Baby Kari, Loving Mother, Part 5 -- Baby Sister II

by inglorious babysitter

Over the next several days, April noticed little Kari toddling around with her hands in her panties: one in front and one in back. At nearly 7 months pregnant, April did not have the energy to keep up with the energetic little tart. In the mornings, April would put pants on Kari, but invariably, Kari would take them off so she could run around in her panties and a tank top. April found herself a bit torn, since she wanted her four-year-old to have manners, but at the same time, they were in the privacy of their own home, and Kari's bouncing little butt was appealing to look at, especially with a little bit of bum cheek peeking out of her cotton panties.

Nursing had become an enjoyable ritual too. After dinner, April would lay on her bed, wearing a nursing bra with little pads as she had already noticed an increase in milk. The new baby would need it, of course, but she had not stopped lactating since Kari was born four years ago, since nursing had become part of the bond between April and little Kari. Kari would run into the room, jump up on the bed (she was getting big enough that it wasn't really a 'climb' anymore). Laying beside April, Kari would bury her face in her mother's breast as April would caress her little girl's face and hair, kiss the top of her head, and perhaps repeat a dozen times. April would rub Kari's back, typically removing her shirt in the process, if she wore one, before Kari asked to nurse. April would undress herself until topless, Meanwhile, Kari would remove her panties and lay naked against her mother until her mother picked her up and pulled her across the chest. Kari would suckle each side, and April would stroke and caress her little girl. April's favorite place to 'play' was Kari's little bottom, which April would rub, then squeeze or give a little play swat. Every now and then, April would feel the urge to finger Kari's anus. She always would tell Kari ahead of time, "Mommy's going to play inside your bummy, honey." This came usually while Kari curled up beside her, naked and ready to nurse. Kari was undeterred . In fact, Kari was a little excited. As time passed, Kari's anus had become accustomed to her Mother's fingers, and Kari did not complain that it hurt anymore. She would often suckle more intensely during times when Mommy fingered her bottom.

Holding Kari became difficult as April entered the last month of her pregnancy. Though she tried to hold 4-year-old Kari across her chest the way she always had, it just became impossible to to. Even sitting fully upright, April's belly prevented her from nursing Kari in the way she always had, with Kari cradled across her chest. Kari was getting taller, though. With April upright, Kari could turn to face her Mother and lean against her chest to suckle. This required Kari to jump up and move to the other side of her mother to suckle Mommy's other nipple, but the energetic little girl didn't mind, and in fact made a game out of Standing up, jumping a couple times on Mommy's big bed where Mommy now lay in the center instead of to one side, and then taking a flying leap directly over her Mother's big belly to her opposite side rather than walking around. The agile little tart never once landed on her Mother's sensitive womb and even though she made Mommy rather nervous, Mommy allowed it. Nursing, Kari would plant one foot against the headboard and usually throw her other leg out to the side, leaving one little foot dangling over the edge of the bed. April would drape her arm over Kari so that the little girl could lay comfortably against her side. Kari found that her hands were much freer in this position and she took a liking to grabbing her mother's enlarged breast and grip it like a bottle. The soft flesh of Mommy's breast felt very good to the little pair of hands, which squeezed deeply. Kari found she could speed up the flow of milk with the rhythmic squeezing of her Mother's breast; an additional pleasure for the little girl, who enjoyed touching her Mother this way.

April, with her arm draped around the girl's back would still caress her little girl, although she missed that pert little bottom, which was now firmly planted on the bed and out of reach as her daughter sat facing her to nurse. April took to stroking her daughter's hair as well as the side of her face, then moving her hand down the girl's spine, over her hip, and down her leg until April's arm was fully outstretched, then April's arm would trace the same path bath up, making the long, slow strokes up and down Kari's body over and over. Kari's body was positioned almost precisely fit the arc of her Mother's arm, and Kari would shift a bit here and there until she memorized the most perfect position to receive her Mother's gentle caress up and down the length of her body which felt so soothing.

