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Four stories about men in the mid-twenties meeting young lonely boys.
  1. Luke and the Superintendent (1994) (4,250 words / 8½ pages)
    Luke is alone at home when the superintendent comes to put a new phone extension in.
  2. Boy on a Motorcycle (1998) (3,750 words / 7½ pages)
    A biker picks up a street boy and takes him home.
  3. The Flashers (1998) (6,000 words / 12 pages)
    Security agent picks up two young boys.
  4. Danny Had a Problem (1999) (7,000 words / 14 pages)
    Danny tries out his mother's sex-toy. But then something goes wrong and he askes his gay neighbour for help.
  5. Josh Gets Raped (1998) (4,500 words / 9 pages)
    On his way home from his soccer match 10 year old Josh meets a nice man in the park who offers to help him with soccer.
Publ. 1994-1999 (various); this site Feb 2011, Jul 2012
Finished 25,500 words (51 pages)


Men (c. 25yo) and boys (9-10yo)

Category & Story codes

Consensual Man-Boy Sex stories
Mbcons oral anal


If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now.

If you don't like reading stories about men having sex with boys, why are you here in the first place?

This story is the complete and total product of the author's imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn't mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn't want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life.

It is just a story, ok?

Orphan story

These is orphan stories, that means that the author's e-mail address is no longer active and there is no other way to contact the author. Are you the author, please contact me.


Luke and the Superintendent

Luke is alone at home when the superintendent comes to put a new phone extension in.

Luke (10yo) and Mike (25yo)
Mb – cons oral anal – spank

The boy who answered the door was wearing only his briefs.

"Hi, are you Luke?" I asked.

"Yeah," the kid replied, in a tone somewhere between non chalance and attitude. He looked me over, sizing me up. I was wearing my summer uniform: a tank top, tight cut-off jeans and sneakers. His gaze lingered at the bulge in my shorts. He seemed pretty interested in it for such a young kid. I figured he was no more than ten years old.

"I'm Mike, the building super," I said, trying to sound cool. "Your mom asked me to put a phone extension in her bedroom."

"Oh, yeah," he replied. His smile was bright. "She said you were coming by. Come on in." He opened the door wider and I stepped in with my tool box.

The apartment was exactly like every other two bedroom apartment in this building. My grandfather owned the building and I was its superintendent.

The kid led me to his mother's room, his small butt wiggling invitingly in the thin, white fabric of his briefs. I could easily see the crack of his ass. My cock began to stir and rub against the cloth of my briefs

Luke opened the door to the bedroom and showed me where the phone jack was to go, near the bed. Then he sat on the edge of the bed. He crossed his legs and flexed his feet.

"Can I watch you work?" he asked me with his big, baby blue eyes smiling at me. He was an exquisitely beautiful boy and I could see Luke would make a fine athlete in any sport some day. His body was slender. His legs were fleshy and hairless. My cock was now blue-steel hard and the head was just beginning to peak out from my shorts.

"Sure," I replied, trying to stay cool with this nearly nude young boy so close to me. "You can help me with my tools."

He came off the bed and knelt down next to me. I laid out the tools I was going to use.

"Hand me the Philips head screw driver," I told him. He knew which one to hand me and I unscrewed the plate that covered the wires.

For a brief instant I pictured the boy sucking my cock, as my dick strained against the denim.

I pulled out the wires and separated them. When I looked back, Luke was on his hands and knees, wiggling his little butt in the air. I asked myself, is this kid coming on to me? He smiled at me as he scratched his crotch.

"Hand me the wire cutters." He placed them into my hand and held them there for a moment, then slowly let them go, caressing my hand. I had to be real cool now, and let him take the initiative.

"Now I need the jack. It's in the bottom." He dug through the tools and took out the jack. I quickly attatched the wires to the jack, then placed the jack into the wall and screwed it in place.

"Where's the phone?" I asked. Luke looked around and saw the new telephone sitting on his mother's dresser, still in its box. He got up, trotted over to the dresser and brought the phone to me. He opened it and pulled the phone out, discarding all of the plastic wrapping and styrofoam, then handed it to me. He found the cord and I plugged that into the phone and then into the wall.

"O.K., this is the moment of truth," I said as I handed him the phone. "Go ahead, see if there's a dial tone."

Luke lifted the handset and put it to his ear, then smiled broadly. "It works," he announced, then proceeded to dial. "I'm calling my mom." After a few seconds, his mother answered. "Hi, mom, it's me… Mike just put in the phone and I was testing it out… Mike's the super… Uh-huh… I will… Bye Mom, I love you too."

"My mom says 'Thanks'," he said as he hung up the phone.

"Tell her I said it was my pleasure," I replied. "And be sure and tell her what a good little helper you were for me." I tousled his hair and patted him on his smooth, bony shoulder.

"Do you have to go?" he asked. "I mean, I'm here all by myself and I was feeling kinda lonely."

"Don't you have any friends in the building?"

"A couple, but they went away for the summer."

I knew what he was talking about. The most of the residents in the building were older folks, and there were only a handful of families with kids. I really felt sorry for the kid because I went through sort of the same thing when I grew up in this building.

"Yeah, I guess I can spare some time for you." His eyes lit up and he broke into a wide grin. The kid was so adorable, I wanted to kiss him right then.

"Can I ask you something, though?"


"How come you're walking around in just your briefs?"

"It gets too hot in here. My mom won't run the a/c during the day. She says it costs too much."

It was a bit hot in their apartment, but I really didn't notice until he mentioned it. I never minded the heat; it was the cold I couldn't stand.

And since I lived in a basement apartment, it was usually cooler than anywhere else in the building.

"Why don't you take your clothes off, too?" I thought I heard him say. I was shocked, to say the least.

"Say that again?"

"Why don't you take your clothes off, too," he repeated, carefully enunciating each word. "Get comfortable. We can play some video games. I got a Sega."

He trotted off towards the living room, but I just stood there, stunned at the boy's request. A ten-year-old boy just ask me to take off my clothes and play video games with him.

"Are you coming?" he asked from the living room.

"Maybe," I replied, to myself, then called out, "I'll be right there!" I stripped off my shirt and headed off to the living room.

He was sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV. He had Sonic the Hedgehog going and was manuevering the joystick expertly. My own joystick felt like it was going to bust through the denim of my shorts. Luke turned around to face me and seemed annoyed for a moment.

"Take your shorts off, man," he insisted. It seemed as if I had no choice, so I undid the snap and let them fall to my ankles. He smiled as I kicked off my sneakers, then stepped out of my shorts. I pulled off my socks and squatted next to the boy. He handed me a joystick and patted and caressed my hairy thigh as he drew his hand back.

"You got a really buff body," he said. "You must work out a lot."

"A couple times a week. I have a weight machine set up in one of the empty apartments in the basement."

"Can I come down sometime and see it?"

"Sure, maybe you can try it out and build some muscle." I grabbed his upper arm and gave it a squeeze. He flexed his little bicep and I gave it another squeeze. I knew it'd be a few years before he'd fill out, but if he came down stairs, we could do a lot more than play video games. Then he reached over and grabbed my big bicep. I flexed it for him and he smiled.

"I really like your body." He ran his fingers over my bicep then stroked my chest. "And you're really hairy."

"Yeah, I guess," I replied, now a little flustered. I gulped and I stroked his thigh, so smooth. "And you're pretty hairless."

"Yeah, I wish I was hairy like you."

"It'll happened in due time, Tiger." I continued stroking his thigh, occasionally brush my knuckles on the basket of his briefs. I could see a little movement there. I thought he must be getting a hard-on. "You should enjoy being a hairless boy."

"You're making my dickie get hard." I gave his little pecker a pinch and his dick stiffened to rock hard. "You must be getting hard, too." He lowered his hand and grapsed my thick cock through the cloth . He gasped a little and said, "It's so big!"

"You ever see a man's dick before?"

"No," he answered as he felt around the cloth, "well maybe a few guys at the Y, but they weren't as big and hard like yours is."

"How old are you, anyway?"

"Ten and half. How old are you?"


"Wow. My mom's thirty."

"Have you done stuff like this before?"

"Not with a grown-up, but my and my friend Todd play with each other's dicks."

I decided to take a chance and started to pull my briefs down. I shifted around some and finally I was naked, my seven-inch [18 cm] cock sticking up proudly.

Luke's eyes widened and I could've sworn I saw him lick his lips. He reached over again and took my cock in his little hand and started to stroke it slowly. I had to gasp and he looked up at me with those big blue eyes.

"It feels good doesn't it?"

"Yeah," I replied, "want me to make yours feel real good?"


"Take off your briefs. I want to see you dick."

Luke stood up and slipped his briefs down over his smooth, tan legs and stood naked before me. His stubby little prick stuck out hard from his hairless crotch. It was no bigger than my thumb, with a bright red, shiny helmet on top.

"I wish it was bigger. And hairier, like yours."

"I like you just the way you are. You're so perfect." With that said, I leaned over and took his little cock into my mouth. He stiffened and gasped, then put his hand on my head as I massage his little cockhead with my tongue.

It took just a few strokes of my tongue before his peter throbbed in my mouth and the boy's body shivered. He had come with a short, guttural gasp, then fell to his knees.

"How was that?" I asked as I pulled him closer to me.

"That was so weird," he replied in a breathy voice, "and good! I never felt anything like that!"

"It was called an orgasm."


"Yep. When you get a little bit older, around thirteen, you'll start shooting white stuff out of your dick. That's called semen. It has your sperm in it."

"Sperm, that's what helps make a baby, right?"

"Yeah, did you learn that in school?"

"No, I asked my mom and she told me where babies come from. If you eat sperm, will that make you have a baby?"

"No," I replied, chuckling, "a man can't have a baby, and a woman only get pregnant if the sperm goes inside her…" I couldn't think of a term that wasn't vulgar or childish or too clinical.


I had to laugh. "Yeah, I guess that's a good way of putting it.

"So, can I suck on your dick too?"

"Yeah. I'd really like that."

Luke got on his knees and lowered his head to my lap. I felt his warm breath on the head of my dick. He took my cock in his hand and squeezed it, feeling it's length, girth and heat. Then he wrapped his cherry-red lips around my cock, tonguing and sucking it with expert fervor. His rhythm was good so I didn't have to give him any guidance.

"Oh, yeah!" I gasped. "Suck my dick, little stud!" I put my hand on the back of his head but stopped myself from pushing him down further on my cock.

I continued to caress his head and then reached to feel his small back. He was doing a good job for such a young boy. It occurred to me that he might be more experience than I had expected. I thought about fucking his little ass and that brought me to the brink.

I reflexively pushed the boy's head down further on my cock and I felt my cockhead smash into the back of his throat. I groaned as Luke's tongue action grew more intense, and my cock throbbed. In a flash, my cock started spurting my load into the little ten-year-old's hot mouth. I didn't think he didn't expect my cum to start filling his mouth, so pulled off my dick. A blast of cum splashed him on his cheek. He opened his mouth again and I shot another blast right inside. Then he put his slips on my dickhead and drink the last dribblings out of my pulsating cock.

When I was dry, he wiped the cum on his cheek with his finger, then dripped the juice into his mouth.

"Man, this stuff tastes good!" he exclaimed.

Talk about your natural born cocksuckers. "You really like my cum?"

"Yeah, can we do it again?"

I laughed. I guess the kid was really innocent. "When you're older, you'll find out that a guy my age needs a little rest between orgasms. But when you're a teen, you can cum a dozen times in a row."

"Man, I can't wait till I can shoot."

"Don't be in a hurry to grow up, Tiger. Enjoy it while it lasts."

Luke smiled at me and then threw himself into my arms, catching me off-guard and he knocked me onto my back. The naked boy started grinding his groin into my stomach. I looked into his beautiful, clear blue eyes and right then I had to kiss him. I planted a small peck on his luscious red lips. He was a bit surprised, but then he smiled, closed his eyes and moved his face in closer to me and kissed me.


That evening, after I had eaten dinner and was settling down for a night of T V, I heard a knock at the door. I had no idea who it could be and was delighted when I saw Luke there, dressed in a pair brightly colored jams and a tank top, hi-top sneakers, no socks. I could tell that the kid wasn't wearing underwear.

"Hi," he said, smiling brightly. "My mom's going out so I asked her if I could stay with you until she got back." As he walked into my living room, Luke began to strip. He pulled off his shirt and left it on the floor.

"You just need to call her and tell her it's OK." Then he kicked off his sneakers and started to undo his jams. He let them drop to the floor, stepped out of them. He stood there stark naked, all for me.

I went over to phone, asked the boy his phone number and dialed. His mom was very appreciative that I would watch him on such short notice. She explained that her usual babysitter was away and Luke had suggested that I watch him. She said she hoped that this wasn't spoiling my plans for the evening, but I assured her that watching Luke would be my pleasure. Luke stifled a giggle at that last remark. She thanked me again and I hung up and turned my attention to the naked ten-year-old.

"Man, I have to suck your dick," he declared and knelt down in front of the sofa. "Take your clothes off."

I really didn't have to think twice and I immediately stripped off my clothes. I moved over to the boy and presented my cock to him. He bent over slightly and took all of my cock into his mouth and started sucking away.

I bent over as I stroked his bare shoulders and back, delighting in his smoothness. I reached further down his crack and toyed with his asshole. He moaned and it felt delicious on my cock.

"Good," he said after releasing my cock from his mouth, "It's good 'n' wet."

He pushed me back onto the sofa and I sat down. The crawled on top of me and straddled my lap. He took my cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down his hairless crack. I moaned loudly as I felt the head hit his warm asshole.

He reached back and spread his ass-cheeks apart, then leaned back and my dick slowly penetrated him. He squealed a little then growled as he sank back.

"Oh god!" he gasped.

"Are you OK?" I hoped my dick wasn't hurting him.

"Fine. I just never had anything that big up my ass before."

"Yeah? Well, take your time, baby. This is your show." I had to pull him closer to me, feel his smoothness and warmth. I kissed and licked him all over his face and shoulders. "What do like to put in your butt?"

"My fingers, mostly, when I jerk off. But I put carrots and hot dogs, and once I put a deodorant bottle in there. That was the biggest thing, until now."

