The Marcott Academy III

by JW

Barbie Trent was worried about what shed just done but youd never know it to look at her. The sixteen year old, who resembled the doll with the same name, lay on her bed masturbating. Her left hand gripped the prominent red peg atop her right breast and pulled on it until the very firm round breast flesh was distorted. Three fingers of her right hand made quick little circles at the top of her saturated vulva. Occasionally the troubling digits dipped down between her open wings and scooped up some of the freely flowing juice to lubricate rapid stroking of the bulging clitoral hood. Her head rested on the pillows and behind her closed eyes she saw the chocolate cupcakes that adorned Chantel Williams chest. The deep deep brown areolas with the almost black center standing out were the first black tits shed ever seen. The prone and naked blonde imagined that the freshmans pert cones tasted like the milk chocolate treats that they resembled.

The founder of the Marcott Academy turned up the sound until she could hear the squishy wet sounds the girls fingers were making over the teenagers labored breathing. The senior prefects dorm room had five cameras instead of the usual two that provided live video and audio feed from the other students bedrooms. The sleeping quarters were a little to large to get full coverage from just two, so Doctor Marcott had three installed; two more provided complete coverage of the ensuite bathroom. She sat back in her viewing chair idly stroking her bald vulva for the third time that day. The first satisfying climax had come when her head Mistress had made the new student strip down and shower. The second had been generated by the scene only ten minutes ago in Barbies bedroom when the senior girl had persuaded the delectable thirteen year old to strip again. Arguably this was just a continuation of that session and the sixty year old didnt think she had another orgasm in her at the moment. Never the less she continued to caress the protruding lips of her womanhood mimicking the actions of the naked blonde on the screen. The two previous climaxes had been produced entirely from the visual. What was maintaining Miranda Marcotts level of arousal now was mental. She knew the senior prefect would have to be punished for violating the rules. The anticipation of that discipline now rekindled the throb in her pussy.

Even as Barbie was closing in on her goal the anxiousness about her transgressions sapped her arousal. To shock herself out of the annoying impasse she pulled the foreskin back on her clit and ran her finger tip directly over the exposed glans. She knew this sensation was too intense. Her hips reflexively bucked and a sharp electric jolt shot into her abdomen. Allowing the hood to slip back into place she slapped her throbbing mons three times before returning to the highly effective rotary stimulation on the outside. She was so close. Just as her excitement threatened to turn to frustration the vision of the black girls cunt tattooed on the white cotton of her panties came into her head and that did it. A wave of tremendous heat enveloped her and her head went spinning into that magical place. She clutched her trembling mons with both hands and rolled onto her side. Floating on the tranquil sea of post orgasmic bliss her fears of the punishment she was due evaporated into the mist. In little more than a minute the regular deep breaths told Doctor Marcott that the girl was asleep. The Academys founder looked at the firm round pubescent backside for another moment before turning the monitors off.

Chantel fought her way through the thick fog, struggling toward the light. In her head that annoying gong was sounding again and she put it down to a bad dream; but it wouldnt go away. She realized she was cold, thats when she knew that the electronic tone was real. Her little brown body was so tightly wrapped around the pillow that it took some effort to separate herself from it. Rolling to her back she blinked several times before her eyes would focus on the large green numbers; six AM. It wasnt her clock. It wasnt her bedroom. She blinked some more before the reality of where she was sunk in. A flood of memories from the day before washed through her sleep dulled brain with amazing speed and clarity. The streaming video maintained its chronology, so as her brain completed the jerky replay the vision near the end was of Barbie Trent sitting naked on her bed with her pussy dripping. The visual sent a jolt to the dark skinned freshmans pussy and she had to put a hand down there immediately. Chantel was grossed out by the crusty crunchy mess of the normally soft black hair that surrounded her intricately interfolded lips. She really needed to bathe but she couldnt resist bringing her exploratory fingers to her nose to sample the slightly stale aroma of last nights arousal. She had never done this before and she was surprised that the scent caused her pussy to twitch.

