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Dream Weaver

Skilled in the Line of Beauty

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The Agency is a secretive worldwide network of boylovers who recruit runaways for the pleasures of adult men who can afford their fees. Only the most beautiful boys are accepted. The incredible beauty of a new Swedish middle-schooler makes him a target of his Coach and other sinister entities who have special plans for what's under his pants.

Publ. Feb 2018-
Under construction, Mar 2018; 63,000 words (126 pages)


Ari Olofsson, 13yo. Born in Mariestad, Sweden and raised in London, group member
Julian, 12yo, Ari's best friend and group member
Adam, 12yo, Group member
Timmy, 10yo, Adam's brother
Nathan, 16yo, Group member
Erik, 11yo, Student
Randy Larson, 25yo, P.E. Coach at Lincoln Heights Middle School

Category & Story codes

Boy-Prostitution & Boyfriends story
Mtb tb – cons (some non-cons) mast oral analprostitution


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading erotic stories about boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Author's note

Before you start reading, I have a personal disclaimer. I personally prefer that any relationship with boys be completely consensual and I would never force myself on anyone. This story will delve into somewhat dark areas and I have limited any depictions of bad experiences down to a minimum. I respect other's opinion, but this just happens to be mine. Hurtcore may be implied, but never described.

I'm having a lot of fun with this story. I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate your comments. Thank you for reading.

Table of Contents

  1. Locker Rooms and Pony Rides
  2. Initiations and Green Lights
  3. Playboys and Undiscovered Territories
  4. Divining Rods and Millennium Falcons
  5. Silhouettes and Golden Trims
  6. Gold Members and Blind Spots
  7. Lollipops and Condoms
  8. Dark Chasms and Sinister Plots
  9. Revelations and The Young Deity
  10. Confessions and Polaroids
  11. Touch & Go and Riffraff Boys
  12. Confessions and Shakespeare
  13. Wet Undies and Monkey Bars

The setting takes place in a small town north of Memphis, Tennessee during the early 1980's during the Springtime. The story alternates between the points of view of Ari, Coach Larson and others.

Chapter 1
Locker Rooms and Pony Rides


I hated this part. Coming into a new country, into a new school as a new student, walking into the classroom halfway through the day and being introduced by the teacher as the newbie. I hate the way everyone stares and start whispering into each other's ears. The funny thing is, I'm not getting the sneering looks or the mocking grins that I was expecting. The girls are looking at me all weird and even some of the guys are staring a little longer than usual.

"Hello sir. I'm Ari Olofsson. They told me to come to this class?" The teacher kept staring at me without saying anything, so I walked over and handed him the piece of paper.

"Um, hi Ari. Welcome to Lincoln Heights Middle School. You want to tell the class where you're from and a little about yourself?"

This was the worst part. "Hi. I'm Ari. I was born in Mariestad, Sweden but I grew up in London. My father's company promoted him and said he could run a new store here in the United States. Um, I'm 13 years old and aah…" I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Ok Ari. Well, pick an empty seat so we can continue with the class."

I looked around at the double desks for empty seats trying to decide. Many of the girls started raising their hands and pointing to an empty chair next to them or close by to them. "Sit here."… "No, sit over here."… "This one's closer to the board."

"All right, everyone settle down. Ari, you can sit there next to Julian. Julian, will you show him around the school just for today?"

"Yeah, no problem. 'Sup man. I'm Julian. Stick with me and I'll show you the ropes. You're really from Sweden?"

I nodded. For the rest of the class period, I felt like I was being a distraction when I noticed several girls passing notes and giggling to each other. As I walked through the halls, most students gave me sideway glances and even openly stared at me. It didn't seem like they were being rude. In fact, they were all smiling and being extra nice to me, especially the girls. The last period was P.E. and thank goodness Julian was also there. He was pretty cool. He was nice enough to introduce me to the coach.

"Hi Coach. We have a new student here. Go on, man. Introduce yourself."

"Hello, sir. I'm Ari Olofsson. I moved here from London and my father's gonna be working here in the U.S. for a while. It's a pleasure to meet you, sir." For some reason, I got this eerie feeling like if I was a lamb being inspected by a wolf.

Coach Larson:

Woah, what do we have here. This kid's gorgeous. He's more than gorgeous, he's breathtaking. Sexy blue eyes, nice light complexion, in great physical shape, slightly feminine looking face. And his hair – wow. The way his bangs cover half of his eyes and the way his shoulder length silky blonde hair bounces and sways with every step. And that melodious voice with the European accent of his is to die for. I could listen to him all day. Jeez, it's love at first sight.

"Well, hello Ari. I'm Coach Larson. It's very nice to meet you. You look very, ah… you look like a… you seem pretty fit. Do you work out?"

"Sort of. My father keeps me pretty busy with chores around the house."

"All right, Ari. Well, you boys go ahead and change into your gym clothes and we'll head out into the yard."

I focused my attention on Ari as he stripped down to his tight underwear to put on his gym clothes. That golden soft skin and the partial wedgie of his underwear going up his ass… mmmm, what a turn on. I've gotta have him. I've just gotta have him. I can't wait to see him naked. He's gonna make us a fortune. But not yet. It's too soon. Besides, I've got another fish to catch. But first I need to get rid of this damn boner.

"All right, boys. Let's get out there. Give me a couple of laps to warm up and I'll be right out." I looked for my little partner in crime. There he is. "Hey J.T., hold up a minute. I need to ask you something."

I waited for all the boys to exit. "Hey, listen. I need you to get me another kid for me. You know little Erik, right? When you go out there, I want you to get him in trouble for me. Make it look like he pushed you or tripped you on purpose. I don't care, make something up. But wait until I'm out there and looking in your direction so I can see everything. Got it?"

"Aww, come on Coach. Little Erik? Do I have to? I already got you someone a couple of months ago."

"Hey, we have a deal, remember? As long as you help me out, I keep your little brother safe. If you want to break the deal, I'll just call the Agency right now and tell them to put your brother up for auction. Is that what you want?" I picked up the phone on my desk and started dialing.

"No, no! I'll do it. I'll do whatever you want." Julian started getting teary eyed.

"Look, do this for me and I'll do something for you. I'll write you a note to your parents saying that tomorrow you'll be staying after school. Then I'll take you to see him, ok?"

"For real?"

"Yes, but I'll have to blindfold you until we get inside, ok? Now go on out there and get me that kid."

Over an hour later

After the bell rang and all the boys left, I decided it was safe to bring Erik in from running his punishment laps around the track. I felt a surge of exhilaration as I locked the door and found myself alone in the locker room with such a cute little boy.

"Well, Erik. I hope you've learned your lesson from that little incident you caused."

Erik was still trying to catch his breath from all the running. "But Coach, I didn't do anything. He just came up to me and…"

"Ah ah ah! Quiet. I saw exactly what happened. No more excuses. Now you go get your butt in that shower and wash up."

"Can't I just get dressed."

"No sir. After all that running, you're sweating like a hog. I ain't sending you home all stinked up like that. Now get."

He gave me a look of disappointment as he headed to the showers. These kids were so scared of me ratting them out to their fathers that I had them all wrapped up around my little finger. I decided to follow him. He kept looking at me over his shoulder as I followed him. No wonder the Agency wanted him. He looked like one of those surfer kids with the shoulder length dirty blonde hair and the hazel eyes. Boys with long or longish hair were on high demand these days.

"Um, Coach? I can shower all by myself."

"I know you can. I just want to make sure you don't cut any corners and that you get yourself thoroughly clean."

I relished the expression on his face as he turned to look at me while he slipped off his T-shirt and slowly and hesitantly pulled off his shorts. He looked very uncomfortable, but I didn't care. I wanted nothing more than to eyeball every single sequence of him stripping off all his clothes and gawk at his naked body. After looking at me one last time, he slowly started pulling off his tighty whities.

I crossed my arms and openly stared at his lovely curves and that perfect ass. I didn't even bother hiding my boner tenting under my shorts. I could feel my heartbeat and my breathing going faster. As he turned on the shower head, I finally got a side view of his cut penis. As I watched how the water rivulated over his glistening golden body, his little nipples, and down through his penis and testicles, I couldn't help myself any longer.

While he was shampooing his hair, I quickly stripped off my clothes and stepped in behind him. As I watched the soap suds sliding down his delicious butt crack and dripping from the bottom of his rosy butt cheeks, I felt like pushing him down to the floor and start fucking him right here and now. But I held myself back. I didn't dare do anything to damage the merchandise and cost me my commission. I decided to give him a light shoulder massage. As I put my hands on his shoulders, he immediately tensed up. He quickly rinsed off his hair and turned around to look at me.

"What are you doing? Why are you in here?"

"Relax. You look a little tense. I just want to make sure you're nice and clean in all the right places." I pumped a few drops of body wash from the wall dispenser onto my hands and started rubbing it all over his body. Little Erik stayed still and silent while I soaped him up really good. He didn't know what was going on and didn't know what to do. Naturally I concentrated the soaping to his butt cheeks, his little butt hole, his testicles and his penis. The experience of following every curve of his body with my soapy hands had me rock hard.

No matter how much I rubbed, he didn't get hard. I tried masturbating him from behind. Not much to get a hold of so I just used the tip of my fingers and gently stroked his little pecker. Aaah, there it is. I knew that natural response would kick in. I turned him around and pushed him against the wall. He still had that look of confusion on his face. I knelt down and started sliding my tongue over his nicely corrugated nut sack and all over his hard-cut penis. I put it in my mouth and explored every single contour with my tongue.

I turned him around again to face the wall as I parted his butt cheeks and gave him a thorough rim job. I started imagining doing this to little Ari. Ooh, I was in heaven. While one hand was squeezing under his butt cheeks, I used my other hand to start jerking myself off. It didn't take long for my load to squirt all over his butt. I stepped over to the next shower head and turned it on to cool myself off.

Erik gave me a side glance. "Can I… can I get dressed now?" he asked cautiously.

"Yeah, kid. Rinse yourself off and go get dressed."

After we both got dressed, I pulled out two soda cans from my little refrigerator. "Here kid. Drink up. You did good today." After a slight hesitation, he finally started drinking the soda thirstily. As expected, after a few minutes he started feeling woozy from the sedative that I had secretly slipped in. Finally, he concked out and fell into a deep sleep. This hottie is gonna make a lot of people very happy.

Three months later


The Coach came out of his office dragging a big box. "All right, listen up boys. Baseball season is coming up so before you guys get dressed and go home, I need you guys to try on these protective cups. If they fit you, you can keep them. If they don't, you can try a different size. I'm gonna be coming around to see how they fit. Come on now. Grab one and let's go."

Bloody hell. What a pervert. This creep will try anything to get under our pants. Ever since that first day when Julian introduced me to him, he really creeped me out the way he's always staring at me. And now this? Normally I wouldn't mind trying these on in front of the other guys. Where I come from, being naked in front of other guys is not as much of a taboo as it is here. But to try this on in front of this wanker, not going to happen. In fact, I decided to make him suffer a little bit.

As the other boys were pulling down their underwear and trying to use their T-Shirts to cover themselves, I slowly started pulling off my own T-shirt. I knew Coach was watching intently. I unbuttoned my shorts and slowly and seductively started pulling them down leaving me in just my underwear and socks. I hooked the sides of my underwear and pulled them down to just above my willy.

I wanted to laugh at the lustful look on the Coach's face as he involuntarily licked his lips. As I stretched my underwear to finish pulling it down, I immediately pulled it back up, I grabbed the protective cup and my T-Shirt and walked into one of the stalls. As I closed the door, I got a glimpse of the Coach closing his eyes and putting his head back. I knew he could see the bottom of my feet as I let my underwear drop to the floor and slipped on the cup. I could just imagine his disappointment. If it weren't for the fact that he was such a creep, he'd be kind of handsome for a guy.

And Coach wasn't the only one. I had already gotten used to other students staring at me and even teachers too. But they didn't do it in a creepy way like the Coach. Julian had told me that I look like a boy model and that's why people stared. I guess it must be true. I've never bragged to anyone about my looks. To me, I looked just normal. Julian and I had become very close friends and he's always been straight with me, so I trusted him. But sometimes I would catch Julian giving me a strange look, kind of like the way some of the girls looked at me.

Coach Larson:

Man, I love this job. Being able to watch a bunch of half-naked boys running around in the locker room all day. I even suggested a policy that all boys would have to shower daily after their work-outs, but the principal shot that idea down. I even have a clear view of the shower room from my desk. Damn, that would have been something. I guess I'll have to be satisfied with watching the occasional naked boy who decides to shower before getting dressed. But the boys I really want to see naked have never gone in there, especially Ari. Man, I would give my left nut just to be alone with that boy joy in the shower. I haven't even seen him naked once. Just staring at his face gives me such a hard-on. Maybe I'll have an opportunity right now with these protective cups. What a stroke of genius deciding to have these boys try them on in front of each other.

"All right, listen up boys. Baseball season is coming up so before you guys get dressed and go home, I need you guys to try on these protective cups. If they fit you, you can keep them. If they don't, you can try a different size. I'm gonna be coming around to see how they fit. Come on now. Grab one and let's go."

I stared intently at the different boys as they started pulling down their shorts and their underwear. Shit, not much to see. Why did I have to get stuck with a bunch of prudes this year. They're all trying to cover themselves with their T-Shirts. Grrr, this is so frustrating. Wait! What's Ari doing? He's taking off his shirt. Oh my God, he looks like he's gonna strip completely naked to try on the cup. Mmmm, the way he's pulling down his shorts – so sensual. I wonder if he has any idea how drop-dead gorgeous he is. He's getting ready to pull down his underwear. Oh my God, oh my God. Yeah, baby, do it. Take it off. Take it off. Let me finally gaze upon that beautiful cock of yours. My eyes were laser focused as he brought his underwear down to the base of his penis. My body started tingling with lustful desires.

Wait. What? No, no, no, no. What is he doing? Shit, he's going into one of the stalls. Nooooo! I was so close. Fuck! As I watched the bottom of the stall and saw his underwear drop to the bottom of his feet, I closed my eyes in complete exasperation.

"Coach? I think most of us are ready," said one of the boys.

I guess I'll just have to satisfy myself with looking at some of these other boys. I skipped most of the common looking ones and made personal inspections of the more handsome ones. "That looks good. Ok, good. Yup, that looks pretty snug. Here, let me check yours." I knelt down in front of one of the cuties and turned him around to inspect the elastic straps hugging his butt. Oh, yeah. That's what I'm talking about. So smooth and so round with all the little goosebumps. I inserted my fingers under the straps and slid them from one end to the other. Then I turned him around and stretched the cup outwards to test the snugness, but of course what I really wanted was to take a peek at his hairless jewels. I repeated the process with the rest of the hottest boys, constantly holding myself back from handling those lovely jewels. Wow, this one seems to be a little excited. Gotta keep an eye on this one.

Damn, Ari's still in the stall and it looks like he's already putting his underwear and T-Shirt back on. "Ari, how does it fit? Let me see." I asked as he walked out.

"Oh, it fits just fine, Coach. Not too tight and not too loose. It snugs my willy and my testicles just right, you know what I mean?"

(Gulp!) That little shit. He must be doing this on purpose, teasing me like that. Well, just wait little Ari. Pretty soon, I'm gonna have that pretty little ass of yours right where I want it. Soon, Ari. Very soon.


Yes. The weekend was finally here. As I was walking out of the school, I pulled out the piece of paper Julian had given me and read the instructions again. 'Initiation at the shack after school. Wait for me outside.' As I was putting the paper back in my pocket, I saw a car slowing down beside me with the passenger window going down. Unbelievable. It was the Coach. Does he never give up?

"Hey Ari. Hop in. I'll give you a lift."

"No need, Coach. I live just around the corner. But thank you anyways."

"Well, it's Friday. You don't need to go home right away, do you?"

Is he serious? Even he couldn't be that thick. I decided he needed another crushing disappointment. I crouched down and leaned over the window pushing up the front of my small cap. "Well, Coach. Where would you like to take me?" I asked with a teasing smile.

"Well, we could head over to my place. Did you know I'm also a Masseuse? That means I give professional massages. I even have my own massage table. I could give you a free massage and loosen up some of those tight muscles of yours. What do you say?"

"A free massage? Really? That's interesting. Would I have to like, take off all my clothes and get completely naked?" I asked in as much of a sexy voice as I could.

He opened his mouth and gave me a penetrating stare. "Well aah, I do use certain oils and aah…" he swallowed hard.

"Will you rub that oil all over my naked body, Coach? Like every single part?"

"Oooh, yeah." Ahem! "I mean, yes. I'll aah… I'll make sure of it."

"Uhm, my willie is a bit sensitive. Will you be gentle with it?" His boner looked like it was about to burst through his shorts.

"Wh… well, your aah… your willie will be in good hands. I promise."

"And when you're done, can I use your shower to wash all the oil off?"

"Aah… yes. Yes, absolutely you can."

"You think you could help me with that? I want to make sure I get all of it off. You could just come in the shower with me to make it easier."

(Gulp) "Aah, I'd aah…" He blew some air through his mouth. "Ffffff… I'd love to, Ari."

"You promise to get me home in a couple of hours?"

"Absolutely. You bet. No problem at all." he said with a wide lustful grin.

In a strange way, it gave me a sick pleasure from the way the Coach was raping me with his eyes. "Well, all right Coach. I've never had a naked massage before and I have been feeling a little tense lately." I opened the car door to his unbelieving eyes. Right before I got in, I decided it was time to burst this wanker's bubble. "Aww, Coach. I'm so sorry. I forgot my father's waiting for me to drive us into Memphis to show me his new company. Maybe next time. See ya." For a second, the Coach looked like he was going to lose his temper before he angrily peeled off back onto the road. I need to start being really careful with this dim wit. One wrong move and I'll be done for.

"Hey Ari! Give me a pony ride!"

I turned around and saw Julian running towards me. I smiled as I turned around and assumed the position and let Julian jump on my back and wrap his legs around me. This was becoming sort of an after-school tradition between us two. We would take turns being the pony.

"Yaah, yaah! Gitty up, horse," he yelled as he slapped my butt with his hand. At first I thought he was going a little too far into my personal space with the butt slaps, but lately it didn't bother me anymore. In a way, I started looking forward to them, which was a bit confusing. It didn't take long for me to allow myself to start slapping his butt when I was on his back. "Hey, how long do you think it'll take to walk down to the shack?"

"I'm not sure. Who's getting initiated?"

"Timmy, Adam's little brother. He just turned ten and he wants to join the group."

"Timmy? He's already ten? He still looks like he's eight. Hey, have you heard any news about little Erik?"

"No, man. They've looked everywhere for him and he's still missing. Nobody has a clue what happened to him. He just disappeared into thin air."

"Poor kid."

"Yeah, poor kid." Julian cupped his chin on my shoulder. "Hey, did you ask your dad if I could spend the night?"

"Yeah, he said that was fine."

My father was glad that I was able to find some friends so quickly. Since he was always working late at his new job, he encouraged me to keep myself busy.

"Bitchin! But I'm gonna have to leave early in the morning 'cause I have Saturday detention tomorrow."

I shook my head in disapproval. "What did you do this time?"

"Me and Adam were throwing erasers from the chalkboard at each other when the teacher walked in."

"So that's what that white residue is on the side of your face." I put him down and started wiping his cheek and sideburn. We started walking and both of us stared at some missing child posters on a light post as we walked by. We walked in silence for a while as we playfully shoved each other to the side with our shoulders.

As we started walking deeper into the woods, I felt Julian's fingers gently starting to rub against my hand. Was this random accidental touching or was he doing it deliberately? I gently started rubbing my fingers against his hand to see what would happen. As I was doing this, one of his fingers hooked onto mine. Then all of his fingers started to intertwine with mine and then he started holding my hand. For some reason, I didn't feel creeped out or repulsed. What does this mean?

"Man, I'm getting tired Ari. Can we rest a little bit?"

"Of course. Let's sit over there against that big tree." Julian started massaging his neck with his hand as he sat down. I went over and sat down next to him. "Here, let me help you with that." I started massaging his shoulders the way my father had taught me after a day's worth of hard chores back home.

"Aww, man. That feels sooo good. Where'd you learn how to do this? You have the magic touch."

"It's all in the hands, my good friend. It's all in the hands."

When I was done, Julian wiggled himself next to me and leaned his head on my shoulder. OK… what's going on, what is he doing, and what do I do now? I decided to let this scenario play out and see what happens. I was becoming confused, but curious at the same time. Then Julian leaned over and started kissing me on the lips. It was so unexpected that I instinctively pulled away giving him a look of surprise. Feeling humiliated, Julian quickly stood up and started brushing the dirt off of himself.

"Hey, I didn't mean nothing by that, ok?" he said angrily. "It's getting late. We should go." He quickly started walking away.

"Julian, wait up. Hey Julian! Julian, slow down." I ran after him to catch up. As I put my hand on his shoulder, he angrily turned around and pushed me against a tree.

"Look, man. If you tell anybody what happened, I'll smash that pretty little face of yours, you got it?"

What happened next surprised even me. I put my hand behind his head and pulled him towards me giving him a big wet kiss. He forcefully pulled himself away wiping his mouth on his sleeve. What am I doing? Why is this happening? I feel like I should be feeling disgusted, but I'm not. Am I ready to admit to my own self that maybe I enjoyed kissing and being kissed by another boy? By my best friend? It's as if Julian awakened feelings in me that I didn't even know existed.

"It's ok, Julian. I'm sorry I reacted the way I did. You caught me off guard, that's all. But I didn't say to stop or that I didn't like it." It's ok, I whispered silently as I reached out and grabbed his hand. Julian looked around and slowly walked towards me.

"Are… are you sure? I mean, you're not messing with me?"

