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Cory Wilson, a typical precocious, horny, sex-obsessed thirteen-year-old boy living in Riverside, California discovers among his recently departed grandfather's possessions a journal and a strange metal headband belonging to his great-grandfather, a headband he discovers that allows the wearer to control the minds of others. Come join him in his adventures over the subsequent two years as he learns to use the mysterious headband and discovers its purpose as he fulfills the wildest sexual fantasies of his closest friends and allies and wrecks havoc and revenge on Lincoln Junior High's most hated teacher and his family and an assortment of bullies and pompous and righteous adults and fellow students as they are forced to engage in the most humiliating and perverted sex that can be dreamed up by a dirty thirteen-year-old mind (and the minds of readers who submitted ideas and assumed the personalities of key characters in the story while it was being written.) Incest, scat, water sports, boylove, bestiality, sex with infants and octogenarians, straight and gay, willing and unwilling, and hot, throbbing orgasms await you as Cory takes over your mind.
Publ. Jun 2005-Feb 2008 (ASSM); this site Oct 2007-Feb 2008
Finished 580,000 words, 1160 pages


Cory (13yo) and his friends (c. 13yo) and victims (7-16 yo and adults)

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Other Boy story/mind control
Mtb Mg Ftb Fg tb tt etc. [To help the reader, each chapter number is followed by the codes for the pairing(s) in that chapter] – nc cons anal oral rim mastmind-control humil best [Mtb-dog/goat] interr ws scat enema & more


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.
If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?
This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.
It is just a story, ok?

Author's note

What else would you like to see happen? Have you ever had someone you hated and wanted to get even with? Email me your idea and I'll write it as part of this story and if you wish add you as one of the characters. Anything goes, the hotter and more perverted the better, except I don't write snuff and torture of kids and anything involving player characters would need their collaboration.

Non player characters available for your amusement and abuse include the Gilles family, Vice Principal Stewart Millburne, Baptist Pastor Winthrop and his family including Jonah, and Father Henry.

Player characters created by readers so far are Dominic, Terry, Anthony, Bob and Billy Dean with a supporting cast of Jonah and Lane and of course the star of the series, Cory.

Thanks to Anthony, Terry, Absalom, Dominic, Bob, Billy, Mel, John, Ronnie, Boyd, and Caroline for their story ideas and characters.

Send feedback to daemonway(at)yahoo.ca or use this feedback form, please mention the story title in the subject line.

Chapter One

— F(solo) —

The book was thick, worn, and leather bound, exactly the sort of book in which you'd expect to find a magic spell to turn a certain teacher into a toad, or perhaps a turd-eating maggot. Cory opened it with the hope and faith all thirteen-year-old boys seeking revenge have. The Journal of Isaiah McFarlane. His great-grandfather's diary. Who gave a shit about an old man's life? "Fuck," Cory cursed silently as he slapped the book shut and tossed it in the garbage pile. He had to curse silently. His mother was only a few feet away sorting through a box of dishes. If she heard him curse, she'd be even angrier than she was at the moment, and she was already angry enough. That was too bad, about the book that is. He had really hoped it had been a spell book so he could get back at Goosey Gilles. That was what all the kids called him. Nobody really knew why. It was just something that had always been.

It was Gilles's fault that he was at home that day helping his mother sort through his grandfather's junk instead of being in school. Not that he had any particular desire to be at school either. School sucked. So did Gilles. First the son of a bitch had gotten in a hissy fit because he'd forgot to bring his gym strip and had made him sit on the bench all period in physical ed. They were only playing badminton so he didn't see what the big deal was having to wear gym strip. Then in computer class Gilles caught him looking up a porn site. That wasn't his fault. If Gilles hadn't pissed him off in gym, he would have felt more like working in computers. Besides, it was a dumb, boring assignment. When he had tried explaining that, Gilles had blown his top and had sent him to the vice principal, who called in his parents and suspended him for a day. That was totally dumb.

He'd spent the better part of last night thinking of ways to get even with Gilles. He'd imagined capturing him and tossing him in the lion cage at the local zoo. He'd imagined burying the son of a bitch up to his neck in an ant pile so they'd crawl up his nose, or maybe just up to his crotch so they could crawl up his pecker. He'd imagined getting his father's gun and shooting the son of a bitch, and maybe a few classmates who had been particular pains in the ass too. Lots of kids did that sort of thing these days. The only problem with that plan was that Gilles would be dead and he would rather see him suffer. He'd either be dead too, from a cop's bullet, or in jail. That's what always happened to school shooters. A better plan would be to capture Gilles' children and sell them to Arab sex slavers like he'd read in a story on the Internet. He'd fallen asleep thinking about sacrificing Gilles to Satan after torturing him for a month, maybe two. Satanism was cool. He'd read about it on the net and had even thought about starting his own coven, if he could find out how.

Glancing about the cluttered garage, he spotted a weird looking headband. It looked sort of cool in a way with parts looking like branches and other parts flattened out to sort of look like leaves which were different shades of copper, from almost gold to almost red. When he picked it up, he was surprised how heavy it was, as if it was really made of copper wires. He slipped it over his head.

"Cory! Stop playing with every single thing you pick up and get off your butt and start helping!"

His mother glared at him and he returned the glare. He was helping. He wasn't her bloody slave. And he wasn't playing. He was thirteen years old. Thirteen-year-old's don't play.

<Take whatever that thing is you're holding and shove it up your butt and frig yourself,> Cory thought, but what he actually said was, "I am helping. Can't you see?"

He prepared himself for a blast as his mother got a funny look on her face, like she had to fart but was holding it back or something. She just stood there with this strange, puzzled look, looking like she was struggling with what to say or something.

"I'll, I'll be right back. You keep sorting out this stuff."

Her voice sounded funny, and as she headed up the walk to the house, she walked funny, sort of stiff and puppet like, like one of those animated characters in the cartoons on TV. Flipping her the finger, Cory leaned back and surveyed the mess around him. His grandfather had died six months ago and they'd moved his stuff into their garage. Since he had to be home, his mother had decided this would be a good day to clean out the garage, and that he could help her. Well, fuck her. If she could take a break, he sure the fucking hell could too. Taking off the headband, he bent over and pulled the cigarette out from his sock where he had hidden it, but then decided it was too risky to smoke it. He had no idea how long his mother would be gone. He'd go have a pop and a cookie or something.

Stepping into the kitchen he was surprised his mother wasn't there and he wondered where she might have gone. If she'd gone out the front door as he'd come in the back and circled around the house and found out he wasn't still working in the garage he'd be in major shit. Checking the living room, he noticed the door to his parent's bedroom was closed. Now that was curious. It certainly was not typical, not for the middle of the day. A closed door meant a secret. It couldn't be that his dad had slipped home for a quickie. He would have seen his car. It was September. She couldn't be hiding Christmas presents, and he'd just had his birthday. Slipping up to the door and listening, he ever so slowly turned the knob and opened it a crack. He had no idea what to expect but the sight that met his eyes certainly was not something he'd have guessed in a million years.

Lying there on the bed, her legs spread and knees raised and her backside propped up on a stack of pillows, was his mother, her jeans and panties on the floor and that object she'd been holding, which he found out later was a pepper grinder, rammed up her ass. He could not believe it. She was lying there furiously frigging herself with it. Now that was totally not like his mother. At least he didn't think it was. Who really knew what secrets adults really had, especially parents? At any rate, it certainly was not something a boy wanted to catch his mother doing. Despite that, he could not keep his eyes off what was happening between her legs. And, as he stared at her, he could not help wondering if she was doing it because he'd suggested it. That did not make any sense, but it was the only thing that did at the same time, if that made any sense.

Well, there was one easy way to find out. Concentrating as he stared at her lying there on the bed fucking her ass with the long, black, wooden object, he told her to stop. She didn't. He told her to take the thing out and use her middle finger instead. She didn't. Perhaps it hadn't been him that was responsible for her frigging her ass after all. Or perhaps it had, and this time he wasn't doing it right.

What was he not doing that he had done in the garage? Nothing. It was exactly the same. Then it came to him. There was one difference. He'd been wearing that strange headband. Now that didn't make any sense at all, but it was the only thing he could think of. A headband that made people do whatever you thought? Now that would be totally wicked, and way better than a spell any day. Well, there was only one way to find out. Besides, if he was responsible, he couldn't leave his mother lying there frigging her ass all afternoon.

Returning to the garage, he found the headband and hurried back to the house. He peeked through the crack again. She was still frigging herself. From the look on her face he couldn't tell if she was having the thrill of a life time or if she was in pain. She was breathing hard and she had her eyes clenched shut. Putting the headband on, he concentrated, telling her to stop and to take the thing she had up her ass out. She did! Of course that could just as well have been because she'd grown tired of frigging her ass or whatever. There was one easy way to find out. <Now, frig your pussy with it,> he concentrated as he watched her through the crack.

Marian Wilson lay there staring at the black, wooden pepper mill as she felt the new urge. Her face was an expression of total bewilderment. Why she'd just done what she had she had no idea. She'd just had this compelling urge to do it while she'd been in the garage. It made no sense, but it had been an urge she could not resist no matter how hard she'd fought it, and she had fought it. Never in her thirty-seven years had she ever even thought of doing such a thing, or anything remotely like it. Now she had a new urge. In this case as a teenage girl and young woman she'd heard of other women who used objects on themselves that way. Again it was not something she'd ever considered doing, not until that very moment. Now the urge was all consuming. She had to do it. She tried to will herself to stop, but she could not. Ever so slowly her right arm brought the pepper mill around and pointed it at her pussy. The urge to stick it in was overwhelming. It was not a matter of need or horniness or curiosity. It was just that it was something she had to do. It was as if some outside force was forcing her to do it, something that had control of her mind, and of her arm, as if she was bewitched. She had to be to be doing something so perverted, so totally against her upbringing.

She strained with all her effort but her hand kept drawing the pepper mill closer. It was streaked with her shit and a bit of blood, the result of her ass having never had anything shoved up it before. It was disgusting having something shoved up her vagina, and even more disgusting having something so filthy shoved up her womanhood, but she could not stop it. She resisted with all her strength. What she was about to do was the most filthy and perverted thing she'd ever done in her life, but ever so certainly and as if in slow motion, as if watching a movie of someone else, she brought the tip of the pepper mill to the lips of her pussy and began to push it in. Her pussy opened up to the object of course, being designed to be penetrated, making it much easier and less painful than shoving it up her rectum. Still, it was wrong, very wrong. Knowing that, and feeling that, she still slowly slipped the filthy object up her vagina. What she was doing was sick, but she could not fight it.

