Campaign Manager Perks

by The Wizard Whitebeard

My wife, Christine, and I were approaching our china wedding anniversary. We had been married over 19 years. We were comfortable, if not madly in love. In fact, I think I had been the only one ever deliriously happy. Nevertheless, Christine had started off with some enthusiasm. Our fourteen year old daughter, Sally, was one of the byproducts. Now Christine and I were like a comfortable pair of shoes. We still kissed but when we went to bed, we went to sleep.

This story is not just about Christine, Sally and me. Before I met Christine, and only for a short time, I worked in a campaign office. I canvassed voters and posted fliers. The candidate had lost and the office was dissolved, no doubt with a pile of debts. While the campaign had been running hot I met Jerry. Jerry was a real go-getter. He was the fixer. The man that solved the myriad of little daily issues. He had charisma. The rumor was that he had bedded every girl in the office, but who knows? He was friends with everyone, including me. He always had a kind word for me and a quick touch for my female co-workers.

I hadn't seen Jerry in decades. Yet when I answered the phone one day, there he was.

"John!" he said. "It's Jerry!" His voice was as distinctive as his confidence.

"Jerry? How have you been?" I responded.

"Not bad. Not bad at all."

"And to what do I owe the pleasure after all these years?" I asked.

"Well, John, I'm in town for a few days and I thought I'd look you up. I've kept track of all the good guys, you know."

I had no idea.

He continued, "Do you mind if I swing by and catch up for an hour or so?"

Our plans for the evening were non-existent, as usual. "Sure," I said. "Do you need the address?"

"Oh no, I've got it. On a cul-de-sac called Grove Court, right?" he said.

"That's right." He really had kept track.

"I'll be over in about half an hour if that's all right."

"See you then." I hung up the phone.

Christine was sitting in the living room, reading. I gave her a quick synopsis of John and our past together. She seemed quite interested. Something new; something different I supposed.

True to his word, Jerry rang the doorbell a few minutes later. He looked remarkably like he had twenty years ago. He had slight distinctive white streaks in his sideburns but he was in good shape, dressed in a casual, but expensive suit. He was taller than I had remembered, towering over my five foot four inch frame by at least eight inches. He shook my hand firmly.

"John! It's great to see you." His hand was warm as he gripped me firmly.

"Come on in." I escorted him to the family room. I sat in "my" chair. Jerry sat on the couch next to Christine. "Can I get you something?"

"I wouldn't mind a bourbon if you have some," Jerry replied.

"I'll have one too," added Christine.

"Be right back," I excused myself. I went to the kitchen where we kept the liquor. It took me a few minutes to clean three of the good tumblers, add ice from the tray, refill the tray and pour the drinks. I heard Christine laugh from the other room. I got a little tray and returned with the drinks.

Jerry was just finishing a story. Christine was staring into his deep, brown eyes as he finished his story. "…and he never even realized she was interested." Jerry's hand rested on Christine's arm.

She giggled. "That's just like John. John, Jerry was just telling me the campaign you two worked on." I served the drinks and returned to my chair.

Jerry regaled Christine with story after story of Jerry and me slaving away on the campaign. It seems that I was the butt of many of the "situations" from which Jerry rescued us.

Jerry also caught us up briefly on the intervening years. He had continued working for various politicians. Currently, he was the campaign manager for our district's state representative. He was in town to set up a local office for the impending election.

Our daughter, Sally, took this moment to arrive home. Sally was a late bloomer, just now starting to sprout little breast buds in the front and the hint of female curves. She still wore her school uniform blouse and skirt. "I'm home! Oh, who's this?"

Introductions were made. Jerry took Sally's hand and kissed it. "So good to meet your acquaintance Miss Sally." Little Sally was mesmerized. She blushed deeply. Jerry looked like he was mentally stripping Sally naked with his eyes. First he stared at her nearly flat chest then moved down to her pert hips and even at her rounded rear end.

"Nice to meet you too, sir."

"Call me Jerry," said Jerry.

"Yes, sir, Jerry, sir." I had never seen Sally so flustered. Jerry turned to return to Christine's side. I saw Sally's eyes flicker down to Jerry's tight ass.

Sally scampered off to bed.

"So, Jerry," I asked, "where are you staying?"

There was a pause. "I haven't had a chance to get a room yet, John," he said.

"Oh, Jerry!" exclaimed Christine. "You must stay with us! There's an extra room and I'm sure John would be happy to have you!"

