Juvenile Deterrence Chapter 11
By Steam Train

copyright 2006 by Steam Train, all rights reserved
[email protected]

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This story is intended for ADULTS ONLY. It contains explicit depictions of sexual activity involving minors. If you are not of a legal age in your locality to view such material or if such material does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save this story.
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Chapter 11: Sentencing.

In the courtroom Miss Dwyer the well-dressed female prosecutor was seated just where she had been during Daniels first court appearance but this time she was sitting alone.

Daniel and his family had not been seated adjacent to her for long before a court bailiff called out "All rise, Her Honour Judge Lucy Trevenian presiding".

Everyone stood.

A Bailiff then announced, "Daniel Green, aged 15 for sentencing on a conviction of Trespass, Vandalism and Public Nuisance".

Judge Trevenian announced, "Apart from the defendant please all be seated. Daniel Green please approach the bench and stand on the yellow marker".

Daniel edged his way past his father who was sitting next to him at the table and walked the few paces to the mark indicated. Thoughts and events from Daniels 15 years of memory raced though his mind at an incredible speed.

Time seemed to stand still for Daniel during that short walk.

Judge Trevenian looked over to the Green family seated behind Daniel and asked the question, "I notice the two younger juveniles, am I right in presuming that they are Daniels brother and sister?"

"Yes your honour, Eric and Melissa" Mr Green replied.

"Good" the judge responded.

"I am sorry for dragging you two in here but I suggested to your parents that it would be a good idea for you to attend today as it will reinforce in your minds the consequences of breaking the law and hopefully deter you from even contemplating such an action as unfortunately your brother has already done".

The two Green children both had a similar thought, 'Drag us in, I wouldn't miss this for anything!'

Turning her attention back to Daniel the Judge began, "Daniel Green you have pleaded guilty to the charges of Trespass, Vandalism and Public Nuisance. I have considered the evidence submitted by the prosecution and your attorney Mr Andrews as well I have received a detailed medical report from Paediatrician Dr. Geoffrey Bond. He finds no medical impediment to me imposing a sentence of Community Servitude upon you and the issuing a Notification of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress, however he has bought one matter to my attention for consideration when formulating my sentence".

"Daniel Green the NEWDD Juvenile Deterrence scheme is specifically designed to be totally humiliating and embarrassing so that your experiences as a temporary community servant result in you never wanting to experience this treatment ever again and thus you become a very upright, law abiding young citizen of worth to the community" the judge intoned.

"Dr Bond has drawn to my notice the fact that the small size of your penis which he reports is only ¾ inch flaccid and 1 ¾ inches erect should be considered as a mitigating factor. He has submitted that in his opinion you will suffer additional embarrassment and humiliation over and above what might normally be expected by a male of your age".

Daniel blushed ever so profusely at the public revelation of the most private secret he had.

Eric glanced at Melissa who had at the same time glanced at him; both were smiling and trying hard not to burst out laughing at their brothers newly revealed shame.

The judge continued, "I originally intended taking into account that you pleaded guilty and that you had no prior conviction, a sentence of six months of Juvenile Community Servitude, two months for each charge".

Daniel gasped and so did his mother behind him.

"However having taken Dr Bonds recommendation into consideration I have decided to reduce you're sentence to four months" the Judge informed.

"Daniel Green I find the charges of Trespass, Vandalism and Public Nuisance proven and I do thus by the power authorised to me by the Federal Juvenile Deterrence Act suspend you from all the rights and privileges accorded a free citizen except those imposed by the act for a period of approximately four months as of now, 11.57am, September 1st till 12 midnight December 31st".

"Daniel Green during your time as a Temporary Community Servant I sentence you to perform Community Service at a place or places as determined by your Program Supervisor in consultation with your parents, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon immediately after school till 6.00pm and on Sundays from 11am to 6.00pm".

"I further sentence you to attend the Community Discipline Centre established at the Outdoor Music Bowl in Poulton Park Eastbrook, every Saturday from 10am till released to receive corporal and other punishment appropriate to your behaviour the preceding week as determined by your Program Supervisor after reviewing your Punishment Register. In conjunction with this sentence I order that the minimum weekly punishment that can be administered due to an unblemished weekly record shall be one stroke of the cane or equivalent".

"Further to emphasise your new status I order that during your induction processing immediately after leaving this court you shall receive six strokes of the cane and the standard Community Servants hair style".

Again Daniel let out an audible gasp. He was fighting hard to suppress the tears welling up in his eyes.

"I do not propose to make any court orders regarding curfews, the allocation of quarters or masturbation punishments, this I will leave to the discretion of your parents. Oral sex and the fitting of chastity devises is not authorised and shall be subject to the further approval of this court if deemed necessary during the tenure of this sentence" the judge continued.

