CFNM Growing Up Part 1 - Family 11 to 15

By Vikram

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Copyright 2016 by Vikram, all rights reserved

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This work is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It may contain depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 11

I stayed in the bathroom long after my bath, not wanting to face my aunt. She had seen me naked before, even up close, but never of my own volition. What would she think? My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. It was mom. "What are doing in there for so long? Come for breakfast."

I was about the open the door when I realized that I was still naked! I had hung the towel back out of habit. I picked it up and tied it securely around my waist. Then I stepped out of the bathroom gingerly. Aunt was at the dining table. She was done eating, but was obviously sticking around to see me emerge. She grinned when she saw me, and then she pointedly looked down at my towel and raised her eyebrows. In Indian culture, a lot can be communicated without ever uttering a word. She was asking "Why the towel?". I blushed and hastened to my room.

I had barely slipped on a fresh pair of briefs when mom came storming in. "Come for breakfast! We're getting late for shopping." I forgot that we were supposed to go shopping for festival clothes this morning. "Let me get dressed up..." "No! Just come and eat first. You can get dressed while I'm cleaning up." I knew better than to argue with her. She was always stressed on Leela's day off. Even grandma had gone to an uncle’s place for a few weeks.

I went with mom to the dining room wearing just my briefs. Aunt was still there, grinning at me. I sat down and pulled a plate. Mom served me puttu and then started clearing the table of the serving vessels. Aunt got up and came towards me. She pulled the chair next to mine closer, and sat down inches from me. My heart raced as I wondered what she was going to do. I felt a stirring in my penis, and tried to will it to stay down.

"So you go for your baths wearing nothing now?" she asked, beaming at me. She looked down at my growing erection tenting my briefs. "So why put this on now?" she asked. She slipped a finger into the side of my briefs and tugged lightly. My erection was now pushing my tight briefs away from my body, forming a gap at the top. "Look, it looks so tight and uncomfortable." I took a sharp breath as I felt her fingers tracing the bulge in my briefs. "Come, let's take your briefs off" she said, slipping her fingers into the waistband of my briefs. I panicked and reached down to grab them.

Chapter 12

Mom overheard her just as she was returning from the kitchen, though she couldn’t see what aunt was up to under the table. "Stop teasing him di", she chided my aunt "Let him eat". Aunt let go. I still held onto my briefs. "It's your fault, sis", aunt retorted. "What do you mean?" "Come here. Look at how tight his briefs are." Mom came around to look. Aunt tugged at the side of the waistband of my briefs to show mom the reddish skin underneath. "Get up", aunt ordered me. I did. To my shock, she then tugged lightly at the waistband of my briefs at the gap caused by my penis. "Look at how squished up he is. Poor thing. That can't be healthy!"

Mom looked at my briefs sadly. I could see she was feeling guilty about buying me tight briefs. I knew she bought them this way only to hide my erections whenever I went out. "I'll get him some boxers to wear at home", mom finally said. Aunt wasn't giving up that easily. "Why? I saw him earlier. He doesn't like wearing anything. Why do you keep covering him up? He's just a little boy. Let him be free while he can. He doesn't need to wear anything at home." Mom just looked at my briefs silently, as if she was considering it. What had I gotten myself into?! My penis, meanwhile, lurched inside my tented briefs, as if trying to get out.

Mom finally just said "Let's go shopping now. We're getting late." Aunt looked disappointed. I went into my room and dressed up, and we all headed out.

We finished shopping, ate out for lunch, and finally got back home in the afternoon. It was sweltering hot outside and I was soaked in sweat. Mom, aunt and Anita went inside to get changed into looser clothing, while I settled down in the living room to watch TV. It was a popular dial-in song request show we liked to watch every Saturday. They soon joined me the living room.

Mom sat next to me on the couch. She started pulling off my soggy t-shirt. I raised my arms and let her take it off. Then she made me stand up. She unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped them, and pulled them down. I felt my briefs slipping off my bottom and quickly pulled them back up, my penis immediately hardening from the brief exposure. I raised my legs to let mom take the jeans completely off. Now that I was down to just my briefs, I was going to sit down again, but mom stopped me. She then started tugging my briefs down! Before I could realize what was happening, my erect penis sprang out of my briefs, which were already at mid-thigh before I could instinctively grab them. Aunt and Anita were seated behind me, my bare bottom exposed to them. Mom simply smiled at me and said "It's OK. I know you don't like wearing them." Then she took my hand away from my briefs, and continued to slide them down my legs. I shivered. She willed me to lift my legs one at a time again, and I did, while she took my briefs completely off.

