diaper on the boy? Since it certainly wouldn't be the first or last time Conner pissed all over him in the middle of the night, Jimmy said screw the diaper.

Besides, it was chilly in the room and he didn't really feel like getting up again. If Conner pissed, he pissed. Reaching over to Conner's lips he kissed him very gently and softly and backed away from the little boy's sleeping face. Conner was out for the night. Jimmy kissed him again. And then again. Nobody could see him and even Conner didn't know he was being made love to. Jimmy fell asleep with Conner's soft penis sitting around his belly button. It was becoming Jimmy's preferred method of falling asleep.

At thirteen years of age, David was a good match for the eleven year old Sean who was both physically and emotionally much younger than his age would indicate. The team at Elmira knew that Sean would need a very strong personality to meet Sean's needs emotionally, while at the same time, not crush the boy's spirit with unyielding dominance. He was also capable of protecting Sean physically if he had to.

David came from a very nice upstate New York family. He had two brothers and a sister and up until the age of 13, nobody in the community knew that David was a very dangerous little boy. Two months after his 13th birthday David went on an overnight camping trip with his family and the boys slept in a separate campsite from their parents and his little sister. Each campsite had its own campfire. About 10:00 that night after the boys fell asleep, sparks from the boy's campfire caught fire to a nearby wood, and the cops suspected arson.

As every law enforcement officer, social worker, psychologist and District Attorney in the United State's knows, where there is fire there is always sex. There was a fire, therefore, they needed to know where the sex was. David had an extremely nice and cordial conversation with a social worker, and told the nice lady that he had masturbated with his brother on a few occasions. I don't mean just thought about doing it, he actually did it! David was found guilty of arson and was quite obviously also a sexual deviant. Now, if David's parents didn't agree to give up the boy to the State, they were obviously in cahoots with the pervert, and the other three children would be taken away also. No boy or girl in the United States EVER touched their genitals and if the boy openly admitted to doing so, the boy must be being raised by sexual deviants!

For jerking off with his brother and being stupid enough to admit to it, David was raped for the first time two days after he entered the Orange County Jail. He was put in a cell with three other boys, and the guard said to him "Good luck" as he locked the door behind David. The guard knew David was about to get his ass fucked off, he counted on it. He would have been severely disappointed if David wasn't and the boys who screwed David knew that. The guard was not disappointed the next day when he wanted to see David's bloody underpants as proof. Now, David was a graduate from The Program and would be partnered with Sean for the next two years.

David was a very quiet boy, but one seething with anger. Luckily he didn't take his anger out on Sean; he was waiting to get back outside. At 13, he had an original sentence of at least five years from the judge before getting out, he now knew he had two years, and was counting the days when he could go back to Middletown and thank a whole lot of people. Being teamed with David was most probably the best thing that could have happened to Sean and ironically, it was also the best thing that could have happened to David as well. At age 13, if you had put a gun in David's hand and pointed out a few key people to him, the last thing in the world you would want to do was to write those folks an insurance policy. David could very easily now kill.

Putting Sean in his hands was very much like putting an egg into a gorilla's hand and getting him to understand that his own security now depended upon keeping the egg whole. The attention and devotion that Sean now needed supplanted David's desire to go out and crush, at least temporarily.

David had come from Coaches dorm, and only Jimmy could exceed David's abilities at protecting himself and Sean. David had chosen Sean from Michael's dorm, mainly because he knew that Sean was very subservient. David wanted a partner he could control, and not one who was an equal to him. David was through with being led to the slaughter, it was somebody else's turn for a change.

As for Sean, when David first asked him to become a pair, Sean asked Mr. Bill, his teacher and mentor who had ringed him about it. David wasn't the warmest fuzzy Sean had ever met, but neither was he cruel or cold to Sean, something that Sean was very used to in his eleven years. Sean was told by Mr. Bill that both he and Michael would be watching over him, and if there was a problem, Sean needed to send a message to Doc immediately. As all the boys did, Sean had a way to get a message back to Elmira and the caretakers there; it was always their safety net in case of trouble. Now, the two boys were alone and about to go out into the field together as a team.

After unpacking all their things, David turned out the lights and sat down on the end of the bed that overlooked the window. The only light in the room came from the bathroom. David looked out at the cars moving back and forth on the highway wondering who the people in the cars were and where they were going so fast. Since getting on Long Island, everybody seemed to be in such a fucking rush. Either he was going sixty, or standing still in traffic. What was wrong with these people? He wondered.

Sean came up to David as he stared out the window and stood at the boy's feet with his hand on David's knee. David looked over to Sean who had put on a pair of pajamas. David was still in his underpants.

"Cute pajamas," David said somewhat sarcastically. David immediately regretted his stupid comment. To Sean, they were cute and his eyes immediately reflected the rejection he felt. David knew he had just fucked up and had to correct the situation before it got out of hand. Emotionally, Sean was a basket case, and never too far from loosing it. Once he did, David would have a job on his hands getting the child back on track.

"I'm sorry Sean, I really like Bugs Bunny and they are really nice," he told Sean as he lifted the boy up on his lap and opened his legs to allow the boy to sit down on the bed in front of him. He wrapped his arms around Sean's waist and hugged the boy.

"It was a dumb, stupid thing for me to say," he said to Sean as he kissed the boy on the neck. Sean overlapped his arms around David's arms.

For good or for bad, this boy was his rock and his security, he needed him very badly.

"Do you miss Elmira?" Sean finally asked David as both boys watched the highway. The truth was, David was extremely glad to be out of there. But he also knew he couldn't exactly tell Sean that.

"I miss Coach and Doc and the rest of the caretakers, but not so much the jail," he said to his young ward.

"That's what I meant," said Sean.

"And Mr. Bill too," he added.

"Yeah, Mr. Bill was cool," David said. Sean dropped his head and David soon felt water falling down on his arms.

The mention of Mr. Bill triggered emotions in Sean that he had suppressed all day long, now they were coming out. Again, David knew he better defuse this situation before it spiraled out of his control.

"C'mon Sean, I'm going to take care of you and everything is going to be fine," he told the boy as he picked him up and turned out the bathroom light. Going back into the bed, he laid Sean down next to him and curled up in back of the boy and wrapped his arm once again around his waist and cupped the boy's stomach in his hand. David's other hand dropped to the boy's crotch and moving his hand inside the pajama slit he cradled Sean's genitals in his hand.

David didn't need or want sex with the boy, he needed Sean to feel secure and loved. Maybe he could do that for him; maybe he could do that for himself. Sean felt David's hand as it wrapped around his genitals and thought that he would next be feeling his pajama bottoms being lowered. As David snuggled in close to him and drew the boy's bottom up close to David's groin, Sean realized that David didn't have an erection. If David wanted sex, he would most certainly have pulled his pajamas down himself and guided his partner's penis into him, but this wasn't the first time that he slept with David when all they did was fall off to sleep, and Sean could wait until his friend needed him. Sean put each of his hands on top of David's hands. He liked close contact; it made him feel safe and warm and wanted. More than anything, Sean needed to feel wanted.


Upstate, daylight broke into the room and Aaron awoke first. Alex was between his legs as usual and using Aaron's tummy as a pillow. Aaron had to piss like a racehorse despite the fact that the bed was already soaked by both boys, but if he pulled out away from Alex before Alex was ready, there would be hell to pay for him for the next many hours. Waking up Alex pissed off was not the way to go, and Aaron knew that by now. Aaron moved his body up which slid Alex's head down to his groin and Aaron rubbed Alex on the head.

"Alex, either I'm going to go to the bathroom, or you're going to be taking a shower!" he told the boy who was now inches away from his morning erection. Alex opened his eyes staring at Aaron's boner. It wouldn't be the first time he had emptied his friend's bladder into his stomach by drinking his urine, but he too had to go. Looking at his friend's penis standing there, Alex thought back to county jail when Aaron was still uncircumcised. His dick looked OK to Alex back then, but now, it looked more like his own after Aaron's Bris in Elmira. Alex felt the ring around his neck which was the clamp that took off Aaron's foreskin. Nice job Doc, Alex thought to himself as he bent over and gave it a kiss. Aaron giggled, but still had to piss. Play would come later.

Flipping over, Alex and Aaron went into the bathroom and watched as the bubbles rose in the toilet. For a moment, Alex's boner retreated, but by the time both boys crawled back into bed, neither one noticed any change. However, they no longer had bladder erections.

Alex attached himself to the back of Aaron's neck as he positioned himself between Aaron's legs and pressed against Aaron's knees which opened the boy's legs to receive him. On a very well traveled route that no longer needed hands to guide him, Alex entered his friend as he usually did every morning and made very slow and very passionate love to his friend alongside him. Aaron closed his eyes as Alex tenderly kneaded his testicles in his fingers very carefully. Neither boy was fucking, they were making love and they both knew the difference.

Aaron felt Alex's dry climax as his friend finished and knew that Alex would now make Aaron happy as he turned him around and took him into his mouth. Many people, including Michael had made love to Aaron in this way, but only Alex really knew how to make Aaron feel like the most wanted boy in the world. Alex listened to Aaron's heart beat after he climaxed until it went back to a normal rhythm. A very fast beat told him how much his friend loved him; it also told him that he wasn't completely deaf. Both meant everything to him.

As Aaron laid there looking down at his friend with his ear to his heart he looked out the window. Very light snowflakes were coming down and gliding past the window in front of him. This was a scene in jail you didn't often see. Aaron hadn't seen it now since last year.

"Look!" he screamed at Alex as he propped himself up on the bed. Alex looked out the window.

"It's just snow," Alex said as he looked back at his friend.

"Yeah, but this snow we can touch!" Aaron said as he jumped out of bed and opened the window.

Alex came over as Aaron held out his hand and a snowflake dropped into the palm of his hand and melted almost instantly. Before it did, you could see perfectly clearly the flake and its intricate design as it turned to water in the heat of his hand.

"Aaron, its just snow! We've seen tons of snow," Alex said.

"Look Alex, have you seen snow that looks like this before?" Aaron asked his friend as he pointed to snowflakes sitting on the top of a small mound on the window sill. Alex looked close. The flakes were all distinct and separated and they all had different designs on them that were perfectly symmetrical. The snow he knew was one great big blob, usually wet and dirty. He looked closer at a flake coming down from the sky as it passed the window and dropped to the sill below. It too was a single flake. Alex found it interesting, but he wasn't about to lose any sleep over it either.

"Maybe they have different snow here in the mountains, I don't know," he said and went off to the showers.

Aaron did find it interesting. He focused his eyes further out the window. There was about two inches [5 cm] of new snow on the ground, and off in the distance, a very big mountain. Aaron saw the scars on the mountain and knew it to be a ski area. That's where the lights the night before were coming from. He looked down at the lake. The ice was gone, but no boats were on the lake. What was the lake? What was the mountain? Aaron backed up away from the window and looked out at the whole scene. If he had to be in prison, this was the place to be! Shutting the window, he went into the shower room down the hall and sat down with Alex on the shower floor. For the past three months his day began and ended with a very warm shower and his friend washing him and they would for the rest of his life.

Mark awoke with Steven sitting up at the end of the bed watching TV. Mark looked out the window at a sunless sky not really knowing what time it was. Did they miss breakfast? Mark moved his upper body down towards Steven and came up in back of him. Steven laid back on Marks chest still watching TV and picked up his right leg from the knee off the bed. If Mark wanted to reach his genitals, they were now available, it was Mark's right. Mark slid his hand between Steven's legs and held the boy's testicles in his hand. As he kneaded the boy's testicles Mark watched as Steven's penis responded to his touch. With the boy's head staring straight at him, he watched as Steven's penis reacted to his pulse rate. The TV no longer mattered to Steven; he closed his eyes as Mark drew the boy's testicles into his mouth along with his penis and brought him to his usual morning orgasm.

Mark backed off Steven's penis as he felt the boy orgasm and watched as it slowly retreated back to a semi flaccid state. Mark loved to tease the boy by every once in a while kissing the tip of his penis or sucking in a testicle, his penis didn't know whether to rise or fall. Mark had also figured out weeks earlier that if he blew air on Steven's balls they would go scurrying up into their pockets for warmth and then very slowly would drift back down. It was almost as much fun for Steven as Nintendo. As Alex and Aaron passed by Mark's room on their way to the shower, Alex knocked on his door and went in. Seeing Mark buried in Steven's groin was about as common to Alex and Aaron as tying their shoes.

"We're going for showers and breakfast Mark," Alex told his friend as he sat down on the end of the bed.

"Want to come or are you two just going to do it all day?" Steven giggled as Mark backed his head away from Steven's groin.

"OK," said Mark as he lifted himself away from Steven.

It was almost 8:30 by the time the four new boys sat down to breakfast, and all four showed up in pajamas and bathrobes since they didn't know what was acceptable. There were about ten boys already eating and except for two of the youngest boys, one who wore pajama bottoms and the other who was naked; the rest of the boys were all in their underpants. That was the last morning the new boys wore pajamas to breakfast as well.

The boys were now used to eating exceptionally good food at meal times while at Elmira, but the food now had increased in variety to the point where the new boys didn't know where to look first. From A to Z every type of food was available, from cereal to fruit to pancakes, eggs, and meats. Rarely did Aaron sit down to a meal during his entire time in The Program when he did not think back about the food in the Albany County jail. 90 percent of it was inedible and while the Hispanic and colored inmates seemed to thrive on the garbage the guards threw at them, real people got sick and lost weight. Combined, Alex, Aaron and Conner had lost close to 50 pounds [20 kg] sitting in jail in Albany in less than six months. As of the day they left Elmira after the three month stay, they had regained more than 60 pounds [25 kg]. Conner and Sean were still on a weight gain program developed by Doc and would remain on the program for almost a year.

Following breakfast, almost half the boys in the cabin were leaving for the mountain to go skiing. Skiing was easily arranged for the boys, the State owned the mountain and every boy had their own season ski lift pass. The new boys had a meeting to attend and watched as the other boys climbed into vans and disappeared down the driveway.

"Do any of you ski?" the team leader asked as they headed to his office for the meeting. Alex and Aaron did, Mark and Steven did not.

"Good, tomorrow if you want, you can go skiing and I'll sign you two up for classes if you want to learn. We're about to run out of snow, so you don't have all that much time before the mountain will close until next year." The boys didn't really say anything; they just looked at each other. None of them could comprehend going skiing or being outside quite yet.

Sitting down in his office, the team leader introduced himself. He already knew who the boys were by name and had read each boy's file from Elmira. He knew what Doc, Michael and the rest of the caretakers had to say about each boy, and he knew their history concerning incarceration. His name was Jamie.

"Basically, unless there is a problem, you four boys will be living here for the next 21 months. That probably sounds like a very long time to you, but believe me, the time will fly by faster than anyone of you can possibly believe," he told them.

"When you are not in the field you will either be in class or participating in recreation. The team's job is not only to see that The Program runs smoothly out in the field, but to get you prepared to take care of yourselves once you leave The Program. It's a very large job, and that's what will make the time fly by!"

Jamie then went on to tell the boys about the other team members: Scott was in charge of the kitchen and their housing situation, and the boys would learn how to cook, clean and shop for themselves as part of schooling. Sam was in charge of their medical needs and reported back to Doc. Jerry was in charge of their transportation needs.

"One by one, you will come into contact with the team, they already know who you are and why you're here, and if you want to know who they are and why they're here, all you have to do is ask them," he told the boys.

"Just like at Elmira?" Steven asked.

"Exactly!" Jamie said to him.

"But there are a few differences here when it comes to living in the cabin. You each have your own separate rooms with your partner. You cannot interact with someone else's partner without permission from the both of them. You cannot enter someone else's room without their permission and they cannot enter yours," he told them.

"Basically, in Elmira you had no privacy. Here, you have complete privacy if that's what you want."

"When will we have to go out for the first time?" Alex now wanted to know. Jamie looked at some papers on his desk.

"All four of you will be going out this Friday. You and Aaron will be going to Vermont. Mark and Steven are going to Albany. All four of you will be back here Sunday afternoon around dinner time." Jamie told the boys.

Jamie saw a look of concern on all four boys' faces. He had seen that look many times on boys who went out for the first time.

"The men you are meeting are very well known to many of the boys here. I'll have them tell you everything they know about them and what you can expect to encounter," he said to them.

"You will never ever be sent out if we thought it would endanger you. The men you will meet are screened very carefully and are known very well by the guards." The boys were told. Alex didn't really like that statement.

"Is that supposed to be something good?" he asked the team leader.

Jamie knew about Alex and his deaf ear.

"If something happened to you, the guards would lose a great deal of money Alex. There are guards who like to hit people for kicks, and there are guards who like to make money. The guards around you now are the ones into money, not knocking kids to the ground for no good reason," he told the boy.

"You know about my ear? Alex asked the caretaker."

"Yes, I know everything," he said as he handed Alex his file. Alex thumbed through a couple of Doc's and Michael's notes. Before this, he didn't know how concerned Doc was about his ear. He also didn't know how much Michael cared about him and worried so much about him. He handed his file back to Jamie; this wasn't the time to start thinking about Elmira.

Friday was three days away and there would be plenty of time to talk to the other boys. He thought to himself.

"Will Aaron and I have to go to Albany sometimes too?" Alex now asked.

"No. No boy is ever sent to the county were he was sent to prison from," Jamie told the boys.

Aaron was very happy to hear that, he didn't ever want to see Albany ever again. Aaron squeezed Alex's hand; something that Jamie didn't miss seeing. There was no doubt in his mind that Alex and Aaron were a couple. Rarely did boys hold hands unless they were, especially in public. He thought it would be wise to make a pre emptive comment, especially since observing Alex's possessiveness over the younger Aaron.

"There may come a time when one of you or the other is sent out alone rather than both together. If that happens, you need to discuss where the partner staying behind is going to sleep," he told them. "You will have three options available, and you both need to agree on one of them. You can either stay in your own room alone, stay in another room with both room mates permission, or you can chose to stay with a caretaker. Whether or not the boy remaining back interacts with anyone else while his partner is gone is something you both have to agree on before you separate."

"How come?" Mark now asked.

"Because as partners, the only other boy you can have sex with is your partner, unless the both of you agree otherwise Mark. It prevents fights and very bad feelings from occurring, and we live too close together for that," he told not only Mark but all the boys. Since the caretaker now brought the subject out into the open, Alex jumped in with both feet.

"Nobody does it with Aaron but me," he told the team leader. Jamie shook his head.

"Except out in the field!" he said to Alex point blank.

"Right," Alex said. The meeting now shifted its location and Jamie showed the boys all around the cabin and one by one, introduced the boys to the rest of the team members and whatever boys had not gone skiing.