"Daniel Green you are now a Temporary Juvenile Community Servant. Pursuant to the Federal Juvenile Deterrence Act I authorise the immediate issuing of a 'Notification of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress' so that you can remain naked upon leaving this court. All Community Servants regardless of age appear before a court naked to emphasise their status and in the case of juvenile offenders to maximise their embarrassment and humiliation".

"You will now remove all your clothing and place them in the receptacle provided" Judge Trevenian announced.

Melissa sat forward in anticipation of what her brother was about to reveal, in doing this she had joined her brother Eric who had earlier already crouched forward in an attempt to hide his billowing erection from view.

Owen Green sat passively showing no signs of any reaction to the proceedings before him but the same could not be said for Vicki Green. Her motherly instincts were fighting for supremacy with a personally embarrassing arousal that she was fighting desperately to suppress.

Daniel knew since Tuesday that this moment was coming but now that it had arrived he was petrified with fear and humiliation. A Bailiff stood next to him holding a cardboard box for him to deposit his clothes within but he was incapable of moving, fear totally gripped every muscle within his body.

Daniel just stood there shaking in fear, tears now gently rolling down his cheeks and when it was obvious that he was not going to undress himself Judge Trevenian ordered, "Bailiff's remove the servants clothes!"

Two additional Bailiffs appeared from the side of the court and took hold of Daniels arms whilst the Bailiff holding the clothes box put it down and removed his traditional hooked knife that was used on occasions such as this from it's scabbard and began moving towards Daniels clothes.

Poor Daniel just stood there frozen, sobbing softly offering no resistance.

It was Vicki Green who broke the spell of the unfolding scene when she called out, "Please your honour don't ruin his good clothes".

Daniel at that moment though to himself, 'stuff the clothes what about me?'

"Bailiff please remove the servants coat and trousers without slitting them" the judge commanded.

The Bailiff placing his knife back in it's scabbard grabbed Daniels coat by its collar and slid it off his back, the other two Bailiffs momentarily releasing their grip to allow the sleaves to pass unobstructed along Daniels arms. He then undid Daniels belt, released the button at the trousers waist and lowered the zipper causing Daniels best trousers to fall around his ankles exposing Daniels black silk boxers.

Taking his hook bladed knife the Bailiff then bent down and slit the laces on Daniels black leather shoes, before removing Daniels shoes, socks and trousers.

Standing back up the Bailiff slit through the tie around Daniels neck just above the knot causing the dark red and navy blue striped tie to fall to the ground.

The white business shirt was next, the Bailiff cutting off all the buttons on Daniels chest and wrists and slit along the arms and across the chest till the shirt too joined the pile of clothing on the floor.

Vicki and Melissa Green were very aroused and wet between their legs and Eric was fully erect as they witnessed the erotic scene unfolding before them. It did not matter to them that it was their son or brother, all three had experienced nothing like this before.

Owen Green however maintained a cool aloof demeanour.

Deep within his heart he felt a burning desire to hug and console his son. He loved Daniel dearly but he was ashamed of Daniels actions and was determined that he would show no outwardly compassionate emotions towards his son.

He had already decided despite his wife's reservations that his duty as a father under these circumstances was to ensure that Daniel's time in Temporary Community Service as a NEWDD Juvenile Deterrent would be authentic, harsh and leave such an impression that it would be life changing.

Standing there before the court and his family in just his black silk boxers Daniel felt the cool air from the air conditioning circulate around and over his hairless arms, chest and legs, sending a shiver through his body.

Daniel felt the bailiff lift the waistband of his boxers and the hooked knife slit through the elastic waist band and down the leg, till his boxers slid to a crumpled pile around his ankles.

The Bailiff bending down cut through the other leg and pulled the tattered remains away from Daniels legs. As he always did Daniel was wearing white briefs under his boxers.

Standing back up the hooked knife went immediately back to work. Daniel felt the Bailiffs hands on the waistband of his briefs and the cold steel of the blade brush against his naked skin. The sound of the elastic waistband then the cotton fabric being slashed was very audible in the totally hushed courtroom.

Daniels moment of infamy had arrived!

Daniels cotton briefs, slashed apart, fell to the floor and for the first time Daniel was totally naked in front of his family and the court.

The humiliation of his public stripping had had its effect on Daniel. His penis reacting to the humiliation and cold air had had exactly the opposite reaction to the two juvenile males that had preceded him that day. Daniels penis had shrunk to it's most humiliatingly flaccid state again just
revealing a little penis head that popped straight out of his totally hairless groin. No shaft could be seen at all!

Glancing at the sight before her, Judge Trevenian like the Police before her admitted to herself that in all her years of ordering convicted juveniles to strip she had never seen such a small appendage on any 15- year-old brought before her. In fact she couldn't remember seeing a penis this small on any 10-year-old juvenile bought before her for sentencing.