He started sinking back again. He closed his eyes slightly, while his breath came in gasps and groans. He was reveling in the sensations he was feeling in his anus. My own cock was tingling as it was being massaged by by his little hole. I'd never felt anything like it before.

I wasn't going to last too much longer as he started bouncing up and down faster and harder.

"Lukey! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum in your tight sweet boy ass!"

"Cum inside my ass! I want your load!"

I bucked my hips and began to shoot. Intense orgasm. Shot after shot of my jism flooded the little boy's guts. "Take my load, little stud!" He groaned and I knew he had climaxed too. I felt him up all over his smooth body, pinched his little brown nipples, groped the smooth skin of his ass cheeks.

I pulled him on top of me and hugged him tightly. We were both panting.

"I love you, Luke," I whispered in his ear. "You're such a good boy."

"I love your cock in my ass, man," he replied. "And I'm a real bad boy."

He smiled a wicked grin.

I had to smile too and gave him a playful slap on his sweet butt.

"Harder," he ordered.

I slapped him again, a little harder.

"Harder! Spank my ass!"

I did as I was told and gave his butt cheek a good hard slap as he continued to bounce up and down on my cock. Then he stopped and pulled himself off my dick.

"I don't think my dick could take much more."

He then laid himself on his stomach across my lap.

"Spank me," he said.

I was surprised. I caressed his perfect little butt, now slightly red from my earlier slaps. "Do you really want me to do it?"

"Yeah, spank me hard. Pretend I just broke your stereo or something. Really wail on my ass."

"OK, you asked for it."

I started slapping his ass, not too hard, but not lightly either.


As ordered, I slapped his smooth ass harder and harder. He started grunting with each slap but any time I slowed down he'd tell me to keep going.

After about three minutes, he was begging me to stop, but I kept going. My dick was blue-steel hard again and rubbing against the smooth skin of his belly. But before long my hand was getting sore so I stopped. His eyes had teared up but he smiled at me. I was really puzzled as to why he liked to be spanked.

"Did you really like that?" I started to caress the hot flesh of his ass.

"Yeah, it feels like my butt's on fire," he replied, as he rubbed his other ass cheek.

"Do you want me to put something on it? I think I have some cold cream in the bathroom. That might cool your butt."


"Why don't we go to my bedroom?" I picked him up in my arms and carried him there. He played with the hair on my chest as we walked. I laid him on the bed, then went to the bathroom to get the bottle of cold cream. When I got back to the bedroom, he was lying there on his stomach with his head on his folded arms, kicking a leg up and down. The boy looked completely adorable.

Against my better judgment, I went to my living room and got my Polaroid camera. I snapped a few pictures, making Luke roll on around on the bed like a centerfold. Damn, he was a centerfold and he was eating it up. Watching him pose and fondle himself on my bed made me consider buying a video camera.

I was a bout to let myself get carried away though, so I snapped photos till I ran out of film.

My cock was achingly hard again and the boy's ass was calling me. Luke was back in his original position, on his tummy with his legs spread. I put the camera down --we could look at the photos another time-- and got on the bed between the boy's hairless legs. His asshole was red and puffy from our fuck. He pulsed it and it even opened just a little bit.

I lowered my face between his two perfect globes of boyflesh and started licking his swollen anus. I jammed my tongue into him, deeper until I could taste my cum. Luke squealed and tightened his sphincter. My dick was gushing pre-cum on my bedspread. I couldn't get enough of those soft buns rubbing against my face. I kneaded them, enjoying the softness.

"Fuck me again, Mike! I want more!"

His wish was my command. I stretched out on top of him, like I was doing push-ups over him. I lined up my cock in between his cheeks and just humped him for a little bit.

"Come on, Mike, stick it in me!" he demanded. He reached back and grabbed my dick, then guided it to his throbbing hole. He groaned as I started penetrating him and pushed his ass back to meet my thrust. Without much effort, my cock was all the way inside him. I laid myself down ontop of him, my weight pressing him into the mattress. My whole body delighted in the contact of his soft skin against mine.

I started grinding my hips. plowing my cock deeper into the boy's ass. I was going to take my time now. Luke moaned softly beneath me.

"I love you, Lukey. You're a wonderful boy."

"I love you, too, Mike."

I fucked him like that for a few minutes before drawing up on his hands and knees, my cock still in him, and fucked him doggy-style for a little longer.

When it felt like I was close to cuming, I flipped the boy onto his back and held his legs up and out, spreading them wide. I looked at his face smiling seductively up at me. He was now pounding his little pud in time to my fuck-thrusts. I held his feet together, sole to sole, and began to nibble at his little, pink toes. This was too much for him and he clenched his toes in my mouth and started to climax. His asshole tightened around my dick and I started releasing another gallon or so of my cum into his guts.

I collapsed on top of him and he wrapped his legs around my waist. I rolled over, pulling him on top of me and we kissed.

We lay there for a few minutes, then the phone rang. I reahced over to answer it.


"Hi, Mike? This is Beth, Luke's mother."

"Uh, hi, Beth." I pushed Luke off me. My cock slipping out his ass with slight slurp. He giggled a bit, then got on his knees next to me. "How's your date going?"

"Very good, actually. That's why I'm calling. Would it be too much of an imposition if Lukey stayed overnight with you. I mean, the date's go really, really good and…"

"No problem, Beth. Luke and I are having a really good…"

Luke bent down and took my softening cock in his mouth.

"Woah!" I pulled his head off my cock. "Time."

"Is he there? I'd like to talk to him."

"Sure, he's right here."

I handed the phone to him, stretched out on the bed and turned on the television. He talked with his mother for a minute, assuring her that it was OK if she wanted to spend the night out. He told her he was having a great time, told her that he loved her and hung up.

He pounced on top of me and kissed me again.

"This is so cool! I get to sleep with you!"

"Yeah, it is great."

"I wish I could stay with you all the time."

"Wouldn't you miss your mom?"

"I'd still visit her, but I'd rather be here with you."

"Well, it's going to be the other way around for a while. You'll stay with your mom and visit me, right?"

He sighed and looked into my eyes, then kissed me. "I guess so."

He fell asleep on top of me, in my arms. I didn't want to move him so I just pulled the edges of the blanket over us.

May be continued…


Boy on a Motorcycle

A biker picks up a street boy and takes him home.

Mike (adult) and Nicky (9yo)
Mb – cons oral anal

I wasn't drunk when I left the bar, considering that I had to ride my motorcycle home. I usually can get plastered because I usually go to bars in my neighborhood, but tonight I went to the leather bar across town to hang out with some rough-trade friends. I was dressed for the part too: leather jacket, T-shirt, blue jeans, boots and black leather chaps and cap-total leatherman. And I had more than my share of cruisy looks and propositions mainly from lowly pig bottoms that'd crawl over to me a lick my boots. Since it had been only four months since I broke up with Matt, I was not at all interested in another bottom. Matt was in his mid-twenties and a complete flake. That I found out around month three when he came home one night tweaking. I forgave him and gave him another chance, which he blew the very next week. I threw him out the next day. For the following I felt a bit lonely but I didn't miss Matt. It was over the next few weeks I slowly realized that losing Matt was not the cause of my loneliness. I found myself noticing young boys more and more often. Not boys in the sense of twinkies or teens but real boys like little kids.

I have to admit I've always been sexually attracted to young boys, prepubescent boys especially, but had never ever acted on those feelings other than fantasizing about having sex with a youngster. I have been tempted to buy a computer to start surfing the net to find the kiddy porn I'd heard so much about. But I realized most was that I needed the real thing, a little guy in my life but not just for sex, to be a companion.

Now, it wasn't like I was thinking about all this when I walked towards my bike. Hell, I couldn't tell you what I wasn't thinking about but it probably wasn't boys. The funny thing was that if I had said something like, "I wish for a boy," I would have found my wish come true because as I walked towards my bike among the many bikes parked with it, I saw him. He couldn't have been more than ten, this shaggy-haired boy astride my Harley pretending to ride. He was making all the proper noises, revving up, changing gears and squealing tires. He was obviously so involved in his reverie that he didn't notice me coming up behind me. I watched him for a few minutes before I stepped over to him and put my hand on his shoulder.

"Can I see your license and registration please."

The kid startled back and tried to scramble off the bike.

"Shit! I'm sorry, man. I wasn't gonna steal it or nothin'."

"Relax, kid. It's O.K."

He settled down and smiled. I gazed on his face for a moment, studying it, memorizing it. He had a bright smile, though his teeth were a little crooked and yellow. His eyes were beautiful, big, bright and ice blue. He had a perfect little freckled nose. He was wearing a grimy light-blue sweatshirt, baggy jeans worn at the knees, scruffy skateboard-type sneakers and an Oakland A's baseball cap.

"Cool bike. It's a Harley, right?"

"That it is."

"I hope I get a bike like this when I grow up."

"You want to go for a spin?" My mouth said that before my brain considered it.

"Really?" the kid replied with boyish enthusiasm.

"Yeah. You got any place to go?" The kid was in a parking lot near a gay leather bar at one o'clock in the morning, so I doubted he had to be home anytime soon.

"No, sir!"

"Let's ride, then!"

I gestured for him to climb on. I handed him the helmet and told him to put it on. Of course, it was too big for him and I had to adjust the strap to its limit. He wasn't too pleased at wearing a helmet but he didn't put up an argument. I got on the bike myself, started it up and we took off. The kid wrapped his arms around my waist tightly. At first I thought it was because he was scared but I felt him rest his head on my back. I imagined it was because he wanted someone to hold; he wanted affection.

We took a quick ride around the park and then I headed home. When we were stopped at traffic light, I asked him where he lived.

"Can I go home with you?" he asked.

"Don't you have a place to stay?"

"Not really. I mean, I usually crash at my friend's place but I'd rather go home with you. If you want me."

That last comment stirred my loins. 'If you want me.' 'Kid, you don't how bad I want you,' I thought to myself.

"It's no problem for me."


With that, the light changed and we drove off. We got back to my place in a few minutes and I led him into my flat.

"Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"I got some frozen dinners I can nuke."

I head for the kitchen as the boy looked around a bit, then sat down at the kitchen table. I open the 'fridge and looked through the stack of entrees I had.

"I got fried chicken, lasagna, burritos. There's pizza, too."

"Pizza sounds good."

"It'll take a little longer 'cause I have to cook it in the oven. Is that OK?"

"Yeah, that's cool. I can wait." I popped the pizza in the oven then went to get something for us to drink. It was late so I thought that a non-caffeinated drink would be better. It looked like the kid was getting sleepy anyway. So I poured us two glasses of milk and then joined him at the table.

"You know, we don't even know each other's name. I'm Mike."

"My name's Nicky."

We shook hands. His hand was warm and soft, and so small in my hand.

"You don't have to answer this if you don't want to-"

"I know. What's a young kid like me doing on the streets?"


"Well, my folks split up when I was a baby and I was living with my mom. Then she lost her job and started drinking and then we got kicked out of our apartment because she couldn't pay the rent. Then we lived in a shelter for a while. Then she left the shelter one day and I haven't seen her since."

He sighed and looked sad but didn't seem to be on the verge of tears. He was a tough kid.

"How long have you been out on the streets?"

"Almost a year. They were going to put me in foster care but I didn't want to do it. I thought my mom wouldn't be able to find me."

"How old are you?"

"Nine and a half."

I couldn't believe that this kid had been on his own at such a young age. I wondered if he had been hustling to survive but I didn't have the nerve to ask him. I didn't want him to think I took him in just to have sex with him. This kid looked like he desperately needed help and I wanted to save him. Sex could wait.

"Listen, you look like you haven't had a bath in a while. Why don't you get cleaned up while the pizza bakes."

"Yeah," he said, sounding tired. "I'd really like that."

"I can throw your clothes in the washer. They look like they need a good washing too."

He took a sniff of his sweatshirt and made a face. "You're right." He stripped it off and handed it to me, then stood to take off his pants. I was surprised that he wasn't wearing any underwear. Finally, he removed his socks and handed them to me with his jeans. I gazed over his naked body, gloriously smooth. He was skinny, underfed but not malnourished. He was very lean. His little penis was uncut and couldn't have more than an inch [2½ cm] long.

"Where's the bathroom?" he asked, snapping me out of my staring.

"This way."

I led him to the bathroom, making a short stop at the washing machine to put his clothes in. I grabbed a towel and handed it to him, then entered the bathroom.

"Shower or bath?"

"Shower. It'll be quicker."

"Shampoo and soap over there." I indicated to the rack on the wall, then turned on the water. "Just come on out when your ready. The pizza should be done by then."


"Yell if you need anything."


I started to leave when I felt a tug at my shirt.


I turned around. "Yeah, kid?"

Nicky wrapped his arms around my waist and started to cry. I placed one hand on the back of his and the other on his bare shoulder.

"I love you, Mike."

"Oh, Nicky. You don't have to say that. We just met." I knelt down and looked into his tear-filled eyes. I wiped his tears away. "You don't have to say that to make me like you or to get me to let you stay. I'm not going to hurt you or make you do anything you don't want to, OK? I promise." I hugged him tightly, resisting the temptation to cop a feel.


"Now get in the shower before the hot water runs out."

I kissed him on the forehead, turned him around and gave his tight little butt a pat as he got into the tub. I closed the curtain and stepped out, leaving the door slightly ajar so I could hear him if he call out. I adjusted my rock-hard cock after I got to the kitchen. It was going to be tough to resist his sexy little body but I had to. I made him a promise.

Fifteen minutes later, the pizza was done and Nicky was clean. I gave him a T-shirt to wear, apologizing that it was the only thing that I had for him to wear that would fit him, which was the truth. He didn't mind and concentrated on scarfing down the pizza. He ate three slices and two glasses of milk.

"Where am I going to sleep?" he said, wiping his mouth with thin his forearm.

"On the couch, I guess. It folds out. It's comfortable."

"Oh, sure."

I recognized the disappointment despite his smile. "Is that OK?"

He shrugged and looked to the side. "Yeah, I guess. I was just kinda hoping that…" He looked at the floor. "…I could sleep with you tonight."

"Really?" He smiled shyly. Then I nodded my head. "If you want to, it's fine with me."

"Cool. Can we go to bed now?"

