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January 2005

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Hospital Handgags, Part I (FF/m) - Buddy
Christmas Suprize For Paige (ff/m) - James Stanek
My first experience (mm/mf) - Jason K
Hospital Handgags--For Those Who Want The Rest (FF/m) - Buddy
My roommate (M/F) - Master KR
My Dominatrix Cousin PT1 (f/m) - Gutter ***
my first experience #2 (mm/mf) - Jason K
My Dominatrix Cousin PT2 (f/m) - Gutter ***
my first experience #3 (mf/mm) - Jason K
My Dominatrix Cousin PT3 (f/m) - Gutter ***
Caught by my sister in self bondage (f/m, self-bd) - steve
Ropecuffs (m/f, f/m) - waag ***
Ropecuffs continued (f/m) - waag ***
Handgag (m/f) - Newby
My Turn pt1 (m/f, f/m) - Gutter ***
gf (m/f) - t-man
Always a sidekick, never a superhero (mm+/m) - Zack
Tied and Tickled (f/m) - Kyle ***
Tying Brian Up (m/m) - Matt
Football Bet Part 1 (m/f) - O.G. Loc
Football Bet part 2 (m/f) - O.G. Loc
Surprise tie up (m/f) - JoeTheFootLover
Game suggested on a Youth web site (ff+/mm+) - Canuck
Tied and Tickled (f/m) - Kyle ***
Sam - Tied Up (m/m) - Matt
The Game (m/m) - bully
Sleepover (fff/m) - Rick
Top 10 f/m & tickling Stories - Tony T ***
Sisters Pay Back (fffff/m) - dark dragon
Denise (ff+/m) - Tanya's brother
Sam - Tied Up, part II (m/m) - Matt
Hogtied Karen (m/f) - Gary G
Horse playing (f/f) - roy
Adams Farm Chapter 5 (mm+/m) - Nicholas H ***
The Girls Revenge (Pt 1) (ff+/mm+) - Ted Farrell
Stories sites links - Rccarfreak9
Jenny and Mabel (m/ff) - K.C.
When the Tie Ups Began (f/f, f/m) - Mary ***
#My gf (m/f) - the guy
Adrians Farm - Cowboy Wannabe (mm+/mm+) - Nicholas H ***
Attempted Revenge PT1 (mf/f, m/ff) - Mary ***
Tie Up Games (m/f, f/m) - Diego ***
Don't Drink and.. Detain (M/m) - Pavel
My Uncle (M/f) - Sara
My Weirdest Tale (Mm/m) - Mr E
Cuffed by Cousin (m/m) - K.B.
Summer Day (mm/m) - someone

Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 10:05:00 AM
Justine, just wanted to let you know how much i enjoyed your post. Solunds like you and your sister have quite a relationship. do you always come out on top or has she ever gotton the better of you?
Please tell us more soon
Moxx of Balhoom
[email protected]

Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 11:33:07 AM
Love all the stories i hope to post here soon.

Im Male 16 Looking to chat with girl near same age into tie-up, bondage or sm play.

Any Questions Dont be afraid to Email me.

[email protected]
Perth, Australia

Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 01:42:52 PM
Jason! Please post the rest of your story, what happend when you were in your aunts clothes tied to a chair when you fell asleep, I'm dying to know! Plz post soon!
[email protected]

Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 01:43:16 PM
Jason! Please post the rest of your story, what happend when you were in your aunts clothes tied to a chair when you fell asleep, I'm dying to know! Plz post soon!
[email protected]

Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 04:01:34 PM
Happy New Year everyone!
Jerry Burns

Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 04:06:04 PM
Happy New Year! An all new year for awesome stories.

Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 04:55:15 PM
Looking for a story
A long time ago, I found a story on the net. It wasn't just an ordinary story, because you could make different decisions throughout the story, and that way get different endings. The story was written in second person, e.g. "you" instead of "I" or "he" as the main character.
Everything started at a bondage club in London, and the reader chose between four different girls to hang out with. One of them made the main character cuff himself to a pole, while she fetched a strait jacket.
Does anyone remember this story, and know where it can be found? Someone maybe has got it on his/her harddrive.

Greetings, and a happy new year!


Saturday, January 1st 2005 - 08:54:10 PM
I'm looking for a missing story - it ran in October or November of '03, I think. It's one of the "Dena/Kidnap Boy" stories, and it's part II. It's the part after the one where Kidnap Boy actually gets Dena tied up, but then Dena escapes and turns the tables on him. I know it involves Dena torturing him with itching powder. For some reason the archices are missing some stories from that time. I'd like to read it again - can anyone find it and re-post it? Thanks.

And Kidnap Boy, if you're out there - any more stories?


Sunday, January 2nd 2005 - 05:52:03 AM
GreenBeretWannaBe post some more airsoft stories.

Sunday, January 2nd 2005 - 08:57:16 PM
New Group
I just made a new MSN group, come check it out!

Sunday, January 2nd 2005 - 11:03:57 PM
Amy, I loved your story!
Amy, I absolutely loved your story! It was cute, clean and playful. Do you have any others you'd like to share?

Sunday, January 2nd 2005 - 11:21:29 PM
Hospital Handgags, Part I
Hello again, everyone, and welcome to the New Year. My name is Buddy and I had posted a message a few days ago asking about interest in some handgag stories from my childhood and teen years. Three people responded, encouraging me to post my stories. This is my very first story on this site and I hope you enjoy reading it.

I'll begin with one of my most vivid stories from my middle teens. No need for any of you to sit and speculate whether this is a true story or not. It was all too real, believe me. You know what they say: Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. As bizarre as this story is, it really did happen. But I have repressed the memory of it for many years, feeling a sense of discomfort, guilt, and shame in relation to it. I finally told my mother this story only a month or so ago, even though it happened in 1981. She could hardly believe it, and wondered why I never told her after all these years. So for the first time anywhere, I present it to you, the readers, as best as memory serves.

Let me say that in order to do the story justice by preserving details, I have decided to divide it into three parts, else it might get a bit lengthy. This first part is long enough as it is, but please bear with me. I will begin the story today with Part I and give you Part II next weekend. Okay--enough preamble.

It was December 1981 and my dad was driving me to work at the radio station (I was a disc jockey) in his blue and white van. The roads weren't too snowy that day, but luckily he had a load of bricks in the back of the van for traction, for those nasty winter days that would come. You know how those hollow vans are on a wintry day and on a slippery, icy road. You need something heavy to weigh it down.

We approached that four-lane highway that was always so dangerous and nerve-wracking with all its constant traffic. My father had the green light and was ready to go, having checked all traffic in every direction. We were free and clear to navigate. Or so we thought.

Literally out of nowhere, like a bat out of hell, a tractor trailer truck pulled right across our path as my dad started ahead. It was a big truck, and a long one too. It just started crawling along in front of us as we faced its length, even though it was going through a red light!

Well, you know what that meant. Slam on the brakes and you will hit it broadside, plowing right into it. But what else could my father do? Just let the van collide into it all the harder? He had no choice; he had to slam on the brakes. i saw what was about to happen as I stared in disbelief. I heard my dad yell, "Watch out! We're gonna hit!" as I stiffened up, bracing myself for the impact.

It was the wrong thing to do. I did stiffen on reflex, but it was the wrong thing to do. The impact was tremendous as we plowed into the side of the tractor trailer truck. I wasn't wearing a seat belt, sad to say--I'm not even sure now if the van had any. My right leg snapped like a twig, clean through the femur and tibia like chopping a tree in half. The femur is the biggest bone in the body. I felt and heard the bone snap clean in two.

My left leg was pinned down by the broken right one. The impact was so hard it knocked off my tennis shoe and threw it clear into the rear of the van. My head flew forward and my mouth crashed on the dashboard, shattering one of my front teeth in half. The windshield shattered as well, and so did my glasses as they flew off my face. I was all twisted around, half in and half out of my seat--almost to the floor. I was spitting and sputtering blood, wiping it from my mouth with the back of my glove.

That really scared my dad. He saw me bleeding and thought I was bleeding internally. But Dad was in his own pain. A bolt had driven itself through his ankle, and his ribs were crushed down hard onto the steering column. I had never heard my father scream before in his life with fear and pain, but he was screaming in agony now. I was frightened, and called to him desperately. "Dad! Dad!" But in vain. I couldn't reach him. I couldn't touch him. Thank God that load of bricks had not flown forward on top of us, or we would have been dead. A miracle.

I felt hands lifting me up out of the seat. The paramedics knew my leg was broken but weren't sure how to move me. Should they pull me straight left out of the passenger seat? Or drag me backward and out through the side door that was behind me? I was gritting me teeth in agony, yelling at someone to support my leg. They decided to take me backwards and out through the sliding side door, which gave them more room to maneuver.

A blessing was occurring with the pain in my leg. As the pain of my broken leg built to a crescendo, the numbness was starting to set in. It helped dull the pain just as it reached the point where I didn't think I could stand it any longer. A paramedic was tugging hard on my leg. I growled at her in anger, "Who the hell is pulling on my leg?" She admitted it was her, but said she was really tying the broken limb in traction--it felt like hard pulling to my numbed leg. And there I lay, half in and half out of the van, staring up at the sky, flat on my back, with snowflakes falling in my face.

I was concerned for my badly injured father, but he had been already rushed to the hospital by separate ambulance. My ambulance ride was warm and cozy. Strange how you can't hear that siren from the inside--guess it would panic you i you could. The girl held a flashlight to my eyes and gently told me I was in shock. She held a bottle of water to my lips. Both she and her female assistant spoke to me in soft, gentle, kind voices of reassurance, trying to keep me calm. They asked me what year it was, who the President was. I was hospital bound. Funny, I was late for work for the very first time.

The driver of the truck who had caused the accident never got a scratch. He went on to have TWO MORE accidents that day BEFORE the police took his license! He was found to be under the influence of marijuana and had been unable to tell what color the traffic lights were!

Okay, now we are ready for the bondage elements in my story. Bear with me now, guys and ladies.

When I arrived at the hospital and was taken out of the ambulance by stretcher, the two female paramedics carrying me rushed me straight to the emergency room. I was immediately put into the care of two female nurses--an X-ray technician and her assistant. I would not leave their care until it was time for the operation to mend my leg.
I never did get their names--they wore no name tags.

The X-ray technician was striking. She was very tall and statuesque, and had a very distinctive English accent. Most of all I remember the white lab coat on her slender, willowy frame. Her skin was milk-white and pale, and her lovely eyes were a bright baby blue. Though she had straight, shoulder-length brown hair, she was very pretty with a cute dimply smile. Her thin face looked aristocratic and quite British. I'd say she was about 30. Her voice was soft, but rather Britishly droll and sophisticated. I found her to be very attractive nonetheless and I liked her pretty accent. It made her sound sexy.

The other girl was not as tall, but just as thin and willowy. She had flaming red hair flowing loosely around her shoulders, and her pretty eyes were a bright Irish green. Her skin was a pinkish white and she never stopped smiling with her radiantly dazzling white teeth. Bubbly and full of energy, she was so cheerful with her chipper, chirpy voice. She was 23, but looked like she had just graduated high school. Athletically trim, the redhead wore a jade green smock that day. I gathered that the two nurses were close friends from the way they talked.

The two female nurses quickly took charge of me; in fact, they acted downright possessive of me. They kept shooing other nurses and hospital staff away from me. Finally, they wheeled me on a gurney down to the X-ray room. They needed to see what was broken.

I was dying of pain, gritting my teeth against it and gripping my belt buckle. When my two caretakers saw how miserable I was, they got authorization to give me a shot of Demarol. Demarol feels wonderful--like you are all wrapped up in cotton and you feel safe, warm, and fuzzy. And it kills the pain.

The first order of business was to cut me out of my blue jeans, since the two girls couldn't dare move me due to my broken bones. The English girl took out a big pair of scissors and started to snip slowly up the leg of my blue jeans. I was in shock, so I blurted out a protest. "Hey! You can't do that! Those are brand new Wranglers! I just bou--mmmmppphhh!"

From her silent position behind me, the young redhead gently slipped her left hand over my mouth to hold it, muffling the rest of my sentence quite effectively. She shushed me gently and soothingly over and over, keeping her small, dainty white hand clamped firmly across my mouth all the while her partner cut away my pants from my body, from the hem to the waist. Having a nurse cover my mouth with her hand wasn't a medical procedure I was aware of, but I kept muffling and whimpering into her soft, heavily perfumed palm as I watched my jeans being destroyed. I wanted to talk and protest, but her insistent hand wouldn't let me say a word. She seemed to be making no effort to remove her hand as her British friend took her own sweet time. She just kept it there dutifully and patiently till English Girl was all done.

To my surprise, as she continued with her handgag, the redhead began to mimic my muffled cries in a voice full of little-girl silliness, ridiculing, and teasing sarcasm. Her mockery was painfully accurate and precise, even though exaggerated. She kept repeating it tauntingly, giggling as she went. Since she was behind me, I couldn't even see her face, but somehow I sensed her smiling.

My frustrated anger was muffled into her hand as I looked to the British girl for a response to her pretty friend's handgagging action. She just smiled her dimply grin, shrugged, and teasingly said, "Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls!" She was just trying to lighten a tense situation, but I wasn't amused. I tried to say something to her. Then she asked, "I didn't quite get that. Would you like me to ask her to remove your gag? Then we need you to calm down so we can do our work and concentrate. We can't have the whole hospital hearing you carry on, now can we? Now you have to shush or her hand stays--on my orders, all right? You've been badly injured and we have to take some X-rays. Shhhhh." I nodded my compliance as the English girl nodded to her friend to release my mouth, and after a minute or so, the gentle feminine hand was removed. The redhead warned me she would regag me if I had another outburst. "If you do that again, I'm going to put my hand back over your mouth again--I will if I have to, so don't make me." Her superior added, "And she has my backing on that, so please shush." I nodded my understanding. It sure was nice to be able to talk again without the hand.

The young redhead said she had to go get some admission forms for me to fill out with her, and soon she was out the door. Now I was totally alone with the tall British girl and there wasn't another soul around.

The English nurse who had cut off my blue jeans draped me in a thin white linen sheet, since all I was wearing was my briefs. It was so cold in that room! She wheeled over a big behemoth of an imaging machine with screens on it that covered my body from waist to chin. I felt trapped under it as I lay flat on my back--I couldn't move. Even my hands were pinned under the breadth of it. It was time to take X-rays of my broken leg.

She stepped into a little booth which had a microphone. The booth faced me; all I could see over the X-ray machine was the clock on the wall. "Breathe in." I held my breath for her. "Breathe out." I exhaled gratefully. Then she put me in a cycle of breathe-in, breathe-out that went on for some minutes. I noticed that when that pretty English accent said "Breathe in," she took her own good time before she let me breathe out again! I thought I would burst holding my breath for her!

Miss Nurse British-Accent came out of her booth and started turning on the big machine that was hovering over me. She was turning knobs, staring into a dark screen, and looking very stern and intensely focused, all businesslike and no smiles now, appearing to study the results of the X-rays. I lay quietly, letting her do her work, not wanting to interrupt her.

Now I SWEAR to all you readers and to God that this next part is 100% true, even though you may find it hard to believe. It really did happen. Honest!

As I lay there shivering under my sheet, the nurse was twiddling knobs and dials with her left hand. She stood at the right side of me looking across the gurney into the machine's screen. All of a sudden, without any warning, I felt her free right hand settle flat onto my genital area--and just stay there! I was instantly in shock and disbelief! Was she actually doing this?! It couldn't be!

Yet her warm hand was cradling my private area through the sheet, cupped around and over it as innocently as you please. I looked up at her in shocked amazement but the British nurse would not meet my gaze. She just studied her machine with focused intensity as if in another world. I lay there in awkward silence, not knowing what to do. And her warm hand was not budging. It stayed--and stayed.

I literally was at a loss, damned either way. I was trapped--what could I do? If I asked her what she was doing, and why she had her hand on my groin, she'd probably scold me severely and say I was interfering with her work. Yet was it medical procedure for a female nurse to clamp her hand over a male patient's lower anatomy? I wouldn't think so. I was sure this was wrong. But if I said nothing at all and let her do it, she'd think I liked it and was enjoying it. What should I do? Speak up bravely and confront her, or keep my mouth shut?

To tell the truth, as a shy and backward teen, I was way too embarrassed to do or say anything. But that seemed to allow her to win. She pretended not to know where her hand was resting. Sure, yeah, right. It was as if she were daring me to say something, daring any male to resist a feminine touch of that erotic nature that he could have free of charge. It was as if the pretty English girl was just waiting for it to move under her hand, to see if she could move her male patient. She seemed to be testing me. My honesty versus my sexual arousal. Which would I choose?

I waited the minutes out in awkward embarrassment, hoping my genitals wouldn't betray me--yet feeling so guilty, because her gentle hand felt so good there. Of course it moved, and she smiled down at me when it did with a grin of devilish mischief, winking at me. She needn't have worried if she still had the magic touch at her age--she surely did. I was a male alone with an attractive female, "the older woman." She could easily move me with the touch of her warm hand--and she certainly did. And as guilty as I felt, I loved it.

I took a long, shuddering breath, nervous and uncomfortable as her bony, long hand started to sneak its way slowly under the sheet to begin caressing and stroking my member gently and tenderly. Oh my God!! As her gangly fingers made contact, I guess I let out a loud gasp of startled surprise and panicked disbelief.

Instantly, her slender, long left hand clamped down over my mouth, in a reverse handgag with her thumb under my chin to more firmly anchor her grip. Her big blue eyes met mine as she bent down closely over me to shush me. "Shhhhh. Shhhhh. Quiet. Don't say a word or make a sound. It's our secret." Her impish dimpled grin never faded nor did her gaze break from mine as she happily admired her handiwork on my mouth. The look of erotic pleasure and delight on her face was unmistakable. She wasn't kidding when she spoke of letting her assistant gag me to her redheaded friend--she liked doing the handgag! It was obvious.

Despite her warnings, I felt the panicked urge to try to talk anyway, to ask what was going on here. Why was she doing all this? Why were her hands on my groin and mouth like this? Was she permited to do this, was it medically necessary? Was this a nurse's job?

I tried to speak, but it only made the English nurse shush me all the more intensely as she tightened the already clamping grip on my mouth. My teeth were pressed against my lips as my mouth was buried deep in a soft, satiny wall of feminine flesh. She said, "No. Don't try to speak. I won't let you. Please?" in her crisply perfect accent. My hands were pinned under the machine, so I couldn't pull her handgag away. Maybe I could have found a way to get them free, but would it have been polite to rudely pull my nurse's hand away from my mouth? She must have been holding my mouth for a reason, I kept thinking.

Minute passed. British features and bold blue eyes stared down at me with her pixie grin as she stood at my side, not removing her hand.

I'll never foget that feminine hand as long as I live. I can still feel, smell, and taste it to this day. The English nurse had a hand that was so slim and narrow, with the longest, slenderest fingers I'd ever seen on a woman. Her perfect complexion was flawlessly Caucasian snow-white, and her palm was softer than velvet or silk. She being a nurse, I could taste and smell just how antiseptically clean her pretty white hand was. Funny, she wore no perfume at all--just the natural sweetness of young femininity. Yet her soft gentle fingers had a mild trace of floral fruitiness to them, a citrus smell. It was clear she had peeled and eaten an orange very recently. The orange savor was sweet and highly pleasant, as sweet and wonderful as any store-bought fragrance--maybe better. I breathed it in appreciatively, forgetting myself completely.

I lost myself in her hand, was breathing heavily with erotic overexcitement, and I think she realized I was a teen boy having an erotic reaction to having a woman's hand over his mouth--a woman over twice his age. I felt guilty and ashamed and embarrassed about that, yet I was enjoying her hand as a gag. I tried to talk on purpose just to get her to press her hand tighter, which she relexively did. I could only mmmmmppphhh and muffle under that long, white British female palm. And still she did not take her hand away.

I muffled out to her in gagtalk, "Why is your hand over my mouth?" But my ears heard only a muffled "Woo oov yoo hoomb oovoo moo mooff?' I muffled out "Why are you doing this to me?" but gagtalk turned it into "Woo oo yoo doom voof poo moo?" God, was that really MY voice under her soft hand? I couldn't believe how muffled it sounded, and how much power and control her feminine hand had to effectively silence me! She giggled at the funny muffled sounds and shushd me soothingly. But really, I no longer cared why she was gagging me with her hand.

Tim pased. The nurse seemed to realize I liked her hand--a lot, an awful lot. Her handgagging semed to grow more erotic and warmer by the minute, more personal and intimate. I especially enjoyed her fingers, so soft and gentle, so slenderly long and pretty. I was utterly awestruck at just how long she kept her hand over my mouth as my muffled breathing under her palm softly broke the eerie silence. The pretty nurse still pretended to read the screen on her machine as she consciously kept her slender palm locked across my mouth, enjoying what she was doing to me and aware that I seemed not to be resisting her. And then I saw the clock on the wall staring at me--she had had her hand over my mouth now for a solid 20 minutes! Had it really been that long?

Meanwhile, her tight little handgag was only adding to the escalating pleasure of her finger-dancing magic in my nether regions. The lovely feminine scent of her clean, white hand filled my nostrils as I became intinate with it, familiar with her sweet, sexy hand's highly personal and distinctive smell and taste.

And then, I couldn't help it. I found myself stimulated and aroused into building sexual release all over her slim fingers and into her palm under the sheet. Her hand muffled my grunt of ecstasy. The door opened, and her hand pressed even tighter over my mouth. In walked the pretty redheaded nurse as I jumped in embarrassed startlement and ashamed guilt. She was staring right at me--with her pretty friend's long, lovely hand clamped firmly across my mouth! Now what?


[email protected]

Monday, January 3rd 2005 - 02:40:55 PM
Right URL for the group
Sorry, the last URL wouldnt take you to the site, try this one

Monday, January 3rd 2005 - 04:33:48 PM
Hey, Anomalee,
Just a question. Was there ever an occasion when either you, Michelle or Allison just came right out and asked to be tied up and tickled? If so will we ever hear about it?

Monday, January 3rd 2005 - 05:47:21 PM
can anyone tell me a site of mummification bondage?
duct taper

Monday, January 3rd 2005 - 05:58:48 PM
Thanks Buddy!
Wow! What an arousing handgag story. It was good to read a nice, fleshed out HOM recollection....don't see many of those on here these days :P

Can't wait for Part II!!!! Don't keep us in the dark for too long ;)

HOM Bondage
[email protected]

Monday, January 3rd 2005 - 08:34:39 PM
does anyone know any movies that have non-sexual bondage in them?

Monday, January 3rd 2005 - 10:00:51 PM
I believe that most of the Academy videos are non-sexual. Some, however, are quite violent. I have one - and I can not remember the name - that has some great rope bondage including a fantastic hogtie. As in any adult situation you must be of legal age to order!

As far as I know they are not sexual.


ask and ye shall get

Monday, January 3rd 2005 - 10:23:25 PM
Christmas Suprize For Paige
This story took place a week before christmas, on monday of that week i asked my girlfriend Paige's room mate Kathleen that lives with her if she would help me with a suprize i had been planing for her for christmas, i told her what i had planed and asked her if she sould would help me, she agreed so we went and got the supplies we needed.
As saturday approched we agreed that she would wrap me up in duct tape then put the wraping paper over it, when saturday came i went over to Paiges house, she was gone but her room mate was there so we unloaded the supplies and took them into the den, later that evening when she came home we told her we had a suprize for her and that she would need to stay in the living room, Kathleen and i went into the den and started to ready the suprize. Frist Kathleen had me sit down in the desk chair in the den and taped my ankles together then she had me stand up and taped my arms at my sides very thoughourly with the duct tape just below my elbows and then at my wrists she tunred around and started cutting strips of tape of the roll while she did this i tested the tape holding my arms at my sides it was very strong she had done a good job at tapeing me up after a couple of minutes of cutting strips of tape off the roll Kathleen turned back around and faced me with two of the strips of tape she had cut and pasted them over my mouth and then smoothed the tape over to make sure it held.
When she was done she started to wrap me up with the wraping paper this took about ten minutes once she was done i was pretty well wraped in duct tape and wraping paper i herd her take a couple of pictures then she asked if i wanted to try and walk out to the living room so under the tape gag i said uh hu, at the time i didnt know that one of thier friends had shown up and was in the living room with Paige so i was helped into the living room by Kathleen when she had me stop i heard her tell Paige "heres your suprize, go ahead and open it" with that Paige pooked my a couple of times then started to unwrap me starting from about were my head was when she had gotten enough of it off she saw my face and that i was gaged when Paige saw this she started laughing, thats when i had noticed that one of their friends was in the living room standing by Kathleen she was also laughing and Kathleen was takeing pictures once Paige got all the wraping paper off she waited for a moment as she admired how well Kathleen had taped me up she then looked at me and said "well sience you were wraped up like a present for me i technally own ya now" then she started to undo the tape and once Paige had taken the tape off that i had gaging me i told her "well then i guess that sience ya technally own me now that must mean that ya liked the suprize?" she told me she did then she looked over at Kathleen and told her "you did a real good job Kathleen but ya should have handcuffed in stead of tapeing his arms at his side that way i could have kept him cuffed"
After we had cleaned up the living room Kathleen told me she had thought about triping me while i was taped up, i thought about that for a minute and told her that i she wanted she could always wrap me up agian she thought about it and told me "we can do it some other time" she left about ten minutes after that with her freind, after she had left i told Paige that i was glad she enjoyed her suprize she called a uniqe gift i left half hour later happy that Paige liked her christmas suprize.

