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by Uther Pendragon
[email protected]

"I'm your husband, not your nephew."

"Government rules against nepotism still apply. Anyway that is the least of the.... Ow!"

"Sorry. I'll go slower."

"Cabinet Secretaries don't have personal hairdressers traveling with them. At least not at government expense. They aren't going to spring for one for a bank examiner."

"Cabinet secretaries don't have gorgeous auburn tresses that they can sit on. Your hair deserves full-time care."

"I'd love to have you traveling with me, too; but think of all those kids who need to learn geology."

"Kids take Freshman geology because they don't want to dissect, so biology is out; they don't like the smells, so chemistry is out; they don't know calculus, so physics is out. But you can't understand geology without chemistry and physics, so actually learning geology is out. The administration is just too gutless to admit that they are giving BAs to people who will spend most of their lives in the twenty-first century but will be totally ignorant of elementary science."

"Drop that brush! Drop that comb!"


"I'm not letting you handle my hair while you talk about the college administration. You pull too hard when you're angry."

"Subject changed. Have I ever mentioned that you have a gorgeous head of hair?"

"With snarls."

"It just needs daily attention from somebody who can stand behind you and see everything. Hold this."

"I missed you too. I love doing this. But the treasury is not going to pay for it."

"And they natter about family values. There. It's not one snarl now; it's three."

"It feels better, but that always sounds worse."

"Hold all this with that hand. I'm going to sit now. Three smaller snarls."

. . .

"That feels better. Is that one gone?"

"Yes. Hand me what's in your right hand. Did you really miss me?"

"Couldn't you tell last night and this morning?"

. . .

"Done. Your left side is always easier. Now shampoo."

. . .

"It does feel better when you rub it in."

. . .

"Now hold it forward while I get your back."

"Mmmm! That feels good. Rub hard.... You know, I can't reach my back, but I can reach these."

"Your turn."

"My. What have we here?"

"Just something else which requires daily attention."

"Last time I looked it up, a 'daily' requirement was satisfied by only once in the last 24 hours."

"Daily means seven times in the last week. Are you saying that she was satisfied with a few phone calls?"

"No. But that's not where I put the phone."

"'Can you play the violin?' 'I don't know. I've never tried.'"

"Makes sense to me."

"Are you absolutely sure that the S-and-L crisis was not from institutions that you examined?"

"Absolutely! You wound my amour propre."

"It's your amour improper that really interests me. "Have enough towels? Let's go."

. . .

"Just a minute. I have to spread this section out better."

"You know, if you spread it straight right and left, there would be room for my legs on the bed, too."

"Spread like this, it is a crown. And your majesty's loyal servant kneels at her feet. We must get a mirror for the ceiling. You should see yourself in this position of glory."

"No thanks. It's bad enough that you see it. I think you love my long hair more than me."

"All of you. All your hair. Mph."

. . .

"Yes, love.

"I was joking. I love you. I know you....

"Oh, please.

"Oh yes.


. . .

"I do love you. You. More than life."

"I know you do. But I still want you to prove it. Give me you. Give me a baby."

"It is that time, isn't it."

"You know it is."

"Just as with my love, knowing isn't enough. I want to say it."

"And show it."


"Now we both can kiss."

. . .

"Love. You. Love. You! Love."




"Umph! Unh!"

. . .

"Stay in."

"I'm trying. How about Arthur?"

"I'm not doing that anymore before the test comes back positive."

"Okay. I'll shut up."

"Thanks. Thanks for everything."

"My pleasure. Literally."

"This was, I know. And the hair. But thanks for being a joker and getting me loosened up from my traveling doldrums. Thanks for saying a baby is more important than two-thirds of our income and my hair. Thanks for loving me whatever my mood."

"I never said that."

"Love isn't an emotion. Love is providing care. You do."

"Love is also an emotion. I can't help it. You matter more than breath."

"Thanks for that too."

The end
Uther Pendragon.
[email protected]
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