*WARNING* Story contains extreme sexual acts.

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This story is a fantasy based on photos of real individuals. There is no affiliation with the real people depicted and the characters themselves are totally fictional.

Reluctantly Willing (M+ff, nc, fist, toys, size, f/horse+, kidnap)

By DireWolf (c) 2003


Reluctantly Willing

CHAPTER 1 - Risk

The main door to the bar opened up, letting some light into the dimly lit bar. It's still early, 9:30pm and customers are just starting to fill up, ready for a Friday night of partying. Karma entered through the door, the light catches the attention of a few nearby men. They gazed at Karma's petite body and incredibly cute young face and immediately assumed she's not of age. Her looks are deceiving, she could be mistaken for 14 or 15 years old. The bouncer asks for her ID and glanced up and down her 5'4 frame. Karma is wearing tight blue jeans and a tight white T-shirt that hugs her small breasts nicely. The bouncer approved her ID and lets her into the bar.

The other men continue to stare at her, surprised she got in. Maybe she had fake ID, or maybe she really is old enough, though she certainly doesn't look it. As she passes them on her way to the shooter bar, she gives them a cute innocent look and turns to look the other way. The three men get a good look at her curvy young ass, all wondering if they could get a piece of it tonight.

Karma ordered a shot of tequila and is immediately pounced on by another man, eager to pick up. He payed for shot, and ordered another for her. Karma gladly accepted. She only came with 10 dollars anyway, knowing some fool would buy drinks for her. Her boyfriend doesn't party much, and doesn't like it when she goes out by herself, but never says anything for fear of not getting laid when she returns. He has heard stories of how she flirts with every guy in the bar, but also how she goes home alone. She's well known as a cock tease to most of the regulars in the pub.

A couple of hours passed and Karma began to feel the effects of her shooters and free drinks. She had gotten around, talking to half the guys, many of them buying her drinks and trying their best to pick her up for the night. The bar is very busy now, close to midnight. Karma continues to drink herself silly and dances sexily with many of the single guys.

A young blonde then entered the bar alone. The bouncer took a quick look at her and went back to his business. She passed him and he took another look at her fine ass. Anna is not of age, but she looks it. Her breasts have filled out to 34b and her hips flare out like those of a model. Anna is on a mission tonight. She is looking for another girl to take home with her, hopefully a very drunk one. She scouted around the dance floor for a while, drunken men bumped into her clumsily and she giggled as they got a cheap feel of her ass or a breast. She knew it was deliberate and did nothing about it.

After a few minutes she spotted Karma dancing crazily with another drunken guy. She does not pay much attention to him, having a great time on her own. Anna decided that this was the one. She looked the same age as herself, only 15, and very petite.

As the night goes on, Anna begins to dance with Karma. Both of them know the guys are watching and deliberately put on a show for them. Many of the guys start to get very excited watching these two young hotties dance dirty with each other.

Anna then bought a drink for Karma, and when no one was looking, she slipped a small pill into it. The drugs suddenly hit and she can no longer stand. She began to fall asleep. Anna then took Karma out to her car, the disappointed men assume they are friends and Anna is taking her home because she drank too much.

The drugs took full effect on Karma once she is in the car. She passed out quietly and slept on the back seat of Anna's parents car. Her parents are away on vacation for two weeks at their cottage. Anna was to go with them but she claimed to have too many assignments due since it was close to the end of the school year. While they were away, Anna and her sister were to take care of the farm. Her sister is 19 and is always out with her boyfriend, getting home much too late to help Anna with the chores.

Anna and Karma arrived at the farm, the sister is still out, and probably won't be back until early morning. Anna clumsily struggled with Karma's 95 pounds of dead weight but she eventually got her into the barn. She is very excited. Karma looks so sexy, a sleeping beauty just waiting to be awakened and fucked. The drugs Anna gave her will not last more than a few hours, but she is sure the alcohol will prolong it. Already 30 minutes have passed, so she had plenty of time to prepare.

Anna was late getting to the bar because she was working hard to clean up the horses for her adventure tonight. The farm is a small stud farm, other horse owners from all around bring their mares to this well known breeders barn to breed their horses with some of the best stallions in the area. There is almost 20 stallions of all sizes and breeds, and even a few massive work horses.

Anna lived her whole life on this farm, watching the huge stallions pumping their big cocks into the mare's pussy caused her to have an abnormal sex drive. She dreams of fucking one of the stallions, to feel his huge cock penetrate deep into her womb and blow his hot load into her, she almost cums just thinking about it. But she is afraid of the damage a stallion might do to her petite body and so her demented mind came up with a plan, to have another petite girl fuck the horses first. She knew she could not find a volunteer for this job, as even someone who dreams of it themselves would never admit it openly.

