Laura - Chapter 142


Laura herself was even shocked by their behavior. After the two men left, and she and Sholandra bathed (together), they ended up fucking for another two hours. Each had several more orgasms. They were both so sore from the brutal fucking they had both received that they had to go easy on each other, but neither was able to stop.

I'll bet Rhonda would be jealous, Laura thought. And Sholandra must have been reading her mind.

"You know, Rhonda's sweet," she said. "And she loves to fuck. But she's not like you, Laura. She can't fuck for hours, and come a hundred times, and still want more. You and me are more alike. We'll both probably die in the middle of an orgasm."

Laura pondered the truth of this for the next couple of days. Both her ass and her pussy ached and burned, and yet the thought of what the four of them had done could still make her hot, all over again. And Sholandra! Laura was sorry she had sort of pushed her off on Rhonda. The girl was a hellcat, every which way. After the boys left, the fucking had been almost hotter than when they were there. Sholandra was so intense, and such a glutton for fucking, both regular and girl-girl, that it almost scared Laura. Am I really a lot like her?

She was contemplating what it would be like to tie up Sholandra, to introduce the wildcat to the dark dangers she had learned with Karen, when she received a call from Shavon.

"Laura, my husband is going out of town," Shavon said in a hushed voice, very conspiratorial. "But only for one night. Thursday. I invited Vondi over for dinner. Are you free? Not getting your period or anything?"

Laura felt a fresh rush of lust, as if it had been weeks, instead of only two days, since she had fucked with anyone. Her ass still hurt from Danny's reaming. Her nipples still ached from Sholandra's teeth and lips. But Shavon . . . and the famous Vondi, with her surgically-altered but "perfect" breasts . . . it was too much to pass up.

"I wouldn't miss it," she breathed into the phone. "Tell me what time to show up."

"She's coming at six-thirty. Why don't you come at seven? We can act like it's completely unplanned."

"I'll be there," Laura said, feeling her pulse race in anticipation. "Give me the directions."

Fortunately, Thursday was two more nights away. She had to make an excuse to Randi, which was very hard since Randi was totally gorgeous and infinitely desirable and was absolutely smoking for a sexual encounter with Laura. But Laura said her mother was ill, and she had to visit her. Randi was contrite. But Laura had to promise her the weekend.

By Thursday the pain in her asshole and her nipples had disappeared. She had now gone four days without sex, but for the last two and a half she had been thinking of nothing by Shavon and Shavon's friend Vondi, whom she had never met. When Thursday evening arrived, she went home from work, bathed, and put on the very sexiest black lace underwear she possessed. Not even Shavon has seen these, she thought, posing for herself in front of her full-length mirror, admiring her slender waist, long smooth midriff, and perfect breasts, so fetching in the bra that dipped between them, emphasizing the full, creamy moons that nearly spilled over the rims of the cups.

Vondi's may be 'perfect,' she thought, but these babies aren't so bad either, and they just grew naturally. She was so horny that she wanted to touch herself, and so she speedily dressed and drove to Shavon's apartment.

Her hand shook as she touched the buzzer. She couldn't help recalling a very similar episode with Cecilia and Bernice, a while back. Cecilia had felt the same way about Bernice as Shavon did about her old friend Vondi. God, if it only ends up like that one did, I'll be in ninth heaven, Laura thought, not only remembering her time with them both but also Bernice's occasional visits afterwards.

Shavon answered the door with a Academy Award winning performance. "Laura! My god, what a surprise! What a stupendous surprise! I don't believe it! What are you doing here?"

"Tone it down, girl," Laura whispered under her breath. "You're over-reacting."

"Sorry," Shavon whispered through a false smile. Then, turning, "Vondi, I want you to meet one of my dearest friends, Laura Robbins. Laura works for one of my biggest clients. Vondi Carlson, Laura Robbins."