I hope everyone enjoyed the story and if any of ya dont belive this happend i have photos Kathleen took to prove it.

James Stanek
[email protected]

Tuesday, January 4th 2005 - 03:39:02 PM
re: James
hey james, lets see those pic's

Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 12:51:24 AM
Asking for a clarification?
Before I direct anyone to providers of adult entertaiment I have to ask if you mean regular non sexual movies with bondage scenes in them, or if you mean adult bondage movies most people wouldn't consider sexual?

The definition of a fetish being that it is something a few people find as sexual most of society does not. According to surveys half of people have tried bondage, only half of that half like it. At 25% of the population that makes bondophiles a rather sizable minority, but a minority none the less.

A User

Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 01:33:34 AM
A Note From Buddy
Thanks to the good folks who e-mailed me with a very positive response to my recent story posting, Hospital Handgags Part I. Your support, enthusiasm, and encouragement are much appreciated. Thanks again. Still would love to hear from you ladies.

I realize a good many of you like tie-up stories that involve rope and tape. Handgag stories may not be your thing, and I am aware of that. However, I am writing for those who do appreciate them. That's the great thing about this site--enough variety for everyone. If you find a story not to your liking or interest, you can always scroll down to the next one. I appreciate that the people at this site do that, rather than write in and rip the story and writer to pieces.

For the handgag fans, I will be posting Part II of the story this Sunday, so watch for it. If you like handgags from women, then you'll find it smoking hot. If not, well, I hope you might find something in it to appeal to you.

All comments and questions can be directed to my e-mail address--or here at the site if you wish. That includes you, ladies! I've heard from the men--would love a female point of view. Anyone out there?

Take care, y'all, and God bless! Such a nice, friendly bunch here at this site. Thanks for giving us an outlet, Canuck! Vous est magnifique!

[email protected]

Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 11:44:40 AM
How to meet with girls
Hello all,

First, I wanted to thank Mike for his comment. I knew some guys would love that episode.

But today I wanted to make a comment. We often see on this site, and others, advertisements from guys looking for a female bondage partner. I may seem hard for some guys to find such a person, but strangely enough there are many girls out there who wouldnt care about being tied up, they would even like it. But to my perspective, it is more the way you guys are trying to make contact that is not so appealing. It seems many guys like the easy way. They just say: Hey, you, contact me. In other words, you are not trying hard enough.

To my point of view, you dont make it so interesting, and why on earth would we like to talk to you? Then I get comments like: Well, tell me what you want! Yeah, right. I have to tell you what to tell me, so I will meet with you. How lame is that? Be creative! Have a sense of humour, make yourself appealing. The rest should go softly thereafter.

Justine Moisan
[email protected]

Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 04:30:56 PM
i just wanted movies that showed people bound and gagged, and wearing all their clothes (no shoes is ok)

Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 06:16:47 PM
There is a vampire movie called "Underworld". And it has a bit of bondage. Especailly with cuffs.

Stars Kate Beckinsale.

Mr. E
[email protected]

Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 06:53:26 PM
hey i'm new here and i read a few stories and noticed that ther already is a Jason so i'll call myself Jason K as in Kay not ku. also i l\want to say that shortie's stories are pretty cool and ironmans is pretty gay. i'll send some stories sometime and if someone could...could they tell me how to not double send? thx see u guys (and especally girls) around
Jason K

Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 07:12:02 PM
Hey im...14 .....i skateboard i draw anime...i play electric guitar ...and i sing...i like anime...and i wont forget bondage.....i had it done to me but not as i really wanted was not fun....well....i was tied by my old firend mike...and...i was at his house one day and i was in his room...and he knew i like Bondage cuz i always talk to him about it that day....we just sat down watching tv in his room and the i layed on his bed he held me down...and he tied me / eagle spread..position...i liked it but i soo wanted more *sighs*....O well i have dirty blonde hair that goes a lil past my shoulders and ..i have straight hair i have a clear face i dont have a big nose !...i have three my ears and a wear black i like skating alot i have an enjoi skateboard...i have brownish greenish eyes....normal sized breasts for my age lol...34 B i wear a size six in slim not Fat .....but not too me if u want to kno more about me and would like to get to kno me ...S/N------->(Childindarkness5) um... yea ...i live in Nj if you do ... Ur Awesome ! ^.^ lol....

Your BOndage SLave -X-LiZzY-X-

[email protected]
Carteret, Nj

Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 07:41:56 PM
Justine Moisan
The main reason guys ask a girl [not necessarily in the best way]'so what do you want' or words to that effect is because they have to hack through a ton of feminist & non-feminist 'do & dont's'& that every girl is different in what is most appealing to her in any given situation.

Guys are just so confused [a feminist intention] so the only way, right or wrong, is to ask her!

Ask say 50 females[as surveys do] what attracts her to a guy when they first talk and you will get 50 different answers!

The fear of rejection for guys being the 'chaser' is always there and always has to be handled. Instead of girls waiting for the 'right' guy to say the 'right' thing at the 'right' time[whatever that is] why don't more of them risk the same amount of rejection for first contacts to a guy of THEIR choosing.

Being creative and having a sense of humour and being appealing applys to BOTH genders not just guys.


Wednesday, January 5th 2005 - 08:11:39 PM
To Buddy
Your story seems okay, but if you continue it, leave out the sexual content. The first part had way too much. Canuck clearly states on the post page that the board is only for stories without sexual content. There may be a sexual fetish for bondage, but it doesn't mean it's a fetish for everyone. This page is primarily for the people who enjoy bondage just for the fun of it, not the erotic excitation of it. There are plenty of other places on the internet that cater to bondage as a fetish; let's not drag this site into that category.
[email protected]

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 12:26:19 AM
I think Dorain is right. Maybe you should keep this "sexual assault story" for adult site and keep going with "kids stories".

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 03:26:49 AM
Public Apology
Dorain and J.F., you are both so right. I realize now with your help that my writing is a bit too sensuous for this site. I am so sorry, everyone. If I offended anyone here with my story, will you pleae forgive me? It wasn't my intention to abuse the rules of the site or be too erotic; I honestly didn't realize I had gone that far. Again, my deepest apologies to all. And thanks, Dorain and J.F., for being honest and brave enough to finally say what everyone else was probably thinking.

Sadly, I guess I cannot continue to write for this site. Since I am a "handgag guy" who finds the fetish exciting and erotic, there is no place for this style of writing here. So apologies to all who were waiting for Part II of my story. It wouldn't be fair to continue it here.

Canuck, please accept my apologies for inadvertently overstepping the bounds of your site. Please delete my story if you feel it should go--you won't offend me.

If anyone wants to chat about handgags, you've got my e-mail below. God love all of you and God bless.

[email protected]

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 03:48:35 AM
Duct Taper
Try fmconcepts (home of Hepless heroines )and follow links to their wrapped up tight bondage / mummification site
[email protected]

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 05:54:38 AM
hey guys
hey guys my name is elimay if there is anyone in the outhern part of florida that is interested in a game i am 16/f just email me or my aim is poodlepincesyami
[email protected]

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 04:59:28 PM
I LIVE IN SOUTHERN FLORIDA, MY AIM is Beatrix kiddo331, im a guy so u know, i like kill bill, so thats why my messanger is a chix name

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 06:39:51 PM
can u tell me another site than link wrapped up tight, for mummification bondage?
duct taper

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 06:53:02 PM
My first experience...
Hey heres a stroy that i hope u all time i was sitting at home with my GF chelsie and we wer watching a movie a kinda romantic comedy (THE GIRL NEXT DOOR) so anyway i'm 16 and chelsie is 16 and we each have a brother that is 14 and ther best friends (wat a cawinky dink) so we wer watching the movie and her brother and my brother (i'll just say are brothrs cuase it's less typeing) wanted to get back at us for locking them in my brother's room closet (it has a lock on the outside)i locked them inside so that me and chelsie could make out wile my parents wer gone. so I went to get a couple cans of coke and popcorn. wile i was gone they grabbed chelsie and tied her to a chair and put her feet in a big bole of smelly stuff ( don't no wat it was) and then when i came in the room and saw her...Her brother went around the other way and grabbed me and they tied me to a chair and set it faceing chelsie. they took her feet out of the bole and they put a pot upside down on my lap and taped it ther (so i couldn't knock it off...) and they then put her feet up on it so that her smelly feet wher in my face. they did the same to me and put it on her lapwe sat ther for 5 hours with or feet like that until i broke free and got up...chelsie kept on mmmppphhhing into her tape gagg to tell me to let her goput i said not yet...

and i went and grabbed our brothers and threw them and locked the closet more next time.... feed back

Jason K

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 07:56:14 PM
Just Saying Hey
I just wanted to let everyone know that I love all of your stories. I'm sure theres tons of people who read this stories and never say anything or post so I figured I'd say something to all the people on here that actually do post. Mad props to you all and keep up the good work. Some excellent writing.
I have a few stories of my own which I hope to eventually post whenever I have the time. (some of which I have pictures of)
If anyone wants to contact me to chat my AIM is TheKidProdogy. and btw im 18/M/NY(college)-OH(resident)
[email protected]

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 08:00:27 PM
First experience
SPELL CHECK!! Geez....I couldn't hardly read that!!!!
[email protected]

Thursday, January 6th 2005 - 09:27:47 PM
Jason, use proper grammar! I could barely read your story!
My First Experience

Friday, January 7th 2005 - 01:09:58 AM
Hospital Handgags--For Those Who Want The Rest
Hi folks, this is Buddy. Please don't think, anyone, that I am angry, insulted, or hurt about the comments made about my stories. I am fine. No hard feelings at all. You were right--my handgag stories are a bit too "adult" in nature with their erotic elements and detailed descriptions. This site is not the proper place for that. And I don't want to diminish their effect for the handgag lover by trying to change my writing style by leaving out all the details and vivid descriptions. I don't feel my writing belongs here.

I am getting e-mails from those who are asking for the rest of the story. Thank you all for writing. I appreciate your enthusiasm and interest. There are far more handgag lovers out there than I thought. I don't want to disappoint you, so I have a solution that hopefully will please you.

Are you a handgag lover who wants to know what happened in Parts II and III of "Hospital Handgags"? Here's how you can find out.

i will write up a summary of the events from the rest of the story and put it in my draft folder. Anyone who wants a copy can get one by request. Just send me an e-mail address to send you a copy of my story when it is ready. Now I will copy down all e-mail addresses contacting me so that when I have the story finished, you'll get one. If you want one, you must specifically write and request one. I think that's fair to those who were left hanging.

So if you want to read what happened next, send me an e-mail and I'll put you on my "Send A Copy To" list when it's ready. Make sure you mention you want a copy of Hospital Handgags when you write, so I will know why you wrote me.

Thanks for the interest, guys and ladies. God bless you handgag lovers!

[email protected]

Friday, January 7th 2005 - 01:25:20 AM
Well, I've been to your Tie Up Gang Dominion web site and I gave you some positive feedback on it... But you haven't updated it, and still, only the first story is available there. Are you serious about this web site, and are you going to be posting the rest of the stories? Or was it just a tease?

Friday, January 7th 2005 - 06:22:54 AM
To Liz
Hey Liz ( or whatever your name is ) Tried to email you but message failed - Email me on [email protected]
[email protected]

Friday, January 7th 2005 - 02:45:24 PM
My Roommate
I had a roommate she was 19 at the time and I was 25 her name is Sarah and she liked me we were like best friends so as bad as I wanted to hook up with her I didnt because I didnt want to destroy our friendship. So needless to say we were friends with benefits now understand Sarah was comfortable around me so when she would be at home she would only have on a T-shirt and panties or one of her nightys with panties to match. She had that innocent girl next door look and to be honest it was a turn on I could tell her anything and she could tell me anything as well. Sarah and I talked all the time she knew my deepest darkest secrets and I knew hers. It was no big secret to her that I was into bondage and even that I had female subs. Still I never asked her to try it I just could never imagine her doing something like that. Anyway on with my story this really did happen and if you dont believe it fine but I hope you still enjoy the story.

It was a rainy day and neither of us had any place we had to be the shows on TV were all boring and we had watched all the movies a bunch of times so that was out of the question. Sarah had on one of her nightys a pink satin one had thin straps and hung down to about her midthigh she had on matching socks I couldnt see her panties but knowing her they matched to. I had on sweat pants and a T-shirt with my socks on to I told her I was bored so I was going to go straighten up my room maybe move a few things around. Sarah asked if she could help me she wanted something to do as well I told her OK so we went to my room and started. We decided to move things around and arrange things in my room she started in my closet hanging my cloths the needed to be hung up. I had to use the restroom and asked her if she wanted me to grab her a soda while I was at it she said yes please. When I returned to my room she was sitting on my bed with my duffel bag wide open and a red face a closer look at her and I knew why her face was red she had found my bag of toys as I called it and had put on the metal handcuffs Allis she could say was you busted me I just laughed and said its OK. She told me she put them on just messing around but forgot to check for the keys first and she couldnt find them in the bag. I explained to her how I kept the keys on my key ring so they were easier to find I pulled my key ring out of my pocket planing to let her go but she told me to wait. Its time for a break and besides I kind of like these on me I was in shock I never thought she would say something like that. Can you open my soda for me please she asked so I did and we sat there drinking them when she was finished I tried to unlock the cuffs again but again she stopped me In a playful voice she said I was a bad girl sir I was snooping in your things shouldnt you punish me for that. You cant be serious I told her but she was why have you never asked to tie me up she asked I had to be honest with her so I explained how I just never could imagine her doing anything like that but your stronger than I am you could have made me do it. I told her that it didnt matter she had to be willing to submit and besides the first time both parties should be willing so its not so scary. So what if I am willing besides you cant let me get away with snooping now can you? I said no I couldnt but are you sure you want to do this? Yes she said so do I call you sir? Well I explained its up to you how far do you want to go with this. I want you to do the same things to me that you did to the other girls you used to do this with your in charge of me Sir its your call I said OK fine but remember you said that Yes Sir I will she said with a smile. Stand up and follow me she did as she was told and I grabbed the bag and we walked to the front room I sat her down on the couch now stay put I will be right back I locked the doors to the house and closed the blinds then I returned to her so you like to snoop do you well now how should I punish you for this I asked its your call Sir she said. Stand up I said and I removed one of the cuffs pulling her hands behind her I locked her wrists behind her back. I made sure the were not to tight but she protested I told you I want you to do to me like you did to the others listen I will be honest I have wanted to do this for a long time so dont be afraid to do it to me. I tightened the cuffs and said fine she let out a gasp at first but then she was fine I put her down on the floor laying her on her stomach I pushed her ankles together then tied them tightly with a piece of rope. I tied another piece around her thighs just above her knees and with another piece I tied to her ankles and brought it up them up to the cuffs and tied it off to the chain on the handcuffs so that she was hog-tied. One last time I asked her if she wanted to go on she looked scared but she said yes she was just playing the part and if she wanted to stop it was to late now besides she had to play the part. I grabbed a bandanna from my bag and tied it around her eyes tight I stood up to admire my work she was fighting to get free then he stopped and said Sir you forgot something what if I wanted to scream you cant let that happen. I didnt forget but I was just trying to go easy on her since it was her first time but she didnt want that so I decided to give her what she wanted. In my bag was a ball gag I pulled it out and gagged her with it. After I had her totally secure I started to tickle her feet I removed her socks and kept tickling them for a good 5 minutes after I did that I stood up and told her I would be back and went to finish my room. After about an hour I was finished I returned to Sarah her nighty had been pushed up above her waist and her pink panties were exposed. I untied her and helped her up lets do this again she said it was fun I told her I was far from being finished but for now I was letting her have a break besides we have the whole weekend.

To Be Continued

Master KR
[email protected]
United States

Friday, January 7th 2005 - 04:25:07 PM
First story? Thanks for telling me, I'll check it out. I've updated quite a bit, there should be far more stories up. Hopefuly by tomorrow this mess will bhe fixed. Sorry about that.

Friday, January 7th 2005 - 04:51:32 PM
My Dominatrix Cousin PT1
Last summer, my cousin Shelby(14) came over to spend the summer with me. The weather here in the summer was generaly warm but rarely got into the high 90's and not many cool breezes in between. This meant we would probaly be swimming a lot, however swimming wasn't done nearly as much as what came to be.

Me being a male of 13, of course welcomed Shelby all gentlemen like. We knew eachother well and were very close. We weren't even scared of seeing eachother in the nude though we didn't walk around like that. The first night I showed her around the house and ate some dinner. The next morning my parents leaft for work, leaving us alone. The house was averaged size so it wasn't exactly somewhere that needed to be explored further for Shelby.

"Wanna go down to the pool?"asked Shelby. We agreed, got our swim gear on along with towels and snadles and headed down. However when we arrived, the pool had been closed for some reason or another, I casn't remember at the time. "This sucks"I said and we headed hoem. Now we were bored out of our minds. Sure, we had breakfast at that point but then what? Finally Shelby said" Follow me to the guest room, I know what we can do"(you know where this is going)

I followed her into her guest bedroom, which was only slightly bigger then my room. She asked me to lay down and close my eyes. I heared her rummage through a bag and before I knew it, I felt something being tied tightly and rapidly around my wrist. Panickedly I opened my eyes when Shelby sat on me. "What are you doing?"I asked. "Isn't it obvious? I'm tieing you up, nice and tight"she said finishing the knot of my wrist.

I felt excited and just a little weired about this but she had allreayd began tieing rope around my other wrist. After that, she took the two ends of the rope and pulled my hands together, winding the rope around and making a nice tight knot. My hands werer securely tied in front of me. Next she shoved my hands on the bed above my head and by this point I was aroused greatly. She tied some more rope around my allready bound wrists and then tied it tightly to the headboard. There was no long strand, my hands were tied right at the headboard. I felt helpless and gratified but she wasn't done yet.

She tied two strands of rope around my ankles, taking the other end and tieing them to the two posts on the other end of the bed. Then she took another strand of rope and tied my allready tied apart ankles together, making it unmovable. "That's enough"I said as she took more rope out. "Are you kidding? Still some more to do" I tested my bonds allready and couldn't even struggle! I was stetched out and the bonds were too tight(though they didn't hurt)

Shelby began tieing ropes around my knees and tieing them to the other posts as well, then tied them together. Then the same to my elbows, the very same. Then she went for the kill. Taking a long strand of rope, she pulled it under and through the mattress over and over and tied a knot around my stomach. She clapped her hands off and I tried again, I knew I wasn't going anywhere. It was a glorious feeling.

"You're good"I said. She thanked me for my compliment of course. "So, how long will I remain tied up like this?"I asked. Shelby giggled, grabbing a towel, some tape, and sitting right on top of me. I was in heaven. "I'm not gonna untie you, you have have to free yourself"she said tauntingly. "I can't"I said. She stuffed the towel in my mouth, many of it sticking out. She took the white tape, making a long strip reaching from both cheeks and without even closing my mouth, she placed it on. I tested it, it silenced me and I couldn't get it off since my arms and legs were useless.

"I'll be in the next room watching some TV. You can mmph for water and stuff but you have to untie yourself. If your parents catch you like this then I'll tell them you agreed to this. Good luck"she said before pecking me on the cheek, which made my day.

She left and I knew struggling was pointless but she sounded serious when she said she wouldn't untie me. I just layed there helpless, it was all I could do.

To Be Continued....


Friday, January 7th 2005 - 06:54:53 PM
my first experience #2
hey i had to leave early yesterday so im sorry for nor finshing and im not that good in english so please try to live with it until i get better thx

anyway back to the story.....I broke free and chelsie started mmmppphhhing to get me to untape her (cause our brothers used tape... pure duct tape)but i said "not until i tape them! up and lock them in the closet" so i went upstairs only to find that they went through the kitchen into the living room (wer chelsie was) and up the stairs wer they grbbed me through me to the floor and put me in a classic hogtie this time useing rope. and they put a piece of tape over my mouth and my brother said "ure going to spend the night like this in the closet! and if u have to pee... go in ure pants!" so they put me in the closet but they didn't close it yet...i waited to find out wat was going on when i saw them come into the room with chelsie. they deiceded instead to put use both in a spred eagle tie
wer me head was at the front and hers was faceing backwards (wer the feet are supposed to go) they put use like that so that are feet wer in each others faces cause they smell bad remember... so they tied a rope over both of use and under the bed so that we wer tied togeth and wer totally inmobbalizzed and they left use like that all night until
12 0'clock the next day (cause are parents wer at a huge party=beer+drunk=sleep ther oh shit i gotta go again i'll finssh next time feedback

Jason K

Saturday, January 8th 2005 - 01:21:57 AM
I have a story of tying up my mom if anyone wants to hear it.

Saturday, January 8th 2005 - 04:25:06 PM
My Dominatrix Cousin PT2

Getting out of my bonds was out of the question. I could barely move and the knots were out of reach. She had tied me perfectly. The only way I could get out was for someone to untie me but the only ones home were me and Shelby. I wiggled a bit before sighing throuhg my gag and resting. The rope felt great against my skin, and even though I was stretched out, I was still fairly comfortable. A few moments later Shelby came back in. I was getting excited at what she would do next.

She hopped onto the bed and layed right on top of me. I must've blushed because she giggled like Hell. She stook her barefeet in the air and began waving them. She checked a few of my bonds. She then layed her legs down flat. "I knew it, you can't get out, can you?"she asked. I shook my head. She giggled again. "You realize I could leave you tied up all day, right?"she asked. "MMPH!"I yelled in protest. I enjoyed this sensastion but all day? My parents seeing me, now that I thought of it, was horrifying! I gave it another go but it did no good. She went to the other side of the bed and began tickling my bare feet. I laughed hard through my gag but I wasn't about to get anyone's attention. My window was too high for anyone outside the see us, plus the blinds were still on.

After a good five minutes I was beat. Shelby, in what I thought an act of mercy, began to untie me. It took her a few minutes and I was sorta glad. However she left my hands tied in front of me(though she removed my gag) and pulled me up, pushing me out of the room and into my room, the room she was watching TV in. None of my other stuff had been touched luckily. I tried to make a run but she grabbed my elbow and swung me back in. I fell face first onto my knees(it was a rug si didn't hurt) Shelby brought the rope she binded me with before with her.

Helping me to my feet, she sat me down on a chair she must've brought in from the kitchen. She sat me down and held me down with one arm. My legs weren't very strong and with my arms tied, my upper body strength was poor. She began winding the rope around my upper body and the chair, every wind done tightly. It was just about at the shoulder area as well as my chest area. When she was done I was stuck to the chair but still able to move my bound arms slightly. She took some more rope and held my bound arms on my lap, and began winding rope around the seat, tieing my bound hands to my lap as well as my upper legs to the chair.

I had to admit, she was inventive. "Whatever I did, I'm sorry"I began to plea as she finished the knot. She walked behind me and pulled a red bandana behind my teeth, wrapped it around a couple of times and tied the knot tightly. I mmphed through my gag for her to stop but my mmphs couldn't be heared very far and she then tied my ankles to the chair legs. She then wound more rope around my lower body area, just above my lap. When she was done she dusted her hands off and I struggled with all my might but once again it was hopeless. "You said you were bored, right? Besides, at least I'm keeping you out of trouble"she teased grabbing my nose and wiggling it.

I was enjoying not just the bindings but the fact that a girl had me at her mercy, plus I knew she wasn't going to do anything dirty or harmful to me. She checked over all my bonds this time.

She turned on my TV and turned it to some random channel. "There, some TV so you don't get bored. I'll check on you every now and then to make sure you're safe, and that you don't get away, okay? Enjoy yourself buddy"she said patting my cheeks before leaving.

Again, I was in heaven. I was also alone and hepless now. I tried again for another five minutes but absoloutely no progress was made. Sighing through my gag, I decided to watch TV while the time passed.

To Be Continued....


Saturday, January 8th 2005 - 10:33:22 PM
my first experience #3
sorry for running out last time and for swearing but i had to type fast so i said wat was in my mind... anyway the rest of my story isn't that much so i'll just sum it up.

after they untied us they said "we'll do it again if u try to get back at us so I said "oh ya?" and we grabbed, tied and gagged them and put them in the closet and locked it and didn't take them out until late that night (while my parents wer asleep) this happened recently so i'll post another story if they get us back thx for reading

please tell me if this story sucked and i'll probably right a fake one if it did (just kidding)

please send feedback

Jason K

Saturday, January 8th 2005 - 10:40:14 PM
hey has anyone ever heard of the online game called runescape? it's pretty awsome (though i'm new at it) if u play it add

off da rails

to your friends listif you havn't well then you should check it out it's pretty Rad but my sick guitar is Radest!

Jason K

Saturday, January 8th 2005 - 11:23:49 PM
I agree, Some Dude From Hawaii, we need some more Airsoft stories- GreenBeretWannaBe, Front and Center!