Snapping out of her thoughts the judge ordered, "Bailiffs escort the servant to the Induction Room. Case closed!"

"All rise" the third Bailiff called out as the judge rose and exited the courtroom. As soon as she had left the two Bailiffs holding Daniels hands let go and one of them ordered, "Hands on your head boy".

When Daniel was not instantaneous in his reaction the other Bailiff quickly removed a thin whippy cane from its sheaf on the side of his belt and gave Daniels bare bottom a solid slash.

The unsuspecting Daniel yelled out as pain flushed through him as for the first time in his life he felt the effects of corporal punishment.

Eric smirked at his brother's pain and reaction. Then when Daniel quickly placed his hands on his head and was turned to exit the courtroom Eric and Melissa saw for the first time their brother's pathetic excuse for manhood. Apart from the size of Daniel's penis it was his total lack of any body hair on his 15-year-old body that instantly got Eric and Melissa's surprised attention.

"Well, well" said Melissa to Eric, "Looks like our big brother is actually much more our little brother". Both Eric and Melissa could no longer contain their reaction upon seeing Daniel totally revealed for the first time. They both burst out laughing almost simultaneously.

Vicki Green tried to stop them saying, "Eric, Melissa stop that this instant", but to her surprise Owen Green said, "Leave them be, it's supposed to be humiliating, let the boy suffer their ridicule, he has bought this upon himself".

Before Daniel had time to react the door to the courtroom was swung open and Daniel heard the chatter in the waiting room fall to the same deathly silence that had occurred when the earlier juveniles had emerged from the courtroom.

However in his case the silence did not remain like before, for as soon as Daniel was pushed out into the waiting room by one of the Bailiffs someone with a high-pitched unbroken voice called out "Look that boys got no cock". This was followed by an audible "shhhhh" but the ice had been broken, murmurs of suppressed laughter and giggling could now be heard.

Mrs Green went over and collected the box full of Daniels clothes from one of the Bailiffs and followed her family out of the courtroom.

Daniel moved into the waiting room exposed to all the curious eyes of the waiting hoard. Those same eyes relentlessly followed his slow tortured progress across the waiting room taking in the unbelievable scene revealed before them.

As he entered the Induction Room followed by his family Daniel was sure he heard uncontrolled laughter burst out from behind him.

The flushed sensation Daniel felt at this moment, as the blood raced to his face was the worst he could ever remember. His face felt like it could fry an egg it was burning that much with embarrassment and humiliation.

The Bailiff closed the door to the Induction Room behind Daniel and his family and returned to the courtroom, but they were not alone.

Sitting at a desk at the far side of the room was a middle- aged clerk looking very important and solemn in his dark suit and conservative shirt and tie. Standing beside him were two slaves. They exhibited clear plastic coated shinny bright silver collars and they were dressed in standard slave issue sandals, khaki shirts and shorts but with the words 'Eastbrook Juvenile Court' embroidered across the left breast.

Soon after another Bailiff entered from a side door and presented the clerk with a folder. After taking some time reading the contents the clerk looked up and said, "Boy front and centre and stand on the yellow feet markers. Would the rest of you please be so kind as to take a seat along the back of the room whilst we process this 'boy'" the clerk said.

Without looking at his slave assistants he ordered, "Number two cut all over, though apart from his head it looks like there is little that needs attention".

Melissa could be heard in the background giggling at that comment!

The slaves moved instantly from their position next to the clerk and grabbing Daniel pulled him over to his left and sat him in a barber's chair that was positioned for this procedure. From a table next to chair the closest slave picked up an electric hair trimmer turned it on and immediately began buzzing Daniels slightly long light blond hair. With the skill of many such cuts the slave soon had Daniels hair falling in long strands to the floor surrounding his naked body. In no time at all Daniels head was trimmed all over to a very short number two cut.

The other slave ordered Daniel to stand and conducted a detailed examination of Daniels naked body. Daniel had very little body hair, he had no pubic, anal or arm pit hair, his chest was hairless as primarily were his arms and his legs were only covered in a very sparse scattering of downy blond hairs. The slave finding no other traces of hair that needed trimming declared to his master, "Sir, all done".

"Right boy every new Temporary Community Servant needs a good caning to begin with, it will help you accept your new status. I am sure your parents know that as well as I do, even though you might not at this stage, so let's get it over with" the clerk said.

"Escort him to the punishment frame" the clerk ordered his slaves.

The slaves tightly grabbed Daniel's upper arms and pulled him over to the side of the room where the punishment frame stood ominously awaiting its next victim.