Karma laid sleeping quietly on a weight lifting bench as Anna rummaged around the barn for some ropes and other tools. Once she found what she needed, she returned to the sleeping beauty. Anna gently massaged her small tits through her T-shirt, then moved to her warm crotch, trying to feel her curves through the jeans. She then pulled Karma up by the arms until she was sitting up, and carefully removed her T-shirt and bra, exposing her soft tits to the cool night air in the barn. Then she unbuttoned Karma's jeans and tugged them down as far as they will go in the sitting position. Anna then laid her down again and tugged the jeans out from under her ass and they slipped off to her knees, pulling her white panties part way with them. Some of her pubic hair became visible and Anna gasped at how sexy she looked, even though she was still sleeping. Her heart began to race in anticipation of what as to come.

Anna tugged Karma's jeans all the way off and then stared at her loose panties, admiring her beauty for a moment. She can't take it any more and quickly tugged the panties all the way off and spread Karma's legs. She quickly knelt down and smelled her sex close up, then began to lick. Karma stirred even in her sleep from the stimulation. Anna's actions probably caused an erotic dream to start.

Anna inserted a finger, then two and gently pumped them into Karma. She is surprised at how loose Karma is, clearly she's an experienced girl. This is much different than herself, being very tight. Anna then inserted a third finger and began pumping them into Karma a little faster. Karma began to stir more, slight moans escaped from her parted lips. Anna was worried that this action may wake Karma before she is ready, so she stopped, removed her wet fingers and licked them clean. She retrieved the ropes and tied them to Karma's wrists, padded with a soft cloth. She then placed a broom handle with a hole in each end between Karma's legs and tied her ankles to it, the ropes through the holes so they can't slide off. Karma's legs are held wide apart, and the smell of her hot pussy filled the air. The stallions in the stall smelled it and started to get restless, doing circles in their small cubicles, and sticking their head out the door from time to time to get another whiff of sex.

Karma was ready now, and Anna was too excited to wait. She slapped Karma across the face, trying to wake her from her drug induced sleep. She slapped again but still no response. Anna then scooped some cold water from a trough and splashed it on Karma's face and naked body. Karma finally awaked, still drunk, but more aware than before. She immediately noticed her situation and started to scream. Anna came into her view and was greeted by a bad look.

"Scream all you want, nobody will hear you." Anna smiled as she came around to Karma's open legs.

"You, you're the one I was dancing with at the bar, what the hell are you doing? You kidnaped me? You're in so much shit now, you know that?" Karma was furious, but her restraints prevented her from moving much.

"I think you're the one in trouble. I have a little experiment planned I've been dying to try for a long time." Anna replied, knelt under the broom handle and edged closer to Karma's hot pussy.

"Get away from me you freak!" Karma cried out, now starting to realize this girl is serious.

Anna pushed three fingers back into Karma, who squirmed to get away from the penetration, but she can not move far, both her arms and legs are secured to posts, her legs held far apart by the broom handle.

"Don't fight it, I know you like it, I was just doing this to you and you almost came in your sleep!" Anna laughed as she pumped her fingers into Karma's squirming body.

"Fuck You!" Karma screamed, but her body betrayed her. The young blonde is having an effect on her and she can't do anything about it. Her pussy begins to tingle and her juices start to flow from the stimulation.

Anna then left for a moment and returned with a dildo. It was quite a large one, about 8 inches long and thick as a man's cock should be at that length. She placed the head at the entrance to Karma's waiting hole and pushed hard. It sank in, stretching Karma's pussy. Her boyfriend isn't this big, so she has to relax to accommodate it. Anna began to pump about 5 inches of the cock into Karma, slowly at first, then quickened her pace and force, driving more of it into her tiny body. Soon she had only an inch to hold on to as she hammered Karma's cervix with 7 inches of hard rubber. Karma began to respond, she tried hard but couldn't prevent the feeling, she moans slightly but caught herself, trying not to show her pleasure to her kidnapper.

Anna drove the dildo deep into Karma's body, and pulled it back out quickly while rubbing Karma's swollen clit with her other hand. Karma neared an orgasm and strained herself to keep from going over the edge. Anna sensed this and stopped. She left again for a moment and came back with a new toy. An artificial insemination tube designed to impregnate mares. It was 12 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Karma's eyes widened as she watched Anna carry it between her legs and rub the head into her pussy.