On Long Island, David had gone to sleep holding Sean in his hands which were now soaked in pee along with a pair of heavy cotton pajamas with Looney Tunes on them. Sean was no longer alongside David, he was on top of him. Sean had peed in the middle of the night, and still asleep, he was at it again with David's underwear taking the brunt of the deluge. David had been together with Sean now for two months and golden showers were becoming as common to David as teeth brushing. It didn't make it easier for him, he had stopped wetting at age 4, and was pretty comfortable around toilet bowls and very dry beds. At the same time, he also knew that it was forbidden to interfere in any way with a boy who wet, it was something that was fully sanctioned by The Program because many clients preferred boys who wet and even paid extra for them.

When David had first sought to take Sean as a partner, he was told by both Mr. Bill and Michael that what he was taking on was little more than a very small boy, despite Sean's age, and he would have to fully understand that or find himself an older boy. Now, looking down on the soggy little pile lying on top of him, he asked himself if he would switch boys if he had the opportunity; the answer was "NO". Sean awoke with a kiss on his forehead from David.

"Come on little man, I think the ark has landed." David said to Sean as he rose off the bed and took his charge into the shower with the boy's pajama bottoms falling to the floor as he walked. No, David wasn't going to trade the boy in for a drier model, Sean was his to keep for the duration and he'd just have to learn to swim.

Jimmy awoke with the bed bouncing as usual. For whatever reason, not only did the bouncing not bother Jimmy, when Conner wasn't sleeping with him at Elmira, Jimmy actually missed it. Additionally, when Conner didn't bounce in the morning or was interrupted before he finished, Conner was one moody son of a bitch to deal with during the morning. Conner's eyes opened as the boy heard the chirping of birds outside the window. He hadn't seen or heard birds in six months or more. Conner moved over on top of Jimmy with Jimmy now feeling the very familiar cold and clammy ass of Conner. He cupped both of the boy's cheeks in his hands to get them warmed back up. Jimmy felt Conner's penis flex on his belly button as he caressed the boy's ass back to warmth. Conner picked up his head and look down into Jimmy's eyes.

"Yes, I felt it!" Jimmy told the little boy. Conner's head went back to his partner's chest as he giggled very softly into Jimmy's chest and wrapped his arms back around him.

Spritz in the shower the night before or not, Conner made some new laundry that night and Jimmy wasn't all that surprised as he reached over and felt the sheets Conner just left. Conner never jumped out of bed, it always took him a few minutes to fully awaken and recover from his bouncing. Jimmy continued to stroke the boy's back and cheeks as Conner began to concentrate on the sounds coming from the birds. A knock on the door brought Conner's head back up.

"Can I come in?" Sean asked on the other side of the door.

"Sure!" said Conner and in flew Sean, wet and naked as he climbed onto the bed and scooted himself under the covers next to Jimmy.

David followed Sean into the room as Jimmy reached an arm over Sean and draped it across the boy. David wasn't nearly as possessive of Sean as Jimmy was of Conner, and thought little of his charge under Jimmy's control. He was drying himself off wearing a pair of underpants as he walked over to the window and looked out.

"Want us to wait for you and have breakfast together?" David asked Jimmy who was still lying in the bed with Conner on top of him.

"Yeah," Conner said as he flipped off Jimmy and bolted for the bathroom with Sean in tow. Jimmy got up unconcerned about his being naked or the very obvious erection he had. Every boy in the room had been together hundreds of times naked before, every boy in the room had made love to each other many times before. It was now old hat and something none of them even thought about.

"Do the other boys wear clothes here?" Jimmy asked.

"Everybody I saw either had on pajamas or underpants," David said.

"But I only saw a few in the hallway. What are you going to wear?" Jimmy asked.

"Underpants I guess," David told his friend.

As David answered, the team leader knocked on the door and walked in.

"Hi guys," he said as he came into the room.

"What do the boys wear here in the morning?" David asked the caretaker.

"For breakfast, most boys are in underwear, some are in pajamas, and a few little ones are sometimes naked," he said.

"It really depends upon what they sleep in."

"But we all slept naked at Elmira. Besides, our boys wet the bed!" Jimmy told the man.

"Well, here you sleep in what you want to sleep in and if you want to come to breakfast naked, that's your call, but you asked me what the other boys wear," he said.

"Every boy here has seen naked bodies before, so I don't think they'll be shocked if you show up in your birthday suit, but most boys are in underwear at least until after breakfast." At that point Sean and Conner came out of the bathroom.

"C'mon Jimmy, let's go take a shower and go eat!" Conner said to him as he took Jimmy's hand.

"We'll have a meeting in my room after breakfast," the team leader told Jimmy and David as he left.

"You have a good hour before breakfast ends, so you have plenty of time," he told the boys. Closing the door behind him, the team leader chuckled to himself. He loved boys fresh out of Elmira; they didn't know when to get dressed and when to get naked. He most certainly preferred them naked and missed being back upstate now and then.

Birthday suit my ass, Jimmy thought to himself as he walked down the hall and got into the shower with Conner and Sean. David sat down on a toilet seat top as Jimmy soaped himself up as the two little ones played on the floor. When he was done, Jimmy sat down and soaped up Conner who laid down on the floor waiting for him. Conner wasn't a shower freak, but he was a massage freak and showers always came with a very long flowing massage from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. Conner liked the middle part best of all. Finishing Conner, Jimmy looked over at Sean who was now laying next to Conner.

"Did you get washed?" Jimmy asked Sean. Sean shook his head yes. But it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Sean was ready for another one. Jimmy squirted a bunch of liquid Ivory soap all over Sean and washed him again as Conner assisted from the other end.

"You're going to make a nice mother some day." David said to Jimmy has the three of them left the shower stall about ten minutes later. David needed to dry off again and put on dry underwear after the new shower he received shortly thereafter.

Just as with upstate, the food on Long Island was good enough for a Governor. Fitting, since he was paying for it. Both Conner and Sean were still on special diets ordered by Doc, but they now received a shake at breakfast and dinner, rather than five times a day. Sean was close to reaching his weight to body ratio and Doc had determined that he never would achieve an optimum ratio since his growth was stunted at too early an age. He was a small boy, and he would be a small man. The damage was already done.

Conner on the other hand was growing and gaining at a rate that Jimmy was beginning to regret. Both Sean and Conner were accustomed to being picked up and carried by the Elmira caretakers; it was very deliberate and very calculated. Both were severely abused and neglected as very young children, both would now be over indulged to compensate. For the Elmira staff, it was easy.

Now the boys were in the field and Jimmy and David had to carry the weight. Jimmy figured that now that they were out in the field, it would be easier for him to 'break' Conner of the carrying routine. Jimmy was a little disappointed when he saw two of the smaller boys being carried into breakfast. He was even more disappointed when Conner watched as each boy reached the table under Conner's very close scrutiny. Jimmy would make a bet Conner's observation would see him back into Jimmy's arms.

Jimmy and David were very happy at their choice of clothing. Not one boy wore street clothes and almost all were in underwear as was Jimmy and David. Two of the little ones were naked and one in underpants, and both Conner and Sean opted for Yosemite Sam and Tweety. The new boys were neither underdressed, nor overdressed. First impressions were a complete success!

After breakfast Jimmy and David went back to Jimmy's room with Conner and Sean. Jimmy won his bet with himself as Conner made damned sure his new little friends saw him being carried out of the kitchen by his partner. Conner had been in jail long enough to know that his safety and well being depended largely upon who he knew and who he associated himself with, and in this setting, Jimmy was top dog. His dependence upon physical contact with Jimmy would ease over time, but he rarely ventured very far from Jimmy's sight or hearing. In the beginning, it was largely at Conner's insistence. Eventually it would be Jimmy who held a very close leash.

Their meeting with the team leader was pretty much a carbon copy of the meeting upstate, but the question of the first encounter wasn't asked. The boys knew the rules after the meeting, but Jimmy really didn't care about knowing when he was going out in the field, he just wanted to start the process so he could get out of there!

The new boys would learn at the meeting that their new team leaders name was George who was also their teacher, John handled food and the Cottage duties, Greg was their new Doctor, and their transportation was handled by a caretaker that also doubled as their recreation administrator. His name was Harry and both he and Jimmy would become especially close over the next 21 months, he was a physical Education major who was taught and trained under Coach, and he was a Martial Arts instructor. Jimmy would suck every bit of knowledge and ability out of the man that he could for the next 21 months and by age 16 when he left The Program, even Harry was no match for the boy.


For the boys in The Program, being assigned upstate was very much more preferable to Long Island assignment. First of all, the greater majority of the boys were lower and middle class boys from rural areas, most of them at least 90 miles [150 km] or more from New York City. Upstate, you could open the front door of the cabin and tell 24 boys to go outside and play and they most probably wouldn't see another sole for the day. Do that in the middle of Long Island, and they would meet hundreds or thousands of people really fast. That's not a really good idea!

Recreation for those upstate was external. Recreation for those downstate was internal and every boy in The Program agreed; external was better.

Upstate boys learned to snow ski, downstate boys learned to bowl. Upstate boys learned to sail, downstate boys learned to skate. Upstate boys learned to water ski, downstate boys swam. On the upside for the downstate boys, they met the high rollers. The upstate boys met the men in gingham. On average, downstate boys left The Program close to $25,000.00 richer than upstate boys because of the higher tips they received.

The bulk of the boys' free time when not out in the field was taken up by academics, but you can't stop boys from ages eight to 16 from playing, and when they played, they played hard.

By Friday afternoon, Alex had talked to several boys in the cabin who had been with the clients that Alex and Aaron would now spend the weekend with, and was as comfortable as he could be, knowing that what he was about to do was have sex with two strange men that he never met before. At least he was confident that they wouldn't turn around and beat the hell out of them or worse. As with all the boys, Alex looked at his situation pragmatically. Yes, he was going to get fucked, but he was being paid to do it, and, he would be getting out of jail in months rather than years. If that's what it took, Alex was ready to lay down on the rug in the Governor's office!

Each boy upon going out into the field took some clothing and the usual personal items like tooth brushes, etc. With both the men that Alex and Aaron were now going to spend the weekend with known to The Program, Alex and Aaron were packed very lightly. They would leave the cabin around 2:00 for the two hour trip to Vermont, and would be picked up around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon. They would be back at the cabin for Sunday night dinner.

Just after 4:00 Jerry knocked on the door of a very nice and very large log cabin style home in the green mountains of Vermont and the door opened with a man standing there with a spoon in his hand.

"Hi Roy." Jerry said to the man and ushered the two boys into the cabin.

"Boys, this is Uncle Roy." Jerry said as the door closed behind them.

"Roy, this is Alex, and this is Aaron."

The man looked down at both boys and the smile he had on his face when he first opened the door was still there. He shook both boys' hands.

"Welcome boys, forgive the mess, I'm cooking dinner in between work, and I'm behind in my chores," he said as both boys exchanged hellos with him.

"Roy, I'm off, I'll see you Sunday afternoon." Jerry said as he approached the front door. With goodbyes said, the boys were now alone. Uncle Roy lead them into the kitchen and had them put down their over night bags in the living room on the way to the kitchen and Alex looked around.

"Mess?" Alex thought to himself. To Alex the place looked immaculate.

Roy was preparing a roast leg of lamb for dinner and the house smelled of wonderful smells to both boys. Obviously, the man knew how to cook. Alex studied him as the man made small talk. He was good looking, maybe a little chubby and possibly gay Alex thought to himself. From the other boys at the cabin, Alex knew that both men were computer program writers (Whatever that was!) and Roy worked at home on the computers while his partner, Dwayne, work in a very big office they had with at least a dozen people working for them. By Vermont standards, they were very successful and very rich, and once a month would have two boys from The Program over for a weekend.

They usually brought back the same two boys month after month once they found two they liked, and the last set of boys they had just left The Program. So they were now looking for a 'replacement' set. Alex was told that if he and Aaron were made this replacement set, it was a very nice and very easy way to spend at least one of the weekends with clients. Some clients wanted the boys to fuck almost constantly; Roy and Dwayne had the reputation of being a much easier 'job'. The boys would most certainly end up in bed, but not around the clock!

With the vegetables now on the stove and in the oven, Roy took the boys on a tour of the house. The two men slept in separate bedrooms and Alex would sleep in Dwayne's room. Aaron would sleep with Roy. With bags unpacked and stowed away in the closet the house was now gone through room by room to acquaint the boys with their surroundings.

The two men were collectors when they weren't writing computer programs for their clients and the house was stuffed with different works of art and pieces of furniture that they had collected through the years. Their idea of having fun was sifting through every dusty attic and store they could get access to and Aaron found that pretty interesting. Alex didn't really care until some money figures started to come forth. The very beginning of a lifelong passion was taking root, and Alex didn't notice it.

Both bedrooms were upstairs in a loft that was split 50/50 and a huge bathroom was in between the two. The front of the house was a glass wall, and it over looked a valley that was all tree's. The house was completely secluded and private in every direction. That was a good thing, both Roy and Dwayne saw little use for clothing once inside the bedroom and the boys there during the weekend wouldn't either. Alex knew that, it was the reason he was packed so lightly.

A huge Jacuzzi sat in the middle of the bathroom, and Alex already knew from his talk with the other boys, that he'd be seeing a lot of it with Aaron and the two men. Any boy who had reported being in it was very wide eyed at describing it. Alex didn't know what to expect, but he did know that it impressed the hell out of the other boys.

The computer room was hooked up to the men's office and at least six machines sat there with screens running. Neither Alex nor Aaron knew anything about computers, but one of them was set up as a game machine and Roy would teach both boys how to play on it before the weekend was over he promised.

TVs were not a part of Roy's or Dwayne's life. Classical music was, and it never stopped playing until bedtime in the house. There were two Baby Grands sitting in one corner of the living room. Being in Vermont, a fireplace was a must and this house had one that you could put a Volkswagen in. It had huge sliding glass doors in front, and took logs the size of trees as far as Aaron was concerned. A fan kept the hot air circulating, and it was always ablaze whenever the boys were there. To say the least, both boys were extremely impressed by their first clients.

Roy and the boys were back in the kitchen preparing dinner when an alarm went off and Roy looked at a monitor hanging in the kitchen. Dwayne was coming up the driveway, and it was showing on a security camera. Alex was getting damned impressed.

The boys and Roy were setting the table as Dwayne came in the front door. Alex didn't know what to expect, but he was slightly stunned once Dwayne came into the dining room with a briefcase in one hand and a huge bunch of purple and white Lilacs in the other. A Golden retriever followed him in with his tail going back and forth like a windshield wiper blade gone nuts.

"Where the hell did you get them?" Roy asked his friend as Dwayne handed him the flowers.

"John brought them up from Washington." He said as he put his briefcase down and looked over to Alex and Aaron. Alex was looking at a man he had completely not expected to see. Alex envisioned a book worm type, maybe even a pansy. He was looking at a guy who might be able to give Coach a run for his money in the fitness department. He was impeccably dressed, and he had a tan like he just came off a Florida beach.

"Hello," he said to the boys.

"You must be Aaron and Alex. My name is Dwayne."

Aaron shook his hand and introduced himself.

"You must be Alex," he said as he went over to him and shook his hand.

"Yes sir," Alex said.

"First, I am Uncle Dwayne and this is Uncle Roy," he said as he pointed to his friend.

"It makes things a whole lot easier to other people if we have any company or go out together," he told the boys. Neither Alex nor Aaron had considered either going out or anyone else coming in. As far as they knew, these were the only two men they would be with and they were not going to be leaving the house for the weekend.

"If it's agreeable with you, Aaron will be with Uncle Roy this weekend, and you will be with me. Is that OK Alex?" the man then asked Alex.

"Yes sir," Alex said before he remembered the 'Uncle' part. Dwayne smiled at him.

"Sirs are very wise old men. I'm neither wise nor old." He said and gave Alex's hair a tussle. Dwayne didn't wait for a response from Alex, he turned to Roy and asked when dinner would be ready. He knew the answer; dinner was always at 7:00.

"Good, we have close to an hour before dinner, lets get washed and dressed for it," he said after Roy confirmed the time.

Picking up their over night bags from the living room, all four went upstairs to the bedrooms. Getting 'dressed' for dinner Alex and Aaron would soon find out really meant getting undressed. Going upstairs, the thought of getting dressed for dinner disturbed Alex a bit. He knew that his bag had underpants in it and personal things, but very few clothes. How could they get dressed if they had no clothing to change into?

On the way to the bedroom, Roy started the water in the Jacuzzi. Then, he and Aaron disappeared into his room and Dwayne then closed his bedroom door and the two were now alone.

"First, we take a quick bath, and I'll get some dinner clothes for you Alex," he said to the boy as he sat down at the end of his bed. Alex didn't need a sign to tell him it was time to get naked. He moved over to him and started to unbutton his shirt. Dwayne took Alex's hands away and brought them down to the boy's side.

"Much more than half the fun is opening the Christmas present!" he said. Alex turned a little red.

"I was told you have never been out before, it's true, isn't it?" he asked the boy as he saw the color change in his face. Alex shook his head yes.

"And Aaron too?" Again, Alex shook his head yes. Dwayne smiled at the boy standing in front of him with his shirt half open.

"Neither Roy nor I will ever hurt you in any way. If you don't feel comfortable about anything, all you have to do is let us know and it will immediately cease," he said to Alex.

"You don't have to worry about us going back to make any negative reports on you. We would never do that," he said.

"The both of us love boys too much to ever hurt them. You have our promise on that. OK?" he said. Again, Alex shook his head yes.

"Good." Dwayne said, "Now let's see what Santa has brought me!"

Not so much as an undressing, but more like a grand opening, the man sitting before Alex took the boy's clothes off and as he did felt every inch of the boy's body like a blind man reading brail. Dwayne said nothing, but Alex didn't need to have anybody tell him that his body was being fully appreciated by an expert in the field.

With Alex now totally naked, Dwayne put a terry cloth robe on the boy and took off his own clothes as the boy watched. Alex was a bit surprised at himself as the man stripped. He had most certainly seen naked men before, but none that he felt sexually attracted to at the sight of them. The caretakers at Elmira not withstanding, only dirty old men or sadistic jail guards had sex with boys. Dwayne was neither. He was obviously smart, obviously richer, and a whole lot nicer than anybody who ever approached him before. He also had a body that had no flaws whatsoever as far as Alex could see.

Dwayne put on his own robe when they left the room and walked into the bathroom with Roy and Aaron already in the tub. Aaron had a head full of shampoo, and he was sitting in front of Roy with his back on the man's chest. Dwayne got into the Jacuzzi from the opposite side and Alex slid in position in front of Dwayne. Neither Alex nor Aaron had ever been in a Jacuzzi before, and they both wondered what all the fuss was about. It was a nice very warm bathtub with swirling and bubbling water surrounding you, but nothing to go nuts over as far as they were concerned.

