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Sexfight & Catfight Stories

The Sex Pack 4

By Aussie Greg

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All of Zi Yilin's sexpack had assembled at our house and taken off their overcoats that protected them from Melbourne's cold windy winter wind. I called it a lazy wind because it was too lazy to go round you: it just went straight through. It was unusual to have all women here at once as usually they were here in smaller numbers for contests or servicing Zi Yilin. All had been introduced to Zi Yilin by me and manipulated to challenge the 46 yr old Singapore woman, sexfought her and become enslaved.

Arupama Chawla stood alone. She was a 43, dark skinned, pock faced, 36C 33 37, portly 127 pound, 5ft 4 Indian from Calcutta and belonged to no clique. She was hated by everyone, maybe this and her sex drive drove her because she was always in the top 5 in any competition. She was a former Accounting partner of mine and wore only a thick gold waist chain and high heels. This emphasized her Indian differences from the Vietnamese: your eyes were greeted by not a landing strip but an entire airport of thick strong black cunt hair. And below that was a Filipina type mound, prominent, thick lipped and so open her clit hood could be seen, but with incredibly long inner lips dangling from this thick lipped cave. And apart from Cuc's surgery enhancements hers were the largest, fullest tits there. As she waited, standing apart from the Vietnamese, she absent mindedly fondled her huge nipples and swollen big dark areola circles, subtlety reminding them she had something they did not. At present she was 4 in the pecking order of the pack

Tu Lan was a 58 years old 5 ft 1 95 pounds 32B 23 31 extremely rich Vietnamese grandmother with a body and face that looked early to mid 40s. Wearing only a simple white lace thong and platform high heels Tu Lan's smallish firm tits still had an unnatural, for her age, upward tilt. Unusually she had no aureole around her long erect brown nipples. She had a flat belly and firm flat little butt cheeks and was fully shaved with a thin lipped pussy. With her younger husband whose import business had brought the wealth they enjoyed now deceased she lived a privileged life in her 2 story Taylor Lake mansion. A sexual animal despite her age and at present she was number 3.

Beside her was one of her two granddaughters. The favoured Binh. The 14 year old Binh was extremely beautiful with long silky jet black hair swept back in a roll. No bra and an exquisite hot pink open slit butterfly thong displayed her body. Her body was small but hard and firm. Her tiny mound was decorated only by a band of trimmed hair. Like most Vietnamese teenage girls she had a tattoo; a small butterfly motif above her cunt. She was about 4 ft 9, 82 pounds. 30A 22 32 with a prominent cunt that was emphasized by the cut out butterfly pattern, firm swellings that indicated her forthcoming breasts and already strongly formed puffy nipples. I remember that Tu Lan had described her "as ripe as a month old peach". Despite this she he ranked last at 13.

Another of Tu Lan's clique (ie successful wealthy Vietnamese) was the 44 year old hairdresser/beautician Cuc. Cuc was a pocket dynamo. Barely 4 ft 11 and 86 pounds the doll faced Vietnamese had had the full treatment in her plastic surgery vacations to Vietnam. First a double eyelid to make her eyes more Western, then a nose job, breast implants, lip and eyeliner tattoo, butt lift, liposuction of the face, hips, thighs and jaw line, tummy tuck, another breast enhancement, chin implant, teeth whitening, botox, fat injections in her hands, facial fillers, laser skin resurfacing and another breast implant. She now had a 36DD 21 31 figure that displayed her full massive tits on a petite, taut, long legged for her height, body. The current holder of The Over 25 and Over 40 Australian Vietnamese Beauty titles, runner up in the Australian Vietnamese Beauty (to a 18 year old) and holder of the Vietnamese Australian Bikini Babe she knew that most of the judges were Vietnamese men and that Vietnamese men craved tit flesh and she provided them with plenty. She stood proud dressed, if you could call it that, only in 5 inch heels and her confidence. She was 8 in the 13 women's order

Thuyet was another in this clique: a 31 yr old elegant successful plastic surgeon who ran her own clinic and one of the smaller band of younger Vietnamese who participated in sexfighting. Most of those under 40 or born here were now too Westernized to participate. Despite her wealth sexfighting was her outlet. Dressed only in genuine Guicci shoes and a Spainish Bracli thong made from the finest Stretch French Lace and real Mallorcan Pearls and clutching her Christian Dior purse she posed knowing her 5 ft 5 100 pound 34B 23 32 body stood out being younger and firmer than the others and more natural than Cuc's. She was the most recent newcomer and her defeat by Zi Yilin was her first sexfight. Now she was number 7 and hungry to improve.

