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Worlds Apart

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Two identical boys, Lewis and Oscar, living very different lives, one endures daily abuse and humiliation, the other lives a life of luxury loved by those around him, but life seldom remains static and they are about to go through the most tremulous phase of their lives, for better or for worse.

Publ. Mar 2013-.. (3D Boys); this site Jan 2018-
Under construction, Jan 2018; 27,500 words (55 pages)


Kyle (9yo) and Lewis (13yo), with their brothers Ben (11yo) and Luke (15yo); Kyle's friends Reece and Tom (both 8yo)
Nathan (10yo) and Oscar (13yo), with Oscar's father Kevin

Category & Story codes

Slave-boy story
tb – slavery oral analhumil "boy-domination" spank diaper (nappy)


This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

The theme explored in this story is FANTASY. Just as one can enjoy violent videogames or movies without committing or condoning violence in real life, a person can enjoy violent fantasies of abuse without promoting abuse in real life.

By scrolling down on this page and reading the story I declare that

  • I am of legal age of majority in my area,
  • I like to read fictional stories where boys are kidnapped, raped, tortured, etc.
  • I understand the difference between fiction and real life,
  • I do not condone these actions in real life.
  • I agree that anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in this story needs to be turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows

If this type of material offends you (why are you here?) then

Author's note

I tend to like stories that focus on an older boy being dominated and humiliated by a younger boy, that is thus the central theme of my story, To digress, I also have a thing for briefs and socks among other things, read the story and you'll find out.

Usual disclaimer yada, this is pure fantasy, no part is based or real life events, finally, I would ask that you do not distribute this work without express permission from the author (that would be me), but it's not like there's much I can do about it, aside from throwing a little hissy fit.

This is the first chapter of what I foresee to be a pretty long story and I've actually got three completed chapters, but I don't see much point in posting them all in one go, mostly because it has taken me ~8 months to write three chapters, and I would like to post the chapters in a moderately consistent manner. The reason why I write so slow is because of actual time available, creative flow, and when I actually feel like putting fingers to keyboard. I also haven't proof read the other chapters, and considering how long it takes me to write them in the first place, you get the idea. Finally, I'm writing this primarily for myself, so I'm in no rush to share it, sounds selfish, but hey.

Chapter 1

Lewis and Kyle

It has been a long day, a family happily entered their up-scale middle class home, a couple is seen with four younger person, the eldest of the four was a 15 year old boy, followed by his three entourage, two of the other boys were 13 and 11, finally, the smallest and easily the happiest of the group was a 9 year old, who was enthusiastically recounting the events of today, his ninth birthday.

As they entered the home, the parents hastily retreated to the living room, both of whom collapsed immediately on the couch with a long sigh as the nine-year-old retold for the umteenth times how he took down both his parents in a game of laser quest.

"Luke, grab me a beer," the father ordered the oldest boy, who obeyed the request without delay and promptly retrieved a bottle of beer from the kitchen for his father as the rest of the family gradually joined the parents in the living to watch the TV.

"I hope you enjoyed your birthday today Kyle, you're a big boy now," the father said again.

"Sure did dad!" the young boy beamed.

"That's good to hear, how are those boxer shorts fitting you?"

"They're perfect, it was little weird to begin with, but now I'm used to them," Kyle continued with a proud smile.

"Well, now that you're a big boy, you're going to have to take on more responsibility," Dad said more seriously.

"I'm ready for anything!" Kyle exclaimed with the confidence that he could take on the world.

"Then your first task as a big boy, is to give Lewis his maintenance spanking."

Upon hearing the instructions, Lewis, the thirteen-year-old, was immediately overcome with defeat, he had guessed that this would happen, but to hear the actual words spoken was still more hurtful than he had anticipated.

"O wow!" Kyle said, overjoyed, he had expected his first chore to be doing the washing or something, which he had been helping with every now and again anyway, but to be designated to give his older brother his maintenance spanking wasn't something he had expected.

"Come on then Lewis, over to your brother, remember, he's a big boy now, and I expect you to treat him as such, you have slipped a few times today and called Kyle by his name, but remember you must address him properly from now on, especially when you're getting your maintenance spanking. Now, Kyle, remember, a maintenance spanking isn't painful like a punishment spanking, the idea is to help little boys, especially Lewis who we all know is a little slower than most, to learn respect for his seniors and keep him in line. Also, even though you're a big boy now, I think we still need to have an arrangement so that when Lewis doesn't behave and you need to give him a punishment spanking, to make sure that it will be something that he remembers. Go on then Lewis, you know the drill, chop chop," the man finished as Lewis made his way to the smaller boy.

"Sir, please can you give me a maintenance spanking to make sure I will be a good little boy," Lewis said to Kyle.

"Of course Lewis, come here," Kyle said as he waved for Lewis to take a step closer, who did so. Lewis was now standing right in front of the sitting Kyle. Kyle then reached out to the waist band of Lewis' shorts and swiftly yanked them down, revealing an embarrassingly childish pair of underwear for a thirteen-year-old, it was a snug pair of white briefs adorned with cartoons of various emergency vehicles such as ambulance, fire trucks, and police cars. When the shorts were by his ankle, Lewis soon felt the draft of cool air hit his cock and balls as his briefs received the same treatment.

The development of Lewis's cock and balls showed that despite being thirteen years of age, he was, as described by his father, a completely pre-pubescent little boy. His flaccid penis registered only a little over an inch in length, which was still enough to cover the majority of his tight sack, and needlessly to say, there was not a hair in sight.

After Lewis had both his shorts and underwear pulled down to his ankle, Kyle swiftly dragged Lewis by his hand and laid him down across his lap.

"Have you done anything today to deserve a punishment spanking?" Kyle asked, as he had seen the others do so many times before when administering Lewis' maintenance spanking.

"No sir."

Shortly after answering a barrage of slaps rained down on Lewis's bare bottom, nothing to cry about, though the first one did make him jump a little.

The humiliation of his predicament, however, had made his eyes water, not that he hadn't been spanked by a younger boy before of course, Ben, the eleven-year-old, had been involved in Lewis' spanking since when he was 9 and Lewis was 11, that was over two years ago, and now, to be stripped and spanked by another nine-year-old at the age of thirteen was not something he thought could have happened.

Soon enough, the designated 15 maintenance spanks were over. And Kyle pushed him to stand back up.

"Thank you for giving me a maintenance spanking and help me be a good respectful little boy sir," Lewis thanked Kyle with his shorts and briefs around his ankle.

"You're welcome," Kyle said with a devious grin, gleeful at his first time having given the thirteen-year-old a maintenance spanking, something which he had always wanted to do since the first time he saw his older brother do it, however, that was quickly replaced with a more appropriate proud, almost gentle looking smile.

As Kyle proceeded to pull Lewis' briefs and shorts back up, his father complimented him for a job well done, and told him that he will be sharing the responsibility of administering Lewis' maintenance spanking from now on, among other responsibilities. The family scene then went on as though there was nothing out of the ordinary, despite the earlier scene of a teenager being spanked by a nine-year-old, and the whole family got some much needed rest, even for Kyle, the excitement of his birthday was beginning to wear off and actually kept reasonably quiet for the first time today.

"It's getting quiet late, Lewis, go and get ready for bed," the father said after the family's favourite TV show was over. With that, Lewis meekly made his ways upstairs and proceeded to have a shower. After Lewis was out of earshot, he turned towards Kyle.

"Right, I'll let you know more as you learn your responsibilities, but if you have any questions, Ben and Luke should be able to answer them,"

"Yes dad," Kyle responded with maturity beyond his age.

"About Lewis' spanking, when you need to spank him for being naughty, we need something to help you and make sure that Lewis will learn his lesson, even though you're a big boy now, Lewis is still bigger than you physically, so…"

"So I'll have to spank him with a paddle like Ben does when Lewis is really naughty dad?" Kyle interjected with his suspicion.

"Yes, clever boy! Paddle, cane, slippers, even a belt, whatever you deem necessary son," Dad said, delighted and rubbing his son's head.

"You will have to use one more often though, Ben only needs to use these when Lewis is being really naughty, but because you're smaller, you will probably have to use it every time for punishment spanking, and then move up depending on how naughty Lewis is being to make sure he would learn his lesson, so if Lewis had been really naughty, you will want to use a belt,"

"Ok Dad," Kyle said, excited at his new part in moderating Lewis' behaviour.

"Ben, go and help your brother put Lewis in his nappy, I know he's seen you and Luke put Lewis' nappy on a lot of times, but because this time he's actually doing it himself, I want you to go and make sure he does everything right,"

"Yes dad," the eleven-year-old answered.

After the conversation finished, the two boys made their way upstairs, and walked passed the opened bathroom door wherein Lewis was having his shower.

"Hurry up Lewis, we'll be waiting in your room," Ben said as the pair walked past.

Ben and Kyle entered Lewis' room, which was plain but well equipped, complete with a double bed, computer and other furnitures.

"You know where Lewis' nappies are, go get them out along with the baby oil," Ben said. Kyle followed Ben's instructions and retrieved Lewis' nappy from the drawer for the first time, he looked at the pristine nappy with all the usual cartoon prints, it was even thicker than he imagined, but he guessed it would have to be for such a big baby.

Just as he laid the nappy and oil on Lewis' bed a nude Lewis entered, who had long been accustomed to being seen by the rest of the family in the nude.

"Er, what is Kyle doing here, sir?" a slightly stunned Lewis asked.

"You know why Kyle is here Lewis. He's a big boy now and he's going to help out with your bedwetting."

It was true, he knew what Kyle was there for, but just yesterday the closest Kyle got to put him in a nappy was to watch, still wetting the bed at thirteen was humiliating enough, but to have an nine-year-old put him in his nappy made him more anxious than usual about the nightly routine.

"Close the door behind you Lewis," Ben ordered, who did as he was told, pulling an annoyed face whilst out of sight of the other two, closing the door could only mean one thing, as the house rules were very clear that little boys don't need privacy, so he could only close the doors on the authority of his seniors, such as Ben, and now Kyle, in fact, the family says it's important that little boys keep doors open, so that they can be easily checked on to make sure they aren't being naughty. Seeing the door being closed Kyle's heart began to pump faster, not only because he was about to put Lewis in his nappy for the first time, but, unbeknownst to Lewis, Ben had discussed yesterday what the plan was going to be tonight, as he had anticipated that his father would have asked Kyle to put Lewis in his nappy with himself supervising.

"Right, on the bed then," Ben said, he had taken a back seat in tonight's chore, rather than putting Lewis in a nappy himself and explaining as Kyle watch, he had decided that Kyle had seen the process often enough that he will let Kyle do it straight away and only interfere when necessary.

Once Lewis was on the bed, Kyle pushed Lewis' legs up and spread out the nappy underneath Lewis' backside, after lowering Lewis back on the nappy, he proceeded to squirt some baby oil onto Lewis' privates, after pausing for a second, he took a small breath and took Lewis' small cock and balls into his hands. As his cock and balls are manipulated, it began to harden, soon enough, Lewis' cock was rock solid, with a little over two inches [5 cm] of magnificence.

"Wow, it's tiny, you really are a little boy!" Kyle exclaimed as if he had never seen Lewis' tiny cocklet before to the blushing boy, somewhat embarrassed, but he had heard similar insults often enough that he knew it was coming, and had prepared mentally.

"Here's another lesson now that you're a big boy Kyle, one of the ways we reward Lewis for being a good little boy is allowing him to have a dry orgasm, because it's something that they're not allowed to have without having permissions from their seniors. So, if you think he's been a good little boy and deserves having a dry orgasm, you can give him one as a reward, what do you think?" Ben told his little brother as Lewis' blushed a deeper shade of red.

"Well, he's been really nice today and behaved himself, so I think he deserves it," Kyle answered and he continued to rub Lewis' short shaft and spreading the oil on all necessary areas. Part of Lewis wanted to protest, he didn't want Kyle to have this power over him, to be able to decide whether he was allowed to climax, on the other hand, he had been denied an orgasm for over two weeks, even after behaving and asking nicely, Ben, who had taken over most of the responsibilities regarding Lewis for the past year, said that he wasn't sure that Lewis had really been that good. Perhaps it was intentional, to save the special occasion for Kyle.

Pleasure was building in Lewis' groin considerably, and Lewis was savouring the sensation that he had almost forgotten, as it had been one of the longest stretch of time he had gone without a single relieve. His breathing began to speed up, and every fibre in body was trying to intensify the up and down movement he was experiencing on his cock. Without much warning, he went past the point of no return.

"I'm having a dry orgasm sir!" he announced loudly as he had been trained to do over the years.

Kyle responded to the unexpected announcement with a bemused giggle, and the sight of a thirteen-year-old baby convulsing as a result of waves of dry orgasm just served to humour him further. The orgasm, as stated, was completely dry, and though over two week of abstinence had brought Lewis one of his most intense orgasms, his body was simply trying to eject seeds it didn't yet possess.

"Thank you sir," the thirteen-year-old said as he recovered from his sexual high.

"Kyle, now is when you ask him to recite why little boys aren't allowed to play with themselves, we have to do this every time to make sure that Lewis knows the rules," Ben explained.

You'd think that Kyle would know the rules, being a little boy himself until recently, but he had always been afforded privileges Lewis didn't have.

"Ok, you're welcome Lewis, now, why aren't little boys allowed to play with themselves?" Kyle asked.

With a sigh, Lewis submitted to his fate, needless to say, he derives great pleasure out of every orgasm, but just as often as he was allowed to experience those pleasures he was forced to humiliate himself, and this time in front of a nine-year-old. Nevertheless, he knew the lines well and began.

"Little boys like me who can't cum yet aren't allowed to have dry orgasms without permission or supervision from a senior, because unlike big boys who can cum, I don't need to have an orgasm to stay healthy, I will just be doing it for fun and I won't be able to control myself without help and grow up to be a bad person."

"That's it, we don't let you play computer games or watch TV without permission, so letting you have a dry orgasm is really no different," Ben said with a smile, obviously having enjoyed the scene of humiliating Lewis in front of Kyle more than he expected.

After the short discourse, Kyle began taping up Lewis' nappy, with Ben's instructions in taking the necessary precaution to ensure that the nappy won't leak. In no time Lewis was fully clad in his thick cartoon printed nappy, a piece of garment he had worn every day for as long as he could remember. Lewis' outfit was completed with a pair of childish socks that made Lewis looked even more infantile. One would assume that the outfit makes Lewis look younger than his years, but he actually looked pretty average for a boy his age, and once you couldn't see how undeveloped his privates were, with average height and a slim body, one could easily identify him as a boy in his early teens. In fact, with his general features along with his soft mop of straight medium length brown hair, many would consider him attractive, although he had had zero lady luck in school.

"Right, on your knees then," Ben said after Kyle had snugly clad Lewis in his nappy.

"Now, to help you remember that Kyle is a big boy, you will show him respect as a little boy should," Kyle and Ben then swapped positions, with Kyle now sitting on the bed and Lewis on his knees between Kyle's legs.

"You know what to do Lewis, show Kyle what a good little boy you are, especially since he was kind enough to let you have a dry orgasm," Ben carried on.

"Please may I suck your cock sir," Lewis looked up at his new superior and asked rather blandly. Kyle's heart was racing, it was finally going to happen. He had never really noticed Lewis' green eyes, but now, looking up at him were the the glass like green beams with an air of indifference. Of course Ben had explained this to him a few days ago to make sure Kyle would know what to do as part of being a 'big boy', but he played along as though he wasn't sure what was going to happen.

"O? You want to suck my cock?" the nine-year-old said with pretend surprise.

"Yes Kyle, we're doing this to help Lewis learn his place, having Lewis suck your cock is a good way of letting him know that you are his senior and he must obey you. There are three main kind of instructions you can use when you feel that he isn't minding you properly as a big boy and need a reminder about who is in charge, especially since Lewis has a hard time learning that little boys like him need to do as they are told," Ben lectured "the first one, like Lewis is doing now, is given when he is on his knees, when he will suck your cock, you can also tell him to get on his back or on his hands and knees, when you can fuck him, doing this will help him learn that he is to submit to you and learn that you are in charge of him."

