POWER TOOL - Week 04 plus

by Cazna Rochester

All rights reserved copyright 2006, 2007, 2008

Day 22 - Friday

John wakes at 5.30 am and gently wakes Carmen by kissing her and whispers to her. They change positions and she cuddles up to Helen as she fondles her breasts. Helen wakes up to someone kissing her neck and fondling her breasts so she tenses until she recognises the feel of breasts against her. Opening her eyes she sees Carmen and reaches up to pull Carmen's mouth to hers. As they kiss and cuddle she looks past Carmen to see a sleeping John. She knows he's a cyborg and doesn't need much sleep but that doesn't register with her because she's used to thinking of him as a normal person. In her current state she lists him as being sound asleep when he's lying there with his eyes shut. He's aware how scared she is of genital male female sex and also knows she wants to become fully sexually active but this conflict has been playing hell with her for the last few weeks and he's held off with her while hoping she can sort it out but she hasn't and he has to act before the conflict drives her crazy. Carmen and Helen become more aroused as their hands wander all over each other as they kiss and cuddle. Carmen has Helen panting towards an orgasm. John senses it's time for him to get involved and glances at Helen, her head is back and her eyes are closed as Carmen's hand is working on her clit. He slides off the bed and moves between Helen's spread thighs. Once in place he kisses and licks her pussy while sliding two fingers in and out as Carmen leans away from Helen. After her third orgasm John kisses his way up her body to her breasts. Rising from her breasts he has Carmen lean in to kiss her way up to Helen's mouth and rub her breasts against hers while he plays with her pussy. Helen can feel Carmen's breast against hers and thinks it's all Carmen.

John soon has Helen's legs spread and is ready to enter her. She starts another orgasm and he slowly slides his stiff 2M dick in while he rubs her clit. She comes twice before his dick is half way along her vaginal sheath. During the orgasms she can tell it feels a bit different but she's too distracted by her pleasure to analyse what's different. A moment later she realises the difference is the feel of something in her vagina and thinks Carmen is using a 'Big Boy,' she's had a few lovely encounters with these already and likes them being used on her. Her eyes fly open as she remembers Carmen hadn't booked out a 'Big Boy' last night and she looks up into John's eyes just as his groin meets hers. He smiles at her as he starts a slow thrusting action in her wet pussy. As she comes again she realises her fears of her first proper fuck are needless as she's already come a couple of times during it. She goes back to kissing Carmen as she lets her body take over her mind while she concentrates on the pleasure signals. About ten minutes later he thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 2M, 10R, 300S.' She soon starts a continuous orgasm and goes into sensory overload. After the program runs out he withdraws and smiles at her almost comatose body while he moves behind Carmen to slide into her from behind. She starts to come as he enters her and he thinks, 'dickman slom 2M, 5M, 10R, 300S.' She has numerous orgasms during the program and smiles at him as she flops on to her side after he withdraws from her. He smiles back as he pulls the covers over them and heads to the en suite.

He enters the en suite to find the bath ready and a smiling Brooke waiting for him with his first few bathers. Returning the smile he starts washing people, not going slow but not rushing either.

Everyone is washed, Carmen and Helen last, and down to breakfast for 8.30 am. As Mary, Liz, and Janice get ready to go to work, John asks, "How'd the papers go today or have you let up on him?"

A grinning, Mary replies, "We felt we needed to let up on the poor boy a little but still give him a new thrill. You'd think he'd never seen large breasts before because he came in his pants when my tits brushed his chest as I leaned in to kiss him. He did seem to like admiring a mature woman as much as the young girls." John smiles as he wonders how the boy will feel once the holidays are over.

With a wide grin, Brooke says, "I think once the holidays are over there'll still be enough of us living here to justify continuing giving him a thrill as we get the papers, don't you. But we may cut back to just hugs at times. I better take time to tell him next week." They all grin as they've become used to teasing the poor lad and he seems intent on helping them tease him too.


The Preston team are about to leave for work when John's phone rings. It's one of Franks' boys telling him three men are setting up around the cars in the drive. John thanks them and tells the others to stay inside for the moment. Slipping on a tracksuit he clips his Glock to the belt and has Harry watch the kitchen door while Steve watches the front as he slips out the back door. Working his way around the garage he slips in amongst the bushes against the fence and moves towards where he can sense one of the men. He soon has all three men spotted as they've spread amongst the cars. They have no guns visible and it looks like they intend to capture someone. Silently he comes up behind the first one and places his left hand over the man's mouth as he hits him with a light Taser charge to the chest from his right hand. After quietly lowering the unconscious man to the ground he silently moves up behind the second man who's waiting beside one of the cars and repeats the trick. The third man sees him and goes for his gun, only to find himself staring sown the muzzle of John's Glock while his is still only half out of its holster. He wisely decides to leave it in the holster and pushes it back before slowly raising his arms. Smiling, John walks up and relieves him of his gun. He then directs him to a spot near the first man as he removes his gun and has the would be kidnapper pick up his friend in a fireman's carry while he takes the other man's gun and picks him up by grabbing his coat one handed. The conscious kidnapper is shocked by this feat of strength. A moment later they're walking in the front door under Steve's eye.

The Preston contingent leave for work while John is securing the kidnappers arms behind them. Several minutes later all three are once again conscious and ready to be asked questions. John smiles at them as he takes out their guns and casually breaks the barrels in half with his hands, saying, "Now I know you don't want to tell me anything but I also know you'll tell me everything I want to know before you're finished. If I have to go to the trouble of using truth serum to make you talk I won't like that and you may not survive it. So save us all a lot of time and tell me what I want to know so I can let you leave here alive. I'll even arrange your long term survival by giving you a chance to switch to Guy Franks." They stare at the guns he's destroying while they listen and gulp. They readily talk about who sent them and what they were supposed to do after kidnapping the three women who leave the house early. They also tell him where their current boss is and how many men he has. This is all recorded on two tape recorders as Steve goes out to find out what happened to the police guard.

He finds them in their car across the street, knocked unconscious and in need of medical help; which he calls for. The ambulance is quick to arrive on the scene and treat the officers, as is the supervising sergeant for the shift. Steve tells him he came across to have a chat and found them this way but he makes no mention of the prisoners. While Steve is talking to the sergeant John exits the house and walks over to a nearby car. The sergeant gulps in shock when a man he knows to be a top aide to Guy Franks gets out of the car and talks to John. He sees John hand him a tape player as they talk.

John crosses the street, smiling as 'Bags' Gibaldi gets out of the car, he's one of Franks' top sub-bosses and his show of respect by exiting the car is a sign of how much importance Guy Franks must put on John. His nickname is 'Bags' as he made his first entry into the local organised criminal fraternity by lifting bags of valuables from people in the train and bus depots or hotels, he had a knack of knowing which were the best to steal. Most people now call him Mr Gibaldi. John says, "Good morning, I have a tape of some fresh information on our common foe. I'm sure you can make use of it. I also have three people who're are very interested in being recruited by your boss now, very interested." This elicits a laugh from Gibaldi and his boys in the car as he takes the tape player off John to hand into the car for one of his boys to listen to and send instructions out over their radio link. "Please let me have the tape player back when you're finished with it, no hurry. And you can interview the new recruits as soon as you like."

Gibaldi smiles and says, "Thanks, I'll confirm some things with the boss and come over to talk to these people." John nods and goes over to Steve and the police sergeant. As he does he gets out his phone and calls DC Williams, "Hello Williams, John Smith. I'm sure you already know about what happened to your officers. I've made a deal with Guy Franks and he's taking over the outside observation of the house for me as he can afford to assign plenty of people. Can you ask your people to not worry about a permanent watch and to be careful of the private watchers?" A moment's pause, "Thanks. Please let Hedges know I'd like to come in and have a short talk with you both before lunch if that's convenient, if not, get back to me with a time." Most of this is heard by the wide eyed sergeant. John says to him, "Shortly you should get word you don't need to provide us with protection as I see no need to risk your officers when I have private help available. The trouble is coming from a Di Georgio sub-boss and Guy Franks has offered protection as it helps him snare any Di Georgio men sent after us, making them easier to find and recruit." Gulping, the sergeant nods before thanking them for the alert about his men and leaves.

As John and Steve walk back towards the house Gibaldi joins them. When he walks in to see so many lovely naked women and girls he almost has a heart attack as Steve and John laugh at his reaction. It only takes a few minutes for the three men to convince him they really do wish to swap sides as they definitely don't want anything to do with anyone who's stupid enough to be going after John as he kind of impressed them with his strong man act. The four men leave together.

To be on the safe side John puts the house on alert. Harry and Steve share their guns with Gwen and Melody while Fred goes with John as his driver and orders to take cover if anything happens. The girls are to stay inside and Steve is to answer the door. At 9.30 am John and Fred leave to drive off in the mini-bus as John thinks if they get shot at again it means only one vehicle has holes. As they pull out of the driveway Gibaldi waves them down and points out a car as he tells John it has orders to follow behind and keep an eye on him. The crew in it will radio in for help if they see anything starting but will stay out unless called in by John. John nods his thanks and they leave.

Morning Tasks

First stop is another gunsmith and the purchase of the four Glock 31Cs he has with ten spare magazines plus two boxes of ammunition for them. John loads the magazines as they drive away. A quick stop at the bakery to collect today's trenchers and back to the house.

They leave again at 10.30 am. Fred has a Glock and two spare magazines. Belinda, Rachel, and Brooke are all carrying, as are Barbara, Julie, Deborah, and Alice; they've come to spend the day at the pool and brought the rest of their children with them. The general idea is to have as many armed people on hand as possible. Sex isn't on anyone's mind at the moment but safety is. Eleven armed people should be a reasonable force to handle anything that can get past the outer line supplied by Franks. John feels the house and the people in it are safe. Liz, Mary, and Janice will have some company armed security take them to get their certificates and licences during the day.

Fred isn't happy about carrying a pistol but does. They arrive at police headquarters at 11.00 am and are sent to the secure car park. As they leave the vehicle a lot of passing officers wave and call out to John as he's getting very well known here. They arrive at DC William's office and are shown in by his secretary. Hedges is there and greets them with, "I don't know how the media would take it if they find out we've pulled police protection of a witness because the local organised crime boss can provide a better coverage?"

Laughing, John says, "Announce the local police have been called off as security is now handled by a special organised crime group. The media will think it's a federal force and Gibaldi's crew will wet themselves laughing. Or say I've organised private protection."

Nodding as they try hard not to laugh Williams hands over some papers, saying, "Here's some paperwork, pistol licences for Gwen, Belinda, Stacey, Melody, Fred, Brooke, Peta, Jacqui, Lorna, Paula, Rachel, Sera, Melissa, Wendy, Clarissa, Tina, Dallas, Houston, and Carly. The mayor had a fit when Commissioner Henry asked for gun licence approvals for eleven sixteen and seventeen year old girls. It helped they'd all passed the handling courses and seven are daughters of local millionaires with three others being sort of adopted daughters of one millionaire. When we pointed out the eleventh was the young woman in your recent shoot out he signed. Also in there are approvals for you to set up an armoury in the house and to purchase body armour for all your staff and residents. I'll feel a lot safer once that's done." John smiles and nods his thanks, this is much more than he expected to get and much sooner than he expected it.

Hedges says, "My boss wants to know how come you have an in with guy Franks, other than saving him from the Di Georgio set up." It's a statement but spoken like an order.

John smiles and says, "Back when Guy first took over two of his crew leaders were pushing to get into in drugs. I and some friends sent Guy a message strongly suggesting they stay out of drugs and a few other types of crime I objected to. Guy was thinking it over when the two crew sub-bosses started setting things up their way. I and my friends paid a visit to the two men and their senior people active in the drugs, nine in all. We sent them to visit Guy but used twenty-seven parcels to do it. We included evidence of their activity with what we did to them and why. Guy was smart enough to stay with the status quo." Hedges is staring at John wide eyed, as is Fred while Williams is just nodding as he'd heard the rumours at the time. "I was only seven at the time but already skilled in organising things for the Snake Gang as I was their planner and war leader." Hedges gulps as his eyes attempt to leave his head. Fred is totally stunned. "Guy saw what I did to them and the Di Georgio people trying to move in at that time, especially one sub-boss sent to kill the daughter of a prominent policeman. Guy's scared of me and knows he can't touch me so he tries to keep me happy and safe now he knows exactly who I am. He's very smart."

Hedges says, "Shit, I can't tell my boss all that. I'll just cut it down to he has a lot of respect for you and likes how you set his arch rival up. That he can understand and accept."

John smiles and nods, "I needed to find out if there's anything you need to know from any of Di Georgio's sub-bosses. I can't afford to let them keep taking shots at us so I'll have to go on the offensive to stop them hurting the girls. I'll probably have some of Guy's people for support or get them doing the work as they can get some benefit from it. But if you have anything specific I'll see what I can shake loose for you." Both nod as they start a lengthy talk about various areas of special interest they'd like him to get information on if he can. After another thirty minutes of discussions they start to wind it up.

As they stand to leave Williams asks John, "Is it OK if I send some people round with some files about mid afternoon as SCIT have some cases they think you may be able to help with? They'll bring the paperwork for casual contract employment." John nods as he thanks them for their time. At the door John turns and asks for advice on where to get some bullet proof cars. Hedges gives him the details of two companies that convert cars with light weight plating and he tells John to get overpowered vehicles. Ten minutes later Fred and John are driving down the street headed to a mall for lunch.

After a nice lunch they head to a car dealership to look at new vehicles. With the expert help of Fred and the dealership manager John selects a thirty seater bus, several sedans, two limousines, and a van. John orders the variants with the most powerful motors possible and all the accessories he thinks are suitable. He calls the contacts Hedges gave him and organises for them to make the vehicles bullet resistant, one is too busy and the other is just finishing a major job so he's happy for the new work. Arrangements are made to have the vehicles delivered to them by the car yard and to John in a few weeks once they're modified.

Street Games

When they come out of the showroom John looks down the street and sees a man waving, going to telescopic vision he see's it's one of Franks' men and the he looks concerned. John lifts his hand and waves as the man grimaces and makes his left hand like a gun while pointing towards where the mini-bus is parked with his right hand before waving it about the street. John gets his message and nods. Turning to Fred, he says, "When the trouble starts hit the ground, find cover, and shoot any armed people shooting at us." As Fred nods and gulps John is using his sensors to scan the area. He soon picks out a van with five people hiding in it and over a dozen other armed people in the almost empty street.

Nearing the bus, Fred reaches for the keys in his pocket. Four armed men approach them from the left as another four come from their right. John casually reaches under his coat with his left hand as he moves towards the closer group on his right. The eight men suddenly go for their guns. Fred drops and draws his. John leaps to his right as he brings his left hand up with his Glock and opens fire on the men to his left. The other dozen armed man in the street are drawing weapons and one is talking into the window of the van with men in it. The men near John are a bit shocked by his standing long jump to his right. He fires one round to his left as he jumps, another while in the air, and a third as he lands. Three of the men on his left have expressions of shocked pain on their faces as they start to topple over with bloody messes where their chests used to be. As he lands John back hands one of the gunmen in the throat, crushing it. As that man falls to the ground John shoots the fourth man on the left and grabs the next nearest man on his right by the coat. Using his right hand he throws the man a couple of metres to the solid steel pole holding up the car yard's sign. The man's head hits the post very hard and his head loses the contest as it splits open, killing him. Fred drops to the grass beside the mini-bus and uses it for cover as he takes aim around the front of the vehicle at the armed men running across the road. He fires two rounds to drop the lead pair, causing the rest to change direction a bit and spread out. John steps forward to grab the third man from the right hand group by the throat as the man points his pistol at John and fires. This position puts John in front of and between the two men. The bullet hits his belly and ricochets into the chest of the fourth gunman, surprising both men. The fourth man drops his gun and starts to fall as John snaps the neck of the man in his hand while aiming up the street to shoot another armed man running towards them.

Turning from this encounter John steps clear of the back of the mini-bus and takes aim at the van with the five men in it. The doors are opening as the men are moving out. Things have happened so fast they haven't got out of the van yet. While Fred has shot two more men crossing the street and winced as two return rounds have hit the mini-bus above him. He fires at a fifth and hits him in the chest as John fires at the van. John uses his infra red sensor to locate the men in the van and rapid fires five rounds through the side of the van to hit them all in the middle of the torso, all five drop as the rounds punch through the thin van walls and rip their bodies apart. The one nearest the back falls to the ground with a M16 assault rifle in his hands, it's forgotten as he dies. Moving further around the back of the mini-bus John opens fire on the three men trying to get across the road by using the mini-bus to block Fred's view of them. All three are given chest renovations as Fred does the same to three men he can see charging down the middle of the road. Both stop and search the area as they hear two cars accelerating away from the area.

There are no more active threats visible and John counts twenty-five dead gunmen lying in the street. Both John and Fred change magazines while keeping an eye out for more. Sirens can be heard fast approaching. John scans the area as he walks to Fred while he gets his phone out of his pocket and puts his pistol in its holster. Williams answers the phone as John his helping Fred to his feet. He says, "John Smith here, they're at it again as you're probably aware. We'll wait here for your people as they're all dead or left now." Williams acknowledges the call and hangs up before getting onto the radio to inform control of who's involved. John calls Steve and tells him what happened and Steve puts the house on full alert, again.

John helps Fred walk to a nearby café to sit at one of their outside tables. He orders two large hot chocolates when the owner walks out to take their order. As the owner heads back inside John looks down the street to see the man from Gibaldi's crew still looking up the road with a stunned expression on his face. Catching his eye John stands and salutes him as a thank you for the warning, he nods back. Focussing on him John can see he's talking on the radio and is probably telling the others how deadly John and Fred are. He soon starts walking up the footpath towards John. He stops clear of the scene when the first police car arrives and pulls up in front of him. Very soon several more police cars arrive and officers start securing the area.

John and Fred are about half way through their drinks when a detective walks up and asks for their statements. John takes his drink to another table so Fred doesn't have to move while they tell the police their stories. The officers check the serial numbers of the guns and confirms they're two from the other day so they have ballistics samples already. A few of the more experienced officers are shaking their heads as they glance from John and Fred to the dead gunmen while having trouble figuring how two civilians killed twenty-five gunmen without getting a scratch; John had done his coat up to hide where his shirt was damaged by the shot into his belly. The officers at the van are very puzzled how John was able to score such dead centre hits through the van walls, five shots, five dead. The general consensus is he must really know how to use a gun.

When the detectives are finished with John, the man from Gibaldi's crew approaches the John's table. The detective knows him and is surprised when he sits down, saying, "I'm Johnson. Five others got away, three jumped in a sedan down there while two more jumped in a sedan up here and took off at high speed. Mallory won't like that. He sends thirty men out to take down two men and five cut and run as twenty-five are wasted. No, he won't like it at all. He'll probably take his anger out on them if they're stupid enough to go back to tell him in person." He looks at the stunned look on the detective's face and adds, "These are all from Mallory's crews, as were the lot the other day. I think he thinks taking John out will see him made the new capo if he lives that long." Shaking his head the detective stands and walks away. As he watches him go, he says, "We got our second car to pick up the car near us further down the block. They followed it for a while and stopped them. We're questioning them now but not getting anywhere. The boss asked if you'd talk to them." Smiling, John nods.

He stand and walks to the detective, saying, "If you don't mind, we'd like to leave now. Let me know when you're finished with the mini-bus and I'll collect it. Johnson is going to give us a lift." The detective looks at the two of them and nods as there's clearly a damn sight more to this than is evident but he has no intention of going beyond what he was told to do by Williams. Johnson, Fred, and John are at the gutter as a car driven by Johnson's partner drives up to them.

Fifteen minutes later the car drives into a warehouse and stops. They get out of the car and Johnson leads them over to a brick office in the back corner. Inside the office are three men tied to chairs and two very burly men interrogating them. The men in the chairs have clearly had a bit of a beating as they have their heads hanging down and their faces are bruised. They all turn to look at the new arrivals. After a short look the tied up men hang their heads down again. One of the burly men says, "Nothing, they aren't talking."

Question Time

With a large grin John grabs a chair and places it in front of the first of the men in the chairs. Sitting down he lifts the man's head until they make eye contact. Slowly he starts to move his eyes from side to side and the man's eyes follow him. In a deep voice, he says, "When my friends and I start asking questions again you will answer them truthfully and fully. Understand?" Wide eyed the man nods. John repeats the procedure with the other two prisoners. With them ready he turns to Johnson and says, "Do you have some tape recorders handy?" He nods and one of the original interrogators opens a cupboard to show several. John smiles and say, "Please set up four to record everything they now say." The man nods and does so.

Once ready, John questions the men about Mallory's current support and possible locations. He also asks about the things Hedges and Williams want information on. After getting all he wants from the three men he takes two of the recorders and says, "You can trust anything they tell you as they won't lie any more. I need a lift back to my vehicle." All three of Franks' people are looking long and hard at John as they nod. They know from John's questions and the answers that the men told the truth and they're very concerned as to how he did it. As Johnson leads John and Fred out of the room the other two men sit down and question the prisoners about things of interest to Franks.

On the way back John listens to one of the tapes and makes a copy of edited selections on a blank tape he grabbed before leaving the interrogation room. They arrive back just as the police are winding up their tape and packing up to leave.

John has a quick word to the detective in charge and hands over the edited tape for him to give to Williams with a request for him to copy it and pass it along to Hedges. The detective looks at the tape and then at John. Smiling, John says, "I've just been having a quiet word with a couple of Mallory's people and this has the answers to some questions DC Williams and Agent Hedges asked me to ask if I got the chance." The detective gulps and glances down at the tape as he wonders just where the hell John fits into things. His concern is clearly written on his face so he adds, "I've been helping close down the Di Georgio network due to information I gathered. I'm also the contact point between the law enforcement agencies and Guy Franks as I've known Guy for many years and he doesn't want to get me angry at him, so I can approach him with safety and he knows I'm not out to get him." The detective nods as this makes sense and he can understand it.

They get back in the mini-bus and Fred drives them home.

At Home

John walks in at home to find three dismayed police officers sitting at the dinning room table as two nude school girls serve them snacks and drinks while others wander through the room. What doesn't help is Brooke standing nearby, nude except for a belt with a loaded Glock in its holster. John has a hard time not laughing at their expressions. He smiles as he nods at Brooke and she leads the girls away. One of the police officers is a policewoman in her late twenties and she has a large grin at the discomfort her partners feel with the situation.

Sitting down at the table John accepts the papers they hand to him. After reading them he calls Steve to sign as a witness. When Steve walks in nude the policewoman gives him a wolf whistle and he smiles as he says, "Look all you like but you better ask my fiancé for approval before you start anything as she's a crack shot." This gets a few laughs and lightens the atmosphere.

With the papers signed they hand over some files. As they get up to leave he says, "Not much here, wait a moment while I read them please." He opens the files and starts to quickly scan through the pages. While he reads them he also commits a copy of the image to his computer memory storage to allow him to review it again later. It only takes him ten minutes to scan the files.

Leaning back he thinks about what he's read and makes notes. He brings back from his storage some of the information from the Sunday with Williams. He covers four pages with notes. Handing them to the officers, he says, "I don't have access to the computer systems to do this but you need to check the records on the following people and businesses. Also talk to your Vice people about the files I mention on page two as there's some stuff in there that relates. I saw those files some days back and remember their contents. Once you've gathered the information I mention on these pages you should have all you need to properly identify which of the eight people mentioned are involved in this fraud and the evidence to get a warrant to search their systems and files. Check the areas and files with the names mentioned here as that should give you enough to convict them." The three officers are shocked as they'd been reading and evaluating those same files for two months without getting anywhere and John gives them leads in only a few minutes. He stands and smiles as he leads them out.

Note: A week later they thank him as following his suggestions yields the evidence they need for search warrants. Looking in the areas and file names in his report they find all the evidence needed to convict them. They still don't know or understand how he did it but accepted the help he provided.

Williams calls to thank John for the information provided on the tapes as they've used it to quickly capture a number of criminals in possession of illicit substances and stolen goods. All of which is applying pressure on Mallory's remaining network and reducing the number of properties he has access to as the police take control of the ones they find involved with criminal activities. About ten minutes later Gibaldi rings to let John know he'll have the ten men he asked Johnson to organise for some work later and they'll be ready outside John's house just after dinner. John thanks him and goes for a swim.

Diving into the pool he swims up behind Wendy as she talks to Paris and Rissa. He slips his arms around her to fondle her breasts as he kisses her neck. She smiles as she leans back against him. Rissa smiles as she reaches down and grabs his dick to rub it against Wendy's pussy. Wendy grins and says, "Please." Smiling, he makes his dick stiff as Rissa pushes it in to Wendy's vagina. He goes to a 3M and slowly slides in and out of her. Holding her to him he walks to the side of the pool. Paris, Rissa, Julie, Deborah, and Barbara join them. Reaching it he places her hands on the edge and leans her forward as he starts a fast fuck. She has a few orgasms before he switches to a 4M while almost out of her and slides in to contact her cervix as he comes in her. She has another orgasm as she feels his sperm fill her up. Kissing the back of her neck he withdraws.

He slaps his hand on the edge of the pool, "Rissa, assume the position. Paris, your next." With big grins both ladies quickly lean against the pool. He takes position behind Rissa and slides his dick into her eager pussy and notices the Masters sisters taking up position in line after Paris as they watch him. He spends several minutes fucking Rissa to numerous orgasms before pushing against her cervix and filling her womb with sperm. He moves on to Paris and spends several minutes doing the same with her. Moving to Julie he notices the edge of the pool has a long line of women and girls leaning against it waiting their turn and Brooke is changing the order of people lined up, some are happy with the changes and some aren't. He notices the younger Master's girls have left the pool area and stops worrying about them. He smiles and laughs as he works down the line giving each woman and girl several minutes of gentle fucking as they have many orgasms. With each one he's trying to get pregnant he stops against their cervix and fills their womb with sperm. He'd only intended to fuck Wendy, Paris, and Rissa but sees no reason to stop when the ladies are so eager.

About two hours after this marathon 'love in' starts Melody and Gwen start serving dinner at the pool. They have hamburgers being served on plates so they don't get wet by the water beside the pool. Those who he's already had sex with are helping with the meal preparation and delivery. About three and a half hours after starting he's had sex with twenty-three of those present and has to get ready to go out. After withdrawing from Carly he stands beside the pool and says, "I'm very sorry people but I have to go out for a few hours. Please remember your place and we'll return to this pleasant exercise regime when I return."

As he turns to leave and get dressed he hears a few complaints but grins when an unidentified voice yells out, "Damn right you will," and is followed by quite a few calls of agreement.

Dressed and ready to go John has five loaded spare magazines and a round in the breach of his pistol. The Preston ladies have come home and are armed as they were able to collect the five of the model 19Cs John ordered. The house should be well defended while he's out. John leaves the house and crosses the road to where Gibaldi is. He's introduced to ten men in three waiting cars, Johnson will lead the group. Because of his proper handling of this afternoon's incident he's being given the chance to prove himself with more authority by leading this group under John's general direction. John nods at the others as he climbs into a car with Johnson and the cars drive off.

Evening Entertainment

A little later they pull up a few metres from the last turn into the street to the warehouse Mallory is in with the bulk of his gunmen. They leave the cars idling for a fast getaway if needed. Johnson leads the way into the corner building and is met by another man who says, "Mallory arrived about an hour ago with four cars of men. That makes about thirty to arrive since we did." He leads them to a room where they have two monitors set up showing the scene from cameras looking down the road. The target is a large warehouse at the end of the road with open space all around and the lake at its back.

John asks, "Is there a window where it's safe to look out?"

The man nods and leads him to a room with an open window. The lights in the room and the last two rooms are turned off so they use light coming in the windows as they walk through the rooms. John stands there looking out the window and using his sensors to tell what he can about the street and the warehouse. It's too far away for him to get a good read for most sensors but he can tell some men are set up in ambushes along the way and a couple are on the roof. They go back to the main room and John points out the rubbish skips that have armed men waiting in them near the last buildings. They discuss how to approach the building. They figure they're using radar to detect anyone moving down the streets or across the lake as they know they have sonar working in the lake. This is an older area and the power lines are on poles not in the ground. John looks closely at the power poles and every second pole has a street light but it's below the power lines and stuck on the end of a post about two metres long. He smiles as he realises anyone on the power line will be virtually invisible to anyone looking up the street as the lights will blind them. Turning to Johnson, he says, "I can get in there by myself without being seen. Give me a radio and wait for my orders before charging down the street and watch out for the ambushes. When I call come down the street as fast as you safely can and take out any opposition you meet. I'll need an untraceable pistol too in case I have to leave it behind." Johnson nods and one of the other men gets a pistol out of a draw to hand him, wiping it with a rag as he does. John slips it in his pants hip pocket and does the button up to hold the flap down and keep it in.

Johnson goes to ready his men as John opens the window of a darkened room just below where the power line comes into this building. Climbing out the window he grabs the line and quickly swings out as he raises his feet to grasp it. The man watching him is amazed he doesn't get fried by the power in the line. John's outer skin doesn't conduct electricity well and his shoes have thick rubber soles. It was a small risk but he figured he could move from the building to the line before he got fried. He slowly goes hand over hand along the line to the first power pole. Reaching beyond the pole he grabs the wire without touching the pole. Using this method he takes about twenty-five minutes to work his way down the street. To the men on the ground and on the building he's a dark shadowy part of the power line as the line is on the street opposite the warehouse and has the street lights between the line and the warehouse with no light on the last pole so he's not silhouetted against the light at all. Reaching the building John quickly switches to a window sill and grabs hold of the window frame. He's on the level just below the roof as he works the window catch and opens it. After a few tense moments when it looks like the window catch won't open he has the window open and is inside the room. Luckily this is a small power distribution room and no one is in it. Carefully he moves up the stairs and on to the roof.

Coming up behind one of the roof guards he grabs him and pins him to the ground as he places a hand over his mouth while staring into his eyes. Using his hypnotic routine, he says, "Shortly some cars will come down the street at speed. When they do you'll open fire at the men hiding in the rubbish skips and shoot anyone firing at the cars or the men from the cars. At no time will you indicate to anyone that anyone else has been on the roof. Understand?" The man nods. John leaves him and moves to a second roof guard around the corner of the air conditioning unit. After capturing this guard he gives him the same orders. He quickly finds and eliminates the other two roof guards by breaking their necks and heads back down the stairs.

As he goes down he does a search of each level and breaks the necks of five armed men on the next two levels. He relieves them of their light machine guns and ammunition clips. From the top of the last flight of stairs he can see most of the warehouse as it's about twelve metres from floor to ceiling. There's several cars parked near the main truck entrance, the doors are closed and about forty men sit around tables or camp beds; most are talking while some are cleaning weapons, pistols and machine guns. In the corner nearest the lake is a small brick building of a few rooms with two guards in front of it. The bulk of the warehouse is in darkness and dimly lit by the lights from the front where the bulk of the men are as the windows of the building have the curtains drawn across them. He watches a youth leave the main area and walk towards the building, he's obviously not happy about being here.

John moves down the stairs and walks towards the brick building with his machine gun on display and resting at his side. The two guards glance at him and go back to chatting. He reaches the guards and strikes. Hitting them both hard in the neck to crush their wind pipes and snap their necks. He lowers them to the floor and looks at the building. On one side of the entrance door is a sign so he quickly uses one man's belt around his neck to secure him to the sign and then repeats the trick with a rack for hanging hard hats on the other side of the door. Both dead men look to be standing beside the door as it'll take a close inspection to tell they're dead. The boy entered the room without knocking so John does so to. Inside the first room, a small entry area, are two more guards sitting in chairs. He quickly crosses the room and snaps their heads together with enough force the kill them. He moves to the door into the next room and walks through to find the boy being given directions by Mallory. Also in the room are two girls tied up and another guard just inside the door. All turn towards the door as it opens.

Stepping into the room John takes a second to lash out with his right arm to crush the throat and snap the neck of the guard before leaping across the room to Mallory. He lands beside the desk as the boy leaps back in shock and Mallory gets his hand on his gun in his holster. John places one hand over Mallory's mouth while the other grabs the hand on the gun and crushes it as he says, "Shut up and sit down son." In shock the boy does as he's told. The pain in his hand causes Mallory to let go of the gun. John stares into his eyes and starts his hypnotic routine, saying, "You will obey my instructions and truthfully answer any questions put to you, understand?" Mallory's eyes go wide as he nods. "Make no sound and do not move a muscle unless I tell you to. Now sit down and be quiet." He lets go and Mallory sits down at the desk. Turning to the boy John asks, "Who are you and what are you doing here? Speak quietly."

Gulping, the boy says, "I've been running errands for one of his men for a few months. Two days ago I saw them kill someone and they grabbed my sister and girlfriend as hostages while I continue to run errands. I figure we won't live any longer than the end of this current fight as Mallory has no reason to keep me alive and he's being eye the girls since lunch yesterday."