Beside her was Ai, a 32yr old housewife. The short haired, divorced Ai had been here 12 years, had 3 kids and still spoke very limited English. Her paranoid, much older wealthy husband didn't want her out mixing and becoming more confident and meeting other younger males so she was kept confined to the house or mixing with groups of Vietnamese females. Little did he know what he had exposed her to. She had become hooked on sexfighting. When she changed from the young beauty he had married into the most solid woman there being 5ft 3 130 pounds and 34B 32 36, she had been replaced by a newer younger model from country Vietnam but had managed to secure 25% of her husband's wealth. Despite her enthusiasm she ranked 12th.

The other main group consisted of the less wealthy Vietnamese.

Their leader was a 58 yr old grandmother Hoa. She was about 5 ft 1, a heavy 115 pound 33B 28 34, short straight black hair, her face as usual in full warpaint: tattooed eyebrows and lip outline, painted lipstick, full eyeliner and shadow, foundation and blush. Not a great body but still trying to be a woman and dressed in a micro mini skirt and bra which displayed her nipples. She looked like a $25 whore, My Thien an upper class escort but she was a sexual animal, and like the Indian Arupama had never been lower than 5. There was a mutual hatred between her and the other 58 year old Tu Lan, perhaps intensified by the fact that Tu Lan's less favoured grand daughter now sided with this group. She temporarily had fallen to 5 much to Tu Lan's delight.

The 14 year old other grand daughter Binh stood beside Hoa and she was also wearing only a thong. No expensive G string had been bought by the grandmother for her. She had a stock standard Kmart white thong. A little shorter and lighter than her cousin at 4 ft 8 and 77 pounds she had a lithe 30A 20 30 body with mosquito bite sized tit swellings but quite thick dark nipples, and her hairless pussy was noticeable through the tiny thong and also visible were the long crinkled inner lips that dangled from her slit. She like her cousin was rated low at 11.

My Thien was typical Vietnamese. She was 45, had arrived in Australia as a 17 year old boat person refugee and wife, and had been the breadwinner as a home sewer, first on cheap tracksuits, then onto the better paying more complex suits and garments. It was her, not the husband, who first mastered English, dealt with the kid's schools and so on. And 15 years later she was divorced and replaced with an 18 year old from Vietnam who was not independent and a threat to his male superiority. She was long haired, and despite her lack of money looked refined and elegant. 5 ft 1, 96 pounds and with a 32B 23 32 figure and classic Vietnamese features dressed in a tight short black micro mini skirt and translucent black bra. She was 9 and matched well against the hairdresser Cuc

At 52 Huong was 32A, 22 30 and 5ft 1 and 70 pounds, long haired, perfectly made up and could still turn my head Divorced, Huong existed on a Govt. pension in the Government high rise at Richmond having brought up the children who were unwanted by the husband's new partner. She had been my first Vietnamese woman. Suddenly I had a feminine sensual lover. Praise her legs and then her shoes were higher than her previous 3 inch heels and short or split skirts were worn, convince her that her 32A breasts were not too small and quarter cup proudly displayed her thick nipples through her blouse or dress, convince her I liked lingerie and she had a dresser full of sensuous bras, suspender belts and thongs. Convince her she was a special lover and deserved attention, something that apparently Vietnamese men forget, and she was insatiable in any hole or position. And competitive - she introduced me to Vietnamese sexfighting when she challenged her husband's current partner to a $5000 bet (of my money) and, as he supporting his new woman and I watched her, defeat the 10 year younger woman. And seeing my approval she had delighted in competing often for me. Now she was dressed in red thong, suspenders, quarter cup bra and high heels.
The current No. 2

Tham, a slim, 45 year old Vietnamese worker at Toyota's Altona factory, made more money from her regular sexfights than her night shift at the factory. No big competitions, just one on one from well worded guarded ads in the Vietnamese papers and settled at private homes with another Vietnamese woman for a $200 to $500 bet. She was the tallest at 5 ft 6 and was 33 25 32 with a still firm arse and a prominent dark, pillowy labia with a big, fat, dark colored clit. Like Cuc she only wore high heels. Although the newest member of the pack she had raced to number 7 and the country girl who had left school at 12 had developed a strong rivalry with the heart surgeon Thuyet. The number 6 who was determined to be 1.