The chilled feeling persisted. She reminded herself to pull the cover over herself next time as she pried her nakedness out of the rumpled bed. Yesterday she hadnt noticed the white terry towel robe hanging at the opposite side of the closet that contained the skirts, blouses and blazers of her uniforms; now she was very grateful to discover it. Wrapping herself in its soft warmth she made her way out the door of her room and down the hall to the marble lined bathroom. Slipping into the stall, the same one shed been in yesterday with miz Millie, there was a moment of dj vu. The embarrassing but simultaneously exciting strip tease she had done flashed through her mind. Standing under the warm invigorating spray she recalled the troubled almost panicky look on the Head Mistresss face just before she had excused herself. Soaping her upper body first the teenager was unable to stop her slippery fingers from repeating the nipple play that she had surmised would please the voyeuristic matron. The black buds dripping white suds reached their full extension in no time. Head back, eyes closed playing with her titties the image that appeared was the lustful expression on Barbies face from last night. Instinctively Chantel knew that her classmate wanted to suck on them. Just imagining what that must feel like made her clamp her thighs together in response to the thrilling pulse that shot through her tummy. I dont have time for this the freshman lamented, and accelerated her bathing process.

When she came to the black hair covering her mons she tried to go very gently attempting to wash the crusted pussy juice away without increasing her state of arousal. It was no use. Ive really got to go inside a little to do it properly she recognized. Soapy fingers parted the inner lips and Chantel rubbed the soap up and down her crease in two or three rapid strokes. The sensation made her head spin and she had to reach out and support herself on the tiled wall to keep from crumpling to the floor. I should do that instead of humping the pillow the realization excited her imagination. She wondered when she would have time to try it. This isnt like home she reminded herself as she splashed the water rinsing her pubes as gently as she could.

Satisfied with the cleansing job she turned the water off and toweled dry. With her cozy robe back on she used one of the permanently connected hair blowers to dry her shiny black hair. It was mess. Itll take me half an hour to make this mop look decent. Deciding she didnt have that much time she combed her chin length hair out and tied it in pig-tails. She grimaced at the reflection in the mirror. I look like Im about eight again! She always hated to wear her hair this way because it made her young face look even younger. Accepting that it couldnt be helped if she was going to be on time for breakfast she scurried back to her room. The freshman did a quick job of straightening her bed before hurriedly dressing. Looking at the clock she realized it was only five to seven and breakfast wasnt until seven-fifteen. I did OK for time today but when there are a dozen other girls trying to use those showers... its gonna be hard. Right then and there she decided to always be first. She had gathered that being late for anything around here was something you just didnt want to do.

She sat back down on her bed and felt relieved that she was ready early. On a whim she picked up her pillow and sniffed it. Whoa! she thought I definitely left my mark here. The fragrance from the pillow had the same affect that sniffing her fingers had earlier. A small but noticeable tremor rumbled between her legs. Unsure of the protocol the thirteen year old descended the stairs and knocked gently on the senior prefects door at couple of minutes past seven. Barbie opened the door in her underwear. The older girl looked distracted and more than a little nervous. Im almost ready she said leaving the door open and retreating to her closet to fetch her uniform. Chantel couldnt help but admire the round backside snuggled in the tight white panties. The senior dressed quickly and the unlikely pair stepped into the hall at ten after.

Is anything wrong Barbie? the black girl couldnt help asking in light of her friends subdued demeanor.

Im gonna be in big shit for last night the blonde replied as they started down the stairs to the first floor.

Why? the freshman asked incredulously we didnt do anything and besides how would they know?

Oh they know she assured her shorter companion dont ever think that they dont know and see everything. Barbies knotted stomach clenched again, afraid she had now given away another secret that the freshman was not supposed to learn for a while.

OK so they know we were sitting on your bed... so what?

Fraternizing with freshman like that is against the rules the prefect explained. What I did was stupid! They were crossing the main dining hall headed for the door to the staffs room so the conversation ended somewhat abruptly. The girls stood behind their chairs respectfully waiting for the Head Mistress. When the older woman entered the room Chantel glanced across the table to see Barbies eyes downcast apparently looking at something in the middle of the table. She did not raise her head or look at the matron as the older woman crossed the room.

Good morning ladies she greeted them cordially. They wished her good morning in unison. I trust you both slept well.

Yes miz Brown the black girl chimed. Barbie sort of mumbled a response that was covered by the freshmans clear reply. The question was largely rhetorical anyway. The server did her amazingly efficient job again and Chantel was able to synchronize her eating much more easily this time. Barbie mainly poked at her food and ate very little. As the dishes were being cleared the Head Mistress commented

Not very hungry this morning miz Trent?

