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Waiting With Holly

by Arty (with apologies to Joe Doe!)


The grinning Deputy winked at her from behind the front desk. "Well if it isn't Ms. Johnson, the star of our training video! What can I do for you Ms. Johnson?"

Ashley blushed as the Deputy's words forced her to recall the events of last week. When she had been videoed, at the request of Judge Search'em, as was she forced to endure the Sheriff and 'Deputy' Stanley performing a cavity search upon her. The humiliation of the four helpless orgasms was fresh in her mind. "I have an appointment with the Sheriff so that he can verify that I am not a vagrant."

The Deputy scanned his list. "Well lookee here! I do believe that you're absolutely right!" He pressed a button on his desk and the buzz of an electric door lock indicated that she should step through the door. She looked above the door as she opened it almost expecting to see a sign saying, "Lay down all hope, you that go in by me."* Shuddering at the thought she followed the Deputy over to a desk by a door. On the desk was a black plastic crate, like a small milk crate. Ashley was aware of the uses to which the crate was put and it held her attention like the stare of a Cobra just before striking.

[*Arty: Note that a perfectly fine bit of comic relief on the lines of: to see a sign saying, "Abandon hope ". More like 'Abandon clothes' thought Ashley. Is sacrificed on the altar of literary pedantry and the fact that I had a copy of Dante's Inferno to hand! Sigh!]

The Deputy picked up a form from next to the crate. "The Sheriff needs for you to sign this."

Ashley took the form. It was a 'personal search' consent form. She herself had been involved in the recent redrafting of the form. No doubt the Sheriff was aware of this; the irony of her own work being used to enable him to strip her clothes from her and stretch the parameters of a standard search leaving her no recourse afterwards, was not lost on him. Numbly she signed the form and returned it to the Deputy. He smiled at her with genuine pleasure. "That's right cooperative of you Ms. Johnson. I'll look forward to seeing a lot more of you soon! Now if you'll just put your purse and other valuables in this here box we can get you started."

Ashley did as she was told. Meanwhile the Deputy slipped the recently signed form into a slot of the side of the box. "If you'll pick up your crate and follow me I'll take you to the search room."

Meekly she followed the Deputy through some narrow but well-lit corridors until they stood in front of a door. It was a door like any of the other doors that they had passed. Only this one had a small sign that announced: 'SEARCH ROOM'. The sign seemed to taunt her, 'NOT LONG NOW SWEETIE. NOT LONG BEFORE YOU ARE NAKED AND SWEATING AS THE SHERIFF ENSURES THAT YOUR EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY IS THOROUGHLY SEARCHED!'

She shook herself and stepped through the door that the Deputy had opened for her. "Y'all wait her until the Sheriff can see to you. Don't touch anything that don't belong to you, or there'll be trouble!" Ashley realised that 'things that don't belong to you' applied to anything in the crate. Currently just her purse and jewellery, but soon that would include her clothes! Forbidden to touch her own clothes until given permission, what would that feel like? She wondered. The ominous click of the door shutting caused her to look up.

Already in the room and looking nervously at Ashley was a pretty young woman with shoulder-length dark hair. Auburn highlights in it glinted in the harsh lighting of the room. Ashley mused that it was amazing how many beautiful young women that the Sheriff found excuses to strip-search.

"Hello, do you know what's going to happen? Sorry, I'm Holly. Who're you?" Holly's nervousness meant that she spoke quickly and the words came out in a rush. "I only decided to shop here because my cousin said it was the cheapest place for miles; and then the shop wouldn't take any of my credit cards, but luckily I had enough cash. Then just as I was loading my car these two policemen drove up and asked to see my purse. So I gave it them and the next thing I know they are saying that I must come with them on suspicion of vagrancy! I'm not a vagrant! When we get here I sign this piece of paper because otherwise they're going to put me in a cell 'til my husband gets here. I don't want to him to see me in jail. Can you help me? Do you know what they're going to do?"

Ashley spoke soothingly, "Well I am a lawyer, but as you can see" Ashley indicated the crate that she had been carrying and then the similar crate that Holly must have carried into the room. "We're both in the same predicament." Holly seemed to calm down as Ashley spoke; at least she wasn't on her own any more. "I can tell you what I think will happen, but I don't think it will make you happy. We've both signed the search consent waiver so the Sheriff can pretty much search us in any way he likes."

Holly gasped at this. "What about my constitutional rights?"

"Signing the form means that you waive them."

Holly looked pensive.

She really is attractive, thought Ashley, almost worth changing sides for!

Holly spoke again, "I suppose you'd better tell me what you think will happen, however horrible it is, not knowing is probably worse!"

"Well I heard a deposition recently from another young woman who had been strip-searched here, I'll tell you what I remember."

Holly nodded.

"First the Sheriff will tell you to take off your clothes. As you take off each piece of clothing you will put it in the crate that you brought in with you. Once it is inside the crate you won't be allowed to touch it again until the Sheriff say that you can. Once all your clothes are in the crate you will pick up the crate and put it on the table over there so that the Sheriff can search your clothes."