Cory stood there at the door watching his mother stick the object she had just shoved up her ass up her pussy with wide-eyed disbelief and wonder. She was slowly inserting the filthy, shit-smeared object up her cunt. She was actually doing it, doing what he'd told her. How could she do such a thing?! How could he have told her?! It was totally perverted. His eyes were glued to his mother's crotch as she slowly slipped the long, thick tubular object up her cunt until she had at least half of it up her, and then after a pause, slowly began to withdraw it. She was doing it! She was frigging herself! His own mother! That was so sick, so totally perverted, so totally fucking erotic. She was working the fucking object in and out of her cunt like some horny slut. Because he'd told her to. She was breathing heavily again, and her eyes were clenched shut again. Again he couldn't tell if it was because she was in ecstasy or in pain. His eyes dropped down to her crotch again, to his mother's pussy. He slowly realized he had a boner. Now that was really sick. Getting a boner watching his mother frig her pussy! What sort of perv was he! He told her to stop it.

As she did, he realized he was breathing as hard as she was. He told her to take the thing out and to put on her panties and jeans. She began to do so, slowly, as if in a daze. Cory was in a daze too. He still couldn't believe he was controlling her actions. He concentrated, telling to pat her head. She did. Fuck! The things he could do with this headband! The things he could do to Goosey Gilles! His mind spun with the possibilities. So did his mother's. Realizing she just might be reading his thoughts he quickly yanked the headband off in a panic. As he watched, she seemed to slowly come to, as if waking up from a dream, or a spell. He smiled. This was too totally fucking awesome to believe. He quickly turned and headed for the garage. He couldn't wait for school on Monday! Was Gilles ever going to pay for sending him to the VP's office. He suddenly stopped and put the headband back on and concentrated.

<Come out to the garage and tell me tell your son to take the rest of the afternoon off, and give him twenty bucks to go play video games,> he thought.

Chapter Two

— Mtt —

Thanks to Anthony for this story idea.

"You forgot your gym strip?"

"Ah, yeah?" Cory replied, omitting the "duh."

"A day's suspension from school didn't do anything to help improve your memory?"

"Ah, no, I guess not." Actually, there was nothing wrong with Cory's memory. The plain and simple truth was he didn't see the point of wearing gym strip just to play badminton. It wasn't like he was going to work up a sweat or anything. It was just a dumb rule that was followed because it was a rule, not because it made sense, and Cory didn't believe in following rules just for the sake of following them. He did learn something last Thursday though. He learned if you pissed off Goosey Gilles enough you got a holiday from school. Now that was a punishment.

"Well, perhaps a detention tonight will teach you something."

"A detention? Just for…"

"You want to try going for two days?"

Cory knew better than to respond. As he sat there on the bench watching the class for the period, he thought up a dozen ways to make Goosey Gilles pay for giving him detention, starting with hypnotising him and erasing his memory how to control his rectum and ending with suspending him from the flag pole outside the school stark naked.

"I couldn't get an advance on my allowance from the rents," his best buddy Anthony whispered the next period in computer class.

"Don't matter. I got detention in gym for tonight so I won't be able to go hang out at the mall after school anyway," Cory whispered back.

"Detention? What for?"

"Not bringing my gym strip to school."

"That sucks."

"So does Goosey Gilles."

"Boys." They looked up at their scowling teacher. "You want to share what you're talking about with the rest of us?" They stared down at their computer screens. "I asked you two a question."

"No. No sir," replied Anthony.

"You know the rule about talking in class."

"Yes sir."

"Then you can join Cory tonight in detention and the two of you can write lines."

Anthony looked up at him and opened his mouth to protest, and then thought better of it. For the rest of the period the two boys sat in glum silence, occasionally glancing up and glaring, Cory especially. All because of gym strip. Cory would show him gym strip. They should make him sniff everyone's gym shorts. He should make the son of a bitch write lines himself. Maybe something about why gym strip wasn't necessary. Or about stripping. Maybe have him take them to a strip club for detention. Cory thought about that. And then he thought about the headband in his backpack. A smile curled his lips. At the end of the day, he told Anthony to stop by the drama room and tell the teacher Gilles wanted the CD player and video camera. Anthony had no idea why, but he knew his best buddy had a plan, and that was good enough for him.

"Mister Gilles?"


"Instead of lines, can we tell you what we was talking about."

"What you were talking about."


"It's a little late now. You should have thought about that when I asked."

"Well, it was a little embarrassing to say in front of the class. It's personal." Julius Gilles looked up from his desk at Cory. The boy was not a bad student deep down, but he was certainly his most troublesome. Never following the rules, never doing his homework, always with a smart comeback that bordered on the insolent, the type of student that could do so well if he put his mind to it, the type of kid who pushed the boundaries. Like when he'd come into the room he was wearing this strange copper-looking headband, certainly only to get a rise out of him, to challenge him to take it off. He was tempted, but knowing Cory's purpose, he didn't fall into his trap. Cory was also the type of student who was a prankster and an excellent con artist, one of the two roles he suspected the thirteen-year-old was playing at the moment.

"Very well, what is it?"

"I was telling Anthony about being given detention for not having my gym strip."

"That's hardly something personal."

"Well what we was talking about is that we was wondering if it is true that there are places where men pay to watch women strip."

Trust Cory to think of that he thought with a frown. "Yes, there are."

"And places where people pay to watch men strip?"


"What's so great about watching someone take off their clothes?"

<Offer to show them.>

Julius Gilles stared at Cory. At first he thought the boy had made the suggestion but he hadn't said anything, and besides, he would have said 'us' not 'them.' The thought had just popped in his head.

<Show us how it's done. Show Cory and Anthony how a guy strips.>

There, he'd said 'us.' But his lips hadn't moved, though his eyes had narrowed, as if in deep concentration.

<Stip, strip, strip. Show how to do it. Do it. Do it!>

The thoughts came fast and furious and demanding. Images of him dancing in the front of the room. Images of him bumping and grinding. Desires to show the two boys. Desires to teach them. They were more than just irrational thoughts, more than fleeting fantasies. They were feelings. Feelings of arousal. Feelings of need. He slowly got to his feet in spite of himself.

"Well, it is difficult to explain. It'd be easier for me to show you."

"Awesome," replied Cory with a grin. Anthony sat there staring at him as if he couldn't believe what he'd just said. He couldn't blame the boy. He couldn't believe what he'd just said himself. Cory took the CD from his walkman and inserted it in the CD player and picked up the video camera and aimed it at him with a huge smile. As the music began, he began to move, unable to stop himself.

"This one is goin' out to the stripper joints Yo meet me at Susie's Ronday-vou For any go-go bar I'm gonna send this one out to the gyms, club, Magic City, New York Dollars, Rollex ..."

He began to sway and twist in time to the rap music of Wyclef's Hope as he began to unbutton his shirt. He turned his back and slowly removed it, and then turning to face the boys, he twirled his shirt in the air before tossing it at them. With a hairy, flabby chest and a developing middle-age gut, he was no sex kitten but he held the boys' attention as well as any big-boobed broad would have.

"Ten grand let me see you shake it like you got no bones in your body

And you was meant to be a celebrity
Twenty grand know it's a sin
But if you show me more skin then would fulfill my fantasy..."

He looked into the camera seductively as he slowly reached for his zipper and Cory zoomed in on his crotch as he slowly pulled it down, undid his belt, unbuttoned his trousers, and slowly began to push his trousers down. Although you could not tell it from the outside, inside he was fighting every move he was making but it was as if someone else had control of his body. Try as he could, he could not stop himself from lowering his pants in front of his two students. He was totally confused as he slipped off his shoes and stepped out of his trousers and then removed his socks. This was wrong, so very wrong, and totally unlike him. As he performed before the camera, swaying and twisting, it was purely an act, an unwilling one. The song ended and another started, Kool G. Rap's No More Mister Nice Guy.

"For the ladies, one hundred and ninety-five pounds [88kg] of beef,
Chinky eyes, curly hair, and gold teeth,
Swingin' with this here stud, you need practice,
I'm leaving floods of blood on your mattress,
I'll leave you holdin' your swollen backside and rollin',
Fillin' all three holes just like bowlin'..."

He looked directly into the camera as seductive as any Calvin Klein ad as he walked his boxers down, an inch on one side, then an inch in the other, down to the beginning of his bush. He turned and gyrated his hips as he continued, slowly revealing his ass crack to the two grinning, wide-eyed students. He cannot believe he is doing this, but the harder he fights the stronger he feels the need to do it.

"I ain't bullshittin', you get hit with hysteria,
Cause I'ma bury a big one inside your private area,
All hell is in your tush,
When Kool G. Rap push pushes inside this bush..."

He stepped out of his boxers and twirled them around, and then held them in front of him as he turned, covering his crotch. He twisted and gyrated like a real stripper, at least like as portrayed on television, his only knowledge about a stripper, and then tossed them at Cory and the camera, revealing his privates to his two students. He swung and twisted to the vulgar rap music, causing his limp cock to swing back and forth and his balls to bounce.

"Oh yeah, that was hot. I see now why guys pay to see others strip," Cory said, rubbing his crotch as he turned off the CD. "It true that some strippers also have sex with their customers?"

Having completed the strip tease, the urge to demonstrate it for his two students dissipated as fast as it had built and he now stood there once more in control of his body and his mind, but now he had control he didn't know what to do.

"Some of them," he replied as he tried to collect his thoughts. By God, he was standing there in the front of his two students totally naked.

"Cool, cuz I need a blow job bad," Cory announced, raising his hips and pushing down his jeans and his boxers. His young, slender boner stood straight up in the air. At thirteen it was barely more than four inches [10cm] long and he'd just begun getting hairs but it was as rock hard as any man's could be.

Julius Gilles opened his mouth but quickly closed it as an insane, overwhelming desire to give the vulgar, irreverent student a blow job passed over him. Cory handed Anthony the video camera and turned the music back on and sat there impudently, his trousers and underwear about his knees as he stared at his teacher. Julius Gilles pushed the idea out of his head but it returned, twice as strong. He'd never once considered engaging in oral sex with another male in his entire life, and certainly not with one of his students. That was perverted, not to mention illegal. He could lose his job over it. He stepped forward awkwardly, stick-like, unable to resist. The urge to suck the young boy off grew stronger, more demanding, urgent now. He reluctantly squatted down beside the boy. His young, stiff cock looked so delicious. He had to have it. His mind screaming for him to stop, he slowly leaned over and took Cory's stiff dick in his mouth and began to suck.

"No more Mister Nice Guy
Bitch I been waitin' for like a fuckin' month and a half
Word up baby
No more Mister Nice Guy..."

