Sisters & Daughters, Part 2 The Babysitter

by Buck

I hope the readers who liked my first story wont be too upset that I jumped the second part two years ahead in time. Im planning to move each story ahead by a year or two to give readers the chance to see how the characters grow and change. Im planning ten or twelve parts to chronicle the lives of Diane, Evelyn, Tammy, and Nicky. Each story is self contained and can be read separately without needing to read the others, but if you want to see the big picture I suggest you read the earlier parts. Thank you for all of your support.

It had been almost two years since Evelyn and her daughters had moved in with her big sister, Diane. The sisters rediscovered a very loving relationship that they had lost when they grew up, and had expanded it to include Evelyns little girls. Tamara was now nine years old and her sister Nichole was now seven. The two little girls had been molested by their father and it had left them very sexually aware at a very young age. Evelyn and Diane had been so aroused by the girls sexual actions that they had joined in as if they had no choice. Evelyn and Diane, now twenty-eight and thirty- two, had given up any guilt feelings over this and enjoyed the little girls and each other when ever it was mutually agreeable. They had laid the ground rules right away. Anyone of the four were allowed to say No, when ever they didnt want attention and that left all sexual play to be mutually enjoyable for all of them.

Diane had bought a king size bed and all four of them slept together every night, although they didnt all have sex together every night. Sometimes only the adults, and sometimes only the kids, and sometimes only three of them rocked off to an orgasm, while the fourth tried to sleep. Occasionally, only one of them would masturbate while the others slept.

But Sunday morning, after all four would rise and use the toilet, they would all climb back into bed and have sex with each other in as many ways and having as many orgasms as possible. Evelyn had set the record at seventeen in one three hour morning. No one could remember exactly when Sunday morning started, but none of them wanted it to stop, ever. This morning was Sunday morning.

Brown haired Diane with big brown eyes was lying on her back her head on a pillow. Her hands were clamped around red head Tammys legs as Tammy squirmed her pussy over her aunts mouth. Tammys moans were eclipsed only by Dianes as she moaned into her nieces pussy. Diane was moaning because her other niece was licking her pussy. Brown haired Nickys little tongue was lapping at her aunts engorged red clit. Then Nicky began pushing her fingers into Aunt Dianes sopping pussy. In and out the way her mother had taught her. In fact the women had taught the girls every trick they could think of to make a woman feel good.

Thats good, Honey, Evelyn told her daughter, Nicky. Now move your fingers around inside there. Thatll make your Aunt Diane feel sooo good. Evelyn had red hair and blue eyes like her daughter Tammy. Her hands were all over her daughters back and ass as Nicky knelt between Dianes legs. The skin was so soft and smooth, warm and muscular. The only fat was on her daughters little budding behind. Evelyns one hand snaked down the crack of her daughters butt, grazed her butt hole and reached Nickys little pink pussy. Her mothers fingers gently played over the baby pussy and ass crack, almost tickling. Nicky began cooing into her aunts pussy. Suddenly Tammy had a shattering orgasm that left her so weak she fell back against the headboard. Diane raised herself up on her elbows to watch Nicky fist her pussy while her mother fingered her. Tammy came around to kiss Diane. Thanks, Aunt Diane, she said as she broke the kiss, tasting herself on her aunts lips. Diane couldnt reply as her breathing increased in tempo. Tammy fell on Dianes right breast and began sucking on the nipple to help her over the edge. That seemed to do it because Diane suddenly threw her legs out and would have smashed her little niece under them, if her mother hadnt pulled her out of the way.

Okay, Sweetie, Evie said, Your turn. She picked up Nicky in her arms, laying her head on a pillow and spread her legs. Her mother went at Nickys seven year old pussy with relish, with her tongue. Diane lay on her back, too weak to do anything, but watch as nine year old Tammy laid down beside her sister, and began kissing and licking her mouth, ears and little flat nipples. Nicky squeaked in orgasm under her mothers and sisters attention, then lay still, as if dead. Evie climbed up to lay on top of her and hugged her close to her. Oh, Baby, youre okay. She rocked her daughter gently. After a few minutes Nickys head came up and began sucking on Evies nipple. Thats good, Baby. Yes, make Mommy feel good.