Unaligned Zi Yilin's own 15 year old daughter, exhibitionist Wang Li wore nothing except heels. Being Shanghai Chinese she was a tall and flat chested, bespectacled Chinese teenager with the most unusual tits and nipples I had seen. Her tits were small young and firm with swollen areola uplifted with the nipple pointing upward not forwards. The nipples were rigid thin about an inch along with the diameter of a fruit drink pak straw. It was not so much the size but their shape. As she moved, the flesh did not distort but stayed solid and firm. As she stood she opened her legs wide and stroked her hand between them, emphasizing her cunt slit. She pouted at Dao and licked her lips. Her small, provocatively convex, mound was trimmed into with a band of dark hair down the middle. She had been the first of Zi Yilin's conquests after she had seduced me while her mother was overseas and she delighted in fucking the 2 young Vietnamese teenagers. She was 10 in their current order

The other with no affiliations was the Chinese/Vietnamese 46 year old Lieu. She was slim, about 90 pounds, 5ft 2, 32 26 32. She was fashionably dressed in a conservative skirt and blazer and had a birdlike face, short hair and glasses perched on her nose. Not your typical showoff Vietnamese. She owned her own business: a lingerie shop. She was born in Cholon, the Chinese district of Saigon and her mother was, like many of the older residents in that area who spoke Cantonese Chinese, instead of Vietnamese and who had attended Chinese schools and spent all her life in the district. It was only when she sat or bent did you notice she wore nothing underneath. Not trusted by the others because they rightly assumed she was passing information to Zi Yilin. At present she was number 1 having replaced Huong.

All had been summoned by my wife Zi Yilin to witness Nguyet's induction.

Nguyet heard Zi Yilin walk around the chair to sit on her left side. She felt her fondle and pinch her nipple to hardness. Nguyet could feel her fondling and pinching the tip of her right nipple. After a minute, she felt her pinch and pull her nipple stretching it.

"Cuc, pass me the piercing gun", and Cuc handed her the cheap Chinese made unbranded Tattoo Ear Piercing Gun Kit JL-862 bought through EBay for USD17 delivered.

"This is going to hurt because guns are considerably more painful than a piercing needle as they use the blunt end of the jewelry to do the piercing-actually tearing the skin, traumatizing the area", Zi Yilin said matter of factly.


"OH MY GOD!!!!!" Sobbing, screaming, sobbing. Nguyet's hand was over her mouth as she screamed, her left nipple on fire. A sharp short most intense pain had shot through her breast.

"Its nothing, it's just a piercing. I got Cuc to buy this piercing gun just for you."

No warning. Again Nguyet screamed as her right nipple joined her left in the worst pain she had endured. Zi Yilin placed a chain through the nipple rings and wrapped the chain around her wrist. She tested it, yanking the chains causing the nipples to extend and Nguyet to follow.

"Now Cuc and I will prepare your fuck chains".

Following her orders Nguyet got on the table and was held down by the 2 teenagers and securely strapped down.

"Cuc here tells me that the normal piercings I want will put you out of commission for several weeks, but there's a way around that. Instead of just piercing you, she's going use a dermal punch to punch holes in your skin and insert steel grommets. That way, they can be used as soon as the swelling goes down. We talked about it, and you think you can do it, Cuc?"

Cuc was between my Nguyet's legs, spreading and tugging at her labia.

"Yeah, I can do two in each outer lip, one in the inner. There's enough meat here for that."

"So you're going to get six holes in your cunt lips and one through your clit. Oh, and a big one though your septum: a nose ring. A big one, so big it'll smack into your teeth while you're being butt-fucked. Only problem is that it will hurt more than regular piercings. Any problems, cunt?" she asked as she mounted Nguyet and lowered her slit to her face.

As Zi Yilin rode Nguyet's face Cuc began by shaving Nguyet of any hairs or stubble that was in the way. Then, with her skin smooth and cleaned of stray hairs, she tightened the restraints so that she would not, could not, struggle. Next she marked each of the spots to be pierced so as to give the proper effect when looking at the rings. Next a speculum was used to spread her lower lips as wide as possible. Ninety minutes later, it was over. Local anesthesia wasn't used and each time the punch was used to create a hole in her skin, Nguyet screamed in pain.