"Ok," Kyle said, now with some difficulty concealing his excitement and began undoing his trousers.

"Lewis will do that Kyle," Ben told the boy.

And sure enough, Kyle stopped and Lewis undid Kyle's trousers, pulling them down to reveal a pair of very grown up boxer shorts, already, a tent was forming beneath Kyle's shorts, the overwhelming feeling of power he felt in the past few minutes had made him more aroused than ever, heck, the last few times he had masturbated was to this scenario playing out in his head, and to finally have Lewis kneel in front of him asking to suck his cock, he was practically ready to blow.

Pulling down the boxer shorts revealed another marvel, the nine-year-old was sporting the hardest erection he had ever had, and at over 3½ inches [9 cm] in length, it dwarfed the little cocklet of the teen whom he had just given a dry orgasm.

"Remember Lewis, you need to look at Kyle in the eyes as much as you can to learn who you are submitting to," Ben reminded Lewis.

Reluctantly, Lewis went down on Kyle's cock, jealous at its size despite being more than four years his junior. Kyle responded with a sigh of pleasure as he felt the warmth of Lewis' mouth envelop his straining boner. Having been used to sucking bigger cocks than this, working on Kyle's cock felt somewhat awkward to Lewis, however, having literally sucked cock more often than he could count, he soon employed every trick he learned over the years. To an onlooker, Lewis no doubt looked like a cheap whore, working his client's cock and balls with vigour, but even as he goes to town on Kyle's cock, he remembered to look up at Kyle whenever he could, not that Kyle looked down at him very often.

As he carried on pleasuring the younger boy, he could feel Kyle's breath begun to deepen, who was also now moaning audibly, recognising the signs of a boy nearing orgasm, Lewis changed his technique, focussing more on Kyle cock to help him orgasm. Kyle was having the time of his young life, it felt better than anything he had ever felt before, and he hasn't even cummed yet! Looking down, he could see Lewis' heading bobbing furiously up and down his cock, it was heaven, he was ready to blow, instinctively, he grabbed a handful of Lewis' brown hair and began thrusting his hips back and fourth, face fucking Lewis in earnest.

As Kyle pumped in and out of Lewis' mouth, Lewis stopped bobbing his head altogether, giving Kyle complete control over how he wanted to cum. Kyle's is now moaning louder than ever, which surprised Kyle himself more than anyone else, previously when he had wanked, he had managed to stay relatively discrete, he moans almost made him sound like he was in pain, but what he was experiencing was quite the opposite. Suddenly, he went past the point of no return, and with one last powerful thrust, he embedded his cock deep into Lewis' mouth, tensing his entire body as he spewed his watery cum inside Lewis' mouth, who swallowed obediently.

He had started ejaculating only a few weeks ago, and even though his semen was still the impotent liquid produced by a little boy, he was producing increasing volume of it, going from the few clear drops mere weeks ago to now being able to pump out a few respectable squirts. This was exactly what Ben wanted to know when he spoke to Kyle, after all, his entire premise of boys being allowed to choose whether they are allowed to have an orgasm was based on whether a boy can cum or not, not that it actually made any difference of course, he just enjoys the feeling of power dominating Lewis gave him.

Lewis could feel Kyle spewing his cum down his throat, and swallowed immediately as he had done many times before. This has brought back memories of sucking Ben for the first time, he remembered that at the time, as Ben was cumming inside his mouth just as Kyle was doing, he had wondered when he would be able to produce the same manly fluid himself, given that a nine-year-old was able to do it, he had believed that as much of a late bloomer as he was, it must soon be his turn, little did he know that more than two years later, not only would he still be unable to produce so much as a drop of cum, but he would be swallowing Kyle's. As frequently as he was humiliated in various scenarios, to this day he has only learned to put up a brave face and pretend that it's nothing out of the ordinary, but the shame he felt as he was forced to 'show respect' to a nine-year-old still made his guts churn.

"Ahhh, good boy, you swallowed my cum too!" Kyle said, starting to come down from his sexual high, Lewis responded with a smile after releasing the deflating cock from his mouth.

"Of course, good little boys always swallow his seniors" cum unless they're told not to," Ben said with a smile "Doesn't it make you feel a little more grown up now that you have some cum inside you? Now don't forget, what do you say to big boys who care about you enough to help you learn to be a good boy?" he carried on.

"Thank you for letting me suck your cock to teach me to be a good little boy sir," Lewis recited.

"Right, now come over and kneel here," Ben sat down on a chair as he pointed to the floor. Lewis got up and made his way over to Ben, with the thick nappy causing him to ever so slightly waddle.

"Just because Kyle is a big boy now too, I don't want you to forget that good little boys must respect all their seniors," Ben said with a grin. In truth, he just wanted his cock sucked, he rarely had to use his hands ever since Lewis sucked him off for the first time, and now that all those hormones have started making the rounds around his body, the horny boy was having Lewis service him at least twice a day.

"Please may I suck your cock sir," Lewis asked again.

"Yes you may," Ben answered. With that, Lewis removed Ben's trousers and boxer shorts to reveal a cock that, at 5½ inches [14 cm], was nearly three times the size of his own diminutive little rod, complete with a healthy set of balls, not only that, at the base of the cock, despite being nearly three years younger, Ben already possessed a small but dense bush of dark pubic hair, if Kyle's cock dwarfs Lewis' in comparison, Ben's practically made Lewis look like a girl.

Seeing the familiar sight, Lewis started working on Ben's cock, who, being less prudent and more forceful than his little brother, did not hesitate to grab a handful of Lewis' hair and buried his cock into Lewis mouth until Lewis' nose was buried in his pubes. There were times when he enjoyed the cock play that he had taught Lewis, after all, little boys show respect by savouring, no, worshipping the tools of their seniors, but this time was not it, not to mention he wanted to impress Kyle with his 'manliness'.

Having an audience had always made Ben extra horny, he loved to demonstrate what a strong person he was, and after all these years, he still relished the opportunity to exert his authority over Lewis. As he neared climax, he increased his pace and his toes began to curl in his socks, just as he was about to blow, he pulled his cock out and began wanking furiously, ropes of creamy cum began to shoot out of Ben's cock, arriving into Lewis' waiting mouth with the aim of a seasoned veteran. Instead of swallowing Ben's offering straight away, the experienced Lewis collected it all in his mouth, Looking up into Ben's eyes as Ben filled his mouth with the potent seed. Ben's orgasm was soon over, and he squeezes the last drop of cum into Lewis.

Lewis was now kneeling in front of Ben, looking up with his mouth wide open, showcasing an impressive load. Meanwhile, Kyle was giggling like the little nine-year-old that he was, the scene was enormously amusing to the little boy, and made him respect Ben that much more.

"Hmmm, Kyle said you've been a good little boy, but I'm not so sure. Should I really let you swallow my cum?" Ben pondered out loud, Kyle was now positively dying of laughter.

"Glease eir, ean ei ewallo-o eur geum," Lewis attempted to say with a mouth full of cum without blocking it from view.

"Really, well, do you promise to be a good little boy?"

"Ees elur, ei ll a goo eil oy,"

"Ok, then, if you promise, then you may swallow," Ben said, as though he didn't care, although he was reaping so much enjoyment from shaming Lewis, to him, few things were better than humiliating Lewis after he had an orgasm.

After being given permission to swallow, Lewis then awkwardly took the creamy offering down to his stomach. He hated this new game, Ben had introduced it not long ago, and there were many slightly differently variations to the game, all of which had the same conclusion, with him begging for Ben's cum. Even in the variations where he was given the choice of whether he wanted to eat some cum or not, he soon learned that though there were no immediate punishment for not begging for cum, he would then be given the harshest punishment for the most minor of infractions, and in the end, shaming himself and begging for cum was just much less trouble.

"Thank you for letting me suck you cock and swallow your cum to teach me to be a good little boy sir," Lewis thanked the smaller boy, or bigger, depending on which part you're looking at.

"That's ok, although with how much you like cock and cum, I wonder if we might need to make sure you don't have too much," Ben said with a smile. Of course, Lewis could only wish that would happen, but he knew that it never would, and that Ben only said it as another ego boost.

"Please don't do that, sir, it's teaching me so much about how to be a good little boy and reminding me that you're bigger and more mature than I am so I need to do as you say," Lewis said. He has played the game long enough to know what to say, just with that little speech, he had probably saved himself from several harsh spankings, at least when Ben's friends aren't present.

"Well, as long as it's doing you good," Ben said with a satisfied smile as he rubbed Lewis' head.

"Time for bed then," Ben announced, Ben and Kyle then both tucked Lewis in bed, switching off the lights and leaving the room, though still leaving the door slightly ajar as per the house rules.

Chapter 2

Oscar and Nathan

A slim ten-year-old boy with short blond hair dressed in white socks and briefs opened a door, inside was a well decorated room that clearly housed a boy, equipped with everything a boy could want, big screen TV, gaming consoles, a computer, a shelve full of books among others, the only things that weren't there were things the boy didn't want. Inside the room, its occupant was sleeping soundly on his bed, far to big for a boy on his lonesome, but with a room so big, there was no reason to have a smaller bed installed.

The boy made his way to the bed quietly, as he had been doing so for years. He gently lifted up the cover and crawled under until he was facing the pyjama bottoms of the boy underneath, pulling it back revealed a hard cock already erect, reaching over two inches [5 cm] in length. Without further ado, the boy engulfed the cock in mouth, savouring it in all its deliciousness. After a couple minutes of licking and sucking, he could feel his head being stroked, a little later he could feel some pressure being applied, not downward, but pulling him up, and he followed the wish of the boy whom he was sucking.

Moving up he was soon greeted with a smiling face, identical to that of Lewis.

"Good morning Nathan," the boy said.

"Good morning master," the blond boy, Nathan, replied, smiling. After the greetings the brown haired boy leaned forward and the two were now engaged in a deep kiss, caressing each other's bodies.

As the kissing and caressing went on, the bigger boy pushed Nathan onto his back and kissed his way down until he was facing Nathan's briefs, which was now bursting with the jewels hidden within, pulling it back revealed and perfectly proportioned 5 inch [13 cm] cock, without hesitation he took it into his mouth, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the boy.

After a few up and down sucking, the boy released the cock from his mouth and looked up.

"Fuck me, Nathan," he asked.

"But… master, slaves aren't supposed to fuck free boys!" Nathan said, a little concerned, although not hiding his excitement entirely.

"Come on, don't make me beg, you said the same thing when I starting sucking you off, and you fucked me last week!" he asked again. Reluctantly, or at least trying to look as such, Nathan got up and removed his briefs, likewise, the bigger boy removed his pyjama trousers.

When the pair were ready to begin the deed, the bigger boy retrieved a handy tub of lubricant that he acquired recently for exactly this purpose and applied it generously onto his slave's cock, after he was satisfied that Nathan was well prepared, he laid back down and pulled his legs to his side with his socked feet above his head, the sight was somewhat amusing as the bigger brown haired boy presented himself to the little blond slave, the confident attitude of the boy did nothing to give away that this would in fact only be the second time he was going to be fucked.

After his master lubricated his cock for action, Nathan took ownership of the tub of lubricant and dipped his finger in. Inexperienced as his master maybe to sodomy, Nathan was much more knowledgeable, albeit at the receiving end. In fact, until last week when he first fucked his master, he had never fucked anyone before, and his previous encounters had been much less gentle. But he remembered the times when he was most brutally fucked, his abusers were unable to enter him without some preparations and told his curious master as much, hence why he was in possession of the lubricant. He gingerly inserted it into his master's waiting hole, who jumped instinctively at the intrusion, however, he immediately remembered the instructions from his slave last week and began to relax, trying to breath steadily as his slave gently lubricated his hole. Every now and again the bigger boy would jump with jolts of discomfort, and every time his slave asked whether he still wanted to continue, eventually the jolts became less frequent and stopped altogether.

"Ok, I think I'm ready," the boy said, still with his feet above his head.

"Are you sure?" Nathan asked again, to which his master only responded with an impatient look, which was soon replaced by a look of grim determination mixed with some anxiousness as he felt his slave's cock at the entrance to his hole. As Nathan gently glided his cock into his master's hole, seeing his master's grimaces and hearing his grunts of pain, Nathan felt almost as though he was the one being fucked. However, as he felt his cock tightly enveloped by his master's warmth, he experienced the intense pleasure of being inside his master that he had missed so much from last week, partially because of the physical sensation, but also because he had never felt closer to his master than when they were having sex.

"I'm all in," Nathan said after inserting his 5 inch cock [13 cm] balls deep into his master.

"Cool, just let me get used to this first," said the larger boy, sweating somewhat as he tried to familiarise himself with the intruder, he had expected his second fuck to be more pleasurable than when he gave his virginity to his slave, but although it was much more bearable than his first fuck, it was still more painful than he had anticipated. After some minutes of pause, he asked his slave to start fucking him. Cautiously, Nathan began rocking gently, only moving his cock an inch or so in an out of his master.

To both boys' surprise, the bigger boy's hole soon grew accustomed to the intruder.

"Ahh, this is actually quite nice now, fuck me harder," the bigger boy said, and his slave happily obliged, especially since the look on his master's face changed from one of discomfort to enjoyment, and in no time Nathan was sliding the entire length of his cock in and out of his master, something he wasn't able to do last week, and eliciting grunts not of pain, but pleasure, the room was now filled with sounds of "ooos" and "ahhs" of pleasure from both parties and the unmistakable erotic sound of intercourse as Nathan continued to assault his master's prostate.

"Ahh, ahhh… fuck, I'm having an orgasm!" the brown haired boy announced just before he began to convulse in pleasure. This felt better than anything he had felt before, more so than any other time when his slave had played with his cock. He never knew that he could derive so much pleasure without touching his cock. He had intended to give up his virginity to his slave to feel closer with the boy, as a dedication of his affection for him, but as he felt Nathan energetically pumped his cock in and out of the now much more relaxed hole, he had the most intense dry orgasm of his life.

On Nathan's part, he was happy to see that he had stimulated his master to orgasm, and unlike last week when he tried to achieve an orgasm as soon as possible so as not to prolong his master's discomfort, who insisted that they do not quit until Nathan had an orgasm, he ploughed on with vigour, determined to provide his master with as much pleasure as possible, savouring the feelings originating from his cock without pushing himself past the point of no return.

In ten minutes, Nathan gave his master everything he's got, fucking his master to a second orgasm, as the third orgasm approached, he could bear his master's convulsive stimulation no longer, it was too much.

"I'm sorry master, I'm going to cum!" Nathan said aloud.

"O yes! Cum inside me Nathan!" the master squealed as he lusted after his partner's seeds, miraculously avoiding sounding like an angry prostitute. And thus, the two boys experienced an orgasm together, with the bigger convulsing in a dry orgasm that was even more intense than the first two, whose body desperately tried to expel the seeds that it didn't yet produce, and with the slave depositing his seeds deep inside him with a long grunt of pleasure as his master's contracting innards extracted more cum out of him than any orgasm he had had before.

"Ughhh…," the exhausted Nathan sighed as he squirted the last of his cum inside his master.

"That was awesome!" the other sweaty and equally exhausted boy said.

As Nathan pulled his softening cock out, a little cum drooled out of the hole, an impressive load for a young boy, having planned ahead, Nathan grabbed a towel nearby and wiped his master's hole before cleaning his own cock.

"When am I going to be able to cum," the older boy said with a look of sadness and envy as the much younger slave cleaned his manly mess.

"I'm sure it won't be long now master, everyone grows up at their own pace," the blond boy said in a vain attempt to cheer his master up. In truth, he doesn't think his master will produce any significant amount of cum any time soon considering the total absence of developmental signs. "Besides, you can always ask your father to get you some of those drugs that kick starts puberty," he added.

"Yer, but I don't like medicine, or cheating, I want to make my own cum," the larger boy replied. "O well, you fucking me is the best thing ever, who needs to cum!" he continued with a devious grin before launching himself forward and embracing the smaller boy as the two once again locked in a deep embrace and explored each other's mouth. After the deep embrace the two stayed in bed together a little longer, simply enjoying each other's company.