Larry Thorne

Sunday, January 9th 2005 - 06:20:52 AM
Gutter, brilliant story, please continue soon!!

Sunday, January 9th 2005 - 10:07:42 AM
My Dominatrix Cousin PT3
Not much on the TV I was watching. I was in the middle of same dumb movie or other. Of course I wasn't going to be changing the channel anytime soon. "MMPH! MRPH!"I yelled as loudly as I could through the gag. Nothing, not even a giggle to signify she had heared me.I decided to give it another go, this time throwing my weight around all I could. I still couldn't even feel slack.

My cousin came in around ten minutes later and laughed at me, still struggling uselessly. Without a word she bent down and untied the ropes on my lap and hands. I was still tied in the other areas so I still couldn't much get away. I moved my hands up to remove my gag. "Oh no you don't"she said laughingly and pulled my hands behind the chair, tieing them together tightly, then tieing another rope around those knots. She undid my other bonds, leaving my hands tied and of course my gag. Taking the other rope with her, she brought me down into the basement.

She gently pulled me down so I was face first on the cold, concrete floor. She tied my ankles in the same fashion she had tied my wrists, then tied around my knees and connected the other end to my wrist bonds, elevating my legs up a little. Then she tied some more rope around my ankles and tied the other end around my wrists, elevating more. She stood up and dusted her hands off again. I was enjoying eing constantly tied up like this. I mmphed through the gag, making her giggle again. She layed out on the floor and grabbed my cheeks, pinching them like a gradnma.

"Wow, bound and gagged by a girl! You can't even escape!"she taunted. I didn't respond but instead of embaressment I just found more liking to it. If it was a boy I might've been embaressed but for some reason with a girl it just felt so much better. "Now, admit you like being bound and gagged or else I'll leave you like this for your parents to find"she said. I nodded to the best of my ability and she chuckled, saying she knew it. "Good boy"she said patting me on the head. I could've sworn I blushed then.

"Good, I'll be down in half an hour"she said. While she was gone I tested my bonds and found myself helpless again. I then limply laid there, the sensastion of being in these bonds was great. True to her word, Shelby came down and then finally untied me comepletely, leaving me to take off the gag myself.

"Tomorrow you can tie me up, allright?"she said. I nodded, allready entrhalled at the thought. This was the first of many bondage games between us that summer.


Sunday, January 9th 2005 - 11:45:47 AM
19 Year Old, always up for a good chat.
[email protected]

Sunday, January 9th 2005 - 08:00:54 PM
I am up for chatting if u are.Feel free to send me an e-mail anytime.
Alfie M
[email protected]

Monday, January 10th 2005 - 11:07:56 AM
Where's Vicki?
Hello all, I don't get to posting here much at all, but I did find in the archives, some old stories from a mom named Vicki. She used to tie up her son Rob, along with her sister Lori and her friend Kathy. Has anyone heard from her lately? I think she last posted in 2001.
[email protected]

Monday, January 10th 2005 - 04:05:54 PM
cought by my sister in self bondage
well here goes
[email protected]

Monday, January 10th 2005 - 04:50:18 PM
cought by my sister in self bondage
Hi all,

This is a very true story that just happened yesterday Jan 9th 2005. I'm a 17 yr old male living in new york i'm a senior in high school i have a sister who's in college and is home for the winter break. anyway i've always had a fetish for feet and bondage my sister always wore heels barefoot and i would sneak into her room and smell her shoes when she wasn't home. well this past day she was supposed to be gone all day. so i went into the spare room where she stays when she comes home from college and decided to smell her sneakers as that was all she had in the room. It wasn't working well enough for me so i decided to do some self bondage i began by gagging myself with a pair of her socks dirty of course i stuffed one in my mouth and tied the other around my mouth to keep it in place. then i got some rope and tied my ankles together very tight, then proceeded to tie her sneaker over my face with a tie so i had to smell it. i then made a slip-knot with more rope and bound my hands behind my back. well i realized i made a mistake because the slip-knot was way too tight and i couldn't get out of it. uh oh for me... anyway to make a long story short my sister came home about 15 minutes after my too tight slip-knot. i heard her coming to the spare room and the door opened then there was an awful "what the hell are you doing in here" sound then she proceded to walk over to me and questioned me like a nazi. i couldn't even talk her sneaker along with the sock gag was just too tight.. she was all freaked out at this point!!! she took the tie off as well as the sneaker then she asked again "STEVE" WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE. now i was able to talk.. i didn't know what to say she had me nailed i was so humiliated i had to come clean and explain to her that i had a foot fetish, enjoyed smelling feet/shoes/socks the whole nine yards. she kept me tied up as she grilled me, she asked if this was the first time i smelled her shoes believe me when i say i had to come clean I TOLD HER EVERYTHING. then she stopped questioning me she sat down with a puzzled look on her face and said ok whatever.. i asked her to untie me and she told me no way your going to live your fantasy fetish. she was wearing black boots with stockings she removed the boots peeled off her ankle stockings and told me to open wide i had no choice she put the stockings into my mouth sat on my chest and put the palm of her right hand over my mouth then lifted her left foot over my nose and kept it there for what seemed like forever, about 10 minutes then she switched she put her left hand over my mouth and her right foot over my nose for another 10 minutes.. well then she got up and told me i needed to get a life and if she ever cought me screwing around with her shoes again she would kick me where it hurt.


[email protected]

Monday, January 10th 2005 - 06:10:11 PM

Early one Saturday morning, my girlfriend Sandi called me on the telephone.

Whatcha doin, Will? she asked.

Trying to sleep in Sandi, and not doing a very good job of it, thanks to you. I replied.

Well, I just thought you might be interested in something I got in the mail this morning. Its something I ordered especially for you.

Gifts, this early in the morning, what can I say, thanks very much. Now can I go back to sleep?

Ok, but with your interest in tie up games and bondage, I thought you would want to know about this little gift right away.

My ears perked up at the word bondage. My sudden keen interest was mixed with surprise since Sandi had always been a reluctant participant in my bondage games. She was continually threatening to pay me back for all the times I had made her helpless, and then mercilessly teased her while she was tied up.

Suddenly you have my undivided attention Sandi, please tell me more.

I knew that would get your juices flowing sleepyhead. Well if you are interested in finding out what your gift is, you will have to come over to my place. My parents are out of town till tomorrow night late, so I thought you might like to have a bit of fun. Tell your parents you are having a sleep over at a friends house, that way we can have most of today and all of tomorrow playing with your new gift. What do you say, Will?

Thats a rhetorical question, right? Ill be over as soon as I have a shower and some breakfast

Ill be waiting Will, just make sure you tell your parents about that sleepover, I want you all to myself for the next day and a half.

All to herself, that didnt sound right. After all this was a gift for me and she would be on losing end of any bondage games we played. Oh well, I thought, we can cross that bridge when we come to it.

I finished my shower, dressed, and went downstairs to fix myself some breakfast. I asked my mom if was ok to have a sleepover and she agreed. Soon I was hurrying over to Sandis in a heightened state of excitement.

Hi Will. It didnt take you long to get over. I guess I provided you with the right incentive. Sandi said with a sly smile on her face.

Are you ready for some bondage fun?

You know me Sandi, the more rope the better.

Ok then, your present is in an envelope in the basement. I would have gift wrapped it, but a plain brown wrapper seemed more appropriate to the item inside.

Lets go to the basement then, and the sooner the better. I said.

We walked around to the back of Sandis house to the basement entrance. I noticed while we were walking that Sandi kept looking around apparently to see if anyone was watching us. She opened the door to the basement and quickly pulled me inside. She then turned around and locked the door behind us.

Dont want to be disturbed during our little game do we?

So where is my gift. I said

Not so fast, Will. Are you sure you wont be missed until tomorrow?

What do you mean, wont be missed, are you kidnapping me or are we just going to spend the night here.

I just meant I want to be sure that you let your parents know about the sleepover, thats all.

Dont worry I am all yours until tomorrow dinner time, I hope that is good enough.

Oh, that will be plenty of time for what I have in mind Will, plenty.

Lets get started then. I offered.

Alright, the first thing you have to do is open your present.

I picked up the brown envelope, tore the top off, and shook the contents onto a nearby sofa. A six-foot length of rope, knotted in the middle fell out of the package.

This looks interesting. I said. I wonder what this is all about, pointing to the knot.

Its called a ropecuff, and it is what you re going to tie me up with. It is a special knot and if you bear with me I will show you how it works. That is if you are still interested in tying me up. Sandi said with a grin.

No question about that, I replied as long as your explanation ends with me getting to tie you up.

Ok, but to do this properly you have to follow my instructions to the letter when you tie me up, is that agreed?

Its a deal.

Alright, you will notice that the ropecuff has two loops on either side of the knot. Those are for my hands to go into. After you have tightened the loops around my wrists with my hands behind my back, you will take the free ends of the rope and bring it around to the front and tie it off. You can tighten the wrist loops as tight as you want, and make the knot in front as tight as you want. After you have finished I will try to get free. Got that?

Sounds good to me.

Sandi turned her back to me, and put her hands behind her back. I put the two loops over her wrists and tightened them until she let out a little yelp.

Not too tight, I hope. Dont want to you to get free too quickly.

I just hope these ropecuffs work the way they are supposed to. Sandi said with an uncomfortable look on her face.

They work for me. I volunteered.

If you are satisfied that the cuffs are tight enough Will, tie off the loose ends at the front. You can double or triple knot them.

Ok, triple knots it is.

After I had completed my task, I stood back to enjoy the view. Sandi looked lovely all tied up in my new ropecuffs. The ropeknot used a strange knot, one that I had never seen before, and although I wasnt completely sure, it seemed secure enough.

Are you happy with your handiwork, Will? Sandi asked.

I would have liked to have been able to add a few ropes, maybe a hogtie and a ballgag, but since you are providing the instructions, I suppose that it will have to do.

I bet that I can get out of this tie up in less than a minute, Will and if you let me tie you up with the same knot, you wont be able to get free in an hour. What do you say, are you willing to take that bet?

Sure, Ill bet that if you can get out of it a minute I should be able to get out in half that time.

You are on. Sandi said almost gleefully.

I began to think that maybe I was a little hasty with my bet, but Sandi knew that I would follow through with the challenge.

Sandi then asked me to turn my back, so that I couldnt observe her while she was freeing herself from the ropes. True to her words she made her escape in what seemed more like ten seconds than a minute.

Ready to give the ropecuffs a try Will? Sandi grinned.

Just make sure you dont tie the cuffs too loosely, I dont want to beat your time too badly.

Fat chance of that. Sandi stated confidently.

I turned around and offered my wrists to Sandi. First she applied both cuffs snuggly and while still behind me put the free rope ends to either side of my waist and tied them in a knot at the front. I was surprised that she hadnt pulled the cuffs as tightly around the wrist as I had. Maybe she knew something I didnt, maybe the trick of the ropecuffs was in the looseness and not the tightness of the ropes. Well I would soon find out.

How do they feel Will, as tight as you made them on me? No. No matter. Lets see how good you are at getting free. On your mark, get set, go.

to be continued

[email protected]

Monday, January 10th 2005 - 06:15:39 PM
ropecuffs url

Closed membership now... open soon

[email protected]

Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 07:53:47 AM
Has anyone ever known of any experiences or stories whereby some guy was tied up by surprise, then had his SHOES removed and FEET TICKLED? Would love to hear, please post

Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 11:06:12 AM
This site is great!

Anyone got any stories about twins being tied up? I've got a twin brother (we are 14) and we used to tie our older brother up a lot until we were caught by him and his buddies. I've looked for any similar stories but can't find any.

Can anyone help?


Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 05:49:27 PM
i_regulator, king_regulator, master_king_regulator
Don't go to his site or talk to him or any of his other aliases. I have just recieved notice on good authority he hacked the email listed above.

The site he is running his scam out of is

The woman who notified me of this seems very upset, even though her password was unique to that site, and hardly ever used it.

I swear between all the truely evil and despicable people who seem to be taking over bondage boards, I'm about completely ashamed to admit I liked tying girls up.

A user
[email protected]

Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 06:17:38 PM
Could you be more specific? Like what king of scam and bad things does that guy do?

Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 06:33:53 PM
I'm not sure
I'm trying to get her calmed down past the point of typing in all caps YOU BONDAGE GUYS SUCK over and over again.

It seems the site is a real looking but fake yahoo login that steals yahoo passwords, and she fell for it.

So she's blaming all of us.

Now it looks like you younger guys have something new to worry about why your girlfriend won't let you tie them up, the way she was treated online.

It might be too much to ask, but can people try to act civilized?

A user

Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 07:13:31 PM
Mail napping
It is very easy to send an email message that looks like it comes from any account you want, e.g. [email protected] the guy you are talking about has probably done something like that.

Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 07:30:07 PM
Ah, I see!
I've seen this strategy been used on hacker sites, a fake hotmail or yahoo site is manufactured down to the smallest details, then the creator tells the victim something like "hey this URL to yahoo logs you in 10X as fast or is super encrypted".

When in reality, the victim types in their user name and password, which is then forwarded to creator. Then again....people should pay attention at the URL...I mean come on..."geocities/XXXXXXX"? he could have at least made it more professional.

I think someone should report him to geocities and shut him down.


Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 10:26:59 PM
A clarification
It was the regulator screen names at yahoo that were doing the hacking, all have been reported, the full email that displayed below my first message in this thread was the one that was hacked by those people.

I'm sorry for the confusion, but it took a lot for me to convince the owner of the hacked account I wasn't one of the bad guys.

Now I'm in need of a little convincing.

It wasn't my fault she got hacked, or anybody's really, besides her and her hacker's, but for few moments, I was a bad guy to her, a bondage guy; and to her we were all evil; and I'm not certain her opinion will ever change.

I look at this and other boards and think of how I used to remember them when I first started reading them, and read them now, and I'm not certain her opinion ought to change.

Maybe we are all pigs.

A user

Tuesday, January 11th 2005 - 11:04:03 PM
For a start, you could read this:

But what you write sounds as if you could tell some great stories yourself. So sit down and WRITE!


Thursday, January 13th 2005 - 01:26:08 PM
Ropecuffs (continued)

I began frantically pulling at the ropes and using my fingers to try and loosen the loops that held my hands. It seemed as though I was able to open the cuff part of the knot a little, but the amount wasnt enough to slip my hands out. I twisted and pulled at the ropes, hoping that shear force would allow me to escape. Again no luck. The clock was running. I briefly looked at Sandi to see her reaction to my increasingly frantic struggles. Her smile was broadening as the seconds ticked by.

Whats the matter Will, not as good as me? Need some help?

Just give me a few more seconds, and Ill be loose. I said.

I thought I would be able to get loose, but as time passed, I became more and more certain that I wasnt going to be able to get out of Sandis ropecuffs. I tried pulling my hands toward the front to help me see the knot and hopefully see how to undo the strange knot, but the waist rope stopped me from getting a good look. I tried pulling the waist rope backward to get at the knot tied at the front, but pulling on one side drew my hands back on the opposite side so that a no go as well. Besides, I thought to myself, even if I did get the front knot untied I would still be left with my hands tied and getting my hands loose would still be impossible.

Take your time Will, you have already lost our first little bet. But I have a new bet for you. Ill bet you cant get free in next thirty minutes, and with this bet I am not giving you a choice whether you want to take it or not.

As Sandi spoke she approached me and took hold of the two ends of the rope attached to the front knot and began leading me toward the centre of the basement.

Hey, what are you up to?

I am just going to attach you to this post over here, so you cant cheat and look around the basement for something to cut those ropes off. You are going to have thirty minutes to get those ropecuffs off all by yourself. Sandi said.

I am not so sure I can get them off by myself. I said with a half smile.

Thats going to be a problem for you then, isnt it?

I resisted Sandis tugging and she responded by grabbing the rope tied around my waist and pulling directly on it.

Come on my little captive, just a couple of more steps and I will be able to lash you to that post. Its for your own good you know, you wouldnt want to be able to cheat would you?

How would I be able to cheat if you are here watching over me? I said.

Who said I was going to stay here. I plan to go upstairs and watch a little Saturday morning television. You are the one who likes bondage. So now you have what you want. I hope you enjoy being tied up for a day or so. Its a little payback for all those times you had me at your mercy.

A day or so, you plan to keep me tied to this post for the whole night, are you crazy!

Crazy like a fox to fool you at your own game is more like it Will. Ill see you in a little while. If you need anything just whistle. I might not answer, but it will be nice to know you are still down here all tied up. Bye.

Sandi turned and walked up the stairs. At the top of the stairs she turned and looked back.

I hope you are having a good time Will, I know I am.

With that, she turned off the basement light, closed the door and locked it.

to be continued

[email protected]

Thursday, January 13th 2005 - 03:26:20 PM
Great story waag, please keep going ASAP!
Jerry Burns

Thursday, January 13th 2005 - 05:05:45 PM
great job
Hey steve, i loved your story, e-mail me, i'd love to chat
[email protected]

Thursday, January 13th 2005 - 07:21:23 PM
I just found this site! Don't go online too much but it's great finding something like this to read. I have read some of the stories and am really looking forward to more in the future. Im a 20 year old male and I love gagging and handgagging girls. Not sure what most people prefer but for some reason I have always liked handgagging. I recently got to handgag my girlfriends younger sister who is 17. Her name is Leslie and she can't stay quiet for more than a minute. She's fairly attractive and is about 5'8 and is the captain of her basketball team. That day, she had on a t-shirt and shorts with no socks; hair pulled back in a pony tail(as always). she has decent legs and nice small feet. I maybe even have a pic? We were playing some stupid video game the other day and she wouldn't stop trash talking. I've handgagged her in the past but have never really got a good look at her face while doing it. She was sitting on the floor and I was on the couch behind her. I had heard the comment, "you suck!" just about enough so I decided to quickly clamp my left hand over her mouth. Normally she will push my hand away but this time she let me hold it there for quite awhile. I could feel her breath against the palm of my hand and heard her muffling something underneath. I pulled her head back slightly so I could see her face while she was being handgagged. She looked at me in annoyance as I asked her if she liked being kept quiet. My fingers could feel her lips underneth trying to move so I pressed a little harder over her mouth. Finally, after about 20 seconds she decided she had enough and pushed my hand away. I have to say that I loved every short second of it. I have more stories that i might post some other day. If you would like to talk send me an email. I am always up for hearing other stories etc...
[email protected]

Thursday, January 13th 2005 - 10:56:28 PM
you people take bondage to far!!!
Bondage is supossed to be about tying up your girl or boyfriend for fun. or pulling pranks on other nerds in your school or brothers or sisters. not like grim or duct taper or t-man, i personally like to tie up my and my gf's brother so we can make out. that is all thank you
Jason K

Friday, January 14th 2005 - 07:07:13 AM
One of the best stories I can remember on this site, please post some more!

Friday, January 14th 2005 - 06:45:55 PM
My Turn PT1
First of all, thanks for the comments. Now, onto the story.

Shelby promised she would be my captive the next day. Whenever I remembered it that night, I felt a joy well up inside me, but also a nervousness, what if I couldn't do it? What if she escaped? It would be humiliating. Laying in my room that night, I thought about how I would tie her up exactly, I couldn't wait. Morning came, we had breakfast and allready I was pumped. My parents leaft but now a new problem arrose for me. If I jumped the gun too quick Shelby might think I'm a horny freak. It was raining outside so going swimming was out of the question.

We played my PS2 up in my room for a couple of hours when Shelby finally brought it up. "C'mon, it's my turn to be tied up"she said. I turned off the game and hid more then half my excitement. We went into her room where the rope was. With the rope in my hand I thought quickly and decided I wanted to tie her so I could keep her with me yet still be able to move her if I wanted to go somewhere else in the house. I told her to turn around and put her hands behidn her. She obeyed and I began winding the rope around her wrists, until I saw her palms were facing outwards. She giggled and I unwinded the ropes and she turned them so her palms were facing.

I wound the rope around again and then tied not one but two knots so small tweezers would be needed to pick them. Small and tight. She tested them, they were too tight to break out and to squirm out of. Taking cloth from the bag, I immidiately blindfolded her, so no matter how much I gazed and admired my handywork she wouldn't know. I must've took her by suprise because she said whoa. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt ya"i said reassuring her. Now while the gag she gave me was effective, it was nasty to look at, I wanted something nicer to admire. I took the towel and told her to open wide. I stuffed the towel in so none of it was sticking out.

I then told her to close her mouth which she did. I took a long strip of tape stretching to both her cheeks and plastered it on. Next I took some more rope and bound her ankles with those same knots. She mmphed through the gag and didn't get much noise out. Wanting to be creative like her and seeing there was so much rope leaft, I tied her elbows together, then her knees, then her upper legs, then her upper arms. I tied tow more lengths one up and below the breast area, the other at her lower stomach, trapping her wrist to her back. I took some time to admire my work then felt very sleepy. I had waken up earlier then normal so decided to sleep in the bed next to her, while she struggled. When I awoke I was in for a shock. She was kneeling behind me giggling! Fully awakening to my predicament, I saw my wrists were tied to my legs. My ankles were tied together, and she was finishing the knot on the ropes on my upper body! I struggled but it felt so hopeless.

"Comfy?"she asked tauntingly. "How!"I asked. "Ropes were too loose, you should recheck your knots. Dosen't matter now though, you're mine"she said stuffing a sock in my mouth. She took two small strips of tape and tape them on the sides of my closed mouth, so my lips were taped shut with the end of the sock sticking out. She laughed, even more so at my mmphs. "If you can't tie me properly, you'll have to be punished"she said. She went down to the other end where my feet were bare and helpless. She didn't tickle it however, she did something even better. She rubbed her finger down the soul of one of my feet, in a way that it didn't tickle but felt good and arrousing.

"Poor little boy"she said in a soothing voice. After a few minutes she stood up, stretching out. She bent down and picked the blanket off the floor, putting it on top of me. I now noticed she had stripped me down to my shorts. "There, now you're nice and warm. I'll be close by so don't worry"she said. She pecked me on the cheek and giggled, I must've blushed. "Don't worry, you'll get it someday. Until then, have fun"she said rubbing her hand through my hair roughly. She walked out giving me a wave as she leaft. Great, I was a captive again...

To Be Continued


Friday, January 14th 2005 - 09:26:37 PM
Jason, I guess you could say we have a different way of doing things in my area. however, I do have a story about tying up my gf.

One time when I was at my gf's house for a while, she told me that she was bored. We were in the basement watching t.v. and I noticed through the open door to the workshop, that there was a pile of rope sitting on the floor. I told her that I would be back in a few minutes and she said o.k.

I walked over into the room and closed the door behind me. I went through the pile of ropes and found some good pieces (one was 20 feet long, there were 2 10 feet, 2 5 feet and one 3 footer). I put all of these, in order of length, in a nice neat pile. Then I walked around looking for some duct tape. After about 3 minutes, I found a roll in a drawer.

I put the duct tape in one of my cargo pants pockets, and picked up the ropes. I emerged from the room with the rope behind my back and approached my gf. Before she could ask what I was doing, i spun her around so she was stomach-side down on the couch.

I pulled her arms behind her back and sat on her butt. I used a 5 footer to tie her hands firmly in place with a double knot behind her back. Next, I grabbed her ankles and used a 10 footer to secure them with rope. While I was doing this, she kept saying "What do you think your doing?" over and over again, so I decided that was enough.

I reached down and pulled up a sock that was lying on the floor and shoved it in her mouth. I then pulled out the roll of tape and plastered her mouth shout with 2 pieces of tape that went from cheek to cheek.

After she was silenced, I took the other 10 foot rope and tied her knees together. Then I took the 3 foot rope and tied her elbows together as far as I thought they could go and tied it off with a double knotter. I then used the 20 foot rope to put her in a nice hog tie that traveled from the elbows to her ankles.

She tested her bonds and found that she could not move a bit. She kept moving for about 4 minutes when she finally gave up.

"Finished yet?" I asked.

"MMPPPHHHH!" was all she could mutter.

"Good, cuz im not." I told her.

I then turned to go tickle her feet. I was stopped abruptly when I heard creaking on the stairs...


Friday, January 14th 2005 - 10:44:03 PM
Was she barefoot to begin with when you tickled her feet, t-man?

Friday, January 14th 2005 - 10:44:53 PM
Also, how old are you two in this story?

Saturday, January 15th 2005 - 01:02:58 PM
What's the deal, man? You said your Tie Up Gang Dominion site had been updated, and you were going to see why the updates weren't showing up online... That was over a week ago. Still, the site is the same. May, Justine, Lee, and Mitch are still just empty form pages that say "Add content here." Is anything ever going to happen with this?

Saturday, January 15th 2005 - 03:40:02 PM
I am a 14 year old who is in the Army Cadet Force. I love wearing army gear, its cool & capturing cadets. I am new to this kind of thing and would like to talk to someone my age(ish) about tying up!!