"That's a good idea, Sport. I'm beat."

"Me too." He yawned and stretched.

I carried the dishes into the kitchen with Nicky at my heels. I put the dishes in the sink, leaving them for tomorrow, then led Nicky to my bedroom. He got in bed as I stripped to my underwear. I didn't think it was the time for me to get naked-I usually slept in the buff-thinking he might feel that I was going to have sex with him. He crawled under the covers, and yawned and stretched again. When I get in bed myself, he immediately cuddled up to me. I put my arm around him and held him close.

"You have a really nice body," Nicky said quietly. "I like your muscles. They're so big."

"Thanks, Nicky. You've got a cute little body yourself."

"Yeah, little. I wish I wasn't so puny."

"Don't worry baby, you'll be bigger in a few years."

He nuzzled my left pec, put his little hand on my right one, and humped my thigh a couple of times. I listened as his breathing slowed a bit and after a short time he stopped fondling my tit. I figured he fell asleep, so I reached into my shorts and adjusted my cock, which was unbearably hard and uncomfortably pointing down. I stroked it a couple of times but stopped when I realized I couldn't cum with Nicky right next to me. I might wake him and I really couldn't clean up after. I just took me hand out and tried to fall asleep.

"Mike, do you want to have sex with me?"

I didn't know if I should answer that question honestly. The truth might scare him and if I told him no, I might wreck any chances for us to have sex later. I decided to make a semi-joke about it.

"Not right now."

"Then later? Like tomorrow?" He actually sounded hopeful.

"Have you ever had sex before?" He was quiet for a minute, then said, "No, not really. I mean, once this guy paid me twenty bucks for my underwear when I was at the Y. And I used to suck off another boy at the shelter. He sucked me too."

"Did you ever have sex for money?"

"No, but I got a lot of offers."

"Weren't you ever worried about someone forcing you?"

"No. I probably would've liked it."

"Why do you think I want to have sex with you?"

"Well, most guys I tried to get to take me just brushed me off. You're the only one who talked to me and wanted to be my friend."

"That doesn't mean I want to have sex with you."

"But I kinda want to. I mean I like getting sucked off and sucking dick. I figured it'd be cool with since you're a grown-up and all."

I hugged him tightly to me and kissed him on the top of his still-damp head. "I'd really like that, Nicky. We can do stuff tomorrow after a good night's sleep, OK?"

"OK." He fidgeted around, trying to get comfortable then said, "Is it OK if I take off the T-shirt? It's bunching up and it's hot, too."

"Yeah, if you want."

Nicky shifted around to take off the shirt and tossed it on the floor.

"You can take of your underwear if you want."

I slipped my briefs off and tossed them to the floor as well. Nicky clutched me tightly and sighed. "I love you, Mike."

"I love you too, Nicky."

It was true. I'd fallen in love with him.


As I woke up, I gradually became aware of a wonderful feeling on my cock. When I opened my eyes, I found the covers had been pulled back and Nicky was settled between my legs, my thick cock in his sweet little mouth. I moaned at the sight and placed my hands on his head.

"Suck it, kid! Suck my cock!"

He looked up at me and let my dick slip out of his mouth. "Do you want to fuck my ass?"

"Just keep sucking me, Nicky. You're doing great!"

He dove back down on my cock. The kid was amazing. Not too many men could suck like this little boy could and the fact that he was just nine years old was even more of a turn on. Nicky could only take about half of my nine-inch [23 cm] tool but he could deep-throat it expertly. I stroked his hair gently as his head bobbed up and down. He took my balls in his little hand and fondled them gently. The boy was definitely more experienced that he had told me.

I finally decided that I had to sample his boystuff so I pulled his head off my cock and told him to flip himself around so that we got into a 69 position. He immediately went back down on me and I gobbled down his little prick and balls. He moaned as my tongue massaged his tender boyhood. Within a few moments, I felt his peter start to throb and Nicky groaned loudly. He had his orgasm! I let his stuff out of my mouth and I started licking to his hairless butthole. I loved rimming and often made my lovers shave their buttholes to make it even more enjoyable. Now I had the smoothest ass I'd ever had right in front of me, and a tight, little pink rosebud that I could use as I pleased. I admired its beauty for a few moments, then jammed my face between his delectable butt cheeks and started licking. Nicky moaned with pleasure as I tongued his hole vigorously. I'd also treat his little balls and dick to a good tongue-lashing. Then I felt the boy let my cock out his mouth.

"Mike, you wanna fuck my ass now?"

I pulled him back by his waist, then turned him around so that he faced me.

"Are you sure you want me too. My dick's pretty big and it might hurt."

"Oh yeah. I like getting fucked."

"I thought you said you only sucked dick."

"Well, one of the guys I used to suck off fucked me a couple of times. I really liked it."

"Well, if you think you can handle it, lube my dick up and ride it, boy!"

I gestured to the nightstand and Nicky reached over to get the lube I kept in there. He quickly opened the container and slicked up my cock. I took the bottle from him and squirted some of the goo onto my fingers then started to spread it on his tight butthole. I jammed my finger into him and wiggled it around. Nicky sighed as my finger explored deeper into his rectum. I was amazed at the tightness and also the way the boy pushed back against my finger.

"You're really hot for this, aren't you?"

"Oh, yeah. I love it!"

"You think you're ready for this?" I grabbed my cock and waggled it.

"I think so. I wanna try."

"OK, let's go!"

I shifted him around so that he faced me and positioned him so that his ass was at my crotch.

"Now lift up so I can put it on your hole."

He followed my directions and I felt my cockhead touch his anus.

"OK, now just relax your butthole and kinda sink down on it."

I felt his anus twitch, then open up a little to allow my cock to penetrate him. We moaned together. I put my hands on his smooth thighs and caressed them. He looked so beautiful there, his eyes closed and mouth open in ecstasy as he slowly sank down and more and more of my cock entered him.

"Oh yeah," he sighed, "Man, it's so big. Feels so good."

"God Nicky, you're so sexy and your ass is so tight. So hot!"

He leaned forward a little and put his hands on my chest. Then he started to lift his hips slowly off mine until I could feel the head of my cock catch his anal ring. Nicky then sat back again slowly. He continued this up-and-down motion, gradually increasing the speed of his bucking. Before long he was riding my cock like a piston, his face an expression of total pleasure. I started to buck my hips to meet his downward thrusts and saw my cock enter him all the way. This little boy was taking all of my nine-inch [23 cm] cock! I'd fucked men who couldn't handle my meat and this little guy wanted more! I felt myself getting closer to shooting but I wanted to stay in him a little longer so I stopped him.

"Let's try another position."

He pulled himself off my cock and then waited for me to tell him what to do.

"Get on your hands and knees."

Nicky quickly got into position. I knelt behind him and slid my cock back inside him. He moaned loudly then looked back, and said huskily, "Fuck me hard, Mike."

I wasn't about to disappoint him and began banging his butt at full throttle. I held his hips and slid him back and forth on my cock. I really couldn't hold off from cumming and fell on top of him. I shot intense load deep inside him, an orgasm like I'd never felt before. We were bathed in sweat and breathing hard, like we'd both run a marathon.

"Oh god, Nicky, that was so good!"

"Yeah! Intense man!"

"You are such a good boy." I rolled off him and pulled my half-hard cock out of him. "Come here." I turned him around and hugged him tightly. "Do you want to be my boy, my fuck boy?"

"Can I?" he replied excitedly. "That's so cool!"

"Yeah, I'll take care of you and everything and we can have sex anytime."

"Oh, Mike! I love you so much!"

"I love you too, Nicky."

I got Nicky to stay with me legally, through a friend I had in child welfare. I was officially Nicky's foster father in a few weeks and I filed formal adoption papers. I was lucky that I lived in such a liberal city, where a gay man adopting a young boy was looked upon with only a bit of suspicion. I had some influential friends vouch for me, and by the end of the summer, Nicky was my son. He entered the fourth grade that fall and flourished. I knew he was a bright kid, especially adept at math. Before long he was in an advanced program and impressing all the teachers at the school. I had to buy him a computer and before long, he was teaching me a few things.

I had set some ground rules with Nicky when I became his foster father. Aside from the usual household rules, I had to make sure that he understood the consequences if anyone found out about the sexual side of our relationship. I made him promise that he wouldn't tell anyone, including his friends, about what we did in bed. I told him he could fool around with his friends but only if they initiated the sex, and he shouldn't show them anything new. He agreed and told me that I'd be the only one he'd want to have sex with. I explained to him that there might come a time that he'd meet a boy-or even a girl-that he'd meet and fall in love with, and that it's be OK with me. I'd understand. He promised me that he'd never be in love with someone other than me. I promised him the same, that he was the only one I'd ever love.

The End


The Flashers

Security agent picks up two young boys.

Jimmy (9yo), Tommy (6yo) and Fred Flanigan
Mbcons oral anal – spank

I was on my way home from work as a security guard at a warehouse cross-town, cutting through an alley as a short cut. That was not the only reason, though. I often found young boys and teens playing or hanging out in the alleys and, more often than not, found a few boys willing to suck my cock or take it up their asses. For a carton of cigarettes, a twelve-year-old boy would let me take him to my house and fuck him all night long. But that's another story for another time.

As I drove down the alley, I found myself more in the mood for younger boys, under 10 years old, hairless, small and untried. I waved at my regular boys as I drove by them, but didn't stop. I knew there were preteens to be found along the way-unattended younger versions of the boys I passed-and just had to keen eye out for them. So, after a few blocks of rather young boys (four or five years old, a bit out of my range) and girls, I was beginning to think I'd have to make a trip back to pick up one or two of my regular boys. Finally, right when I was ready to turn around, I spotted two boys, one of whom looked about 9, the other a little younger, maybe six. While I didn't think I'd do anything with the younger one, I also thought it'd be real hot to watch the two little guys getting it on.

I slowed down a bit as I approached them to think of a way to get them into my car and to my house. I wasn't going to trick them or anything. I thought I'd just ask them if they wanted to come along with me to have some fun. Being street kids with no one at home to mind them, they probably come along without a care. I noticed the older say something to the little one. The older one appeared to be counting down, three … two… one. And then they pulled their shorts down in front, flashing their little boystuff at me.

I knew I had something here. But my idea of simply asking them to ride along with me went out the window. A brilliant idea flashed through my mind. I stopped the car, grabbed my security guard badge and got out. I rushed over to the boys with a determined if not pissed-off look on my face. The boys' expressions had changed instantly, from giddy mischeviousness to surprise and fear.

"All right, you two! Hold it right there! You're both under arrest for indecent exposure. You're coming with me."

I flashed then my badge and quickly put it away before they could see that it was not a real police badge. "When we get down to the station, we'll call your parents and they can come and get you. Now get in the car!"

I opened the backdoor to my car and the stunned boys obediently climbed inside. Then from behind a low fence I heard someone squawk, "Where you taking them boys?" I turned and saw an old woman with stringy gray hair wearing a housecoat staring me down.

"Officer Fred Flanigan, ma'am." I gave her another quick flash of the badge. "We had a complaint about two boys flashing people. I'm just taking them down to the police station to shake 'em up a bit, teach 'me a lesson. Y'know what I mean?"

"Oh, sure. Yeah, most of these kids around here are no good. Them two are just two more dirty little boys. Little perverts, I seen 'em touching themselves back here almost every day. God knows what they're up to when no one's watching."

Well, I was about to find out. What that bit of information, I bid the old hag good evening and got it the car to drive the kids to my place. If I knew boys, they'd start begging me to not tell their parents. The boys were silent though, and the younger boy was quietly crying.

"Mister? Please don't arrest us," the older boy finally squeaked. "If our folks found out we did this, they'll beat us for sure."

I wasn't about to show them any mercy, at least not yet. "You call me 'sir' when you speak to me, understand? You two should've thought about that before you started flashing people."

"Please, sir. We'll do anything!" he begged. "Just don't tell our parents!"

I didn't answer them right away but headed for my house. The scenario formed in my head. The boys needed to be punished and I knew exactly what to do.

"All right, you two. You know you did something wrong, correct?"

"Yes, sir," the older one replied.

"How about you?" I asked the little one.

"Yes, sir."

"And you know you need to be punished, correct?"

"Yes, sir," both of them replied.

"OK, then, we're on the same page. This is what we'll do: we'll go to my house and I'll give you your punishment there. Is that fair?"

"What are you going to do to us?" the little one asked in between sobs.

"You'll find out soon enough. Now answer my question, is that a fair deal?"

"Yes, sir." they both replied.


We drove in silence for the rest of the trip to my house, about fifteen minutes from that section of town. My house was in between the rough section where I picked up these two boys and the nicer, middle-class section. It was small, a two-bedroom Cape Cod, but relatively private. The previous owners had put up a high wooden fence around the property so no one would be able to see me bringing the boys in. The gate opened automatically and I drove in and parked the car in the garage.

I brought the boys out of the car and led them into my house, then downstairs to my basement playroom. It was no S&M dungeon, just an area that I'd set up with a waterbed, large-screen TV, VCR and video camera, and a sunken area lined with plastic. Along the wall were various paddles, dildoes and ropes. A few of my regular boys like to be tied up and I was glad to oblige them, but our bondage sessions never got rougher than a good paddling. These two boys looked in awe at the room as I took off my jacket and hung over the back of a chair. I took a pad and pen from the table and looked at the boys.

"All right boys," I said sternly, "are you ready for your punishment?"

The older boy looked at me fearfully and asked meekly, "What are you going to do to us?" He gulped, then added, "sir?"

"Well, first, I need some information. What is your name?"

"Jimmy King, sir."

"How old are you, Jimmy?"

"Nine and a half."

"And yours?" I asked the little one.

"Tommy Johnson," he whispered, biting his lip adorably. "I'm six."

I was beginning to find it harder to keep this charade going, because the boys looked so frightened of being punished and they were so beautiful. But I steeled my will. This was a fantasy that I had performed with some of the older boys, but now I had the chance to get some real reactions. More often than not, Craig or Bryan started to giggle and wisecrack during our role-playing.

"OK, boys, now I need to do a search. And since you both like to expose yourselves, we'll make it fun for you. Now, strip down."