Evie got up on her hands and knees with her daughter under her, Nickys mouth clamped on a nipple. Evie reached one hand down between her legs and began fingering her own pussy. Tammy didnt want to be left out, and moved under her mother when Evie moved her arm, and clamped her mouth on Evies other breast. An Oh escaped her lips as she felt both of her daughters sucking on her breasts better than they did when they were babies. Her hand was pushed out of the way as she felt her sister move under her from behind and clamp her lips on to her sister Evelyns clitoris. Evelyn was amazed, not for the first time, at how good of an oral lover her sister was. In less than three minutes Evie had a shattering orgasm that made her sit back onto her sisters face. However, Diane wasnt finished with her. It only took another two minutes to give Evie another shattering orgasm. She fell forward, her pussy dripping onto her sisters hair, and was only aroused when she heard her daughters telling her to get off of them.

Diane was in and out of the shower first. They had learned long ago not to get a shower together after a Sunday morning, or Sunday morning would turn into Sunday all day long. They did all have lives to attend to and other things to do besides have sex. Besides, Friday night was shower night when they would all pile into the shower together and wash each other until the water heater ran out of hot water.

Before Tammy went to get a shower, Diane stopped her and said, Everybody get enough? There were murmurs of agreement all around. Evie began stripping the soiled sheets off the bed. Good. Now I want you girls to be good tomorrow for Ashley. Im reminding you now, and Ill remind you a couple more times before tomorrow morning. She came very highly recommended and she doesnt cost a lot.

Why cant Mommy still stay home with us? Nicky asked. You know why, Tammy told her. Mommys got a new job and she works during the day now. Actually, Evelyn said, I have the same job, I just work it at the same time as your Aunt Diane. Evelyn had worked as a cashier at a major department store for almost two years, but she had to take second shift, from four in the afternoon until ten oclock at night. So the girls were used to having their mother with them all day long during the summer, when they werent in school. Now Evelyn was going to work during the day time and they needed a babysitter. Ashley was recommended by the mother down the street, who said she was wonderful to her two children. So Evelyn hired Ashley to arrive at six in the morning and stay with the girls at the house until Evelyn and Diane got home from work at four in the afternoon.

Both girls promised they would be good for Ashley. They also promised that they would never tell Ashley about the sex games they play with their mother and aunt. We know that, Tammy assured her mother. Weve never told any one and we never will. She smiled at her sister, who beamed back. Nicky shook her head. Not one word. I want to live with Mommy and Aunt Diane forever. That brought a kiss to her forehead from her mother.

On Monday morning Ashley arrived promptly at six oclock. Diane was going out the door to her car. They exchanged good mornings and Ashley went in to talk to Evelyn. Evelyn had another half hour before she had to leave for work, so she had time to talk with the teenager. She invited Ashley into the kitchen and asked her if she wanted a cup of coffee. Ashley agreed and the two sat down to discuss things.

Ashley was fourteen years old. She had long shiny black hair parted in the middle. It framed a round white face with a few pimples on her cheeks and foreheads. Evelyn studied the teenager. She had a an open, honest face that smiled easily. She was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a black tee shirt with the name of a rock band on it.

After ten minutes Evelyn invited the teenager in to see the girls. They were dressed, but asleep on the sofa in the living room, one at either end with their feet touching in the middle. I got them up an hour ago. They had breakfast already, so you only need to worry about lunch and snacks. Snacks at nine and three. Oh, okay. You dont need to get them up before I get here. I could make them breakfast. No, Evelyn told her, I want to make sure theyre used to getting up early for when school starts. Actually Evelyn didnt want any questions about why the girls didnt have their own beds in their own bedroom. The bedroom doors upstairs need to stay closed. The girls know this. Bedrooms are for sleeping. She pointed at the toy box in the corner of the living room. They have toys down here to play with and movies on the entertainment center. They can watch anything on this side, she pointed to the left side of the entertainment center. If there are any problems, dont hesitate to call. My number and Dianes number are on the refrigerator. Try me first. Any questions? Only one. When should I get them up? If they dont get up before eight on their own, wake them.

After Evelyn left for work, Ashley kicked off her shoes and settled down on the recliner. She soon fell asleep. An hour later, the two sisters were standing in front of her watching her sleep. Wow, Nicky whispered. Shes really pretty. Shes okay, I guess, Tammy said. Shes not as pretty as Mommy or Aunt Diane. Look at how black her hair is. I never saw hair that black before. Yeah, her sister agreed. But she has pimples. You probably will, too when you get to be her age. Shes a teenager, you know.