I answered him by pulling him closer and giving him another kiss. This time he didn't resist. It wasn't a long kiss and it wasn't a passionate kiss. It was just a beginner's kiss. But it was our first kiss for both of us.

We both swallowed. "That was nice, Ari."

"That was nice, Julian." We stared at each other for a few seconds. "So, are we good?"

"Yeah, we're good. But if you ever tell anyone, I'll still break your face," he said with a smile as he gave me another quick kiss. "Come on, we gotta hurry. We're already late."

Chapter 2
Initiations and Green Lights


When we arrived at the shack, Adam and Timmy were waiting outside. They stepped forward and we slapped each other's hands and gave each other knuckle punches. "What took you guys so long? It's already getting late. Come on, let's get this show on the road."

The shack was our secret meeting place. It was an abandoned, almost collapsing rotting structure deep in the woods from many years ago. If anyone else knew about it, apparently it wasn't worth their while to pay any attention to it. Our group consisted of me, Julian, Adam, and Nathan. This is where I was initiated when Julian asked me to join the group. At first we referred to our group as a gang, but that was getting us too much unwanted attention. So now we just call it our group. Now it was Timmy's turn.

"Where's Nathan?" I asked.

"He couldn't be here," said Adam with a smile. "He's at a car lot getting some new wheels. He just turned sixteen and he's already getting a car. Can you believe it? He promised he's stop by to pick us up and give us a lift back."

"Nathan's getting himself a new car? That lucky bastard," said Julian.

"All right. Timmy, you know the guys. Guys, you know Timmy."

"Happy birthday, Timmy. And good luck on the test."

"Yeah, happy birthday Timmy," Julian said smiling. "You haven't told him anything, have you Adam?"

"Of course not. This is gonna be fair and square just like always. Ok, Timmy. Let me tell you how this is gonna go down. We're gonna play a little game called 'Stop or Go'. We're gonna put this blindfold on you nice and tight. For the first part of the game, we're gonna ask you to do certain things with the blindfold on. We're gonna give you the opportunity to decide if you want to do them or not. If you say 'Go', then you'll do what we asked you to do. If you say 'Stop', then you don't have to do anything. But… that means you do not get to join our group.

In the second part of the game, we're gonna tie your hands on a rope hanging from the ceiling and we're gonna be doing certain things to you. We're gonna tell you exactly what we're gonna do and give you a chance to say 'Stop or go'. If you want to join our group, you have to say 'Go' every single time. Then there's gonna be one final test and I'll tell you what that is at the end. Every test is gonna get harder and harder. Do you understand?"

"I think so. Um, am I… are you guys… is this gonna hurt?"

"No, Timmy. We're not going to ask you to do anything that's gonna hurt you and we're not gonna do anything that's gonna hurt you either. I promise and I'll make sure of it. Cool?"

Timmy nodded nervously. Timmy was a little small for a ten year old. His blondish hair was not long, but it was voluminous and bouncy. He was wearing a sleeveless yellow shirt and some short jeans. Staring at his face made me recall some of the inner feelings that emerged when Julian and I were kissing. It took my thoughts to places where I'd never thought they'd go. I somehow found myself eager to witness this initiation of little Timmy.

"All right. Are you ready, little bro?"

"I'm ready, big bro."

"Make me proud. You won't regret it. I promise." Adam stepped behind Timmy and tied the blindfold on him, checking that it was tight and snug. "Here's your first task. On the table, there are four big coffee cans full of creepy things and I'm not gonna tell you what they are. In one of those cans there is a small lollipop. Find it, crunch it, and swallow it. Stop or go?"

"Go," Timmy said confidently. The cans were filled with rain water. Some of the creepy things in the cans were fake snakes and fake spiders, things like that. We burst out laughing when Timmy shrieked after a giant June Bug crawled on his hand that wasn't supposed to be there. He sighed with relief when he finally pulled out the candy and ate it.

"Good job, little bro. Here's your next task. I'm gonna take you to some big rocks on the floor. Under the rocks are more creepy things, but these are real. They're not fake. Find the lollipop and eat it. Stop or go?"

"Go," Timmy shouted. He wasn't squeamish at all. Under the rocks were a combination of grubs and earth worms. Not really harmful even if he accidentally ate one. After digging through the soil, he finally found it. After brushing the dirt off the lollipop on his shorts, he crunched it under his chompers and flicked off the little stick.

"All right. You're doing good bro. One more task and you're done with the first part of the game. This time it's going to be a little bit different. The next lollipop is going to be inside the underwear of one of us. The three of us are going to lie down next to each other so you can do your search. The lollipop will be placed at the top right below the elastic so you don't have to mess with our peckers more than you have to. So, stop or go?"

Timmy stayed silent for a while thinking what he wanted to do. "All right. I'm gonna say go."

"Good man. Ok, pick a number between one and three. That will determine which one of us is gonna have the lollipop."

"Um, two. I pick two."

The boys looked at me. I was the designated number two. I remembered back when I was being initiated. It was actually Nathan's idea to add this portion to the initiation. It was under his pants that I found the lollipop. I had to really dig around his willie which was quite hard until I finally found it under his testicles. At first I didn't know under who's pants I was searching when I found it, but after feeling his pubic hairs, I knew straight away who it was.

Adam handed me the lollipop. "All right, guys. Let's do this." We all lied down in random order with me in the middle. Timmy started with Julian and gently inserted his hands under the elastic of his underwear. He shifted his hand left and right searching for the feel of the lollipop. Then his hand slid down to the side of his willy trying not to touch it. Then he searched on the other side. I could tell from the corner of my eye that Julian's willy was fully erected by now, which oddly excited me. It also excited me thinking about when Timmy's hand would be digging around my own privates.

Satisfied that he wasn't going to find anything under Julian's pants, he came to me next. He pushed my T-Shirt up a little and placed his small hands on my stomach, which made me tense up a bit from his cold hand. I had placed the lollipop right at the top so he wouldn't have trouble finding it. He slid his hand in and I could tell that he felt the tip of the candy, but in an effort to grab it, he accidentally pushed it further in. This caused a domino effect. The stick of the lollipop poked me on the leg which made me open them up, which caused the lollipop to slide down under my nuts. Knowing that he was about to get his prize, Timmy continued digging and probing with his hand.

My eyes rolled into my head at these incredible feelings of sexual stimulations. I felt an immediate boner coming on and no matter how much I tried, I could not get it under control. The feel of his hand rubbing against my nuts and in between my legs was something I had never felt before. Then I started picturing what it would feel like if it was Julian doing all this probing. Finally, Timmy got a good grip of the lollipop. I had a fleeting desire that he had gotten a good grip of something else. What is wrong with me? That's it. I must be going mental.

"I got it!" Timmy shouted proudly as he crunched and swallowed it without even bothering to wipe it off. "I did it. I passed the first part."

"Nice job, little bro. But hold on to your butt. It's not over yet."

As Julian and I got ourselves up, we noticed each other's boners under our pants and gave each other a wide-eyed smile. Timmy raised his hands and let Adam tie them to the rope hanging from one of the beams. I found myself thinking that this was going to be the best part.

"Ok, Timmy. Listen up. I am going to use some scissors and cut your shirt off. Simple as that. Stop or go?"

"Go!" Timmy shouted with renewed enthusiasm. He stood still as Adam cut his shirt from behind and slid the shirt off.

"Now we're gonna pull down your pants. Stop or go?" Timmy stood still without saying anything. "Come on, Timmy. Stop or go? You gotta say something. You got ten seconds. If you don't say anything, I'm taking it as a no and you'll be out of the game."

Timmy kept biting his lower lip. I think he already knew where this was going. "Ok, ok. Go."

While Adam was undoing Timmy's belt and unbuttoning his pants, Julian and I gave each other a knowing smile. I guess the feel of Timmy's hand probing both of our willies made us feel a little horny. And it became worse when we noticed Timmy was sporting a bit of a stiffy of his own after Adam pulled his pants completely off.

"Almost done, Timmy. I'm pretty sure you know what's gonna happen next. I'm pulling down your underwear. Stop or go? It's getting late so I need your answer now."

"Stop! Stop, stop, stop. I can't do this. I'm sorry, Adam. I can't do it. Please don't make me."

We all looked at each other. Adam silently asked us if we could give him one more chance. Julian and I nodded. "Timmy, listen up. Normally we wouldn't do this, but we're gonna give you one more chance to change your answer. Think about this. If you say stop, we'll cut you loose, you won't be in our group, and you'll have to walk home all by yourself."

"By myself?! But Adam, what if I get lost?"

"Your choice, bro. Ten seconds. I need an answer. Ten… nine… eight… seven… six… five… four…"

"Fine," he said whining putting his head back. "It's a go. Just do it and get it over with before I change my mind."

"All right. You get to decide which one of us pulls them off. Give me a number between one and three again."

"Two," he said quickly with a slight smirk.

Me? Again? I kept thinking back about how Timmy's hand kept rubbing against my willie and that somehow his movements seemed kind of deliberate. I was starting to think that maybe he pushed the lollipop deeper inside on purpose. I knelt down right in front of Timmy and hooked my thumbs on both sides of his white Fruit of the Looms. He shuddered slightly at the feel of my touch. I turned around and Adam gave me a slight nod with an indifferent look on his face. Julian, however, had a look of stark anticipation.

I turned back to Timmy's underwear and found my willie going hard. I took a silent deep breath and slowly started pulling it down. His boner was so hard that it got caught on the elastic of his underwear. It quickly popped back up like a bent door-stop as I kept pulling it down. His willie was nicely cut with well-rounded testicles and an impressive tan line. After lingering for a little bit more than I should have, I quickly got up and went to sit down on one of the stools to hide my boner. I took a quick peek at Julian's pants and noticed the large bulge of his own boner. He quickly came and sat down on the other stool next to mine.

This was so confusing. Back in Sweden, I'd been around a bunch of naked boys in the locker rooms and in the showers and I never looked at them in the way I'm looking at Timmy's naked body now. I took a side look at Julian and found myself wanting to see him naked too. Am I turning into a homosexual? I can't be. I'd love to see naked girls also.

"I think Timmy's a little excited," giggled Julian.

Adam shot us a warning stare. "Hey come on, man. It's a normal reaction. It happens to all of us, all right?" He walked over to Timmy. "You did good bro. Just one last test and you're in. This is gonna be a doozy, but I know you can do it. I know you're gonna want to resist, but I'm telling you, you – can – do – this. Trust me, all right? You ready?"

Timmy blew some air through his mouth. "I'm ready. Just tell me what to do," he said a little scared.

"You're gonna walk home. But you're gonna have to do it completely naked except for your shoes."

"I'm what? Are you crazy! You expect me to…"

"Let me finish. We're gonna walk in front of you. You can use whatever you can find to cover yourself like leaves or pieces of wood or some bushes. If anyone's coming, we'll give you a heads up. Just do it, bro. You've already come this far, you might as well pass the finish line. So, stop or go? Ten seconds."

Timmy was silent for a while as if he was trying to figure things out. "Ok. You're right. I can do this. It's a go, Adam. I say go."

We all looked relieved, especially Adam as he went to take the blindfold off. "Timmy, welcome to the group. You did it, you little shit. You passed the test. You're part of the group now."

"Yeah? But what about…"

"It was just a test to see if you actually had the balls to go through with it."

I started laughing. "Well, we could clearly see that he did have the balls for it."

Julian laughed too and put his hand out for me to slap it. "Yeah, now we can all go to Wienerschnitzel where you'll feel right at home."

"Fuck you, Julian," Timmy shouted.

We all reacted. "Oooh, potty mouth."… "He does have some balls."… "Now he's dropping F-bombs."

Adam started untying his hands. I walked over to Timmy, holding my cap in front of me to hide my boner. I was still aroused by his hard willie and his nakedness. "Hey Timmy, we're just messing with your mind. Put her there, you brave lad." I gave him a high-five. "It took a lot of guts doing everything you did, right guys?"

We all gathered close and started showering him with praises and cheers. "You should have seen me when I was being initiated. I almost peed myself," I added.

"You had to get naked too?" Timmy asked with an odd smile.

"Yup, just like you."

Suddenly we started hearing someone clapping behind us. We turned around to see Nathan standing right in front of the entrance. As the oldest of our group, he was our leader and we all looked up to him. He was pretty cool with us. He had a pretty cool hairstyle, a nice leather jacket, and he had muscles. Nobody messed with us because they knew Nathan would come after them and he would be relentless about it.

"Nathan, you made it," Adam said with a smile.

"Looks like I made it just in time." Nathan walked up to Timmy giving him an admiring up and down look. "All right, Timmy. You are the man. Welcome to the group, buddy."

Timmy was all smiles as he basked in all the attention he was getting from all of us. He was about to put his underwear on when Nathan came up behind him, bent down putting his head in between Timmy's legs and brought him up on a shoulder ride, still naked.

"Let's hear it for Timmy! Hip hip… HORRAY! Hip hip… HORRAY!" Timmy started squirming a little as Nathan's hands kept inching higher and higher up Timmy's thighs. Nathan finally put him down allowing Timmy to finally get dressed. Adam had brought an extra T-Shirt to replace the one he had cut with the scissors.

Nathan walked over to me to shake my hand. "Hey Ari. Nice to see you again. So how many chicks have you fucked already?"

"Oh, about a dozen." I said smiling. "I've fucked so many of them that I've already lost count." It was rare that any of us dropped the F-bomb, but whenever we were around Nathan, we all adapted to his style, including his language.

"You dog, you." He put his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. "Hey, come over to the house sometime and I'll show you how to put on a condom. I have a feeling you're gonna need them sooner than later."

"Sure. Um, what's a condom?"

Nathan gave me an unbelieving stare. "Seriously? Come to the house tomorrow and I'll show you." He gave me a wink. "Hey, listen up, guys! Let's celebrate our new addition to our group. I'm taking you out to eat. My treat. We'll celebrate Timmy and my new wheels. Come on, the car's parked down at the dirt road."

After squeezing into Nathan's car, we started heading over to the local Whataburger. Adam was sitting up front and me, Timmy and Julian were in the back. Nathan was being extra careful with the bumps and making sure to avoid any branches that might scratch it while we were on the dirt road.

"You have a nice ride, Nathan. Cherry red? Wicked. I'm impressed," I said admiringly.

"1979 Pontiac Firebird. It looks brand new, right?"

"Hey Nathan," Adam said with a big smile. "So have you fucked your girlfriend today?"

"Which one?"

We all started laughing. Julian leaned over. "Hey man. When are you gonna let us watch you and Becky having sex?"

"You know, now that you mention it, she is sort of into that kind of shit. She likes it when other guys are watching us fucking each other."

There was a slight pause. Then we all started laughing again. "Man, you're full of shit, Nathan" Julian shouted over the noise of the car.

"Hey, does it look like I'm shitting you? She's there. At my house. We can go there right now. Maybe you guys will get lucky and get to see some pussy. This could be a way to reward little Timmy for his bravery down at the shack." He pulled out a picture of his girlfriend from his pocket and handed it back to Timmy. "You wanna see her naked, Timmy?"

"Yeah!" Timmy shouted with his cute little buck teeth.

"You want to see her pussy?"

"Fuck, yeah!" shouted Timmy again.

He passed the picture around to the rest of us. Not bad. She looked really hot.

Nathan looked at me through his mirror. "Hey Ari, we never got a chance to celebrate your joining of our group. How would you like to be the first one to fuck my girlfriend?"

My heart suddenly skipped a beat as I took a hard swallow. "Well, I've already fucked about a dozen women, so what's one more, right?"

"That's my man. That's what I want to hear." He put his hand back for me to give him a high five. "By the way, I can't get enough of that sexy accent of yours. Say the word 'fuck' for me again."

"Fuck!" I said smiling at the compliment.

"Hey Nathan," shouted Timmy. "Can I fuck her too?"

"Oh, Becky's gonna wanna fuck all y'all."

"All of us?" exclaimed Adam. "That's fucking awesome.

Nathan started giggling and pretty soon started laughing really hard. "You guys are so, so gullible. You should've seen your faces. Aw, man. I wish I had my Kodak with me so I could capture all your horny faces."

Bloody hell. What rotten luck. I guess I got a taste of my own medicine for the way I was teasing the Coach today. I was really starting to believe what Nathan was telling us. I've never seen a real girl naked in the flesh, let alone be able to have sex with one.

Adam looked all disappointed and pissed off. "Aw, man. Why do you have to be such an asshole sometimes?"

"Yeah, Nathan," added Julian. "Shit, you really had us going. I was already getting a boner and everything."

"Relax, I've got you guys covered. Your boner ain't going anywhere, for none of y'all. Adam, check in the glove compartment."

Adam looked confused as he opened it up and started looking inside. The only thing inside was a wide paper bag with something in it. As he pulled it out, he had a very hopeful looking expression. "Nathan, are these what I think they are?"

"Don't ask me. Look inside and find out. Think of it as a treat for our new member and also for Ari. We never did celebrate his initiation."

Adam quickly unfolded the top and pulled out three brand new latest editions of a Playboy, a Penthouse, and a Hustler still sealed inside the plastic. All our faces lit up like Christmas trees. "Let me see. Let me see," shouted Julian extending his hand.

"Wait! Not yet," shouted Nathan as he yanked the magazines from Adam's hand. I don't want you guys tearing through these just yet."

"What? But… but… come on, Nathan!"

"Relax. I'll let you guys take these home when I drop you off. But you gotta promise that you'll give them back to me tomorrow in mint condition without a single scratch and not a single tear. I don't want you guys rubbing your little peckers on any of the pages, and I don't want to see a single stain. Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. We promise."

Adam tuned to look at me. "Hey, man. Is it ok if Timmy crashes at your house tonight? Me and Julian have to go to detention early tomorrow and my mom and dad are gonna be at work."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't see why not. I'm sure my father will say it's ok.

"Thanks, man. I owe you one."

I started getting flashbacks of Timmy's little stiffy and his naked body. This was going to be a really fun night. I was beginning to like this country more and more already. Timmy tapped me on the arm and started whispering something in my ear.

"Hey Ari, I know you were number two," he said softly with a mischievous grin. "You wanna put some more lollipops down there?" He looked down at my crotch and gave me an exaggerated wink.

Things were about to get pretty interesting, I thought excitedly.

Coach Larson:

My heart started pumping with excitement. I had just gotten off the phone with the Agency and they had finally given me the green light to bring Ari in. I was even gonna get an extra bonus after they saw the video of this little Adonis that I delivered to them. It was a recording from two hidden cameras I had installed in the boy's locker room. One was facing the showers and the other one towards the benches. The Agency had provided me the highest quality video recorders on the market.

This little wet dream was gonna generate a lot of high bids for them. And part of that bonus was giving me permission to sample the merchandise before delivery as long as there was no penetration or any kind of bruising. Just like little Erik, I promised I'd get all his body parts and every single crevice washed and cleaned.

But I had to wait untill Monday. And I was gonna have to touch base with J.T. Monday morning to see how we were gonna play this out. Damn, that was gonna feel like forever. I had decided that this was gonna be J.T.'s last assignment. The Agency was getting tired of me taking him to see his little brother. Problem was, what was I going to do with J.T. aftewards? I'll think of something later.

I walked back to the sofa, still buck naked and pressed play on the remote to the VCR. Before the phone rang, I had been replaying the part where Ari was about to pull down his underwear and try on the cup. I started jerking myself off as I played it in slow motion. From the high angle of the camera, for a split second I could just barely see the base of Ari's penis and part of his nuts when he unexpectedly pulled his underwear back up. It was too blurry on pause to notice any details.

Replay… slow motion. Replay… slow motion. Mmmm, I wanted to cum, but I wanted to wait until Monday when I could just get the whole package in one shot. Just thinking about putting his succulent little dick inside my mouth almost made me explode. And the way he was teasing me earlier after school when I offered to give him a massage. I replayed in my mind that sexy expression he gave me with that sexy voice of his with the European accent and the way he kept saying the word 'naked'. If only he had said yes. He would've enjoyed it. I just know it. I closed my eyes and imagined Ari lying face down on my massage table. I saw myself pouring some warm oil on his golden naked body and rubbing it all over. He would've liked that. I would have made sure of it.

I played the video frame by frame and paused it just at the spot where his penis became visible for that split second. "That wasn't very nice what you did to me, little Ari. But just you wait. Your little ass will be mine. Just wait until Monday and we'll see who has the last laugh."

Chapter 3
Playboys and Undiscovered Territories


My stomach was stuffed. Ari's dad was nice enough to bring us some pizza on his way home from work. His dad was pretty cool. He said it was ok for Timmy to spend the night also as long as we didn't make too much of a ruckus. Ari had already told me about his mom dying in a car accident when he was too young to remember.

Around nine o'clock, all three of us finally raced upstairs to Ari's room, locked the door, pulled in the curtains, and settled in to look at the dirty magazines that Nathan had lent us. We stripped down to our underwear's and T-Shirts and sat down against the headboard of Ari's bed. To my delight, Ari had also taken off his T-shirt. Ari was in the middle holding one of the magazines as Timmy and I looked on from the sides.

At first, we were like three hyperventilating horny toads flipping through the pages. There was no way that we were gonna hand these back to Nathan without any tears or scratches. Timmy kept giggling as he rubbed his little finger against the pussies and the 'knockers' of the naked women as Timmy called them. I felt like jerking off, but I'd never done that in front of anybody before. I was always in the bathroom or in the shower when I did that. But to be honest, some of the pictures looked kind of disgusting. Especially the Hustler and the Penthouse. Some looked like we were looking at meaty parts of deep cuts between the girl's legs. That was a big turn-off.

