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The Hostages

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Two twelve-year-old boys are abducted by The Liberation and Freedom Fighters Army. After chapter one, we go back in time ten days: when a sixteen year old lad was taken by the same terrorist group and spend some chapters on his experience.
We then move forward the ten days until all three youngsters are together. They are photographed and the ransom note is submitted to the American Government, demanding cash and release of prisoners in exchange.
Publ. Aug 2009-Mar 2010
Finished 55,500 words (111 pages)


Arno (11yo), Christiaan (12yo), and Ignatius (16yo)

Category & Story codes

Non-consensual story
Mb Mt b-dog – nc mast anal oral – bond spank chast interr body-modification


This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

The theme explored in this story is FANTASY. Just as one can enjoy violent videogames or movies without committing or condoning violence in real life, a person can enjoy violent fantasies of abuse without promoting abuse in real life.

By scrolling down on this page and reading the story I declare that

  • I am of legal age of majority in my area,
  • I like to read fictional stories where boys are kidnapped, raped, tortured, etc.
  • I understand the difference between fiction and real life,
  • I do not condone these actions in real life.
  • I agree that anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in this story needs to be turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows
If this type of material offends you (why are you here?) then

Author's note

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Chapter One
Arno and Christiaan Captured By Slavers

Arno and Christiaan are two of the most perfect specimens of boys imaginable.

Christiaan is twelve, nearly thirteen. Tall and slender, yet with a perfectly shaped body and limbs, his skin is clear, clean, soft, smooth and white. Not a single trace of hair anywhere to be seen; apart from his mop of long curly, blond locks that falls to his shoulders. His eyes are ice cold blue. Although not overly developed he is a strong lad, with personality and character to go with it. Outspoken but loveable, with an aim in life to be helpful and cheerful, he never misses an opportunity to do a kind act or speak a pleasant word.

Christiaan is keen on sport, a good athlete and strong swimmer. However he usually keeps himself well covered because his milky white skin that has neither spot nor blemish would burn easy in the sun. His skin is so clear the veins and arteries can be clearly seen in the underlying tissue. His muscles seem to move so smoothly underneath his skin.

Arno is also exceedingly beautiful… soft and smooth and silky. His hair is short and eyes dark blue. He is timid, sensitive, not nearly as confident or sure of himself as Christiaan.

Arno enjoys outdoor life and activities with his friend. Indeed they have a lot of good clean fun together. Arno, possibly a little under weight, is not so quick and imaginative as his older friend. He had only just turned eleven and depended very heavily on Christiaan.

Whenever Arno has trouble at school with bullying or the like, he immediately appeals to his friend for help. Arno is impressed with his friend's agility in dispatching the offenders. Or in using retribution.

Arno's skin is not as clear. Yes, perfectly white but with a slight grayish cast. Only the major blood vessels can be seen, even then not as clearly. Again no trace of any blemish. Glorious perfect symmetry in every limb and body feature. Plus no trace of any body hair.

Today is first day of school holidays. Both lads come from top social standing, families fabulously rich. One a top industrial banking family. The other, a Secret Service; 'Big Wheel' in the political world. The boys are celebrating no more school for a few weeks. Plus the excitement of their respective family holidays: one a month in Bermuda; the other a grand tour of some of the great cities of Europe: Moscow, Leningrad, Berlin, Paris, Vienna and Rome. Only a few days and they will be away.

Although they will both greatly miss each other's company for a month, they both promised to keep in touch by email and mobile phone.

Today, they would forget all about their separation. Today is hot and humid, too hot to do much. However they both agreed, "Why not go skinny dipping in the river? Brilliant idea."

Off they went with towels to a secluded part of the river they both knew. They lay on the bank quietly and peacefully and talked. They listened and looked. "No, no one about!" They took all their clothes off, and lay again together on the bank. Two pure white naked young lads. What a sublime, divine, picture they were in their nudity.

They started to gently touch and explore each other's bodies.

"What was that noise? A twig snap under a foot?" Was there some one or something about? They laughed and joked about Ghoulies and Ghosties and Long- legged Beasties, and things that go BUMP in the night creeping up on them!

They jumped to their feet and plunged into the cool water. They had really good fun together in the water. It was getting late, so perhaps they had better think about going home.

They came up out of the water, all shiny and dripping wet, the light glistening and glittering on their fine young bodies. They flung their big towels over their heads and started to dry their hair.

There was sudden noise and movement. Unknown arms and hands grasped them. Yes, they had heard a noise earlier in the woods. A group of big strong men had crept up on them. They never stood a chance and were soon overcome.

Undercover men from a terrorist group had been watching every movement of the two families for months. They had been planning and waiting to abduct these two youngsters for a very high ransom.

Chapter Two

The two lads were easily overpowered by the strong, well-trained, soldiers. Eight strong men against two young lads. A headlock each, combined with a rugby tackle, then a back hammerlock. What hope was there?

As the two boys lay helpless on the ground while three men each held them in vice like grips, the fourth soldier in each group produced a syringe. The quick sharp pain of the needle, and blackness descended upon them in a moment. The limp bodies were quickly placed into body bags and zipped shut. The terrorist soldiers quickly and quietly slipped away into the woods with their charges, the great prize of months of careful planning.

They were taken to a waiting vehicle that was hidden in the trees. The body bags with their precious contents were quickly placed inside, doors closed and locked. The inside of this well thought out and constructed van was similar to an ambulance. On each side a stretcher. The bulkhead had medical facilities, equipment and drugs that might possibly be needed.

The two limp naked bodies were carefully and gently removed from the body bags and placed face down on a stretcher. Their respiration, blood pressure and pulse were checked and noted. Their penises were each placed in position on the stretcher were there was an opening and bottle placed for urine. An open jaw gag was secured in each mouth. Any vomit could escape freely into a receptacle placed under their heads.

For added safety the foot end of each stretcher was raised. Their feet were fastened apart at one end; their wrists firmly secured at the other end, arms fully extended to maximum length. Their fingers were encased in special 'mittens', each finger in a separate compartment. However the "mitten" was a hard material so that neither fingers nor hands could move at all. A special hood fitted over the head. Their eyes were covered, yet could open. Absolute darkness prevailed inside. The hood came down over the ears to make hearing difficult. There was nothing over the mouth of course, in case of vomiting from the anesthetics that had been administered.

The soldiers in the rear of the vehicle were transfixed with the succulent beauty of their charges. A hand moved slowly and quietly to the sole of little Arno's foot. Softly the fingers gently tickled it. There was no response.

Softly the hand moved over the secured ankle, gently traveling slowly up the boys leg. On arrival at the calf, the muscles were gently squeezed and massaged. The body was motionless. The knee was tenderly and carefully examined. Blood vessels in the joint were lovingly pressed to assess blood pressure and pulse.

Just the ends of the fingers smoothed their way across the thigh.

Rolling Arno on his side, two hands were now applied in order to feel the various muscles in the upper leg. Just gentle fingertips ascended to the base of the testicles.

Arno began to gently moan and attempted to move. All four limbs were firmly fixed. Head and neck were also secured that he could not move. He twitched as he started to struggle against his restraints. He was conscious he was being touched. By who, or what he had no idea.

Nor, of course, where he was or what was happening to him.

He tried to move and speak to no avail. Now there were two hands on his buttocks. They were being stretched apart. Other hands were now rubbing his ribs and counting them. His arms were being gently stroked. Testicles fondled. Penis caressed. Yet he was in complete darkness. He became frightened and panicked and started to scream best he could. Then he vomited and cut off his cries of alarm.

Then he became aware that his head was being touched and the muffs around his ears were removed. A gentle voice then spoke to him. "Arno, please do not be afraid. Just listen carefully. You are not hurt, nor are you ill. You are quite safe and well. You and Christiaan have been abducted by the Liberation Army. You two are being taken to a foreign embassy"

"As you know all embassies have diplomatic immunity. Thus it is absolutely impossible for any one to come and rescue you. Just be sensible and relax. Do as you are told and things will go well for you as long as you are with us. Now if you want to have a good cry, well feel free to do so. However, if you start making loud noises there are means and ways of stopping you. If you wish to be punished, we are more than willing to oblige. However, that will prove to be very painful for you. Now just be a good boy and be quiet. That will be less painful and less traumatic for you. Would you like me to put a cane across your bum now a few times so that you know we mean business?"

As best he could, Arno moved his head from side to side to indicate no. "Ok, you've had your only warning. The first time you displease us in any way, your buttocks will be crimson and painful."

Christiaan was now vomiting and pulling at his restraints. The soldiers likewise smoothed, caressed, and admired this amazingly gorgeous and beautiful piece of cargo.

"Wow!" said one of the soldiers, "have you ever seen anything so pretty and cute? Wonder if he has defecated today?"

"Only one way to find out. Hold his buttocks apart will you?"

Christiaan struggled against his bonds and tensed ever muscle in his body. His muscles were rigid and like steel as he fought against this intrusion into his privacy

"Fighter here I reckon!"

"Slap him hard across his bum, will you?" {SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!}

"That's better, let me get my finger in there!"

"Ugh! No! Pass me that rag. No he hasn't defecated today."

"Shall we give him an enema?"

"No, not worth it now. We're nearly at the Embassy. Lets get them both in, checked over, and see how things work out"

"Yeah, Mohamed will want a bed mate no doubt. He's always allowed to have his own way in everything first!"

"I know! I hate his guts."

"Doesn't every one hate him?"

"You heard about that hostage they got in a couple of weeks ago?"

"Yes, isn't he some famous wrestler?"

"Indeed he is! Overtures have been made to the boss for him to have a fight in the ring with Mohamed."

"You don't say! I know who I hope will win."

"I know. That's what every one says. Bookies are open in the basement if you want to lay a wager"

"Mohamed is a killer, impossible to beat him?"

"What did one of the Ancients say?"

"Don't leave him that puts his armor on, boast like him who takes it off."

"What's his name then?"

"Ignatius !"

Meanwhile: The two boys had been reported missing. Their clothes and belongings had been found just as they had left them, all neat and tidy in two heaps. Had they had an accident while playing in the river?

The police officer in charge on the riverbank said, "I don't think so. There may have been a bit of a struggle here. Looks as if there have been some army boots here. I will have frogmen search the river. However, I have a gut feeling they have been abducted. Ten days ago that other prominent young figure just vanished off the street. What was his name? Ignatius!"

Chapter Three

Ignatius had been abducted some ten days earlier. He came out of the gym with a couple of his friends after a training session.

Ignatius, of course, was famous; his two friends were nonentities. Thus he was of great value to the terrorists as far as ransom is concerned. The two friends had no political or social value, so they were not taken. The three young men were walking down the street, laughing and joking with each other. This kidnap was well thought out.

A 'Police van' pulled up next to the three youths. Several police officers jumped out, produced handguns and told lads to raise their hands. Ignatius was told that he was under arrest and immediately handcuffed with arms behind him.

The two friends protested, indeed, pleaded, that they wanted to go with Ignatius. They were thrust up against the wall and punched repeatedly in the face and abdomen. The beleaguered Ignatius was bundled into the back of the van.

The vehicle sped off into the 'unknown.' The two friends went as quickly as possible to the police station to find out what had happened to their friend. Also of course to complain about their treatment. By the time it was established that the police were not involved in this incident the alarm was raised. Alas, all to late.

By this time, the captured Ignatius, was well on his way to the embassy. With hands firmly cuffed behind his back, there was little resistance he could offer against his captors. He was laid face down on one of the stretchers in the specially adapted and equipped 'ambulance' and a steel collar fastened around his neck. A chain attached to the collar fastened to the front end of the stretcher. Yes, he kicked out and shouted. Yet, what could a handcuffed young man do against eight well-trained soldiers?

As he shouted a penis gag was thrust in his mouth and firmly secured at the back of his head. The penis gag had a secondary strap that came underneath the jaw. The thrashing of his head achieved nothing. The chain on his collar was attached to a winch which was wound short, pulling his neck and head firmly down to the surface of the stretcher.

His ankles were quickly shackled together, knees bent back and ankles and wrists secured tightly together. The soldiers all laughed and jeered at their helpless, hapless hogtied victim.

A sharp knife was produced. All his clothes were cut from him. "You'll not need these no more!" laughed one of the guards. They rolled him best they could onto his side. Ignatius felt hands on his body and legs. His testicles fondled and penis massaged. He snorted and growled and complained into his gag.

"Just keep sucking that gag boy!" he was ordered. You will soon get quite used to this. We've got a friend called Mohamed. You will have to get used to your fill and feel of him!" At this everyone gave a raucous laugh.

The soldiers ran their fingers through his hair. Gently and softly stroked the smooth, soft skin on his bum. Their fingers traced his veins in his neck and arms. The heat was terrible that day. Plus the trauma of being captured. All his veins stood out as his heart beat so fast and blood pressure rose.

"He will need some vaccinations if he is to be sold abroad as a slave!"

" Yes, of course we know that. If the ransom is paid for him and the others, there will be no need for them."

"I know, but as all his veins are standing out, it would be so much easier to do it now."

"Suppose you're right. Be another hour before we are safely in the embassy compound."

"Prepare syringes, needles and vials then."

"Can I toss him off please? Mohamed needn't know!"

Chapter Four

The order was given to loosen the chain pinning the neck collar down. Ignatius was turned onto his side, pillows put under his head, and made as comfortable as possible. Ignatius heard one soldier comment that although he was indeed an amazing, incredible, adorable specimen of youth, there was a draw back. This glory is spoiled by hair. Everyone seemed to agree about this.

"No problem at all. Tomorrow he will have all his hair removed medically, clinically, scientifically and permanently!"

"Feel how soft, smooth and gentle the pectoral muscles in the front of the chest are!"

"Well, yes, the skin covering them is. Now feel the meat under the skin. Just like steel! "Come massage his breasts and feel the edge of these muscles."

"Well yes; what about these abdominal muscles that make up his six pack?"

With that, one of the soldiers punched Ignatius full strength in his abdomen. The lad didn't flinch, not even blink. The men were aghast. They were amazed at this incredible strong sturdy young man. Surely the grapple between Ignatius and Mohamed would prove to be most interesting and entertaining.

"Lets do these vaccines now they have been prepared."

"Tetanus straight in the buttocks! Rabies in the umbilical. Others can go in his arms"

"Wait a minute; if there will be a fight between him and Mohamed, we don't want for him to be feeling rough!"

"Tetanus will be ok. Let me jab that in his Gluteus Maximums." {STAB} "We'll only do those that will not have any side effects."

"Allababa! You have a fetish about pubic hair. Pick up those tweezers and help yourself to some of these. They are nice and black: shiny and curly. There will not be any by this time tomorrow. Here you are, help yourself and pull them out."

"Ooh! Many thanks. Yes I will. Move over a bit then please so I can get in."

"Hang on. I am still massaging this penis of his!"

"Yeah! 'And I haven't finished playing with these lovely testicles yet either. Wait your turn."

"Alright, but get a move on. I'll not have a chance once we get to the embassy. Especially if Mohamed is about! I do so hate that obnoxious creature"

"Yes we know you've said it before. You know we all feel the same. He likes to fancy himself as a wrestler and fighter."

"Don't keep on with the same yap" complained Allababa. "You know all this has been discussed before. Remember, gentlemen; we have here with us Ignatius, renowned fighter throughout the world. Do you realize he has such a high standard that he has even been in the ring against Louis?"

"What! You don't say?"

"It is surely in our interest that we encourage the Big Chief to arrange a match between Mohamed and Ignatius."

"Allababa, you fill Ignatius in. Assure him that it is in his own interest to severely co-operate with us and thrash Mohamed. It is within our power to make his time with us, reasonably comfortable, or a living hell. Ignatius, the choice is yours."

While Allababa was waiting his turn to move into position to extract some pubic hair, he took a seat by Ignatius's head. He spoke softly, kindly and gently to the lad. As he did so he gently smoothed the tender skin of the boys face and neck, as far as he could of the neck around the collar.