John nods and says, "Sit down with the girls. You can undo their legs and get them ready to run but leave the gags on and their hands tied until I have time to make sure they won't do something stupid." The boy nods and does as he's told while John turns back to Mallory, "Mallory, you made a big mistake in thinking I work for Franks. The reality is I work for myself and Franks knows enough about me to do what I tell him to." This makes Mallory's eyes go wide. "Di Georgio refused to obey my orders to keep out of my city so I had to take him down. The same is now happening to you for the same reason. Shortly some of Franks' men will be coming here to take out your little group of gunmen then you'll be leaving here as my prisoner. Do you have any valuables stored here, speak softly?"

Nodding, Mallory whispers, "Two briefcases of cash behind the desk and ten kilos of pure Cocaine in the trunk of one of the cars." John smiles as he walks around the desk and picks up the briefcases to place them on the desk. To be safe he ties Mallory's hands behind his back and removes his pistol before checking him for other weapons. John gathers up all the weapons of the dead guards and readies them for general warfare. He places a small table beside the outer door and puts them on the table ready for use. Telling the boy and girls to keep down he pulls out the radio, turns it on, and says, "Johnson, go now," as he opens the door and looks out into the warehouse.

In the far corner he can see two men hunched over some electronic gear, one sits up and yells out, "Heads up, someone just used a radio very near, either in or beside the building." Men scramble for guns as they hear fast approaching car engines and the rattle of weapons as the men on the roof open fire. Opening up with the machine gun John aims at the largest concentration of gunmen of about twenty. With the weapon on full automatic fire he keeps the trigger down as he swings it across the group and fires all thirty rounds of the magazine before he's covered the whole group. All but the last two fall to the ground as their life blood pours out of their torn bodies. As Mallory's men turn towards this new threat John drops the gun and picks up another which he uses to fire two short bursts to finish the first group as the rest spread out and move towards him. On his orders the boy turns off the lights in the room and pitches this whole end of the building into darkness as John uses his infra red sensors to locate gunmen and send three round bursts into their chests. He's dropped another ten when the exterior doors are blown apart in an explosion and Johnson lead his men into the building. The gunmen soon die or surrender. The badly wounded are soon helped on their way and there are no lightly wounded. The whole fight takes only a few minutes and five prisoners are taken in the warehouse. Johnson soon has them tied up and shoved into two cars with some of his men ready to drive away.

John cleans his finger prints off the weapons and magazines he handled and drops them on the floor. He turns the lights on and wipes the switch down as well. As he goes to enter the back room Johnson walks in the front room with two men. John has them lead the boy, two girls, and Mallory out as he carries the money. He tells Johnson to check the cars and make sure to leaves the one with the drugs here for the police. He motions for one of his men to do so. They're soon ready to leave in three of Mallory's cars and the three cars Johnson brought. The kids, Mallory, John, and Johnson are in Mallory's own limousine with one of Johnson's men driving. Deciding to have a little fun John has the boy sit in the drop seat while he releases the girls and they sit on either side of John. Johnson is in the front seat and turned to look into the back seat. John has Mallory kneel on the floor in between his legs as he pulls his dick out and gives Mallory a nice stiff 3M to suck on. The girls giggle as a grimacing Mallory starts to suck on John's dick. The girls find this funny as Mallory had been winding them up during the day by telling them how they were going to spend the night sucking his dick before he fucked them in the morning while the boy watched it all. Now he's the one sucking dick.

They arrive at a safe house and John puts his dick away after they watch him come in Mallory's mouth. Inside John sits Mallory down and debriefs him with tape recorders handy. He starts with cash and bank accounts then what Hedges and Williams want before moving into the areas Franks needs. The tape for Hedges and Williams is reduced to what they want and given to a man to deliver to Police Headquarters. As he leaves John uses his phone to call Williams and Hedges, telling them both the address of the warehouse and the suspected drug shipment there, and a tape is on its way to Police Headquarters for them. They both thank him as they get ready to go back to work. Shortly after this Guy Franks arrives to question Mallory and he spends a lot of time smiling at the replies. As he's finishing with Mallory John rings Barbara and asks, "Barbara darling, do you want another special slave?"

She laughs, "No, but I have a friend who would like one. She's prepared to pay anything for a few and she has a delicious body, as does her daughter and the woman who runs her house. She hasn't got her dungeon set up yet as she has no slaves but can get one set up quickly if she had a few slaves."

"OK, I get the message. I have one and may have a couple of others but not sure. I'll call you soon." He turns to Johnson, "Of the five prisoners, any of them very good or important to you or can I have them to give to someone as a gift?"

Johnson looks at Franks and they both shake their heads no before Johnson says, "No, they aren't likely to integrate with our people so we're thinking of killing them. We have two others like that too. Do you want the seven of them?"

Smiling, he says, "Yes, I'll take all seven and reprogram them to be sex slaves in a dominatrix's dungeon and the same with Mallory. They'll spend the rest of their lives being fucked on demand and not enjoying a moment of it." All of Franks' people smile at the thought. He adds, "That's what I've done with Big Jim and a couple of others like him." This gets a few laughs. He calls Barbara back, saying, "Barbara darling, please arrange for a meeting tomorrow. I'll let you decide who to invite but I have eight men in their thirties or forties who used to be criminals and are now available for disposal as sex slaves."

She giggles and says, "Pity it's only eight as I know three other women who'd like three each. Could you find a ninth? Anyway, I'll set something up for tomorrow afternoon at my place. See you then."

He smiles as he hangs up and turns to Franks, "Bloody pushy women, she'd like a ninth to make it three nice sets of three." They all laugh.

Franks says, "Does it have to be a criminal? I have a nasty type I need to get rid of but he's not a criminal." At John's raised eyebrow, he adds, "He's a city official who was very tight with Big Jim and Di Georgio and is causing all sorts of problems for people. He's very fit and in his late twenties."

John half nods as he says, "Give me a full profile of his behaviour and actions, I'll consider adding him to the list IF I think he warrants it, OK?" Franks nods and turns to talk to one of his people.

Twenty minutes later the seven gunmen are brought to John and he goes through his routine as he programs them and Mallory with the instructions, "You will always obey me and anyone I appoint in authority over you. You'll always obey anyone they appoint in authority over you. When told by me or them to stay in a room or building you'll not leave unless I or someone we appointed over you is physically with you and in full command of themselves and the situation. You'll devote yourself to pleasing those appointed over you. Do you understand?" Each indicates a full understanding of their orders when asked. Shortly after this is finished John is handed a file on the city official. The things he's done while behaving like a little Hitler is enough to make John agree to enslave him. The man is an orphan and lives alone so it's no trouble to have him picked up and delivered to Barbara's house tomorrow just after lunch. Arrangements are made for Franks to have all nine delivered at the same time. He's happy to be safely rid of them. It's nearly half past ten as John heads home with the boy and two girls in tow.

Home Again, Au Naturally

They arrive home about a quarter to eleven. The boy and girls are shocked when John walks in the door and starts taking his clothes off. He says, "This household is a nudist facility. We all go nude here so get undressed." The girls are very hesitant but when a nude Brooke races in to give him a hug and a kiss they smile and start to undress. The boy is very hesitant but finds he can't fight things when Brooke leaves John and starts stripping him.

They walk into the pool area to find the people are in bed. Brooke claps her hands and shouts out, "He's back, game time. Take your places." Turning to the girls, she says, "We were playing a nice game of Fuck-a-thon when Uncle John had to leave on some important business, now he's back and we can finish the game." All three visitors are wide eyed at this news. The boy gets an instant erection when he sees the wave of nude girls headed for the pool. They're soon in the water and lined up along the edge awaiting him to pleasure them. As he goes to the pool John does some quick calculations and figures he's not going to get much sleep. He turns to Brooke, "Love, this is likely to take five or six hours to finish, shouldn't some people get some sleep for the next few hours?"

She laughs and says, "I figured that earlier and we've been napping since you left. I figure we'll keep you up all night and go straight into morning baths tomorrow then let you nap for a couple of hours." The two girls stare at them as they digest what's being said.

A smiling Belinda walks over and grabs the boy by his dick and says, "Come along Bob and let your Aunt Belinda teach you how to use this." Both girls laugh as the gulping boy is lead away by his dick. They drop their jaws as they see John jump in the pool sporting a 4M.

Moving up behind Mary he starts to give her good fucking. He takes his time giving every woman and girl a good fucking for several minutes each, to their great pleasure. As he finishes with a partner she climbs out, gets dried and goes to bed while he moves on to the next. He spends the rest of the night pleasuring the women and girls.

Day 23 - Saturday

It's five o'clock in the morning when John withdraws from the last of the girls and turns to leave the pool. He stops as Brooke ushers in Mrs Lincoln and Mrs Bellingham with wide smiles as they take up position in the pool. Moving behind Mrs Lincoln he feels her up for a moment to make sure she's wet before he slides into her. This isn't the first time he's had sex with the two women as earlier in the holidays both their husbands gave him permission to fuck their wives, just as the wives gave the men permission to fuck the girls. At twenty past he's withdrawing from a very happy Mrs Bellingham when Brooke brings the two girls from last night to the poolside, saying, "Out of the pool now Uncle John. You have two virgins to train." He can tell both girls are both frightened and excited.

Standing in front of them he starts drying as he says, "Tell them how to suck cock." Brooke puts a hand on top of each of their heads and pushes down as she instructs them on cock sucking. While he dries the rest of himself the girls are licking and sucking his dick. They can't believe it's still stiff after spending the night fucking that long line of women and girls. In order to better instruct the girls Brooke kneels behind them and slips a hand into each of their pussies to play with them while she whispers instructions to them. They're both soon very wet and ready. When John can sense they're not so frightened or tense he tells them to lie on the grass with their legs spread. They quickly follow orders and are ready for him. Dropping to his knees between the thighs of Bob's sister, Rose, he kisses his way up her legs. On reaching her pussy he licks around it as he spreads her labia with his left hand. He licks up her slit and tongues her clit as she moans at his pleasure assault. Placing his mouth over her clit he sucks on it as she bucks her way through two orgasms before he stops. Kissing his way up her body he stops to suck on her breasts to elicit more moans of pleasure. Moving on to her mouth he kisses her as he slides a stiff 3M into her wet and waiting vagina. Her eyes open as she feels him enter her. Beside her Erin, her best friend and her brother's girlfriend, is finger fucking herself to another orgasm as she watches. John spends the next fifteen minutes gently fucking Rose to numerous orgasms before she passes out from a pleasure overload.

Withdrawing from Rose John looks at Erin and smiles at the look of lust in her eyes as she lies there with Brooke's hand in her with the wrist out of sight inside Erin. At his touch on her shoulder Brooke withdraws her hand and moves back as John moves to cover Erin. Slowly he enters her and gently fucks her to numerous orgasms over the next several minutes. She's almost out of it when Rose returns to the land of the living and starts playing with her sore clit while watching them. John withdraws from Erin and places the girls' hands in each others pussies as he moves to Brooke and enters her.

Knowing Brooke is more experienced he starts a fucking vigorous action with her to her pleasure. He expects the three of them to moan when Brooke reaches her first orgasm of this fuck but he's a bit surprised when he hears a dozen or so moans. As he rapidly fucks Brooke to another orgasm he looks around to see about twenty girls watching them as they finger fuck themselves or a friend. It's nearly six o'clock when he slows down and fills Brooke's womb. He's just withdrawing when he hears Beth say, "Cream pie, please." He comes again right at the entrance to her vagina. As he moves away Beth slides in to start eating Brooke's cream pie. Seeing this causes Rose and Erin to come again as Melody drops down to suck John's dick clean. With it clean she nods at Beth. John smiles and moves behind her. As he touches her thighs to spread them more Beth lifts her head to make sure it's him. Smiling, she lowers her head back to her task. John quickly slides into her and starts to give her a thorough fucking. Fast and furiously he fucks her to several orgasms while she eats Brooke to several more too. He stops only when Gwen walks up and says, "OK you lot you're late for your baths. Liz, your turn to get the papers and cop a feel."

Erin says, "What's this about the papers?"

Brooke says, "We've been having a nude pool party for the last two weeks. On the first morning someone wanted the papers and raced out nude to get them. The poor boy had a huge erection at the sight of a nude female and came in his pants when she got close. Since then we've been having fun with him by taking turns to get the papers nude. Last week we upped the ante by kissing him as well. Every day he gets an erection and loses it when we get close. Some of the girls like to grab hold of his dick as they kiss him and feel it go down as he comes in his pants. It's great fun, we enjoy it, he clearly enjoys it, and the neighbours enjoy watching the game, so it's no harm."

Erin laughs very hard, "Mum would have kittens to learn what you're doing to him." They look at her, "My brother James is your paper boy. We've wondered why he's been so conscientious about doing his run of late. I'm supposed to be at a sleep over with Rose this weekend, can we get tomorrow's papers?" Laughing, Brooke nods as everyone heads upstairs for their baths.

John takes his time over the baths and gives everyone a short two minute auto fuck as he washes them. Rose and Erin are last and are surprised when their turn in the queue has them watching as the three before them get washed while mounted on John's stiff dick. They're wet and ready by the time it's their turn. These two he gives a five minute auto fuck each. Brooke grins as she helps them out of the bath and lies them down in his bed after drying them. While waiting for their bath they watched from the upstairs windows as James got kissed and felt up by Liz and had a huge laugh at his reaction.

To breakfast and a briefing on last night. After telling the regular household what happened he tells Brooke about having to visit the dungeon later oday and why. With a grin Brooke suggests they take Rose, Erin, Bob, Belinda, Paris, Dallas, Houston, and Gabriela, with Gabriela and Bob as a mistress and master with a change half way through to make Bob a slave to Belinda. John laughs at the idea and agrees.


After breakfast is a trip to the shops with Wendy and Carmen as John takes them for their first supervised visits with their mothers. Brooke arranged for them to meet at the mall and do some shopping afterwards. They meet at a coffee shop in the mall and John has two tables near each other so he can be handy to either as required. Mrs Delling is hesitant at first and soon settles down for a good talk with Carmen after John explains what he's done and why. For the first time in over a decade mother and daughter are friendly with each other. Wendy's mother turns up with her new boyfriend and they have a good talk while John talks to the boyfriend. For the first time since Ruiz moved in Wendy and her mother can talk calmly to each other. All women are wearing happy smiles as the time nears for the end of the meeting and they pack up to go their own ways. John arranges for Mrs Delling to meet him at the Masters residence later to visit JT.

They stop in at Victoria's Secret for John buy a few things for all the household residents and staff. While there he chats with Elise. As he's leaving, she says, "See you later." Thinking she's dropping by for a swim later he nods and leaves the store. On the way back they collect groceries Gwen ordered and arrive back in time for lunch.

After lunch John looks for Gabriela. Coming up behind her in the pool he reaches around to fondle her breasts and pulls her to him as he says, "Gabby dear, how would you like to visit the dungeon again, this time as a mistress?" She gulps and and slowly nods. She knows she doesn't want to go as a slave again but that was the best sex she's had or heard of and she does want to enjoy something like it again. They get out and dried as Brooke gathers together the rest of the team for this afternoon's games. Gwen gets everyone else together to collect all the rubbish and put it in the skips while the designated group put on track suits and head down to the Masters' residence.

When John, Brooke, Rose, Erin, Belinda, Paris, Dallas, Houston, Bob, and Gabriela arrive they're shown in by Alice. They all wait in the lounge room where they watch the cleaning crew at work under Alice.

Shortly afterwards Mrs Delling arrives and is shown in. When she walks in the lounge room and sees JT in his maid outfit cleaning with his duster dick she bursts out laughing. JT is given permission to answer her questions truthfully. After she finds out he's just a fuck toy for some domineering women and gets no pleasure from the sex as they have a way of turning his dick on and off she laughs so hard she has to dash for the toilet. After spending about fifteen minutes with him she asks to speak to John before she leaves. At the front door, she says, "John, I doubt I'll ever come and visit my ex-son again. But I thank you for seeing he finally has a useful purpose in life. I also thank you for letting me see this as it's the best laugh I've had in decades. I'll call to visit Carmen again if I can as she's finally turned into a nice woman. Thank you for saving her." She gives him a hug and leaves.

Ten minutes later Johnson turns up with the prisoner and slaves. Once they're in the house John takes the new man aside into another room and applies his skill. He soon learns the man is much worse than thought and he has no concerns with programming him into being a slave. Shortly after that he leads the group down to the dungeon.

In the dungeon he tells everyone to get undressed. John sets out the order of things with the slave males as junior slaves, Bob is a master with Belinda as his personal slave, causing her a bit of consternation as she was expecting the reverse. He designates Gabriela as a mistress with Paris, Dallas, and Houston as her personal slaves and Brooke as a mistress with Rose and Erin as her personal slaves. He tells them to sit down with their personal slaves and get acquainted as they can't start the games until all the other players arrive and the auction is held. When they all look at him he points to the nine junior slaves and says, "These slaves are here for sale today." They all look at him wide eyed, "These criminals were to be executed and I chose to make them into slaves instead. Now I'm here to sell them at an auction Barbara is organising." A very happy Bob sits down and has Belinda suck his cock before sitting in his lap with his dick in her. Gabriela sits down with Paris eating her pussy while the twins suck on her tits, a very happy girl. Brooke has Rose sit in her lap while Erin takes turns licking their pussies. John goes and fucks Paris from behind.

Slave Auction

Alice shows in Elise with May, Daisy, Vanessa, and a pretty, petite young girl wearing slave collars; Elise has Daisy and the new girl by a lead each while May is leading Vanessa. Elise smiles and waves at John as she leads them over. As they strip she says, "You don't know how happy I was to hear some slaves were for sale and to find out you'll be here was a nice surprise. I hope to make some savings by doing some swaps, as do the others."

Smiling, John reaches out and says, "Hand me the leads while you examine the items on sale. The nine men standing up are for sale at $20,000 each." Elise hands over the leads she has and clips another to May's collar which she hands to John too. May is surprised and gulps when a lead is clipped on her collar. While Elise examines the men John talks to the girls and finds out May is a switch while Daisy and Vanessa are casual slaves and the new girl wishes to be a permanent slave; she's also a virgin and has only been with girls or women despite being eighteen years old.

Soon after Barbara, Deborah, and Julie arrive with two women in their forties who've four slave girls each with them, all late teens or early twenties and leads on their collars. They all strip and the two new women in leather mistress outfits hand John slave the leads as they go to examine the men. The three women are soon talking about the men and deciding who wants who. John quietly talks to all the new girls and finds out they're all virgins who've only been with women or girls and they love being permanent slaves. They know they're here to be exchanged for other slaves and wonder which woman will be their new owner. It's clear they think John is a senior slave there to control the merchandise. Smiling, John calls Brooke over and asks her to talk to the girls as it's clear six of them will be leaving with them as his permanent slaves. Her eyes go very wide and she goes to the girls to learn more about them as Barbara goes to talk to the women looking the men over.

One of the women says, "Mistress Barbara, I've brought four newly trained slaves, I'll exchange any three for these three men. Choose the ones you want and have your man prepare them for today's fun."

The other says, "Mistress Barbara, I've done the same and choose these three men. Please have your man prepare the chamber for fun."

Elise knows Barbara organised today's sale but is sure that whatever capacity John is here in it's not as a slave. She turns to see Brooke talking to the girls and a smirk on John's face. She glances at Barbara and sees her giving John a worried look. She's no slouch and is sure she knows exactly how things are run here. Turning to face John, she says, "Master John. These are the three slaves I'd like to take. However I'm concerned about this tall blond as I know him well and how much trouble he can make. I wish reassurances he's well trained."

John holds up his hand, "Mistress Gabriela, please take control of these slave leads for me." Smiling, she waves her slaves back and stands. Walking over she takes the leads out of his hand as she bows.

John walks to the city civil servant, "The slave has been domesticated and is ready to train in the sexual arts to the his new owner's preferences, as are all the men. They're all obedient." He turns to them, "Aren't you?" They smile and nod. "Alice, assume the ready position." She drops to her knees and sits with her body up and head bowed while grasping her ankles with the hands, forming an 'A' shape. "That, slaves, is the ready position. Assume it." The men copy her pose. John grabs a bunch of dick clamps from a table and holds them out, "Alice, prepare them for a full inspection." Grinning, Alice stands and takes the clamps from him. She kneels beside the men and goes from man to man as she plays with his dick and gets it stiff before placing a clamp on the dick. Soon all nine have clamped erections. John goes to a stiff 3M and goes to the blond. He places his dick against the man's mouth. He realises what's wanted and opens his mouth as he starts to suck on the dick. John slowly moves down the line and has them take a turn sucking his dick. "Alice, test the quality of their rim jobs." With a huge smile she stands in front of the first man with her back to him. As she bends over she reaches around to spread her arse cheeks wide and presents her rosebud for him to lick. He does so. She lets him take several licks before moving to the next man for a repeat licking. John turns and looks at Elise. The other two women are staring at John as they can't fathom him being in charge.

Elise smiles and says, "Will they be as obedient for me?"

John smiles, "Yes, once I've instructed them you have authority over them. You may then give them similar instructions and place others in authority over them. As has happened here when Barbara set Alice in authority over the other slaves she has acquired from me."

Terri arrives leading JT, Jim, and Thumper. She quickly hands their leads to Alice and drops to her knees in front of John to take his cock in her mouth as she sucks on it. Alice says, "I'm sorry Master John, I should have told you. Slave Terri knows the chain of authority here and is under standing orders to give oral pleasure to the senior Master or Mistress present when she enters the room. She's to do this the moment she enters the room unless the Master or Mistress instructs her otherwise. I also know slave Terri is a bit fixated on the Great Master's dick and looks forward to your visits." The other two women both gasp at this. John smiles and waves Terri to her feet.

When she stands he grabs her around the waist and lifts her up, saying, "Splits." She spreads her legs as wide as possible and reaches down with a hand to guide his stiff dick into her waiting pussy as he lowers her down on to his dick. "Legs around waist and arms around neck." Smiling, she wraps her legs around his waist as her arms go around his neck and she leans against him. Sliding his arms under her arse cheeks he starts to quickly lift her up and down on his dick but only about two thirds of its length. After a few strokes she starts her first orgasm. As she moans her way through her orgasms he turns to the women, "Are you all happy the slaves on sale are obedient and will obey you?" They nod. "Good. As they're not yet fully trained in sexual matters you can train them to your personal preferences. Because of this I'll give you a slight discount. I'll select only two of your offered slaves provided you agree to stay for the session under the normal session rules." Elise grins as the other two women nod.

Barbara smiles and says, "Oh good. Now I get to have one of my oldest fantasies carried out." She turns to the two women, "The usual rules for this dungeon are Master John is in command of everyone, even mistresses. You have to do everything he tells you and he fucks every female in the dungeon before he leaves. Now I get to watch you two being ordered about and fucked." As the women gasp she turns to John, "These are two of the biggest dykes in history. To the best of anyone's knowledge neither has felt a dick inside them. They both like having male slaves to watch them fuck others, usually other male slaves, and to enjoy giving them light whippings and good spankings. Nothing heavier than what you've seen here. You'll be their first known real fucks." John can see the women are considering trying to overpower him physically but they both watch how effortlessly he's quickly fucking Terri while standing and walking around.

By now Terri has come so much she's hardly moaning. John lifts her almost off his dick and drops her the full length so his dick head enters her womb as he changes to a 3MP. As he shoots his seed into her womb her head lifts and she says, "Oh yes. I love it when your dick goes through my cervix into my womb and fills me with sperm." He gives her another load and she comes again. As she collapses onto his chest he lifts her off his dick while reverting to a normal 3M. Walking over to the couch he lays her down on it and raises her legs up onto the arm as he slips a cushion under her hips.

He walks over to the two women, "Lie on the table and prepare for your first fuck." One looks at the other and quickly swings her fist at him. He reaches up and grabs it with his left hand as his right hand reaches down to her pussy. Grabbing her clit between his thumb and forefinger, "Any more trouble and you'll stay here as a sub-slave to Barbara's junior male slaves."

The woman stares into his eyes for a moment then gulps and lowers her eyes as she says, "Sorry master." He lets her go and she climbs onto the table. Once up she spreads her legs and presents herself for him to fuck. He glances at the other woman and she does the same. "Use your hands to amuse yourselves while I finish the other business. Elise, the next table is yours." She smiles as she climbs up and presents herself.

John turns and walks to where Gabriela is holding the leads. Brooke is standing behind all the girls as she reaches out and touches May on the head. John reaches forward and releases the lead as he says, "May, you're now permanently my slave. Do you accept this change of ownership?" She gulps as she nods, it's clear she never expected to be made a permanent slave. Turning to the others, he says, "As I release your collars from the clips I'm nominating you as my new permanent slaves. If you accept this change of ownership you'll say your name and step over to stand beside Alice."

As he undoes the next lead May walks over to beside Alice and the girl says, "I'm Nora master," and goes to stand beside Alice. Brooke moves along and touches four more girls on the head. They all go through the same routine and John learns their names are Iris, Isobelle, Nadia, and Marcia.

Let the Games Begin

Making a general statement, he says, "For tonight's games I'm making my new slaves the personal slaves of Brooke. None may touch them without the approval of Brooke or myself." Turning to the remaining girls, he says, "Daisy, go eat Elise to five orgasms." Touching two of the others that Brooke indicates, "Go eat your mistresses to five orgasms." They go to do as directed.

While they do that John goes to the male slaves as he takes the chosen men to their new mistresses and appoints the women in authority over the men. They all nod their acceptance of their new mistresses. The girls have all done their assigned tasks and all three mistresses are wet and ready. John assigns one of each group of men to eat pussy under the directions of the girl who just finishing eating pussy and the other two to suck tits. All three mistresses are soon writhing under the pleasure attack. He instructs the men to continue eating pussy until their instructor is happy with their performance and then they're to change positions until all three are properly trained.

Leaving them for the moment, he says, "The remaining mistresses and master may set up their personal slaves as they wish." The ladies start taking the slaves and organising them into devices as John takes the hand leads of the three visiting slaves not yet active. He notices Brooke has her eight slaves in a nice daisy chain with her. John has Vanessa lie on a table and one of the girls lies on her in a sixty-nine.

The other girl stands beside the table and plays with their breasts as John feels her up. When she's nice and wet John stands behind her and slowly feeds his stiff dick into her wet cunt. She moans and comes before he's all the way in. As he starts to slow fuck her, she says, "Damn, I never knew it could be this good. All my friends at school spoke of how much it hurt and I kept away from the boys."

John says, "It can hurt the first time if the boy doesn't know what to do and he just punches through your hymen too fast." After several minutes of orgasms she starts to collapse so he picks her up and takes her to the couch. When he lays her down beside Terri she starts caressing the girl's body and they kiss. Returning to the table he slowly slides his dick into the other new girl. She'd seen and heard what happened with the other girl and knows to expect this but she didn't expect it to be so good for her as she starts to come while he plays with her clit as he slides in. Several minutes and many orgasms later he lifts her tired body off Vanessa and moves her to the second couch. He returns to slide into Vanessa and thinks, 'dickman slom 2M, 4M, 10R, 480S.' She immediately starts to come and screams, "Oh, yes. Fuck my brains out again." When the program runs out she's a limp rag on the end of his dick and has a huge smile. He picks her up and takes her to the second couch. Looking around the room he sees Bob has Belinda bent over the device Carmen loves and is fucking her from behind. Gabriela is in the seat being eaten by Belinda while Dallas and Houston suck on Belinda's breasts and Paris is playing with Gabriela's breasts. John walks over and gives Paris, Dallas, and Houston a quick fuck from behind each for a few orgasms each. He orders Bob out of Belinda and gives her a quick fuck. Bob's reluctant to do as told but does. Smiling, John pulls out and tells Gabriela to take over Belinda for a while as he has other duties for Bob.

Going to the tables with the visiting Mistresses John tells Bob to fuck Elise while he mounts the troublesome one. Smiling, they wave the slaves aside and enter them together. They set about fucking them in unison. These women have had numerous orgasms and are very worn out from their pleasures. After bringing his partner to several more orgasms John changes to a 4MP and slides all the way in. The woman's eyes pop open as she feels him enter her cervix and her head pops up as he comes in her womb. He comes again and withdraws. Waving to Bob he moves to the other unidentified dominatrix as Bob takes his place with the first. They fuck them both to a few orgasms before John slides all the way in to come in her womb. He comes again and withdraws as she glares at him. It's clear neither expected to be fucked or to have him come in them let alone so deep inside them. He moves onto Elise as Bob moves onto the other woman. The poor boy can't believe his luck as this is the fourth mature woman he's got to have sex with today. John gives Elise the same auto fuck he gave Vanessa earlier. Withdrawing he picks her up and takes her to the third couch and orders her slaves to gather round and tend her. John also orders the slaves of the other women to gather round and tend them. As they do he takes time to give the two slave girls he hasn't had sex with a good fucking each. He makes sure their mistresses get to watch him do it and see how much they enjoy it. Going to Daisy he enters her from behind and gives her the same auto fuck. Elise comes twice just from watching how Daisy responds to the fucking. He'd brought Bob over to fuck Vanessa while he fucked Daisy.

Withdrawing from Daisy John loudly says, "I think it's time for a little change." They turn and look at him, "Belinda, you're now a mistress with Bob as your personal slave." Gabriela quickly releases her as Belinda calls Bob to her. He gives John a dirty look as he heads over. After some advice from Gabriela Belinda ties him into the device that arches his back over a vaulting horse and has both his dick and mouth ready for use. They soon mount both offerings and instruct him on how to eat pussy. After several minutes they change places. Watching them, John says, "Elise, it was clear May never expected to be on the block today. What's the deal?"

"She's a good switch and knowing you I thought you'd be in control tonight. I'd hoped you'd take her as she's been very out of sorts since you fucked her. The only times she's been happy since then are when you come into the shop. Something about being near you makes her happy. I couldn't think of any other way to get her into your household on a regular basis. I even spoke to Brooke about it. Then late last night Barbara offered me some slaves and I knew from Brooke you'd given her some slaves so I thought you might be involved. I spoke to Brooke this morning and we set you both up. Please keep her and make her happy. It's not so much the sex as being near you." John nods and walks away.

Crossing to the chains where Brooke has half her group hanging while the rest eat pussy, he grabs a stool and sits on it, simply saying, "Brooke." She turns to look at him, "May." She gulps as she walks towards him. He points beside the chair and she stands there. "Bend over." Slowly she lowers herself across his legs as the whole room goes very quiet and still. All those who know John well realise he's mighty pissed about something and are holding their breath as they wait to see what happens. Holding her down with his left arm he raises his right arm and brings it down. Spanking her very hard across both cheeks. It hurts and she screams. He speaks and he punctuates each word with another spank, "I said no more secrets about people and you agreed." After the last spank he lets go of her and she stands. Her arse is fire engine red and appears to be glowing.

She hugs him, "I'm sorry Uncle John but I thought this was the best way."

He shakes his head, "Best for you and Elise but about the worst possible for May. Do you have any idea how much she was hurt by suddenly being put on the block? Now go give her a hug and apologise to her." She does as told.

He follows her over and has Rose and Erin follow him. Taking them to where Bob is he whispers to Belinda and she grins. Gabriela and Belinda dismount as Erin mounts her boyfriend and starts to ride him hard. They'd only got together recently and this is the first time they'd done anything but kiss. As per her instructions she's going hard and has eye contact when she says, "Now Rose." Bob's eyes almost pop as his sister mounts his face and he has to concentrate on eating her pussy while the two girls kiss and fondle each other's breasts. Both girls have several orgasms.

Leaving the girls to their fun John goes over to Barbara and says, "I'm sorry Barbara but something has come up and I'm very angry. I need to go home to cool off before I go overboard."

She nods and says, "We'll pop by later. By the way Agatha and Esmay aren't on the pill, they're both still able to have children, this is very close to their fertile time, and neither knows a thing about contraceptive pills. Also none of us are going to tell them about the morning after pill. So it's a good chance you got them pregnant if you gave them a womb full of sperm. They've both been 'girl only' since they were in their early teens. They gave me hell when I got pregnant. I love my cousins but they can be such bitches. Oh, I met Elise some time back through a dominatrix club and have been helping her along since. I'm glad you know her as she nice people."

He smiles at her and walks around telling people he's leaving they can go or stay as they wish. They all elect to go. They dress and Alice puts on a coat to let them out. They all give her a kiss goodbye before they open the door and leave. Walking back down the street John calls May to him and has her snuggle up as he puts his arm around her. He calls Nora up on his other side as he leads the group home.

At Home

They're back earlier than Gwen expected and she can see there's some trouble between John and Brooke. As they walk in, John says, "Gwen, please have a talk with Brooke." He goes to the lounge room with his new slaves and takes time to explain the house rules as they undress in the lounge room. He says, "I don't know what your relationship was with your previous owners and I don't really care. But to me permanent means exactly that and is for ever. If you have existing activities you do outside this house you'll have to talk to me about them in the next day or so and I'll decide if I'll let you continue them. If they're any you wish to do ask and I'll decide. That includes work. If I don't like it you'll have to give up your jobs. That's all open for discussion right now. I won't make any changes until after I've had time to talk to you and assess the situation for each of you. If you're asked about sex decline any penetration until I say so, otherwise enjoy yourselves. Now go swimming and enjoy yourselves." He leads them to the pool and the five new girls gasp at the crowd of nude people in the pool. The neighbours have arrived and done the cleaning. John dives in and starts to swim laps of the pool, very fast and very determinedly as he rapidly goes up and down the centre of the pool. It's clear to everyone he's not happy, not at all.