As I was looking at the magazine, I secretly kept looking down at Ari's chest and his lap tent sticking up under his undies. It got really embarrassing when me and Timmy both caught ourselves staring at Ari's tenting underwear and quickly went back to looking at the magazine. Ever since that first day when Ari came into class, I couldn't keep myself from staring. He was beautiful. I'd never say that about a guy, but Ari looked more beautiful than most girls. And when the teacher had him sit next to me, I had to keep myself from swooning like some of the other girls in class. And whenever Ari leaned his chair back on two legs, just seeing that bulge under his jeans made me scoot my own chair under the desk to hide my own growing bulge.

I kept thinking back during Ari's initiation when Nathan added that part about the lollipop under our undies. I was besides myself with anticipation of having Ari's hands pawing around my dinkie. I wanted to scream when Ari found it on his first try under Nathan's undies. But then I was a ball of nerves when Ari unknowingly called out my number to pull down his undies. Nathan had his arms crossed and was staring intently with a funny look on his face as I slowly pulled them down.

Holy jumpin' jiminis. I had never seen something so arousing. It was even more arousing than the mags we were looking at right now. I was completely boned out. I swallowed hard as I took in the sight of Ari as if his naked body was radiating in a heavenly glow under his golden hair with his hands tied up over his head. It was a disappointment that his uncut pecker wasn't hard, but the size of his dinker hanging down with the low hanging cojones more than made up for it. Ever since then, I've never had the chance to see his naked body again. I craved it like a drug. And today I was so jealous of Timmy when I saw his hand digging around Ari's hardening sausage. I wanted to see his boner so bad.

"Here Timmy. You can hold it now. I'm gonna brush my teeth," Ari said as he climbed off the bed and stood in front of his bathroom mirror. He was lucky to have his very own bathroom and shower in his room. His bathroom mirror happened to be right in front of the bed where Timmy and I had a perfect view. Ari's undies weren't like our Fruit of the Looms that we were wearing. Ours were kind of wide between our legs and kind of came up a little high on our stomachs.

I whistled softly to myself as I got a good look at his. They were beige with tiger lines that went up and down and they were narrowly cut around his crotch area which hugged his boner and nut sack perfectly under the thin fabric that looked more like panties than underwear. His were thinner than ours and came up pretty low, right above his pubic area. I could even see part of his butt crack. He must've brought some of those over from London.

While he was brushing his teeth, my eyes were thirstily drawn to the way his undies tightly hugged the contours of his nice little ass and the way the fabric made a shadow line going down between his butt cheeks. It's as if his butt was naked with a painted design of his undies on them. I grabbed the other dirty magazine and put it in front of me so I could inconspicuously keep staring at him through the top of the magazine. I raised up my knees to cover my raging boner and involuntarily clenched my ass cheeks. Ari innocently reached back and pulled his undies a little higher which caused the bottom of his lower butt to bulge out on both sides from the slight wedgie he gave himself. Then he leaned his weight on one leg which sinfully accentuated one of his supple ass cheeks.

Mmmm, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I took myself back to when Ari and I were in the woods today. I don't know what I was thinking when I kissed him. The feel of his fingers caressing my tight muscles gave me such a thrill. We were alone, we were secluded, I could feel Ari's breath on my neck as he worked his magic fingers on my shoulders. It felt so sensuous that I was positive he was doing it on purpose. I just got a strong impulse to kiss him and so, I couldn't help myself. I started shitting myself when he pulled away. I thought for sure he was gonna rat me out to the rest of the group and they'd kick me out. Then he surprised the hell out of me when he kissed me back. I could still taste the cherry flavored lifesaver he had in his mouth. I imagined ourselves kissing and passing that lifesaver between our two tongues.

I opened my eyes and almost burst out laughing when I caught Timmy staring at Ari from the top of his own magazine just like I was. He was already lying down with the covers over his legs. His stiffy had deflated a little and his eyes were starting to get heavy. When he saw me looking at him, he just smiled and went back to staring at Ari, apparently not caring what I thought. I had a feeling Timmy knew how I felt and had the same kind of feelings himself. I didn't blame him at all. How could anyone see this incredibly sexy bod and not get totally boned out?

Ari turned around and gently swung the bathroom door closed leaving a small crack open. He probably needs to use the toilet. Well, I guess the show's over. I dropped the magazine on the floor and went back to daydreaming about my new best friend. I couldn't stop thinking about him, especially after he kissed me back. I kept rubbing my fingers over my lips just daydreaming about it. Timmy's magazine slowly started falling towards his chest as he was slowly dozing off. Then I heard a sound that was music to my ears and got my heart racing a bit. I heard the shower turning on. Mmmm, new sets of fantasies started pouring through my mind as I started massaging my pecker.

I gently got myself up and walked to the front of the bathroom door and just listened. I was trying to come up with a good excuse to go inside. Think. Think. Of course! I slowly opened the door and knocked softly. "Hey Ari? Ari!"

"Who's that?"

"It's me, Julian."

"You pervert. I'm in the shower." I froze with my mouth open. "Just kidding, you dufuss. What's up?"

What's up? My pecker's up. My pecker's very up, that's what's up. "Oh uhm, can I take a piss?"

"No Julian, you can't take a piss. You're gonna have to piss on yourself."

Is he joshing with me or is he being serious?

"Jeez Julian. Don't be so daft. Get in here. Why are you acting so weird anyways?"

"Oh, he he. No reason. No reason at all." I walked in and partially closed the door behind me. I looked at the door knob and decided to close the door all the way and lock it. I turned around and took a deep breath and slowly exhaled as I gazed for the second time in my life at the irresistible nakedness of this golden boy with the golden hair through the transparent glass giving me a heart-fluttering surge of raw desires.

I pulled up the toilet seat and pulled down the front of my undies. Damn, this raging boner is gonna cause me to make a mess. I squatted my legs a little and took careful aim as I started peeing pushing my hard dinkie downwards trying not to miss the toilet.

"Hey Julian. Are you gonna take a shower too?"

"Huh? Oh, uhm… yeah. I think so. Why?"

"Well, our boiler is kind of small. If you wanna get hot water, you're gonna have to come in right now. Unless you want to wait an hour for the water to heat up again."

Oh… my… lucky stars. I took a side glance at Ari and shuddered involuntarily. I had never taken a shower with anyone before, not even at school. It's not that I didn't want to. I wanted nothing more than to get a close-up view of his nakedness. What was making me shudder was the fact that Ari's pecker wasn't even hard anymore. I looked down at my own circumcised penis and there was no way I was gonna walk in there without him noticing my twitching cock rocket. Shit! Would he buy it if I said I was still thinking about the naked girls from the mags?

Then something wonderful started happening. Ari's pecker started growing, and growing, and growing even more as the water sprayed over his head. I couldn't get a clear view because of the water dripping over the glass. But even at that, just looking at the size and the shape of his knob under his foreskin sent shivers up my spine. Mmmm, I wanted it more than anything else in the world. It started drawing me in like a powerful magnet too strong for me to resist. Any hesitations or doubts evaporated instantly. No reason to hold back now, right?

"Julian? You comin' in or what? Water's still nice and hot," he said invitingly.

Maybe too invitingly? That's not the only thing that's nice and hot. "Ok, hold up. I'm coming in," I said as I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath.

I peeled off my shirt and pulled down my undies. Here we go. Let's see how much I can get out of this little scenario. I slid the glass door of the bathtub and stepped in. Ari smiled at me and I smiled back as we both started eyeballing each other's boners. I could've just melted. I took a moment to drink in what I was so fucking lucky to be able to behold – Ari's naked body at last. Now that's what I call a full blown, hard as rock, proud looking, glistening arch of a love stick. It must be more than four inches long. I looked down at my own full blown and his was definitely bigger than mine. Bastard.

Ari grabbed the hand-held sprayer and sprayed water in his mouth. Then he squirted the water from his mouth towards my boner and smiled. "Pshhhh! Damn, Julian. Look at all that steam coming up from your hot red willie. Those naked ladies must've been pretty hot, ey?"

"Look who's talking. Look at your own hot rod. Give me that," I said as I took the sprayer and started dowsing myself. As the water was coming down my face, I kept my eyes partly open and noticed how Ari was licking his lips while staring at my package. Come to think of it, Ari had never seen me naked before.

We both grabbed a bar of soap and started lathering up. We kept looking at each other and smiling from ear to ear. As I bent down to wash my legs, I got a powerful surge of lust as I got a closer look at his privates. There was a very light patch of brown around his still inflated boner from the little tiny pubes that were barely starting to come out. His belly button kind of stuck out which made him look even more sexier. His skin looked so smooth and velvety that I just wanted to stare at him all day.

A new level of ecstasy washed over me when Ari turned around to shampoo his hair. I got myself on one knee and reveled in this orgasmic inducing wet dream. I wanted to sear this image into my mind the way the suds slowly glided down his arched back and caressed those supple little ass cheeks. I looked up and noticed the way his arms were raised up to lather those golden locks of his. It couldn't get any better than this. Then I was proven wrong.

Ari started rinsing off and bent down to rinse his feet putting his butt right in front of my face giving me a debaucherouse closeup view of his little pink hole and his gonads hanging from the front. My head started swimming at this unexpected eye popper. How could I have been so lucky to get a friend like Ari. He was so sexy. He was so funny. He was so gorgeous. He was so… perfect. Oh, Ari. I think I'm falling in love.

"Hey, I think you owe me a massage."

"Hmmm, yeah," I said dreamingly. "I mean, um… what?"

"You owe me a massage. I gave you one in the woods, now it's your turn."

"Oh, Ari. My fingers will leave your shoulders deformed with these hands. Trust me."

"No they won't. Just be gentle."

I walked up to him with a smile and turned him around. Like he said, I started with a gentle massage. He shrugged his shoulders and started giggling. "That tickles," he said laughing.

"Sorry." As I started massaging with a different technique, Ari burst out laughing causing his ass cheeks to back up against my hard cock. Sparks exploded in my eyes at the electrifying sensation of the tip of my cock finding itself wedged between those sumptuous ass cheeks oh his for a split second.

Oblivious to the pleasure bomb he had just exploded on me, Ari turned around laughing and put his arms on my shoulders. "Ok, Julian. You've convinced me. No more massages from you. I'm gonna have to teach you how to do it properly one of these days."

Mmmm, you can teach me whatever you want, golden boy. Whatever you want.

"So, which magazine did you like the best, Julian?" asked Ari.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I dunno. Playboy, I guess."

"Oooh, Playboy," Ari said seductively making curvy lines with his hands. "Especially that centerfold. Let's see, how was she posing?" Ari started making a similar pose as the girl from the centerfold. My heart skipped a couple of beats at the incredible transformation in Ari from the way he was posing. As if his nakedness wasn't heart stopping enough, he put his head slightly down and was looking up at me with those incredibly sexy eyes. His mouth turned into a sensuous and deviant half smirk as he slightly bit one of his fingers. He started caressing his body with his hands in an erotic fashion.

Ari burst out laughing when he noticed what must've been a hypnotic expression on my face. "Now you do it. Pretend you're one of the girls," he asked with a wide smile.

I felt kind of foolish as I tried imitating the same pose that Ari had. I put my head down to the side with my hands on my hips and struck a pose with one knee slightly in front of the other. Ari had a face of such delight that it just warmed me inside.

Ari walked up to me with a sexy up and down stare. "Oh Julie, you are such a hot babe. You are sooo sexy," he purred jokingly trying not to laugh as he put his hands over my nipples and started massaging as if they were women's breasts.

I started to like this game so I dutifully played my part. "Oh Arietta. Ravish me. Let me squeeze that bodacious ass of yours," I said in a giggly sexy feminine voice as I massaged Ari's bare hips.

"Oh Julie," he giggled.

"Oh Arietta," I giggled back.

We started acting out a scene where we started to lightly caress each other's bodies and pretended to kiss our nipples and flicked our tongues in front of our ears. Somehow, I had a feeling that this scenario would somehow transform into something really special. Our pretending slowly started turning into not pretending. Our pretend kisses started turning into real passionate kisses. We started caressing each other a little harder as our hands hungrily started probing into undiscovered territory.

"Oh Julian," he said with a lustful moan.

"Oh, Ari," I said with a throaty reply.

This felt so natural somehow. I felt so uninhibited. I was in sexual la la land as I caressed Ari's cushiony buns in my hands and felt Ari dig his hands deep under my scrotum from behind. We were in lip lockdown mode with our tongues probing and twisting as our moistening lips pressed and wrestled against each other. This was more satisfying than tasting the cherry red lifesaver from our first kiss. This was the real and natural taste of Ari.

I contemplated doing what I had been dreaming of doing ever since the sunshine of Ari's face graced my reddening cheeks when he walked into class for the first time. What I had been dreaming of since that very first time when I had the incredible luck of being chosen to unwrap his incredible love joy during his initiation. I wanted to delay this gratification as long as possible. I wanted to wait for something special. And then it happened. Ari's hand slowly started sliding down my stomach going lower and lower, and lower still.

I gasped loudly but not unexpectedly and spasmed as I felt my boner going through Ari's parting fingers. He put his hand over my engorged penis and started caressing it in a circular motion. His fingers slid down further to cup my nut sack and started fondling them resulting in the most magical sensations of epic proportions with those magic fingers of his. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as he started kissing my neck and shoulder. I took a deep breath and breathed in his intoxicating body scent mixed with soap. I imagined our naked bodies entwined around each other floating blissfully and weightlessly underwater under the sunlit waves but still being able to breath.

I couldn't delay my gratification any longer. I reached my hand down and wrapped my fingers around his fevered hard love meat and just held on to it. I wanted to remember this moment forever. The exact day and the exact moment when I got to hold Ari's hard dick in my hand for the very first time. If I'm about to die and my life flashes before my eyes, I want this to be the last memory I see.

Ari started thrusting his hips indicating that he wanted me to stroke him, so I gladly obliged. The feel of his hardness under my fingers put me under a spell that was so powerful that no incantation would be able to break it. We looked into each other's eyes as we stroked each other and silently asked ourselves if we should stop or keep going. Volumes of words were conveyed without speaking a single phrase as we continued stroking one another.

"Ari, your thing is so big and so hard," I said gaspingly. "What do you do, do push-ups with that thing?"

"Yeah, about 20 of them each day," he responded sensuously as he started licking my ear. "I even do weights with it."

We both started snorting with laughter. "You gotta hook me up and show me how to do that sometime."

"Hook you up, you say? You really just said that?" Ari exclaimed grinning as he turned me around.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm hooking you up like you said." I started feeling Ari's soapy fingers lathering my a-hole from behind. Then I felt the tip of his manhood slithering through my butt crack aiming for a hole in one. After finding it, he squeezed it slightly in with a slight thrust, sending painful but climactic flames of pleasure waves through my entire body.

I squeezed my eyes shut. "Aaaah… owww!" I felt him pulling out. "No, keep going. I'm ok. Just… don't stop."

I couldn't believe Ari was inside of me. I felt his pleasure rod serpentining itself deeper into me forcing me to bend down at the waist. I felt so connected in more ways than one to this little cupid angel who had just impaled me with his big flaming arrow. Ari kept thrusting himself into my very soul. I could hear and feel his nut sack as it wetly kept slapping under my butt hole with each thrust. From this moment, Ari wasn't just Ari anymore. He was my Ari. He was mine and nobody else's.

Just when I was thinking that I never wanted this moment to end, it suddenly came to a sudden stop when we heard someone knocking at the door. "Ari, are you in there? I need to pee really bad," Timmy pleaded urgently through the door. Ari slowly pulled his pecker out of me and gave out a loud exhale. We looked at each other and smiled. He looked so incredibly gorgeous with that sunshine hair that was still semi-wet and dirtily uncombed.

"I'm coming, Timmy," Ari said as he stepped out of the bathtub dripping wet to unlock the door. "Ok, you can come in now," he said as he stepped back in and closed the sliding door.

Timmy stepped in and noticed me and Ari casually rinsing ourselves off. He ran to the toilet and sighed with relief as he was finally able to drain his bursting bladder. After shaking it off, he turned around to stare at us through the glass. "Hey, can I take a shower too?"

"Um, I don't think you wanna do that, buddy. The water's already getting cold. You can take one in the morning, though."

He shrugged his shoulder. "Ok." He lingered for a while just staring at us and finally started walking slowly towards the door dragging his feet and looking back over his shoulder as he closed the door behind him.

"I think he likes you, Ari."

"Isn't he the cutest thing? You know what? He knew it was me when he was pawing through my willie back at the shack."

"Uh uh."

"Yeah. He told me himself when we were in Nathan's car."

"Well, he does have the cutest stiffy though, doesn't he?" I said smiling. "To bad there wasn't enough hot water. We could've had some fun with the little stinker."

"Well, I'm happy we got to do what we did by ourselves, just the two of us." Ari pulled me by the hand towards him and started kissing me once again. Everything was perfect in the world as I once again started losing myself in those erotic sensuous eyes, those luscious rosy lips and his probing pink tongue. I can't believe I'm in love with you, Ari. I don't know why, I don't know how, and I don't care. I just know I am and I'm the happiest boy in the world because of it.

Chapter 4
Divining Rods and Millennium Falcons

The Agency, Friday Evening | Jerry:

I heard someone snapping their fingers. "Hey Jerry. We're here man. You daydreaming again?"

"What? Oh, sorry Phil. Yeah, I guess I was daydreaming. I can't wait to get in there." I looked around the windowless cargo truck we were in wondering when someone would open the back door for us. "You've been pretty vague about the details of this agency, you know. Hey, but thanks for sponsoring me and putting in a good word for me."

"No problem, Jerry. My pleasure. Look, now that we're here, you are not gonna regret this. I promise you. I remember the first time I walked in here. It was heart stopping, Jerry. Almost everything you ever fantasized doing with naked little boys, this is the place where those fantasies come true. The only thing you can't do is fuck 'em. That's only reserved for 12 year olds and older and it'll cost you a fortune. And there's a long waiting list for that too. You're gonna get the urge to do it, Jerry. We all do. But they're very strict about that so, don't even try it.

The third passenger raised his finger. "Is that the only thing we can't do? Can we like suck 'em and have them suck us back?"

"Which membership do you have?"

"Um, the platinum."

"Ok. Me and Jerry have the same one."

"I actually got the Solid Gold package," I said snobbishly.

"Solid Gold? Lucky bastard. I wish I could afford that. Well, to answer your question, we can interact with them. You can grab them, fondle them, play with them, and do all sorts of things with them. You'll find out. And there are a couple of surprises too," answered Phil. "But, the Agency takes very good care of their assets and they're very protective of them. You can't bruise them or hurt them or mistreat them in any way. But I don't want to give you guys too many spoilers. It'll be more fun when you find out for yourselves after you get in there. Don't worry, we'll go through a little orientation before going in.

I wanted him to tell me more, but the back doors opened up. "Ok, gentlemen, please step off the truck and follow me. Watch your step," cautioned our escort in plain clothing.

I looked around an empty parking garage. I knew we were underground from the movements of the windowless cargo truck on the way over here. I was kind of annoyed at all the clandestine crap they had us go through, as if we were in some kind of CIA operation. Park your car here, take this bus and get off at the plaza, take a cab there, walk to here, take another cab over there, go into this department store and exit from the back and climb into the white cargo truck. Jeez Lewise.

After stepping into the elevator, our escort inserted a key on the panel and entered a pass code to activate it. We descended three floors down. When the doors opened, we were met by two security guards. They checked a binder, looked at our faces and gave us some colored bracelets. "Please wear these at all times."

We walked into a small conference room and sat down to listen to someone giving us a short orientation through some speakers on the wall. Don't hurt the boys… don't fuck the boys… don't do this… don't do that. Blah, blah, blah. I just tuned him out as my dick started swelling up just thinking about what I was gonna experience after going inside. This place cost me about a whole month's salary, but Phil assured me that it would be more than worth it. This was Phil's third time coming here.

We stepped into a changing room where we were asked by our escort to put all of our clothes in some lockers and take a quick rinsing off shower. Then he gave us some fancy and very comfortable bath robes. I noticed how everything looked so spotless and immaculate.

"Ok, gentlemen," said our escort in front of some fancy double doors. "We're all here for the same thing – the beauty of boys, the wonder of boys, and the pleasure of boys. We want you men to maximize to the fullest everything we have to offer here. Your patronage is important to us and very appreciated. We apologize for all the hoops you had to jump through to get here, but I'm pretty sure you can appreciate the need for this level of secrecy. But please, please, please… comply with all of our rules. They exist for a reason and they will be enforced at all times. So, gentlemen, welcome to the Agency. You may… indulge yourselves," he said with a smile as he punched in a code on a keypad and stepped back as the double doors slowly opened up with a soft whoosh. And my jaw – just – dropped.

Holy fucking brimstones. This must be a special heaven in hell. Naked boys everywhere. No socks, no shoes, no tangas, no speedos – no nothing. Just pure golden boy skin everywhere. And they're all in the open, uninhibited, unashamed, waiting to be touched and fondled and sucked and licked and caressed and… (Gulp!)… and fucked. I squeezed my groin muscles hard in anticipation. In my delirium I heard a distant voice calling my name.

"Jerry? Jerry! What are you waiting for? We're waiting for you. We can step in now."

"Wha…? Oh, ah… sorry." I let out a deep breath. "I'm coming. Let me just catch my breath a little."

"It's ok, man. I know. I reacted the same way my first time."

I walked in and took in all the eye popping sights. The place had high ceilings and was brightly lit. In front of us was a sandy children's playground with swings and transparent play tunnels leading to a high winding tunnel slide with boys of different ages inside. Based on their little hairless dicks, all the boys looked to be between the ages of six and twelve. All of them were breathlessly gorgeous. Every – single – one of them. It's as if I was looking at a catalogue of the most desirable boy models in the world. Oh, these son-of-a-bitches were good.