Laura extended her hand, smiling. Vondi was not drop-dead gorgeous, like Shavon, but she was still very attractive, with striking green eyes and tawny brown hair in a luxuriant cloud around her head, drawn back by a broad red ribbon. You didn't see many blacks with green eyes, and Vondi's had a very bold, riveting, almost sexually electrifying glint that made them even more fascinating. Laura remembered Shavon remarking that her friend was sexually adventurous.

Vondi took Laura's hand and smiled. "Girl, you been holding out on me," she said to Shavon. "You never told me your friend was stone gorgeous."

Laura blushed. "Thank you." She couldn't tear her eyes from Vondi's. "You have the most beautiful eyes."

Vondi batted her lashes playfully. "Well, now that we've got the compliments out of the way, let's have a drink," she smiled. "You staying for dinner?" she asked Laura.

"Depends on what we're having," Laura said, ambiguously, suddenly embarrassed to have made a double entendre.

"We're having roast chicken," Shavon said. "And I hope you can stay, Laura, even though you weren't invited."

"I guess I could stay . . . if I'm not interrupting anything," Laura said.

"Oh, Shavon was just getting ready to show me her stamp collection," Vondi said, green eyes twinkling. "And then I was going to show her my tattoos. The ones in the private locations."

"Oh, I'd like to see those too," Laura said.

"Me too," Shavon said.

They followed Shavon into the kitchen, where she opened a bottle of wine.

"I was just kidding," Vondi said. "I don't have any tattoos."

Shavon made a sad sarcastic face. "I was so looking forward to them. Don't you have a butterfly on your booty?"

Laura had been trying hard not to look too closely at Vondi's body, for fear of seeming like a lesbian, which she knew Vondi must already think her, since Shavon had told her about them. But through surreptitious glances, she was able to see it. Vondi was shorter than either Laura or Shavon, by about two inches. She had short legs, and apparently thick thighs, Laura noticed, but not outrageously so. However, the rest of her was a compact bundle of curvaceous flesh. Of course, she had jutting breasts; Laura had heard about those. And a small waist and long midriff made them even more attractive. Her skin was just about the same hue as Shavon's, though perhaps slightly lighter. She had a very sensual mouth. All in all, Laura knew she would be dying to fuck her no matter where she had met her.

"Girl, I know some guys who would kill me if I ruined my booty with a silly little butterfly," Vondi smiled. "They worship my booty."

She turned around to playfully show it off to them. It was a little bigger than Shavon's, for example, but still marvelous. Laura looked hard at Vondi's ass, and Vondi saw her looking. Even though it all happened in a split second or two, it turned into a major tease. You want my pretty black ass, don't you? Vondi taunted her. And Laura's eyes said, Yes, yes!

They each took a wine glass and went back into the living room.

"You know, you look like that girl in the Victoria's Secret catalog," Vondi said to Laura. "I suppose people tell you that all the time."

"Stephanie Seymour? Yes . . . sometimes they do."

"Is that her name? Stephanie? You know, I'm not that way, but she looks good enough to eat sometimes in that underwear. Know what I mean?"

Laura swallowed, and blushed faintly. Shavon looked embarrassed. Vondi was very bold.

"I've got some of it, you know. Her underwear."

"Me too," Laura said.

"Red," Vondi said. "I really like red. I'm wearing some of it right now."


"Want to see it?"

None of them had had more than a few sips of wine, and yet, Laura realized, they were barging right ahead. Shavon set down her glass of wine on the coffee table and walked over to her friend. Her manner had suddenly changed into the sultry, smouldering one Laura had seen in her only after they had begun fucking. She wondered if Vondi had ever seen it, since until now Shavon seemed to have kept it under wraps.

"I want to see it," she breathed to Vondi, tracing an invisible line down Vondi's smooth black cheek with one sinuous forefinger, her dark eyes pulsing with unmistakable sex.