Once both boys had their hair washed and the front of their chests, it was time for them to turn themselves around and have Dwayne and Roy wash their backs. That's when the fun began. Aaron turned around into Roy's lap and Roy positioned him to where the boy's genitals were just below Roy's. Aaron could feel the man's erection on his tummy, but it was being fairly mitigated by the water that was washing over Aaron's legs, thighs, and now his genitals. Aaron had an erection, but knew Roy couldn't feel it since there was no contact there between the two. As Alex was positioned in an identical manner, Aaron heard the motors under the Jacuzzi go into a different mode and the water that was previously swirling about was now erupting into a very fast boil. Nothing or nobody was touching Aaron or Alex other than water, but to both boys, it began to feel like they were being jerked off by fifteen pairs of hands. Aaron started off with his hands laying on top of Roy and within less than a minute he had them wrapped around the man's upper chest and had him in a bear hug as his penis found its way to Roy's scrotum and nestled itself against the man's testicles. Nobody needed to tell the man when the boy could no longer stop the climax that was being demanded by his testicles and prostate. Knowing the boy had come, Roy pulled the boy's body up until his penis protected the boy's genitals by the continuing action of the water. Roy's penis, now laying flat against Aaron's anus left little doubt in Aaron's mind that the man followed Aaron to climax by less than fifteen seconds. Aaron could feel the surges as the man's climax flowed through his penis and undoubtedly landed somewhere on his cheeks.

With Dwayne sitting across from Aaron and Roy, Dwayne knew when the both of them came and as Roy did, Dwayne opened his legs that, up to that point in time, were shielding Alex's genitals from direct contact with the water flowing from underneath the boy. Now, Alex was feeling what Aaron already had. Dwayne pulled Alex up to the man so that they were both on top of each other's penises and the water worked its magic on them as now Alex's testicles were being massaged to orgasm.

"Uncle Dwayne," Alex said just as he realized that he was going to climax. He didn't finish the sentence as Dwayne hugged the boy and said "It's OK Alex, let it go." Dwayne felt the boy's climax as he redirected Alex's body to the water and knew it was now massaging his anus and prostate. Alex came with a low groan that he felt from the tips of his toes as they dug into the groin of Roy across the tub. Roy watched as his friend milked the boy's climax to give the boy maximum pleasure as he stroked the boy's feet and legs that he held snuggled against his groin. Alex now felt the man he was laying on top of climax, but not the semen he knew would be flowing out of him. The water was too hot to allow that, and Dwayne's penis throbbed as the boy pressed his stomach against the man's penis and held it tightly against both their bodies. It was another five minutes before any of them released each other from very tight embraces. While Aaron and Alex didn't know it at the time, Dwayne and Roy had already made up their minds: They had found the 'replacements' they were looking for and Aaron and Alex would return for many months to come.

Both boys were carried out of the Jacuzzi by their respective uncles and each went back to their own room and dried off their new 'nephews.' As Alex stood there next to Dwayne's bed, the man went to his closet and brought back two robes. The robes had peacocks and twisted trees and pictures of temples on them and both Alex and Aaron were soon to discover, that during the weekends at the house, the boys were either wearing these robes or they were naked. It didn't really matter to Uncle Dwayne or Uncle Roy which, they were equally happy.

Now Alex knew why he and Aaron were packed so lightly. Both boys also now knew why talk of the men's bathtub brought every boy's eyebrows up. Neither man actually touched them or entered them, yet they were damned good and fucked!

The 'bathrobes' that each boy wore were actually Japanese kimonos. They had a drawstring around the inside, and were held together by flaps. If you wanted them to stay on they would. If you wanted them off or open, that was even quicker and both Uncle Roy and Uncle Dwayne were experts at getting them off.

Within ten minutes of arriving back downstairs, the dinner was on the table with all four participating in the preparations. Roy wasn't a good cook; he was damned near a chef. In fact he had taken several semesters at The Culinary Arts Institute of America in Poughkeepsie, New York specifically to 'bone up' on his cooking expertise. He had no intentions of becoming a professional chef; he just wanted to learn how to cook better.

Both boys sat down to food that neither one had ever tasted before, but not before they were given the ground rules by Roy concerning eating. They would be encouraged to try the meal prepared, but did not have to eat any of it if they didn't want to. A substitute was always available to them. The boys had never eaten lamb before that they knew about and had never had mint jelly or asparagus before. As adults, they now have the meal at least monthly, and that first night saw very few leftovers which made Uncle Roy very proud of himself. Very often the man found little boys to be very picky eaters who were unwilling to try something different. These two boys passed his litmus test without even knowing what the test was. Desert of 'make it yourself' Strawberry Shortcake saw both boys loosening the drawstrings on their kimonos.

It was close to 8:30 by the time they were finished and bedtime was at hand. After teeth brushing, Alex and Aaron went back into the bedrooms with their respective uncle's and doors quietly closed.

Alex was rested from his Jacuzzi experience and as Dwayne unwrapped the boy's kimono he laid him down on the bed with the boy's feet dangling off the end of it and dropping down to the floor.

"I'm told that both you and Aaron wet the bed. Is that right?" he asked the boy as the man went over to the dresser.

"Yes Uncle Dwayne," Alex told him.

"Good, I always wet the bed too when I was your age and I always loved the feeling of wearing a diaper at night," he told Alex. With that he pulled out a handful of adolescent sized diapers and put them on the nightstand by the side of the bed and turned out the lights. Alex did wet the bed, but he hadn't worn any diapers that he knew about, so he really didn't know what the man was relating to. Dwayne now returned to the foot of the bed and looked down at Alex laying there waiting for him. The boy's very stiff erection instantly told the man he was recovered from his earlier climax. Dwayne unwrapped his own kimono and there was also now no doubt in Alex's mind that the man was remarkably endowed. He couldn't match Coach in the size department, but Alex knew that when the man entered him he was going to be fully aware of it.

Dwayne dropped to his knees before the boy and took the boy's genitals in his hands very softly and gently.

"I'm also told that you don't ejaculate yet," he said to the boy.

"No Uncle Dwayne, Michael said that I would start to come in a few months maybe," Alex told him.

"Michael was right. Your testicles are almost ready to produce your eggs for you, I don't think you are more than three or four months away."

"How can you tell that?" Alex wanted to know.

"Your little balls feel the exact same way mine did just before I came for the first time when I was your age," the man told him.

"My teacher showed me the way," he told the boy as he pressed both of his thumbs very carefully up into the boy's inguinal ring (the boys just knew them as their ball pockets) and wrapped his four fingers around each testicle. Dwayne was now ready to taste the boy for the first time, something he wanted to do since walking in the front door. Alex closed his eyes as the man's tongue swirled around his penis and drew it in deeper into the man's throat as he sucked progressively deeper with each forward movement of his face. Dwayne knew exactly what he was doing and didn't want Alex to climax too soon. It was a very long night, and this boy was too beautiful and delicious to waste in a five minute romp.

Several times Dwayne brought the child to the brink of climax as Alex's hips rose off the bed and the man would withdraw from his penis and take in his testicles one by one and massage them back to reason. From his own experience as a child, Dwayne knew what the boy was feeling deep within his groin and he wanted the boy to experience it for as long as he possibly could. Dwayne's teacher opened Dwayne's body up to a whole new world as a child, and Dwayne wanted Alex to know the joy he had experienced.

On the 4th or 5th climb up the mountain for Alex, Dwayne stood up. Picking up the boy's legs, he positioned his penis that was dripping with precum and entered Alex for the first time that night. The feel of a man's penis entering him was now fairly routine for Alex and as Dwayne's penis sunk slowly into the boy, Alex gently flexed his sphincter muscle against the man's shaft as Michael had taught him to do. Each time, Dwayne's own penis involuntarily flexed in response like a telegraph. Again, Dwayne was in no special hurry and the two made love for the longest time that Alex could remember it taking. In the meantime, Dwayne made no move to masturbate the child and to Alex, he was somewhere in sexual limbo, a place he didn't know.

Finally, Dwayne reached down to Alex's waist and picked the boy up off the bed without retracting his penis. Alex was impaled on the man and almost laying flat as Dwayne walked around to the side of the bed and sitting down on the bed, brought Alex up towards his chest as the two scooted over to the center of the bed. Dwayne picked up his legs and Alex sat back on the man's knees. Taking the boy's penis into his hand, it was Alex's decision on when he would climax, the movement was the child's to make. Alex had brought his legs up and he was now basically on his knees sitting on top of the man, and with Dwayne's hand during holding his penis, he leaned forward and kissed the man with a very deep passion as he brought himself and Dwayne to climax. Alex now felt the man's body heat as his seed bathed his rectum in waves as it left the man's penis. The two stayed joined as one for what seemed hours to Alex. The boy didn't mind one bit. He was fully satisfied and now dripping in perspiration as was Dwayne. When the two finally did separate, Alex remained on top of Dwayne with his arms wrapped around the neck of his new lover and waited for his heart to go back to beating like something normal.

Alex was completely surprised with himself. He really didn't know what to expect the first time out of the man who made love to him, but he most certainly didn't expect to have any personal feelings about the matter one way or the other. The 'job' would get him out of prison very fast, and he would have money when he left. To him prior to the encounter, it was simply business. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, something had changed.

"When you made love with your teacher, did you love him?" Alex asked the man under him.

"Yes, from the very first time when I was six until I was fifteen years old," Dwayne told the boy.

"Why did you stop loving him?" Alex asked.

"I never stopped loving him Alex, he died when I was 15."

"Oh." The boy said and figured he had ventured into forbidden territory. It wasn't forbidden territory to Dwayne, he wasn't ashamed of this teacher, he did love him.

"I was raised by my teacher from age six. He was a retired College professor and he died in his sleep when I had just turned 15," he told Alex.

"I loved him more than I loved my parents who were too busy to raise me,"

"Was he gay?" Alex asked.

"No, he was a boy lover and he loved only me." Dwayne told the boy.

"I'm gay I think." Alex confessed to another human being for the first time in his life.

"Alex, at twelve years old, I really don't think those feelings are set in concrete yet," he told the boy.

"You'll know that a lot clearer when you're a lot older. Why do you think you're gay?"

"Because I love Aaron and he's a boy like me." Alex told him as he lifted his head and talked directly to Dwayne.

"I also have sex with men, and that's being gay isn't it?"

"Yes and no. If, when you get older you would rather have sex with a man instead of a girl, I would say you could call yourself gay," he told the boy.

"In order to know that, you need to have access to girls. I don't guess you're around too many girls lately are you?" he asked the boy. Alex smiled and blushed for the second time around the man.

"No," he giggled.

"Well then, I would wait until some pretty little girl picks up her dress and you go walking in the other direction before you make up your mind concerning your sexuality," Dwayne told the boy.

"But I do love Aaron and have sex with him when I don't have to," Alex continued.

"Well, look at it this way; if two boys are on a desert island and they end up in each others bed, are they gay, or are they simply meeting a basic sexual need that everybody is born with?" Dwayne asked the boy. Alex understood where the man was coming from, but he didn't really understand Alex's dilemma.

"But I don't have to love it when I have sex with you," Alex confessed to the man. If Dwayne was clueless before, he no longer was. Dwayne reached his hands up and held the boy's face. He kissed him very softly and laid the boy's head back down on his chest.

"Thank you Alex," he told the boy and couldn't hold him tightly enough to return the love.

Alex awoke from a sound sleep feeling a diaper being put on him and Dwayne curling back up around the boy as he drifted off back to sleep. His first night in the field was over, and Alex and Aaron had made lifelong friends without realizing it.

Aaron's first night began with the closing of the bedroom door behind him. Roy had already put some diapers on the nightstand and now the man had undressed himself. Sitting down at the side of the bed he reached over and took off Aaron's kimono and studied the boy's body for a good long time. Pulling down the covers, Roy got into the bed and Aaron got in next to him as the man turned out the bed room lights.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do Aaron, but I want to make love to you," he said as he turned Aaron around and put the boy on top of him with the boy's penis now within reach of his waiting mouth. Having someone perform oral on him was now routine, and something that Aaron came to enjoy probably best of all, especially when Alex and he did it together. Aaron had performed oral on the caretakers as part of his training and found it reasonably acceptable. He didn't hunger for the men to ejaculate in his mouth, but neither did he find it to be repulsive, especially when his own penis was also being sucked on at the same time. Alex didn't yet ejaculate, but he knew when his friend did start coming, he would be expected to swallow him. The thought excited Aaron, and the boy didn't really understand why.

Alex was fairly basic in his technique. Roy was anything but basic and Aaron found himself stripped of all inhibition within 15 or 20 seconds. Sitting there doing nothing while he was being bathed in Roy's loving wasn't going to happen as Aaron took the man's penis in both hands and slowly uncovered Roy's head from his foreskin. The man's head looked almost exactly like Aarons did three month's earlier before his Bris and Aaron knew from personal experience that the man's head would be super sensitive to the touch. Aaron took the foreskin ¾ of the way off his head and using his lips, moved the rest of it down and off the back side of the rim. Except for the fact of the head being larger, it both looked and smelled exactly like Aaron was used to and Aaron knew exactly what the man was now feeling. Roy had about six or so inches [15 cm] and Aaron was already trained to deep throat almost seven [18 cm] if need be. As much as Roy would have preferred to hold on forever, Aaron coaxed the man's juice from his testicles in less than two minutes.

Using his lips, Aaron pulled the man's foreskin back over the tip of his engorged head and very gently continued to suck on the man's foreskin which traveled very slowly back and forth over his protected head until Roy had Aaron climaxing in primal pleasure.

Either Roy was a very good liar or the boys he previously chose were mediocre when it came to making love. Aaron didn't think of himself as especially talented, although he never received any complaints from Alex when his friend wanted to make love to him. That's all he cared about, and never really thought about it. Now, Roy was either going way overboard with praise for the boy, or Aaron was 'gifted.' The answer Aaron would learn over the next two months was that he was gifted. Most boys in The Program had clients who were 'repeat' customers about 40 percent of the time. Aaron's tally was closer to 90 percent, and it usually meant that Alex was sent along with him. Having repeat clients was easier for the boys, it eliminated a lot of the guess work when it came to what pleased a client and what to expect from them. It also increased the tips.

Roy had turned Aaron around and gushed all over the place as the boy wrapped his arms around the man's chest feeling his soft penis against his abdomen. Aaron said little as the man caressed his back and ass and rambled on. Aaron awoke at some point with Roy very gently entering him and, like Michael, the two drifted back off to sleep with the man securely imbedded in his young love.

Dwayne awoke dry. Roy wasn't so lucky, but it didn't seem to bother him much to Aaron's relief. Dwayne usually awoke first and the sound of the Jacuzzi filling once again woke both Aaron and Roy up as the man's hand once again found the boy's genitals.

"Oops, I guess I forgot something!" Roy said as the wetness of Aaron's scrotum became apparent to the man.

"I'm sorry," Aaron said.

"If I really cared, you'd be in a diaper. Fact is, I don't care. I wet the bed myself until I was 14, so nothing's new to me," Roy told the boy as he gave him a kiss. Aaron smiled, but didn't really respond. He knew the man knew he wet, he also knew the man preferred boys who did.

Roy flipped Aaron over his shoulder and walked into the bathroom with both Dwayne and Alex already in the tub. All Alex could see was Aaron's ass and legs dangling, but from the sound of Aaron's giggles, it didn't sound like Aaron was having too bad a time of it. From the size of his boner, it didn't look like Roy was having any problems either. Alex sat back as Dwayne washed him just as he had done the night before.

Morning bathes were much quicker than evening bathes, but they still came with the boys being mechanically masturbated by the Jacuzzi. Both Roy and Dwayne knew exactly where to position the boys and themselves and no mornings would begin until each person was drained of any leftover tension.

"How does it do that?" Alex wanted to know as he came lying in Dwayne's lap.

"Didn't you ever point a shower head down on your penis in the shower?" Dwayne asked him.

"Yes, but I still had to touch my dick to make it go off," Alex said to him. Both men laughed at the remark.

"Which do you think feels better?" Roy now asked the boy. Alex pointed down to the water. That brought another round of laughter as the two men got up and started to dry off. After drying off, Roy went downstairs to start breakfast while both Aaron and Alex were dried off by Dwayne and put into fresh kimonos. After a shave for Dwayne and teeth brushing for the boys, the three of them went downstairs for breakfast. Neither man ate a large breakfast; they had two main meals a day, one at lunch and then dinner. Breakfast was largely continental for them, but the boys were always fed more than that. Again, Roy was a great cook, and his omelet's and waffles were as good as any five star hotel or restaurant food the boys ever tasted.

That night brought a small surprise to the boys. Each had thought they would be paired with the men for the duration of the weekend. At bed time, Dwayne took Aaron to his room while Alex went with Roy. The men themselves thought it would be a pairing for the duration. Dwayne preferred older boys of 12 to 14 while Roy preferred younger one's 8 to 11. However Aaron's expertise was shared with Dwayne by Roy and Dwayne wanted to evaluate it for himself. Both men were uncircumcised, and both men were sold on Aaron's abilities. The greater majority of the time, Aaron did sleep with Roy, but Dwayne always managed to find some time for Aaron to work his magic at some point before the weekend was out.

Most of their days with Roy and Dwayne progressed pretty much the same way for the next 21 months, Aaron would be taught to cook by Roy, Alex would be taught computer programming by Dwayne. Both men's passion was playing the piano, and the boys spent many hours listening to them play duets on the Baby Grands. Neither man was a slouch on piano; they played classical music and were very good at it. At a time when every boy in America was into Kiss and the Rolling Stone's, Alex and Aaron were developing a taste for Mozart, Strauss, Beethoven and Brahms.

The men's second passion was for antiquing, and again, they were extremely good at it. Spring begins high season for collecting, and the boys eventually found themselves tagging along on trips throughout New England digging through dusty shelves and dirty basements and attics. By the end of their time in The Program, their skills at detecting junk and fakes from real antiques grew considerably and they would both excel to the point of being able to open their own store in a very well traveled town in New England, where they are currently one of the most successful shop owners in New England.

Upon their return to the cabin from the first weekend with Dwayne and Roy, the boys learned that the men had already requested that the boys be regularly assigned to return to the men monthly.

"The both of you made an exceptional impression on them." Jamie told the boys as they unpacked Sunday afternoon.

"It usually takes them a few trips to make up their minds concerning having a steady boy, they wanted to make sure you would not be scheduled with anyone else," he told them. Maybe Roy wasn't just saying things for nothing Aaron thought to himself.


Mark and Steven arrived back at the cabin close to 8:00 and both Alex and Aaron wanted to sit down and talk with Mark concerning his weekend in Albany. Both Alex and Aaron waited for the return of their friends and sat down together with them for dinner.

Mark and Steven had a room at a hotel just in back of the Courthouse on State Street in Albany, and although Mark didn't know it, he was looking at the windows of the Courthouse where both Alex and Aaron were sentenced by Maximum John just a little over three months earlier. As Mark told of his weekend, and what he was seeing, Aaron thought back on his days in Albany. It would be really nice he thought if the city burned to the ground. Alex was thinking more along the lines of a very big bomb.

Mark and Steven spent the majority of their time in the hotel room which adjoined a room next door with two clients in it who were in town for a Judicial Conference that was being held at the SUNY Campus on Washington Avenue. The only time Mark and Steven went out was to go to Jack's at the end of State Street for dinner, and that was for only one night.