Gwen talks to Brooke and gathers the full-time residents together as they discuss the matter as a group. The general consensus is she messed up big time. The main point being not keeping her promise to tell him everything that affects him or the house or people. It's hard for her as she's used to just going ahead and doing things on the quiet.

A little later John is swimming down the pool when he bumps into Rissa and Stacey standing in his way near the shallow end of the pool. He stands up and Rissa says, "Uncle John, have you cooled off enough yet to end Brooke's punishment or do we all have to suffer through much more of her suffering."

He's about to speak when Hilda walks over through the water and points at him, "You, with me, upstairs, now. The rest of you stay away." She turns and heads towards the steps. He moves after her as he wonders what she's doing here today. Her schedule calls for three hours counselling Monday to Friday. As they pass through the lounge room they meet Gwen and Hilda says, "Clear the top floor and keep everyone off it until I say otherwise while I sort him out." Gwen quickly precedes them upstairs and chases everyone out of the rooms and down stairs. She then sits down in the middle of the stairs and denies anyone access.

In John's room Hilda makes sure the windows and door are shut, and the cameras are off. She sits John down, "OK mister, you're very angry and upset the girl you love more than your own life has let you down by breaking a promise to you. Now get over it or make it easy for us by going down there and killing her. Put her out of her misery as she's all torn up about this." He gulps, starts to speak, gulps again, and just sits there. She sits beside him and hugs him to her as he cries. "I know it's been hard raising a girl on your own, especially when you had to start in your teens and had no parents to help or teach you. It's a wonder you've done so well. We all know you're trying hard to make everything right for everyone but you have to accept she's been helping behind the scenes for many years and is still learning she doesn't have to do things behind the scenes now. Despite what your designers say about your body, your heart and mind are human as are Brooke's. That means you both have made mistakes and will make more. You both have to learn about letting each other know of your mistakes and getting over them, something neither of you has had to do before." He sits there and nods. After a few more minutes she stands up and has him move up the bed to lie down. Leaving him on the bed she goes to the stairs to find a large crowd gathered at the bottom. She says, "Brooke, come here you silly girl."

Brooke walks up the stairs and Hilda leads her off to the other end of the house. Entering room five, she says, "You screwed the pooch big time, didn't you?" Brooke nods. "Know what it is you did wrong?"

She says, "I kept something secret when I shouldn't have."

Hilda shakes her head no and says, "Wrong, girlie. That's what you see as the problem but look at it from his perspective for a moment and then think about why that's tearing him apart right now." Brooke stares at her for a few minutes as she thinks and shakes her head, indicating she doesn't understand. Sighing, Hilda says, "He has a big problem because he lost control when he found out his perfect little girl, his perfect love, has a flaw and isn't perfect but only human. Worse than that he knows he lost control and hurt you. The physical pain he caused you is almost as much as the emotional pain your betrayal caused him. And to a man like that breaking your word is a major betrayal. It hurts worse as the rest of them don't see it the way he does and think he's being too hard on you. All that is tearing him apart. Now go to him and just hug him. Don't apologise, don't speak, just hug him. Right now he needs to be loved for himself and only himself. Name a few others that'll do that but leave out those he knows will do that because he programmed them."

Brooke nods, "Wendy, May, Nora, Beth, Vera, and Karen are all I can think of immediately. I'm sure there are others but some like Dallas and Houston he may see as programmed and I'm sure he'll see Paris as such."

Hilda stands, "He's in his room, go to him and just hug him, let him know you love him without any words or sex." Brooke runs down the hall as Hilda walks to the stairs, "I want Wendy, May, Nora, Beth, Vera, and Karen. The rest of you stay downstairs and away from those up here until I say so." The named people slowly walk up the stairs as they wonder why they've been selected while the rest go to the pool. She leads them to room five and sits them on the bed as she says, "John's in the biggest emotional crisis of his life and the biggest he's ever likely to have. He hates himself because he lost control and hurt someone he loves but who really hurt him when he found out they were only human and not the perfect person he thought them to be. He needs people to just love him for himself, no words or sex, just hugs, cuddles, and mental thoughts of unconditional love. Brooke seems to think that you all feel that way about John, do you?" They all nod and most are in tears about how he must be hurting. "He's in his room and I've just sent Brooke to him. Go to him and pile up on him and around him. No words, no sex, just bury him with your bodies and your thoughts of unconditional love. Now go." As a group they stand and hurry out of the room.

Hilda walks out and sit besides Gwen, saying, "Damn, I feel like I could tan that silly girl's hide right off myself because of this silly stunt. He's the sanest man alive and she has him at the breaking point due to one stupid little mistake because she hasn't mentally adjusted to their new relationship. I'd have a strong word with her except I don't think she'll listen to me."

Gwen smiles and says, "Don't worry. He almost spanked her arse off and we just about skinned her alive as well when she told us about it. The inner circle knows exactly what happened and why, they all place the fault with her, it's only the outer circle that think he over reacted. But it's about time they both realised the other is only human and liable to make errors." Both women sit there and smile at each other as they both think every storm cloud has a silver lining. A few minutes later they get up and head for the pool as dinner will be late tonight. Gwen stops in the lounge room to call in an order for a delivery Chinese banquet for 100 to be delivered about eight o'clock.

Dinner and Afters

A few hours later dinner arrives on time and is spread out on the pool area tables. Gwen sends Carmen up to get the group in John's room. When she walks in she finds them asleep in one huge pile. She can't make up her mind if it looks more like a pile of puppies or a football pile up on a loose ball. As she shakes them awake to send them down for dinner she notices they all have red eyes and dried tears on their faces so she sends them to have a wash first. Arriving in the pool area to find the Chinese food spread out they all grab plates and start helping themselves. Everyone is a bit tense when John and Brooke walk in but are soon smiling when they get their meals and sit down together at a table with their legs touching as it seems the heavy storm is over. Tensions ease right around the room, not all at once but over the course of the meal. When the meal is finished John gives Brooke a kiss and a cuddle before diving into the pool for a slow swim. He's soon joined by the rest.

About an hour after dinner he goes over to Brooke and says, "I'm taking my new slaves up to bed now, please come up for the night when you have the rest sorted." She turns and smiles at him as she nods yes. His asking nicely shows them all that he's over his anger about the incident. Heading towards the pool steps he calls May, Nora, Iris, Isobelle, Nadia, and Marcia to him. They quickly join him and follow him up to his room.

Once in his bedroom, he senses some of the girls are apprehensive so he leads them through to the en suite without stopping. The five new girls are wondering what's going on when he starts the water running in the bath and May says, "Oh yes please."

He sits in the water with a stiff 3T poking up. John points at May and waves to the water. As the rest watch she smiles as she gets in the bath and sits on his legs with hers around his body. He pulls her to him as she reaches down to open her labia. She's leaning back slightly as their groins meet and the other girls can see his dick now nestles along her pussy slit and is rubbing hard against her clit while she moans. He raises his knees for her to lean against while keeping the groin contact and washing her front. She comes while he washes her breasts, taking a few minutes to do so. During May's orgasm he glances at the others and can see they're getting aroused. He finishes washing her front so he picks her up and turns her around to wash her back. He picks her up again and hugs her close to him as he lowers her down. The girls can't see his dick is sliding into her pussy as he lowers her. He says, "Nora, please sit in the end of the bath and wash May's hair while I wash her legs." She nods and gets in while he lifts May's left leg and washes it. Everyone is watching Nora carefully wash May's hair. When he switches to washing her right leg Nora looks up at the movement and gets a good view of their groins, she gasps and grins. All the girls turn to get a good look at what she's looking at and can see his dick well embedded in May's groin.

A smiling Marcia says, "That explains her moans and lack of interest in external events." They smile. "I didn't see it go in. I bet we all get washed that way." They're still smiling but Iris and Nadia are also gulping a bit too.

When Nora finishes with May's hair he lifts May up and slides her up and down on his dick. She has several orgasms and collapses on to his shoulder. He lifts her up and out of the bath to hold her over the bath mat. He's about to speak when Brooke says, from the doorway, "Isobelle and Nadia, hold her while I dry. Nora, move forward. Marcia, get in to wash hair." The girls do as told and John smiles as Brooke brings a towel over. As they dry and shift May to the bed John repeats the process with Nora. When it comes to the point of lowering her down on to his dick he's very slow and allows her plenty of time to adjust. She's wet and willing as she's already had a few orgasms during the bathing. As their groins meet she comes. The movement of being laid back on his knees for the hair washing causes her to have another orgasm as Marcia washes her hair. Several comes later she's lifted out of the bath and Marcia moves into position while Iris takes her place. Marcia is a repeat of Nora and it's now Iris' turn for a wash.

John senses how turned on and how anxious she is so he makes a change. When he picks her up to slide her up his legs he lifts her a bit more than the others and she doesn't notice until he lowers her down onto his stiff dick. She's expecting to have it held against her clit and it's now sliding into her vagina. Her eyes pop open and she tenses so he stops all movement. John says, "Iris, relax again. That didn't hurt, did it?" She shakes her head no. "The biggest problem you face at the moment is your anxiety. Relax, let me do all the worrying as that's part of a master's job. You've now got enough in you to be classed as a non virgin so you may as well relax and enjoy the ride, literally." With a slow and hesitant grin she nods as she relaxes and he continues to lower her down. Once in place he proceeds with the washing ritual. When he goes to lift her off he sets about fucking her up and down on his dick instead. Several orgasms later he lifts her off and turns her around. When it comes time to wash her hair he pushes her clit up against his dick so she can know what that feels like. Nadia is next but is no longer worried as she saw how well he handled Iris and the others. Soon all his new slaves are well washed exhausted ex virgins and sleeping in his bed. It looks a bit crowded with the six young women in it. He smiles and pulls the covers over them as he takes Brooke's hand and leads her from the room.

Entering room two he finds Carmen and Paris waiting for them. Brooke says, "I kind of hoped you'd want to sleep with us tonight, just a nice comfort cuddle." He nods and climbs up the centre of the bed. Very quickly he's laying there with Carmen on one shoulder, Paris on the other, Brooke on his chest and the covers over them. With a nice breast in each hand he soon goes to sleep and the rest are soon asleep too. Quiet settles down over the whole house as everyone drifts off to sleep. Gibaldi and his people keep a quiet watch on the streets surrounding the building to ensure nothing untoward happens during the night.

Day 24 - Sunday

John wakes at 5.45 am. He gently wakes Carmen and Paris by fondling their breasts. They wake up and kiss his cheeks. The movement causes Brooke to stir. They're soon awake and in the en suite for the morning bathing ritual. This is the last day of the pool party so it's kind of special and kind of sad at the same time.

Today John takes his time with the baths and gives everyone a good auto fuck; not enough to put them right out but enough to have them wobbling about with huge grins as they walk out. All operations stop when they hear James coming near. Erin and Rose walk out to get the papers, both are nude and have their heads down while they talk with Rose in front. James walks up to near the door and is standing there with the papers as they near him. Rose hands him the money as she leans in to kiss him on the cheek. His eyes go wide when he sees it's his sister's best friend. He's starting to come in his pants as the two girls kiss him on each cheek while fondling his dick. Then his eyes almost pop out of his head when the second girl licks his ear and Erin says, "Not a bad hand full little brother." She giggles as the thought of having his sister holding his dick makes him come again. "Not a bad reaction to being kissed by your sister, James. Get a good look now because if I ever again catch you trying to peek at me at home I'll tell mum." Slack jawed he simply nods while he gets a good eyeful of Erin and Rose before they take the papers and return to the house. Everyone is laughing and giggling at his reaction because the girls had told everyone what they intended to do and the response was obvious to all. It's clear poor James isn't all that sure about what to think of the situation but he heads off with a huge smile.

It's a lazy morning of swimming and general playtime by everyone. Just before lunch Gwen has everyone strip the beds and lay out fancy clothes to wear later then they pack their bags ready to go home; few have opened their bags before now. Many need an extra bag to carry the extra clothes and goodies they got during the course of the party. Most have to take home more than double what they brought. Lunch is another new trencher concoction of mixed foods. They're not told what's in it but are enjoying it while trying to work out what it is. As they finish, Melody says, "Now that's a different sort of Taco, very filling and not as crunchy." Everyone laughs as they realise they've just had super sized servings of Taco fillings in a trencher.

After lunch everyone's cleaning up and making the place tidy. The doors are open to give access to the skips while the rubbish is taken out. Gwen had organised for them to be swapped again on Thursday morning so these are fairly empty, but not for long. After the rubbish is taken out it's time for the washing to be bagged and placed in the mini-bus with the seats down. Then it's everyone off to the showers for a rinse before getting dressed with this last lot of dirty towels being placed in a couple of more bags. Once all the dirty linen and towels are ready to go Harry and Belinda take it to a commercial washing centre in the next suburb and leave it with the woman who runs it for her to wash, it's open seven days a week, 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. It doesn't take long to drop it and return. It's nearly 3.30 pm by the time everyone is ready to go and all dressed to the nines in their best clothes. The buses arrive at 3.45 pm to take them to the Fatted Calf for a final dinner starting at 4.25 pm.

Dinner and Evening

The girls are surprised as the restaurant doesn't normally open until about 6.00 pm. When they walk in they get an even bigger surprise as the restaurant is nearly full with their families. There's some surprised expressions on parents as they see how sexy their daughters are in the new clothes they've been given. On command from Brooke the girls quickly spread out to sit with their families while the Smith household sits at a long table together. The table runs the full width of one side with everyone sitting on one side only and Brooke in the middle. All the other tables are set so the occupants can look at the head table, this is the layout they use for wedding receptions.

The main topic of family conversation for the first part of the meal is the new clothes followed by what they learned during the stay which causes some blushes and surprised expressions but mostly a lot of giggling. The meal is unhurried and almost over by the time the restaurant reaches its normal opening time. Brooke stands at the door as all her guests leave with their families, each giving her a big hug and a kiss before leaving. Outside one of the buses is still there to take the Smith household home. The new owner and one of his sons are standing by with the luggage area open so the girls can retrieve their bags as they leave and many parents comment on the way the bags have grown during their stay. As the last pool party guest leaves the tables are quickly readied for the normal evening's business and the Smith table compresses down as they move to take up both sides of the table and the Masters family moves to join them from their table with Erin, Rose, and Bob also joining them. They'd had a table of their own although they had no family there. The Smiths and Masters take another half hour or so having a nice chat and extra drinks after their meal before leaving. As they get ready to go the waitress who John warned about the gunmen on their last visit walks up and says, "Good to see you're better prepared to deal with any more trouble. Is nearly everyone in your party armed now?"

Grinning, John replies, "Just about, all duly licensed and very accurate. We do have a couple of people who can't handle guns at all and they aren't armed but the rest are. We don't want to be caught short again like last time." She smiles and nods in agreement.

This time Gwen pays the bus owner as the bus takes them home.

They alight from the bus just before seven o'clock and Gibaldi walks over to speak to John. The two move aside to talk while the rest go inside. Gibaldi says, "The boss said to let you know he doesn't expect you to have any more trouble from the old Di Georgio network. The word of Mallory's downfall spread quickly and the rest of Di Georgio's people are now either with us, in prison, or dead, except for half a dozen that are on unknown special missions. We've taken over all of his operations we want to and turned the rest in to the police to get them out of the way. Just to be safe while the word gets to the independents the contracts let by Di Georgio's people are now void the Boss wants us to stay on watch for another week."

Nodding, John says, "Thank him for both the information and the quick work. Also let him know if he has people he wants to get out of the way but doesn't want to kill them I have a safe way of getting them out of the way provided they don't have information that can hurt later. I programmed those nine men as sex slaves and sold them to some dominatrices. Just like I did with Big Jim. I can do the same with others but if they have damaging information I can't remove it or stop that coming out later, so be warned about that. Also I'll only treat them if I think they deserve to be treated by me."

Gibaldi smiles, saying, "The Boss loves what you did to Big Jim and Mallory. We sometimes come across scum like that big blond. We don't like having to take them out but we do need to get them out of the way as a sort of public service. What you offer is a perfect solution for us, no body and no trouble. I'm sure we can let you have the odd one now and then as they come up." They shake hands and go their separate ways, John inside and Gibaldi to his car. Inside John takes time to tell them he thinks the main trouble makers are dealt with but they'll maintain caution as time is needed for word to spread to the right ears. They all nod agreement.

The household members and staff set about doing the last tidying up chores for after the party. Including deflating the air mattresses and the beds being made. With twenty-nine people in the household now and twenty-four living in the existing bedrooms don't have enough space. Belinda, Melody, Beth, Harry, and Steve have arranged to live with Mr Stein and rent three of the four spare bedrooms he has.

And Out Again

The next order of business is seeing Erin, Rose, and Bob get home safely as they think some of Mallory's men might still be at the house and out of the communications loop. Using a limousine borrowed from Barbara Harry drives John, Steve, Erin, Rose Little and Bob Little to their home, they found out their name from Belinda. The kids are told to hide in the limousine until Steve or John comes to get them. They pull up outside the address about three streets and ten blocks away. Harry jumps out and opens the door for John as Steve gets out of the passenger seat and stands beside the car like a good security watchdog. John gets out and looks at the house. He can see some people peeking out from behind curtains in three rooms as he walks to the house and rings the doorbell.

A worried couple answer the door and John recognises them from Bob's descriptions as he signals for Steve to start talking. As Steve starts a lengthy conversation about their youngest daughter, Amy, misbehaving and causing trouble in the area John quickly and quietly moves into the house. Darting into the lounge room he finds a man holding Amy by one hand and a knife in the other. Before the man can react John has the knife out of his hand and is holding him by the throat as he thinks, 'Be quiet and sit down, do not move.' He's a bit surprised when the man does exactly that because John is used to having to verbalise the commands. He's glad to know he can operate silently as Liz thought he might be able to; in one of their talks she'd told him his thoughts alone should do the trick and it appears they can. John places a finger on Amy's lips and signs for her to be quiet as he scans the rest of the house with his sensors.

Steve is keeping the conversation going in the doorway as John moves to the kitchen. Quickly opening the door he dashes in and disables the man sitting at the table having a drink while holding a cordless phone to his ear. Taking the phone John can hear a ring tone so he hangs up the phone. Giving this man the same mental orders he moves him into the lounge room and sits him down with the first man, removing both their guns. Moving back into the main hallway John gives Steve the thumbs up as he swiftly moves up the stairs like a flying ghost. Upstairs he can detect four people in two rooms. From Bob's information he guesses his other two sisters, Lisa and Penny, are being watched over by another man each. Penny's door, the closest one, is shut while Lisa's door is slightly open.

He moves to Lisa's door and swings it open as he races in to grab the man watching Lisa. The man is sitting there expecting no trouble as he leers at fifteen year old Lisa sitting on her bed in only panties. Her eyes go wide as John enters the room and knocks him out as. All she sees is a dark blur as he's moving too fast for her to follow. John looks at her and smiles as he puts his finger to his lips for her to keep quiet while he disarms the man. Back to the hall and he stands opposite Penny's door, John uses his infra red sensors to detect a small person on the bed and a larger one standing beside the door. Since Penny is supposed to be only twelve years old he figures she's on the bed. Scanning the wall by the door John selects a spot and punches through the wall to hit the man with a Taser charge in his back. The man gurgles and falls to the floor. John walks in to find a naked Penny tied to the bed. Going over to her he undoes her ties and tells her to get dressed as he takes the man's gun. Picking up the man he carries him into the hall and drops him. After collecting the man from Lisa's room he picks him up again and carries one in each hand by the belt. Taking them down into the lounge room he looks at a stunned Mr and Mrs Little, saying, "Was there only four?" They nod as he drops these two beside the others. Drawing his mobile phone out of his pocket he calls Johnson and asks him to come collect the four men. By now Penny and Lisa have put on gowns and joined them.

John walks over and has a good look at their faces. Taking Penny first he gently turns her face to the side and down to get a view from a particular angle. Nodding he does the same with Lisa. Walking to Steve, he says, "Those two look familiar?" He goes and has a look as their parents watch. Standing in front of them Steve nods. John says, "Get the other three please Sidewinder." Steve nods and goes to the limousine. He walks back with Rose and Bob, Mr and Mrs Little are surprised. John says, "The man who took them and sent these four pissed me off and I've dealt with him." He points at Steve, "This is recently retired police sergeant Steve Katz, he's now one of my personal security team. We're private and not police." He turns to Lisa, Penny, and Amy, "Who else is part of your shop lifting gang?" They stare at him. "I asked you a question. We can do this the easy way and I'll intervene for you with the police or I can give the police your names. You'll be punished either way and it's only a matter of how publicly."

Reluctantly Lisa waves a hand in the air and says, "Maggie and her sister Dannie from next door." John nods at Steve and he goes to get them from the house Lisa is pointing towards.

The parents come in with the two girls and the father says, "John, what are you doing here?"

John looks at him for a moment and says, "I came to clear out the trash," as he points at the four men, "But find I've some other cleaning up to do too." He directs the two new girls to sit beside Lisa, Penny, and Amy. "Who's idea was it to do the shop lifting?" They all start to speak and he says, "Don't bother lying as I've a built in lie detector."

Mr Bradley, the man from next door who knows John because he works at Preston, says, "John is part robot and does have many built in sensors so don't lie Maggie, Dannie." Gulping, the girls admit to being involved in a lot of shop lifting over the last several months and it was Bob's idea. It was selling the goods that put Bob in contact with Mallory's organisation when he made contact with one of his fences.

John looks at the group, saying, "You can choose to be punished by the police or punished by me, choose." Taking a cue from their father Maggie and Dannie choose John, as does Bob. Lisa, Penny, and Amy soon make the same choice. "Right, I'll fix things to have the police charges dropped but you all have to go to the store owners to apologise. And no more stealing." They nod. "Come here and stand in a line." As they do he sits down in a chair and has Bob, the first in line, drops his pants and shorts then bend over his knees for John to spank him hard while saying, "I will not steal." He repeats it twice and has him stand. The girls are embarrassed to be spanked in front of their family and friends. None are able to sit down again right away. Their parents are both upset at this and trying hard not to laugh at their children's behaviour on being spanked so hard. Mr Bradley is just leaving with his daughters as Johnson arrives.

John waves at the men. The men are now tied up and awake. As they're lead out he silently gives them all instructions to tell the truth in answer to all the questions asked. He says, "Johnson, use what you can and pass anything suitable on to Deputy Commissioner Williams and Federal Agent Hedges via the contact numbers I gave you. When you're done give me a call and I'll have these dealt with like the others." A smiling Johnson leaves with his prisoners.

John turns to the Littles, "Have a good evening. Bob, you're banned from my house until a month after you've apologised to all the owners. Rose and Erin, you may visit and have a swim whenever you like. Erin, which is your house?" She points across the road at an angle. "OK, let's get you home." They leave the Littles and walk across the street. It doesn't take long to explain the events about Erin to Mr and Mrs Harris. Mrs Harris is almost hysterical while Mr Harris is just happy to have her back safe and sound.

Home Talks

They're soon back home and John goes inside while Harry and Steve take the limousine back. Once inside he tells everyone what happened and calls a conference for when Steve and Harry return. In the meantime he gets a drink of hot chocolate, taking May with him.

He asks, "May, how do you feel about being a permanent slave to me?"

With a weak smile, she says, "I was very angry when mother attached the lead and put me up for exchange. We'd never spoken of it but there was an understanding she'd never do something like that to me as I was only a part time slave. I was happy when I found out the new owner would be you but I would still have preferred to have been asked before hand. Now I'm happy to be your permanent slave."

He nods, "Elise said that since you were first here you've been unhappy except when I was around. Do you need to be constantly in my presence or will just knowing that you're mine be sufficient for your peace of mind?"

"Knowing that I'm yours and will be back with you tonight is more than enough to keep me happy. Plus you give me a good fucking now and then."

"Good, because I want you to continue with your work and I want you to do a special task for me. But you'll be off work for a few days while we get things sorted." She nods as they leave the room. They meet Harry and Steve as they walk back in from returning the car.

With everyone gathered in the pool area, the best place for a large group, he calls May, Nora, Iris, Isobelle, Marcia, and Nadia forward to formally introduces them the rest. Then says, "I wish to emphasise to everyone the command structure of this asylum. I'm top dog and the big boss. Next is Brooke and Gwen, I'll let them sort out if one is senior to the other or not as I'm too smart to try and tell either that they're below the other. Brooke is in charge of co-ordination activities like bed rosters while Gwen is in charge of the house and transport. Belinda is the head housekeeper while Melody is the head cook just under her. Beth is a general maid and I'll leave the sub command structure there up to Gwen and Belinda to sort out. Everyone will have some chores to do, assigned by Gwen and or Brooke. Those attending school will have their school work and studies as their main work. The other adults will have either external work responsibilities or be involved in household work. Stacey has some external work responsibilities but will fit in where and when she can as she chooses. Carmen, Paris, May, Nora, Iris, Isobelle, Marcia, and Nadia are all slaves with May as the senior slave and the other slaves are to respond to her as they do a mistress. They'll be available to help out when not doing other things as their assigned duties haven't yet been sorted out. The control chain for these slaves is myself, Brooke and Gwen, then May; no one else is to order them to do anything unless approved to do so by that special command structure. The basic household rules apply to everyone in all categories. I won't reiterate those."

He turns to Brooke, "Love, please make sure the slaves know and understand the household rules. And see to it they get fully trained in the lessons of the last two weeks. If they know anything not included see that knowledge is spread about too." With a huge smile about all being back to normal she nods. "Steve is head of security and drivers, and responsible through Gwen, with Harry and Fred as his assisting staff at this point. As things progress we may change some assignments later." He turns to Brooke, "Love, I'd like for some suitable people to be selected and signed up for child care courses. It would be best if some of the slaves without any external activities can be assigned to this but I'll leave that up to you to organise." Again she nods. "OK people, that's all I wanted to say tonight. Tomorrow is back to sort of normal with school so lets get some sleep." Although it was a very short and simple day it was also a very emotional day as the last two weeks have forged a lot of strong bonds and everyone is very sad about it coming to an end. So it's off to bed for straight sleep for most as tomorrow looks to be a long day with many tasks.

John retires to his bed to find Liz and Mary following him. He leads them into the en suite and asks Liz to start the bath while he places his pistol on the shelf at the end of the bath. Liz is bent over putting the plug in when he turns back to her. Smiling, he steps up behind her and grabs her hips as he kicks her feet out sideways. Liz gives out a small yelp as a grinning Mary grabs John's now stiff 4MP dick and aims it towards Liz's pussy. The situation is exciting her and she's just starting to respond to her arousal when his dick is rubbed against her labia and starts to enter her vagina. On John's command Mary lets go of his dick as now it's started to slide in he doesn't need the help and she climbs in the bath to hold up Liz's hips while she sucks on her breasts. John continues to slide into Liz while Mary takes her weight and he slips one hand to Liz's breasts and the other to her clit. Liz moans as the thin head of his dick gently enters her cervix and his groin meets the back of her thighs. He starts to slowly thrust in and out while he plays with her clit to cause her arousal to rise. Within a few minutes she has a number of orgasms. He holds still while fully embedded and shoots his sperm into her with his dick head well into her womb as she comes again. Withdrawing he holds her up with one hand while the other pulls her legs, one at a time, back under her so she can support herself. As she turns the water on she looks over her shoulder and says, "Bastard," with a huge smile plastered on her face.

He has Mary stand at the end of the bath while he climbs in. Once seated he switches to a 6XXP and says, "Mary, take a seat," while waving at this monster dick sticking up. With a smile and a gulp she moves forward and over his dick. Reaching down to spread her labia and aim his dick she slowly lowers herself onto him. Liz stands beside the bath and moans as she plays with herself while she watches her friend slide down onto this giant dick. Mary goes very slow as she's never had anything this wide in her before or anything this long. About a minute later the Penetrator head slides through her cervix without causing any discomfort but the shoulders of the dick are now nudging her cervix and she's not fully seated yet. John switches to a 5.5XXP and she feels him withdraw slightly, smiling, she lowers herself the last bit to be sitting on his legs and enjoys the feel of the dick head slipping through her cervix again. At his signal Liz climbs in behind Mary and they both start to wash her. After a moment John has Mary lean back a bit and rest on Liz as he washes her breasts while Liz plays with her clit and he thinks, 'dickman slom 2.5XXP, 5.5XXP, 10R, 300S.' Mary's eyes pop and she moans loudly while the auto fuck starts to send her into orgasmic orbit as she starts to come with the second repeat. She comes for the whole five minutes and is totally exhausted by the time it finishes and he fills her womb with his seed. Turning to the doorway, John says, "Brooke, do you have a sensor set to tell you when I run water in the bath?"

Grabbing a towel she smiles as she walks over and says, "No, but I should as I'm sure I've missed out on a couple of shows. Liz, can you organise such a sensor for me?"

Liz responds, "Sure, we can set up a little light above his door to go on when the water is running. Do you want a blue light for water or a red light for fun district?"

"Oh, a red light is best if we can organise for a few cameras to start recording at the same time. Then we can have red light to signify filming is in progress." They all laugh at the byplay but John is fairly certain he'll see something set up before long.

He smiles and says, "Why not leave it for now and have them included in the renovations about to happen?" Both Liz and Brooke nod at this idea.

Liz stands up and helps John lift Mary off his dick, he's left it at the 5.5XXP setting so Brooke can see what Mary was riding. As Mary comes free of his dick, Brooke's eyes almost pop and she says, "That's one size I'm NOT going to try." John and Liz laugh as Mary sighs. He lets his dick go limp as he gets out of the bath.

They're soon dried and in bed with Mary in the middle while Liz and John lay their heads on her shoulders and fondle a breast each. Brooke pulls the covers over them and heads to her room as they go to sleep.

Day 25 - Monday

Waking at 6.00 am John wakes his bed mates and they all get up to start the morning baths. Today he settles for a normal wash as everyone has work or school. This is one new routine no one wants to stop. John laughs when he finds Belinda, Melody, and Beth have walked across in their robes to be bathed here and get dressed as they're now living with Mr Stein, as are Steve and Harry. As each person gets bathed and dressed they go down to breakfast.

Life's still crowded at breakfast with the twenty-nine of them around the table. All too soon it's time for people to go to work and school. As per John's instructions May, Iris, Nora, and Marcia call in to their work and apologise as they won't be in today, Isobelle and Nadia aren't employed. Gwen soon puts the slaves to work helping with sorting out the house while Fred drives the mini-bus to take Brooke, Sera, Wendy, Rissa, Mel, Tina, Carly, Dallas, Houston, Paris, and John to school with the stop to pick up Peta, Lorna, Jacqui, and Paula at their house. This is a bit crowded for the bus but no one minds. At the school they go through the morning kiss routine as the expected crowd watches. The line grows when the rest of the soccer team and then the basketball team join the line as do many extras from the pool party. It's almost time for the first bell when John leads the bus group to the administration building. While they wait to speak with Principal Harding, Paris registers the change of contact details for Dallas and Houston, adding John and Gwen to the authorised collection list and John registers Carly. The staff are shaking their heads about the number of people now living at John's house.

In the principal's office, John says, "I know this is going to be an issue and I'm sorry it has to be but they've been a number of attempts to kill or kidnap members of my household. I've taken safety measure but it now comes down to the girls either being watched by armed guards or the girls go armed. I've chosen the second option." He hands over the girls' carry permits for Mr Harding to look at. After glancing at them he takes them out for one of his staff to copy and place on the files. When he returns, John says, "I haven't yet been able to get suitable guns for all the girls but several are already carrying and the rest will be by the end of the week. The girls will hand them over between each other as they needed to ensure each class they're in has one or more armed girl. If they weren't doubled up so much we couldn't have worked this out." Mr Harding nods. He's not happy about having armed students in his school and he knows his teachers won't be either but he also knows it takes a LOT of cause and clout to get carry permits issued to people under eighteen years of age as many of these girls are so the reason for the permits must be valid. John smiles and adds, "Don't worry, they're all almost rated as marksman and have been through all the proper training. In fact all the girls who were at the pool party were fully trained and many just have to apply for their carry licence when they wish to." Harding is a bit surprised about this but knowing John it makes sense to see all near him were protected and able to protect themselves.

Touching Carly's arm, he says, "Carly here is a runaway and has good reason not to return home. I can understand you'd want to get her record from her old school but I'd appreciate it if you could leave it for a while so I can get legal coverage on her staying here. If that means extra testing to evaluate her standing I'm prepared to pay for the cost of the testing. That way you can get casual or relief teachers in to do the tests without disrupting classes." Mr Harding smiles and nods as that would be the best way to handle things for Carly. Soon after that they leave the office with all the girls except Carly heading off to class with late slips in their hands. Mr Harding asks the staff to organise a few relief teachers to attend school for the day to test Carly's level of education. She'll stay in the office until that's ready. He also has one of the staff make a list of all the girls with carry licences and write up a notice to go around all staff informing them the listed girls are armed and it's legal and has approval of the school, all staff are to read and sign the notice. This is a bit of a shock but no big problem. As he walks back into his office his direct line rings. It's the regional director of education informing him of the departmental approval for a long list of girls to be armed while at school. A bit surprising to have this happen so quickly but not that much as it shows someone is pulling strings in high places.