April also noticed that Kari's little slit sat exposed as the little girl carelessly held her legs wide apart with one draped over the edge of the bed. April shifted her shoulders a bit and reached down. With her elbow against the headboard, she found that her hand rested on Kari's thigh. The little girl's leg was just slightly bent at the knee with her foot against the headboard, and April slowly traced up the girl's thigh. April, with her other hand, cradled Kari's neck and head, gently stoking her hair and occasionally leaning down to kiss the top of her head.

It was an awkward move at first, but April twisted her arm a bit to slip her hand down between Kari's legs. As she began to rub her clit, she could feel from the sensation of Kari's lips suckling her breast that Kari was smiling. From within the little girl came a little laugh of excitement as the little girl became wet, immediately putting a spot on the bedsheet. 'No need to launder. It will dry soon enough,' April though to herself, and besides that, she loved the smell of her daughter's little pussy and thus the little spot on the bedsheet may as well been from a scented aerosol air freshener.

Kari shifted her position, turning her leg on its side and bending her knee so that she could scoot forward until her knee almost bumped the head of the bed. In Doing so she curled her spine and shifted her hips so that her vagina was now fully accessible to her Mother's touch. A bit more shifting by both of them put April's arm comfortably outstretched so that she could slip a finger inside Kari's vagina.

April moved her finger in a beckoning motion inside the little girl, against the g-spot, causing little Kari to grind her hips against her Mother's hand. April reached with her free hand to try and masturbate herself as she felt the intense warmth between her thighs that she felt compelled to satisfy. Her pregnant belly prevented her from doing so. Meanwhile, Kari would occasionally let go of her breast, sending milk everywhere as the little girl focused on the movement of her hips. April held little Kari tightly across the shoulder with her free hand to still her head, although the little girl's face was already covered in the sweet, white milk.

Kari didn't say so, but she liked the feeling. She came once, wetting the bed and her Mother's hand, then continued to grind until Mommy's nipple began to run dry. April intensified the movement of her finger, increasing the depth of her thrusts, finding the little girl's cervix, which caused Kari to make a sound like she was straining. April let go of Kari's shoulder as the milk from her breast had run dry. April half expected Kari to throw her head back and beg Mommy to stop, but she didn't. Kari continued to moan as she shifted her head to lay between her mother's breast and pregnant belly, between which Kari's head rested neatly. Kari kept moaning with her mouth tightly closed as her mother no longer thrust, but rather pressed her finger deep inside the little girl, flicking her fingertip inside Kari's vagina. The body language of Kari's little hips signaled her desire for more as she pushed against her mother's hand, but April's finger was in as far as it would go. April rotated her palm so that Kari could rub her clit against her Mother's knuckles, which the little girl did for just a moment before exhaling deeply and quivering her entire body.

"Mommy needs to come too. Can you nurse Mommy down there?"

"Nurse weewee, Mommy? OK." the little girl said.

"Thank you baby girl. It's getting hard for Mommy to reach down and touch herself." It was also hard to keep herself clean shaven, so a little stubble had formed as it had been a week or so since she had shaved. As she spread her legs and set a pillow under her bum to raise up and make it easier for Kari, the little tart climbed around the bed and situated herself between Mommy's legs. She spread April's pussy and found the clit, which seemed like a little nipple to the little girl, who latched on and suckled as Mommy began to moan and thrust her hips. She badly wanted to shove an object in her vagina. Kari's hands were small...

"Kari, do something for Mommy," April said.

This became the new nursing ritual which April and Kari performed daily, especially as April neared the end of her pregnancy, at which time her breasts became very swollen. Her milk production had ramped up more quickly than normal since she was still allowing her 4-year old to nurse.

"Yes, baby. Would you do that for Mommy?" April asked. Kari's agile little body had already slithered down towards the foot of the bed and rolled in between her mother's legs.