It consisted of two parallel vertical metal poles, supported by trussed legs front and back with a height adjustable padded horizontal bar running between the two vertical poles. Near floor level, set further out in front of the line of the main horizontal bar was a padded kneeling frame joined by adjustable arms back to the main vertical poles. On the vertical poles and the kneeling frame there were Velcro straps that would be used to secure Daniel's hands and legs in place and prevent him from moving.

Daniel was made to kneel on the padded frame and the main horizontal bar was adjusted in hight so that when he leant well forward exposing is bottom for caning, his chest rested against it. His hands and legs were secured with the Velcro tabs then the slaves again informed their master that all was prepared.

"Six strokes of the cane" the clerk ordered.

Daniel was facing back into the room where he could see his family sitting off to his right but he could not see the slave behind him select carefully from the wall rack a long, thick but flexible cane which would cause great pain but not cut the skin. Daniel heard the slave slash through the air several times behind him in trial practise.

Then upon a nod from the clerk the slave lashed out at Daniels bare bottom. This was no mild token stroke, it was a fully-fledged blow wielded with maximum force and expert precision and style. Daniel screamed and cried out with the first strike, and continued screaming non-stop as stoke after stroke impacted upon his increasingly sore, increasingly hot, increasingly red bare behind till all six strokes had been administered.

As the strokes rained down Daniels penis reacted. Facing the Green family they all saw the shaft of Daniels penis come into view behind his penis head and stick straight out at it's full erection of 1 ¾ inches.

The other slave released Daniel from his bindings and he sprung up to his feet. Daniel was so desperate to ease the pain and burning in his bottom, that he could not stop himself and ignoring the embarrassment and humiliation of his actions in front of his family and the court official, began doing the dance of the spanked in front of them, his erect penis flopping rigidly up and down as he furiously rubbed his stinging behind.

Eric and Melissa burst out laughing at the sight of their fifteen-year-old brother dancing away in front of them.

"Stop that rubbing and movement immediately" the clerk ordered.

When he didn't act immediately the slave with the cane flicked it at Daniels bottom striking the knuckles of Daniels right hand as it was still rubbing his welted, bright red and purple bruised arse.

Daniel cried out again in pain but immediately responded to the request and placed his hands by his sides.

Melissa giggled and Eric smirked at their brother's reaction to his caning. They were even more amused when Daniel was lead back to his position in front of the clerk moving in a slow duck like waddle which Daniel had quickly discovered was the least painful method of movement that prevented his sore bottom cheeks from rubbing together.

"Measure his neck," the clerk ordered.

A fabric tape was run around Daniels neck by the second slave and his neck size taken.

"Prepare his collar and bring it to me" the clerk ordered.

Both slaves went to the opposite side of the room to the punishment frame and soon returned with the new servant's collar.
The collar was made of a metal chain coated in a bright pink plastic and metal mesh.

They handed the collar to the clerk who pressed some buttons on the computer located at his desk and soon produced a microchip, from a drive on the same computer and placed it in the lock of the new servants collar. The microchip would contain all of Daniels sentencing details including his new temporary community service number and could be easily scanned by anyone in authority who had the means to quickly check out Daniels bona fifes. It also acted as a tracking device enabling Daniels movements to be monitored.

The clerk handed the collar to the second slave who walked over to Daniel and with just a soft click attached it easily around Daniels neck. Daniel immediately noticed it's rough texture plus how
heavy it felt, and how tight. The feel of the collar around Daniels neck made him feel different and immediately inferior.

It was a psychological thing; the collar unconsciously registered the fact that Daniel the wearer was now a slave and need be shown no respect, and was without freeman rights other than those of being a juvenile community servant.

The clerk returned to his computer and after some more typing printed out a document.

"Ok boy, that concludes your induction. Give this to your parents. It contains all the details of your Programme Supervisor, Community Service and Punishment orders" the clerk informed Daniel as he handed Daniel the envelope.

"Thank you" Daniel replied.

He was immediately struck by one of the servants with a hand slap across his tender bottom.

"That's thank you sir" the clerk responded. "You better learn quick boy how a Community Servant responds to his masters.

The Green family rose from their seats and Mr Green immediately took control. "Right Daniel you lead the way and no covering up, the rest of you follow and remember Daniels now a temporary slave, I expect everyone to treat him as such till his sentenced is served.

Even Eric and Melissa were taken aback by their father's statement and it was a very subdued Green family that walked back into the waiting room and then out into the street.

Daniel didn't really take in the significance of his fathers comment, all he was concerned about was that he was now about to walk totally naked out in public for the first time in his young life and that soon the whole community would know his secret shame.

As he walked out the front door of the courthouse into the early afternoon heat he felt the fresh air on his exposed balls and cock, which instantly shrivelled back to its tiny knob like appearance causing him to blush profusely again.

End Chapter 11.


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