Fred, John, and Paris leave the school and head home. They arrive to find some meetings going on. In the dinning room Gwen is sitting down with Belinda and the builder as they go over the plans on how to control the disruptions during the building. John sits down with them and explains he wants some more changes. The builder groans but smiles on hearing them. The first of the games rooms is to have an extra large doorway into the kitchen and is to become the main dinning room now. The planned extra floor is now to be built at the same time and they have to get with Melody and Belinda to design a new kitchen to their liking. None of these changes affect the works approved or the foundations so they can get started while processing the changes. John laughs when the builder mentions approvals have sped up since a troublesome city bureaucrat suddenly quit; they called him the Aryan Arse Hole as he was a big blond bugger and his desk was like a black hole until he was properly bribed. To John it sure sounds like someone's brand new slave. All the extra work makes the builder happy and he'll have full crews here to get started in the morning. As he stands to leave them to discuss kitchen designs John looks out the window to see the truck here to remove the skips they had for the party. He smiles when he sees they're also dropping off the skips the builder will use for his waste materials and one of the builder's men is there to have them placed exactly where they want them while some others are setting out survey pegs. Good work.

In the lounge room John finds Steve and Harry talking with a fellow about the armoury. John takes a moment to state if it's done while the other building work is going on he can dump his rubbish in with the other stuff. This should result in a quicker job. Steve takes time to mention the gunsmith called and the guns are ready. Also the temporary gun safe Harry ordered last week will be delivered today as well. John nods towards the stairs and walks out. Leaving Harry with the armoury man Steve follows John. In his bedroom, John says, "Doesn't all this fast action seem a bit too fast to you?"

Grinning, Steve replies, "Not really. You forget you've got the feds pulling strings to keep you and Carmen safe. You've got the state police and city council doing the same. And the strings they can't reach are being pulled by Guy Franks. This is the first time where everyone with any political clout are all pulling strings in the same direction. I'm even willing to bet some people have been waiting for the pool party to end to get here and get the ball rolling as they didn't want to disturb the party. While the system is flowing your way roll with it mate." John nods as he now understands why the red tape is evaporating all around him. They go back downstairs.

John lets Gwen know he's taking Fred, Beth, Carmen, Paris, Stacey, Melody, May, Nora, Nadia, Isobelle, Iris, and Marcia for some pistol practice and some shopping and they'll eat lunch out.

Once in the mini-bus John has Fred go to where May, Nora, Nadia, Isobelle, Iris, and Marcia used to live to collect any important personal items they have there. Since four of them used to live with their mistresses there isn't much to collect beyond a few personal heirlooms. Nora and May also limit themselves to similar possessions. Their small bags are easily stuck under their seats.

Next is the gunsmith to collect all the weapons and other items Harry ordered. John also orders more gear - one model 31C, ten model 26Cs, five model 19Cs, twenty fifteen round 9 mm magazines, forty double magazine belt clips, and ten cleaning kits. Then the pistol range. At the range he has Paris, May, Nora, Nadia, Marcia, Iris, Isobelle, and Beth go through the safety course. Beth has passed this but he wants her to do it again to reinforce it. Meanwhile the rest are having pistol practice. Carmen is against using a gun until John takes her aside and says, "Carmen, you must learn how to use a gun well and get a licence. Not only to protect yourself but to protect Brooke and the others. If they get hurt and you're the only one left who can shoot you must be able to use the gun to protect them for me." Finally accepting this is for her master's benefit and not her own she does her practice and passes her assessment for a carry licence, but only after stating her wish not to carry a gun at all. John also has some of the range staff help him check all the new pistols work OK by firing a clip off at various targets. They like the Glocks and love the idea of using a client's gun just to let a few rounds fly as a test fire. Soon the trainees are out and being assessed and all pass with high marks. Followed by a good thirty minutes practice each. Leaving the range they go for lunch at a fast food place.

After lunch they stop at police headquarters, parking downstairs. Because this is secure John has no worries leaving Fred with the guns in the mini-bus. He goes to the department handling the firearms licences checks and lodges applications for his six new slaves and a special for Carmen, this is to allow her to hold and use a firearm in an emergency only. This makes her happy and helps settle down the concerns some of the police have about it. He's surprised when they ask him to wait while they run the checks. He walks out of there with licences for everyone except Carmen as that one has to go up the chain for approval. He expected it to be an issue but didn't expect the fast action on the rest. He smiles as he thanks them for the fast work. He stops in another area to have the shoplifting charges dropped. They promise to do so once the various shop owners are happy and also promise to have the shop owners contact John about it. He thanks them and leaves. Back down to the mini-bus and he hands the licences out, getting a few surprised looks at the speed in getting them. Back home to drop off Beth and Paris with the extra weapons. Fred and John are now armed with two of the Glock model 31Cs each while all the girls have a model 19C and 26C each, everyone also has spare magazines. Then off on the shopping trip.

During all this driving John is taking his time talking to his new slaves and learning more about them as individuals. He learns all but May aren't fully functional on their own as they're all a bit like Stacey and they need someone to direct their lives for them.


John has a great time at Victoria's Secret to outfitting the girls. He takes over one of the private showing rooms and has May assist them in the choice of underwear and outfits for the others. Iris is first and baulks when she's handed a silk bra to put on because she feels it's too good for a slave like her to wear. Sternly, John says, "Iris, you're now MY slave and you'll wear clothing I want to see you in and clothing that reflects my status. Having my slaves wearing cheap clothes makes me look cheap while good clothes shows I'm a good and important master, understand?" Smiling now she nods and enters into the spirit of playing fancy dress up for her master. While she's being outfitted John has a short talk with Elise and gets the name and location of another shop that's in the mall. Once everyone is properly outfitted with several sets of underwear and clothes John has their old outfits placed in a bag to go to the opportunity shop. Elise promises to drop it in and he thanks her as he pays. May's credited with the commission on the sale, a good income for an impromptu day off.

A short walk away John finds the jeweller Elise mentioned. The girls look around as they walk in. A sales assistant approaches John and he asks, "Is Henrik available at the moment?" The girls turn towards him as they've heard of Henrik, he does special jewellery for slaves to wear. Some gulp as they've seen some his body piercing jewellery worn by others. They don't relish the idea of having holes punched in their nipples, labia, or clits to install the BDSM jewellery.

The assistant glances at the girls and nods as she says, "I'll tell him you wish to see to him. Who may I say is calling and who sent you?"

"John Smith and Elise recommended him. I'm sure you recognise her daughter May from her store." He waves at May as he speaks, "You may also contact Barbara Masters for a reference if you feel you need it." She smiles and walks through the curtain. Augmenting his hearing John hears her speak to someone as she rifles through a phone book. A moment later she's talking to Elise and then a call to Barbara before she shows an old man into the store.

He smiles at John and says, "I'm Henrik, how may I help you?"

John respond, "Good afternoon. I'm John Smith and I've recently acquired some slaves. I hear you're the best person to provide some special jewellery I require. I want thirteen not quite choker necklaces in sterling silver and one in a very durable gold. Each will have the wearer's name easily visible in it and discreetly visible will be the statement 'Property of John Smith.' They're to be of the type that can't be removed without destroying them. I'm told you can do this and I'd like to look at some designs, please." The girls turn to look at him. The man smiles and waves John to a closed cabinet. Opening the cabinet the man shows John twenty designs, all lovely, all highly priced, and all just what he wants. He picks out fourteen designs and states a name for each one, when he gets to the one for May, he says, "This is the one that'll be in gold as she'll be my senior slave and in charge of the others. I want the colour of the necklace to be different to show the higher status." The man nods. He waves a hand and the assistant steps forward to measure the girls' necks. Since John said not quite chokers she allows a finger space between the neck and the tape. Pointing at a fifteenth design, he says, "I'd like this one picked out in diamonds and saying 'Brooke.' Nothing about property as this is not for a slave." The man smiles and mentions a price. John hands over his credit card and tells him to bill it all now. As they run the bill up the man asks if John isn't afraid he'll be robbed and he says, "No, if you try to rob me you'll be found or dead. Between my contacts with the police and Guy Franks we'll find you." The man gulps at the quiet seriousness in John's voice. Smiling, he hands back the charge slip for the $60,000 charge for the necklaces. John signs and picks up a business card, "I'll ring through later with the sizes for the other necklaces. You can tell me how long then." The man nods. After leaving the shop, John says, "I like a crook but that man is too much to my liking." The girls giggle. "Not one word about this until they're ready for fitting, right." They nod. "Good, let's do some shopping." In another jewellers John has the staff help with choosing accessory jewellery for the outfits the girls have on. When one of the assistants asks why the extra help, he says, "The girls aren't used to selecting good jewellery or clothes and my sense of fashion is more suited to a hamburger shop than a jewellers." This gets a few laughs along with quality advice. Everyone is happy as they leave with some nice jewellery on each of the girls.

Fred stayed with the mini-bus to have a rest and he almost doesn't recognise them when they return. Next stop is more groceries but not as much as the last few trips. The supervisor is surprised to see John with a different bunch of pretty ladies and says so. Laughing, he says, "I've always liked collecting pretty things but I know nothing about paintings or object d'art so I'm starting a collection of pretty slave girls. Like my collection so far as I think they're a beautiful start?"

She laughs and thinks it's a joke until Nora says, "Master, can we please get some mango ice cream as it's my favourite?" He smiles and sends her for two tubs to add to their trolley while waving the others towards the freezer to select their favourites as well. It doesn't take long to pay and load up.

Back home and they have just enough time to unload before going to pick up the girls from school. With all the extras coming back for a swim it's squishing room only. But no one complains about it.

First thing to happen when everyone is inside is Harry lines them up and issues their weapons, noting the serial numbers as they sign for each gun, holster, and magazine - each has a number etched on the side. The regular visitors are awed but understand it. Carmen is the only household member not being issued with a gun. All the household ladies and Rachel are given a model 26C and a cleaning kit each. John, Harry, Steve, Fred, Gwen, Belinda, Melody, Janice, Mary, Liz, Marcia, Rachel, Brooke, May, Paula, and Lorna are given model 31Cs and cleaning kits. Everyone who has one gun but not two is given a model 19C while Peta and Jacqui get two of them, they'll exchange one of these for a model 26C when the others arrive and Lorna will exchange her model 31C for a model 26C then too. The rest of the ordered guns are spares. Everyone gets a magazine belt clip while John, Steve, Fred, Harry, Liz, Mary, and Janice get two, and everyone has one or two holsters. Those with a model 26C get two spare fifteen round 9 mm magazines while John Steve, Fred, and Harry get two thirty-three round 9 mm magazines each. Those with a model 31C get two spare fifteen round .357 magazines.

The rest of the magazines are put aside for placement in vehicles and the house. All magazines and guns are loaded with the spare ammunition going in the gun safe in John's Room and a box of each in each vehicle as well. Harry looks at them and says, "You're responsible for the guns, magazines, and bullets in your care. Keep them with or near you at all times. By the end of the week we should have an armoury ready with individual storage units where you can place the weapons etc that you don't want to carry with you. For now we only have the gun safe which is in my control and a lot of trouble to get in and out of. So think carefully about what you do and don't want with you and then get back to me to keep it for you. I know you all know how to look after them properly so I won't go down that path. Thank you."

As they head for the pool and a swim nicely attired in only gun belts and guns Rachel starts to laugh. Brooke gives her a hard look and she says, "I was just thinking if we have a nutter trying to shoot up the school they'll get a hell of a shock when the fourteen of us shoot back. Damn, I think our school will be better armed than some police stations are at mid shift." They all laugh. They hadn't discussed it but when they take their gun belts off and put them down they spread them out around the pool area. To simplify identification Harry had each person's name etched into the gun belt with their carry permit number so they can quickly tell which belt belongs to who. The cleaning crew are surprised to see the guns lying around when they come to do the cleaning. They just shrug and get on with the job before having a swim. A little later Erin and Rose turn up for a swim and go bug-eyed at all the guns on display. A few quick questions with long answers and they're not concerned any more.

Pool Games

John rings for Julie to pay him a visit and gets Brooke to follow him with a pen and paper as he takes neck measurements. By the time he's finished getting the measurements from the rest of those he wants in the house Julie has arrived to be measured. Brooke is a bit upset he won't say anything more than it's for a necklace each. She's a bit concerned as the group of people he measured doesn't make any sense to her at all. He rings the information through to Henrik and is told they'll be ready Wednesday afternoon.

The afternoon is spent having a pleasant day in the pool. As it gets towards time for Erin and Rose to leave John swims up behind Erin and fondles her breasts as he whispers in her ear. Smiling, she moves to the edge of the pool and leans against it. With a big grin Brooke nudges those near her and they turn to watch the action.

He switches to a 4MP as he plays with her breasts and nipples. When she's ready he slides into her waiting vagina and starts a slow in out movement with the head of his dick just sliding into her cervix when his groin is against her arse. She slowly builds to an orgasm and moans. When she starts an orgasm he thrusts forward to maximum depth and thinks, 'dickman slom 2MP, 4MP, 10R, 480S.' The sudden change in speed and action during the orgasm causes her to start another before the first is finished followed by another and another as she goes into constant orgasms. By the time he's finished she's almost unconscious and giving a small whimper with her moans as she crests into another orgasm. Her arms have fallen from the side of the pool and John is holding her up with her breasts cupped in his hands.

A smiling Rose had moved to take position beside them when Erin started to come but seeing her current state she starts to move away. As he pulls out from Erin John looks at Rose, saying, "You came over of your own freewill. Make me chase you now and you get an extra three minutes worth. I think that'll be much more than you can handle at the moment." Gulping, she moves back to the pool side. She glances to her right and sees the girls fighting for the next positions so it can't be too bad, she's just not sure about what happened to Erin. John is able to release Erin and move to Rose as Carmen and Gwen have come over to take Erin as he lifts her up out of the pool. They gently dry her and take her to lie on a bed for a while. John moves in behind Rose and finds she's already wet from watching him and Erin. He slides in and starts a slow fuck so Rose enjoys this and can't work out what happened to Erin until she starts her first orgasm and he thinks, 'dickman slom 2MP, 4MP, 10R, 480S.' Her reaction is almost the same as Erin's except Rose starts to whimper a bit earlier.

As he withdraws she moans and softly says, "Oh fuck, I couldn't have taken much more of that. That was way too much pleasure."

Brooke takes delivery as John lifts Rose up. She says, "Don't worry. The good news is after a few encounters you build stamina and are able to enjoy it more. The bad news is as you adjust he lengthens the time of the fucking. So you end up just as stuffed." All but Erin and Rose laugh. John moves down the line giving everyone but his five newest slaves the same auto fuck, he sees May as experienced and fucks her to a collapse. Some with more experience with this are still just viable afterwards but many aren't. Regardless of their condition they all have huge grins on their faces when they start to recover their breath afterwards. He smiles when he finds Mrs Lincoln and Mrs Bellingham in the line up. When he's near the end he wonders what happened to Gwen. Shortly she walks in to tell him she phoned the families of all those present to get approval for the girls to stay for dinner and it's been delayed so they can recover from his attentions. When he gets to Wendy, Rissa, Julie, and Carmen he makes sure to leave a load of sperm in their wombs. On the end of the line is a very confident Vera. As he reaches her she wiggles her arse at him. He's half way through pleasuring her when the the workers arrive home and join the staff on the end of the line. By the time he's finished he's fucked thirty-eight women and girls to varying stages of exhaustion and Harry, Janice, and Sera are escorted into line by their fiancés who get given blow jobs while the ladies wait their turn. His five new slaves are the only ones left out and are glad to be excluded as they know they couldn't take it.

Leaving the rest to recover he leads the five new girls upstairs. They're all gulping at his ability to still be moving when the ladies aren't. They're also wondering about what's in store for them now.

In his bedroom John turns to them, saying, "Don't worry, I'll make sure you're a lot more experienced and able to handle things before I involve in you in such casual encounters. Dinner won't be all that long and tonight we need to expand your education a bit further. In the meantime you need to become aware that I'm not as controlling as your past mistresses may have been. You're allowed to ask me for things or time to yourselves and you're allowed to seek out your own pleasures within the household when not otherwise engaged by those above you in the chain of command. If in any doubt about what you can and can't do speak to Gwen, Brooke, May, or myself. Do you understand?" Slowly they nod but they're not all smiling or happy with what he said. "Have no doubt I'm in control and have the final say but I'm responsible for twenty-nine people who live here and five other people who live at the Masters house. Of them I have fourteen full-time slaves and three part-time slaves. I can't manage every second of every day of you all. So I allow you a bit of freedom and have others with authority to assist me. But make no mistakes I'm in charge and you do as you're told by me. It's just one of my orders is for you to have fun. I get a lot of pleasure out of having people please me but, unlike some, I get pleasure when they please me by having fun with others or doing things they want to do. I enjoy watching my slaves smile and be happy. So I expect you to give me pleasure by you having fun doing other things where I can watch or hear about them. Understand?" They all have knowing smiles now as they've had experience with a mistress enjoying herself by watching slaves pleasure each other. It's not much of a leap to extend that vicarious enjoyment to watching people doing non-sexual things. Thus they can now understand his attitude. "Tonight I'll extend your knowledge of male female sexual interactions and I promise you'll enjoy it as my greatest pleasure comes from watching my partners have orgasms while with me. So I expect you to relax and really let yourselves go so I can enjoy watching you having fun." Bigger smiles all round. He's about to speak again when the doorbell rings.

He looks out the window to see dinner's here. He leads them downstairs and puts on pants to answer the door. Two people from the local pizzeria are there with arms full of pizzas. He takes them and hands them to two of his nude slaves. The delivery team are smiling and wide eyed at his maid service. One goes back to the car for more pizzas while the other hands him the account. John glances at it and sees he only has to sign it as Gwen's organised with them to run an account. It only takes a few minutes to have all twenty-four pizzas taken into the pool area and John hands the delivery team a ten dollar note each as Iris walks off with the last load of pizzas. He soon joins the crowd lying about eating pizzas with some helping recovering people to eat. The dinner conversation is on general subjects and quite interesting.

Evening Fun

After dinner the visitors are taken home by Harry and Steve as the rest dive back into the water for more swimming. Fred is currently 'It' in a game of pool tag when John moves up behind Nora and fondles her breasts. He chose to start on her as she seems the most receptive of the new girls to the idea of being allowed to enjoy herself for his pleasure. She smiles and leans back against him as she enjoys the contact. After a few minutes he moves her to the side of the pool and has her lean back on it. He has her hold onto the edge while he grabs her thighs and backs up while spreading her legs. He soon has her floating at the edge of the pool with her legs apart and his face in her groin as he eats her pussy. She smiles and moans while tightening her grip on the pool edge. Extending his tongue he slides it in her pussy to tickle the top of her love tunnel as it goes in. She'd closed her eyes while relaxing to the pleasure but feeling a tongue so far up her has her opening her eyes again as she wonders how he can do it.

Wendy and Tina are kissing and cuddling in the pool nearby when this starts so they move over to John and Nora and take up posts on either side of Nora as Wendy looks closely at what John's up to. Smiling, she says, "Isn't his tongue deliciously agile and long? It gets right up there, doesn't it?" Nora turns and smiles at her as she nods. Her eyes nearly pop when Wendy adds, "It's a real kinky turn on when he sticks his tongue out to lick his forehead." She loses interest in the conversation as John finds her g-spot and licks it while sucking hard on her clit. She soon screams her way through an intense orgasm and goes limp when he stops and withdraws his tongue. Standing up John moves closer as he pulls her thighs under the water and towards his groin. Going to a 3TP he slowly slides his dick into her ready vagina. She smiles as she feels him enter her. Their groins aren't quite touching as he enters her cervix. He switches to a 2.5TP and slides in until their groins are touching. She smiles and says, "Last time we fucked I thought your dick filled me up but this makes that seem like I was only half full. This is so nice."

John smiles back and says, "This time the head of my dick has entered your cervix and is in your womb." Her face shows her shock at learning this as he starts a slowly thrusting. A few minutes later she has another orgasm and he pulls back to the entrance of her vagina as he changes to a 2.5MP before sliding back in. She'd closed her eyes with her orgasm and opens them again as she can feel his dick widening her vagina as it slides back in.

Moaning, she says, "What have you done. That makes me feel a whole lot more fuller and is stretching my poor cunt."

"Unlike most men I can adjust the length and width of my dick. I just made it wider and am trying out how much of me you can safely take. Just relax and keep coming. The look on your face when you come is so delicious." His other new slaves have gathered around and they gasp at his flexibility and smile at his last sentence. He's soon rapidly thrusting in and out with this wider dick. He decides to leave trying a W setting for later as he fucks her to several more comes. Some minutes later her hands come free of the pool edge as she has a series of intense orgasms on top of each other and is too tired to hold on any more.

Expecting this reaction Tina and Wendy quickly reach under her to make sure her head doesn't slip under the water. John slows down and withdraws as Tina and Wendy move Nora to the edge and help lift her up for Brooke and Gwen to drag her up onto grass to dry her.

John turns to his other new slaves and smiles when he sees they're looking down into the water at his dick as they lick their lips. He gives a little cough and they look at him and smile. He smiles back as Iris moves to the pool edge directly in front of him and starts to float as she grabs the edge of the pool. Until now she's been one of the most reticent of the group, if she's this ready to act then the whole group must be advancing nicely. Her smile widens as he moves her legs apart and lowers his face to her waiting vagina. It takes him nearly two hours to fully pleasure Iris, Isobelle, Nadia, and Marcia. By the time he's finished with all five he's very happy with the fact they accepted their master giving them pleasure and they were all able to give in to their pleasures. As he hands up Marcia to Brooke and Gwen Brooke says it's bedtime and everyone moves to check rosters.

Sometime during last week Gwen had a large notice board placed on the wall between the lounge room doorway and the drink machines. The bed roster is posted there now. Part of the board is a whiteboard with a three column list on it in permanent marker. The left column has the bedroom or bed number and the next two columns have names written in them with an erasable pen. Brooke just wipes the names out and writes up the new order each day. As he walks out of the pool area John smiles on seeing his companions for tonight are Rissa and Carmen. He stops and waits for them to catch up with him before taking their hands and leading them off to the stairs.

At the stairs John waves for the ladies to go first, they smile and start up. Sporting a 4MP John steps up behind Rissa and grabs hold of her. She's on the step in front of him and slightly higher than him as he reaches around to grab the inside of her thighs right at the groin. He lifts her as he pushes her thighs apart and pulls her towards him. She lets out a slight yelp at the sudden grab and Carmen turns to see what's up. Smiling at her predicament Carmen reaches down and aims John's dick at Rissa's damp pussy. As he steps up the stairs John lowers Rissa onto his dick and it slides all the way into her from behind as she reaches up and backwards with her arms to get a hold on his neck so she won't fall forward too far. Once he has her nicely settled he thinks, 'dickman slom 2MP, 4MP, 10R, 300S.' He slowly walks up the stairs while Rissa shakes, moans, and comes during her auto fuck. On reaching his bed he continues to hold her while she orgasms and Carmen turns the covers back. When the program runs out he fills her womb and lowers he to the bed. Smiling she slowly crawls up the bed and gets ready for sleep.

Smiling at Carmen he climbs onto the bed and settles down with a stiff 3MP dick sticking up. Placing his hands behind his head, he says, "Carmen, do as you wish." With a huge smile she climbs onto the bed and settles down onto his dick.

After lifting up and down a few times she reaches behind her and pulls the covers up her back as she lies down on him and says, "Just stay exactly like this until we wake up in the morning." He returns her smile as Rissa giggles and they settle down to sleep with Carmen lying on top of John while still fully impaled on his dick. They're soon asleep.

Day 26 - Tuesday

John wakes up at 5.45 am when he hears movement in the area around the house. Waking Carmen he clamps his mouth on hers and thinks, 'dickman slom 2MP, 3.5MP, 10R, 300S.' She soon starts coming and collapses from her orgasms before he's finished and filling her womb. Rissa wakes up during this and they all have smiles as he rolls to the side and lowers Carmen to the bed before withdrawing and making his dick go limp. Going to the window he looks out.

He looks at the building workers as they get set up to work on the changes. They aren't making much noise and John knows if he hadn't had his sensors tuned so finely he may not have heard them moving about as they go about setting out marking and positioning the excavation and construction forms. There's about twenty men in the yard taking measurements or placing markers with another dozen or so waiting for the time they can start up their equipment as there are laws restricting the noise levels prior to certain times of day.

At a few minutes to six o'clock James comes into view with his barrow of papers. A few of the men stop him to buy papers and he stops opposite the front door. The men give him an odd look as he stands there watching the door. The construction workers almost lose their eyes when they pop out at the sight of a nude Stacey strutting out with a nude and blushing Nora to hand James the money before taking the papers and kissing him as per Stacey's instructions. One of the men is easily heard to say, "Hell, this has to be the best damn paper route in the city if he gets clients like that every morning." The rest smile and laugh as does James while he walks away with a huge grin.

John leaves Carmen to rest and takes Rissa into the en suite to ready the bath. They're just getting into the bath when Brooke walks in with a huge grin and leading the next few bathers. She says, "We were all surprised to see the builder's men here this early but Stacey did a good job of showing your new slaves how to collect the papers. Nora did the job while the rest watched from the lounge room."

John grins, saying, "I was looking out the window and saw them. I don't think the builder is going to have anyone on the early shift calling in sick while on this job." They all laugh as they remember the expressions on the men in the yard. John gets on with the job of washing people. His new slaves are last as Brooke wants him to take a bit more time with washing them today. He agrees and gives everyone else a standard wash but gives them an extra few minutes each as he talks with them while washing them. Then it's down for breakfast.

The same school bus run as yesterday minus Paris, followed by the morning kissing line up with some more of the party people in the line. The girl who John saved at Water Ways and her sister join the end of the line and John gives them a kiss each too. The girl he saved says, "That's much more fun than the last one but I think that had a more utilitarian cause behind it. Thank you for saving my life." He smiles while he pats her cute arse as she starts to walk away and she turns to smile at him over her shoulder while heading to class. Brooke giggles as John heads back to the bus. On the way back home John has Fred drop him at a the Masters residence to talk to Barbara.

Morning Games

On being let in John's shown into the lounge room where the three ladies are seated with two other women, one in her mid forties and the other in her early twenties, both good looking women with light red hair and very statuesque builds. Seeing him, Barbara says, "Morning John, this is Martha, the lady I was telling you about the other day. The woman who'd do anything for a few very obedient males slaves." She turns to the woman, "This is John, the man who got my slaves for me. When in the dungeon he's known as the Great Master simply because he is." Both ladies' eyes go up at this remark.

With a grin John sits down and says, "Then it's a good thing I dropped in. I expect to have three or four slaves later today needing mistresses." Turning to the women, "I'm helping the police and certain other people clean up a criminal organisation. We don't always have enough evidence to put the really bad boys away for a suitable period in prison and I really don't like the idea of just killing them. So I program them to be obedient slaves. Barbara likes them but says she can't use any more so that means I have to find other ladies who'd like some slaves. Also I know a company that can organise an operation to give the men a dick that goes up and down at the press of a button, regardless of what they want. Barbara can tell you all about it as her slaves have been treated with it." The two women smile at this last comment and turn to look at Barbara.

Smiling, she picks up a small bell and rings it. When Alice arrives Barbara says, "Alice, please get a dick control and one of the junior slaves to demonstrate how it works." This may sound like a nice request but its an order. She's soon back with Terri, Thumper, and a control unit. As is usual in the house now Thumper is wearing his French maid outfit without panties. "Thumper, stand in front of these ladies and hold your skirt up out of the way. Terri, kneel and suck on his dick." Both do as told as Barbara moves to stand behind Thumper where he can't see the control and she can show it to the ladies. The women smile at how expertly Terri sucks Thumper's dick but gets no response. "That's enough Terri, move back." Terri moves back and Thumper is standing there with a limp dick. Barbara holds out the control and presses the button, his dick goes to an erect position. She switches it on and off several times as the ladies watch it go up and down. "Thumper is a rapist so his dick's been fixed so he can't come any more. I love the idea of being fucked by a rapist that can't come but must get it up when I want and only when I want. I've also had one of these dicks installed in my husband and he can now keep his erection even while he comes and for as long as I want. Please explain how it works, John."

With a grin he moves to squat beside Thumper and take a hold of his dick. Thumper winces at the pressure applied but says nothing as he knows John is more than capable of ripping his dick off if he upsets him. Pointing at parts of Thumper's dick, John says, "Some strips of memory plastic have been inserted into his dick and the control unit emits a small coded signal to an embedded chip, the signal carries enough power to activate the change of state in the plastic. In one state the molecules group up and his dick is flaccid as the plastic is fully malleable. In the other state the molecules form in rigid lines and the plastic goes stiff, making his dick stiff. The plastic is also soft to the touch and surgically implanted deep enough that you don't feel anything more than you would with a normal dick, regardless of the state the plastic is in." Standing he pulls Thumper by the dick to where the ladies can play with his dick.

Barbara says, "Why don't you give Thumper a test ride?"

The women smile at her and start to undress. John can sense they're a bit apprehensive about his presence but strip anyway. John throws some cushions on a narrow and strong coffee table as he motions Thumper to the table. With a grimace Thumper lays down as he softly says to himself, "Until I got caught up in this I never thought I'd see the day when I felt sex was a pain."

With a grin, John says, "That's right Thumper, that's exactly right. Your punishment is to spend the rest of your life having sex that you see as a big pain because that's what you used to do to your victims. You enjoyed the sex as you laughed at their great pain. The situation is now reversed as your partners enjoy the sex while it's a great pain for you. And any more complaints will see it becomes a major pain in the arse for you too when I fuck you with the biggest dick I can." Both Barbara and John have also started to undress too. Thumper is now lying down and ready for use as John stands over him. Going to a 6XX dick John lays it on Thumper's lips, saying, "Suck this and think about what it'll feel like if I shove it up your arse." Crying, Thumper sticks his tongue out and sucks on the head of the 600 mm by 120 mm dick in his face. Barbara smiles as Martha and her daughter gulp and Terri starts to whimper. John turns to her and smiles, switching to a more moderate 3M, he says, "So far this is about the size of the biggest you've had up your arse. Any trouble and you get the big one on my next visit. Thumper just nods in total compliance as he looks at the dick that dropped to half its width and length. It's clear he doesn't want the big one up his arse. Both Martha and her daughter are very wide eyed at the way John changed his dick size. Moving over to Terri, John says, "Suck or fuck Terri? And what size?"

With a big smile, she says, "Great Master, can I please suck the big one for a bit before you fuck me with the next size up from this?" He smiles as he goes back to the 6XX and a happy Terri licks and sucks his dick. She kneels beside him and works up and down it licking and sucking on it from the side. Moving to the front she sticks her mouth on as much of the head as she can while she sucks on it. She soon stands and bends over the couch with her legs spread wide.

John looks around to see Martha riding Thumper's dick hard as Barbara sits on his face and Millie watches. Martha looks up, "Millie, it feels like a normal dick and it's so nice knowing it's going to stay up for me for as long as I want."

Barbara grins and says, "Hold still and try this out." When Martha stops moving Barbara turns his dick off and back on again. Martha is used to a dick going limp inside her but the feel of it suddenly going stiff again is one she likes. She grabs the control and makes it change several times as she enjoys the feeling.

John can see what she's doing and realises she trying for an auto fuck with a demand dick. Smiling, he gets his phone out of his pants and punches a number while changing to a 4WP as he moves behind Terri. He grins at Millie's look on seeing his oddly shaped dick. He says, "This way it's easier on the woman when I enter her cervix." Gulping, Millie nods and watches him slide into Terri. With the phone to his ear he waits for an answer, "Mary, John. Question; the dick inserts, can we give them a slight auto fuck capability like we do for the Uncle John dildos?" He listens for a few minutes and hangs up. All through this Terri is moaning as he fucks her as she started coming with his second stroke. After a few minutes she collapses onto the couch and John slides in her full depth before filling her womb with sperm. Pulling out of Terri he sees Millie is now riding Thumper and Martha is smiling as she watches her. John walks over and bends Martha over to suck on Barbara's tits as he slides his dick into her wet cunt. Her start at a verbal process is quickly cut off by a mouth full of Barbara's tit and she has a cunt full of cock before she can object. Carefully John slides all the way into her and she jerks slightly as she feels his dick enter her cervix. Holding himself still he leans down and says, "This is an auto fuck," while thinking, 'dickman slom 2W, 4W, 10R, 300S.' A grinning Barbara holds Martha's face to her tit while she writhes her way through the numerous orgasms she has during the auto fuck as Millie watches them. Withdrawing, John says, "If you wish to trial the capability my technician thinks she can include a form of that in the dick inserts for your slaves at the normal price. If they don't work out they'll be replaced with the standard inserts for free, interested?"