Anna pushed hard, the thick tube pushed Karma's young pussy apart. Karma squirmed against the pressure but knew if she fought it, it would hurt more. She tried to relax and let it in. The head slipped past her tight pussy lips and entered her vagina. Karma let out a breath but then lost it again when Anna drove the tube into her as hard as she could. The hard clear plastic penetrated her 8 inches and Anna peeked in, her pink insides visible through the tube. Anna pulled it out, leaving the head still in, then drove it back in. Karma cried out from the force of the impact against her cervix, she arched her back and tried to pull her hips away from the hard plastic tube but to no avail.

Anna continued to hammer the large tube deep into Karma, she continued to cry out as her pussy was fucked hard by the large toy. Slowly, Anna pounded the tube deeper until it reached 9 inches deep. It had penetrated her cervix and was entering her womb. Anna started to get tired and stopped, leaving the tube fully penetrated, only 3 inches of it sticking out of Karma's body. She rested for a moment, admiring the beauty of this sweet young girl, tied up with a large dildo stuffed up her pussy. Now it was time for her real plan.

Anna went to one of the stalls and led a horse into the center room of the barn where Karma was tied up. The horse's cock was already extended, about 15 inches long and 2 inches thick, he would make the perfect first horse for Karma now that she had fucked the tube. Anna stripped her cloths off while the horse sniffed the air. The smell of female sex was strong now. Anna dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of the huge black cock, rubbing the head all over her tits. Karma winced in disgust at the sight and Anna winked back at her, stuffing the cockhead into her mouth.

Then she led the stallion over top of the bed, his belly barely cleared the posts that held Karma's arms and legs in place. His cock meat pressed against Karma's ass and bent downward as he walked farther over top of her. She began to squirm in fear of what was going to happen, this crazy chick was going to force her into bestiality, the thought disgusted her totally. Anna tied the stallion with two ropes to each main post of the barn on the either side of the room and quickly positioned herself under the stallion's belly and began massaging his huge balls and stroking his hard cock. She then quickly pulled the tube from Karma's pussy with a sucking noise and smiled as it gaped open slightly.

Anna pressed the spongy mushroom shaped head of the horse cock to Karma's juicy pussy lips and waited for the Stallion to take over. It didn't take him long to realize what was going on and he thrust forward, driving his cock deep into Karma. Karma didn't scream, she was in shock from this disgusting bestial act and only wanted to wait for it to end. The horse jammed forward again, his cock now penetrated 8 inches with 7 more remaining. He was getting impatient and thrust harder, his cock slammed hard into Karma's limits, 9 inches deep. She gasped from the force of the thrust as her body jerked against her restraints. The stallion began to pound his cock into her, clumsily and with no consistent pattern. Each thrust hit home hard, jamming deep into Karma's petite frame, the ropes on her ankles dug in painfully, even through the cloth padding.

Anna stroked the remainder of the big black cock as it pumped hard into Karma. Her pussy lips pulled out far from her body, hugging the black meat as if they didn't want it to leave her cunt. Then they disappeared into her vagina as the tight unlubricated cock pushed deep into her. Karma's body betrayed her again and the feeling of a huge hot cock inside her pussy started her juices flowing. The pumping started getting easier as her natural lubricant added to the stallion's precum. The horse snorted and jabbed his cock hard, trying to get the whole thing into her. His nostrils flared out and he jerked against his restraints, stomping his feet in frustration and excitement. This mare was too small for him, but she still felt damn good.

Suddenly the horse stopped pumping, his cock half buried in Karma's hot juicy pussy. He snorted and cum blasted into her womb. Karma felt the liquid searing her insides and her body betrayed her again. She shuddered at the feeling of being completely filled with horse cum, a small orgasm rippled through her body as the horse continued to fill her with cum like a firehose. Some of it started to ooze out between her pussy lips and the black meat stretching them open. Anna scooped some up with three fingers and shoved them down her own throat, savoring the taste. She had masturbated the horses before, and Loved the taste of cum.

She then scooped up some more cum and reached up to Karma, who's eyes were closed. Anna smeared the cum all over her face and Karma cried out in disgust, trying to turn her head away from it. Some of the cum got into her mouth and she tasted it, much like her boyfriend's cum, though she wouldn't admit it.

The stallion finally stopped filling his mare with his spunk and his big cock started to shrink. He stepped back and pulled his cock, the mushroom head popped out and a huge gush of cum splashed the bench and spilled onto the floor. Anna quickly tried to stop the flow, pressing her hand against Karma's gaping pussy and mashing her face into her cum soaked ass.