Saturday, January 15th 2005 - 11:49:07 PM
Damn good story kyle!!!! keep going ASAP. if there is anymore????
Jerry Burns

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 12:11:07 AM
Always a sidekick, never a superhero
When I was a kid, me, my friends, and my brothers used to play superhero games. We all had really cool names. (with the exception of me)Anywho, stick with me, I of course being the youngest was a sidekick, and one of the heroes, (me and my friends) had to be kidnapped by the villains, (my brothers) I was chosen as opposed to my friend Ashely being a damsel in distress. So I was soon "abducted" with spare clothesline, and gagged with an unused towel which was wrapped around my mouth. They kept me in a closet upstairs, Mmmmpphhing away, trying my best to say "Let me go!", or "You'll never get away with this!"
In the end, after a battle which took over half an hour, I still hadn't gotten free, my hads were tied behind my back
and my legs were just as usless. So, good guys win, and my friends untied me, (in which they took they're darn sweet time!) And removed the gag last, I used cliche lines like "Boy, am I glad to see you!", and they simply assured me that the game was over.
United States of America

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 12:18:50 AM
has anyone got any ideas of how to tie a better gag or to improve the current gag that i tie across my friends mouth?, as at the moment they are able to get it out of their mouth quite quick

by the way the gag that i have been using is a scarf pushed between their lips and knotted behind their head

i dont want to use a ballgag instead but other suggestions are welcome


Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 12:36:10 AM
My name is Kyle. This happened about 5 years ago.

In high school one time my friend Dawn tied me down to her bed with handcuffs, then she tied my feet together with a belt and tied them down to the footboard with an old torn up bedsheet. I dont know why she did it. She said she felt like tying me up and told me I could tie her up afterward if I wanted. So I resisted but not too hard and next thing I knew she had me all tied up.

Dawn looked down at me all tied up and giggled. She was wearing a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey with short sleeves, sweat pants, and brown knee socks with no shoes. I had on plain yellow t-shirt and sweats and was barefoot. She walked over to the bed and stood over me while I wiggled a little. I was not going anywhere!

How long do I stay like this? I asked.

Oh, a long time, sweetheart, Hee hee hee, Dawn said. I think Ill torture you now. And she giggled again in a real mean way.

Nonothat wasnt part of the deal I said but Dawn put her hand over my mouth and shut me up. She sat down on the bed next to me and grinned.

Deal? I dont think we had a deal, Dawn said with that smile. Youre my prisoner. I can do what I want to you!

MMMPH! MMMPH! I tried to yell.

Shhhh. Torturing you will be fun. Youll love it! she giggled some more.


Be quiet. Be quiet, I said, Kyle! Dawn said, and she reached down and pulled off one of her brown socks. They were dirty! Want me to stuff my sock in you mouth? she asked, dangling it over my handgagged mouth.

Mm mm! MM MM! I yelled into her hand. That meant NO!!!

Then dont you dare yell when I take my hand off your mouth. Got it?

I nodded, Dawn smiled evilly again, and she took her hand off my mouth. Then she reached down and put her sock back on.

Now Dawn said. Whats the point of tying you if I cant torture you? But dont worry. Ill give you a chance to save yourself!

What are you going to do to me? I asked nervously.

Im going to torture you with a false sense of hope! she said.


That means Ill give you a task to do in order to get free, and if you do it, Ill untie you. But the task will be very, very hard, Kyle! Dawn said, now straddling my waist.

Like what? I asked, squirming.

OH, something I thought about WEEKS ago. Wait, Ill be right back! and Dawn hjopped off me and ran out of the bedroom. I took this chance to try and kick my feet free, but they were bound tightly down to the footboard. It was hopeless.

Dawn came back in with a helium heart-shaped balloon (Valentines Day had been recently) It was on a ribbon and she went to her desk and cut it so the ribbon was no more than 3 inches long. Then she went into her closet, found a board game, and took one of the dice out of there. Then she went to her desk and got an electronic oven timer the kind that counts down. Then she walked over to me and explained.

Did you ever watch Twin Peaks? she asked/ I said I did, but only a little.

Well, in one of the last episodes, this bad guy has another guy tied up and plans to killed him, but he wants to make him fight till the end. So he gets a bunch of tartantulas, puts them in a cage abover his head, and suspends the cage there with a small strong. Then he makes the victim hold the string in his mouth. The longer he can do that, the longer hell live and not get killed by the poison tarantulas! Dawn explained.

What the hell are you talking about? I asked. Youre not putting spiders on me, are you?

Dawn laughed and sat on the bed. No, of course not. Im going to make you hold this balloon in your teeth. THATS what I was talking about with the Twin Peaks thing. Ill roll this dice and whatever the number is, thats how many minutes youll have to hold the balloon in your teeth while tied down. If you let go and the balloon floats away, we start all over again, only the next time I roll the die twice. We keep doing this until you can hold the balloon for long enough, or I get bored and decide to untie you. Tell me, is that a GREAT torture or what?? she giggled.

OH GOD! I said.

Dawn rolled the die in her hand. Looks like youre hoping for a 1, huh? Here we go! and she rolled the die on the bed next to me. I groaned. It was a 5!

Hee hee, Dawn laughed. She leaned over to her nightstand and set the timer at 5 minutes. This way I could see exactly how long I had left. She was holding the balloon over me. Open up. 5 minutes for you!

What if I dont I muttered through my teeth.

Dawn thought for a second, looked down, then raised her foot up to my face. If you dont Ill stuff BOTH my smelly socks in your mouth. How would you like that?

AHHHH I said and opened up. Dawn giggled again place the ribbon in my mouth and I clenched my teeth down on. She started the timer and it began. 5 minutes and I untie you. You can do it. Go! Go! Go!

She then laughed and got up and walked across the room and looked at me. I struggled and had to breathe through my nose, but I was doing it. The counter was at 4:20 and Dawn started making faces at me, trying to get me to laugh.

No fair I tried to say through clenched teeth and Dawn laughed some more.

I never said I played fair, Dawn said. And I never said I couldnt make you laugh. So BOOGLA BOOGLA BOOGLA She ,ade stupid sounds for a few seconds and I chuckled but held the balloon in my teeth. The counter was at 4:00 and counting. I was confident.

You are doing SO WELL Dawn said, approaching me, smiling.

Thanks, I muttered. 3:45.

In fact youre doing so well that I hate to give you the bad news, Dawn said, standing over me grinning.

What bad news? I asked, but it came out Ut ad mews? 3:30.

THIS bad news, Dawn said and she snickered in a REALLY evil way and raised her hands up and started to wiggle her fingers over me.

AAAA! What are you doing? I said, not clearly and struggling against my bonds and scared. 3:15.

Dawn kept wiggling her fingers, I told you Im going to try to make you laugh!

DAAAAWWWWN I said, mostly gibberish. The balloon was still there though. 3:05.

Oh, you have nothing at all to worry about, Dawn said slowly, lowering her fingers very slowly, unless youreticklish!

NNNOOOOO!!!!! I screamed, holding the balloon still and trying to break free, unsuccessfully. 2:50.

I wonder if I can tickle that balloon out of your mouth! Dawn said and began to tickle my stomach pretty hard while she stood over me. I screamed but held the balloon, but I was in trouble. 2:30.

Some-Bodys TICKLISH! Dawn announced, now tickling me down my stomach and hips and onto my helpless legs! I bet if I keep tickling you Ill pry that balloon right out of your mouth!

AAAAHHHHH I screamed and thats what did it. The balloon left my mouth and floated up to the ceiling. I panted and gasped as Dawn stopped tickling me and got up to retrieve the balloon. She was laughing wildy and I was too, The clock said about 2:10.

I what a pity! Dawn said in a fake sad voice, straddling me on the bed down and giggling some more. You only had two minutes left. Too bad youre so ticklish, Kyle dear!

Oh please, Dawn. PLEASE! I begged. Please no more of that. Tie me up but dont tickle me anymore!!!

Oh no you dont, Dawn said, patting my chest with both her hands and looking me right in the eye. You are in NO position to make demands, honey. I TOLD you I was going to torture you! Now its time to roll the dice again!

I screamed No! but Dawn rolled anyway and rolled a 3. Then a 2.

Hey, how about that! Dawn said, bringing the balloon back to my mouth as she rest the timer. 5 more minutes! Open up!

D-d-dawn p-p-lease I begged.

Look! she said. Theres no GUARANTEE Ill tickle you, you know. Maybe Ill show some mercy for some of the time! Open up!

Cmon dont do this

HEY! I will tell you what, pal. If you DONT open your mouth up and take this balloon in your teeth, youll STILL be tied down. And I will DEFINITELY tickle you for 5 MINUTES STRAIGHT! Dawn said, leaning her face in close. And Ill stuff my stinky socks in your mouth so you wont be able to scream and youll suffer my foot odor too. So the choice is yours!

What could I do? I relented and took the balloon and Dawn started the clock. She kept straddling me and 30 seconds in she wiggled her fingers right over me and giggled hard. But she didnt tickle me. Then, at 4:00 she stopped wiggling them and got up and left the room! 3:45. Wow! Was she letting me off the hook.

I lay there struggling it was hard. I was gasping for breath through my nose but I was doing it. Dawn was still gone. The clock read 1:30 now! Could I do it??

Dawn slowly opened the door and came back in smiling. She was holding a roll of duct tape She walked to the foot of the bed and waved her fingers at. 1:15!

Hi honey! she gushed and tossed the tape to the floor, standing at my bare feet. Youre doing SO well. Tell me, are your feet ticklish too?

I moaned and gritted my teeth they were, of course and clenched that balloon with all I had. 1 minute to go.

Hee hee hee lets tickle your feet for a while, huh? Dawn said and wiggled her fingers, palms up, over the soles of my bound feet. It was brutal and she tickled me very fast and very lightly while giggling that evil little giggle. 40 seconds but I was losing it!

NNNNRRRRGGGG!!!! I grunted, holding onto the balloon with my last bit of strength.

You cant take much more of this, can you Kyle? Dawn said in a sing-song voice while tickling my feet up and down with her light, wiggling touch. Ill bet your feet are toooo ticklish to last 30 more seconds, arent they?

Yep, they were. With about 20 seconds to go I couldnt take anymore and I let out a scream and the balloon floated to the ceiling. I was close to tears and laughing so hard that I was out of breath and my sides hurt.

Dawn calmly walked over and reset the clock while I begged some more Dawn, please untiue me. You win! I cant take this anymore! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE untie me!!! and she just giggled some more and picked up the tape and stood over me while I gasped and panted.

You have NO IDEA what you can take, and neither do I, honey. But dont worry, well find out! Dawn said and tore off a piece of tape. But first Ill let you get your strength back..

Dawn then gave me the most evil grin shed given me yet and slowly gagged me with the tape.

I grunted and gave her a look of total helplessness as she sat down next to me.

Im getting a little tired of all this begging, so I figured Id just gag you, Dawn said, then pulled off a sock again and held it under my nose. It smelled pretty bad. And THIS is for refusing to do as you were told before. Do it again and Ill make you smell both socks!

Dawn smiled and put her sock back on and got up and left the room. See you in a little while, Kyle! she said. Pretty soon the fun will REALLY start! I told you I was going to torture you. Whatd you expect??

Dawn giggled once more and left the room, leaving me bound and gagged on the bed. Still flushed and worn down from all the tickling, and dreading the next round.


Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 03:59:40 AM
Great Story Kyle
Please continue! A great idea, I will try that with someone too! LOL
Some questions: How old was you? Did she tickle you on your shirt?

Again, please continue!!!

[email protected]

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 07:56:22 AM
Waag ropecuffs
Waag,I am not 'knocking' your story or you, but just a thought, why is it that a lot of girls seem to think that lieing to a guy to get him tied up & helpless is 'smart'& 'clever'. A lie is a lie from either gender.

The same girls then seem to find that keeping this guy that they just lied too, tightly tied up,often uncomfortably gagged, ALONE,& helpless, LOCKED UP, in a DARK & dirty place as superior & getting respect. Huh, they would treat their own cat or dog with more 'respect'.

The strange thing is,& a lot of girls seem to conveniently forget when it suits them, is that 'respect' is Gender Neutral.


Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 09:50:42 AM
My story is coming up, but since theres another Kyle here, I decided to change the name.

P.S.- Its a tribute to any Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas fans out there

P.P.S.- As for the other Kyle...Great Story!Keep up the good work.

O.G. Loc formerly O.G Kyle

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 10:06:37 AM
Clayton, interesting comment. Similarly you can see the whole girl power movement for girls to consider themselves stronger than men, however women still expect you to hold the door for them. Or even more to the point-on a sinking ship, its always women and children first, correct? In world society, it also has to do with the mentality that a woman is needed to raise a child (i.e. that a man cannot do so properly). Another example of this double standard can be seen in women being exempt from the draft here in America (assuming the draft is re-instated for this frivolous war we seem to be having), and even women that are in the army, never serve on the front lines. So, I agree, that if women continue to expect to be considered equal, they will need to lose these luxsuries that only exist under the assumption that women are not as capable as men.
Toy Soldier

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 10:12:45 AM
To Egnigma:Okay, I tried clicking on the Publishing site on the stories. I don't know what's going on but I'm just going to hope this works. Sorry about this.

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 11:15:47 AM
Success! Thank you for updating, the new stories are great. Just so you know, the ones called "Bad Weather ... PT 2," "Lee's Return," "May's Crush" and the "Camping Trip" series aren't working, they say "Coming soon." But maybe that's just because you haven't written those yet. Anyway, nice job!

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 09:08:46 PM
Going off a very wide tangent here
The reasoning for women and children first is that they are the survival of the species. Our children, as sobering a thought as it is, are our future; and its the main reason I say things are going much worse before they get any better; and a woman can do one thing a man can't, have a baby. A 67 year old just had one according to the news, so becareful about bashing the blue haired old lady population.

That said, it does seem a lot of women out there, want to take equality to mean supremacy, will sue at the drop of a hat to get through an ambitious lawyer whay they couldn't get through merit or talent, and just plain don't care about another human being but themselves.

That isn't to say there aren't bad men out there.

Case in point, the E-mail addy is not mine, it was one of the ones allegedly stolen by some king_regulator person, who seems to have chosen the profession of stealing yahoo ID's.

Maybe someday he'll grow up and possible steal something that's actually worth something.

A user
[email protected]

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 09:15:18 PM
Tying Brian Up
This happend to me last summer.

Hi, my name is Matt, and I only tie up my friends who wear ankle socks. I invited my friend, Brian, over to hang out. When Brian came, he was wearing a t-shirt, sweat pants, and white Nike ankle socks. We were watching t.v. and I saw this commercial with some guy tied up. That gave me a good idea.

I told Brian I needed to go to the bathroom, but I actually went to my room to get supplies. I found in my room, a roll of duct tape (silver) and some shoe laces. I snuck downstairs, finding Brian still watching t.v..

I snuck behind the couch, and hand-gagged him. I pushed him to the ground and pulled his hands behind his back with duct tape. I then wrapped duct tape around his ankles. Then I wrapped tape around his chest, and finally put 3 strips of tape on his mouth. I then took the shoe laces and pulled Brian into a hog-tie.

"MMMPPPPHHHHH!!!" was the only things Brian could say!

I left him tied up for 2 hours.



Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 10:58:44 PM
Well matt what is missing from that story, is a little more details. Maybe u could tell us more??? maybe make up and add to the story, like u left this friend tied up in only his ankel socks and tighty whities??? just give us some more details next time. Thanks.
Jerry Burns

Sunday, January 16th 2005 - 11:16:27 PM
About gagging...
Sorry about my story, what with not being very specific. But anyway, anyone who doesn't want to resort to using a ballgag, I suggest that you take a towel. Bear with me here,
see, first you kinda ring it up to where it kinda looks like a rope. Then you wrap it on!
U. S. A

Monday, January 17th 2005 - 05:09:29 PM
Football Bet Part 1
So, like I (16) said my girlfriend (16) had lost the bet with me on the Jets-Steelers game on Saturday, and since the loser had to do whatever the winner said, I knew exactly what I was going to do.
So on Sunday, my girlfriend Elizabeth (I call her Liz) invited me over to celebrate my winnings (I just loved the way she said that) because her parents were off at work, and would then be going to dinner together and we would have all day to hang out. Of course her parents are really protective, so they had her older brother (17) stay with her as long as I was there. It didnt matter, because Paul was cool with me and had better things to do with his day.
I brought with me some tie wraps of this type - (youll see the importance of this type later) some duct tape with a camouflage-color pattern (I didnt even use it) 6 small padlocks and a pair of Scissors
I got to Lizs house and Liz immediately started attacking me with questions like What do you want me to do? and Are you feeling wicked today? I took each of these with a laugh and although I wouldnt answer I finally said in time my darling in time in the most malicious voice I could muster, and punctuated it with a sinister laugh. She didnt like that, but as someone who never missed a beat; she caught herself and immediately said Well then Count Dracula (she couldnt help but giggle then) would you prefer to watch TV instead? It took a lot from me to not burst out laughing right there, but I held my composure and said Very well thenLead the way
We watched about 30 minutes of TV and Liz had decided that we would watch one of the DVDs she had called the Secret Window when I decided I couldnt wait anymore. She was hooking up the DVD player when I went over to her and said KneelFacing me Liz looked up from what she was doing with a puzzled look on her face and just stared blankly at me, so I repeated myself KneelFacing me She continued the puzzled look, but did as I said. Taking the Tie-wraps out of my pocket, I kneeled beside her and said Put your right arm out with your palm up. Liz was very confused right about now, but true to her deal, she did as I said. I took the tie wrap and fastened it on with the attachment loop (I think youll know what Im talking about if you looked at the picture) on the side of her hand with the thumb. I cut off the excess and did the same for her right wrist. I then asked her to sit down and give me her right ankle she was wearing low rider jeans and ankle socks, so I put the tie wrap over her jeans. I did the same for her left ankle. Now I told her to sit back on the couch with me. She was confused because other than the odd feeling of plastic about the wrist, she was not bound in any way. She asked me while testing if she could take the tie wrap off (Btw, she couldnt) Whats this for? I laughed and said if you sit on the couch Ill show you. She did and I asked her to hive me her wrists. I took a padlock out of my pocket and locked the two of them together in front of her. I bent down and did the same for her ankles. I took another tie wrap and secured her wrists to one of her belt loops. I took another tie wrap and secured her ankles to the leg of the couch (most couches do have legs, just really short ones.) Now that I had done all that, I said Well nowdont you look greatdont you go away, while I finish setting up the DVD player. I did, and popped the disk in. She looked up at me before leaning over and resting her head on my thigh. About three-quarters of the way through, Liz asked me if she could try having her hands behind her back. I was more than okay with that, so I paused the movie and unlocked the padlock holding her wrists together. I relocked them together behind her, and used another tie wrap to secure her wrists to a belt loop in the back. Then we finished watching the movie. We made out some afterwards, and were going to watch I Robot when the door opened. Hey Liz, Im back! It was Lizs brother Paul, back fromwell whatever it was he did. He only realized something was wrong after he got to the couch. UhLiz? I immediately said PaulIts not what you think Paul, always the comedian said Wellthat depends on what Im thinking, doesnt it?

I'd really like some feedback, thank you. I'll have part two sometime later this week.

O.G. Loc
[email protected]

Monday, January 17th 2005 - 06:44:03 PM
where are the stories of girls tying up other girls?latley it's only guys on guys or girls on guys
just wondering????

Monday, January 17th 2005 - 07:55:43 PM
Who gives a damn, O.G. please keep going!!!!
Jerry Burns

Monday, January 17th 2005 - 10:34:01 PM
Football Bet part 2
Part 2
Yes, I suppose I should finish it as soon as possible. Thanks Jerry for bringing me to my senses

Wellthat depends on what Im thinking, doesnt it? Now from the look on Pauls face, I knew that he was cool with it so I was happy to see where this was going. So I said Fineheh, what were you thinking then? and raised my hands in mock surprise. Paul laughed I think my sister is perfectly safe with youRight? He was pretty serious there, and I tell you with his 64 figure dwarfing my 510 he could be pretty intimidating. Liz came to my defense before I could answer Of course I am. I trust Rob. And Im really in control here She punctuated this by rubbing her head against my shoulder. Now I knew Paul was definitely cool with me tying up his sister so I kept the conversation in high spirits by saying WellLiz is defiantly safe, but Paul wanted to know what I was going to say But? But what!? Im the one who laughed her ButIm not so sure about her being in control I proved this by reaching under Lizs armpits and giving her a 5 second dose of what she had to look forward to in the next couple of hours. She tried to tell me to stop in-between fits of uncontrollable laughter. I gave her a break, but I had already proved my point. Paul loved every second of his little being sister trussed up like this. Something I had known since I met Liz was that she loved being tickled, but hated how sensitive she was to it. I was a tickle zombie, having been desensitized by years of my two older sisters (now 19 and 22) having tickled me relentlessly when I was younger. So now I got a kick out of tickling people senseless, much in the way my two sisters had done to me.
After a long silence, Paul said Well, I think Ill be leaving you to loonies to your own devices. It seems youre well preoccupied as it isJust keep it safe ok? Almost, but not quite synchronized Liz and I said Alright and Sure respectively and Paul laughed as he went out the door YeahWhatever and left us alone. I looked at Liz and said I love you and hugged her. She said I love you too and did her best to return the embrace under the circumstances. We were going to watch another movie, but Liz came up with an idea. Lets go outside. Now I was completely dropped by this. For someone who hadnt really been tied up too many times before, and didnt fantasize about being tied up (so I thought), I really hadnt expected this. But hey, it wasnt me and in truth, she had final word on what we did here. But wont people see you and think something is odd? Liz laughed Well duh, silly. Well have to make sure they dont see, right? If I wear my jacket, they wont see my hands, and if were walking, my ankles wont be tied! Get it? I was still a bit shaky on the whole idea, but if she says itll work, shell make it work. Thats one of the things I love about Liz. So I moved to unlock her ankles. Liz stood up and stretched her legs a bit. She finished stretching and said Be a darling and get my coat for me, I dont think Ill be able to get it. Equally as seriously as with sarcasm. Liz, you do know how sweet you are right? I said as I helped Liz put on her coat (basically just draped over her shoulders and zipped up.) and we headed out. As daring as we were, we didnt stray more than a few blocks from her house, talking about life, school as tenth graders and generally normal conversation. The highlight of are conversation was when Liz dropped the topic of the coming math exams, and said Rob, you know, Ive thought of something like this happening for years, um, that is to say I always wanted to do something like this, I just never had the heart to ask you. You didnt seem like youd be into anything like thisUm, but you are! And I just wanted to thank you for this. She leaned against me in another pseudo hug and I gladly returned the embrace. We made out some before I said Well, I thought the same thing until I spoke with Kathy, (Please forgive me for using your name here without asking, I guess only people who know us will be able to attach faces to these names but if you see this before I tell you tomorrow, sorry) she told me all about how you always wanted to be tied up by someone who cared about you. She told me that you had thought of your brother, but somehow it didnt seem right. So since I was into it as you term it, I saw where I fit in perfectly Once again she initiated another one of the one sided hugs we had been doing (she is a very affectionate girl!) and we began our trek back. When we got back I re attached the padlock to Lizs ankle tie wraps and put her into a hogtie using two tie wraps to give her enough length to feel comfortable. Then I got to work on tickling

Sorry, that I can't do any more of the story tonight, look out for it tommorow though! ;)

O.G. Loc

Monday, January 17th 2005 - 10:36:22 PM
To Matt:

I really enjoy tying and or seeing people tied up while wearing their socks. Even though ankle socks are what I prefer to wear when I get tie up by my friends, I usually wear . Anyways, the reason I enjoy being tied up wearing those specific socks is because those were the type of socks I was wearing and tied up in when my friends pulled a prank on me. Basically, they had me come over, and seeing how there was 3 of them and 1 of me, well you get the picture. Anyways, they hogtied me and tickled me after I pulled a mean prank on one of them involving a rumor and some gum. But yeah, I really enjoyed the whole experience, and afterwards I told my friends about it, they were cool, and they said they would happily tie me up again if I wanted.


Tuesday, January 18th 2005 - 06:24:44 PM
i retract my last statement
Jason K

Tuesday, January 18th 2005 - 06:54:34 PM
I'm not to good at telling stories and all so please bare with me. And when it come to trying to write or type them down I'm even worse.

One evening I had my girlfriend over at my place. I made a nice meal for the two of us. It was nothing fancy. Just a regular sitting. We laughed and talked at the table. She is quite an attractive woman. Not to tall but with a nice body and long hair. She has that girl next door face that gets my hart pumping every time. And a great golden tan.

After we joked and laughed at the table we moved to the living room and sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. We sat and watched the box for while. I was sitting there with my feet on my coffee table. I was dressed in my normal t-shirt and jeans. She was in her shorts and shirt. She had kicked her sneakers of and had one leg tucked under her other as she leaned against my shoulder. After a while she reajusted so both her feet are on the floor.

I reached down and placed her feet in my lap. I was at the far right end of the sofa so she had plenty of room to streach out as I did this.
I have always had a fetish for a beautiful woman's feet. That and high heels. I love to give my girlfriend a foot roob. For some reason this and bondage are two things that realy turn me on. I can't explain it. It just does.

