A XXX Story inspired by pictures from crushphoto.com and other internet sources, no association with those sites, completely fantasy. This is not an ad for their site.

Pictures included, some names made up.

*WARNING* Story contains extreme sexual acts, most not possible, only for extreme pervs.

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Wild College Girls (M+ff, nc, fist, toys, size, f/horse+)
By DireWolf (c) 2002

CHAPTER 5 - New Endeavors

The following days were filled with hardcore animal sex, Delilah was often forced to perform acts for the first time. She was like Sarah's sex slave. Forced into acts she would be initially afraid of, but totally fall into a spell of lust. She was used to experiment before the other girls tried anything.

One week after Delilah's throat raping by those massive horse cocks, the girls were desperately looking for ways to get closer to the action when one of them was being fucked inside the fake mare. Jeremy and I came up with a solution and modified the fake mare that day to accomodate their needs.

A second bench was added just below the main one, which would allow one of the girls to lay directly under the action with her face at the exact spot the cum funnel used to be. The funnel was moved below this bench to catch anything the cum hungry girls would miss.

Sarah had another plan for tonight and was determined to execute it. First Jessica had yet to fuck King in fake mare. She was afraid of his massive 4" diameter cock and the force with which he drove into Delilah and Sarah.

Jessica climbed into the first bench of the fake mare, thinking she was about to fuck one of her usual stallions. Sarah then climbed in under her, face positioned directly under Jessica's hot wet pussy.

Knowing her plan, I then retrieved King. Jessica looked through the wooden mare to see that I was bringing in the massive work horse and not her usual regular stallion. She began to scream and struggle against her restraints while Sarah giggled and told her to calm down, gently massaging Jessica's clit from beneath.

All the horses knew what was happening each night and their cocks would get hard as soon as we started to lead them into the main room of the barn. As soon as I let him go, he mounted the fake mare and thrust his cock toward Jessica's seemingly tight pussy. She was used to taking just over 3" diameter, and had not yet experienced the massive cock of this work horse.

Sarah watched with a huge grin as the cock tore into Jessica's petite body. His massive cock sank into her about 8 inches right away, where his girth began to exceed her limits. Jessica screamed out as she was stretched beyond belief. The mighty workhorse pulled his cock all the way out with a wet slurping noise then drove it back home viciously. Each time Jessica screamed in pain.

The horse pounded and pounded until he reached 12 inches. Jessica's pussy had never taken such girth and she continued to scream in pain as his massive tool stretched her delicate teenage fuck hole to the point of tearing it. After a few minutes of full in and out strokes, hot juices splattering about and dripping into Sarah's eager mouth below, the horse finally began to snort.

Cum blasted out from Jessica's hole, torrents of it splashed into Sarah's mouth, completely covering her face and soaking her hair. Sarah swallowed as much as she could while the rest flowed out into the funnel below her head.

The big work horse pulled his cock right out of Jessica's body, a blast of cum sprayed her pussy and shot down between the benches above Sarah, soaking her tits and stomach with cum. The horse drove it back in, cum squirted out. This time he left it embedded in her as she came, hard. Her pussy clamped down on his massive cock and he grunted in response.

When he was done he dismounted, his cock popping free with another gush of cum splashing into Sarah's mouth. She raised her head and pressed her face into Jessica's cum soaked gaping pussy, sucking more cum from her body.

Delilah joined in, fisting wads of cum out and feeding it to the girls. When they were done, Jessica was let out. She was a little pissed that Sarah had not told her the plan, but didn't care anymore, as her pussy was now able to take him, she would be able to join in the fun Sarah and Delilah had enjoyed.

Now it was time for phase two of Sarah's plan. Delilah was strapped into the fake mare above her. I then pulled out a large buttplug and handed it to Sarah. It was about two inches diameter at it's maximum.

Sarah slid the buttplug easily into Delilah's pussy. Delilah was curious what she was doing, but was enjoying it anyway.

Jeremy returned with the smallest horse again and released him, cock dangling free.

The horse mounted the mare and thrust his cock toward Delilah's ass. With the plug in her pussy, he was not able to enter. Sarah then spread Del's ass cheeks and helped guide his thrusts into her puckered asshole. Delilah realized what was going on. She figured there was nothing Sarah could surprise her with after being fucked in the mouth fully by this very same horse. This time she was about to take it up the ass with a rather large plug in her pussy.

Her ass was extremely tight, having only taken smaller dildos and us guys. Sarah expertly guided his cock until finally one thrust pushed passed her anal sphincter. Delilah screamed and her head hit the top of the mare as she arched her back, trying to get away from the pain.

The horse penetrated about 6 inches and began to pump into her. It was extremely tight and Sarah used cum from the previous fuck to help lubricate the action.

The horse pounded and pounded, Del's ass looked like it was being torn apart, her skin stretched unnaturally with each inward and outward thrust. After a few minutes she began to relax and loosen up. The horse pounded 8 inches into her now. He was quite unsatisfied with the penetration but she was extremely tight, which made up for it.