He sucked desperately as he slipped his lips up and down the slender, hot cock. It is delicious. As delicious as a cherry lollipop. The thought just popped in his head. He bobbed his head up and down and sucked loudly and hungrily, all the while disgusted and bewildered by his actions. He was forty-four and happily married with five children. He was a teacher, a responsible, upright citizen. What was he doing sucking his thirteen-year-old student's cock? How could he be doing such a perverted, filthy thing, and how could he be enjoying it? But he was, immensely.

Cory was also as he squirmed in his desk, as his cock throbbed and he felt the blast of juice building up in his balls. The fucking son of a bitch was sucking his cock. This was so totally wicked, so totally fucking perfect. He closed his eyes and threw his head back as he enjoyed the physical build up of his climax and the delicious satisfaction of getting his revenge on Gilles. Anthony sat there in the desk beside him catching it all on video, unable to believe what he was taping. His teacher, squatting there butt naked, sucking on Cory's cock! He felt a stirring in his jeans.

"So get a grip as my tip starts to sprinkle
It drips from your lip to your hip to your ankle..."

Cory shot off the hottest, juiciest load of his life, filling Julius Gilles's mouth with his watery, slimy load. He arched his back and lifted his hips off his desk as he shot, filling the school's most hated teacher's mouth with his hot stuff. Gilles squatted there, feeling the young boy's ecstasy and his scorn as if he was experiencing it himself. His mouth full of the boy's semen, he had no option other than to swallow it, and he shuddered with disgust as the slimy juice oozed down his throat. He was swallowing his teenage student's semen for God's sake. As was the case with the strip tease, now that it was over the irresistible urge disappeared and he was left with confusion and guilt. However, along with the guilt and shame was an unexplainable euphoria, which of course neither he nor Cory were aware was being transmitted from Cory to him by way of the headband.

As Cory gradually recovered from the first blow job of his life, Gilles's disgust and revulsion grew stronger. Another song had begun, another rap just as vulgar as the previous, but he was not listening. His shame blocked out the music.

<Now Anthony. Suck his cock. Make him feel as good as you made me feel. Make him feel as good as you made Cory feel. Suck his cock. You want it. You know how fucking wicked sucking a boy's cock is. Young, hot, boy cock, young, hot boy juice. You want it! You need it. You love it.>

Julius Gilles could block out the words of the rap music, but he could not block out the new thoughts pounding in his head in time with the beat. Only for a second, when the thought <make him feel as good as you made me feel> entered his mind, had he resisted. For a fleeting moment he had the feeling someone else was speaking, that the thoughts were someone else's than his own, but then it was gone, and the need and desire he'd felt just before doing Cory returned just as strong. Remaining on his knees, he shuffled over to Anthony's desk as Cory took the camera. Once again moving woodenly and fighting every inch of the way and every movement of his body, he reached up and pulled the young boy's fly down. He unsnapped his jeans and then as the boy raised his hips he drew down his jeans and his briefs. The boy was rock hard. How could he not be, given he'd just seen his teacher perform a strip tease, and then suck off his best buddy?

Squatting there beside the boy's desk, he slipped his lips over the young boy's cock and began to slip his lips up and down the slender shaft and to suck on the swollen flesh with the eagerness and desire he'd felt giving Cory a blow job. His disgust and his reservations gave way to once again the irrational and perverted feelings of lust for young boy cock and young boy juice. He eagerly and hungrily slipped his lips up and down the stiff, throbbing cock delighting in the filthy perverted act as desire overwhelmed the last of his reservations.

Anthony could not believe it. His teacher was squatting there beside his desk totally naked and sucking him off. He was no faggot, but that didn't mean he'd never wondered what it would be like to have a blow job. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined it would be his teacher, and not just any teacher, but Goosey Gilles, one of the most hated teachers in the school system. It was so fucking hot. And Cory was taping it all, just as he'd taped Cory getting sucked off. It was too much! In less than a minute the young boy felt his load rising up the core of his hot, throbbing cock. He tensed as he thrust his lips forward, lifting his butt off his seat and thrusting his cock in Gilles's mouth. As his first spurt erupted from his body he gasped with the delight and drew back suddenly, drawing his dick right out of Gilles's mouth and spurting his second shot in his face.

Cory hooted in amusement and delight as he watched his best buddy spray Gilles's face with his juice. That was fucking wild! Julius Gilles sat there stunned, suddenly feeling a burst of humour and erotic delight having his face sprayed. How could he possibly feel that way? Seeing the look of bewilderment on his teacher's otherwise stunned and flushed face and remembering the look on his mother's face after he'd told her to pat her head and had begun fantasizing all the things he could do with the headband, Cory suddenly realized what was going on and quickly removed his headband.

In the meantime Anthony had desperately gotten his stiff, spurting dick back in his teacher's mouth after spraying him with a second shot. As Anthony finished coming, Gilles squatted there, allowing the thirteen-year-old student to fill his mouth. Once again he felt the flush of shame and filthiness, but this time it was not overpowered by feelings of immense pleasure. There were only immense guilt and disgust. He'd just sucked off another of his young students. It did not matter that the boy was horny and willing, and had clearly enjoyed it. It was a crime that he could be sent to jail for, and a perversion that was one of the last remaining taboos in today's society. He slowly got to his feet, feeling for the first time in the past hour that he actually had control over his body and thoughts. He stood there, naked, his face spattered with runny teenage cum, his mouth puckered with the slimy goo of a thirteen-year-old boy.

"We were going to go to the mall but Anthony's parents wouldn't give him an advance on his allowance. Could you give us some money Mister Gilles?"

Julius slowly became aware Cory was talking to him. He slowly looked over at him as the boy put the strange headband back on. He hadn't been aware of him taking it off. The two stared at each other for a few moments. "Sure." He leaned over and picking up his pants, he handed his wallet to Cory. "Here, take whatever you want."

Cory smiled at him as he opened the wallet. Taking out the bills, three twenties, two fives, and several ones, he stuffed them in his jeans pocket. About to hand the wallet back to him, something fell out, two pictures, wallet-size school pictures, one of a boy around twelve, the other around nine. Probably Gilles's kids. He was about to stick them back in the wallet but on the spur of the moment he decided to take them. Handing Gilles back his wallet, he and Anthony took the CD player and video camera back to the drama room and headed for the mall, leaving a bewildered, naked teacher standing in the front of his classroom, cum dripping from his lip to his hip to his ankle as he tried to make sense out of what had just happened and how he'd felt this past hour.

"Oh maaaannn, that was like totally wicked," Anthony observed.

"Fucking right on," agreed Cory as he took out the money and split it with his best buddy.

He stared at the two pictures of smiling, innocent, clean-cut boys in their school best, wondering why he'd taken them. He didn't know them, but their pureness and the fact they were the spawn of his most hated teacher, made him feel felt an immediate hatred for them. Unsure how he would like to continue his revenge, he stuffed the pictures back in his pocket as he continued with Anthony toward the mall. As he walked along, his dick limp and still wet and sticky in his boxers, the image of his mother and the pepper mill suddenly came to his mind and a wicked smile crossed his lips.

Chapter Three

— Mdog —

Thanks to Terry for this story idea.

"Hey! Hey!" shouted Cory, "what the fuck does your dog think he's doin'?"

"He's just showin' how much he likes you," laughed his buddy Terry as he affectionately wrapped his arms about the neck of his German Shepard and pulled him away. The moment he let go, the dog rushed Cory again, and leaping upon the thirteen-year-old boy and wrapping his forelegs about him, he began to hump his leg madly once more.

"Like? He fuckin' wants to make out with my leg!"

"Lad will make out with anything that moves," observed Terry, pulling his dog away again.

"Yeah? Horny just like his master," commented Cory with a grin.

"Yeah, that's fuckin' true," Terry agreed with a wide grin. He, like Cory, had only recently turned thirteen, and also like Cory, his young balls had only recently dropped. They were huge and ripe, and full of new teen cum that he delighted in shooting, and like his pubes, still totally hairless, though Terry was hoping to start a bush any day now.

"Seriously, what's with Lad? He's not usually this affectionate," Cory observed as he sat down on the front lawn and petted the large, panting German Shepard.

"He's been like this for a while. I think there's a dog in the neighbourhood that's in heat. Maybe you brushed up against a female dog and Lad can smell her on your pants."

"Not that I remember."

"Maybe you smell like a female dog in heat when you're horny," joked Terry, which resulted in a punch in the arm from Cory and turned into a friendly wrestling match, with Lad quickly joining in and barking madly.

"Lad! Cut out the damn barking!" shouted a sharp, angry voice from the back step. Terry's father. "Terry, take him down to the park where he can run off some of that energy before the neighbours start to complain about the noise again. And it looks like you and Cory could run off some energy yourselves."

Terry looked at Cory, who shrugged in agreement, and the two buddies headed off with Lad. Arriving at the park, they unleashed him and let him run. It was against the park rules, but neither boy figured it was a rule that made any sense, and they were the type of boys who weren't much for following rules anyway, and especially not those that didn't make any sense. Cory pulled out a smoke from his sock where he'd been keeping it and lighting up, inhaled deeply and passed it to Terry. The two boys sat back on the grass and enjoyed the warm September day, their second Saturday since the beginning of the new school year. Their peace was suddenly interrupted by angry shouting, and looking up, they found Lad had found a new object for his affection, and the female dog's female owner, a wrinkled up old lady that to the boys had to be ancient, fifty at least, was none too pleased. The two boys lay there and watched, feeling stirrings in their jeans as they watched Lad try repeatedly to mount the female only to have her owner separate them and try to shoo Lad away. If it was up to the two boys, they'd have let the dogs have their fun and they couldn't see why the old lady was making such a fuss. Spotting a patrolman heading their direction, Cory stubbed out his cigarette and they quickly got to their feet and ran over to rescue Lad, scolding him for getting away from them and apologizing for Lad's amorous intentions. Lad of course did not want to be rescued and repeatedly attempted to resume his lovemaking. In the confusion of separating the dogs and getting Lad's leash back on, Cory took the opportunity to slip his hand down the backside of the female dog and finding her cunt, he gave it a good rubbing, thoroughly coating his fingers with her scent with the intention of playing a good joke on his buddy after his crack about smelling like a bitch in heat.

Dragging Lad away and taking him back over to where they'd been sitting, Terry didn't notice Cory slowly begin to reach for his backside. He did, however, notice their teacher, Goosey Gilles, jogging toward them. At forty-four and having a sedentary job, and being genetically prone to being overweight, he was particularly conscious of his health and followed a regular regimen of exercise to keep himself fit-well, reasonably fit for a middle-aged man. A totally new and much better idea came to Cory's mind as Terry pointed him out. Thank his luck stars he'd decided to wear his headband today!

