By Order of the Court (public, nudity, spank, nc, multiple/bbbgg)

by Nialos Leaning
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and young teen children of both sexes being punished under a
newly legalized juvenile court sanctioning option involving
public nudity and spanking. If you are not of a legal age
in your locality to view such material or if such material
does not appeal to you, do not read further, and do not save
this story."

"This story is pure fantasy, written for the enjoyment of
adults. Behavior depicted in this story may in real life be
illegal or considered by society to be abusive, harmful,
unacceptable or undesirable. The author neither advocates,
condones nor personally engages in any such behavior."

"This story, as is all fiction, is fantasy and not reality.
The author does recognize the difference between the two.
Please do understand that some of us, including the author,
enjoy such fantasy material."

"Compliments and constructive criticism are always welcome."

* * *
In this story, I've tried to be true to how juvenile courts
actually operate in the United States. I've also tried to
impart some information on terminology, procedures, and
general laws pertaining to juvenile cases. This is mostly
based on my own state of residence, other states may vary
somewhat. My references to United States federal law is
factual, states violating those provisions risk significant
lost of federal funding for youth programs.
* * *

By Order of the Court
by Nialos Leaning

a Nudie Juvie festival story

"I declare and find that by your shoplifting, all five of
you are delinquent," declared Judge Tohickey, glaring at the
five youngsters standing in front of him. The ten year old
twins, Tony and Debbie, were already crying. As was their
next door neighbor and good friend, nine year old Tyler.
Tyler's older brother, twelve year old Justin, and his not
publically acknowledged girlfriend, eleven year old Jodie,
had scrunched up faces, obviously shrugging to hold back the

"You younger three are lucky that even if I wanted to, I
can't send you to jail. In this state, you have to be at
least eleven years old and commit a serious offense known as
a felony to be locked up."

Tony, Tyler and Debbie were relieved, tears drying up, to
learn they wouldn't be "locked up," as the judge had put it.
Their lawyers had told all five kids that under the law,
none of them could be sent to jail, that they most likely
would just get some kind of probation and maybe be ordered
to attend counseling. But being kids, they had their doubts
and fears, till they just now heard the judge verify their
attorneys' statements.

"You older two are lucky also," continued the judge, "that
your shoplifting is a misdemeanor. In this state, you have
to be at least 14 to be jailed for misdemeanors." Justin
and Jodie gave their own sighs of relief, their faces
relaxing as tears no longer threatened.

The judge realized that "jail" wasn't quite the correct
term, but while clarifying the law for the benefit of the
youngsters' parents, he wanted to use language the preteens
would understand. Juveniles were placed in either a secure
juvenile detention home, or for felonies, a juvenile
correctional center, both somewhat different from an adult
prison in philosophy and operation. And in any case,
regardless of where being held, including police stations
and temporary lockups, both the federal government and the
state required that in custody youths have complete sight
and sound separation from adult detainees and prisoners.

"Having found all of you delinquent, I hereby order that
effective immediately till 11:00 p.m. next Tuesday, that in
accordance with the provisions of the Juvenile Alternative
Correction and Rehabilitation Act, you are to be nude at all
times except for footwear."

All five kids gasped and began crying. They were going to
be Nudie Juvies, kids made to be naked in public. Kids, who
when naked, could receive additional punishments. The
lawyers had said this was a possibility, but not likely, as
the local court hadn't yet invoked Nudie Juvie since the law
took effect two months ago. However, just yesterday, the
court judges, in consultation with the police, prosecutors,
and court intake officers, had decided to use that part of
the law more often, especially for cases involving either
minor offenses, younger offenders, or first time offenders.