Whenever the clients weren't attending the Conference, they were balling Mark and Steven but it wasn't a bad time for either boy and they both received a $250.00 tip from each man. Mark thought that was really great. Alex and Aaron didn't tell Mark that they had each received $500.00 from Dwayne and Roy, there was no point in it.

None of the boys knew it at the time, but the four of them would be staying home for the next three days, and their mornings would find them on the mountain skiing while their afternoons were spent in school.


On Long Island, the boys spent the first three days acclimating themselves to their new surroundings and the most difficult thing for any of them to master was their new found freedom. Up to this point in time, they were told what to do and when to do it. For some like Jimmy and David, it had been very close to a year since they were first arrested.

"What do we do now?" was the most frequently asked question amongst themselves. Classes filled Jimmy and David's mornings, while Conner and Sean who were both basically illiterate, went to school all day.

David was happy going off riding bikes or went skate boarding but Jimmy went to the gym and practiced karate and judo with Harry. Not only was Jimmy learning to handle himself, he was very close to Conner in case Conner or Sean went off. Michael knew Jimmy would take care of Conner, but he also asked Jimmy to keep a close eye on Sean as well. Jimmy didn't know it, but he wasn't alone. The Elmira caretakers left very little to chance, and most of the people on Long Island didn't know that no less than six people were watching two little boys there very closely. When Sean or Conner burped, Elmira knew about it.

Jimmy and Conner were assigned to their first week end trip on Thursday morning. They left for the Hamptons and would be there until Sunday morning. South Hampton is a great place to party in the spring and a top designer was having a party to celebrate a recent show that was extremely successful for him. The client had secured boys before from The Program, and Jimmy and Conner were now part of a four boy team. The two other boys had been there before, so in effect they were 'showing the way' for Jimmy and Conner. Jimmy was really happy for the company, he was as nervous as he had ever been in his life. Conner was on an adventure.

The designer had rented an estate that had two houses on it. The boys were put up in the owner's 'Cottage' and the party would be held in the Main House which was separate and apart. None of the boys ever saw the party, but they saw a lot of the designer and his assistants. Jimmy had never come into contact with fashion designers before and he wondered if what he saw that weekend was real or a fantasy. The men were all very nice, very polite, very stoned, very bombed and very horny. Everybody seemed to have a really great time, but did they do this somewhere every weekend?

The boys' clients were strictly the designer and his assistants. All the boys were given very strict instructions not to engage with anyone else for any reason and none did. The Party started at the main house around 10:00 each night and went until probably 6 or 7 in the morning. The boys' day rarely started with the clients until at least 3 or 4 in the afternoon when they woke up and they were gone again by 9:30. Basically, the boys played on the beach all morning and most of the afternoon, and had supper with the clients and went to bed. Then they went back to bed and went to sleep. All four boys came back to the Cottage with a $1,000.00 tip apiece and a hell of a lot of stories to tell each other about parties in South Hampton and people in the fashion world.

David and Sean during the weekend found themselves in Atlantic City. A very nice elderly gentleman who was a high roller hosted both boys. The client had two passions; gambling and boys. Both boys were flown from Islip to Atlantic City with a guard escorting them and their weekend started less than fifteen minutes after they arrived at the hotel. While the client would have preferred older boys or even men, he was very leery about aids. All the boys in The Program were tested for any STDs every week, and were known by the clients to be free from any problems that might shorten their fun.

David at thirteen was ejaculating, and the client kept his well pretty empty at least three if not four times a day. The man was afraid of hurting Sean due to his size, so he did not have anal sex with Sean, but he did very much enjoy oral sex, and Sean was kept fairly busy in that respect. Usually, the man went to the Casino about 10:00 after putting the boys to bed and by four in the morning he would be back ready to party all over again.

Both David and Sean came back from their weekend and went directly to sleep and woke up at noon the next day. The man was old, but he had a huge amount of energy. He was also very generous and he gave each boy a token as a tip and told them to go to the window and cash them in. David looked at the single chip and was down trodden. His spirits picked up when the lady at the window handed him five $100.00 bills. Sean wasn't sure how much he had in his hands; he just knew David was practically dancing out of the lobby on the way out the door. Both boys met with the same man several more times over the next year, and found themselves not only in New Jersey, but Las Vegas as well. As did all the boys, they learned to love Las Vegas; it was like going to the circus, animals and all. When David needed to go find Sean, he knew to go to the tram between the Mirage and Treasure Island, Sean was a constant passenger.


Mark and Steven went out the following weekend, and on the Wednesday following that, Mark went out alone. Steven stayed behind and opted to stay with Jamie whom he had developed a strong relationship with. Mark did not know it at the time, but his new client was a Greek National who owned very large olive groves back in Greece and Cyprus and was a very traditional Greek, much like Mark's father.

Stavros was 34 when he first met Mark. He was the only son of an extremely wealthy Greek landowner, his mother died when Stavros was four years old and he was then raised by his father's house keeper, a woman from Sparta named Adell who first came to work for Stavros's father when she was eleven and Stavros was born. At age 15, she took over raising Stavros and she was the only mother the boy ever knew. Stavros never married, his life is his business, his sons and his grandchildren. Adell remains as administrator of his household.

The man had enough money, and when it came to the boys in The Program, he bent the rules when it came to associating with them. Twice before, the man had taken boys of Greek ancestry back to Greece with him as his adopted children and the boys now lived in Greece as his children.

Since a very large amount of cash went to The Programs administrators as the boy received his new Greek passport, boys who were of Greek descent and free of any and all family ties were funneled to the client with The Program's blessings. Mark was going to be given the option of going to Greece with his new 'father'. The morning he first met the client, Mark knew none of what was about to transpire.

Once The Program notified the client that they had a boy who fit the requirements, the man would visit with the boy for several visits. Stavros owned an apartment on the West Side of Manhattan overlooking the 79th Street Boat Basin where he kept his boat when it came over for the summer.

On the morning that Mark met him, he asked Mark how old he was. Without thinking, Mark told him "12". The man had asked Mark the question in Greek. Mark did not read or write in Greek, but he did know how to speak the language from his parents and grandparents who always spoke to each other in their native language. Once Mark realized what had occurred, he was quite surprised.

"You're Greek too?" he asked the man.

"So am I!" he told the man who was sitting down now satisfied that the boy was who The Program said he was.

Up to that point in time, it was Mark's experience to be fully naked and probably well on his way to being entered within 15 or 20 minutes of meeting a new client. This man made no move to undress Mark, and Mark was taught that the clients liked to undress the boys themselves, unless told otherwise.

"Let's you and I talk and learn to know one another," the man told Mark as he sat Mark down on the couch next to him and had Mark lay his head down on the man's lap. Mark's first observation was that either the man had no penis, or was soft.

One of the cardinal rules all the boys in The Program were taught, was that personal information that could lead to the identity of the boy or The Program was forbidden. Questions like the boy's last name, where he lived, where he lived before he entered prison, where he went to school were strictly taboo. Mark was aware of this restriction. The client was aware of the rules, and took great pains to avoid any of these questions and besides, if he went back to The Program and offered to take the boy, he would receive every bit of that information anyway.

Without specifics on anyone's part, Mark and the man spent the next four hours talking to one another. Much of Mark's discussion with the man involved his abandonment by his family and the talk was far from easy for Mark. It took him months to admit to himself that he had been cut loose by everyone he loved, and despite his teachings, he lost it several times.

When the man traveled, he always traveled with his housekeeper who spoke only Greek. As the two spoke she was supervising the cooking the kitchen and by dinner time, Mark and the man had pretty much learned all they needed to know about each other for the weekend. Mark was also told that if he needed to speak to the house keeper, it would have to be in Greek, since she spoke no English. Marks first visit with the man was a 'getting to know you' weekend for the man, and Mark assumed that the man was just overly curious. After dinner they both went out for a walk and Mark took his first carriage ride in Central Park before returning to the apartment.

As Mark would soon learn, Adell ran Stavros's houses with full authority; she supervised not only the cooking and cleaning, but every aspect of the home which included Mark's care. By 9:30 she told Mark that it was bath time and she proceeded to undress Mark and had him get in the tub and scrubbed him clean. Drying him off, she put him in a long nightshirt and told Mark to say "good night" to Stavros and put Mark down to sleep in the man's bed. It all reminded Mark of his mother and grandmother.

"Do you wet the bed?" she asked Mark as the boy's head reached his pillow. Mark nodded his head and the house keeper went to the bathroom and came back with a urinal and a diaper. Picking up his nightshirt, she took his penis in her hand and told him to pee as much as he could. Then without comment she put a diaper on him and pulled his nightshirt back down.

"When you go to sleep tonight, try to remember to put the diaper back on, but the bed is protected if you or Stavros forgets," she told him. It was very clear to Mark that the woman knew Greek tradition very well; she never batted an eyelash, and knew full well that Mark and the man would be sexually engaged within hours.

Mark was asleep when the man came to bed some time around midnight. He awoke to Stavros sitting beside him with the nightshirt going up and over his head. He took off Mark's diaper which was still dry and held Mark's erection in his hands as he looked at Mark's naked body for the first time. Bending down, he kissed Mark on the stomach and got up and moved to his side of the bed and took off his clothing. Mark figured that the man was something between 30 and 40 and was pretty athletic looking. He had a large chest that was pretty hairy, much the same way his father looked naked, only this man was certainly bigger, especially in the muscle department. As the man sank his head down on the pillow next to Mark, he reached over to the boy and pulled Mark alongside himself.

Stavros was uncircumcised and had a penis of about 6½ inches [16 cm] or so, it was not the longest that Mark had ever seen, but it was pretty close to being the fattest. His head stuck out a bit, and Stavros peeled down his foreskin revealing a head gleaming with precum. Stavros reversed Mark's position on the bed and then leaned over and drew Mark's penis into his mouth and washed it clean as he took the boy in scrotum and all as Mark tasted the man for the first time. It wasn't Marks father making love to him, to the boy he was both bigger and much better. When Mark finally drifted off to sleep the boy and man had explored every inch of each other's bodies, and Mark was exhausted after climaxing four times under the man's expert guidance. He fell to sleep with the man sucking on his testicles and slept like a rock using the man's stomach for a pillow.

Mark awoke in the morning with Adell opening the window blinds. It was well past 9:00 and the man was gone. Mark realized almost instantly that he had fallen asleep without putting the diaper on. As the house keeper pulled down the covers to take Mark to the bathroom for a bath, Mark laid there in a wet stain that was fairly immense.

"I'm sorry, I fell asleep without putting the diaper back on," he told the house keeper.

"You have nothing to be sorry about, little boys wet the bed, and Stavros knows that," she said as she took Mark by the hand to bathe him.

"As a boy, Stavros rarely woke up dry, I'm quite used to changing his bed."

Mark was used to getting up with erections and used to walking around naked, but this was a woman who was now holding his hand and leading him into the bathroom and Mark was pretty self conscience about his condition. As Adell had him stand in the tub and washed him, she noticed his deep red blush. She smiled at the boy. Taking her finger and flicking his penis up and down a few times she said to Mark, "You blush because you have a cock that is ready to fuck? Be happy, the girls will love to see something so beautiful as this." Mark giggled a little more out of nervousness than anything else.

"Never be ashamed of a straight stiff cock, it is what makes you a man. You have a very beautiful cock and a handsome set of eggs, they will make fine babies for you when you grow a little," she told him and gave him a hug. His grandmother spoke to him and his brothers much the same way. It must be something about being Greek Mark thought to himself; American mothers would go off screaming in terror if their little boys got a boner in front of them. American mothers would never suggest to their children that they use their genitals for anything else but urinating; nobody but perverts ever did that disgusting thing!

"Where did Stavros go?" Mark asked the house keeper as she dried him off and put a pair of underpants on the boy.

"He has gone to meet with some distributors. He will be back in about two hours and you will then be going out to lunch with him," she told the boy.

"First, you have breakfast."

Mark's morning was spent eating breakfast and then helping the house keeper with her chores which included getting the bed stripped and remade.

"Do you think he's mad because I wet the bed?" Mark asked as the two replaced the sheets on the bed.

"You are a boy and boys wet. Stavros knows that. Besides, he knew you wet when he took your diaper off last night. You did not try to hide the truth from either of us."

"How long have you known him?" Mark asked the house keeper. She smiled.

"Since he was a baby and came out of his Mother's womb. He grew up just like you are now wetting the bed and walking around with a very stiff little cock all over the house," she told Mark. Now Mark giggled not out of nervousness. He liked Adell and the feeling was mutual.

Mark was supposed to be with the man for two days. Stavros was in town for the week and would be leaving for Greece in another four days. Mark remained with them until the day they left. The man did not give Mark a cash tip when the visit was over. He presented him with a gold chain that went around Mark's neck with a Greek Orthodox medallion attached. Mark liked the man very much and really hoped he would see him again. Mark returned to the cabin upstate and figured life would now return to normal and in a few days he would be going back out to another client. Mark knew the man would be returning to the United States in four weeks, and maybe he would see him again at that time.

Three weeks went by and Mark was not sent out. Steven had gone out twice with other boys, but Mark remained at the cabin. Most of Mark's time was spent in class and when he wasn't in class he was going somewhere for dental work or eye exams, or medical exams. Mark's Greek client came back on schedule and Mark met him at the airport when the man and the house keeper got off the plane. Mark spent the next week with the two, and Mark's relationship with the man and his house keeper got deeper. Mark was taught not to get emotionally involved with the clients and he was finding himself up to his eyeballs in emotion. The man was very kind, very gentle, very funny and made Mark feel like someone really special. Adell was more like a grandmother to Mark than his own grandmother, and she very plainly adored and pampered him.

Upon his return to the cabin after the second visit Mark was in a deep funk and Jamie saw it. Rather than have Mark waiting and wondering if and when he was going out into the field for the next four weeks, Jamie decided he could keep Mark's spirits up without making any promises or giving the boy any false hopes.

"You won't be going out for the next four weeks Mark, Stavros has made arrangements with The Committee and you will be returning to him in New York when he gets back next month." Mark was a little confused. If he didn't go out, how could he make money like the rest of the boy's were? Besides, the man wasn't just a client to Mark anymore he was getting much too close to the man and his house keeper. It was beyond money as far as Mark was concerned.

As all the boys were, Mark was told that the team leader was there to help him in any way possible and that no subject or problem could not be discussed with him.

"Can I not go to Stavros next month and just go back out to the field like the other boys are?" Mark asked Jamie.

"Why, don't you like Stavros, has he done something that's against the rules?" Jamie asked the boy. Mark now felt kind of trapped. Stavros hadn't broken the rules, he had. He had feelings for a client and that wasn't supposed to happen. He had let it happen.

Mark said nothing, he sat down and lowered his head. Jamie didn't need a road map to figure out where the boy was at. At the same time, he needed some guidance. He couldn't tell the boy what he knew, nothing was certain yet.

"I will contact the Committee which will take a little time to see if we can arrange to get you back on a normal schedule, in the meantime, you won't be going out until it's resolved. OK?" he asked the boy. Mark shook his head and returned to his room. Steven was not there, he was with Alex and Aaron and Mark stretched out on his bed. He wished Michael was there, nobody understood him like Michael did.

Jamie sent a message to Elmira and Doc had Mark transferred back to Elmira for 'tests'. Michael was now very close to sending his latest unit off to the field and after dinner, Michael had Mr. Bill watch his new dorm while Michael went to the ward to speak with Mark. Mark thought he was there for tests. He didn't know what tests, just tests. Mark had not seen Michael for almost three months now and was really happy as the caretaker walked into the ward and sat down on the bed next to Mark. Saying nothing, Michael reached over and took Mark into his lap as he had done probably hundreds of times in the past. As Mark wrapped his arms around Michael's neck, the caretaker stood up and walked over to a far corner of the ward and sat down in a recliner and sat back with the boy.

"Tell me about Stavros," Michael said to the boy very quietly in his ear. Mark began the conversation very calmly and quietly in the beginning, after ten minutes, the boy was pretty much an emotional train wreck. He really didn't want to go back to the man, he didn't want to see him again, and he wanted to just go out and make money and get out of there as fast as he could. Michael did a whole lot of listening and very little talking.

So called 'professionals' spent years in school learning to deal with children, and most wouldn't know what a kid was about if they fell over them. Michael had no years of schooling behind him in dealing with children, he was one himself once, and knew a child's pain when he heard it. He also knew the boys in his dorms better than they knew themselves. Mark was terrified of once again being abandoned, and was trying every way he knew how to detach himself from the Greek man that was very quickly becoming the father he always thought he had.

"Mark, there were two boys before you that became clients of Stavros before you did, and each and every one of them is perfectly all right and they remain very close to this day," Michael told the boy.

"I have never lied to you and I am telling you that Stavros will not abandon you in any way. I want you to go back to The Program and next month, go back to Stavros. If you do not want to continue to see him after that, the Committee will assign another boy to him in your place." As Michael knew, if he recommended that Mark jump off a bridge, the boy just might do it, the bond between Mark and Michael was that tight. Mark spent the night sleeping in Michael's lap in the recliner.

Mark was returned to the Adirondacks the next morning and the paperwork that the Committee was working on and that was being worked on in Greece finally came through about two weeks later. A week later Mark was transported to Albany and delivered to the Albany Yacht Club. Stavros's boat was there which had come over from Greece and an hour later, Stavros and the housekeeper flew in from Boston and boarded the boat.

None of the caretakers really knew the figures involved, the Committee never divulged such information to anybody, but the cost involved in Mark's adoption by Stavros alone had to be in seven figures for the Committee to agree to it.

Mark knew nothing about the plans until he boarded the boat in Albany. He knew the boat was coming over from Greece, Stavros had told him so the month before. The Committee did not want Mark know anything about any plan since that knowledge could possibly reach the ears of the other boys in The Program, and what was actually transpiring was not officially sanctioned. Getting personally involved with clients was forbidden. Mark left the cabin upstate expecting to return and Alex and Aaron expected him back as well. Mark would not be seen again for eleven years.

Boarding Stavros's boat in Albany was very much a culture shock for the boy. The 'boat' as Stavros always described it was the man's home away from home, and he loved to spend a lot of time on it. A 'boat' to an American child is something like a runabout or a small cabin cruiser. It didn't really dawn on Mark until he walked down the dock to the boat that what Stavros owned was an ocean going yacht one hundred and seventy five feet [53 m] long. Stavros wanted the boat to go up the Hudson to Lake Champlain and pick Mark up in Plattsburgh, a mere 45 minutes from the cabin where Mark was staying. The boat was too tall to go through the locks. Mark was looking forward to going down the Hudson River and back to Manhattan.