No mam the blonde confirmed without looking up. Mildred Brown dabbed the corners of her mouth with her napkin. Then she turned toward Chantel and said:

Doctor Beal will be here by eight-thirty. As soon as youve brushed your teeth, you should go to your room and take everything off, put your robe on and report to the infirmary. Do you know where it is? Chantel thought her heart had stopped. She had forgotten about the physical altogether.

Yes mam, I know where that is the younger girl responded shakily.

Good miz Millie congratulated as she rose from her chair and miz Trent you will come with me. The black girl thought she heard the tiniest of groans escape the senior as they got to their feet. Weve certainly both got our crosses to bear this morning she thought as they all exited through the main dining hall.

Chantel took the stairs while her classmate followed the matron down the hall. The younger girl couldnt afford to think about what was going to happen when they arrived wherever they were going. She was suddenly glad shed spent some extra time cleaning up her pussy. Maybe she wont even look down there but she quickly corrected herself; then why do I have to take everything off? Of course shes gonna look down there. The seniors words from the day before came back to her... They check EVERYTHING... she had said. Suddenly a crippling thought struck the youngster. For a moment she froze on the stairs holding onto the railing for dear life. What if the doctor is a man? The doctors name was Beal thats all she really knew. The very thought nearly made her cry. Dont be such a baby! she said out loud in her most Roberta-esk voice and continued to her room.

Barbie was familiar with only one form of punishment at the Academy. She would have been surprised to know that there actually were a couple of others that she had never seen or experienced. The discipline she had undergone and seen was spanking. There were three levels. Level one was a bare hand, level two was a wooden paddle and level three, the one that really scared her was a cane. Within each level there were of course a variable number of strokes. She had seen a senior girl get three strokes with the cane when she was just a freshman herself. The poor thing had screamed as if she were being killed. Barbie heard through the grapevine that her ass hadnt stopped bleeding for almost a week. It was a rumor and it was false but it certainly served to enhance the deterrent. She had resigned to the conclusion that she had lost her senior prefect position she only hoped that she hadnt also earned a caning to boot.

Miz brown held the door of the classroom open and waved the nervous girl inside. The blonde sixteen year old was surprised to see Doctor Marcott sitting in the front row. The Academys founder wore a very expensive looking grey business suit and a black high necked blouse. Her short silver hair still had traces of auburn in it. The matriarch did not look around as they entered. The Head Mistress closed the door and without a word pointed toward the front of the room. Barbie felt her legs growing a little shaky and she consciously corrected her posture. You brought this on yourself she scolded now take your punishment like the strong confident woman youre supposed to be when you graduate next spring... Anyway you should be thankful; if this had happened next week youd be receiving your punishment in front of the whole class.

They arrived near the instructors desk and turned to face Miranda Marcott. Hello Barbie, how are you? the Academys founder said in an amazingly pleasant tone.

Ugh... Ive been better mam she answered looking at the floor somewhere between them.

I take it you know why were here then

I... I think... I... yes mam the teenager finally decided to be succinct.

So you know that your little tryst with miz Williams last night was quite out of bounds the doctor stated the charges.

Y...yes mam the teenager was nearly sobbing, her head still down.

Look at me when youre speaking the seated matriarch commanded sternly. When Barbie looked into the still very pretty face of the sixty year old she was shocked to find what she thought were the traces of a smile. Do you have anything to say for yourself? she might have added before I pass sentence but that would have been melodramatic. The teenager was totally unprepared for the opportunity to defend herself.

I... I... didnt actually touch her the prefect said meekly.

No thats true you didnt. The lights out warning saved you from smashing the rule to bits instead of just bending it to the breaking point Doctor Marcott agreed in principle. You really wanted to eat that delicious little black pussy.... didnt you? Cornered with absolutely no way out the blonde replied:


So do we all! the matriarch admitted but you dont realize how much damage you can do by rushing things. Thats why the rule is there; to keep the students from meddling before the staff has an opportunity to lay the correct foundation. Do you understand?

Yes Doctor Marcott the nervous teen acknowledged looking her judge and jury directly in the eye. The seated woman looked into the frightened girls eyes for several long seconds. To Barbie it felt like minutes.

I am going to regard this as a serious level one offence. The penalty shall be five strokes the doctor pronounced ...per side of course. The teenager could scarcely believe her ears; level one! Not in her most hopeful dreams had she even prayed to have the punishment below level two. Ten slaps on the ass with a bare hand; its nothing. She felt like jumping for joy.

