Author: Terri Madison
Email: [email protected]
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This work is copyrighted to the author. Please don't remove the author information, make any changes to this story, or distribute without the author's permission. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any living or dead individual is purely coincidental. The story is intended for adult audiences only, you must be 18 and over to read this fiction.

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› Cold m+/f+, nc, teen 5/21/2004
› Coming of Age m+/f+, nc, teen, bdsm, s/m 11/22/2004
› Mirror Mirror m+/f+, nc 11/22/2004
› Second Place m+/f+, nc 11/22/2004
› Vickie's Torment m+/f+, nc 11/22/2004
› Wedding m+/f, nc 11/22/2004

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