Unfortunately for the five light fingered children facing
the judge, they met all three categories. Each charged with
a misdemeanor. In this case, theft of comic books and candy,
none taking more than five dollars worth of goods. Each was
very young, not yet being teenagers. Each first time in
trouble with the law. In the judge's mind, a perfect case
to start the new regime, aimed at being a deterrent by

Normally such a case wouldn't even make it to court, the
police officers using their discretion not to file charges.
Instead, they likely would ensure the shopkeeper was
reimbursed, verbally warn the children not to do anything
like that again, and release them to their parents. But the
shopkeeper had insisted the kids be prosecuted, and the two
officers knew that the court was looking for a case like
this to start Nudie Juvie. So, they took the youngsters
into custody and brought them before the court's intake

Usually intake wouldn't clog the court docket by petitioning
a case like this for court handling. Instead, the intake
officer likely would divert the case by taking the same
actions the police ordinarily would, reimbursement, warning,
and release to parents. Maybe require some counseling or
community service. Or possibly, as the law now allowed,
impose "Nudie Juvie" time. But intake knew that "his honor"
wanted the honor of being the first to invoke a Nudie Juvie
sanction. So, intake petitioned the case, and since this
wasn't a detaining offense, released the kids to their
parents with a summons to all to appear for the court

"Off with your clothes, now," commanded the court bailiff.
Reluctantly, little hands began removing garments, piling
them up on the courtroom floor. All five kids were glad
that only court personnel, their parents, the arresting
officer, and the shopkeeper were in the court. Once again
the lawyers had been right when they explained that by law
the general public could not attend most juvenile hearings.

"In addition," atoned Judge Tohickey, "tomorrow at a special
assembly of all your school, you're to receive a sound
spanking. And Sunday afternoon, you're to report at 1:00
p.m. to the Discipline Center at Great Valley Park for a
public spanking."

The judge was glad that after the police officers took the
kids into custody, they followed department policy in cases
of this nature by not handcuffing them or holding them in a
locked area during processing. If the officers had imposed
such backdoor punishment, Judge Tohickey would had felt
obligated to not order the spankings.

* * *

Upon arrival home, all five kids had as much as possible
remained in their houses, hiding their shame from friend and
foe. But now it was Thursday and school.

The terrible day started on the walk to the school bus stop,
and only continued on and on from there.

"Hey, forget something," shouted one boy to Tyler.

"What did you Nudie Juvies do?" a young teen girl asked
Justin and Jodie. The red hospital like bands on their
wrists clearly marked them as Nudie Juvies.

"Whoa, look at those privates on parade," gloated another

And on and on the taunts went, embarrassing the already
embarrassed quintet of naked little thiefs even more.

Teachers were sure to call on the naked youngsters, finding
any excuse to bring them to the front of the class or send
them on an errand. Fellow students continued to tease
unmercifully, especially when a naked boy's penis
inadvertently decided to go hard.

The school adults did little to prevent the clothed students
from quick gropes of the naked kids, or slapping a passing
bare bottom. They only intervened when the play became
excessive, overly rough, or was disruptive to order.

Mid-morning, the middle school held its assembly for Justin
and Jodie. The entire school gathered in the gym. The two
naked preteens were brought in and made to slowly circle the
gym, near the bleachers, clearly and blatantly displaying
their still hairless "little kid" genitals and pale bottoms
to all their fellow students. Then the fireworks began.

Both kids were bent over a vaulting horse. Justin's bare
bottom faced the kids on one side of the gym, his
"girlfriend" Jodie the students on the other side. The two
strongest teaches in the school, both physical education
instructors, came forward. Without warning, they commenced
landing hard hand spanks on the bottoms before them. It
didn't take long for the crying, kicking and wiggling to
take hold. Crying, kicking and wriggling that grew worse as
bottoms grew redder and sorer. When both bare bottoms were
a bright red, the hand spankings stopped.

"Now for part two," announced the principal. Quickly the
sobbing sorry duo were repositioned so their bottoms were
now displayed to the opposite side of the gym than before.
The instructors now held ping pong paddles in their hands.
Paddles that immediately began battering bruised bare
behinds belonging to the two miscreants. It didn't take
long for cries to become howls, legs thrashing about wildly,
giving the entire school unabashed looks at the preteens'
most intimate private areas. On and on the paddle pounding
went, till the youngster's sounds of distress were almost
deafening and their bottoms absolutely crimson.