A brief flicker of uncertainty passed across Vondi's striking green eyes, as if she had plunged too far ahead and was unsure of the consequences. Laura moved smoothly over to them. They had not yet sat down and were all three standing next to the sofa, a big white long inviting sofa with deep cushions.

Vondi looked at Laura. "I suppose you want to see it too," she whispered.

"I'll show you mine too," Laura said, reaching up and unbuttoning the first button of her blouse. "Mine's black."

Vondi looked down at Laura's fingers. Laura moved her face closer, and then their lips brushed, and their tongues snaked out, and they were kissing without touching anywhere but their mouths, kissing slowly, sensually. Vondi was an excellent kisser. Her tongue coiled around Laura's, slipping inside Laura's mouth, then yielding to Laura's. Both of them soon realized that Shavon was unbuttoning Vondi's blouse while they kissed.

Laura continued to unbutton hers too. Vondi glanced down at Laura's black lace bra, and the round creamy moons of the tops of Laura's breasts. By now Shavon nearly had Vondi's whole front unbuttoned. Vondi had a red bra on, every bit as sexy as Laura's, and Shavon's and Laura's eyes dropped to her breasts.

"I . . . I've never done it with a girl before," Vondi panted almost inaudibly. "Let alone with two girls."

Laura kissed her smooth cheek, and her lovely neck. "Mmmm, twice the fun," she murmured.

Laura assumed all three would fall onto the delicious long sofa and consummate this exciting start, but Shavon drew them into the bedroom. "We have a king-size bed," she said. "It will be so much more comfortable."

Laura kissed Vondi again, then stopped her in the hall and kissed her again. This time she slipped Vondi's blouse completely off her shoulders, relishing the feel of the girl's smooth dark skin under her hands. Vondi was pliant and soft, responding warmly to Laura's kisses.

"You're very beautiful," Laura said, dropping her lips to the warm cleavage between the red lacy bra cups.

Shavon was behind Vondi. They were still in the hallway, not even inside Shavon's bedroom yet. Vondi quivered excitedly as Laura's lips touched the tops of her breasts, and the warm valley between them. Her bra dipped as far down between her breasts as Laura's own did.

Now Shavon was kissing her back and her shoulders, and unfastening the bra clasp, loosening the red bra, which suddenly went slack and slid down Vondi's arms, exposing her naked breasts. They were every bit as beautiful as Shavon had said, perfectly round, perfectly proportioned, with thick, swelling black nipples only slightly edged in an arc along the bottoms by shiny keloid scars where the incisions had been made.

"God, they're beautiful," Laura whispered.

"Thank you," Vondi panted softly. "They're . . . you know, fake."

"They look real to me," Laura said, filling her hands with the firm warm globes. "They feel real too."

Shavon slid her arms around Vondi from behind and replaced Laura's hands with her own. "I always wanted to touch them," she whispered into Vondi's ear.

"You should've told me."

Laura kissed her while Shavon squeezed her breasts and scissored Vondi's big, thick nipples with her fingers.

"I think they were probably just as lovely before you did it," she murmured against Vondi's sensual mouth.

Vondi shook her head. "Too small."

"I like small too," Laura said, thinking for example of Jonelle, who had no breasts when they first met, and had only small swellings now. "Are they still as sensitive?"

"Why don't you . . . try to find out," Vondi said softly, her green eyes flashing sex.

Shavon was pulling her into the bedroom, and Laura followed. Laura shed her shirt at the same time, so that now she had on only her sexy black bra on top. She quickly removed it, and she and Vondi did a silent, very exciting dance of love, swishing their naked breasts together, brushing nipples, while Shavon hurriedly slipped out of her clothes too.

Laura held Vondi's perfect breasts in both hands and lowered her mouth to one, swirling her tongue around Vondi's beautiful bulbous nipple, then sucking it into her mouth.

"Oh!" Vondi gasped softly. "Oh . . . yes."

"Your nipples are still sensitive," Laura murmured.