"Dammit, such a waste!" she said out loud.

Cum oozed out of Karma's pussy between Anna's fingers as she looked around the barn for something. She then spotted a small pail on the far wall. She released Karma's pussy and another small gush of cum flowed out. She quickly reprieved the pail and placed it half under the bench. Cum oozed over the edge and dripped into the bucket, quickly filling the bottom of the 1 gallon pail.

Anna then untied the stallion and led him back to his stall, only to return with yet another stallion. This one was larger than the last, his cock, also hard from the smell of sex in the air was quite a bit thicker than the last one. It was 2.5 inches diameter, as thick as a soda can and about 17 inches long. The horse stood quite a few inches higher than the other. Anna led him right over top of the struggling Karma. She could see the difference in size of cock and was getting worried that this one might do damage.

Anna tied the horse and positioned herself under the stallion as before. His big cock rested on Karma's body, the head sitting right between her heaving tits. She could feel the weight of his cock on her stomach with each breath and her mind was going in circles. This thing was so big, hot, and would blow lots of cum into her wanton hole, but it could also be painful, she was excited and afraid at the same time.

Anna made the horse step back and aimed the big head at Karma's pussy. As soon as the horse felt the warmth and wetness of her well fucked hole, he thrust forward. The thickness of his cock made penetration difficult and Karma screamed in pain as her pussy lips parted to accept this new intruder. The horse's powerful thrusts pushed Karma's tiny body on the bed, tugging hard against her restraints. Her pussy slowly opened wider, accepting this huge cock, stretching wider than ever. Finally the head slipped in and the stallion thrust 6 inches of cock right into her. Karma yelped in pain, her eyes closed tightly as Anna watched with a huge grin, fingering her own pussy hard.

The mighty stallion thrust forward again, driving 3 more inches into Karma. His cock hit home hard, almost knocking the wind out of the little teen. Cum squirted out from her tightly stretched pussy as the horse bottomed out deep inside. He had 9 inches buried in her now and began to pump his took with a full 8 inch stroke. Karma's pussy lips were well lubricated with cum, but still clung to the hard meat as he withdrew.

This horse wasn't so clumsy as the last and thrust his cock into her tiny young body non stop for at least 5 minutes. Each thrust hit bottom hard and penetrated slightly deeper. Soon little Karma was taking 10 inches in length of this monster cock. The horse pounded hard, her clit was being constantly stimulated as it disappeared inside her hole along with her pussy lips with each inward thrust.

The horse started to snort and grunt, his load surged up through his huge cock and blast into Karma's young body. He continued to pump is cock into her, squeezing wads of cum out of her pussy and into the bucket with each thrust. Anna scooped up some of it, eating it hungrily. She then scooped up a large handful and fed it to Karma who instinctively lapped it up before realizing it. By now it didn't matter, she had already fucked two horses and the cum tasted great. She swallowed a few handfuls of cum fed to her by Anna as the horse finished blasting his huge load into her depths.

The horse pulled his shrinking cock from her tight hole and a gush of cum flowed into the bucket, filling it almost half way. Anna led the stallion back to his stall and returned with another. This one was physically close to the same size as the last one, but his cock was shaped differently. It was about 2.5 inches diameter at the head, and quickly flared out to 3 inches diameter, about as thick as a peanut butter jar or wine bottle. Karma was excited again, and the fear of damage was leaving her mind, she was horny and wanted another cock.

Anna quickly prepared the horse, his cock was longer than the last by about 2 inches, which meant he would be hitting bottom even harder than the last horse. She pushed the head of his big cock into Karma's cum soaked pussy. The horse wasn't sure what was going on and didn't move. Anna stood and slapped his ass, causing him to step forward. his big cock penetrated her pussy and immediately began stretching her beyond her limits. Karma cried out in pain and she struggled with a renewed fear. The horse pushed hard, Karma's restraints dug in again until he hit bottom 10 inches deep. Her pussy was stretched open 3 inches diameter and even the cum as a lubricant wasn't enough. The horse stirred around above her, stepping side to side and trying to step forward more, but he was held back by the restraints. His big cock bent as his ass end stepped side to side, prying at Karma's little pussy.

The mighty stallion pounded his cock into her raw pussy as her body was suddenly overwhelmed with a massive orgasm. She convulsed and screamed at the absolutely massive penetration. Hot buttery cum oozed out to help lubricate the huge cock buried in her little body like a third leg. Karma continued to cum for almost a minute, further stimulating the horse above, making his cock even harder.