With a huge grin, Martha replies, "Oh fuck yes. I'd love for them to have that capability. You must show it to Millie."

"I intend to when she's finished with Thumper." With a wry grin Millie dismounts from Thumper and Barbara climbs aboard. John takes her hand and sits on the couch pulling her over his dick. With a weak smile she lowers herself onto his dick. She's a bit concerned as she's seen what he did to Terri and her mother as both are exhausted. When she's seated and their groins are together he wraps his arms around her and thinks, 'dickman slom 2W, 4W, 10R, 300S.' She soon starts her first orgasm on his dick and moans her way through the program. She's limp when the program ends and he lifts her off to sit her beside him. He turns back after getting her comfortable to find Barbara ready for a ride and Deborah on Thumper. Smiling, he gives Barbara the same auto fuck and calls Deborah, Julie, and Alice over for their turn after they've been on Thumper. Alice has more stamina than the others and is more used to being auto fucked. As John helps Alice get off his dick he goes limp and starts dressing while saying, "I'll have Barbara call you when the slaves are ready for delivery. I won't train them in how to please a woman so you can have the pleasure of training them to suit yourselves. Barbara, Elise has the name and the address of an orphanage I want the fees to go to then Martha can then deduct it as a charitable donation and the orphanage can sure use the money as I don't need it. If it's not too much I think about fifteen to twenty thousand per head will do, which ever you can afford." He finishes getting dressed and nods at them as he heads for the door.

At home he asks Fred to organise to hire of a thirty seater bus for the next few weeks so they don't have to be cramped on the way to school. Steve laughs and says, "Gwen had me set Harry on to that task as you lot were loading up this morning. I expect her back with it soon." John joins his laughter and forgets it.

John goes for a walk around the building and finds the men have all the sod up with the forms in place for the footings and roadworks.

One man is driving a bobcat with sod up the Lincoln driveway. Following it over John finds Mr Lincoln and two men unloading the sod into a section of the yard that needs good grass. About half the yard has been dug up and they now have about a third covered with sod from John's lawn. On seeing John Mr Lincoln says, "I hope you don't mind John, Brooke said it was OK to use the removed grass to fix this section of my yard that died. I'm paying the builder for his people's time to remove the old grass and help me lay the new grass."

Smiling, John says, "It's perfectly OK, if you know anyone who wants the rest they can have it. I was just interested in seeing what was happening. If you'd asked Brooke to speak to them this morning to organise this work you would probably have got it for free."

The bobcat operator says, "After watching the paper collection this morning any of the guys would have happily done anything any of those lovely girls asked them to do, provided she was nude while asking." They all laugh at his comment. John returns across the road to find the builder talking to one of his foremen.

Home and Finances

As John nears them he hears the foreman say, "I think we'll be ready to start pouring cement for the right hand side driveway today and the house footing tomorrow. The rear driveway should be ready for pouring Thursday with the slab and left driveway on Friday. That way we can leave it to cure over the weekend and get really started on Monday." John smiles on hearing how fast they're working. He nods at the builder and heads inside.

He's just sitting down to a nice cup of hot chocolate when Harry walks in, saying, "Gwen, we've parked the vehicles at Mr Stein's as we have to keep the driveway clear for the builders for the rest of this week. Please let Liz know." Gwen nods and reaches for the phone.

The doorbell rings and Belinda answers the door in her shift. She shows a wide eyed Isaac Aarons in, he's Saul's son-in-law. John sits him down and gets him a cold drink as they talk about how Isaac is going to look after John's money for him. All the ladies are surprised when John mentions how much he has in the various bank accounts he's giving Isaac to manage. Isaac knew and was expecting a figure like that despite it having grown by about thirty million from Mallory. Excusing himself for a moment John goes and gets the briefcases of money from Mallory and the one he collected from JT's office. Placing them on the table he opens the one from JT's and grabs several bundles of notes which he tosses to Gwen before handing the briefcases to Isaac. Stunned, Gwen catches the bundles of hundred dollar bills and puts them on the counter.

Smiling, John says, "In the last few weeks I've been helping the police close down some criminal organisations and they always seem to have lots of loose cash lying about. So I tidy the place up and bring it home for reinsertion into the local economy." They all laugh at his appropriation of the money. Reaching into the briefcase he grabs two bundles and puts them in front of Isaac, "This is your recruitment bonus." Adding a third, he says, "And this is your staff's so they have some money to live on while waiting for their first pay." Gulping, he nods as he puts those three bundles into his own briefcase. They're bundles of one hundred dollar bills with a hundred notes in them, making them worth ten thousand dollars each and a total of thirty thousand dollars just to start working for John.

Isaac looks up, "Normally I wouldn't approve taking money like this but I know these people killed you, your parents and brother, so I regard this as a compensation payment. And since this is your money I'll accept the bonus you just gave me if I can share it equally with the staff I hire and give some money to the other staff I used to work with who need some financial help."

John smiles as he realises he's starting to like Isaac, and says, "Acceptable provided you take another bundle to help the others and let me know the details of what they can do as I may be able to use them myself or find them work. I know I'll probably need a few more people as security staff and drivers. Direct them to Steve Katz for interviews. You may also want to tell the others to apply to Preston Industries or Masters Financing for work." Isaac smiles and nods.

Reaching into his briefcase Isaac pulls out papers to give John, "Here's your copy of the signed contract. When Sarah showed it to me I didn't believe her as it was too good to be true. But when Uncle Peter and Saul confirmed it I was very happy and let my staff know. My old boss wasn't happy I found new work right away. I hope you don't mind but as well as hiring some people I worked with to work on your account I've also hired others and we're taking over the majority of the accounts my old boss used to have. I can do this as your account will allow me to cover the operating overheads while we build up more work. Late yesterday I found out the reason my old boss is unhappy. If he'd sold the business as a going concern the new owners would have had to employ us or give us large redundancy payouts. By closing down they cut down the payouts to the staff they don't want as they only want a couple. My boss was recommending this other mob to the clients and he's getting a golden parachute based on the amount of business that transfers over. Well, about 85% of the business has come with us to my new operation and our old boss is getting next to nothing as his payout for shafting us because most of the customers who aren't coming with us aren't going to the people he struck the deal with either." They laugh at the shafter getting shafted. "I'll have a nice office at my residence and some of my staff will always be there but the majority will be working in a client's office or at home. We have many clients with dedicated staff of one or two who spend most or all their time working for that client so having them in the client's office improves the relationship. And the bulk of the smaller clients' work is all paperwork that can be done anywhere. All the staff are now on performance contracts so they get paid on work done and quality not hours in the office. This is useful to some of the staff who have kids in school as they can work their hours to suit their family. So long as they're contactable during business hours and do the work I don't care and mobile phones allow for the contact."

John is really liking the way Isaac goes about doing things. Calling Stacey over he hands her a bundle of notes and the contract, saying, "Stacey, will you get Carmen and see about organising my little office properly for me. All the paperwork is just sitting in a couple of folders and needs to be sorted out. Put this money in the filing cabinet and use it to buy anything you two think is needed to make the office function better, OK?" She smiles and nods as she tilts her head at Carmen while walking off to where his desk is.

He smiles as he thinks that's good employment for them both and should keep them happily busy part of the time. Looking up he sees a grin on Gwen's face that lets him know she understands and agrees. Now they have to find some tasks for a few more. He'd found out during yesterday's driving that Marcia has an accounting degree and works part time for a finance company, he turns to her, "Marcia, would you mind if I had you quit your current job and take on being my financial supervisor? You'd be responsible to coordinate with Isaac about what he's doing and checking up on him. If I don't put temptation in his path he'll be less likely to take it. Also I'd want you to check on the Preston sales to verify my monthly commissions."

Smiling, she replies, "I'd love to do that Master. Thank you for thinking of me as that's something the people where I did work don't do." She sits down with Isaac to sort out how they'll operate together. After about another half hour of general discussions Isaac heads off to his office to get his main account fully organised and operational. John smiles at having helped a friend's family and gotten a good worker at the same time. He smiles again when Marcia calls up her old boss to quit, telling him she's now working as the personal accountant for a multi-millionaire. The old boss who always looked down on her is stunned and speechless by the news.

It's lunch time and while they eat John explains to May she can start back at work any time she wants after today. She smiles and thanks him for the approval. Turning to Iris, he says, "Iris, tell me the truth, do you like your job? And why did you take it?" She works at a hairdressers in the same mall as May does.

With a weak smile, she replies, "Master, I like doing hair but hate working at that salon as I have to spend so much time kowtowing to idiot clients. It's not the same as being obedient to my mistress or master and it's so annoying. May I please quit working there?"

John grins and says, "Yes you may. Just get with Gwen and the builder to ensure we have a suitable mini-salon set up in the new building for you to do the family's hair and make sure you get the best of anything you need. OK?" With a huge smile she nods and leans over to quietly chat with Gwen. When they both glance at him with wicked grins John thinks he may have just created a monster but decides to not worry about it until it rears its head to strike.

Nora looks up with a concerned expression, saying, "Master, I love my work. May I continue to work at the centre?" He smiles as she's a teacher's aid at a centre for the intellectually disadvantaged.

Nodding he smiles, "You may if you'll get me a list of things the staff there could use to help improve the quality of their care. I'll buy them for you to take in to use." With a big grin she squeals and jumps out of her chair to sit in his lap and give him a hug. Her old mistress is very rich but never thought to spend a cent to help the kids and her new master is insisting she helps him spend money on the kids. Originally she didn't like the idea of being swapped to a man but now she's so happy that it happened she can't imagine how life could get better. She's very glad to be John's slave. Jumping off him she goes to the phone to let them know she'll be at work and to get started on a list of things to buy.

New Toys

After lunch he has Steve take him shopping with Iris and Nora. He takes one of the bundles of cash. Nora is surprised when the first stop is the centre she works at and John asks for the list they have so far. Stunned, the director hands it over while she glances at Nora and she shrugs in response.

They leave there and head to a specialist supply store Melody told John about while tidying up after lunch. At the store John asks how many kids visit the centre and Nora tells him there's thirty. This store supplies many individual learning aids for disadvantaged people. John finds most of the things on the list and orders fifty of each. The owner doesn't have them in stock but promises to have them delivered to the centre for morning tea tomorrow. John pays for them and gets advice on where to get the rest of the items. At the next stop they finish getting the items on the list and ensuring they have enough of the items for every child at the centre with plenty of extras. Everything will be delivered by mid morning the next day. It'll be up to the centre staff to coordinate the distribution of them. While at the second store John's quite taken by one piece of special play equipment. Another centre had ordered it on the promise of a benefactor paying for it but the money never showed. The store has it simply because they paid a deposit and can no longer pay for the rest. They hope someone else will be able to buy it and they can recoup their money. After talking to the store owner and Nora John pays for it and has it loaded in the back of the mini bus with some of the items they can supply out of stock. While they load up the store owner has someone from the first centre drop by to collect their deposit refund. After they leave John shocks the store owner by paying for a second unit to be delivered to the centre that ordered the first one - as a surprise gift.

When they arrive back at Nora's work with some of the items on the list the staff are happy. While Nora is talking to the kids and helping them hand out the box of hand held items they brought back John and Fred are carrying in the large special play table for them. About twenty minutes later when the staff lead the kids back inside they're all surprised to see the large special play table sitting in the middle of the main play room. John can't help himself as he laughs when the staff are just as taken with the table as the kids, in fact most of the staff are more taken with it than some of the kids. Nora supervises the first group of kids to use the table to also show the other staff how everything works as the store owner took fifteen minutes to explain it to her. John draws Illiya, the centre director, aside and tells her about tomorrows expected deliveries. Just as Illiya is getting all choked up and doesn't know what to say, Nora walks over and says, "Isn't Master so good to me. Although I only recently became his slave he already knows how much I enjoy coming here and gave me permission to continue working here. He's also going out of his way to get things to make my time here with the children so much better for us all."

Illiya turns her and gulps as she says, "Master?"

Smiling, Nora says, "Yes, Master. I'm a slave and have been for two years. My mistress recently traded me in for a slave Master had. At the time I was angry with both mistress and master as I didn't like being traded like a toy. I don't mind being a slave and ordered about by the one I accept as my mistress but being traded like a toy was too much. Then I found out Master wasn't expecting to do any trades at all as he was there to get rid of some bad people he'd made into slaves. Talking to Master's niece I found out the main reason he accepted us as trade ins was he didn't wish to leave us with a mistress that would treat us in such a manner without our prior permission. So I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt on the trade matter. Since then I've found out how good Master is and am now extremely happy to be his permanent slave. I know Master will never trade me to another unless I ask him to, which I doubt I will. And look at how much effort he's going to just to ensure I really enjoy my time here while away from him. I couldn't think of a better Master than my Master."

Illiya gulps and stares at them. She knew Nora was submissive but this is way out of her expectations and league. John smiles and says, "Don't worry, I already have more slaves than I can deal with. I've had to set up a special hierarchy just to ensure they get properly looked after. So I'm NOT looking for any more."

Another member of staff who'd been standing nearby interjects with, "That's a damn shame. I wouldn't mind having a Master who looks after me this well. Victoria's Secret clothes to go shopping, top jewellery, and expensive toys for work. Is he a decent fuck as well?"

Nora laughs, saying, "No, he's not a decent fuck. He's a fucking marvellous fuck and I'm not sure how I'm going to survive once he finishes breaking me in to suit him. Master has been taking things slow and he still fucks me to exhaustion every day and that's after doing the same to a dozen or more other girls first."

The girl stares at them both, gulps, and says, "Maybe I spoke too soon. It sounds like he may be more than I can handle."

Nora laughs, "I'm sure he's more than you can handle but I think you can be trained to an acceptable standard. I'll ask Brooke to check you out." Laughing hard Nora, Fred, Iris, and John leave the centre to get back to today's program.

They go to a supplier Iris knows to buy hairdressing equipment and supplies before stopping at her work where she collects her personal items there and tells them she's quitting. The manager makes a big show of withholding her last week's pay for lack of notice. John makes her sign a note to confirm that and has Iris sign accepting the penalty, they get a copy each. He notices the week's pay is only $300. When asked, Iris says "The best any of the staff gets is about $400 a week. We have two girls who have other jobs to go to once they give their notice but they can't afford to go two weeks without pay at the moment as the other people pay fortnightly."

John looks up and loudly says, "Anyone here who'd like to quit but can't afford to lose the pay? Please raise a hand." Shrugging their shoulders four of the six women working there raise their hands. The other two are the owners. Smiling, Johns says, "Write them up similar letters." Glaring at him the manager does, just to see what happens. Taking the notes John goes to the women and hands them the notes to sign. They look at Iris and she nods. Shrugging as they don't really have much to lose, they sign the notes. He collects them and hands them to the manager to sign and copy. Turning to the girls he pulls the bundle of notes out of his pocket and peels out ten one hundred dollar bills for each girl who just quit. As he hands them a thousand dollars each, he says, "Maybe the owners will now start to understand the importance of keeping the staff happy as they then become loyal and stay with you." Leaving the two women to handle the five clients John leaves the store followed by five laughing ex staff. Most of the clients are also laughing at the situation the owners are now in.

As they get into the mini-bus John has them give Fred their addresses so he can drop them home. As they head for the first address Iris points to one girl and says, "Master, this is my cousin Bridget, she has qualifications as a ladies maid and nanny as well as being able to do nails. I think you should employ her as such so she'll be on hand when needed in several months time."

All the women jumped at the way Iris addressed John and are now checking her to see how pregnant she is as they think she's asking on her behalf. He laughs, saying, "Thank you for letting me know this information. Although it'll probably be about a year before I give you a child," Iris squeals and smiles widely at that, "At least eleven of my recent partners are pregnant and we'll have a minimum of seven of them living in the house afterwards. All eleven if I can manage it. So having a qualified nanny on hand will be a help. She can be in charge of the nursery and oversee the training the others must get and tell me how many helpers she'll need." He looks at Bridget and she names a salary that she thinks is fair. John shakes his head no and raises it ten percent. Stunned, she nods her agreement. John turns to the other women and says, "I know some of you already have other jobs to go to but if the rest of you can't find new work by Friday come and see me. I'll help find you some work." They all smile and nod.

One of them says, "Bridget, since you won't be going to work for Jocelyn now will you put in a good word for me to take that job?" She nods and pulls out a mobile phone to talk to Jocelyn. A short time later she hangs up and gives the woman the thumbs up and tells her to report for work any morning this week. If she doesn't turn up by Friday she's lost the job. She smiles and nods.

That leaves one woman without a job and she has a secretive smile. She turns to John, saying, "I've been working to earn enough money to pay for my final semester at university. Today's money will be enough for me to organise to start next semester. I'll give notice today and clear out of my room by Friday, my sister will let me live with her while I'm studying but only while I'm studying."

John smiles and nods as he peals off another thousand to toss her way. She stares and he says, "Treat her and yourself to a night out when you get there." She smiles and pockets the money as she does. He also hands the other two an extra five hundred each. They drop everyone off and Bridget promises to pack her car and bring her gear over tomorrow after she gives her notice to her landlord tonight. She's only renting a room and is on daily notice. John's sure she can live in Saul's fourth bedroom if she wants to and told her so.

Teaching the Teacher

They're home in time for John to hop on the new bus to pick up the girls from school while Belinda joins Fred to get the laundry they dropped off on Sunday. At the school John stands in front of the new bus so the girls know where to meet. Brooke walks up and says, very loudly, "Uncle John, your ride has grown so big." That gets a lot of laughs from the students and an angry look from one of the teachers, Rosa Quentin. Also, naturally, the comment sparks a whole bunch of innuendo comments by the girls as they look it over before getting on.

Miss Quentin comes over and says, "I don't know who you think you are Mr Smith but I won't tolerate this rude behaviour from you or the girls or you're approving of such rude behaviour."

John can tell she's angry but also suspects a lot of frustration too. He says, "If you think this behaviour is rude you should see what happens on the bus." Most of the girls are now on the bus and sitting there with the windows open as they listen to them talk. Miss Quentin looks at John and glances at the bus. She quickly turns and enters the bus to see what he means.

Looking about, she says, "And just what did you mean by that?"

Smiling, John walks up to her and quickly takes her in his arms as he places his mouth over hers to kiss her while he extends his tongue. She still has her mouth open from speaking and his actions take her by surprise so she has his tongue extending into her mouth and down her throat before she realises what's happening. Holding her to him with his left arm he slips his right hand under her skirt and up her leg while he makes his dick go stiff with a 3M.

As soon as she can gather her wits she starts to struggle and stops in shock as she feels his dick growing stiff against her leg. She's a plain looking woman who dresses down and has never had a romantic or erotic encounter with a male before. In school she was too studious to be interested in the boys and the young men at college avoided her. The concept that any male can find her sexually attractive is a big shock and she stops all actions while she tries to work this out. As she thinks on this foreign concept she doesn't take much notice of what John's doing until she feels his fingers entering her vagina. Her mouth opens wider in surprise as she takes in the fact he's doing a good job of finger fucking her and she's getting aroused.

John smiles when her struggles stop as soon as they start. He can tell she's fighting an internal emotional contest of some sort as he slides his hand into her panties and pushes them down out of his way. Gently he lightly rubs her clit before slipping first one and then two fingers into her vagina. He starts to give her a nice finger fuck when she seems to take notice of what he's doing. He keeps the kiss going and feeds her some air while he arouses her. After a moment of what he thinks is indecision she relaxes into his grasp and moves her legs apart. Noticing the leg movement Tina smiles and gets up to kneel in front of Miss Quentin to remove her panties and gently undo her skirt before she unwraps it from around her body. The only thing holding the skirt on is John's left hand gently massaging her arse. Standing up Tina undoes the buttons of her blouse and reaches around to undo the bra clasp. Spreading the blouse wide open she pushes the bra up to free her breasts before leaning in to start kissing and sucking her right breast while fondling her left breast.

Rosa can't understand how John is able to kiss her, finger fuck her, hold her, and play with both breasts. Then it hits her one of the girls must be playing with her breasts. Her eyes open and she stiffens as the thought shocks her then relaxes as the pleasure of her unknown tit sucker hits her. She moans into John's mouth. A voice softly tells her to close her eyes and keep them closed. She does so.

Vera is in the seat beside Miss Quentin when John takes her into his arms. She smiles at the actions going on right in front of her. She can tell by the body language exactly when Miss Quentin knows one of the girls is playing with her breasts and when she relaxes into that. Leaning close to her ear Vera softly speaks to Miss Quentin, "Close your eyes. Keep them closed. Relax and enjoy the expansion of your horizons. You'll not open your eyes again until I tell you to." She grins widely when she sees her teacher close her eyes and relax.

John has seen and heard everything. He gently lowers her to the floor. Two of the girls slip some of the bus' pillows under her, the bus has a little pillow on each seat with the hire company's name on it. Smiling, Harry closes the door and gets out of her seat to watch the action. Many of the other girls stand to get a better view too. After lowering Miss Quentin to the floor John breaks the kiss to stand and remove his clothes. Meanwhile Jacqui and Lorna take over sucking her breasts while Tina moves to eating her pussy. John is stripped for action and Miss Quentin is close to her third orgasm when John touches Tina on the shoulder. Smiling, she reluctantly gives up her position as John moves between Miss Quentin's thighs. Tina reaches in and guides his dick to target. Jacqui and Lorna move back as he starts to slide into her vagina.

Vera notices her eye lids start to quiver and softly says, "Keep your eyes closed." The eye lids stop moving. Slowly John slides into her until their groins meet. Slowly he withdraws. Gently he moves back in, this time his withdrawal is a bit faster and the new entry slightly faster again. Several strokes later he's thrusting hard and fast while her hips lift towards him as she moans her way to another orgasm and another and another. After bringing her to several orgasms he slows down and stops. Vera softly says, "You may now open your eyes."

Rosa Quentin knew more than one of the girls helped in readying her to be serviced by John but she no longer cares about that. She feels him lower her to the floor and many hands grab her legs to spread them wide. A tongue invades her cunt and quickly brings her to an orgasm and again. She's approaching another when the tongue leaves her and she feels his hard dick nudging her entrance. She starts to open her eyes when that voice tells her not to. She shuts them again. The feel of having this man's big dick in her is so much better than any of her devices at home. His chest rubs against her breasts as he move back and forth over her, further stimulating her. She soon starts to come again and again and again. She's coming down from another orgasm when she feels him slowing down and stopping with his big dick filling her vagina. The voice speaks again and she may now open her eyes. She does so and looks up into his face and the faces of over a dozen smiling school girls. She should be shocked she let herself be fucked in front of all these girls and they should be shocked to have watched. But they're all smiling at her as if they share a special secret. Then the knowledge hits her, they do share a special secret as all these girls know what it's like to have this man fuck them like that and they're happy for her to know as well. This knowledge warms her and she smiles, saying, "Thank you all for bringing me to my senses." All the faces now have bigger grins. She sighs as John withdraws and she stands to get dressed.

Some of the girls help her get dressed. As she goes to leave the bus John gives her his address and says, "You're welcome to join us for a nude swim and or some sexual fun any time. Tomorrow after school I want you to come with me to do some shopping, so be ready to go home on this bus." She smiles and nods before exiting the bus. The girls all giggle as the bus drives off.

At home they all go inside. The building workers all stop to watch the sexy girls head inside. Once inside the girls start on their homework as the rule here now is homework first, play second.

Weakest Link

John is about to go inside when he notices something doesn't seem right with one of the chains lifting the load of steel mesh from the back of a truck. Going to telescopic vision he sees one of the links is bending open. He shouts for them to stop and take cover as he tells them what's wrong. The men quickly move away from the danger zone. One man who was on the truck twists his ankle when he jumps off, and he falls down beside the truck. The load sways as the operator stops the crane. John can see it'll probably fall on the man on the ground. He runs to the truck. When he reaches the man he hears the link snap as it finally goes. Grabbing the man John rolls under the truck and pushes the man further in as the load slides off the remaining holding chains and drops to where the man was lying. The falling sheets of mesh gouge deep holes in the lawn and two sheets hit John's lower left leg which isn't quite under the truck. The mesh buckles on contact. He pulls his leg out from under the mesh and turns to see the man staring at his leg as the rest of the load slams into the side of the truck above them. The truck shakes under the load and the to of them quickly roll out the other side. Standing up John helps the man limp into the house so he can treat his ankle. Others start to check what went wrong and clean up.

The hurt man doesn't notice his sore ankle while ogling the nude ladies in the kitchen as John examines his ankle. John says, "The ankle is sprained. I'll have Beth strap it for you. But go and get an x-ray just to be sure." He's now looking at John and nodding as John signals for Beth to strap the ankle; which she quickly does, and quite well too. "For your information only, I lost my leg in a building collapse at my work last year. I now have a very fine state of the art robotic leg made out of Kevlar and carbon fibre." Rolling his pants leg up he detaches his lower leg for the man to look at. The man gives it a quick glance before handing it back. "I'd appreciate it if you didn't spread the word about my leg or what you saw. Also, our attire whilst inside is NOT for general discussion either. OK?"

The man nods while making a silent vow to keep that promise as he says, "Thanks for saving my life. I saw where the mesh hit. It would have cut me in two. If the best way I can thank you is by keeping quiet, I'm a voiceless mouse." John smiles and helps him to stand up. They limp outside to find the foreman double checking his staff list and sighing with relief when he spots his missing man. They explain about his sprained ankle and that it should be confirmed by a doctor and x-ray. One of the men is handed the keys to the company car and detailed off to do drive him to the doctor the company uses.

Looking around John sees a man is testing the chains with some electronic equipment. He looks at the foreman, who says, "All the chains passed two visual checks earlier this afternoon. I know as I did one of them. The half of the broken link we can find seems to have some internal problem. I'll know more after the safety inspector's people examine it at the lab. In the meantime we're having each link electronically checked for any known issues. We can move stuff by hand while we do the checks." John smiles and nods agreement. "The safety inspector is on his way. Can you please wait around to speak to him when he arrives in about ten or fifteen minutes?" John nods.

He goes inside for a drink of hot chocolate and his phone rings; it's Johnson, the four prisoners will be ready for delivery after dinner. John thanks him and tells him to take them to Barbara's. He then calls Barbara to tell her what's happening. Ending the call he looks up to see Brooke and Hilda looking at him. He smiles and says, "We need to go and talk to Barbara about some business after dinner tonight." Brooke smiles and nods before going back to the pool. He turns to Hilda, "I need to talk to the safety inspector shortly, after that I'm all yours." She nods and goes back to swimming.

A few minutes later the inspector arrives and John sits in his van as he explains what he saw and did. At one point the man says, "It's a damn shame we can't get a good video image of what you saw. The visual examination gives us so many possible reasons."

John pulls out his phone to call Mary and tells her what happened. She says, "Actually John, I can download anything you saw if you haven't deliberately routed it away from your filters. Just make a conscious effort to recall those images and save to hard storage. If it's still in the short term memory it'll save and I can pick it out later." John follows her instructions and is surprised when his eyes once again relive the whole scene before he saves it to his hard storage.

Facing the man, John says, "Look, this isn't exactly the world's best kept secret but please don't go spreading this about. I was murdered several months ago and most of my body is now a mechanical device as I'm a cyborg. I just spoke to my designer and she thinks she may be able to download some images from my short term memory filter. I've just run a routine to save it, we'll send it on later." The man gulps and nods while making some cryptic notes in his file.

Once he's finished with him John goes inside to find Hilda and go to his room to talk. They spend thirty minutes going over today's events and recapping the events around Brooke's spanking. John's feeling a lot better about things when they're winding up and he asks, "Hilda, why were you here the other night?"

She grins and says, "Here I get a chance to swim nude and it's free. I also have access to some interesting young ladies if I want. Which I sometimes do, but not any I'm counselling. I hope you don't mind my coming for personal reasons, Gwen said it was OK."

John laughs and replies, "It's perfectly OK. I just wondered why you were here when your contract calls for three hours a day for three days in the afternoon. If you want to vary your hours to better suit you and spend the evening here, that's OK too. We welcome all guests. Just let me know when I'm out of counselling so I can fuck you."

She laughs, "I'm off limits to you until I've finished with everyone here as you're such an integral part of all their lives any relationship between us would affect my professional relationship with them. If you don't mind I may bring some friends and clients along some days too. The ambience you've created here is so relaxing and invigorating while giving a strong feeling of safety and freedom. It goes a long way to help your girls with their stress, especially Rachel. I think it can help some other clients too. I'll only bring ones that can abide by the house rules." John nods and smiles at her as they get up to go swimming again.

Evening Activities

Dinner that night is an interesting mix of boiled Oriental vegetables with baked European vegetables and some stir fried beef strips. A very odd mix but very nice as well.

Shortly after dinner John has Brooke gather a group to visit the Masters' residence. With a gleam in her eye Brooke has the group standing at the door as John is ready to leave. Lee Lincoln he can understand as since his last visit he's been seeing Alice when he can. Peta, Lorna, Dallas, Houston, and Paris make sense, but Hilda is a big surprise. With a grin he includes May and they head off.

When Alice lets them in she smiles at Lee and licks her lips. Johnson is waiting for John with the four slaves and two guards. John quickly programs the men and Johnson leaves with his men. After showing them out Alice locks the door and leads them downstairs. Barbara, Julie, Deborah, Martha, and Millie are already waiting for them. Terri is upstairs supervising the other slaves in other duties with Jacqui giving the orders. Barbara has been gradually bringing her along with ordering people about and it's starting to pay off.

John has the four men, all in their late twenties to mid thirties, strip and display for Martha. She smiles and nods at Millie who also nods as they select two each. As Martha writes out a cheque for $80,000 to the orphanage John gives the men instructions placing Martha as mistress for two and Millie as mistress for the other two with all four men to obey the other mistress as a junior mistress under their primary mistress. Looking about the group John gives orders setting Alice and Lee to Lorna - surprising all three, Hilda and May to Peta - more surprised faces, Dallas, Houston, and Paris to Brooke, the men to their new mistresses, and the rest as mistresses. He takes a seat on the couch and watches them at play. He's decided to limit his play tonight or he may end up with Hilda when he shouldn't.

Barbara asks Peta if she can join her playgroup and gets a smile in response as Julie joins Millie and Deborah joins Martha. Very soon all four men are spread out on tables with dick clamps on with a woman astride their groins having fun. Brooke is lying on a table with her slaves applying their mouths to her breasts and pussy, after she has an orgasm they rotate around the table. Peta has Hilda strapped into the device Carmen loves with May eating Hilda while she eats Peta. Lorna has Lee strapped to the vaulting horse where he arches back while she and Alice take turns riding his dick and his tongue, he has a dick clamp on. Grinning like an evil devil John walks over and talks to Millie, she smiles and nods. He goes and speaks to Peta who gives him an evil grin in response. In short order both May and Hilda are blindfolded and strapped into a device with them bent over eating the pussies of Peta and Millie who are sitting in chairs. Peta then loudly calls John and Millie's slaves over to take turns fucking the girls. Hilda tries to raise her head and argue with Peta because her ethics stop her from having sex with John while he's a client but she can't speak as Peta pushes her head back to her pussy. She soon feels a dick slide into her cunt and tenses up but relaxes when she can hear John talking to May as he slides into her. A switch takes place and a new dick slides into Hilda, again she relaxes when she hears John say, "I'll be back in a moment for another fuck." He has a quick word with Lorna and she leads her group over. The men fucking Hilda and May change again. As this is the third man to enter them and she can tell it's a different dick to the previous two Hilda groans as she's sure this time it's John and she's just breached one of he own rules. John is standing there watching Lorna being fucked by one of Millie's slaves while the other fucks May and Lee is fucking Hilda. Taking pity on her Peta removes the blindfold and allows her to see John standing in front of her. Looking over her shoulder she can see a happy Lee pounding her pussy. She glares up and John and says, "I was sure that was you this time and you'd made me break one of my own rules."

He smiles and responds, "That may have been your surface thought but deep down you know I wouldn't do that too you." She looks at him for a moment and nods. By now all the women have come over to see the fun and are now lined up in a row bent over a rail as the four new slaves and Lee work their way down the line giving them all a five minute fuck. About ninety minutes later Millie and Martha test their slaves by having them pair off and fuck each other's arse before cleaning their dicks and sucking each other off. It's just about time to pack up when Alice asks Lorna for permission to suck Lee off. With a grin she denies that and has Lee fuck her in the arse, something Alice likes. During her third orgasm this way Lorna tickles Lee's balls while releasing the dick clamp. He slams forward and fills Alice's bowels, to their mutual enjoyment.

As they get cleaned up and dressed John laughs, when asked what's funny he says, "This is the first time I've been down here and not screwed the brains out of almost everyone present, not only that but I only fucked May. And I had a totally fun time not doing it." They all laugh as they head up the stairs. John has the cheque to give to Elise to give to the orphanage, they'll like that.