"Sure," I responded. "I'll just refill the drinks." I did that. This time when I got back, Jerry was actually rubbing Christine's back as he talked. She still stared transfixed by his gaze.

We finished our drinks. Christine, not used to drinking much, looked a little wobbly. Jerry grabbed a bag from his car and I showed him the room down the hall from ours. It was across from the main bathroom.

As I was about to retire, Jerry took my hand once again. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate your hospitality, John. I'm going to enjoy my stay here."

"Not a problem, Jerry," I mumbled.

He turned to Christine who was leaning a bit on the wall. "And a kiss goodnight for my hostess?"

A kiss goodnight? What?

Christine pushed off from the wall into Jerry's arms. She looked up into his eyes then closed them as Jerry gently pressed his lips to hers. His hands ran down her back slowly. She pressed her bosom against his chest. I saw her lips part as his hands embraced her buttocks. He pushed her against him and only now I saw that he sported a stiff boner which now rubbed up against my wife's pants, against her cunt. Her legs parted slightly as she unconsciously rubbed against his cock. I heard her murmur, "Mmm," as he passionately kissed her.

"Good night then, you two." Jerry disappeared into his room.

In our room, we were soon in bed. I tried to accost Christine. "What was that all about?"

But Christine was fast asleep.

I woke in the middle of the night. A glance at the clock showed it to be just past three in the morning. I wondered what had woken me. Then I realized Christine was moaning. I opened an eye. Christine's right hand was between her legs, rubbing steadily. I could see from the moonlight that her eyes were closed but she was licking her lips. Her hips were undulating slowly. Suddenly she shuddered. It seemed to go on for a long time. I could smell the scent of her vaginal juices that permeated the entire room.

She sighed, rolled over, and fell back asleep. I gave a little shrug and despite my stiff cock, I also fell back asleep.

We got up at 6:30 as usual. When I arrived in the kitchen, Jerry and Sally were just finishing breakfast. Jerry was obviously an early riser. Jerry was not sitting across from Sally, but next to her. He was chatting with her in that animated tone of his. His hand was on her arm as he spoke. She was giggling and there was a light in her eyes.

"Don't you have to get to school, Sally?" I surprised them.

"Yep. I'm off. See you tonight Jerry!" She gave him a quick kiss. On the lips. She grabbed her backpack and took off for the bus stop.

I poured myself a cup of coffee. "Look Jerry…" I started.

"John, John, John," Jerry seemed to console.

"Look, Jerry," I started again. "Sally is off limits. She's only fourteen."

"Of course, John. I wouldn't dream of leading her on. It's just a puppy thing with her," he assured me. "Of course, I'm a man with needs."

"Needs?" I was concerned now.

"Sure. You know." Christine took the opportunity to make an appearance.

"Morning!" she glowed. Jerry gave her a wry, um, sexy smile.

I had a full day at the office ahead of me and this wasn't going well. "Are you going to be setting up the office today, Jerry?" I asked hopefully.

"Yeah. It should take a couple of hours or so. Then tomorrow I start interviewing campaign workers."

"Oh." I ate my bowl of cold cereal and Jerry and I left together.

But we didn't arrive home together. I walked in at about six. I found Jerry and Christine in the living room on the couch. Christine was lying up against him and Jerry's arm was around her waist. They were just talking, though.

"Hi John," Christine greeted me.

I quickly whipped up some omelets for dinner. Sally picked at her food as she mooned at Jerry throughout the meal. Afterwards, she made some noises about homework and disappeared to her room at the far end of the hall from our bedroom.

After washing up, I brought a tray of drinks to the living room for the three of us. Christine appeared to be back in the same position as earlier except this time, Jerry's right hand rested on her right leg with his fingers dangling inside her thigh.

Christine virtually inhaled her drink.

"What did you mean this morning?" I asked Jerry.

"This morning? About setting up the office?"

"No," I gave him a cold stare. "What did you mean by needs?"

"Oh, John," he smiled at me, then at Christine. "You know. People have needs. Women have needs. Men have needs. You're a man. You know that. I'm sure you have needs. Christine has needs." He gave Christine a longing look. She appeared to melt against him. "Even little Sally has needs." He looked at me meaningfully.

"Sally is off limits," I insisted.

"Of course, of course," as if it was so obvious.

"But Christine…" his hand moved down between Christine's legs.

"Ohhhh," Christine sighed.

"Wait just a doggone minute, Jerry," I protested.

"Maybe Sally isn't completely off limits," he suggested.

"She is," I insisted.