And just like that, I was suddenly standing completely naked, sporting a throbbing erection, in the middle of the living room.

Chapter 13

Mom took my hand and turned me around. Both Anita and aunt looked at my erection as it came into their field of view. The TV might as well have been off. Anita looked up and smiled at me. Aunt was grinning. Mom held both sides of my waist and pulled me on to her lap. Her arms enveloped my bare chest and she rested her chin on my shoulder.

"It's OK if you don't want to wear anything at home. I just want you to be comfortable," mom said. She kissed my cheek. Aunt was beaming. She got up and came and sat next to mom on the couch. "Just wear something when we have guests, OK?" mom asked. I was quiet, still in shock. "Silly boy, do you want to be like this when we have guests too?" mom asked, tickling my tummy. I wriggled in her lap. "I'm sure they won't mind. He's a cute little boy," added aunt, reaching out to squeeze my thigh, her fingers barely an inch from my scrotum. My penis was lurching up, bumping into mom's arm that was around my waist. "No, I'll wear something mom", I quickly added. Things were already getting out of hand. "Good," mom said, kissing my cheek again, "This isn't the village. You never know what people might think." "Well, I'm sure no one will mind," aunt added.

I spent the next hour or so sitting naked on mom's lap while we watched TV. Mom hugged my torso the entire time, her arm accidentally bumping into my penis every now and then. Aunt kept caressing my thigh, her fingers increasingly venturing into my inner thighs and grazing against my scrotum. I was incredibly aroused with a throbbing erection the entire time. I was looking at the TV but could hardly focus on what was on. It didn’t help that my peripheral vision kept catching Anita looking my way.

About an hour later, a soap that I don’t watch came on and I finally had a reason to retreat to my room. I plopped down on my bed on my tummy, exhausted from the continuous stimulation.

Chapter 14

I was still lying naked on my tummy a while later, doing nothing, when I heard the door open. I quickly pulled up a comic and pretended to read it, wishing I had used the opportunity to put something on. It was Anita.

“Mom asked me to bring you out. Tea time in 10 mins”. “OK”. She came and sat down on the bed, right next to my bum. “I’m glad you don’t have to wear those tight briefs anymore. They must have been so uncomfortable.” “Oh, hmmm.” I didn’t know where this was going. Then I jumped slightly as I suddenly felt a finger at the bottom edge of my lower back, right where my bum started. I looked at her, startled.

Anita giggled. “Does that tickle you? Sorry. I just never noticed these 2 dimples before”. She illustrated her point by tracing her finger all over the dimples. I would later learn that they are called dimples of venus/apollo. I squirmed and turned sideways, bending one knee sideways towards her, attempting to move my bum away from her hand. It took me a second to realize, from the cool air, that I had just spread my ass cheeks for her, and to make things worse, my sideways pose had exposed the underside of my now erect penis and scrotum to her gaze. I quickly straightened up my legs.

She giggled even more watching me squirm. “You really are ticklish there.” “Cut it out, Anita!” Then I felt her fingers directly on my bottom! “You have goosebumps! That’s so cute!” She continued to graze her fingers all over my ass cheeks, feeling the tiny bumps that had formed. I couldn’t help squirming, my penis getting much harder. “Anita, please…” It was now outright painful to lie on my rock-hard penis. I bent my knee just a little to relieve the stress on my penis, aware that I was putting my scrotum permanently in her view, but unable to do anything about it.

She finally relented, “OK OK, sorry. It was just fun to tickle you.” She stroked my back gently. “Come on, let’s go for tea.” I wasn’t ready to get up just yet. “Just give me a few minutes to finish my comic. Why don’t you go ahead?” “OK, Come soon” Her hand stroking my back suddenly ventured down to give my ass cheek a light squeeze. I involuntary turned my knee fully sideways, exposing my throbbing erection and making it wobble. She giggled and left.

It shocked me how bold Anita had become. I sat up and tried to calm my penis down. After a few minutes, I heard someone approach my room and immediately bolted to my dresser to get a fresh pair of briefs. I was done with nudity for the day! But it was aunt, and I somehow knew she was going to have none of it..