His cock was getting harder and each thrust started to lift Karma's ass off the bench, the sheer strength of his hardon lifting half her weight off the bench with each thrust. His cock continued to get harder until her ass didn't return to the bench. He fucked into her little body, holding her up by the pussy, the rest of her weight on her shoulders as she screamed in orgasm after orgasm. Each thrust pounded into her with more force than the other horses, forcing her body to conform to him, to allow him to penetrate deeper. After 5 minutes, another inch was enveloped by her hot pussy. The horse continued to pound her young teenage body but Karma was loving every minute of it. It was like her orgasms never stopped, they were so close together and lasted so long.

Anna was totally amazed at this sight and now desperately wanted to try this herself. She knew she wasn't ready though and would have to wait. The horse pounded hard and drove another inch of his hard meat into her frail body. She now had a full foot of horse cock pounding into her.

Another few minutes of vicious pounding and the horse started to blow his load. With about 10 inches of cock still buried in her, he stopped pumping and let his cum fill her womb. Blast after blast filled her up, and his cock was so tightly embedded in her little pussy that only a small amount of cum was leaking out. Each time his cock erupted with another blast, it throbbed and lifted Karma's entire body right off the bench almost an inch. Her light body thumped back on the bench with each blast as the huge cock throbbed with each load, lifting her up again. Soon she was filled to capacity and her stomach began to bulge from the pressure of the cum.

The horse came for what seemed like eternity. Eventually the throbbing of his cock stopped and Karma laid on the bench breathing heavily, cum leaking from her overstretched pussy. The cock was still 10 inches inside her and her stomach still bulging from an enormous amount of cum. The cock finally began to shrink and Anna got herself ready.

The horse cock popped out, almost being pushed by the pressure and a massive gush of cum splashed on the seat and into the bucket. The raise in Karma's stomach collapsed like she let out a sigh of air. Anna quickly cupped her hands under the flow and caught a large handful of the thick horse jism which she slurped from her hand as if she hadn't drank anything in days.

Anna then fed some of the seed to Karma who hungrily ate it, no longer caring about the depravity of the act. Anna watched as Karma's pussy began to close in on itself, the huge gaping hole becoming just a cum covered pink slit once more.

Anna fingered some cum from her pussy again, then shoved her whole fist into Karma without warning. Karma gasped but the horse cock was quite a bit bigger than little Anna's arm. Anna pushed, sinking her arm deep into Karma's body until she hit bottom, only a couple of inches from her elbow. She was totally amazed at how much this cute young girl could take.

Karma moaned loudly as Anna began to pull her fist all the way out and then thrust it back in. Loud slurping noises made the horse's ears perk as she forced her closed fist into the young girl's loose pussy.

Anna was now so turned on herself, she couldn't wait any longer. She pulled her fist from Karma and smeared the cum from it all over her shaved pussy. She quickly pushed the horse aside and stood directly above Karma's face, her pussy dripping with horse cum.

"You make me cum now or I'll find something even more depraved for you to do." Anna ordered softly.

Karma obliged and began licking and nibbling at young Anna's pussy, paying most of her attention to her clit. Within two minutes, Anna was screaming as she ground her pussy into Karma's sucking mouth, her sweet cum oozing out and down Karma's cheeks.

Anna finally decided she was finished for the night, but was going to continue the next morning. To prepare, she raised the bottom of the bench so that Karma was at almost 45 degrees, her pussy in the air.

Anna found a funnel and shoved it into Karma's pussy, then turned the bucket up, pouring the hot horse cum into Karma's depths. She took nearly the entire bucket before overflowing. Anna removed the funnel and poured the rest of the cum all over Karma's body, covering her pussy, tits and face.

Anna then shoved the thick end of a medium sized jar into Karma's pussy, squeezing a bit of the cum out. The jar was almost 3 inches in diameter, she planned to leave it there over night to keep Karma's pussy good and loose for tomorrow's adventures.

Karma did not sleep well, constantly waking up from erotic dreams, her pussy hot with horse cum and stuffed with a hard object, she couldn't help but dream of fucking the horses again.

Anna was not much different, though her pussy was not quite so stimulated, she dreamed of huge horse cocks driving into her just as she had successfully tested with Karma. Soon it would be her turn and she couldn't wait for it.

The next day Anna returned to the barn early, before her sister got up. Her sister was sure to sleep in today as she had gotten home around 4 am. Anna knew she would not enter the barn that entire day, she would just sleep the whole time.