The horse began to cum quickly, his load filling Del's bowls. It was so tight none of it sprayed out. He continued to blast all his cum inside her. Delilah began to feel bloated as she was filled with a pint of cum.

The horse then dismounted, his cock popping free of her tight ass and a huge gush of cum hit Sarah in the face. Del's ass began to close in on the big hole. Almost immediately after, Jeremy had another horse ready.

This time the horse easily penetrated her ass and pounded into her depths. A little cum squirted out when he thrust into her, hitting bottom hard. He managed to drive another inch into her ass, reaching 9 inches in depth.

The horse blew his load and Sarah received her reward. She was not finished yet though. Now that Del's ass was loose enough, she untied her and with our help, bent her over two saw horses, her stomach rested on the first saw horse while her arms were tied to the second. Jeremy and I then lead in two horses we had selected. Both were of the smaller horses, one with a little more than 2 inch diameter cock, the other about 2.5 inches. Their cocks were hard and they gazed at the fake mare, waiting to mount it. Not realizing they would be mounting the two saw horses. Sarah quickly threw a blanket over the fake mare so they would not be confused.

We led the horses to either side of Delilah and pushed them sideways until their bellies touched. Delilah knew what they were up to, but didn't seem frightened this time. She had started to enjoy the huge anal fuck by the end of the second horse.

Sarah and Jessica each took a position under the horses, grabbing their big cocks and aiming them at Delilah's holes. The smaller one entered her loose ass while the larger one entered her pussy. The two horses began to clumsily thrust their cocks into her body. It was difficult this time as their cocks were turned out from directly under them so that they could fit into Del's body between them.

The smaller horse thrust into her ass, penetrating at least 5 inches while at the same time the bigger one thrust into her pussy. Delilah's body stretched unnaturally to accommodate this massive double penetration.

Impatient, both horses began to thrust their hips wildly into the tiny girl below. Their massive cocks pushed deeper and deeper into her body with each thrust. The one in her ass put alot of pressure on the one in her pussy causing the outline of it to show up in her abdomen. Delilah began to cum almost right away as their depth reached 10 inches in her ass and 12 inches in her pussy. The angle they were on prevented more depth in her pussy, but it was enough for her.

The two horses violently fucked into her, sometimes alternately and sometimes simultaneously. When they both hit bottom at the same time, Delilah's ass was pushed up off the sawhorse and nearly fell over. To prevent her from falling Sarah and Jessica each grabbed a leg and pulled them almost straight out. Del was obviously a flexible girl. Jeremy and I then took their place, holding Delilah tightly while the girls got under her as best they could, waiting for the cum that would blast out like a fountain.

Delilah's buttery cum lubricated the cock in her pussy while he pounded into her hard. Her tight ass was squeezing the juices out of the smaller horse, he didn't last long and began to cum. The two girls eagerly lapped up the cum as it oozed out. It was still too tight to spray.

When he was finished they pulled his cock from her and caught as much cum as they could in the bucket as it gushed from her gaping ass. Sarah slid her fist into Del's ass while the other horse continued to fuck her hard in the pussy.

Jessica slipped out and retrieved another horse. We were running low on fresh horses with smaller cocks, their girth was approaching 2.5 inches. She didn't care much though, and walked the horse along side the other. Sarah quickly grabbed his cock and pressed the head against Del's ass. The horse felt it and began to thrust.

Delilah hadn't taken such a big cock in her ass, it was extremely tight. The big cock kept bending on this angle and wouldn't penetrate.

Suddenly one thrust missed and pressed against her pussy lips beside the other horse. Her pussy was used to the massive work horse and spread to accommodate him. Del screamed in pain as her pussy was stretched wider than ever not just with the added girth of the two cocks above and below one another but the prying action side to side from being at such angles.

The horse thrust and thrust, pushing more of his cock into her stretched hole along side the other horse. She was taking double pussy penetration from two horses! It was simply amazing and the other two girls were going wild.

A tiny bit of blood began to form at the delicate skin between her ass and pussy. She was being stretched beyond her limits now. The horses continued to fuck into her hard while she screamed and squirmed against Jeremy and I.

We held on though, as the big horse reached 12 inches deep just like the other. Her pussy was being stretched almost 5 inches up and down and almost 3 inches side to side. It wasn't long after and the first horse began to cum. His load had all kinds of room to flow out with the two cocks stuffed inside her. Cum blasted out and spilled onto the girls hungry faces. They lapped it up and swallowed as gush after gush of cum splashed on their faces.

Almost as soon as the first horse was finished the second one began to cum. He didn't last long at all with such tightness. The girls continued to accept the gifts of cum from this fountain. Finally when the horses were done, the girls pulled their cocks from Del's sopping stretched pussy and fisted massive amounts of cum from her well fucked depths. Delilah was crying in pain, but the girls didn't seem to care.

She had only bled a little, which was good, had she been torn apart, we would have had a hard time explaining how it happened. Double fucked by two stallions.

Sarah and Jessica finished fucking the rest of the horses, sharing in cum as Del laid in the corner, clutching her sore pussy and still crying. I helped her feel better by gently massaging her clit and bringing her to a last orgasm before we all cleaned up and left.