"Yes . . . oh! You can suck harder," Vondi panted.

"I want some of this too, guys," Shavon murmured, pulling them both toward the bed.

All three sort of glided onto the huge flat expanse of the mattress, still quickly shedding their clothes, wriggling out of their skirts and panties, until they were all naked. Laura wondered if even her encounter with Cecilia and Bernice had been this exciting. She was still face-to-face with the delectable Vondi, and Shavon was on the other side, kissing her back, holding her perfect breasts for Laura while Laura devoured the puffy black nipples, making Vondi moan and twist excitedly.

Vondi might have wanted to make love to Laura and Shavon too, but she got no chance. They were quickly swarming all over her beautiful naked body, kissing her smooth dark flesh, kneading her gorgeous fake breasts and sucking her nipples. They had her pinned on her back now, with Laura sucking one breast while Shavon hungrily sucked the other. Laura remembered Shavon saying she had wanted to do this when she first saw them, and now she was giving in to the urge.

She held Vondi's delectable breast in both hands, swirling her sexy tongue around Vondi's nipple in a smooth, sensual motion. Vondi was watching both of them suck her nipples, and she gasped and bit her full lower lip as Shavon pinched the thick, bulbous nipple with her lips.

"Oh! Unhhh!" she panted. "Oh . . . Shavon!"

Laura held Vondi's other wet, erect nipple between her thumb and her forefinger, rolling and pinching it gently while she watched Shavon devour Vondi's breast. Quickly she surrendered it to Shavon too, and slipped down Vondi's body, kissing her smooth, black midriff, surprised as she slid lower to discover that Vondi had shaved her pussy, which was as smooth as a baby's. The inner lips were also puckered and smeary with warm juice.

It was a beautiful pussy begging to be kissed. Laura couldn't resist. She spread the vulva with her fingers and slipped her tongue into the fiery, wet magenta interior, feeling Vondi's whole body clench as she felt the invasion.

"Ohnnnn!" Vondi gasped.

Laura knew the sexual excitement brought about by Shavon and Laura seducing her, and sucking her beautiful big nipples so hungrily, had brought Vondi very close to the edge. But she wanted her to have a particularly fierce orgasm, and so she toyed with the girl's lovely black pussy cleverly, teasing the swollen lips with her tongue, sliding one forefinger deep into the wet, warm crease, flicking Vondi's pretty little clit with the tip of her tongue, until Vondi was struggling and thrashing about wildly, groaning, even begging them.

"Ohhnn . . . oh god . . . oh god please oh oh please do it oh yes oh yes!" she panted hysterically, her pelvis twisting and bucking so much that Laura could hardly keep her still long enough to touch her mouth to Vondi's flowing pussy.

"Oh, you're going to come so quick," she whispered, finally giving the girl what she craved.

She put the flat of her tongue directly on Vondi's swollen clit and licked it sharply, then closed her lips over the small bud and sucked it hard. Vondi shuddered and came immediately.

"Auunngghhh! Oh! Ungghh!" she groaned, writhing as Shavon continued to suck her beautiful breasts and Laura slurped her shaved pussy. "Ohhnnn Jesus! Auungghhh!"

It was a supreme, uncontrollable orgasm, fierce and pure and deeply intense, and it left Vondi stunned and slack, looking up at both Shavon and Laura in awe and amazement. They both embraced her, pinning her between them, smiling and kissing her, sharing her delight over this powerful climax.

"God . . . I never came like that," she finally croaked softly. She looked at Shavon. "Now I know how you must feel about Laura."

She and Shavon kissed again, and Vondi's hand came up to Shavon's naked breasts, fondling and squeezing them, her fingers finding Shavon's big nipples and twisting them. Smiling, Shavon moved up, placing her palms on either side of Vondi's head and dangling her large, round breasts in Vondi's face. Vondi moved both hands up and filled them with Shavon's lovely naked breasts, licking Shavon's nipples sensually, then sucking one into her mouth. Shavon gasped, throwing her head back.