The boys looked at me with open mouths and it looked like Jimmy was going to protest but I glance over to the paddles, which got the boys to slowly start undressing. Jimmy removed his grimy T-shirt, and then Tommy followed suit. They dropped their shorts at the same time, revealing their briefs; Jimmy's were threadbare grayish-white, while Tommy's were well worn Power Ranger Underoos.

"Socks and shorts too, boys. This is a strip-search and I want to see you naked as the day you were born."

The boys immediately pulled off their dirty socks but hesitated as the put their hands on their hips, then with a sigh they pushed the briefs down and let them fall down their smooth legs. I smiled as their small pricks came into view. Neither cock was bigger than my thumb; Jimmy was circumcised, while Tommy was not. Their dicks seemed to be trying to withdraw into their bald crotches and their little ballsacs were shriveled in the cool air of the basement.

I took their clothes and made a show of rummaging through them for contraband. The only thing I found was a piece of candy in Tommy's pocket. Now it was time to start the real fun.

"All right now, I want you both to turn around, spread your legs and grab your ankles."

Again I got a look of horror from Jimmy but Tommy just seemed perplexed. I crossed my arms and gave them another stern look, which got them moving. I got a good look at their tight little white buns. Tommy's ass had the slender flatness of post-toddlerhood, but Jimmy's butt was splendid. Perfectly round and fleshy, they seemed perfect for a paddling and a hard fuck. As I went over to a shelf to get a jar of Vaseline, the boys bent over to grasp their ankles. I heard Tommy whisper something like, "What's he gonna do?" followed by a sharp "Shhh!" from Jimmy.

I slicked my finger up, deciding against a glove since I wanted to feel these boys' buttholes directly. I started with Jimmy and pulled one of his smooth buttcheeks aside to expose his little rosebud. He gasped as my finger touched his anus and started to push in. It slid in easily, which surprised me, as did the soft moan that escaped from his throat. I immediately wondered if he was experienced in anal sex, which seemed to be confirmed as his anus constricted and relaxed as I pushed my finger further into him. While I could have spent a good amount of time finger-fucking him, I had another anus to explore.

Tommy gasped too as I touched his buttcheek and pushed it to expose his boyhole. I noted the difference between the two boys' holes: while Jimmy's was dark, red and a bit puffy, Tommy's was pink, puckered and very tight looking. I pressed my finger against the anus, and started to push in, releasing an "Owwww!" from the boy. As I pushed in further, he groaned a bit and once I pushed in past my knuckle, he whined, "Owww! It hurts! Please don't!"

"Just relax, boy. It hurts more if you fight it. Push it a little like your trying to poop." With that bit of advice, he relaxed and my finger slipped in all the way. I probed around a bit, easily finding his prostate, which I massaged for a moment and drew a sensual moan from him. With him relaxed, I decided to see if he would be able to take bigger things and inserted a second finger. He tightened up again, cried out in pain as my second finger entered him and asked me to take them out. I complied, not wanting to stretch him. I wanted him to remain as virginal as possible.

"You can straighten up now."

The boys stood and turned around. "Sir, was that our punishment?" Jimmy asked.

"Oh, no, we're just getting started." I stepped back away from them and sat on the straight-back desk chair. I gestured with my figure for Tommy to come over to me. He stepped forward hesitantly, carefully stepping towards me. He stopped just in front of me and I took another look at his thin, little body. I grasped his arms gently and pulled him towards me, then down across my lap. I shifted him a bit so his crotch was against my right knee then lowered my left leg so that his butt was sticking up. I saw him clench his butt, divulging that he knew what was going to happen. The expression on his face confirmed it; his eyes were scrunched shut in a grimace of fear. I looked over to Jimmy who looked apprehensive, as he also knew what was in store for his little friend and in a few moments for him.

I took another long look at Tommy's white buns, though I resisted my need to caress them. All in due time. I lay my arm across his back, pinning him down and began. He cried out on each of the first few swats, easy at first but then harder but not full strength. I was saving that for the older boy. As I continued to whack his butt his cries turned into pleas for me to stop. "No! Please, I promise never to do it any more! It hurts! No more, please!"

I had been counting and at swat number twenty-five I stopped. I looked at the boy's little butt, now scarlet and warm. Tommy tried to get up but I held him down. He struggled for a bit as I signaled Jimmy to come over to us. He looked very surprised as he took a few steps then stopped right at Tommy's feet, which were fidgeting. He looked at me, and I took a moment to feast my eyes on his sturdy frame. His little cock did not escape my notice either, especially since it looked like it was beginning to stiffen.

I grabbed Jimmy's arm and pulled him down on top of Tommy, pinning him down against the nude six-year-old. Tommy grunted as Jimmy's weight pressed down on him. Then Jimmy did something that I'd hoped he do, but hadn't expected. He wiggled his butt a little and then reached down very quickly to his crotch and adjusted himself. My hope was that he was lining his little cock with Tommy's butthole, though I couldn't be sure. Once he put his hand on Tommy's bare shoulder and closed his eyes, I knew he was ready and began his punishment.

Jimmy was a little tougher and only grunted softly which each of my swats on the soft skin of his butt. Tommy also grunted as the older boy's crotch ground into his ass. I stopped counting swats around fifty since Jimmy was not begging me to stop. I mused that his ass was used to such a spanking because he was a troublemaker. Before long, I slowed the frequency of the slaps while increasing the intensity. Jimmy started groaning, but not in pain. It was apparent that his dick was being stimulated as it was pushed in between the six-year-old's butt cheeks. All I wanted to know was if the little guy was being penetrated. Since Jimmy's cock was so small, I couldn't be sure it was going all the way in.

It was only a few more whacks before Jimmy was moaning louder and Tommy was whining in pain. Now I knew he was being penetrated. I stepped up the frequency of the swats while letting up on the intensity. Now, I just wanted to bring Jimmy off. I knew he was close.

"Oh God!" he cried, "Oh! Oh! Oh shit!"

On the next swat, I felt that Jimmy's butt was hard and tightened. He gasped then let out another moan. Another swat and I felt his butt cheeks relax. He had climaxed. I gave him a final hard swat then stroked his ass gently. It was hot and my hand was stinging. I removed my hand from the boy's back, but kept my hand firmly on his butt. I lifted his torso up, keeping his crotch pressed against, then pushed him slowly back. I looked carefully and saw his little cock, still a hard three-incher [7½ cm], slip out of the little boy's asshole. There were streaks of shit on his cock, so I knew he had made it into the boy's hole. I lifted Tommy up, then got up myself and guided them to the waterbed. My cock was steel-hard and pointed painfully down the left leg of my pants. I didn't want the kids to see what effect they had on me but the smirk on Jimmy's face as he glanced at my crotch told me he was ready for some fun.

"You guys lie on your tummies on bed while I get something for your butts."

The boys obediently climbed on the bed, briefly enjoying the wave motion as they crawled to the center of the bed and lay down. I went upstairs to the bathroom to retrieve a jar of Noxema to cool off their warmed hineys. I paused briefly at the top of the stairs to adjust my raging hard-on. As I returned I heard them talking with each other, but once again, Jimmy shushed him as I approached.

"OK, fellas, the punishment part is over and now I think we can have a little fun. What do you say?"

"Are you really a cop, sir?"

Jimmy was a smart one all right, very street-wise. Maybe he'd had a run-in with the law before and knew their procedure. He had caught me in my charade so I owed him the truth.

"No, I'm not," I explained as I rubbed the cooling cream on Tommy's butt. "I'm a security guard. That's where I got the badge."

"See I told you," Jimmy said to his friend.

"Do you like spanking little boys?" Tommy asked.

"I like doing a lot of things with little boys. Is that how you get men to have sex with you, by flashing your little cocks at them?"

"Well, not really," Jimmy replied. He let out a contented sigh as I started to rub the cream on his red, thrashed buttocks. "We never tried it on a man before."

"Then you have had sex before."

"Sure, some of the big kids down the alley like to fool around with us younger kids. But me and Tommy heard the guys talking about the men who they had sex with and we wanted to try it with a man too."

"Really? So you would let me have sex with you?"

"Oh yeah!" Tommy chimed in. "I liked in when you put your finger in my butt."

"But you asked me to take it out."

"Well, it hurt when you started, then it felt good. And when Jimmy's peepee went into me that felt awesome!"

"Well, I have a pretty big dick. It hurts some of the older boys I've fucked."

"Some of the guys that fuck me have big dicks," Jimmy replied. "I bet I could take yours."

I finished up smearing the cream on the boy's firm butt, though I resisted an urge to rub some on his hole. It would burn too much and I wanted him to enjoy this.

"So what do you want to do?"

Jimmy rolled onto his side and looked at me to say, "I want to see your cock."

"You want to see my cock, what?"

"I want to see you cock, please." Then he added, "Sir."

I smiled at him, then caressed his face. Then I stood and took off my shirt. "Unbutton my pants, Tommy."

Tommy got up, a bit unsteady from the wavy mattress, and crawled over to the edge of the bed. His little cock was now stiff, about an inch [2½ cm] long. He reached out and worked to unbuckle my belt. Once he got that undone, he easily opened the top button and unzipped the fly. Before I could tell him to pull my pants down, he reached into my briefs and grabbed my cock to take it out.

"Wow! It's so huge!"

Jimmy immediately crawled to the side of the bed next to Tommy and stared in wide-eyed awe of my super-hard eight-inch [20 cm] prick. He gulped then reached out to grasp it too. The feeling of their hands holding and gently stroking my cock was bringing me close to cumming so I pulled away. I knew I was going to cum at least twice this afternoon: once in one of the boys' mouths, then next in someone's ass. While I knew Jimmy could easily handle my cock in his boyhole, I suddenly felt the need to pop some boy cherry. Sure Jimmy's cock had penetrated the little boy, but I knew Tommy had never taken a cock that could shoot cum, let alone a man's cock.

"Tommy, have you ever been fucked before?" I had to know for sure.

"Just Jimmy a couple of times."

"He's only sucked off the guys who fuck me," Jimmy explained. "But they got me to fuck him."

"Have you ever sucked a man's cock?" I asked Tommy.

"No," he replied, mesmerized by my cock. "My aunt's boyfriend's was the biggest I ever seen. It wasn't nearly as big as yours."

"Your aunt? Is that you mom?" I asked Jimmy.

"My sister," he replied.

"How old is your sister?"


"Where's your mom and dad?"

Jimmy just shrugged and looked away, ashamed that his parents had abandoned him. "My mom went away and I never knew who my dad was."

My heart nearly broke and I felt a twinge of guilt for taking advantage of their loneliness and need for an adult male in their lives, until I remembered that Jimmy had begged me not to tell their parents. He had planned something like this all along! I guess he didn't count on getting his ass whipped though. I got an idea but decided to think about it later. I had another thing to concentrate on, and it needed relief.

"Would you like to suck on my cock, Tommy?"

"I do!" Jimmy interjected.

"I know you do, baby," I replied, tousling his hair, then kissing him on forehead.

"Yeah, sure."


I joined them on the bed, scooting back and leaning against the padded leather headboard, then wiggled my cock and gesture for Tommy to get in between my legs. He scrambled over quickly and immediately took my cock in his hand. He looked at me, then lowered his head toward my dick and licked the head, tasting it, I was sure, to find out if it tasted yucky. Jimmy crawled over next to us and watched his little cousin lick my cock like a lollipop. I thought then that it might be a good idea for him to fuck Tommy, to loosen him a bit more so he could take my cock. Jimmy must have been reading my mind because as Tommy starting to take the head of my cock into his mouth-making me moan-Jimmy maneuvered himself behind Tommy and lined his little dink with the little boy's hole. Tommy whimpered a bit as Jimmy forced his cock inside but didn't let my cock out of his mouth. He was sucking on the head while taking a little bit at a time deeper into his small mouth. I saw his pert, red lips had stretched obscenely around the six-and-a-half inch [16½ cm] circumference of my cock.

As Jimmy started to pump his hips into the little guy's ass, I felt the head of my cock hit the back of his throat. I let out a soft moan as I put my hand on the back of his to gently press him down further. He gagged and I let him up. When he had recovered I did it again, and soon he got the idea that I wanted him to deep throat me. He took another two inches [5 cm] of cock into his mouth, and stopped when it was about three-quarters in. I could feel his throat muscles start to massage the head. I was totally amazed that this six-year-old boy could work my cock like a professional. I was also amazed that I hadn't exploded in his mouth. But then it only took a few bobs of his head before my cock blasted off into his sweet little mouth. He pulled back a little but did not take my cock out of his mouth. I could hear him gulp down my load, eagerly swallowing each blast of my man juice.

I had to pull the boy's face off my cock to get him to stop trying to suck more cum out of it. Jimmy, too, looked liked he was about to cum again, gasped and fucking the boys little ass faster and harder, then suddenly slowed and fell on top of him. I pulled them on top of me and gave them both a tight hug.

"I can't believe you two!" I gasped hoarsely. "And you Tommy! I don't think I've ever felt anything like what you just did for me!"

"Taught him everything he knows," Jimmy said.

I ruffled Jimmy's hair then gently guided them down off my body.

"I think we owe Tommy something," I said. "Jimmy, why don't you suck Tommy off while I fuck you."


Tommy smiled broadly as he lay back and Jimmy dove onto his cock. I quickly got behind Jimmy, my cock still hard because of these naked and sexy young boys despite my orgasm, and place my cock against his boyhole. I paused for a moment, decided between being gentle and being rough. I chose rough and spit on my hand to slick up my cock. I grabbed his hips and held them firmly, then began shoving my cock into him. His hole fought the penetration and Jimmy lifted his head away from Tommy's little willy to let out a strangled cry of pain. But I didn't let up. I knew his boyhole was used to the size of a big cock and would get used to my thick slab of manmeat quickly. He groaned again as I forced another two inches [5 cm] in, then went back to sucking on Tommy's little wiener as the remaining six inches [15 cm] were shoved in.

Once I was in all the way, I paused not so much for his comfort but so that I could enjoy the delicious feeling of this nine-year-old's used but still tight anus clutching my cock. I stroked the boy's silky smooth skin from his slender waist, his hips down to his thighs. I let out a soft sigh and then started to fuck the boy. My cock easily slid back out. I pulled out all the way, and then forced it all back in, head and all, making him grunt again. I slowly developed a process, stabbing at his butthole faster and faster until I got a good rhythm going. Once I was fucking him steadily, I wanted to start getting Tommy ready for my cock.