"Let's go say hi to Goosey," he said, and without waiting for an answer he headed off to intercept their teacher. Terry looked at his buddy curiously. Why would anyone purposefully go out of their way to talk to the most hated teacher in the school? He liked Cory, but sometimes he had some strange ideas.

Julius Gilles spotted Cory heading toward him and his heart sank, not a reaction one would expect from a teacher upon seeing one of his pupils, and certainly not a response you would have gotten from the seasoned teacher a week ago. Five days had passed since he'd given Cory and Anthony the detention that had changed his life. After the boys had left, it was as if he'd come back to his senses. From the perverted, not to mention illegal and perilous, things he'd just done, there was no way he could have been in control of them. Actually, he hadn't been in control of anything. It was as if someone else had been controlling his mind, and there had been moments where he was of the distinct impression someone was telling him what to do. Not just someone-Cory Wilson. After getting dressed, he had sat at his desk and had tried to figure out just what had happened, but none of it made any sense.

How could he have done something so stupid? If the rest of his students found out what he'd done his life would be hell. He'd never live down the humiliation and the shame, and there was no doubt whatsoever that each and every boy he taught would be sitting there at his desk imagining him doing the same with him. Some would do more than imagine. Some would blackmail him into doing it, and once that started, there wouldn't be a boy who wouldn't resort to blackmail, and he'd have no choice but to obey. If it was discovered what he'd done it would cost him his job, and probably his marriage. It would cost him more than that. It would cost him his freedom. Men were thrown in jail for doing what he'd done, and there were men in jail who would kill him for his crime.

He had gotten little sleep that night, and the next day he'd expected at least Cory and Anthony to approach him for a repeat performance. They were young, virile boys after all. To his surprise neither boy did, and neither boy had even so much as said anything about what they'd done. They did look at him differently that day though, and each subsequent day the rest of the week. He certainly viewed them differently. Seeing them each day, he could not forget what he'd done, and the guilt and shame and the worry increased with each day that passed. There was something else. Despite the humiliation and the depravity of his act, he had enjoyed it at the time, and despite his fear of being exposed, each time he thought back about it the memory of what he'd done gave him a thrill. That was just as responsible for his sleepless nights.

"Hi Mister Gilles," Cory said with a bright smile as he stepped in front of him.

"Ah, hello, Cory, Terry," he replied as he jogged in place. "I'm sorry I can't stop and talk, but I'm in the middle of my run."

"Sure, that's okay," responded Cory. "I just wanted to say hi, and to tell you your underwear is sticking out the back of your jogging pants."

"Oh. Ah, thanks," Julius said as he reached behind him and felt for his boxers as he continued to jog in place.

"Here, let me tuck them in," offered Cory. Before Julius could object, he felt the boy's hot hand slip under the elastic band of his jogging pants and of his boxers. He immediately stopped jogging as he felt the boy's fingers quickly continue along his crack. Giving his anus a quick and vigorous rub, Cory just as quickly withdrew his hand. "There, all tucked in," he said with a smile as he stepped aside.

"Ah, yeah, thanks again," Julius said. As he jogged off along the path, he wondered if the boy had really been trying to be helpful or if he'd just been goosed. Deciding instead of continuing along his usual route to veer off the path and head into the bushes along the edge of the park, he sought out the thickest cluster of shrubs and trees and pushed through them to the other side. Being a man of habit, why he'd changed his jogging route and why he'd felt compelled to push his way through the densest bush he could find he had no idea but he knew he had to do it.

Following close behind, Cory stopped and crouched down in the bushes, with Terry, having no idea what was going on, right behind him and with a tight hold on Lad's leash. Cory stared intently at the panting, perspiring man as he slowly pulled off his jogging top, revealing a very hairy and full chest. He knelt down and removed his runners and socks, and then slowly and appearing reluctant, pushed down his jogging pants and boxers, revealing a just as hairy and full stomach and a fat, hairy backside. Terry could not believe it and glanced at Cory with amusement, but Cory was concentrating even harder on the scene before them.

Dropping to his hands and knees, he crawled around on the grass a bit, his head down and sniffing at the grass, and then crawling over to a low shrub, he raised a leg and began to leak just like a dog. Terry squatted there staring in wide-eyed surprise as his buddy concentrated even harder, a smile slowly curling his lips. Terry was so absorbed he didn't notice Cory undo Lad's leash. Lad immediately bounded for the naked teacher.

Seeing the dog racing toward him, Julius Gilles did a most unusual and unexpected thing. He turned and barked and wiggled his rump. Lad barked and crouched and leaped at him playfully, if somewhat uncertainly, and after a minute of romping around he sniffed at his dangling genitals and gave his dick and balls a long, slobbery lick to the amusement of the two watching boys. Sticking his nose under Lad and sniffing at his hairy sheath and huge, black balls, Julius extended his tongue and similarly gave Lad a long lick. Terry was so wide-eyed with disbelief by then he was staring at the two just as intently as Cory was. Clearly excited now, Lad circled around behind Julius and sniffed at his butthole and gave it an even longer, wetter lick. He then did what you would expect any normal, healthy, horny male dog to do under the circumstances, and what Cory had hoped he would do.

Cory grinned wickedly and Terry's jaw dropped as Lad mounted their horrified and bewildered teacher and began to thrust his hips. Confused that his partner was not a fellow canine and had the same dangling equipment as he had though not of a recognizable odour, yet had the very distinct odour of a bitch in heat, Lad did the only thing that he could do, he followed his instinct. The odour had resulted in a demanding need just as strong as the need to strip and play the role of a dog had been for Julius Gilles, and just as that need caused Lad's cock to now begin to swell and emerge from his pouch, so did the need to be mounted by the German Shepard now cause Julius to push out with his abdominal muscles to open his asshole as wide as he could.

Lad's cock was soon fully erect and extended out of his pouch, six inches [15cm] long and an inch and a half wide [4cm], not much different in size from an average adult cock but seeming huge to the two thirteen-year-old boys watching in the bushes. The long, rubbery cock was a bright red, and looked slimy to the boys, making what was happening all the more gross and all the more erotic. Slick with pre-cum and the pouch slime, Lad's stiff, pointed cock did not have much difficultly penetrating Julius' ass. As he began to hump to and fro, he wrapped his front legs about his partner more tightly and began to spurt out his semen, adding to the lubrication of Julius's rectum and scratching his sides with his front claws in his excitement.

The boys had observed dogs going at it dozens of times, but this was the first time they'd ever seen a dog fucking a man, and the two stared at the scene before them as Lad furiously worked his hips to and fro, driving his slender, glistening, red cock in and out of Julius's hole. After a minute or two he pushed in one last time and suddenly stopped his frenzied fucking. He still stood there on his hind legs however with his cock still buried up Julius's butt.

"What's going on?" "Fucked if I know," replied Cory.

"He's just standing there."

"Yeah, I know."

Having never watched copulating dogs that closely nor all the way to the end, what the boys did not know was that Lad had tied with his partner. His knot had formed just as it would have had he been having sex with a bitch, and he had instinctively shoved it up Julius's ass, locking him in place as he continued to pump out his semen, nature's way of ensuring the male remains inside the female and fills her with his semen to increase the probability of insemination. Of course nature had not anticipated the likes of Cory Wilson or the possibility of a German Shepard mounting a middle-aged man. For Lad, the act was over, and he immediately lost interest and stood there, letting nature take its course, a hangdog look on his face as his stiff cock continued to spurt out his cum. For the two boys it was a mystery and worrisome, Terry concerned about his pet and Cory concerned about what he'd just caused to happen, but neither Lad nor Mister Gilles seemed to be suffering. Of course that was not totally true.

Julius Gilles was suffering in many ways. First, his sphincter was raw and itching, unaccustomed to having had a thick, rubbery cock working in and out of it for the past two minutes, and now being stretched open for another ten. Second, his rectum was aching with pain, the result of Lad's swollen knot locked just behind his sphincter and keeping a constant pressure on it. Third, he was suffering great discomfort, feeling the dog's filthy, watery dog juice spurting up his rectum. A dog makes from two to six times the amount of semen a man does, and Lad evidently had been saving up as he was close to the upper end. Having one's ass filled with dog slime was not the most pleasing experience. Also, shortly after Lad had tied with him, the overriding drive to have sex with the dog had passed, and he too had stood there on hands and knees wishing things were over, and trying cautiously to disconnect, which he found was not going to be possible without causing some serious damage to himself, which would be hard to explain to any proctologist! With the mad, overpowering urge to mate with the dog over, he knelt there feeling totally ashamed and totally filthy. And very frightened. What if someone came by! What if it was someone he knew? As the minutes ticked by, his fear and his shame grew. How could he have possibly done such a perverted, disgusting thing? He'd read stories about dogs and women, and had wondered if it were really possible for a person and a dog to have sex, but never in his wildest fantasies had he ever considered having sex with a dog himself. In fact when the thought had first mysteriously appeared in his head he'd rejected it, and when it persisted he had resisted it. The stronger the desire got the more he'd fought it, but in the end, he gave in to his perverse desire. What was particularly disturbing was that for a while he'd actually enjoyed it. Kneeling there now in the park totally exposed, his back and ribs burning with the scratches his amorous partner had caused, and a dog standing there on its hind legs and its stiff, rubbery cock up his ass, he could not have felt filthier.

Finally feeling the knot shrinking, Lad pulled himself free. His cock immediately retreated into his sheath and he ran back to the two watching boys, his lust drive over. Relieved, Julius began to stand when he noticed that he was not alone. Standing behind a large oak where he'd slipped away to take a leak was a young boy, a child actually, no more than seven, with gorgeous, long, curly blond hair, the deepest blue eyes, and still sticking out of his fly, a tiny, limp cocklet no bigger than a cocktail weenie.

Chapter Four

— Mb —

Thanks to Absalom for the addition of the character of Jonah.

Julius froze in position, uncertain if he should drop back down on all fours or if he should stand. He knew he should cover himself, but the question was, which part of himself should he cover, his asshole, which felt so stretched he was sure the boy could see it from where he was standing, or his prick and balls dangling between his legs? The boy was frozen in position too, his big blue eyes wide with surprise and with fear. Seeing a grown man buck naked and getting screwed by a German Shepherd had to have been a shock, and Julius could see how it could frighten a seven-year-old child, especially one as timid and as innocent as the one watching him. It had taken a moment for him to recognize the boy, the son of the Baptist minister who lived down the street, who was always writing letters to the newspaper complaining about one sin or another, his latest rant being against gay marriages. Hardly a day went by that he didn't pass by and warn his father about the evils and temptations facing children today and how vigilant parents had to be, and reminding him that children are born inherently sinful and wicked and that too many parents today spared the rod and spoiled the child. Julius frowned. The problem was he didn't know of any Baptist minister living up the street and so couldn't possibly recognize his child, and even if there was, he couldn't be stopping by to speak to his father in that his father lived a ten-hour drive away.