I can hear you guys, you know, Ashley said without opening her eyes, startling the young girls. I know teenagers with more pimples than I have. Ashley opened her eyes and sat forward, un-reclining the recliner. You must be Tammy and Nicky. You must be Ashley, the baby sitter, Nicky told her Well, duh, Tammy said. Who else would she be? Now, no fighting guys. Were all going to get along. If we get along, well have fun, if we dont She let that trail off. Tammy and Nicky exchanged glances.

Later that morning, after nine oclock snack, the girls went to play in the living room while Ashley cleaned up the kitchen. When she returned to the living room she found Tammy playing a video game on the TV and Nicky playing with a baby doll. Ashley sat down watching Tammy play her video game for a few minutes when she noticed Nicky had pulled her shirt up and was holding the dolls head up to her bare chest.

What are you doing Nicky? With your doll? Without looking up, Nicky said, Im feeding my baby. Oh? Oh, Ashley realized in a flash what she was doing. Yourebreast feeding your doll? Uh huh. Ashley crawled down to the floor between Tammy and Nicky with her attention on Nicky and what she was doing with the doll. Where did you learn about breast feeding? From Mommy and Aunt Diane, Tammy said. She paused her video game and turned to watch Ashley and her sister with the doll. They made sure we understand what boobies are for. Nicky turned to Ashley. Want to feed my baby? Oh. Well do you have a baby bottle for her? No. I mean natural. Breast feeding. Oh, well Honey, girls dont breast feed other girls babies. Only the mommy feeds their babies that way. Just pretend youre the mommy.

It was hard to fault the childs logic. She was just pretending. Ashley could pretend. She put the dolls head up to her chest and rested it against her left breast. No not that way, Nicky told her, and began to pull Ashleys tee shirt up. Uh, Ashley hesitated, looked at Tammy for help. Ill show you, Tammy said. She quickly pulled her own shirt off and tossed it aside. This wasnt the kind of help Ashley was looking for. Tammy took the doll and said, Is my baby hungry? Mommys going to feed her little baby. She put the dolls mouth right against her little pink nipple. Hmm, thats good, she said after a few moments, pulling the doll away. My turn, Nicky said, pulling her shirt off over her head. She took the doll lovingly in her arms, placing its mouth on her little brown nipple. She cooed some baby talk. After a few moments she said, Ashley, your turn.

Ashley looked back and forth between the girls. Was what they were asking so unusual? It was innocent play. They were only seven and nine. She talked herself into it. Ashley pulled her tee shirt off revealing a plain white bra. She wears a bra, Nicky said to Tammy in a whisper. I cant wait until I can wear a bra, Tammy replied. Ashley grinned. It wont be too long. But its not all that great. If you dont get the right bra it can be very uncomfortable. She undid the hook in front and the girls got their first look at teenage breasts. They were set high and were rounded underneath with small brown nipples pointing slightly upward. Ashley set her bra on top of her tee shirt and put the dolls lips to her left nipple. Is little baby hungry? After thirty seconds she said, There, now, was that enough? She set the doll down, reaching for her bra. No! Nicky said. Not yet. Dont put your bra on yet. She couldnt take her eyes off of Ashleys breasts. The three girls sat on the living room floor topless. Finally Tammy said, Nicky just wanted you to take your shirt off so she could see your boobies.

Ashleys face broke into a smile, and a giggle escaped her lips. I was wondering what was really going on. Boobies fascinate her, Tammy told Ashley. Aunt Dianes are the biggest ones I saw, Nicky said. She has big brown nipples. Brown like mine but a lot bigger. And Mommys are smaller and she has red nippleslike Tammy has. She pointed at her sisters chest. She put her face close to Ashleys right breast. Yours are smaller than Mommys, but bigger than me or Tammy, and you have brown nipples.