"Tommy, lift up your legs a little."

Tommy complied with Jimmy's help. Without direction, Jimmy started to lick down, first his balls then lower to the boy's butthole.

"That's it, Jimmy. Get him nice and wet. When you've had enough of that, I want you to stick your fingers in there, OK?

Jimmy lifted his head away from Tommy's butthole long enough to reply, "Sure!"

I now concentrated on fucking his ass, pounding it with all my force but not enough to send him flying across the bed. I looked down and saw how much my cock was stretching his anus. I was amazed that I hadn't ripped the flesh and realized that the boys who had fucked him must have had man-sized cocks. Jimmy had stopped rimming Tommy and now had two fingers in him while sucking on his cock again. Tommy was moaning uncontrollably and thrashed his head back and forth in boyish ecstasy.

"Put another finger into him," I said to Jimmy.

He slipped a third finger into Tommy's hole, drawing out another moan from the little boy, then a series of gasps. He was cumming! He let out a long, strangled squeal, and then went limp. I slowed my thrust, wanting to hold off my own orgasm. I had expected Jimmy to pull off Tommy's cock, but he kept sucking, and much to my surprise, looked as if he was swallowing. I knew for absolute sure that there was no way Tommy could be squirting semen, so I figured that he had to be pissing into Jimmy's mouth-and Jimmy was drinking it! These boys were too hot for sure. Tommy's shivered visibly so I knew he was done relieving himself. Jimmy lifted his head to look back at me and smiled lasciviously, a few drops of urine beading on his lips and chin. I pulled out of his hole and pushed him aside, then roughly grabbed Tommy by the waist and flipped him onto his stomach.

"Jimmy, get me that bottle over there," I ordered as I pointed to the small bottle of lubricant on the shelf across the room. Jimmy scrambled across the bed and retrieved the bottle while I forced two fingers into Tommy's tight all-but-virginal asshole. Jimmy jumped back onto the bed and handed me the lube, which I immediately squirted onto my cock and the boy's hole. Placing my hand firmly on his back, I leaned over him a bit and lined up my cock to the little rosebud. I pushed firmly, struggling to enter him.

Tommy cried out, "No please!" but I was beyond mercy. I had to have his boyhole. I started to push into him, causing him to yell and thrash about. He started to sob.

My hand held him down, but I started to stroke his back. "Just relax, Tommy. It will make everything go easier."

"Just relax your butthole," Jimmy advised, expert that he was, as he scooted up by his head and started to stroke his hair. "Push out like you're pushing out a turd. You'll let it in you without hurting too much."

"It hurts so much!" Tommy cried. "I can't take it!"

"I know it hurts a lot at first. Even when I put my dickie in you it hurt. But once you get used to it, it feels awesome!"

The six-year-old quieted down a bit, whimpering softly. I continued advancing my cock deep into the boy's rectum, filling him completely. Once again, I paused to delight in the boy's clenching hole, how it seemed to massage my cock as he struggled to accommodate its massive girth. I sighed and lifted my hand off his back, then gestured to Jimmy to kneel before him. I wanted Jimmy to repay Tommy for giving him a drink. The nine-year-old quickly got into place as Tommy lifted his tear-stained face and took Jimmy's cock back into his mouth.

I then started to draw my cock out of Tommy's hole. His boyhole seemed to not want to let go of my cock, the resistance almost unbreakable. I tugged hard at it and with a grunt, Tommy's hole began releasing it. I knew I couldn't pile-drive him like I did Jimmy, and simply withdrew my cock until the head caught the anal ring. I pushed back in slow and easy, feeling the warmth and tightness constricting my cock. It was indeed slow going, very difficult to build a faster pace, but eventually I could get up to half speed. I was close to cumming away, feeling a distant tingle in my balls that was intensifying with each stroke. Jimmy seemed close too, running his fingers through Tommy's fine blond hair. He bucked his hips spasmodically, fucking the little boy's mouth, then gasped signifying his climax. When his body went slack, I knew what was to come.

I built a little more speed as I heard Tommy trying to swallow Jimmy's piss that flowed into him. He couldn't handle it though and pull away from the boy's cock, hacking and gasping for air. Jimmy's stream splashed Tommy's face then, as he turned away, squirted across his back, hitting me on my chest and stomach. That was enough to send me over the edge and I released the first blast of cum into his guts.

My orgasm washed over my like the first wave of a drug. I felt it in every nerve of my body. I gripped the six-year-old's hips tightly and pounded into him for each blast of manjuice. Then he gasped and I could feel his anal ring clamp down on my cock several times in a row. The boy was cumming again! And without any stimulation other than the penetration of my cock into his boyhole! It made my orgasm even more amazing.

Finally, my cock could take no more and I pulled out of the boy, collapsing next to them. Tommy rolled over onto his back and we all lay motionless, except for the gently rocking of the waterbed mattress. Our breathing was heavy, and I thought my heart would bust out of my chest, it was beating so hard. I pulled Tommy over to me and wrapped him in my arms.

"Are you OK?"

He nodded then put his head on my chest. "Jimmy was right. I liked it once my butthole got used to your dick. Then it felt really good!"

"I'm so glad you did." I scooted over while shifting Tommy to the other side and t wrapped my arm around Jimmy's shoulder. "Do you think you'd want to come back and do this again?"

"Can we?" Jimmy asked.

"Whenever you want. You can come over anytime, sleep over anytime. I want you guys to think of this as your second home."

"I love you, Fred," Tommy said softly.

"I love you to, Tommy," I replied as I kissed him on the top of his head, then Jimmy, "and you, too. I think we can have lots of fun, boys."

"Cool," Jimmy replied and snuggled close to me.

After we napped, they eagerly accepted my invitation to dinner. The boys wolfed down their super-deluxe pizzas like they hadn't eaten for days. I knew teenagers had appetites like that, but skinny little boys like Jimmy and Tommy were often more nibblers than gobblers. I took it as another clue as to their impoverished home life. While this little sexcapade started out as simply that-sex-I found myself falling in love with them.

The boys also took me up on my invitation to come over any time they wanted, and they were over almost every day and sleeping over every weekend. I had met Jimmy's sister and she was more than grateful to let someone else care for them. She was little more than a child herself; at sixteen, she had two babies and a boyfriend who was less than attentive.

I had one of my lawyer friends, a boylover himself, start adoption proceedings in exchange for setting him up with some of my pubescent friends. He knew of a pedo judge in family court, and after setting up another date with a 12-year-old boy, Jimmy and Tommy became my sons.

The End

Credit Where Credit Is Due Dept.: Part of this story was inspired by "A Spanking Good Time" by Larry Fisher, a story that appeared in Manscape magazine, June 1985.

I'd also like to thank my IRC chat pal, DoubleF, for suggesting that I write this story and Boys-Stir-Us for his help and friendship.


Danny Had a Problem

Danny tries out his mother's sex-toy. But then something goes wrong and he askes his gay neighbour for help.

Dany (9yo) and Jesse (c. 25yo)
Mbcons oral anal masttoy

Danny was an average nine-year-old kid, good grades in school, active in sports, well-mannered and generally kind and well-liked by his peers. He lived in a small apartment with his mother, who was recently divorced. Her job made her work odd hours and Danny often found himself coming home from school to an empty apartment. His mother either left a prepared dinner for him in the refrigerator or money for him to eat out. Danny usually went out to play with his friends after school, but occasionally couldn't go out when the weather was bad or when he had a lot of work. Recently, Danny had started staying in a little more often.

He was about six when he discovered that rubbing his penis felt good.

It was about that time that his mom let him bathe on his own and while he was scrubbing himself he got a stiffie. Before long, he figured out how to rub himself the best way to get the tingly feelings. Sometimes he would use his hand to do it and sometimes he would rub himself against his mattress. He also liked looking at his naked body in the mirror when he got the chance. Soon after figuring out how to masturbate, he discovered that if he played with and pinched his nipples, it added to his pleasure.

He discovered his anus at age eight. Of course he knew it was there.

What he found out was that it could bring even more good feelings when he played with it while he rubbed his pee-pee. The discovery was made at bathtime when he felt something up his poopoo hole. It wasn't an itch and it wasn't an ache. It just felt like something that needed to be touched. So he tried to push his finger into his butthole but it was too tight. Then he remembered that when his mother took his temperature there-something that made his pee-pee get hard-she used Vaseline on the thermometer. But the Vaseline was in the medicine cabinet and it was too high up for him. Also, he was all wet and didn't want to get out of the tub. He thought for a moment and decided to try soap. That was slippery, he thought. He remained standing then lathered up his hand and his butt. He found his boyhole with his fingers and played with it for a while, rubbing around it, feeling it's texture and tautness. Then he started to push his finger inside his hole, slowly and carefully. The soap was not a good lubricant, he noted, and it burned slightly but it was something that he was enjoying. He got his finger up to his first knuckle when his mom knocked on the door. He jerked his finger from his butthole like it had given him an electric shock and quickly started to rinse the soap off his butt. His mom was just checking in on him and told him to hurry up, then remarked about how much time he spent in the tub.

That night, Danny sneaked back into the bathroom and fetched the jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet, determined to get his finger all the way inside his butthole. His mom was sound asleep so Danny felt sure enough to take off all his clothes. He stood in front of his dresser mirror looking at his nude body for a minute. Then he opened the jar of Vaseline and stuck his finger into it and scooped out a small glob. He reached back and rubbed it on his butthole like he did in the tub, then slowly begin pushing his finger inside. It went in a lot easier this time, much to Danny's delight. Rubbing his dickie while fingering his butthole gave him an orgasm that topped all others.


All this led up to his present situation. A few days before, he had been incredibly bored because it had been raining all day. He usually respected his mom's privacy, staying out of her room while she was out.

But today he was so bored out of his mind that he decided to do a little snooping. He started with her dresser, looking over her underwear and lingerie, in which he had no interest, then through her jewelry and the other drawers. It was in the last drawer where he found something that piqued his interest. It was a kind of a tube, about six inches [15 cm] long but it had a rounded cone tip on one end. There was a switch on the side and when it turned it on, it started to vibrate and hum. Then he realized what it was. It was a vibrator! He had heard some of the older kids talking about vibrators and dildoes and how girls like to use them to make themselves cum. Those boys also said that homos liked to put them up their assholes and that got little Danny thinking. He knew that a homo was not a good person; the boys usually reserved that word for people they didn't like. But they liked him so he couldn't be a homo. Those kids said the guy that lived a couple of doors down was a homo and he seemed nice. Maybe they were wrong, he thought.

In the same drawer he found a small stack of magazines. On top was one called Playgirl with a picture of that guy from the TV show she liked.

And underneath there was another Playgirl and two other magazines that had bare-chested men on the covers. He took one of those out and leafed through it. He could scarcely believe his eyes! Page after page of naked men, some with boners! Big boners! He'd never seen a man's penis before and certainly not any boners that big. His own little boner pushed against his shorts and he knew he had to rub it.

He decided to sneak the magazine out of the drawer but didn't take the vibrator. He'd try that later. He dashed into his room, ripped off his clothes, jumped onto his bed and started to jerk off while looking at the pictures of the naked men. More than anything, he wanted to touch a big boner like that. It took him less than two minutes to get that feeling and boy, did it feel really good, like never before!

After relishing the fading sensation and catching his breath, he dashed still naked into his mom's room and returned the magazine to where it was. He remained naked until his mom got home.

Unfortunately for Danny, his mom was off for the next two days so he couldn't look at the magazines or try out the vibrator. And he beat off only twice the first day and once the second day. So on the third day, once he got home from school he ripped off his clothes, streaked into his mom's room to grab the magazines and sex toy, then dashed back to his room, flying onto the bed with his little dick incredibly hard.

He quickly leafed through the magazines to find pictures of men he thought were hot and set them around his naked little body so he could see them. He switched on the vibrator, feeling it in his hand and then slowly brought it down in between his legs. He rubbed his pee-pee and balls with it, enjoying the new, intense sensations. He continued doing this until he felt the wild rush sweep over him, which caught him by surprise.

He took a moment to recover from his orgasm and looked at the pictures of the naked men. His little boner didn't even have a chance to soften. Then he took the jar of Vaseline and greased up the vibrator.

With his other hand, he pulled one of his buttcheeks aside and placed the toy at his butthole. He shuddered with lust when the tip touched his boyhole, the vibrations bringing him wild, brand-new sensations that he could scarcely comprehend but enjoyed nonetheless.

He was enjoying the feelings so much he nearly forgot what he was planning to do. He brought his free hand to his little boner, which was throbbing and felt like it would break off. He started stroking his dick while slowly pushing the vibrator into his boyhole. He gritted his teeth as he felt a sharp pain, forcing himself to endure it. He knew once he got used to it, it'd feel so good. He paused for a moment, with about an inch [2½ cm] inside him, to get used to his hole being stretched. The vibrations were making it easier and in just a little bit he was able to start pushing it further. Danny kept on pushing it in until barely an inch [2½ cm] of the vibrator remained outside his body. By this time, the little boy was writhing in ecstasy, barely comprehending all those wild feelings in and around his butthole. His butthole pulsed and started to draw the vibrator deeper into his rectum, while he stroked himself with abandon. He didn't even realize how close his hole was to swallowing it completely. The head of the vibrator was pressing against his little love button deep inside his poop-chute which was bringing him closer and closer to his second orgasm. When he climaxed again, the vibrator slipped inside him completely.

Danny was totally spent and would have fallen asleep if the sex toy in his rectum wasn't humming steadily. The boy reached between his legs and then a sudden feeling of dread washed over him just as strongly as his orgasm had. He couldn't find the end of the vibrator to pull it out. He sat up suddenly, feeling the hard sex toy press against his insides. His thoughts raced wildly, searching for an idea about how to get the thing out of his butt. He tried jamming his fingers in his hole but he only felt the flat end of it and only pushed it in a little more. He raced to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and tried to poop it out but it wouldn't move. The boy started to cry, thinking that there was no way that his mom would understand what he had done. He knew he was in for a really big spanking.