The following day we returned yet again. This was becoming quite a habit and I was surprised that no one else had caught us yet.

Sarah had a plan again, she was so damn kinky, but her ideas made some really fucking hot videos. We recorded all the events now, never missing any of the action.

Jessica led the work horse into the center. His cock was beginning to drop out from his belly as he gazed around looking for the fake mare. It was covered again, for Sarah's new plan.

As soon as the big horse's cock was fully extended and rock hard, almost parallel with his body, Jeremy and I grabbed Delilah and bent her over.

We each put a hand under her shoulder, and another hand on her hip so that we could lift her off the ground, feet dangling. We eased her under the big stallion while Sarah began guiding his massive 4 inch diameter cock into her gaping pussy. She was still a bit sore from yesterday, but willing to take the horse.

We pushed her toward his balls, his big cock sinking into her soft body, spreading her ass cheeks and leg muscles until it reached 14 inches. Then we let go. Del gasped at the sudden pressure change, her arms reaching for Jeremy and I as we moved away from her.

Jeremy retrieved one of the smaller horses again and returned quickly. While Jessica made sure his cock was hard, Sarah went up to Del and gazed into her frightened eyes.

"Close your eyes please Delilah baby, I have a surprise for you." she said quietly. Delilah closed her eyes.

"Now open your mouth." Sarah whispered softly into her ear. Delilah complied.

Without warning Sarah slid the mouth piece into her and clamped it in place, prying her mouth wide open. Jeremy then led the horse to the left side of the big work horse so that he was facing in the opposite direction. Sarah then put her arm around Delilah's suspended body and pulled slowly toward her. The big cock bent slightly until Delilah's mouth was aiming out to the side almost 45 degrees.

Jessica grabbed the cock from the other horse and aimed it at Del's mouth. Delilah began to scream, trying to say NO but unable with the wire clamp in her mouth. She fought with her hands, trying to push him away, but Sarah grabbed her arms from behind and held them.

The big work horse was getting impatient and thrust his cock forward with Delilah on it, sending her face right at the other cock, just barely missing. Jessica aimed a little better and tapped the other horse. He stepped forward, his cock sliding into Del's throat, stretching it wide. Del gagged a bit but was still fairly used to the sensation.

The two horses began to thrust forward against one another. Delilah's frail body was slammed hard as the horse in her mouth hit bottom deep inside her gullet nearly 12 inches in. They began to thrust alternately, which pretty much cancelled each other out. Sarah realized it wasn't working so she wrapped her arm around Del's waste and held on. Del's weight was still being held up by the cocks embedded in her, but now Sarah was holding her still so that the horses could pull out and thrust back into her.

It was all Sarah could do to hold on as one horse slammed home and then the other, Del's tiny body was violently jolted forward and backward. Each horse pulled atleast 10 inches out and slammed it back in. Their different speeds meant that they were beginning to thrust into her simultaneously now. The two cocks must have been overlapping and touching each other inside her body. Del's body was violently jolted as both horses slammed home simultaneously. The force of their cocks practically hitting each other inside her delicate body. Tears fell from Del's eyes as she gagged on the horsecock in her mouth. She was running out of air fast as the horse wasn't pulling far enough out of her to allow her a breath.

Sarah was fully aware of Del's oxygen situation and carefully watched for an opportunity. The horses were pulling out of Del at the same time, so Sarah grabbed hold of her waste and pulled her back onto the big work horses's cock. When the other horse pulled back, his cock popped free and Delilah gasped for air. The big work horse continued to thrust forward, her weight was being held up completely by the 14 inches of cock buried in her body. The other horse wildly thrust forward, frustrated with losing his mark.

When Delilah caught her breath, Jessica helped guide the other horse back into her mouth. A few more minutes of this and the horse in Del's throat began to cum. Huge blasts of hot horse semen fired directly into her stomach. Delilah could feel the heat of the cum warming her belly and she instantly spasmed in an orgasm of her own. She had just taken a breath not more than 10 seconds before the horse began to cum, so she was able to hold her breath for the duration.

When the horse was finished Jessica pushed on his front shoulder and he took a step back, his cock popping out of Delilah's mouth, still spurting little bits of cum into her mouth. Del's weight was once again supported by the work horse's cock.

Sarah and Jessica crouched under Del's body as Jeremy and I grabbed hold of her legs and arms and positioned her directly under the big horse. In this position we could pull her off the cock and slide her back, or hold her in place while the stallion pumped into her.

About 5 minutes later the big work horse began to shoot his load into Del's stuffed body. The two girls beneath enjoyed the huge wads of cum that blasted or oozed out of her cum soaked body. They would collect handfuls of horse cum and fist it into each other's pussies, or rub it all over their bodies, getting much into their mouths.

Soon it was over, the girls had fucked all the horses once again and shared in gallons of hot cum before calling it quits.


-DireWolf (c) 2002

Please Email me at direwolfwriter on yahoo.com with your comments.

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