Do I ? Ashley was suddenly self conscious and put her arms in front of her chest. I wanna see. Nicky acted like she was going to cry. Okay. Ashley put her arms down. Nicky crawled on to her lap, laid on her back, her head on Ashleys knee, and looked up at the young teenagers breasts. She reached a hand up. Then she remembered the rules that her mother and aunt set down. Can I touch them? UhI guess. What could the harm be? Nickys little fingers felt all around one of Ashleys breasts, then settled on the nipple. It quickly became hard under her touch. Ashleys breath quickened also and she exchanged glances with Tammy. Tammy shrugged her round little shoulders. While Ashley was looking at Tammy, Nickys head came up and her lips clamped onto Ashleys nipple. Ashleys first reaction was to push the girl away, but something stopped her. Was it that the little girl sucking on her breast made her feel all warm inside and strangely content. Nickys one hand was on the breast she was sucking on and her other hand moved to the teenagers other breast. No one had ever touched her naked breasts, not a boy, not anyone. She decided that she liked it. After a few minutes a moan escaped Ashleys lips.

Tammy realized what was going on, as she watched her sister. She bent over to whisper in Ashleys ear, Do you like your new baby? Ashleys eyes were half closed. Uh huh. Nicky pulled her sucking mouth away from Ashleys breast. Im your little baby. Ashley lowered herself backward until she was laying on her back, Nickys head still on her lap. Tammys face was near Ashleys. Ashley, can you teach me how to kiss? What? The question caught her off guard. While she was concentrating on Tammy, Nicky climbed up to lay on top of Ashley, her bare flat chest against the naked skin of Ashleys flat belly. Nickys legs were stretched out between Ashleys legs. Her lips found Ashleys other breast and began kissing it all over, finally kissing and sucking on the nipple. Tammy leaned in and kissed Ashley on the lips. Was that good? Ashleys head was spinning. What was happening? Everything was suddenly out of control. Without waiting for a reply, Tammy leaned in and kissed Ashley longer this time. Ashleys left hand lay on top of Nickys head, stroking her hair, her right hand went around Tammys bare back and pulled her down. Tammys lips parted and her thin red tongue licked at Ashleys lips. Without meaning to Ashleys own lips parted and allowed the nine year olds tongue to enter her mouth.

This is how you kiss, Ashley told the young girl. She parted her lips and ran her tongue over the childs tongue. Oooo, Tammy shivered. That was great. The girls kissed for a few minutes while Nicky sucked on Ashleys nipple. Did you learn how to kiss from a boy? Do you kiss a lot of boys? Tammy was full of questions.

Suddenly Ashley sat up, gently pulled Nicky from between her legs, stood on shaky legs. Whats wrong, Ashley? Tammy asked. II just have to goto the bathroom. She looked around in a daze. Wheres the? Up stairs. First door on the right. Ashley climbed the stairs as quickly as she could. She found the bathroom, closed and locked the door, practically ran to the toilet, pulled her pants and underwear down to her ankles, and dropped onto the toilet seat. She did all this in twenty seconds. Immediately her right hand was between her legs, stroking her vagina lips, one finger finding her clitoris. It took less than thirty seconds for Ashleys body to shudder in orgasm, her jaws clenching tight to avoid screaming, her legs coming up off the floor, her thin white thighs trapping her hand. Her head fell back and hit the toilet tank lid.

Ow, ow, ow, she said as quietly as possible. When she could move again, she rubbed the back of her head. What was going on here? Did she just have an incredible orgasm from two little girls sucking her breast and kissing her. She had never had an orgasm before, except by herself, with only her own hand touching her breast or vagina. She had kissed a few boys, but no boys hand ever touched her breasts orkissed her the way Tammy did. Tammy? She certainly didnt act like she was nine. She seemed so smart. What was the word? Sophisticated. Yes, mature for her age. Maybe that was all it was.

Ashley was suddenly aware of her nudity. She wiped her vagina, pulled her jeans up, and washed her hands. She shivered as her nipples grew hard. She had left her shirt downstairs. Slowly she made her way back downstairs to the living room.

What ever she was expecting to see when she entered the living room it wasnt this. In her wildest imaginings she couldnt have thought she would ever in her entire life see this sight. She froze, shocked, more than shocked, stunned. The girls were completely naked and lying on the sofa. Seven year old Nicky with the light brown hair was lying atop her big sister, nine year old Tammy with the red hair. And they were kissing. No. They were making out. Ashley had kissed a boy in her class, Tommy, like this once, when he had come over to her house and her parents werent home. Well, not like this exactly. Ashley and Tommy were fully dressed, but Ashley had stretched out on top of Tommy, just like little Nicky was stretched out on top of Tammy. They were so into their necking that they never heard Ashley come in.