Later, the boys got dressed, one being much quicker than the other, as the larger boy threw on a full set of typical teenager outfit whilst the slave only had to slip his underwear back on. After getting dressed, the pair headed downstairs. The house they resided in was massive, and the parents' room was far apart from the boy's own, hence the unreserved sex, although it wouldn't surprise them in the slightest that the boys were enjoying each other's body, it just saved the boy from his own teenage modesty.

"Good morning Oscar, good morning Nathan, running a little late today eh," a thirty something and remarkably attractive woman said to the lads.

"Morning mom," Oscar replied cheerfully.

"Good morning, mistress Kerrington," Nathan replied solemnly.

"Take a seat boys, breakfast is about ready," the woman said as she gestured towards the kitchen counter before resuming her task of making breakfast. The two boys sat down on the counter as they were told, ready to devour whatever delicacy soon to be placed in front of them.

By now, you may have guessed that Nathan was not treated like a normal slave, not only was he loved by his master, but he was loved by the entire family. In any 'normal' home, a slave wouldn't be eating with 'its' master, nor is 'it' likely to be given human food, if it was lucky it might get some leftovers when its owner was in a particularly good mood, in fact, it would be lucky if it was fed once a day.

Of course, Nathan didn't take any of this for granted, especially since he had experienced first hand how bad most people treat their slaves, and thus he always did as he was told and showed the utmost respect for his owners. In the back of his mind though, the better he was treated by his owners and how it compared to his previous treatment, the more he felt that this was a dream, or like a good dream that won't last and he would be resold to another owner.

"Where's dad?" Oscar said as he looked around for his father.

"He's gone to work. One of the partners managed to make time to come in for a meeting," the woman said as she continued to cook.

"Again?" Oscar moaned.

"I thought we were supposed to have a weekend together," he carried on.

"You know how it is Oscar," the woman replied, walking over to rub her son's back to console him. Oscar's father, being the principal owner of one of the largest businesses in the world had often reneged on his plans with the family, however, given his responsibilities, it was still amazing how much time he manages to set aside.

As the woman continued to cook, a glass panel next to her flashed for a few seconds, pausing her work, she switched her attention to the panel.

"O, your dad is bringing the partner over for dinner," she said.

Breakfast was served shortly thereafter, and once everyone had finished, the boys disappeared to fill their day with whatever activities they had in mind, which usually just consisted of all the boyish games you could think of, computer games, sports, wrestling, etc. as the mother continued with her house work. This was another aspect where the family differed from others, in a household as wealthy as this, there would usually be several slaves doing the biddings of their masters. In this house though, there was only one slave, who rarely had to do any chores or other household work compared to his peers. Although he did do his fair share of work around the home to help out, it was by no means strenuous, and really no more than what you'd expect from a free boy in any other healthy homes where children were given responsibilities.

Night fell and the door bell rang, Oscar ran to the door with his slave following closely behind him. Mum was there already and opened the door, behind which stood two men, one was a tall, handsome man in his mid 30s, the other was a man considerably older, slightly overweight with a thick moustache and definitely not as attractive.

"Dad!" Oscar yelled as he threw himself at the younger man.

"Hey!" the smiling man greeted his son. Strangely enough, the two bore little resemblance with each other.

"Welcome back, master Kerrington," Nathan followed, kneeling obediently at the door. He had been instructed not to greet the man of the house like this of course, but he had also been told to put on his best slave behaviour when guests were present. As was customary, Nathan was unceremoniously ignored.

"Welcome home," the woman closed in on her husband for a quick kiss.

"It's good to be back," the man said, smiling.

"And Kevin, nice of you to come to dinner," the woman said to the other man.

"Always wanted to come eat your food again Karen, it smells lovely already!" Kevin replied.

"Well, you two are late, now grab a seat and I'll plate things up," Karen said as she ushered the others to sit down, Nathan, of course, was not offered a seat at the table. Instead, as the group ate, he knelt next to his master. Ordinarily, Nathan would be eating dinner with the family at the table, but again, when guests were around, he was to behave as a slave so as not to put the family in a difficult position. This didn't bother Nathan at the slightest, he had long since accepted his life as a slave and this family was already treating him better than he had dared to dream. On the other hand, it pained Oscar to see Nathan being excluded and having to behave in such a way, but for the sake of the family, he endured and put Nathan's treatment at the back of his mind.

As expected, Karen served up a lovely dinner with a delicious dessert to boot, and the group had lots of lovely small talk whilst enjoying their meal. Once it was over, Kevin and Oscar's dad retreated to the living room, leaving Karen to do the washing up.

"You know Karen, your little slave can do your washing so you can join us," Kevin said before he left the table.

"It's ok, I like doing the dishes, it's quite therapeutic," Karen replied as she was tidying up the plates.

"To each their own I suppose," Kevin shrugged.

"Dad, may I be excused?" Oscar asked.

"Sure," He replied.

"O, Oscar, I would love to have you join us, you're growing up to be such a fine young gentleman!" Kevin said before Oscar had a chance to leave. With such an invitation it would be incredibly rude or Oscar to turn it down, so he joined Kevin and his dad reluctantly, although his reluctance didn't show in the slightest, having mastered the art of how to conduct himself. In the living room, Kevin sat by himself in an armchair whilst Oscar sat with his dad on the couch, with Nathan kneeling besides him.

"I must apologise again, I'm really sorry I couldn't make our meeting earlier this week Jared, you were probably looking forward to some time with the family for the weekend, but I completely forgot it was my boy's 18th birthday until my PA told me. Thank you again for accommodating me," Kevin said as soon as he sat down with a glass of freshly poured whisky.

"It was no trouble, we've still managed to get our discussions out of the way, and it's important to value your time with the family," Jared replied with a smile. In truth, the negotiations he had with Kevin today had gone smoother than he had anticipated, almost certainly down to his generosity of postponing and then agreeing to have the meeting on a weekend, even though working on a weekend wasn't uncommon, it was the gesture of allowing a senior partner to move a meeting with no consequences that helped him. No doubt it was also difficult for Kevin to even bring up the topic of postponing the meeting.

"Indeed, it was touching to see my boy become a man, you need to treasure every moment when they're still young,"

"I do," Kevin said with a broad smile whilst giving Oscar a hug, who smiled equally broadly.

After the exchange of pleasantries, the topic soon turned darker.

"My PA did an amazing job organising a birthday do for my son, he managed to get together a party with a nice venue and all that stuff the day after his birthday when he got to have a nice time with all his friends and get his other presents and that, but he really pulled out all the stock for us on my son's actual birthday. You see, I mentioned to him in passing how nice it was to see my son become a man, originally, I just planned on having some family time on his birthday to celebrate, but my PA suggested something much more special. He asked if I would like to have the chance to teach my son how to be a real man, before I knew it, my son got a slut from the Chidsworth estate!" Kevin recalled with excitement.

"Chidsworth estate? I thought you only remembered this week?" Jared responded, slightly puzzled.

For the uninformed, Chidsworth estate was owned by a company that was famous for providing only the highest quality of slaves. However, that's not what they were best known for. Their most well known speciality were slaves raised in an environment completely closed off to the outside world, a large scale mock town where slaves were brought up thinking they were free. Predictably, their main business was to provide slaves of all ages to satisfy their clients' most sadistic desires, and with slaves that had been brought up not knowing they were slaves, their clients now had the opportunity to get as close to abusing a free person as they can legally get.

Some argued that it would be more thrilling abusing a free person who has recently been reclassified as a slave, however, due to a law stating that slavery status were only applied after a person was fully informed in the case where a free person was reclassified, and because everyone were well aware of the treatments slaves received, many preferred the abrupt abuse that they can inflict upon slaves from the Chidsworth estate. As they were born slaves, there was no need to inform them of their slavery status, and thus, provided that one had permission from the owner one was legally allowed to treat the slave in anyway one saw fit, and Chidsworth always transferred complete ownership of their slaves to the client, since it was not uncommon for a slave to become defective after being used by the client.

"Yer, waiting list is usually two months, even at premium rate you need to wait two weeks, and that's paying like five times the normal cost! It turns out he knows someone who works at Chidsworth, and they managed to get my son a slut in time for his birthday for basically the same price," Kevin carried on.

"I'm sure you son had a great birthday," Oscar interjected, his first contribution to the conversation tonight, having spent his time letting the two adults talk.

"O he did!" Kevin beamed energetically "I wasn't expecting much, but the slut arrived still in his school uniform. It was eleven, and from the looks of things, just started the equivalent of secondary school. Kieran was confused at first, he was already wondering why we went to some strange house on his birthday, and why a posh little school boy was invited, that was until I told him that I got him a slut from Chidsworth to play with. He's got a girlfriend at school that he usually spends his time with, and he hasn't fucked a boy slut since he was your age, but my PA and I decided that it would be better for him to get a boy rather than a girl, just to really show Kieran what being a man is about," he went on. Oscar didn't like where the story was heading one bit, but he wasn't about interrupt Kevin.

"We decided that a girl slut, even from Chidsworth, would be hungry for cock anyway, but a boy might not have learned its place yet, and this slut was oblivious! I think it was expecting to go 'home' after school, but instead, they gave it some drugs and delivered to one of their cottages that we were staying at," Kevin said.

"Kieran handled it like a champ, boy's a natural, as soon as he was told we got him a Chidsworth slut for his present, he grabbed it and sat it on his lap, stupid slut even tried to make a run for it! It was bawling it's eye out when Kieran was getting a good feel of what the slut's got, begging him to stop and let him 'go home'. It was fucking hilarious, Kieran could have told the slut that it was going to get some cock to calm it down, but he didn't and decided to play it his way," Kevin carried on.

"I left the room after that to let Kieran enjoy his present," Kevin finished.

"It's unlike you to exercise so much restraint Kevin," Jared said with a quiet smile.

Kevin immediately smiled back, "You know me well Jared, I gave them some privacy, but I still watched how it all went down, it was my boy's birthday after all! They had cameras in the room, so I just watched from my room! It was really something, I have the tape with me, here, I'll put it on," Kevin said as he headed over to the TV, retrieving a small device and plugging it into the TV.

The blank screen was soon replaced by the picture of a smartly dressed young man with an equally well dressed blond boy sat on his lap, one of the man's hand was firmly gripped around the boy's shoulder, preventing his escape, the other hand was liberally rubbing the weeping boy's crotch and inner thigh, both the boy's hands are on the assailant's assaulting hand.

"Please, stop, I want to go home," the crying boy begged his captor.

Oscar was horrified by the sight, he hadn't expected the evening to turn out like this, and as much as he tried, he looked visibly uneasy.

"Getting excited are we Oscar? You should get your dad to get you a Chidsworth slut for your birthday, it's soon isn't it? He can certainly afford it!" Kevin said, misinterpreting Oscar's unease with arousal.

Oscar could only respond with a weak smile.

"Kevin, how long is the clip?" Jared asked, making a hand gesture that caused the video to stop.

"Just under four hours, why?" Kevin responded.

"You see, it's Oscar's bedtime soon, and once we start, Oscar will want to watch the whole thing, so perhaps it would be better if we save a copy of this for him to watch later," Jared replied.

"O, Jared, the boy's on holiday, let him enjoy it!" Kevin said.

Sensing his dad's intention, Oscar played along "Please dad, just tonight," Oscar begged.

"I'm afraid I must decline Kevin, you know I like to keep my word, it's Oscar's bedtime soon and that's the end of it, and Oscar, I expect you to know better too, you can watch this another time. Now go get ready for bed," Jared said with a stern tone.

Breathing a sigh of relief disguised as defeat, Oscar got up. Ordinarily, f course, if Oscar had a good reason to stay up, his father usually permitted it, but he was glad that his father had provided him with a way out of watching what was sure to be a horrific video.

"Well, I'm sorry you can't join us son. I'm sure we'll meet again," Kevin said to Oscar. He then went over to Nathan, "Well slut, it's your lucky night, your master is all hot and bothered now, I'm guessing your pussy is going to get right pounding tonight, maybe you can even try pretending you're not such a cock hungry whore and do a bit of role play," Kevin said, amused by his own statement.

"I'm always honoured by Master Oscar's company, I will do whatever he wishes to please him," Nathan said submissively.

With that, Oscar and Nathan left the room and headed upstairs, and they could hear the video resumed and once again the sobbing boy could be heard.

Once up the stairs, Oscar stopped.

"Nathan, you never told me what life was like before you came here," Oscar asked, still under the effect of what little truths he witnessed.

"I don't think you'd want to know, master," Nathan said, head hung low. The video, despite the fact that he only saw a small part of it, was a solemn reminder of how people treated slaves on a daily basis.

"I know you were treated bad, and I've seen and heard stuff, but…," Oscar said, his eyes watering as visions of how Nathan might have been treated intruded his mind.

"We're just property Master, don't be sad," Nathan said, fighting hard to hold back his own tears.

"No, Nathan, I love you. I won't ever let anything happen to you," Oscar said firmly.

"Thank you Master," Nathan said with a weak smile. He couldn't believe his ears, he has loved Oscar for a long time, ever since Oscar showed that he truly cared for him and treated him like an equal, but he didn't dare think that his Master actually loved him back. Despite everything that Oscar had done and continued to do for him, he had convinced himself that Oscar was just an extraordinarily kind person, hearing those words made him feel fluttered and elated.

"I… I love you too," Nathan continued, not certain that it was a slave's place to say it loves its Master.

Just as they declared their love, their conversation was rudely interrupted by a blood curdling scream of a young boy coming from downstairs, unbeknownst to the pair, Kieran's torture of his birthday present had begun as he beats the precious jewels of the boy who refused to suck his cock.

Both Oscar and Nathan were startled by the sudden noise, and they instinctively went into each other for a hug.

"Let's go, I don't even want to hear this," Oscar said as the pair moved on with Oscar holding Nathan in a tight embrace.

Chapter 3

Lewis and Kyle

"Wakey wakey Lewis, how long do you want to stay in bed for?" Kyle said, switching on the lights as he entered Lewis' room.

"It's the holiday, I just want to stay in bed a bit longer," Lewis complained to Kyle, who roamed into his room, proudly displaying his boxers shorts as the hallmark that he's now a 'big boy'.

"Well, I have friends coming over later, and I want everything to be ready when they're here," Kyle explained "did you manage to keep your nappy dry like a good little boy or did you have an accident?" he went on to ask.

"I had an accident, sir," Lewis said, somewhat embarrassed, not because he had woken up wet again, he doesn't remember ever having a dry night, so the question was pointless other than allowing the younger boy to assert his superiority, but admitting to a nine-year-old that you 'had an accident' was hard to swallow.

"Well, good thing I've put you in your nappy then isn't it? Come on, let's clean you up," Kyle said with an amused smile as he nonchalantly pulled Lewis' covers back, exposing Lewis' well saturated cartoon printed nappy. This was proceeded with a scene of an nine-year-old man-handling a teenager, moving Lewis closer to the edge of the bed, then ripping the tapes off the nappy. After exposing Lewis' cock and balls, Kyle took a baby wipe and cleaned Lewis thoroughly, once again causing the older boy to sport a full hard on over two inches [5 cm] in length. After Kyle was satisfied that Lewis was adequately clean, he removed the nappy, folded in up, and disposed of it in the nearby nappy bin.

"All clean, ok, now get on your back and spread your legs," Kyle further instructed.

Naturally, Lewis knew this only meant one thing.

"But I didn't do anything, sir," he complained foolishly, an action he regretted almost immediately since he knew it would make no difference to the outcome, if anything, complaining only ever made things worse.

"What did you say Lewis?" Kyle said, clearly annoyed.

"I.. I just meant that I haven't been naughty, sir," Lewis attempted to explain himself.

"Well, I think a little boy not doing as he's told is being pretty naughty, don't you?" Kyle scolded.

Lewis hung his head in shame, angry, not at Kyle but at himself for having spoken so rashly, he had yet to get used to receiving orders from the small boy.

"I let you have a dry orgasm yesterday for being a good little boy, and now you're talking back to me. I obviously need to show you who's in charge," Kyle said, relishing his new found authority.