The vibrations in his ass had caused his dick to stiffen again but he was too distraught to rub it again. He lay on his bed, still naked, hoping the batteries would run out and that somehow the darn thing would just pop out on its own. He looked through the gay magazines, his hand slowly making its way back to his little dick, until he came upon a photo layout of one guy that looked strangely familiar. The man was in his mid-twenties, blond hair, and a smooth, muscular body. It took Danny a few minutes to realize that this guy looked like his neighbor Jesse, who lived a few doors down. The name of guy in the photo wasn't Jesse but it didn't matter. He remembered the older boys calling Jesse a homo. He thought that Jesse might like to put things up his butt. He realized, too, that what he did probably made him a homo too but he didn't care anymore. He just wanted the thing out his ass.

Danny put on a pair of sweats and a T-shirt and slipped on his sneakers, then headed out to Jesse's apartment. He prayed that the man was home and would help him. He also prayed that no one would see him on the way to or going into the man's apartment. He hesitated for a moment before knocking lightly, meekly on the door. The constant hum of the vibrator made his head swim slightly but it also reminded him of the desperateness of his situation. So he strengthen his resolve and knocked a little louder.

'I thought I heard a knock,' Jesse said to himself as he came from the bathroom, just out of the shower, into the foyer. He peered into the peephole and saw the brown hair of a short person standing at the door.

'A kid?'

Jesse opened the door and saw his young neighbor standing there with an anxious look on his beautiful face. He also heard a slight hum coming from somewhere, but he couldn't pinpoint it.

"Danny, right?"

The boy nodded.

"What can I do for you, Sport?"

Danny gazed down the man's body, which was just as awesome as the man in magazine, and set on the man's crotch. The towel left little to the imagination and the boy could see the outline of his thick cock under it.

"Uh… Hi Mr. Michaels. Can I come in? I need some help with something."

Jesse stepped out of the way and gestured for the boy to enter.

"I just got out of the shower. I barely heard you knock. And please, call me Jesse. Calling me Mr. Michaels makes me feel old."

"Oh, sorry."

Jesse led the boy to the living room and sat him down on the sofa.

Danny groaned softly as the vibrator pressed against his insides.

"Are you OK, kid? Are you sick? Should I call your mom?"

"No!" Danny exclaimed. "I mean, no. It's just… I-I was playing… and … it's really embarrassing!"

Danny started sobbing and threw himself into the man's arms. Jesse put his arms around the boy and started to comfort him, slowly stroking his back.

"It's OK, Danny. You can tell me."

"Promise you won't tell anyone? Please?"

"Sure, I promise. My best promise."

Danny straightened up and gulped, trying to get rid of the tightness in his throat. "OK, I was playing with something of my mom's and it got stuck."

"Got stuck? Where?"

"Um… In my butt," he replied softly, casting his eyes to the floor in shame.

"Your butt?" Jesse could scarcely understand what the boy was talking about but then he heard the hum and it started to slowly dawn on him.

"What did you put in your butt?"

"Her vibrator. It's stuck."

A feeling of empathy came over Jesse; he actually knew what the boy was going through. A similar thing had happened to him years ago, but he was no way as young as Danny was now. He could scarcely believe a boy that young would be doing things like that. Jesse pulled the boy into his arms and gave him a reassuring hug.

"It'll be OK, Danny. I'll help you out."

Danny wrapped his arms around the man and hugged him tightly. "Thank you! You're not going to tell your mom, are you?"

"Of course not. This will be our little secret."

Danny smiled and, for a brief moment, enjoyed being held in the man's strong arms. Unlike the man in the magazine, Jesse's chest was covered with fine hair that felt good against his cheek.

"Let's go into my bedroom so you'll be more comfortable."

Jesse took Danny by the hand and led him to his bedroom. Danny realized he'd have to take off his shorts so Jesse could examine him.

He decided to strip completely and took off his T-shirt and sneakers as well. Jesse was surprised that the boy was suddenly naked in front of him. His cock started to stiffen at the sight. Even though he didn't consider himself to be a pedophile, he had occasionally had thoughts and fantasies of having sex with a boy, usually teenagers but every once in a while he'd imagine fucking a boy as young as Danny. Jesse took off his towel and laid it on the bed.

"Lie down on the towel. It might get a little messy."

Danny did as he was told and lay down so his little butt was on the towel. Jesse sat on the edge of the bed and gazed at the young boy's smooth body, amazed by the smallness of the boy's genitals. His own cock was now at its fullest hardness, sticking out a little more than eight inches [20 cm] from his body. Danny looked at the large boner, scarcely believing that what he had wanted to see just minutes before was actually there for real. He reached out but stopped short of touching it.

"Can I touch it?" he asked.

"Why don't we get to your problem first. Then we'll have some fun, OK?"

Danny smiled.

"Now lift up your legs and let me see your butthole."

Danny grabbed the back of his knees and pulled them toward his chest, exposing his tight little boyhole. Jesse's cock started throbbing and leaking precum at the sight. Danny's little cock was hard too. Jesse thought a moment at how he should do this. He knew whatever he did, it would hurt the boy but there was no way to avoid that. He decided to first probe the boy's anus to find out where the vibrator was and maybe try to turn it off. Danny was fidgeting slightly, no doubt caused by the vibrations. Jesse opened the top drawer of his nightstand and took out a tube of lubricant. He opened it and squeezed some out into the palm of his left hand, then slicked up his forefinger.

"OK, Danny, some of this might hurt but you have to be a big boy and try not to scream or cry out. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes, sir," the boy replied. "It didn't hurt that much when I put it in there."

"Well, that's good but I think I might have to put three or four fingers inside you to get to that thing. I'll go slow so you can get used to being stretched."

Danny smiled again bravely and he nodded to let the man know he was ready for anything.

"OK, here we go."

Jesse pushed his index finger against the boy's tight, pink anus and easily entered. Danny moaned softly and pulled his legs in more to let the man have better access to his butthole. He watched as the man slowly pushed his finger in and gasped the moment it bumped against the vibrator.

"There it is. OK." Jesse moved his finger around the circumference of the toy. "It doesn't seem too big. I think this is going to be easy, right?"

Danny nodded, quietly enjoying the feeling of the man's finger penetrating him and the steady vibrations of the sex toy. Jesse put his middle finger against the boy's hole and pressed in. It took a little extra push, "Just relax, buddy, push out like your taking a shi- poop," and with a grunt from the boy, it slid in next to the other.

"Good boy. We're almost there." Jesse paused again before trying to grip the vibrator between his two fingers. "Now push out again. I'm going to try and pull it out and it might hurt a lot. Ready?"

Danny nodded, "Uh-huh."

"Here we go."

Jesse started to pull on it but once it got near the boy's sphincter, it slipped. He repeated the slow insertion of his fingers and then grabbed to vibrator again. The vibrator slipped again so Jesse decided to slip in a third finger. Danny let out a small squeak as the third finger entered him then moaned. Jesse was amazed that the kid was enjoying the penetration and knew that he could handle his thick cock that was throbbing and dripping precum. He got a hold of the vibrator again and started to pull but again, he couldn't get it past the boy's tight sphincter. Without telling the boy, he inserted his thumb along with his three fingers. Danny gasped loudly and let out another loud groan. This time, Jesse had four fingers on the vibrator and a better hold of it and when he pulled on it, it slipped out of the boy's rectum.

"Oh wow!" the boy exclaimed.

"You liked that, didn't you?" Jesse said as he switched off the vibrator.

Danny was a little embarrassed about it but replied, "Yeah, it felt pretty good. Can I touch your wiener now?"

Jesse chuckled at the boy using such a childish word for his dick.

"Yeah, if you want to, but let's get you cleaned up a little first, OK?"

Jesse stood up, holding the slightly soiled vibrator with two fingers.

Danny put his legs down and followed the man into his bathroom. Jesse put the vibrator in the sink and turned on the water to fill the sink.

"I want to disinfect it because of the poop on it. There might be germs that might make your mom sick when she uses it."

"Doesn't she put it up her butt?"

"Probably not. It's just not a good idea to use someone's sex toy like that." Jesse put some disinfecting soap into the water, then let the top half of the vibrator soak in the water. "Have you ever had an enema?"

"I don't think so? What is it?"

"Well, I'm going to put some water up your butt to clean out the poop."

"Oh, how come?"

"Well, sometimes when you put something that big up your butt the poop gets pushed and gets stuck so it doesn't come out when you take a dump."

Danny giggled when Jesse said 'take a dump.' "Oh, OK."

Jesse took a green and white box from his medicine cabinet, opened it and took out the plastic syringe. He filled it with water then told Danny to turn around and bend over.

"It's not going to hurt, is it?" Danny asked, thinking he was going to get a shot.

"No, it won't hurt at all. You just had my hand up your ass so I think you can handle anything." Jesse inserted the tip of the syringe into the boy's anus and squirted the water into him. "Now hold the water in for a few minutes."

"Do you think I could handle your dick?" the boy asked innocently.

"Do you want to try?"


Jesse caressed the boy's round little butt, enjoying its silky smoothness while he waited for the enema to take effect.

"How come you like playing with your butt?" Jesse asked.

"I dunno. Just feels good, I guess."

"It does, doesn't it? I just can't believe a little boy like you thought of doing something like this."

"I'm nine, I'm not little," Danny replied indignantly.

"Well, you're little to me but that's not a bad thing, OK?" Jesse tousled the boy's hair.

Danny insides started gurgling and he felt like he had to poop. "Can I let it out now?"

"No, just try to hold it in a little longer. It won't be long. Turn around."

Danny turned to face the man, his little boner sticking out a proud two inches [5 cm] from his hairless groin. Jesse took it in between his thumb and forefinger and gently stroked it.

"That feels good."

"Do you jerk off a lot?"

"Jerk off?"

"Yeah, rub your dick till it feels good. Do you do that a lot?"

"Yeah, I guess I do."

"Don't be embarrassed about it. All boys do it sooner or later. It's natural."

"Do you… jerk off?"

"Yeah, too much I think sometimes. What do you think of to get yourself hard and while you jerk off?"

Danny now felt at ease talking with Jesse, even though his guts were churning. "I was looking at some magazines with naked men in them. I liked looking at their boners. There was one guy who looked like you. That's how I got the idea to come to you for help. Can I go to the bathroom now?"

"Yeah, go ahead. Then I'm going to fill you up again and rinse you out."

As Danny sat on the toilet and let his bowels loose, Jesse refilled the syringe.

"I'd like to see that guy that looks like me."

"OK," the boy replied as he pushed out the liquid stool. "I really like your boner."

"Thanks, Sport. I like yours too. We're going to have a lot of fun."

"I'm done, I think."

"All right, stand up and bend over."

Danny quickly obeyed, presenting his little butt to the man. Jesse took a wad of toilet paper and wiped the boy's anus, then inserted the syringe and squirted the water into him again. Giving the boy a light slap on his buttcheek, he stood him up and turned him around and resumed stroking his cock. Danny tentatively reached out for Jesse's cock, stopped to wait for approval. Jesse looked at the boy and, with a nod, smiled. Danny grasped the thick phallus in his small hand and grinned in wonder.

"Wow!" he gasped. He started stroking it slowly, feeling its weight and texture. It felt better than the plastic vibrator and he knew he wanted it in his butt.

"OK, I think you're ready now. Squirt out that water then get in the tub and I'll rinse you off."

Danny let go of the man's cock and followed the man's directions.

After Jesse dried him off they headed back to the bedroom. Danny jumped on the bed and raised his legs back.

"Do you want to put it in me now?" he asked eagerly.

Jesse chuckled and pushed his legs down. "The first thing you should know about having sex is that you don't go right to the main event. There's a lot of other stuff to do before and after."

Jesse leaned over the boy and kissed him gently on the lips. Danny wasn't really sure whether he really wanted to do something mushy like kissing and he really didn't know what to do, so he didn't really respond. Jesse noticed this and realized the nine-year-old was not that interested in this so he started kissing his way down the boy's neck, then chest, stopping to lick and nibble on the boy's tiny nipples, then moved down his tummy to his hairless groin, licking there before finally taking the boy's hard little boner into his mouth. Danny squealed in delight at the wonderful feelings that were overcoming him.

Jesse's mouth felt so much better than his hand ever did. Jesse then sucked in the boy's small scrotum as well and began massaging the boy's package with his tongue. Then he began to push two fingers into the boy's relaxed anus and gently moved them in, out and around.

Danny writhed and squealed in utter pleasure as the man expertly worked over his little boner and balls and fingered his butthole. He could scarcely believe that sex could feel so good. It didn't take long for him to climax. Jesse felt the stiff little rod throb against his tongue and the boy's anal muscle tighten around his fingers. Danny himself let out a high-pitched groan as the orgasmic feelings rushed all over his body.

Jesse let the boy's softening dick and balls slip from his mouth and lifted the boy's legs to gain access to his butthole. He looked at the boy's anus, reddish and slightly puffy but hairless and tight-looking, amazed that he was about to have his way with it. He bent down and put his mouth to the orifice, causing Danny to gasp. He couldn't have known the man would do something like that. It felt wild as the man's tongue entered him.

"Oh, wow! That feels so good!" he exclaimed.

Jesse lifted his head to reply, "Ready for bigger and better things?"

"Yeah, I think so."

The man straightened up, then reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of baby oil. He positioned the boy's legs around his waist then pour some of the oil into his hand and onto the boy's anus.

He rubbed the lube on his cock then lined up the tool to its target.

Looking the boy squarely in the eyes, Jesse said, "OK, Sport, I'm not going to lie to you. My dick is big and it's probably going to hurt a lot. I've tried to fuck big muscle-bound guys and they couldn't handle it, so if you want me to stop, just let me know. I really want to fuck you but I don't want to hurt you." He chided himself in his mind for swearing in front of the boy, then asked, "Ready?"

Danny looked at the man's penis poised at his butthole, wondering if it would really fit. It was so much larger than the vibrator, particularly the head, which looked about the size of a plum, and he knew that it would hurt much more as it penetrated him. But he knew he wanted to feel it enter him, endure the pain and know what it was like to be fucked. He was scared but he was more thrilled to do something so grown-up, especially with a guy as hot as Jesse.