On the other side of the playground I could see entrances to other different chambers. My senses were flooded with sexual disbelief. Everything seemed so surreal. I took in everything that I was seeing, but I was still pinching myself and asking how this could possibly be real. I've had the casual sexual teasings with some of my nephews and their friends and I've spent many happy hours staking out the dressing rooms and showers at the local swimming pools. But this? This is really happening. No more hiding my lustful stares as naked boys step in and out of my field of vision.

As Phil and the other gentleman went off to different chambers, I directed my big divining rod to go dowsing for a stream of little boys in the buff as I started walking on the sand. As I approached the playground, several young little boys jumped off the swings and came running towards me laughing cheerfully and started pulling my hands.

"Hey mister. Come and play with us!" they screamed. "Yeah, come play with us."

"Ok, ok," I said laughing with joy and a little abashed as some of the boys started pulling off my robe.

I froze in my tracks as I was mesmerized with a close-up view of their smooth golden skins and their soft-as-silk little penises. I dared not move and held my breath for a few seconds with the fear that any such actions would cause this delicate boner popping scene to burst like a bubble.

"Come on. Come play, come play," they repeated with glee as they kept pulling me by the hand towards the ladder to the play tunnel. With a hard swallow, I happily obliged. As they were climbing up the ladder, my divining rod swelled and twitched at the site of the deliciously fuckable little tanned ass of the boy right above my head. I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip as I grabbed my sizzling meat and gave it a hard squeeze.

I followed the lad up the ladder with my face as close to his tight cheeks as I could. I was so close I could smell him. I couldn't resist giving myself another hard squeeze. Then I remembered I was allowed to actually touch those little gems of theirs. I was about to touch when he climbed into the tunnel. I followed close behind. As I stuck my head up, I could see several boys crawling away laughing on all fours giving me a perfect view of their little pink holes and their wrinkled nut sacks between their legs. I quickly crawled after the closest boy and was finally able to grab his little legs. He squealed with delight as I pulled him towards me. "Got you, you little sweet cheeks."

"Not fair. Not fair. You cheated!" he said giggling. As I pulled him towards me, my knees were between his opened legs. I gently cupped my hands on his sweet honey buns and squeezed. I closed my eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath as I started massaging those perfectly shaped ass cheeks. I could feel his goosebumps under my hands. This was the first time I had ever touched a boy. I found myself taking quick gasps as I was trying to keep myself from coming to orgasm.

I thought about the small fortune I paid to be here and decided it was time to start cashing in. I parted his little butt cheeks with a lustful smile and started kissing his skin right above his crack. He giggled some more at the slight tickle of my tongue. Then I slowly started sliding my tongue lower and lower aiming for his little bang hole. As I lubricated his starfish with my tongue, I silently complimented whoever was in charge of these boys. They sure did a good job of keeping them clean. The little boy seemed oblivious to my sexual fixations as he casually gathered and played with some sand that had been collecting inside the tube and making shapes with his finger.

I decided it was time for me to do some more exploring. I can't spend too much time on just one boy when there was a whole buffet of them in here. I turned around and started back towards the ladder.

"Hey, where ya goin'?" shouted the little hottie.

"I'm gonna check out some of the other chambers."

"Can you come back and play with me some more?"

I let out an explosive gasp as I felt his little hand massaging my big balls from behind while I was on all fours. I closed my eyes tightly as waves of ecstasy washed over my whole body. I was falling down the rabbit hole of feverish lust. "Oh, yeah. Oh fuck yeah," I moaned as I opened my legs some more for him to continue.

"Ok, see ya later," he yelled as he crawled away. The little boy must've taken my moanfull responses as an agreement for me to come back later. I rested my head on my arm as I tried to pull myself together. If this little intro felt this powerful, I couldn't wait to see what else was waiting for me in this little island of boy fantasies.

After grabbing my robe and slipping it on, I started walking towards the next chamber. The noise of screaming boys and splashing water pulled me in even faster. As I stepped in, my jaw dropped down for the second time at the site of an underwater view of the lower bodies of several naked boys playing in the water through a thick window glass. Son of a bitch, these people were really, really good.


"Harry, do I have to do this?" asked Erik.

I looked up at the sweetness of this exquisite little angel as I rinsed off the soap off his glistening body with the hand held sprayer. "Well, you already agreed to do this, buddy. The client's already here and he specifically chose you cause you're just so dang special. If you don't go through with this, he'll be pretty pissed off. You wouldn't want that, would you?"

"No, but I've never done this before. I have to be in there with him for two whole hours? I'm nervous and I don't think I want to do this anymore."

"Well look, I'm not gonna drag you into that room kicking and screaming, but think about this. If you don't do this, your points will drop down to zero and you'll lose a lot of privileges that you've worked so hard for. How many points do you have right now?"

Erik lowered his head. "More than three thousand."

"Three thousand? You'll loose more than three thousand points, Erik. And I know you've been saving up to order that Millennium Falcon you've been wanting. The one with the flashing lights and the awesome sound effects? You still wanna be able to order that, right?"

Erik slowly nodded his head as I toweled him off. I felt for the little guy. I didn't want this for him any more than he did. But he had already agreed and we had a Solid Gold client who had selected him specifically. I had a job to do. As the Pod Master for this group, it was my job to prep these kids, to coach them, to motivate them, to protect them and to make sure they were as clean as a surgeon's hands. I guess you could say I was like their own father, which in a way I was.

"I'll tell you what I'll do. If you do this, I'll see if I can get you some extra bonus points and we'll write up the order for that Millennium Falcon tonight after you're done. What do you say?"

"Really?" That got him excited. "All right Harry. I'll do it. I won't let you down."

"That's my angel. Hey. Remember, he won't hurt you and we already warned him that he's not supposed to put his wiener inside your tushy, ok? And just in case something goes wrong, you know where the panic buttons are located. Press any one of them and we'll come rushing in. Just remember your training and make him happy so he'll want to come back. You're gonna earn so many points with this job that you'll even have some left over after we place your order. I guarantee it."

"Thanks, Hairy Balls. You're the best."

"You're welcome, Stiffy Lips. You've earned this."

"Come 'ere and I'll show you a stiffy lip," he said holding up a hand fist with that beautiful smile of his.

I remembered back to the first time I introduced myself to him three months ago. He had looked so scared and so sad. "Hey Erik. My name's Harry Stalls, but you can call me Harry." He looked at me and gave me a faint smile like he wanted to laugh. "

"Oh oh. We got half a smile here. I must be doing something right. What do I gotta do to get the rest of that beautiful smile of yours?" He snickered and smiled some more looking at me with those beautiful eyes. "What's so funny? It's ok, you can tell me. I won't get mad."

He gave me a shy smile. "When you said your name, it sounded like you said Hairy Balls." He started giggling.

"Hairy Balls?" I repeated with raised eyebrows. I burst out laughing so hard that Erik slowly started laughing with me.

"Well, Erik. Since I got such a beautiful smile and such a delightful laugh out of you with that, you can call me Hairy Balls whenever you want. You'll be the only one who can call me that. But, whenever you call me that, you're gonna have to give me that beautiful smile again. Deal?"

"Deal," he had said looking more comfortable with his new situation.

I brought myself back to the present and made a final inspection of this handsome boy. Although I've seen little Erik naked so many times already, I never got tired of that sexual impulse that unavoidably ran through my loins at seeing this perfectly sculptured work of art. No matter how much I tried to keep myself detached, I was starting to grow more and more attached to this little one.

"Thanks for doing this for me, little buddy. You know you'll always be my favorite, right? Come here and give me a hug." As I was still on my knees, he walked over cheerfully still naked and gave me a tight bear hug. "Grrrr!" we both growled as we held each other tightly. I sniffed his clean shoulders and wondered if there was any possible way of bottling that distinct scent of his.

Chapter 5
Silhouettes and Golden Trims

Ari's House, Friday Night | Ari:

After toweling ourselves off, I peeked out the door and noticed Timmy had already fallen asleep. After Julian and I tip-toed out, we noticed Timmy had fallen asleep naked with the Playboy on his chest with just his legs under the covers. Me and Julian looked at each other as we grabbed some clean underwear and slipped them on.

"Either he was beating the monkey or he's an exhibitionist."

"A what?" I asked.

"An exhibitionist. You know, someone who likes to show off their bodies."

I looked admiringly at his smooth skin as he slept with his mouth slightly open and started getting some naughty ideas. I tapped Julian on the arm and tipped my head for him to follow me. I opened a drawer from my dresser and started digging around. I pulled out a plastic pouch with a whole bunch of different colored markers and took out a black one. Julian looked at me wide-eyed.

"You wouldn't dare," he giggled.

"Come on," I said whispering trying not to laugh. I knelt down beside the bed and started drawing a mustache with long winding twirls on Timmy's face and a pointed goatee. Then I put a whole bunch of dots under his chin making it look like stubble. Then I went to his nipples and drew woman's breasts around them. We were laughing and giggling so hard that we had trouble keeping the noise down.

"Shhh! You're gonna wake him," Julian hissed laughing even louder than I was. "Here, give me a grey one. I have an idea." He pooped the lid off and started drawing something around Timmy's groin. When his drawing finally started coming into shape, I burst out laughing even more. "Shhh! Quiet," he hissed laughing.

He drew the shape of an elephant using Timmy's willie as the trunk and his nut sack as the mouth. He drew some tusks on the side and drew the ears way too big. Julian leaned against my shoulder with his head buried in his arm as he desperately tried to keep his laughter under control. We were laughing so hard we had tears coming out. I knelt down still laughing to myself and used the black marker to draw little thin pubic hairs.

Julian grabbed Timmy's willie and started moving it around making elephant trumpet sounds. Then I grabbed his nut sack and started moving it like the elephant's mouth. "Dumbo! Dumbo! Dumbo!" We noticed Timmy starting to shift around a little bit and quickly ran into the restroom holding our hands over our mouths as we couldn't keep our laughter in any longer.

"Shut the door. Shut the door," Julian said still laughing.

I took a quick peek at Timmy. "He fell back asleep. We're good." We both held our aching stomachs from laughing so hard.

Julian came behind me putting his hand on my shoulder taking a peek of his own. "We're terrible, aren't we? He's gonna be so pissed off in the morning,"

"Don't worry. The markers are washable. He'll be able to wash all of it off when he showers in the morning."

"Speaking of morning, I better get to bed. I have to get up early for detention."

There was only room for two on the bed, so we left Timmy where he was and Julian said he would sleep on a thin mattress we pulled in from another room. After we turned off the lights and were settled in, I kept staring at the ceiling with my hands behind my head, just thinking about Julian and the things we had done with each other.

When I was in the shower and he came in to pee, I kept trying to think of a way to get him to come in with me. I wasn't sure how he would react to that. I couldn't just ask him to come in without a good excuse. Then I thought about the boiler idea. Our boiler wasn't small at all. In fact, it was pretty large. But that seemed like the perfect excuse.

Mmmm, I had never seen Julian naked before up until now. I didn't even know how much I wanted to see him naked until I actually did. His circumcised willie looked so delicious the way it was pointing straight up. I had a lot of doubts about doing any kind of nasty things with him cause I didn't know if he would get pissed off? When I bent down to rinse my feet, I got a glimpse of Julian kneeling down and checking me out from behind. That gave me the confidence to start being a little more frisky with him.

Then when we started to really get into each other, there were no more doubts about how we both felt. When he wrapped his fingers around my hard willie, I felt like just melting my soul into his. And I don't know what came over me when I got the impulse to drop my willie into his manhole. His beautifully round sexy bum was like a snake charmer swaying and hypnotizing my snake to plunge itself into him. It was like plugging my willie into an electric socket and feeling the current grab a hold of my hooded king cobra. I had never felt such pleasure.

There were so many conflicting thoughts going through my head. I turned around to look down at Julian, marveling at how close he and I had become in the past three months. We had so much fun together and now I felt even more closer to him than anyone else in the world. We had become much more than best friends. But even so, it still felt very alien for me to start putting any labels on our relationship. I just knew that we had to keep this secret from everyone. No one could know or we were both toast.

There was a dim glow coming in through the window from the street lamp outside. I could barely see the outline of Julian's silhouette and noticed he was also staring up at the ceiling like I was. I slowly pulled off my covers and sat up staring at him in the darkness trying to decide whether or not to do what I was thinking of doing. I closed my eyes and wondered what it was about Julian that I couldn't stop thinking about him. I got on my feet as I grabbed my pillow and stepped over towards Julian. He noticed me coming and pulled the covers upwards inviting me to lie down next to him.

"Couldn't sleep either?" he asked whispering as he pulled up the covers.

I shook my head as we lay facing each other, pressing our bodies together. We lightly tapped our foreheads together and just stared into each other's eyes. I put my hand on his cheek and tenderly caressed his hair back from his ear. We brought our lips close and hovered just centimeters away from them touching as we kept staring at each other. After a few seconds of agonizing restraint, we hungrily and passionately pressed our lips together. We were two boys who had found an oasis in the middle of the desert and indulging in the sweet nectar of each other's toungues. He started pulling my underwear off from under the covers and I started pulling his off too as we continued kissing and taking short powerful gasps.

There was no talking, no smiling, no giggling, no wisecracks – just pure, unadulterated passion as we entwined and pretzeled our bodies together in a tight, nail-digging embrace that blossomed into a primordial explosion of newly created stimulations. We were alone in a brand new universe of our very own creation.

Julian turned me around on my stomach and positioned himself on my bum for a special shuttle docking. I heard him spitting into his hand and felt the warmth of his wet fingers as he anointed my southern cross. I squeezed my pillow tightly as I felt his hardness probing and gently entering inside of me. I knew it was gonna be painful, but I still wanted it so bad. I wanted him inside of me. I needed him inside of me.

He started fucksturbating in gentle rhythmic thrusts. His love rod was gliding in and out of me so smoothly and so effortlessly now that the pleasures far outweighed any pains. I pulled up on my knees a little and started wanking myself as our explosive gasps started becoming more pronounced. I was delirious with pleasures so powerful that I felt another explosion coming very, very soon. We started softly moaning each other's names louder and louder as we both neared orgasm. I closed my eyes and stars exploded in my head as I felt Julian's love juice shooting into me, which caused me to feel overpowering orgasmic spasms as my own cumshot geysered downward onto the mattress. We tried to muffle our orgasmic cries as much as we could, but our crescendoing became loud enough to cause Timmy to stir a little. Luckily it wasn't enough to wake him up.

I collapsed on my own jiz with Julian collapsing on top of me as we tried to bring our breathing under control. I felt like falling into a blissful sleep but fought to stay awake. It just wouldn't do for Timmy to wake up and find us in such an awkward position.

Julian pushed himself up and cupped his chin on my shoulder. "Man, Ari. That was sooo… sooo…"

"That was so so?" I asked mildly.

"You know what I mean, smart ass."

"I know," I replied laughing still trying to catch my breath. "You were so so too. Sooo, sooo… wicked."

"You think there's enough hot water for another shower?"

"Oh, absolutely," I said smiling.

The Agency, Friday Evening | Jerry:

With my mouth still open I approached the crystal clear window with a full display of naked boys kicking and gyrating slightly above my head. Three of the older ones swimming underwater with face masks noticed me and quickly swam over to the glass. They stuck their heads up to catch a breath and came back down, waving their hands at me.

They started pointing their fingers at their growing boner dicks and started grabbing their crotches seductively. Two of them came closer and pressed their eye-popping boners against the glass and started wiggling it around. The third one came closer, turned around and opened up his butt cheeks exposing his wet starfish. They all started making 'come here' signs with their hands and pointing again at their dicks invitingly.

I looked around and found a staircase twisting upwards into the ceiling. Going swimming with a bunch of skinny-dipping boys? Couldn't get any better than that, right? Or could it? With me being such a big guy, I could do all sorts of things with these little devils without worrying about crushing them under my own weight. It's not that I was fat or anything. I was just big boned and tried to keep myself in shape. As I was heading towards the staircase, I heard a soft voice from the speakers.

"Attention please. Attention please. Our very special performance will commence in five minutes. You may proceed to Studio C-5 at your convenience." The male voice repeated the announcement a second time.

Special performance? That's right. Phil told me that I should definitely not miss this one. I looked at the naked boys underwater, then at the staircase, and then at the speakers. Damn. I guess I could come back here later whenever I wanted. I started looking for Studio C-5 as my curiosity got the better of me. Ah, there it is. The attendant looked at the color of my bracelet and opened the entrance door for me.

The place looked like a regular cantina with high-rising chairs in front of an extra wide bar. Wine and beer glasses were perfectly lined up on the shelves against the mirrored wall and an impressive jukebox was placed at the end. Phil and the other gentleman were already there sitting down having a beer.

"Jerry, have a seat. What do you think of the place so far?"

"Mmmm," I responded closing my eyes with a big smile.

"Listen, no matter how tempted you are to, you know, unload? Don't, cause you'll regret it. Wait until the end and then think back to which studio was the most arousing for you. Then, just go there and then you can unload. Know what I mean?"

"That's gonna be hard."

Phil and the other guy started laughing at my unintended pun. "Yup. You bet it's gonna be hard. Here, have a beer," he said opening a can of Budweiser for me.

"So, what's going on in here?"

Phil looked at his watch. "Just sit back and enjoy. It's about to start."

After about a couple of minutes, the jukebox suddenly sprung to life and started playing some kind of exotic music. Then the doors burst open with such a bang that I thought we were being raided by the cops. Instead, three young bare footed boys around 12 years old burst in wearing some kind of sultry costumes usually worn by belly dancers. My breathing and heartrate cranked up to overdrive at the incredible beauty of these boys.

They each wore an azure colored, narrow front and back semi-transparent cloth with golden trim. The flimsy cloth dropped from their waists down to the floor, leaving their hips seductively exposed. Underneath they wore very low fitting tanga bikinis with string sides and loosely sewn pouches that were so tiny that there was just enough room for their expanding love rods and nut sack. They were shirtless with matching colored bow ties around their necks. They had short hair slicked up in very handsome boy styles.

The boys came in swaying to the music seductively waving and twirling long ribbons of the same material as the other cloth. They swiveled our chairs around, opened up our robes and slipped them off. Then they climbed up to straddle us putting their legs between the chair cushion and the arm rest and also wrapping their ribbons around our necks. They kept thrusting their tiny tanga sacks against our very excited hard-ons to the sound of the beat. One boy for each of us – how thoughtful. They each took a swig from our beer cans, pulled on the ribbons to bring us closer, and pressed their lips against ours, passing the liquid from their mouths to ours as they dragged their fingers through our hair. It was amazing how their movements perfectly matched the rhythm of the exotic music.

I kept forgetting that I could touch their young bodies and that I could openly stare at them. I was so used to pretending to not look, always afraid that someone would eventually yell child molester. My self-preservation instincts made it very hard for me to loosen up. I slowly started caressing the smooth body of the boy on my lap as they all continued with their routine.

They extricated themselves from our raging lap boners and ran off to the end of the studio and climbed up on top of the bar. Different colored spot lights popped on and started swinging around Hollywood style as the boys continued their dance routine using the bar as a stage forcing us to quickly grab our beers so they wouldn't knock them down. These boys were very good. They were true belly dancers by every sense of the word. Their hips swiveled and swayed expertly as they rotated themselves with their arms going up and down to the music.

Then they all turned around and started kicking their back cloths in our direction. I noticed Phil reached out to grab the cloth and started pulling it off. Man, I'm having so much fun, I thought as I too pulled off the cloth of the boy in front of me, giving us a view of their bikini strings disappearing into their round butt cheeks. Still swaying to the music, they got on all fours and started shaking their butts in front of our faces. I reached out and cupped my hands on those sumptuous melons of the closest boy, wondering if I was breaking any rules. Apparently not, because the other guys were also doing the same thing.

After a few seconds of butt shaking, they stood up, rotated positions, turned around and started swinging their front cloths in our direction. Already knowing what to do, we started pulling those off as well, leaving the boys with only their tangas on. The boys sat on their knees, leaned back on their arms, opened their legs and started raising their hips in rhythmic motions. I had both hands on my face in lustful disbelief. The eroticism of these boys was just so incredible. Their faces and their chests had a thin glean of sweat from all the exertion.

They stood up, switched places again, and slipped their ribbons through their tanga strings pulling them down half ways. They used their hips to swing the ribbons in our directions. Holy fuck, I started feeling a sense of flush going down my body and felt goosebumps all over after realizing what they were inviting us to do. Me and the guys just looked at each other with wide smiles as we each took a hold of one of their ribbons and started to slowly pull their tangas down as the boys kept dancing to the music.

The sight of their boners popping out of their sacks was more than I could bear. I had the strongest urge to just unload right here and now. They were dancing completely naked now wearing only their bow ties around their necks. They continued their belly dancing routine forcing me to momentarily close my eyes making me ponder the injustice of why men couldn't orgasm multiple times like women could. I opened my eyes to behold their vertical boners swinging along with their hips to the catchy song.

They got on their knees again and leaned back on their arms with their legs wide open. I saw Phil and the other guy reach out and start masturbating their very impressive boners. My breathing started turning into gasps as I held myself back for a moment afraid that once I felt that hard cock in my hands, I was just gonna explode and ruin the rest of my visit here. This little dancing orgasm in front of me started emphasizing his enormous gift package to me and started sliding his hip closer and closer to my face.

Ah, fuck it. I took a long swig of my beer and decided to dive in. But instead of masturbating him, I slid that beautiful cock inside my mouth. The young lad lobbed his head back in ecstatic pleasure at this welcome turn of events. This was the very first time I had anyone's dick inside my mouth and decided that only boy's dicks would do from now on. The boy was being very considerate as he slowed the rhythm of his body movements so I could maximize the experience. I couldn't believe I had a boy's dick in my mouth as I massaged his developing balls and twirled his burning rod with my tongue.