As I began to run my hands up and down the top of her feet in her thin white socks, it was hard for me to hide my erection mashed under her feet in my lap. She would bite her lip and twich her feet as I would find a tickle spot with my finger tips. I pulled her socks off and continued. Man the sight of her red painted toe turned me on. The way they would curl and flex as my fingers ran along the bottoms of her feet. I leaned over and kissed the tip of her big toe.

I continued with my hands for a while. I cought her by suprise when I took one of her socks and quickly tied it around her slinder ankles. "What....?" she blurded as I finished the knot. "Why are you tieing my feet?"
"Just playing around." I laughed.
She leaned forward to untie her ankles and I grabed her slinder wrists and bound them with her other sock. After this I kept hold of her wrist bound in front of her and began to tickle her beautiful feet. She laughed and yelped. "Hey...Stop..That." she yelp. I traced my fingers along the undersid of her legs and under her knees. She began to kick and yelp some more. Her face was bright red as she squealed and laughed.

I continued this for around 10 or 15 minutes. She was out of breath as I leaned over and gave her a deap, long kiss. Our tongues danced together as we let pashon take over. I untied her hands and ankles. We kissed some more with our arms locked around each other. My hands traced all over her beautiful form as we kissed. When we both needed to come up for air, we got up and went to the bedroom.


Tuesday, January 18th 2005 - 08:19:35 PM
Cute quickie, Joe! How old were you when this took place?

Did you ever tie her up again?

Wednesday, January 19th 2005 - 06:30:33 PM
hey everyone i have injoyed this site for a long time and i thoucht i would post somthimg does anyone like to do weard stuff if so please post
the guy from down the street

Wednesday, January 19th 2005 - 08:13:38 PM
Game suggested on a Youth web site
Found this on a Youth Group web site, as a suggested group activity. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?


Have three pairs (boy and girl) come to the front of the group. Give each girl a 20-foot-length of rope. The girls have three minutes to tie up the boys as tightly as possible. After they are tied up, the guys race to see who can get completely out of the rope in the fastest time. The guy who gets untied the quickest wins a prize for his pair. Encourage the girls to tie up the guys as tightly as they possibly can, by having the guys, perhaps, lie down on their stomachs and then tying their hands and feet together.

The game was actually found in a book:

Games 3
300 wild, wacky, youth group-tested games and tips

[email protected]

Wednesday, January 19th 2005 - 09:28:46 PM
Its Kyle again. Heres the rest of the story about Dawn and me. (We were both 17 and seniors in high school, BTW)

So Dawn has me bound and gagged and is torturing me half to death and loving it. Shes tied me down to her bed with my hands handcuffed over my head and my feet bound with a belt and an old sheet and tied down to the footboard. Shes already tickled the crap out of me twice while forcing me to hold a balloon in my mouth for several minutes, and Ive failed both torture tests. Now shes left with my mouth taped and just waiting for her to come back in and torture me some more. Im in near hysterics and have never laughed so uncontrollably in my life.

I just kept looking at that door, waiting for it to open and for evil Dawn to come in and start torturing me again. I mmmphed under my gag and struggled to kick my feet free from the footboard but couldnt. My hands were hopeless because they were in handcuffs and the key was sitting on her desk she showed it to me when she first tied me up so I would know where it was. The now infamous balloon was in the corner floating at the ceiling, just waiting to be used to torture me again. I was laughing into my gag and desperate to break free, but there was no way.

After about 20 minutes later Dawn came back in, smiling and giddy.

Oh Kyle, this is so much fun. I love having you as my torture victim I dont ever want to let you go! she said. Sorry I made you smell my socks before that was just to teach you a lesson that Ive got you tied up and Im in charge. I dont think youll forget again.

MMmmm mmmph mmrrrrr, was all I said. I think I was yelling, Untie me you psycho!

Im gonna take your gag off now, and I better not hear any screaming. You know what happens if you do! Dawn said and put her foot just under my nose. Now, I hope this doesnt hurt! And she ripped the tape off and quickly handgagged me to stop any yelling.

Nnnnrrgghh. That really hurt! I said into her hand.

Hee hee hee. Dawn giggled some more. She was loving this. She went over and got the balloon and the dice.

I think this is the last time well be doing this Kyle the value of this roll is triple now. If you cant do it this time with the balloon, we wont do it again, she said.

Oh thank God, I said. So youll untie me after this time?

Dawn burst into a huge grin and a maniacal laugh. Oh no no no! Did I say that? If you cant survive this torture, then that means you are weak, weak, weak and Ill have to toughen you up. No, no, honey, if you cant make it this time, then you and I will have a talk and decide what youre final punishment should be. THEN Ill untie you. Hee hee hee!

I thought we weree going to hang out today! You didnt say anything about tying me up for the day! I demanded.

Well, seeing that I HAVE tied you up and you are totally at my mercy, what difference does that make now? Dawn said smugly.

You know, Dawn, you agreed to let me tie you up too! So whatever you do to me, expect to have done TO YOU! I said sharply. Dawn just stood at the side of the bed, bent down over me, and smiled.

Are you threatening me, Kyle? I dont think youre in a position to threaten me. So if you are, there may have to be consequences, Dawn said, her face frozen about and inch from mine.

N-n-no, I;m not threatening you, I said meekly, realizing how stupid that was.

What do you say? Dawn asked.

I-Im sorry.

You call that an apology? I think you should kiss my feet! Dawn said, stepping back and putting her brown socked-foot near my lips. Kiss my feet now before I think of a WORST torture!

I kissed Dawns foot, and then the other. My heart was racing and Dawn stepped back and got the balloon. Thats better. You will not get a second chance.

I nodded and Dawn rolled the dice. It was a 2. That meant 6 minutes I almost did 5 a little while ago with Dawn tickling me hard, so maybe I had some hope. But all the tickling had really worn me down and I wasnt sure I had much composure left.

Crap! Dawn said. 6 lousy minutes. OK, rules are rules. Open you mouth!

I did and she placed the balloon in my teeth and I clenched them as she reset the timer to 6 minutes and it began. I was determined!

In an instant, Dawn said, I think I need to find out where else youre ticklish! And she climbed on top of me, straddling me at the stomach and giggling. How about if my evil fingers toickle-torture your neck?

And she reached down and very lightly tickled my neck, almost caressing it but doing it with a fast and excruciating touch. This girl knew how to tickle!

I gaped and breathed hard and clenched my teeth with all I had to fight off the tickling. It was pure torture! Dawn kept tickling my neck and behind my ears with light, merciless wiggling fingers. 5 minites to go.

I dont think youre gonna make it, Kyle! she taunted as the light tickling intensified. I think Ive tickled all your strength out of you. I think youre about to crack! Huh? Are you? Huh? You gonna let that balloon float to the ceiling and doom yourself because youre so ticklish? Huh? Is your ticklishness gonna get the best of you? Uh? Am I gonna have to tickle-torture you even harder? Am I going to have to tickle you to death? Huh? Huh?

Dawn then switched to my mostly bare arms (I just had a t-shirt and the sleeves were riding pretty high with my hands tied over my head) and lightly tickled them up and down. This is probably the softest part of the body and one of the most sensitive and I nearly jumped out of my skin. This was agony! But I held the balloon. 4 minutes!

Dawn kept her fingers gently tickling both of my helpless arms and smiled down at me.

You are so helpless youre never gonna make it, she taunted. I WILL tickle it out of you. You know you cant take much more of my tickling. YOU KNOW Im about to break you.

I panted for my life and breathed through my nose with all I had. Suddenly Dawn stopped tickling me and must have gotten an even more evil idea. 3:20.

Hmm Ive had about enough of this, Kyle. Time to stop being nice!

Dawn reached down, pulled off one of her socks, and put it over her hand like a glove, It covered almost to her elbow they were knee socks and by this point I was terrified of them. What was she doing now?

Say goodbye to that balloon Dawn said and reached down and held my nose with her sock-covered hand, with the other hand she started to rapidly tickle my ribs. Lets see you hold that balloon in now!

I gasped and struggled. Between the tickling which was only getting worse in my ribs the pretty bad smell of the sock, and the fact that I now couldnt breathe through my nose, I was done for. I let out a monster scream and balloon drifted to the ceiling. Tears were in my eyes and I was laughing out of control. Dawn stopped tickling me and took her hand off my nose. The clock was at 2:30. Damn!!!!

Well well well! Dawn said, climbing off me and putting her sock back on, proudly smiling like a cat with a cornered mouse. You have lost the torture game, and now you will pay!


Since its tickling you love, tickling is what youll get. Im gonna tickle you until my Mom comes home. All you can do is pray she gets home soon!!! Dawn said, grabbing the tape and putting it by my head. This is in case I get tired of the screams. Hee hee hee!

I dont know what else I can tell you, but Dawn stood over me and tickled me nearly to death for the next 30 minutes. I was laughing so hard and so uncontrollably that I was in tears. She just giggled and taunted me to the whole time.

After about 20 minutes Dawn gagged me with the tape. Im gonna tickle your feet now!!! she said as she gagged me.

And she tickled my bare helpless feet for several minutes while I screamed into the gag. Poor baby, she taunted over and over again while fingering my toes and soles. You dont like being tickled? Well, heres some more!

Suddlenly, Dawn stopped tickling my feet and perked up. I was moaning through the gag so she said Shh! and put her hand over my gag. Then she said, Oh shit! Shes home!

Her mother! The torture was going to stop at last. I was thrilled and now scared was she crazy enough to show her mother that she tied me up?

Dammit. Well, I guess youve had enough! Time to untie you Dawn said and pulled my gag off. Then she quickly got the key and untied the handcuffs as her mother yelled from downstairs, Dawnie, Im home!

Be right there, Ma. Kyles here! Dawn yelled and got the cuffs off. Here untie your feet and come down. Put your socks on to hide the marks where I tied you. And run the cuff marks out of your hands. Ill tell my Mom youre in the bathroom. Hurry!

Dawn hopped off me and ran downstairs to say hi as I untied the belt that bound my feet and got the torn up sheet untied too. Free at last! I ditched the stuff under the bed and ran to the bathroom with my socks. Once I got them on I ran my wrists under water to get the cuffmarks off. Not all the way, but enough, and I put my sweatshirt back on anyway. I was finally composed, but Id be jumpy and giddy for the rest of the day because of Dawns brutal tickling. I flushed the toilet I really had to pee after all! and ran downstairs to say hi to Dawns mom.

We sat around the kitchen table and talked for a little while and then her Mom invited me to dinner. I said sure and she told us to go watch TV while she got dinner ready. Dawns Dad and older sister Mindy would be home soon.

Once Dawn and I were alone in the den we sat on the couch and she winked at me and put her feet in my lap. Ooh, you are so luck! I could have tickled you to death!

Yeah, and remember, youre next!

Oh sure, Dawn said, playfully moving her socked foot to my nose for a second and laughing, but you better be careful what you wish for! Who knows you just may find yourself tied up and at my mercy again sometime soon!

I dont think so, but Im going to make you pay for torturing me today!

Oh yeah here, tickle my feet, Dawn said, wiggling her toes at me through her socks. I obliged and took her socks off and tickled her feet. Nothing no reaction!

Dawn whispered in my ear, I am NOT very ticklish! HA HA HA! She put her socks back on and her feet back in my lap. If youre going to torture me, youll have to find some other way!!!! And you better hope I dont get free.

I was dismayed at her lack of ticklishness and knew she had best me again. But I stayed confident.

Well see, I said. Next week my turn!

Alright tough guy, Dawn said and tickling my ribs with a quick poke of her toe. We will indeed see!

Thats all. There are more stories to tell, though. Ill try and get them up here sometime soon.

Hope you liked it.


Thursday, January 20th 2005 - 04:25:54 PM
I'm 23, blond, medium size. I'm attracted to other girls, sort of semi-lesbian. Just introducing myself here...

I was with my friend Kathy. We play bondage a lot, whenever we were bored. On this Sunday afternoon, we were going to have some fun. I changed into a bikini and got tied up, then switched places with her. We had a lot of fun.

Sorry if my storytelling isn't too interesting...maybe I'll go into detail later.

[email protected]

Thursday, January 20th 2005 - 06:39:39 PM
Sam--Tied Up
I had my friend Sam over to my house the other day. When Sam arrived, he was wearing grey sweatpants, a t-shirt, and white Nike ankle socks. We went to my room and I asked him if he had ever been tied up before. He said "no, but i would like to try it sometime", and that is my que. As you might know, I like to tie up my friends who wear ankle socks.

So I got some supplies (rope ad duct tape) and told Sam to lay face-down on the floor. I then bound his wrists & ankles with rope. I then bound his thighs and arms with more rope. Next, I pulled Sam into a hog-tie. Finally, I wrapped tape around his mouth and put a strip over his eyes. I left him there for an hour and he was wearing everything but his shoes.

After I un-tied him, he wanted to be tied up again, but that's another story.



Friday, January 21st 2005 - 02:56:37 PM
Please tell us more Matt!

Friday, January 21st 2005 - 04:57:16 PM
the game
me and my friend troy were out one day and i had brought my supplys (rope,duck tape, ballgag) and we were going for a camping trip. got to go post more later

Friday, January 21st 2005 - 09:20:21 PM
Request for anomalee
A renewed request to ANOMALEE to spin us a yarn...PLEASE!!!

Friday, January 21st 2005 - 10:05:38 PM
the game
so as i said me and my friend troy were out one day and because we said we were going for a flew days i thought i would tie him up (note we are not gay) so when we got to our camp ground we got the tent up and troy said he was going to get some fire wood when he left i got to work found a tree that i could tie him in and got the rope ready dug a hole to bery him in and whated for him to come back little did i know that troy had the same plan for me so my plan was to sit in my chair and jump troy when he went to the washbush and when he went at about 10pm i got to work. but some how he got behind me and jumped me hit me with a rock and knock me out cold
i woke up in day light (maby 6 7 am) and saw troy at the camp fire all nice and warm i tried to yell at him but he had gaged me with the duck tape. some time later troy came to me and riped off the tape i yelled DAM but we were so far from anyware it did not matter the good thing is that at the promise that i would not do anything to him he let me go after a flew hunded slaps. now the thing i did not tell him is that sam was coming (sam is my girlfriend )and when she came it the middle of the night we grabed troy and tied him to a tree. to seek revenge more to come later (play time)

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 12:01:40 AM
A long while ago, there was a site with several tie-up stories, by Captive Penny. Eventually, however, she decided to take down her website, for personal reasons.

The good news is that saved a copy of portions of this website in their Wayback Machine.

Grant County, Oregon, United States

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 12:05:32 AM
I made an error on that last link. should work properly.
Grant County, Oregon, United States

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 12:06:23 AM
Let's try this then. Sorry 'bout that.
Grant County, Oregon, United States

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 12:23:30 AM
Keep up the good stories guys.

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 01:56:08 AM
this is my first story i hope it's name is rick i'm 12 years and my sister is 14 and last summer my sister had 2 friends 0ver for a sleep over their names were Jen and April. The night they slept over my parents were out to see some ice-show or s0mthing and would not be back till tomarrow afternoon. I was trying to get to sleep but they were very loud after about 1/2 an hour i fell asleep the next thing i know my sister had handcuffed my hands to my bedframe and had gagged me with tape.she said to me before we let you go were'e going to have sum fun with you. That moment her friend april walked in with a diaper and jen had a few more pairs of handcuffs and a dress. By now i was screaming into my gag as they cuffed my feet they spread out my legs and cuffed them to my bedframe. After that my sister told her friends to leave the room so she could put me into the diaper and the dress. As she put them on me i fought as hard as i could but she told me that if i struggled it would be worse.

To Be Continued.



Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 04:44:31 AM
Ive been reading the stories here for a long time, and while Ive never posted before, I think there are some awesome stories here. Nice job everyone!

I am partial to girls tying boys stories where tickling is involved Ive always liked this because I had a few experiences of my own as a kid with my older sisters and their friends tying and tickling me. Maybe Ill tell them someday, but this time I wanted to mention my favorite stories on this site.

Recently I finally finished reading all the archives, and I thought Id compile my own Top 10 list of the best girls-tie-and-tickle-boys stories Ive read. Maybe it can start a discussion who knows? (And I hope no one feels slighted there are tons of great stories here. These are just the ones I picked out. I probably could have done a Top 50 list!)

Anyway, here goes in no particular order:

1) Third Times The Charm Anomalee (February 04) Part of an amazing series of stories in the last year about the sadistic, loving babysitter Michelle and her very willing victim, Lee. This one has her hogtying and tickle-torturing the poor guy into hysterics.

2) Dont Tease The Girls Scott (February 99) This one goes way back in the archives. He teases his friend Kristy about beating her at basketball, so she gets revenge by ambushing him on a very hot day, tying him up shirtless in the backyard, and tickling the heck out of him. Completely non-consensual. Brutal and fun!

3) The Bet Flip (April 01) Kind of a quiet one from a ways back, but tons of fun. The guy bets his two college girl-friends they cant keep him tied up for a half-hour, so they tie him to the bed and bet him for money. Naturally he cant get free and he cant pay either, so they decide to torture him. They tickle him hard and keep him quiet with one of the girls socks. It lasts a couple hours and he suffers badly. Wow.

4) Becca and Doug - Doug (August 99) Part of an epic series by Doug about childhood tie-up games with friends and relatives. Becca was something a brutal tickler who seemed to relish torturing others. In this one she tied and gags Doug and gets her tickling revenge for being called the Female Darth Vader. These stories were always innocent, good-natured, and fun. Excellent.

5) Tortured By Claudia - L, later Eric (September 99 and several reposts) One of the more talked about stories ever posted, and one time even told from Claudias perspective. One of the best, too. A genuine tortured for information story as Claudia ties, gags, and tickles half to death her friend, Eric, to force him to tell stories about her boyfriends past. One or two people even remarked Claudias treatment of Eric was cruel and unfunny, but I disagree, and so apparently does Eric. A truly brutal tickle-torture story that was incredibly fun to read.

6) Lets Tie Him Up Ron B (October 2000) A pretty basic story of 3 girls tying up this guy for no real reason at all. They tie him, gag him throw him in a closet, and later drag him out and tickle him to death. Great taunting and merciless torture. Especially sadistic in that this kidnapping and torture really happens for no particular reason.

7) Kidnapped By Colleen and Kelly TL (August/September 2000) Younger brother pays for listening to older sisters (Colleen) phone calls to best friend (Kelly). They tie him up and tease him for a while, and then Kelly takes him upstairs, ties him to the bed, gags him, and tickles him to tears. Why cant this happen more often?

8) Dena and Marisa Tie and Torture Me, Parts I and II Kidnap Boy (February/March 04) Kidnap Boy has begun his own great canon of stories of his legendary friend Dena, the beautiful karate expert with an evil love of tying him up, tickling him, and as a bonus, gagging him with her socked feet! Great collection and I want to see more. This one Dena has an accomplice, Marisa, and in truly inventive fashion they tickle-torture him and even play a game where they hunt him down and capture him. Kidnap Boy better know how lucky he is to have had someone like Dena in his life!

9) Halloween Hogtie Lisa (October 02-January 03, I think) This is the only one I cant pinpoint precisely, and its also the only one that doesnt involve tickling. But its a great revenge story of how Lisa, dressed as a French Maid, gets back at an obnoxious guy at a Halloween party. She lures him to a barn and hogties him, then laughs at him and calls in her friends as he begs for mercy. Outstanding.

10) Kidnapping Dan, I and II Kristin (March 04) Dan gets punished for taking Kristins friendship for granted. She literally kidnaps him and spends the night torturing him to teach him a lesson. She tied him up, gags him, and tortures him with tons of tickling, foot odor, ice cubes, and making him eat raw lemons. Guess Dan learned his lesson.

So thats my list. Id love to hear your thoughts on it. And again, nice job everyone!

Tony T.

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 12:28:54 PM
sisters pay back
This is my first time i have ever posted a story but here goes this is all true but the names have been changed.

This happened last year in june just before my 16th birthday my sis was having a sleep over party with 4 friends my sis (17), anne (18) mary (17), amy (16) and sophie (17). I had just finished my exams for the year and my perants had just bought me a top of the range computer which is in the living room were my sis and her friends were watching a movie and as i was bored and my perants wernt home i disiaded to go and wind up my sis as all little bro's do. After half an hour of playing my computer at full volume i need to go to the toilet.

So i went to th toilet and came back down after about 15 mins and started to walk back to the living room when i was jumped by 4 of the girls and they took me to the ground me being 6.2 ft tall and well built at the time and they over powered me and i saw my sis coming out of the dinning room with some rope, and bandanas at that moment i begain to shout then I felt amys hand clamp ove rmy mouth handgagging me. "what the hmmmmmppphhh"

she said "shhh the more you fight the more we will torture you later"

then they forced my hands behind my back and loop some of the rope around my wrists then i felt them tying my ankles togerther.

thne amy said "open your mouth hun" i just shuck my head then she did held my norse and when i opened my mouth to get some air my sis stuffed a bandana in my mouth and then tied another one behind my head to keep it in.

Then they all laughed and mary said "now lets teach you to behave and to leave us alone"

but my sis said "i think he needs something else" so she blindfolded me with another bandana and then one of the girls tied me elbows to my sides.

to be continoed

sorry i have to go now i will contuine it when i have so free time

dark dragon

dark dragon

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 01:32:59 PM
I was 14 when this took place.

Growing up next door to Denise had always been a frustrating experience for me -
well at least since Id started realise the charms of women of beautiful women; and
Denise certainly was that. At 17 she was 3 years older than me and of course totally
unobtainable to me. She was 56 tall, dark haired, sun-tanned, long legged, large
breasted and beautiful - in short, I adored her. Denise attended the same school as me
but was in the 6th form. What made her even more alluring was that although girls in
the 6th form had no uniform code, unlike the rest of school, Denise chose to wear the
same uniform as the rest of the girls in the lower and middle school. This uniform
consisted of black shoes, white ankle shorts, navy blue skirt, white blouse, yellow and
blue diagonally striped tie and navy blazer. The uniform was strictly enforced and
skirts could be no more than 1 inch higher than the knee and ties had to be worn
properly done up at all times - including having the top button of the shirt done up.

Quite often we used to have a good old moan in class about our uniform and I know
that the girls particularly hated wearing a shirt and tie - and none of them could
understand why Denise chose to continue to wear uniform. Denise did make one
concession - her skirts were incredibly short and served to accentuated the
gorgeousness of her long athletic legs. I had always meant to ask Denise why she
chose to wear a uniform but had not plucked up the courage to do so yet.

Anyway, it was a scorching August afternoon - the temperature was in the high 80s
and I was rushing to get home, get out of my uniform and into the back garden for
some serious sunbathing. As I approached the front door I started looking for my
house keys and gradually came to realise that I must have left them on the kitchen
shelf when I left the house in the morning.

Resigned to being locked out I sat down on the front wall to await my parents coming
home; in over an hours time. Believe me, I was pissed off. Anyway, after about 5
minutes I could see Denise approaching with four of her friends from the 6th form. As
always, she looked stunning and totally took my breath away. Not that her friends
werent attractive. It was just that Denise in her immaculate uniform on this scorching
afternoon looked so tantalising.

Hi Mike - locked out? she said as she passed.
Yeh, and the folks wont be back until 6 oclock I replied.
Well why not come round to my place with the guys. were going camping this
weekend and need to practise putting Julies tent up. Well probably need a mans
touch. Come on.
Well I didnt have to think twice. We all went round to Denises, had a quick glass of
orange each and then set about putting the tent up.

I should have realised something was going on by the amount of giggling that was
going on. I mean these were mature women to me and they were acting like ....... well,
like schoolgirls.

We got the main frame of the tent up no problem when Denise called me from inside
the tent to say she needed some help inside. No sooner had I began crawling inside
when all 5 of them were on top of me pinning me to the ground. Girls, though they
were, were much stronger than me and I was virtually helpless. Two of them grabbed
my arms and twisted them behind my back. I then felt ropes being tied around my
wrists. Next my feet were tied together at the ankles. Then my ankles were brought up
and tied tightly to my wrists. Within seconds I was lying on my stomach staring
helplessly up at 5 gleeful faces. The hogtie had been expertly administered and there
was nothing I could do except lie there in a blind panic. I struggled for a few moments
but it was obvious that the ropes were too tight.

The girls sat down around me in a semi-circle and watched my struggles with great
amusement. Then the girl I believed to be called Julie said anyway Denise, you
always go for the younger man and I seem to remember you saying that you quite
liked the boy next door. Wouldnt you like to spend some time alone with him?.
Denise must have realised what was about to happen next and made a frantic dive
for the tent door. She nearly made it but the girls grabbed her just in time and dragged
her back into the tent. There they quickly afforded her the same attentions as they had
done me. Her hands were quickly tied behind her back, her ankles tied and the hog tie
complete. Denise lay on the tent floor as helpless as me and I couldnt help notice that
in the struggle her skirt had drifted high up her body and her magnificent bottom was
now in full view. Julie dragged Denise across the tent floor until we lay next to each
other; about 6 inches apart.

Right were off now, See ya tomorrow and the girls all left.

Well this is another fine mess youve gotten us into I said to her and Denise giggled.