Both of the women thought about the frustration of seeing their clothes in the crates and knowing that they couldn't even touch them!

"Oh I forgot, once the Search has begun the Sheriff can use that strap on the hook over there to give us 'administrative punishment' if we do something wrong. Also if your panties look as if they are a bit damp he will put them in a plastic bag so that the rest of our clothes won't get wet!"

As she said this Ashley saw the strap hanging on the wall. What would it feel like if the Sheriff used it on her? The woman, on the tape that she'd listened to, had said that her thumb had caught her clothing as she carried the crate and the Sheriff had given her three strokes! I'll have to be extra careful where I put my hands, she thought. The bags for the panties were in a pile on the table underneath the strap. She squirmed with embarrassment as she realised that the Sheriff would definitely need a bag for her panties!

"Next the Sheriff will make us stand on this yellow line with our legs spread about three feet apart and our fingers laced together behind our heads. We'll stand there as he searches through our clothes. Since there are two of us he'll probably cuff us so that we can't 'overpower' him while he searches our clothing."

Hanging on the wall next to the strap were about ten of those cable-tie style handcuffs. How often would he need all ten she wondered?

I'll be naked and helpless, thought Holly. What will that feel like? The thought made her shiver.

Ashley carried on. "Then we will have to stand while the Sheriff checks to see that we don't have anything in our hair or taped under our breasts. We'll have to squat quickly a few times, keeping our feet spread well apart; so that anything loose has a chance to drop out."

Both Ashley and Holly blushed as they imagined what the Sheriff would see of them as they performed that manoeuvre! "Then we will have to bend over and the Sheriff will spread our buttocks to check that we don't have anything taped between them."

They imagined the feel of the Sheriff's fingers as he gently insinuated his fingers between their bottom cheeks.

"Then it will be time for the Cavity Search. So we will be made to sit on that examination table." Ashley nodded towards the leather covered Ob-Gyn. examination table. The leather looked old but well cared for. The stirrups were chromed and looked cold. How cold would it feel, when their bare feet were placed in them by the Sheriff?

"Each of us will spread our legs so that the Sheriff will be able to examine inside our vagina and our rectum. He'll put on a pair of gloves from that box of them next to the table."

Both the women shuddered slightly. Ashley carried on. "The woman said that the Sheriff complained about her pubic hair 'getting in the way' so he used the shaving kit to remove all her pubic hair." As she spoke Ashley and Holly saw the old-fashioned shaving kit next to the glove box as if for the first time. How will I explain it to my husband, if the Sheriff shaves me, thought Holly.

"Once that's been done the Sheriff will lubricate us so that he can search our vagina and our rectum." Holly looked for the tube of lubrication jelly but all she could see was a small pink plastic tube-like object. Suddenly she realised that it was a vibrator! Ashley saw that Holly had realised what Sheriff proposed to use for 'lubrication'. "I'm afraid that the woman said she was stimulated for several minutes before the Sheriff was satisfied with the level of 'lubrication'."

Ashley left unsaid the fact that the woman had orgasmed at least once. But her flaming blush told Holly all she needed to know.

"Once we are lubricated enough, the Sheriff will spend as much time as he needs to ensure that he is satisfied that we aren't carrying anything in our vagina or rectum." Ashley paused and drew a deep shuddering breath. "The woman said that the Sheriff didn't stop until she had orgasmed at least once for each cavity."

Ashley and Holly considered the humiliation of being helpless to prevent the Sheriff from forcing them to several orgasms. How would it feel when they shamelessly screamed their release under the relentless stimulation that the Sheriff would provide?

"Afterwards the Sheriff will keep us handcuffed while he assists us in cleaning up in the shower in the corner. I imagine that the same desire to economise will mean that he will make us shower together."

Ashley and Holly wondered what it would feel like to feel the other's soap slick skin on their own? Would their nipples harden as they rubbed together? With their hands cuffed it would be easier if they washed each other. What would that be like?

"Once we are finished we will be made to carry our clothes in the crates to the Interview Room. There we will be asked if we wish to accept 'Administrative Punishment' for misdemeanour-vagrancy. If you do, then you will sign another consent form and you will receive six strokes of the paddle. After that you will be able to get dressed then you will have to return next week and demonstrate that you are not a vagrant by having $200 in your purse."

Ashley thought about the fact that she only had $199 in her purse and then she remembered the answer that the woman on the tape had given when asked if she would have $200 when she returned. "I don't know." She had whispered.

Something about Ashley's explanation had started Holly thinking. "Could you tell me the other woman's name?"

"Well I don't remember her surname, but I do remember that her first name was Nathalie."

Before Holly could say anything the door to the Search Room opened and the Sheriff walked in. "Let's get this show on the road shall we "


For Holly, a small token of my appreciation, I hope you noticed that you still have your clothes on at the end! - Arty

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