I have decided to make your punishment light for two reasons the matriarch continued. First and most important is your excellent record. You will retain your senior prefect role in the coming year, by the way. The second is the remarkable restraint and self control you eventually demonstrated. You could have just as easily ignored the curfew, which is a relatively minor offence compared with the one you were poised to commit; but you didnt. So it is that your punishment befits an evening of poor judgment. On completing her explanation the Academys founder stood up. Miz Millie spoke after having remained silent throughout the exchange.

Take your panties off and bend over the desk the Head Mistress commanded. The teenager reached up under her kilt and tugged the white cotton down her shapely thighs. Kicking off her black pumps she guided the underwear over her knee sock encased calves and feet. When she stood up again she couldnt figure out what to do with her underpants, so she just kept them in her hand and turned to bend at the waist resting the weight of her upper body on her elbows. Put your feet wider apart the matron demanded. Barbie complied and she had never looked more like her namesake doll.

Miz Millie is going to administer five swats, and I am going to deliver the final five Miranda Marcott told her subjugated pupil. As the Academys founder uttered the words the Head Mistress raised the girls skirt and laid the plaid pleats on her lower back, exposing the round pink pubescent derrire. Miranda and Mildred looked at each other and smiled. Barbie felt the matrons hand on her right cheek, she lowered her head just a little preparing for the initial sting, and realized that she now had her face buried in her own panties. Under the clean freshly laundered smell was her own scent. Inhaling deeply she felt her pussy twitch as her delicate fragrance filled her nostrils.

Doctor Marcott had by far the better view standing directly behind the teen she was treated to the magnificent sight of the bald pink vulva peeking between the tops of the girls slender thighs. Miz Millies hand did not strike her, but rather began caressing her satiny cheek in a slow circular motion as if exploring her target. The combination of the exposed position, the sensual aroma in her nose, and the gentle exploration of her sensitive butt was causing the youngsters girlhood to send urgent signals to her brain. Oh God... I hope I dont get all turn on like last time she prayed.

Whack! The first blow was struck and the compromised young woman couldnt suppress a squeal of shock and pain. It really stung. Barbie knew that vocalizations in these situations were frowned upon so she bit the crotch of the cotton underpants she was holding to stifle herself. The matron followed the same process with her other cheek, gently caressing the entire hemisphere before administering a resounding slap. This time the girl was able to muffle the sound effectively, but now she tasted the minimal secretions that had deposited on her underwear during the hour or so that she had been wearing them.

Miranda and Mildred admired the perfect bright pink hand print on each of the girls buttocks. The Head Mistresss unique spanking style was repeated on the right globe again. A slow thorough exploration followed by a firm whack. Back to the left, same actions; WHACK. When the fifth blow from the Head Mistress fell on her left cheek Barbie realized that tears were streaming down her cheeks. Her stinging burning ass was painful but her pussy seemed to be enjoying the impacts.

There was a brief pause as the adults reversed positions. Doctor Marcotts hand felt smaller and softer as it explored its target. The circles the matriarch made were also larger. Perhaps miz Millies spanking style wasnt so unique after all. The smaller hand went a little lower on the down stroke the long fingers brushed the top of the jackknifed teenagers thigh. On the up stroke they traveled much more to the inside, passing up her inner thigh and missing the plump outer lip of her vulva by fractions of an inch. Barbies pelvis involuntarily moved toward the caressing hand unconsciously trying to cause contact with her tingling girlhood. The Academys founder completed the spiral exploration and administered the first of her five spanks. It wasnt nearly as forceful as Mildreds had been, barely more that a love tap. The process repeated on her right cheek and once again the doctors fingers came so tantalizingly close to her vulva that Barbie had to bite the panties again this time to suppress a groan of arousal. Slap! came the gentle impact.

The firm pats seem to change the sting to a maddening tingle that enveloped her pelvis including her mons. Her ass felt really hot but the pre-spank caress cooled it some. Prior to the third strike the upward portion of the butt rub actually did contact the tender flesh of her outer lip. Barbie had begun sucking her saliva back out of her underwear. The fourth love tap was about the same. The teenagers tears had stopped. There was still a noticeable sting from her glowing red cheeks but it was overshadowed by the tingle. In preparation for the final blow Mirandas hand drifted about an inch further toward the girls midline which caused her fingers to very briefly and lightly trace over the teenagers protruding inner lips. The pleasurable sensation was so intense that the senior prefect was unable to completely stifle the groan. The final impact, if you could call it that, was the lightest of all.