Cuc continued her work inserting the piercing needle through her clit. The pain was sharp, but not excruciating. Her body tensed and her fingers dug into the armrest as the needle penetrated the sex bud. After Cuc put the ring through, Nguyet felt Zi Yilin take over running a gold plated chain through the clit ring and cunt lip rings and a chain through each nipple ring. She cut the chains to an even length and attached the ends to a large ring.

"I will lead you from now on by this ring and you will move as I command", she boasted and use them like a horse's reins as I fuck you. Well done Cuc, now finish her".

The naked Cuc moved in between her legs and found the spot she was looking for. With her spread apart like this, it wasn't difficult. She pushed her thumb into her cunt and a finger into her arse. Then, she pinched them together, feeling for the right spot to puncture. Cuc felt around until she found the thin wall with nothing else blocking her fingers. Then, with her fingers still inside, she pushed a small piercing tool inside Nguyet's pussy. Next, she worked another tool into her arse and positioned it so when she squeezed them together, a hole would be made. Her tools would also push a stud with a ring attached right through the hole.

Nguyet tried to squirm, but couldn't do much the way she was tied and with Zi Yilin arse still smothering her mouth as she ran her slit up and down Nguyet's face. All she could do was try to get away, but that was impossible.

Once the tools were in place, Cuc squeezed and then twisted it and she had a hole between her cunt and arse. When she moved it again, the stud and ring were in place. Cuc fixed it so the latch was inside her and she sealed it shut. She stood back to admire her work as Nguyet now had a ring hanging between her cunt lips and arsehole.

Nguyet didn't feel too much pain this time and couldn't figure out why. She thought there was no feeling in that area, but it was just increased familiarity with pain.

Once it was in place, Zi Yilin admired Cuc's handiwork.

"Can I hook the chain on her now?"

Cuc replied, "Sure, go ahead, its permanent"

Zi Yilin took a small chain and hooked one end to the ring between the cunt and arse and brought it up between her lips to the clit ring. Making sure it was tight enough to pull her clit out, she fastened it all together. Nguyet felt her lips being separated and then closed over the chain. It was over.

At the last minute, Zi Yilin also decided on a faux pearl stud in the center of her tongue, to enhance the feeling of any cunt eating Nguyet performed. Cuc used what looked like a pair of Kelley forceps to grab Nguyet's tongue and pull it out as far as it could before handing the forceps to Zi Yilin's willing daughter. This not only immobilized Nguyet's tongue but freed up Cuc's hands for her work. Nguyet moaned when the stud touched her tongue, but when Cuc punched the hole for it, the sounds that came from her throat were unworldly, like those of a wounded animal. She was unable to do anything, though, bound as she was, but endure.

As she recovered the rest of the sexpack watched the 31 year old plastic surgeon Thuyet take on her challenger for the 6th position Tham, the slim, 45 year old 7th ranked Vietnamese worker at Toyota's Altona factory. There had been a growing rivalry between the two and everyone knew it could only be settled in one way. And Zi Yilin had decided the pack would see an arse fuck completion with the winner making the other cum the most times in 45 minutes.

The sophisticated educated surgeon Thuyet removed her Guicci shoes, her expensive bejeweled thong. She waited, her 5 ft 5 100 pound 34B 23 32 body ready for action against the 5 ft 6 33 25 32 105 pound body of the number 7 who made more money from her 10 to 15 a week betting sexfights than her night shift at the factory.

Tham was the tallest with a still firm arse and a prominent dark, pillowy labia with a big, fat, dark colored clit. Like Cuc she only wore high heels. Although the newest member of the pack she had raced to number 7 and the country girl who had left school at 12 had developed a strong rivalry with the educated sophisticated plastic surgeon Thuyet. She was a number 7 who was determined to be 1