Stavros and Adell came on board just before 5:00 and the boat was steaming down the Hudson River within fifteen minutes of their arrival. Mark had scanned the ship from stem to stern and the Captain allowed him to steer the ship under the careful eye of the helmsman until Adell called him to the Dining room for Dinner. By the time the ship reached the Kingston Rhinecliff Bridge, dinner was over and Stavros placed a little green book in front of Mark. Mark did not read Greek, and Stavros explained to him that the book was a passport. It was his passport if he wanted it, and he would be taken to Greece as a Greek citizen. Mark opened the book and thumbed through the pages. It had his picture in it with about eight or ten pages in it with stamps on them and they were signed. Mark didn't really know what the book was about; he had never seen or heard about passports before. Nobody he ever knew had one.

"I would like you to come to Greece and live there with me as my son," Stavros began telling the boy.

"There are already two other boys who live there, and you would join them as my family if you want to. I will raise you as my son and the boys who are already there would be your brothers."

Mark was stunned. "Why?" he asked the man sitting before him.

"Because I love you and I think you already know that," the man responded without hesitation.

"I don't want you to give me an answer right now; I want you to think very long and hard about it. We will be staying in New York tomorrow, and if you decide to stay, I will abide by your decision. OK?" he asked Mark.

"On this boat, I do my very best thinking up on the boat deck watching the scenery go by. Go up there and see if it works for you too," Stavros said to the boy as he got up and gave Mark a kiss on the forehead.

Mark did as was suggested and went topside to the boat deck and probably did a whole lot of thinking, but nobody really knows for sure since Mark never told anybody about it. Adell found the boy asleep just after dark sitting in a deck chair and had a deckhand carry the boy down to his stateroom where she undressed Mark and put him in a diaper. Stavros wanted the boy to make his own decision, and never joined the boy that night. Adell stayed with Mark in his room and slept on a chair in case Mark awoke in the middle of the night.

Once the ship passed Poughkeepsie, it could steam at 25 knots and was in New York by 1 a.m. Mark awoke in the morning with Adell filling the bathtub with water and taking off Mark's diaper. Mark was very quiet and even more confused. He was being asked to leave the only home he ever knew. To leave the country he knew for somewhere he didn't have a clue about. What about ever seeing his family again? Mark needed to be back in Michael's lap. Michael would know what to do and what to say. Mark wanted to speak to Michael.

'Speaking' to Michael was no easy task. For security reasons, there was never any telephone, radio or fax communications allowed in or out of Elmira, not between the guards, and not between the trustees and the people involved in The Program, it was always done face to face. The Payant murder came very close to closing down The Program and interception of communications in the Payant case was what almost caused everything to collapse. It was not going to happen again.

Mark was bathed by Adell, but as she dried him off she looked into a very sad boy's face.

"This is the third time I've seen a face like yours on a boy when they try to decide what to do," she told Mark as she picked him up and carried him back into the stateroom and put him on his bed.

"Let me show you something," she said as she took a picture album off the shelf in a bookcase. Putting down the album in Mark's lap she opened the book and it contained page after page of pictures of Stavros with two boys Mark had seen pictures of in the Apartment.

"This boy's name is Nicholas. He is now 18 and he is engaged. Stavros adopted him five years ago," she told Mark as she flipped through about ten pages of the boy.

"This boy's name is Alexander, and he was adopted two years ago. He is now 15." Again, she flipped through about eight or ten more pages.

"These boys are from The Program!" Mark said as he looked at the pictures. Adell was taken by surprise.

"You know these boys?" Mark shook his head no.

"Then why do you say that?" she asked. Mark flipped back through the pages and pointed to each boy's ring. Then he showed Adell his ring. The house keeper understood.

Nearing the end of the album, the pictures were of Mark. Mark recognized where and when the pictures were taken, Stavros almost always had a camera in his hand.

"Stavros loves Nicholas and Alexander very much. He also loves you and wants you to live with him always," Adell told the boy.

"I would never see my mother or father again would I?" Mark asked the house keeper as the huge pool of tears could no longer be contained in the boy's eyelids and now streamed down his cheeks in a continuous flow.

"Almost a year ago Mark, your parents made a decision that was best for them. Now, Mark needs to make a decision that is best for him, not for someone else," she told him as she cradled him into her lap.

"I do not condemn your parents, but I would never have done to you what they did and I know that Stavros wouldn't have done it either!"

"Can I speak to Michael?" Mark now asked the woman.

"Who is Michael?" the house keeper asked.

"Michael is my caretaker," the boy said as he picked up his hand and showed her his ring once again. Adell did not know who Michael was, but she did know the significance of the ring. Both Nicholas and Alexander still had theirs on, and had it refitted every six months as the boys grew.

"After breakfast I will speak with Stavros," she told the boy.

Stavros very much wanted Mark to return to Greece with him, but as with the two boys who he had previously adopted, the decision was strictly the boys to make. Nothing prevented him from telling the Captain to continue down the Hudson and Mark could figure out what to do in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but that was not his way of doing things. After breakfast Adell spoke with the man telling him of Mark's request to speak to his caretaker. A few phone calls were made, and at around 11:00 Mark along with Adell were on their way to Teterboro airport. By 2:00 Mark was in a van going through the gates at Elmira and Adell was the guest of a very nice elderly gentleman in Skaneateles Lake. It was a very quiet afternoon for Adell, the man spoke no Greek.

The first time Mark came through the doors of the prison, he was handed a jar with a little boy's penis in it and told to behave himself or else. Now, he was accompanied by two guards with more gold and brass braid than General Westmoreland. About five minutes after Mark arrived, Michael came into the room and Mark took a flying leap into the man's arms as Michael retreated with the boy to the medical ward and a little more privacy.

Mark was overjoyed to be with and see Michael again, but by the sound of his bawling, nobody would ever have guessed it. Doc had been briefed by a senior guard on the situation and Doc then briefed Michael before Mark's arrival. Now Michael sat there and comforted the boy back to coherency. After probably ten minutes and three or four false starts, Mark's dilemma was unfolded into Michael's lap and Mark expected a very neat resolution.

"Stavros wants to adopt me and take me back to Greece with him," Mark began.

"Yes Mark, I knew that he would want to do that if you and he loved one another, and I know that he loves you," Michael said to Mark.

"The only real question is whether or not you love him enough to want him to become your father. If you don't love him, say 'no' and he will accept that answer."

"But what about my mother and father?" Mark asked the caretaker. Michael always made it his practice not to lie to the boys in his care. He also didn't want to come straight out and tell Mark that his parents were basically dirt bags who had dropped him like a hot potato at the first sign of trouble.

"Mark, if Jimmy told you his parents wanted him to come back home, what would your advice to Jimmy be?" Michael asked the boy.

"Fuck them!" the boy said without hesitation. Michael said nothing for a long time, he just looked into the boy's eyes. Jimmy's parents were no better than Mark's were and the boy knew it deep down inside himself. He just wasn't really ready to verbalize that fact to himself. Mark laid his head down on his caretaker's chest once more for the last time.

"But I won't ever see you again either!" he said to the man.

"Mark, I know exactly what Nicholas is doing right now, I know exactly what Alexander is doing right now, and I will know what you will be doing if you chose to join them!" he told the boy.

"We may not see each other, but I'm never too far away, and I always know what's going on with the boys I love."

Mark was boarding the ship with Adell just after 7:00 and met Stavros on the pier. Picking the boy up Mark wrapped his arms around the man's neck and simply said "Yes" in his ear. The ship cleared customs four days later with a Greek crew of 16, a Greek housekeeper and a Greek national and his son.

Today, Mark manages the worldwide distribution of his father's olive business and is married with five children; all boys. Stavros now has a total of twelve Grandchildren, seven are boys. Mark now has four brothers and they all work for their father in his business. Stavros is the Patriarch of the family and the children are all raised in Greek tradition as taught by their mothers and Adell whom they consider their grandmother.

When Mark did not return from New York on his third visit, it created a huge stir in the Cabin, especially among Mark's closest friends, Alex, Aaron and Steven. No boy had ever disappeared from within their group before and Aaron was extremely paranoid. Aaron envisioned Mark being badly hurt, maybe dead. Were they all going to 'disappear' one by one without a trace?

Where was Mark? Why wasn't he here? Despite Alex's attempts to allay Aaron's fears, Aaron wasn't convinced and refused to go out the following weekend. Aaron could be forced to go out, but the caretakers feared that he was too unstable to send out, he might run. A message was sent to Elmira. At the same time, Aaron sent his own SOS to Doc and Michael. Aaron received a message within the hour from Doc to stay where he was and that things were being looked into.

Just after lunch two days later Aaron received a radio telegram from Mark telling him and the rest of the boys that he was fine, happy and in no danger. The message contained the pre-arranged coded language that each boy had agreed upon to let each other know that they were all right, and Aaron's blood pressure returned to normal. Nobody could have faked the message, Mark was OK and Aaron now knew it. He didn't know where his friend was and wouldn't for another three years but he knew that Mark was safe and well wherever he was.

The adoption of Mark now presented a problem regarding Steven; he was missing a partner. The two options available were to return him to Elmira for a new partner, or have him join one of the existing teams at the Cabin as a 'floater' whenever a third boy was necessary. The latter option was adopted and Steven stayed primarily with Aaron and Alex when they were not out in the field and with the caretaker of his choice when they were gone. For the most part, Steven stuck very close to Jamie and it remained that way until Christmas, 1989 when Steven returned to Elmira for the Holidays and returned to the cabin with a new partner in January, 1990.

Part Two

For the boys on Long Island, spring came very fast and they were usually out in the field two to four days a week, mostly on weekends. On the third weekend, Jimmy had been sent out alone, and Conner was now without a partner. Jimmy and David had agreed that either Conner or Sean would remain with one of them in case this happened, and if they were both unavailable, Harry or one of the other caretakers would take the little ones in their absence.

Parting for David concerning Sean really wasn't that much of a big deal for the boy, he knew that either Jimmy or one of the caretakers would take care of Sean just as well as he could. For Jimmy, parting with Conner was getting a little stickier. It wasn't all that much of a problem for Conner, he could bounce like a rubber ball from person to person. Jimmy on the other hand was another story. The problem for Jimmy wasn't so much Conner being taken care of; the problem for Jimmy was that he didn't really want anybody else but him taking the boy to bed. Jimmy had no problem with Sean or the other little ones in the cottage romping with Conner, but the thought of another older boy having sex with Conner wasn't going over too well with him. The caretakers had no problem with Jimmy's attitude; they knew where the boy was coming from. The problem was with Jimmy and his reluctance to accept the reality of the situation; he and Conner weren't partners or a pair, they were a couple. Just about everybody in the cottage knew it except Jimmy who wouldn't, or couldn't, admit it.

Friday after Lunch, Jimmy returned to the room with Conner and pretty much felt like he was throwing the child to the wolves. He wasn't sure how Conner was going to manage without him, and if the boy would be safe upon his return. In the meantime, Conner knew he was going to be going to Montauk Point on a fishing trip with a group of boys from the cottage and he was oblivious to his deep peril. That did not help Jimmy's demeanor one iota.

The caretakers in The Program were the best in the business when it came to boys. They knew boys from the inside out, they loved their work and they loved the boys; figuratively and literally. George wasn't Michael in the Psychological aspect of boys, but he certainly knew when a boy felt a little more than friendship towards a peer. Having Jimmy go off in a deep funk out into the field was bad for business as well as for the boy, and George needed to bring Jimmy back up to speed. He had Jimmy in for a meeting just before he left.

"Conner will be staying with Sean over the weekend, and we'll keep an eye on both boys while you and David are gone," George began.

"We've notified all the boys in the dorm that both Conner and Sean are off limits, so no one will bother them while you're gone," he told Jimmy.

"For added protection, I think we should let the other boys know that Conner is a couple."

This request took Jimmy by surprise. It also put him on somewhat of the defensive. A 'Couple' is two people; If Conner is one of them, who's the other? "Why?" asked Jimmy.

"Because I think that's what you and Conner are," George said to Jimmy.

"You think I'm gay?" the boy asked the caretaker.

"I think you love Conner and want to protect him to the max. Being gay is something you decide for yourself. If Conner is declared a couple, he will be strictly off limits to the other boys," the caretaker told him.

"Forget about the gay thing, if you love Conner you're a couple. If you don't, you're a pair. It's that simple. I don't think you like Conner, I think you love him."

Jimmy said nothing for a long time; he looked down at his hands sitting on his lap. Finally he said, "Make Conner a couple." For the time being, that was as close to declaring his sexuality as he was prepared to make and George accepted it. George did not notify the rest of the boys that Conner was a couple, what was the point? They already knew it! Besides, nobody was going to jump in Conner's lap; the boy's knew that Jimmy would kick their asses in if they did!

By 2:00 Jimmy was on the Long Island Expressway headed into Manhattan. His new client was a lawyer who was married with two grown children. He lived in Connecticut with his wife and stayed over in Manhattan a few times a month 'On business' in a townhouse he owned on the Upper West Side. As they always did, the staff briefed the boys on what they could expect from a client, and this man had a reputation as a very easy weekend.

Jimmy rang the doorbell and a very nice looking man in his mid 50s opened the door and showed him upstairs. The man's nickname was 'Jack' and it didn't take Jimmy very long before he was comfortable around the man. The townhouse had a kitchen, but Jack didn't cook and the house keeper was always off duty when Jack had a boy from The Program visit with him. On those weekends, Jack always ate out in restaurants, and Jack knew every good one from New Jersey to Long Island and back. Jimmy's first meal was dinner in a small, but very good Italian restaurant up by Greenwood Lake. The conversation between the two stayed lively, centered mostly on baseball and football, and Jack was no slouch when it came to discussing either. The two didn't really have 'Small talk' Jimmy had the feeling that the man was truly interested in the conversation and enjoyed his company. Jimmy knew next to nothing about Jack's home life, but couldn't imagine what the man and his wife spoke about in their conversations. Everything Jack had to talk about was masculine and action oriented.

Jack's impression of Jimmy was immediately positive and he told the boy so. In training, all the boys were taught how to behave and eat in restaurants, even down to table manners and how to order food. Take most boys out to eat, and you're looking at a hamburger or fried chicken on their plates. The boys in The Program were taught to order out of the box. A robot can eat a hamburger; someone who thinks eats Chateau Briand with Fettuccini Alfredo. All the boys needed to know was that they were ordering steak with cheese pasta.

"What's Veal Scaloppini?" Jimmy asked Jack as the boy sat there looking at the menu. Jimmy guessed that it was veal and scallops. Veal he liked; scallops he did not. Jack explained what it was and Jimmy told the man that he had never had it before, but he would like to try it. Jimmy's stock went up in Jack's mind by about 50%. Jack had a thinker for dinner and he was willing to explore.

Jack ordered the meal and a bottle of wine and two glasses to go with it. That raised Jimmy's eyebrows a bit. First, he was forbidden to accept drugs or alcohol by The Program. Secondly, he was in a public restaurant; they'd never serve a fourteen year old boy wine!

"I'm not allowed to drink sir." Jimmy told Jack when the waiter left the table."

Jack smiled. "Having wine with dinner is not drinking Jimmy, it's a part of the meal and my name is Jack, not sir," he told the boy.

The waiter came back and poured Jack some wine and then poured Jimmy a glass. He never batted an eyelash; Jack was a very good customer who always got exactly what he wanted!

It was 10:00 by the time the two returned to the townhouse and closer to 1:00 by the time Jimmy fell to sleep. Jack was not only a very good lawyer, and a great dinner companion, he was a superb love maker also. He very clearly revered a boy's body and knew exactly how to make a boy very happy. It was Jimmy's normal cycle to be able to make love about every two or three hours without forcing himself to climax. Jack could comfortably have Jimmy climax once an hour if he wanted to and generally in late evenings and early mornings Jack was there and available. Jimmy always thought that after age 40 or so, old people slowed down. By 50 or 55 they most probably quit screwing altogether. Jimmy figured he was going to have to adjust his thinking; Most of the men he had been with were at least 45, and they all fucked like rabbits.

Upon entering the bedroom, Jack turned down his bed. The two would take a bath, and Jack undressed Jimmy for the first time.

"I don't want you to be uncomfortable, so I'll undress first," he told the boy and Jimmy was looking at the man's body for the first time very shortly thereafter. Jack was a big man, but certainly not fat. Jimmy watched as the man moved over to the bed and sat down on it, the boy saw no flab or old hanging skin, maybe Jack was really 40 and not 55 Jimmy thought to himself. He had a bit of hair on his chest, but wasn't a hairy ape either. His penis was very neatly circumcised and looked very much like Jimmy's did, but a whole lot bigger. The man wasn't Coach, but then again, who was? When Jack sat down, Jimmy moved towards the man and waited for Jack to undress him.

"You take off your clothes at a pace you're comfortable with," Jack told the boy.

Jimmy took off his tie and shirt as Jack's penis let Jimmy know he was being very much appreciated. Jimmy had loafers on and slipped out of them as he undid his belt and unbuttoned the top of his pants. The boy reached down and slid his pants off and was now standing there in underwear and socks. Jack's hands went to Jimmy's hips as Jimmy's penis strained at the fabric of his briefs. Now both knew what the other was feeling.

Jack moved his hands to the back of Jimmy and slowly brought it then down over the boy's buttocks. The man pulled Jimmy into him as he kissed the boy's stomach area. Jack's hands then went back up to the waistband and slowly lowered his pants to the floor and then he brought his hands back up the boy's legs and once more embraced Jimmy's cheeks, one in each hand.

As Jack backed Jimmy's torso up, he viewed the boy's slender body for the first time. Jimmy knew the man was pleased, he heard the man suck in his breath as his penis came within sight.

Jimmy fully expected the man's next move to be taking his penis in his mouth. That was the way it usually went, and Jimmy looked forward to it, especially with this man. Instead, Jack surprised the boy as he brought Jimmy back into himself, and just held the boy in a very tight embrace for a long time. To Jimmy, it was like the man was saying "This is mine and I don't want to let it go." The boy knew that feeling, he did it himself with Conner.

Jimmy felt himself being rocked back and forth slightly, Jack was in no hurry whatsoever. Eventually Jack kissed the boy on his stomach once again and both made their way into the bathroom. Jack had a sit-down two tier tub with a combination Jacuzzi that was already filled with very warm swirling water, and Jack got in first and had Jimmy lay down on top of him in a sitting position. As Jimmy would learn, Jack was as attentive to boys' bodies in the tub as the caretakers were in the showers, and the two spent the next 30 minutes or so not so much getting clean, as getting massaged. Jack knew every spot on Jimmy's body that really counted, and missed none of them.

After shampooing Jimmy's hair, Jack entered Jimmy as the man reached the boy's mid chest area. It very much surprised Jimmy, one moment it wasn't there, and the next, it was deeply within him and sending unbelievable impulses to the boy's own penis. Jimmy wasn't exactly sure how, but Jack came with no movement of his lower body. Jimmy was determined to find out this new technique and try it out with Conner. After climaxing, Jack made no move to take his penis from the boy, and continued cleansing Jimmy who really needed no additional stimulation. He was ready to climax on a moment's notice, but that was something that Jack strictly controlled and he was holding the boy's juice inside the boy's scrotum until he had the opportunity to savor it for himself instead of spilling it needlessly into the tub.