Then I started feeling weird as I noticed the guys and the other boys staring at me with teasing smiles. Shit, the music had stopped and I hadn't even noticed. All three boys got on their feet and ran off to the end of the bar to climb down. They ran back towards us, climbed on our chairs and straddled us like they did before. Except this time they were completely and wonderfully naked. I could feel the boy pressing his boner against mine as he wrapped his arms around me and started Frenching me without so much as a 'How do you do'. But I didn't care. Tonight was turning out to be the best night of my entire life, especially after the performance of this harem of little boys.

"So, how did you like my naked body?" the boy asked with a sultrous voice as he kept grinding his groin against mine.

"Magical. Just magical," I said looking down at his golden skin. The boy leaned himself back giving me a chance to suck on those perky crowned nipples of his.

"Are you having fun? Are you gonna miss me? Are you gonna wanna see me naked again?" he asked tickling the inside of my ears with his fingers while stroking my fat sausage with the other hand.

"Yes, yes, and ohhh yessss. Every second," I gasped back as I closed my eyes with surging desires.

The boy gave me a final thrust of his beautiful boner and looked at me with the most sensuous smile. "Well then, I guess you're gonna have to come back pretty soon, right?" He blew air into my ear and said one of the most erotic things I've heard in my life. "By the way, I'm one of the fuckable ones. Get on the waiting list and ask for #53 and I'll let you fuck me allll… night… looong," he moaned with his eyes closed while fingering my hard nipples with those delicate hands.

As if on some kind of cue, all three boys climbed down from our chairs and filed out the entrance door leaving us staring at their curvatious lust butts and leaving me gasping for air. The show was over. Phil walked up to me as we slipped into our robes. "What did I tell you, huh? I dare you to tell me that this wasn't worth every single penny you paid."

I swallowed hard thinking about what that boy had just told me and the things he had done to me. "Actually, I would've paid more," I said looking towards the entrance replaying the exact words of that fuckable little boy and seriously contemplating putting myself on that most coveted list. He was good. I was never gonna forget #53.

"Well, just don't let the Agency know that."

Chapter 6
Gold Members and Blind Spots

The Agency | Jerry:

My senses were on fire. Every single one of them. I was lying on a small cot in a small room staring up at the jiggling testicles of a naked boy tapping my nose as his dick slipped in and out of my mouth while I massaged his cushiony bon-bons. While the boy was sitting on my face, he was leaning down pumpjacking my overstimulated and ready to erupt volcano with his mouth. The view of his scrotum, the smell of his sweat, the taste of his perked-up dick – all my five senses and maybe a few more were acutely enhanced to maximize the full enjoyment of this highly erotic experience.

At the same time, a second boy had his face between my raised knees licking my scrotum and massaging my giant balls. I closed my eyes tightly in sexual orgasmic agony. How much more of this can I endure without succumbing to a caldera of an eruption. Just looking at their faces alone would be enough for me to shoot them with my loaded rod.

Oooooh… Jeeeeze! I twisted my body to get the boys off me as I felt myself in the throes of a most powerful orgasm. I managed to squeeze my groin muscles so tight that I was able to stave it off. That was close. That was way too close. I don't want this to be over yet. I still have that two-hour grand finale with that sexy as fuck surfer-looking little dude I picked out from the binder of photos I was looking through.

I need to get out of here. I gently pulled the little pumpjacker off me and sat up. "Sorry boys. You guys were just wonderful but I ahh… I gotta go. So, yeah."

"What'sa matter, mister. Didn't you like how I was sucking your dick? Don't' you wanna keep having sex with us? Just tell us what you want us to do and we'll do it. Anything at all."

What the hell is wrong with me? I'm about to say no to having more sex with two gorgeous naked little boys? Something that I've been fantasizing about doing my entire adult life? "Well, it's just that I gotta uhm… I gotta pee," I lied. Well, maybe not too much of a lie. "Hey, but you boys were just so heavenly sexy. You boys were just great. More than great. You were sooo…" The two boys shrugged me off and went at it on their own, sucking each other in the classic 69 postion. Mmmm, just watching those two little sex kittens and the way they were… wooo hooo hooo Nelly. I need to get myself out of here, now.

I grabbed my robe and stepped out without looking back. I need to go somewhere where I can distract myself and decompress. Somewhere where I can give my body time to rest and reset from all the constant stimulations. As I was leaning against the wall, I noticed a sign on the opposite side.

D'erections to Relief Stations

I vaguely remembered what they told us during orientation about several stations being available where we could go take a break to avoid being over-stimulated. These people thought about everything, didn't they? I stepped over to look at the map and headed to the nearest station. I stood in front of the entrance and read the sign.


"Seriously? Where do these people come up with this stuff?" I asked myself with a chuckle as I stepped inside. It was a small room with a TV hooked up to a cable box. I sat down on the recliner and noticed the pre-cum that was still oozing out of me. I grabbed some tissue and started cleaning myself up. I started flipping through the channels and landed on National Geographic. Two African elephants were humping each other and the male started spraying his sperm all over the back of the female. Eeuw! Well, that certainly started doing the trick as I noticed my boner slowly deflating.

I flipped through some more channels and landed on a commercial of some new movie coming out called E.T. about some stupid looking little alien who happens to like Reeses Pieces. Really? Are they serious? That movie's gonna be a total flop. The little boy looks pretty sexy, though.

Ahhh, I started feeling a whole lot better now. My hornyness was finally starting to ease up. My dick didn't look like it was getting ready to burst anymore. Then that view of the boy's butt sitting on my face popped into my mind causing something else to start popping up again. Where's the remote? I need to get back to that National Geographic channel again.

Monitor Room | Harry:

"Hey guys. How's the feed coming in," I asked as I walked into the monitoring station.

"Everything checks out, Harry. We have a green light on all video monitors and so far our three guests have been behaving themselves with the boys."

"Yeah? No black-outs? No dead zones? No rule violations?"

"Relax, Harry. Everything looks as perfect as that little boy's butt," remarked the attendant with a smile as he was looking at one of the monitors. One of the boys unintentionally gave everyone a full moon as he bent down in front of one of the cameras to pick up a frisbee he was playing with on the playground.

I studied the monitors as they cycled through several cameras throughout the Agency. "Wait, can you go back to the shower room camera?" The camera showed Phil in the locker room shower being lathered all over by several boys. "We need to adjust the camera angle to get rid of that blind spot right there. See it?"

"Yeah, ok. I'll get someone on it."

"Where's the other guy?"

"Uhm, let me check. There he is. He's in the massage room rubbing oil on a row of boys."

"Ok, well everything looks good. I have our Gold Member waiting in the Gold Studio already. Can we get a static monitor for that camera for the whole two hours?"

"No problem, Harry. I've already got an override on that monitor and we're already live. Ah, shit."


"I'm getting a flashing light on some of the cameras. Looks like it's the entire feed from the storage room. They keep blacking out."

"Ok, well write up a work order for it. Right now the storage room is not a priority."

Ok. Everything else looks good. So why do I still feel nervous? Although Erik hasn't said anything, he still looks like he's having some doubts about doing this two-hour stint. Even I'm having doubts about Erik doing this. I don't even know why the Agency allows these kinds of stunts. It's risky and it's dangerous. And something about this Jerry fellow just doesn't feel right. I guess I should give him the benefit of the doubt. He has been behaving himself and hasn't broken any rules yet. I wouldn't have any credible reason to stop this encounter even if I wanted to. I better go have another talk with Erik before he decides to change his mind again.

Gold Studio #1 | Jerry:

"Aaah, this is it. The grand finale. My pecker was locked and loaded again and was at full attention just thinking about spending two whole hours with that boy I picked out. I remember it took me about half an hour trying to decide which boy I wanted. They're all so damn hot, and I could only pick one. The attendant must've asked me four times if I had decided which boy I wanted. I finally decided on that little guy. He would be just perfect. That sexy smile with the slight gap on his two front teeth; those sexy hazel eyes; that dirty blonde longish hair that covered part of his eyes; that lithe body, so sumptuous and exquisite – mmm, mmm, MMM!

I'm glad he wasn't naked on the photo. I hope he's somewhat clothed when he walks in. I want to unravel his nakedness slowly and passionately with my very own hands. I looked around the room they had me waiting in. It looked a little luxurious, come to think of it. The whole place was carpeted, including the walls. There were plush cushions everywhere; a couple of bean bags; a queen-sized bed with wooden vertical beams on the headboard and silky covers and pillow cases. Wow. Even a ceiling mirror. Impressive. These people spared no expense. They better not after those exorbitant prices they've charged me.

I still wasn't quite clear what exactly was going to happen or what the expectations were going to be. Was he going to do some kind of performance for me like the boys in the cantina? Was he going to control the chain of events or was I? Well, whatever happens, this had better be worth it for what I paid for.

I jerked my head around as I started hearing some faint yelling from the distance. The yelling started getting closer and closer. Whatever was going on, someone started bumping against the entrance door. Some man was arguing with some little boy just on the other side of the door.

"I already told you I don't wanna do this," hissed the boy loudly.

"And I already told you that you don't have a choice. The client chose you and now you're stuck with it. Now stop screwing around and get in there. NOW!"

"FUCK YOU, HARRY! I'm not going in there and you can't make me!"

"We'll see about that you little shit. Come'ere!"


The door slammed open and a man stumbled in with his arm around the chest of a very pissed off boy struggling to free himself from his tight grip. It was the boy I had selected. "For the next two hours, he's your problem. Have a pleasant evening," the man said to me with a sarcastic smile as he dropped the boy on the floor and slammed the door behind him as he ran out the entrance.

"HARRY, COME BACK HERE! LET ME OUT! I SAID I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS! LET ME OUT YOU SON OF A BITCH! HEY!" the boy yelled pounding on the door and trying to yank it open.

What the hell was going on here? Is this some kind of joke? Is this what the so-called Solid Gold Membership is getting me? Some pissed off kid? What am I supposed to do now? Force him to have sex with me?

Wait a minute. Wait just a dang minute. I remembered that cryptic questionnaire they had me filling out. They had all these questions about my preferences and my fetishes and the different fantasies that I wanted included in my package deal. I remembered putting a check mark on the fantasy about me forcefully stripping a boy who didn't give in so easily. That's what's going on here. It must be. This is too good to be true.

The hottie was wearing tight fitting leopard style silky shorts with a matching vest over his bare chest. Well, well, well, my little sex kitten. I think it's time we started this little dance. "Hey my little dude. What's your name?"

"FUCK YOU, MAN! I'm not your 'little dude'," he said quoting his fingers. "Just stay the fuck away from me, all right," he said with a seething stare.

"Oooh, feisty. I'm liking you more and more already," I said as I started taking my robe off. Oh, this is gonna turn out a lot better than I expected. My wildest fantasy of forcefully stripping a young boy while he was fighting back was the most erotic thing in the world for me. And it was about to come true. This was much more pleasurable than having some whimpering crybaby, although I wouldn't mind one of those too.

"You try putting that thing in my mouth and I swear I'll chew it off and spit it back in your face, you hear me?"

Mmmm… ohhhh yeah. Just looking at that angry face of his and hearing that seething voice sent shivers of hornyness throughout my body. I faked a lunge in his direction which made him run to the corner. I started stepping closer to him with my arms wide open ready to catch him.


"Come to papa, my little wild boy." I faked a right and smiled as he predictably ran left. I was barely able to catch his vest as he passed by but was also able to pull him towards me and grab him around the chest as his vest fell off."

"Let go… of me," he said with a strangled voice as he struggled to pry my beefy hands off him. He started becoming more feisty as his struggle became more intense. As his arms were flailing and his legs were kicking, I slammed him on the mattress of the bed. I hooked one of my thumbs on his shorts and struggled to pull them off.

"Noooo, stop it! Stop… stop it!

It was quite a struggle as he continued fighting furiously. But the more he fought, the more aroused I got. I finally managed to pull his shorts off completely leaving me drooling at the sight of his flimsy white underwear that was so small and so tight that it left the base of his dick slightly exposed. Mmmm, that's gonna be my next target.

I noticed something poking out from the headboard. It was a pair of soft wrist loops tied to the wooden beams. Oh, this is perfect. I quickly tied the boy's hands on the loops as he continued struggling. As expected, he was getting more and more tired by the minute. I pressed my arm over his thighs to try to keep them still as I lasciviously studied the outlines of what was waiting for me under that flimsy underwear.

When the boy saw the way I was ogling his package, he started struggling harder again. I smiled lustily at him as I hooked my thumb under his undies. His eyes went wild as he figured out what I was about to do.

"Don't! Don't you dare, you ASSHOLE! I swear you're gonna be sorry for this."

I looked at the bulge under that thin white fabric and closed my eyes relishing every single moment of this close encounter of the erotic kind. I pulled one side of the cloth just a few inches, giving myself my own sexual tease. Then I pulled the other side to even it out. I placed my index finger on the cloth right over his bulge and started sliding it over the tip of his penis. Oooh… Oooh yeah. There it is. There's his little rocket rising up out of its silo nice and strong. His undies were tenting up pretty nicely now.

"You ready, little buddy? You ready to get naky naky?" I asked as I slowly continued pulling down that flimsy cloth.

The boy suddenly turned into a bucking pony as he made one last ditch effort to free himself. "NOOO, YOU WON'T GET AWAY WITH THIS! LET ME GO! LET ME GO! YOU'RE GONNA FUCKING PAY FOR THIS, YOU HEAR ME?"

"Yeah, baby. Oooh yeah, baby. I love to hear you squeal. That's what I'm talking about." The boy kept bucking as I managed to forcibly yank those undies down to his bent knees. This hottie was a fighter. He was a feisty one. This was sooo sooo AWEEESOOOME!

Monitor Room | Harry:

One of the attendants turned around from the monitor to look at me with a wide smile. "Damn, Harry. Your little Erik is good. Are you sure he's been acting this whole time? He looks so convincing." he said admiringly.

"Yeah, I'm sure." I looked at the video monitor proudly as Erik kept struggling on the bed. "We actually practiced several different scenarios together until I felt he was ready for this. It's his first time. He's a natural, isn't he? He's got a lot of spunk, I'll tell you that."

"Well, he almost convinced even me. That little guy is gonna be a rising star. Are you sure he's gonna be all right? This creep's a real sicko."

"Well, Erik knows that there are several triggers he can use to set off the alarm. There's actually a horizontal trip wire hidden on the wall right behind the headboard. If anything goes wrong, all he has to do is slip his hand through the wooden grill and pull down on the wire which will set off the alarm instantly. We've gone through several practice runs. He knows what he's doing. There's no doubt about it," I said confidently.

Come on little buddy. I sure hope you know what you're doing. You're doing good so far. You can do this. Just keep to your training, just like we practiced it. Don't make him so mad that he'll want to hit you. But don't make him so aroused that he'll want to fuck you either. I felt a momentary surge of anger mixed with jealousy from watching the scene playing out. Damn, why did Erik have to agree to do this? I should've talked him out of it while I still had the chance. I stared at the burly guy on the monitor as he was pinning my little Erik down. You better not fuck him up, you bastard, or I swear I'll kill you.

"Do me a favor. Please don't take your eyes off the monitor for a second. If anything goes wrong, it's gonna happen really fast."

"You got it, Harry."

Gold Studio #1 | Jerry:

This little guy was finally drained of energy from all his struggling. I had him completely naked now, just like I dreamed of having him ever since I laid eyes on his picture. Even though he wasn't struggling anymore, he still had that pissed off look that looked just so arousing. I kept fondling his entire crotch area so that he would maintain that awesome erection of his.

I placed my nose right in front of his velvety boner and took a deep sniff. He tried to struggle again, but gave up instantly as he was completely drained of energy by now. I stared at his circumcised penis up close for a few seconds, just taking in this powerfully erotic view. His nut sack was developing very nicely. I started massaging his boner gently with my thumb and index finger and watched his expression. I started laughing at his continued murderous stare.

I started rubbing my hand over his smooth, hairless pubic area. Not a single hair, just the way I liked it. His smooth testicles under my fingers felt even more silky than the real silk of the pillow cases. I slowly raised up his knees and laid down on my stomach resting my chin on the bed right between his legs, taking another long look and another long sniff. I opened up his ass cheeks with my fingers exposing his pink pussy hole. This dream boy was completely clean. I gently touched the tip of my tongue on his bang hole and slowly started lubricating that tasty starfish of his.

There was no more struggling and no more complaining. This is exactly the way I had imagined it. He'll start with the struggling and the yelling and the feistiness. Then he'll slowly turn into this calm and docile little sex toy, just like a fawn in complete resignation of its fate after being caught in some animal trap. Mmmm, his hole was so tasty and so inviting. I was feeling delirious with desire. I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I wanted to be inside of this lustful creature. This would be the ultimate crowning of my grand finale. To be able to unload inside this innocent sex kitten.

Red flags started popping into my head. Sounds from the orientation kept running through my mind. Don't fuck the boys… fucking the boys is strictly forbidden… don't hurt the boys… the rules will be enforced at all times. Yeah, well fuck the rules. Nobody's watching anyways. As soon as I deflower this little sex toy and unload inside of him, I'll pat myself on the back and call it a good day. A few more seconds of lubrication and he'll be ready. Shit, but there's only one problem. There might be blood stains.

I quickly turned him around on his stomach and untied his hands. I wrapped my arms around his chest and his arms and prepared to pick him up from behind.

"Hey! What are you doing," cried the boy looking scared.

"Don't worry about it. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. I know I will."

"But… let's just stay here on the bed. Look, it's nice and silky and very, very comfortable, see? I won't struggle anymore. I promise."

"You don't get it, kid. The struggle was the best part," I said as I started picking him up. The boy quickly grabbed the wooden grill of the headboard and held on, trying to pull himself closer to it as if he was trying to reach for something.

"Let go you little bitch. I have a cargo to unload and you're gonna be my damn loading dock," I said yanking him free.

"Ok, ok, I'll struggle. Look, I'm struggling, see? Come on, big guy. Put me back on the bed and I'll struggle all you want."

"He he he. You're funny, kid." I placed the boy face down on one of the bean bags on the opposite corner and pinned him under my big frame. I spit on my hand and stuck my fingers between his warm ass cheeks feeling for his little crevasse. I used my middle finger, of all things, to insert it in and out a few times. Then I pulled it out and gave it a good sniff. Then I spit on my hand again and lubricated my own torpedo which was armed and ready for launch.

"What… what are you doing? Hey, what are you doing?" The kid made a futile effort to pull himself up.

I placed my hard cock on the tip of his crack and slowly started sliding it downward searching for the event horizon of his little black hole. My eyes rolled into my head when I felt my cock sliding into him.

"Hey, you can't do that. You're not supposed to do that. Stop. Oww, you're hurting me. Get off me. Please!"

"Yeah, baby. Squeal for me. Oh, yeah.

Monitor Room | Harry:

"So you let the boys in your group call you Hairy Balls?" asked the attendant laughingly as he turned his head to look at me.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Hey, whatever makes them laugh and feel more comfortable. Unlike some of the other Pod Masters, I actually care about these little guys. I've built a rapport with them. They trust me. They know that I'm gonna protect them and that I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to them. Did you know that my group is one of the top earners for the Agency? It's true. Happy boys equals happy clients, right? They perform well because they don't want to disappoint me. That, my friend, that is the trait of a true leader. I want them to perform well, not out of fear, but out of respect."

"Well, you've certainly earned that respect. I've heard rumors that there are a lot of boys from the other groups asking to be transferred to your group."

"Really? That's the nicest things I've heard all day. Maybe I should have a talk with the other Pod Masters and give them some…" Wait a minute. Something's not right. There was something missing. I squinted my eyes at the video monitor where Erik was supposed to be.

"Hey! Where'd they go?"

"Where'd who go?"

"Erik and that creep. They're not on the bed anymore. Where'd they go?" I noticed some movement on the bottom corner of the monitor. I could barely see the bottom of a man's legs making thrusting-like movements. Shit! Shit! Shit!

"We've got a Code Red!" I shouted pointing at the monitor. "Hit the alarm! HIT THE ALARM!"

The attendant turned around in a panic as he punched the silent alarm that only the attendants could hear through their ear pieces. "Code Red! Code Red, Gold Studio #1. I say again, we have a Code Red in Gold Studio #1."

I yanked the door open and sprinted towards the studio. Other attendants started running and scrambling along side of me. "GO, GO, GO!" I shouted with a sense of dread at the pit of my stomach. Please be all right. Please be all right.

A burly attendant slammed through the door of the studio causing one of the hinges to come loose. As I ran into the room, the creep looked back at us with an incredulous stare while poor Erik was pinned under him crying out in pain. Oh, he's dead. He is so dead. But first I'm gonna rip those fucking balls off of him. I lunged myself towards him reaching for his throat, but I was held back by the other attendants.

"Whoa, there Harry. Calm down. Hey, calm down, man. We'll take care of this, ok? Trust me."

"Hey, what's going on?" yelled the creep. "I have a Gold Membership. You can't do this to me. Hey, what are you doing? Let go of me. LET GO OF ME! I have a Gold Membership!" It took four attendants to get the big guy subdued and get some zip ties around his wrists.

"Whatever you're gonna do to this son of a bitch, I wanna throw the first blow." I was infuriated as I tried to lunge myself at him again. "YOU SON OF A BITCH. I'M GONNA RIP THOSE NUTS OFF AND SHOVE'EM DOWN YOUR FUCKING THROAT, YOU HEAR ME?"

The attendant put his hands in front of me as the other attendants held me back. "Look, I know your upset Harry, but the best thing you can do right now is take the boy to the infirmary. He needs medical attention. We'll take care of this. I promise you. He's not going anywhere. Ok?… OK?"