Chapter 15

Aunt came in just as I retrieved a pair of briefs from my dresser. “What are you still doing here? Tea is ready. Come on out”. She came closer and lowered her voice. “You’re seriously not planning to wear that thing now, are you?” I tried to plead to her with a puppy dog face. “Look here kiddo. I just managed to get your mom to let you off wearing those things at home. Let your little guy here be free.” She boldly cupped her hand around my partially erect penis and scrotum. My penis started reacting to the contact immediately. “See? He likes it.” My penis released itself from her grip as it grew to a full erection. She continued to gently cup my scrotum with the palm of her hand while she watched my penis. “You have nothing to be shy about. Now put that back and come out”. I realized I had no choice and put my briefs back. “Good boy” said aunt. She came closer, releasing my scrotum, only to reach behind me with both hands and squeeze my ass cheeks, one in each hand. “Stay good and I’ll make sure your bottom gets a nice massage tomorrow” she whispered in my ear.

She led me out the door sporting a hard-on again. Mom and Anita were having tea and cookies in the living room. They smiled when they saw me. I didn’t want to sit next to aunt, and I certainly didn’t want to sit on mom’s lap again, so I took the empty seat next to Anita on the love seat instead. It looked like the safest place to sit. Anita slid closer to me and served me. I drank and ate quietly while they excitedly discussed the shopping trip and festival plans. Everything seemed back to normal, except for the fact that I was still naked in my living room, in front of my mom, aunt and sister. But at least I was ignored. When they started trying on the clothes and accessories they’d bought, I quietly slipped back to my room.

I stayed naked the rest of the day, even when mom called me for dinner that night. I even helped Anita clear the table. I was initially flaccid, but then aunt whispered “good boy” in my ear and gave my ass cheek a squeeze, and that was the end of that. I cleared the rest of the dishes with a swaying hard-on.

Once we were done, I went back to my room and Anita soon joined me. I lay down on my tummy and pulled up my blanket to cover my bottom. Anita went to sit at the desk and read, as she usually did. I would normally be playing a game, but I just lay there thinking about the strange turn my day had taken.

About 10 minutes later, Anita suddenly came and sat next to me. “Are you OK?” I twisted my head towards her. She was looked a little concerned. “Yeah I am. What’s up?” She started stroking my back. “You’re all bundled up so soon.” “I was just feeling a little tired.” “Listen, I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable this afternoon. I didn’t think you’d be upset by my tickling.” Her voice sounded sincere. “I wasn’t upset, Anita” “You don’t have to feel self-conscious around me. I’m your big sister.”. She was looking at my blanket. I felt sorry for her. “Anita, it’s just been an odd day. I seriously didn’t mind anything you did.” To prove my point, I kicked off my blanket, exposing my bare bottom to her again. She finally smiled. I smiled back to her. She then gave me a mischievous look as her hand stroking my back ventured down to my bottom and gave one of my ass cheeks a little squeeze, followed by the other. I moved my legs, squirming, my erection growing under me, but I continued to smile back at her.

“You know I love you, Vik. Don’t ever feel self-conscious around me, OK?” Then she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was touched. She hadn’t kissed me in a very long time. “I know, Anita. I love you too.”. I suddenly made up my mind, and slowly rolled over on to my back, revealing myself to her completely. She gave me a big smile and kissed my cheek again. She stroked my chest and tummy, carefully staying clear of my penis that was now suspended over my lower tummy.

“You know Vik, you used to run around naked all the time when you were littler, before we went to live with dad.” “I did?” “Yeah, you were a riot. Mom kept trying to get you to wear your shorts, but you kept taking them off.” “I don’t really remember.” “Of course, you looked different then” She glanced down at my erection, which only caused it to get stiffer yet. “But you’re still cute.” She smiled at me again. I smiled back, blushing. “I didn’t think mom was really going to let you be naked all the time though. But it makes sense. Your briefs were really tight. I’m glad you don’t have to wear them anymore.” “When I’m home!” I quickly added. “Of course at home. You can’t go out naked. I mean, I don’t mind, but I don’t think mom would let you.” “Anita!” “I’m just teasing, silly” Then she tickled my tummy, and I thrashed my legs about, my penis inadvertently touching her fingers a few times.

She finally gave me a big hug and went to bed.

(End of File)

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