Sorry Mike. it was only supposed to be a bit fun but it looks as though the joke is on
both of us now. These knots are really tight, theres no chance of me getting free.
What about you?

Not a chance I replied. Julie must be one hell of a girl guide.

I turned to look at Denise and once again was totally overwhelmed by her beauty. She
had just returned from 3 weeks in Sardinia and had the most awesome sun tan. As I
my eyes wandered down her body I realised how tight the collar of her white blouse
was, it dug into her young neck, and how the whiteness contrasted with her suntan.
But the collar looked hugely uncomfortable and I knew from my own experience, I
hadnt had a chance to change out my uniform, that the heat inside the tent made my
neck sweat up and my collar feel even tighter.

Denise, why do you still wear uniform in the 6th form? - there, Id finally plucked
up the courage to ask her. And she was hardly in a position to walk away without

I like the feeling of the tight collar around my neck - its real turn on. I bought the
shirt I am wearing now about two years ago which is why its so tight fitting. But I
wish Id undone my top button before those bitches did this. Its really uncomfortable.
Every way I turn my head the collar seems to dig in deeper. I guess the hot weather
and having my back arched like this doesnt help though. What about you. Dont
you like the uniform?
I hate it on me but love it on you was all I could say.

Anyway the two of lay there for the next hour chatting away about girls that I fancied,
boys she fancied and other such great social issues of our time. After what seemed
like 2 minutes, but was nearer an hour, the girls came back and untied us. I tell you,
Ive never needed a cold shower so much in my life.

Tanya's Brother
[email protected]

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 08:10:38 PM
To Egnigma:

Okay, I tried linking the chapters. See if it works now.


Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 09:45:14 PM
Nope, sorry to tell you, but those last eight stories still aren't working. Only the first ten work. Since you don't seem to know HTML very well, how about just posting the stories here on the forum for us?

Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 11:28:08 PM
Tony T -

Good list - you're 10 favorite stories. I agree that all of them were excellent.

And thanks for the compliment - I'm honored to make ANYBODY'S Top 10.

Here's some to consider as well - Two more great stories have been posted in the past week alone. Kyle suffering the tickle-torture of a sadistic Dawn (nice to know I wasn't the only one tortured with dirty socks!) and Dark Dragon's Part I looks like a winner.

My favorite writer is Anomalee. Those stories just keep getting better and better. And I can relate. He had Michelle the evil babysitter, I had Dena the evil friend.

Hope to write about more Dena adventures soon, BTW.

Nice Top 10 list. Hope we hear more comments from others.

Kidnap Boy

Sunday, January 23rd 2005 - 10:47:07 AM
The first ten? That's all I've linked so far I believe. I'll do the rest today.

Sunday, January 23rd 2005 - 01:42:37 PM
Hi Karlene.
I bet you have some great stories. Just draw them out a bit with descriptions of your friend and the way you were tied. Do you tie her also? What does she wear? What does she tie first, wrists, ankles, elbows? Do you play games, captured princess? How do you decide who gets tied? Take care and keep tieing!

Sunday, January 23rd 2005 - 02:39:47 PM
What happened to IMPervious?
Whatever happened to IMPervious? His stories were getting really good, but they never finished. I hate it when that happens. IMPervious, are you around?

Sunday, January 23rd 2005 - 04:00:03 PM
Sam--Tied Up; Part ||
After I had finished untying Sam, he asked me if I could tie him up again.

This time, I made Sam sit in a chair. I bound his ankles (which had ankle socks on) together. Then I bound Sam's wrists with some rope. Next, I wrapped duct tape around his chest and legs so he was stuck to the chair. Finally, I put a piece of cloth in Sam's mouth & duct taped it shut with 3 strips. I left him bound and gagged for 45 minutes, then I untied him.



Sunday, January 23rd 2005 - 06:13:29 PM

Okay here is a good tip. Take two really long socks and a squishy ball that can fit in your mouth. Stick the ball in one of the socks and make sure it is in the middle. Now stick the middle of the sock (where the ball is) in the person's mouth as far as you want. Grasp the ends of the sock and tie it tightly behind their head. Then take the other sock and wrap it around the victim's head and tie it behind their head tightly. I promise you they won't be able to make a MMMPPP.

[email protected]

Sunday, January 23rd 2005 - 07:03:14 PM
I agree. Where is IMPervious? I loved your "Quickie" Story!! I have acouple like that, but they don't all involve tying.
[email protected]

Sunday, January 23rd 2005 - 07:56:28 PM
does anyone know any t.v shows based on bondage? if u do please tell me thanks
Jason K

Monday, January 24th 2005 - 06:58:42 AM
Matt, your stories are great. Can't wait to hear more. Do you want to chat some time? If you do please IM me at darkshadow74656 on AIM

Monday, January 24th 2005 - 03:35:52 PM
Hey i got yahoo, but not AIM, my yahoo is mattymatt0072001, lets chat.

Monday, January 24th 2005 - 04:44:36 PM
Looking for a girl that wants to be tied up
Hello, I'll be brief since this is no story. I'm 28 and I live in Montreal and have been practicing bondage for 6 years now(No stories fit for this site, sorry). If any girls from Montreal or near Montreal would like to experience being tied up please email me so we can discuss the matter further. [email protected]
Matt (not same as above)
[email protected]

Monday, January 24th 2005 - 05:03:19 PM
Hogtied Karen
I am lucky to have a very hot girlfriend named Karen. She is 22, 5'8, 115lbs, with long legs, and long(to her butt) natural blonde hair. Thanks to me, she has extensive collection of knee high boots and sexy high heeled sandals.
She also enjoy's being tied up.

I have tied her in numerous positions several times. Mostly standard stuff, chairs, beds, ect. One day I got in a little trouble.

She came over my place from work wearing a white sweater, a short blackskirt, and knee high tight fitting black boots. I immediately grabbed her took her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. I took out some white nylon rope tied her hands behind her back, then her feet together. I then took a pair of black hose she had left over my apartment and tightly cleave gagged her. It was a thin gag and really could not keep her quiet, but it looked great tightly against her cheeks. I told her she would have to stay there and keep quiet until I was ready to have fun with her. I then left the room. Only minutes later she hopped out to the living room where I was watching T.V. I told her tat she would now be penalized. I picked her up brought her back to the bed, took out one more piece of rope and hogtied her. I had never done that to her before, and she did not react well. She protested wildy as I walked away again. After five minutes of what I thought was playful whining, I returned to her actually crying. She demanded I untie her, and I did. While untying her she said she never wanted to be tied up like that again. She said it really hurt her wrist. When I finished I saw the ropemarks on her wrist, and explained I was sorry. She then left pissed off. She called me 2 hours later and said she was not mad anymore, but added her roomate, Julie, saw the marks on her wrist when she got home. Julie questioned her and Karen spilled her guts. Julie then said one of her old boyfriends tied her up sometimes and that Karen shouldn't be embarassed. Julie added she would help Karen pay me back sometime. That was over a week ago, nothing's happened. I still haven't tied up Karen again, though I'm sure I will.

Gary G.

Monday, January 24th 2005 - 05:58:20 PM
To Spacefold2
If you do have stories of your own like the "Quickie", please consider sharing them with us! I'd love to read them for one, and many others would as well!

Monday, January 24th 2005 - 06:26:53 PM
Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 01:56:08 AM
Saturday, January 22nd 2005 - 01:56:08 AM

((( rick i'm 12 years and my sister is 14 and last summer my sister had 2 friends 0ver for a sleep over their names were Jen and April. The night they slept over my parents were out to see some ice-show or s0mthing and would not be back till tomarrow afternoon.)))

What is wrong with your parents leaving a 12 year old with 14 year over night by them selves ? If that was not bad enough letting the 14 year old have other 14 year olds over besides.


Monday, January 24th 2005 - 07:42:37 PM
To: Jack
"What is wrong with your parents leaving a 12 year old with 14 year over night by them selves ? If that was not bad enough letting the 14 year old have other 14 year olds over besides.

Ummm.... Did I miss something? Is this the Tips on Good Parenting Forum? I didn't think so. Who cares about Rick's parents and what's "wrong" with them? This is a forum to discuss childhood bondage experiences, not to condemn other people's upbringings as though your own parents were models of perfection. Nobody cares. Who even knows if the story was for real or just fiction? Let's stay on topic, shall we?

Besides, it wasn't long ago that 12- and 14-year-olds were starting families of their own. Now, people like you freak out if they are even left unattended overnight, as though they're toddlers who are going to put pennies in the electrical sockets if they aren't under constant supervision. There's nothing wrong with leaving 12- and 14-year-olds to mind themselves overnight... But there is something wrong with a society that coddles young adults to the point where people have a problem with doing so. I hope that if you have kids, you'll let them cross the street without holding your hand before they turn 30.

I'm sorry to come across as harsh, but damn, of all the pointless things to say in criticism of someone's story.


Monday, January 24th 2005 - 07:45:20 PM
I love reading the stories on this site.

I am into bondage that involves winter jackets or sleeping bags, does anyone know of a good website with that kind of material?


Monday, January 24th 2005 - 09:48:26 PM
Top 10
Top ten for guys who like to be dominated & abused by girls? Fair enough but it's not for most guys but they seem to be the silent majority here; its also that it seems that to a lot of girls [as stated by other posters] that being 'in control' means being 'superior' & that a lot of Non-Consensual Activity takes place that they themselves would not accept.

I do not mind what your particular 'bent' is, no problems, & it's not a matter of weather he or she 'can take it'; it's about the equality of respecting the other persons feelings. It's this & the non-acknowledgement of 'Double Standards' from these girls that is unacceptable to a lot of guys.

Lets see, as I read them would say Claudia accept a male 'friend' 'teaching her a lesson' by knocking her to the ground & kicking & kneeing her 'to make her weak' [her words] so he could tie her up & gag her to be able to 'torture' her more or less continually 'brutal & sadistic' [her words] for enough of 24 hours for INFORMATION ABOUT HER PRIVATE & PERSONAL SEX LIFE! No, why not she did. Also there are so many 'holes' & blatant contradictions in these two 'real versons' that result in....well I will leave that to your imagination.

Also would say Lisa accept 'to teach her a lesson' being taken from her friends at a party, hogtied, then non-consensually locked in a barn, left alone on a hard & dirty floor, in the DARK, for hours & hours then have 5 guys come in, turn on the light & stand over her, pay her pleading 'please untie me, I'm sorry' no respect & laugh at her, humiliate her, torment her over & over [ "I thought he was going to cry before we were finished with him" ] her friends words!! Believe it!! JUST FOR BEING OBNOXIOUS? No, why not that's why she did it to him. That is excacty the thought process of Reverse Discrimination & Double Standards that tear relationships apart!

Still think the 'weaker sex' needs protecting? Just look at the HUGE difference in caring, respect for feelings, sensitivity etc in a couple of recent posts from O.G.Loc 'Football Bet' & 'My Roommate' when these GUYS were 'in control' & the caring & consensual way these guys treated their female 'victims' & the way Gary G. quickly responded to his GF hogtie dislike.......the difference is............yes.


Monday, January 24th 2005 - 09:51:39 PM
I just thought I'd say theres been some great stories lately keep up the good work people :D
Matt (Or one of them anyway)
[email protected]

Tuesday, January 25th 2005 - 05:25:52 AM
Hi everybody! This is what happened one hot summer day a few years ago.

I came out of our house one morning, and saw two of my sisters friends playing around on the grass. One of them had a stick in her mouth with two cords attached to it wich the other one held in her hands. She was on all four walking around on her knees and hands. They were both 11 years old, dressed in skirts and both barefoot. "What are you guys playing?" I asked. "We are pretending that she is a horse of course. Can`t you see that?" answered the one holding the ropes. "Well, to me it looked like you had taken her prisoner." I said, wishing for that sentence to come true. "No, silly. If that was the case she would have been tied up instead." "I`m sure you could manage that if you wanted to." I said, praying for her to take the challenge. "Of course I could, but that is not the game now." The girl on her knees took out the stick and said "You could not tie me up even if you wanted to, I`m too strong for you! Just look!" She jumped up and threw herself at the other girl, taken of guard. They wrestled around on the grass, trying to get the upper hand on each other. I stood around with a big smile, looking at the beautiful bare feet struggling around on the ground. The girl who started the fight had now gotten her competitor on her back, holding her hands over her head. "Giving up yet?" she laughed out, but the other one did not apply. She rolled her around and forced her hands behind her. "Now you give up?" she asked again. "No way, I`m just warming up her" the other girl said. "I`m gonna get yomrghpfmph!!" The stronger girl now had her other hand over her mouth. "OK, then I will have too tie


Tuesday, January 25th 2005 - 03:10:56 PM
Adams Farm Chapter 5

Last part ended with me and Tyler recaptured and tied to separate chairs in Adrians kitchen, while the boys (Phil, Adrian and Chris) fed us breakfast.

Between gales of mirth, we discussed the previous events which led firstly to Tylers capture and finally mine in a very stupid, I have to admit attempt to rescue my cousin who had been bound to a post in the basement. Adrian and Phils father, Mr. Silva, read a newspaper and occasionally laughed about our conversation or muttered an amusement comment.

Theres something I still dont understand. How did Phil and Adrian manage to free themselves? I asked puzzled.
That was easy, Chris began. I caught a glimpse of Tyler entering into Phils room while I was going upstairs. I found that extremely suspicious, for you two were supposedly Adrians prisoners at that time. So, I quickly got into the bedroom, easily overpowered Tyler and untied little Phil who was already drooling from that tight gag. Then we tickled our mates whereabouts out of him and recovered the door key;
Traitor!! You sure have a big mouth. I exclaimed and kicked Tys ankle.
We led our captive to the basement, tied and gagged him to a post and took the picture which Phil slid it under the door.
I hid behind a wall and after a few moments I saw you exiting the room. Phil continued.
It happens that our rooms have the same door lock, thus using the key recovered from Tyler, my brother was able to unlock my door and hurriedly untie me. Then we bolted downstairs to capture you. The rest is history!! Adrian completed with a broad grin.

By the way, where is Adam? Tyler asked.
No one answered. The boys exchanged glances; the ones that make you realize something is wrong.
Oh, shit. We completely forgot about him!! Adrian confessed.
The three of them instantaneously dashed upstairs towards Adrians room. Tyler and I just burst out laughing until we heard them coming back; I twisted my head to glance at a still bound Adam who uttered the wildest imprecations against his chums while they tried to apologize.
We are really sorry, Adam. Please forgive us. As soon as we realized we went to free you. Chris tried to explain but Adam was absorbed in anger, trying to kick his companions since his hands were still tied.
For your own safety well left you bound until you calm down It was not a question. Adam was led to a chair beside me and sat, his wrists further secured to his thighs and the arms with his bare chest to the back of the chair.
No, untie me right now!! The curly brown haired boy demanded.
Calm down, Adam or we wont feed you Adrian snapped.
We continued to eat and chat until 9.30. The breakfast over, we were ordered by Phils father, Mr. Silva, to load the car with our bags and jump in.
Arent you going to untie them? He asked his sons.
It keeps them out of mischief! Adrian added and laughed. His dad seemed to be ok with it.
I was horrified! I sure didnt relish the prospect of spending tied for most of the day. We began to protest but a threat of gagging made us stay put and accept our predicament. Plus, we were in no position of demanding anything, bound to a chair.
As soon as the car was ready and all our equipment had been loaded the boys released us from the chair and marched us to the garage. To my surprise - and relief -, it was a van Phils father was sitting in. A white large-size with dark windows one. (I was afraid people could see us). So they helped us in and I quickly examined the car: the interior was spacious because there were no seats and we had to sit on the floor where a mattress had been laid for the comfortableness of our butts. This was very exciting to me, as though it was a real kidnap situation! They made us sit next to each other and while we squatted our wrists were untied temporarily to be brought to the front and retied palm to palm as deftly and snugly as it had been. They made sure the ropes were tight but didnt cut circulation.
Its going to be a long trip, so we dont want you complaining all the time Phil said with a sarcastic smirk while I sensed the last loop of rope tighten vertically between my wrists and the remaining piece being lifted up and loosely fastened to a bar above my head.
As I expected, my feet were tied as well. I found myself thinking if this was really necessary - it would be impossible to free my hands without assistance and I certainly wasnt going anywhere with them tied above my head! My doubt was answered when Phil produced a third rope and firstly tied one end to my bound ankles, brought the rope up through the bar, wound it around the wrists a couple of times and knotted it off where my fingers couldnt reach it. The rope connecting my hands and feet was firm and taut enough so when I pulled my hands down my legs were lifted consequently, which made it an irritating and amusing circumstance. Vainly I tested the bonds just to confirm what I already knew: as I had thought, it was snug, tight but not uncomfortable, which meant I was going nowhere.
I was somehow happy to see both Adam and Tyler receiving the same treatment, therefore our chances of getting free were nil. I felt sorry for Adam who got to share our punishment for nothing! However, he didnt seem angry now, just calm and apprehensive at what might come; Adam was a more stoic kind of person. When all the captives were tied up nice the boys said in unison Were ready!! to Mr. Silva who had waited patiently behind the steering wheel.
Ok, here we go! I felt the car started moving and since the windows were deep black I had absolutely no idea where we were heading to.
During the first part of the journey we talked, discussed normal subjects and finally Adrian began explaining us what this tying club was really about.
Among other issues, it was in scent a group of teens who liked to tie and be tied up and that gathered with that purpose. No one was compelled to participate but doing so meant accepting some rules such as: inflict no physical harm apart from the usual rope burns and struggle bruises, not quitting once the game began, and above all trusting one another. I have to admit it was well organized; we had to contribute with supplies (i.e. ropes, duct tape, hankies, cloth and rags) which would again be used on ourselves. There were no leaders but Adrian and Adam stood out as the founders.
Whichever is the result, in the end, someone gets tied up (its a well-known fact among us) thus we are never left unsatisfied with the outcome of tie-up games. Is mainly because of that Ive played bondage all of this years: its a win only situation if practiced safely. I think most of people are not being entirely honest when they affirm not having enjoyed either being bound or tying up someone else
My drifting mind was brought back to reality when Chris said to Adrian
I believe Adam has spent way too many hours trussed up, dont you think?.
I agree. He wasnt our victim after all; theres plenty of fun left for these two. Adrian said jerking a thumb at us Tyler and Nick are the new guys. Could someone untie him please?
At last!! Adam said triumphantly.
After his wrist knots were duly undone Phil left Adam to release his own feet. We watched jealously as he rubbed and stretched his arms and legs. My arms were starting to ache because of the position they had been the largest part of the morning.
Expecting no more surprises, I was confident they would eventually release us. But I was wrong. Adam approached Chris and started whispering something in his ear. He smiled and turned to Phil who afterwards told Adrian. Overhearing just the word tickle made my heart jump. Even though I was not certain, it is strangely disturbing not knowing whats going to happen next. I looked at their faces: they all smiled sinisterly at us. A feeling of impending doom fell on me as I realized both of us were only clad in small shorts, which dangerously increased the chances of a tickle torture. Even more, tied that way our bodies were completely exposed and helpless.
It took only one more second to be sure. Tylers face revealed a horrified expression I knew he was scared.
Now!! Our captors said and launched their attack. I closed my eyes and tensed my body in anticipation of what would come. But I was stunned to hear Tyler hysterically laughing on my left. My eyes were now fully open and appreciating the whole ordeal with a surge of delight. Adrian, Chris, Adam and Phil had launched on a ruthless tickling spree all over Tys body. I gasped in admiration of the tickling effects never underestimate its power.
Adam seemed the wickedest of all, his finger tips dancing over Tyler's taut stomach, ribs and armpits. He burst into fits of giggles writhing around in his bonds but completely incapable of avoiding the searching fingertips. Tyler screamed loudly and pulled and twisted his feet which were being explored by Phils curious fingers; the rope jerked his wrists up as he moved his feet, stretching even more his skin and revealing his armpits for Chris to tickle.
Hahahahaaaa, mercy!! Please, hahahaha, stop!! Tyler pleaded
The boy shouted, wiggled and squirmed savagely, but no avail: the knots were all too efficient giving no slack and neither the assailants showed any signs of compassion. After a few moments of rummaging inside a bag, Adrian pulled out a toothbrush and a shoelace. My cousins eyes widened in terror.
Hahahah, tooth haha brush no!! Guys, please! Stooooooop! The shoelace had already been fastened around his big toes, further restraining his movement. Adrian gently brushed Tylers helpless soles with the toothbrush. The effect was electric. I saw how the boy impressively twisted, jerked and screamed for freedom.
In a matter of minutes, Tyler was already covered in sweat. I have to give him some credit, he had weathered it notably well - if I had been in his place I would have already peed on my shorts! I began feeling pity when tears started rolling down his cheeks, so I gathered some courage and spoke out.
Let him alone, bastards!!
They all stopped and glared at me. Our captors hooted with laughter if not rolled around the floor with laughter. I was indignant, but I had spared Ty from a good deal of torture.
Let me remind you Nick that youre still our prisoners. Can you say that you were kinder with me, or with Adam? Can you?! No, I dont think so. Its our revenge. We can do with you whatever punishment we see fit. Besides, youre in no position to make threats; itll just make it worse for you. Therefore, sit tight, watch and wait for your turn Adrian snapped, finishing with a smirk.
Idiots, just wait until we get you! Four against one, you really are a bunch of cowards! I was not going to let it go that easy. But my stubbornness once again led me to worse conditions.
OK, you asked for it! Adrian said and, assisted by his mates, started untying my hands. They were forced behind my back, crossed and bound quite tightly I didnt even have time to rub my wrists. I was forced to lie on the floor, the ankles were untied, my knees were separated and soon I saw my feet bound in the same fashion as my wrists. It was particularly uncomfortable because of the inability of stretching my legs, crossed as they were, and it would be impossible to get up even if I managed to sit. Hands brought my feet up and lashed it with a cord to my wrists, pulling my arms downwards and arching my back to conclude in a hogtie. When they were satisfied, they stepped back to admire their handiwork watching a shirtless fourteen-year-old kid struggle ineffectually against his bonds.
Well, its been a pleasure talking with you but, since we got up early to kidnap you, we are a little sleepy. Have to save up energy, you know. Phil announced.
And, personally, I wouldnt want to be bothered in my dreams. So, I heard the sound of a strip of duct tape being ripped, we are going apply gags to prevent you from disturbing us.
Before Tyler could utter a word, two socks were unceremoniously forced into his mouth well beyond his teeth. It was tied off with a torn cloth behind his head. He screamed with all might but it all came as a low muffled mphhhhhff. Adam headed to where I was, putting a squash ball inside one of the socks, followed by Adrian who carried the tape.
No, Wait! Were not going to tal---mphhhhhh!!! I was cut off by the bundle shoved into my mouth and temporarily handgagged by Adam. Adrian then plastered the sticky silver tape over my mouth as soon as Adam withdrew his hand. He ended by wrapping duct tape around my head several times until my lower face was completely covered with the adhesive material. Adam then held my head between his hands so the tape stuck to my face. When it was over, I wasnt able to make a sound through the gag even though I was shouting my lungs out.
By that time they were making all kind of facetious comments about our predicament. I had only one thing to fear. I was going to be tickled: I knew it. So I mentally prepared myself (I am extremely ticklish).
So, what are we going to do with this one? Phil asked poking his finger into my ribs and eliciting a giggle from me.
Dont worry, we have something for him later Adam answered him and ruffled my hair. I was at the same time relieved and apprehensive. Relieved of being spared of tickle torture but remained apprehensive of an even more creepy fate that would befall me. God knows what these vengeful evil boys have in mind for me, I thought.
Yes, Nick. Youll get your turn Adrian reassured me patting my cheek.

What happened to me? Did we escape or not? What had they prepared for us?
Read next part and find out.

If you want to read the first chapters click here or just go to September stories. Continue from there (other parts are in October and December).

Comments are appreciated as always.

Nicholas H.
[email protected]

Tuesday, January 25th 2005 - 05:18:53 PM
Please continue, Roy from Norway!
I really like your story so far. Please continue it!!

Tuesday, January 25th 2005 - 09:44:58 PM
Thanks for posting the link, Anonymous from Oregon; and CaptivePenny if you see this, Thanks for all the pleasure your site gave me while it was up.


Larry Thorne

Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 03:13:33 PM
To Nicholas H.
I really enjoy your stories so don't quit!

I would love to hear some "brief" bondage stories too.

Mr. E
[email protected]

Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 08:15:59 PM
this happend to me when i was about 14 i was at a poker party and i was one of the first ones to get out. By that time it was 130 in the morning so i just went to bed. By the way i had a pair of jeans on and a t-shirt. When i awoke i couldnt move my hands at all, i couldnt see, and i tried yelling but all that came out was a soft MMMMMMMPPPPPPPHHH.....i started kicking my feet. Then i felt someone grab my feet and there hands were cold so i knew my socks had been removed, and then my bare ankles were tied together, and then my big toes and the one beside.( my second toes are longer than my first) then i felt cold fingers run across my be continued

Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 08:35:48 PM
The Girls Revenge (Pt 1)
My name is Ted & its been awhile since I posted my last story. It involved me, when I was between & the ages of fourteen & fifteen, & my best friend Mike. We had successfully captured Mikes older sister Cassie, 15 (Who I had a big crush on), & her two friends, Laurie, a Katie Holmes lookalike & Kristi, who was of Filipino descent. We had tricked them all, tying them up, gagging them & then tickling them endlessly. It was a day that wont soon forget, but soon I would remember another day, a day that the girls would get their revenge. First of all, a new girl Nina & her brother Jimmy had moved in down the street recently. Although I didnt know them very well, that would soon change. Nina & Jimmy were about fourteen as well, but looked a little younger. Nina would hang out at Lauries house a lot.