"Ignatius, dear child, " he said. "Listen carefully. You are now in the custody of the Liberation Army of Freedom Fighters. You are a hostage. We are taking you to a foreign embassy. There is no way any one can liberate you or come after you in there because of the international Diplomatic Immunity Laws. Our political and financial terms will be agreed upon and met. If not you will be sold off as a slave to some foreign country. It is perfectly easy to smuggle you out of this country in a container marked as DIPLOMATIC. Now you can be obedient and co-operate with us and make life a little easier for your self and possibly others. Or you can be obstinate and difficult and enjoy the pain of being broken. You have no possible way of escape. The choice is yours; think about it."

Oh, we are not very far from the embassy now. Oh good there is any empty place now by your testicles. I'll just have some of your pubic hair. Thanks. See, some of these blokes want to masturbate over you as well."

The hog-tied youth lay passively on the stretcher. As his pubis hairs were plucked one by one, his fingers and toes wriggled. Muscles in his arms and legs twitched. Grumbled and growled into the penis gag in his mouth. Spermatozoa soon came in showers over his lovely white body.

"Now two toned white!" Everybody laughed.

His face was completely covered in the sticky white substance. Ignatius tried to turn his head as it went into his eyes and ears.

"Just keep sucking on your penis gag boy. Mohamed will soon have you on the real thing." Again every one thought this to be a huge joke.

The driver called through on the intercom, "We've arrived at the embassy!"

"You going to wipe that spunk off the boy?"

"No, he'll have a shower shortly."

"Pity you if Mohamed finds out."

Chapter Five

The vehicle and its precious cargo lurched into the embassy compound. Not that Ignatius could see anything, because there were no windows in the back of the vehicle. The vehicle stopped. A rumble of steel doors being opened. Motor reverses and stops. Engine switched off. Rumble of doors closing.

Fear of the unknown grips Ignatius. "Where is he? What city? Which embassy? Why is he here? What sort of nightmare is he in? Will they kill him? Will they torture him? What is the ransom for his release? Who will have to pay? Successful sports personality yes! However his family is not that well off to pay a ransom."

Freedom Fighters and Liberation Army? Very political: no doubt; then a ransom will be made to a government. Wonder if any government would think I was worth it? Doubt it! Wasn't there some talk of some other hostages to be taken as well? Wasn't there some talk of that between the soldiers on the way here? Will they be kind to me? Will they be cruel to me? Will I be chained all the time? Will I be able to escape? Would I be able to fight my way out?" These and a million other thoughts seized the youth's tormented mind.

The doors were flung open. Ignatius thought that he would now be released from the hogtied position now they had arrived at their destination. Wrong! The stretcher was lifted out of the vehicle. Surrounded by soldiers, he was not able to count how many.

"Shall I zap him with my stun gun?"

"No, you sadistic sod! Leave the boy alone. How would you like to be stolen away from your mum and dad, to a place and people you know nothing about?"

"Yeah, but if he has a zap of a stun gun now, he'll know what it feels like and then not be tempted to try and be clever and be a hero."

"I said leave him alone. Obey orders or you'll be on report."

As the soldiers bickered and admired the lovely, delectable, form on the stretcher, some of the guard dogs came sniffing around. Although a cloth had been wiped over Ignatius's body in the van, he was not perfectly clean. The dogs could smell the traces of spermatozoa on the lad. The creatures started licking him ferociously all over.

Eventually they proceeded along the corridor, turning and twisting, in and out of lifts. Finally, they turned into a room and stopped. The door closed and was locked. The soldier who had wanted to zap him with the stun gun stood at his head.

"Boy, the choice is yours. Do you want to taste my stun gun?"

Ignatius shook his head the best way he could.

"You want to stay hog tied like that for the rest of your time here?"

Ignatius most certainly did not. His jaw was aching from not being able to close it properly for so long because of the penis gag stuck in his mouth. His arms and legs ached terribly as a result of not being able to move them for so long. Again Ignatius shook his head.

"Ignatius" Said Allababa, "Remember you are in a locked room with guards. You do not want the stun gun. If we release you, are you going to be sensible and behave yourself with no heroics? Remember what the alternative is. You will only have one opportunity to betray our trust. Try and cross us, you will have to put up with painful consequences for a good two or three weeks."

Ignatius nodded in agreement. "Release him completely!" Ordered Allababa. An angry, disgruntled Ignatius slowly eased himself to his feet and stretched himself. "What adorable, magnificent beauty!" thought the guards, but said nothing.

Allababa spoke again. "Over there is a shower. Give yourself a good relaxing shower. In the fridge there, there are some chilled drinks. Be careful. Don't drink too much or to quickly or you'll make yourself ill. There is a menu there on the table. Tick off what you want to eat for dinner tonight and give it to one of the guards. I have to make my report now to Mohamed. Right! Drink. Menu. Shower. There is a skipping rope there. Limber up a bit. Mohamed and the Big Chief will be in to see you later after I have given my report. Get your act together and use your brain."

Allababa left the room. The door was locked behind him. The few guards left in the room encouraged Ignatius to hurry up. Assuring him how violent, evil, wicked and obnoxious Mohamed was; he dare not keep him waiting, nor upset him in any way.

Ignatius was pleasantly surprised at the pleasantness of the guards. He was grateful, but also suspicious and on his guard. Even so, he enjoyed the chilled drinks and submitted his menu for dinner.

He took great pleasure in a refreshing shower and came out and asked if he could have some clothes to wear. "No!" was the stern reply. Ignatius limbered up as he was advised. The guards laughed and made fun of his penis as it jiggled up and down and round about at his jumping movements. Ignatius skipped, danced and jumped about, now feeling quite refreshed.

"Sorry we're not able to let your family know where you are at this stage, Ignatius. In a few days we hope to have another couple of hostages. Couple of youngsters from rich influential families. When they are here, the three of you will be photographed together."

"You will each read a statement denouncing the Americans and their invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. You will state the aims of the Liberation and Freedom Army and the terms of the ransom. This will then be posted on Youtube, and also sent to various governments around the world. You will explain that unless the terms which we demand are met within a certain period of time… t yet decided by the Council… you will be sold into slavery: You will not be executed."

With that a phone rings. "Mohamed will be there for inspection in seven minutes."

Chapter Six

"Quickly Ignatius! Over here and into the frame please."

"I'm doin' no such thing," snorted Ignatius, most defiantly.

Allababa says cheerfully and gleefully, "I wanna use my stun gun. Let me zap him please?"

"No, give the lad a chance. If he don't behave himself during the inspection; then yes, ok you can do it when Mohamed is gone."

"Oooh thanks. Ignatius, please be as awkward and as cussed as you can be. PLEASE?"

The big powerful guards moved closer to Ignatius. They took hold of his two arms and led him to the apparatus on the other side of the room. It was like a large door fame, or small football goal post. Eight foot wide by eight foot tall. Reluctantly Ignatius went into the frame.

"Stand like a big letter X" said Allababa.

Quietly, passively and obediently, Ignatius complied with the commands.

Leather cuffs with chains were attached to his two wrists. Two more leather bands were attached to his ankles. The four chains were winched short so that his four limbs were stretched tightly out like a spread eagle.

A thick heavy, metal studied leather collar with ring attachments was secured firmly around his neck.

A penis gag was produced and put to his lips. He kept his mouth firmly closed. The guard pushed it gently but firmly against Ignatius's lips. He knew he was courting trouble, so he grudgingly opened his mouth a little bit. The guard pushed it in a little way. Then the guard, using the heel of his hand, struck the gag with all his might. Ignatius, coughed, choked and sputtered as it hit the back oh his throat. The gag was immediately secured firmly at the back of his head.

"Allababa" said the guard. "I think this is your day. I can see we're going' to have trouble. You'll be able to use your stun gun in a little while."

Another guard spoke up. "We received that phone call six minutes and twenty eight seconds ago. Are we all ready for Mohamed?"

The door unlocked and opened slowly. A junior officer steped in, and shouted, "The Right Honourable Captain Mohamed… TENNN… SHUN!"

Chapter Seven

All except Ignatius, who was not in any position to do anything about it, stood stiffly at attention. In stepped The Right Honorable Captain, Mohamed. The whole room went cold. Negative vibes filled the place. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

A heavy man, a twenty five years of age. Very full of his own importance. Followed by his entourage: a young girl about ten, probably his daughter, several junior officers, somebody guards and couple of dogs.

He slowly gazed around the room. Then he started to shout.

"That man there! Button undone. You're on a charge."

"You! Shoes not cleaned. Take that man's name!"

"What a shabby unit this is! What slackness! Every one of you confined to barracks for three days and lose five days leave!"

Mohamed turned his gaze to the naked youth splayed out spread eagle on the frame. He admired the comely form. He slowly walked toward Ignatius. Ignatius froze inside. Mohamed spat into his eye. The phlegm filled his eye and started to roll down his cheek.

"What have we here? What is it?"

Allababa answered, "Captain this is Ignatius. Sixteen years old. He is a guest here in the embassy. His welfare is the responsibility of the Freedom Fighters Liberation Army. He is also an accomplished wrestler."

"Wrestler indeed," snorted Mohamed and spat again top of Ignatius's chest. The spittle slowly started to trickle down.

Mohamed took hold of the lad's head. Careful to avoid his phlegm that was making the boys eye smart, Mohamed felt the cranium. Moved to feel the ears. Gave them both a sharp hard twist as he moved his hand onto the young soft white tender skin of the shoulders. He leaned forward his nose touching the tip of the captive's nose. Their eyes glared and stared into each other.

Mohamed started to gently smooth the young skin on the arms. No spot nor blemish anywhere to be seen. Then squeezed and felt the firm young muscles of the upper arm and forearms.

Ignatius noticed a bulge had now appeared in Mohamed's trousers. The examination continued to the wrists. However as these were firmly clasped in the cuffs linking them to the chains, he had to pass over the leather to feel the hands. So beautifully and perfectly shaped.

"Wrestler indeed!" sneered Mohamed. "He's got a girl's hands. No trace of biceps or triceps. How come there are no deltoids on top of shoulders? " Mohamed wanted to feel and enjoy the soft smooth of the lad's neck, however the collar was far to big and tightly fitting to permit that. The hands moved onto the pectorals on his chest, carefully avoiding his mucus that had now dribbled down to the bottom of the sternum.

His excitement was now beginning to tell and show itself. Massaging and enjoying the sensation of these delightful delectable muscles, his voice rose higher and his speech became more rambling and abusive.

"Wrestler indeed!" scoffed Mohamed. He slapped Ignatius across the face several times. Then many times all over his body, jeering as he did so. Mohamed kept on criticizing, deriding, complaining, and belittling Ignatius so that even his entourage got fed up and bored with him. They ceased their polite laughs. Mohamed did not notice. He was too intoxicated with what was before him and his eyes feasted upon Ignatius.

Mohamed bent his knees as he moved down the torso. He enjoyed greatly the soft smooth abdomen. "What a lovely pillow that would make," he muttered. He pressed the veins he could see in the lower abdomen. With his left hand he tickled and caressed the testicles. With the other hand he took hold of the placid, relaxed penis. He gently squeezed and fondled it. In no time it had enlarged and was like a stick in Mohamed's hand.

"Oh, this stallion is quite randy. May be expedient to get it castrated."

"Begging your pardon, captain, Sir." Said a guard. "He is not a slave. He is a guest. A hostage which we anticipate bartering with the enemy when further hostages are taken."

"Insubordination! How dare you speak to an officer like that As if I didn't know. Allababa, take that man's name."

Mohammed moved on to the hips and thighs and down the legs, smoothing them, caressing and massaging enroute. Now and again he would lick the legs here and there. He came back up and massaged the buttocks in the back. He went down again and slipped the boy's penis in his mouth. Then he stuck his nose into the lad's groin. He slurped and puffed and panted. He then noticed a small bald patch with pinpricks of pink. He leapt to his feet.

"What's this?" he demanded in great rage. "Allababa, have you been plucking out this boy's pubic hairs again?"

"No, no, Captain, Sir."

This stallion must be fitted with a cock cage immediately. However, his penis is still rather enlarged. Douse that with cold water," he ordered.

He then took a cane and gave the erect penis a few cuts. Taking a larger cane he put many red stripes on those lovely snowy white buttocks. The testicles and penis were measured for size. "Small one," growled Mohamed. "Let me watch you fix it tightly and correctly."

The incensed Mohamed waved his finger under Ignatius's nose. He shouted at the lad, "Has this man, or any other man been plucking your pubic hair or abusing you in any way?"

Ignatius opened his eyes wide and garbled something into his penis gag.

"Take the gag off at once!"

Ignatius replied. "No, the only person to have violated my rights according to the Geneva Convention on Prisoners of War is you."

"Wrestler indeed!" snarled Mohamed, as he punched Ignatius in his stomach. For some unknown reason, Mohamed did not notice the result. There was no sound at all apart from the loud SMACK as the clenched fist made its impact.. Ignatius blinked, but that was all.

Ignatius in a very calm and composed voice said, "The Right Honorable, Captain Mohamed is very brave when a man is chained in a frame and he needs to show off to the little girl and subordinates."

Mohamed turned, absolutely shocked, dumbfounded and stunned. He pointed his finger at the lad and shook his fist at the boy. His mouth opened and closed without sound. Finally he blurted out, "If you want to fight, I'll give you one. Have him whipped," he ordered the guards". Then he went over to Ignatius and smacked him in the mouth and nose.

"I rest my case." said Ignatius. "I hope everyone is suitably impressed with your performance.!"

"Have him whipped!" screamed Mohamed as he left the room with his entourage.

Allababa picked up the whip, cracked it, and then brought it down on the mattress. The soldier next to Ignatius gave the youth a nudge, "Shout, scream, holler and shout for mercy, or you will get it for real." Ignatius did as he was bid… indeed he deserved an Oscar.

"Ok, Allababa, you going to have a go with your stun gun now?"

"God forbid" Said Allababa, going over to the boy in the frame. "Wow! What a man!" He pulled his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away the mess from the lad's face and chest.

He took the youths head in his hands. "Ignatius, I am truly sorry for the way I have behaved with you. I should not have plucked your pubic hair. Yes, I do love it and shall treassure it even more after today. I also apologize that I allowed the men to masturbate over you. You could have made things so very bad for us all today. You are a better man than me, for you did not seek revenge." He lent forward and kissed Ignatius on the forehead. "Will you please forgive me?"

"Yes, I fully and freely forgive you all."

"Why don't you soldiers try and be forgiving and show mercy to others? Your acts of terrorism and atrocities, like kidnapping me, are totally indefensible. Look at the misery you have caused me, my family and friends!"

"You say you are awaiting two more hostages. What about the anxiety, pain and misery you are going to cause them? What have they done?:

"You also know as well as I do, that no government will pay the ransom you require. Thus you will either have to release us and make yourselves look like fools, or carry out your threat and sell us into slavery. Even so I do forgive you. We read in the Sacred writings. Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy. Again, I wish for mercy, not sacrifice."

Allababa put his arms around Ignatius and kissed him. "Thank you, my son, thank you. You are a far better and greater man than me."

Chapter Eight

Ignatius was still in the frame when The Big Chief came in. He enquired what was going on… as if he didn't know. "Take the child out of the frame," he ordered. "You're dirty. Go and have a shower, boy."

Allababa was instructed to remove the cock cage for the duration of the shower, on the proviso that it was replaced correctly after the shower. The Big Chief sat at the table and listened to the full report of all the men had to say.

"What? He challenged Mohamed to a fight? Very gallant and brave, but suicide."

"Sir, Mohamed punched him unexpectedly in the stomach. The lad didn't flinch."