"Ben already told me a lot about how to keep disobedient little boys like you on good behaviour. We both know what you should have done so let's try that again. On your back and spread your legs," Kyle instructed again.

This time, Lewis obeyed without delay, quickly laying on his back, pulling his legs higher and spreading his legs, exposing a delicious pink hole.

"Please can you fuck me, sir," he asked politely.

"That's better," Kyle said as he dropped his boxers shorts, revealing the hard 3½" [9 cm] cocklet that he was about to penetrate Lewis with. He then retrieved a tub of lubricant from Lewis' bed stand. After liberally applying it over his hard little rod, he positioned himself over Lewis and took aim, in one swift thrust of his hips Kyle buried the entire length inside the older boy.

Used to much bigger cocks than Kyle's, Lewis didn't even flinch when Kyle inserted his. Looking blankly at the ceiling, he was waiting for the humiliating ordeal of being fucked by a nine-year-old to be over as soon as possible, he was again mistaken. After inserting his cock into the soft warm hole, Kyle noticed that Lewis was looking away, he knew this wasn't how it's supposed to go.

"Lewis, you know you're supposed to be looking at me when I'm fucking you," Kyle said as he moved Lewis' face so that it's now directly facing him.

"You need to learn who your seniors are, you might be a few years older than me but you're still a little boy, and little boys need to obey their seniors," Kyle said seriously.

"This is all for your own good, just like Ben said yesterday, we know how naughty you can be, so I need to remind you that I'm your senior," Kyle said with a grin as he begun to move his cocklet back and forth. The pleasure was already immense, physically, it wasn't really any better than when Lewis sucked his cock last night, but the absolute submission of Lewis, and the immense feeling of power multiplied the pleasure immeasurably. There he was, finally mounting his older little brother, completely dominating him.

"Yes, sir," Lewis said, knowing that there was nothing left to do except to accept Kyle as his senior, difficult as it may be.

As Kyle's pleasures built, the pace of his fucking hastened, and he was breathing heavier and heavier, with a sheen of sweat covering his body.

"Ahh, yea, this is really good," Kyle grunted as he fucked Lewis with vigour. He was moving his cocklet as fast as he could, pounding Lewis' hole with everything he had. Little did he know that Lewis, having been frequently fucked, had learned tricks to bring about the end of his humiliation sooner rather than later, and that it was actually his flexing of anal muscles that was bringing him so much pleasure.

"Ahhh, ahahhh ahhhhhh," Kyle moaned after going pass the apex of pleasure, finally slowing down his strokes and depositing his juice as deeply inside the older boy as he could.

"Thank you for fucking me to teach me to be a good little boy, sir. I really needed you to remind me that you're a big boy now and I need to do as you say because I'm only a little boy. I will try not to disobey you in the future, sir," Lewis said as Kyle withdrew his cock. He got wrenched with shame as he spoke those words, but he knew he was already in trouble, so it's in his best interest to do everything he could to avoid punishment.

"Right, I should spank you for disobeying me, but I know you are still learning that I'm in charge, so I will let you off just this once. I still expect you to be a good little boy and do as you're told. If you don't there will be consequences," Kyle said as he cleaned himself, feeling particularly generous after his sexual high, not to mention he was surprised and very pleased by Lewis' submissive behaviour.

Kyle went over to the dresser and retrieved a pair of underwear for Lewis.

"Here, you can wear this today," Kyle said as he handed it over to Lewis, who got up and pulled the pair of briefs up, as with the rest of his collection of underwear, this was thoroughly childish and vibrantly coloured, a 'Thomas The Tank Engine' themed underwear, with a red front, where a big picture of Thomas sits, a blue seat, and finished with a blue elastic waistband with 'Thomas' printed on it. The childish underwear hugged Lewis' figure tightly and doesn't leave a lot to imagination, not that there was much to be imagined in the first place.

"Don't bother looking for other clothes, you'll just be in you little boy's undies, you need the reminder that you're only a little boy," Kyle stopped Lewis as he was making his way to the dresser to pick the rest of his outfit for the day. Lewis gave up without a fight even though he knew full well that it meant Kyle's friends will be seeing him in this stupid underwear. Truth be told, he wasn't that bothered about wearing childish underwear, after all, he'd been wearing them for years. What always made him jealous though, was the fact that when Kyle too was a 'little boy' like himself, even though they were both wearing briefs, in the last few years Kyle only ever wore plain briefs, black, grey, or navy, with no designs whatsoever, whereas he had been subjected to briefs containing all colours of the rainbow with every design imaginable.

With that, Kyle finally left Lewis alone, leaving to get dressed himself, Lewis on the other hand, went about his usual daily routine of writing his diary, documenting every shameful event since the last entry as his meagre outlet. When he was done he went downstairs in his childish undies and socks. In the kitchen, Ben, Kyle, and Luke were already enjoying their breakfast.

"Good morning Lewis, Kyle told me you gave him some problems this morning," Ben remarked as Lewis was getting his own cereal breakfast.

"Yes, sir, I'm still learning that Kyle's a big boy now and I need to obey him," Lewis said without much enthusiasm.

"I remember you had the same problem with me when I started looking after you. Took a while for you to start minding me properly. You'll get used to it," Ben said with a smirk as he ruffles through Lewis's brown hair as though he was talking to a small child, reminiscing back to the times when he first gained complete authority over Lewis, and how much pleasure he had derived from it since.

"Kyle's friends are coming over later, so you need to be on you best behaviour, you don't want to embarrass Kyle in front of his friends do you?"

"No, sir, I'll behave."

"Well, if you guys need me later I'll be in my room," the 15-year-old spoke "It's the first time mum and dad left me in charge of the house, I don't want any shenanigans."

"Don't worry Luke, I'll make sure Lewis behaves," Kyle said, even more cheerful than usual, then again, with the plans he had in mind, of course he's happy.

Not long thereafter, the three boys finished their breakfast and went to the living room to entertain themselves with Kyle's new game that he received for his birthday. As they amused themselves with the game with Ben and Kyle sat on the couch and Lewis sat cross legged on the floor. Lewis had again proven himself to be particularly adept at by regularly beating the other two, then the doorbell rang. Kyle quicly abandoned the game, which suited him well enough as he wasn't winning anyway, and opened the door. There, he was greeted by his two best friends, not being particularly interested in having a big celebration, he simply invited his two best friends to enjoy the gifts he received. Both boys were eight, one of the the boys was a couple of inches shorter than Kyle, the other was even taller than Kyle, who was already big for his age at nearly 4'5" [1.35 m]. This boy could probably have passed for a boy a year or two his older.

"Hey, Reece," Kyle said as he fist bumped the taller boy who had his blond hair cut in a rather old fashioned bowl cut over his delicate features, standing tall and skinny.

"Tom," he said as he then acknowledged the smaller boy with a nod and another fist bump. Tom has short blond hair that had been meticulously styled, though like his friends he had little body fat, you could see that under his clothes hid a lean and rather muscular frame, giving him an oddly masculine boyish charm. Greetings over, they promptly went to the living room to see what new toys awaited them.

"Been a naughty boy again, Lewis?" Tom asked mockingly as he entered the room and saw that Lewis was only in his colourfully childish Thomas undies and socks.

"Yer, he didn't do as he was told this morning," Kyle said, happy to explain what happened.

"He has to listen to you too now?" Reece asked with one eyebrow raised.

"Yup, dad asked me to help look after Lewis and make sure he's a good little boy," Kyle said cheerfully.

"Awesome!" Reece said, smiling widely and giving Kyle a pat on his back.

"Aren't you going to say hi to our guests, Lewis?" Ben said as he stood up.

"Alright lads?" He then nodded at the boys with a smile.

"Ben," the boys said almost simultaneously, returning an acknowledging nod.

"Hey Tom, hey Reece," Lewis followed meekly.

"You know Kyle, since Lewis had been quite naughty. Why don't you tell Lewis to greet Tom and Reece properly?" Ben went on to ask his younger brother to Lewis' dismay.

"What would he need to do?" Kyle asked, intrigued, knowing that his brother was always full of good ideas.

"Why don't you tell Lewis and see? I don't have to do this very often because Lewis is usually a good enough little boy with me, just tell him to show Reece and Tom how a good respectful little boy should behave and see," Ben explained vaguely, not wanting to ruin the surprise.

"You two just take a seat here," he then gestured the two boys to the couch, who walked over to the couch and sat down, equally intrigued as Kyle. Ben himself then relaxed on the couch's arm.

"Ok, Lewis, I have some good friends here and I want you to show them how a good respectful little boy should behave," Kyle told Lewis, not entirely sure what the instruction would lead to. Lewis pulled a not so subtle face when he heard the instruction because this was not how he wanted to spend his holiday, which angered Kyle slightly, but as he wanted to see what would follow more than to punish Lewis straight away, so he ignored it.

With Reece and Tom now safely sat on the couch, Lewis moved slightly over to Reece.

"Please may I suck your cock, Reece," Lewis said not so enthusiastically.

"Ha, what? You want to suck my cock?" Reece asked, not believing his ears.

"It's another way we teach him to be a good little boy," Ben explained, also amused at the sight of the teen asking for permission to suck another little boy's cock.

"He sucked my cock last night, fucked him this morning too, we're working hard to help him learn to be a good little boy," Kyle joined in, laughing as he too was amused by Lewis asking to suck his friend.

"I've never had to do that!" Reece exclaimed.

"You're probably a well behaved boy at home," Ben said "whereas Lewis here doesn't always do as he's told and forgets to listen quite a lot, so we have to do things like this to make sure he remembers to do as he's told and behave. Do you want him to suck your willy or not?" Ben said, eager to see Lewis humiliated, not that he wasn't already.

"Sure, if it means helping Lewis," Reece said with a wink.

"You may suck my cock Lewis," he carried on. With permission granted, Lewis moved to remove Reece's jeans, undoing the zip and pulling it down, revealing a stylish pair of patterned boxer briefs. Without hesitation, Lewis carried on to pull down Reece's underwear, who bucked his hips to aid its decent, revealing a hard little 3" [7½ cm] boner. Lewis leaned forward and took the raging hard on into his mouth nonchalantly, he couldn't wait for this to be over.

"There's no rush Lewis, you need to show Reece that you're a good little boy properly," Kyle said, sensing that Lewis was trying to shorten the ordeal when he himself wanted quite the opposite.

Lewis was annoyed, but did as he was told nonetheless "Yes sir," he answered as he slowed down, licking Reece's ball sack and shaft, this was more difficult than he thought, trying to suck cock like a slut is tough when you have so little to work with, but he did his best anyway. It might have been tough, but if you were to ask Reece for an opinion, he would have given Lewis top marks, at least, he would have if he could manage to utter a coherent sentence amidst his ooos and ahhhs of pleasure.

Minutes felt likes seconds to the audience as they enjoyed the hilarity of teenager kneeling in front of an eight-year-old and sucking him off. On the other hand, Reece experienced amazing rises and falls of pleasure. Lewis pleasured him more than he thought was possible. Several times now he thought he was ready to cum, but just before he would pass the point of no return, the older boy would unconsciously control his pace and bring Reece back down from his high. Unconsciously, his body had associated providing maximum pleasure in return for minimum punishment, and thus as Lewis let his experience guide him, he provided Reece with the most mind blowing, or rather, cock blowing experience of his young life.

As Lewis sucked on, Reece could bear agonising pleasures no longer, his hands moved as though it had a mind of its own and pressured Lewis head down onto his cocklet. His body no longer desired for it's balls or shaft to be licked, it wanted an explosive orgasm, right now. Reece's moaning became more audible, and his hands manipulated Lewis' head up and down, his legs stretched, his body tensed, suddenly a loud gasp escaped him as the throes of orgasm hit, and Reece bucked and spasmed with the most intense dry orgasm he could remember, all the while with Lewis swirling his tongue on the crown of Reece's pulsating cocklet, intensifying Reece's pleasure.

"Haaa, hhaaaaa, haaaa," Reece breathed as he bucking and spasming began to cease, coming down from his high.

"Holy fuck, that was an amazing blowjob," Reece said as he released his grip on the older boy's head.

"Thank you for letting me suck your cock to show you that I'm a good little boy, Reece," Lewis said after he was freed as he looked up at the young boy whose cock he just sucked. He was a little surprised to learn that Reece was only capable of a dry orgasm like himself, and it was pleasant to be reminded that not everyone was a well endowed early bloomer, although the fact remained that even the eight-year-old possessed a bigger cock than him.

"You're welcome, you're a very good little boy," Reece said, still taking deep breaths as his body recovers and ruffles through Lewis' hair as though he was petting a cute little dog, suddenly, a puzzled look appeared on his face.

"Kyle, you said he sucked you last night?" Reece asked with his jeans and boxers still around his knees.

"Yer," Kyle answered simply.

"I'm guessing he sucks your cock too, you know, to help him be a good little boy," Reece then turned around to ask Ben, who nodded in response, not sure what to make of Reece's questions.

Lewis was annoyed that Reece continued to refer to him as a little boy, seeing as Reece wasn't exactly a 'big boy' himself, neither well endowed nor capable of achieving a wet orgasm.

"So what happens when you guys cum?" Reece asked. The question was immediately followed by bemused laughter from Ben and Kyle.

"He swallows, of course, like a good little boy should," Ben explained.

"Ewwwww!" Reece and Tom responded, pulling disgusted faces.

"It's all for his own good, besides, he loves cum, when I came in his mouth last night he begged me to let him swallow," Ben went on.

"Yer, and he thanks us for cumming in his mouth," Kyle followed, laughing as the scene of Lewis kneeling in front of his brother in a nappy with a mouthful of cum as he begged to swallow cum flowed back into his mind.

"Now, Lewis, you weren't going to forget our other guest were you?" Ben asked, he almost seemed polite. Wanting his humiliation to be over, or at least the worst part of it, Lewis quickly pulled Reece's boxer briefs and jeans back up, thanked him again, and shuffled across to Tom, who was sitting next to Reece.

"Please may I suck your cock Tom," he asked, knowing the answer.

"Err… I guess," Tom responded less enthusiastically than he had expected. Nonetheless, he carried on and removed Tom's tracksuit bottoms, revealing a pair of boxer shorts, peeling that back revealed two flaccid inches [5 cm] handsome little cock.

Without further ados, Lewis descended onto Tom's cock, sucking it with vigour, bringing it to full attention inside his mouth. As far as Lewis could tell, it was the same size as Reece's, maybe very slightly bigger. Tom remained remarkably quiet no matter how hard Lewis worked his dick, unlike every other boy Lewis had ever sucked, who almost always moaned with pleasure as they felt Lewis' warm moist mouth encircled their dicks. This went on for a few minutes until Tom eventually pushed Lewis off his still hard cocklet.

"That'll do," Tom said as he pulled his boxer shorts and tracksuit bottoms up from his knees, Lewis looked up quizzically, never has a boy told him to stop without climaxing.

"Awww, Tom, he's a great cock sucker, let him do it a bit longer, I'm sure you'll have an orgasm!" Reece said to his friend.

"Is Lewis not being a good little boy, Tom?" Ben asked.

"Nahh, it's not that, Tom hasn't started wanking yet, I don't think he's that bothered," Kyle explained to his brother.

"Well, that's a shame, are you sure you don't want Lewis to suck you some more, who knows, you might have your first orgasm," Ben asked the boy.

"No, I'm alright, let's do something else," Tom said, surprisingly indifferent. At this point he thought of sex more as a funny thing rather than a pleasurable thing, and being rather thick skinned, he didn't mind the occasional teasing from his friends, and his friends knew full well that if they go too far with the teasing, they would have a fearless and surprisingly strong boy to contend with. Even when Tom was picked on by older boys, the small boy would go berserk and make sure that he dealt enough damage in return that the older boys would think twice before picking on him again.

Hearing that, Lewis got to his feet, eager to get a glass of water to clean his mouth of the taste of boy cock.

"Not so quick Lewis," Ben said, Lewis stopped immediately.

