Jared's First Spanking 3

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By RichardP

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Copyright 2015 by RichardP, all rights reserved

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This story is intended for adults only. It contains depictions of forced nudity, spanking, and sexual activity of preteen and young teen children for punishment and medical purposes. None of the behaviors in this story should be attempted in real life, as that would be harmful and/or illegal. If you are not of legal age in your community to read or view such material, please leave now.

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In Chapter 1, Rita Simms encouraged her neighbor Karen Richards to give her 7 year old son Jared his first spanking, elaborating on how she punished her own son Connor, 11. A couple of days after Karen gave Jared his first spanking, she and Rita exchanged some text messages regarding the event, and Rita congratulated Karen for doing so. In Chapter 2, Connor is spanked in front of the family housekeeper by his mom.

Rita was spending a late summer afternoon working on details for an upcoming fall church fair while her daughter Caroline 5 was playing with 6 year Janet, while Karen, Janet’s mother, had taken her 7 year old brother Jared to a dentist appointment. Rita got up to refill her glass with ice tea when she happened to glance out the kitchen window and saw her son Connor, 11, ride his bike under the backyard patio cover. What she saw really disturbed her.

As Connor entered the house, Rita called his attention. She gave her son the benefit of a doubt first and calmly asked him, “Connor, were you riding your bike without a helmet on?”

Connor, thinking he had done nothing wrong replied, “Yes mom, I only went around the block to shoot hoops with Parker (his friend).”

“Connor! You have been told several times by me and your dad that you are to wear your helmet no matter how far the distance. Most accidents occur close to home.”

Connor now had an uneasy feeling. “I’m sorry mom, I swear I won’t do it again.”

Rita nodded affirmatively. “Apology accepted, however you are still going to be punished.”

Caroline, who had been coloring with Janet at the kitchen table now looked up, her attention drawn by her mom’s tone of voice. Janet was till completely unaware that both Connor and her brother Jared were spanked and still focused her attention on coloring. Caroline though knew what happens to her big brother when mommy gets upset.

Connor sulked, but learned a long time ago it was fruitless to protest to his mom once she decided to punish him.

“Caroline, would you please go get my hairbrush upstairs,” she asked her daughter.

Suppressing a grin, Caroline replied, “Yes, mommy.” Then she promptly bolted up the stairs.

“Ok Connor, you know what to do.”

Head down, Connor began to unfasten his pants. The realizing that Janet was still at the table and Caroline was coming back, he paused, looked at his mom pleadingly. “Mom, please don’t spank me here in the kitchen.”

Now Janet, understanding for the first time what was going to happen looked up in shock.

Rita snapped back at her son, “Connor, I am doing this specifically to make a point for the girls not to repeat your mistake and unless you want me to get daddy’s belt, I suggest you get your clothes off now and fold them neatly on the table.”

Connor now already fighting tears did as he was told. As he slipped off his briefs, Caroline had returned and both her eyes and Janet’s now were transfixed on him as his penis and buttocks were exposed. Caroline had seen her brother nude before, but Janet had never seen a boy Connor’s age naked and her eyes went wide open in amazement.

Rita pulled out one of the kitchen chairs, sat down, then placed Connor over her lap with him kneeling between her legs. Infliction of punishment with the heavy wooden hairbrush came rapidly and filled the air with the sounds of hard stinging slaps on the boy’s quivering buttocks. Connor came to tears quickly, but Rita intent on a strong message, continued spanking, at one point having the boy spread his legs to get the hairbrush into the crack eliciting howls from the naughty boy.

Convinced the boy had learned a lesson, Rita let Connor up and ordered him to the corner and leave his clothes off. “Ok girls, I am sure you both enjoyed seeing Connor get spanked, but if either of you are ever caught riding bikes without helmets, you will be equally in trouble.”

While Connor was still standing in the corner a few minutes later, Karen and Jared returned from the dentist to get Janet and immediately got the scoop from Rita and explaining that she had the girls watch Connor get spanked as a warning to them. Rita then called Connor over so Karen could get a closer look at the boy’s red bottom and then noted with some surprise that the boy’s penis was larger than she would have expected for an 11 year old. As Connor’s embarrassment grew again, Jared, imagining himself getting spanked in front of the girls also cringed with embarrassment.

“Well Connor, I’ll bet your bottom is good and sore as it should be,” Karen told the boy. Connor flushed red more embarrassed than ever, the spectacle of being naked with a well spanked bottom in front of his mom, neighbors and sister. Karen meanwhile had to suppress her thoughts thinking how cute the boy was in his exposed state.

As Karen left with Jared and Janet to return to their house, Connor’s ordeal finally came to an end and Rita let him go to his bedroom. As the boy left her sight, Rita finally let a smile come to her lips – she knew very well how profound the impact of being spanked naked in front of the girls had been and doubted Connor would ever repeat this offense.

(The End)

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