As Ashley stood there in the doorway, trying to decide what was her best course of action, she found she couldnt take her eyes off of the young girls, her eyes roamed all over the naked flesh that she could see. Nickys and Tammys legs intertwined, Nickys cute little butt that was grinding ever so slowly into Tammys crotch, Nickys bare back, Tammys pale arms encircling her sisters back, both girls rounded girly shoulders, their necks, their faces, eyes closed, and jaws moving hungrily, as lips fused together, tongues dancing in each others mouth. Ashleys knees grew weak. She was on the verge of having another orgasm just standing there watching them. Girls? she called out weakly. They both opened their eyes immediately, but Nicky made no move to get off of her sister, but she did stop grinding her hips. Whatareyoutwodoing? Ashley said in almost a whisper.

Kissing, Tammy said, brightly. Im teaching Nicky. Um, what you taught me. What I taught her? Ashley thought. I didnt teach Tammy anything, not a damn thing. Tammy knew how to kiss before this morning. Ashley slowly walked over to the sofa as if she was coming up on a wild animal that she didnt want to startle. Tammy. Tammy, tell me the truth. Who taught you how to kiss like that? Tammy blinked in surprise. You did. Ashley slowly sunk down to the floor in front of the sofa. She put her head in her hands. No, Tammy. You kissed me, remember? You started kissing me first. Tammy made to move and Nicky rolled off against the back of the sofa. Tammy sat up. Her freckled face showed a mind that was racing. Ashley suddenly looked up at her. And why are you both naked? Tammy shrugged. Daddy molested us, Nicky said from behind Tammy. Nicky was still stretched out, laying on her side, behind where Tammy sat. Tammy gave Nicky a quick look, then just as quickly looked back at Ashley to see if she was buying it. Tammy bit her bottom lip. Its true. Thats why we dont live with Daddy anymore. Mommy made us promise not to ever tell anyone. Please dont tell that we told you. Please dont tell, Nicky added. Well get into the worst trouble. Alright, Ashley thought. That explanation sort of fits. But what was she to do now about how she felt while watching them. A part of her wanted them to kiss her that way, suck her nipples into their mouths. Touch her between her legs. This was a part of Ashley she never knew existed. Until today. Until an thirty minutes ago.

Tammys hand went to Ashleys bare shoulder, reminding Ashley that she still sat on the floor topless. A decision came to her, and it was out of her mouth before she even realized what she had decide. Alright. I promise that I wont tell your Mommy or your aunt, or anyone what you told me, but you guys have to make a promise to me too. Anything, the girls said together. You guys need to promise not to tell anyone, not anyone, about what we did here this morning. What we did. What you guys did with me. The kissing andstuff. We promise, the girls said, again in unison.

Pinky swear? Ashley held up her pinky and the girls wrapped their own pinkies around hers. Good. Now that thats settled, could you guys, uhgo back to what you were doing? Tammy sat quiet and still. Sure, Nicky said, and began to push Tammy back down on her back. Wait, Tammy said. Whatwhat are you going to do, Ashley? Ashley swallowed hard, licked her lips. Can I watch? Sure, Nicky repeated. Tammy just nodded, and let herself be pushed back down. Tammy needed to get off, and she needed her little sister to get her off. Having Ashley watch was strange at first, but after a few minutes it became exciting.

Nicky ground her hips down into Tammys bald vagina. Nickys kisses were now being deposited all over Tammys face, ears, shoulders, nipples. Tammys hands stayed on Nickys little butt as it rode up and down like waves on the ocean. Tammy bent her one leg up between Nickys legs and the little girl rode her sisters thigh, as Tammy received friction to her clit from Nickys thigh.

An orgasm came over Tammy first, followed moments later by Nickys own. As usual, Nicky lay still as though dead. Tammy pushed her sisters hair out of her own face, scanned the room for Ashley, found her on the recliner in just her little ankle socks. Ashleys right hand was rubbing furiously at her clit, while her left was pinching her nipples. Ashley came in a senses shattering orgasm. She let out a short scream, waking Nicky from her daze.

Slowly Nicky climbed off of her sister, stood on shaky legs, then searched for her clothes. Tammy sat up, looked Ashley in the eye and said, Can we do this again tomorrow? Ashley nodded. Uh huh. As long as we keep this our little secret. Remember. Tell no one. She looked over at Nicky pulling her underwear on. You dont have to get dressed, Nicky. Unless you want to. Or unless we go outside.