Jimmy's first ejaculation came once the two were back in the man's bed and Jimmy did not disappoint Jack as the man drew the boy's seed up though his groin and into the man's hungry mouth. Before Jack was ready to let Jimmy sleep for the night he brought Jimmy to climax two more times, and each time, Jimmy reached a higher plateau of sensations. Jack was as gentle as a lamb but as potent as a stud bull when it came to making love, and Jimmy gave the man everything he sought of him with a growing lust from somewhere deep inside of him that he didn't know was even there.

After Jimmy's third ejaculation, Jack was ready to let him sleep. He laid back with thoughts racing through his brain as Jack curled his body up behind the boy and fell off to sleep. Up to this point in time, many men had made love to him, and except maybe for Coach, it was always either violent, or just business. Jack was certainly business but the man was somehow something more to the boy. Jack had gotten off and most certainly enjoyed it. At the same time, so did Jimmy and that confused the hell out of him. The only human being he had any real feelings for was Conner.

Maybe he was really gay Jimmy thought to himself. Did his brother do that to him? Did the guards at Kingston Jail? Was it The Program? Was he going to be getting out of prison in two years and heading straight to Fire Island? Was his future making women's clothing and partying at the Hampton's? None of those thoughts appealed to Jimmy in the slightest. So why did he have feelings for the man laying next to him? Jimmy wished that Coach was a lot closer than he was, in the meantime, maybe he would talk to George or Harry when he returned to the Cottage. Jimmy fell off to sleep rather quickly wondering what Conner was doing.

Jimmy was told in his briefings that it was usually Jack's practice to get a new boy after two or three weekends. He thought Jack would do the same with him. He liked Jack, but for the most part was pre-occupied with what was going on with Conner in his absence. Over the next six weeks, Jimmy returned to Jack twice more, and the two had a very comfortable relationship; at the same time, it became clear to Jack that Jimmy's mind was usually back at the cottage with Conner. Jimmy had told Jack about Conner, he also told the man that he was in love with Conner and would most probably not let him go when he left The Program. Jimmy never used the term 'gay'.

Very much to Jimmy's and the team's surprise, the next visit was arranged and Jack had Conner accompany Jimmy. As it turned out, Jack liked Jimmy much more than the boy suspected. Jack was not into nine year old boys, he considered them too small to engage with sexually, and felt that they really didn't have all that much to contribute to a successful semi adult conversation. Nevertheless, Jack was willing to double the rate if that was what it took to get Jimmy to focus on him while he was there.

Conner's involvement now presented Jack with a few small logistical problems, not the least of which was the problem of Conner's enuresis. Jack was NOT into golden showers. Keeping Conner happy and busy during the day wasn't a problem, Jack brought in enough video and computer games to make Bill Gates' kids envious, but the night time activity had to be controlled by pull ups and Conner slept in a separate bedroom. All was fine at night, but Conner always found his way into the master bedroom by the morning. Jack got used to it, and even ended up getting used to Conner's bouncing. The relationship grew between Jack and Jimmy over the coming months and very much to Jack's surprise, he came to love Conner almost as much as Jimmy did.


Spring ran very quickly into Summer and then Fall. Before most of the boys were ready for it, it was time to go back to Elmira for the Christmas Holidays. Mark had gone to Greece, and would never return. Alex and Aaron were given the option to stay with Roy and Dwayne for a two week vacation, and had accepted. That left Steven, Jimmy, Conner, Sean and David who would return to Elmira out of the original group of eight new boys.

On December 15th, the boys re-entered Elmira for the first time in over a year. Their remaining time in The Program was now one year, and by next Christmas, most of them would be weeks away from leaving for good, if not already gone. When they were there in Elmira the previous Christmas, they were fresh out of local jails and had just entered The Program. They were highly dependent on their caretakers and the boys who had visited that year really didn't get to see their caretakers all that much due to the time and attention they had needed. Now, Michael's unit was very close to graduating into the field and they would have all the time and attention from Michael, Peter, Coach and Gramps that they wanted or needed.

As usual, Doc was his usual grumpy self. He hated Christmas with a passion, it was a threat to the boys as far as he was concerned, but this Christmas was a little easier than usual. The units fell somewhere in between the holidays, and he didn't have a fresh batch of brand new boys yet who would be a suicide threat to themselves. Unfortunately for those boys, they were still languishing in the County jails and youth facilities.

As the vans unloaded in the courtyard, the boys filed into the building and registered with the guards. It was a little surreal to David and Jimmy; one year ago those men terrified the boys. The uniforms, the clubs, the flashlights, the attitudes, they were all part of their worst nightmares.

Now, some even smiled at the boys as they passed by.

All the boys coming in were sent to the gym and as dinner approached, the noise level grew with each new van arrival. Sean immediately attached himself to Mr. Bill. David was not surprised. Conner's feet barely hit the gym floor before Michael had him in his arms. Jimmy was not surprised. Jimmy and David surrounded Coach who had a small muscular army around him while Steven headed for Peter who was sitting on the floor with about ten boys surrounding him and all gabbing at the same time. As they talked, the boys got out of their street clothes and most put on jumpsuits. Others didn't bother yet, there was no hurry.

Jimmy looked around and seeing Steven looked deeper for Alex, Aaron and Mark. Finding none of them, he went over to Steven and asked him where they were. Jimmy was told about Alex and Aaron going to a client for the Holidays. But the news of Mark now had Jimmy in a small panic. How could he be gone since July? Where did he go? Who did he go with? Jimmy and Mark had come through Kingston jail together, where the fuck was his friend! Jimmy went back to Coach. Coach plainly saw that Jimmy was getting agitated and figured that this situation was best handled by Michael.

Michael saw Coach and Jimmy coming over and pretty readily figured this was no social visit. Conner was attached to his neck and Jimmy was looking like he would like to be too.

"Jimmy wants to know about Mark," Coach told his team leader.

"And I'd like a Christmas kiss," Michael said to Jimmy. Without asking, Michael bent over and gave Jimmy a kiss. The boy kissed him back. It wasn't the first time Michael had defused Jimmy in mid conflict.

"Merry Christmas," Jimmy said to his caretaker.

"Let's you and I go to a quiet place Jimmy," Michael said to the boy. Patting Conner on the ass, Michael said to the boy, "Conner, go to Mr. Bill for a minute, I want to talk to Jimmy, OK?" he asked the little boy. Conner looked around to Jimmy.

"Me and Jimmy are a couple," Conner said to Michael proudly. Michael smiled at the boy.

"That means he loves you even more than I do!" the caretaker told the little boy. Conner smiled.

"He does love me, he told me he did!" Conner said. Michael put Conner down on the floor and turned him towards Mr. Bill.

"Go!" he said as he patted him on the rear again. Michael watched as Conner trotted off. The little boy had certainly gained weight: his skinny little ass was now not so skinny at all.

Conner's comments had Jimmy a little red and flustered. He was now fifteen and Conner had just turned ten. Fifteen year old boys don't love ten year old boys. Michael said nothing. He gave Jimmy a kiss on the forehead and they left the gym for Mr. Bill's classroom and a little peace and quiet and privacy. Michael knew that questions about Mark would be asked; he expected them to be asked by Alex, Aaron and of course Jimmy. He didn't know that up until a week before the vacation that Alex and Aaron would not be returning. Michael was disappointed that he would not be seeing either boy for the Holidays but as long as they were doing what they wanted to do; it was all right with the caretaker. Michael gave Jimmy a copy of the radiogram and watched as Jimmy read it.

"It doesn't say where he is," Jimmy said after reading it twice.

"No, but it does tell you that he is all right and that he is in no danger."

Jimmy was a little surprised at that response from Michael.

"You know the code?" Jimmy asked him.

"No, I don't know the code, and I don't want to know the code. As I told you all before you left, only you should know the code and you should always keep it strictly amongst yourselves," he said to the boy.

"That way, nobody can ever fool you with the wrong message."

"Do you know where he is?" Jimmy asked his caretaker.

"Yes," Michael replied.

Jimmy sat beside his caretaker for a long time before he spoke, when he did, it was more of a confession to Michael than a statement.

"Conner wasn't lying," he said to Michael.

"I hate it, but I don't know how to stop it!"

"Jimmy, if any of us knew how to do that, we wouldn't be here," Michael told the boy.

"There's no magic pill, there's no operation, there's no Doctor in the world that can change the way we feel or whom we love, it's just the way we are and we have to accept it." Again, Jimmy was quiet for a very long time.

"When I leave next year, I want to take Conner with me," the boy finally said to the caretaker.

"Where am I going to be going?" he asked.

When a boy left The Program, he was generally between the ages of 11 to 16. Most were far too young to just wave goodbye to with a pocketful of cash. Each boy was re-located depending upon his age, scholastic abilities, personal preferences and degree of security: both for the boy and for The Program. English speaking foreign countries were preferred if long term or short term supervision could be arranged. The Program has 'Safe Houses' literally across the globe. Once the boy reached his majority, he could then decide where he would then live.

In Jimmy's case, he was going to be sent to a Dairy farm in Vermont, finish his education, and then the choice would be his. The original plan for Conner was to send him to a very quiet little Island off the tip of Long Island that had a safe house where Conner could be tutored as much as possible and try to bring him up to speed academically in a very small structured environment with three other boys his age from The Program. Those plans were made before Jimmy's declaration of his being a couple with Conner. Now, The Committee would have to wait until very close to Jimmy and Conner's separation before any final plans were made. If Conner continued in his relationship with Jimmy after separation, Jimmy would have to make a part of Conner's SP (Separation Plan). The decisions and planning that would have to be altered were not Michael's or any of the other caretakers responsibilities, nor did they have any control.

"We don't know yet where you'll be going and we probably won't for another six to eight months," Michael told the boy.

"Where ever it will be, you need to keep in mind that Conner is only ten and he'll be somewhere in supervised living for at least six or seven years once he leaves The Program. That means you'll have to wait for him for a very long time before he's totally free. Are you prepared to do that?" Michael asked Jimmy.

"You also need to keep in mind that what you feel towards Conner today, and what Conner feels towards you is very likely to change by the time he's old enough to decide which direction he wants his life to go in."

Michael knew very well that Jimmy was far too emotionally involved to rationally evaluate the current situation, so he opted for more time.

"We will know much more in six months and in the meantime, nothing will be planned that doesn't include keeping you and Conner together. OK?" Michael asked Jimmy.

"How will I know what plans are being made?" Jimmy asked the caretaker.

"As soon as any proposals are made, George will be told and he'll let you know," Michael told him.

Jimmy could live with that answer. Besides, if he didn't like the proposal, he would just take Conner away and they would go live together somewhere. Jimmy had already made up his mind.

Michael and Jimmy returned to the gym and the boys had all switched from their street clothes to jumpsuits or shorts, some stayed naked, mostly the younger boys including Conner. It was very close to dinner, and the boys were drifting down to the mess hall. Jimmy changed into his jumpsuit just as Conner scrambled back into his arms. Conner wanted to go to the mess hall firmly attached to Jimmy so that no one misunderstood who protected him.

The mess hall was about as crowded as the boys had ever seen it. There were about 80 boys from the field, and another 100 boys from Elmira there, and about half of the Elmira boys were still in training. Seeing bald heads, bare bodies and even a few boys with Plastibell rings on their penises, brought back a flood of memories to the boys from the field. They were very happy that chapter of their lives was behind them, and, at the same time, envious of the attention they knew they were receiving from the resident caretakers.

Jimmy had remembered when he was a junior last Christmas sitting there naked with the senior boys coming in and looking at him as they passed. He decided then that he would never do that if had the opportunity, it was embarrassing and degrading. Now, he wasn't looking to degrade or humiliate them, he wondered if he looked that small and fragile last year. He decided he didn't; these boys were just a lot younger and more immature than he and the rest of the boys were from last year.

Conner looked too, but he was looking more for Michael and to show off his protector. When he did spot Michael, he wiggled down from Jimmy arms and ran over to Michael immediately climbing onto the caretakers lap and planting another kiss on him. Jimmy found a seat for himself amongst a group of boys from Coaches dorm and went back to Michael's table to retrieve Conner. It took Jimmy some tugging to finally extract Conner from the caretaker's lap, a scene that didn't escape the watchful eyes of Michael's latest group of boys.

It was Friday night, and the kitchen outdid itself in the cooking department. Trays of roast pork, Virginia ham and swordfish steaks saw every boy finding something they liked, and by the time desert was put out, Jimmy was eating his with Conner draped over his shoulder sound asleep. Conner and Sean had already made plans to stay with Daryl on the ward, (with Jimmy's approval) and Jimmy would be staying in a dorm with senior boys from Coaches old dorms. Picking up Sean on the way out, Jimmy stopped by Michael and told him of the boy's plan. As luck would have it, halfway through the conversation, Conner's bladder decided it was time to let go and Jimmy's jumpsuit grew an ever larger dark stain traveling down from his stomach to his legs. Michael smiled.

"I see nothing's changed," he said to Jimmy as Jimmy stared at the lights on the mess hall ceiling.

"Twice a night Michael," Jimmy said as he turned and walked out the door.

"Why does he let that boy pee on him?" one of Michael's junior boys asked his caretaker.

"His job is to take care of the little boy," Michael told the boy.

"He will do whatever is necessary to do that job and if it means getting peed on, so be it!"

"Besides, he loves him." Michael added.

"Why does he stay naked when he doesn't have to?" another boy asked Michael.

"Because he knows he has a very beautiful body and isn't ashamed of it." The boys said nothing; a few looked down at their penises.

Jimmy walked into the infirmary with the sleeping Conner attached to his shoulder and several of Doc's assistants almost instantly recognized Conner. Conner and Jimmy left Elmira nine months earlier, but the little boy left behind a deep impression on the men. Jimmy gave up his charge to one of the orderlies and took off his wet jumpsuit. Finding another wasn't a top priority to Jimmy, being naked in Elmira was the norm for him, so fuck it he thought to himself. Sean, seeing Jimmy get naked, figured it was time for him to get naked also and his jumpsuit dropped to the floor.

"How do you want to sleep?" an orderly came over and asked Sean. Sean looked at the man.

"What do you mean?" Sean asked.

"Diaper, underpants, smock, pajamas or Birthday Suit?" the orderly replied. Sean giggled at Birthday suit.

"What kind of pajamas do you have?" Sean asked the man. Sean picked out a pair of Doctor Denton's with a full figure of Daffy Duck on them.

"Wait till Conner sees these!" he told Jimmy. Both Conner and Sean were put into the pajamas.

The men knew Conner and Sean would be sleeping that night with Daryl and expected the boys, just not quite that early in the evening. It was only a little after 7:00 and Conner was out of it.

"We've been on the road since early this morning," Jimmy told the assistant.

"He won't sleep in a van, and he's been up all day." The assistant smiled and picked Conner back up.

"Come on, Daryl has his own section in the ward, and Doc will be back in a few minutes," he told Jimmy as the three of them took the boy into the medical ward.

Every Christmas the medical ward was turned into a dormitory for the boys in The Program who were especially vulnerable to Holiday depression and who might be a suicide risk. That usually meant a large percentage of them were junior boys who were very recently entered into The Program. About a third of the boys now there were also boys who were not at risk, but who opted to sleep on the ward because of their attachment to Doc or one of his assistants. Doc's rule allowed any boy to request being placed on the ward, and some were there simply because that's where they wanted to be. Christmas 1989 was as full as it always was; it had about two dozen boys staying on the ward.

Since last April when Jimmy and the other boys left Elmira, Daryl who was now twelve had been living on the ward at night and was being tutored by Kellie during the day with Patty, Doc's little girl who was now eleven years old. Daryl spent his days with Kellie and Patty, either being taught or playing with Patty.

Jimmy followed the orderly past two rows of beds on the ward that were full of boys either playing together or watching TV.

"What happened to him?" one of the boys asked as Conner went by sound asleep.

"He's fine Gary, he's just asleep." The orderly told the boy. At the end of the ward a small section was curtained off and it contained a small bedroom area where Daryl lived. There were three beds in the area and the orderly put Conner down on one and tucked the boy under a sheet.

"Where's Daryl?" Sean asked.

"Daryl eats with Doc and they are still in Doc's apartment. They should be here in a few minutes," the orderly answered.

"I don't know if Patty will be coming out with them or not tonight, but you'll certainly be in contact with her over the next few days. Keep in mind that the rules are still in effect concerning Patty. Understand?" the orderly said to Sean.

"Yes sir," Sean replied.

"Jimmy when Conner wakes up, make sure he understands also. OK?" he asked the boy. Jimmy shook his head yes.

When it came to Patty, there were certain rules that all the boys in The Program were taught, and breaking any one of those rules found a boy in very deep shit. General Population deep shit. Patty was Doc's daughter and any boy who interfered with that relationship had violated the rules. No activity of a sexual nature was ever to be attempted concerning Patty. She could be kissed, but necking was not kissing. She could be touched, but never sexually. No boy was ever to discuss Patty's sexuality or gender with her. She was a girl, you were a boy. If Patty initiated contact or questions of a sexual nature, you were to report it to Kellie without Patty's knowledge. The rules were necessary because Patty was a eunuch and was unaware of it. Patty thought she was a girl and was being raised as a girl.

"I need a smock," Jimmy said to the orderly. Being around Patty naked was sometimes uncomfortable for some boys; Patty was a very beautiful child and except for a very small penis, every bit a girl. She was rarely in contact with junior boys, but in the gym and the pool, senior boys were her playmates.

Patty knew that the difference between a boy and a girl was that a boy's penis got big sometimes and they had two little round balls. A girl's penis never got big, and girls didn't have two little balls. Patty knew that a boy's head was always out at the end of their penis. Girls didn't have penises, they had 'Pink things that were always covered by skin unless you pulled it back.' And Patty could pull hers back. She was the only uncircumcised child in The Program. Girls also had breasts, something boys could never grow, and Patty was beginning to prove that point much to a lot of the boys' surprise and very deep confusion. At age 11 Patty was blooming due to the lack of testosterone in her system. It was explained to the boys, but they were still faced with an obviously growing set of tits. It took a while to get use to for the boys, and until they did, Patty was usually looking at erections. Patty didn't mind the reaction, she knew boys grew big and sometimes, they were just proving it to her.

With Jimmy now safely tucked into a hospital gown and underpants, Doc and Daryl came into the ward together. Patty would not appear that night. Daryl had not seen his friends for the past nine months and was really happy as he hugged both boys.

"What's wrong with Conner?" he asked as he looked down on the boy.

"Tired," Jimmy said. Daryl went over to Conner and stroked the boy's hair. It was a lot longer than when Conner first left, but then again, all their hair was a lot longer. Jimmy kept his hair fairly trimmed in the back, but Conner, Daryl and Sean all wore their hair long.

"Where's Aaron?" Daryl now wanted to know.