Having recognized the boy, Cory thought of another perverted idea to further mess up Goosey Gilles's mind, and to mess up the minister who was always on his case besides. His eyes narrowed as he concentrated, telling Jonah to approach the naked man, telling him the naked man would make him feel good, really, really good, telling him the man had a treat for him, and that he had nothing to fear. Jonah, however stood there totally oblivious to his commands, either too far away or his mind too young and immature to be influenced by the headband, and continued to stare at the naked man. The seven-year-old had never seen another person of either sex or of any age naked before. He'd certainly never seen one doing a wicked thing with a dog. Exactly what was wicked he didn't know, but the one and only time he'd seen two dogs doing what he'd just seen the man and dog doing his father had turned his head away, telling him it was wicked and not something a young boy should see. He'd thrown rocks at the dogs and hollered at them to stop, but they must have really liked it because they didn't, not until his father rushed at them with a stick. The man and dog seemed to be enjoying the wicked thing too.

Cory noticed Goosey Gilles wasn't moving either. He was just half standing there staring at Jonah with this goofy, confused look on his face. Cory wondered if instead of Jonah, Julius had been getting his message, or maybe he was reading-he quickly tore the headband off as he watched Gilles's face. He still looked bewildered, but not so puzzled. He couldn't be sure if the man had been receiving his thoughts or not. Putting the headband back on, Cory concentrated again, this time on Gilles. He could see the resistance in the man's eyes and he concentrated harder. He could not hear the man's thoughts but he could see the struggle on his face and he thought still harder. A grin slowly began to curl Cory's lips as he saw the expression on his teacher's face turn to a pleasant smile, and a spark of desire to begin to shine in his eyes. He had won the battle!

"Come over here," Julius found himself saying softly to the boy. "There's nothing to be afraid of. The big dog's gone." The boy didn't budge. "Come," he beckoned, "I bet you're wondering what we were doing. I'll explain. Come just a little closer so I don't have to shout. I won't hurt you." The boy took a couple steps closer. "That's better. Just a little closer so we can talk normally." The boy took a couple more steps. The man was an adult, and adults were to be obeyed, without question. His father had taught him that. He had taught him that well. "So you saw Lad and I having fun." The boy nodded uncertainly. "You like to have fun?" The boy nodded again, more certainly. "I can show you some really interesting fun. Would you like that?" The boy slowly nodded. Adults were to be obeyed.

The thought that came to Julius's mind next so shocked him that he vehemently pushed it aside. How could he even think such a thing, never mind do it? The thought returned, even stronger, more urgent, and again he pushed it out. What was happening to him? These were not his thoughts. They were someone else's. He shook his head, trying to clear it, trying to make sense out of this afternoon. First there was veering off his path after meeting Cory Wilson. The idea had come right out of the blue, and he'd followed it. Then there was the matter of stripping and having sex with the dog. It was as if someone else had control of his mind and his body. He'd resisted it, but he could not fight the appeal, and even though he'd found it filthy and shameful, whenever those thoughts arose other thoughts of pleasure and lust overpowered them, as if someone was reading his mind and countering his thoughts. And then there was the recognition of the boy, but they were not his memories. It was as if now he was reading someone else's mind. And finally there were the things he was saying to the boy, things his mind was telling him to say, but they were not his words. They were someone else's. Actually, for the few moments of clarity when he could think for himself, he'd sworn the voices in his head had sounded like the voice of Cory Wilson. Now that was absurd. The boy was only thirteen. There was no way a boy that young would have such perverted thoughts. Even if he did, how could he possibly project his thoughts to his mind, and control his mind and body? Besides, the boy was nowhere in sight. He felt ashamed of himself. Unable to accept the perverted thoughts as his own, he was projecting them on an innocent, defenceless young boy who could not possibly have anything to do with this.

The boy standing beside him was innocent and defenceless too, no more than four feet [1.20m] tall, perhaps fifty pounds [23kg], with a delicious little wiener sticking out of his jeans just waiting to be pleased. What he was thinking of doing was wrong, so very wrong. It was illegal, and immoral besides. But it was also erotic. So very erotic. Willing his legs not to, he squatted down nonetheless. Willing his arms not to, he could not stop from reaching out. Placing his hands on the boy's hips, as he drew him close he bowed his head. Each action became easier and easier. The boy was so innocent and so unaware of what his intention was, he had the boy's soft, smooth uncut little weenie in his mouth before the boy could resist. It was wonderful. So small, so silky smooth. He sucked on it gently and ran his hot, wet tongue over it. It was so small, so delicious. The boy did not resist. It was after all a very pleasant sensation, and very mysterious.

Jonah did not know what to make out of it all as the strange man unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, and then drew them down and slipping his hands under the elastic band of his briefs drew them down too. His father had taught him long ago that those parts that made him a boy were private and were dirty, things to keep hidden away from others and not to be touched, not even by himself except when he had to pee. He had also learned though that not all fathers thought like his father. This man wanted to see his private parts. Not only that, he wanted to touch them, with his lips, with his tongue, and when he did, it sent strange shivers up his weenie, shivers that made him feel good. His father, on the other hand, always made him feel bad and sinful and the only time he ever touched him was to spank him.

So he stood there and let the man lick his weenie and suck on it and his little boy balls because it felt good, like the man had said it would. His weenie grew hard and stuck up in the air and the tip, still encased in his tight foreskin, became very sensitive, the slightest touch sending thrills of pleasure through it and up his weenie. And then something very strange and frightening and wonderful all at the same time happened. His weenie throbbed just like his heart did when he ran fast and the bulb at the end seemed to burn in a way that was both pleasant and painful, and then strange, sharp thrills shot up his stiff little organ and through his groin and caused him to jerk and quiver uncontrollably so he had to place his hands on the man's shoulders to balance himself.

Julius slipped his lips off the stiff, throbbing little organ and watched the boy experiencing his first orgasm with a mix of feelings. He knew what he'd done was wrong, and he'd fought the urge but eventually had given in to it. Now, however, seeing the pleasure the boy was experiencing, he felt good in that he'd brought the boy such pleasure and he was glad he'd given in to the urge. And now it was the boy's turn to please him. As he thought of the ways the boy could do that, he again felt revulsion wash over him and he again pushed the ideas out of his mind, but they came back all the stronger, all the more urgent, with promises of immense pleasure, and again, after a valiant struggle, he could not resist, and he even selected the most perverse of all the ideas.

So he told the boy now that he'd brought him pleasure, it was time for the boy to please him. The boy looked at him uncertainly and then with a look of surprise and revulsion when he told the boy he wanted him to lick his asshole, and to suck the doggie cum out of it. He had no idea what doggie cum was but he guessed it was the white, slimy stuff he'd seen oozing out of the man's red bumhole as he'd approached. Of course he told the man he didn't want to do it, but the man reminded him of the pleasure he'd brought him as he'd promised, and that it was only fair for him to now please him. Accustomed to obeying adults, and unable to argue that it wasn't fair he please the man, he slowly and reluctantly nodded his head and the man stood and turned around. With his heart pounding furiously in his thin chest and sure he was going to puke, he dropped to his knees and stuck out his tongue and leaned forward. His smooth, flushed cheeks brushed against the slime that had oozed out and over the man's hairy buttocks. It was warm and sticky and yucky. He ran his tongue over the man's butthole, lapping up the globule of slime clinging to his ass hairs. It was gooey and salty and even more yucky. He pressed his little lips to the slimy hole and sucked and was rewarded with a mouthful of doggie cum kept warm inside the man's rectum. He wanted to puke.

Julius quivered with the surprising pleasure and the eroticism as he felt the boy lick and suck his asshole and as he thought of the boy sucking out the dog slime that had been shot up his rectum. His cock slowly began to rise, and more lewd thoughts filled his mind, thoughts that disgusted him and excited him, thoughts that he tried to ignore but were too enticing to do so. He concentrated on the pleasure of the seven-year-old boy sucking deeply on his asshole like a babe sucking on its mother's tit, and his cock, now six inches [15cm] and throbbing with desire, jerked with arousal. Turning around, he smiled down at the cherub, his smooth, flushed cheeks and his rosy lips now slimy with dog goo, and the pathetic look now in his deep blue eyes and the look of relief his ordeal was over sent a new surge of lust through Julius's mind.

As he presented his stiff, six-inch [15cm] cock to the boy, the look of realization on the boy's face that his ordeal was in fact not yet over, and the look of reluctance and begrudging obedience, added to Julius's lust. The boy knew the pleasure he'd received from the man, and so extended his tongue and began to lick. After the thick, salty slime of the dog and licking the man's asshole, licking the man's wiener was not that unpleasant. He ran his hot little tongue up the thick shaft and over the knob, wondering why Julius's didn't have a skin covering his top like his own did. As his tongue ran over the rim of the flanged knob, Julius shuddered with the physical pleasure and the erotic delight of watching the blond, curly headed seven-year-old licking his swollen cock like it was an ice cream cone. When he opened his mouth wide and slipped his lips over the knob and began to suck on it, Julius groaned with the perverse delight.

It was absurd. He was a happily married man with five children of his own, three boys and two girls, with a respectable and responsible job. So what was he doing standing there stark naked in the bushes on the edge of the park delighting in getting blown by a seven-year-old child kneeling there with his little briefs and jeans about his ankles. He was delighting in the experience, of that there could be no doubt as he quivered with arousal and rewarded the child with several squirts of his own hot, slimy goo, salty also but with a bitter tinge to it. He slipped his fingers through the boy's long, curly blond hair and groaned as the cherub swallowed his cum, his swollen knob still filling the child's mouth.

As he withdrew his cock the realization of what he'd just done hit him. With the driving lust subsided, guilt and shame quickly rushed in to take its place, overriding the pleasure he'd been feeling. He wanted to tell the child he was sorry, but he didn't know what to say. He wanted to tell the child that what they'd done was all right, that it was even good, but he did not believe that, not for a moment. What he'd done was sick and perverse. Embarrassed and frightened, he sought out his boxers and jogging pants and quickly put them on and left without saying a word.