The challenger Tham started with a tongue-bath. Leaning forward she snapped at Thuyet's glistening pussy-lips, humming to herself as she nibbled them. She thrust her tongue straight into the younger Vietnamese's open cunt, spearing it deep and wiggling it like an eel inside her. Her knowing, experienced oral digit darted and dipped like a mosquito jacked-up on crack, and the dusky-skinned 45 year old rug-muncher was rewarded with a splash of female juice to tease her palate. She ceased her oral worship of her opponent's slit and spread the heart surgeon's arse-cheeks wide, then kissed it and licked it until the 31 year old groaned from deep in her belly, revolving her hips like a back-alley whore. Tham opened Thuyet's arse-cheeks wider, stretching her shit-hole enough to get just the tip of her tongue to penetrate. With the thought of number 6 in her mind, she attacked the puckered hole like a woman gone mad. She ran her tongue deep into the crack, licking and nibbling at the crinkled bud, circling the outer rim until the dusky rose instinctively fluttered open

Whining and straining, fighting back a little, Thuyet lurched forward, dragging her arse away from Tham's tongue, before the car factory worker pulled it into her face. After 5 minutes Tham crouched behind the kneeling Thuyet and shafted her big oiled black strapon cock deeply into Thuyet's now well prepared shit hole. The 45 year old's toned, muscular thighs connected with the tight muscled globes of Thuyet with each long, hip-swiveling plunge of the man-made dick, making Thuyet's arse muscles ripple. The challenger reached under and around, quickly and expertly allowing her soft palms to cup and knead Thuyet's firm, big-nippled tits. Doubling her efforts, Tham drove the young, still attractive Vietnamese plastic surgeon towards a massive orgasm. Thuyet's nerve-endings sparked and sizzled and her whole existence was focused on the huge rubber dong clogging her bowels and Tham's finger work on her tits.

Oooooh....god, yeah, Aaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Thuyet screamed as orgasmic waves of warm pleasure swept over her sweat covered body, the pleasure deep in her anus providing a prolonged orgasm.

Having made Thuyet cum, Tham was now allowed to touch Thuyet's clit as she arse fucked her. Encouraged by Hoa Binh, My Thien, and Huong and keeping her locked up in doggy style she relentlessly drilled the younger woman's arse as she established a mutual rhythm of arse fucking and frantic finger pumping into the 31 year old. Wanton orgasm after orgasm followed as the younger woman exploded as Tham rode her through multiple, continuous orgasms until the 45 minute time was reached and Tham withdrew having, to the disappointment of Tu Lan's faction, made Thuyet cum in total 9 times.

Minutes later Thuyet clad only in red high heels and a string of pearls and an outlandishly sized, black rubber dildo strapped tight about her waist prepared the smiling confident Tham. Approaching her she danced on her slut red high heeled shoes that matched the color of her pouting lips which were glistening with thick gloss. Her skin was covered with oil. Her tight buttocks bounced with each step. Her thighs were slim and very feminine, though muscular. Her well shaped lean glistened with oil, emphasizing every delicious crease and pout. Her belly was a rounded shape, slightly protuberant but firm Two tattoos adorned her body. Her dark nipples were fully erect and enormous. She must have put lip gloss on them, because they were so dark and shiny. Even the sheen of oil alone couldn't have caused that effect.

Approaching Tham was no longer a respected plastic surgeon. It was a number 6 defending her ranking. She performed an erotic dance in front of Tham, a hybrid that had elements of belly dancing, Samba and a stripper's nasty tricks. She twisted her torso, bounced and jiggled her firm arse, threw out her breasts with their huge nipples, and made seductive gestures with her mouth and tongue.

Like Tham did to her she had her kneel doggy style and then started. The Toyota factory worker's nipples were expertly suckled and gently bitten before Thuyet's red-tipped fingernails parted the swollen cunt-lips and zeroed in on her hooded clit, exerting firm, though gentle pressure on it. She was soon rewarded with gasps of "OOOhs" and "ahhhhhhhhs" from the challenger. She expertly worked her fingers in and out of Tham's now frothy, seething cunt, while trailing her lips downward, over her ribcage and flat stomach.

When she reached her prominent dark, pillowy twat, she leant down and captured the now un-sheathed big, fat, dark colored straining clit between her big, red lips. Thuyet's expert tongue was everywhere: darting and dipping here, swabbing licking there, engulfing the entire pink clit in her mouth and sucking at it like an industrial strength vacuum cleaner. Her long index finger wormed its way through the deep crack between the Toyota factory worker's arse cheeks to discover itself in the sticky honey that had pooled at the juncture of anus and cunt. Then up, up, up, the same way, to probe at the raw, sensitive entrance of Tham's second hole, before gaining admittance and squirming inside. Quickly she went behind Tham and worked her tongue in smaller and smaller circles around the dark, crinkled area surrounding her ultimate target. Involuntarily Tham relaxed her arse hole in open invitation. A groan came from deep within her when her opponent's tongue wiggled inside.