"Yeah. Go ahead," the boy replied, then added impulsively, "Fuck me."

Jesse was taken aback by the boy's surprising use of that vulgarity and it made him smile. This boy is really hot, he thought. He started to push in, telling the boy, "Just relax your hole. Push out like I told you before."

The pain ripped through Danny worse than anything and he let out a throaty cry as the cockhead pushed inside. It was like there was a knife slicing into his butt. He quickly tried to relax his sphincter like Jesse had said and it lessened the pain a little. Jesse kept pushing in till the head finally slipped inside. Even though the boy was in pain, the man knew he couldn't stop and he knew the boy would get used to it.

"How are you doing, buddy?" the man asked.

Danny gulped and bore down more to help relax his hole, then answered, "It hurts but it kinda feels good at the same time."

"I knew you'd like it," the man told him with a smile. He leaned down and kissed him on the lips, this time thrusting his tongue past the boy's lips and teeth. Danny didn't know what he was trying to do but let the man run his tongue around in his mouth. While he was trying to figure out why Jesse was kissing him like that, the man started to push his cock slowly deep into the boy's ass.

When he realized that the boy wasn't really into kissing, Jesse lifted his torso up a little, allowing the boy to see the penetration. Danny looked on in wonder as the thick cock entered him, like a big snake slipping into a hole in the ground. The sharp pain subsided a bit as he figured out how to relax his sphincter and it was now a dull but persistent ache. Jesse was also amazed that the boy was taking inch after inch. He had been sure that he wouldn't get more than half of his cock into him but he could see that almost three-quarters of it was inside his rectum and he was still pushing in more. Finally, the last inch slipped in and his pubic hair was up against the smooth skin of the boy's bottom. He looked at the boy and smiled.

"You did it!" Jesse gasped. "You took my whole cock! I can't believe it!"

Danny smiled back, pleased that he accomplished such a feat. Jesse kissed him again, not frenching him, but just on his lips.

"How come you put your tongue in my mouth before?"

"It's a special way of kissing, when two people are really hot for each other."

"Oh," the boy replied. He reached down and felt where the man's cock entered him, feeling how stretched his butthole was and how taut the skin was. "Can I stick my tongue in your mouth, too?"

"Oh yeah, sure. We kind of let our tongues rub against each other, like they were wrestling. Wanna try it?"


The man leaned over and pressed his lips against the boy's, then opened his mouth and slipped his tongue into Danny's mouth. Danny responded by pressing his tongue against the man's. It feels weird, the boy thought, but it's kind of cool. The man playfully batted the boy's tongue with his while he ground his hips against the boy's ass. Jesse never felt anything like this boy's tight ass before. He'd fuck guys as tight as Danny but of course, their asses had been hairy. Danny's was incredibly smooth and that heightened the sensations he was getting from fucking the boy. He lifted up again and looked down to where he and the boy were joined. Once he knew the boy was used to the cock in his butt, he started pulling out. Danny thought for a moment that he was done but once Jesse had pulled out so that just the cockhead was inside, he thrust it back in slowly. He continued pumping into the boy's ass, finding the right rhythm and manner for the fuck. As he found his rhythm and gained speed, Jesse leaned in again and kissed Danny. Danny was getting the hang of soul-kissing and started to enjoy it. He wrapped his arms around the man's neck, feeling the his strong muscles.

After a few minutes, Danny told Jesse, "My legs are getting tired."

Jesse stopped pumping the boy's ass, saying, "OK. Let's change positions."

He pulled his cock out of the boy completely and let go of the boy's legs, then grabbed the boy by the waist and rolled him over on his stomach. He took a moment to admire the beauty of the boy's perfect, round, hairless ass, then spread his legs wide and sank his dick back in quickly. Danny let out a yelp as the cock re-entered him, then a groan as it slipped inside him, then a contented sigh when the man started fucking him again, this time a little more forcefully. The boy's little dick stiffened again from rubbing against bed and soon Danny had another climax.

Jesse's climax was building too as he pounded the boy's ass relentlessly. "Yeah, boy, take my cock!" he grunted, "Make me cum!"

Danny moaned and grunted, partly from the aching in butt and partly from sheer pleasure. "Gonna cum in your ass little boy! You are so good!" And with that and a load groan, Jesse shot the biggest wad of spunk of his life deep into the boy's bowels. His orgasm was more intense, more powerful than any he'd ever had before, like all else had led up to this moment.

Danny had a wonderful sense of accomplishment. He'd taken a grown-up man's dick in his ass and made the man feel really good. Plus he got that great feeling from getting fucked, even better than when he rubbed himself. Despite the pain of the initial penetration, he really enjoyed the entire experience and definitely wanted to do it again.

"That was the greatest!" Jesse exclaimed as he pulled his softening cock out of the boy and rolled over onto his back next to the prostate boy. The man pulled the boy on top of him and hugged him tightly, then kissed him. "You were amazing, Danny. Did you like it?"

"Oh yeah!" the boy replied, breathlessly. "That was so cool! When can you fuck me again?"

"Wow, you are one hot kid. Do you really want to?"

"Sure! I really love your dick!"

"And my dick loves your ass. He'd love to feel your lips and tongue on him sometime too."

"Yeah, I love it when you did that to my dick. What's it taste like?"

"Yours is the sweetest meat I've ever tasted."

Danny giggled then kissed the man on the lips. "I love you."

Jesse was a bit surprised by that and knew the boy didn't really know what he was saying, but he decided go along with the mood of the moment and replied, "I love you, too, buddy." The man knew that in time it would be true; he couldn't help but fall in love with the little guy.


Danny went over to Jesse's apartment every day after he got home from school to have sex with the man and spend time with him. For the first couple of weeks, the two of them also got to know each, talked, watched videos and played videogames. The man also helped Danny with his homework. Jesse also insisted that Danny spend time with his friends and occasionally went out to watch him playing at the apartment building's playground. He never really had any desire to ask Danny to invite his friends to join in their sex fun; it was far too risky and besides, one boy was enough for him.

After a few weeks, Danny's mom learned that the boy was spending time with the man but wasn't too concerned about that situation. She was glad that her son now had a man in his life, even though she knew he was gay. Danny's demeanor hadn't changed for the bad either; he seemed less bored and less mopey than he'd been in the past, actually happier.

His schoolwork and chores were done when she got home and she didn't have to pry him away from the TV or his videogames to get him to go to bed. When his final report card came in, his grades had improved significantly. Danny's mom decided that even if the man was having sex with her son-something she didn't really believe or want to believe-the man was a positive influence on Danny.

Danny's mom met Jesse just before school ended and could see why Danny liked him so much. If she hadn't known he was gay, she would have made a play for him. She was grateful that she had someone to watch out for him and that Danny had a place to go instead of a lonely, empty apartment. She allowed Jesse to take the boy out to go to the movies, the amusement park, water park, and overnight camping trips. They even took a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. Their first summer together was packed with wonderful days.

Danny's mom had found out the depth of their relationship shortly after the boy's thirteenth birthday. She'd known by now that he was growing up gay and she finally admitted to herself that he and Jesse's relationship was sexual. She asked him directly if he and Jesse were having sex and he didn't deny it. She asked him if Jesse was forcing him to do it or paying him money or giving him extravagant gifts. He told her the story that was just told, about the vibrator and how Jesse helped him out and became his lover, as well as his friend and mentor.

She believed him but felt guilty that it was her sexual appliance that had brought them together. Then she realized that he might have found other ways to pleasure himself, ways not as safe as having a gentle and kind lover down the hall.

One would think that such a relationship would be short-lived. Either the man would lose interest in the boy as he grew older, when he went through puberty and matured both physically and emotionally, or the boy would begin to become interested in girls-or other boys-or begin to feel society's pressure to be straight and reject the man's love and affection for him. But for both the boy and the man, their love for each other was strong and grew stronger as Danny grew into a smart, cute and popular teenager, then a successful, handsome young man. Danny and Jesse continued living together and even adopted a few boys to complete their family.

The End


Josh Gets Raped

On his way home from his soccer match 10 year old Josh meets a nice man in the park who offers to help him with soccer.

Josh (10yo) and Mike (young adult)
Mbcoerc oral anal – bond

Josh Winters took a shortcut through the park as he made his way home from his soccer match. To the man sitting on the park bench who was watching him, he looked incredibly sexy. The boy's blond hair was a bit stringy from sweating on the hot playing field, and his soccer uniform, a yellow and white jersey, red Umbro shorts, and shin guards, white tube socks and cleats, were covered with dirt and grass stains. The man was struck by his beautifully delicate face, still a bit flushed from the intense play of the game. The boy bounced the ball along as he walked along, then dropped it to the ground to dribble it and mentally recreated key moments of the game. One kick went awry and rolled towards the man on the bench. The man, still young enough so that his reflexes weren't diminished, quickly caught the ball. Instead of tossing the ball back to the boy, he held it and waited for the boy to trot over to retrieve it.

As the boy approached him, the man found himself at a loss for words. He knew he wanted to say something witty to the boy, to make him chuckle, lower his guard and engage him in a conversation. But when the boy stopped in front of him, looking remarkable gorgeous and sexy, the man could only manage a tight-throated "Hi."

"H-hi," the boy replied.

"Uh… so did you just come from a game?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"You're still in your uniform. Looks like you got a good workout."

"Yeah." The boy shyly looked down as he noticed the man looking over him up and down. He wanted the soccer ball back but couldn't bring himself to ask for it.

"What position do you play?"


"Cool. I was a forward when I played. So did you win?"

"Nah, we lost."

"That's too bad."

The was a brief silence, and just as the boy was going to ask for his ball and go on his way, the man asked, "Would you like to practice a bit? I can show you a few moves."

The boy thought for a moment. He didn't have to be home right away. And he could really use some extra help, being second string. Even though he felt a little uncomfortable with the man looking him over all the time, he decided it would be OK to do this, and finally replied, "Sure, I'd like that."

The man smiled and said, "Great, let's go over to that field over there," as he stood, put his hand on the boy's shoulder and pointed to a small, flat area further down the path. The man's touch made the boy shiver, while the man enjoyed the warmth of the boy's flesh under the cotton jersey. With a light push, he guided the boy down the path. When they arrive at the spot, the man dropped the ball and started juggling it, partly to assure the boy he was skilled, partly to impress him and partly to impress himself that he could still do it after so many years of not playing. After showing off some of his footwork, he passed the ball to the boy and told him to show him his footwork and juggling skilles. The boy, feeling a bit of pressure and nervousness, complied ably but could not match the intricacies of the man's footwork. He felt a little ashamed but was consoled when the man told him, "You're pretty good. I'm surprised your team lost with a player like you." The boy gave him, finally, a shy but beautiful smile.

The man showed him how to do some of the tricks and moves he had demonstrated and the boy picked them up quickly. They continued practicing for another half-hour before the boy slowed down a bit, since he was slightly ragged from the game.

"Are you thisty? I sure am."

"Yeah," the kid replied breathy."

"My place is right over there," the pointed said, pointing off in the general direction of his home. "We can get a drink there, OK?"

Once again, the boy paused to think. What if this guy wants to hurt me or something, he asked himself, then thought better of it. No, this guy is cool. He showed me a lot of great moves. Finally, he answered, "Ummm OK."

The man smiled and said, "Cool, follow me."

"I'll call my mom from there."

The man was somewhat taken aback but decided on telling the kid no. "Yeah, sure."

The man lead the boy across the park to his apartment, carefully watching out for people watching them going into the building. Luckily there were few people out as it was close to dinnertime. He also had to somehow talk the kid out of contacting his mother. The man opened the door to his apartment and allowed the boy to enter first, then guided him to the living room and offered him a place to sit on the couch. The boy shifted over and picked up the phone and started dialing.

"Is your mom going to be OK with you going off with a guy you met in the park?"

"I dunno."

"Maybe you should just tell her your going to be a bit late, but that you're OK. Tell her your hanging out with some friends."


The man smiled at the boy as he starting talking with him mother. Then he went into the kitchen to get the boy and himself some Gatorade. When he returned to the living room, the boy was hanging up the phone. The man handed the glass to the boy and he immediately took a long gulp. When he finished his drink, the boy let out a soft, satisfied, "Ahhh," and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Thanks."

The man chuckled to himself at his boyishness. "What did your mom have to say?"

"She wasn't home. I left a message."

"Your dad was still at work?"

"Um, my dad is doesn't live with us."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't asked. It's none of my business."

"That's OK."

The man put his hand on the boy's knee and grasped it, then asked, "How long have you been playing soccer?" They needed to change the subject.

"A couple of years."

"That's cool. I started playing I when I was about your age."

The boy only smiled nervously, while he wondered if he was ever going to take his hand off his knee. He was getting worried now, and being to think he made a big mistake by going to this guy's home. But the feeling of the guy's hand resting there started to make him feel weird, not in a bad way but he could feel his little cock tingle and start to stiffen in his tight jockstrap.

"You must have had a real workout today. You're still sweaty."

"Yes, sir."

"Do you want to take a shower?"

Now the boy was beginning to think the man was indeed after him. Did he want to see me naked, he asked himself. Why is my dick getting hard? He remembered hearing some older kids talking about letting fags sucking their cocks in the park. Is that what this guy wanted to do. He knew that rubing his little dick made him feel could, but what would letting someone suck it feel like? The man seemed nice and probably wouldn't hurt him. He gave his answer: "Ah… umm, OK."

The man smiled at him. It wasn't a friendly smile, the boy noticed, it seemed different, nice but like the way a bad guy smiled on TV when he wanted to do something wicked. "Come on."

The man took the boy by the hand and led him to the bathroom. The man waited for the boy to start stripping off his uniform, anticipating seeing the youngster's slim hairless body completely naked. But the boy only looked at the floor bashfully, and shifted unconfortably from foot to foot, waiting for the man to leave. Does he want to watch me undress, he asked himself. He realized the man was after him, after his body. But why is my dick hard? Why did I like it when his hand was on my knee?

"It's OK sir, I can do this myself," he said, still looking down.

The man put his hand on the boy's chin and lifted his head. He noticed a slight look of fear in the boy's eyes. He said siftly, "You don't have to call me 'sir'. My name's Mike. And yours is…?"