Jonah could tell the man was embarrassed and upset, which added to his confusion. The man had wanted him to do it to him, so why was he upset? When the man had done it to him, he'd felt a strange and immense pleasure. Had he not pleased the man? Was that why he'd left without a word? It hadn't been all that pleasant doing it to him. Maybe he had done it wrong, but if he had, why hadn't the man told him how to do it differently? He could not understand adults, but then, he was only seven. He was still kneeling there with his briefs and jeans about his ankles when he saw two boys approaching, and the dog he'd seen earlier. The one boy with reddish-brown hair and green-blue eyes had a strange headband of copper that reflected the sun and looked rather cool. He was smiling at him and telling him not to be afraid, that his fun was only beginning, except his lips didn't seem to be moving. As the boy stepped up to him and pushed down his jeans and underwear, Jonah stared at his stiff cock and felt a strange desire to suck it, not an obligation like it had been with the man, but a desire, like you have for an ice cream cone on a hot day, or a hot dog loaded with all the trimmings at a picnic. It had a skin covering the top like his own but was much bigger, about as long as his entire hand, and it looked delicious. He leaned over and opening his mouth wide, he slipped his lips over it, going all the way down to the base. He began to work his lips up and down all the way, from the base of the shaft up to the tip, as he sucked on the hot, throbbing tube of flesh. It tasted as delicious as it had looked. Pure joy and desire overrode his father's admonishing that a boy's weenie was private and not to be touched and obliterated any thoughts of discomfort or distaste lingering from having done the same to the man. This was not an obligation, it was a pleasure and a delight, for the teenage boy he was sucking, and for himself. He worked his lips up and down his throbbing cock eagerly and willingly and sucked on it hungrily, and when the boy groaned and shot his load, the two enjoyed it together. Filling the boy's mouth with the thin, copious, sweet cum of newly dropped boy balls, Cory stepped back with satisfaction, which the boy noticed, and Terry took his place. Jonah eagerly began to suck again, and this time he didn't need Cory's thoughts or the strange headband to tell him it was fun.

Chapter Five

— Mdog —

"Wuff, ruff."

Julius Gilles whipped around but wasn't able to catch who had made the barking sound. It was the third time during Grade 8B gym class, but being in the gym, there were four pairs of students playing badminton in the corner the sound had come from each time and it could have been any of the students. Cory Wilson was one of the players each time, and only he would be so daring, but he had no proof, and there were others. The boy was at least wearing his gym strip. Why a dog noise was particularly perplexing, and worrisome. Did someone in the class know about Saturday? He had worried all weekend that someone he knew might have seen him, and now he worried about it again, the rest of gym class, during his class with the grade nine's the following period, over lunch, during his two periods of PE 7 that afternoon, and as he headed to his computer class with the grade eight's again.

At least he knew that lesson would take full concentration and take his mind off his worries. It was on using search engines, and he knew with a group of grade 8 boys and girls, he would have to be vigilant. He particularly expected Cory to go off searching topics that were not on the assignment, and particularly porn, which he managed to reach despite the efforts of the school administration to put up firewalls against such a thing. As he approached Cory's seat, he discovered something even more shocking, a picture of a German Shepard.

"Cool looking dog, huh?" Cory asked with a wide grin.

"Dog's are not on the research assignment," Julius responded coldly. Why dogs, and why that breed!

"Yeah, I know. He just sort of popped up, if you know what I mean."

Why did he use the phrase "popped up?" Was he inferring like an erection? "Get back to the assignment."

"Sure," Cory said as he clicked back onto "Ask Jeeves". He was being far too agreeable. "So, you got a dog, Mister Gilles?"

"No, I don't."

"I think they're hot. You like dogs?"

Hot? That was a strange word to use. Cool maybe. But hot? That had a totally different connotation. "Cory get back to work."

"You do like dogs, don't you?"

"Yes. Now I won't tell you again."

As he headed on to the next row of students, he could not help recalling that Saturday afternoon in the park. The sight of the dog, the smell and the feel of him, the feel of him entering him, the perversion, the pleasure, the surprise of getting tied, the feeling of his hot doggy cum spurting up his asshole, the throbbing of his hot, slick cock deep up his rectum, the pleasure throbbing through his ass, the arousal of getting fucked there in the grass buck naked, the swelling of his cock, the need to get off a load. . . . He shook his head. The memories were vivid. Those, though, were not the words he normally used.

He leaned in to see what Anthony was doing, trying to focus on the boy's answers. He could feel the dog's penis up his rectum, the heat of his breath on his neck, the scratches along his ribs that burned for hours later and were burning that very moment. He narrowed his eyes and concentrated on the monitor, but the feelings came back, stronger, insistent, demanding his attention. He recalled the erotic feelings he'd had despite the perversity. His penis began to swell. He concentrated on the monitor even harder and interrupted the class to make a point about the assignment, not because it needed making, but so he could get his mind off the events of last Saturday. His mind refused and continued to recall that afternoon. That was no surprise. It had been the most perverse and most filthy thing he'd ever done, not to mention the most foolish and the most risky thing he'd ever done. And, it had been the most physically pleasing.

That last thought was not true! Why it came into his mind he could not imagine! He looked up and glanced around, not sure what he was expecting to see, but all he saw were his grade eight students staring at their screens or glancing at his handout. The erotic thoughts continued and with each attempt to push them away the stronger they returned, and not only that, but with each disgusting, perverted memory came a thrill of arousal and a swelling of his cock until it was fully erect and bulging out his trousers. He reached down and adjusted himself and realizing what he'd just done, he quickly looked up. Nobody seemed to have noticed, nobody except Cory Wilson, who was sitting there smiling up at him, smiling as if he knew what had happened. That was ridiculous. The boy had not been anywhere near the clearing in the bushes where he'd engaged . . . engaged in that perverse act, that perverse but satisfying act.

He wondered whose dog it had been. He wondered if the dog frequented the park, and if so, if it was at any particular time. He considered going jogging after school at the same time as Saturday to see. That would be hot, finding the dog again, feeling his hot, slimy cock up his ass again, getting fucked again. No! His mind screamed its objection at such thoughts and such language, but his cock throbbed with arousal, urging him on with his thoughts. Going jogging would be a particularly good idea.

Cory leaned over and nudged Anthony and with a leer, nodded at Gilles's crotch. Anthony noticed immediately. Only two months older than Cory, the thirteen-year-old was even more curious about sex, and just as eager to explore all facets of the mysterious new world. His puberty had struck about the same time as Cory's, and the boy was perpetually horny. His boyish good looks, smooth olive skin, dark brown hair, and expressive dark brown eyes made him particularly popular with the girls. The boys in his class and many a year or two older envied the fine wisps of hair on his upper lip and the silky hairs that after months of daily checking had begun to grow under his arms. As Gilles adjusted himself again, the two boys snickered, and quickly turned back to their computers as Gilles turned around. Cory glanced out of the corner of his eye. Anthony's tight jeans had a definite bulge, not that that was an unusual condition for the boy. Anthony caught him stealing a look, and jerked his head with a huge grin, indicating he could tell Cory was in the same condition. As the two close buddies sat there enjoying their throbbing erections and the knowledge the other was feeling horny, Julius Gilles tried desperately to will his down, only to feel a rush of new lust, a lust like he hadn't felt since he was a horny teenage boy.

He had not slept much that weekend, and that night he lay awake staring at the ceiling again. What was going on? Never had he lusted to have sex with an animal like he had that afternoon. Admittedly, back when he was in college he had read a couple stories about women having sex with a dog, and had seen a porn magazine his roommate had with pictures of a woman and a Great Dane, and had wondered if it was really possible or if the pictures were faked. He'd even jerked off a couple times imagining coming across a woman and dog in the woods like in the pictures and wondering what it might be like for her, and had even wondered once what it might be like between a man and female dog. He'd never felt the lust he had that afternoon, however, and he'd never once thought about a man and male dog.

Tuesday was even worse than Monday, this time someone in the hallway making dog noises with the change of every class, and each time he was unable to catch who. Someone had to know, perhaps several! Of course these were junior high students. Junior high boys were constantly clowning around and making all kinds of sounds, having only recently evolved from the elementary world where fart jokes and bathroom humour were considered the funniest thing ever. Making noises like dogs was not that unusual.

Boys Health 8 class had an exam. Though he kept a close eye on the boys, after twenty-two years of teaching junior high knowing how little junior high boys studied and how little reservation they had when it came to cheating, his mind kept wandering to the previous Saturday, picturing himself naked in the park, picturing the German Shepard fucking him, picturing the two of them shuddering with ultimate pleasure as the dog filled his ass with his hot dog slime. Once again he became aroused and once again he considered going to the park to see if the dog was there, and he knew wanting to go there was more than curiosity. He wanted to be fucked again. He wanted to feel that hot, hard cock up his ass, that slimy goo shooting up his ass, that tight embrace by hairy legs, that delight in being fucked. He unconsciously reached down and squeezed his swollen erection and gave it a couple strokes. The sound of snickering interrupted his thoughts, and as he came out of his daydream and looked around in a bit of a daze, he could not determine where it had come from. Cory Wilson and young Dominic in the seat beside him had very suspicious looks on their faces. That was ridiculous, at least for Dominic. Dominic was the shiest, quietest boy he had ever taught, and a model student besides, eager to please, studious, polite, the type of boy every teacher wanted in his class.

That evening much to the surprise of his family and totally out of character, he changed his routine. Instead of working out in the gym downtown after school, he went straight home, and after supper, he put on his jogging clothes and headed to the park, and instead of taking his usual route, he went directly to the clearing behind the bushes where he'd gone the previous Saturday. He told himself it was just to satisfy his curiosity, to put the obsessive thoughts he'd had the past two days out of his mind and to put the matter to rest. Deep down, he knew those were lies. His heart pounding high in his chest, not from exertion, but from excitement and with anxiety, he pushed his way through the thick brush and stood there in the clearing, tense, worried, and apprehensive.

Less than half a minute later there was a rustling in the bushes, and he turned to see a large German Shepard come bounding toward him, the same German Shepard he'd met last Saturday. He knew it was and his heart leaped, in despair and angst. Despite his feelings that afternoon, he'd hoped with all his strength that the dog would not be there. He was, and he headed directly for him and immediately began to sniff first at his crotch and then at his butt. He whined and cocked his head and looked up at him curiously, and he backed up and advanced and pranced about him. It was evident he was confused and excited and apprehensive. Julius was feeling the same.