The men sat and ate and drank waiting for Ignatius to finish his ablutions. Ignatius came out of the shower; glistening white, pure, enticing and desirable. Such beauty, what glory! "This great masterpiece of wondrous perfection surely defies evolution," the men all agreed.

The Big Chief ordered Ignatius back into the frame, assuring him it would only be a few minutes. Once he wassecured again, The Big Chief came over to him. "Let me check that you're clean and dry around the scrotum." He fondled the lad tenderly and his penis started to enlarge. Big Chief stopped.

"You challenged Mohamed to a fight?"


"He will massacre you, son!"

"One of the Ancients said, «Don't let the man that puts on his armour boast, as the man who takes it off» In other words, the time to brag about how wonderful and marvellous you are is after the event."

"He punched you in the guts?"


"May I do it please?"

"Yes, if you have to."

With no further ado, the Big Chief punched him hard. Ignatius blinked, but that was all. The penis was quite small now, so Big Chief replaced the cock cage tight and firm.

"What happens if I want to urinate?"

"Three options. 1)Wet yourself. 2) Ask a guard to take it off for a few minutes till you go. 3) Don't go."

Big Chief finished securing cock cage. He informed the lad that he would have to keep it on permanently night and day until he was released by the ransom being paid or when he would be sold off as a slave. The order was given to release him from the frame.

Ignatius said to the Big Chief, as his collar was being replaced around his neck and the chain attached to collar. "You asked if you could punch me in the guts?"


"Do I have my turn now?"

"Yes if you have to."

Big Chief stood in front of the boy and undid the metal buckle on his belt. Without further ado Ignatius punched him full force. The effect was like punching a wall. Nothing!

"Right lad. Give me an arm wrestle at the table. Allababa will start us off."

Allababa gave instructions to take the strain and go. Big Chief could have won but that was not the point. Big Chief just wanted to know how much strength the youth had.

"Right, that's it for today lad."

"The guard is going to fasten your chain to the wall in the corner by that mattress. Here is the remote control for the telly and video player. Help yourself to anything you want. I am taking the key for your cock cage with me. Just do the best you can when going to the toilet"

"Tomorrow I hope to come in, in the morning. You can then shower. You please me, so I will make arrangements for you to have, two sessions in the gym each day, early morning and late afternoon."

"You will need it if you're to fight Mohamed, I assure you. We are all pretty tough.".

Then taking the boy's head in his hands, he said, "So are you my good child. You will have a full medical tomorrow and be measured, and have all your body hair removed clinically, medically and scientifically. Next week the other hostages should arrive. The three of you will be photographed together. A ransom declared unto the enemies of the Freedom and Liberation Army. They will be given seven days to comply. Hopefully they will and all of you will be safe home and happy with your families again."

"What if they refuse to pay?"

"You know the answer to that. You three will be sent to a slave school and then sold off. All three of you will bring a good price. With your stamina and fight I can imagine you being sold for training as a pony boy. Make a good impression when you make your video appeal to the world to support you. If everything goes well the other two lads should be here the beginning of next week. Christiaan and Arno. They are both twelve years-old. Both come from fabulously wealthy and influential families. Younger than you, but expect you will get on ok. It will only be for a short time anyway."

Big Chief got up and walked to the door. He turned to Ignatius and said, "You're a good lad. I am proud to know you. I am sincerely sorry that you are in this predicament. I hope you have a good and happy future after all this is over. Till tomorrow then. Sleep well. Good night my son, good night."

Chapter Nine

Ignatius awoke quite early. Well he assumed he did. There was no real way of telling apart from turning the television on. The guards were sleeping on duty. "Whatever would Mohamed say?"

He had not had good night's sleep at all. Sleeping naked with a cock cage on is not the easiest thing to get used to. Especially when you are on the end of a chain as well! Several times he wanted to have an erection. This was now forbidden by a steel cage.

He dreamt of going home and having tea and cakes on the lawn. "Would he ever see his home again? Who would care enough to ransom him? Perhaps these other two boys would be the key to the situation and resolve the problem? I wonder what they will be like? Will we all get on together? Will we function as a team? If we are sold as slaves, will we be together? Will the masters be kind or cruel? Will we be in a brothel or down in a mine?"

"How will I get on fighting Mohamed? He is older and more experienced than me, plus heavier. Anyway, it has not been confirmed yet."

"I wonder what my mum is doing? Sitting with her head in her hands crying I expect. What would dad do in this situation? I must not fail my family nor my country's honour." These and a thousand other thoughts racked the poor lad's brain. "Food's alright here anyway."

Ignatius's bladder was full to bursting. He struggled to his feet. The guards awoke with a start. They stretched and started to move about. It was decided they should let Ignatius have a shower and relieve himself. He was taken to the frame and spread-eagled again, in order to remove his cock cage. This was not essential, but it was routine.

Then, they remembered that the Big Chief had taken the key with him. Ignatius was told there was no option. They would put a bucket under him and he would have to do it the best he could. Eventually hr started to relieve himself.

As he was doing so, the door unlocked and in stepped a junior officer and announced, "The Right Honourable Captain Mohamed. TEN SHUN!"

All the guards jumped to attention. The final amount of Ignatius's urine splashed into the bucket as Mohamed entered the room.

"You insolent wretch!" shouted Mohamed at Ignatius. He went over to the lad and smacked him on the nose. Then as the crimson blood flowed down onto the lily-white chest. Mohamed picked up the bucket of urine and threw it over the boy.

"You challenged me to a fight. You've got you wish. You're on. Next week we have a couple of VIP's making a visit. They could do with some entertainment before dinner. They'll have it. I will make you a laughing stock in front of everyone."

Then, off he went. Ignatius was now awash in urine and blood.

It was not long before the Big Chief came in. He released Ignatius from his cock cage and frame and told him to have shower and get himself ready for the day. "I shall be back in little over an hour. Make sure the child has had his breakfast, is thoroughly clean and comfortable, back on the frame, clean penis gag fitted, comfortable in his cock cage, and fancy neck collar and chain."

Big Chief looked at his watch, then said to the soldiers. "Nearly going home time isn't chaps?"

"Yeah, it's been a long busy night, " they replied. Big Chief realised what he had said, and turned to Ignatius, "Sorry son. No, it's not going home time for you!"

While Ignatius was in the shower, Mohamed came back. The two senior officers eyed each other suspiciously. The tension in the room was felt by everyone. It was obvious they hated each other and would do their best to see the ruin of each other.

Mohamed spoke first. "Where is it? Why isn't it in the frame?"

"Because I have ordered Ignatius to deal with his personal hygiene. Shower and clean himself up and be comfortable."

"You're too soft and pro-west. This will be the ruin of you. You allow people to run all over you. You're too soft. Anyway, this baby of yours challenged me to a fight. When the VIP's come next week, the entertainment before dinner is for me to just destroy him in the ring."

Big Chief replied. "Didn't one of the Ancients say something about, «Don't let the man that puts on his armour boast like the man that takes his armour off?»"

Mohamed was incensed by this remark, but said nothing. With that. Ignatius came out of the bathroom, just finishing drying himself off.

Mohamed immediately started off again. "Why has his cock cage been removed after I had given specific orders that it was not to be removed? Huh! It calls itself a wrestler. Look at those legs. Once he has had all his body hair removed today, you will not be able to tell the difference between his legs and his cock."

Mohamed had expected some laughter or approval of his comments. There was a silence. A silence that spoke volumes. Of course he did not have his usual entourage with him this morning. He was obviously very angry. He turned to Allababa. "You have medals for wrestling. You show us how it is done and whet our appetite for next week. Take off your belt and uniform. The man next to you will hold it for you".

Allababa looked at the Big Chief. Big Chief said, "Soldier, do as the officer has commanded." Gingerly Allababa did as he was ordered.

Mohamed started off again. "You are an accomplished officer with decorations. This is a kid grossly under developed. More like a little schoolgirl than anything else. Soldier, put him on his back; NOW!"

Ignatius threw his towel to Big Chief.

"See what I mean about fraternising with the enemy!" snapped Mohamed.

The two sized each other up and gradually moved towards each other.

Allababa offered a finger lock to begin with. Ignatius ignored such a feeble gesture. There was a sudden flash of movement from Ignatius. Allababa was taken by surprise, and was on his back on the floor. After three attempts that all had the same result, Mohamed was so exasperated that he raised his voice, "You are both plotting against me to make me look a fool. Why did you deliberately let the boy put you down?"

Allababa protested. "I did no such thing. The lad was too quick for me. He is a lot younger than me."

"I have never come across anything like this in all my military career. You mark my words. I'll have both of you." He left the room.

Big Chief and Allababa threw their arms around Ignatius. "Well done, son! Well done! Have a drink and freshen up. Then we must put you in the frame and make a start on today's programme."

Chapter Ten

Breakfast arrived just then. Ignatius made short work of that!

"Come on lad, hurray up!" said the Big Chief. "There's a lot to get through today. Into the frame, let's secure you and make a start."

"Do I have to? Surely you can apply a cock cage and ask me questions without stringing me up?"

"Protocol, lad: Protocol. Got to do things properly. Anyway, suppose you should decide to act up? You're in the right position for a thrashing if you anger us. So get in the frame and don't attempt to wind us up. You know we can get very nasty."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to attempt to wind you up."

Ignatius stepped into the frame and stretched himself into the spread eagle position. Several guards stepped forward to grasp a limb and secure it, while another took great delight in placing a leather collar around the helpless boy's neck. A long chain was then fixed to collar.

Big Chief put a nice new cock cage in place and secured it. When it was in position he gave it a pull and twist to make sure it would not come off.

The door unlocked and swung open and a junior officer barked, "The Right Honourable Captain Mohamed… TEN SHUN !"

Everybody stood to attention, except Big Chief who stayed slumped on his seat. The two men glared hatefully at each other.

It was obvious that in the High Command senior officers were given responsibilities where their power and authority overlapped. This was exactly the same principle that Adolf Hitler practiced and found it very successful… officers fighting with each other to obtain the favour of the 'Führer'.

Mohamed and his entourage entered the room. They moved towards Ignatius.

The little girl was first to speak. "Who is this?"

Mohamed replied, "This is the great wrestler that intends to humiliate me and beat me in front of the VIP's next week !" His entourage laughed, but none of the others.

Mohamed noticed the silence but said nothing. He looked with contempt at Ignatius, and everyone else and gave a snort.

The little girl said, "What's that metal contraption around his penis?"

"To stop it growing! What do you mean?"

Mohamed ordered the removal of the cock cage. Allababa duly obliged.

Mohamed took the little girl's hand and led her to the naked boys body spread eagled before her. "Now," he said. "Very gently take hold of his testicles and tickle them softly. Carefully take hold of them and play with them. With your other hand you smooth his penis, caress and gently massage it."

In a very few moments the little girl exclaimed, "Wow, its grown gigantic! Look it is waving all over the place now I have let go of it!"

"Well we can't allow that to happen, can we my dear? Now put it back in its cage before it does some harm."

"I'm not able to do that. It is far too big. How can it be made small again?"

"Ah! Yes, like this. Hit it as hard as you can with this small cane. I will beat his buttocks with the riding crop."

The little girl laughed with great glee and delight as she enjoyed whacking the lad's penis, at the same time Mohamed was thrashing his buttocks. As Ignatius cried out in pain and anguish, the child was really delighted.

"Thanks, that was really exciting. Please, can we do that again?"

"Not now. There are a lot of things to get done today. This youth has a busy day as well. Medical. Measuring. Removal of all body hair. Make him really nice and soft, slippery and smooth. Look how small his penis is now. Let Allababa put his cock cage back on."

Mohamed was about to leave the room, when he suddenly stopped! He walked around in back of Ignatius. He studied and stared at the beautiful, unblemished pure white back. He suddenly snorted and snarled. "I gave orders for you to be whipped. There are no marks on your back at all. I have been wilfully defied! Who gave the order for this creature to be excused from the whip when I gave express orders for it to be done?"

He glared at the Big Chief. Big Chief said, "If there were no junior officers here or ordinary soldiers, I'd tell you a few home truths. Now get out of my jurisdiction and attend to your own affairs."

Mohamed turned to Ignatius and said, "You wait boy! After the fight next week, I am going to give you a public flogging to impress all visitors."

Ignatius was going to answer, but Big Chief quickly said. "Ignatius, you have nothing to say, thank you!"

Big Chief took the boys head in his hands and gave him a kiss on his forehead. "You're a good lad. I am asking you to do me a great personal favour, indeed a great personal favour also for this whole unit".

Still holding the boy's head in his hands he continued, "Please give Mohamed a good hiding. You will not thrash him, but give him a good run for his money. Well, if you do beat him, so much the better. If you do, you are owed two favours in return. One from me and one from the unit."

Ignatius replied, "Big Chief, I hate the Liberation and Freedom Fighters Army and everything they stand for. especially these acts of terrorism. I despise you all. Nevertheless, I promise faithfully to do my best to defeat Mohamed in the fight."

Big Chief and all the soldiers thanked him and promised to cheer for him and would put their money on him for a win. Big Chief ordered Ignatius out of the frame. "Take another shower to cool off from your beating." He went on to say, "I want you in the gym in twenty minutes time for a two hour work out."

Ignatius was not long in the shower. He was soon out and down in the gym.

His buttocks were, of course, very red and his penis very sore. He started to work on the apparatus when two men walked in, both in leotards. One was Allababa, who introduced the other man; Sanballet.

Sanballet spoke first after the introductions, "Ignatius, I want to see you wrestle with Allababa on the mats. I will assess you. Then, this afternoon I will work with you. If you don't beat Allababa you will have no hope against Mohamed and I will forbid the contest."

Chapter Eleven

Ignatius had not had a grapple for a while. Even so, he did fairly beat Allababa.

Sanballet watched the fight intensely. He watched the supple white boy's body move gracefully over the mat. As the body bent this way and that the taught sinews could be clearly seen. Through the wet, sweaty skin so many of the various veins could be clearly seen . Every fiber of the lithe, bare lad's muscles was fully stretched.

Sanballet was pleased that Ignatius had won. Not only could he praise and encourage the youth; but now was his opportunity to both touch and handle this incredible, beautiful, glorious, illustrious body. Now he would be able to embrace this lovely warm, sweaty body. His arms would be able to be wrapped around the torso. Perhaps get his nose to inhale the youthful smell. His tongue no doubt would have the opportunity of tasting the salty sweat. Would his lips be able to rest somewhere sweet? Dare he steal a kiss? A guard entered the gym. "Ignatius is to be returned immediately!"

Sanballet enquires what the rush is all about. He is informed that Ignatius is to be "de-haired immediately."

"NO !" Ignatius shouts immediately. Before he knows what has happened, he is threatened with a stun gun. Chain and collar fixed. Handcuffs put on, he is taken away.

"Why?" Ignatius demands. "Next week, when the video is made. You will be shown as being a permanently hairless person. This will encourage the authorities to know that we mean serious business. No ransom payment, you and the others go off to slave market. Now get in that frame for treatment and measurement."


"You have got to be correctly measured to fit in a custom built crate for your export for slave school. Plus, we think that you would make a good pony boy slave. "You are to have a bridle, bit, and harness. Now open your mouth while a penis gag is inserted. No noise or rebellion in any shape or form, or you will have a taste of the whip to go along with it. Mohamed is already looking forward to giving you that treat after the match you have with him."

A passive Ignatius stands in the frame. His ankles are fastened, legs spread wide apart. The gag is fastened tight behind his head. Arms, as far as they would go, make a perfect X in the frame. The staff applied a tape measure to every part of his body. From sternum to spine. Length of sternum, legs, arms. You name it, it was measured. Muscles flexed and relaxed.

Eventually it was finished and completed and Allababa then ordered, "Take him out of the frame. Thirty five minute break for food and drink. The medical team will arrive and have him clinically, medically, scientifically and permanently de-haired. Half hour break after that. Then down to the gym for workout and practice bout with Sanballet. JUMP!"