After lunch the two little girls and teenager did go outside. Ashley walked along the perimeter of the yard while the girls played on the swings. The yard had a six foot wooden fence, the kind that would be put up to keep strangers or nosey neighbors from staring in. At the far end was a wooden door with a latch on the inside. Ashley went over, unlatched the gate. It swung in. She leaned out and looked left and right. On either side and across the street, for as far as the eye could see were more fenced in yards. Some were wooden, some were chain link, but none were as high as this one. What were Evelyn and Diane trying to hide?

The next day Ashley sat the girls down on the sofa. Nicky had already taken all of her clothes off, and sat naked with her hands in her lap. Tammy still had on her green shorts. Ashley sat between them still dressed. I need you guys to tell me everything that yourfather did to you to. She was trying to determine what she could do with the girls in a sexual manner. She was dying to have Nicky suck on her nipples again and have Tammys little tongue in her mouth, but she was afraid to introduce the girls to something that they didnt know about. They obviously knew how to masturbate, at least against each others legs.

Why? Tammy asked. I dont really want to talk about it. It was a long time ago, Nicky continued. I dont really remember.

Look, you guys. You guys are great. And Id really love to play with you two like we did yesterday, butI dont want to do anything that you arent comfortable with. How about I just ask you some questions? Both girls nodded. Ashley took a deep breath. Okay. Your dad kissed you both. You know, like with tongues?

Daddy taught me how to kiss like grown ups, Tammy admitted. And what else did he teach you to do? Like grown ups? Tammy thought for a few minutes. Her father had introduced her to sex more than two years before. Since that time her mother and Aunt Diane had taught her other things. How to please a woman. What she had learned from her father and what she learned since moving in with Aunt Diane had blurred. She couldnt really remember what she had learned from whom. Of course she couldnt tell Ashley that. She couldnt admit that her mother and aunt were doing anything sexual with her and her sister. She didnt want to go to a foster home.

Nicky spoke up. Daddy used to touch me here. She demonstrated by spreading her legs and running her fingers over her bald little slit. He made me feel real good. But later I started doing it to myself. Tammy had thought of something that she could admit to. Daddy taught me kiss him like grown ups. I loved doing that. It made me feel all warm and tingly. And he used to touch me between the legs, you know, on my vagina. Ashley swallowed hard. And did he ever make you guys touch him, you know on hispenis? There she had asked it. Both little girls shook their heads. No. Daddy was always dressed. He just kissed us and touched us. He liked to look at us naked. This from Tammy.

Ashley decided then that the three of them would kiss and suck boobies, and hug and cuddle, and masturbate with hands but nothing else. She smiled at them. This was going to be a great summer.

Comere Baby, Ashley said and pulled little Nicky onto her lap. She gave the naked little girl a squeeze. You are so cuddly, Little One. Ashleys hands roamed all over the naked seven year old flesh. She picked her up and deposited her on the sofa, then started undressing. Tammy, get naked and sit beside your sister. Tammy pulled her shorts down and almost fell, stepping out of them. She climbed up on the sofa, her hands immediately touching her sister between her legs, Nicky spreading her legs to oblige her sister.

Naked now, Ashley stood over them, smiling. You two are just too cute. She turned around and wiggled her naked pale ass down between the sisters. Move over a little or Im gonna sit on you, she warned. Tammy moved over, and Ashley settled between them, the naked flesh of all three touching. Ashley wrapped an arm around each girl, hugging them against her chest. Time to feed my babies. The girls giggled and each grabbed a teenage breast in a small hand. Their lips followed finding a nipple.

Ashley just enjoyed the attention on her brown nipples for a few minutes, then her hands reached down to find two small wet slits, with hard little nubbins at the top of each slit. Her fingers just played over the soft, moistening flesh, turning on the preteen girls. The sisters reached fingers between the teenagers thighs and began tracing designs on her pussy lips and hard little clit. They kept up the sex play for twenty minutes, orgasms crashing through all three bodies. When they all came down to earth, and hands and mouths fell away from their earlier pursuits, all were breathing hard. Ashleys wet fingers traced their way back up to cup the little girls round shoulders. I love you guys. Please, dont ever forget that. This was going to be a fantastic summer. And with any luck more than just a summer. After all Ashley had four years before she had to go to college.

To be continued.

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