April bent her knees and lay her legs wide apart, assuming a position as if she were in the stirrups at her gynecologist, except that her feet were planted on the bed, but they were very wide apart. A very light stubble had grown over her normally clean shaven pussy since she could hardly see to shave, and the act was simply too uncomfortable to perform, despite her compulsive hygiene. She had, however, been keeping herself very clean, leaving Kari with a pleasant smell as the little tart scooted up the bed with her little shoulders propped up by her elbows. April's hands were crossed above her head. She could not see what was happening as she spread her legs, but she opened her mouth and exhaled deeply as she felt the first touch of that wet little tongue she loved so much as it licked the length of her slit.

Kari gave a few licks to her Mother's slit before opening it with her hands, being careful not to lose her balance as she propped herself on her elbows. Kari inserted a finger in her Mother's vagina as she latched on to her clit and began suckling it as if it was a nipple ready to give her milk. April could not see her daughter, but kept encouraging, "Nurse Mommy right there honey..." and moaning with pleasure. Meanwhile, her vagina, already beginning to dilate as her due date was close, seemed cavernous to the little finger inside it.

"Make a fist and push it into Mommy, honey." Kari did so, making a fist and pressing against her mother's gaping vagina. The outer muscles had not stretched and as such, Kari's hand, small as it was, met heavy resistance. April bit her lip in pain as she felt the girl's hand, just about 2 inches across, press against her open vagina. "Push harder baby. Make it go in. Mommy wants it in there." Kari pressed with all her might, repositioning herself closer to her mother, who now found herself in greater pain as Kari's little fist began penetrating her. Finally, her fist slipped completely inside, meeting a bit less resistance as she plunged it inside, followed by her wrist, which was now in the clutches of her mother's vaginal walls.

Kari shifted her focus back to Mommy's clit as she began 'nursing' it once again. April bore down once, then twice as she experienced an intense orgasm from having half her little girl's arm inside her, plus the suckling of Kari's little mouth against her clit. For Kari, removing her fist proved much easier than inserting it as April vagina relaxed. Kari's arm was soaked, and she had swallowed quite a bit of her mother's secretions.

After several minutes, her mother managed to get herself up to help clean little Kari off, wiping her arm and face, then her little vagina and anus for good measure. The pair lay together, Kari's head on her mother's breast, with her body in the embrace of April as they rested.

It was not long before April's water broke and she was carted quickly to the hospital where she gave birth to little Pamela. Kari called her 'Pammy' before taking to 'sissy' in the baby Pammy's first month. Kari was helpful to her mother and excited about the baby, but as the weeks passed, Kari found that she did not get any opportunity to nurse. April would cradle her and tell her that it would be ok, that she would always be 'Mommy's baby girl,' and that there would be time for more naughty games, but for the time being, Pammy took up all of Mommy's time and all Mommy's milk.

It was not until Pammy began taking well to solid food that April considered letting Kari nurse once again. Kari turned 5 a few days before Pammy reached five months and by this time, Pammy had doubled in size from birth, and Kari had grown another 2 inches.

"They do grow up too fast," April thought to herself as she and Kari performed their ritual once again. With April's stomach much flatter, but still a little stretched and a little pudgy from her pregnancy, it proved an incredibly soft surface as Kari lay across her Mother, cradled, the way it used to be.

Kari's body was definitely longer...'leggier' was probably the correct word for it, April thought as she held her daughter to her chest. No longer could those little feet curl up against April's body. They now draped themselves neatly on the bed. April rubbed Kari's pert little bottom, then up her back to cradle her head. She didn't have to hold Kari in place, although she tried to do so, Kari was growing and well-able to hold herself in the perfect position to suckle her Mother.

"I miss playing with that sweet little bottom of yours," April said to Kari, longingly, as Kari began to sense Mommy's breast drying up. After nursing, Kari went into the bathroom and pulled the step stool that her mother had recently gotten her, on which she climbed up and washed her face like a 'big girl.' April rested on the bed. Moments later, Kari returned, standing outside the doorway.

"Mommy, close your eyes. I gotta surprise."

"Ok, baby, they are closed." April said, smiling.

"Promise?" Kari cried once more.

"Promise!" April echoed.