"I don't want you forgetting that I'm your senior too, come kneel here," Ben ordered whilst pointing at the floor in front of him.

Lewis did as he was told and knelt, and without having to be asked again, he said "Please may I suck your cock sir?" he said as he looked up at his tormentor.

"Yes you may," after that, Lewis pulled down Ben's jeans and boxer briefs to reveal his other tormentor, 5½ inches [14 cm] of rock hard boy meat, although calling it boy meat seemed a little unfair, since the size wouldn't look too out of place on a grown man.

Lewis took the cock into his mouth, masterfully manipulating it for optimum pleasure, but before long he could feel Ben placing his hands on his head, guiding his mouth up and down the length of the boner. Ben was tempted to amuse the audience by making Lewis look like a little cock slut, but Lewis had already done that earlier and his body ached for release after witnessing Lewis' humiliation, and thus Ben took an almost stoic approach to Lewis' sucking, staying as composed and matter of fact as he could as he face fucked Lewis, with the only sound escaping his mouth being the occasion low grunts.

With orgasm approaching, Ben briefly contemplated on various methods of humiliating Lewis further in front of his young audience, but once more his body disobeyed him and he pushed on Lewis' head as his previously smooth hip movements came to a sudden stop, until he sank the full length of his cock into the older teenaged boy, nose in pubes. So instead he chose to continue his stoic composure, which would still impress the boys, especially Reece who involuntarily bucked and spasmed and stretched to his tip toes as he had a dry orgasm.

"I'm going to cum Lewis, try not to spill any and show the boys what a good little boy you are," Ben muttered, soon followed by a series of low grunts as spurts of cum rushed down his cock.

Lewis struggled to swallow the incoming milk with his mouth fully plugged despite his experience, with a mouth so full swallowing was naturally very difficult, having to time it perfectly with each squirt and making sure that he swallowed the entire offering every time, as there was no free space in his mouth to accommodate unswallowed cum and any mishap would have resulted in spillage. Alas, he managed to do as he was told, and as the squirting eased not a single drop was spilt as Ben's grunting began to cease and the volume of cum diminished. There was an advantage to swallowing cum in this manner, he didn't have to taste the acrid fluid in his mouth, at least, not as much.

"Good boy," Ben said, smiling, as he rubbed Lewis' head. Lewis released the softening cock out of his mouth.

"Thank you for letting me suck your cock and swallow your cum to teach me to be a good little boy sir," he said, sounding grateful.

"You're welcome," Ben said again as Lewis helped him put his boxer briefs and trousers back on.

"Wow, he really swallowed," Reece said, amazed. Kyle was smiling, if only they had seen what his hero of a brother did to Lewis last night.

"Like I said, as a good little boy should," Ben said as he ruffled through Lewis' brown hair again.

After Ben released Lewis from his service, Lewis finally had the chance to get that drink of water.

By the time Lewis returned from the kitchen the boys were playing video games on the couch as though nothing happened. He quietly joined them on the floor, watching the boys slaughter each other on screen, shouting and laughing. A while later the boys had had enough of playing video games, no less because once again Lewis was beating them almost all the time, regaining some of his lost dignity. They watched some typically childish TV show, although during the viewing they mostly just talked about what they've been doing during the holiday and Kyle went into great details about how he defeated his parents at least a dozen times on his birthday, until eventually there was nothing left to talk about.

"Let's play Charades!" Tom suggested to the group as the conversations died.

The scene that ensued was an amusing one of boys acting out different scenes of popular movies, although they didn't have the card game at hand so they improvised by having one boy tell another what movie to act out, and the rest had to guess, and this time Lewis was given unspoken permission to join the others on the couch. Ben did his best spy impression, Tom and Reece worked together to re-enact a scene from an infamous romance film, although when it came to the kiss scene they just gave each other a big hug and 'kissed' each other with ample space between their face, obviously because to actually kiss would be 'gay'. It was when Kyle did his best impression of a fearsome dinosaur that featured in some movie that Lewis gave him that finally got to Lewis, sitting on the couch with his knees up on his chest as he fiddled with his toes through his colourful patterned socks, he laughed hysterically at Kyle's acting, sitting in this position also accentuated the small bulge behind Thomas, squeezing his small sack and cock together to make a more prominent little lump on the skin tight briefs.

After several rounds of the game, the boys discussed the merits of each other's acting at length, it was only when Tom's stomach growled for attention that the discussion began to die.

"Shit, it's almost 3 o'clock," Reece said.

"Yer, and Luke came down and ate without us," Kyle commented on how the eldest boy in the house had come downstairs for some lunch and watched TV, interacting with the boys a little and laughing with them as they recounted their games, before greeting his girlfriend at the door and retreating back upstairs.

"I'm really hungry, can we make something to eat?" Tom said as his stomach growled again.

"Let's make something to eat," Lewis joined in, who was sitting on the floor again as there wasn't enough space for five boys on the couch, at least not according to Ben and Kyle, who said it would be too tight of squeeze and they want to sit comfortably.

Course of action decided, the boys headed to the kitchen to make a late lunch, choosing random ingredients. Only Lewis and Ben had any idea what or how to cook, so they delegated various tasks to the younger ones, wash this, chop that, get me the… The boys worked together cheerfully, but boys being boys, by the time lunch was cooking in the pot, the kitchen was a mess, unlike Luke's earlier session, which was clean, quick, and efficient. Nonetheless, the boys enjoyed their concoction, it didn't turn out too bad taste wise, but it wasn't the most attractive of dishes, looking like a lumpy brownish mess with bits of green, served with some rice, they had also made enough for dinner, saving them the trouble of having to again.

When everyone has eaten they worked together to clean up their mess, leaving the kitchen almost as tidy as before they used it, and returned to the living room to battle each other once more.

"Go take the rubbish out, Lewis," Kyle said to Lewis casually before the game began.

"It's your turn to take the rubbish out, Kyle," Lewis complained.

"What?" Kyle said sharply, instantly angered. Realising his mistake Lewis tried to salvage the situation "I mean… it's your turn, sir," a scared Lewis mumbled.

"That's not the point, little boys do as they're told!" Kyle scolded the boy.

"Fine, I'll do it," Lewis said scornfully.

"What!" Kyle shouted even more angrily. "This is it, you're getting a spanking!"

"Wait, I'm sorry sir, I'll take the rubbish out now, sir!" Lewis realised his mistake and begged for forgiveness.

"It's too late now, first you didn't do as you're told, then you didn't address me properly, and now you have an attitude? You're getting spanked so I can teach you a lesson and that's the end of it!" Kyle bellowed.

"Please sir, I'll take the rubbish out now," Lewis begged again.

"Get the paddle, I'll be in the living room," Kyle said a little more calmly.

"A paddle sir? But I said sorry sir!" Lewis panicked and responded louder than he should have, in fact, he shouldn't have talked back at all, but the unjustness of his predicament stopped him from thinking properly.

"No, naughty little boys need to be spanked and you've been naughty all day, go get the paddle, unless you'd prefer the belt?!" Kyle said as he glared into Lewis' eyes, who looked away submissively.

"I'll get the paddle sir," Lewis said.

Matters settled, Lewis went to fetch his spanking 'paddle', which was just a wooden spatula from the kitchen, Kyle made his way pass his stunned friends and a rather impressed Ben to the living room, angrily plonking himself down on the couch with a loud thump.

Moments later Lewis joined Kyle in the living room where the others were already standing around the wall waiting for the show to begin. Quietly, Lewis knelt in front of Kyle, with the 'paddle' resting on his hands as though he was making an offering to the Gods.

"Please can you spank me for being a naughty little boy sir," Lewis said, already scared of what will come.

"Do you know why you are getting spanked?" Kyle asked sternly.

"Because I've been a naughty little boy and didn't obey you, sir," Lewis replied.

"Do you think you deserved to be spanked?" Kyle asked again.

"Yes, sir," Lewis replied simply.

"Stand up," Kyle ordered stoically as he picked the padded up from Lewis' offering hands.

Needless to say, Lewis did as Kyle ordered immediately and stood up in front of the smaller boy, instinctively bringing his shoulders in to make himself appear smaller. Kyle roughly yanked down the childish colourful briefs that was Lewis' only meagre covering down to his ankles, then pulled Lewis over his knees, who propped his skinny boy bottom up, offering it for his younger senior to spank. Once Lewis was in place, Kyle pulled the arm with the paddle in hand back and swung it down with all the strength he could conjure, hitting Lewis bottom square in the middle.

"Owwwww," Lewis squealed as his body convulsed in pain immediately upon contact. This was only the beginning, the first strike of many. Somehow Kyle timed the pauses with expert precision, letting Lewis recover somewhat before delivering another painful blow. He was lost in an ocean of euphoria, experiencing pleasure starkly different from having the older boy suck him or even fucking him, looking down at Lewis who was now bawling like an infant, he eyes were glazed, overwhelmed by the immense power he felt in subduing a boy nearly five years older. Ben recognised the signs and experienced his younger brother's joy vicariously, sharing the sadistic pleasure of having absolute authority over another person, understanding it completely, longing for the opportunity when he would next treat Lewis in such a manner. The others simply giggled at the sight of teenager acting like a little baby, affirming their impression that despite being a much older teenager, Lewis was a pathetic little wimp.

"Please sir, I'm… owww!!! sorry, please, I promise I'll be a good little boy… owwww!!!!!! sir, I will do as I'm told, sir!" Lewis pleaded between spanks.

"No, Lewis, you're only saying sorry because it hurts, naughty little boys like you need to learn their lesson," Kyle replied without a hint of mercy, immediately followed by another hard spank, and a wail of pain from Lewis. A few more spanks later, Lewis could bear it no longer and his hands went to protect his flaming rear end, attempting to provide some cover, this was not well received by Kyle who immediately moved his free hand and grabbed Lewis' hands and moved it back over his legs.

"You just earned yourself more spanking!" Kyle said angrily. Of course, there was no telling how many spanks Lewis was to receive, there never was. The length of Lewis' punishment had always been at the whim of the punisher. It took all the restraint Lewis could muster to keep his hands away, although if he really wanted to fight the punishment he could easily have fought Kyle off, being much bigger and stronger. Even Ben couldn't have held him down if it came down to it, but the potential repercussion meant that Lewis never dared commit such an act of retaliation.

About ten more strikes later, the sound of beaten flesh and painful wails ceased, and the only audible sound was Lewis' sobbing. Kyle then pulled Lewis up, admiring the effects of his punishment on the red face flooded with tears and snots, thoroughly satisfied with his work. On Lewis' part, he could have kept a little more dignity if he wanted to, it was painful, sure, but he could probably have managed with less wailing. However, if he had tried to cling on to any of his dignity, the punishment would no doubt have gone on for longer, since Kyle almost definitely wouldn't have stopped until Lewis was completely broken. Lewis knew that the goal was as much about humiliating him as teaching him a lesson, if not more so, and thus he allowed himself to be consumed by the pain and humiliation as soon as possible to minimise his punishment.

"Have you learned you lesson," Kyle asked calmly, almost sounding kind.

"Yes sir," the teenager replied.

"Come here," Kyle then said as he opened his arms, concluding the punishment in the customary hug, accompanied by a fresh round of tears from Lewis.

"I do this because I care about you and love you, I want you to be a good little boy," the cruel little boy said.

"Thank you for teaching me to be a good little boy, sir. I promise I won't do it again," Lewis muttered through his tears.

"We both know it's going to happen again, but when you slip up I will be here to help you," Kyle said affectionately, but with about as much substance as empty space.

When it all finished Kyle leaned over and pulled Lewis' briefs back up from his ankles, allowing Thomas to cover Lewis' immature little cock and balls.

"Now go take the rubbish out," Kyle ordered once more.

"Yes sir," Lewis replied weakly and collected the bins and rubbish. He didn't even bother asking if he was allowed to put some clothes on before venturing outside, already knowing the likely answer, but more importantly, he really wanted to stay on the good side of Kyle. He made his trip as short as possible, quickly dunking the rubbish, although with it being the holidays, a few kids were playing outside and saw Lewis come out, but none of them bothered teasing Lewis, since it was common knowledge that the neighbourhood wimp 'favoured' colourful cartoon printed childish briefs as opposed to the 'cooler' boxer shorts or even more dignified plain or simple patterned briefs, not to mention this wasn't the first time Lewis had had to venture outside so scantly dressed.

Once back in, everyone acted as though nothing out of the ordinary happened, and Lewis was oblivious to the fact that fierce discussions between the boys happened in his short absence, when Ben commended his little brother on how well he handled Lewis' disobedience, and the younger boys saying how 'awesome' Kyle looked as he spanked the naughty little boy. When Lewis returned, it was announced that the group decided that a small game of football was in order and they headed out to play, Lewis gingerly declared that he wasn't really in the mood for football, somewhat afraid that Ben or Kyle would say he should be more attentive to the guests wishes. Fortunately, he was graciously allowed abstain from the game, mostly because it would be hard to draw teams with five people.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening was uneventful, Lewis was in no mood to play with the others, nor was his company missed as they decided that Lewis had outlived his entertainment for the time being and amused themselves with other things.

Even the maintenance spanking after dinner was a pretty lucid affair, there were the usual sequence of events as Lewis asked Kyle to give him a maintenance spanking, although the dialogue involved was a little different given Lewis' earlier mishap. Reece and Tom enjoyed the display as Lewis was once again subjected to the humiliation of being spanked by Kyle, although he was thankful that the maintenance spanking was even gentler than normal. As Kyle knew, correctly, that Lewis was still feeling the sting from his earlier, harsher, spanking, not to mention that he was appeased by Lewis' initiative, who had asked Ben who will be delivering his maintenance spanking tonight straight after dinner without prompting. Ben was somewhat reluctant in passing on the responsibility to Kyle, as he too enjoyed having the older boy humiliate himself by asking for a spanking to help him learn to be a 'good little boy', but felt it was important for his younger brother to assert his dominance and was proud of how well Kyle is showing Lewis that he is his superior.

After the maintenance spanking was delivered, another highlight of the sleepover was presented to Tom and Reece's awe, a newly released film, that, with lasers, spaceships, and scary aliens among many other clichés, was all the craze among the young, even Luke made his way downstairs with his girlfriend to join the others for the film.

After an explosive end to the film everyone was ready for bed, and took turn having showers. As per his routine Lewis finished his shower and returned to his room as naked as the day he was born. To his surprise, waiting in his room with Kyle and Ben, were Tom and Reece, all of whom were in there respective night dress, with Ben bring topless in his sleeping bottoms, Kyle in his boxer shorts and Reece dressed likewise, and Tom being the only person actually in pyjamas. Unbeknownst to Lewis, Reece had asked Kyle if he could watch Lewis being put in a nappy. Reece had already known that Lewis still wets the bed, it was hardly a secret, in fact, one could say that Lewis' reputation as a bedwetter precedes him, but despite many sleepovers, he had yet to actually see Lewis in nappy, since Lewis was always keen not to show his face after getting ready for bed, and always waiting in his room until Ben had changed him out of his nappy before venturing out in the morning when he young guests were present. This time, however, Kyle had been put in charge of putting Lewis in his nappy, and Reece felt comfortable enough to ask his friend to let him watch, in all likelihood though, if he had asked Ben before Kyle assumed this responsibility, Ben would have only been too happy to embarrass Lewis in front of a different audience. Tom on the other hand was indifferent towards Lewis's embarrassing little non-secret, but he figured he would prefer being with his friends than alone, so he joined the others in witnessing Lewis being put in nappy for the first time.

"Hey, Lewis, Reece and Tom wanted to see how I help you with your bedwetting by putting you in a nappy," Kyle explained the obvious with grin.

"Before that though, you've been a really naughty little boy today Lewis," Ben butted in with a tone of disapproval. "I'm really disappointed, especially after I told you to be on your best behaviour just this morning," he continued accusingly.

"Is this the best you can do?" he asked finally.

"No sir," an apologetic Lewis responded.

"I hope not, I think you need a good reminder that you're a little boy who needs to do as he's told, don't you?" Ben asked rhetorically.

"Yes, sir," Lewis answered, knowing what answers Ben expected.