Thuyet was a revelation. Some women do "rim-jobs" out of obligation, or as a prelude to anal penetration; she simply loved the taste, the heat, the sheer kinkiness of the act. Her fingers spread the 46 year old's cheeks; her face was buried between, allowing her to get even deeper lingual penetration. Tham panted like a bellows at a blacksmith forge while Thuyet's hungry tongue swabbed the inside of her arse hole like a janitor mopping a floor. Loud slurping noises accompanied the frenzied oral worship as the Vietnamese 31 year old heart surgeon continued her assault.

Tham grunted just the tiniest bit as Thuyet pressed the bell-end of the "cock" into her arse; her sphincter clamped tightly around the shaft as it slipped inside her. Thuyet let her monster prick soak in the other woman's arse juices for a bit as she leant forward to cup the panting Vietnamese factory worker's teats, squeezing and hefting them before she began to persistently, insistently thrust her oiled piston into her shatter.

"Fuck, yes, you uneducated peasant, that's what you like and that's what I'll give you" Thuyet muttered to herself as she began her arse fucking of the challenger.

Thuyet's palms and fingers worked on Tham's tits, firmly; the nipples soon went puffy and were as pointy and hard as diamonds. Tham reared back as her first orgasm surged through her screaming her release to the watchers. But her first cum had taken 5 minutes longer than Thuyet's and her faction led by Hoa yelled their encouragement.

Her left hand stayed where it was playing with Tham's tit and nipple. With her right, she reached around to tease and tickle Tham's juice dripping cunt-lips, paying particular attention to the hard pearl of her clit. Thuyet's hips keep-up their steady pace, digging deeper into the unresisting, rubbery sleeve of Tham's shit tube.

The sensation of the massive artificial cock thrusting into the hot, cloying confines of her arse combined with Thuyet's unrelenting finger work succeeded, and several minutes of deep screwing again had the 46 year bucking as another orgasm surged through her. Thuyet pulled back until only the head of her prick remained inside the challenger, then took her hand from Tham's tit and grabbed her hair at the base of her skull completely restraining her and rammed the black dildo home, repeating the strokes again and again and building momentum until she was going full-bore. Held this way Tham could not move and cushion the pumping she was receiving.

Holding the 46 year old woman tightly as she fucked her and with her fingers inside her Tham responded to in the only way possible. Her nerve-endings begin to crackle as her horniness and desire build toward the inevitable...she began to moan in a chant like drone, causing the hard-pounding Thuyet to ride her like a horse jockey pounding down the home-stretch:

"ooooOOO, yes, you bitch! I'M GOING TO HUMP YOU HARDER! FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA YOU!! BUTT-FUCK YOU LIKE THE ANAL-BITCH YOU ARE! ", the sophisticated educated heart surgeon yelled above the accompaniment of Tham's orgasmic groaning.

The 31 year old Vietnamese couldn't give it to her challenger any harder; she was driving the massive dong like a piston gone mad. The little rubber nub at the base of her "cock"
has rubbed her own clit raw and a hot ball of lust swelled impossibly, then exploded as cumming she continued to fuck the experienced competitor Tham.

Tham was well-aware of each ridge on the molded surface of the rubber dong as it bullied its way through her anal tract and into her rectum. Thuyet maintained a unswerving rhythm: a fast and hard, steady and deep rhythm that bore not the slightest resemblance to love-making.

After ten minutes of relentless buggering, Thuyet slowed suddenly and withdrew her glistening artificial pork stabber nearly all the way out of Tham's clinging, pliant anal entrance, stopping just short so that the crown was still lodged inside. Tham shrieked, squirming and moaning as the massive latex dong was pulled out through her desperately clutching anus before it was once more introduced, and the solid but flexible shaft pounded even deeper.

By revolving her hips in hard, tight circles, Thuyet rotated the deep-seated anal stretcher within Tham, sending thrills of pleasure surging through her. Distracted Tham was suddenly aware that Thuyet's fingers inside her had found her G spot.