April held her eyes closed as Kari quietly entered the room and climbed onto the bed. April could hear that Kari was climbing up beside her but could not see what she did. April was a good sport and kept her eyes closed until the rustling of covers stopped and Kari suddenly said, "OK, open your eyes!" April looked to see Kari lying face down with her legs curled up underneath her, knees at her chest, with her little bottom pointed right back at Mommy, spread open as Kari arched her back a little, trying to look sexy for her Mommy.

"You said you missed my bottom, Mommy." Kari said.

April was silent, soaking in the lovely image of her daughter, submissively pointing her bare bottom up at her. She finally managed to stammer out, "you look so gorgeous, honey. I hope you're going to let Mommy play with you."

Kari shook her bummy back and forth as if wagging a little tail that wasn't there. "Play with me, Mommy. Play with my bummy."

April gave a few play spanks to Kari's waiting bottom as she moved into a position to 'play.' She knelt beside her daughter, sitting on her heels, as she rubbed her daughter from her neck down to her crack with one hand. The other hand covered Kari's cheeks before finding its way back underneath to Kari's vagina. A little fingering from Mommy made Kari's juices flow, which April used to cover her fingers before raising them back to Kari's waiting bottom, with one finger gently stroking and tracing a straight line across the little girl's sensitive flesh between her vagina and anus. Wasting no time, April circled Kari's anus with her wet finger before sliding it into the tight little hole. Kari relaxed as the finger penetrated her, allowing her Mother to slide it in with ease. As she buried the first finger she began pressing with a second, which made Kari flinch as the second finger pushed against her anus, trying to enlarge the hole that was filled with the first finger. Kari's flinch made her clinch around her mother's finger, which made April take pause at the wonderful feeling of the sudden tightness, followed by slow relaxation. With her free hand, April began to masturbate.

April persistently rolled the first finger until a tiny gap emerged in Kari's 'bummy hole' which indicated that Kari was beginning to gape for her mother. April slid her second finger into the spot that seemed to gape open a bit and found herself able to slide the second finger in as Kari relaxed. With two finger's in Kari's anus, April probed deeply inside the little girl as her finger tips had ample room inside the girl's rectum to explore, but her main goal was to bring her little girl to a shuddering anal orgasm.

"Rub yourself for Mommy, honey," April coaxed. "Rub down there."

The little girl had already put a hand between her legs to satisfy the urge to rub her clit as it had that 'tickly' feeling she felt when her mother curled her fingertips inside her anus. Rubbing in just the right place, April began thrusting her hand, giving Kari the intense feeling of having gentle but deep-penetrating anal sex. Kari let out a low set of moans as April continued for a few minutes.

"Owie, Mommy, it's starting to hurt...ow...ow..." Kari began whimpering with each thrust.

April stopped. Once again, caressing Kari's back with her free hand, "what's wrong baby?"

"It hurts back there. It only hurted a little when you put your fingers in and it was feeling really good but now it hurts when you do that..." Kari said. Still so young...she still had the habit of saying 'hurted,' 'sayed,' and 'goed' instead of the proper, 'hurt,' 'said,' and 'went.'

April slowly removed her fingers from Kari's bummy and cleaned both herself and Kari with a few baby wipes from the dispenser. Kari's anus gaped wide as she relaxed and held her sphincter open. April gave her a little kiss on the bum, which turned into another, and another, until April's kisses circled Kari's little gape. Kari finally clinched involuntarily as the feeling of being kissed felt good, but finally triggered a 'ticklish' reaction that made her clench and giggle.