Justin and Jodie were put back on their feet. After a few
minutes of frantic dancing, prancing, and bottom rubbing,
they were made to again circle the gym, hands behind heads.
Their winces with each step, the tears still rolling down
their faces, and glowing hot behinds were evident to all.

Needless to say, the rest of the day wasn't any fun at all.
Sore bottoms making staying still on hard school desk seats
difficult; hands touching their still heated behinds
eliciting new cries; the teasing from everyone who had
witnessed their public chastisement and humiliation.

At the elementary school, Tony, Debbie, and Tyler
experienced much the same as Justin and Jodie at the middle
school. Constant teasing, touching and slapping.
Constantly at the front of the room or on errands. And of
course, their own public spankings, this time in the lunch
room just before lunch. Like their older two friends, the
two boys and one girl had to parade around the room, showing
off their hairless glories. To the hoots of their
classmates, both boys grew erect during their trek.

After their parade, the three kids were brought to a
platform at the front of the room were six teachers were
seated. Tony went over the knee of the first teacher,
Debbie the third, and Tyler the fifth. Without advance
notice, the three adults began hand blasting the three bare
behinds on their laps. After thirty hand spanks each left
their impression upon the three now red and sore bottoms,
the three crying, kicking, squirming kids were passed to the
teacher in the next chair. A fresh round of thirty spanks,
from fresh sets of hands, reignited the fire and heightened
the three youngsters agony. When this second dose was done,
the trio, bottoms ablaze and fire engine red, were put on
the floor to hop and rub, screaming their heads almost off.
Instead of being paraded around, they had to stand hands on
head as each child in the school filed past to feel the heat
and soreness of the three badly burning bottoms.

The three elementary kids didn't find the rest of their day
any more fun than the middle school duo. Sore bare bottoms
on hard seats pure torture; slaps from giggling classmates
keeping their bottom fires going; endless teasing, cruel in
the way only little kids can be; and the embarrassment of
all seeing their hysterics during their spankings.

* * *

Friday at school wasn't much an improvement for the naked
brigade of five, except no formal spankings. But all the
informal slapping of still somewhat sore behinds from the
day before left the preteens with aching bottoms by the end
of the day.

Saturday was particularly embarrassing and trying. All the
kids had to go shopping with their parents; to the grocery,
to the mall, to the video store. When home, the parents
insisted they be outside playing with the neighborhood kids.

And then, dreaded Sunday arrived. The ordeal began when all
three sets of parents demanded that their offspring attend

"But mom," protested Justin, "it's a sin to naked in God's

"Usually, yes," replied his mom, "but I checked with
Reverend Covington and he said that since in this instance
justice was being served, it wasn't a sin."

Church was bad enough, being birthday suited among all the
church goers in their Sunday best. But the worse was to
come, the trip to the Great Valley Park Discipline Center.
Just recently completed, this was to be its first day of

As they approached the outdoor amphitheater like facility,
the five kids were startled to see about twenty naked
youngsters, preteens and younger teens, boys and girls,
sitting in some bleachers to the left of the five identical
punishment machines.

In the processing line, some kids were naked, and some
dressed. All the nude kids had wristbands; some red, some
yellow, some green.

At the head of the line, sat several intake officers, two
females and a male. Nearby Judge Tohickey was talking to a
group of smiling parents.

Two dressed boys, thirteen and fourteen, and their parents
stood before a female officer. "Based on what your parents
state, I find you two are CHINS, that is, children in need
of services," intoned the intake officer. "But I don't
think the court needs to be involved at this time, so I'm
diverting with an order that you two undergo a standard
punishment today and remain nude till 11:00 p.m. Tuesday.
Disobey any part of this order, or continue your
misbehavior, and you will be before the court." With that,
an attendant put yellow bands on their wrists and directed
them to the unscreened disrobing area, in plain view toward
the right.

"What the heck does CHINS mean?" asked Tony.