Anyway, on one typical Saturday in July, Mike had called me to come over later. His older brother Pete was in charge once again, but except for a few times, basically kept to himself, probably playing music in his room. I went over later & saw a few bikes. I recognized Lauries, but the other two were unfamiliar (Kristi was out of town at the time). Anyway, I went up to the door & rang the bell. To my surprise, Cassie answered it. She was dressed in a white bikini top & was wearing jean cut-offs.

Hi Ted she smiled as I tried hard not to stare at her too much (Which was very hard to do!) She called out to her brother, but after a few long moments, Mike was still absent.

Oh that brother of mine! she said, rolling her eyes

Come on, Ted. I know hes upstairs playing that stupid video game of his!

I followed Cassie up the stairs, totally unaware of what was about to happen. We walked over to Mikes room & Cassie opened the door. Immediately I heard grunting sounds & sure enough, I soon saw Mike & Jimmy sitting on the floor, bound hand & foot & both cleave-gagged with thick white rags. I saw no one else, but suddenly I was jumped on by somebody or somebodies!

Hey!.. what the.! Cassie then had tackled me to the floor! I then saw It was Laurie & the new girl Nina that had jumped me! My heart was pounding. It looked like the girls had captured all of us, but somehow I was determined to fight back.

Dont fight us Ted Cassie scolded as she gave me a tickle on the neck.

Stop it!!! I yelled as I felt my hands jerked behind me. I was pinned down good.

Shut up! Cassie added, putting her hand over my mouth Okay Nina, do your thing

Her thing was tying my hands behind my back & tight, I might add (I later found out that Nina had been in the Girl Scouts & knew a thing or two about rope tying).
After securing my Wrists behind me, I was forced into a sitting position while Laurie tied my ankles together with more of the white rope. I couldnt believe the ease the girls had done this, but I think a part of me didnt mind one bit!

Okay then Cassie said smiling, that should do it

I noticed they hadnt gagged me, so I wanted to find out what they had planned

What are you going to do? I asked wondering

We havent decided yet Cassie added Girls?

I say we tickle all of them, especially Ted! We cant forget what happened before! Laurie said in a sinister voice

Yeah Nina added I want to see what Ive been missing. I know my brother is ticklish, but your brother Cassie. & Ted here

No! I protested, knowing that It would be endless torture

I think thats an excellent choice! Cassie added as she cut off my protests, with a thick rag that found my open mouth. Cassie then knotted the gag tight behind my head.

Enough talking Teddy!

Mmmmppphhh!!! Was the only sound out of mouth, as well as Mikes & Jimmys

You know its not polite to talk with your mouth full!

Oh man, I felt humiliated! The girls were about to tickle us mercilessly.

Twenty minutes to get free, or else. With that ultimatum, the girls exited the room, giggling loudly.

At once I tested my bonds, but found Nina to be very good at rope tying. I grunted to Mike to sit back to back, hoping we could pick at the others knots. & free ourselves. If not, it was going to be a long night..


Ted Farrell
[email protected]com

Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 09:29:24 PM
Some links for y'all
Here's a few "story" sites I found (just decided I should contribute to the cause :) My AOL SN is RCCARFREAK9 any girls, write me and we could chat. And c'mon, let's see some more stories!


[email protected]

Thursday, January 27th 2005 - 02:57:57 AM
Just another note. This time in teal!
To: Who_Knows

There was a page I had a few months ago that I've since lost. Next time I'll direct you there because this really isn't the page for instruction. Two of the suggestions, if you're dead-set against ball gagging are

1) Tie your gag in the mouth and tie something to the gag that goes over the head, to keep it from falling down. This one's tougher to do and not very effective.

2) Tie a long gag (middle) from the back of the neck, cross through the mouth and tie off at the top of the head. Best results if you can get the top of the gag to stay above the ears.

Really, a standard ITM gag will stay in longer if you get it knotted over the ears. A wide OTM gag works, too, if you can keep their jaw from opening. (end)

Anyway, I've got to go back to see where I left off with my last story. I've been busy with (insert everything here). I have a story in memory somewhere with my cousin and a good OTM gag. I'll have to see if I can compose something worth reading from the bits and pieces.


Thursday, January 27th 2005 - 03:35:42 PM
Does anyone know if the Bondage in Everyday Life website is ever going to update again? its been over 2 months now...
El Capitan

Friday, January 28th 2005 - 12:01:23 AM
mummification website
to whom ever wants to know here is a mummification website you could visit. Porn free of course.

[email protected]

Friday, January 28th 2005 - 12:59:23 AM
Any girls?
Any girls on this website 16-19 that are interested in this kind of thing? If so, email me at [email protected] if ya wanna chat :)
[email protected]

Friday, January 28th 2005 - 12:49:58 PM
Jenny and Mabel
This story involes two of my close friends, Jenny(17) and Mabel(18). Jenny is a Chinese girl with straight black hair to her shoulders and liked to dress in vintage clothes, as she described it. Mabel is also a Chinese girl, but wore her hair mostly in a ponytail and dressed pretty trendy. One day, after school, I invited them over to my place for the weekend to hang out and maybe watch a movie since my parents were going away for the weekend. Little did they know that I had other plans for them...

Anyways, on Saturday afternoon, they came to my house as expected. They were both dressed a bit warmly since it was a chilly fall day. Jenny was wearing a brown sweater, a blue jean skirt, black footless tights, and brown knee-high leather boots. Mabel was wearing a tight white sweater, green pants, and tan ankle boots. I invited them inside to my living room and asked them what movie they wanted to see out of my collection. Mabel picked out The Phantom for us to watch, saying that she had never seen it before. So the girls plopped down on the couch to watch the movie while I made some popcorn in the kitchen for all of us to eat. Somewhere in the first quarter of the movie, some girl in the movie(can't remember the name) gets kidnapped by the bad guys and is tied up and gagged on a chair.

Jenny: "I wonder what it'd be like to be a hostage and all and have some superhero come rescue me."

Mabel: "Haha, keep dreaming Jenny. Nothing like that could ever happen to you."

Me: "Plus would you want some purple clad geek to come to your rescue like the phantom?"

Jenny: "Heh, I guess not, but you can still imagine, can't you?"

We all laughed and continued to watch the movie. After it ended, Mabel said she was hungry and asked if she could make some noodles in the kitchen and I said sure. This is when I had decided this was the time to put my plan into action. I invtied Jenny upstairs to go look at my photo album in my room. I led her to my room and when she went over to my desk to look the album, I snuck up behind her, grabbed her, and placed my hand over my mouth.

Me: "I'm kidnapping you. Do as I say, I'll make your regret it."

She just laughed behind my handgag, but decided to play along anyways.

Me: "I'm going to hold you and your friend downstairs as my captives until a ransom is paid for you both. Until then, I'm going to tie you up so that you don't get into any trouble."

I removed my hand gag from her mouth, and she just giggled some more.

Jenny: "Well, Mr. Kidnapper, if you're going to tie me up, at least let me take my boots off first so that I can be more comfortable."

As she was unzippping her boots off, I noticed that she wasn't wearing any socks underneath. Curious, I decided to ask her about it.

Me: "How come you don't wear any socks when you wear boots?"

Jenny: "I dunno. I guess I just like going barefoot with boots on. Plus, my feet get sweaty when i wear socks with them."

Me: "Fair enough. Um...I guess the best place to tie you up would be my bed. Is that okay with you?"

Jenny: "Sure, that's fine."

So, I took some nylon ropes left over from our pulley experiment for science and went over to bind Jenny with them. I placed her hands behind her back, putting her hands palm-to-palm with each other. I started with the end of the rope around her hands and wrapped the rope around them horizontally 3 times and vertically 3 times, pulling tight with each wrapping. Near the end of the rope, I cinched in between the ropes tying her hands and tied the knot out of her reach. Taking another piece of rope, I then had her sit upright on my bed and used the same techinque I used with her hands on her ankles as well.

Jenny: "Guess I won't be going anywhere anytime soon, huh? You've tied me pretty tight so far, I can move my hands and feet."

Me: "Of course I don't want you going anywhere, silly, that's the whole point of it."

Jenny: "Well, are you done tying me? Seems like the job's only half done."

Me: "Shut up, miss smarty pants. Of course I'm done yet."

I then had her roll over on her stomach and push her up onto my bed so she could rest her head on my pillow. Taking another piece of rope, I tied one end to her ankle bindings...

Jenny: "Oh no, I've seen this before. You're trying to tie my hands and feet together so that I REALLY can't go anywhere."

Smiling, I said in reply:

Me: "Yes, now be a good girl and bend your legs for me."

Jenny: "Well, I won't let you if I can help it."

She struggled with me as I tried to force her legs to bend so that I could hogtie her.

Me: "Making this hard on me, eh? Well, two can play at that game."

I moved my fingers down to her bare feet and lightly tickled them. She started to giggle and began to bend her legs as I tickled her feet some more. Using this to my opportunity, I quickly pulled hard on the rope and moved her feet slowly towards her hands until her heels were barely touching her fingers. I then wrapped the rope around her wrist and ankle bindings and tied the knot off at her ankles so that it'd be hard for her to reach with her hands. She grunted and squirmed a bit, realizing there would be no way for her to escape unless Mabel or me untied her.

Jenny: "Guess you're gonna gag me now, right?"

Me: "Heh, it's like you read my mind."

I went over to my drawer and pulled out two long socks. I turned one of the socks into a ball and shoved it in Jenny's mouth. I used the other sock to wrap around her mouth and tied it off behind her head.

Me: "Now that you're all secured, it's time for me to go after your little friend. Mwuhahaha!"

Jenny: "Mmmmph."

She struggled a little more and before I left, I tickled her feet one last time just for fun.

Now onto to Mabel...


Friday, January 28th 2005 - 07:08:52 PM
apologies to all those who tried to join the ropecuffer yahoo is not ready for viewing yet...i haven't had time to finish my story, let alone work on the yahoo group...patience...i have email addresses and will notify potential members once i am up and running...i will finish the story first.
[email protected]

Friday, January 28th 2005 - 07:24:39 PM
Awesome, K.C. Can't wait to hear the rest.

Friday, January 28th 2005 - 09:51:46 PM
When the Tie Ups Began
Back in the early 90's was when I not only found people with a common interest and finally got to tieing up/being tied, but also when a series of tie up games insued but you'll get more on that later.

At the time I was 13 years of age and didn't know what bondage was, I just assumed it was somekind of odd, unique feeling. I of course hid it from everyone no matter how badly I began to want to either tie up or be tied. I got my chance when I found out my cousins were coming to live with me and my mom. I can't remember exactly what my dad's job was but anyway he was away most of the time though he did his best to try and spend time with us. My aunt and uncle were having financial troubles so they couldn't afford to care for my cousins at that moment so until they could they had to live with us. Of course I expected no kind of bondage game but was excited at the chance to see my cousins. I dressed up in a pink tanktop with black shorts, socks and sneakers. To finish it up I even had a small pink hair piece on my head.

I spent the time waiting watching TV and such when my mother called me out to tell me my cousins arrived. Once they stepped out I greeted my male cousin happily. Lee as about fourteen. He was wearing a black T-shirt with some weird design I also can't remember well. he also had grey shorts, white socks and grey and blue sneakers. I suppose I was living the overy jitteress girl but I suppose that was just part of me. My male cousin of course just kinda blushed while my female cousin, Jennifer, laughed. She had long brown hair reaching down to about shoulder level. She had a white T-shirt with pants you could zip off halfway(I think they're called cut offs but I'm not sure) and pink sneakers. She shared my hyper additude and came over joining in the hug, with poor Lee caught in the middle.

My mom and I helped accomidate them inside. Me and Jennifer would share a room while Lee had to use the guest bedroom as my mom throught it improper for boys and girls to be sleeping together. He blushed when mom said this, and me and Jennifer giggled like idiots. We spent the first day playing around the large open field down a few blocks from us, tag and such. Nothing really signifigant happened then. Night came so we changed into our PJ's, a pink nightgown for me while Jennifer wore a blue night gown. Lee wore a black tanktop and black silk shorts. It was summer and of course hot and he wanted to wear no shirt but again my mom didn't think it appropiate for a boy to be going shirtless in a house with girls in it.

Since it was summer we went to bed late, about 10:00. We wanted to stay up longer but again mom won. If she ever saw the games we played! After bidding Lee goodnight, we headed to my room and of course bidded eachother goodnight before sleeping. I was still wired from the excitement of having my cousins around even though I knew if my aunt and uncle got finanacialy stable enough I would have to bid them farewell. We kept pulling the sheet off one another as my mom hadn't brought my blanket from the washer yet. "Quit pulling it away"said Jennifer pulling it towards herself. I kept doing it as even in the heat I needed some warmth. Jennifer growled before standing up.

"Where are you going?"I asked but she said nothing. I shrugged and went back to sleep, well, tried to sleep. Soon I heared her come back in. I turned and gasped when I saw her with rope and ducktape in her hand, obviously from the garage. I became excited but held it asking"What are you doing with those?"I asked with an innocent, naive voice. "Keeping you still"she said pouncing on the bed. We wrestled a little on the bed but since she was on top she soon had me pinned with my stomach down. I heared ducktape rip off and she placed it on my mouth, along with another strip. I reached for my gag but she tickled my sides. I yanked my arm,s back to my sides, giggling under my gag and I realized she wanted me to do this. I let her tie my hands behind me, enjoying this more then anything ever!

My hands were knotted tightly behind me and as she worked on my ankles I pulled to see how well she had tied my hands. I couldn't break it, it wasn't uncomfortable but it would hold me. She did just as fine a job on my ankles. Luckiily for me my mom would allow me to sleep in, I'd hate to have to explain why I was tied up like this, me assuming I would be tied all night. There was a knock at the door. I gasped under my gag, Jennifer must've been just as scared, she nearly leaped. "Who is it?"asked Jennifer. "It's me, Lee"

Well, it was better then mom finding us I supposed. I was shocked when Jennifer said he could come in. The lights were turned out in the hall as well. I pleaded under my gag but it didn't do well. When Lee opened the door however, he didn't seem suprised. "I should've known Jennifer. You're okay, right?"asked Lee to me. I nodded and he now giggled. "Guess you're enjoying yourself"he said. I blushed and growled nder my gag. Jennifer cleared her throat. "Guess you'll have to keep me quiet then"said Lee putting his arms up in surrender. A boy tied up next to me? I was enjoying this! I struggled some more to full enjoy the expeirence of being bound and gagged.

Lee was comepletey obidient as Jennifer gagged him, then tied him the same way she did me. Jennifer then did something more suprising and dragged us by our feet into Lee's room which was across the hall. She picked me up and placed me on the bed, then the same to Lee. She checked both our bonds. "You'll just have to share this room. If Aunt Maryl finds you like this, oh well. Goodnight"she waved to us, closing the door. We all knew my mom wouldn't think to look in on us so we began struggling, well, I did. Lee kept nudging against me. When i looked to him, just able to see in the darkness, I saw him gesturing to me his bound hands and so I realized Jennifer left us within reach of one another's bonds. As much as I loved being tied up, being rescued was good too. It took him little time to undo my knots. I finished untying myself and then ripped off my gag, which didn't hurt.

I then untied Lee's hands and he finished untying himself. He ripped off his gag and spoke. "Jennifer and I go through this a lot, I didn't expect she try this out on you. You aren't mad, are you?"he asked. "I, uh, enjoyed it"I blurted out. "Good, because she'll probaly keep up these games. Tomorrow we can strike, what do you say?"he asked. I nodded, bid him goodnight and retired to my room where Jennifer lay. "So, we playing again?"I asked. "You know it. Of course you and Lee will be mine all day"she said unaware we allready made a plan for revenge. This was but one game as many more would insue and more kids would get involved but that will be for another time.


Saturday, January 29th 2005 - 02:11:23 AM
Really great story, Mary! I can't wait to hear what other exploits you became involved in.

Saturday, January 29th 2005 - 06:11:06 AM
my gf
Hello my name is peter (14 yrs. old), and my gf's name is demi (14 yrs. old). My gf is THE DEFINITION OF HOT. She has brown hair, 36c bra (huge for a 14 year old), nice but 5'2" 106 lbs. Very hot looking face.

Today at school my gf was wearing a white undershirt with a jacket over it, (not covering her breast area where her undershirt was), and you could clearly see her white bra underneath her shirt.

After school i asked demi if she wanted to come over to my place because my parents wouldn't be there for 4 days, and as usual she said yes. Me and her walked hand in hand to my house, and to the couch were we kissed for the FIRST TIME. It was soo cool, she is a good kisser, and while she was kissing her breasts were rubbing against my chest which felt awesome.

I then told her i had to go to the bathroom. Instead of going to thebathroom and went to our basement where there was 6+ rolls of duct tape. I got 1 of them, and headed towards demi's way.

I quickly went behind her and tightly handgagged her so she couldn't speak. She started mmpphing really loud, so i decided to order her to sit up, or this wouldn't be pretty.

I earlier took my bb gun out of my room to act as if i had a gun.

I ordered her to take off her jacket, she willingly did. I then ordered for her to take off her undershirt which she hesistated but followed through. MAN ALIVE WAS SHE HOT WEARING THAT WHITE BRA. I easily say the huge curves of her breasts at that moment.

I then ordered her to take off her skirt, which again she hesitated to do but did it anyways. I then went around her and ordered her to put her hands behind her back, she did and i taped her wrists and upper arm as hard as i could, and she couldn't move her hands.

I then ordered her to put her arms against her back, and i started wrapping around her up and over her breasts multiple times which made her breasts pop out and look even sexier. She couldn't move her upper body at all.

After that, i ordered her to put her ankles together, and i taped them together. And then above and below her knees.

At that point in time she was extremely helpless. I then started moving my finger towards her breasts, and demi kept on saying, "peter what are you doing?" I then quickly poked her breast with my finger and man did it feel firm. I then lightly squeezed both of her breasts and she started acting up.

So i decided that i should gag her. So i ripped off a piece of duct tape that was approximately 8" long (cheek to cheek) and 2 1/2" wide, (chin to nose). And started slowly moving the piece of silver duct tape right in the way of her mouth. She started licking her lips but immediately i dried her lips off with my hand and plastered the tape over her fine lips.

I then started fondling with her huge boobs some more. and then i decided to mummify her. I started shoulder down. I ended up covering her entire body (including feet) from shoulder down with a little to spare. So i took off her gag, and she squirmed but didn't go anywhere. I then wrapped the duct tape around her head (only over mouth) about 7-8 times until it ran out.

She couldn't say a thing.

I kept her like this until about 9 p.m. tonight (she was tied up from 2:30 p.m.).

I have not let unwrapped her, and right now she is standing right beside me wrapped and gagged like a mummy. (i'm holding her up).

Give me feed back please.

the guy

Saturday, January 29th 2005 - 01:19:55 PM
Adrians Farm Cowboy Wannabe

I was abruptly awakened by a shaft of light descending on my face through the van door.

C'm on, wake up everyone. We're here! Mr. Silva cheerfully announced as I struggled to maintain my eyes opened.

As my eyes adapted to sunlight, I tried to yawn; but I couldn't. Neither was I able to stretch my arms or legs. For a moment I felt really scared, but then I remembered. Just a few hours ago I had been effectively immobilized by Adrian, Adam, Phil and Chris on the van floor, put into a tight hogtie and silenced with tape. Quite comforting, isn't it?

However, it was a new thing for me to wake up, realize I am bound and gagged, practically kidnapped by a bunch of crazy kids eager to torture me as though coming out of world of dreams to face a reality as incredible as one!

I strained to peer up and caught a glimpse of Tyler still asleep (snoring as always), tied pretty much the same way before we drifted to sleep. When our captors overcame their drowsiness they got up, began by unfastening Tyler from the bar and releasing his ankles in order to march him. I was given the same partial freedom, helped on my feet by my foes that started joking about our situation again.

Did you rest well, Nick? Adrian said in a derisive tone, putting one arm around my shoulders. I just grunted and mphhed in response.

As I stepped out, the sunny landscape of Silva's farm was revealed. An impressive fifty-acre area of woodland and pasture was distributed in small portions by fences where livestock gathered. They enclosed a bigger area which comprised of a farmhouse, two large red wooden barns, a soccer field and a pool. The forest was located on the east side of the surroundings, endowed with deep undergrowth, shrubs, high trees camouflaging the low cliffs.

Well, what do ya think bout it? Phil asked in a strong southern accent.

Then he laughed.

Sorry guys, I forgot, he said, pushing us rather harshly towards the house, we'll show ya around. But first things first: you must be thirsty.

We went right into the kitchen and were ungagged as promised; they arranged bottles of water which they held as we drank gratefully. Their dad had just entered carrying our bags.

I am going to leave your belongings in the bedroom, boys. After you unpack, wanna go horse riding?

Sure! We all responded willingly.

Adrian led us downstairs to the basement; a nice gloomy room with several beds which I believe was intended to guests. We rubbed our wrists as soon as our upper body was untied and after changing into t-shirt, long pants and boots while chatting, we headed outside to the barn. Three horses had already been arranged.

Can you ride, son? asked Mr. Silva

Yes, sir. Both Tyler and I were used to this kind of activities.

In a matter of seconds we were up, holding the stirrup tight and soon started trotting through the path. All the way Mr. Silva showed us their land, where it started, where it ended, how many cattle they had, etc. Summing up, it was a hell of a farm.

After two hours, we arrived at what seemed to be a rodeo, got down and entered the arena. A bright sign displayed, Silva's Rodeo. It was an enormous place, full with bleachers, iron bar fences that gave it a more incredible aspect. I had seen it on TV, but the real thing was amazing. We noticed it was empty, but there were still some traces of a recent show.

Hey! Look what I found Adrian had grabbed a thirty-foot lasso hanging from a post. He started waving it on the air.

Bad luck we have no cows t' practice bro, said Phil smiling.

No. But there's you, bro, came Adrian 's rejoinder in a defiant tone, their gaze locking at each other; Phil's face instantaneously switched to panic.

Please, -- Adrian , no wait wait!!!!!!! Phil pleaded before he started running with all his strength to escape the unpleasant scenario his evil brother wished to put him in.

Yea! Go get him! We started cheering Adrian, it was quite a show! It was the classic big-brother-picking on-little-brother-for-fun thing. I felt a grin spread across my own face as Adrian began the chase, giving his sibling a previous 50 yards advantage.

I was full of admiration of Adrian 's speed. In less than 2 minutes he had caught up with Phil and was already preparing the rope to attack. But he wisely maintained his rhythm, waited for his victim to get tired thus enabling him to perform an accurate shot'.

Then, with what seemed like magic (I'm still trying to figure out how he did it), Adrian smoothly threw the circle of rope one step ahead of Phil's feet and quickly pulled when it had encircled the right ankle.

Ahhhhh!!! the little boy cried, lost balance and fell hard close from where we stood, dirtying his impeccable white t-shirt on the dusty floor. Before he could react, Adrian reached down, turned Phil on his back and lashed his ankles together. Without delay Adrian forced his brother's lean arms behind his back; and holding with one hand, used the remaining length of rope to bound the wrists all carried out with an astonishing dexterity and smoothness. After completing the hogtie, which I believe it was the fastest one I have ever seen, Adrian knotted it off and stood up to grin victoriously at us.

Whoooa!! Well done! we said and applauded between gales of mirth as he bowed.

Adrian turned and asked, Are you okay, bro?

Yea -- I think -- so, Phil answered, breathing heavily. He struggled and squirmed some just to prove it held and elicit a laugh from his captor.

No use doin' that, kiddo. Don't you know those are pro's knots?

Oh, damn!! I give up, Phil sighed, his sweat-damp body resting as much as the bonds allowed. We were gathering around Phil making all kind of facetious comments when Mr. Silva spoke,

Let's get goin', boys. It's getting late and you must be hungry. There's a good meal waiting for us back at the farm. With that being said Adam, Chris and Tyler mounted on their horses. Adrian and I were about to jump on ours,

Guys! What about me? Phil asked from behind.

Adrian turned and smirked ponderingly at him. He shouldn't have asked, I silently told myself.

You're my captured lamb, bro. And I'm certainly not letting you go. Well, not yet. He proceeded to unfasten Phil's ankles, but tied instead his elbows in the small of his back. Since Phil was a slim flexible kid, his arms where brought and restrained together without much trouble.

Ouch! Not too tight!

Could you help me out here, Nick? I really don't want him whining for the whole trip Phil's heart quailed with his brother's words.