April found herself very tired while Kari was wide awake. April told Kari she was going to lay down for a while, leaving Kari to keep an eye on the sleeping baby. Until then, April had not touched Pammy in a sexual way, and Kari knew better, even though she was curious about her little sister. As April lay in the bed and fell asleep, Kari played in the baby's room while Pammy slept in the crib. After a short while, Kari heard Pammy cooing and shaking a rattle. Kari looked through the vertical bars of the crib to see little Pammy on her back, shaking a rattle above her head. Quietly, Kari returned to her mother's room to find her sleeping soundly. Curiosity now consuming Kari, she quietly went back to the baby's room and closed the door. She removed her pants and put them aside so that she wore only a long t-shirt and panties. She nimbly climbed into the crib with little Pammy. Unbuttoning the little onesie outfit that Pammy wore, she opened it up to reveal the baby's torso, with her flat nipples, and her disposable diaper, which was a little wet. Kari decided it would be best to clean the little girl, so the little precocious devil quickly and nimbly climbed back out of the crib, grabbed the wipes and a clean diaper, tossed the box of baby wipes and the diaper into the crib, taking care not to hit her little sister, and then climbing to let herself back in. At this point, Pammy was grinning. Kari smartly moved the diaper close to Pammy so it would look like she was changing her little sister, which she had done with some success as April watched. If anything, Kari thought, Mommy would be happy with her.

Kari's real goal was to explore her little sister's privates. This meant removing the little diaper, which Kari did with ease. She wiped Pammy's slit clean with one wipe, then with another, reached down with her finger and wiped several passes around Pammy's little anus. The cold sensation made Pammy fuss a little but it soon stopped as Kari neatly packed the two used baby wipes in the dirty diaper which she folded up and taped into a ball and tossed it over the crib onto the floor.

With that, Kari began caressing her baby sister, up and down her chest and belly. Kari would stop to pay special attention to her nipples which, though tiny, seemed to stiffen when Kari rolled the reddish flesh of Pammy's baby nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Kari's hands gradually moved their way down as Kari mustered the courage to play with Pammy's 'weewee.' Kari was curious about what lay inside those fat little pussy lips and just now she resolved to find out. "I'm gonna play with your weewee sissy," she said, almost whispering as the baby looked up at her. Kari spread the baby's lips to reveal her little hymen, which almost completely covered her vaginal opening. Her baby clit hid behind the folds of skin near the top of her slit, and her little 'peepee' hole almost seemed to jut out. Kari gently rubbed around Pammy's little vagina which, to her surprise, became a little moist. Kari licked her finger and slid it into Pammy's tight little hole, only to find that it wouldn't go without forcing it inside. Kari didn't want to do that, so she pulled her finger back and leaned down to give her little sister a kiss.

Kari planted her lips around Pammy's little peepee hole and began licking gently. Pammy giggled before letting go of her bladder as the sensation that Kari gave her made her have to go peepee. Kari found herself covered in Pammy's pee, but discovered that it didn't taste as bad as it smelled when a diaper came off. "It just tasted salty," she thought to herself. swallowing the small amount in her mouth, she decided to go down on little Pammy again, licking and kissing, focusing on the little peepee hole. Pammy giggled loudly as if someone was tickling her ribs.

The jealousy faded as Kari found that Pammy would make a fun playmate...especially in the naughty sort of way, she thought to herself. As she kissed away at the little girl's slit, she heard her Mother's footsteps. Kari raised her head and grabbed the fresh diaper, getting it crooked but under Pammy's sweet little bottom before April entered the room.

"What's all the noise about?" April asked, groggy from being waked up.

"Um...I was changing Pammy and I tickled her tummy and she started giggling so I did it some more and she giggled really loud while I was changing her and now I can't get the new diaper on Mommy, and Pammy went peepee on me..." Kari explained as April gently shushed her.

"Well, it looks like you're being a good helper for Mommy, honey. I'm sure it was an accident when Pammy went peepee on you. Climb out of there and I'll show you something," April said as she picked up Pammy and moved her to the changing table. "See?" April said, placing a wipe over Pammy's little pussy. "That will catch all that pee pee in case she decides to go while you're changing her."

Kari felt proud of herself. she had not only convinced Mommy that she was changing Pammy, but she also got to play with Pammy's 'weewee' AND she got praise from Mommy for trying to be a good little helper.

But Kari was still curious...what did that little baby's mouth feel like when suckling a nipple? She wanted to find out but how...

To be continued.

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