Although he'd thoroughly washed his boxers and jogging clothes after the incident on Saturday, the scent of the bitch still clung to them, especially his boxers and jogging shorts, imperceptible to him but easily picked up by the sensitive nose of the dog. Not being an animal lover, and unaware of Cory initially transferring the odour of the bitch in heat from her genitals to his backside besides, Gilles had no idea why the dog was behaving as he was. Hell, he had no idea why he was behaving the way he was. He had been compelled to come there, but he really did not want to be there. He had hoped the dog would not be there, and yet he'd hoped that the dog would. He did not want a repeat of what he'd done last Saturday. That was perverted. That was insane. It was risky. It was erotic, fucking erotic. It was hot. To do it again would be awesome, fucking awesome.

That was insane. He fought the thoughts. Those were not his thoughts. Those were not his words. He never said or thought things like that. Not the latter half. He was not a man who swore even at his angriest. At the moment he was not angry, not in the slightest. He was horny. Hornier than he'd ever felt before. His cock itched with arousal. His ass ached to plugged by the dog's stiff cock like last Saturday. The memory of Saturday fuelled his horniness. He could not put it out of his mind. He had to have a cock up his ass, that dog's cock, Lad's cock. How did he know the dog's name? For a moment the building lust subsided as he considered that incongruity. He had no idea how he knew the dog's name, he just did.

The desire began to build again and he fought it. He knew he should just leave, leave that part of the park, leave the park itself, go home, home to his wife and family. What was he doing here thinking about having sex with a dog? He knew he should leave but he could not move his feet as he felt the need building, building, ballooning inside him. He reluctantly undid his belt and pulled down his fly. He willed himself not to but he pushed down his jogging shorts and stepped out of them, and then his boxers. He pulled his T over his head and removed his runners and socks. His heart was beating harder as he tried to resist. How could this be?

Stark naked, he awkwardly got down on all fours, a puppet controlled by someone else. Lad had just as little control over what he was doing. Nature had taken over, resolving his conflict between what his eyes were telling him and what his nose was saying. He sniffed the now naked butt being offered him, and he gave it a long, hot, slobbery lick, the taste of dog cunt confirming what it was and preparing the bitch to be mounted. He leaped upon the bitch and began to hump, driving his hips to and fro instinctively, his sheathed cock quickly responding.

Gilles's mind told him he had to stop the dog, but a voice also said this is what he wanted, what he'd been wanting all day. As he felt the hairy pouch bumping against his naked backside, he wanted to stand and to chase the dog away, and at the same time he could not wait to feel the dog's hot, slimy cock probe his asshole. He no sooner thought that than he felt the hot, wet, rubbery dick poking at his asshole. He wanted to clench his butthole closed, but instead he opened it wide, eager to be penetrated, eager to be penetrated like a bitch dog, eager to be taken by this horny male dog. No!

Lad had no conflict. He was of a single mind. The human before him smelled like a bitch in heat, had tasted like a bitch in heat, and was waiting for him to do what male dogs are supposed to do to bitches in heat. His body responded to his thrusts and to the smells and tastes, his cock quickly emerging from its sheath and becoming hard. Achieving erection, his body began producing the mix of semen and precum that served as a lubricant. He tightened his forelegs about the bitch and pressed forward, instinct alone guiding him into position, his hot, stiff cock seeking the bitch's opening. The tapered, pointed tip of his slick red cock finding its goal, Lad lunged forward with a single desperate effort and the eighty-five-pound [38½kg] dog penetrated his bitch. The production of semen doubled as he began to furiously fuck the hot, moist hole now grasping his cock, instinct and pleasure driving him on.

Doggy slime oozed out of Gilles's asshole as the narrow, red piston pumped in and out of his burning hot hole. Ripples of perverse pleasure and total disgust washed over him, his anus burning hotly and pleasantly like no man's should, and delightful disgusting watery doggy slime trickled out of his hole and down the back of his hairy thighs. Julius Gilles was a hairy man, and proud of his hairy body and the masculinity it symbolized. His hair was now sparkling in the sun with spatters of dog goo.

Once again Lad lunged forward with an extra effort, digging his long claws into Gilles's ribs as he now pushed his knot into the bitch, plugging the bitch's hole as nature had intended, tying them together as he spurted squirt after squirt of puppy making goo up Gilles's hot, throbbing rectum. Julius Gilles had never felt so sexually aroused and so filthy in all his life as he felt the cock now buried deep up his rectum throbbing and his rectum being filled with hot slime. He and Lad panted and snorted as Lad froze in position. As their racing blood began to slow, Lad lost all interest in the bitch he had mounted and stood there with a hangdog look while nature took its course and the feelings of disgust and shame and filthiness welled up and replaced the excitement and pleasure Gilles had been feeling. He had a long time to feel his remorse as it took Lad a full twenty minutes this time for his knot to shrink enough for him to pull out. Only then did Cory Wilson, hidden in the bushes, turn off his cam recorder.

Wednesday Julius almost phoned in sick. He was sick, mentally sick, besides physically exhausted. Ashamed and feeling filthier than he'd ever felt, he'd gone straight home and had taken a long, hot shower, but he could not wash away the filth in his mind. All evening he could do nothing but think about what he'd done, how he'd fantasized about having sex with a dog all day, how he'd gone to the park and purposefully sought out the animal, how he'd stripped and dropped to his knees and had willingly-no, eagerly-allowed himself to be fucked. What sort of man did that? God, he was married! He had a happy marriage, with a loving wife with whom he had a sexually satisfying relationship. Two point five times a week. That was not a bad average for couples their age and with five children. So why was he seeking out a dog in the park to have sex with? A male dog besides!

He'd lain awake all night thinking about that, trying to find a logical reason for his insane behaviour. Yes, he'd read stories about dogs and women, three in total, and admittedly had been moderately turned on by them. He was a young college man at his hormonal peak, and the idea was different, and enticing, but not a fixation. He didn't go out and rent any porno videos about women and dogs, not even after seeing the photo mag his roommate had. Yes, he'd wondered what it would be like for a woman to be mounted by a dog, and for a man to mount a female dog. That was no sin, nor that unusual. It was just a curious thought. He'd had no intention of finding out, of seeking a doggie partner. Yet that was exactly what he'd just done, and a male partner at that! There was no logical explanation.

He dragged himself to school the next morning totally exhausted and his nerves raw. The only reason he'd done so was because he'd figured by being in the classroom and his mind occupied by the constant demand of students, he would not have time to think about what a sick pervert he was. Keep the mind too busy to think. He did think, about what he was not supposed to be thinking about. How could he not? It was too sick to block out. It had been especially bad in his Physical Education 8B and Computer Studies 8B classes. Why those two classes? They were two very different classes, one focussing on physical skills and the other on mental, one in the gym and one in the lab. PE was an all boys class, the computer class mixed. Yet it was in those two classes alone that once again he heard the whispered barks and growls, and it was in those two classes that he'd felt the strongest lust. Yes, they did have some students in common, but again he had seen no students in the park.

For whatever the reason, it was in those two classes that his thoughts were the clearest and his feelings the strongest. There was the disgust he'd felt in other classes, but even greater in those two classes was the eroticism; there was the shame, but even greater the pleasure; and there was the feeling of filthiness, but instead of being repulsed by that filthiness like in other classes, in those two classes that filthiness had been arousing. And it was in those two classes that he'd felt the strongest lust, the desire to be mounted, to be fucked by a dog's hot, red cock, to have his asshole filled with hot doggy slime growing stronger and stronger until his body was actually aching in his desire to experience the filthy, perverted act all over again and his cock was bulging out his trousers with arousal. It was also only in those two classes that his thoughts had become vulgar and his language coarse.

That day after school he followed the same routine as the day before, going straight home and after supper, putting on the same boxers as he'd worn before and which along with his jogging clothes he'd washed the night before, and heading directly to the clearing in the park. This time Lad was already there, and the dog wagged his tail happily in greeting and recognition. Julius was glad to see him also though there was still a shadow of angst. He quickly stripped off his clothes and eagerly dropped to his knees and elbows though his heart ached in despair. He inhaled with delight and anticipation as he was penetrated, lust overpowering his feeble objection. His breathing grew laboured and he quivered with pleasure as he was rapidly fucked and just as rapidly filled with hot doggy cum, again feeling a lust like he remembered feeling years ago as a teenage boy. He knelt there patiently and contentedly as he waited for his partner's knot to shrink, fighting now the feelings of shame and filthiness. And, when they were done, he gave the German Shepard a handful of dog biscuits he'd stopped at the store to buy to reward him for the great fuck he'd received. He was well on the way to becoming Lad's bitch.

Chapter Six

— M-dog tt —

"Oh fuck! I can't believe what I'm seeing!"

Cory grinned broadly, the type of grin that causes a boy's eyes to grow bright and that reveals a boy's top teeth, the type of grin only young boys are capable of, the type of grin reserved for Christmas mornings and for fart jokes. Anthony's eyes were about to pop out of his head as he watched Goosey Gilles, the teacher every student at Lincoln Junior High School hated, getting his ass fucked by a dog. His eyes were not all that was bulging. His stiff dick was bulging out his jeans besides. Cory glanced at it, felt an ache pass up the core of his one bone, and then turned his attention back to the screen. He'd zoomed the cam recorder in at that point, zooming in on Lad's slimy, bright red cock pistoning in and out of Gilles's asshole, his doggy slime splattering out with each withdrawal. It was totally wicked. The camera panned up, showing the long, red scratches caused by Lad's toenails as he dug into Gilles's body in his lust, and on up to Gilles's face, showing the man's sparkling eyes and flushed cheeks, clear signs of his own pleasure. The two thirteen-year-old boys sat there, eyes glued to the monitor. How could a guy enjoy getting fucked by a dog? Neither could think of anything dirtier, and their young cocks were stiff and aching with teen arousal.

"Why've they stopped?" Anthony asked a minute later.

"I dunno. Sortta looks like Lad's pumping his ass full of his stuff. Just enjoying getting his ass filled I guess."

Though both boys had seen the formation of Lad's knot and its insertion up Gilles's rectum, several times actually as Anthony had had Cory reverse and replay that part of the tape four times to be sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing, neither boy knew what it was for, nor that it had tied dog and man for the next twenty minutes, every second of which Cory had retained on the tape, going back and forth between their union, Lad's hangdog face, and Gilles's goofy, confused look.

"Oh fuck. Can you imagine having a bone for that long?"

"Imagine? I thought you were like that twenty-four seven," Cory joked.

"Fucking almost," Anthony laughed appreciatively. He was perpetually horny, and not ashamed to admit it. "You really taped that yourself?" he asked when the tape finally ended.


"Oh man! That's fucking awesome."

"I thought you'd like it. Actually, looks like you liked it a lot," Cory added, grinning mischievously as he glanced at the bulge in Anthony's jeans.