Ignatius was glad when it was time to go back to the gym for a workout. Arms handcuffed behind his back, penis gag in mouth, cock-cage in place, collar and chain; he was taken back again to the gym. Sanballet was waiting for him.

"Hello Ignatius! Good to see you again. Wow, just look at you now. Now that all your body hair has been removed you look more incredible than ever. As the Yanks would say, You look like a million dollars. Wow! Talk about a sight for sore eyes. The light just glistens on your gleaming skin. The beauty of your perfect shape is magnificent. My word, should you end up in the slave market you will fetch a staggering price. Indeed I would not be surprised if you made more money than what will be asked of the American Government for your release."

Sanballet turned to the guards. "This young man has a lot of hard work and preparation to do over the next few days. Take everything off him so he can get fully involved in his workout on the apparatus. Forty-five minutes on weights and bars. Ten minutes rest and drink. Then Ignatius and I will have a practice bout together. Then a further forty-five minute work out on equipment. Then that will be it for today."

Ignatius completed his work-out on weights, bars and general exercise. Now it was time for the practice fight with Sanballet.

Ignatius walked to the mat. Sanballet was already in place. Only, this time, he was completely naked the same as Ignatius was. Ignatius made no comment.

Both competitors were successful in getting good holds on each other. Sanballet had some good sound advice and helpful comments to give Ignatius. For this, the lad was most grateful.

Sanballet said, "I tell you one thing. Ignatius. Now you have absolutely no hair at all on your body, you are more difficult to grip and hold. Mohamed may well regret having you de-haired before the contest."

The two bodies rolled over and over and intertwined with each other on the mat. Both were hot and sweaty. Sanballet was on top of Ignatius. His arms around the boy's body pinning his arms down to his sides. His legs enveloped the lad's legs. Ignatius became conscious that Sanballet was staring into his eyes. Their noses were almost touching. Sanballet was breathing heavily. Breathing! No, gasping.

Sanballet put his nose into Ignatius's arm pit. He then muttered, "You smell divine!" Sanballet started to lick the boy's skin around his arm pit and across his chest. "What sweet gentle veins you have under your skin. They look like the spiders webs in autumn with the gentle dew upon them."

Sanballet gently laid his head on Ignatius's chest. "Your heart is pounding with the throb of an engine. Wow! You have neither spot, mole, nor any other type of blemish upon your glorious, magnificent body. Surely you are divine. I do sincerely hope the ransom is paid for you and you will again be at liberty."

It then registered with Ignatius, that the mans penis was very erect and compressed between their two abdomens. "Let me kiss you," whispered Sanballet, "Please?" "If you must. Make it short and quick." Ignatius gently replied.

Both bodies were soon relaxed and limp enjoying a good snogging with tongues. Now, both seemed short of breath.

Sanballet went on, "Ignatius, please let me shag you?"

"No, honestly I am straight. I couldn't cope with that."

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

"What do you mean?"

"You do me a favor, and I will do you one."

"What you mean? You will help me out of this place?"

"No, that's impossible. I am a professional wrestler and an international referee. I am noted for being very fair and just. I am engaged to referee the fight between you and Mohamed. NO, there is no question of me rigging or acting improperly during the contest. You would not want that anyway. However, I can, and will live up to my reputation of being impartial just and fair. That may well be to your advantage. I could decline the offer to ref the contest. My replacement would definitely be on Mohamed's side. Entirely up to you, the decision is yours. I promise to be gentle with you and not hurt you."

Ignatius thought for a few seconds. He did enjoy being cuddled in these strong arms. Soft skin against soft skin did feel very enjoyable. He had never been kissed like that before. Plus, he needed all the help he could get. He needed friends in this place, even if he had to buy them. He gave a long sigh "Yeah, all right. But you promise to be gentle with me and lube me up well."

They cuddled and caressed. Kissed and tickled. Ignatius shot his load over the abdomen, chest and face of Sanballet. They both laughed.

Sanballet positioned Ignatius on all fours. Greased his finger and gently inserted it up the youth's rectum. Ignatius grimaced and moaned gently. Sanballet lubricated his throbbing penis and gently inserted it. Yes, it did hurt. However there was no going back.

Ignatius felt the throbbing mass inside him. He felt the ejection of sperm. He wanted to cry out in exasperation and pain. However, he controlled himself. Sanballet withdrew and Ignatius collapsed into a heap of exhaustion. Both lay there in a heap of ecstasy. They held hands and enjoyed a sweet smile at each other. They both thanked each other and kissed.

Sanballet asked Ignatius if he wanted to do any more workouts. No, he had had enough for today.

Sanballet signalled to the guards. Once more, arms handcuffed behind his back, dribbling penis put back in his cock-cage, collar and chain secured. One of the guards was about to reinsert the penis gag.

"Wait" said Sanballet. He then stepped forward and gave Ignatius a kiss on his lips. They enjoyed a lovely kiss for several seconds. They both thanked each other. "See you in the morning." said Sanballet.

"I look forward to it." replied Ignatius. The guard inserted the penis gag and Ignatius was led away.

The next few days were about the same. Every night he slept on the mattress in the corner, chained to the wall and cock-cage always in position. Breakfast. Workout and training session. Midday meal. Afternoon work out and training session. Evening meal. Chained for the night.

Ten days have now passed. Ignatius has good relations with the Big Chief, Sanballet, and Allababa.

He is just being secured in the frame when Big Chief comes in. Big Chief addresses all in the room. "Today the other two hostages arrive. Tomorrow, all three will be photographed and videoed. Ransom note will be submitted to the Enemies of the Freedom Fighters Liberation Army. Tonight, we have VIP's and dinner. The star attraction of this evening's entertainments you all know about. Everyone, I trust, has put their money on Ignatius to win. Remember, if the boy does win, we owe him two favors." He stroked and smoothed the shimmering body in the frame, kissed him on the forehead, and left the room.

Chapter Twelve

Ignatius worked hard in the gym, both in the workouts and also practice bouts with Sanballet. As usual, Sanballet wanted to enjoy the erotic, lush boy's body he was working with. However, Sanballet eventually commented. "You're not yourself today lad?"

"No, I am thinking about the two new hostages that arrive today"

"You want to get your mind off them and concentrate on the fight."

"Wonder who they are? Where they are? What they are thinking? What they are doing?"

Christiaan And Arno

The two boys were strapped on the stretchers, face down. The vehicle started to loose speed. "We've arrived," some one shouted. Slow turns and up over bumps. Stopped. Shutters were opening. They backed into a bay. Shutters were closed. Vans back doors opened.

The stretchers were pulled out. The two boys, however, were still firmly fixed down. They were conscious that they were being taken along some corridors. Doors opened and closed. Mixture of different voices. Conversation. Orders. Waiting! An eternity of nothing!

Then the harsh bark of an order, "The Right Honorable Captain Mohamed. TEN- SHUN!" There was a click of several heels and shuffling of boots.

"What delightful delicacies do we have here?" Each boy felt a single hand gently smooth their torso.

"Have them prepared for my inspection. Have them showered, fed and watered. Have them both brought to me in an hour's time. I will go and look at this great champion wrestler who is going to give me a good beating tonight."

His retinue all laughed, cheered and jeered to his approval. Mohamed did so like to be fawned over and be heaped with adulation. "Yes, I will go and inspect him in an hour's time. Bring these two and I will fully inspect all three together. I am looking forward to this evening. Perhaps I will not have to spend the night alone in bed, ha ha ha! Make sure that Ignatius is in the frame before I arrive."

Mohamed and his entourage left the room.

Christiaan was frightened and Arno terrified. The boys had no option but to remain quiet and still. Their hands and feet were released from bondage and they were helped to their feet. Strong hands were holding them tightly.

Then they were addressed, "We are going to take your headgear off. You are in a room with several soldiers. The doors are securely locked. It has already been explained to you that you are hostages. You know the situation. Do as you are told and you will not get hurt. Disobey in one small instant and you will be severely beaten. Do you understand?"

Both lads nodded that they did. "Would you like a few strokes of the riding crop now, so that you will have some idea of what you will get if you disobey?" Both shook their heads vigorously, NO!

"Right! You are going to be released now. You will go directly into the showers and have a good wash. When you come out, you may have a meal and drink. You will then be taken to another room to meet Ignatius, the other hostage, and be fully examined by Mohamed. Tomorrow, you will be photographed and videoed for ransom demands. Hopefully, the governments concerned will cough up the cash and release our men they hold and you will be safely on your way back home. Well, that's the general idea anyhow."

The first one to be undone was Arno. He stood there in the middle of the room, bemused, confused, bewildered, mystified. An innocent little boy, all alone in a big room, being stared at and goggled over by a room full of heavily built soldiers. He heard such comments as, "Wow!" "How cute!" "What a delightful darling!" "Amazing" "Didn't know such beauty ever existed!" Then… Yes, you've guessed it… "Can I zap him with my stun gun?"

One of the soldiers took him by the arm and led him to the showers. "Get a move on, everything you need is in there."

Christiaan was then released. "Can I zap him with my stun gun?"


Christiaan stood still in the midst. He looked at the men with contempt, pride and dignity.

Such comments were passed as, "Look at those exotic, angelic eyes? Those are not the eyes of a human. They are the eyes of an angel. Look how big and beautiful they are! Never, ever, seen anything like that before in my life! What excellence. No spot nor blemish on him at all! Perfect skin. Oh look; do you see those very faint veins in his chest? Yes, and look at those in his face, especially there in the temporal of the skull!"

"Come on, lad. Get in that shower. You mates almost done. He'll eat all the food and drink and leave you none!"

How shocked the whole room was, when with all the bearing of a great statesman and with well cultured voice, Christiaan coldly replied. "He's not like you. He is my friend. He will only eat and drink half of what you have provided. Don't judge others by your standards." There was no response of any kind. They were all aghast at the reply and rebuff. Cocking a snoot, he walked into the shower. The soldiers looked at each other in disbelief.

The boys came out. Dried, ate and drank, as the guards drooled over them.

When they had both finished, Christiaan rose to his feet. "Gentleman, thank you for the meal. It was sufficient and we enjoyed it. Thank you for your civility and consideration of us to this point. We are now ready for you to take us to where Ignatius is and the formal inspection by the Right Honorable Captain Mohamed. We will not keep you waiting. Time is going by, now."

Ignatius's room about an hour later.

Ignatius had been spread eagled in his frame ready for Mohamed to make his inspection. Penis in cock cage. Penis gag secured in his mouth.

Allababa muttered, "Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six…" The door unlocked, and in came the junior officer. Then the harsh bark of an order, "The Right Honorable Captain Mohamed.TEN- SHUN!" There was a click of several heels and shuffling of boots.

Mohamed came in. He looked at Ignatius and smiled. "I have a present for you boy!" Mohamed clicked his fingers. A member of his entourage handed him a box. The little girl came up to Ignatius and beamed from ear to ear. This seems ominous thought Ignatius. With that, a phone rang. Allababa answered it. "The other hostages are coming up the corridor now Captain Mohamed."

Chapter Thirteen

The door opened slowly. All eyes were towards it. All waited with baited breath. One soldier's boots could be heard approaching. Listen! As the steps get closer! Is that not the sound of little bare feet as well? Hark, the sound of the clinking of a chain. Do we hear a stifled sob too?

A junior officer steps into the room. In his one hand a chain. In the other hand a riding crop. He tugs on the chain. There is a gasp of surprise, delight, astonishment and surprise, as into the room he drags two very dejected, sad, despondent, little boys.

Their heads were bowed with sorrow. The smaller of the two little boys had obviously been crying a lot. For, as the soldier lifted his head for all to view, his eyes were pink and damp.

Both naked boys wore a stainless steel collar, the two linked together by a sturdy stainless steel chain. Their wrists were locked behind their backs in handcuffs.

Both specimens were the perfection of beauty. Although both slender and slim, they were succulent and perfectly shaped and proportioned. There was neither spot nor blemish on either of them. What adorable beauty. All looked with admiration and desire. Mohamed approached the lads. Now, both boys were looking around the room. Mohamed spoke to the little one.

"Your name?"

"Arno, Sir?"

"You poor dear little thing. You are sad, frightened and lonely. I'll tell you what I will do…"

Mohamed started to gently run his hands over the slim boy's body. He counted the ribs. Felt the abdomen. How soft and smooth. Could not feel any trace of muscles there. Then he massaged the buttocks and thighs. Could feel the head of the femur through the flesh. Gently fondled the small penis. Had the testicles dropped? Hard to tell. All was so small.

Mohamed knelt down to inspect the legs. Arno could feel the man's tongue licking his legs. Mohamed's hands groped around the buttocks, groin, then on down the delectable, delightful legs.

Mohamed muttered, "Wow, not the slightest trace or spot or blemish anywhere. How clean and clear the skin is. Could so easily trace the veins in body face and legs."

Suddenly he spun the boy around. The lads were still chained by their neck collars. The yank on the chain caused the two children's faces to crash into each other. Bumps started to arise on their foreheads. Arno cried, while his friend just grimaced and uttered, "Ouch!"

Mohamed pushed the two bodies apart to continue his examination He seized Arno's upper arms. He squeezed very hard and stopped the blood circulation. The blood vessels in the lower arm swelled up. They became cyanosed. Mohamed could feel the boy's pulse throbbing under his merciless grip.

The lad sobbed, "Please, please Sir, I beg you! Have mercy and release your grip."

Mohamed threw the boy away from him. Arno crashed up against the wall. The chain pulled his friend onto him. With hands firmly locked behind their backs, there was no way of saving themselves. The two bodies and faces crashed into each other again.

"I'll tell you what I will do…" Mohamed continued. "I will take you to bed with me tonight. We can look after each other and keep each other warm. We can do things together."

"Oh no Sir! Please Sir! No Sir! Please don't!" the little lad wailed, tears streaming down his pale cheeks. "Have mercy on me. Please don't harm me."

Mohamed smiled and chuckled. "Tell you what!" He continued with an evil smirk on his face. "All right, I will show mercy and compassion. Everyone knows how good, kind, gentle, merciful and compassionate I am. Now look over here and see what we have."

Mohamed swaggered pompously across to the frame where Ignatius was still spread eagled. He smoothed the taught torso and sneered. He continued…

"See this? This thinks it is a wrestler. He has challenged me to a contest this evening. You, Arno, will be the prize for the winner. If I win, I will bed you tonight. If he wins, then you spend the night with him. Agreed?"

Distressed and intimidated Arno didn't know what to say. He blurted out with sobs, "Yes Sir, Thank you Sir."

"Put a gag in his mouth will you! Had enough of his pitiable whiney voice whimpering."

Mohamed then turned his attention to the other lad.


"Christiaan Sir," he replied with a firm, resolute voice.

Mohamed was almost a bit surprised. He paused and looked steadfastly at the boy. "How old are you?"

" Twelve and a half. Sir"

"How old is your friend, Arno? I should ask him myself, but with a ball gag in his mouth, he'll not be able to tell me."

"Just twelve, Sir."

"Only six months between you. Your personalities and bearing are so completely different."

Mohamed gave Christiaan as thorough an examination as he had Arno. He muttered about beauty and desirability. Something about another night, another time. Something about shackles. Whip. Riding crop. Strapping to a horse. As he was breathing heavily and his eyes were closed, it was difficult to ascertain what he said. He suddenly stepped back, moved across to Ignatius to taunt him.

Allababa, decided he had had enough of this spiteful cruelty. He spoke up. "Begging your pardon, Captain, Sir! Permission to speak Sir?"

Mohamed glared at him in astonishment and surprise! "Permission granted."

"Sir, if it please you, Captain. These poor little boys have more than enough for today. Please stop, they are both exhausted and tired."

"Tired!" He exploded. "Then we must wake them up. Make them dance!"