"Come here and lie on your back then," Ben said as he jerked his neck abruptly towards the bed. Lewis obeyed Ben's command, walking over the his own bed, on which he will soon be fucked by a boy more than two years younger than him, witnessed by three even younger boys. He tried not to dwell on the last part. Once he was on the bed he received instructions to spread his legs, exposing his orifice from which Ben was about to reap pleasure.

"Please can you fuck me, sir," Lewis ask Ben, trying to tell himself that this wasn't the first time he was seen being fucked, there was no need to feel ashamed, he's used to this by now. Alas, despite his greatest efforts he felt like his insides were being ripped apart.

"Of course," Ben answered simply before reaching for the ever in demand tub of lube on Lewis' bed-stand, after dipping his fingers in the lube, it was then used to make Lewis flinch as it was inserted decisively into the waiting hole. After a moment of spreading the lube around, warming up and relaxing Lewis' hole, Ben lowered his sleeping bottoms and exposed an already rock hard 5½" [14 cm] boner that he was going to penetrate Lewis with. After covering the pulsing member in a liberal amount of lube he advanced towards Lewis, leaving his sleeping bottoms behind. Upon reaching him he put a tight grip Lewis' slender hips and yanked hard to pull the bigger boy closer the the edge of the bed, having decided that he would give a show to impress the lads present. He propped one leg on the bed with the other staying firmly on the floor, keeping his left hand on Lewis' hip he used his right hand to guide the hungry cock towards the goal.

Lewis barely felt the tip of Ben's cock at the entrance to his hole before Ben thrusts in one smooth motion, inserting his cock into the soft, warm offering. On Lewis' part the sudden intrusion caused him to grimace and groan in discomfort, but being no stranger to getting fucked, he had the pre fuck relaxation technique down to an art form, just as he had with his cock sucking.

As soon as he was in, Ben began rocking his hips, swinging it smoothly as though it was a weighted pendulum. His strokes were controlled, deliberate, and powerful, honed over years of practice to reap the maximum amount of pleasure from Lewis' hole. His masterful fucking made Kyle's awkward jerky fucking seemed positively amateurish, who had moved his whole body in a weird motion in an attempt to move his cock through Lewis' hole. Kyle made silent notes of Ben's techniques, determined to make his older brother proud, not to mention that his brother's technique seemed to have resulted in more complete penetration of Lewis, which could only mean that it felt better, and he had felt his cock was in danger of slipping out of Lewis a few times this morning, which wasn't helped by the fact that he was considerably less endowed than Ben.

After the initial discomfort Lewis soon grew accustomed to Ben's cock in his arse, afterall, it was a frequent visitor as Ben usually preferred fucking Lewis instead of having Lewis suck his cock, although he was somewhat surprised that Ben had elected to fuck him on this occasion, as he had figured out that Ben believed cock sucking and making Lewis swallow his cum to be more personal, more humiliating, and thus was the preference when he had a audience. Then he remembered that he had already sucked Ben's cock today in front of the boys, another unnerving intrusive thought. He pulled a face as the thought intruded his mind, Ben mistakenly saw it as a result of his manly efforts, causing a jolt of electricity to shoot up from his cock to his spine, egging him on to increase his pace.

As Ben increased his pace, he started to breath more heavily, and his strokes were becoming more laboured as he began to tire from the exercise, practised as he may be, after nearly ten minutes of hardcore fucking, he was sweating and feeling a bit strained, it didn't help that he wanted to impress his audience, which made the difference between a casual jog and a race, to borrow an analogy from running, and so he ploughed on with a different goal, this time with an aim to achieve orgasm.

Lewis felt Ben speeding up, and began tensing his anal muscles to help push Ben's over the edge, much like he had done with Kyle this morning. He had resisted employing this technique sooner to help Ben cum and end his humiliation, because he knew that Ben wouldn't have been happy as he had intended to thoroughly degrade Lewis in front of his young mesmerised posse, which meant that the longer he was fucked the happier Ben would be, and the less retribution he would subsequently receive. Not to mention such a technique would have been far less effective on an experienced partner such as Ben if he were to resist the onset of orgasm, compared to his younger, less experienced brother.

Nevertheless, as pleasure built in Ben's groin, the sound of colliding flesh in the room was polluted by Ben's low grunting, tried as he might, he could remain silent no longer as he felt the beginning of a cock engulfing orgasm. He pace picked up even more and he was now fucking Lewis in earnest, Lewis was helping Ben achieve the most intense orgasm possible, but this was proving to be difficult, almost painful as he tense his muscles periodically, which didn't play nice with Ben's fast moving cock, Lewis had to be careful not to tense his anal muscles too much or too often, otherwise he would no doubt be squealing in pain, but for now he was just joining Ben in grunting. Fortunately, the face he pulled fuelled Ben even more, and at last he fucked past the point of no return, the quiet grunting became much more audible "Urrgghh… yeah…," he managed to say as his body was raked with an electrifying orgasm, sending pulses of his man cream down his cock to cover Lewis' insides, fucking him to the hilt.

By the time he finished he was panting heavily, exhausted. The orgasm had distracted him from how tired he was, providing a burst of energy when he should have had none left. He pulled his cock out with a pop and just stood there to recover.

"Thank you for fucking me to teach me to be a good little boy, sir," Lewis thanked Ben.

"You're welcome," Ben said between breaths.

Kyle and Reece were in awe of Ben's performance, standing and staring with a blank face, although Kyle had a somewhat more composed face than Reece, considering Reece was also occasionally adjusting his boner beneath his boxer briefs, the most composed face in the room, however, belonged to Tom, who had grown bored and grabbed a chair in the room to sit down so that he could wait for everyone to finish more comfortably.

"Right, it's time to put you in your nappy, Lewis," Kyle ended the impasse as he walked towards Ben, who was still lying on the bed next to the conveniently placed nappy and oil. As he was witnessing Lewis being fucked, Kyle had decided that he wasn't going to fuck Lewis, most importantly because he didn't want his older brother's sloppy second, not to mention that he would have to touch the horrible jizz if he decided to do it, but also because Ben had put on an impressive act that he couldn't hope to follow. He didn't want his friends to see him fuck Lewis as awkward as he did this morning, so he decided that he would get some more practise before he fucks Lewis in front of his friends. After sliding Lewis' nappy under his bum, he told Lewis to set himself down, and began spreading the baby oil, being careful in avoiding any of his brother's sperm. Wisely, Lewis knew better than to ask for a dry orgasm, not after how 'badly' he had behaved today, and after Kyle was satisfied that the oil had sufficiently covered Lewis, he pulled the nappy up to cover Lewis' diminutive immature willy and nuts, and proceeded to tape the nappy, then, whist Lewis was still lying on the bed, pulled the colourful socks onto Lewis feet, completing his older little brother's outfit for the night.

What followed was soon to be a new routine, as Kyle told Lewis to get on his knees and Lewis submissively asked Kyle for permission to suck his cock clad only in his cartoon nappy and socks, until a few minutes later Kyle filled his mouth with the manly fluid that he so envied before announcing it was time for bed after Lewis thanked him, after that everyone exited the room, leaving Lewis' door slightly ajar.

Needless to say, Reece was a little disappointed that he didn't get to enjoy Lewis' service as his friend had, still adjusting the hard rod so as to make it not so awkwardly obvious, impossible for someone wearing tight boxer briefs and the outline of his boner was evident, his friends just didn't pay much attention to it. Kyle didn't really care for the pleasures of his friends, not sexually anyway, humiliating Lewis was all a big game to him and having Lewis suck Reece today was just part of that, and after the day concluded in him putting Lewis in his nappy again, he was content, so Reece's hand will need to get busy.

Chapter 4

Oscar and Nathan

"Everything seems fine Oscar, a clean bill of health," a man dressed in a suit without a jacket said. He was a good looking bloke with masculine, almost comic book like features and groomed stubbles, but at nearly forty years of age his hair had begun to grey, which added to his mature charm. His suit trousers were pine stripped and ordinary looking, but with a rather funky yet formal looking pink, blue, and white tie, secured to his shirt via a tie clip. He got off the chair and walked towards the big desk parked in the corner of his office. Oscar was still on the inspection bed as he was pulling a shirt over his head, dressed in a cool skater outfit with skinny jeans and skating shoes, with stylish decorations dangling on his wrists, when he was done he made his way to the man and sat in the chair next to him.

"Thank you Dr Wyer," Oscar said politely.

"Ok, let's talk about Nathan," Dr Wyer said, looking up from a bunch of papers that he just finished filling out, then neatly stacking them up to be put away into a small filing cabinet under his desk.

"Sure, what about?" Oscar replied curiously, this was a regular quarterly appointment, Dr Wyer don't usually specifically talk about anything in particular, just general chit chat about daily lives as he's performing the examination.

"Well, as you probably remember when Nathan first came into your father's possession, he was in a pretty bad state," the doctor began, Oscar nodded in agreement as he recalled peeking timidly at the blond boy in the guest bedroom four years ago for the first time, even though only Nathan's face was visible, he vividly remembered the bruises, stains, and cuts on his lips, and knew that what laid unseen could only be worse.

"I examined him for your dad when he got him, and what you didn't know was that Nathan's genitals sustained some rather serious injuries from his previous owner," he continued.

"No mutilation, mind you, everything was in tact," he quickly added as he saw Oscar began to frown, not wanting to worry Oscar beyond the facts.

"Ok," Oscar added, shakily, even though he knew full well just how intact Nathan's genitals were.

"His testicles in particular had been hit quite badly, as well as some bruising they were swollen from the damage," Dr Wyer explained. "At the time I didn't consider aggressive intervention to be necessary, since he was still young I believed he stood a good chance of recovery," he said.

Oscar continued to nod.

"And, as I've told you before, there has never been anything for concern in the regular examinations. What I want to find out now, as Nathan is getting older, is whether he's showing any signs of sexual development," he finished.

"Er… why would I know about his sexual development," Oscar stuttered as he bit his lips in discrete panic, for a second he was certain that he could taste Nathan's cum on his lips, but that was impossible, it was last night when he gave Nathan that blowjob, and he was sure he had washed his face thoroughly that morning.

The panic did not go unseen by the experienced doctor. He's been around long enough, and was good enough friends with Oscar's father that he knew the dynamics of the relationship between Oscar and Nathan, but he pushed back his amusement of Oscar's teenage modesty and needless worry to take a more tactful approach.

"Well, as Nathan's legal owner I just expected that it's your business to know the condition of your slave," Dr Wyer said professionally.

"Ah, yes, of course. Nathan's… er, genitals, are developing quite well," Oscar said, uncertain of where the conversation was going, since Dr Wyer knew as well as he does how Nathan's sexual organs had been developing as it was all part of the examination. Although the doctor hadn't seen Oscar's own organs for some time, because for the last couple of years he was given the option to perform the simple examination himself and only report it if there were anything out of the ordinary.

"Well, more specifically, I'm interested in whether Nathan has started ejaculating," Dr Wyer went on.

The panic returned to Oscar's face, this time a little more obvious.

"For example, you may have discovered some markings on Nathan's underwear, these are tell tale signs that a boy's body is developing," the good doctor carried on to provide an 'out' for the awkward teenager.

"Markings? O, yes, there have been markings," Oscar wanted to play stupid, claim ignorance or just say Nathan wasn't ejaculating, but his loved Nathan too much to lie, if the doctor though it was a health concern for Nathan then it concerned him as well.

"So you believe Nathan had begun ejaculating, you're sure it's not urine?" Dr Wyer asked, just to be sure.

"Yes," Oscar replied after a pause.

"Very well, it just means that we'll do an additional exam today, it shouldn't take much longer than usual," Dr Wyer concluded as he turned to face his desk, picked out another folder from the filing cabinet then tapped the pane of glass on his desk a few times.

"Hello Dr Wyer," a female voice beamed from the glass.

"Hi Julie, we're ready for Nathan now, please can you send… it in," Dr Wyer said, hesitant at calling Nathan 'it', but reputation was important and sometimes it takes precedence before personal beliefs.

"Certainly," replied the voice.

Moments later there was a knock on the door and Dr Wyer shouted for whoever outside to come in.

"Hello Dr Wyer," Nathan emerged from behind the door, he was dressed in a simple white vest that ended before where his white briefs began, below that were white socks and a pair of white plimsolls, very typical slave's clothes, although many wouldn't have been afforded a vest on a warm day like today, and almost none would have plimsolls, also, the cleanliness of Nathan's clothes was a clear indicator that he was a slave who was well looked after.

"Nathan! How're you doing?" Dr Wyer asked as he stood to greet the small boy, extending his hands, he would have given the boy a hug, if showing any kind of affection towards a slave wasn't so frowned upon. He used to hug Oscar when he was Nathan's age, but recently he could tell that Oscar was reacting more awkwardly towards hugs, so he had opted to shake hands with the older boy as well.

"I'm good Dr Wyer," Nathan replied.

"Been eating well?"

"Yes, doctor, Master Nathan, and Master and Mistress Kerrington have been feeding me very well," Nathan answered respectfully.

"Anything to add? Are you sleeping well? Are you hurting anywhere?" Dr Wyer asked again, keen to make sure that his patient was in good health.

"No doctor, I'm very lucky to be Master Nathan's slave, he treats me very well," Nathan replied cheerfully, but not too cheerfully, remembering his place as a slave.

"Well, let's get started then, up you get," Dr Wyer said as he gestured towards the examination bed. It was a tall bed intended for adult patients, since Dr Wyer usually only attended to adult patients, in fact, Oscar and Nathan were his only young patients, since he was doing it as a favour for his good friend. Although calling it a favour wasn't very fitting, because he very much enjoyed Oscar's and Nathan's visits. As Nathan was at the bed the 4'6" [1.37 m] ten-year-old struggled a little to get on, so Dr Wyer gave him a helping hand by lifting him at the waist, spinning him around slightly at the same time so Nathan ended up facing him, feet dangling at the edge of the bed, unable to reach the floor.

Familiar with the examination routine, Nathan pulled off his vest without needing to be told, revealing his pristine pinkish white chest, with two lovely pink nipples. Dr Wyer proceeded to poke and prod the boy, looking inside his mouth, checking his ears, tapping his chest, asking some more questions as he was carrying out the tests.

"Ok, everything looks fine," Dr Wyer announced after the standard procedures.

"Thank you doctor," Nathan said with a smile as he grabbed his vest, ready to put it back on.

"Hold on a sec Nathan," Dr Wyer interrupted the boy.

"Yes doctor?" Nathan asked inquisitively, wondering what the doctor had to add, as far as he was aware the usual battery of tests had been completed, other than a test to check his cock and balls, but Dr Wyer usually only did that once or twice a year and never twice in a row, and Dr Wyer had examined them on his last visit.

"Oscar and I have had a chat," the doctor began, not entirely certain how he was going to ease in the next part of procedure he had in mind. Nathan waited for him to go on patiently, so he did.

"If you remember when you first saw me, you were in a pretty bad shape," Nathan's eyes widened as memories of a past life flooded his mind, indeed he was when he met the doctor for the first time, if you could call a broken arm and beaten all over 'pretty' bad.

Still not responding other than a nod, the doctor was actually getting uncharacteristically nervous. The child was scared, and a scared child wasn't something he had much experience with, so he tried to put what he saw behind him and carried on explaining.

"Well, one of the concern I had was that your testicles were badly beaten, but the last time I checked you were growing quite nicely."

"Yes doctor," Nathan finally said, he voice timid and cracked, clearly affected by his past.

"Well, Oscar told me that you've started ejaculating, or at least, he thinks you've started ejaculating," Dr Wyer said.

"He thinks I've started ejaculating doctor?" Nathan asked as his face began to glow, a little embarrassed to talk about his sexual development with the doctor for the first time, and 'think' was an odd choice of word, why would Oscar 'think' that he could ejaculate? "Yes, have you started ejaculating?" Dr Wyer pressed on.

"Urm… yes," Nathan responded as he broke eye contact, suddenly finding the floor pattern fascinating as his face grew redder. Still, he wasn't sure why he felt uncomfortable talking about sex with the doctor, after all, to him it was only sex, and he had done damn near every sexual thing imaginable, at least as an object of sex.