Tham screamed in pleasure as her body surrendered to the orgasm which threatened to break her in half. As Thuyet increased the pace, Tham forced herself backwards, raising her buttocks to greet Thuyet's forward momentum. Thuyet was in a frenzy herself; the pressure of the dick-shaft within her own clutching cuntal sheath on her un-hooded clit had her at the edge. Her hips were a blur as they drove into Tham's open, slackened arse hole. Each time Tham's shapely arse-cheeks connected with the front of the hard-pounding heart surgeon's thighs they wobbled and jiggled, joggled and shimmied like I used to at a 80's disco. Tham moaned brokenly, her arse jiving in a large circle as Thuyet controlling her arse and G spot drew orgasm after orgasm from the continuously groaning Tham.

Thu Lan's group found their voices as Hoa's bloc were stunned and quietened. With five minutes remaining Thuyet got her 10th orgasm from the challenger and victory, but didn't stop.

"Fancy a taste, you slut?, Thuyet chortled, dragging her lightly-slimed butt-buster from Tham's slackened bum-hole.

Giving Tham just a second or two to see the large, bell-topped whore-tamer with its 2 big, molded veins Thuyet first dragged it across the defeated Vietnamese's lips then deeper forcing her tongue to lick the wide rim of the dong. Allowing her little time to recover the heart surgeon slammed the well used fake cock into Tham's mouth trying to bottom it in her throat. Again her hips went into action.

"Clean it bitch. Make it wet for your arse again", she screeched as she mouth fucked the defeated Tham.

Once Tham had cleaned it of every last speck of her arse juices and with the flavor of her own arse hole still fresh on her tongue and lips, Thuyet forced her back onto her hands and knees so she could re-accept the thick monster deep into her wide-open sphincter in one, long, final arse stretching thrust till time ran out.

As she was welcomed by Tu Lan and the others the defeated Tham tried to gain something from the encounter.

"I'm better at no time events", she hissed.

Looking back over her shoulder Thuyet dismissed her, "So am I bitch" before turning to face Lieu and m "I'm after you"

Zi Yilin reappeared Nguyet crawling on all fours; a chain held by Zi Yilin propelling her forward. A chain attached t a small ring from which lighter chains spread to her nipples clit and the 6 rings in her cunt lips and the last to hr clit piercing.

"This has hurt her, but now I will hurt her more. I will make her cum knowing every time she cums within 30 minutes she will have a tattoo of my ownership on her. Try and fight it, it will make it more pleasurable for me."

She lay Nguyet back and spread her legs and crawled in between them. Zi Yilin licked her way down her belly and began to smell her rising excitement as she slid right past it her belly button.

Zi Yilin slid her hand over her hip and to her slit. She pressed her fingers against the cunt lips, penetrating until she found Nguyet's clit as she slid her other arm underneath her and began to fondle her breasts, rolling her nipples in between her fingers making them stand erect. Zi Yilin quickly kissed her deeply, letting her tongue explore her mouth.
She let her hands roam over Nguyet's body, gently kneading her flesh as the fingers of her other hand stroked and rubbed against her clit until Nguyet was grinding her hips against Zi Yilin's hands. Deciding the time was ripe Zi Yilin flattened her tongue and pressed it firmly against her throbbing clit. Her moans filled the room.

Zi Yilin pressed her face deeper into Nguyet's pussy and spread her lips apart with her fingers. Nguyet's clit was hard and prominent as Zi Yilin sucked it into her mouth. She raised her hands up Nguyet's body, lightly tracing circles along her soft skin causing goose bumps to cover her. She moaned and squirmed against the bed as Zi Yilin's tongue rolled over her clit and pulled it into her mouth again. Her wetness completely covered Zi Yilin's face now as she relentlessly sucked at her clit.

Zi Yilin inserted her middle finger into her tight hole and instantly Nguyet squeezed tightly around it. Her cunt walls surrounded my Chinese wife's finger and held it as Zi Yilin continued to suck, nibble and lick her clit. By now her hips rocked against Zi Yilin's face forcing her tongue to stroke the full length of her clit. Zi Yilin began to pump her finger in and out of her pussy like a little cock, moving it deep inside her, teasing her g spot.

Nguyet's quiet moans were replaced with loud groans from deep within her as she began to cum. Zi Yilin felt Nguyet's juices release and cover her mouth and finger as she writhed underneath her. Zi Yilin's tongue rolled over her clit again and again until her entire body shuddered.