He grabbed a riding crop and laid into their legs and buttocks. Arno screamed into his ball gag as the tears rolled down his face. Christiaan moaned and groaned and winced in pain, but kept his composure. The chain between the two collars caused them to collide with each other on numerous occasions. They yelped and danced and wriggled and jiggled about.

Allababa, could take no more. "Captain Sir! I respectfully request that you stop, Sir!"

"Who are you talking to? What are you going to do about it?"

"I shall leave my command here immediately and get the Big Chief!"

"You're on a charge for insubordination. Take this man's name!"

Mohamed stopped immediately. Glaring with hatred, he snarled with venom at Allababa. "You! YOU! You; the only thing you are any good at is collecting pubic hair for your fetish. You aint no good for nothing else."

He turned to the two lads. Christiaan was standing erect full of dignity and self composure. Arno was still sobbing. He continued with a sarcastic voice, but still struggling for breath. "This calls itself a soldier. Huh! The only thing he can do well is collecting pubic hair to feed his fetish."

"Oh yes," he said, in a spiteful tone of voice, to Ignatius. "I almost forgot, I have brought you a present!"

He turned to his retinue who were embarrassed by the turn of events. He was still breathing heavily. He snapped at the junior officer. Pointing to Allababa, he said, "That man there is on a charge. I want papers on my desk concerning his charge by first thing in the morning. I am also submitting a report to The High Command concerning the Big Chief this evening. I will do that before the match. Charge: Pro-American sympathise and fraternising with the enemy. He's too soft and flabby for this army."

At last he calmed down a little. He resumed smoothing the beautiful, glorious body of Ignatius. "My present for you; Great Wrestler, who would dare take on me the mighty Mohamed. Where is that box for the little sweetie?"

The Junior Officer put the box on the table at the side of the frame where Ignatius was spread eagled. His hands trembled as he slowly opened it

Chapter Fourteen

The box was opened for all to see. Ignatius looked in horror! Mohamed looked with pleasure. His entourage smiled approvingly. The remainder just looked.

Mohamed produced from the box a harness, bridle, blinkers, and bit. All the paraphernalia for a pony boy. That was not all. There was also a TUTU: pretty pink frilly skirt that little girls wear for ballet, to put on around his loins. To add insult to injury; the leather was bright pink, complete with gaudy red flowers with bright yellow centers.

Great joy and hilarity was shown as this was all put on Ignatius. The bit was a penis gag bit. At last he was arrayed and ready to be paraded. Mohamed stepped back to admire his workmanship.

He turned his gaze upon the two young boys, Arno and Christiaan. A tear of sympathy arose in Arno's eye. It rolled down his nose and dripped onto the ball gag in his mouth, then on to floor. Christiaan had an expression of steel. His look said everything. Mohamed noticed and addressed the youth.

"What do you think of this magnificent great wrestler who will get in the ring with me this evening? What do you make of his chances? Huh! I could break his scrawny neck with one hand tied behind my back! After the match, I am going to give him a public flogging. Oh look at that tear dripping from poor little Arno. Then I am going to take Arno to bed with me after dinner. We shall be able to comfort one another. Ha ha ha."

"Boy, I asked you, what do you think?"

"Sir, are you inviting me to express my opinion?"

"YES, I want your honest opinion!"

With a firm, authoritative voice Christiaan addressed Mohamed. "Sir, is it in keeping with your high military rank? Is it the High End, The Goal, the standard that we are to expect from such a noble and honorable organization as the Freedom Fighters and Liberation Army, to behave themselves as if they were Americans or Europeans, or British and publicly humiliate and treat innocent young men as if they were criminals? This, in itself, is contrary to human rights and also the Geneva convention."

"Secondly," Christiaan continued, "Secondly, tonight this young man is your competitor in a wrestling tournament. That you will win is obviously a forgone conclusion. You are bigger, heavier and have much more experience than him. However, when you accept all the adulation and applause, will you disclose the fact that while you have been taking things easy this afternoon, your opponent has been subjected to torment and torture both physical and mental? You have wilfully delighted in stressing him that he has to have a public whipping after the fight and before dinner. All this in order to weaken him and stress him out. Thus, you have an incredible advantage before you start! Would I be right in assuming the referee is of your appointing?"

"NO!" shouted Mohamed. "No, I didn't have anything to do with the appointment of the referee. That was done by The Big Chief. Sanballet got the job to ref. One thing, he will not allow anything to prejudice him, even though he did some coaching with Ignatius."

Suddenly Mohamed snapped. "I've had enough of your mouth and lip." He shouted. He ran across the room like something demented. He worked his fists into the poor little lad's naked body. The boy sunk to the floor groaning in pain. Arno was dragged on top of him because of the collars being chained.

The two lads were helped to their feet again. Mohamed, snarled at Christiaan. "What you got to say for yourself now? Answer me!"

"Is this the way we can expect to be treated when we are obedient and give an honest answer when requested to do so? Is the truth really that painful? Remember this Sir, the kisses of an enemy are deceitful but the wounds of a friend are faithful. I have told you the truth. You hated it and have rejected it. You are surrounded by 'Yes Men'. They will do you no good. Ask, and find out. What is the betting on tonight's fight? What! Some have placed bets on Ignatius? This can not be because they believe he will win, but that they hope he will win. What ever can be the reason for that I wonder? Sir, one last word. I respectfully suggest you take it to heart. One of the Ancients wrote. «Don't let him that puts his armor on, boast as the man that takes it off. You have been warned.»"

"What!" bellowed Mohamed, "I could break that scrawny runts neck with one arm tied behind my back."

With that he punched Christiaan in the mouth and left with his entourage. Christiaan winced with the impact of the blow. Blood from his split lip trickled down his pure white body.

Allababa started to snap orders now that his seniors had left the room and he was now in charge. "Have Ignatius out of the frame and harness etc. Showered, food and drink for him. Then he is to have complete rest until this evening. First get me first aid box, release the two children and we'll clean them up. Get them food and drink as well."

All three were very pleased to be out of their bonds. Ignatius came across to the lads. He spoke kindly and gently to them. Congratulated Christiaan on his oratory. "You should be a politician." He said, "You seem good at politics."

"Without wanting to sound bigheaded or arrogant," replied Christiaan. "Yes, I know. Hopefully it will stand me in good stead through the remainder of my life. You must play people at their own game. Especially this lot we are with now. Anyway, not to worry. We are to be photographed tomorrow, make an appeal for our release. Then hopefully the American Government will pay up, and we will all be on our way home soon. Only a few days. Wow! Just think, Arno, we will be world famous. We shall be on every news program world-wide. When we get home all the girls will want our autographs"

Allababa, by this time had opened the first aid box and was tending to their wounds. Ignatius went off into the shower. Witch hazel for their bruises and cuts.

Christiaan turned his attention to Allababa. "Sir, I beg your pardon, I forget my manners. Thank you so very much indeed for standing up for us and doing what you could for us while The Captain was being so cruel and unjust to us. Thanks for being so good, kind and gentle with us now in attending to our needs."

"All right lad, think nothing of it."

"Sir may I ask you something personal?"


"Sir is it true you have a fetish concerning pubic hair?"

Allababa, was obviously embarrassed, and gave no reply. Christiaan placed his hands on his buttocks and forced his thighs forward.

"Help yourself. You've been good to us and we want to express our thanks and appreciation. Arno can't let you have any because he does not have any yet. I only have a few. You're welcome to them!"

"No lad, no. Thanks for offering, but no, lad."

Christiaan put his hand in the First Aid Box and pulled out the tweezers. Taking a firm grip on one hair he gave a tug. He took hold of Alabama's hand and opened it. Carefully he placed the hair in the center of his palm. Allababa looked at it and said nothing but just gazed on his treasure.

"That's one," said Christiaan. "Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven. Seven the number of perfection and completion. That leaves me with three. Three, the number of unity. I will soon grow a few more."

Allababa was speechless looking into his hand. Christiaan lent forward and kissed his pubic hairs that he had placed in the man's hand. Then he put an arm around his neck; pulled him towards himself and gave him a big kiss on his cheek, and said, "To you with our special love, thanks and gratitude."

Allababa clenched his fist filled with love and treasure, kissed both lads and said, "Thank you. I will always remember you and treasure this greatly.

The door unlocked and food and drink came in. "Food and drink for all. Rest and take things quietly until we go into the gym later. Two hours time. Rest well, live long." Said Allababa.

Chapter Fifteen
The Fight

Everyone rested the best they could. Quietly and peacefully. Don't know that anyone slept. About twelve minutes before the fight the door unlocked and in stepped Mohamed's junior officer. Not Mohamed, but the little girl came in with the usual entourage.

"Ignatius in the frame!" He snapped. "These two boys to be collared and chained. Wrists handcuffed behind their backs." The two children were taken away."

Ignatius was fastened securely in the frame. His pony boy paraphernalia, complete with harness, bridle, blinkers and penis gag bit, was secured firmly on his body. The tutu ballerina frilly skirt was fastened around him. Christiaan and Arno had collars fixed around their slight slender necks and their wrists secured in handcuffs once more. With chains attached to their collars, they were led away. Mercifully they were not gagged this time. They were both pleased about that.

Then an order. "Right, all ready, lets go in for the contest!" The chain attached to Ignatius's collar was handed to the little girl. She had the fun, joy and privilege of leading Ignatius into the arena. Off they went along the corridor. They paused just outside the doors. The Master of Ceremonies made an announcement.

"Three hostages have been taken for us to negotiate with the enemy for the release of some of our men in enemy hands. Also for a financial settlement. These three persons are with us this evening. As they are in our midst to do us a favor, please give them a round of applause to express our appreciation for their willingness to help our good cause."

"Allow me to introduce Christiaan and Arno!"

Arno and Christiaan were taken in to sit near the VIP's. There was indeed great applause. They looked around, and then focused on the podium to which they were being taken. Some of these faces looked familiar. Surely their faces had been on the news and in the papers?

"Comrades, our third guest is a champion wrestler from America. He has personally challenged the great, mighty, Right Honorable Captain Mohamed."

Arno whispered to Christiaan, "None of us are Americans!"

Christiaan replied, "Sssh, be quiet. Keep your views to yourself. Never offer information unless it is for your own personal gain."

Ignatius was led in by the little girl. There was great hilarity, shouting of abuse, jeers and cheers, boos, spitting, swearing, slaps and punches from those near enough in the crowd.

The two boys looked at the VIP's. Yes, surely these men were those they had seen in the media? Ignatius eventually reached the ring. He was lifted up into the ring and his pony trappings were taken off so the crowd could enjoy that. A great shout went up as, eventually, he stood completely naked and free in the ring. Arno jumped up and down excitedly, and shouted out, "Hooray for Ignatius! Ignatius forever!"

"Be quiet!" Snapped Christiaan. "If you want to help Ignatius, plus ourselves; just stand quietly and say nothing and show no emotion of any kind."

However the good advice came too late. A man with dark brown skin, black hair, and dressed in long white flowing robes, pointed to him. A soldier picked up the end of the chain and pulled Arno like a dog to the illustrious gent. Surely it was Osama Bin Laden. Osama gave a sickening smile. "If the Yanks don't cough up, this little beauty should fetch a good price at slave market. "

"What do you think Kim?"

Kim Dang Il, from North Korea, looked at the child. "Pass it to me when you've finished with it. If it is to be sold, my little girls could do with a little pet."


"Pet puppy boy and bedroom slave!"

"Comrade Kim, The slave trainer and trader is with us this evening. He wants to assess the three of them in case they are to be trained and sold."

"Make sure I am kept updated."

"Yes Sir."

"I notice Mahmoud Ahmed from Tehran is unable to take his eyes off Ignatius."

"Surely too much interest in a purchase is going to put their prices up?"

"Taxpayers money. Who cares?"

A couple of black Africans were eyeing up Christiaan, when suddenly the Master of Ceremonies made an announcement. The two boys were returned to their station at the end of the podium at the side of the Big Chief.

"Good evening everyone. This evening's entertainment is a wrestling bout between The Right Honorable Captain Mohamed, a successful wrestler in his own right.," shouted the MC.

Mohamed rose to the applause and adulation of the crowd. He raised his hands in appreciation of the cheers. The sixteen stones of muscle were forced into a leotard from the top of his sternum to his knees. One side was blue, the other half golden yellow.

"Colors of Ukraine?" Whispered Arno to Christiaan.

"Pure coincidence. Neither he nor this outfit has anything to do with Ukraine. Ukraine is where the Cossacks come from. Real men who can fight a proper warfare. They would never stoop to such squalid acts as abducting children and holding them hostage and being cruel to them at the same time," Christiaan replied. Big Chief leaned forward and spoke to the lads. "Go to Ignatius's corner and wish him well. Then return here within thirty seconds."

The Master of Ceremonies continued. "Mohamed has graciously and humbly accepted a challenge from this All American Boy. The best that America can produce."

There was an uproar of hatred, venom and hostile anti-American shouts. As Ignatius stood before the hostile crowd completely, utterly and totally naked. His adorable, beautiful, comely, delightful, exciting body glistened in the light. His body was sweating.

He was almost tempted to be put off by the sight of Mohamed. Then he remembered what Sanballet had said. How that Mohamed might well regret having him de-haired because he would become slippery and slimy in the ring, making him more difficult to hold with no body hair.

He thought about shouting to the audience that he was not an American. Had no connection with that country in any shape or form. Anyway, no one would have heard or paid any attention to him.

Ignatius saw the two boys making their way to his corner. He leaned through the ropes of his corner to greet the lads and embraced the two youngsters. They were unable to reciprocate as their wrists were still firmly secured in the handcuffs behind their backs. The chains dangled and rattled from their neck collars.

Arno, with tears in his eyes said, "Ignatius, Big Chief has sent us to wish you well. Obviously we do wish you all the best. Fight well. Remember that we love you and are with you in spirit."

Christiaan, without an atom of emotion or expression, calmly said, "Ignatius, do well. Do your best. Keep your composure. Maintain your high standard. Your fight this evening is not about a quarrel between men. It is about justice, freedom, liberty, and right over wrong. Who Arno sleeps with tonight is completely irrelevant."

"Ignatius, one of the Ancients made a request to his king concerning a common enemy. «I pray you, let me strike him once, and I shall not smite him a second time.» May God in his mercy and grace grant you this night the ability and opportunity to smite the enemy once, that there be no need to smite a second time."

Ignatius expressed his thanks and appreciation to the lads. Then they hurried back to the podium.

The Master of Ceremonies continued. "This contest is for two falls, two submissions, or a knockout to decide the winner. The referee tonight is none other than the world acclaimed referee, Sanballet, who needs no introduction. He is renowned for his impeccable fairness and being without bias. There was polite applause for Sanballet who completely ignored it. "SECONDS AWAY, ROUND ONE!"

Chapter Sixteen

The two men were indeed a joy to watch. The back hammer by Mohamed was brilliant. Many thought we would now see a submission. The naked, sweaty body of Ignatius writhed and twisted in pain.

Mohamed put his head on the Ignatius's shoulder to ask for a submission, "Come on, ash him ref!"

Quick as a flash, Ignatius grabbed the head that got too close and gave Mohamed a shoulder throw. The shock caused Mohamed to loose his grip. A shout and cheer arose from the audience.

As this was going on, Arno and Christiaan watched… Arno, quite passionately; Christiaan quite stoically. Arno became conscious of a hand gently and softly smoothing the inside of his leg, and he started to move away.

His chain suddenly became taught and he was pulled violently towards one of the men on the podium. Dark eyes stared into his. White teeth were bared at him. There was a growl and a snarl. A harsh hard voice whispered to him, "Don't you dare to defy me Boy."

Arno was terrified. The hands massaged his taught torso. The chain was yanked forward and Arno fell across the man's lap. He tried to retreat from this position, but the collar and chain held him in place.