For the next few minutes, Laura stroked Shavon's beautiful round ass and her smooth back while Vondi, lying on her back, sucked and tongued Shavon's dangling breasts, bringing both of them to a fever pitch of renewed lust. Laura moved behind Shavon, who was on her knees, and pressed her mouth into the girl's open, inflamed pussy, tonguing and sucking it carefully but passionately, not wanting to ignite Shavon too soon, but unable to resist eating her delicious oozing slit.

Shavon whimpered. She tossed her head and swirled her hips, pushing her beautifully shaped black cunt back into Laura's mouth, and mashing her breasts into Vondi's face.

"Girl," Vondi panted. "We should've thought of this a long time ago."

"Oh god . . . I . . . think I'm going to come!" Shavon gasped under her breath.

Laura had tried to hold back, tried to prolong it, but Shavon was too aroused. Without any warning, her body shuddered, and she began to come in undulating spasms, whinnying deep in her throat, then crying out sharply.

"Onngghh! Oh shit . . . yes! Ohhh . . . auungghiiiieee!" she moaned, her body clenching and trembling as Laura's tongue massaged her clit frantically and Vondi's mouth sucked one of her nipples very hard.

After she stopped coming, Vondi and Laura pinned her between them, kissing her and stroking her and enjoying the aftermath of her climax.

"Oh god, it was so good," Shavon said, kissing Vondi, turning her head and kissing Laura over her shoulder. "Laura . . . you're next."

She and Vondi maneuvered Laura between them and began to make love to her now. Neither one was very tender about it since both had come and Laura had not, and they felt guilty. But Laura was as aroused as Shavon had been, and she was ready to come herself after only a few moments. They sucked her nipples and caressed her body, and soon both were taking turns licking her pussy. She clawed her thighs and quivered excitedly, moaning and panting out of control.

"She's going to come," Shavon murmured. "Go ahead, lick her, lick her pussy hard, suck her clit, make her come."

"Girl, you gon' come like a rocket," Vondi said.

She began to lick and suck Laura's pussy, and Laura came almost immediately. A white-hot orgasm boiled up inside of her body and exploded, stunning her with its force, her flesh clenching, the breath cawing out of her throat. She undulated and flexed and came in successive waves, finally dropping back to the mattress, breathless and reeling from the hot bliss.

But she realized they were not finished with her. Shavon especially knew that Laura could easily come more than once, and she took the lead by swarming all over Laura's supine body, quickly followed by Vondi. Shavon dangled her luscious breasts in Laura's face, tempting Laura with her thick, swollen, gleaming black nipples, while Vondi squeezed and sucked Laura's breasts.

Laura quickly recovered and began to respond more aggressively than before, squeezing and sucking Shavon's beautiful breasts herself, and finding Vondi's freshly wet pussy with one hand and invading it with two fingers. Her other hand found Shavon's dripping slit, and she hand-fucked Shavon too, while the two girls switched, so that Vondi's incredibly perfect breasts were in Laura's face, while Shavon sucked Laura's breasts. They were in this position when all three began to come at nearly the same time, Shavon hand-fucking Laura, while Laura herself fucked both the others frantically with both hands, bringing them to squealing, wildly exciting, unexpected orgasms.

It was one of the most exciting fucks she had ever had, and clearly the two other girls felt the same. After the release, when they had regained their breath, they all burst into giggling.

"Here I thought I was coming to dinner," Vondi joked. "And really it's the goddamn biggest and bestest fucking party I ever saw. You girls really know how to make this little black pussy get wet and sing."

When they stopped giggling, Laura couldn't help asking her, "Why do you shave it? I mean, it's a very beautiful pussy . . . but why do you shave it?"