"Well, if you agree, I would like have a sample of your semen to test its fertility," Dr Wyer pushed out at last. He should probably have asked it blandly and plainly, and he was by no means a prude, otherwise being a doctor would have been difficult, but asking for a semen sample from a child was more awkward than he expected.

"A semen sample? Err… sure," Nathan answered, who is only starting to get used to being asked things rather than being told things, then a cold thought struck him. "How are you going to get a sample of my semen?" Nathan asked quickly in a concerned voice as images of needles being plunged into his balls played in his head, causing him to pull his knees tight together.

There was a pause, but the Dr Wyer soon worked out what Nathan was concerned about "Don't worry, no needles," the doctor said with an amused grin, getting up to walk over to his cabinet, pulling out small glass beaker.

"If you can masturbate and collect your semen here I'll do the rest," Dr Wyer said as he handed the little cup to Nathan, who took it gingerly.

"Sure…," Nathan said not so certainly as he took the cup, staring at the small apparatus.

"You know what masturbate means right?" the doctor asked just to be sure, though they had been using the "correct" words all along and there didn't seem to be any trouble.

"Yes, doctor, but slaves aren't allowed to masturbate, not without their master's permission anyway," Nathan said .

"Well, Oscar?" Dr Wyer said as he now turned to face Oscar, Nathan's official master.

"Sure, go ahead, Nathan, please masturbate to give Dr Wyer a sample of your semen," Oscar answered. The words bit him as he reminded himself that the small boy sitting in front of him was capable of the manly feat whilst the best he could do was buck in a dry orgasm, as much as he loved Nathan he would be lying if he said there wasn't jealous of the maturity of the little boy in the slightest.

"Ok," Nathan said nonchalantly as he moved his hips to lower the white briefs down to his knees, revealing his perfectly proportioned cock and balls, he then grabbed his limp 3" [7½ cm] cock and began tugging at it. His cock hardened and the doctor and Oscar waited for Nathan to complete his task, they would have given Nathan some privacy but both knew that leaving a slave alone in the doctor's office wasn't an option. Oscar tried not to look, and Dr Wyer actually went back to his desk to go over some paperwork that he had piled up, after a few minutes there were no results, and when Oscar took a cheeky peek at he cute lover he noticed that after a few minutes of work Nathan's cock was still discouragingly half mast at 4" [10 cm], with Nathan still tugging it rhythmically with no luck.

"I don't think this is working…," Nathan said in a defeated voice as he ceased tugging the moderately turgid sausage. Dr Wyer turned his head to look at Nathan, not entirely sure how to proceed. Nathan looked down in shame, beaten by the disappointment he felt for failing his master and the doctor who had treated him so well all these years, perhaps it was because it was the fact that he was being asked to masturbate publicly, albeit that no one was actually paying attention to him as he did the deed, or the fact he had never actually given himself an orgasm with his hands.

"Maybe… if I had some help?" Nathan looked up, grasping at his last hope for redemption.

"Well…," the doctor said as he turned to look at Oscar, who began to blush immediately. Dr Wyer's first thought was to ask Oscar to give his boyfriend a hand in obtaining a sample, but just as soon realised that it wasn't going to happen, the timid teenager would never commit to such an act so publicly, at least not unless it was absolutely necessary, so he finished his sentence with some other words "is there anything I can do?" he asked Nathan. Nathan looked at doctor, then at Oscar hopefully, but like the doctor realised that his master wouldn't be of any help here.

"Erm… maybe if you could give me a hand?" Nathan croaked, not entirely certain, but he was determined to explore every possibility.

"Like, hand hand?" he finished.

A long pause followed, then a sigh. The doctor's schedule was packed and he would prefer to get a sample of Nathan's semen sooner rather than later, so he got up, but half way between his desk and the examination bed, he stopped again, tilted his head, then returned to his desk, opening one of the drawer to retrieve a pair of purple plastic gloves. Usually he did his tests bare hands and just applied disinfectant afterwards, the gloves were saved for occasions when he expects to get dirty, or fluid spillage, and this time he was actually hoping there'd be a spillage of fluid.

Finally Dr Wyer made his way back to the examination bed. "Ok then, maybe you'll want to do this lying on the bed?" Dr Wyer asked the blond boy. Nathan happily obliged, kick his briefs down to his white socks covered ankles, then doubled over to pull them off before putting it on top of his vest and swivelling around to lie down on the bench, his turgid 4" [10 cm] penis sticking up awkwardly, conveniently, there was already a pillow on the bed, on which Nathan comfortably rested his head.

Looking at Nathan's half mast cock, Dr Wyer paused again, lowered his head with another sigh and again returned to his desk, this time retrieving some kind of lotion that was standing on the desk. Walking over to Nathan for the third time after reading the label on the bottle briefly, he was now much more composed, after a couple squirts of the lotion onto his gloved right hand, he began to apply it to the patiently waiting boy's cock, which hardened to the man's touch and quickly sprung to life, rising to its full length of 5" [12½ cm] in almost no time.

After thoroughly covering Nathan's cock in the lotion, Dr Wyer took a nice grip and began jerking Nathan's cock, although Nathan had a large cock for his age it was still too small for the Doctor's hand, so he only used a few fingers rather than his whole hand.

Nathan hadn't had a man touch his cock for a few years. Many had been interested of course, but Nathan always managed to escape the fate through Oscar, claiming that he was for Oscar's personal use. Since almost all of the times that he had been in the company of these men they were supposed to be talking business, and Oscar's status afforded him to be a little rude, he had avoided it for longer than he thought was possible, and never had a man touched him as gently as Dr Wyer was doing now. After a few minutes of the doctor's gentle stoking he could begin to feel the pleasure building up, having another person wank him was so much easier than wanking himself, and he could feel his breathing deepened, holding his breath every now and again when there was sudden spike in pleasure, closing his eyes now to focus on the movements of the doctor's hand, parting his lips slightly as he savoured the pleasure brought on by the gentle stroking.

The office was filled with the almost comical sound of squishy lubricant as Dr Wyer continued to masturbate his young patient. Nathan's breath began to shorten and he was tensing periodically, showcasing his well formed abs, he was also beginning to blush, accentuating his cheerful boyish features. Dr Wyer pondered on the good looks of the boy, from the small grimace on Nathan's face to his clenched fist and stretched legs. Recognising the his patient was near orgasm, he picked up the small beaker in preparation.

"I'm going to cum doctor!" Nathan exclaimed in a whisper, opening his eyes to reveal the clear blue jewels underneath. Dr Wyer placed the opening of the cup just in time for Nathan's first major convulsion, collecting the first squirt of opaque semen, more squirts of semen followed as Nathan continued to spasm. To Nathan's dismay, Dr Wyer's stroking nearly ceased so as not to obstruct the flow of semen into the cup, reducing his pleasure dramatically, but it was still enough to coax more of the masculine substance out of him and make him gasp in bliss.

The ejaculation was over in less than a minute, and no more semen was being expelled by the boy, as a final act Dr Wyer carelessly scraped the edge of the vessel against the perfect pink mushroom of Nathan's cock to catch some drooling cum that didn't quite squirt, causing the boy to grunt and jolt in pain as his sensitive organ was hurt, even Oscar winced vicariously at the pain of his slave.

"Sorry," Dr Wyer said apologetically after he realised what a foolish act it was, he had intended to minimise spillage and didn't think that it would hurt the boy. He silently cursed himself for not attending the child masturbation lecture in medical school.

"Have you got enough semen doctor?" Nathan asked as he tried to regain composure through some deep breaths.

"Plenty enough Nathan, thank you," the doctor replied with a smile, he returned to his desk and carefully set the beaker down before returning to the examination bench to give the boy some soft hand towels to clean himself up.

"Put them in that bin when you're done," Dr Wyer said as he gestured, to the bio-hazard bin next to the normal one.

He returned to his desk once again and pulled out a syringe from another drawer as Nathan cleaned himself, jumped off the bench and disposed of the waste as instructed before returning to the bench moments later and struggled back on as Dr Wyer walked over to another side of the room and plugged the syringe into a machine that looked like a large box with a big touch screen, and tapping a few things on the screen.

"Put your clothes back on and come join us Nathan," Oscar asked, knowing that his obedient slave rarely does anything in public without being told. Nathan complied happily, slipping on his briefs and vest before jumping off the bed again and sitting down next to his master as both looks looked at the doctor, who had resumed the paperwork he was doing earlier.

The boys waited in silent anticipation as the doctor finished off his paperwork, for his part, Dr Wyer knew he should probably have talked to his patient to ease the tension, but there really wasn't much he could do as the machine is doing its job, not to mention the unexpected exercise he just completed had taken up some of his time and interrupted his tight schedule.

"So, that machine over there is analysing your semen, it will give us the results in a few minutes," Dr Wyer said as he looked up after signing off another piece of paperwork.

"You have a machine just for testing semen?" Nathan said in surprise, he already knew the machine was analysing his semen, after all, that was what they had been talking about, and he was very curious at the presence of a semen testing machine in the doctor's office, before finally finding the chance to ask after being spoken to.

"No," Dr Wyer replied with a smile.

"It's a multi-purpose machine, it can test just about anything, from drug test, to blood test, and as we're doing now, a semen test, it can test substances at any states too, quite amazing, really," the doctor described briefly.

"Your dad designed a lot of it," Dr Wyer carried on, nodding in the direction of Oscar, who smiled in response, quietly proud of his dad.

By the time they finished conversing, the machine beeped and the same slab of glass that Dr Wyer used to call reception flashed, Dr Wyer turned and picked it up, flicking through charts and diagrams quickly.

"Well, I have good news, everything seems to be ok, sperm health, count, pH, and hormones, just as you would expect from a young adolescent," Dr Wyer said, flicking through another chart, then paused suddenly and flashed a confused look "The sugar level…,"

"What is it?" Oscar interjected with clear concern.

"Oh, sorry, never mind I misread it," the doctor dismissed Oscar's concern with a smile, he had noted that the sugar level was higher than normal, and the composition was unusual, but quickly realised what could have caused it and why.

"Are you sure? Is everything all right?" Oscar pressed on, suspicious as to why the doctor dismissed it so quickly.

"Everything is fine, trust me," Dr Wyer said with a warm smile. Oscar still wasn't sure, but he had complete trust in the doctor. Nathan couldn't care less about the results, he had so much to be thankful for that the health of his semen was hardly a priority.

With the visit over, Oscar and Nathan got ready to leave.

"Come on Nathan, we'll have to hurry back or Mr Davenport won't be happy," Oscar said as he was getting up.

"Sorry to have kept you boys longer than you expected, perhaps I should have told you beforehand," Dr Wyer said.

"No, thank you for taking the time to see us doctor," Oscar thanked the doctor, managing a sincere smile.

"Yes, thank you doctor," Nathan also said as he too brandished his pearly white teeth before following his master's lead heading towards the door.

"See you then," the doctor bid his farewell, "and remember to eat plenty of fruits," the doctor said as he couldn't resist the opportunity to humour himself.

"Yes, see you later Dr Wyer," the boys said and waved in unison, both clueless to the fact that doctor had deduced what they had been up to.

They hurried back home, which was a walk and a bus ride away, Karen greeted them at the door.

"Hello boys," she said with a warm smile.

"Was everything ok? I expected you two to be back a little sooner," She asked.

"Yes mum, Dr Wyer had some work to do before he could see us," Oscar explained.

"He tested my semen too," Nathan beamed unexpectedly. Both Oscar and Karen were quite surprised that Nathan spoke without being spoken to whilst still kind of being in the open, but were happy that the little slave was getting more comfortable.

"O? He did? How did that go?" she said curiously.

"Dr Wyer said everything was ok, Mistress Kerrington," Nathan replied with Oscar now silently blushing beside him.

After a brief exchange at the door the boys were ushered in to wash up, then after entertaining themselves in the living room the doorbell promptly rang at exactly 11 o'clock. Karen opened the door and was met with a tall man in his early 50's, skinny with glasses.

"Hello Mr Davenport!" Karen greeted, cheerful as usual.

"Hello Karen, and please, call me John," the man replied.

"Ha, sorry, school days habit!" Karen chimed.

"Please, come in," she finished as she moved away to grant the man entrance.

As John entered the house, the rapid pattering sound of small feet hitting the floor became louder, and by the time John stepped into the house there was a small thud. Nathan, now dressed in just his slave's plain white briefs and socks, was kneeling obediently on the floor. This time, however, he was also wearing a pair of smart looking thin rimmed glasses, giving him some intellectual charm.

"Welcome Mr Davenport," the slave said, panting slightly.

"Hello Nathan, are you ready for your lessons?" the man said kindly.

"Yes Mr Davenport," the slave replied.

"Well, I'll leave you two to it, but Nathan, you know exactly when Mr Daven… I mean John, arrives, so you shouldn't have had to rush, be ready next time, I don't want you hurting yourself in a hurry," Karen scorned her son's slave.

"Yes Mistress Kerrington, I'm sorry," Nathan apologised, still kneeling, before getting up and heading to the sitting room with John.

In the sitting room, there was a nice polished oak table, on which sat a somewhat outdated laptop computer. It was Oscar's three year old laptop, once top of the line and recently passed onto his slave as he received an upgrade, although it was a hand-me-down old computer, people would be horrified to learn that a slave would possession of any kind. Of course, Nathan didn't actually own the computer, since slaves have no legal rights to possession, it was simply the case that Oscar assigned the computer to be used exclusively by his slave. Nevertheless, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who could think of any reason why a slave would need a computer.

Seated, Mr Davenport produced his own laptop, as well as a few books, sciences and maths.

"What will we be doing first, Mr Davenport?" Nathan asked inquisitively.

"I'm thinking about a reminder lessons on English grammar first," John said.

"Ok," Nathan said, brilliantly hiding his disappointment. The two spoke about all the different grammatical rules and spelling variations. John occasionally conjured up literature from his computer to illustrate his examples, and sent short tests to Nathan's computer for him to complete.

The lesson went on, and John found himself, once again, impressed by the ability of the little slave boy, answering many of the questions correctly even as he increased the difficulty, and asking intelligent questions of his own to make sure he had had things right, performing far beyond what would be expected even of a free ten-year-old boy.

He thoroughly enjoyed teaching the boy, and thought back to the time when he first became Nathan's personal tutor four years ago. He found the job through a simple advert on a job board, it was the Kerrington family looking for a personal tutor, and a quick search showed that they had one son. He had thought that he was never going to get the job, many very qualified and talented people would have been after the opportunity to teach the Kerrington child, but he was desperately in need of a job so he applied for them everywhere and anywhere, especially since he had had no call backs.

Surprisingly, he was called the next day, a nice sounding lady called Karen, whom he was soon to learn was Mrs Kerrington herself. Surprisingly, after a brief talk on the phone about his experience, a conversation for which John chose his words carefully. He was asked if he would be available for an in person meeting the next day, which he accepted hastily but at the same time tried his best not to sound too eager. He was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the meeting, which he thought odd at the time but dismissed it as one of the strange practises of the super rich.

On the day, he arrived in his usual manner, neither early or late, exactly on the agreed time, a fact his old colleagues had soon gotten used to. Just as he arrived however, an angry looking man was racing out of the house with rage in his eyes. Upon seeing John, he paused and looked as though he was going to say something, but shut his mouth and moved on. The brief disruption had meant that he had to walk faster than he liked towards the door, which was fortunately a rather small house considering the Kerrington's wealth, just when he was getting ready to knock, the door swung open, what stood behind it was a beautiful, if somewhat flustered young woman.

"Hi, you are…?" she asked.

"John Davenport, Mrs Kerrington I presume? We spoke on the phone yesterday for a meeting?" John answered, already feeling uneasy about the situation.

"Ah, yes, yes, please come in, Mr Davenport," the woman invited John in.

"And call me Karen," the woman said not too politely, at the time John had thought that it was just the rich being arrogant as usually, but eventually found out it was from frustration.

After offering John something to drink, the two sat down in the kitchen to relax a little, as John pulled out some documents from his briefcase.