He pressed against Christine's cunt, gently rubbing up and down. Christine closed her eyes and her breath became shallow.

"Okay then," Jerry explained. "I'll just take care of our needs." He gently moved his hand across Christine's leg to the front of his trousers. I heard a zip. "Then my needs will have been met and Sally should be relatively safe." He kissed Christine. He really kissed her. Deeply. His hand moved softly over one breast, then the other. Christine's nipples were so stiff I could see them through her blouse. Through her blouse? She wasn't wearing a bra!

My own cock threatened to burst open my own pants.

"Uh…" I couldn't speak.

As he continued to kiss Christine, he unbuttoned her pants. She lifted her butt and he pulled them down past her ankles. I could see her bikini panties were soaked.

"Is this okay, John?" he taunted me in a hoarse voice.

I was amazed to see Christine's right hand move to Jerry's open zipper. She unclasped the trousers and pulled John's extremely long penis through the slot in his boxers.

All the while, Jerry kept rubbing her slit. I could see the camel toe as her panties stretched thin.

I couldn't stand the pain of my own pressure. I unzipped my own trousers and quickly had my cock in my hand.

"John! You promise to leave Sally alone?" I pleaded.

"As long as my needs are met, I don't see a problem." He sounded sincere.

Christine started slowly jerking the tip of Jerry's penis up and down. His cock was rock hard. It looked like it was eight inches long and massively thick. I started jerking my own cock in time with her.

He stopped talking. He and Christine continued to neck passionately. He slipped his middle finger inside, down the front of her panties. As he rubbed, her hips started to move up and down.

"Oh John," she gasped. "For the love of Sally, I have to do this!"

"Okay," I said sadly. "For Sally."

John hooked his hands in Christine's panties and whipped them down to her ankles against her pants. His thumb rubbed her clitoris and his middle finger plunged up her cunt. I could see him rubbing her G-spot. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried. She shuddered as she orgasmed.

"And now for my needs," Jerry murmured quietly. He shifted around and stepped between Christine's legs. Her ankles were bound together by her pants. Her legs were spread wide open. His trousers dropped around his ankles.

"Wait," I said softly. "Wait." He didn't hear me. It occurred to me that Christine had stopped using any birth control years ago. It's not like she needed it with me.

Heedless, Jerry plunged his cock deep into Christine's waiting cunt. I could hear the sploosh of her juices.

"OH! MY! GOD!" cried Christine with every thrust Jerry made. I could see his tight butt bouncing up and down as his balls slapped her bottom. My own orgasm was creeping up on me.

"AHHHH!" Christine moaned as she orgasmed again. Jerry thrust one more time deeply. I watched the little spasms of his prostrate as he ejaculated his baby juice deep into my wife's vagina.

That was the point of no return. I climaxed at the same time. My own semen sprayed up all over my shirt. Every time Jerry spurted, I did too.

He pushed a couple more times, coating her insides thoroughly. A dribble of overflow pushed out past his penis and dripped down into her anus.

"And that," Jerry exhaled, "was what I needed."

I took a tissue from the table next to my chair and cleaned up my clothes as best as I could.

We headed for the bedrooms. Jerry gave Christine another fuck-me kiss before heading in to his own room. Christine and I went to bed. She actually cuddled with me before dropping off. I would have enjoyed it more if she hadn't leaked Jerry's semen all over my leg.

The following evening, Jerry chatted through dinner like nothing had happened. My young daughter appeared to hang on his every word. She explained that finals were coming up and excused herself to her room for the evening again to study.

I saw that this evening Christine had dressed in a tight sweater and a really short pleated skirt. In fact, it might have been one of Sally's old uniform skirts from a previous year. I wasn't sure.

"I don't suppose anyone is interested in watching a little television tonight?" I asked Jerry and my wife. They both looked at me like I had grown a second head. "No. I didn't think so."

"Why don't you fetch us more of that fantastic booze, John?" Jerry directed me.

This time, I prepared each of them a highball with a little water and a lot of liquor. I thought, what the heck?, and made me one too.

Christine's attire had the distinct advantage of few barriers. Jerry already had his hand down her panties when I returned. Christine just smiled at me as I handed them their drinks.

She gulped it down without taking a breath. "Wow," said Jerry. "Thirsty girl." Not to be outdone, he too drained his glass. I was just starting to sip mine when Jerry pushed the glasses at me. "Here. Be a good fellow and get us a refill." I glanced back as I left the room. Christine had slid down the couch and appeared to be fumbling with the front of Jerry's trousers.