Now the hands felt and examined his back and buttocks. His butt cheeks were pulled apart. His handcuffed wrists sought to prevent the invasion; however, a stinging slap across his bum reminded him of the message, not to defy.

His legs were tenderly stroked and smoothed. Saliva dribbled onto his back. He was suddenly put on his feet. His small testicle sack and penis were caressed. The man muttered, "You would fetch a tremendously high price in the slave market. Hope you go there. I will definitely bid for you!"

The bell rang to indicate the end of another round. The whole audience was a buzz of enthusiasm and chatter.

Such comments as, "Ignatius has a style similar to Sisezky Ruslan, the great Ukrainian champion. Winner of the gold medal in the 130 pound weight."

"Oh! He reminded me of the very slender, blue eyed blond lad, in Ukraine, Igor Oronetz. His whole body is devoid of body hair too, quite naturally."

"What about the side throw he did on Mohamed? Have you ever seen such an incredible back arch?"

"That rake hold was spectacular! Mohamed did not know what to do when he was gripped by that hold."

"What about the mill?"

"That was nothing compared to the helicopter. When Mohamed had Ignatius in the nelson, Ignatius is just so agile that he slipped out of it."

"Yes, but of course his hairless body is so wet and slippery now he is the more difficult to hold.

"Seconds away!" Silence fell as the next round commenced.

Big Chief replaced Arno and Christiaan on the edge of the podium. Tension arose as the audience sensed something was about to happen. The fight had begun with a fearful tempo. Now things had slowed down. Both men were tired.

Back-breakers, Nelsons, Camels, Body Scissors and Vines did not prove to be successful. However, surely things were now shaping up for the finale.

Mohamed grasped Ignatius in a perfect Body Vine. Ignatius was growing weak. Defeat and disaster was inevitable. He could not move a muscle. He was in pain and short of breath. Failure and humiliation stared him in the face.

Puffing and gasping, Mohamed called to the referee, Sanballet, "Ask him ref. Ask him now." Sanballet asked Mohamed to repeat himself. To which Sanballet replied, "Ignatius's slimy, wet, slippery, hairless body should slide out of anything."

Mohamed then said smugly in the boy's ear, "Ha, get ready for your whipping boy, while I have Arno in my bed tonight! Ha Ha."

Ignatius gave a load roar and violently jerked himself forward. Indeed his wet, slippery body shot out of Mohamed's grip. Foetal position, then up onto his feet.

Mohamed with a very solemn, sullen, expression took his time getting to his feet. Sanballet started to count; got to eight. Both contestants had had enough.

Mohamed offered Ignatius a finger lock. Tired, Ignatius accepted the offer. Then, Mohamed fancied his chances and gave Ignatius a head butt.

Blood streamed from his nose and ran down over his snow-white body. He fell backwards onto the ropes as his blood began to drip onto the canvas. Sanballet waved an arm in the air and shouted. "Mohamed disqualified!"

Uproar and mayhem followed. Mohamed insisted it was an accident. That Ignatius had smashed his head down onto him. The referee would have none of it, but pointed to the dressing room. Reluctantly Mohamed left the ring.

Ignatius jumped over the top rope in a rage to the place where the Big Chief sat. "That's not what I want!" he ranted. "That's no result. You said that if I won you would owe me a favour. Also that the army would owe me a favour. I hold you to your word!"

Christiaan turned to Arno and whispered, "That was a most foolish thing to say in public. That remark can only bring trouble. How unprofessional and undiplomatic. We'll all have to pay for that indiscretion!"

Ignatius continued with a loud voice, "How can that be called a result? The honour of the Liberation Army and Freedom Fighters is at stake here. I demand that Mohamed be brought back into the ring. One round of seven minutes. No referee. No rules." (He remembered that for Ben Hur, there had been no rules in the Roman arena!)

Big Chief arose with a serious, stony face. He beckoned Ignatius back into the ring; and went out of the hall. In a few minutes he returned followed by Mohamed.

It was announced that this would be a round without rules or referee for the duration of seven minutes to decide an ultimate winner.

The bell sounded.

Mohamed prepared for a further grapple by his stance. However, it was blatantly obvious that Ignatius had no such intention.

He danced about in the ring, blood flicking off his wet body, with every movement. As his penis swung about, his blood dripped off the end of the delightful organ. Every single muscle in his body was tense and taught, his fists firmly and tightly clenched.

Mohamed changed his deportment for boxing. They came closer. Ignatius had his clenched fists high. Mohamed raised his hands to defend his head. Ignatius made a left jab towards the upper part of Mohamed's head. He reacted accordingly by raising his guard a fraction… Oh foolish move! Oh fatal mistake!

Ignatius had already despatched his right fist with perfect aim and all the power he could muster. With all his weight, ferocity, will and might, he punched Mohamed in the throat!

SMACK! The bone fractured. The larynx and thyroid cartilage on the top of the trachea all collapsed under the crushing blow. Mohamed coughed and spluttered as he shot backwards onto the ropes and ricoched back into the ring.

He coughed, spluttered and spat blood and mucus. There was the Right Honourable Captain Mohamed in the ring on all fours, in front of the supposed American. He gasped, spluttered and groaned. He held out his arm and waved at Ignatius to keep away! He wanted to surrender.

Ignatius did not see Mohamed's tears. He only saw Arno's tears! Ignatius did not hear the moans and groans of Mohamed, only those of Christiaan. He did not see the distress of Mohamed, only the distress of his two younger companions.

Mohamed waved Ignatius away. Ignatius grabbed the arm, twisted it and attempted to lift Mohamed against the joint. There was a loud crack as the bones broke. The arm went limp as Mohamed struggled to his feet. As he staggered to go down, Ignatius grabbed his opponent's head and bent it backward over his shoulder.

Mohamed was going down, he had no option. Ignatius bent his knees as if to lower Mohamed more gently, and asked him, "Will you enjoy Arno tonight?"

With that, he put all his power into standing upright. There was a jerk and a jaunt as the axis and atlas in Mohamed's neck separated. Ignatius let the body fall.

He turned and looked at the body quivering and quaking on the canvas. One eye half open, the other eye half closed. Blood and mucus flowed from various orifices of the corpse. Mohamed was dead!

Allababa said to Big Chief, "Oh, there is another seven seconds left in this bout!"

Chapter Seventeen

Ignatius stepped back and looked at the corpse lying dead at his feet. As he watched, he panted quite heavily. The dried blood on his body cracked and flaked off in little bits.

Gasping for breath, as his body heaved, he went over to Sanballet who was standing at the ringside. Ignatius gasped, "Your shoe please, quickly!"

Sanballet took off a shoe and handed it to Ignatius and Ignatius went back to the crumpled heap of Mohamed lying where it fell. Turning the shoe upside down he slammed it into the face of the deceased. This is the highest insult and act of indignity that can be afforded to an Arab. Ignatius stood erect in the ring, coughed up mucus into his mouth and spat it into the face of Mohamed. He returned the shoe to Sanballet, and said, "Thank you."

He was suddenly grabbed from behind by guards. His hands were cuffed behind his back and a collar quickly fixed around his neck. Big Chief came up into the ring. He admired the heaving chest covered with dried blood and rubbed his hands over it, rubbing off some of the blood smears. Big Chief placed his hands around the head of Ignatius and pulled the youth's head towards him. He kissed him on the forehead with the words, "Well done my son, well done."

Big Chief turned to the guards. "Take those things off him. Take him to his quarters. Let him shower. Have him taken to the wardrobes and dressed smartly for dinner. He is to be my guest of honour seated at my right hand in the banqueting hall."

Dinner was a quiet somber affair. Very bad atmosphere. As Christiaan commentated later, "It was very unwise of Ignatius to say publicly that Big Chief and the army owed him a favour. How incomprehensible that Big Chief could be so foolish as to honour Ignatius in such a public way. The epitome of foolishness and folly. One of the Ancients said, «Better is a feast of herbs with love: than a stalled ox (banquet with best meat) with hatred.»"

After dinner, before guests left the table, Big Chief was summoned away. Guards led Ignatius from the hall. He was stripped naked, collar and chain were reattached and the penis gag put in his mouth. Wrists firmly cuffed behind his back, he was led back to his quarters. No sign of Christiaan or Arno.

He was told to urinate before his penis cage was attached. After that his chain was attached to the wall where he usually spent the nights and his hands were released from the cuffs. The chain was long enough to lie down or sit, but it was impossible to stand.

He sat alone in corner of the room. Something was wrong. Ever since his abduction, he had never once been left alone. He waited for what seemed an eternity. No noise, no people, no Christiaan nor Arno.

Eternity passed. The door opened and in came two frightened, scared little boys. Christiaan and Arno. They were both completely naked apart from their stainless steel collars and short chains attached to the collars.

They opened their arms wide and ran to Ignatius. "You won, Ignatius, you won! You're the best! You're the greatest!"

Ignatius opened his arms wide and received the two small bodies. He embraced them fondly. As they snuggled up to him, he could feel their little hearts pounding away through their lovely little chests. Indeed, being so thin, it was possible to see the throbbing through their skin.

As the three of them squeezed closer together, the links of the chains pressed painfully into their ribs. The lads moved uncomfortably and wriggled about. Ignatius moved the small boys' bodies off his chest and carefully moved the collars around each child's neck, so that the chains hung down their backs. He put his arms under the chains and embraced the children again. The three of them enjoyed the warmth and comfort of each other's bodies. Huddled up tight together, they were lost in consolation and contemplation.

Ignatius gently, softly and quietly stroked the bodies of the two lads. Their spindly little arms. How delicate and fragile they seemed. The hands roved along their thighs, then about the lower legs.

The boys moved about to get a more comfortable position. As they did so, so Ignatius felt the flexing of the lads' calf muscles.

Arno spread his knees apart and Ignatius moved his hand to stroke the inside of Arno's legs. As the hand eventually arrived at the groin, it felt the soft gentle prod of an erect penis. Soft as silk. Beautiful as velvet to the touch. The fingers gently felt the very small scrotum. Delicately the foreskin was pulled back.

However, by now, Ignatius was very uncomfortable. His own penis was desperate for an erection. Alas it was trapped firmly inside the locked cock cage. The spikes on the inside stuck painfully into his tender skin. Ignatius moved his hands to his predicament to see if there was any way to relieve the discomfort. No, there was not. He had no option but to suffer in silence. He continued to fondle and feel both boys.

Arno looked up into the Ignatius's battered face. Slowly he raised his hand to the older youth's face and gently rested his little hand there. The little fingers were spread out. Small, sweet, short, beautifully tapered digits. They traced out the edge of the penis gag in the young man's mouth. Then they drifted onto the puffed lips and swollen nose.

Then with his little boys voice he said, "Ignatius, me and Christiaan know that your fight with Mohamed was arranged last week sometime. However we are fully aware that the final battle was done in order for you to save us and deliver us from that horrible Mohamed. Thank you very much indeed."

"Yes indeed, most sincere thanks." Chimed in Christiaan.

With that, Arno stood up. He threw his arms around Ignatius's the neck and kissed him. The lovely little hands then pulled Ignatius's head forward. He reached around to the back of his head.

"Let's try and get this horrible thing out of your mouth," He said.

Ignatius found his face being forced into Arno's abdomen, as the lad struggled to find away of releasing the gag. As the child struggled up and down, Ignatius was stabbed in the eye by an erect penis and also found the little member around his mouth and nose. Christiaan was asked to look at the problem. They eventually gave up. It was securely locked and that was the end of the matter.

Ignatius managed to choke out, "Thanks for trying anyway. It does seem strange that we should be here on our own, alone. This has never happened before. Something is wrong. Wonder what is going on?"

Arno replied, "Perhaps we are being rescued. An army has come to release us!"

"Doubt it," Ignatius softly replied, "No one knows where we are. The ransom notes have not been produced yet! Then they have to be delivered and considered."

Arno started to sob. Christiaan cried quietly. The cradled bodies were gently cuddled and caressed. The four weeping eyes looked up into the face of the kind Ignatius. As they looked into that dear face, they saw a tear form in an eye. It rolled down his nose and dripped onto the Christiaan's face. "I wont forget that tear," he said

Christiaan then started up a new conversation. "Ignatius, I expect you wondered why we took so long to arrive here after the fight. Would you like to know what happened to us, and what we had to endure?"

Ignatius nodded his head. Yes, he would like to know.

Suddenly the lights went out and they were plunged into absolute darkness.

Chapter Eighteen

Christiaan continued: "We were taken from the ringside. Our collars were chained together and our wrists still handcuffed behind our backs. Before we left the hall, ball gags were fastened in our mouths. We were amazed by the maze of corridors we were led along."

"Amazing!" Ignatius interjected.

"We were taken to a very sterile room. Various members of staff in white coats."

"As we came in, a soldier approached us, and snarled at us,«Either of you youngsters want to go into the frame and have a good thrashing?» We both shook our heads ferociously to say NO."

"Then behave yourselves. First one of you not to obey an order immediately will be severely thrashed. Nothing will give me more pleasure than to do that myself, NOW!"

"A very subdued Allababa came across the room to us. It was obvious that he was upset and worried. He gently and kindly put a hand on both Arno's face and mine. It was a touch of affection and friendliness. He said, «Boys, be good lads that I can be proud of you. We shall never meet again. Please do as you are told without question. What ever you do, don't upset these men.»"

"To our surprise a soldier took hold of his arm, and they both left the room. It was at that moment in time we realized that we did not recognize any of these soldiers. Well, perhaps it was just a different shift. We have only been here a few hours: where you, Ignatius, have been here ten days now. Perhaps you will recognize them when they come in the morning?"

"Perhaps I may, but I fear things are taking a turn for the worse!"

"Stop being so negative, think positively and politically. What is our plan of action in these adverse circumstances?"

"Anyway," Christiaan continued. "After this, both Arno and I had our collars, chains and hand cuffs removed. We were warned that if either of us spoke without being spoken to and being given permission, we would be caned severely."

"There was an object in the room like a large keg or barrel. It opened perpendicularly. The top had two portions cut out, one in each half. Arno was told to get inside with his head out of the half circle. He was warned that it was going to be shut tight. He was instructed to put both his feet inside the barrel or else his foot or feet would be severely crushed when the container was fully closed again. It was quickly closed and locked."

"Nothing of his body could be seen, but his head was both visible and accessible. Then his whole head was thoroughly examined, measured and photographed. A dentist checked his teeth and gums. Records were taken: ears, eyes, nostrils, mouth, tongue, gums, texture and condition of skin and hair."

Ignatius interrupted: "Yes, I have had all that done the first full day that I was here. Seem ages ago now. Anyway, tomorrow the ransom note, video is to be done. A day or so for it to be delivered. Huh, a week's time we will be having a party of tea and cakes on the lawn with our friends to celebrate our home coming."

"Hope so," whimpered Arno. "I'm greatly looking forward to that. Ignatius, will you come to Christiaan's and my place for the celebrations? Please" His tears dripped onto Ignatius's body, along with his snot and dribble from his mouth. Ignatius ignored the various fluids slowly going down his body from the child. He gave him another cuddle and squeeze.

"Course I will, nothing can stop me! Will it Christiaan?"

"What was said when Mohamed bragged about what he was going to do to you? Be warned and be careful."

"Now who is being negative and not positive?"

"Ignatius, I am a realist. Will I continue to give you my debriefing of what happened to Arno and myself?"

"Yes please, thanks."

"While this was all happening to Arno… the thorough examining and detailing of his head… I looked carefully around the room to see who was there. Plus I listened carefully to all that was said to glean as much information as possible. Might overhear something that we could use to our advantage at a later date."

"I thought, will I have to wait for them to finish with Arno, before they start on me. No! My legs were spread far apart. Then a bar was placed between my ankles and shackled to the bar. The bar was fastened to chains and I was hoisted upside down. In this position my examination and detailing of all my body parts started from my feet up."