As they walk back John talks to Hilda about his desire on leaving hospital to fuck every female he could find and now he's happy to just spend time with people he likes. She smiles and pats his arm as she nods, saying, "Typical response after an extreme trauma. Now you're starting to settle down and look for more normal relationships. Take May here for example, she's missed something from her life for years but didn't know what it was. Recently she met a real man after a life of being with women and girls only and knows what she missed was the love and affection of a man. She's recently found such a man and is happy just to know he loves her. The fact he loves many others doesn't worry her but the period she spent not knowing he loved her was a big worry. You passed through a similar type period. In your case it was needing to know that you'll be around for some time to come and being able to settle down into less intense physical relationships while accepting the emotional relationship can grow without the sex. I'd say you're really starting to mature and grow up emotionally now. Be a good boy and keep it up." Everyone laughs as she pats his arm like a mother congratulating a young boy.

Back at home Lee heads home and the rest go inside for a swim. A short time later Mary takes John to the basement to check him out. She has another electronic device with her as they walk down. They take a moment to examine the work the armourer has already done. He must have had a crew down here most of the last couple of days.

Half the room is taken up with his work. Two rows of cement blocks mark the middle of the room, each row is one block high. A high quality mesh is along one wall and two half walls beside it. It has a range of sensors all over it and a bunch of wires from them to a cable running around the three sides. The cable extends well past both existing ends and is curled up on the floor. In front of the mesh is a waist high wall of cement blocks. Looking between the two John can see cement filling the cavity to enclose the mesh and sensors. Against the far wall is a vault door a bit bigger than a normal door and the frame it fits in. A small stack of about fifty small gun safes is beside it. Then he noticed a much larger gun safe and wonders what that's for. The ceiling in the work area is lower too as the ceiling has an extra 100 mm of cement overlaying a layer of mesh and sensors, as does the floor. It looks like it's going to be well wired with sensors before they're finished. Grinning at the work John and Mary go to the Preston gear against the wall. While Mary hooks John up he decides to talk to Harry about the testers being kept in the armoury when it's ready. After Mary copies his files saved from yesterday and checks he has no damage they put it all away and go upstairs.

Meeting Harry John asks about keeping the testers in the armoury and she smiles, saying, "I thought you may want them kept safe, whatever they are, so I've a large gun safe big enough to take the stuff down there." He smiles and thanks her for her forethought.

Come bedtime, John finds Tina and Mel in his bed. He grins when he finds out they're feeling a bit insecure at the moment as they've just started their periods. When they start to apologise John simply tells them to put panties on with pads in and to get into bed. They snuggle up and soon go to sleep as John spends a short time wondering how Brooke knows when he needs an emotional night over a physical night.

Day 27 - Wednesday

Waking up at the usual time John looks out the window to see the building workers quietly busy at tasks. When James arrives at the next house they stop what they're doing and watch the front door. James gets the papers out and waits. A moment later and everyone smiles as a nude May walks out for the papers. Seeing the crowd she stops halfway up the path and does a little bow to each side of the path. After she gets her papers some of the men buy the papers they want. John starts the water for the baths and gives everyone a nice wash. When it's May's turn he praises her for her ability to handle the men. She smiles and is very happy. Today she'll be dropped at work by Liz on her way to work, as will Nora.

Over breakfast John mentions having a nanny dropping by later to start work and she's also qualified as a ladies maid. Gwen smiles and primps her hair. John can see Paris has something on her mind and asks what. She speaks her mind on child care and after a fifteen minute discussion it's decided Paris, Isobelle, Stacey, Carmen, and Beth will be trained in child care and first aid. Stacey and Carmen will do part time studies while the rest will do full time studies. The study time will count as part of Beth's work time. They'll all start next semester, in the meantime Gwen will check on prerequisites and ensure they meet them.

Just as they finish breakfast and those that need to head off to get dressed for the day, the doorbell rings. John answers the door to find Bridget there. Seeing where she's parked her car he asks her to move it to Saul's place, she gives him an odd look but does as asked. She's soon back and he takes her to introduce her to Gwen. Bridget is a bit surprised by the nudity in the kitchen but handles it well.

John is seeing the workers off on their way to work when the builder arrives and thanks him for saving his man's life. The safety inspector turns up to check a few more items. John hands him the USB thumb drive Mary gave him a few minutes ago. The inspector gets out his laptop computer and opens the drive. On it are two .avi films and fifty .jpeg images. The first .avi file is the view from John's eyes from when he looked over to when he rolled under the truck with the man. The second film is a digitally enhanced section of film footage of each time John looked at the chain. The .jpeg files are enlarged still images of close ups of the chains and the bad link as frame by frame shots from the films. They show the link spreading bit by bit. All films have time stamps on them. Both men are amazed at the quality of the images and the builder is wondering where the film came from. The safety inspector thanks John for the images and promises to let him know what comes of them.

The builder is happy to tell John the building changes are approved and laughs when John asks him to speak to Gwen as she wishes to build a small hair salon in the house for private use. Since this isn't going to be a commercial use he thinks it can be dealt with as simple internal fit out changes and not require any fresh paperwork. The builder tells John he can't believe how fast the paperwork is processed now, especially for the stuff on John's house.

Note: Later the inspector lets John know that the images were very critical in helping them to identify the cause, a manufacturing defect deep in the metal itself. The half of the link they could find (the other half vanished in the incident, probably thrown quite some distance when it snapped) didn't reveal much until the films allowed them to identify which was the original break and which was the later stress fracture. Also the way it gave helped them eliminate a lot of possible causes. They probably would have found the real cause eventually but the film made the find much quicker and much easier. Changes in the testing of the chains followed on from the incident.

Morning Activities

Ten minutes later everyone's on the bus to school. The usual school arrival process of kissing everyone happens. Some of the party girls come up for a kiss and some come up to speak to John and pass on the thanks from their boyfriends about the training, getting a few giggles from the other girls in the process.

Back at home John checks he's not needed for anything and heads out with Iris, Nadia, Stacey, and Marcia. They stop at Preston and John introduces Marcia and Stacey to the accounting people, giving them written permission for either of his personal clerks to contact them direct about his finances and personal matters. They set up user access accounts so they can access John's records electronically via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the Internet. Hearing John is in the building production notify him they have some new samples for him to take out to Meredith and they also have part of her order ready for delivery if he wants to take it. He does and Fred drives the bus around the back to load up. The bus is almost full when they finish, just one seat available in the back for people.

Next stop is a security firm that trains people as well. John signs Nadia, Iris, and Fred up to be fully trained as security guards and evasion drivers. He also signs Stacey, Carmen, and Paris up for the same evasion driver course. That makes a full course of six and all at the one residence so John's able to convince them to have the instructor deliver the majority of the course at home and save them all travel time. The instructor likes it as he lives only a half a kilometre from John's place and it'll save him having to come all the way into work too. Reluctantly management agrees after John signs a rider about liability insurance. Stacey makes a note to have Brooke organise suitable insurances for everyone and the house after she talks to an insurance broker. As they leave the place John mentions it's his aim to eventually have everyone trained as security guards and evasion drivers as well as first aid and child care. Both Fred and Stacey make notes to have the matters sorted out by others.

Then Meredith's shop to deliver her ordered full body demonstrators. As a humorous counterpoint suggested by John these sex toys come in their own special carry cases which look like very large sports bags when closed. Liz was the only person at Preston to realise these are a specially lined body bag in light blue instead of black. The company making them is the main supplier of body bags for the military. They were surprised to get the order for such special units and their production manager nearly died of laughter when John told him what they were for.

Fred backs up to the unloading dock and hands over the delivery docket he was given when they loaded him up. The staff commence to unload and one goes to get Meredith. She smiles on seeing so much of her order being supplied, it's not everything but about 60% of it and more than enough to revolutionise the local business. Because she got her order in so early she's getting a bigger share of her order than most people and is well ahead of the other stores in the area. She chats with John as they unload and check everything off. It's soon unloaded and signed for. Fred moves the mini-bus around the front and John follows him on foot. The rest of his crew get out of the bus while John reaches in and pulls out the two body bags in the seat section, one in the foot well and one under the seat. He instructs his crew how to form up to enter the store and grabs a bag in each hand. As they walk in they make an interesting sight. The bags have settled slightly and it's clear he has two body bags complete with bodies but not so clear until after the girls walking in front of him pass by. Fred and Stacey are blocking the view on the street side. As they walk into the store the girls open up and everyone inside gets a good view of John and his load. A few gulp as they wonder what's going on. The girls all get a bit of a shock as they finally realise exactly what the store is as none of them have been here before. Meredith walks up and goes to speak, John interrupts, "Your store looks a bit short of stock?"

She says, "I've been letting other stocks run down while waiting for a special delivery that just arrived. It'll be full again by tonight."

He adds, "That's good ma'am. I've brought the two bodies you wanted to have a look at." He speaks loudly and everyone has been quiet as they wondered what's going on. With this comment a lot of listeners suddenly make gulping sounds.

Many go green when Meredith smiles and does a little clapping as she joins in the joke with, "Oh goodie, I've been waiting for them." She's like a little girl with a nice new dolly. John heads to a nearby counter and puts one down on the floor while he swings the other up onto the counter. He unzips it and opens it up. Meredith looks in and smiles, saying, "Lovely, a nice blond and she does look so sweet. Now where can we put her for the best display." John's girls are staring at him, and Fred is trying not to laugh while many others are now having trouble keeping hold of their breakfast. One client dashes for the toilet when Meredith reaches in and starts to lift something out, all they see before they dash off is honey blond hair. Slipping the sex doll out of the bag and laying it on the counter, she says, "These really are very life like, aren't they?" John and Fred nod as they laugh at the reactions around them.

Stacey glares, "You bastard, I thought you had a real corpse in there." That lightens the tension a bit as people realise it's not a real body.

Walking over to a display case opposite the door Meredith checks its size and orders Melinda and David to clear its stock to other areas. She turns back to see John has both sex dolls leaning against the counter now. Looking over the female unit he starts to laugh. Placing his hands on the breasts, he says, "Yep, they're the same size as Mary's. I bet she did the modelling for the cast for this body."

About ten minutes later both sex dolls are on display standing up with the bags on the floor at their feet and the controls visible in the bags. All the clients that were in the store when John walked in are closely examining the display. John turns to Meredith, "Production are busy producing display models at the moment but will have some stock units being shipped out by next Monday. There's also a set of special options available and they only take an extra week to produce if wanted. The specials are where a client specifies a specific set of dimensions and colour of hair and or skin. And a four week turn around is possible if a client has a specific person they wish to be used as the model for the doll. The list of costs is in the paper work Fred has in his hand." Fred suddenly remembers that and hands it over. Meredith opens the packet and spreads it out on the counter. Smiling, she reads the material and notes the advertising material included. Handing some of that to Melinda she instructs her to put it up and gives her the price list of all the products available now.

Johns looks around to see all the staff are very busy shifting stock and loading shelves with Preston products. He smiles as he works out half the store is being dedicated to Preston items. He looks over to see Miranda fondling the dick on the male sex doll while making doe eyes at him. He laughs and shakes his head. Walking over he give her his address and says, "Drop by any time for a nude swim and a solid fuck." She smiles and nods. Meredith is one happy franchise owner as John leads his people out. Two thirds of her staff are busy stocking shelves while the other third are busy selling from those shelves and she has David ringing people to tell them the stock has arrived.

They pile into the car and go to collect some more supplies for Iris and Gwen. With them loaded they go by Nora's work and check on it. Illiya is supervising the unloading of goods from the second store. The other store's delivery can be seen sitting in the corner of the store room these are going into. She turns to John, saying, "I hope you don't mind but we're spreading out the time for handing these all out. I'm concerned that too many at once may be too much of a shock."

Smiling, Johns says, "I got the toys for you and the kids to be happy. I'll leave the distribution process and timing up to you experts to work out. Do as you wish. I bought more than enough for every child here. So if you know of any other children who could use some but can't attend here feel free to distribute to them as well. You can do what you like with the others after every child enrolled here gets one. I got extras in case you got new kids or wanted some on hand for any casual children. I don't even care if you give some to the kids to take home. I only care that you make the kids happy." She smiles and nods as she carries another box through. John and his crew help to take things into the store room. Seeing Nadia in the centre Nora rightly guesses John is there and she hands Nadia another list for John. As Illiya is signing the delivery docket John waves at Nora and says his goodbyes. They head home via the first store they saw yesterday and John orders the items on the new list, including a couple of expensive centre based items. He pays for them all on his debit card and arranges for the owner to have them delivered when they come in. Then home for lunch.

Afternoon of Surprises

After a lovely lunch, John heads out again with Nadia, Bridget, Iris, and Fred driving. First stop is Victoria's Secret to get Bridget some proper clothes, to her great surprise. She's a bit surprised and embarrassed to have John watching as she gets measured in one of the private rooms but calms down as she becomes engrossed in the gear being shown her. By the time she has a few outfits she's no longer blushing about being nude in front of John and Fred.

She smiles when John smiles at her and calls Elise over to him. He hands her the cheque for the orphanage and asks her to get it to the Mother Superior, saying, "Have her send the receipt to the address on the back, please. This is for selling four more criminals as slaves. I'm not sure Mother Superior would like to know this. Just tell her it's from a client you spoke to about the orphanage, OK?"

Laughing, Elise nods, saying, "I'm sure Mother Mary would get a good laugh out of knowing this came from selling criminals into slavery to women. But I'll have her swear to spend the money on the buildings and children before I tell her that." They both laugh.

After getting the clothes for Bridget they head off to check how things are going at the place where Iris used to work. As they near the store they run into a few clients that Iris knows and they ask where they can go since they're no longer happy with the work done at that store. Iris gives them Jocelyn's address and phone number. Passing in front of the store they see the two owners working flat out and a sign in the window advertising for staff. Iris laughs when she sees the promised salary is about 30% more than what she was paid as they must be having trouble hiring people to replace the old staff.

They drop in to Henrik's store to find out the work is almost finished and he'll be ready to secure them in place if they drop by after school. John smiles and promises to do so. Henrik will need to fit them as the joints are permanent connections requiring special care.

Leaving the mall they go to Jocelyn's shop as it's just down the road. There they find two of Iris' old work mates busy in the shop already. When they stop to thank John for his help the owner comes over to thank him for freeing her new workers from bondage. With an evil grin John tells her about the old clients asking Iris for advice on where to go and suggests she has someone, preferably one of the new staff, stand near the old salon and hand out cards for her shop. They all smile and laugh at the idea. One of the new girls says, "Mrs Jones here is my last client today, get a box of business cards for me and I'll go do that for a couple of hours on my way home." Jocelyn nods and smiles as she reaches under the counter for the box of cards. They all have a laugh when Iris mentions the sign seeking staff in the window.

Jocelyn says, "They'll have a hard time getting staff as everyone at the college knows they treat people like dirt and underpay them. No new graduates will accept a job there and I doubt any experienced girls will either. The sad thing is they used to be such nice people until they got the money to set up on their own and got uppity."

John turns to her saying, "How would you feel about taking over their operation and having them work for you? You could appoint senior people you trust as managers and divide your time between the two stores or just expand one to handle more people."

"I'd get more clients if I had a bigger store and off street parking. Neither this store or the mall one are suitable for handling more and I don't want two locations as that's too difficult to manage well. But I would like to expand and it now looks like I may have to."

Iris is at the window looking out, she turns, saying, "Master, Jocelyn, what about that store." She's pointing across the road to a large auto parts store with off street parking for thirty cars and a 'Closing Down' sign in its window."

Jocelyn says, "That would be ideal and I've spoken to them. They only want to sell and not rent. I don't have enough to buy and set up."

John smiles and pulls out his mobile phone. Ringing home he asks to speak to Marcia, Stacey, and Carmen on the speaker phone - Gwen had one put in shortly after she moved in. When he has them on the phone he gives them the name and address of the shop, telling them to organise buying it and work out a suitable rent to charge. He also gives them Jocelyn's contact details to work out timing for fit out and moving in. A stunned but happy Jocelyn is staring at him as she nods. The girl who'll be handing out cards says she'll tell her old boss about Jocelyn's expansion and offer them jobs if that's OK with Jocelyn; she nods as she's still too stunned to speak. As John and company head home again they leave the store with a large group of happy workers.

After they get home John has enough time to check out the state of the new work before getting on the bus to go to school.

John's standing by the bus at the school when the bell goes and the students come out. A tidal wave of students heads towards the waiting buses and bus lines. Miss Quentin joins the group for John's house and blushes when he greets her with a kiss as Bernie joins them too. The girls have all gotten on and the adults are about to join them when they see an incident happening towards the back of the bus lines.

Today, for the first time a while, Vera Manning isn't going home with John and she's joined the end of the line for the bus to her home. Just in front of her three year eleven bully boys are picking on two year eight girls. They don't notice Vera arriving behind them. The supervising teacher is at the front of the line on the far end of the queues. Two of the boys have grabbed the girls from behind and their leader is sliding his hand inside the blouse of one girl when Vera grabs him by the hair and drags him backwards. His hand slides out as he starts to fall back while she steps forward. Swinging a perfect right cross she hits the boy holding that girl right in the right eye, he yells and lets go as he staggers back. Vera quickly shifts across and swings a perfect left cross that flashes by the other girl's ear to get the other bully in the left eye while she kicks back with one foot to kick their leader in the groin. All done in much less time than it takes to describe, all three boys are now on the ground holding very sore parts of their anatomy and Vera is standing over them.

A small group forms around them and the teacher comes over to investigate what's happening. As he looks at the boys on the ground, Vera says, "These clumsy oafs tripped over and smashed into each other causing them to hurt each other and fall. Nothing to worry about Mr Mathers." The teacher can see that's NOT what happened but he leaves it be as no one is contradicting her. He does separate the groups by moving Vera and the two girls to the front of the line.

Smiling, Bernie says, "Well, I see the holiday is still showing some good benefits. I must make sure that the story of that little fight gets around the school tomorrow. When the rest learn that those three bullies were put down by a younger girl they'll be the laughing stock of the school. And I can't think or a more deserving group to have that happen to." John and Rosa laugh as they get on the bus. Bernie makes a point of telling the girls all about what they saw and encourages them to tell everyone tonight or tomorrow. They all nod agreement.

At home John has everyone go inside to study, except Brooke, Rosa, Houston, Dallas, Rissa, and Wendy, while Stacey, Marcia, Paris, Nadia, Isobelle, Iris, Julie, and Carmen join them on the bus. They head for the mall, picking Nora up on the way. At the mall they stop at Victoria's Secret to get Rosa some clothes and a new outfit for Vera. Elise has Vera's sizes, so she soon has an outfit selected and ready. Rosa blushes her way through being measured and checking clothes but is happy with how the clothes make her look so sexy but she's not too sure it's her in the clothes. The girls compliment her on the new look. May joins the group and they head off to Henrik's.

As they enter the store Henrik and his two assistants smile. Henrik is ready and has things set up in one corner. May is first so he can get the gold one out of the way. All the girls smile and make comments on the necklace as it's held up and lightly secured to May's neck. But they're all surprised when he slips a leather apron type thing around her head and lifts up a small blow torch. In moments the joint is permanently secured and she's finished. He waits a moment for the metal to cool and touch tests it. As he removes the leather protector she walks towards the group. All could see her name in the design when it was first put on but when she is only about a metre from them they can see the message 'Property of John Smith' and gasp at its clear meaning and intent. As she turns around they can see the necklace is a permanent item and can't be removed. A few gulp as they wonder why they're there, especially Brooke.

John nods to May and she takes control, moving the girls forward in the order John had given her earlier; Wendy, Rissa, Stacey, Julie, Carmen, Houston, Dallas, Paris, Iris, Isobelle, Nadia, Marcia, and Nora. As each receives her silver slave necklace she returns to the group with a huge smile as she knows this means she's permanently his. May had quietly told them the cost and that they can't be removed without destroying them, so they recognise this as John's way of reassuring them about their future. There's only Brooke left and she's gulping as she doesn't want to be a slave but won't refuse him anything either.

John turns and looks at her, saying, "Brooke, please come forward and examine this necklace. I'd like you to wear if you'll accept it." He waves at the counter and she slowly walks over. She looks down at the diamond studded necklace and gulps. She can easily see her name but there's no mention of property or slave. She looks her enquiry at him and he very softly says so only she can hear, "It says nothing about being a slave as you aren't one. But I can't give you a diamond ring so this is the closest I can go." With a nod she lifts the necklace up and holds it around her neck while Henrik finishes the connections. A moment to tidy up and all are ready to leave.

They return to Victoria's Secret so May can show her necklace to her mother. Elise smiles and comments that being so open about being a slave may well bring them more customers with many specially asking to be served by May.

Note: This proves to be true when, as word of a slave blatantly showing her position spreads around the city, other doms make a point of travelling to this store to be served by staff who accept that people are slaves and others are mistresses or masters; so they come there to buy for themselves or their female slaves. Sales soon almost double through this special word of mouth advertising. Many also get a big kick out of having another's slave serve them or their slaves, so May gets a lot more special client bookings and commissions too.

As they walk through the mall everyone notices the beautiful necklaces they're wearing but few are able to make out the extra ownership information. The girls are very happy with their positions and their futures being made clear. Harry smiles when she sees them boarding the bus and they head home. When they enter and join those in the pool there's a lot of comments on the necklaces, especially Brooke's and May's. Quite a few oohs and ahhs when they learn that the difference is to show differences in rank.

John has Rosa stop in the lounge room while he undresses her. She's a bit embarrassed but is soon over it. She laughs when he slaps her rump and tells her to go swimming. It takes her another forty minutes to settle down to the behaviour of the girls and being fondled by her students but Bernie clarifies that for her and reiterates John's talk about the teacher staying outside.

John goes to have a word with Gwen when he sees Harry showing three men out. After they leave she takes John down to show him the armoury. The ceiling and existing walls are finished; they even have some benches and cupboards fitted to them. One side of the front wall is done with thirty small gun safes built in. Sitting in the middle of the room are some cases of equipment waiting for the work to finish so Harry can set them up. The safe like door frame is installed in the middle and the wall on the other side has twenty small gun safes and the large gun safe installed in it. All that's left is the brickwork above the gun safes on that side, the main door installed, and the wiring finished. He's very impressed with the design and the speed of work. Harry says, "Peter was surprised when he put the plans in as they approved them while he waited. He's never seen anything go so quick so he decided he better be just as quick. I plan to give him a ten percent bonus for early completion if you approve. I haven't mentioned it to him." John smiles and nods his as he looks over the facility as this is all good work.

John goes back to the pool after his talk with Gwen. Swimming up behind Rosa he reaches around to fondle her breasts, she sighs and leans back against him. Going to a 4M he slides it between her thighs and quietly says, "Here's a toy for you to play with." Feeling the dick between her thighs she reaches down and gulps upon noticing the full size of it. Slowly she moves forward as she lifts it towards her pussy. After rubbing it up and down a bit she sets it to enter her and slowly moves back so his dick slides into her. John says, "Good girl, you're learning." Once Rosa is happily impaled on his dick John starts a gentle thrusting action. She's soon moaning her way through an orgasm and he speeds up the action. Picking her up he moves her to the edge of the pool so she can lean on the side as her orgasms come more quickly. Twenty minutes later John slows down and withdraws from her. Turning her around he kisses her and lifts her out of the water. Tina and Wendy are standing there ready to dry her and help her walk to a bed. Letting his dick go limp John gets out of the water and grabs a towel to dry himself as he heads for the kitchen.

As he enters the lounge room he meets Gwen with Captain Miller. She's stunned to see him stand there naked while he casually dries himself with the towel. Trying not to smile at her discomfort, John says, "Good afternoon Captain, what brings you here?"

Stuttering at first she replies, "You said I should come and see you. It seems my entire life has collapsed since that day in court. Why did you do that to me?"

Taking her arm, he says, "Come upstairs where we can speak in private." A minute later he's sitting her down on a chair in his bedroom as he says, "I did nothing to you. You did it to yourself. You're so absolutely sure everything is cut and dried black and white with no grey areas that you're exceedingly arrogant when dealing with others who have a better understanding of the realities of life. You upset people very easily and fail to see you're doing it. You always assume everything has been done the same way as you do it and that it's always done that way. That isn't the case. Take Carmen's tapes, if you'd listened to them closely you would have realised they weren't tapes of an interview. But no, you only tape interviews so they had to be tapes of an interview with all the set procedures and warnings beforehand. You never checked, if you had, you'd have known. If you'd not upset so many people in the force they would've told you. Your arrogance isolates you from everyone else. Why are you so arrogant and gung ho?"

She sits there staring at him for a moment as she takes in what he's said. Most of it's still beyond her as she doesn't see herself that way. She shakes her head and stands to walk away when John says, "I have a good trauma counsellor here working with the girls about the attempted murders and kidnappings, why don't you talk to her for a while?" She nods and he opens the window to call for Hilda. She soon walks into the room and John introduces them. He explains to Hilda their history and what he just said before leaving them to talk.

He arrives at the stairs as Gwen is showing in Robert Black with his wife Lacey and daughter Karen. Smiling, he says, "Mamba, what brings you here?"

Smiling, Mamba says, "An offer you made to Karen, two actually. One, how can you afford to put my daughter through university? And two, Karen thinks I'll enjoy watching you fuck Lacey. It can't be any worse than watching her with her many girlfriends so I thought I'd give it a try. Care to show me why she thinks it's worth while?"

Just then Erin and Rose walk in. Erin smiles and says, "Hi Doctor Black, come to join the orgy?" He smiles as he knows her from last year when she broke her arm at sport and he treated her.

John grins and says, "Erin, please find Peta and Tina and have them join us upstairs in my room. Mamba, bring your ladies and follow me, please. As to paying for Karen's university, I'm a multi-millionaire now so why not help out some good friends. Especially when Karen's helped me so much." As he enters the hall he notices the door to his room is now open and the door to room four is now shut. They were the other way round a moment ago when he shut his door behind him as he left to go downstairs. A quick look shows Hilda and Captain Miller have left his room so he leads the group in.

Helping a Friend

Smiling, he tells them to get undressed. Lacey is a bit shy about undressing in front of John and Karen is a bit shy about undressing in front of her father but they do strip. Erin, Tina, and Peta soon join them. Both Lacey and Bob eye the girls as they're wearing the house dress of nothing and are all well worth looking at. Karen giggles as both her parents are directing similar looks at the same girls. John directs Lacey to lie down on the bed and for Tina to warm her up as Peta deep throats Bob to warm him up while John moves Karen to the bed. John lays Karen down on the bed at right angles to Lacey and where her father can watch. He smiles when he sees both parents watching Karen as John lowers his face to her groin. She smiles as John clamps his mouth over her pussy and his tongue moves between her labia. Her grin widens as his tongue extends along her vagina to tickle her g-spot. In a minute she's moaning and screaming her way through an orgasm. John holds her groin as her hips buck up and down. He sucks harder to set her off again then hears Mamba moan and say, "Shit, I'm coming. What a sight." It's clear watching Karen come has set him off and he's soon followed by the sounds of Lacey's orgasm. After giving Karen four orgasms on top of each other John retracts his tongue and lifts his face from her. Looking around he can see smiles on both parents. Standing up he goes to a 3M dick and starts to slide into her and Mamba says, "I see the reconstruction was well done."

John nods and replies, "Also my balls still work so I can get someone pregnant too." Mamba's eyes flick to Lacey and his eyebrows rise in an appeal. John angles his head slightly in a question to which Mamba nods at his wife again and mouths the word 'Please.'

This takes but a moment as John slides his dick into Karen. She wraps her legs around his hips and is actively responding to his thrusts. Instead of lying down on the bed over her he reaches down to her hips and lift her hips up off the bed. He holds her up as he thrust in and out while standing beside the bed and giving everyone else a good view of the action. She's still on a hair trigger from his oral work and is soon coming again and again. After several minutes of this he slows down and half pulls out before coming in her. As he withdraws all can see his sperm in the entrance of her vagina. He lays her on the bed as a smiling Erin moves over to eat her out. In the last few days he's found out she likes cream pies and asked for her as he intends to give her a couple to eat. Walking around the bed he changes to a 3.5MP. Both Lacey and Mamba give him an odd look, he says, "Easier penetration of the cervix with less discomfit to the girl. Coming in the womb increases the chances of pregnancy." Mamba smiles and nods as John taps Tina on the shoulder and waves Bob to go behind Erin. Tina stands and helps Peta move Bob behind Erin before leading Peta to the bed. As Peta and Tina climb onto the bed for a sixty-nine a smiling Mamba enters Erin from behind as John moves Lacey's legs apart again and aims towards her pussy. Erin lets out a small moan as Bob enters her. Lacey is giving John a hard glare as he steps between her legs and places his dick at the entrance to her vagina. She's trying as hard as she can to close her legs and stop him but she can't and she's too tired from her numerous orgasms with Tina to crawl away from him. Slowly, oh ever so slowly, he starts to slide his dick into Lacey. She likes the feel of it but he's going so slowly it's a tantalising touch. He takes two minutes to slide all the way in and push his dick head through her cervix. With their groins now touching he reaches down and lifts her off the bed slightly so he can move further onto the bed. Laying her down his body follows hers down as he moves over her and rubs his chest against her breasts. He sets himself in balance over her on both knees and one hand to quietly ask, "What's the matter between you and Mamba?"

She looks at him for a moment and darts a glance at her husband thrusting in and out of Erin as he watches all the players on the bed. Softly, she says, "About seven years ago he got hurt when a patient went berserk in the Emergency Room. Since then he's been sterile and it's hard for him to get it up or keep it up. When he does he tries hard to see I enjoy the encounter but he just can't manage it enough to keep me satisfied. With his approval I started having fun with some other girls for my pleasure but it's not the same and I'm constantly with the girls now. I just wish he could fuck me a lot more. On top of that we both want more children. He's always been against me having sex with other men but it's clear he wants you to get me pregnant. Why, I don't know but I do so want more children and I won't be able to soon. I think he's approved you to get me pregnant because he loves me and would rather I had a child by someone he respects than just anyone and he respects you a lot. I found that's why he let Karen have sex with you. I don't really want to have sex with another man but I do want a child and this is what Bob wants. So please help us and get me pregnant." He nods his agreement as he starts to thrust in and out. She's soon having her first orgasm with him in her. On her third he thrusts a bit harder and comes in her womb. She feels him coming in her and smiles. Her eyes go wider when he comes a second and third time. Still stiff he starts to thrust in and out again and she's soon having more orgasms of her own. Withdrawing he comes again at the entrance to her vagina and steps back. All the other players are now sitting down having a break. Seeing him withdraw and the sperm in Lacey's pussy, Erin moves in to eat her.

Lifting Karen up John carries her to the en suite and asks Bob to grab some towels from the cupboard. Tina and Peta follow them into the en suite. He starts the water running and sits in the bath. Mamba walks in with several towels and he absent-mindedly places them on the vanity as he watches John slowly lower his grinning daughter onto his dick. With her in place John lays her back as he thinks, 'dickman slom 2M, 3M, 10R, 300S.' He picks up the soap and starts to wash her breasts as the auto fuck brings her to her first orgasm in the bath. While washing her all over, John says, "Mamba, you do realise my dick isn't real, don't you?" He nods. "Good, because it's made out of memory plastic and the people at Preston who made it also have a treatment for penile dysfunction based on it. They insert some strips of memory plastic inside a man's dick and a control unit sends it a signal to realign the molecules. In one position the molecules are bunched and the dick is flaccid, in the other they line up and the dick is stiff; regardless of any other wishes of the man. This process works as a friend of mine has some male sex slaves who've been surgically castrated and had these inserted. Their dicks go up and down at the flick of a switch and stay up until the next flick of a switch. I can arrange to have you treated with this if you want."

Smiling and gulping, Mamba responds, "This must be a brand new treatment or I'd have heard of it. I'll need to check out the full details before agreeing but if all checks out I'd love such a treatment."

John smiles and says, "No worries old friend, no worries. The process is extremely new, in fact the few current cases have been the slave test subjects. The paperwork hasn't even been approved by the Health Department yet. I'll arrange for Doctor Mary Jones to talk to you about it and for you to examine the recipients if you want." He nods. "That should help you and Lacey in that area and if she's anywhere near her fertile time without any protection I should have just helped in the other area." During this discussion Tina had climbed into the bath and started to help wash Karen. She's now fully washed and leaning on him. Lifting her off him he holds her up for Mamba to dry her. Smiling, he wraps a towel around his daughter and starts to dry her. "Also the inserts can be set to do a little mild rearrangement to make the dick shorten and lengthen slightly to make it feel like a short mini-fuck while you're not moving. This is a new capability that's being added. None yet fitted, would you want that?"

He thinks and says, "Again, I'd want to check it out, but yes; if it works."

John directs Bob to take Karen to the bed and to help Erin bring Lacey in while he washes Tina with Peta's help. About thirty minutes later John has washed Tina, Peta, and Erin; giving each a nice five minute auto fuck in the process. Getting out of the bath he directs Bob to sit down and helps Lacey in to sit on him as Bob washes Lacey. Both smile as they take to washing each other. Since all but Erin are now lying down on his bed he takes Erin through to have a nap as well. Leaving the happy couple to their play in the bath.