When Anna entered the barn, she found Karma awake, dried cum flaking off her entire body. The smell of cum was very strong in the air. Karma was very hungry, she had not eaten since early the previous day. Anna intended to feed her a warm meal before getting on with the action again.

Anna slowly pulled the jar from Karma's soaking wet pussy. The vacuum inside made it difficult so Anna slid a finger in along side it to let the air in. The jar popped out with a loud slurping noise. Anna then pushed her fist into Karma's stretched and gaping pussy and scooped out a handful of cum. Karma's body kept it nice and hot all night. She fed handfuls of cum to Karma and herself until she could eat no more.

Getting anxious, she put the jar back into Karma and quickly did the chores around the barn, feeding the horses some hay and filling the water troughs. When she returned to Karma, she stripped herself, lowered the bench and removed the jar from Karma once more.

Anna then carefully untied Karma's left arm, and tied it to the post on her right, then did the same to her left leg. She then helped Karma roll onto her stomach, legs hanging off the end of the bench, and finished tying her in this position.

She then went to one of the stalls and reprieved the horse Karma had fucked last night with the 3 inch diameter cock. She positioned him above Karma who waited in anticipation for her morning fuck, her ass perked up in the air, pussy gaping wide. The horse drove his cock into her hard, and she screamed at the sudden and full penetration. His cock hit home 12 inches deep as he humped his tiny mare violently.

As the horse began to cum inside Karma's overstretched pussy, again his mighty cock lifted her from the bench as it throbbed, her tits mashing into the bench each time. Cum squirted out and filled the bucket. When he was finished he pulled his cock from her cunt and Anna collected the cum from her, feeding it to Karma and some to herself.

Anna then left and returned with the prize of the stud farm. A massive work horse that towered above her, making her look very small. When he entered the center area, his keen nose caught the smell of sex and his cock started to fall from it's sheath immediately. Karma gasped in excitement at the sight of this huge work horse. Surely he couldn't fit his cock into her, could he? She thought.

His cock grew to almost 3 feet long and 4 inches diameter as Anna rubbed and sucked him, trying to make him bigger. When he was ready, Anna led him over Karma, his heavy cock resting on her shoulder blades while the rest of it quickly rose up to his belly high above.

Anna took note that if his cock entered her, he would drive it through her body and out her mouth, so she did her best to move the bench farther up. When she was satisfied with the length she figured he would penetrate, she aimed his massive cock head at her juicy pussy and began stroking him. The feeling on his cock caused his instincts to take over and he clumsily thrust his hips forward, trying to penetrate the mare he could not see.

The hard meat pounded against her pussy but would not enter. Anna tried to pry open Karma's pussy lips but she was just too tight, the horse too big. His cock bent with each thrust, but never entered. Anna was disappointed, but did not give up.

She led the horse back to his stall and looked around the barn for something she could use. Finding nothing, she returned to the house and went through the kitchen. She picked up a very fat jar, a wine bottle, a cola bottle, and various other items she would require later on.

The jar was almost 3 inches diameter, the cola bottle 3.5, and the wine bottle was a little more than 3.5 inches diameter and a foot tall. She returned to the barn and decided to start with the wine bottle since it tapered out to approximately the girth she wanted.

Anna pushed the neck of the bottle in until it tapered out to 3 inches diameter. She then pushed hard, trying to force Karma's pliable skin to stretch even more. After a good 10 minutes of twisting and pushing, it finally sank in, Karma's pussy was stretched so wide it looked painful. Anna pumped it in and out of her for a while, then pulled it right out and shoved it back in. She repeated this for another 10 minutes until entry became easy. Karma's pussy was well lubed with cum and her own juices flowed as she was turned on from being stretched so much again. She was waiting impatiently to be fucked by this new horse.

Anna started getting rough, driving the bottle deep into Karma until she almost had nothing left to grab on to, then pulling it all the way out. She then turned it around, driving the thick end into her first, and holding on to the narrow neck of the bottle. She pried it to the left and right, trying to make Karma's big hole get even bigger. After cranking it in a circular motion for a while, she noticed it was sitting pretty loosely inside Karma's juicy pussy and decided it was now time.

She pulled the bottle from Karma's mare sized pussy and led the work horse back over top, aiming his absolutely massive cock at Karma's hole. He was still a half inch thicker than she had just taken.

Anna stroked his cock again until he started thrusting forward, the head mashing against Karma's gaping teenage hole. The head started to squish and slip into her. The horse grunted and thrust again, pushing the head past her stretched pussy lips. He could feel her warmth on the sensitive tip of his cannon sized cock. He thrust forward again, forcing an inch into her, stretching her wider than ever. Another thrust forced another inch, Karma screamed in pain at the brutal stretching.