"Ooh ooh Ooh Ooooooooooooooooooh Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

Despite the shame and tears running down her face Nguyet pressed against the back of Zi Yilin's head and forcing her harder onto her clit, then released her as her orgasm began to subside, her hips lay still and her gasping breathing replaced her moans. The pack settled back to enjoy the show.

Nguyet's pubic hair was black long and thick. She had it trimmed into a small V above her slit, pointing straight to heaven. Without pausing Zi Yilin kissed past it and pulled her head back before she put her whole mouth over it and gave it a gentle suck. She sucked the lips into her mouth and then let them slide back out. When she sucked them back in she could taste of her juices from her first cum. As minutes passed, despite her strongest resolve, Nguyet's hips started humping against Zi Yilin's face and slipped her tongue between the lips to feel the warmth inside. Zi Yilin licked and sucked and licked and sucked. Feeling her getting closer to her cum. She centered over her clit and sucked it in with as much of her lips as she could gently humming, letting the vibrations build up around her clit. Slowly Zi Yilin centered right on her clit and the volume of her moans doubled. Nguyet's hands slid threw Zi Yilin's hair and started to push her face in harder against her sex. The tip of my tongue found the end of her clit and Zi Yilin started to flick it across the little nub. That was all it took. Her fingers were tight in Zi Yilin's hair and her butt was coming 8 inches off the bed.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck".

Zi Yilin deliberately, slowly pushed one, then two, then three fingers into Nguyet's wet pussy and finger-fucked her as she furiously licked her clit with her surprisingly long tongue which she stuck inside Nguyet like a cock. Suddenly Nguyet was bucking like a wild bronco and screaming.

Zi Yilin pushed in a fourth one then slid them in and out faster than ever. Nguyet was close again, her back arched and she pushed her pussy forward. Zi Yilin didn't break away from her kiss, her tongue probed deeper, as she pushed tucked her thumb in to slide her fist into the 52 year old Vietnamese. as hard as she could.

"Cum you bitch, cum as I fist you,"

UHHH! OOOH. Uungh Uungh Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

Nguyet's back arched and tears came to her eyes, as she came for the fourth time. She bucked for a moment Zi Yilin's fist buried in her just before the 30 minutes expired.

With 4 stencils of the tattoo of Zi Yilin made by thermal-fax which saves hours of tracing time by simply inserting the tattoo design into the machine, which it transfers it onto a special thermal paper in seconds in place the actual tattooing began.

Zi Yilin had decided on a tattoo on Nguyet's ankle, left tit, left shoulder and above her slit, and Cuc had prepared the areas by shaving and applying the thermal image. Using her hand assembled Classic Viking Mk 3 Machine, ("not a tattoo gun it's a machine" she told the others) with its quick release tube locking block, stainless steel screws and washers, and with the hand wound matched 8 wrap coils set up as liner Cuc, using one single-tipped needle, started at the bottom of the right-hand side and worked up so the stencil wouldn't be lost when she cleaned a permanent line. For the outline work, Cuc used a thinner black ink than that used for shading is used, because thinner ink can be easily wiped away from the skin without smearing.

Outline done on the 4 stencils Cuc started on the shadings. She placed the inks in little tiny cups called "ink caps", and removed the needles and tubes from their sterile pouches and placed in the machine. The tattoo machine buzzed and smooth clear lines started emerging as the needle pierced the skin, applied the ink and gradually lifted out of the skin in a steady motion. Cuc was experienced and understood how deep the needles actually needed to go to produce a permanent line. Not going deep enough will create scratchy lines after healing, and going too deep will cause excessive pain and bleeding. She tended to err on the second alternative.

Using a thicker, blacker ink, Cuc went over the outline creating an even, solid line. Then using a different set of needles called magnums which are designed for coloring and shading Cuc applied the colours overlapping each line of color to ensure solid colors before each tattoo was sprayed and cleaned and pressure applied using a disposable towel to remove any blood and plasma excreted during the tattooing process. As always some bleeding occurred but it stopped within a few minutes after the tattoo is completed.

She stood back and Zi Yilin examined the 4 tattoos on Nguyet. Above a portrait of a Zi Yilin were the words " PROPERTY OF".

To thank Cuc and as a reward for beating Tham Yi Zilin gave them her newest pet Nguyet for the night.

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