I looked at poor Erik lying in a fetal position silently sobbing to himself. This was all my fault. I should've checked for blind spots in the room. I shouldn't have distracted the attendant in the monitor room.

I grabbed the bedsheet and wrapped it around his body while I picked him up and hugged him. "Harry!" he cried as he hugged me tight around my neck.

"I know, little buddy. I know," I whispered into his ear. "I am so, so sorry. I'm taking you to the infirmary where they're gonna fix you right up, ok?" I said with a fake smile. The Agency needs to stop granting these stupid fantasies immediately. This is not what I signed up for. I don't care what I have to do, but I am not allowing one single member of my group to go through this type of fantasy again. I swear to God.

Chapter 7
Lollipops and Condoms

Ari's house, Saturday morning | Ari:

Julian stepped out of the restroom naked and started caressing my naked body. He reached down to my nethers with his hands and started glazing my nut sack with my own pre-cum. He straddled me and eased my willy slowly into his bum hole, gripping it gloriously as he tightened his sphincter around it over and over again. Then another Julian stepped out of the restroom and started French kissing me. Then a third Julian came out and started caressing my nipples and the rest of my body. My body was writhing with indescribable pleasures as more and more naked Julians kept coming out.

The fog of sleep slowly started lifting as I gradually started waking up. Nooo. Why did I have to wake up now? I tried to force myself to fall back asleep and get back to that wonderful dream. Nothing. Damn. I opened my eyelids just a sliver and almost jumped when I noticed Timmy kneeling down next to me on the bed in his underwear. My covers had been pulled over exposing my undies. Timmy's hand was cupped over my bulge as he gently squeezed my semi-boner over the underwear. Then he delicately pulled the edge of my undies upward to take a peek inside.

I felt so violated. I felt so exposed, humiliated, embarrassed. That little perv. I felt so, I felt so… excited? Son of a bitch. I felt my boner getting bigger. Who am I kidding? Julian and I basically did the same thing to him. As my boner got bigger and bigger, Timmy's smile started getting wider and wider. I almost blew my cover of pretending to be asleep by almost bursting out laughing. I think I'll have a little fun with the little bugger.

"You wanna touch it?"

Timmy jumped back with a gasp. "Wh… what? NO! I don't wanna touch that. Eeuw. I was just… I was just… I don't wanna touch that," he exclaimed looking around frantically.

I reached into the drawer of my night stand with a smile and pulled out a lollipop. I held it up for him to see it, put my hand in my underwear and pulled it out. "How about now? You did ask me if I wanted to put some more lollipops down there, remember?" I asked giving him my sexiest look.

Timmy swallowed. "I ah… I'm not… what are you talking about?"

"You did say that when we were in Nathan's car, remember?"

"Yeeaah, I guess so."


Timmy looked at me, squinting his eyes. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah. I'll let you do a replay," I said with a snicker trying not to laugh. Timmy looked at my undies, then at me, then back to my undies. He inched himself closer with a look of lustful fascination. He reminded me of the movie of King Kong and the way the big ape was gazing at the hot lady sitting on his giant hand under the water falls. I noticed the ink on his face and on his body had smeared. It's probably all over the pillow and the bed sheet. Shit, I'm gonna have to wash those before my father sees them.

He pulled up the edge of my undies and took another peak. Then, with his tongue sticking out from the corner of his mouth, he gingerly slipped his hand in and started digging around. I pressed my head down against my pillow at the familiar sensations. I could feel his probing fingers between my butt cheeks and under my boner which by now was parallel to my stomach.

"I can't find it."

"You wanna check some more?" I asked hopefully.

"Suuure," he said with a smile. Mmmm… he had the most delicate fingers. I opened my legs a little wider to facilitate his probing. My hips started responding to his sensual touching by slowly rotating left and right.

"I still can't find it."

"Well, maybe you should take a closer look."


"Wouldn't it be easier to look if you pulled them down?"

Timmy looked embarrassed and gave me shy smile, which made my arousal even stronger.

"You're right. It would make it aaah lllot easier to look for it," he said giggling staring at my tented undies still looking embarrassed. He leaned over and slowly pulled my undies off to my knees. After a short pause, he decided to slip them off completely. He started biting his lower lip as he drank in my naked body. He gave me a jolt as he grabbed my testies and pulled them up, still looking for that lollipop. Then another jolt as he moved my boner left and right. He could've just used his finger to do that, but instead wrapped all his fingers around my willie to move it around. Then he opened my legs wider and separated my butt cheeks.

"I don't think it's here," he said giggling with the widest smile. "I've checked underneath your nuts, underneath your wiener and in between your butt cheeks. Still can't find it."

I lifted my arm and opened my hand revealing the lollipop on my palm. "Surprise. I had it all this time."

Timmy started laughing out loud. "Surprise. I knew you had it all this time," he said looking even more embarrassed.

What a perv. I liked him. This little bugger is starting to grow on me – in more ways than one.


"Shit, someone's here. Where'd you leave my undies?"

"I don't know. I left them right there. They're somewhere in the covers."


I quickly grabbed my red robe and slipped it on as I ran downstairs. I looked through the peep hole. Oh, cool. It was Nathan.


Maybe Ari's still asleep. I decided to ring his doorbell a second time. I felt relieved when I heard the door unlocking and saw the door open.

"Hey Nathan. What's up? Come on in," Ari said smiling.

"What's up, dude. Are you alone in the house?"

"Well, my dad's at work and Timmy spent the night. He's upstairs," he said as he closed the door.

"Hey, that's a nice robe you got there. You get that for Christmas?"

"Yeah. My dad gave it to me. You like it? It's so soft. Look, feel it."

I stepped closer and started feeling the soft red fabric with my fingers. The sight of that cherry red silky robe over such honey golden skin and that golden hair almost made me swoon. That was one of the most arousing combination of colors I'd seen in a long time. My eyes were drawn to the long opening of his robe which nicely revealed a good portion of his chest. I wonder if he's naked down there. I don't know what it was about this kid that always made my loins stir every time I saw him. Ever since I saw him completely nude during his initiation, the image of his naked body kept festering inside my mind. I've had dreams of his soft hands going through my crotch looking for that lollipop. Shit, he even looked hotter than my girlfriend Becky.

"Hey, can I try it on?" I asked impulsively. What the hell am I doing?

"Try it on?" he asked confused.

I decided to take a shot. No going back now. "Yeah. Can I take off my shirt off and try it on? I wanna see how soft it feels. You know, to see if I wanna buy one for myself."

Ari looked down at his robe and looked up at me with an embarrassed smile. "Well, I don't have anything under and ah…"

"Dude, what's the big deal? I've already seen you naked as a jaybird, remember?"

"You mean you want to try it on right now? Here?"

Damn. Maybe I'm taking this a little too far. "S'all right, man. No big deal. I can try it on later."

Ari gave me the cutest shrug of his shoulders with a slight blush. "Nah, it's ok. You can try it on now. Like you said, you've already seen me naked as a jaybird, right? Take off your shirt."

"If you say so." I quickly pulled off my T-shirt, hoping that he wouldn't change his mind. I stood in front of Ari expectantly trying to keep my rising cock from showing too much. Ari put his hands on the belt and slowly untied it leaving a narrow gap top to bottom exposing the tip of his semi-boner. Ari opened his robe, slowly slipped it off, and held it up for me. The sight of his naked body gave me such a surge of impulses that I must've looked like a dufuss as I felt my right cheek starting to twitch. I paused for a few seconds more than I should have as I gazed at that golden naked delight. I wouldn't consider myself uncultured not to appreciate the artistic beauty of the naked form. And damn, that was mightily artistic. Pfff. Who am I kidding? Artistic my ass. He has a hot body and I want it.

I slowly grabbed the robe from his hand and slipped it on while keeping my eyes on the wonder of his nakedness. He kept looking down and then looking up at me with a wide embarrassed smile, almost laughing. His arms kept moving as if he didn't know what to do with them, finally resting them flat against his hips. His semi-erection had turned into a full one which prompted him to cross his arms trying to hide it.

I stepped closer to him and swallowed hard as we locked our eyes on each other. "It must feel sooo soft," I said softly with a slight tremble as I looked down at his smooth skin and the respectable size and angle of his dangle with the low hanging twins. "I mean, uhm… your robe, it feels so soft."

Ari kept looking into my eyes. "You have no idea," he said matching my soft tone.

I slowly slipped the robe off and handed it back to Ari. "Thank you, Ari. That looks very nice… FEELS very nice is what I meant to say. I definitely need to get myself some of that. Uhm… I mean, get myself some of those," I said smiling. All right Nathan, keep it together.

Ari held the robe for a few seconds and started pulling it back on, noticeably tying the belt as loosely as he could. I felt some very good vibes between us just now. I've been flirting around with so many chicks to know that Ari's as much into me as I'm into him. And I definitely want to be into him.

"Hey Nathan. You wanna come up to my room so I can give you back your magazines?"

"That's why I'm here, golden boy. Lead the way." As Ari was climbing the stairs, I gave myself enough space to take a peak under his robe at his naked buns as they shifted left and right as he was climbing. I noticed Ari climbing up a little too slow and using both hands to grab on to the hand rails causing his robe to lift itself up a little higher. Mmmm, what a tease. I followed Ari into his room which was a typical mess for a thirteen year old.

"Where's Timmy?" I asked looking around.

"It sounds like he stepped into the shower," Ari responded while gathering the magazines.

I noticed a lollipop on the floor and went to pick it up. "Well, this brings back a lot of memories, right Ari?" I said holding it up with a smile for him to see. "Especially after all that digging around you did down there during your initiation. You were extremely thorough," I teased trying to get him to blush. "Remember that?"

"I'll say. It was a little HARD to find. And it payed of too. Not only did I find one lollipop, but I found an even bigger lollipop as well. Too bad I couldn't take that one out and put it in my mouth too," Ari remarked with that sexy smile, trying not to laugh.

He's not embarrassed to throw it back at me. That's what I like about him. I loved getting into these back and forth sexual banters with this golden boy. "Well, who says you can't? You can still unwrap it and see what flavor you get. I'll bet you it's one of a kind."

"Well, I probably wouldn't have time to suck it all the way. You wouldn't want me to leave it all sticky and unfinished, would you?" Ari stepped closer and started rubbing the lollipop in my hand between his two fingers. His robe was so lose now that the tip his cock was sticking out again. There was a glint in those sexy eyes of his that just melted me. It was like his face was giving off a soft glow that was like a powerful love potion that made him so irresistible. I felt my cheeks reddening. Did he actually just make me blush? No way. No one had ever been able to accomplish that, not even any of the girls that I've banged. I've always been the one making them blush.

"You can always rinse it off and save it for later," I said with a smirk. We both stared at each other and finally burst out laughing, not being able to hold it in any longer. Ari pulled the lollipop from my hands and unwrapped it, sticking it in his mouth. He started doing exaggerated licks with his tongue left and right, up and down. He started making feminine moaning noises as he slowly glided it in and out of his mouth, then laughed out loud. Hooo, it's getting hot in here. This little guy must have some powerful pheromones to be able to get me worked up like this.

"That's crazy shit, man," I said feeling tingly inside. "Keep doing that and you're gonna make me dump my girlfriend and make you my bitch."

"Mmmm, who says I'm not your bitch already?" Ari started making some slurping sounds with the lollipop against his lips. He leaned back on his elbows on the bed with his feet on the floor and playfully started caressing the top of his robe with his hands. He kept giggling and continued with the moaning sounds. This caused his robe to finish untying itself completely. The bottom of his robe opened up giving me a full and powerful exposure of that tasty looking hard cock of his. Oh, man, I want that. I fought my temptation to reach out and touch it. I need to touch it so bad. I can't not touch it.

An idea started popping into my head. I remembered something I had told Ari yesterday at the shack. "Hey Ari, remember yesterday after Timmy's initiation I told you to stop by my house so I could show you how to put on a condom?"

"Yeah. At first I didn't know what you were talking about. Those are rubbers, right?"

"So you do know what they are. You were beginning to worry me there for a second. Anyways, you want me to show you how to put one on right now?"

Ari stared at me curiously. "You mean like, you wanna actually put one on me right now?"

"Put one on YOU? Oh… yeah. Yeah, that's exactly what I had in mind." Not what I had in mind, but FUCK yeah. "Uhm, you cool with that?"

Ari laughed. "Ok, yeah. I'm cool with that. Does that mean I get to put one on you too?" he asked still laughing.

"Of course. You're catching on. Gotta make sure that I learned you right." I pulled out my wallet and dropped some condoms onto my palm. Four left. I'm gonna have to get some more of these babies.

I grabbed one condom and went to stand in front of Ari, accidently tapping his toe with my shoe. This had the unintentional, but more than welcome effect of causing Ari to pick up his feet and put them on the edge of the bed. Ari didn't even bother covering himself up with the robe anymore. I actually froze after witnessing this unforgettable sight. The way Ari was leaning back against his elbows with his knees up and legs slightly apart, seeing the bottom edge of those plump ass cheeks, the way his nut sack rested lazily with one nut lower than the other under that raging hard-on. This thing's gonna fit like a glove.

I've been in similar situations many times before with many girls, but I started realizing that the level of arousal that I was feeling right now had never been this strong. And those eyes, the way they were looking at me through those long golden bangs – for a split second, I suddenly felt like being gay. Well, maybe just with Ari and uhm, maybe just this one time.

I ripped the package open with my teeth with a growl and pulled out the condom, holding it up for Ari to see. "First of all, you gotta rip the package open with your teeth, ok? You can't rip it with your fingers. You have to use your teeth. And you have to growl when you do it too. That's the rule. Got it?"

"Ok. Gotta growl. Got it," he said acting all serious with a hand salute. "Grrr."

"Grrr. All right, then." I knelt down and opened Ari's legs even farther apart to give myself some room. Never thought I'd find myself in this position on my way over here. "Now, in order for this to work, you're gonna need to have a nice hard boner or else it's just gonna slip off."

"Is this hard enough," Ari asked teasingly as he shook his hips making his boner jiggle and shake.

Ohh, Ari. You like to torture me, don't you? "Yeah. That'll do veeery nicely."

"Are you sure? I think you should've brought me some extra extra… eeextra large ones. Those things are gonna be way too small for this monster."

"Ha ha, we have a comedian here. Keep dreaming, Casanova. Wait'll you get a gander at my meatloaf. We'll see who has the monster."

"Can't wait," responded Ari all smiles.

"So then, you put the condom on the tip of your pecker like this and you just start rolling it all the way down." My fingers felt tingly at the touch of Ari's wonderful hardness. I kept pressing on it top to bottom with my fingers to smooth out the wrinkles, almost in a stroking motion. Ok, so maybe I pressed it down too many more times than necessary but, hey, I gotta make sure it's snug, right?

My expectations were that he would start getting more aroused. As I kept stroking, I kept my eyes on Ari's expression. Ari closed his eyes with that look of sexual pleasure, just like the girls in my long list of conquests. But then he opened his eyes and started giggling. Pretty soon, the giggling turned into laughter. What was so funny?

"Hey, why you laughing? Are you ticklish?" Ari shook his head and continued laughing. I felt a light touch on the back of my head. I quickly turned around and caught a fresh out of the shower, buck naked Timmy making antlers with his fingers on the back of my head trying so hard not to laugh. So that's why Ari was laughing so hard. I turned around and grabbed the little stinker by the armpits and slowly started lifting him up.

"Never underestimate the power of the Dark Size," I said in a deep baritone voice as Timmy's head lightly tapped the ceiling. I had lifted his body to a spot where his little stiffy was conveniently hovering right in front of my face, prompting me to bring his body even closer.

"I've lost R2!" cried Ari laughing.

"L e t - g o o o !" said Timmy imitating Obi Wan.

"The force is strong with this one," I responded getting into the spirit of the skit as I slowly brought Timmy down.

"Yahoo! You're all clear, kid!" shouted Ari making a perfect imitation of Han Solo.

"Get out of here, you scruffy looking nerf herder," I said as I gently pushed Timmy's face with my hand.

These boys have been spending way too much time playing that Star Wars game at the arcade. Apparently, so have I.

"That was cool, Nathan." Timmy ran into Ari's closet and came out holding a toy light saber. He turned it on, put it between his legs under his nuts and started chasing me with it. I was laughing so hard.

"You got a condom for that?" asked Ari still laughing. "A condom that size would fit just about right," he said holding his hand around his boner.

Ahh man, I was having way too much fun. Getting to see Ari's naked body was a thrill in and of itself. Getting to see little Timmy's naked body for the second day in a row was the icing on the cake. I haven't felt this horny in a long time.

Timmy noticed the condom on Ari's pecker. He went over and knelt between his legs for a closer inspection. "Why do you have a balloon on your dick?"

"It's not a balloon. It's a condom." Ari's boner started hardening again, apparently being aroused by Timmy's close inspection.

"Is that so you can't get a girl knocked up? asked Timmy.

"Yeah, and also so your dick doesn't fall off from some nasty ass disease," I added making everyone laugh.

"So now it's my turn?" asked Ari excitedly.

"Your turn to what?" asked Timmy.

"My turn to put a condom on Nathan to see if I do it right."

"He's gonna let you put one ON him?"

"Yeah. He put one on me, now I get to put one on him. Right Nathan?"

"Fair is fair," I said handing Ari a condom.

Timmy climbed on the bed with a big smile and sat on his knees making himself comfortable. Ari sat up on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. After kicking off my shoes, Ari and Timmy watched attentively as I undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my zipper. They followed my every move with an expression of anticipation. I pulled my jeans down and kicked them off. Their eyes got a little wider as the sight of my giant bulge came into view. Leaving my shirt on, I pulled down my underwear causing my eight-inch uncut boner to start bobbing up and down. Both of their eyes widened even more as they took in the sight admiringly. Ari swallowed hard as he and Timmy looked at each other with a wide smile.

"Whenever you're ready, big guy," I said with my steel rod right in front of Ari's face.

"Huh? Oh… right." He held the condom and was about to open it with his fingers.

"Ah Ah Ah! What did I say about the rule."

"Oh yeah. Ahem. Grrr,!" He said growling as he ripped it open with his teeth and pulled it out. "Ok, so you've gotta have a hard boner, right? Damn, Nathan. You do have a monster."

My body gave a slight shiver and my hard-on twitched when I felt Ari's fingers positioning the condom right on the tip. I closed my eyes at the unexpected power of his touch even though I was totally expecting it. My body uncontrollably responded by letting out a soft gasp and making me breath a lot faster. His fingers kept playing with the top portion of my knob for some reason. My mind was saying that something wasn't right, but my boner didn't care as long as it kept getting those waves of stimulations.

"Ups… tur…" I couldn't get the words out with all the pleasure waves surfing through my entire body. "Turn it around," I managed to gasp out. "It's upside down," I said rolling my eyes up to my head.

"What? So that's why if wouldn't roll down. Sorry, Nathan," Ari giggled out.

"That's quite all right Ari. My pleasure. I mean, uhm… never mind." Ari turned it around and was finally able to roll it down, pressing his fingers top to bottom to smooth it out, causing even more waves of flaming desires.

"I guess I flunked the test, huh Nathan. Does that mean I get to take it again?"

"Yes, definitely," I said distractedly trying to breath normally. I was still trying to get out of my hyper-sexual delirium. "I mean, no. Just kidding. You get extra points for the way you were uhm, you know with the way your fingers were uhm… never mind. You passed."

"Hey, can I try one?" asked Timmy excitedly rising up on his knees.

I looked at him with a humorous smile. "Well let's see. You've gotta have a boner. Do you have a boner?"

Timmy looked down at his little stiffy. "I don't know. Do I?"

Without even thinking, I reached out and grabbed his so-called boner and gave it a few strokes with my two fingers. "Let's see if we can get that a little bigger, huh?" Timmy apparently didn't mind my invasive maneuvers as he looked at me with a pleasuring smile. Of course I knew it was way too small, but that was a perfect excuse for me to get my hands on those hairless jewels. "I think your pecker is a little too small for one of these, buddy."

"Ok. Well, can I at least practice putting one on you?" Timmy asked with a toothy smile.

"Yesss… I mean NO," I said shaking my head. "All right, yes."

Chapter 8
Dark Chasms and Sinister Plots

Ari's house, around 1:30pm | Ari:

Damn, I need to get these bedsheets and pillow covers in the washer before my father gets home. As I was pulling off the sheets from my bed, I noticed a folded up paper underneath my alarm clock. I opened it up and saw that it was a letter from Julian.

Hey, last night was great. Thanks for being my best friend. Even though I gotta go to detention, it's not gonna bother me because all I'm gonna be doing is thinking about last night the whole time. I love hanging out with you and the way you always make me laugh. I'll stop by when I get out so we can hang out some more. I can't wait to do some more exploring together.

Julian T.

I smelled the letter and closed my eyes at the faint scent of his smell. I couldn't stop smiling as I distractedly pulled the covers off my bed. As I was dragging the sheets downstairs, I kept thinking about what I was gonna say when I wrote him back. I wanted to say so many things, but I couldn't come up with any of the words.

I stuffed the sheets in the washer, poured in some detergent and turned it on. I leaned against the wall and read the letter a couple of more times. I closed my eyes and thought about last night and the way Julian held me from behind after our second shower as we both fell asleep. That was magical. That was so magical. I couldn't wait to see him again. Ever since that first kiss in the woods, I couldn't stop thinking about him, which made me wonder if I started having these types of feelings because of him, or despite of him.


That must be Julian. I quickly ran to open the door with a big smile. "Hey Julian. Come in. They finally let you guys out of the dungeon, huh?"

"Hey. I'm here to pick up Timmy. I'm gonna walk him home. Can you call him."

"He's in the kitchen eating a sandwich. Come on." I said as I headed towards the kitchen. I stopped when I noticed that Julian had stayed outside. I slowly walked back. "Hey… aren't you coming in?"