"He's with Alex back in Vermont," Sean replied.

"Did you hear about Mark?" Sean now wanted to know.

"Yes, Michael and Doc told me all about it," Daryl replied.

"Do you know where he is?" Jimmy now asked.

"Where he is is unimportant Jimmy, he is well and very happy," Doc interjected. Jimmy accepted Doc's response because he had to, but he was also determined to find out exactly where his friend was. It would take three years, but he would eventually find out.

"Do you want to go and see the other guys?" Jimmy asked Daryl. Daryl nodded his head. He wasn't ready to go to bed yet and there were a few boys he wanted to see from the old group.

"What about Conner?" Daryl asked. Daryl was in the dorm months earlier when Conner woke up all alone and had a temper tantrum all over Michael and had visions of seeing that again.

"I'm staying here," Sean said and slipped into bed with Conner.

"Conner will be fine, I'll have an orderly very close by, if there's a problem Sean, all you have to do is call him," Doc told the boy. Nobody wanted to see Conner go off again.

With Conner safely tucked into bed, Jimmy and Daryl went back to Michael's dorm. Unlike last Christmas, Michael's new boys were very close to going out into the field and much less dependent than boys like Sean, Conner and Daryl had been the year earlier.

These new boys now watched Michael's older senior boys very keenly. They would soon be following them, and the seniors looked mighty happy and secure with whatever was going on out in the field. Allowing the junior boys to talk with the senior boys about The Program was always encouraged, and the junior boys had a million questions to ask each of them. The gathering continued until nearly 10:00 and ended with Michael calling the junior boys to bed. They still had school, and would be up by 7:00 in the morning. Jimmy went back to his dorm room, while Daryl retreated back to the ward.

Both Conner and Sean were sound asleep when Daryl got into bed and Daryl was sleeping in less than five minutes. It didn't last all that long. In the middle of the night, every light on the ward went on waking all the boys up. There were about two dozen boys on the ward, and there was now an orderly or caretaker at the foot of every boys bed including Daryl's. Doc was there and he didn't look happy.

"Medicine is missing from the medicine closet and one of you has taken it," he told the boys.

"That medicine will be found no matter where it is. We don't believe in cavity searches, but if the medicine is not handed back immediately, that is going to be the first place we look." Doc waited about half a minute without talking.

"I'm sorry, but that medicine is going to be found even if it's already been swallowed. If necessary every single one of you is going to have your stomach pumped."

No boy spoke, but a few started to whimper as the men put on gloves.

"Proceed!" Doc ordered.

"Boys, turn over on your stomachs. This won't hurt you, but it's going to be done."

"Me too?" Daryl asked the orderly standing at the foot of his bed.

"I'm sorry Daryl, everybody has to be searched." The orderly was clearly not happy, none of them were. One by one, every boy's rectum was examined.

"Nothing." An orderly said to Doc as the gloves were removed.

"Strip search," Doc now ordered. All the boys including Daryl, Conner and Sean were now stood up by the end of their beds and stripped naked. Still, the exam found no medicine and Doc was getting more pissed by the minute.

"Boys I want you all to gather in the center of the ward right here." Doc now ordered as he pointed to the floor next to him.

"Search the ward." Doc told the orderlies.

"Boys, if we still don't find it your stomachs will all be emptied."

Conner was still half asleep, but he wondered how that was done. A small boy, probably ten or so now approached Doc and the man picked the boy up into his arms. That gave Conner the green light and he found himself an orderly real fast as he climbed up the mans torso and into his arms.

"Sorry Conner," the orderly whispered into the boy's ear as Conner rested his head on the man's shoulder.

"That's OK," Conner said as he yawned. The orderly wanted to smile but figured if he did and Doc saw it, he'd take his head off. Five minutes into the search, a vial was found buried in a jar of Desiten. It could have been put there by anybody on the ward, but most likely by one of two boys whose beds were next to the jar on either side. Neither boy admitted to it.

"I don't really give a fuck who stole the medicine, but I think it's pretty shitty that one of you was ready to let every boy in this unit get his stomach pumped out." Doc now scolded the group.

"Whoever did this needs to keep something in mind. Even if you swallowed the medicine immediately, we would have taken it back out. We will NEVER allow you to hang up!" Doc declared about as red faced as anybody had ever seen him.

As the boys' beds and areas were put back together each boy was returned to whatever they were wearing and returned to bed. Doc himself put the boy he was holding back into a smock and tucked the boy back into bed. Pointing to the two boys who slept closest to the Desiten, Doc said "One on One" as he passed by their beds. For the next two weeks, both boys had around the clock orderlies watching over them, even when they went to the bathroom.

As Doc sat down next to Daryl, he said he was sorry for probably the 50th time.

"I know you didn't do anything, but I can't pull favorites in a situation like this," the man said as tears rolled down his face. It had never happened before to Daryl, but he did understand that Doc had to find the medicine. He knew some of the boys now on the ward were suicide risks, and that Doc would never allow that to happen. The two talked about it before.

On the other hand, nobody had talked to Sean. Sean wasn't sure if he was minutes away from a super enema or Doc was going to cut his stomach open to look inside. Neither prospect appealed to the boy. When Doc came over to say goodnight to him and apologize, Sean wanted to go back to Mr. Bill's room for the rest of the night.

"If you really want to leave I won't stop you, but a lot of the boys here would like to leave the ward now and if they see you go, it will make them feel really bad." Doc told the boy.

"As a favor to me, please stay here tonight, I'll put an orderly with you to watch over you OK?"

"If somebody steals more medicine will I have to get my stomach taken out?" Sean asked. Doc smiled.

"No." Doc told him as he kissed the boy.

"OK." Sean said and rolled over on his side facing Conner.

Doc slid over to Conner's bed who had just been put back into a dry set of Daffy Ducks and was about to tell the boy how sorry he was. Conner's eyes opened as the man moved in towards him, but before Doc got the chance to say anything Conner's eyes traveled back up into his head as his eyelids closed. Conner was back down for the count. Cavity search or no cavity search, Conner was tired. Doc shook his head in amazement as he kissed the boy goodnight. Leaving the ward, he pointed to Sean.

"One on One," he told the orderlies.

When Doc was first told the locker was missing medication, he asked no questions, he ordered that every available orderly and caretaker be rounded up and commenced the search. Now, it was questions time and time to blow some people out of their socks. An orderly who supervised the medication distribution had left the medicine closet open when he went to get some juice, and a boy had probably gotten up to go to the bathroom and lifted a bottle of medication on his journey. It probably all happened in less than 45 seconds. The orderly was in very deep shit! The medicine the boy took turned out to be none lethal, but the scalpels and other medication that were within his grasp most certainly were. Doc went ballistic all over the man. When he was done, Doc gave him an order.

"Take the next three days and figure out whether or not you're going to do you job properly or find another vocation. Don't come back to this infirmary unless you're absolutely convinced that you won't kill someone!" The man did return to the infirmary, the lesson was learned.

The morning came for the boys on the ward and Sean awoke to the sounds of diapers coming off including his own as an orderly began washing him. Another orderly was heading for Conner who was still pretty much asleep.

"Nobody wakes him up in the morning, he always rocks himself awake," Sean told the orderly.

"He's all wet," the orderly told Sean.

"That's OK, he's always wet," Sean responded with a slight smile. Another orderly passed by.

"Conner will let you know when he's finished Jack," the man said to his friend. The orderly watched the boy as Conner started to awaken and begin rocking himself as he always did. The orderly figured it all out in about five seconds.

"I guess if you've gotta wake up, that's the way to do it!" he said as he put a new pair of pajamas and pull ups down on the end of Conner's bed.

Just before Conner finished, Jimmy returned to the ward and was now sitting with Daryl who was getting washed by an orderly. Jimmy learned of the night's activity and wanted to know how Conner had reacted. Had he gone off? Why wasn't Jimmy called in? The orderly assured Jimmy that Conner was perfectly fine but Jimmy wasn't at all happy about the situation.

"He stays with me from now on, if you want to sleep with him, you'll have to sleep in the dorm," Jimmy told Daryl.

"I'm not allowed to sleep in the dorms," Daryl told the boy.

"I'm sorry Daryl; he's not sleeping in here anymore," Jimmy told him.

Conner rolled over on his back and stretched himself straight out. Jimmy moved over to Conner and lifted the sheets off the boy. Daffy took a pretty good bath, and Jimmy began to take off Conner's pajamas as the orderly came back to finish his task.

"I'll take care of that," the orderly told Jimmy.

"He's mine!" Jimmy said to the orderly in a very possessive tone. Jimmy's tone confused the orderly.

"It's OK Jack, they're a couple," Doc said to the orderly as Doc came over to the group.

"He will take care of Conner," Doc spoke to Sean first.

"Did you sleep OK?" Doc asked the boy. Sean shook his head yes as Doc leaned over and gave the boy a kiss.

"He sat here all night long?" Sean asked the man as he looked at an orderly sitting next to his bed watching him.

"If he didn't, we'd have to fire him!" Doc said with a smile on his face.

"Should he stay here or go and get some breakfast?" Doc asked the boy. Sean giggled as Doc released the orderly from his duty. Doc now moved to Daryl and gave the boy a good morning kiss as he always did every morning.

"Can I sleep in a dorm?" Daryl asked the man.

"Why?" Doc asked the boy.

"Jimmy says that Conner can't sleep here anymore." Doc was a bit surprised. He also had a small problem on his hands. Jimmy was in control of Conner and unless there was a health risk, Doc was reluctant to overrule the boy's decisions concerning Conner.

"Is that true?" Doc asked Jimmy.

With Conner now naked and being washed by Jimmy, the boy continued his washing and answered "Yes".

"Why?" Doc asked the boy.

"Because of last night!" Jimmy told Doc.

"Conner told you he was upset by it?" Doc now asked.

Jimmy was very pissed that Conner was given a cavity search. The last time he was searched, the asshole guard who did it ripped his ass open. His trembling hands now betrayed his building emotions and it didn't escape Doc's notice.

A moron could figure out that Jimmy was extremely protective of Conner, and as far as Jimmy was concerned, the boy was violated. To make matters worse, he wasn't called in or even told about it.

"I don't give a fuck if it bothered him, it bothers me!" Jimmy practically screamed. Doc didn't need a thermometer to tell him that Jimmy was getting ready to blow, his face said it all. The ward was now very quiet and orderlies began to assemble.

Doc knew that Jimmy was on the brink and could very easily explode. If he did, and the guards became involved, the boy could very easily get hurt very badly. His continuation in The Program would probably end, and his future would be extremely bleak at best. Jimmy could very easily find himself on "C" Block in Auburn Prison being passed from one cell to another for the next five or ten years. It had happened before.

Doc remained as calm as he possibly could.

"Jimmy, do you believe I would do anything to purposely hurt Conner?" he asked the boy.

"Do you believe that I would try to hurt you?" he asked before Jimmy could answer the first question. Jimmy knew the answer to the questions was no but he didn't answer them.

"Why didn't you call me last night?" Jimmy asked the man.

"Because there was no time and because we fucked up!" Doc told the boy. The ball was now in Jimmy's court. Conner was now fully awake and very aware of the fact that a fight was maybe taking place real close to him. From instinct he knew that if a fight began, he too was in danger. Jimmy looked down at Conner still deep in thought.

"I'm OK Jimmy!" Conner said to his friend hovering over him. Against his better judgment, Conner got closer, rather than further away from the impending action. He lifted up and wrapped his arms around Jimmy's neck and buried his face in his friend's chest.

Jimmy knew if he stayed there he was going to lose it and there were too many people around him to do that. Picking up Conner, he stood up.

"Can I go back to the dorm?" he asked Doc. Doc nodded agreement and waved the orderlies aside. As the doors closed behind Jimmy and Conner Doc's chief assistant came over to his boss.

"What are you going to do about him?" the assistant asked.

"Nothing. His job is to protect Conner. Do you know someone who would protect him more?" Doc asked.

"No, but if he pulls that shit with a guard, you know he's dead," the assistant replied.

"He came a hare's breath away from being ready to throw down (fight) Doc, and you know it." Doc nodded in agreement. He'd have to talk to both Michael and Coach as soon as possible.

Briefed by Doc concerning the boy, Michael, Coach, George and Mr. Bill met in Mr. Bill's room at lunch time. Jimmy brought Conner to breakfast that morning and was back for lunch with the boy, but he himself was not eating nor did he leave his dorm all morning long. Conner was kept with him which wasn't making Conner all that happy, the child wanted to play. There were really only two options available to the men: either get Jimmy to back off concerning his possessiveness, or, remove Conner from his care. Michael and George knew that taking Conner away from him now would most probably result in Jimmy's loss to The Program. Being ready to fight with another boy, or even an adult to protect Conner was one thing; having Jimmy prepared to fight trustees or even guards was quite another. Striking a guard in New York State gets you killed or your balls crushed in with the Court's blessings.

Jimmy trusted Coach more than any other caretaker, but at the same time, Jimmy would never allow himself to open up to Coach which all the men knew was essential. Jimmy had to maintain a 'Macho' image with Coach, or in his mind, he would lose standing with his mentor. Jimmy had to 'lose it' (cry) and Michael was the person assigned to rip the boy's walls down.

After lunch, George had Jimmy bring Conner to Mr. Bill's class. Conner would spend the afternoon with Mr. Bill in the classroom, and Michael took Jimmy to Mr. Bill's room.

"I spoke with Doc this morning, he told me about your concern for Conner," Michael began.

"Did Conner have any problems this morning concerning last night?" he asked the boy.

Jimmy shook his head no.

"So if Conner has no problem, it's something you have to work out of your system."

Jimmy looked at Michael with something less than a kinder and gentler look.

"I have a problem with Conner having people sticking stuff up his ass when he had nothing to do with the stolen drugs and everybody knew it." Jimmy retorted bitingly.

Yes, Michael thought to himself, Jimmy was very close to throwing down. The boy was seething with anger and it was barely below the surface. One wrong move and somebody was getting their face handed to them.

"I have only one question for you Jimmy. If you were Doc last night and you were told that someone stole medicine that might be able to kill someone, and the person who stole it may have already swallowed it, and you have maybe ten or fifteen minutes to find it before a boy dies. What would you have done differently?"

Jimmy said nothing as he sat there with his eyes filling up. Jimmy was sitting on the bed and Michael got out of the chair and sat next to the boy. Putting his arms around him, Michael pulled the boy into him.

"Jimmy, the real problem is that this has scared the hell out of you and you don't know how to tell anybody that. Everybody in this building knows you love Conner, but the only one who's afraid to admit it is you."

Jimmy may as well have been stripped naked in Central Park. His walls came crashing down as he lost it in front of another man for the first time since his father beat him bloody with his belt. Michael hated to see or hear a boy cry, but in times like these, he wanted Jimmy to cry until every drop of frustration and confusion was excised from the boy's soul. It was a good hour before the door to Mr. Bill's room opened again and Michael and Jimmy went to the kitchen to see if they could find a sandwich or two.

Jimmy did not allow Conner to sleep on the ward anymore, but he did allow him to sleep in Mr. Bill's room with Sean and Steven. Doc allowed Daryl to sleep there as well, so all four boys stayed together for the majority of the Holiday. The big loser was Mr. Bills mattress, the big winner was Mr. Bill. Jimmy's possessiveness and control over Conner did not lessen all that much over time, but at least Jimmy knew why he was so controlling.


Back in Vermont in the meantime, Alex and Aaron left the cabin on the same day that the vans left for Elmira. The boys were not there with Roy and Dwayne in an official capacity, they were in fact on vacation. Neither Roy nor Dwayne had any 'real' family to spend the Holidays with; they were both considered outcasts by their respective families who wanted nothing whatsoever to do with two queers who lived together. Both men began their relationship in the 10th Grade and had been together as a couple longer than any member of their respective familys. Nevertheless, they were just a couple of fags 'shacking up.' Both men got over it many years previous.

By Christmas, Alex and Aaron had visited both men at least ten times over full weekends. Business was so good for the men that by September, they could afford to have the boys over twice a month. If they could have afforded it, it would have been weekly, but they were not millionaires.

In retrospect, both Alex and Aaron both agreed that Christmas 1989 was the best one they spent as children. They drove to Montreal with Roy and Dwayne and went skating. They drove to Boston to see the Pops. They drove to New York and saw the show at the Hayden planetarium and Radio City Music Hall. On Christmas Eve they sat before the fire place and roasted chestnuts (Aaron thought they were pretty good, Alex thought he was ingesting chalk).

It took a while before Roy and Dwayne got comfortable with it, but both boys had no problem whatsoever in being naked outside the bedroom. They also had no problem with having erections or sexually engaging each other in public. Roy and Dwayne were brought up in a very strict puritanical environment, and their sex was always kept very close to the vest and very discreet. Both men liked to fuck like jack rabbits, but only behind very closed and very locked doors. To them, everywhere else was 'in public.'

Now they had two boys who liked to lay on their tummies in front of the fireplace bare assed naked cooking chestnuts. Now they had two boys who would go for a hike in the woods and skinny dip in a flowing creek they came across. Sucking on a boy's penis under a few pounds of blankets behind locked bedroom doors was very nice, doing it on the pool deck at high noon was electric! Roy taught Aaron how to cook. Dwayne taught Alex how to program a computer. The boys taught the men how to fuck without guilt, shame or secrecy.


Steven's journey back to Elmira brought home to him the fact that he had no partner. Being with Alex and Aaron was perfectly fine when they were not out in the field, and his staying with Jaimie and the other caretakers in the cabin when the boys weren't there filed in all the gaps, but at Elmira, just about every senior boy had a partner except for Steven. Most of the Holiday he spent with Conner, Sean and Daryl, but he also knew that the Holidays would be over soon, and he would again go from room to room without really having his own to go back to. Steven was a boy from Peter's dorm, and that was the caretaker who he relied upon the most, Peter had ringed him. Steven asked Peter to find another partner for him.

Peter was not good when it came to reading boys, Peter was an expert. If you put twelve boys in a room, Peter could figure out in less than five minutes which boys were approachable and which boys wouldn't drop their pants if they were on fire. As a Catholic, Peter was taught from childhood how to read a boy, and in Steven he read a boy who was somewhere where he had absolutely no business being. A social worker with an ounce of common sense, a prosecutor with an IQ above 50, a judge with something more important on his mind than being re-elected would have sent this boy back to his family in a heartbeat. Instead, the boy was sent into the Custody of The State!

The meeting concerning Steven was made about four days into the Holidays and the decision makers were going to be Doc, Michael, Jamie and Peter. Their first consideration, as with all the boys, was to answer the question of where the boy was going to be going once he was separated from The Program. A lot of that decision was based upon the boy's sexual orientation. Given his history and behavior in The Program, the staff felt that Steven had an excellent chance of leaving The Program fairly intact sexually. Like Nathan and Joshua, he would leave and continue on with a normal adult life.