Back downstairs he talks to Gwen about having dinner a bit later than usual so those upstairs can have a nice nap. She smiles and nods before heading off to speak with Belinda and Melody. In the pool John is swimming about chatting at random when Nadia swims up.

Softly, she says, "Master, may I take on some outside employment while I'm being trained as a security guard, driver, child carer, and first aid, and continue it afterwards? Looking at what May does for a living makes me think I might like to do that too." He smiles and nods. She gives him a big hug and goes off to speak to May about the possibility of part-time work while she does these other studies. John watches her go and smiles at her happy enthusiasm. As he does so he wonders how controlling her previous mistress was. He watches May and Nadia talk and grins when it's clear May is making sure she understands her place and other requirements. May is really taking to her role as senior slave and keeping the others in line without being too controlling, just as he thought she would. Also being the top slave and acting for him has cemented her role in his life within her mind as being a very long term role. He moves over to talk to Mary about Mamba's health issue. The work contingent had arrived home while he was upstairs having fun.

A short while later May swims over and tells John she'll be taking Nadia with her to work with her except when she has other training classes on. He smiles and nods his agreement. About forty-five minutes later Gwen announces dinner will be in ten minutes then goes upstairs to alert people in the rooms. Everyone enjoys the buffet style dinner of mixed Indian and Chinese dishes. Mamba and Lacey are surprised to see the dishes are small bread loaves but grin when they find out how easy they make the cleaning up. John thinks the trenchers will soon be one of the baker's biggest selling items as everyone who sees them and tries them loves them.

After dinner when all the other non-residents leave to go home John arranges for Mary and Mamba to visit Barbara to examine her slaves' dick implants and watch them at work, much to the pleasure of their mistresses and Alice. When they return they find everyone in the lounge room doing work of some sort. Homework due tomorrow had been done earlier and those at school are now working on homework due on later dates. All the other adults are working on various items of paperwork related to their activities: Belinda and Melody are working out a shopping list for tomorrow; Gwen is going over brochures on washing machines with Beth, these are the final group that passed Belinda's checks; John, Stacey, and Carmen are working on his office paperwork; while Steve, Harry, and Fred are going over the security training paperwork . Everyone is busily employed doing something.

Evening Activities

With the return of Mamba and Mary John soon finishes up what he's doing and takes Carmen to make hot chocolate for everyone while Stacey files the papers they were working on. As the hot drinks comes out for distribution everyone else packs up what they're doing. After a nice chat session while drinking hot chocolate and eating just cooked biscuits some people retire to their rooms for a bit of privacy. Some go back to swimming and John leads Lacey, Mamba, Liz, Mary, Dallas, and Houston up to his room.

Once in the room, John says, "Mamba, I want you to lie on one side of the bed and do exactly as you're told." Gulping, he nods as he lies on the side nearest the front of the house. "Dallas, Houston, there's a Preston dick clamp in the top drawer of the cabinet beside the bed. I want you to get Mamba up and apply it. Then you have to fuck him without letting him come until I'm finished with the other ladies. He's not to move from his current position and he has to do what you tell him to. Understand?" With huge grins both girls smile as they walk around the bed to get started. "Mamba, I'm sure you, like every other male alive, has fantasised about having a pair of identical twins work them over sexually; well, now it's about to come true for you. But they get to control the action. Oh, I hope your tongue is up to the work as these two are insatiable. Have fun." Mamba is lying there looking scared and happy at the same time, happy about what's about to happen and scared about what the girls are going to make him do and if he's up to doing it all.

As John directs Lacey, Liz, and Mary to lean on the other side of the bed with their legs spread wide Dallas is sucking on Mamba's dick to make sure he's well up before putting the dick clamp on and Houston is holding her labia apart as she lowers herself his face. A moment later John is on his knees with his extended tongue bringing Lacey to an orgasm as Dallas is placing the dick clamp control on the table prior to mounting Mamba's stiff dick. Trying a new technique John switches to his internal air as he moves a bit back from Lacey's pussy. His tongue is still well up her vagina, further up than she's ever had a tongue before, and tickling her g-spot while his left hand is playing with her clit and feeding a very low trickle charge through it as his right hand is fondling her breast. With his face a bit further back he tips his head back and moves up until his nose starts to slide between the cheeks of Lacey's arse and his nose gently forces her rosebud open as it slides in a little. She jumps slightly and squeaks as his nose enters her but he has a good hold on her body and she can't move much. This simultaneous stimulation of all her major erogenous zones at once quickly sends her into a screaming orgasm and is quickly followed by two more before he lets up on her. Because of everyone's sight angles no one knows what he did as they can't see his face. Smiling, John moves from Lacey to repeat the trick on Liz and Mary, to send them both into orbit with some screaming orgasms. Backing away from Mary he stands up and starts fucking them.

Going to a 4MP he switches to external breathing while he slides into Lacey from behind and starts to fuck her while playing with her clit and her breasts. Fast and furious he fucks her hard. When she starts her first orgasm he feeds a trickle charge through both hands and sends her into a screaming orbit. She has a series of continuous orgasms for several minutes before he stops with his dick fully embedded and comes in her twice, filling her womb to overflowing. He slowly lowers her to the bed as he withdraws and comes again near her vaginal entrance. Gently he rolls her onto her back and slips a pillow under her hips. He moves to Liz and repeats the procedure for a similar response, the only difference being she starts off into orbit earlier. He also rolls her onto the bed with a pillow under her hips. He switches to a 6XXP when he moves to Mary, to her great pleasure. She takes off like a Saturn V rocket with his initial entry, talk about being on a short fuse; hearing the others had her extremely primed for her turn. After rolling her onto the bed he has the three of them lying there with cream pies at the ready.

All through this John has been listening to Dallas and Houston having numerous orgasms too. As he withdraws from Mary, Dallas climbs off Mamba's face and grabs the dick clamp control. Holding it near his groin she waits until Houston is starting down again and releases it. Houston is vigorously humping up and down on Mamba's dick with her eyes closed as she comes so the sudden release of the clamp immediately followed by Mamba coming in her catches her totally by surprise and sends her off into orbit with a long orgasm. When they both settle down she collapses onto his chest gasping for air. John sends Dallas for Sera, Beth, and Tina as he rolls Houston off Mamba and shifts him more into the centre of the bed so he can put Lacey's head onto Mamba's shoulder. He places Houston in the bed beside Mamba. He stands just as the four girls enter the room, seeing the cream pies the three new arrivals jostle for position as they head for the bed. All are laughing as they settle down for a snack each. John tells them to make sure they're all covered when they leave.

With an arm around Dallas John leaves the room and heads downstairs for the bedding roster. Dallas is due in bed with Tina and Sera while he's down to sleep with Wendy and Rissa. His assignment is in room 3 with a note 'When finished with guests in room 1.'

He sends Dallas off to her assigned bed and heads for his. Both girls are asleep, so he climbs into bed and cuddles up. He's goes to sleep. It's another twenty minutes before Sera, Beth, and Tina pull the covers up on John's bed and head for their own beds for the night. Shortly after that the house is quiet except for the gentle sounds of sleep with the occasional snore.

Day 28 - Thursday

John wakes up just after five in the morning and pulls Wendy to him. He kisses her as she wakes up. Slipping off the bed he pulls her after him and off the bed, turning her around he leans her on the bed and gets on his knees between her thighs. Smiling widely she spreads them wide and rests her head on a pillow. John extends his tongue and slides it into her vagina to lick its sides until he finds her g-spot. He uses one hand to play with her clit while the other plays with her breasts, feeding a low trickle charge through her clit and nipple so she soon starts to moan in response. He moves back slightly and switches to stored air as he slides his nose into her arse. Feeling him in her arse as well as her pussy causes Wendy to lift her head up and moan, saying, "Oh fuck yeah." The movement and noise wake Rissa so she rolls over and slides across the bed to see what John's doing. Once she gets a good eye full she giggles and moves to kiss Wendy while playing with the free breast. In a moment Wendy's moaning her way through several orgasms. John stops working on her to stands and switch to a 4MP. He slowly slides his dick into her while he continues to play with her clit and nipples. Wendy shivers, grunts, and moans her way through several more orgasms while John fucks her. Stopping with his dick head in her womb he fills her with sperm as he thinks, 'If she doesn't turn up pregnant soon she's in big trouble.' John withdraws and lowers a tired Wendy to the bed as Rissa slides off the bed and takes up the same position. John gives her the same treatment. Just after 5.30 am John checks they're both comfortable and goes to start the bath water running.

Entering his bedroom he goes over to the bed and wakes the ladies by kissing them and fondling their breasts. Lacey wakes Mamba by kissing him. John has them get their baths first and then starts the bathing cycle with Liz and Mary. It's not that long before Brooke turns up with the rest for their baths. As John starts to wash Belinda Gwen takes Lacey aside and talks to her, she gives a wicked grin as they walk off together. A little later John learns Lacey has gone to collect the papers today, dressed au natural naturally.

After everyone is bathed John catches up with them at breakfast. Shortly after she leaves the table Mary is back with some packages for Wendy, Rissa, Liz, Mary, Janice, Paris, Carmen, and herself. They open them without John seeing what they are. They all quickly leave the room. A few minutes later they're all back and sit down as they place odd strips beside them. Mary examines them all before announcing all but Paris are pregnant and Paris is likely to be pregnant. She promises to make arrangements for proper testing this afternoon. There's much rejoicing around the table.

After breakfast John puts on his tracksuit to check on the work going on outside. It's going very well and is ahead of schedule so they should be finished in a month or so, as planned. Back inside and off to school. Followed by the school arrival kissing procedure, with so many to kiss they arrive earlier now to fit them all in before first bell. Back at home he finds Mrs Delling has called in to see Carmen and is happy to hear she's going to be a grandmother. John finds her in the kitchen with Carmen and Gwen chatting away like old friends with the odd comment from Melody and Belinda thrown in too.

John has Fred drive him into town to call at Police Headquarters. When they're ready to leave he finds Captain Miller is waiting for a lift in. He hadn't seen her since she left to talk with Hilda so he thought she went home but it appears she stayed the night. They take the mini-bus to town. In the Police Headquarters car park, John now has a pass to allow him to park here all the time, Captain Miller leaves them and John goes to the SCIT offices. They'd asked him to come in and review some more files. Fred goes off to do some private shopping as John will be a couple of hours doing police work.

Nearly two hours later John has finished going through the files on six cases and given them some avenues for investigation when he leaves the SCIT offices and heads for Commissioner Henry's office. He arrives there just as Henry and Shauna are leaving for lunch together. John smiles and joins them for the trip to the front door while having a pleasant chat with Shauna. She's very happy as her father is now seeing her on a daily basis for lunch as a trusted friend brings her in for lunch and he's calling by most evening too. It appears he's really taken on board John's comments about not treating Shauna as an embarrassment. John calls Fred and they meet back at the mini-bus before going to lunch at the mall.

Note: It's worth noting when the mayor retires a year later, Henry is asked to run for the mayor's office. Those asking mention that a major factor in their asking was his free acceptance and association with Shauna; they felt anyone who was confident enough to be as free in public with her as he was would be a good candidate. He refuses as it'd take too much time away from his family, but promises to reconsider in a few years when his family situation is more settled. The extra contact helps improve Shauna's confidence too.

Lunch Games

While sitting down having lunch John overhears two young women sitting nearby discussing what they'll wear to job interviews tomorrow. There are five people applying for two jobs and both are being interviewed, they know the main deciding factor will be how well they present tomorrow as the job involves a lot of public relations and presentation. They're talking about what they can afford to buy to wear and enhance their chances. When they've finished lunch and stand up to leave he walks over to them, saying, "Excuse me, but I overhead you want to buy some really nice clothes and can't afford to spend much. If you'll come with me to a nice clothes shop and let me choose the clothes and check the fit while you try them on I'll pay for a whole new outfit for you. OK?"

They both look at him suspiciously and one is about to speak when one of the mall security staff on lunch break walks over and says, "Hello Nat, Bonnie. If John here is annoying you, make sure he pays for it by having him take you to Victoria's Secret." They both look at their friend and then glance at John again. It's clear their old friend thinks highly of John and the depth of his pocket book.

John says, "That's where I'm headed if I can talk them into doing the modelling for me. Want to join in too?" The three of them nod.

When they arrive at Victoria's Secret Nat and Bonnie are surprised at how well they're received by the staff. They get a bit of a shock to see May and Nadia with necklaces declaring they belong to someone. They get a bigger shock when Elise gives him a kiss and says, "I'd guess you want a private show room." He nods, "OK, room two is free and you can have your two slaves serve you." Smiling, May and Nadia lead them into room two. John explains they're there to get measurements before going to get a selection of clothes. They soon have a blushing Nat nude in front of John and Fred while she tries on underwear, followed by a top of the line dress. Bonnie and Lola, the security guard, are soon stripping to try on their new outfits. While this is going on Elise comes in and says, "John, you'll be happy to know Mother Mary is very happy with that eighty thousand dollar donation you organised for her and she's putting it to very good use. You're now in the daily prayers of all there; the staff's morning prayers and the children's evening prayers. Also Mother Mary nearly wet her pants when she found out how you raised the money, she and the two other sisters with her were all but rolling around the floor laughing. They think you're terribly wicked and love you for it too. I expect the story was all over the orphanage within five minutes of my leaving." John and Fred laugh at the news.

The show had gone on during their short talk and all three ladies are soon dressed in lovely outfits. John pays for them and escorts the ladies out. Nat and Bonnie are surprised when he just gives them a quick kiss on the cheek and wishes them good luck at their interviews. A bit stunned the two ladies head off in one direction while John and Fred go the other as they half expected to pay for the clothes on their back immediately after purchase and being sent on their way is a bit of a surprise. Lola goes with them to reassure them that it's John's way and no reflection on them.

They stop to do the shopping Gwen gave them the lists for and head home. After unloading the shopping and taking it into the kitchen John goes downstairs to check how the armoury is going. He finds the construction is finished and the work crew are helping Harry put up the benches and equipment. John's impressed with the quality and speed of their work. The only thing left is to shift the gun safe in John's room to Saul's house for Steve and Harry to use there. They'll do that shortly. While they work Steve is checking the invoice with Marcia. She writes him a check and hands it to him to hand over when the safe is where he wants it in Saul's house. John compliments them all on a good job and heads back upstairs. He spends some time talking with Melody, Beth, Belinda, and Gwen while they all have a snack and drinks before going off to school with Fred.

At school they pick up the usual crowd and return home after a quick stop at the doctor Mary organised to do the tests, all are quickly checked and tested. The results will be passed on to Mary later. During the trip home all the girls with necklaces speak on the envious comments they got from other girls at school, some were envious about the necklace itself but most about what they mean. Brooke got the most comments as hers is a diamond necklace. At home the girls quickly settle down and do their homework while the cleaning crew visit to clean the pool. Once finished the boys settle down and work on their homework with some of the girls while the adult neighbours take a swim. About an hour later the girls all finish their homework and pack up before getting ready to swim.

Wendy asks John to take her to visit her mother to tell her about being pregnant. They arrive there to find Mrs Ruiz has a new boyfriend again. While Wendy and her mother chat in the kitchen John sits in the lounge room with the boyfriend making incidental small talk. After a thirty minute visit they leave to go home. On the drive Wendy is crying and when John pushes her for a reason, she says, "She's very angry I'm pregnant. I expected her to be happy like Carmen's mother is. Oh John, why can't she be happy for me?"

Cuddling her too him, he says, "I don't know, but I'd guess she half expects me to kick you out for getting pregnant and then she'll have to raise you both. I bet you didn't tell her the significance of the necklace, did you? Or that I'm rich?"

She says, "She knows you're rich and asked me to get some money from you for her. I refused and told her to ask you direct. I didn't think to mention all that they necklace represents as she saw it and said it served me right for running off. It's so unfair. Roddy wanted to use me as a possession and a commodity to be sold for his profit. But you take me as a possession like a rare object d'art to be looked after, treasured, and cared for. And she can't see the difference, yet she would've let Roddy use me as a prostitute. I don't want to see her any more, not unless she changes her attitude."

John holds her close and says, "You'll need to write that out and send it to her. But leave it until next week and take some time to think it over carefully. I'd suggest you just make minimal visits for now and see how she behaves after the child is born." Wendy nods in agreement.

When they get back John takes Wendy to speak to Hilda and the two vanish into a bedroom for some privacy as John heads for the pool.

Training Time

Diving in the pool he's surprised to find Miller there again. She's talking to Brooke and Brooke is shaking her head. Seeing John she turns Miller around and pushes her towards him. He swims over and Miller says, "Hilda says I should go with you for a visit to the play room and I should ask to be Lee's assistant in this. Brooke is saying no and won't explain this in detail. What should I do?"

John says, "I think what Hilda is leading up to is you've a very abrasive and pushy character and she wants to put you in a place where those aspects can be worn down. I don't know what she really said but I bet you heard assistant when that's not what she said and what would happen. The playroom is a BDSM chamber with all manner of torture devices, no major physical damage is done there but there is some whipping etc. It's mostly bondage for the slaves. Hilda was saying you should be there as the sex slave of a teenage boy. I think she believes such a situation would force you to rethink a lot of your attitudes and understandings of life. Imagine having a timid school boy ordering you about and making you perform sex acts for others, that should shake you up a lot." Miller's eyes go wide and she shakes her head no as she backs up. She backs into Brooke who just puts her arms around her and holds her. John reaches forward under the water and grabs Miller's thighs to lift them up and spread them apart as he moves between her legs, "I don't think we need to go for a visit to give you a taste of being a sex slave. Just spread your legs wide and beg me to fuck you."

He goes to a 4M dick asMiller opens her mouth and closes it again as Brooke fondles her breasts. She opens her mouth to speak again while unsuccessfully trying to force her legs closed and makes the mistake of looking down. In the water she can see John's huge stiff dick moving towards her pussy. Surprised at the size she closes her mouth again, only to gulp and softly say, "Fuck me." Her soft voice and tone make it unclear if she's swearing or making a request.

John smiles and says, "That's my intention." She looks into his face and stops fighting just as his dick rubs against her pussy and clit. With a small moan she relaxes into Brooke's grip as John's dick head slides through her labia and into her vagina. He lifts her legs up and to the side as he slides further into her love tunnel. "Today you're my sex slave totally at my control and Brooke's control. You'll do everything we tell you to do regardless of if you want to or not." Reluctantly Miller nods. When John's dick nudges against her cervix he changes to a 4MP and continues to push in. Her eyes go wide as she feels him entering her cervix. Smiling, he switches to a 3.5MP while still moving forward and her mouth opens in surprise as his dick both pulls out and enters her at the same time. Their groins meet and he stops. Letting go of her legs he moves his hands up her sides and takes her weight with his hands under her shoulder blades. He starts to thrust in and out as Brooke lets her go and moves away. A few minutes later he's thrusting hard and fast as Brooke returns with Lee, Theo, Dallas, Houston, Paris, Sera, and Barry. Miller has had a few orgasms before John stops with his dick fully embedded in her. He says, "One day, if you ask nicely, I'll stop with my dick where it is now and come in you to get you pregnant. But not today." Pulling out, he says, "Brooke, look after this slave as I do other things." Miller gives him a shocked look as Brooke reaches over to take her wrist and lead her to the side of the pool. She hadn't believed him about the slave treatment, not until now.

Placing Miller's head between Lee's thighs, Brooke says, "Suck him off." She starts to object, only to have two pairs of hands push her head down on his dick. Another hand slides along her jaw and forces her mouth open so his dick can slide in. Reluctantly she resigns herself to her fate and opens her mouth. Brooke instructs her on how to suck his dick. She does as told and he's soon coming in her mouth. When she tries to pull off she can't move her head back and Brooke says, "Swallow as you continue to suck, slave." Shocked, she gulps it down as she keeps sucking. After he's finished coming her head is held down for another minute or so before being drawn off his dick. Brooke moves her to between Sera's thighs. She's never been with another female and starts to fight. Her arms are grabbed and her head roughly pushed down as Brooke says, "You're a slave. Surrender total control and you'll enjoy this. Fight and you'll get hurt and hate it. Now behave and do as you're told slave." Miller starts to cry as she relaxes and moves towards Sera's pussy. Sera opens wide and tells her what to do. A few minutes later as Sera nears her first orgasm Brooke is now instructing Miller on pussy eating when Barry follows Brooke's hand signals to start playing with Miller's arse. She likes having her arse played with and starts to enjoy it until Brooke holds her cheeks apart and she can feel him slipping a finger into her arse hole. She starts to pull her head back, only to have it pushed down and Brooke say, "Relax and obey." Gulping, she ceases fighting again. She feels something slippery being pushed into her arse as Barry squeezes some lubricant in. A moment later she starts to stiffen again as she feels what's clearly a dick being pushed into her arse hole. A hand curls around the back of her neck somehow she just knows it's Brooke's and she's waiting to chastise her again for not relaxing and doing as told. She tries to relax and go back to eating Sera's pussy. She soon feels the groin of the man fucking her bump against her arse cheeks and is followed by the sensation of him fucking her arse while he plays with her clit. Barry is fucking her in the arse when she comes, surprising her that she can enjoy this. Her head is lifted up and Sera moves away to be replaced by Paris. Knowing what's wanted she eats pussy. Time seems to both compress and stand still as Barry fucks her in the arse and the pussies in her face are changed as Dallas and Houston replace Paris. Brooke lifts her head up and Barry stops with his dick still embedded in her arse.

They move her right up beside the edge of the pool and turn her ninety degrees. Theo sits on the edge and her head is turned sideways and pushed down to suck on his dick as Lee moves in front of her and slides his dick into her cunt. When all three are deep into her Brooke starts a chant of, "In, out, in, out." In time with her chant all three dicks are shoved in and pulled out. Some minutes later Theo comes in her mouth and she swallows it all. Brooke has them pull out and Miller is moved to the grass area. As she leads Miller to a clear area Brooke calls the neighbours over. Mrs Lincoln runs over and lays down with her legs spread. One light push and Miller is down eating pussy. A moment later Mr Bellingham is fucking her from behind. Another timeless period of pussies for her mouth as a series of dicks fuck her cunt and arse. This time the dicks all come in her. She seems to get lost in a swirl of cunt, dick, and lust as she has many orgasms of her own during this time.

Some time later she becomes aware she has no pussy to eat and no dick in her. Rocking back onto her knees she looks around to see she's alone in the pool area. Looking down she can see large pools of sperm below her crotch as more leaks out of her cunt and down her legs. Remembering the arse fucks she reaches round and finds out her arse is also leaking sperm. She slowly stands and makes her way to a shower at the side of the house. The shower head is on a hose and removable so she uses it to clean out her cunt and arse. Once clean she feels a lot better. Using a towel from a nearby pile she dries herself and wraps it around her body as she goes to find out what happened to everyone.

Walking into the dining room Miller finds everyone sitting down and eating as they're in the middle of a meal. There's one vacant chair and she heads for that. She stops when Brooke says, "Before you can eat slave you have to give every male at the table a blow job, finishing with Uncle John. Start sucking."

She turns and stares at Brooke for a moment as she opens her mouth to yell abuse at her but is shocked to hear herself meekly say, "Yes mistress," as she drops to her knees and crawls under the table. In a moment she has a mouth full of dick. As one comes in her mouth she moves on to the next. Eight blow jobs later she crawls out from under the table and is directed to a chair. Gwen brings her a trencher full of hot stew. She digs in and starts to eat.

While she eats, John says, "Do you still see the world in black and white Captain?" She looks up and gives him an odd stare. He says, "Did you ask to be fucked senseless and used as a fuck toy?" She shakes her head no. "Did you want that to happen?" Another shake. "Do you feel you were raped?" She takes her time in answering this as she thinks how she could have fought harder or screamed but didn't. Finally she shakes her head again. "So, you can now see some grey, can't you? If it was all white that would only have happened if you'd specifically asked for it. Since you didn't ask for it the black image says it was rape, yet it was neither, was it?"

She looks up and stares at him for a moment as she thinks. She looks at her dinner while she eats a bit more. She can sense the whole table waiting for her answer. She says, "No, I didn't ask for that to happen. At first I hated it. But it wasn't rape as I didn't exactly fight it. I don't know why. I didn't want to do any of that but I didn't want to fight you either. And then, after we got really started, I was enjoying it and didn't want it to end. I don't understand any of that and want to speak with Hilda again. But I begin to see what you were saying before about there being grey areas between the black and white."

John smiles and says, "Good. Now you're starting to grow up and mature. Being able to see, recognise, and properly evaluate the grey areas is one of the harder to grasp principles of maturity. To give you an example of what I mean. Stealing money from someone is wrong, isn't it?" She nods. "My family was murdered and I was killed so someone else could make some money. Do you think I deserve some compensation?" Again she nods. "Yet the government doesn't pay out any compensation for that and getting any from the criminal involved is virtually impossible. But I did get some compensation, both cash and emotional. Do you think I was entitled to do so?" She nods again. "Yet all my compensation is unlawful. Should I be charged and go to prison for getting it? Would that be fair?"

She looks up and says, "No, it wouldn't be fair. And although I think all law breakers should go to prison I don't think that would be right in your case. What did you do?"

He smiles, "When I captured an ex friend who killed my family he had control of large sums of money from unlawful gambling and criminal activities. I had the money transferred to an account I control and have since used some of it to give to charity and help people. I'll continue to do that and also keep some for my family and myself. I'm talking about many millions of dollars. Also there's no evidence acceptable to the court he organised their murders but the evidence is overwhelming, he even confessed to me about it. The man concerned, I brainwashed him and gave him to a dominatrix I know as a sex slave. He now wears a French Maid's outfit and cleans her house when he's not eating her pussy or fucking her or lying there screaming as she whips him. None of that's lawful but I think it's justice for what he did. What do you think Captain?"

She looks up and stares as she realises he's telling her the truth, a truth that can put him in prison. She thinks and says, "I think I now begin to really see what you were getting at before. You see justice as being higher than the law as the law can be deficit. So when the law fails to adequately deal with the situation you think it should be pushed aside in that case. I've always seen the law as being sacrosanct and set in stone. Yet the facts of life mean there are times it should be more malleable. Yesterday morning I could never have accepted that point of view but now I begin to see what you're saying and will have to think on it some more. About your situation, I object to you breaking the law but can see how you did it to counter balance an even worse breach of the law. I'll have to think on this some more too." She goes back to her dinner while she thinks. She has a lot to think about as she recognises she was all but raped and loved it. After dinner she sits down with Hilda for another very long talk. Later she accepts she'd had a warped view of life and needs to adjust. She decides to take all her accumulated leave and spend a lot more time with John to learn more about how to look at life better. She also decides to talk to Steve about some work during her leave as one of John's security staff working for Steve as he's acknowledged by the whole department as the best street cop the force ever had.

That night John asks Brooke to roster Wendy with him as she needs to be comforted. When it's time for bed he finds Wendy in the middle of his bed with Brooke on the other side. Smiling, he climbs into bed and snuggles up to Wendy. They both cuddle her and make her feel loved as they go to sleep.

Day 29 - Friday

Waking up at 5.30 John continues to lay there cuddling Wendy as she slowly wakes up, followed by Brooke. A few minutes before 6.00 they stand at the window and watch as Marcia gets the papers. When James arrives the building workers who were busy getting set for the day stop and make themselves comfortable. Marcia strides out and gets the papers, nodding at the men like a queen acknowledging her court. As she's walking back to the house and the men are now buying their papers, one of the men walks up and speaks to her, she laughs and bows to a group of men standing around the driveway. John and Brooke start the baths and when it's Marcia's turn she tells them, "One of the building workers said my mode of dress qualifies for the top ten best dressed women of the city." They all laugh.

This morning the workers head off in two cars with Liz, Mary, and Janice in one while May, Nadia, and Nora take another. A little later the school group head off but without Carly. John goes with them on the bus for the morning kissing routine which now includes most of the girls from the party as well as Bernie and Rosa. He sends a note to school about Carly being late due to having to visit the Child Welfare. Then back home and off in the mini-bus with Fred driving.

John takes Carmen, Paris, Iris, Marcia, and Isobelle as well as Carly when they go for their appointment with the child welfare supervisor. They've had time to look into Carly's circumstances since he rang to report her being with him.

At the CWS office they're met by the same woman who helped with Wendy. She's surprised to see such a large group and smiles on reading the necklaces. They go into a conference room and she completes the forms before talking to everyone about how well Carly is fitting in at the Smith residence. She then takes Carly to another room and speaks to her at length about why she left home and how she finds John's unusual lifestyle. From there it's a short trip over to see the judge and get a court order placing Carly in the care of John and Gwen with supervision by the CWS. Carly's very happy with the outcome. After dropping the CWS woman back at her office they drop Carly at school with a copy of the court order and the details of her old school then off to do some shopping.

They go back to the shop they bought the new beds at and place an order for another sixteen of the king plus single bunk beds. When it's all finished they'll have thirty-six bedrooms other than John's room, each with a king sized double bed and a single bed above it. That'll be plenty of room for everyone and guests. The special bed for John's room will easily take four people comfortably and the upper bunk bed is an over long queen size bed to maintain the ratios. So they'll have beds for one hundred and sixteen people in comfort and could easily fit in another thirty-seven without squashing, just by putting an extra body in all the big beds. They figure they'll be right for a long time to come now. Everyone will have their own room, although John doubts they'll live in separate rooms but may store clothes etc in one. The store also sells other furniture and John orders a dozen three seater lounge chairs with a water proof covers to go in the pool area for extra seating so they don't always have to sit on the grass. He also gets some more small tables and single chairs for around the pool and some funny little floating tables for in the pool. He's told his special bed will be ready next week.

Next stop is an electronics store a few kilometres away for a better quality projection television system and screen so they can continue to watch television and DVDs on the side of the house since the rental one was returned yesterday. He buys one with it's own integrated high quality sound system as well.

A visit to the store next door to collect the personal communicators Steve ordered, they did a bulk buy of fifty as that was the smallest number they could get with their own unique built in auto encryption system. It also includes a base station for installation in the house. Everyone in the bus is given a radio and they start using them. They're very much like what you see the spies etc use in the movies, just a small earpiece and a small microphone with a pocket transmitter unit that includes the encryption chips and batteries.

They pop over to Preston Industries and John has Mary install one of these radios in his chest, hooking it into the existing radio unit. When she did the last lot of software changes she knew this would be coming so it's just a matter of making the link. John can select this unit the same way he selects a band on the other unit, the encryption is all done inside the new radio so it's just a standard audio link to the main radio. The one drawback with the radio is it requires some sound by John for him to transmit it, so he has to speak. But he has the option to turn up the pick up and whisper softly or speak normally when using the radio. John leaves one of the units with Mary to use and delivers another to Janice.

When John drops in to visit Liz and give her a radio he finds she's deep into some paperwork. Seeing him walk in, she says, "John, I've learned to love you. But there are times when I hate you. You saved the company and buried me in paperwork. Luckily most of this is once only stuff for the government."

He laughs and hands her the radio, saying, "Have you had someone speak to the the proper officials about what they want in a body for the corrective services people to use in prisons yet? And how about a modification for the fire service with an internal oxygen cylinder and an external feed to supply to masks for those being rescued?"

She looks up, "One of us has a memory problem as I don't remember us discussing those subjects." She hits the intercom and passes the data on to Diane with a request for her to give it to the proper research and design staff. Looking up, "You know that'll probably be the difference that gets us into the emergency services and police markets. I don't want you to stop coming up with useful ideas for sales, but please slow down until I get on top of the paperwork again."

"What say I help you out a little bit and let you borrow Paris and Isobelle for a while as a gopher and personal assistant. I think they'll be good at those roles. I'll just take them for suitable clothes and drop them back around lunch with a lunch for you." She smiles and nods.

As they leave on the way to Victoria's Secret John tells the two women what he wants them to do. They both nod and smile at the thought of good work.

Elise and May are happy to see them and provide advice on what the well dressed business junior executive should be wearing. Four mix and match executive outfits each and off for lunch. They eat in the mall and get some take away Chinese for Liz and Diane. As they're leaving the mall they run into Bonnie and Nat again. Both women are happy as they've been told they got the jobs. The person doing the hiring was very impressed that they turned up in new outfits from Victoria's Secret for the interview and that was it, they're hired.

John sits them down and buys them a congratulatory lunch while Fred escorts Paris and Isobelle back to Preston. Iris, Carmen, Marcia, and John have drinks as Bonnie and Nat eat. Then John insists on taking them back to Victoria's secret for two more outfits for their new work. Making them both very happy, as well as Elise. This time Daisy serves them as May and Nadia are busy with other clients.

Again Bonnie and Nat are surprised with just a kiss on the cheek after being bought expensive clothes but they now understand he's just being helpful not trying to buy their bodies. They smile and get his address with promises to pop around to visit some time soon. As they walk away they discuss ways thank him.

Fred returns to pick them up and they go home.


Gwen is glad to see John arriving back as she needs him to make some decisions on the renovations. One of the fallouts from a certain bribe taking clerk resigning was the replacement staff actually study the plans for full compliance with building codes. The original development plans submitted were for two levels of bedrooms but build only one level of bedrooms now. With the decision to build both levels now the plans have to go back through the approval process and the clerk in charge has denied approval for the second level of bedrooms until a large bathroom is added on the top floor. This requires amendments to the plans and the builder needs approval of options which Gwen wants John to look at first. They discuss the matter at length.