Anna stood and slapped his rump, he took a step forward and drove his cock brutally into Karma's pussy. She stretched to her limit as his cock penetrated all the way to her limit, 12 inches in. The restraints holding Karma in place tightened as the stallion pushed forward, trying to get his whole 3 foot long cock into his mare. Karma screamed in pain as her pussy was stretched as much as it would be during child birth. Anna watched in total amazement as this tiny young teenage girl was fucked by a horse more than ten times her size, his cock probably ten times that of an average man. She loved it and immediately began fingering her clit, edging herself to orgasm.

The stallion thrust his cock into her tiny body with such force that her lower body was lifted off the bench with each impact in her womb. The 3 foot long cock bent wildly as it hit bottom, unable to penetrate any deeper. The horse was frustrated with this, having only a third of his cock engulfed in this mare, he wanted more, and he wouldn't stop trying.

The stimulation for Karma was too much, her body was being pushed over the edge and she couldn't hold back any longer. Her body thrashed wildly against her restraints as her vagina erupted in orgasm. Her juices flowed out, lubricating the massive black horse cock as her vaginal muscles clamped down on it. The stallion was jolted by the sudden increase in pressure and pleasure and started getting excited. As Karma's buttery cum oozed out between the folds of her young pussy, the horse grunted and raised his front hooves off the floor, thrusting forward with his hind legs. All his weight lunged forward, driving his cock even deeper into Karma. The ropes restraining the mighty horse snapped like little strings against the force of his weight. His cock bent so far it looked painful for him.

The vicious lunge forward had pushed his huge cock another two inches into Karma, forcing her womb to stretch. With 14 inches of cock buried inside her, the horse stepped back so that his meat straightened out and returned to his aggressive thrusting, now pulling at least 12 inches out and thrusting it back in.

Karma's pussy was being stimulated like never before, her lips disappearing inside her vagina, then hugging his black meat, stretching from her body more than two inches. Orgasm after orgasm shocked through her system as the brutal fucking continued for nearly 15 minutes.

Anna watched in complete amazement as the huge work horse fucked the little girl unrestrained, trying to push the full length of his cock into impossible depths. She thumbed her clit while sliding two fingers gently into her extremely wet slit. It wasn't long after the horse snapped his restraints that Anna herself lost her senses, nearly falling over as she squatted and fingered herself beside the amazing horsefuck. She imagined herself under the beast, feeling his girth and length penetrate her tiny pussy, stretching her 15 year old cunt beyond that anyone could believe.

The horse grunted and snorted, breathing heavily as if he had just galloped for miles. His melon sized balls ached as insane amounts of cum churned, ready to explode into the tiny mare. His cock began to throb, pumping the seed down his length into Karma. A blast of cum burst out into her womb and he thrust his cock into her. With no room for cum the pressure forced the first blast between her pussy lips and the black meat stretching her. It sprayed out of her pussy, thick globs of it landing behind the hind legs of the stallion 3 feet back. Anna saw this and immediately positioned herself to receive the next blast. The horse cock throbbed again, and another load filled Karma's horse sized hole, but was suddenly replaced with the thick cock, forcing it out under pressure. Anna's entire upper body was splattered with horse cum.

Anna gasped and began to cum right away as load after load blasted out of Karma's pussy right between the stallion's legs and all over sweet young Anna's creamy white skin. She used her other hand to spread the spunk like lotion into her skin, making sure to get much of it in her mouth. Her left hand quickly gobbed up with horse cum so she switched, using her cum covered hand to finger her pussy and her other to rub the sweet nectar all over herself. Karma came hard, feeling as though a firehose was stuffed in her pussy, it was so intense she couldn't help but cum again and again, her juices mixing with the hot sticky horse jizz.

Anna rubbed wads of cum into her pussy until finally the horse's orgasm began to subside, and his thrusting became weaker. Huge wads of cum oozed out of Karma's pussy and splashed into the bucket below, which was about a quarter full. A long wet cum stain extended from Karma's pussy and the bucket below all the way to Anna three feet behind, and some splatters were even farther. The hind legs and balls of the work horse were also covered with his own cum, thick wads dripped down onto the floor.

Anna came down from the bliss of her orgasm and looked at the sight. Karma's pussy was still stuffed with the immense cock, it looked like a telephone pole was stuffed in her, deforming her sex. Cum dripped from the horse and from Karma's ass and legs. Anna slipped in under the horse and licked globs of cum from his huge balls. He stirred and grunted, leaving his cock buried the full 14 inches inside her, the pressure of simply standing there was holding Karma's hips off the bench, her tits mashed into the fake leather cushioning.