"Nah, I'll just wait out here," he said looking down.

That's a first. "What? Why? Don't you wanna hang out? You know, like you said in the letter you left me," I said holding the letter in front of him. What the hell's going on with him?

"Oh, about that. I… I shouldn't have written that. I'd like to have that back if you don't mind."

Something was definitely wrong. "What's wrong, Julian? Why are you being like this?"

"I'm just not feeling well, ok?" he said impatiently. "Can you please just go and get Timmy for me?"

Why is he being all formal and stuff, as if I was a total stranger to him. "No. Not until you tell me what's going on. Is this about, you know, what we did last night?"

"NO!… Maybe. I don't know. Look, I don't wanna talk about it, ok?" he said pointedly. He seemed irritated but at the same time apologetic.

"Ok, well let me get Timmy and I'll walk with you guys."

"NO! I have to go straight home as soon as I drop him off."

"Well, can I come over to your house for a while?" I asked stepping out to the portch.

"I already told you. I'm not feeling well," he snapped angrily at me as he pushed me back with his hand. "Look, just… I gotta go. Tell Timmy to catch up to me." He snatched the letter from my hand and started walking away.

I felt myself slowly being submerged under a dark pool of water as I felt my heart starting to tear apart. I felt my peripheral vision darkening as I focused my eyes on Julian's back as he got farther and farther away. Something was terribly wrong. My eyes started getting watery as I tried to hold myself together and try and figure what was going on. I walked slowly to the kitchen and Timmy was downing the rest of his Kool-Aid.

"Thanks for the sandwich, Ari. What's wrong?"

"Julian came to walk you home. He just left. He said for you to catch up to him. He's acting very weird. Do you know if he's having any problems at home?"

"Uh uh. How's he acting?"

"I don't know. He didn't wanna come inside, he didn't want me to walk with you guys. Said he wasn't feeling well and just walked off."

"Hm. I better hurry before he gets too far. Thanks Ari. I'll try to find out what's going on."

As Timmy was closing the door behind him, I went to sit down on the sofa to think. The only sounds in the house were the ticking of the clock on the wall and the washing machine in the wash cycle. What could be going on with Julian? Why was he being so mean to me? Maybe he's feeling weird about all that stuff we did last night. Maybe he feels like I pressured him into something he didn't feel comfortable doing. Damn, this was all my fault. I shouldn't have asked him to join me in the shower last night. How could I have been so stupid. Now things are gonna be weird between us. I don't want this to be the end of our friendship.

I've stopped being friends with other guys before. But this felt different. This was more painful. Why did he have to be so mean? What have I done? This is all my fault. I wiped the tears from my eyes as I kept trying to figure out what I could do to fix this. The sound of the clock kept getting louder and louder as I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into a pool of depression. I curled myself on the sofa, feeling a tear rolling down. Suddenly the house felt so, so empty and lonely.

I realized I must've dozed off for a while when I woke up to the sound of the phone ringing.

"Hello?… Oh, hi dad.… Really? Hey, can I invite Julian?… Awesome. Thanks dad. Yeah, we'll be ready. All right, bye."

I looked at the clock. Julian should be home by now. I dialed his number with renewed hope that I could still make things right.

"Julian, it's me. Ari. Hey listen, dad just called and he said he was gonna take me to see that movie E.T. You know, the Extra Terrestrial? He said you could come. You want to?"

There was a long pause. "No thank you."

"He said he'll pay for you. Come on," I asked hopfully.

"I think I'll pass. I'm not feeling well. I gotta go."

I looked at the phone, not believing he actually hung up without even saying goodbye. For the next few hours, I just sat there on the sofa holding my knees, staring at the phone, willing it to ring, hoping it would be Julian. I had already called him three times, leaving a message with his mom for him to call me. My eyes pooled into tears as I began crying, losing all hope. I felt myself falling into a dark, bottomless chasm of despair. I had never felt so much pain.

Monday mid-day at school | Ari:

I kept looking at Julian through the corner of my eye. He looked fidgety and distracted sitting next to me in class. He hadn't spoken to me all day. He didn't even sit with me during lunch like he always does. He hadn't even looked at me once. My feelings of despair started turning into feelings of anger. If he doesn't want to be my friend any more, he should just tell me and be done with it. But something's been nagging at me this whole time. If he felt so violated from what we did last Friday, then why did he write me that note Saturday morning and left it for me to read it? It was practically a love letter.

… I'm gonna be thinking about last night the whole time… I can't wait to do some more exploring together… I love hanging out with you…

That doesn't sound like someone who's feeling violated. I wish he would just talk to me. As I kept staring at him, I started getting angrier and angrier. Well, you know what? Fuck you Julian. I'm not gonna come begging you anymore. If you wanna talk to me, fine. If you don't, have a wonderful life. It took tremendous effort to stop myself from squirting another tear.

Everyone started filing out as the bell started ringing. Julian quickly grabbed his stuff and rushed out of the class room. I deliberately took my time getting out myself. I'm not gonna be chasing after him anymore. As I stepped out, Julian was standing there in the hallway and stood in front of me, blocking my path. It was hard to read his expression. He looked angry, he looked hurt, and something else that I couldn't make out.

"Julian, just talk to me. Tell me what's going on. Please. If I did something wrong, just tell me. Don't leave me in the dark like this."

Julian was rubbing his hands together making a great effort not to look at me. "Look, I have to organize the equipment cage in the locker room after school. Come help me and we'll talk. Will you come?"

I nodded my head. Julian quickly turned around and walked away. The locker room? Shit. I'm always one of the first ones to high-tail it out of there as soon as the last bell rings. I hope the coach leaves us the hell alone while we're in there. But right now, I guess I'll do anything to finally start getting some answers.

P.E. school yard, afternoon | Coach Larson:

"All right, boys. Give me two laps and we're done here. Let's go!" Coach Larson said making one clap with his hands.

I turned around and noticed Julian stepping off to the side. It looked like he was throwing up. I wondered if maybe he was telling the truth when he said he wasn't feeling well. Things were still very awkward between us. He still hadn't said a word to me during this whole period. It was killing me not knowing what was going on.

After our laps, we all filed into the locker room. Julian was changing on the opposite end from where I was. And the coach was acting a little weird also. He had completely ignored me during the entire period. He hadn't even looked in my direction, not even while I was changing. Not that I was complaining, but everything just seemed a little odd.

As the bell was ringing, I started looking for Julian. He was already inside the equipment cage. The coach had stepped out and told us to get started and that he would return shortly. I walked in slowly into the cage. Wait a minute. The cage was already organized. This doesn't make any sense. There were a few things out of place, but that's all. And to further complicate things, Julian was still ignoring me.

"Well, I'm here," I said to Julian. "You wanted to talk to me? Here I am."

Julian grabbed a tennis racket and forcefully shoved it into the bin handle first. When it got stuck half ways, he started pounding it down with a fisted hand. His face started getting angrier and angrier. He turned to me with a look of rage as he grabbed a wooden baseball bat. I hesitantly stepped back wondering what he was gonna do with it. He started pounding on the tennis racket with the bat harder and harder until it was all broken and mangled. Then he started pounding on the metal bin itself. He just kept pounding and pounding with a gnarled cry until the wooden bat started splintering apart.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. "I don't know what's going on with you Julian, but I think I'm gonna split." I slowly backed away from the cage and headed for the door. As soon as I turned the corner, the door was already opening. Coach Larson was coming in. As soon as he saw me, he slammed the door shut and started locking it with his key. He turned around and gave me the most chilling and sadistic smile that just made my blood freeze.

"I've been waiting for this moment for a looong time, Ari. At long last, your little ass is mine."

FUCK! I quickly ran to the door leading into the gym. It was locked. Shit. My eyes went wide as I felt the coach's arms wrapping themselves around my chest. I started kicking and screaming, flailing my arms. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LET GO OF ME."

What was happening here. Everything was happening so fast that I couldn't wrap my mind around it. What's gonna happen to me and Julian. What is he going to do with us? I was desperately trying to process the situation as I kept kicking and screaming as loud as I could. Coach tried putting his hand over my mouth and yelped in pain after I almost bit his finger off.

"J.T.! J.T.! Get your ass over here and help me."

Who the hell is J.T.?

"NO. I'M NOT GONNA HELP YOU!" screamed Julian.

"God dam it, J.T. You get your ass over here right now or you're gonna force me to knock him out cold. Get over here. NOW!"

"Ok, just don't hurt him. Please."

Julian ran over and grabbed my legs trying to keep them from kicking. Why is he helping this bastard. "Julian? WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING ON? WHY ARE YOU HELPING HIM?" This can't be happening. This just can't be happening. "Julian, why are you doing this?" I cried. "Help me. Please help me!" He wouldn't even look at me.

"Help me get him to that bench. Hand me that rope. Come on. COME ON!" Coach slammed me on one of the changing benches face up and started tying my wrists to the bench. Then he managed to bind my legs tight despite my continuous struggle.

I forced myself to stop crying and gave the coach a defiant hateful stare. "You're not gonna get away with this, coach."

Julian had tears coming down his face. "I'm sorry Ari. I'm so sorry."

"Get your ass in that cage and don't come out until I say so. GO!"

As Julian ran into the cage, the coach turned his attention on me. His eyes started roaming over the length of my entire body with a lascivious smile. "Ari, Ari, Ari. Do you know how many wet dreams I've had about you?" He started pulling up my T-shirt all the way up to my neck. He started rubbing his hands all over my chest and started caressing my nipples. "Such soft skin. Is it true that Swedish boys are easy and love to have great sex? How 'bout we test that theory right now, huh?"

He started undoing my belt and carefully unbuttoned my jeans. His movements were slow and methodical. He slowly brought the zipper down and lifted it up again. He kept zipping it up and down, up and down, finally leaving it down. Then I felt my jeans being pulled off all the way to my ankles. "Oooh, Ari. You know how many times I've tried to see that naked body of yours and those precious jewels? I'm going to take a guess at how long your dick is. I'm guessing it's about five inches [12 cm] long. Have you ever measured your dick before? Doesn't matter. Right now I'll get my ruler and we'll measure it together. Would you like that? Huh?"

That arrogant son of a bitch. I kept imagining all sorts of scenarios where I'd use my father's shot gun and just explode that fucking head off like a damn watermelon. I kept staring at him with a hateful stare. I'm not gonna give him the satisfaction of seeing one single tear or let him hear one single whimper out of me. I need to keep building that anger inside of me. I don't know what this bastard's gonna do to me, but I have to keep myself strong if I'm going to survive this damned nightmare.

"Oooh, Ari. Moment of truth, right?" He placed his hands on my hips. "You ready? You know what the first thing I'm gonna do after I pull off your underwear? I'm gonna get that gorgeous cock of yours nice and hard, put it in my mouth and suck you dry. What do you think about that?"

"Shut the fuck up and just get on with it," I hissed defiantly.

"Aw, Ari. That wasn't very nice. You hurt my feelings. Are you feeling stressed out? How about if I help you take a load off? A big load. Would you like that?"

He hooked the tip of his fingers under the side of my undies, getting ready to pull them down. I started breathing harder and harder to keep myself from trembling and to keep myself from getting an erection. I didn't want to give him that satisfaction either. He started pulling down slowly and stopped right at the base of my willie. He started blowing at my little pubic hairs that were barely starting to come out. His mouth was salivating with uncontrolled anticipation and his eyes were wide with lust. As the coach was about to pull further, his face suddenly contorted into a spasm of pain. As he fell to the floor, I saw Julian standing behind him holding a metal bat that he had just used to clobber him on the shoulder with.

"Get the fuck away from him you son of a bitch."

The coach staggered to get himself upright as he kept rubbing his tenderized shoulder in excruciating pain. "You little shit. You're gonna pay for this, you hear me. No more chances. No more protection. He's on his own." Julian kept backing away towards the cage ready to swing with the bat as the coach staggered towards him. The coach managed to slap the bat away from Julian's hand. All this time I kept twisting and wiggling my body trying to get free, but the rope was just too tight.

Julian kept stepping backwards until he was all the way inside the cage. As the coach lunged at him, Julian ducked and tried to slip passed him. The coach was able to hook the hoodie of his sweater with his hand and started pulling him in. Julian quickly twisted his body and was able to slip out of it. He ran out of the cage and quickly slammed the door shut. He grabbed the bat that had fallen on the floor and slipped it through the door handle locking the coach inside. The coach started slamming his good shoulder against the door, but it just wouldn't budge.

Julian ran and knelt down beside me frantically trying to work the rope loose from my hands. He had finally loosened it enough to get my hands free. We both then started untying my legs.

"God dam it, J.T. You open this door right now, you hear me? You open this door right now or you're both dead."

"Put a sock in it coach. I ain't listening to you anymore. I know I'm never gonna see him again, so you can't hold that over me no more. And I'm gonna tell EVERYONE what you've done."

"Julian, help me find the keys. Come on. We gotta get out of here." I ran to the coach's desk and rifled through all the mess. "I found them. Let's go." I ran to the door and quickly got it unlocked. "Julian?"

"Look, I'm giving you two hours to get him back here. We can still salvage this, J.T. I'm willing to give you one more chance to redeem yourself and to save Zack. Think about it. Don't throw this chance away or you'll never forgive yourself. You'll spend the rest of your life wondering if you could've saved him. You don't want that, right?"

"I'm gonna say two words to you that I've waited a long time to say. "FUCK YOU, COACH LARSON!… make that FOUR words."

"Two hours!" yelled the coach as me and Julian ran out the door. We started running across the highway and into the woods. We kept running until we were safely secluded and we couldn't run any more. We both stopped and fell down to our knees trying to catch our breaths. After a few minutes, I was finally able to get myself back on my feet. I felt so relieved after getting away from that asshole. But my anger hadn't dissipated just yet. In fact, it started getting stronger as I started walking away.

"Ari, wait. I need to tell you something. Ari, please stop."

I closed my eyes trying so hard not to lash out in a fit of rage. When I felt Julian put his hand on my shoulder, I whipped around and punched him on the face, causing him to fall down on the ground. "Oh, so now you wanna talk?" I seethed shaking my hand from the pain. I kept pacing back and forth. "Why'd you do it, Julian? Huh? Why'd you do it?" I rushed towards him and kicked him while he was still down wiping his eyes. "WHY DID YOU DO IT? ANSWER ME," I screamed with tears coming down.

"Ari, STOP!. Please. I'm sorry," he yelled holding his hands up to shield himself from further attacks.

"I thought you were my best friend," I cried between sobs. "I thought we had something special between us. Was all this just a lie? Have these past three months been a fucking lie?" My face started hardening. "Are you sleeping with him? Is that it? Are you his little sex toy and now he wants me to be his little sex toy too? Huh?"

"No Ari. It's not like that," Julian cried.

"Then why, Julian? Why in the world would you stab me in the back like that? You fucking lured me in there. You actually helped him tie me up? How could you? You know what… never mind. There's nothing you can say that could possibly explain away what you just did. Just… don't follow me, don't talk to me, don't look at me. Find yourself another fucking seat at school cause I don't want you sitting next to me. Just stay the fuck away from me." I started walking away not even realizing where I was headed. I just wanted to get away from this spot and to get away from him.

"Ari, he has my brother," Julian cried. He started crying even harder. "Coach kidnapped my brother and he's making me do all these things. Ari, please help me. I don't know what to do. Please. Help me," he pleaded.

I stopped walking and looked down, watching a teardrop drip down from my nose as if it was going in slow motion. I closed my eyes and slowly started putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Last Friday on the way to the shack, when we were passing by the missing child posters, I remember Julian dragging his hand affectionately against one of the posters with a child that looked remarkably like him. I remembered the note that Julian had left for me. He had signed it Julian T. J.T. All those times when I would hear the coach calling for J.T. and watching Julian stay behind for some reason. I never made the connection until now.

I now realized why Julian was trying to push me away since Saturday. That's why he was being so defiant and uncooperative with the coach right now in the locker room. The coach must've told him what he wanted him to do while he was in detention on Saturday. The poor things was put in such an impossible position. He was given a choice between bringing me in or saving his little brother. And at the last minute, he chose to save me. Julian chose me over his brother. I fell to my knees and started crying with feelings of so much guilt.

I felt Julian kneel down beside me as he put his arm around my shoulder. I turned around and we hugged each other tightly. Endless drops of tears cascaded down onto each other's shoulders as we held each other and exhaustively poured out our bent up emotions.

"Ari…" Julian cried.

"I know Julian. Shhh. I know." I put my wet face against his. I still had a lot of questions. "All right, Julian. I wanna hear what you have to say. Tell me your story. Tell me everything."

"It started about six months ago…

Chapter 9
Revelations and The Young Deity


Julian and I were sitting on a rotting log as he started recounting his terrible story that he was forced to keep bottled up inside for so long. I pulled out a handkerchief from my pocket. "Here, lick." After Julian licked the tip of the cloth, I used it to gently dab at his shiner I had given him under his eye.

"Julian, you never told me you had a little brother."

"Now you know why. About a week after Zack went missing, coach had me stay after school and told me he knew where he was. He even showed me pictures. He talked about some agency where they take in run away kids and help them. I was excited, but I also didn't believe him. Zack wouldn't run away. There's no way."

"Did you tell your mom and dad?"

"Coach said that I had to keep it a secret and that if I told mom and dad, or the cops or anyone at school, that the Agency had some sort of gas that they would release and kill everyone before the cops arrived. That's when coach started having me do stuff for him to get more kids. At first I told him no, but then he took me to the Agency to see Zack. He said there are a lot of secret Agencies around the world and that they have auctions between them. Coach said that they wanted to auction Zack off to somewhere around the world like China or something. He said that if I helped him, he would keep Zack from being auctioned off. And he said he would try to get Zack released but that it would take some time.

"And how did Zack look when you went to see him?"

"All right, I guess. He looked healthy and very clean. But he was so sad. We both were. So I latched on to what the coach said about getting him released and about the gas. At that point, I would do anything to make that happen. As much as I wanted to, I wouldn't dare tell anyone about this to keep him alive. Coach had me by the balls and we both knew it. Since then, I've helped Coach get two more kids. Erik was the second one and you were supposed to be the third."

Julian looked up at me as a tear rolled down. "Ari, you have to believe me. I never…"

"It's all right, Julian. I believe you. You don't have to say…"

"But I want to say it, Ari. Please don't take that away from me."

I nodded.

"When Zack went missing, I was so, so sad. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, my grades were going down the drain. And then you walked in for the first time. I remember the day and time. It was a Thursday at 11:22 in the morning. You were standing right under the clock. That's how I remembered. I thought you were so cool. A guy from Sweden? I couldn't believe my luck when the teach' told you to sit next to me. I felt like, I don't know… like if I was on a small boat out on a stormy sea being tossed around. It's like you were some kind of beacon drawing me in to safety. As our friendship grew more and more, my sadness became less and less. And then, all the things we did with each other on Friday, that was magical Ari. That was so magical. On Saturday when I was in detention, I couldn't stop thinking about it. And then the coach came in and pulled me out to the locker room. He said he wanted me to… he wanted…"

Julian started crying some more. I gently started rubbing his shoulder and waited for him to calm down. But instead of calming down, he started getting worse.

"I wanted to die, Ari," he cried out. "I wanted to kill myself. I didn't know what to do. I cried and I pleaded with coach but he kept threatening Zack and saying I would never see him again if I didn't help him. I love my brother so much but I also… I also love you, Ari. There, I said it. I love you." He looked down trying to compose himself.

"Hey, I love you too Julian. There, I said it too, ok? I love you too."

He nodded gratefully. "I went as far as getting a blade from one of my dad's razors. Every time I got the courage to slice my wrist, the phone would ring and I would hear mom telling you that I wasn't feeling well. I just couldn't do it anymore cause I knew you would somehow blame yourself not knowing what was going on. So in a way, you saved me by being a stubborn pest. So today, after school, when you stayed to help me, my heart sank because I kept praying that you would just leave. So that's when I decided to start freaking out with the bat hoping you would get scared and run off before the coach came back. But of course, that didn't happen."

"I know. I came this close to walking out. When coach grabbed me from behind, I was scared for me and for you. I thought I had finally gone too far the way I was making the coach suffer from all my sexual teasings. And then when I saw that you were helping him…"

"I know. I'll never forget the way you looked at me after stabbing you in the back. That's when I decided that it wasn't worth it anymore. Somehow I knew I would never see Zack again and I couldn't stand the thought that I would never see you again either. When I saw what coach was trying to do to you, I just snapped. There was no way I was gonna let that bastard touch you like that. So that's when I clobbered him."

"Yeah well, you hit him right out of the ball park, didn't you?"

Julian's eyes started welling up with tears again. "I'm so sorry, Ari. Please don't hate me. I never should've listened to that bastard."

"Hey, I don't hate you. Even when I thought you were being mean to me, I didn't hate you. You were put in an impossible situation and what you did took a lot of courage, Julian. I'll never forget that, ok? Come here, I don't hate you."

"I miss him so much," Julian cried out as we hugged each other tightly.

"Hey! Hey, I'm here for you, ok? I'll always be here for you." I held Julian's face in my hands and locked eyes with him, wiping away his tears.

"So how was the movie? The one with E.T.?" Julian asked wiping his eyes.

"E.T. ate the boy and spit out his bones. Sorry for the spoiler." Julian laughed. It was nice to see him laughing again. "To tell you the truth, I really wasn't paying too much attention. I was so sad because I thought I had lost my best friend without even knowing why. I thought you were pissed off because of what we were doing with each other Friday night. I started blaming myself."

"Ari, what we did Friday night was something I had been dreaming of doing since the first day I met you. I hope we can do it again. I know that I'm probably never gonna see Zack again, but just knowing that he's ok and that he's close by and that… that I have you. I would do anything for you. Can we go back to being best friends?"