"For a shoot," Vondi said. "You know, pictures. I had some pictures taken. They're going to be in a magazine pretty soon, too. The photographer, he axed me to shave my pussy first. I guess the dudes who buy those magazines dig shaved pussies. So I did."

They all looked at it. Vondi touched it with her fingers. Laura wanted to kiss it again.

"Vondi's trying to get into the sex biz," Shavon teased. "That's why she had her boobies pumped up too."

"Damn right. Worked, too. Can't get in any magazines with no titties."

"They were really very pretty before she got them enhanced," Shavon told Laura.

"I'll bet they were," Laura said, meaning it.

Vondi pouted. "You don't like them? And after I spent all that money?"

She held her gorgeous breasts in her hands, looking down at them. Shavon and Laura looked at them too.

"I love them," Laura said.

"Me too," Shavon said. "I told Laura I wanted to suck them the first time you showed me. You know, right after you had it done?"

Now Vondi's eyes twinkled. "You should've asked me, girl. You can see that I enjoy it."

"So tell us about the pictures," Laura said, genuinely curious.

"It was fun. You know, I wore these skimpy little things, half on, half off. Lots of shots of my boobs, and my shaved pussy. Putting my finger in my mouth, making a face like 'Wouldn't you just love to fuck me, Jack?'"

"What happened when it was over?" Shavon asked.

"You mean, after he was finished taking the pictures?"

Shavon nodded.

"Girl, that man fucked me better than anybody ever has but you two just a few minutes ago. He was a brother, and he had the biggest cock I ever saw. Felt like having a small tree inside you. He's going to get me in the movies."

"You mean pornographic movies?" Laura asked, appalled, trying not to show it.

Vondi nodded. "I like to fuck. Figure I might as well make some money while I'm doing it. Don't really want to peddle my ass like a ho."

"But what about . . . you know, disease? Aids, stuff like that," Shavon asked.

"I'll be careful."

"You know what I think," Laura said to Shavon. "I think we'd better make love to her as much as possible now, before she has unprotected sex with an army of diseased dicks."

Shavon smiled. They pushed Vondi onto her back and fucked her enthusiastically for the next half hour. Vondi came four times. After that, Laura watched while Shavon and Vondi engaged in a very touching sixty-nine. They had been friends forever, and were very in tune with one another, it was obvious. But this was a very tender, and intense, extension of their friendship, and when they came together the love was almost palpable.

After this, she fucked alone with each of them, first Vondi, enjoying the girl's beautiful body, her extraordinary artificial but stunning breasts, her lovely shaved pussy, bringing Vondi to a couple more orgasms in the process. Then she fucked with Shavon, loving her as always, and making her come three times too, so she wouldn't be jealous. Finally, all three stretched out together for a long, languourous episode that resulted in agonizingly intense orgasms for each one, since they had already come so much, and their bodies were so overstimulated.

Finally, Laura and Vondi reluctantly dragged themselves up out of the bed and began to collect their clothes and to dress.

"I want to tell you both that I've screwed a lot of dudes, lots of brothers, a few white dudes too, one Chinese and two Mexicans, and I have never been fucked so much or so hard in my life by any of them as by you two horny old broads tonight," Vondi said. "And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and my happy little black pussy. I never came so many times in a row. I think I came sixteen times, maybe seventeen. You guys could kill a girl, if she don't watch out."

Laura smiled at her. "I'd love to give it another try, soon, if you're willing."

"Mmmm, me too!" Shavon grinned. "Only I have to wait until John goes out of town," she pouted.

"I'm going to be busy starting my career," Vondi winked. "But I might be able to squeeze you both in, if you're lucky. No man can make me come sixteen times, I can tell you that."

"Next time we'll shoot for twenty, then," Laura promised her.

She kissed both Shavon and Vondi, wondering if they would linger together for another fuck that didn't include her after she left, as she knew Cecilia and Bernice had done. But she couldn't complain and sang to herself all the way home in the car.


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