Please, Adrian ! No, I don't want to be ga-mphhhhfffff the pitiful voice was smothered by Adrian 's clamping his hand over Phil's mouth.

Fetch me a stick about 1 foot long and I'll show ya something

He triggered my curiosity. I found a barkless one, but it was excessively long, so I broke it in half using my knee and handed it to Adrian .

Perfect! Now. Use this, he motioned a handkerchief he had taken out of his pocket, to pad it. Just wrap it around few times, cus we don't want our little lamb hurting his mouth, do we?

To secure it we need some shoelaces. You can take it from his own sneakers! I squatted down and started unraveling them. With stick and cords in hands, I got up and positioned in front of the handgagged boy.

Adrian suddenly released his hand over Phil's mouth

Open wide!" I said.

Phil reluctantly obeyed and I forced the stick between his teeth, finally tying it in place with the shoelaces.

This gag is great, you know, Adrian continued, 'cus if tied sufficiently tight speech is impossible! He grabbed his bro's chin, moving his head from left to right.

Mpphhhhhh.. Our buddy pleaded; it was effective indeed! The stick kept jaws very firmly apart thus he wasn't able to make a sound!

The gagging over, we helped our buddy up the horse: I pushed his butt while Adrian positioned his legs to sit him astride. I mounted just behind him and encircled my arms around him so he wouldn't fall and I could ride he couldn't do it with his hands tied behind him of course!

Tyler shared the horse with my cousin on the way back.

Where did you learn the stick-gag thing? Tyler asked.

Last summer while we were deepening into the forest we found a local scout camp. The boyscouts agreed to play tie up games with us, Chris began saying.

It was a basically us against them, nice game but we lost though. We spent several hours captive, tied and gagged in several ways. Adam chuckled.

We learned it from our own experience, didn't we Phil?

He nodded vigorously.

We were outnumbered then, those cowards! But now we have Nick and Ty with us, so we can challenge them again! Adrian added.


At the farm, we unmounted and Mr.Silva ordered Adrian to untie his brother. Otherwise, I think he'd had left him there!

I'll still get you one day, Adrian ! said Phil visibly mad as he was being untied.

Yea, right. If you ever manage to tie me up all by yourself, I promise I'll be your slave for the entire day, Phil. Haha! They both knew the chances of a lanky boy submitting a wrestling champion like Adrian were nil, so Phil just made no more comments of his revenge.

We all ate lunch right away. Afterwards we played some cards, board games until 4.30pm when we decided to dispute a soccer match. It began as normal, but nearly the end it started raining. In a few moments we were soaked; our shirts and shorts clung to our body.

Dammit! Bloody rain, I said as I ran for shelter inside the house.

Yeah, it's raining! Chris grinned at us.

All right! Adam said.

It's raining! Phil repeated blissfully. That was awkward. Tyler and I looked each other in puzzlement.

What happens when it rains?

You'll see hahaha - you'll see said Adrian with a smirk.

To be continued

Nicholas H.
[email protected]

Saturday, January 29th 2005 - 02:02:18 PM
Attempted Revenge PT1
After my first tie up at the hands of Jeniffer, me and Lee were planning for payback. When I awoke Lee and Jeniffer were allready out of their rooms and mom was obviously gone before I looked at the clock. I got on a pair of yellow shorts, a yellow T-shirt and a pair of black socks. I was afraid mI might have been missing the fun but to my relief Lee and Jeniffer were simply watching TV in the living room. "About time you woke up"said Jennifer. "Sorry, but someone did tie me up"I said. Jennifer just giggled. Lee suggested we have breakfast now that we were all up. Jeniffer and Lee were dressed in the same clothes as last night, and like me were sockfooted.

We each had a bowl of cereal and every now and then Lee and I would exchange a glance oblivious to Jeniffer. I was itching for a tie up but I didn't want anyone to know how much I was looking forward to it. I was done first which gave me and Lee an advantage. I put my bowl in the sink where I told them to put it. I waited outside at the corner of the kitchen, holding my hands over my mouth. I was giggling like crazy! Lee finished second, then jennifer. Lee was the one who sprung, grabbing Jeniffer's arms. She gave him a playful struggle, giggling throughout until I decided to tickle her stomach a bit.

"We're gonna tie you up"I taunted. She willingly followed us up the stairs to Lee's room where the rope from last night and some more Lee had brought was. Me never having tied before, allowed Lee to tie her up while I kept an eye on her(not that she would run away) She was giggling like crazy as Lee tied her hands behind her, then tied a knot that leaft two loose strands, which he pulled over and tied over the knot. "You're so mean"said Jeniffer testing her bonds. I picked up ducktape off the floor, tore a large strip off and placed it on her mouth, stretching from both her cheeks. We had her sit on the bed as Lee began tieing her ankles. She mmphed like crazy though her gag and I was enjoying every second of it.

Me and Lee stood there admiring his handywork as she wiggled and squirmed, squealing under her gag. I bent down and tickled her legs for a few seconds, resulting in louder squeals but no one outside the room could hear it. "Enjoying this?"I heared Lee asked behind me. "Yeah"I said. "Good, because you're joining her"

"What?"I asked. "You heard me" he said. Since Jeniffer had obliged to being tied, I knew I should too so I put my hands up in surrender. He told me to place my hands behind me palms facing and instead of tieing, he taped them together. When he was done I couldn't believe how snug these tape bonds were, they held as good as any rope! My ankles were next, causing me to fall on the bed in front of Jeniffer. Then my knees were bound as well. "Hey, you never tied her knees"I complained. he shrugged it off and gagged me with tape. He gently layed me down on the floor, then grabbed my ankles. "I'll be taking her with me. Have fun"



Saturday, January 29th 2005 - 04:45:04 PM
message for 'the guy'
hey dude if she is still in the mood to play you should lay her down and unwrap her feet first and maybe nibble and tickle them a little,see if she likes it or not,i am deffinately a fan of the mummy scene,hope more mummy encounters are shared on this forum(the best frickin forum out there) im a 23 year old white male from BC Canada,any BC ladies in the forum that wish to chat and share some stories,i have a few one in particular that took place at my brothers wedding last summer,i'll go into details later.chow peeps!
Randy M
[email protected]

Saturday, January 29th 2005 - 11:07:44 PM
When the door opened, she stood there, with questioning eyes, seemingly wondering why she showed up again. She was 13, about 5 foot three, and had medium length dirty-blonde hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. She was a star soccer player, and so was quite athletic. She wore a white shell surfer-type necklace, and a red t-shirt with faded jeans worn thin at the knees; no belt. It was fall, so she had on her Levis jean jacket, which I loved. I invited her in.

As soon as she entered, she asked where we were going. I directed her to the TV room. We had played this game there before, so she knew the way.

In front of the couch was a wooden desk chair, and she immediately sat down in it, maneuvering her arms over the back and clasping them together. I began. I took a length of white cotton rope and wrapped it around her crossed wrists, first horizontally, then vertically. I finished it off in a sturdy knot. Next, I tied her ankles together, just above her Nike running shoes, noticing that the skin of her flat belly just showed below the hem of her red t-shirt. I wrapped her knees tightly with more rope, then stepped back to admire the scene. I asked her if she was comfortable, and she nodded her head yes. She never complained.

I stood up, and next wadded a small piece of white cloth into a tight ball. She opened her mouth reflexively, and it popped in. From behind, I pulled a strip of white cloth between her lips, to keep her from tonguing out the wad, and secured it tightly behind her head. The tension of the gag caused her freckled cheeks to pooch out a bit, and she chewed on it a couple of times to get more comfortable. She made a couple of feeble grunts for effect, as her green eyes gazed up at me from the right side.

We had been playing this game for a number of years, and neither one of us could remember when, or why, we had started. How many times had we bound and gagged each other this way? Why did it feel so good? We both knew it was a little weird, so we never told anyone about our little game. And no one had ever found out...until now!

Suddenly, we both heard a jingling of keys, and the back door flew open. In walked my little brother. We both looked over at him in surprise. He stopped dead in his tracks, staring at me, then at Tracy, with a startled and confused look. No one said a word.

He was 11, and played in the same summer soccer league as Tracy. They knew each other pretty well from practices and meets. He had very dark brown slightly wavy hair that just crossed the top of his ears. His eyes were almond shaped, like mine, as a function of our heritage. Our mom was Asian, and our dad Latin. His skin was on the dark side, but somewhat lighter than mine. He was wearing his favorite white t-shirt with some sort of black swirled dragon-like figure on the chest. His shirt reached down just to the top of the pockets of his Old Navy painters pants, which were a little worn. His sneakers were open on top, and he, too, was wearing a Levis jean jacket. His was more worn than Tracys. It used to be mine, until I grew out of it.

Confused, he asked what was going on? Tracy began to say something, but it was impossible to decipher, as the words came dribbling out from behind the gag. She began to grunt and mpff a little louder, and I suggested she try to keep quiet.

Still wondering, Chris began to look a little scared. Perhaps it was the situation, or maybe he perceived my own growing panic. At any rate, he made a run for the kitchen, which was on the other side of the room. I sprang, and knocked him off his feet, both of us flying directly into an oversized armchair. Before he could right himself, I pounced on him, pinning him chest first into the chair, twisting one arm behind his back, then the other. He was pretty feisty, but I was older, heavier, and much more powerful and athletic.

Fortunately, I had all my materials on the chair, and was able to quickly grab a length of rope and wrap it around his wrists before he quite knew what to do (or what was happening). He got increasingly more agitated and angry, and more difficult to control. I quickly secured his ankles, then knees, and slid him off the chair and onto his belly on the carpeted floor. He looked back at me with eyes wide with anger (and perhaps a little terror), his nostrils flared, and his teeth clenched. He started to scream that he was going to tell, and that I was in huge trouble. He gazed over towards Tracy, and I did the same. She sat there quietly, staring over at us, still tied, with the white cleave gag firmly in place. Her upper body was situated sideways, and she was slightly silhouetted by the light filtering in through a sunny, but curtained window. Her eyes peered at me, and for the first time since we started playing these little games, I saw what looked like fear, and a desire to be set free. She mpffed a few times unintelligibly into the gag, but the resumption of my brothers struggles left me no opportunity to reply.

Chris started fighting even more frantically, yelling threats loudly that he would never be able to keep. I sat heavily on the small of his back, and quickly wadded up another small piece of cloth I had left over. I held it in my right hand, and the end of a red bandana rolled up lengthwise in my left hand. Chris couldnt see what I was doing, so the whole thing came as a big surprise.

I turned Chriss head to the right, and held it firmly against the floor in that position with my left hand. On the next breath, Chris opened his mouth widely and I stuffed in the waded cloth as quickly and as deeply as I could, without getting bitten. Holding on to one end of the rolled up red bandana, I instantly grabbed the other end with my right hand, and pulled it between my brothers head and the floor, guiding it in across his quivering lips, and between his open pearly whites as he tried in vain to tongue out the wad. I then pulled the ends of the bandana tightly behind his head, and secured it in a firm knot. Although his screams and obscenities were muffled a little and a slightly more difficult to make out, he was still deafening. Still holding him down, I put my hand across his forehead and pulled his head back firmly, until I knew it hurt. I told him it was no use struggling, that he would never escape, and that Tracy over there was proof. I told him I had been practicing ties for years, and that I had gotten pretty good at it. If he didnt calm down, I threatened to continue to pull on his head, and wrench his neck further. He relaxed and his struggles ceased. His screams fell off to soft grunts, coughs, and barely audible mpffs.

To be sure Chris didnt escape, I took a length of rope and hog-tied him. Then, I pushed him over from his belly onto his side, so I could watch his face as I moved over to Tracy.

I stood over Tracy, and she looked up at me, her brow creased into a slightly panicked expression. I loved looking down at her gagged face, with her wide green eyes and her freckled cheeks puffed out from the tight cleave. She chewed on her gag a couple of times, then mpffed once, gesturing to me to remove her gag. Reluctantly, I pulled it from between her moist red lips, and let it fall around her neck, over her necklace. She opened her mouth, and pushed the waded cloth forward. I took it from her. She asked for a drink of water, which I already had positioned on the end table, and I held it to her lips as she took a drink. When she finished, she looked over at my brother, lying bound and gagged on his side, his jean jacket falling back from his chest, and his belly peering out from under his white t-shirt. He stared back at us, wondering what was in store for him. She asked for the gag back, and for both Chris and her to be carried upstairs. I had no idea what plan she had in her devious mind. I re-gagged her, and did what she had asked. My parents wouldnt be home for at least a couple of hours.

[email protected]

Sunday, January 30th 2005 - 01:47:26 AM
Good story, plz keep going!
Jerry Burns

Sunday, January 30th 2005 - 04:38:12 AM

I love your attention to detail and descriptive style. Keep up the good work, btw how old were you when this story took place?


Sunday, January 30th 2005 - 11:48:43 AM
Im not sure if this story is 100% true as Ive heard it from my colleague in college, but I suppose it all could really happened. It isnt also 100% tie-up story, however I hope youll like it.

There lived a 40 y.o. man in old, brick built house at the very border of a typical residental district of blocks, very common in eastern europe. This man had a neglected orchard and plenty of trouble with district-kids who were stealing his fruits. To prevent them doing it, instead of calling the militia every time, he punished them by locking in a dark basement for a couple of hours (if he only mennaged to catch any of them). All kids knew about that and took it as a additional attraction, however they simultaneously were very affraid of this punishment typical for kids :) There were also rumours going round about that he chain his prisoners to the wall with a dog chain.

Peter (16 y.o. at this time), colleague who told me this story, had never been captured by orchard owner, but he was exremely interested in how it would be, being locked alone in a dark basement, and perhaps chained to the wall by a completely strange man. And one day he decided to try it out.

He just went to the orchard owner and proposed him, hes ready to spend couple of hours locked in basement freely for a ruggsack of apples. Orchard owner refused, saying that he need money not prisoners. So, Peter reached up, break an apple from the nearby tree and bite a big piece of it. This was enough. Orchard owner catught him by neck and led him to house and then down to the basement. Peter didnt ressist at all.

Hed been locked in a very small and dark cell, closed with heavy metal doors. Addictionally he was chained to the wall by his neck with heavy steel chain, locked with a big padlock. Orchard owner said that this apple will cost Peter 4 hours down there, twice as long than others, because hes older and more cheeky then other kids.

Cell was much smaller then Peter assumed and he felt really uncomfortable when hed heard door fastener being shut at the other side, and even more uncomfortable when he heard steps of orchard owner leaving away. There were so little space, that he could only sit or stand, and it was completely dark he couldnt see absolutelly nothing.

But four hours werent so long for 16 y.o. guy so he didnt affraid much. Poor Peter couldnt know that one hour before he was supposed to be freed, colleague of orchard owner came and talk him into going to the near shop and drink some beer with friends. Perhaps orchard owner thouht hell mennage to return within the next hour and free his prisoner or maybe he wanted to give Peter a lesson and keep him little longer, about an hour longer. But he surelly didnt planned what happend next.

Our orchard owner was somekind of alcoholic; this was not a secret for anyone. So when he went to the shop he bought a beer, then the next one, and then some vodka... He got drunk and completely forgot about boy, still locked in his basement. Without watch, Peter didnt know what time exactly it is, but he realised that four hours had to pass some time ago. He wait patiently but orchard owner didnt return. Peter begun shout and knock in metal doors but thre were absolutely no response. At this point he really got afraid. He persuaded himself that orchard owner surelly let him free very soon, but time passed and nothing happened. He felt so helpless.

Orchard owner returned home about 11:00 PM, complettely drunk. Peter had allready given up long time before (it was his 9th hour of imprisonment), but when he only heard steps up there, once again he begun to shout loud and knock in doors. When orchard owner walked down to the basement, he seemed to be very suprised that Peter were stil there. He was going to let him free immidiatelly but forgot about the chain he fastened him to the wall. So, this drunk man had to go upstairs and find the key from the padlock. He was so drunk that leaving basement he shut the doors from the cell again and even lock the door fastener! Peter shouted him to open this damned door but orchard owner didnt understood.

Later it seemed funny to us, but for Peter at this time it wasnt funny at all: orchard owner returned upstairs and after a while he again forgot about his prisoner :) Fortunatelly Peter soon started to shout and knock again, preventing drunk man from getting asleep. Once again orchard owner went downstairs (without the key) to calm prisoner and so on returned upstairs to search the key. This took him a lot of time and Peter was ready to shout once more but in this moment orchard owner came down bearing the key.

This wasnt end however as this man was far too drunk to fit small key into the padlock and didnt let Peter to do it by himself. And whats even worse, he started to tell him his life story :) Peter cried: Please sir, let me go now but orchard owner shouted Shut up and listen young boy or Ill left you here until dawn an then beat your ass with belt like your parents should do, and continued tale. After about 30 minutes, he finally mennaged to unchain my colleague and led him out.

It was about midnight and Peter narrowly caught last trolleybus home. Of course he had A LOT of trouble at home because of his long absence.

This was a story of a summer this year on the ground, and as far as I remember orchard owner had much less problems with kids this season. Later, Peter proposed me to try it by myself if Im so brave, but (shame on me) I didnt dare.

Eastern Europe

Sunday, January 30th 2005 - 01:52:24 PM
my uncle
Well I never knew this place was out there. I found it this morning waiting for my BF to pick me up as he is running late. I was just searching for somethings on google and this site came up so I read the stories and thought I would post one for the hell of it. I am now 22 years old and have been tied up in fun by my uncle atleast 18 times I would think. It started back when I was about 13 I guess until I was about 16 or 17. It was just fun nothing else guys. I don't really remember the first time or anything like that. But I do recall many of the times. It was always me being a smart ass and my uncle chasing me around and when he caught me he would put his hand over my mouth and carry me to the sofa or a room. Most of the time he would not tie me up but rather tape me up. He would always tape my mouth first and then tape my hands behind my back, the same with my legs. Then he would tickle me under my arms well I am making all kinds of sounds from under my taped mouth. Then he would put his hand back over my mouth and carry me somewhere else and then tell me ok see if you can get loose this time you wise ass.It was always so hard, most of the time I can tell you I did get free but it took a while, but a few times sad to say I could not, and thus would have to ask for some help, which is hard if you can't get the tape off your mouth. The worse thing was, if I were to get my mouth fee before my hands, he would re tape it..That meanie..LOL!! The hardest time I had I remember I had to hop around the rooms trying to get him to help me, this was when I was 14. It was always fun and we still talk about those days when we have family gathering. He keeps telling my BF to get me, I'm not sure about this one as I am not into Bondage and think of the games we played as just games that were really silly. Anyway thats my story, hope you enjoy it. If I have time and come back here again I will post a single story as this may be better for people.My question is how many others have found that duct tape over there mouth really can be something harder to get off then you think.

Sunday, January 30th 2005 - 03:48:09 PM
My Weirdest Tale
Hey it's me, Mr. E. Last time I told you how I started it all with a couple of friends (Michael and Jason) back when I was young. This is my weirdest tale, but it's true.

I live in a smaller town. Everyone seems to be related. But no my family. I'm in High School, and a fit guy. However I never tried out for any sports becuz of my schedule and my aparent hate for jock-straps and briefs. (Which is not entirely true)

One day, I was in Gym class. And The instructor was 24 male, and the model of how fit the rest of us wanted to be. Just out of college. It had been no secret that him and my friend Michael really knew each other. Their families were always together. But the instructor said something and I knew he was going to ask me to be on the football team. I just knew it. So when he said "******, could I talk to you after school." I wasn't suprised.

So later, I walked into his office and I sat down. He shut the door behind him. He said:"It's no secret why I asked you in here. You know, we've only played 3 games this year, but we've lost every one of them by 10 or more points." I said "Listen, I can't. My schedule is crazy" He the nasked me "What's your REAL motive?" I flattly told him. "I don't like wearing jock-straps and/or briefs. THat's just one of the reasons. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go."

I turned to leave but on the other side of the door was Michael. As soon as I saw him the Coach bear-hugged me from behind. I heard the coach yell "GO! NOW!" Immediately, Michael shoved a mouth guard (that is used in foot ball games so you don't bite your tongue off) in my mouth and then sealed it with Duct tape. They then carried me off to the empty locker rooms, with me squriming every bit of the way. They were quick next, they layed me down on one of the benched and completely stripped me. They took off my pants and boxers first and put on some tight (and I mean tight!)briefs or jock-strap. (I can't tell, but it had a back.) They then took off my short next and then tied my hands and eet to the ends of the bench. They also took tape and put a couple of strips against by bare legs and chest so I couldn't move. The they reaffirmed my gag. They wrapped duct tape around a few times on top of my previous gag and then took athletic tape and put it under my chin and on top of my neck to kep my mouth shut.

This next part is IMPORTANT! I was all theirs now. They explained in careful DETAIL of how our coach taught Michael everyhting he knew about bondage and developed his enjoyment of bondage and briefs. That explained why Micael just "randomly" tied me up before. And Coach wanted a good tide-end for football and Michael wanted to tie me up. So they both won. Coach then said something like :"But your schedule, ahhh, yes. Well let's see if we can help you rethink it. Then he sat on my bare chest and started tickling my armpits. I couldn't contain myself! I felt like I was going to pee. But all I could say was "MMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Then he got off me. He noticed the slight bulge in my briefs and threw some socks in my briefs. He then took some duct tape and put it on my leg, and the ripped it off! Gosh that hurt! He then asked me if I wanted to have that done or be tickled. I didn't want either. So he said he'd do both unless I gave him an answer. I communicated throung "MMMPPPPHHHH-ing" twice. That was the "code key" he said.

He then resumed tickling. After about a half hour I was in tears. He asked me if I had rethought my schedule. I fraticaly tried to nodd and "Mmmmpphed" yes.

But he then said: "But you don't like breifs? Or do you? He looked at my bulge and pulled up my breif/jockstrap to do a huge wedgie. He then grabbed my package and sqeezed. He then couldn't help notice the large wet spot on my breif/jock-strap. He said "See, I knew it. You're just like Michael. But I'm going to let you decide if you'll join the team or not. I'll be back in a while." He then left.

He seemed to be gone for ever. And I struggled on my bonds lkek I had done the previous hour. Or 2. Or however long I was there. I never stopped struggling from the momnet I was bear-hugged but the only movement I could do was barely bend my knees.

He then came back. He then ungagged me and gave me some water. He then asked if I was going to join. I said "No." He then looked down. It was clear he was disapointed. I started to say "It's just-" when he shoved them mouth guard back in my mouth and re-taped my mouth up. They then restarted the torture. Ticlking, slapping and smacking my bare chest and legs, and off course ripping off tape on my legs. When he returned the next time. I answered "Yes."

He was happy then. They untied me. He told me that he had called my parents and told them I had stayed at school to help with some clean up. He told me to keep the brief/jockstrap and be at practice on Thursday. To make it up though, we went over to his place and played some Halo 1. (Halo 2 wasn't out yet.)

I'd like to hear some feedback, responses, etc.

Mr. E
[email protected]

Sunday, January 30th 2005 - 07:54:05 PM
Cuffed By Cousin
Earlier today I went sledding with my cousins and grandparents. I'm 16, and my cousins all younger. I wanted a tie up badly, never having experienced a game. The best I could manage was a weak self tie up with no gratifacation. However later, tonight, I went up into my cousin Crane's room(he's around 13) and he showed me stuff he got from his friends. One of, being handcuffs. "Can you escape?"I asked. My heart rate went up and I obliged. I closed the door and put my arms behind me. The feeling was great as I lay there cuffed while he played a video game. H kept asking if I wanted to be uncuffed but I said no, feeling a rush. I was hoping to be gagged but oh well. Eventualy I had to have him uncuff me as I had to leave.

Sunday, January 30th 2005 - 08:43:50 PM

Monday, January 31st 2005 - 01:25:15 AM
Group page
This page should have a group related to it :) People could more easily find people who lived near them or can chat or share pics of their stories! I notice a lot of stories are things that happened recent so i suppose people might have pictures and you could put them in the group (really useful if something really interesting happened)!
[email protected]

Monday, January 31st 2005 - 02:03:56 AM
Taking the initiative!
Check it out guys...

Lets see if anything cool comes outa this group...

[email protected]

Monday, January 31st 2005 - 01:37:23 PM
Mr. E... Damn good story, lets here some more. I love stories that have guys in briefs!
Jerry Burns

Monday, January 31st 2005 - 03:30:26 PM
SUmmer day
I had just been ivited to go over to my friend justin's house. I was bored out of my mind so i accepted. I threw on a t-shirt and some shoes. (I was barefoot).When i got over there he asked me if i wanted to play halo with him i said sure and we started to play. I beat him pretty bad and was rubbing it in his face when he yelled ok your loss. I was thinking to myself what could he mean? THen his next door neighbor came out of his room tackled me and pinned my arms behind my back while justin took his xbox and started tieing my hands behind my back. THey ripped off my shoes and tied my bare ankles and two big toes to gether and put me in a tight be continued

Monday, January 31st 2005 - 08:21:57 PM
congrats all u managed to get this site to its good non crapy self.
i know u all have probly forgotten me and i'm positive that some one will say that no one cares. so i'm going to say this now before that happens "i know no one cares but i like sharing my ideas so deal will this posting"

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