Its over! I survived! the teenager rejoiced. She was unsure of the protocol so she didnt move. Although in a very real sense she was enjoying the spanking she did not want any more. She caught sight of the charcoal skirt and the lower part of the blue academy blazer and realized that the Head Mistress had come around the desk. Miz Millie took hold of her forearms just above her wrists with a firm grip. The punishment is over honey the matron confirmed but Barbie realized that she wasnt supposed to move, couldnt move, as long as the Head Mistress held on to her arms. An instant later she felt a slender finger trace up the center of her crease with enough pressure to slightly penetrate the delicate folds. The invasion started just above her clit and traveled smoothly up over her perineum until it gently stroked over her tightly puckered anus.

Aahhgghh... the teenager groaned at the unexpected and highly erotic stimulation.

Shes so wet she heard the Academys founder voice from behind her. Barbie felt the evidence of her pussy juice being smeared on the pretty pink rosebud between her red throbbing buttocks. The Head Mistress had leaned down to the level of the desk so that her face was now in the teenagers hair. Millies mouth, very close to her ear whispered

Doctor Marcott can make you feel better.... would you like that? Meanwhile the sixty year old behind her was drawing the insanely arousing line from below her clit to her asshole again, this time with enough pressure to cause the tantalizing digit to penetrate the outer folds up to the first knuckle. Barbie wanted to scream YES but what came out was a guttural and largely unintelligible groan. The matriarchs finger made lubricated little circles around her previously unexplored rosebud before zeroing in and applying enough pressure cause the very tip of her finger to penetrate the virgin opening.

Awwemmmmm the blonde softly wailed.

Would you like Miranda to make you feel all better? the matron rephrased her question and punctuated it by sticking her tongue into the senior students ear. Waves of pure pleasure rolled and crashed in the teenagers pelvis like nothing shed ever felt before. The sharp tingling sting of her hot butt cheeks seemed to play a background chorus to the doctors gently titillating fingers. One of those experienced digits had now twisted its way into her butt hole up to the cuticle. The girl momentarily regained her command of the English language

Oh... oh yes... oh God YESSS! she squealed. At about the same moment a finger of Academys founders other hand began to make a rapid wiggling motion on her prepuce. Miz Millie was holding her upper body down so teenager had very limited mobility but her hips were gyrating as much as they could.

Suddenly all the pressure was off her. The Head Mistress no longer had her pinned to the desk and the maddening fingers were no longer probing and stroking her most sensitive regions. For an instant she felt totally abandoned. Then hands were on her shoulders encouraging her to stand up. Her back felt stiff as she was gently rotated to face the schools administrators. Barbie was surprised at the ease with which the matron lifted her onto the desk. The cool wood felt soothing on her well tanned tush. Her head was spinning from arousal and she felt disoriented from the change of position but when she looked down she saw the short auburn highlighted silver hair of the matriarchs head between her knees. The Head Mistress was deftly and quickly unbuttoning the senior prefects blouse.

Doctor Marcotts hands started at Barbies knees and slid up her inner thighs slowly, catching the hem of her skirt and pushing it along ahead of her exploring hands. To the senior prefect it felt like a crescendo playing on all her senses. Miz Millie was pulling the white blouse back off her shoulders and down her arms. It was convenient that the sleeves turned inside out and the cuffs simply slipped over the girls little hands. When the kneeling womans hands reached their target she lifted the skirt exposing the juicy pink slit. Hold this the matriarch commanded holding the hem of the plaid skirt against the teens abdomen. At the same time the Head Mistress was pulling the bra down her arms and off. Mildred was admiring the magnificent round gravity defying cones she had revealed still holding the white cotton blend bra in her hand. Barbie accepted the responsibility of keeping her kilt out of the way, grasping the hem of the pleated wool with both hands and holding it up against the bottom of her ribs.

The doctor used her thumbs to part the plump outer lips, further exposing and spreading the thin wings. The Head Mistress slipped around behind her and reached under her occupied arms. The older womans head was on her shoulder looking down the girls heaving chest. Mildred cupped the mounds testing their firm resiliency.