"I don't know, son," answered his father.

Overhearing, a staff member came over. "CHINS are the kids
with the yellow bands," she explained, "It means, like the
officer said, a child in need of services. That means run
aways, truants, kids who constantly disobey their parents,
and in this state, status offenders."

"What's a status offender," asked Debbie.

"That is a kid that does something other than having a
firearm that's against the law for children, but not adults,
like being out after curfew or smoking," answered the

"Can the judge put them in jail," asked little Tyler, having
never completely understood the judge's explanation the
other day on jailing kids.

"No," she responded, "federal and state law says that status
offenders and CHINS kids can't be put in jail, before or
after trial."

"Thank you for your help," Tyler's mom told the staffer as
she departed to attend to some duty.

Just then, a naked thirteen year old boy with a green band
walked by.

"Hey," said Jodie to the deeply blushing boy, "what does
green mean?"

"It means that my mom thinks I need punishment and that lady
from the court agrees," said the boy.

"Wouldn't that make you a yellow band?" asked Jodie.

"No," explained the boy's mother. "Green is for when they
agree with parents or teachers that a kid needs punishment,
but isn't delinquent or a child in need of services."

* * *

The amphitheater was packed by the time the first spankings
began. In groups of five, naked kids were made to stand at
the front of the stage, hands behind head, facing the
audience. When that group of five went to the spanking
stations, another group took their place being on display.
The just spanked group stood, again hands on head, showing
their very red and sometimes welted and bruised bottoms to
the audience. They were released when the next spanked group
took their place. All spankings, even the standard ones,
were long, hard, and had even the fourteen year olds acting
like very little kids.

Eventually, the five stripped shoplifting friends stood
facing the crowd, their bare bottoms awaiting their fate.
All too soon, they were called to station. They were bent
over in the spanking frames, the padded center bar adjusted
to their height. Legs were spread wide and secured to the
frame, leaving tiny puckered anuses open to view. Hands and
arms were similarly secured to the frame. Then the worst
pain, the worst fire, the worst agony they had ever felt on
and in their young bottoms began and kept on coming. The
computer and laser controlled mechanical straps did their
dastardly duty, determinedly damaging dangerously vulnerable
behinds. Stroke after stroke rained down upon the screaming
kids, reddening, heating, and occasionally welting their
throbbing and burning bottoms.

The kids had been sanctioned to a standard session, which
meant less strokes, and the canes remaining still and
unused. But having been adjudicated delinquent, no matter
how minor, meant they automatically upgraded to a standard
plus session. They soon learned what the plus meant, as the
straps occasionally landed squarely in the crack between
their butt cheeks; three times biting into their tiny rear
holes. Even worse, eliciting horrendous screams, were the
two times each the straps solidly impacted their
defenselessly hanging genitals. Being the first delinquents
to be spanked that day, they and the audience, were taken
completely by surprise by these devastating anal and genital

Eventually, the spankings were done. The five wildly
screaming children were released, genitalia almost as red as
their bare bottoms. Standing with their behinds on display,
hands behind head, was pure torture. For the seven minutes
they were so, they couldn't rub, and were sternly warmed
that too much fidgeting would ensure an immediate return
trip to the frame, this time for a caning.

Once off stage, the five immediately went into a furious
rendition of the dance of the spanked, much to the amusement
of their satisfied parents and many onlookers, including the
shopkeeper and Judge Tohickey.

After having their bare behinds, and privates, so savagely
ravished by their public Sunday strapping, Monday and
Tuesday were almost anti-climatic. The embarrassment
continued, the teasing continued, and so did a little
touching, but not much. Most fellow students realized just
how much pain their naked compatriots were still in, and the
natural sympathy of the young took hold. Besides, there
were now some fresh Nudie Juvies roaming the halls, ripe for
reaping some fun.

But all, including the five fingered five, vowed to never,
ever, do anything to get in trouble with parents or police.
But kids being kids, some were sure to slip and end up being
Nudie Juvies.

The End.

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