The house currently has the lower level larger than the top level as the attached garage is only one level and the bottom level is deeper than the upper level. The original plans were to add a level over the garage and bring that up to the same height and have the backward extension match the new height. The extra bedroom level would be a new height above and behind the existing building. Putting another bathroom area into that level will reduce the bedrooms and cause issues with the plumbing as the current plans use the existing water and drain pipes. The builder can't see a reasonable way to add the extra bathroom. Although attached to the house the garage isn't an integral part of it. After asking more questions on existing walls and pipes John proposes a major change that they all think will work well.

The new plan is to remove the garage and strengthen the foundations to take a three level building as the main house fittings are strong enough already. The new construction will include a new garage with an office area for John in the back of it and a stairwell at the back of the current garage area that goes up to both new levels, giving two stairways to the top level and three to the middle level. Above the garage will be the large bathroom as planned with another one above it so both use existing water, sewerage, and drainage pipes. The large bedroom above the garage will be reduced to a normal sized bedroom due to the stairwell and the room on the middle level will be plumbed as the hair salon with the one on the top level being a bedroom. The top level will extend forward over the main house in front of the new bedroom building so the front of the house will have one plane. This will create a new lounge area in the space over the existing house. The builder wants to keep that area open plan to reduce the weight on the lower levels. An open deck area will extend off this for the width of the rest of the house above the back half of the house and accessed from a door in the new lounge with an emergency exit ladder down the side of the house connecting to the one from John's bedroom. This'll keep the bedroom numbers the same and add another large bathroom while creating two new recreational areas that are side by side and another exit. This will mean some extra work but it's all easily doable and should be able to be done within the existing time frame as it simplifies the work above the garage. Instead of being careful with the garage they'll knock it down and build a new one.

The builder is so sure this'll get approved he organises to have the garage emptied and removed while the architect is working on the new plans. After this meeting it's time to go collect the girls from school. Rosa is there to be collected as well, without being told.

When they get to the house Rosa's surprised the girls sit down and do their homework first. Although only those with homework due Monday have to do homework all the girls do homework as they don't think it's fair for some to play while others can't. Those with homework due aren't residents. Rosa undresses and is about to go for a swim when one of the girls asks her advice about where to go for more research on their history assignment as Rosa teachers English and History, since the girl asking isn't one of her students she gives some advice which is closely listened to by all who have that assignment. Instead of going swimming she stays to help some others with their homework as well. When Brooke is happy with the homework status they all strip and go swimming.

Rosa is surprised when Rachel asks her if she'd like to join in on a mini orgy and get double teamed by Max and Barry. Gulping she nods and follows her upstairs to a bedroom where the boys are waiting with Sera and Tina. Rachel has Rosa stand beside the bed while Tina eats her pussy and Sera kisses her as Rachel rubs against her back while the boys watch as they put on condoms and dick clamps. Rachel waves them forward as Max coats his dick with KY.

Moving in front of Rosa Barry takes over kissing her as Sera moves around to rub her side and Tina takes hold of his dick to rub it against Rosa's clit. A moment later she feeds it into her pussy as he moves forward. Rosa moans with the entry as Rachel plays with her arse. Rosa leans on Barry as he thrusts in and out then he stops and holds her to him as the other girls wrap their arms around Barry and Rosa. She's wondering what's going on when she feels Max holding her arse cheeks apart as he probes her rear with his dick, she's not fully happy with this idea yet but finds the four way hug means she can't move at all. Another minute and she feels a little uncomfortable with Max in her arse and Barry in her cunt, both balls deep. Tina rubs her clit and she stops worrying about anything but her pleasure. Sera calls the cadence as the boys move in and out and the girls loosen up. Rosa soon starts coming, another few minutes and the girls need to hold her up as she moans while the boys are fucking her senseless. Tina signals time and both boys pull out and help lay Rosa on the bed. Sera and Rachel lie beside her and the boys change condoms and fuck their ladies while Tina lies on Rosa and kisses her.

A little later Rosa is back with them and looks at the fast fucking going on either side of her as Tina sucks her breasts. She taps Tina on the head and says, "Thank you. Now slide your pussy up here and tell me how to eat pussy properly as I'm not too experienced at it." With a big smile Tina moves up and starts to teach her teacher pussy eating.

About thirty minutes later Gwen is wandering around gathering everyone for dinner when she finds the six way pile up in bedroom four. Smiling at the sleeping group she gently wakes them up and sends them for a quick swim to clean up before dinner. As they walk out of the room she notices Rosa is a lot more relaxed than she's ever seen her before. She makes a mental note to talk to Brooke and John about finding a partner for her, one that'll appreciate her properly as a person.

After a nice dinner of grilled steak with vegetables and chips, a rather mundane choice compared to the many exotic mixes they had during the holidays, everyone heads for the pool again except Rosa, John's new slaves, and a small group of instructors. Brooke leads them up to bedroom one and starts them on the sex education course. Since there's only seven students in the class each instructor can give them more personalised instruction and testing. The trainees pass all their test by 10.30 pm, including the Candice training, and are ready to put all their new knowledge into full practice so Brooke leaves them to play until bed time.

In the meantime John, Harry, and Steve have labelled all the gun safes in the armoury with people's names and taken people down, one at a time, to set the combination on their safe to something known to them with a copy in in a sealed envelope. They all put their cleaning kits in the gun safes and some put one of the guns away as well. the Preston test equipment is put in a safe with a combination set by Mary that Liz knows as well. By 11.00 pm everyone but the trainees have set their safes so John goes and brings them down to do theirs.

By the time that's finished it's 11.35 pm and time for bed. John is down to sleep with Rosa and Captain Miller. So he goes looking for them. He finds them in his bedroom with Captain Miller secured to the bed by the restraints while Beth fucks her with a Big Boy as they both come. Moving closer he can see a condom covered vibrator in Miller's arse as well. Rosa is standing to the side and smiling. When John looks at her she whispers, "You should have seen the look on Miller's face when Brooke asked 'Mistress Beth to take Miller away and enjoy her until you arrived.' This little exercise has been good for Beth's self confidence and Miller's humility and I've really loved watching it too." John nods and walks over to tap Beth on the shoulder.

Beth looks over her shoulder and smiles. She dismounts from Miller and takes the Big Boy off as John mounts Miller. He slides in and thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3.5MP, 8R, 600S.' She's just starting to focus on him properly when the program starts. She can't work out how he can lie on her unmoving while his dick is fucking the hell out of her, but not for long as she's soon coming. By the program's end she's all but unconscious from the auto fuck and he comes in her as he pulls out. He signs Beth to enjoy the cream pie as he removes the restraints. After getting Rosa to suck him clean he moves behind Beth and slides into her and thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3.5MP, 8R, 300S.' She soon moans with her orgasms and collapses on to the bed. Rosa is gulping as she looks at the two exhausted women when he turns and waves her to the bed beside Miller. She walks over and lies down as he picks up Beth and carries her off to her own bed assignment.

He soon returns and has Rosa practise her cock sucking before he has her mount him as she pulls the quilt over them all. Once she's well seated he pulls her down to his chest and kisses her as he holds her tight and thinks, 'dickman slom 1M, 3.5MP, 8R, 600S.' His rapid fire auto fuck while holding her tight makes her eyes pop as she starts to come. By the program's end she hasn't the energy to move a finger. He smiles and cuddles her as he goes to sleep while still in her and holding her to his chest.

Day 30 - Saturday

John wakes up at 5.30 am and kisses Rosa until she wakes up. She wakes up with a start as she realises his stiff dick is still filling her pussy. He goes limp and she dismounts so he can roll over and wake Miller. With them all awake he takes them into the en suite and runs the bath. Climbing in he has Miller join him and he washes her. She gets out as Brooke arrives to dry her and Rosa gets in. John says, "I don't know who's turn it is but I want Miller to get the papers today. Please arrange it while I wash Rosa." Brooke nods and leads Miller out as John washes Rosa. When finished he lifts her out and dries her before having they dry him. They both go and stand in at the window too watch the paper delivery today.

The building workers are on hand and waiting for the papers when James arrives. He stops and stands there as Brooke leads a very red faced and nude Miller out to buy the papers. Some of the workers recognise her and whistle at her. When she leans down to kiss James and hold his dick as he comes she goes even redder. Rosa is giggling all through the episode. John returns to the en suite and gets ready for the rest of the morning baths as the girls wander in.

Brooke soon returns and brings Miller with her. John looks at Miller and asks, "I see you're feeling extremely embarrassed about that little task." She nods. "Now you know how experienced officers like Steve feel when you try to tell them how to do their jobs. If they didn't already know how to do them very well they wouldn't have been promoted. Many of the sergeants and senior constables don't go for higher promotion because they're street cops and want to stay on the streets. It's where they feel they can do the most good and do the job they signed up for. They don't want to do the paperwork. So, in future, I strongly suggest you think about their street knowledge and how you just felt whenever you feel compelled to talk down to them." She looks at him for a moment as she thinks and slowly nods her understanding of the lesson. "What's your mother call?"

I takes her a moment to realise he wants her first name, she says,"Ophelia as she was very into opera."

John groans and says, "I could easily understand if you killed your her. What a name to foist on a girl in today's society. OK, mind if we call you Lia. I'm not going to use Miller or Ophelia all the time and Ophe just sounds totally wrong too." She half smiles and nods approval. "Right, Brooke, next time Hilda is here I'd like her to spend some time talking with Lia, please arrange it." Both of them nod. While this conversation was happening John continued with the morning baths. At 8.30 am he's finished and in the kitchen having his breakfast.

A little later he's outside checking on the work in progress when the builder arrives. Shaking his head he walks up to John and says, "What is it with you John. I have a dozen projects in hand at the moment. Some started weeks ago. Since the Aryan Arse Hole left the paperwork has flowed a lot faster but all my other projects take days for the paperwork to get through the council while yours is different. I walked in late yesterday to give them the new plans, expecting to get them back late next week and I get hit with, 'this for John Smith? Come back in an hour.' And an hour later it's all approved."

John smiles and says, "I've noticed that myself. But I'm not exactly sure who's pulling what strings. I've been helping the state and federal police to close down the Di Georgio crime network. In the process I've been involved in a few shoot outs with bad guys, putting about fifty of them in the morgue. Also helping with this is our local crime lord, Guy Franks. He has a lot of respect for me and I'm the liaison between him and the cops. They're all happy with what I've done to Big Jim and Franco Di Georgio and they're doing everything they can to make me happy. So this pressure could be coming from the state or federal powers or Franks, I don't know or care. I'm just making good use of it while it's there and thankful for it."

The builder laughs and shakes his head, saying, "It's a good thing I now know you have all those connections. I'll make sure nothing is shorted on this job as it could be hazardous to my health to upset you."

Laughing, John says, "I wouldn't harm you if you made a mistake. I'd just sue your arse off and sell you as a sex slave to a dominatrix I know so she can take it out of your hide one painful fuck or whipping at a time for a long time to come, which you won't do."

He laughs at the picture John paints while he wonders how much of it would be true. He settles for getting on and doing what he does best, supervising residential construction and renovation work. He leads John around the site examining the work so far and explaining it. The new driveway is drying, as is the foundations and the cement floor of the back part of the house. Saul let them put the gear from the garage in his almost empty garage. The garage has now been removed and the existing lightweight cement floor is having big holes cut in it for the new footings. They'll leave the bulk of the floor in place and just pour a new one over it as the main thing they need to do here is put in deep large footings for the new walls. Monday morning the pallets of bricks will be delivered and actual construction will start.

The builder explains they won't cut the holes for the connections to the house until they have the exterior walls of the new buildings in place. The way the work has been designed the majority of the interior walls aren't load bearing so they'll put them up as shells with the floors and connect into the existing brick work as they put the wall up. The materials for the interior fit ours will be placed inside the open upper floors before they put the next level and roof on. Then with the work area weather proofed they'll cut their way into the house, build the connection areas and do the interior fit out to finish the new work before they remove the roof and strengthen the walls for that area. Once all the additions are finished they'll do the remodelling in the house while everyone lives in the new building. John's happy they've got it all sorted to minimise disruption of the family. The only major disruption will be for the three days when they put the balcony and emergency exit in John's room as that will involve closing off the pool area for safety reasons for the three days. The rest of the internal work on that level can be done without disturbing the family on the ground floor. John takes one copy of the approved plans from the builder to place in the dinning room so everyone can see what it'll look like when finally completed.

Going back inside John goes for a swim. As he walks into the pool area he finds a woman sitting on one of the chairs wrapped in a towel and staring at the pool. She's a very diminutive and timid looking as she sits there. He doesn't know her and wonders who she is. All the regulars and many of the party visitors are in the pool playing various pool games or chatting or swimming.

Visitor Introduction

John walks up to the woman and she jumps when he says, "Good morning, I'm John Smith, the owner and manager of this asylum for the clothing challenged. Who do I have the pleasure of addressing?"

She turns to him and smiles as she holds out her hand saying, "Oh, good morning. I'm Roberta Mills, please call me Robbie." He takes her hand and shakes it. The movement causes the towel to fall away and he can see her well formed small breasts. She notices the loss of cloth and blushes as she grabs for the towel.

"Hello Robbie. How old are you and why are you here? I ask as I don't think I know you."

Blushing again, she says, "I'm twenty-three and live only a few minutes walk away. I moved in to this end of town about five months ago after living my life about twenty kilometres away across town. My doctor says I need to swim for health reasons and I don't like going to the public baths. I was told I'd be welcome to come for a swim here any time and that it's enclosed and warmer than the public pools. So here I am. But I didn't know about the clothing rule until I got here and I'm embarrassed about swimming nude. I'm sorry I'm intruding on your family and I'll leave."

He smiles and says, "You can't do that now. It's too late. We have a number of fun house rules here. Number one is the no clothing rule. Number two is kissing and playing games of squeeze tittie, everyone must actively cooperate and play by kissing anyone who wants a kiss and let them caress your body and fondle your breasts. Girls get to grope us guys as fondling our breasts isn't as much fun." Her eyes go wide with this. "Number three is no sexy woman is allowed to visit this pool and leave until after I've seduced her and made her almost faint from sexual exhaustion. Number four is no sexy woman is allowed to visit a second time until after I've taken her to Victoria's Secret and watched her select and dress in a new outfit with silk underwear. Number five is anyone avoiding the water gets carried in by me. And last is number six, everyone MUST be happy and enjoy themselves. The only exceptions to the above rules are visiting workers, which you aren't. So it's now time for me to carry you into the water and kiss you while I play with your beautiful breasts." She gulps as she goes a much deeper shade of red. Her eyes dart around like a frightened fawn caught in the headlights of a car. "Since you seem to be surprised by the rules I'll give you a special dispensation to take up to a week to meet the criteria of rule three about being seduced by me and I'll stay with you for a while to protect you from the others. Those girls can be positively predatory at times. Sadly, that means I'll have the fun, err responsibility of spending a lot of that time fondling your breasts for you." She giggles at the 'slip' of the tongue and her blush lightens.

John reaches down to open the towel and her blush deepens again. Smiling at her he picks her up and carries her to the pool. He walks in until the water is half way up his chest and lets her go. As she moves her feet to stand on the bottom of the pool while he places his arms around her and draws her to him as he initiates a kiss. She resists at first and then relaxes into the kiss. After a moment her arms slowly go around his upper body and she pulls herself closer to him. After a few minutes of kissing he breaks the kiss and she leans back sighing. He slips one arm down and under her knees and the other across her back as he picks her up again. With his right arm across her back and reaching around to fondle her right breast he holds her to him with her head on his shoulder as he moves across the pool to where Gwen and Brooke are with Rissa, Stacey, Mel, May, and a few other girls. Robbie smiles at him as she keeps her left arm across his back and her right hand strokes his chest. She's no longer blushing.

Walking up to the group, John says, "Hey ladies, look what I found. It's a sexy Robbie doll and it's all mine." The ladies turn and look at them, seeing Robbie, they smile.

May says, "That's a very nice doll master, may I play with it later?"

Brooke says, "Now you be careful Uncle John. That's a fragile doll and we don't want you breaking it like you usually do." She turns to Robbie, "He has a bad habit of fucking someone to total exhaustion and they need several hours rest before they can even stand up. You can't say I haven't warned you now. I've spoken to him about taking more care and breaking girls in carefully but he rarely listens to me."

Gwen sighs and says, "You be careful John, Hilda will be most upset if you hurt Robbie. She may get upset enough to spank you if you do." Robbie goes very wide eyed and takes turns staring at them as they speak while she wonders just what she's gotten herself in to.

He says, "I've already given her a weeks deferral on rule three. She can take her time letting me seduce her." The others nod and smile.

Tina finally speaks, saying, "That's OK to protect her from you. But that doesn't mean she's safe from us. I think I'm overdue for trying a new flavour. Mel and Rissa are too." She looks at Robbie and licks her lips in a most suggestive way.

Robbie hugs closer to John and says, "What have I gotten myself into here? I'm not sure if that was a promise or a threat. Nor am I sure if I want stop any of you from doing anything or help you do it."

She sounds more than a bit scared and apprehensive so John says, "Robbie, I told you the house rules. But I didn't tell you the house laws. Law one, don't hurt anyone except in self defence. Law two, don't push anyone into anything they don't want to do. Law three, help everyone to extend their boundaries but do it safely. The house laws override the house rules. So if any of our flirting is a major concern for you and sex scares you just speak up and we'll back off until you're happy and ready to move forward again. Capiche?"

Smiling, she looks at him for a moment and says, "I think you really mean that, and yes I do understand. Thank you. I think you can safely let me lose to go swimming now, for a while anyway." He nods and loosens his grip as she turns in his arms before pushing off him and swimming down the pool.

He stands there watching her swim off when Hilda says from behind him, "Ever thought about taking on work as a therapist, John. I didn't expect I'd be able to get Roberta into the water until her fourth or fifth visit. Being able to shed all her concerns and being accepted for herself will do her wonders but I see you've already started her healing process. Thank you."

He turns and says, "Why did you call her Roberta, she told me to call her Robbie and that's what we're calling her. At least until she tells us differently."

Hilda stares at him wide eyed then lunges forward and hugs him as she kisses him. "Robbie is my eldest niece and she hasn't let anyone except me call her that since the incident when she was badly hurt and her mother murdered seven years ago. You don't know how happy I am to hear she's asked someone to call her Robbie again. I've spent nearly seven years trying to get her to open up and live again. I told you the environment here would help some people." They all turn and watch the young woman swim lengths of the pool at a moderate rate. A moment later she stops to talk to Lee and Theo. She's a bit hesitant when they reach forward to fondle her breasts and she bites her lip at first but she lets them do it as she reaches down to play with them. She smiles at Tom and lets him kiss her breasts when he joins the group. A moment later she swims away with a small smile on her face. Hilda says, "John, I brought Robbie here this morning in the hope you may be able to help her and she's healed more in the last half hour than the previous seven years, thank you."

He smiles and says, "Don't underestimate the seven years of foundation rebuilding you've done, Hilda. We couldn't do anything if you hadn't prepared her first." He continues to watch Robbie and turns to the the girls, "Mel, Rissa, please swim laps with Robbie to keep her company and keep the more aggressive girls away from her for the moment." They nod and move off. "Brooke, please let all the girls know Robbie is fragile goods and not to be sexually aggressive with her." She nods and moves off to do so. Hilda smiles, nods, and moves off.

Guessing Robbie had been raped, amongst other things, John wants everyone to treat her as normal but not be as aggressive as usual. However he's let her know sex is a large part of the lifestyle here so he doesn't want her to feel she's not being treated the same. He just has to ensure the first approaches are a bit lower key than most of his crew take. Having a thought he turns to Gwen, saying, "Gwen, if Hilda agrees, can you spare Beth for much of the day so she can take time to seduce Robbie." Gwen half nods and turns to look at Hilda.

Hilda stares at John, saying, "Damn, I never thought of that. Yes, Beth would be ideal as she would take it slow and gentle, which is just what Robbie needs after so long." She nods at Gwen so she leaves to speak with Beth and Belinda.

A few minutes later Robbie swims back up to them and says, "Aunt Hilda, have you told anyone here about my past?"

"No, I haven't. You know I'm not allowed to. Since you started swimming laps I did tell John he'll have to be careful with you on certain subjects like parents. For both your sakes. His parents were murdered several years ago too, so he avoids that area of discussion as well." Robbie's eyes go wide as she looks at him before she gives him a weak smile and a half nod. He gives her a wry grin in response.

Beth comes up to the group and says, "Uncle John, who's this pretty girl you're trying to hide from us?"

John smiles, saying, "Now Beth, you know I don't try to hide anyone, it's just that I'm so big they can hide themselves behind me. Beth, this is Robbie. Robbie, this is Beth. Robbie, please be careful when you talk to Beth as she doesn't always understand the long words, she's a bit simple and didn't go that far in her schooling. Just avoid the very long fancy words and you should get on well."

Beth smiles at Robbie and moves up to her side. Hesitantly she reaches out and cups Robbie's breast with her hand and fondles it. John says, "Oh another thing, Robbie. All the ladies in this household are bisexual and greatly enjoy playing with other ladies as well as men and all are well versed in how to see their partner enjoys playing with them, be they boys or girls. Some of the girls were aggressively girl only until only a few weeks ago and some, like Beth, are still discovering their sexuality as regards to women." Robbie tilts her head as she looks at John while he speaks and she gives him a pensive look. Beth moves closer and cuddles up to Robbie's back as she fondles her breasts.

Beth softly says, "Robbie, your titties feel nice and look very lovely, may I kiss them?" Robbie stiffens for a moment then relaxes as she turns around and nods. Beth leans down and kisses her left breast while fondling the other. She then tastes the other. "They taste nice, can we leave the pool and let me taste the rest of you, please?" Very hesitantly Robbie takes Beth's hand in hers and leads her out of the pool. They find towels and get dry before moving over to one of the beds and lying on it. They cuddle and kiss for some time before Beth starts to kiss her way down Robbie's body. It takes about thirty minutes before they hear Robbie screaming with pleasure as Beth eats her pussy to their mutual pleasure. Then about forty minutes for them to hear Beth's pleasure screams after she carefully instructed Robbie in what to do.

Just before lunch Robbie and Beth dive in the pool and swim over to John. Robbie kisses both John and Hilda, saying "Thank you both for what you've done or allowed to happen. I'm not yet ready to be with a male again John, sorry. But when I think I'm ready you'll be first." He smiles and squeezes her shoulder as he nods. He grins when Tina moves up behind Robbie and fondles her breasts. She looks over her shoulder and turns to kiss her. They all smile as Robbie angles her head towards the pool stairs. Tina takes her hand and leads her away to get dried and go upstairs. Everyone goes back to swimming.


After lunch John has a talk with Gwen and others after he decides to go for a visit to the play room. He takes Fred, Janice, Lia, Lee, Theo, Brooke, Dallas, Houston, Paris, and Beth. On the way down he watches as Lee is telling Theo he's in for a fun time without telling him why as Theo doesn't know what to expect yet. John spends most of the walk quietly talking to Beth, telling her what to expect and how he wants her to behave. She smiles at him and nods.

When Alice opens the door she smiles and shows them in. While his group waits in the foyer John goes into the lounge room to talk to Barbara. All the Masters family are there, having just finished lunch. He asks a special favour and carefully sets out what he wants. Barbara agrees to help, provided she and her sisters can come down and watch while being fucked as well. He agrees.

They go down to the play room, taking all the Masters adults and slaves with them. Theo, Lia, and Beth go wide eyed as they examine the room but quickly strip when told. With a grin that can only be described as 'positively evil,' John says, "Right, I'm The Master here and all do as I say. Today's mistresses will be Barbara, with Deborah and Julie as her senior slaves," shocking Deborah, "Brooke, with Dallas, Houston, and Paris as her slaves. Fred, Janice, Theo, Steve, Lee, Peter, Jerry, Jim, JT, Thumper, Terri, Alice, and Lia will be slaves to Beth. Everyone must obey their mistress and me. Now ladies, get your games started."

Barbara goes to the couch and sits down with Deborah fondling her breasts while Julie eats her pussy. Brooke takes another couch with the twins sucking her tits and Paris eating pussy. Both of them sit back and relax as they watch the main fun while rotating their servants through their duties.

With a huge grin Beth has her slaves line up in a row. She sits in a chair and has them stand there with their hands at their sides while Alice eats her for a few minutes as she examines the slaves and the equipment. It's clear to Beth and John that Lia isn't happy with being a slave to another young girl, especially one like Beth. When Alice is finished Beth calls Lia over to eat her to five cums. With a weak smile she does as told while Beth has Alice, Terri, and Janice pull up chairs and spread their legs wide. Lia is then sent to go down the line of the men giving each one a suck and putting a dick clamp on those who can still come. Those with demand dicks are made erect by John walking down the line with a control unit. John is last and he comes in Lia's mouth after she sucks his dick for a few minutes. As the boys are finished with Lia they start a circle of eating pussy by spending three minutes with Beth, Alice, Janice, and Terri in order.

When Lia has finished sucking cocks Beth takes her to Carmen's favourite device as secures her to it. She doesn't like being secured bent over with her legs wide and her pussy and arse exposed. She orders Alice into the chair, saying, "Lia, you'll eat the pussy or dick of whoever is in the chair until I say otherwise, understand?" Lia nods. As she starts on Alice's pussy Beth orders Lee to put a condom on and fuck Lia in the cunt for three minutes and then in the arse. Lia gulps as she realises what Beth's up to. When his arse fuck is over Lee takes the condom off and replaces Alice in the chair for Lia to suck his cock while Jerry fucks her cunt and arse. As Jerry finishes Beth releases the dick clamp so Lee can come in Lia's mouth and she has to swallow it. Janice takes the chair as Fred moves to Lia's cunt and Beth says, "Alice dear, take Lee away and have fun with him until I want either of you again." Smiling, Alice takes Lee away to a table and sucks him erect again before clamping his dick and mounting him, to their mutual pleasure. Beth sends Jerry over to Barbara for the moment and she sets him to sucking her free tit. Fred rotates through the chair as Peter fucks Lia. Terri climbs in the chair as Beth sends Fred off with Janice in charge and Peter to Brooke. Terri and Theo rotate through the chair with Steve fucking Lia while Theo gets a blow job. Terri and Theo are sent off to play while Steve gets a blow job and JT fucks Lia. Steve is then sent to Barbara.

Beth climbs in the chair as she says, "Lia, the three men left with us have demand dicks that won't go down and they can't come. So get used to some good hard fucking." Looking at the boys as Lia starts eating her pussy, she says, "JT, Jim, Thumper you have three minute turns fucking her cunt and arse as hard as you can. The competition is to make Lia come as often as possible, I'll count her comes. The one who makes her come the most in any one three minute cycle will get a special prize later." For just over an hour the three men work hard at fucking her brains out while she eats Beth's pussy. All the others enjoy the show while having some relaxing fucks. Steve, Peter, and Jerry take turns fucking Deborah, Barbara, Julie, Paris, Houston, and Dallas on orders as Alice, Janice, and Terri play mix and match fucking with Theo, Lee, and Fred. John stands and watches the fun.

The three junior slaves have each had seven turns at fucking Lia and are tiring so Beth calls them off and says, "Jim, you won the competition, if you could have anything within reason, what would you like?"

He looks around and says, "Is it too much beyond reason to have a day off with nothing to do but stay in my room all day?"

Beth glances at Barbara who nods, and says, "No it's not. You may have all of tomorrow off. Starting at midnight tonight you're off duty for twenty-four hours and may do as you wish, provided you don't leave the house and don't cause any trouble or interfere with the other residents or staff." He has a very happy smile.

Barbara says, "Beth, thank you for that idea. I think we'll have a lot more competitions from now on and the prize for the winning slave will be a twenty-four hour down time of their own. In the meantime, what's next as his time off doesn't start until midnight."

Beth grins, saying, "Theo, where do you wish to come in Lia?"

He says, "May I come in her cunt please mistress?"

"You may. Lee, choose." She soon has her next cycle worked out. Taking five minute fucking turns Theo, Lee, Fred, Steve, Jerry, and Peter will all double fuck Lia. Theo and Peter will come in her cunt while Lee and Steve get to come in her mouth as Fred and Jerry get to come in her arse. Beth releases Lia from the horse she's strapped to and has her on her hands and knees on a clear area for Theo and Lee to fuck her first. Followed by Fred and Steve, followed by Peter and John, then Jerry while John continues to fuck her mouth. Having completed John's program of forced humility for Lia Beth has an idea of her own and implements it. "Lia, starting with Terri you will now go around the play room and eat every pussy. You have three minutes to make each person come five times." Lia quickly scrambles from one pussy to the next as she eats them to five orgasms each before moving on. Watching the fun John goes to Beth and starts to give her a slow and gentle fucking while they watch. Beth comes almost as much as all the others do together during this part of the show.

As they get dressed to leave, Alice asks, "Mistress Barbara, may I have this evening off to go out?" She has an arm around Lee as she asks. Barbara smiles and nods. Lee whispers to Alice as she shows John's group to the door. At the door she puts her coat on and joins them to walk down the street. Putting an arm around Lee and another around Theo, she says, "Master John, may I please borrow one of your bedrooms to play with my two toy boy toys?" Laughing, John smiles and nods as he takes time to tell the new players that discussion of what went on in the games room doesn't happen outside of that room without his specific approval. They nod agreement.

They arrive home in time to help get dinner ready as they'd been in the room playing all afternoon. John sends Lia off to talk to Hilda about how she's feeling now as it was clear she didn't like being controlled by Beth, especially as a sex slave, but she did accept it and obey.

They have a nice dinner about forty-five minutes later and Hilda vanishes again, taking Lia with her. Alice, Lee, and Theo appeared briefly for dinner and quickly vanish again too. Mrs Lincoln gave both her boys a wry smile when they appeared looking very exhausted.

The evening is spent quietly watching some DVD's on the new projector television displayed on the side of the house. A few light comedies for all to enjoy then off to bed.

When John finds his bedmates for tonight are Hilda and Robbie he knows Brooke has something on her mind and it isn't sex. As they walk into the bedroom Robbie gets very tense, and John says, "I hope you two ladies don't mind but I've had an exhausting day with an afternoon long orgy and need a quiet night to recover. So, unless you object, what say we just cuddle up and go to sleep after a relaxing bath." Robbie relaxes and Hilda smiles, she knew sex wasn't on the agenda as she knows John wouldn't breach her ethics.

He leads them into the bathroom and runs a bath. Climbing in he has Hilda get in first and gently washes her all over, including washing her hair. She smiles and obviously enjoys the pampering. He'd deliberately toned down the sexual aspects of the bathing ritual so as not to frighten Robbie. Hilda gets out and starts to dry herself as Robbie hesitantly gets on the bath. John gently pulls her down to sit in his lap as he softly washes her body then slides her down his legs to wash her hair. He turns her around and has her lean against his chest with her head on his shoulder while he washes her back. With her washed, he hands he the soap to wash him. With a small smile she starts to wash him and almost stops when she reaches his dick, after a slight hesitation she even washes his dick before stand and turns around so she can wash his back. After that they get out and he dries Robbie while Hilda dries him. Then it's back into the bedroom.

John climbs on the bed and spreads his arms out wide, Robbie slowly climbs on the bed and cuddles up to his side and Hilda pulls a quilt over them before doing the same on the other side. Shortly after that Brooke walks in and slips under the quilt to lie on John's chest. Very soon they're all asleep.


And that's where we'll leave this happy crew for now, happily sleeping at home in peace and quiet; for now.

Story Notes

The next week it's confirmed Wendy, Mary, Liz, Janice, Carmen, Rissa, Julie, Terri, Marcia, Agatha, Esmay, and Lacey are pregnant to John. In due course they all go to full term and have lovely daughters. All the girls are raised in the Smith household except Julie's and Lacey's as they're raised in their mother's homes. Two years later Mamba has Lacey get pregnant to John again, this time they have a boy. Mamba treats both children as his own and Lacey is over the moon about having two more children of her own.

Several months later when the girl from the robbery completes the life skills camp she comes back fora short visit before going away to a boarding school the welfare people think will be good for her. She's surprised to be sent as the welfare people can't afford to pay for such things. John had been getting monthly reports and asked what would be best. When they mentioned the school he paid for her and another to go. After graduating high school she goes on to college, paid for by John, and follows that with a good job.

Mamba has the operation, causing his and Lacey's personal life to improve a lot. This makes Karen happy but all Lacey's old girlfriends are slightly upset until Lacey asks them to join Mamba and her in threesomes and the like.

After Marcia Jennings has her daughter she talks with John and Hilda. After her maternity leave she returns to work to finish existing projects and leaves Amalgamated to work at Preston Industries. Her unethical behaviour was due to orders and pressure from her boss. A couple of years later she marries one of the other Preston staff and they live a happy life from then on.

The renovations are all finished on schedule and as wanted.

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