The doctor seemed content at the moment to continue her visual exploration of the dribbling pubescent cunt. The experienced old dyke began to focus her attention on the bulging prepuce at the apex of the shiny inner lips. Pulling up and out on the fleshy vulva she was rewarded by the girls clitoral glans emerging from its cover. The red navy bean sized peg was sticking straight out and looking eminently suck-able. The heady sweet aroma of adolescent arousal swirled around her in a vortex, drawing her in.

Miz Millie was pulling on the tender pink nubs that stood out half an inch from the round puffy areolas. The attention to her nipples was sending ever stronger jolts of joy to the distended peg that the good doctor was examining with her expert eye. It was less than a minute, but to the excited teenager it felt like hours before the silver auburn streaked head finally moved forward. The long highly skilled tongue made its first bottom to top sweep of her throbbing labia. The upward swipe stopped just short of the erect organ at the top. Barbie felt like the little button was going to explode. Waves of intense pleasure were washing over her from the repeated strokes of the matriarchs tongue and the incessant tugging and twisting on her sensitive nips.

She was on a plateau where there was nothing in the world but the erotic stimulation. Her head was spinning out of control and she wished the ecstatic feeling would last forever. The doctors tongue strokes had become longer and it now touched and flicked the exposed rigid nubbin at the top of each swipe. Every time the kneeling womans tongue made contact with her clit a spike of electric energy shot through her. The steady humming moan that was emanating from her throat would be punctuated by a sharp squeak each time her love button was directly contacted. Each squeak signified a step up from the plateau toward the precipice where the real world ended and heaven began. The experienced lesbian between her legs recognized the tightening of the leg muscles and the subtle but rapid twitching. She slowed the pace of her stroke which had the inverse affect on the girls climb to ecstasy; it accelerated. Many years and many pussies enabled her to judge the exact moment to suck the throbbing clitoris between her lips. Sucking and licking the rigid glans with her tongue she had to firmly hold the teenagers hips down to prevent being knocked over backward by the force of the thrusts. Millie was very helpful in not allowing the thrashing youngster to get any leverage from her upper body.

Surprisingly part of the magic of the ultimate orgasm was knowing when to stop. Too soon and the pinnacle was not fully achieved, too late and excess stimulation wound up detracting from the experience. Stopping the stimulation at precisely the right moment was one key, the second was knowing what else to do. Miranda had found that, although it wasnt universal, most women found firm pressure at the top of the mons, on the root of the clit, not the tip extended the thrilling freefall from the precipice. It acted like a thermal up draft on a hang glider. Timing was everything, and the Academys founder was a master of it. At precisely the right moment she released the clit and put the heel of her hand against the writhing teenagers plump spongy mons, pressing until she could feel the ridge created by the engorged clit through the fleshy padding. The deep moan that replaced the screaming proved that the technique was working.

Barbie was sailing out over the landscape on a cloud of pure joy. The intense explosion was more powerful than any she had ever experienced and now she seemed to be riding along on the blast wave. There was a feeling of weightlessness like riding the mythical magic carpet. There were no aftershocks or convulsions like she usually felt, only a gradual smooth gliding into a pool of bliss. She also felt her upper body being lowered. The shock of the cold hard desk top against her shoulders and eventually the back of her head was a poor substitute for miz Millies nicely padded chest. Her vision was blurry but she caught sight of the grey skirt partially covered by the blue blazer pass by the side of the desk.

I gotta go Mandy the Head Mistress informed her boss who was now resting on her right hip and hand on the tile floor, her face smeared from her chin to just below her eyes with the teenagers thick fluids.

Have fun the Academys founder replied as she began to get to her feet. I know I will.

Im sure I will too Millie was thinking as she closed the classroom door behind her.

Doctor Marcott rounded the desk. The spent senior girl was laying across the desk, her legs dangling on the classroom side and her head resting on the very edge, almost off the far side. Miranda raised her skirt revealing that there were no barriers above the intricate elastic design on the tops of her thigh-hi stockings. Looking up Barbie had an unobstructed view of the matriarchs full mature vulva. Show me what you know sweetheart the sixty year old said as she separated her own folds.

The Head Mistress hurried down the hall toward the infirmary. The outer door was open. In the little ante room the adorable freshman sat in her white robe on one of the four chairs looking as nervous as a virgin bride on her wedding night. The matron flashed the teenager a reassuring smile before rapping on the inner door. Come an authoritative voice responded from the other side. Millie entered the office-examination room and closed the door behind her.

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