The work horse's cock didn't seem to be shrinking, he just left it stuffed in the tight mare and stood, still breathing heavily. Anna moved in for a closeup of Karma's overstretched pussy. Her lips were not visible, stuffed inside her and held there by the black intruder. Anna slid a finger in along side the cock, searching for her lips. She had to shove her finger in all the way before she could feel the folds of her pussy lips. It was extremely tight, Anna hooked her finger and had to pull out as if she were struggling with an old wedding ring. She pulled until part of Karma's pussy lips became visible. Then like putting a tire on a rim, she slid her finger all the way around, pulling Karma's pussy lips out. A thick wad of cum collected as Anna's finger traced the horse cock.

Anna moved up to Karma's straining face. She was sweating and was still feeling the pressure from the cock stuffed inside her. He simply wasn't shrinking like the other horses did, and he was standing so that his cock was fully penetrated, putting much pressure on Karma and her restraints. Anna fed the wad of cum she had collected to Karma who lapped it up like a refreshing drink.

"That was fucking awesome!" Anna said to Karma. "I can't wait to try it myself, but I have a lot of preparing to do."

Karma looked at her, realizing her own situation and started to get angry again. She gave Anna a dirty look. Anna snickered as a drop of cum fell from the corner of Karma's mouth and rolled down her chin. She tried to act angry, but it was obvious she loved every second of it.

"I think that's enough for tonight. But I think I'll wait until his cock starts to shrink." Anna said. She collected a blanket and laid down on some hay with it, resting so that she could see Karma's pussy completely penetrated. She began to doze off, thoughts of sex racing through her mind, continually turning her juices around in her young pussy.

Anna suddenly awoke and looked at the time. Two hours had passed since she lay down on the hay for a rest. She looked up at Karma and saw the horse cock still had not shrunk, it was still fully penetrated. Karma was sleepy herself, falling in and out of consciousness, the memory of being fucked by the biggest horse she'd ever seen still racing around her mind, keeping the cum in her pussy wet with her own juices. The smell of sex and cum was strong in the barn and the other horses in the stalls were getting restless.

Anna stood and looked over Karma's body. None of the pressure had been relieved. The horse just stood there for two hours with a hard cock for no reason, she thought. Anna looked at the bucket, a layer of dried cum had formed on top.

It was getting late and Anna decided she couldn't wait for the horse to get soft again. She grabbed his halter and pushed back, signaling him to step backwards. He did, relieving the pressure on Karma so that her hips could touch the bench once again. Slowly he stepped back, pulling his huge cock from her pussy. Her pussy lips hugged his meat, not wanting to let it go as he pulled his tool out of her. It seemed like it wasn't going to stop coming out.

Finally the mushroom head popped out and a gush of cum splashed into the bucket, revitalizing the dried up layer on top. Anna stared into Karma's gaping pussy, her pussy lips sagging down but not closing in much. Anna easily slid her fist into Karma's cum soaked pussy. There was still a lot of room so she shoved her other fist in along side it. Both arms matched the girth of the cock and she pushed them in to the elbow until they began to stretch her more. Anna was in total awe as she easily double fisted this tiny girl.

She scooped out wads of cum and lapped it up, shoving two fists deep into Karma, then pulling them out. Karma began to moan from the stimulation so Anna began to pump her arms in and out. It was quite awkward for her, but she managed to pull both fists all the way out and push them back in. Karma's pussy had closed in slightly but it was still quite loose for Anna.

Anna fistfucked Karma until Karma came, her vaginal muscles clamping down on Anna's arms as she thrust the both of them in and out. Her arms were coated with horse cum and she knelt in front of Karma, both of the sexy young girls licking Anna's arms clean. Once done, they both shared in a half bucket of hot horse cum, greedily eating it like it was their last meal.

Anna decided it was time to clean up. She reprieved the garden hose used to fill the water troughs and rinsed the floor of horse cum. She then turned it on Karma. The water was cold, but not freezing, just enough to make her gasp when it first hit her. Anna aimed the hose into Karma's gaping pussy and washed out the cum. When she was finished, she inserted the wine bottle back into her pussy, narrow end first so that the thick end kept her pussy lips stretched wide.

Anna returned to the house and fingered herself to orgasm a few more times before falling asleep.


Copyright (c) 2003 by DireWolf

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