"So did you obviously," Anthony retorted good naturedly.

"So, you wanna jack off?"

"You bet I do."

Anthony had been jerking off just shortly after he'd turned eleven, and it had been Anthony who had introduced Cory to the pleasure. They had been best buddies forever, way back before they'd even begun school, and revealing that secret had cemented their friendship even more. Sitting there side by side on Cory's bed, the two thirteen-year-old boys eagerly pushed down their jeans and underwear. The two boys were almost identical in height and weight, at five-foot-three [1.60m] and a hundred pounds [45kg] Anthony, just over a month older than Cory, being an inch and a half [4cm] taller and a couple pounds heavier, and of similar build, being at that early adolescent age where their young muscles are still softly contoured and padded with baby fat, but starting to develop a definition and a hardness that indicates they are no longer children. The new growth of short, curly hairs above their dicks, the still hairless but now pendant sacks with their two oval little eggs hanging below their dicks, and the stiff, upwardly-pointing shafts, Anthony's a fraction shorter but a bit fatter than Cory's, were also evidence that childhood had been left behind, though only recently.

There the similarity ended. While Anthony had dark brown hair and seductive dark brown eyes, Cory's hair was a reddish-brown and his eyes a greenish-blue, a reflection of his Irish heritage. It being September, he had developed a nice even chocolate-brown tan contrasting with the pale pink of his buttocks and flat stomach where society dictated he keep himself covered. Anthony on the other hand had an olive complexion, and while the sun had slightly darkened the exposed skin, his buttocks and stomach were not markedly different from the rest of his body. In addition Anthony had recently sprouted fine, silky hair in his pits, to the envy of his grade eight classmates, and fine wisps of hair on his upper lip, those at the two corners slightly darker and longer than the rest, adding to his already seductive looks. Whereas Cory still had his foreskin in tact, Anthony was circumcised, a difference that had fascinated the two close buddies the first time they'd compared. His balls didn't hang as low as Cory's but were slightly larger, and darker.

The two boys now stared down at their swollen dicks as they held them by the base with thumb and first two fingers and began to stroke the aching flesh. Although they both jacked off regularly, rarely missing a day and usually beating off several times a day, the throbbing of their swollen cocks and the itching and burning of the rim of their dickheads were pleasures neither had grown tired of. Being young, that pleasure lasted a long time as their young bodies were in no hurry to ejaculate. Cory glanced over at his buddy sitting on his bed beside him and watched him stroking his cock and he felt a thrill of added excitement as he watched Anthony's fingers slowing stroking that private appendage. Anthony glanced over at him too, and he felt another surge of arousal. It was fucking hot watching a buddy jacking off, and having him watch you.

Slowly the recently descended balls began to swell and to draw up beneath their throbbing cocks, the twin orbs ripe and filled with their thin, watery boy juice. The two boys began to breathe faster as they felt that awesome peak approaching, and they squirmed with anticipation as they opened and closed their peeholes.

"I'm about to shoot."

"Me too."

They shot simultaneously, filling the crumbled Kleenex grasped in their opposite hands with their hot, thin cum. The tissue soaked up the young boy juice as spurt after spurt erupted from their throbbing cocks and they could feel the heat and sliminess through the thin tissue. They glanced over at each other, watching the final spurts erupt from each other's dick, and then glanced up at each other and exchanged wide, toothy smiles. There was only one thing two buddies could do that was closer than sharing in that private, secret pleasure, and that was doing each other. They'd both thought of that in their private jerk off sessions, but they'd not yet approached the other with the idea. They squeezed out the remaining juice, milking their still stiff and throbbing cocklets, and sat there with their jeans and underwear about their ankles and enjoyed the wash of bliss that passed over them.

As he leaned over and tossed the wadded tissue in Cory's wastepaper basket, Anthony noticed the two pictures sitting on Cory's dresser. "Who's the guys?"

"Goosey's kids, I think," Cory replied. "They fell out of his wallet when he gave us that money after giving us blow jobs."

"That was fucking awesome," Anthony observed with a grin as he thought back to that special Monday. Still in shock from having been blown and then having their most hated teacher turn over his wallet and tell them to take whatever they wanted, he hadn't noticed the pictures fall out nor Cory pocket them. "That was the best fucking detention I've ever had."

"Me too."

"I wish he'd keep us in after school again and put on another show for us, and suck us off again, but slower and longer," Anthony observed wistfully.

"That's possible."

"What do you mean?"

"Ah, I mean it's not hard to get a detention with Goosey."

"Oh yeah, that's for fucking sure. He loves keeping guys after class."

Anthony thought about the strip tease their teacher had performed for them, and then the blow job he'd given both. That had been just as surprising as the video he'd just seen. He glanced over at the two pictures. The younger of the two boys looked to be about nine. He had red hair and green eyes and pale skin. He was wearing a soccer uniform, and was kneeling on one knee with the soccer ball on the grass before him. He looked cute. Anthony wondered what he'd look like buck naked and tried to imagine him kneeling there without his clothes, and then kneeling there and sucking him off like his dad had sucked him off. Despite having just shot a load, he felt his cock begin to swell again. He was thirteen after all, and a healthy, normal boy. He glanced at the clock on the night stand as he considered suggesting they jerk off again and frowned when he saw the time.

"I gotta go," he said disappointedly. "The rents said I had to be home by eight." He got up and pulled up his underwear and jeans. "Thanks for showing me the video. It's fucking awesome."

"Hey, anytime. Glad you liked it."

The two boys grinned at each other. Cory was glad. It had been Anthony who had introduced him to porn, a novelette about some horny college cheerleaders who rewarded the boys of the football team in a very special way. That was only one of dozens of little paperbacks and 'men's' magazines from his dad's porn stash that Anthony had discovered one day and subsequently shared with his best buddy. One of their favourites was a novelette about five cousins, three boys and two girls who shared a cabin for the night at a family reunion and ended up having an orgy with the five forming every possible combination possible, including boy on girl, boy on boy, and girl on girl. That had fuelled dozens of hot jack off sessions as they considered various of their cousins that they'd love to see that come true for with them.

Being able to entertain Anthony in return for the porn he'd shared had felt great, and as he lay back on his bed, Cory considered how he might entertain Anthony further by arranging another session with Goosey Gilles. Like he'd said, getting a detention would not be difficult, and having already made him do a strip dance and suck them, that should be a snap really. Like Anthony had said, it would be awesome if it wasn't so fast the next time. Maybe they could meet in the park, the same place where he and Lad had their fuck sessions. Now that would be awesome, having sex in the very same spot. Even more awesome would be if the three of them could have sex at the same time, like the three boys had with each other in the Family Reunion Weekend story Anthony had shared with him, one of them fucking Gilles while he sucked the other one.

The biggest problem was he didn't know how to use the headband to make someone have sex with two other guys at the same time. Actually, he wasn't overly sure how he'd made it work the first time, or with Gilles and Lad. Using the headband was, to tell the truth, very hit and miss. Like he'd had very little trouble getting Gilles to drop on his hands and knees and get dog fucked. On the other hand when he'd tried to get his Dad to buy him a new game for his Gameboy, his dad just sat there and kept flipping his head, like he was being bothered by a pesky fly. When he'd tried to get both his parents to let him have a TV in his room, the two had glanced at each other and at him suspiciously as he'd tried to convince each and both to agree. One day at Terry's he'd tried to get him to suck Lad, just for a lark and intending to stop it before he actually did it, but Terry had been totally unaffected by his thoughts. On the other hand, the very first day he'd gotten his mother to frig her cunt and her ass with the pepper mill. If only the thing had come with instructions.

Suddenly remembering his great-grandfather's journal, he wondered if he'd written anything in it about the headband. You would think he would have. Now why hadn't he thought of that before! He got up and headed for the garage, only to return to the livingroom moments later. "Where's that pile of stuff we sorted out in the garage for the garbage bin?"

"In the town refuse dump by now I suppose," his mother said, looking at him as if that was a dumb question.

"Oh maaannnnn, you threw it all away?"

"Ah, that was the purpose of sorting out great-grandpa's stuff?" his mother responded, definitely wondering about her son now.

"Shoot," Cory cursed, wishing he could use the word he'd thought instead.


"I threw Grandpa's journal on the pile by mistake." His mother looked at him even more curiously. "I just realized now. I meant to put it aside to read."

His mother was totally bewildered. Reading was not exactly one of Cory's favourite pastimes.

"Well, you're lucky. I saw it and saved it."

"Fu-tastic!" exclaimed, changing his curse in midstream. "Where is it?"

"In a box in the garage, on the top shelf, with the rest of the stuff I saved from Great grandpa Isaiah."

"That's awesome! Thanks, Mom!"

Cory raced back out into the garage and excitedly pulled the box down and opened it up. There it was, under a pile of other books and papers. He opened it to the first page and began to read. "I was born on March 15 in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four, in time to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, in the tiny Irish village of Loughrea…" He flipped through the first quarter of the book to the commencement of World War 1. That would be an interesting read, but at the moment he was in search of something of greater importance. He kept flipping through the book becoming more and more frustrated. His great-grandfather was if nothing else very verbose.

Cory impatiently turned to the other books and papers in the box. A faded old Geographic Society of Ireland journal looked interesting for a later read, especially the article on Druids that had been bookmarked. He knew nothing about them but the article said they worshipped oak trees, which might have something to do with his headband, and danced naked, which certainly would be interesting to read. It was too bad there were no pictures and the print was so tiny. There were several other science journals, none of which caught his attention, and some letters. One was a letter to a friend which for some reason had been returned in which he referred to having discovered an ancient artifact in the forest, which caught Cory's attention, and going on to praise the work of someone called Franz Mesmer and his theories about the mind and to criticise that of a surgeon James Baird, a Scotsman who according to the letter died twenty years before his great-grandfather was born. It seemed his great-grandfather didn't have much respect for anyone Scottish from the letter. On the other hand he must have liked someone called Doctor Milton Erickson because he had dozens of articles by him torn out of newspapers and journals and he had even corresponded with him.

Finally Cory came to a large envelop which contained a letter from the Royal Dublin Society rejecting a paper he'd wanted published. The name of the paper which was enclosed was entitled Evidence of Mesmerization Practised by Druid Priests as Evidenced by Present Experimentation by the Author with a Sixth Century Copper Druid Headband. Yes! Cory was still reading an hour later when his mother came up to his room to tell him it was time to go to bed, and an hour after that when she told him it was the third and last time she was telling him to put out his light, relenting when he said he only had four more pages to read. He put out the light, but he was far too excited to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be the most wicked day of his life yet!


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