"At first my head and shoulders were still on the floor. It became more comfortable when they had finished with my feet, ankles and calf muscles. I was raised higher and, at least, I was straight."

"My feet were tickled to see if I was ticklish! Yes, I am. Then I was aware that my toes were being sucked! I had to remember that if I said anything I would be beaten. The guard who had made this threat did nothing throughout our examinations apart from watching us both and tapping the cane on his hand or gently on our bodies. He was itching to have a go at us. Several times he asked if he could."

Ignatius interjected, "Sounds like Allababa and his wanting a sample of pubic hair. Of course, you graciously plucked your own and gave him."

"All in the name and game of politics," replied Christiaan. "Now as I was saying."

"I have no idea at all how many times, or how many pairs, of hands went up and down my legs. Some quickly and firmly; others, slowly, softly and gently. They marveled at how perfectly shaped my legs are. Amazed at how smooth, white and soft they are. Astonished that there is no trace of hair to be seen. They did and said the same about Arno when he was strung up there after me."

"I suppose it was just my hands on the floor when they thoroughly examined and logged details of my scrotum, penis and anal orifice. Foreskin pulled back. Is the head of the penis clean and healthy? Is the sphincter very tight? Is there much likelihood of a prolapse if there is a forced entry? What would be the maximum diameter of an intruding object?"

"My buttocks were massaged, smoothed, gently pummeled, and even licked. A tongue pressed itself into my naval. Spittle was now on my abdomen. It was mercifully wiped off as the examination of that area continued. Muscles in abdomen and thorax intensely and minutely studied Then I was raised higher."

"My arms, hands and fingers received the same treatment. Muscles that could be flexed: those in the arms had to be done now. Later of course, when we were standing on our feet, every single muscle in the body had to be flexed in turn. Every fiber had to be strained."

"When all this was completed we had to show off our physical prowess and undergo various physical tests. Written tests in math, general knowledge, grammar, elocution, hearing, eyesight tests. Blood samples, and urine were taken. Plus saliva for DNA."

Chapter Nineteen

"Ignatius, there were two other people in that room. Very significant. One was an older man. I would say about sixty-four years of age. There was a teenager with him. The teenager was obviously his 'right hand man,' yet at the same time also his slave. If we three do end up in the slave training academy, and finally in the slave market. These two persons will be very much involved in that."

"They wanted to know if we were good at art, music, gymnastics, all sorts of questions. When I told them I am an accomplished musician and singer, they took me to a room with a grand piano, so I gave them a rendition. They were very impressed. I also sang for them. Zelamir Pueros seemed quite moved, but Prince Jacques just sneered and mocked."

"I saw the old man speak to the youth in a quiet voice. The lad got up and said to the officer in charge. «His Eminence, Zelamir Pueros will require a copy of all these details.» The officer replied, «Prince Jacques, Sir, that goes without saying.»"

"Prince Jacques then said, «Advise us when it is convenient to have a quick inspection of these two prospective commodities. We have already assessed Ignatius. We think that after we have put him through the academy, he will fetch more than the ransom fee asked for. We have already received an interest from certain parties in respect of him. Well, if it comes to that, for these two also it not be any trouble in getting a good price for all three of them. Hope the respective governments refuse to pay the ransom demanded.»"

"The soldiers stood back from Arno in the barrel. Prince Jacques had looked very stern, sullen and sombre up to this point. His face suddenly became radiant, his eyes lit up and there was a broad smile on his face. He grabbed poor Arno by the hair and yanked his head backwards. Suddenly he squeezed both Arno's cheeks and hurt him. Prince Jacques then forced his fingers into the back of Arno's mouth; causing him to choke, cough and splutter."

"He then gently caressed the poor boys face. «Your flesh is like gossamer,» he softly said. «What a pretty maze of veins I see in your throat and face. What rosy cheeks you have, too. Beautiful, desirable, delicate and delicious. You will make a good price without a doubt. I greatly look forward to training you in the academy. I will start by giving you a good thrashing so that you will know who is boss, and what you can expect throughout your training. Well, yes, and thereafter of course as your master or mistress seems fit; or desirous to administer to you. I will start by giving you an enema each day. Followed by what Captain Mohamed had promised to give you! I will make it my responsibility to do that. His Eminence Zelamir Pueros has a pet green frog. He is sometime allowed to play with little toys like you. Perhaps you can spend your first night with him in his little cage. Should the pet green frog be unhappy or displeased in the morning, it will be all the worse for you.»"

"Several comments were passed about this green frog. I have no idea what this can refer to."

Ignatius then did his best to speak and said to Christiaan. "Please give us your assessment of this character, Zelamir Pueros. Give us an A to Z full description. Thanks." Well, that is what Christiaan and Arno presumed he said. It is very difficult to know what a person is trying to say when they have a penis gag firmly secured in their mouth!

"OK, if that is what you request and require; I will let you have it:

Arrogant. Abhorrent. Abject. Abusive.
Brutal. Bitter. Boring. Bumptious.
Callus. Cruel. Calculating. Cold.
Difficult. Depressing. Depraved.
Eccentric. Enslaver. Erratic. Evil.
Fiery. Fierce. Fat. Fatalistic. Fiendish.
Grizzly. Groaner. Ghoulish. Ghastly. Godfather.
Horrible. Haughty. Hard.
Indolent. Ignorant. Intolerant.
Jealous. Judgemental. Jumpy.
Keen. Khan. Kidnapper. Killer.
Lewd. Lawless. Lamentable. Lazy.
Morbid. Murderer. Morose. Melancholic. Moribund.
Nasty. Nauseating. Nazi.
Obnoxious. Opprobrious. Objectionable. Ostentatious.
Proud. Pompous. Pugnacious. Putrid.
Quaint. Quarrelsome. Quixotic. Queer.
Rude. Radical. Rat. Rancid. Rotter. Rgime-Ruler.
Scathing. Sullen. Sombre. Smelly. Sadistic.
Totalitarian. Tyranical. Truculent. Torturer.
Ugly. Unorthodox. Uncouth. Unkind.
Violent. Viscious. Vindictive.
Wonderful. Wary. Warped. Weird. Wanton.
Xanthippe. Xebec.

That is being as pleasant, kind, positive, charitable, good and gracious as possible!"

Arno interjected with a sigh, "Christiaan, we do not want all your verbosity. Just stop pontificating and tell us concisely and briefly in a couple of words of one syllable. What's this Zelamir Pueros like?"


How long they were huddled together in the dark, there was no way of telling. How much longer in these dark confines? Anyone's guess was as good as another.

Christiaan expressed his desire to urinate, and Ignatius also wanted to urinate, while Arno said he required the toilet. The blackness was absolute. It was mutually agreed to relieve themselves where they were in order to avoid having a fall and possibly breaking a bone or cutting themselves. So there they were: huddled together cuddling each other for comfort, awash in sweat, urine, tears and snot.

Eventually the lights came on. The door opened at last and in came several guards. What a shock! Ignatius had not seen even one of them before during his whole time there. They were all heavy men with hard faces. The three boys politely asked the time of day to them; however, there was no reply or any type of civility. An officer pushed his way in and looked down on the three captives. With a curt abrasive tone he addressed them,

"Your holiday is over. Good and easy times are finished. This fraternising with the enemy is a thing of the past. Your friends are now gone! Big Chief and Allababa have been relieved of their duties and been demoted and posted elsewhere. Last night was absolutely appalling, disgusting, disgraceful and degrading. All soldiers relating to your time here have been disciplined and posted away. Don't think you can get around us and corrupt us as you did them."

"You are now to be showered, fed, clothed with a track suit, then the ransom video is to be made. After that you will find yourselves under a much stricter regime. You have been warned. It is possible… let me stress I do not know for certain… it is possible that after this ransom video session, you may not be in a position to ever speak to each other again. Thus if you want to say anything to each other, now is the time to do it. I will take the gag from Ignatius now."

They looked at each other in amazement, shock, horror and disbelief.

Chapter Twenty

The officer looked at the lads. "I do not know what the future is, but be prepared that's all I am saying." He looked on the three naked youths admiring their naked beauty and the strength in the body of Ignatius. Then, looking at the two younger boys he asked. "What do you think of Ignatius, your friend, killing Mohamed like that last night.?"

Arno was terrified by the question and blurted out, "We are all very sorry indeed, Sir!"

Ignatius commented. "In the ring under rules and with a great referee, Sanballet, Mohamed could not help but cheat all the time. He was disqualified for cheating. He wanted to fight without rules; I obliged. He lost. He was a disgrace to his office and everything good that the Freedom Fighters and Liberation Army stand for. He got what he deserves. His own rank and file men would say the same if they had the liberty to speak and testify."

The officer made no comment and turned his gaze to Christiaan. "Your eyes lad! I have never seen anything like them before in my life. I am sure you will do well in the future no matter what is in store. You have the eyes of an angel and no doubt the intelligence as well. Tell me, what do you think about the death of Mohamed at the hands of your friend Ignatius?"

Christiaan replied, "As one of the Ancients replied and commentated on the news of an officers death in his army, «Lay it not to heart, the sword devoureth one as well as another!»"

The officer snorted and grunted, "As I said before…"

The three friends all showered, had breakfast and a quick workout in the gym.

Then they waited … long drawn out silent waiting.

Arno broke the silence. "Well, incase we are unable to talk to each other again, Christiaan, thanks for being such a good close mate every since I can remember. You've always been a good friend to me. Thank you. Ignatius, thank you for being so good to us since we have been in this hell hole. I shall always remember you. Thanks."

Ignatius spoke next. "It's been nice being with you. I'm looking forward to the tea and cakes on the lawn. Don't forget that."

Christiaan eventually spoke, as cool as ever, "Ignatius, you have indeed been a father to us in our predicament here. We are both greatly indebted. We do indeed owe you a favour. The day may well come when I can repay it. Rest assured I will take that opportunity to repay you the goodness you have shown to us. God willing I shall repay. As yet, we are neither dead nor buried."

The three naked bodies were soon entwined in hugs and tears at the thought of what the unknown future could possibly hold for them. They unraveled themselves and got dressed in the track suits provided for them. Each garment was embroidered with some American emblem.

The door opened. Several soldiers came in. One shouted at them. "Right you three, into the studio for your ransom note video statements!" They were quickly fitted with handcuffs and marched away.

In a studio they sat next to each other at a table with a black curtain draped at the wall behind them. They were shown the script that they had to follow. Basically they were all the same. Filled with anti-American rhetoric. Saying how wonderful the Liberation and Freedom Fighters were. America had no business being in Iraq nor Afghanistan. Then the requirement of the liberation of certain prisoners plus cash. If these demands were not met within seven days, the three of them would either be executed or sold into slavery.

When this was finished and all seemed satisfactory; the captives assumed that they would be returned to their quarters.

Alas, no!

All three were told to strip naked. Their wrists were secured behind their backs with hand cuffs. Ball gags were firmly fastened in their mouths. Each was given two enemas. When the authorities were satisfied that all bowels were completely emptied, the youths were taken to three wooden boxes that had been especially constructed to the specifications of their body measurements.

One by one they were placed inside. Feet astride, ankles first secured with specially designed clamps. Then their hands were released from behind their backs. Each wrist secured level with the ear. The neck fitted snugly into a half collar in the back of the box. Now the front half of the collar was bolted in place.

Each boy now had a catheter fitted. "You will be too long in here," said the medic inserting the catheter. "Once you arrive in Morocco they will be removed. Soon as we have finished here you will be flown out of the country. You will be shipped as Embassy products. Thus, there will be diplomatic immunity so no questions will be asked. No customs to pass through. You will be going immediately to the slave training academy run by Zelamir Pureos, and his assistant, Prince Jacques. If the ransom demands are met by the American government you will be returned immediately. If not, your training and preparation for slavery can commence immediately."

All three were stunned. There they were in their 'packing cases.' Completely unable to do anything. The situation was hopeless. A strap was secured around each abdomen, chest, upper and lower limbs. As each piece was put in place, hands wandered over each victim. The beautiful soft silky skin. Wonderfully shaped limbs. The muscles were smoothed and squeezed. Testicles fondled fondly.

A piece of wooden plank was secured along the bottom of the box by the feet. Soft padding was put into the box. Slowly the boxes were filled with padding and the front of each box boarded up. When the head was reached; each boy had a hood secured over the eyes, ears and upper and rear head. The nose was left free. The gags were replaced with a different type of gag which secured the mouth open in case of vomiting enroute. An airway was secured to vents on the side of the box. A shelf-like structure was now secured in the box to ensure nothing could interfere with vomiting or fresh air. Each head was secured firmly. It was carefully done so as not to impede the blood circulation. With each special item safely in place the precious cargo was moved out into a special lorry and taken to the airport. They were safely transported without any problems to the slave training academy in Morocco.

The ransom demands were submitted to the American, German, French, Russian and British governments. All these governments said that as these poor children were not citizens of the country to whom the ransom demands were submitted, there was no way any negotiations could be entered into. They expressed their disgust that innocent children should be used in this way and expressed their sympathy to the families in question.

Ignatius, Arno and Christiaan were devastated by the outcome.

Chapter Twenty-One

"Well, no one wants you, or cares about you! Ha ha ha. Your American and European friends have all failed you. You are now the private property of the Liberation Army and Freedom Fighters. You know that you are already at the Slave Training Academy of Zelamir Puerios."

"Your training will start immediately. After your short training course on what a slave is, and what its duties consist of, you will be taken to the slave market and auctioned off. It is thought each one of you individually will make more than the ransom price demanded for your return, so we shall all be happy. Our only regret is that we have not got the return of our faithful heroes who are languishing in foreign prisons," snarled the captain in charge.

He then continued, "Arno, Prince Jacques has stated that he will personally thrash you this evening on the frame. Then you are to be caged with the Greenfrog for tonight. If the Greenfrog is not happy in the morning you are to be fastened to the whipping post and be severely whipped there."

Arno, Christiaan and Ignatius, had their wrists firmly secured behind their backs and collars and chains attached to each neck. Arno's chain went from the back of his collar to the front of Christiaan's collar. Another short chain went from the back of Christiaan's collar to the front of Ignatius collar. Each youth suffered the further indignity of a ball gag in his mouth. A penis cage was, likewise, fitted to each boy.

A soldier approached them with a short cane. Each thigh received a sharp stroke of the cane. A red welt came up quickly on the pure white, tender young skin. "Pay attention!" he shouted.

"You will now be given a tour of the academy. You will see what a slave is, and what is expected of it. Thus, you will know what is expected of you, and what is the correct way to conduct yourselves. You will each be punished for the most trivial offence. If you dare to speak without permission, you will be punished with a severe flogging. There is a great diversity of punishments. You will see several of them during your tour. Your first lesson is to remember that you are now less than animals. You have no rights. You will be fed and watered in troughs as the animals are. The animals in the academy have more rights and privileges than you have. Right, let's make a start."

A short chain was fitted to the front of Arno's collar. Nothing was said. The soldier just started off and pulled the chain with a yank. All three youths trotted along behind the soldier in single file. Just like an old locomotive engine pulling its cars.

In silence, apart from the rattling of chains, they passed along corridors. There were closed doors with strange noises and/or smells from within. They went into a courtyard and over to some out buildings opposite. The soldier then spoke sharply to them. "We will start at the Initiation Room, then to Kennels, then Stables."

Initiation Room

As they approached the door of this first department; they could hear screams and crying. Weeping and wailing! The crack of a whip! Shouting! Chains! Banging! The soldier opened the door and they all filed in.

They entered a large hallway. On the left was a holding pen. It had three walls. The front consisted of wooden paneling. There was a gap of about half a meter [20 inches] from bottom of paneling to the floor. The paneling itself was about two thirds of a meter [26 inches] in height, then nothing from that point up to the ceiling. There was a door in the paneling to allow access. Inside were a number of assorted boys, ages between eight and eighteen, of various colours and combination of races. This was a holding pen.