"Of course we can. You don't even have to ask. And I would do anything for you too." Suddenly I realized that I actually would do anything for Julian. He risked losing his little brother and even his own life by rescuing me from the Coach. With a new conviction, I decided it was time I returned the favor.

"Come on," I said.

"Where we going?"

"We need to get the guys together at the shack. I'm calling an emergency meeting. Let's go find Nathan and then we'll drive over to pick up Adam and Timmy. Come on. We gotta hurry."

The Agency's Infirmary – Monday evening | Harry

"How's he doing, doc?" I asked as I knocked on the door to Erik's medical observation room.

The doctor looked up at me as he was applying some medicinal ointment on Erik's bruised up a-hole with a Q-tip. "Ah, Mr. Henry. Please come in. Well, there doesn't seem to be any permanent damage. He'll be sore for a few weeks, but he should make a full recovery. If you hadn't gotten to him as soon as you did, it would've been a whole different story. He's a fighter, I'll tell you that."

"How many does this make, doc?"

The doctor had a pained look on his face and had me follow him to his office. "With Erik, this makes three boys that I've had to treat already."

"Fuck. Ever since we got that new director, things haven't been going very well, have they? More and more boys are being put in high-risk scenarios, we have less guards, equipment is breaking down and work orders are being put on hold. Do you know what the hell is going on?"

"I wish I knew. Have you heard the latest?" The doctor looked behind his shoulder. "The new director has ordered that the age of the fuckable's be lowered from 12 year-olds to 11 year-olds."

"WHAT?" That's bullshit. I've always thought that even 12 years was too early."

"Not only that, but a lot of the privileges and incentives for the boys are being scaled down as cost cutting measures."

"Like what?"

"Movie nights, dessert tables, almost everything is gonna be affected. He's getting rid of the dietician and he's reformulating the point system so that it takes the boys longer to earn the points they're earning now. He's even scaling down my infirmary to make room for some kind of theatre where the boys can perform for a group of clients."

I shook my head in bewilderment. "Doesn't he understand that the success of this agency depends on the care, the well-being, and the motivation of these boys? If the boys are happy, the clients are happy. More happy boys equals more happy clients equals more money. It's a simple formula. How can he fucking not understand that?"

"Well, hold on to yourself from what I'm about to tell you. Your boy Erik has been on the fuckable waiting list every since the new director took over. And he's almost at the top of the list."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. That list is supposed to be for boys who willingly volunteer to participate. There's no fucking way Erik would volunteer for that."

"Another rule change. That list will no longer be voluntary. All boys 11 and up will be put on the catalogue."

I covered my face with my hands not believing what I was hearing. "Oh my god. Why wasn't I told about this?"

"Look, you didn't hear any of this from me, ok? All of these changes are gonna be announced during our next meeting."

"This is not what I signed up for, doc. Can you at least sign a medical waiver to get Erik off that list?"

"I can try, but this new director is a real prick. He could easily override me if he wants to. Look, we'll talk some more. I have another patient to get to. Go see how Erik is doing. He's still pretty ticked off."

I walked over to Erik's room and softly knocked on the door. "Hey stiffy lips. You awake?"

Erik was on his stomach on the medical bed wearing a medical gown with his naked butt exposed. "Hey Hairy Balls. Yeah, I'm awake. Come on in."

I walked over and sat on a stool where he could see me. He had an angry expression that looked both serious and cute at the same time. "Doc says you're gonna make a full recovery and you'll be out of here pretty soon. Isn't that great news?"

"Yeah, but I'm still pissed off as hell."

"Look, I'm sorry I let you down, buddy. It was all my fault and I don't blame you for…"

"I'm not pissed off at you," Erik interrupted. "I'm pissed off at that fucking… blob. I should've stamped my foot print on his ugly balls when I had the chance. I should've tattooed my knuckles on his ugly face. I wish he would've stuck his pecker in my mouth so I could've chomped it off and spit it back in his fucking face with my knuckle tattoo on it. I should've…"

"All right, all right. I get the point," I said laughing. "Look, he's never gonna come back here again and I can assure you he has plenty of shoe prints already stamped on his ugly balls, ok?

"Fine," he said still looking mad.

"Is there anything I can get you?"

"Yeah, get that blob over here so I can give him that knuckle tattoo on his face and finish the job."

"Anything else?" I said still laughing.

"You think you can bring me an Atari and some games and hook it up to the TV? I'm bored."

"You got it, stiffy lips."

"One more thing, Hairy Balls." Erik gave me a cute smirk. "Can you kiss my ass and make my ouchie feel better."

"You're such a tease. I love it. Get some rest and I'll be back with the game."

The Shack | Ari:

"What are we doing here?" Timmy asked Adam as we were all walking into the shack.

"Don't know. Maybe Julian got his pecker stuck in a Coke bottle while jacking off to that Playboy."

"Yeah, maybe he saw that Coke commercial and wanted to feel the real thing," Timmy said with a laugh.

"Oh, oh, I know. He wanted to pop that cherry from the Cherry Coke."

"Guys!" I interrupted. "This is serious and this is bloody important. Listen up. Remember those posters of the missing boys all over town? We know who took them. It was Coach Larson. He's the one who's been kidnapping them. He took little Erik, he took Julian's little brother Zack, and who knows how many others. And they're still alive."

"Wait, wait. Hold up a sec," Nathan said holding his hand up. "WHAT? Julian, you told us Zack had died of some rare disease. You're telling us he's alive? How do you guys know all this?"

"Because about an hour ago, the coach tried to kidnap me," I said trying to keep myself from shaking.

Everyone exploded with questions and exclamations. Nathan stepped up and put his hands on my shoulders. "Ari, this is a serious charge. Are you absolutely sure he tried to kidnap you? Is it possible you could've misunderstood the situation?"

"Well, let's see," I said getting angry. "He grabbed me from behind kicking and screaming and tied me to a bench in the locker room and tried to rape me. But hey, maybe it could've been just a FUCKING accident," I said sarcastically.

"Shit." Nathan started pacing back and forth pushing his fingers through his hair. "All right. Just… just tell us what happened. Everything."

"Julian, you have the floor," I said.

Julian started recounting everything he had told me except for the intimate parts of our relationship. He was a little more composed and more detailed as everyone gave him their undivided attention. When he was done, everyone was quiet for a moment trying to digest everything they had heard.

"Wait a minute," said Adam. "You said the coach has taken you to see Zack a few times. Do you remember where this place is?"

"No. He always put a blindfold on me. Then we would get off his car and get into some kind of truck that took us there."

"Well, what does it look like inside?"

"It's huge. It's like some kind of warehouse with a lot of rooms built in."

"I never thought I'd say this, but we have no choice. We have to go to the cops," declared Nathan.

"NO!" cried out Julian. "I already told you. They'll release the gas and kill everyone."

Nathan went and knelt down in front of Julian. "I heard what you said bro. But think about it. If they release some kind of gas, then they'd be killing themselves too. The coach has been playing you. He's exploiting your worst fears and using your own emotions against you. When the cops find out where it is, they're gonna surround the whole fucking place. Trust me, bro. He's been lying to you. There's no lethal gas."

"But we still have a problem," Julian said. "We don't even know where this place is. If we go to the cops, they're not gonna know either. They'll never be able to find this place?"

"But maybe we can," I said catching everyone's attention. "I have a plan. It's risky, but I don't see any other way."

Nathan came up to me. "How risky?" he asked skeptically.

"All right. Just hear me out, ok? Julian, I heard the coach telling you that he was giving you two hours to get me back to him. So Nathan, you drive me back to the coach and I'll turn myself in."

"Are you crazy?"… "That's suicide!"… "You can't do that!" The place erupted into more exclamations from everyone.

"The hell you will," warned Nathan.

"Wait. Let me finish. I turn myself in and you wait outside in your car. When you see me and the coach leave in his car, you follow us. You follow us wherever we go and find out where this place is. Then you can go and tell the cops."

"No fucking way, man. There are a thousand things that can go wrong with this plan."

"But Nathan, there's no other way. We gotta do this for Zack. If we don't do this, he's gonna get shipped out to somewhere around the world and we'll never see him again. We can't let that happen."

"I SAID NO!" Nathan yelled. "Look, I'm sorry I yelled. The best thing we can do is go to the cops. They'll pick up this Coach Larson prick and beat the information our of him. Come on, we better get going."

I felt Julian put his hand on my shoulder. "Nathan's right, Ari. There are so many things that can go wrong with your plan. But I really do appreciate what you were trying to do. I've already accepted the fact that I've lost Zack. I couldn't bear to lose you too."

"Come on guys. Let's go," demanded Nathan.

"Can I just have a word with Julian for a couple of minutes? We won't take long."

"Three minutes," Nathan responded. Then he made a 'keep an eye on him' gesture to Julian with his hand on his way out.

"You're going anyways, aren't you?" said Julian looking down. "I can see it in your eyes."

"Julian, when I said that I would do anything for you, I meant it. If there's even the slightest chance of getting your brother out, I have to take that chance."

"But I don't want you to," Julian cried out as he got up to embrace me. "Please don't' go, Ari. I'm begging you. I'm so scared. Let's just go to the cops with Nathan."

"Hey, you gotta trust me on this one, ok. I know the coach's weaknesses. I'm gonna use that to my advantage just like he used your weaknesses to his advantage. I swear we're gonna see each other again. You just make sure Nathan follows through with my original plan. He'll have no choice now." I raised up Julian's chin with my finger and gave him a long passionate kiss. Then we heard Nathan honking his car. "I gotta go," I said as I ran out the back and started sprinting as fast as I could through the woods towards the school and towards an unknown destiny.

Half an hour later in the school locker room | Coach Larson

Fucken J.T. I underestimated the little prick. Damn, this shoulder hurts like hell. Shit, Ari's not gonna show up and I've already waited long enough. I'm gonna have to do some serious explaining when I call the Agency to tell them the deal with Ari is off. FUCK! There goes my fat bonus down the drain. I was really counting on that money. Well, no point in waiting any longer. I better get out of here. As I swiveled my chair to grab my keys, I almost shrieked at the sight of Ari standing right in front of my desk. How the hell did he walk in without me noticing? Hmm, I just might be able to salvage this situation after all, and have some fun doing it.

"Ari. You're here. You scared the shit out of me. Where's J.T.?"

"I came alone. Look, I'm here because of Zack. You told Julian that if I came back, you would keep Zack from being auctioned off. So here I am. I've kept my end of the bargain. Are you gonna keep yours?"

What's going on here? Why is he being so docile all of a sudden? Why did he come all by himself? "Did you call the cops on me?" Julian shook his head. "Wait here," I said as I stepped outside and looked around wondering if there were any cops lurking around the corner. I walked around the area just to make sure. I guess he must be telling the truth. Could it possibly be this simple? Well I better get some answers from him and make sure this isn't some kind of trap.

When I walked back inside, I noticed Ari wasn't there anymore. Where'd he go? I heard the faint sounds of water trickling and swallowed hard as I started contemplating the possibilities of what Ari was doing right at this very moment. He's been so resistant to my advances and my attempts to get under his pants. He's been teasing the hell out of me and making me suffer with that perfect body of his. Why is he being so cooperative and so willing all of a sudden?

I quickly turned around and locked the door with my key. I slowly walked over to the edge of the shower entrance and noticed Ari's clothes piled up on the bench, including his underwear. His underwear? Oh, fuck yeah. Please don't let this be another one of his damn teasers. I took a tentative peek until I could barely see Ari's naked butt sticking out. Yup. He's naked all right. After verifying my suspicions, I stepped back and leaned against the wall closing my eyes in an attempt to prepare myself for this most erotic experience that I had been fantasizing about for such a long time. I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I turned around and looked inside as I hugged the edge of the entrance wall rubbing my bulging woodstock against the wall.

And there he was. Holy fuck, there he was. For the first time, I finally get to see Ari without a single piece of clothing, completely naked, totally nude, in full unobstructed display, totally stripped with absolutely nothing on. How many other delicious ways can I describe his wet nakedness? His naked body was so painfully orgasmic that it was almost blinding to look at. He was so sensual, the way he shook his face under the water spray making his wet golden hair sway back and forth.

I drank in the sight of his honey golden skin glistening under the sheen of water flowing down every sumptuous curve of his body and over those inviting butt cheeks, giving me some powerful erotic spasms, especially the way he was displaying his butt from this angle. I've seen a lot of naked boys before, but Ari was in a league of his own. As Ari turned around to face me, I became paralyzingly mesmerized and transfixed as I was suddenly and powerfully assaulted by the incredible eroticism of his fully naked body and the sizzling hotness of his full erection.

My heart was pounding. My breathing became haggard with forceful gasps at the realization that I was finally staring at Ari's – full – blown – erection. His uncut penis was nothing more than perfection itself. His hard knob was perfectly outlined making his vertical boner look powerfully desirable and ready for action. His testicles were hanging loosely with perfect symmetry giving me a lustful impulse to fondle them between my fingers. As I drank in his body as a whole – his golden skin, his perfect hard nipples, his outie belly button, his perfect boner and his low hanging balls – I wondered if we mere mortals were capable of gazing upon such erotic beauty without going insane.

As I was swimming and gasping for air in my own delirium, I heard a distorted voice as if it was echoing from some distant chamber, bringing me out of my trance.

"Coach? Are you ok? Are you enjoying yourself watching me naked in the shower? It's what you've always wanted, right?"

Oh my god, there's that sexy voice again. "Ohhh, yeah. You got that right, golden boy."

"So what do you think? Do you like it? Do you like my body?"

"Mmmm, fuck yes, Ari. You have no idea."

"Well, why don't you come in and show me how much you like my naked body? I'll let you touch it. You can lather me up all over and make sure I'm squeaky clean. Don't you just wanna get your hands all over this? You can take all the time you want." Ari parted his legs and started digging his hands into his scrotum, caressing his balls and his delicious boner and gave me a seductive look so powerful that he almost made me cum right where I was standing.

Whatever sexual super powers this young deity possessed, he was now unleashing his full arsenal which had me completely under his sexual spell. Intellectually, I knew that Ari had some kind of ulterior motive for being this sexual with me after months of resistance. But right now, I just couldn't resist the power of his sexual overtures as I quickly started stripping off my own clothes while staring lustfully at this unforgettable sight.

I walked in cautiously, making sure there weren't any bats or other blunt instruments lying around inside the shower. As I was squirting some body wash on my hands from the dispenser, Ari turned around and put his hands against the wall with one leg forward. As my hands started gliding against his soft shoulders, I started shaking from a frenzy of sexual desires. I knelt down on one knee and started lathering his beautiful butt, caressing, kneading, squeezing them together and pulling them apart while caressing his bottom butt lobes with my thumbs. Such soft skin, such beautiful curves.

Ari opened up his legs inviting me to probe even further. I happily obliged by slowly gliding my hand down between his legs and up the front to his testicles, finally satisfying my strong impulse to fondle them between my fingers for a few seconds. The sound of Ari gasping with pleasure made me wonder if he was actually enjoying this as much as I was. He must be. It didn't sound like he was making this up or pretending.

As I was starting to wonder again why he was doing this, Ari turned around and started rinsing himself with the tip of his boner inches from my face. He started moving his body in a sensuous manner, swaying his hips as if he was in the throes of sexual pleasures while caressing his body with his hands. Ari bent down and grabbed my arm. He took my hand and closed my unbelieving fingers around his boner. Feeling his hardness in my hand at such a close range told me that he wasn't faking this. No one could fake a boner this hard. This was way beyond my wildest dreams. He started thrusting forward prompting me to start masturbating him.

He raised his arms and started rubbing his fingers through his golden hair and looking down at me while I was jacking him off. Then he put his hands behind my head and pulled me in close, pressing my cheek against his hard boner, rubbing it up and down and around. I opened my mouth and hungrily tried to swallow that beautiful cock of his. As I was relishing the exquisite texture of his hard boner inside my mouth, I found myself drowning in the beauty of this highly sexual creature.

Ari knelt down to my level and pressed his lips against mine, surprising me with the maneuvering skills of his tongue as he pushed me down on my back, lying on top of me with parts of his naked body still covered with soap. He went lower and started licking and sucking on both of my hard-tipped nipples. My god, these sensations. Why is he doing this? Why is he here? Is he trying to blackmail me? Is he trying to keep me from taking him to the Agency?

I suddenly gave a forceful exhale as I felt Ari's raspy tongue scraping against my giant cut dick. At this point, I decided that who the FUCK cares why he's here. All I could think about was the way Ari was sucking my hyper-sexualized joystick and then sucking just the tip while caressing my balls with the back of his fingers. Then he started masturbating me with a look of sincere sexual interest. His hand was soft but his grip was strong and his strokes were powerful and confident. Then Ari straddled me and started pressing his boner against mine as he leaned back against my bent knees with his hands behind his head, increasing the rhythm of his thrusts faster and faster. We started losing ourselves in our passions as our lovemaking became more intense.

I started feeling the inklings of a distant orgasm from the combination of sensations of his boned-up dick and his balls rubbing against mine. Ari's face was awash with painful expressions of intense sexual pleasures. Our breathing became ragged and more forceful. Our moaning sounds became louder and louder. We were both right at the edge, so close… so close.

"Hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh. Oh my god, oh my god. Oh – my fucking – g-hhh…," Ari moaned with his eyes tightly closed.

He lowered himself on top of me and started digging his finger nails into my shoulders, allowing me to press my hands down on those lovely butt cheeks again, finally forcing me over the edge with an orgasm I hadn't felt this strong in almost ten years.

"OH ARIII! Hhh, hhh, hhh… don't stop, don't stop," I pleaded with loud moans as my cum started squirting out in a bursts of glory.

"Hhh, hhh, hhh… I'm not! I'm not. AHH! AHHHH!… hhh, hhh, hhh, hhh… OHH FUCKING BLOODY HELL."

Ari craned his neck up as far as it would go as he was consumed and overcome by what must've been an orgasm at least as powerful as mine. I could feel the hotness of his juices oozing down between my legs as Ari finally collapsed on top of me.

This was it. This was the culmination of three whole months of fantasizing about having this wild encounter with Ari to the exact details. It's as if he took a peek at my most intimate fantasy about him and followed the script to perfection. What a ride. What a wild ride with such a wild, special boy. He was special, all right. I know exactly what's gonna happen when he arrives at the Agency. He's gonna be placed prominently at the top of the catalogue as a new arrival and on top of the waiting lists with a premium price so high that only the wealthiest clients will be able to afford him. When that starts drying out, he'll be auctioned off with the highest starting bid in history. And the other Agencies worldwide will fight tooth and nail to get their hands on him. He'll either end up in China or in Thailand.

Of all the boys I've taken to the Agency, Ari was totally different. He offered himself willingly. He was the one seducing me. Who would've thunk? I'll never see this beautiful golden boy again or be able to caress his soft naked skin. I'll never be able to see his sexy smile with those perfect teeth. Never get the chance to do any of the things we did today ever again. Something special happened between us. I just know it. No one could've just faked something this powerful. Just thinking about never ever seeing him again was becoming more and more unbearable. He doesn't deserve this. Especially not Ari. No one deserves being taken from their families like this. What the hell am I doing? How the hell did my life come to this point where I'm kidnapping boys for my own selfish needs? I looked down at Ari's damp golden hair as he was still lying on top of me trying to catch his breath. Such a beautiful boy. I can't do this anymore. What the hell am I gonna do?


Oh, my god. What just happened? What the hell have I done? The coach tries to kidnap me and now I'm lying on top of him naked after having passionate sex with him? This was definitely not what I had in mind. I only wanted to stall him and give Nathan and the guys time to get to the parking lot outside and wait for us to leave so they could follow us.

I know how much the coach has been wanting to get under my pants so I only wanted to give him a little taste of my heiny just to try to get some information out of him about the Agency and maybe loosen him up a little. I never thought I would let it go this far. I never expected to start feeling so sexual when he started stripping off his clothes. His body looked so nice and buffed with perfect abs and nice muscle tones. My body just took over when he started caressing my bum and all my other parts with those strong hands. I wanted to stop, but I also wanted to keep going. I was just overcome in the moment of passion. Ohh, all those sensations were just incredible and irresistible. I haven't had this kind of sex since… well, since forever.

Suddenly I started feeling the coach's body shaking as if he was laughing. I looked up and saw that he was actually crying. I slowly got myself up and backed off a little trying to figure out what was going on. The coach sat up and pushed himself against the shower wall with his knees up and put his hands in his arms as he kept crying. Not exactly the reaction I was expecting after making his fantasies come true. He looked so vulnerable. I've never seen him like this. He's always been such a strong guy with an aura of control and self-discipline. Now he looked so broken. Son of a bitch. Does this mean my plan actually worked? I almost started feeling sorry for the guy. Almost, that is. Focus, Ari. This guy's still the enemy. You gotta remember that. He – is – the enemy.

I slowly placed my hand on his arm. "Coach? Are you all right?"

Coach looked up at me with an anguished face. "You probably think I'm a monster, right?"

"Um, kind of," I said tying not to make eye contact.

"Well, I am a monster, Ari. I've done some terrible things." He looked up at the ceiling. "I don't know what to DO!" he exclaimed. "My life's so fucked up right now. I don't know what to do," he cried as he started weeping.

My god. This guy's going mental right in front of me. He doesn't know what to do, he says. What about me? What am I supposed to do?

"Ari, come here," coach said after calming down. I cautiously walked over and knelt in front of him. "Ari, I want to explain a few things to you." Coach lowered his head and looked thoughtful for a few seconds. "About nine years ago, I used to be one of the boys at the Agency. I was one of their top models. I know how the Agency works and I think I know how to get Julian's brother out. But I'm gonna need your help. Can you help me?"



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