"Josh," the boy whispered. "Really, sir, uh, Mike I can do this myself

"I'm sure you can." The man realized the boy wouldn't strip in front of him and decided to follow another route. "Let me get you a towel."

Mike left the bathroom, leaving the door open, and went to the linen closet to get a towel. He heard Josh close the door and lock it. He saw a small towel that he would use to dry himself. It wasn't big but he didn't want the guy to come in while he undressed. Quickly stripped down, the boy started the shower, then stepped into the tub. He had to think for a moment what the guy might want to do with him. He knew that the guy wanted to see him naked, and probably would suck his dick. Then he realized that the guy might make him suck his dick. The thought of putting a man's penis into his mouth made his stomach tighten in knots. Would the man pee in his mouth? He decided he wouldn't suck the guy's dick even if he tried to force him. He was startled when he heard the man try to open the locked door and then knocked.

"Josh, you didn't have to lock the door. Now I can't give you your towel."

"Uh… just leave it on the doorknob."

"You know it's easy for me to unlock the door."

The boy suddenly realized that and his mind raced to think of something to say. "There's a towel in here."

"You don't have to be so shy. You don't have anything I don't."

"I know," Josh replied.

"You know one day you'll have to takes showers in front of all the guys. This is a good way to get used to it."

The boy just replied with a soft "Uh-huh."

"Listen, I'll unlock the door, but I'll just leave the towel on the hamper. You can reach it from there. Sound OK?"


The boy soaped up his body, suddenly feeling strange all over. His dick was still hard and sticking straight out from his hairless crotch, his small immature balls drawn into his groin from the cool water of the shower. As he soaped up his little peter, it began to tingle and feel sort of good. He thought to himslef that it might be OK if he let the man see him naked and suck him. He was positive that the feelings would be even better than what he was experiencing now. He scrubbed his butt too, and let his fingers run up and down his crack. He gasped when his fingers touched his tight little anus. Then he heard the door being unlocked and opened. He covered his crotch with the washcloth and pressed himself against the wall, even though there was no way the man could see him. Mike did as he promised and left the towel on the hamper. He could see that the boy was trying to cover his crotch up through the frosted glass of the shower, and chuckled to himself. He'd see it soon enough. He gathered up the boy's uniform, cleats and socks and took them out.

Mike decided to wait until Josh was finished before making a play. It was only a few minutes until he heard the water going off. When he heard the shower door being opened, he entered the bathroom and there was Josh in his naked glory. Josh immediately grabbed for the towel but Mike snatched it away.

"Let me do that for you."

Before Josh could object the man put the towel over his shoulders and began gently rubbing him all over.

"Mike, please, I can do it for myself."

"I know you can, but I want to do it for you. Don't you like be pampered for a bit?"

Josh didn't answer him; he knew his requests for him to stop be ignored. What did his uncle joke once? When you're being raped, just relax and enjoy it. The man worked his way down his naked little body, drying every inch of his skin. The man had to wedge his hand in between the boy's thighs to dry that area. The boy clenched his buttocks to prevent the man from touching his crack and butthole. The man gave his ass a light slap causing him to unclench for a moment, but long enough for the man to run the towel into his crack.

"Relax, kid, just enjoy it."

Josh's whole body shuddered at the man's words, which confirmed his fear that his was indeed about to be raped. He decided to let the man have his way with him, to do anything he wanted because he didn't know if the guy would beat him up or worse. He gulped at the thought that the guy might kill him.

"Don't be so nervous," Mike said in a soothing voice. "This can be fun for both of us."

The man turned the boy around and began drying his front. He took a long time to do this, enjoying rubbing the boy's naked body briskly. He stared at the boy's small erect penis and tight scrotum, awed by its hairlessness and delicacy. In a few minutes, the little package would be in his mouth and he would give the boy pleasure he'd never experience. He simply wished the boy would relax.

"Please, I want to go home," Josh replied in a soft voice.

"You know, you really have a nice body. I bet you could play any sport you wanted. What other sports do you play?"

Josh didn't answer right away, still gripped in the fear of what was about to happen. All he wanted was to go home.

"I bet you play baseball, too. Am I right?"

"Yes, sir."

Josh again tense when the man started to rub his little dick gently, then moaned softly when it started to feel good.




"Yes, just for fun."

Mike stood and put the towel on Josh's head and began drying his hair, rubbing his head quickly. But after about a minute of that, Mike gathered the ends on the towel so that the middle of the towel covered his face, effectively blindfolding and muting the boy. He tugged at the towel and pushed the boy out the door and into the hallway naked. Josh smartly didn't struggle against the man, who was leading him into the bedroom. It was hard for him to breathe and he wished the man would hurry up and rape him.

Mike grabbed a loop of rope and put it around the towel ends he was holding so that he could have both hands free. The towel in Josh's face loosened a bit and he found he could breath a little easier.

"Can you breath OK?" Mike asked.

Josh simply nodded in response.

"Good, I don't want you to suffocate. I'm not into that shit. I'm going to take it off in a sec. Don't make a move." Mike pushed the boy face down onto the bed, then grabbed his ankles and spread his legs. Josh felt his ankles being tied to the corners of the bed and began to cry. After his legs were tied, Mike took one of the boy's thin arms and tied that one down as well, then went to tie the other. Mike stepped back to admire his handiwork. He rubbed his aching steel-hard eight-inch [20 cm] cock through his jeans. It was his wildest fantasies come true: a beautiful prepubescent boy tied down spread-eagle on his bed, ready to be fucked. The boy scarcely took up any room on the king-size bed; Mike had also specifically left plenty of room so that he could get in front of the boy suck he could suck his cock.

Josh lay quietly weeping, his sobs muted by the towel. His face felt hot and he was getting a bit tired too. He was struggling to think what the man was going to do him, but his experience and knowledge about sex was so limited he only imagined that he was going to have to suck his cock. He wondered why he had to be tied down like this. He was willing to do what the man wanted as long as he didn't hurt him. Josh had never been so scared in his ten years.

Then he felt a tug at the back of his head as Mike untied the back of towel, then took it off his head.

"Help!" Josh screamed. "Someone please help me!"

Mike gave Josh a hard slap on the ass that made the boy yelp and cry harder. "No one can hear you, Josh. This room is heavily sound-proofed. Why do you think I didn't gag you?"

"Please, Mike, don't hurt me. I'll do anything you want."

"You're going to do what I want whether you want to or not. You're my slave now. I'm not going to harm you, beat you or shit like that. I'm not into it. I might want to spank you later but it'll depend on how you take my cock." Mike grabbed his cock through his jeans. "I promise you, this'll be the only thing that hurts you."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I guess you're pretty naive about sex, right?"

Mike waited for an answer and when he didn't he gave the boy another swat on his tight ass.

"Yes, sir!"

"Well, I'm going to fuck your ass. I'm going to stick my cock into your butthole. Believe me, it's going to hurt going in but I'm sure a pussy boy like will learn to like it."

Mike stepped back from the bed and kicked off his shoes. "Watch me strip, boy."

Josh looked over to Mike who was pulling off his shirt, revealing a muscle torso, covered with hair. Mike's muscles reminded him of his uncle's, who worked out a lot. Josh realized he liked looking at his uncle's body when he walked around his grandparent's house in just his underwear. Josh felt his dick get hard again and it hurt because it was mashed against the bed. He shifted his hips around a bit to move it into a more comfortable position.

"Hey, glad to see you're getting in to it," Mike remarked as he removed his jeans. "I rold you you'd like it." Mike was now only wearing a pair of tight boxer briefs. "Wiggle that ass some more, kid. That was pretty hot!"

Josh started to grind his hips again as he did before. Rubbing his little two-inch [5 cm] boner against the soft fabric of the bedspread was giving him tingling sensations all over his body. His gaze remained fixed on Mike's bulging crotch. The boy could scarely believe that anything could be that large. The head of his mancock was peeking over the top of the waistband and his balls weighed heavily in the pouch of the undershorts. He could not comprehend what the man planned to do with that club. How was he going to put it in his ass? Was he really going to stick it in his butthole? Was that really possible? Josh never even tried to put anything in there. He liked touching himself there in the shower and wonder what if would feel like.

"You ready to see my cock?"

Josh did answer but lick his lips unconciously, which brought a smile to Mike's face. This kid is so hot, he thought. He slowly lowered his shorts exposing his cock inch by thick inch. When the waistband of his briefs reached his balls, his cock fell forward and bounced twice before it hung languidly. Mike grabbed his cock and wagged it at Josh.

"Like what you see? By the way you're licking your lips, I think you do."

"Please don't hurt me. I'll do anything else you want. But don't rape me."

"Kid, you'll do anything I want. And you are going to take this," he shook the cock again at the boy, "up your tight little virgin boyhole."

Mike stepped out of his shorts then over to the side of the bed, taking a jar of Vaseline out and putting it by Josh's thigh. He stroked the soft, smooth flesh of Josh's butt cheek, licking his lips. He decided then to rim the boy, make him feel the wonderful sensations that his anus could bring him. He got in between the boy's legs and spread his hard his buttcheeks apart, revealing his pink little anus. The man took a few moments to admire the puckered virginal hole, before it became stretched and open from the penetration of his thick cock. Before that could happen, however, he needed to loosen the kid up. Mike loved rimming little boys' butts because eventually they grew to love it and really enjoy it, even boys as young as six and seven. After feeling the boy's smooth little butt and gazing at the butthole, Mike finally lowered his face in between the boys cheeks and start to lick.

The boy sighed as he felt the man's tongue touch his hot little hole. A shiver ran up his spine and he released a soft moan. It felt good, he told himself, it really felt good! Maybe it won't be so bad when he puts his dick into me. He writhed in pleasure, his limbs straining against his bonds. The man then started to penetrate the hole with his tongue, prying the tight orifice open. Josh moaned again as the man's tongue slipped inside, pushing his little rump back to get more of the man's tongue into him. He clenched his anus when the man's tongue was deep inside, giving him a flash of pain but one that gave him tingles on his spine.

Mike took notice of Josh's reaction to being rimmed. He knew that the kid was enjoying it and since he was also loosening up nicely for him, he might actually enjoy getting fucked as well. But first he wanted to enjoy his face in between the boy's smooth butt cheeks. He ran his tongue from tight boyhole down the perineum to the boy's tight ballsac. He rolled the small testicles around using his tongue and drawing another moan from the boy. Mike was amazed how small the boy's balls were, no bigger than marbles really, as he tried to suck them into his mouth.

The kid continued writhing and straining against the ropes, half still trying to free himself and half in pleasure. The sensations he was experiencing were too much for his ten-year-old mind to fathom and he decided to quit struggling and hoped Mike would be done with him soon. Mike took Josh's surrender as a signal that he was ready to be fucked. He sat up, moved in front of Josh and placed the head of his thick cock on the boy's lips.

"Open up and get it wet."

Josh parted his lips slightly, enough for the man to slip the head between boy's lips. He got a taste of the man's cock and the clear liquid that had leaked from the slit. The man pushed his cock in a little further so that now it was half-way inside. Josh started sucking on it and slobbering over it, hoping that the man would be satisfied enough that maybe he would put it in his butthole.

Meanwhile, Mike grabbed the jar of Vaseline and opened it. He scooped out a glob and applied it to the boy's butthole, then sank his finger into it, causing the boy to squeal and tense up. The man reveled in the feeling of the boy's anus contracting around his figuring, imagining how good it would feel when his cock was in there. As he drew his finger in and out the boy moaned, more and more from the pleasure he was feeling.

Josh was amazed how good the finger was starting to feel, even as the man inserted another finger, then another. There was pain at first, but it went away and was replaced by a weird but enjoyable feeling. He was starting to think that being raped wasn't such a bad thing.

Mike removed his fingers from the boy's butt, then his dick from his mouth, and moved back to his position between Josh's thin hairless legs. He took a little bit more of the Vaseline and greased his cock up. Then he put the head into position at the boy's anus.

"Don't forget to relax, Josh, or it'll hurt worse."

Josh tried to relax as much as he could but when he felt Mike start to push his cock into him he tensed up, and he felt a sharp pain that shot up his spine. He screamed a long and anguished "No!" as the man pushed his dick in forcefully until he was all the way inside. "Please stop!" he begged.

"God, Josh, you are so tight!"

"It hurts! Please take it out!"

"No way, kid. You better get ready for the ride of your life!"

As Mike started to slowly pump in and out of his the boy's ass, Josh started crying, while he continued begging for the man to stop. But as Mike's fucking sped up and the pain in his hole subsided, his pleading was replaced with soft sobs and moans. Mike was truly enjoying thrusting his thick cock deeply into the ten-year-old's tight ass. Of all the young boys he'd fucked, Josh was definitely the tightest. The boy's beauty was overwhelming, and having bound and forcing himself into him was enough to bring him off in a matter of minutes. He pounded the kid's ass relentlessly, pausing shortly everytime he felt like cumming to let the feeling subside. Though it was all to soon that he couldn't hold back any longer and began shooting his thick semen into the youngster's ass.

"Oh, God! Josh, take it! Take my load, boy!"

Josh groaned as he felt the man's thick cock throbbing in his hole, stretching it enough that he felt small, sharp pains there. Mike let out a long satisfying groan after his orgasm melted away, and collapsed on top of the little boy.

"God, Josh, you're the best!" Mike exclaimed in a gasp, as he got up off of the boy's prone, bound body and started to untie him. "That was incredible."

Once freed, Josh rolled over onto his side and into Mike's arms. "Well, I give my best customers my best performance. You were great too. I never thought getting fucked would feel so good!"

"And what a performance! I was beginning to feel guilty when you started crying and begging me to stop."

"I was pretty good, wasn't I?"

Mike kissed him and pulled him into his arms closer. "The best kid."

"What's up for next time?"

"But I did get a little scared when you put that towel over my face."

"Do you have any ideas?"

Josh stopped to think. "Would you take me somewhere?"


"How about a deserted island in the Caribbean where I can run naked and you can fuck me on the beach?"

"When do you want to go?"

"Right after you fuck me again," Josh answered as he nimbly got up, straddled Mike's hips and pinned his arms back by his head. "But this time I want to tie you up!"

"Whatever you want, my boy. Whatever you want."

The End

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