The goal was now to find Steven a partner, but not one who would change the direction of his life. Jimmy was changing the direction of Conner's life. Alex was changing the direction of Aaron's life. Steven was more like Nathan and Joshua and they were the kind of boy that now needed to be found for Steven. The boy found also needed to be something close to a year from separation just as Steven was.

A two day search though the system found the men discussing a thirteen year old boy named Julian. Julian came into the system because he had sex with a ten year old boy. Julian was a passenger on a plane when the plane was diverted due to bad weather to another airport. The airline put Julian up with another boy (10) in a hotel room. Julian was twelve at the time. During showers together, the ten year old got a little frisky and Julian ended up on his knees giving the little tot some oral. The little tot didn't really mind, his older brothers always did this to him at home anyway. He told Julian to get down on his knees and putting his hands on the back of Julian's head, had Julian deep throating him in no time. The next day, Julian's flight resumed and he found himself back home in Ronkonkoma.

A few days later, Julian was in school when he was called to the Principal's office and two nice detectives slapped cuffs on Julian and paraded him out of school and into detention hall.

The little tot was found munching on his baby brother's dink, and mommy and daddy wanted to know who taught him such dastardly tricks. The tot pointed to Julian, and mommy and daddy were shown the airlines balance sheet by their attorney. The tot sued for three million, and Julian was shown the States mercy. At trial, Julian's parents were disgusted and sickened by the things that Julian had done to the tot (According to the tot) in the hotel room, and walked away from him to avoid being embarrassed and humiliated in front of their friends, neighbors and fellow Country Club members.

The fact of the matter was, if the tot's story were true, Julian would have to have spent three days with the boy to do all he was accused of doing, but you need a lot of fodder to feed a three million dollar cash cow and the attorney briefed the tot well. The little guy also had a very full basket of goodies of his own to spill. If what he testified to really happened to him, the little tot's two older brothers could have written the Kama Sutra.

None of the caretakers who read Julian's trial transcript doubted that very few people in the court room at Julian's trial left with dry underpants on. The newspapers made another killing 'Outraging' all those who very eagerly read every single word of the episode in the minutest detail. The court sentenced Julian to six years hoping he would get his little ass fucked off every day of the six years; after all, he deserved it didn't he?

The boy was based out of Buffalo and paired with an older boy who was now 15. The pair had stayed in Buffalo over the Holiday mainly because Julian's partner opted to remain in Buffalo to be close to a very good friend of his who was in The Program. Basically, according to the boy's team leader in Buffalo, it was a mismatch. Julian's partner was heading in one direction; Julian was basically 'straight' and foundering. Julian and his partner were brought back to Elmira and his partner was given the option to return to Buffalo alone, or be transferred to the Adirondacks. He opted for the snows of Buffalo and none of the caretakers could figure out why.

Nevertheless, the team now had two boys who had no partner and both found themselves housed in the same dorm together. Julian was told he would be sent to the Adirondacks following the Holidays and the team let nature take its course. Being in the same dorm together, with side by side beds and both boys without partners found Julian on top of Steven in the shower room in less than two days. Julian and Steven returned to the cabin upstate as a pair and a year later, both boys separated good friends and continued with their lives.

On December 29th the boys were ready to return to the field and the vans were leaving as they were loaded. Julian had heard a great deal about upstate even prior to becoming Steven's new partner and was looking forward to going. He hated Buffalo and nobody blamed him. The upstate van was loaded by 10:00 and had left and now it was time to load the van to Long Island containing among others, Jimmy, Conner, Sean and David. David had no problem leaving and for the most part neither did Jimmy, but Sean and Conner separated with much more difficulty. Not the least of their problems were Daryl and Patty. Both boys developed a strong bond with both children, and their strong attachment to their primary caretakers was rekindled over the Holiday.

As was always the case, goodbyes were said in the dorms and it was not the driest departure the caretakers had seen in a long time. By 10:30 the downstate van was winding its way down the driveway and unless someone got hurt or an emergency popped up, the boys would not return until the following December and be separated from The Program.

The Final Year

The Program went back into full swing right after New Year's and for the upstate boys, they were either out in the field or shushing down mountains on skis. When they weren't doing that, they were in class. The relationship between Alex and Aaron with Roy and Dwayne got very much stronger over time, and by the time the boys were separated, they had become lifelong friends. Both boys visited the men every other weekend and most of the other clients they had in the interim were repeat clients that they both knew and were comfortable with.

Julian and Steven turned out to be an excellent pair together. While Julian wasn't nearly as sexually active concerning Steven as Mark was, both boys were very happy being paired together. Julian thrived on the winter activities in the Adirondacks and both boys became very good friends.

On Long Island, Jimmy and Conner resumed their visits to Jack and all went pretty much routine until May. Jack's wife had found a boyfriend from Darien, and sought a divorce from Jack. As the mother of his children Jack was appropriately distressed, especially when she wanted the house and cars in Darien as a going away present. Jack said fuck it and handed over the house and cars and bought himself a new place on Candlewood Lake. He also bought himself a boat which his wife would never let him do and Jimmy learned to go zipping around the lake at 50 miles an hour [80 km/h].

With Jack's ex wife now in her boyfriend's arms, Jack found himself pretty much alone three weeks out of the month. He usually stayed in Manhattan when Jimmy and Conner weren't there, but by mid August he decided he liked the lake better, but not without company. Jimmy and Conner began going to the lake every weekend. They now had no other clients. The boys were costing Jack a small fortune, but a lot less than the wife had.

David and Sean were usually out in the field three to four days a week, mostly going to Atlantic City, Las Vegas and Florida. David grew to love Sean in a brotherly way, and just like all brothers, now and then found themselves in each others pants. David's sexual activity card was pretty much filled by clients, but he did recognize that Sean was more sexually active than he was.

David would submit to anal when necessary, but it wasn't his favorite activity. On the other hand Sean had no boundaries, what felt good he did, and it really didn't matter if it was a client, David, or a caretaker who he did it with. Sean never slept alone, and he never went a day without having sex.

All went very well until mid October when Sean came down with a very bad cold and then was diagnosed with pneumonia. Sean was returned to Elmira in a helicopter from the Department of Corrections and went straight to the medical ward. David accompanied him. Twenty months earlier when Sean first left, he was a small but pretty robust kid. He had gained back, and then some, the weight he had lost in the County jail and Detention Center before he arrived at Elmira, but now he had lost pretty close to 15 pounds [7 kg] in just under a month and close to 50% of his lung capacity was being restricted by fluid. Doc knew he had a damned sick boy on his hands. There were only five other boys on the ward when Sean first came in, so Doc allowed David to sleep on the ward next to Sean with Daryl sleeping on the other side of him. Sean was happy for the company, but most of his concentration was on breathing. His breathing sounded like an old washing machine and Doc wasn't a happy camper. Mr. Bill wasn't a happy camper either; he was an emotional train wreck.

It took almost two weeks for Doc to get Sean stabilized even with around the clock orderlies clearing Sean's lungs of fluids. Sean had stopped eating altogether, not because he wasn't hungry, but because he could either breathe or eat, but not both. By day two Sean was being fed intravenously and was on oxygen. By day five, blood was appearing in the fluids and Sean was put on a ventilator. Doc was now making plans to remove Mr. Bill and the boys from the ward. If Sean's lungs collapsed, Sean was lost. Now Michael joined the train wreck. Eight days into his care Doc brought Kellie into the ward to assist with clearing Sean's lungs, Doc was loosing orderlies who were literally working around the clock to keep Sean breathing coupled with a rise of three more patients on the ward with medical problems of their own.

Kellie was a drag queen to beat all drag queens, but he was also one of the most dedicated people Doc ever knew. Once given a task, Kellie would run through hell and back to get it done, and he would get it done. Kellie stayed with Sean around the clock for the next three days, and fell asleep only when Doc laced him with a shake against his knowledge. Massive amounts of antibiotics along with Doc and his crews never ending dedication saw improvement in Sean's breathing about two weeks after he arrived. Just for the hell of it, Doc weighed himself, Mr. Bill, Michael, Kellie and all the orderlies after Sean's crises was over. He figured he had one hell of a new diet plan if only he could patent it. Combined, Sean cost the men 150 pounds [70 kg] of blood, sweat and tears and they were happy to lose it for him.

Sean remained at Elmira with David for the next five weeks recovering. Every minute that Kellie was not with Patty and Daryl, he was attending to Sean. By the time Sean left, he and Kellie had developed a relationship usually reserved between mother and son. Kellie was falling in love with Sean, but not a sexual love. Not yet.

By the time Sean was ready to be released from medical care, it was less than two weeks before the boys would be returned to Elmira for Christmas, 1990, so neither boy returned to Long Island.

Christmas 1990 marked just over two years when the boys first entered The Program, this would be their last Holiday at Elmira, they were all due for separation. None of the boys knew exactly what would transpire now, they just knew they would not be returning to the field. They were not going home, they had no homes or parents to go home to. But they were not going back to prison, and that's all they really cared about.

Separation Time

Julian was separated from The Program before Christmas. At fourteen years old, he still had four years before he reached his majority and could be legally emancipated. For security reasons, The Committee was always ready to accommodate a boy's wishes on placement upon separation. A happy boy was a boy who wouldn't create problems once out of The Committees control. Julian expressed an interest in attending a Naval Training Academy for teens that had a ship based out of the Virgin Islands. He graduated the school and today runs his own charter boat out of St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.

David also left before Christmas. His two years living with and taking care of Sean, compounded by Sean's near fatal brush with death had tempered his anger somewhat but everybody in The Program also knew that David needed to be kept as far away from Orange County as possible.

David's dreams for those people there made Stephen King look like a fairy tale writer. David agreed to go to a group home operated by a former trustee that was financed by The Committee on Prince Edward Island. He stayed at the group home until age 18 and moved to Vancouver where he lives today with his wife and two daughters.

Steven left The Program with two other boys on New Year's Day and they were flown to Scotland where he attended an all boys school until he graduated in 1996. It's believed he lives in either Scotland or England today.

Alex and Aaron left Elmira in mid January, 1991. Both boys attended a private boy's academy in Vermont as day students. They lived with their uncle until their graduation and their educational expenses were of course paid for through their 'endowment' from their dead parents estate (officially). Today, they live together as a couple with their two adopted boys and are very successful owners of an Antique business in New England. The boys' uncles Dwayne and Roy remain very much a part of all of their lives.

Jimmy and Conner left Elmira as all the boys did with a record that was wiped clean as far as any criminal history was concerned, but it wasn't the kind of clean record normally passed out by the Courts.

'Expunging' a child's history prior to adulthood is a myth in this country, as anybody who has ever been arrested can tell you. If you start a fire when you're ten years old and get into the Court system, it will follow you for the rest of your life. There's no such thing as expunging or sealing the record; unless of course you destroy those records. It all flows back to 'Stealth'.

Both boys were enrolled in a very exclusive boy's prep school in Connecticut where you needed a pedigree longer than a dog winning the Westminster Kennel Club's Best of Breed Award. Jimmy and Conner's pedigree came from the fact that they were wards of Jack who was an alumnus of the school. Both boys lived with Jack and were bussed to school daily.

Jimmy was extremely happy as was Conner and he was totally dedicated to Jack. He very truly loved the man, but at the same time, Jimmy was also consumed with hatred. Two weeks after moving into the house on Candlewood Lake, Jimmy took Jack's car and traveled up the Taconic Parkway to Kingston and finding his brother there, dammed near beat the living shit out of him.

Jimmy was arrested by the same Sheriff who originally arrested him, and was prosecuted by the same D.A. He went before the same judge. All had decided that this time, little Jimmy was going away forever. He was charged with Attempted Murder. The judge ordered him held on $500,000.00 bail. Jimmy was going nowhere as far as the D.A. and judge were concerned.

The first inkling that the D.A. and judge received that something was different, was that Jimmy was bailed out of jail the next morning. The judge was extremely pissed off! Jack wasn't your average lawyer, Jack spoke to people in Albany and Washington that would take the D.A. or judge months to be able to bring to the phone. Despite the fact that Jimmy's sister now came forward and told the D.A. that the brother had made her pregnant and not Jimmy, the judge made it a pissing contest and was determined to bring Jimmy to justice and put him away for good.

"Justice in America is blind. It doesn't matter who you are, or what your standing is in the community, or how rich, or how powerful you are, or who you know, everybody is equal in a Court of Law.!"

There are thousands of lawyers, prosecutors and judges around this country who can actually say those words to you with a straight face and not bust out laughing rolling around the court room floor. They did not graduate from Law Schools, they graduated from Acting Schools. If Jimmy walked into that Courtroom in handcuffs with a public defender at his side, he was dead fucking meat.

Jack wasn't happy with what Jimmy had done, but at the same time he did not take the low road like Jimmy's parents had done. Even knowing that if Jimmy mentioned The Program a lot of folks would be in very deep shit, Jack supported Jimmy and threw the entire weight of his Law Firm against the D.A. and the judge. Jack never once asked Jimmy to keep quiet about The Program. Jimmy never said a word. He wasn't after the caretakers, he just wanted his brother dead.

The D.A. had a slam dunk case. He had a brother who was in the hospital on the critical list for almost a week and a defendant who admitted he wanted to kill his own brother. Jimmy's sister took the stand and told her story supporting Jimmy. She had figured out on her own that Jimmy couldn't possibly have made her pregnant, he wasn't even ejaculating yet when she became pregnant. The D.A. and the judge thought that was a trivial matter and dismissed the 'poor misguided girl who was trying to protect her brother.'

Jimmy took the stand and really didn't help himself all that much; he admitted on the stand that he wanted to kill his brother. Both the judge and the D.A. smiled to each other at that testimony.

Under normal circumstances, what a public defender does at this juncture in the trial is to try to limit Jimmy's vacation time in Attica to 15 to 30 years. However, when you got bucks, you bring in expert after expert. A criminal case in New York State generally takes one to three days to put someone away for the rest of his life. Jack spent almost two weeks really pissing off the judge with expert after expert. Every time the judge wanted to wrap the case up and lock Jimmy's ass up forever, Jack threw another witness on the stand.

Jimmy was charged with Attempted Murder and Jack refused to agree to a lesser included offense or a plea bargain. The jury went out, and the judge went home that night salivating about how long he would put Jimmy away for.

The Jury found Jimmy Not Guilty of Attempted Murder and the judge went ballistic and had every one of them stricken from the rolls. It's called 'Jury Nullification.' And it's what Jack knew they would do with enough 'expert testimony.' Yes he tried to kill his brother, but he had a mother fucking good reason to try to do it!

The D.A. had a different take on the Jury's decision, in front of the Courthouse steps he informed the public that in light of this 'new' evidence, he was going to bring Jimmy's brother before the Grand Jury. The fucking scumbag needed somebody to put in jail, if he couldn't get Jimmy, what the fuck! Jimmy was eventually contacted by the D.A. to testify at his brother's trial; Jimmy told him to go fuck himself.

Jimmy's parents met Jimmy on the steps of the Courthouse leaving with Jack and Conner. Jimmy never looked back. Today, Jimmy and Conner live together in Greenwich, CT about ten miles [15 km] away from Jack. Jimmy attends Law School at Columbia, and works as a Law Clerk in Jack's Firm. He intends to do mainly Pro Bono work for children in Family and Criminal Court upon graduation and is looking forward to practicing in upstate New York Courtrooms, mainly around Kingston.

After the trial, Jimmy and his sister tried to reconcile but his sister could not accept the presence of Conner in Jimmy's life. His sister asked Jimmy to dump Conner. Jimmy and his sister remain friends, but rarely see or speak to each other anymore.

Following the loss of Doc and Patty in October, 1991 Kellie moved to San Francisco where he now owns and operates a Private School for boys of male homosexual parents.

Sean remained in Elmira as a non participating member of The Program and was being tutored by Kellie along with Patty and Daryl up to the time of Patty's illness. Sean lived on the ward with Daryl and was scheduled to be moved to Prince Edward Island with Daryl once the two boys were brought up to speed academically. Doc and Patty's death changed those plans. Sean left Elmira with Kellie and the two are expecting a baby by surrogate mother just before Christmas.

Daryl was the last boy to leave Elmira from the original group of boys who entered just before Christmas, 1988. He left in 1993 and was transferred to Prince Edward Island where he remained until he turned 18 in 1995. Today, Daryl is married with two children and lives in South West Florida.

In 1993, the caretaker at Prince Edward Island had a stroke and was unable to continue as caretaker for the group home there which contained five boys from The Program. Doc's and Patty's death had so negatively affected Michael that for two months Michael was put on suicide watch. Probably the only thing that brought Michael back was the fact that he was stripped of his team leadership and given sole responsibility to care for Daryl, who was a basket case himself over Patty's loss. With the opening at P.E.I. The Committee fudged the official records and pre-released Michael with an expunged criminal history due to the fact that he was a child when his crime was committed. Judge Klein had ordered Michael be held and charged as an adult, with no expunging of the records. But fuck him!

Michael took over P.E.I. and arrived there with Daryl in 1993. He has always been free to go wherever he wishes but he remains there as caretaker today.

Unlike the boys in The Program, the caretakers and trustees did not receive any financial compensation when, or if, they separated. However, in Michael's case, Stavros was extremely appreciative of Michael's assistance in getting Mark to agree to the boy's adoption, and had informed The Committee that if Michael ever did choose to leave The Program, he would be happy to make a small contribution to the man. Michael bought a small island off the South West Coast of Florida and had a small house built on it and he lives there from January to April every winter with the boys from The Program.


The author and those who contributed their collective memories to re living their histories would have much preferred to end this accounting of their lives with the thought that what they experienced is now past and they were just unfortunately caught up in a foolish period of witch hunting zealots, nut ball judges and prosecutors, conservative Christian right wing half wits and ignorant cops.

Any reading of any daily newspaper or anybody watching a television newscast knows that the hysteria and hypocrisy has not only not gone away, it's increased. Today, we have debates in this country about whether or not it's correct to put a six year old in jail: Can a twelve year old be sent to adult prison (they already are). How much money can I sue you for if your kindergartner kisses my little girl: If he does, how long does he go to therapy for sexually acting out? If little Johnny pulls his taffy with your little Joey, how long should both of them go to prison for?

Every good red blood American in the Country remembers the horrible atrocities of McMartin, the Atlanta child molestation scandal and the Seattle scandal when hundreds went to jail for molesting children. Today, we know that it was all complete and total bullshit brought about by nuts and vote-happy prosecutors looking to make a name for themselves, but at what cost to the children and parents involved?

Things aren't getting better out there for boys like Alex, Aaron, Conner, Mark or any of the others; the craziness continues at an escalating pace. You have to be careful folks, sooner or later, there's going to be more of us out there than there are of you if you keep producing us so fast and now they're talking about doing away entirely with the juvenile justice system and putting ALL little boys directly into adult prisons because of the extra federal dollars the states will make.

The Program backs that initiative; they need more boys to keep up with the growing demand.

End of Part II

The next part of this trilogy is Mark's New Home.

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