A young man dressed in just shorts approached them. Christiaan recognized him from the meeting in the embassy, Prince Jacques. The soldier addressed him. "Good evening Sir. This is our latest acquisition. You are going to train them and sell them for us. Here you are, they are now under your jurisdiction from now on. Sign here for them please."

Documents were duly signed and exchanged. Prince Jacques grunted but said nothing. The soldier left without further ado. He just left the chain dangling down the Arno's chest. Prince Jacques flicked his fingers and snapped orders at some enormous huge men.

As the men approached it could be seen that each had been gelded. They were eunuchs. "These are the latest three slaves. They have to be shown around the premises. Let me read their notes first."

He mumbled away to himself as he read up on the three lads. Then he suddenly exclaimed, "What! Christiaan is NOT to be beaten. He is obviously an exceptionally gifted young man. Zelamir Pueros wants him taken to his private apartment after the tour of these premise. He is to play on the grand piano and also to sing. Huh! I would have beaten him first. Huh!"

Prince Jacques turned to Christiaan. He removed his gag and spoke to him. "Christiaan, permission is granted to you for to speak." Christiaan bowed himself and said, "Thank you very much Sir!"

"Some people think you are clever and gifted?"


"Well, what can you do? What are your attributes?"

"Sir, without wishing to appear precocious, obnoxious, arrogant or proud; even at my very young age of twelve, I am able to speak five languages. Afrikaans, Russian, German, English and French. Not only do I sing and play music, I am also able to compose. (Beethoven of course did this aged six!) I am also quite good at various sports. I already have a degree in math. I also am good with science. I hope that will suffice you, Sir? Thank you Sir."

"My word! This will indeed greatly increase your value at the slave auction. There is a foreign government interested in purchasing you. I will run this information past Zelamir Pueros, and then pass this information on and circulate it generally."

The gag was then removed from Arno's mouth. "Well what about you?"

"Sir, please Sir, if it please you sir. I am only of average intelligence and normal IQ. Sir, I am nothing like my friend Christiaan, Sir."

Prince Jacques replied, "Interest in you as a puppy boy has been shown, or to be bedroom maid in a girls bedroom, or do both. Sounds like you may fit the bill. You are pleasant to look on, indeed very pretty. Pity you do not have the captivating angelic eyes of your friend Christiaan. Many have expressed their interest in him because of his eyes alone. Even so, you'll fetch enough in the auction I am sure."

"Thank you very much Sir." Arno replied, fighting to keep back the tears.

"Right, for now you can all go in the 'Holding Box' Ignatius can be whipped at the whipping post. Arno, I will deal with you myself on the frame. Then Christiaan, I will take you for your music demonstration."

Chapter Twenty-Two

The three youths were bundled into the holding box with the other boys, although they were still chained together by their collars. Christiaan and Arno had gags replaced in their mouths.

One of the other boys was grabbed hold of and dragged from the holding pen. He tried to pull back. "Resistance!" exclaimed the man pulling him. "You will be given extra lashes for that." He was brought up to the whipping post and his gag was removed. "You can scream, shout, bellow and cry as much as you like. We shall all enjoy that!"

The three big men, after removing his gag, undid his handcuffs from behind him. His wrists were then secured in front of him, the cuffs attached to a pulley high up on the whipping post and he was winched up against the post until he stood on tiptoe.

"Please Sirs," the boy wailed. "Please Sirs, do not beat me. I promise I will be a good boy! I mean I will be a good slave boy. I promise I will be submissive and obedient. I will do everything I am ordered to do. Please have mercy on me, I beg of you. PLEASE!"

Prince Jacques went up to the lad. The boy's chest was pressed tight up against the whipping post. He turned the lad around so his back was now up against the post and smiled sweetly and kindly. Then, he clenched his fist and punched the boy as hard as he could in the abdomen. "Good! That sounds very good. Pleased to hear these sentiments from you. You seem to be learning fast. Even so, if you know nothing at all about punishments you will have nothing to fear. So you will have to have a taste now."

The poor little slave hung from his arms as he raised his knees up to his chest to relieve the pain and shock of such an unprovoked attack. Eventually he got his breath back and lowered his legs. His toes just managed to touch the ground to take some of his weight off his arms. Prince Jacques mumbled to himself, "Now what instrument shall I use?"

He then turned to the abject misery on the whipping post. "Right child, here is your first lesson on remembering that you are nothing but a common slave. Your whole purpose in life is to absolutely obey your master or mistress in whatever they say in order to give them full joy, service and satisfaction. You are base and inferior to all animals. Do you understand that? Shortly I shall ask you what you are, and what your purpose in life is. The wrong answer will incur my wrath and a very severe beating and possibly other punishment as well. Do you understand Slave?"

"YES SIR, yes Sir! I am just a common slave. My whole purpose in life is to serve and give pleasure to my master or mistress."

The boys in the holding box were able to look forward to their turn, for they could see and hear everything. Some watched with tears. Others looked glumly at the floor utterly dejected, forlorn and lost. Some were filled with horror. However, some of the boys were already slaves, either home or farm born slaves; others sold into slavery sometime before. To some, like Ignatius, Christiaan and Arno, this was all a new, frightening experience.

Prince Jacques picked up a fiberglass rod. He swung it through the air with all his force. CRACK, it came down across the skinny, bony little chest. A loud piercing shriek of pain filled the air. The lad raised his little legs to his chest in order to attempt some kind of relief. He screamed and gasped for air. A large red welt arose across his chest and through one nipple.

Again the rod came down, this time across the thigh. A greater lamentation arose. The legs were lowered. He turned himself round, so his wounded parts were against the whipping post. His beautiful round white buttocks were a perfect target for the next strike.

Whoosh, through the air it came. Perfect aim! The buttocks shook and trembled like a plate of jelly. The legs went in all directions. They jumped, danced, jiggled around, writhed and wriggled. Prince Jacques and the eunuchs all laughed aloud. Great mirth and jollity ensued. Another two strokes across the back obviously caused great pleasure to the eunuchs and Prince Jacques. "Please have mercy I beg of you," lamented the poor wretch.

Prince Jacques, with an expression of joy and satisfaction on his face responded, "Tell us what you are, and what is your purpose is in life."

"Oh, if it please you Sir, I am just a no good common slave, Sir. My whole purpose in life is to please who ever owns me. I do not have such a high status as an animal. I only want to serve my master or mistress, and give them my fullest possible service to their joy and satisfaction, Prince Jacques, Sir!"

"Well done!" He then turned to the eunuchs. "Take it down and stand it to attention."

He was lowered just enough to take his full weight on his feet. A eunuch then addressed the quaking mass of grief. Tears streamed down his cheeks as he wailed, sobbed, trembled and shook with shock. "You are now going to be loosed boy. Make sure you stand at attention immediately or we shall have to start all over again with you. We don't want that to happen. Because, look, there are others in the 'Holding Box' who are eagerly awaiting their turn. We do not want to be selfish and keep them waiting, do we?"

His hands were released. The only thing he had on was his slave collar. "ATTENTION!" shouted Prince Jacques.

The boy did his best, but his body shook uncontrollably.

"Spread out your hands in front of you!" snapped Prince Jacques. Special gloves were then applied. Each finger was separated from each other. When applied and fixed the hand was not able to move. The idea of this was to stop the slave from biting his nails or picking his nails. The hands were now immobilized but arms could be moved.

Prince Jacques put his finger in the ring in front of the collar and took the slave boy to a steel cage. "Down and in." he ordered. "If you want a drink, you will notice at the far end of the cage a plastic penis. Suck on that like a baby does its bottle and you can have a drink." The poor boy struggled into the steel cage. He was only too glad to start sucking on the plastic penis and get a drink.

The cage door was closed and locked. The boy sobbed quietly in the cage. He was glad to lie down although he could not use his hands. He was able to stretch out straight and could turn from side to side.

Sobs, sighs and whimpers could be heard from the other wretches who were in the neighboring cages. They would all be left alone for this night. In the morning they would all be brought out, fed and watered and showered and all personal hygiene attended to. Then they would have their daily routine explained to them.

The day was divided up into physical exercise, mental exercise, discipline and lessons on how to please their new owners. How to exhibit themselves in the auction in order to get the highest bids. They should flaunt their bodies and flex their muscles. How to conduct themselves in public and private with or without their owner. How to approach either Master or some one he was showing them to. The correct way to grovel.

"NEXT!" shouted Prince Jacques, as he gestured with his hand for a eunuch to bring out another boy from the 'Holding Box' for beating. The eunuch nearest the door opened it.

The terrified inmates drew back in horror. Ignatius stood up and pushed himself to the door. The little lad next to him looked shocked and stared at him with a bewildered look. His skin was stretched tightly across the bones of his face and his cheekbones seemed as if they would break through.

Ignatius looked at the little lad and gave him a wink of friendliness. The collar chains pulled Christiaan and Arno forward with him. "You're neat," smirked the eunuch. He grabbed the loose end of chain that swung from Arno's collar and the three youths filed out.

What a beautiful picture they made: Little Arno's delightful legs, lean, white, smooth and shapely. As the muscles tensed with each stride, the whole leg vibrated with the action of the muscle movements. The beautiful buttocks, side by side, were a fascinating sight.

They halted in front of Prince Jacques. He smoothed Ignatius's chest and squeezed his nipples. His hands then went to the abdomen of the smaller boys. He chuckled to Arno with a sadistic smile. "Greenfrog is going to enjoy himself with you tonight. That's for sure!"

Chapter Twenty-Three

Prince Jacques turned to one of the eunuchs. "You had better carry on here now. They have seen what happens here. I will carry on showing them around. YES! I know you always take great delight and joy in your job of beating and thrashing these dear little boys, however, please do not get too carried away. We do not want them marked, or especially bruised, when it comes to selling them. Just hit them enough so they have it as a deterrent. Zelamir Pueros will moan and groan at me if they are damaged. In turn, that will cause me to give a bad report of you and that will affect your bonuses and perks."

"When I come back, I will expect each one beaten sufficiently for the purpose intended and safely put into their cages for tonight. Make sure that Greenfrog's place is clean, tidy and comfortable for him. Remember he has Arno for company tonight. That is, after I come back and deal with him on the frame. When you have done that go to your own quarters and have your meals and shower. I shall, of course, need you to deal with these later."

Then turning to Arno he said. "Arno, there is a good chance that you will be sold as a Puppy-Boy. So, from here we will go to the kennels. Good chance that Ignatius will be sold as a pony boy, so we will go to the stables after the kennels. Right, lets go!" He took hold of the chain on Arno's neck collar and led all three boys away.


With fear and trepidation they meekly followed Prince Jacques… not that they had any option. They entered a door into a barn-like building. Here all the guard dogs were kept.

BUT OH! Not only were there dogs, as you would expect but also poor, poor, boys. How wretched and humiliating and degrading was their lot. Arno, Christiaan, and Ignatius filed in. All three were naked, with their hands secured in hand cuffs behind their backs, gagged and neck collars chained together.

In the middle of the floor was a slender naked little lad about twelve. He had absolutely nothing on him and he was completely free from any type of restraint, not even a collar. The boy was obviously exhausted. He did not stir from the noise of our entry. He was in a deep sleep on his back in the center of the space.

One of the eunuchs on duty approached the visitors. Prince Jacques smiled with one of his smarmy sadistic sneering smiles. In a loud whisper he ordered, "Release one dog."

The dog went straight to the sleeping child and started to lick his face. The boy murmured something and covered his face with his hands and arms. The dog vigorously licked his arms and torso. Prince Jacques reminded the three friends with a low voice, "Remember that a slave is subservient to a dog. Slaves dare not refuse what the dog wants!"

The dog's attention moved down the boy's body. He sniffed the tiny penis and licking started in earnest.

The little lad raised his knees up to his chest. Supporting his legs with his hands, he spread his raised legs as far apart as he could. The dog started to get excited as now his attention focused on the testicles and anal orifice. The dog started to whimper.

The youngster rolled onto his side, still a bit drowsy. The child would like to have gone to sleep again. Leaving his pelvis on its side with legs crossed like a pair of scissors, he moved top half of his body onto his front. Then he raised the top part of his body up onto his elbows.

The dog quickly moved into position and vigorously licked the youth's thighs. Then it pushed its muzzle up into the boy's crack and started to sniff loudly and the animal's tongue went in for a tasting. The excited dog now stared to whine and whimper.

The slave pulled himself up onto his hands and knees. The dog stood behind him, thoroughly enjoying what it could taste and smell.

A second dog was released, also keen to investigate. He started with a good slurping of the boy's face that he seemed to like. He then turned his attention to the hanging penis and testicles.

The first dog bared his teeth and growled and snarled fiercely. The second dog ignored this and, bending his front legs, pushed his head under the lad's abdomen for a good sniff and licking session of the hanging organs.

The first dog was now getting beside itself. The slave boy bent his head so that his head and neck now supported the top half of his body. Then, with his two free hands he pulled the cheeks of his buttocks as wide apart as possible.

The dog at his rear with its erect penis immediately mounted the slave boy and served him. The boy grimaced terribly at the entrance, but he made no noise. Eventually the dog withdrew.

The second dog wanted a turn; however, the first dog turned on it fiercely. It retreated and the first dog mounted and served again. The poor slave just stayed there in position while this process was repeated three or four times. Then, the second dog has its turn for several mounts. When both had finished, the slave fell onto his side. Dog sperm started to ooze back out of the anal orifice. The dogs licked it up eagerly and enjoyably, while the boy just lay there passively

One of the eunuchs picked up a leather strap and moved toward the pathetic, limp body, which jerked with subdued silent sobs. A sharp kick in the ribs along with a couple of lashes from the belt soon registered.

Immediately, the slave boy was on his knees, his elbows out at right angles to his body with his hands under his chest. His nose was touching the ground between the eunuch's feet. He paused for a few moments and then commenced to kiss and lick both of the eunuch's feet. Head down and buttocks high, it was a tempting and easy target for a severe, sharp slap with the strap on each buttock.

"Thank you, Sir," said the lad.

A cord loop was placed around the child's neck. He was then led to a steel cage. The door was already open and, without a word, he quickly went inside and curled up in the fetal position. The door was close and locked.

Prince Jacques looked at Arno with one of his sadistic, sinister smiles. "There my little pet, you will be like that soon. Hope you enjoy it. Now, let's take a look around. I want you to see how some slave boys have been surgically modified to suit some customer's requirements." There was a tug on the chain and Arno, Christiaan and Ignatius moved on around the kennel.

"Excuse me Sir!" said another eunuch to Prince Jacques. "We had a new boy in earlier today to be trained as a Puppy-Boy. Like Arno here he is completely new, unbroken and untaught. We thought we would give him his very first lesson in life as a Puppy-Boy. Perhaps these three would like to learn something. Especially Arno as we anticipate him having full puppy training."

Prince Jacques smiled sweetly and sinisterly, "Yes, that's a good idea. Tomorrow he has to start his modifications doesn't he? Amputation of both legs just below the knees. All fingers and thumbs removed. Ears to be cut and shaped to a point like a dog. Ridiculous idea. With the lower limbs removed there will soon be muscle wastage in the thighs and buttocks."

"Well!" laughed the eunuch, "Who cares? You know who has bought it don't you? Soon as it becomes ugly or unsightly through muscle wastage, he will sell it back here cheaply. We will then resell the trade-in to medical research. Then, of course, he will buy a new Puppy-Boy from us and pay us to train and modify it as usual. You know as well as I do, he has been doing this for years. He has what he wants; we have what we want, so all of us are happy."

"Yes, but it is still a wicked waste of incredible beauty. Anyway, yes, get the new thing out! Where is that Cane-Boy got to?"

"Prince Jacques, Sir. He is just coming. He is finishing his meal break. We would not attempt to put this new slave Puppy-Boy on the frame without your Cane-Boy being present, Sir!"


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