"Here are my qualifications, I assure you they are all genuine but you're welcome to contact them to verify it," John said. He was keen to focus any background check to facts only, and already had a few responses prepared in case Mrs Kerrrington, Karen, were to ask for professional references.

"Let talk about about your expectations, Mr Davenport, what do you think this job will involve," Karen said sharply.

"Well, you only included your name on the job advert and no other details, so there isn't much to go on, but if I were to guess I would say that you're looking for a tutor for you son," John said, evidently tensed as he though how odd the question was. Even before Karen answered he could already tell that the guess, though logical, must have been incorrect as he saw Karen unconsciously bit her bottom lip in thoughts.

"What is your salary expectation?" Karen asked again, she was frustrated and chose to be as direct as she could.

"Well, isn't it unusual to discuss salary before I have the job?" John asked back.

"Is salary important to you?" Karen asked again without wasting any time. John was shocked, although he was careful not to show it, he had dealt with some difficult parents before, and horrible though Karen was, it wasn't the worst he had seen.

"Erm… perhaps you can give me an idea of your budget?" he asked, part of him feared that the rich and selfish would give him as low a figure as possible, he could see Karen staring into his eyes, measuring, calculating.

Karen was having a battle of her own, she had remembered speaking to the man yesterday now, his academic record was impeccable, he was well spoken and sounded nice enough, she needed to give him a figure. It was a difficult decision, if she offered too little then it may not be persuasive enough, too much then the potential employee may use it against them. In the end she went for a very generous, but not unrealistic offer, as would have been expected by a rich parent who needed something.

John's jaw nearly dropped, it was 30% more than what he was receiving in his last post, and he was being paid very well.

"Ok," John said, stunned.

"Do you think it's a reasonable remuneration?" Karen asked.

"Yes, Karen, in fact, I would say that it's very generous," John said in response.

Karen smiled for the first time, the man seemed honest, it was the first direct response she had received so far, nevertheless, she expected the figure to be negotiated upon once the truths of the role was revealed.

"Excellent, now, let's talk about some of the other benefits," she carried on, keen to lure the man as much as possible about the potential job.

John soon found out that the person hired would be entitled to the same benefits as a managerial employee from the Kerrington Group, pensions, healthcare, company car, the whole lot. They even spoke briefly about the terms and conditions of the job, it turned out that the job wasn't even full time, and John worked out that in terms of hourly salary, he would be getting paid considerably more than the head teach of the very prestigious private school he had taught at, before being let go. John was in awe, but the same time, scared, just what does the job involve to warrant this kind of pay?

"Wow, that is a very impressive package Karen, but isn't it a bit imprudent to talk about these before I even got the job?" John asked, concerned.

"Yes, of course, let's talk about the job then," Karen said.

"First thing I would like to ask, Karen, is why teaching your son justifies such a generous remuneration package?" John asked, returning to his assumption of teaching her son. After all, he could think of no other person for whom Mrs Kerrington would offer so much money to educate. He wanted to find out what the person he would be teaching was like, he was expecting the devil incarnate, but frankly, even teaching the devil incarnate would be worth it.

Karen lowered her head in thought, pressing her fingers against each other in criss-cross on the table.

"I think it might be best to show you who you'll be teaching, but before that, I must remind you that you have already signed a non-disclosure agreement, nothing you learn today is to be repeated without our express permission, to anyone," Karen warned.

Clearly there was some kind secret behind the generous offer, John wondered what this could be, could their child be mentally handicapped? That would certainly explain the secrecy, after all, if it was some kind of physical deformity there were procedures that could adjust the appearance of people in whichever way deemed appropriate, correcting people mentally, however, were in it's infancy, at least as far as an actual cure was concerned, and very risky.

Without waiting for John's reply, Karen stood up and left the kitchen, moments later she returned with someone, or rather, as John considered at the time, something, so shocking at the time that John could hardly believe his eyes.

"I'm sorry Mrs Kerrington, I don't think I understand," John began to say as he flustered.

"No, Mr Davenport, I think you understand perfectly," Karen replied.

There was a dreadful pause.

"You don't seriously mean that you intend to hire me to teach 'it'?" John said as he was barely able to suppress his rage.

"That is exactly what I intend to do Mr Davenport," Karen said calmly, masking her own feelings much better.

"What could you possibly hope to achieve?" John asked, who had actually managed to calm down a little.

"What I hope to achieve is my business, what I'm asking from you is to teach him."

John was slightly taken aback, wondering whether he had heard Karen correctly, did she refer to 'it' as a 'him'?

"Teach it what exactly, Mrs Kerrington?" he asked as lewd thoughts of what the handsome little boys dressed in perfectly clean white briefs and cotton socks, was expected to do for their betters, thoughts that didn't appeal to him in the slightest, though nor did they offend him.

"Everything. I want you to teach him as you would any other school child," Karen said.

"Impossible, it would never be able to learn anything meaningful, there are slave schools designed especially for such purposes and even the brightest slaves barely manage to read by the time they reach adulthood," John went on. Of course, he didn't know that those 'slave schools' ran more like brothels, and that in reality little teaching went on. Like most people in society, he had come to believe that slaves were naturally unintelligent and promiscuous, where even the most civilised academics had come to view slavery with indifference.

"Possible or not, I'm paying you to teach him," Karen said sternly.

John was deep in thought, the proposition, to him, was preposterous, to teach a slave was an insult beyond words. He was, at least at one time, a respected teacher, on the other hand, he weighed his options, he had been looking for a new job for a few months now, and had been forced to dig into his savings, any longer and he would begin to fall behind on some of his loans. He might even have to resort to asking his children to support him, as much as he loved them, the prospect of suffering such indignity was unthinkable.

Karen took the pause as good sign, everyone else she had interviewed so far had stormed out of the house at this point. The boy, on his part, was looking small and timid, painfully aware of the rage he had caused to everyone who had seen him so far, feeling that he had failed his master and mistress, even with their kind words he cursed himself for being a useless little slut.

"I will teach it on my own term?" John asked quizzically.

"Within reasons, yes," Karen conceded, cautiously hopeful for the first time.

"Within my reason, Mrs Kerrington, I must have your word, I will teach it as with any other child who fails to learn at what I consider to be a reasonable rate," John asserted.

"If you could go into details, Mr Davenport," Karen, not entirely sure she liked the direction of the conversation, but this was the further an interview had ever gone so she couldn't just give up.

"A child requires discipline, if I am to teach it like a regular child, any infractions or tardiness will be punished accordingly, if it fails to do work I had set it, or fails to learn after what I consider to be reasonable effort on my part, it will be punished, up to any physical punishment I consider appropriate," John explained.

"I will not have you maiming him!" Karen said loudly, losing control for the first time.

"I have no intention of maiming him, Mrs Kerrington," John said, actually get more calm as time went on.

"I'm not a sadist, however, that does not mean I will shy away from doing what I consider reasonable and appropriate," he carried on.

"I'm afraid I'll need better assurance than that," Karen, chewing her lips in an unprecedented show of struggle out of concern for her slave.

"I'm afraid I can't give you any more assurance, Mrs Kerrington, not without having held the job," John said.

Karen said nothing, seconds felt like hours, and yet the silence continued, neither people in the room paid any notice to the fact that the little blond head had perked up higher, intrigued by the adult's conversation, nor did they notice the little brown head that quietly peeked down the corridor.

"I don't think you have many choices Mrs Kerrington, I dread to think how many people you had turned their back away because you've asked them to teach a slave. You must understand what you are asking for is beyond unreasonable," John broke the silence, only to be rewarded with some more.

After what felt like millennia later, Karen final spoke.

"Very well, you can teach him as you see fit," Karen finally said, as reluctant as she wanted to admit. The man was right, asking a qualified teacher to teach a slave was more ambitious than she had first thought. If she weren't such a tenacious woman she would probably have given up after seeing the reaction of the first few interviewees.

"When would I start?" John asked immediately.

"Tomorrow," Karen answered plainly.

"I shall see you tomorrow then," John got up to leave. This was easily the strangest job interview he had ever had, he would never have guessed that he could feel so terribly after an interview and still have the job. Just as he was opening the door, however, Karen began to speak again.

"If it's so terrible to teach a slave, Mr Davenport, why do you want this job?" Karen asked in an attempt to understand her new employee.

"I don't so much want it, as I need it, Mrs Kerrington, and it would seem that for reasons unknown to me, we need each other," John said after a short pause, not wanting to to deceive his new employer, although at the same also careful not to divulge too much details.

It was sometime after John had left that Karen troubled herself some more by trying to figure why the teacher hadn't negotiated a high salary if he needed the job so badly, she would gladly had paid more, in fact, given her state at the time, it would would have been one of the few times that she would concede to nearly anything John could demand. It was much later that she learned though John was a proud man, he was not a greedy man.

Fast forward a few weeks, once again, Nathan was sobbing over John's knees with his briefs around his ankles and his firm little buttocks exposed, already glowing in a shade of red.

"That's not good enough, try again," John said sternly as he pushed the small boy onto his feet.

"Pull them back up," he ordered, and Nathan obeyed without delay, he face, like his buttocks, were reddened by the recent punishment, with the water in his eyes making looking like translucent blue glass.

"I'm sorry, Mr Davenport, I'm doing my best, but I'm just I'm just a useless sl… slave," the boy apologised.

"Useless or not, I expect you to learn to read. We're only doing the alphabets, and you can already tell me what all of them are, now just learn which is which," John said rather calmly.

In another room, Karen was being distracted with Nathan's education as the sound of spanking and the wails of a small voice entered through a small opening in the door. In the past few weeks John had had to spank Nathan on several occasions, and as much as she didn't agree with corporal punishment, the man was fair and consistent, and they had already agreed that John would teach in a way he saw fit.

"I'm really trying, Mr Davenport… but…," Nathan said as he looked at the big alphabets on the table again, "I'll try harder Mr Davenport," Nathan continued without finishing what he started.

"Is there something you want to tell me," John said inquisitively.

"N… no. Mr Davenport, I'll try harder, I promise," Nathan responded hurriedly. In the past too much talking and making excuses had always earned more punishment, so he was keen to apologise, not that the punishmean measured up to anything he had received in the past.

"Tell me what you wanted to say," John ordered again.

Nathan felt conflicted as to what he should do, when his old owners had asked him to speak, more often than not it was a ploy to make him say something wrong to punish him, so understandably, he was reluctant, but at the same time he couldn't disobey a direct order, so he had to answer.

"It's just that, I can't see the letters very well because I'm a useless slave, Mr Davenport, they just don't look very different to me," Nathan began. "Maybe if you could make the letters a little bigger…," Nathan carried on, half expecting a big slap to the face for making excuses, not that the man had ever given any indication that he was especially violent, but the six-year-old Nathan had long since lost trust in human nature or that they could be predictable.

"For goodness sake, stop calling yourself useless, I forbid it, whether it's true or not," John said, annoyed, then paused.

"What do you mean, they don't look different?" he asked further.

"Well, it's very… erm… fuzzy, the letters are so small, and you're holding it really far away. It's probably because I'm a…. slave," Nathan explained how he felt after a lifetime of being told he was the lowest of the low, when they first started the lessons, John had insisted Nathan learn even proper posture and etiquette, with the result being a sitting position puts book about a foot and a half [50 cm] away from Nathan's eyes.

"Fuzzy… you don't mean…," John said in thought, "here, hold this how you like," John said, handing Nathan the alphabet book.

"Here, this page has them in the order you learned them, one little block is one letter, read and learn it," John carried as Nathan took the little booklet into his hand and held it inches from his face and began reading.

A few minutes later John took the booklet off Nathan, and wrote a few letters on a piece of paper, larger than how he would normally have written it, and handed that to Nathan.

"Tell me what these letters are," he ordered again.

Upon receiving the piece of paper, Nathan held it inches from his eyes again, and recited it perfectly.

What followed was a length of silence, dreadful to Nathan. He was positive that he had recited the letters correctly, but at the same time he was certain someone as stupid as him couldn't possibly get anything right, to him, the silence felt like the calm before the storm.

"Wait here, I'll be back," John said with some indifference.

"No, Mr Davenport, I'm sorry for getting them wrong, please spank me again, but don't tell Mistress Kerrington," Nathan said desperately. The woman had been nothing but nice to him, as much as he didn't genuinely believe that anyone would be nice to him, he didn't want to disappoint her.

"No, you recognised the letters perfectly, I just want to talk to Karen," John said as he got up. He could see the boy was desperate and scared, and now that he looked more closely, quite endearing, with a sigh, he put a hand on Nathan's shoulder.

"You're not in trouble," he explained, which seemed to have had the desired effect and calmed the boy a little. At this point John actually felt quite sorry for the slave, if he was correct, he might even owe the slave an apology. The thought of apologising to a slave was quickly brushed aside as he walked to the room where Karen was located.

"Hi Karen," John said and entered the room after knocking a few times. "We need to talk,"

"What is it? Has Nathan done something wrong," Karen said with as much warmth as she could muster for a man who would beat a small child.

"No, but there's something I want to tell you. I think Nathan might be short sighted," John explained.

"O? What makes you think that?" Karen asked, and John explained, even admitting reluctantly that his stern teaching method might have prevented the discovery from being made sooner. After discussing their options, Karen and John left the room together, meeting a meek little Nathan waiting on his knees.

"Stand up Nathan," Karen hurried towards him and held the boy up.

"I'm sorry, Mistress Kerrington," Nathan said apologetically.

"Sorry for what?" Karen asked.

"For anything I did wrong, for being stupid, for…," Nathan continued but was stopped abruptly with a hug from the woman, the sight of a free person showing such affection towards a slave would have shocked John, if it were the first time he had seen it.

"Don't be silly, you don't need to be sorry for anything," Karen cooed.

"Mr Davenport told me that he thinks you might have some problems with your eyes," Karen told the boy, who responded with a quizzical look.

"He thinks you might be short sighted, we'll take you for a doctor today to see," Karen explained.

"We've agreed that I'll resume your teaching tomorrow after you've had your eyes looked at," John said, surprised that Karen had used 'doctor' instead of 'vet', since he doesn't know of any doctor who would tend to a slave. Even a vet don't care much about slaves, they were usually only viewed as an additional source of income. Nevertheless, he began collecting his items off his desk and and tidied himself up to leave. Just as he was heading towards the door, he stopped and staying motionless for a few seconds, then he half turned around. "I might have been wrong to spank you," he said plainly before leaving. Nathan was wide eyed and in shock, it was the closest thing to an apology anyone had said to him, Karen was equally surprised, and thought that perhaps this man wasn't entirely dislikeable after all.

That was the last time John had had to spank Nathan, with the aid of a simple pair of glasses, the boy transformed into one of the brightest pupils he had ever taught, looking at him now, an angelic ten-year-old intelligently discussing sciences beyond the levels of most boys his age, he had harboured, dare he think it, respect, for the slave. Some questions were never answered though, just what does the Kerringtons had in mind for an intelligent slave? Why even bother spending so much time and money on his education in the first place?

He had learned the ownership of slave was transferred to the Kerrington's boy, Oscar, some years ago, and he had no doubt that a lad as good looking as Oscar surely had the libido to match, and given how possessive he behaves towards Nathan, he had assumed that as with most young slaves, Nathan was the sexual plaything of the teenager, but that only made the effort spent on Nathan's education all the more puzzling, if anything a slave as exquisite as Nathan would surely fetch a good price in a brothel, the slave should be making the family money, not costing it, or at the very least, Nathan didn't need to be educated to suck this teenaged master's cock.

Not that he was complaining of course, the money had been good, so good, in fact, that he had nearly paid off his mortgage, as well as having a healthy savings and owning a not inconsiderable amount of shares in the Kerrington Group. He had even been introduced to a few of the Kerrington's friends, slowly rebuilding his reputation, although he had had to disguise the fact that he was the family slave's teacher.

Nathan's day of learning ended all too soon for him, before he knew it, the five hours of schooling finished, with a few break in between, but it didn't matter, he liked spending time with his master even more than he liked learning new and wonderful things.


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