This time I didn't bother with the water. If Jerry couldn't hold his liquor, his pecker would be limp as a noodle.

I was stunned when I returned. Christine, still on her knees, was licking the base of Jerry's penis. Her left hand cupped his balls. Then she sucked on the tip, circling his glans with her tongue.

Never — I mean never — had she performed fellatio. Jerry watched her head bobbing up and down. He noticed me standing there with my jaw open and reached for the glass. I handed it to him without thinking. He leaned back in the couch and sipped his drink as my wife proceeded to give him a blow job.

"Christine, hon," he said to her. "I'm getting pretty close. You know what comes next, don't you." She gazed into his eyes and nodded her head without slowing down a bit. Jerry swallowed down his drink. He set the glass on the floor and put his hands on either side of Christine's head. His hips moved slightly as he guided her head faster and faster. Christine moved her right hand up and down his his shaft. Her left hand caressed beneath his balls. She poked her index finger into his ass.

Suddenly, he was shivering. His face scrunched up into a rictus of pleasure.

Christine just kept sucking. It seemed to go on for hours but I counted. He pushed her head down each time his cock throbbed. One, two, three… six times!

When she got up, I could see no mess. She hadn't dropped a spot of jism. She kept staring at him with a smile on her face. She smacked her lips, picked up her drink and gulped the whole thing down.

I had planned to get Jerry drunk enough to make him impotent but after Christine's performance, maybe that would do it. He couldn't have a drop of semen left. My wife's womb would be safe for one evening anyway.

"That was quite pleasing for me," Jerry said to Christine. "I guess it's only fair that I attend to your needs too." With that, he lifted her onto the couch next to him and whipped off her panties. He tossed them to me.

A scent wafted from the crotch that caused my own cock to stiffen.

Jerry lifted Christine on to his stomach with her facing me. He began to gently rub her stomach around her belly button. He kissed the back of her neck and licked one of her ears. Clearly, the alcohol had affected Christine. Her head lolled back and her eyes closed.

Jerry circled wider, brushing the bottoms of her breasts and the soft hair over her mons pubis. I saw Christine's nipples harden.

Soon he was brushing the inside of her thighs and across her tits. I thought Christine had passed out but even in this state she responded by spreading her knees. She was so wide open I could see in to the slick vaginal tunnel.

Finally, Jerry hit the nub of her clitoris. He rubbed back and forth, rolling one of her nipples between the fingers on his other hand. Soon, each swipe across Christine's clit caused a ripple as she clenched her abdominal muscles. She rocked her hips against his finger. Her breathing got shallow.

I noticed Jerry's cock was sticking up a little. It wasn't pointed at her pussy but considering the liquor and the recent blow job it was pretty impressive.

Some wetness spread to coat her vaginal lips. He seemed to pick up the pace. I heard her moan quietly, then a little louder with each second, "Uh. Uh. Uh. UH. UH. UH. OH. OH. OH! OH!" It was like seeing a seizure. Her legs twitched and her pussy clamped closed. Then it opened. Then it closed again. The areolas around her nipples were crinkled.

Soon it was over. She lay there limp as a noodle.

"Come on John!" Jerry said cheerily. "Let's go check out your bedroom." What? Our bedroom? Oh boy. Jerry actually picked up Christine and carried her off.

I cleaned up the glasses and followed them down the hall a few minutes later. Jerry had placed Christine on the bed on all fours. Her ass was sticking up in the air at the end of the bed. Her cunt was puffy, engorged with lust.

"Here's the way they really like it John," he explained to me. I couldn't believe it. Not only was he rock hard again but without preamble, he thrust himself right in to her. She cried out in pleasure.

"Jerry," I protested louder tonight. "You should wear a rubber or pull out or something."

Jerry looked at me as he started pumping Christine's pussy. "That's an excellent idea, John. Can you just run down the to store and pick me up one?"

"Uh…" Once again I had nothing to say. I pulled my cock out and I stroked myself in time with Jerry's thrusts. His body slapped against Christine's round butt with loud cracks as he pushed harder and deeper and faster. Christine cried out again as she reached another orgasm. I stood there within inches of her as he penetrated her depths. "Here comes a bajillion little spermies!" he joked. But then they came. Each squirt contained millions of the little buggers and he forced himself up against her cervix as he emptied his balls for the second time this evening.

It was too much for me. A long stringy white stream leapt from the tip of my cock straight across Christine's back. Then a second. A third pitiful drip fell from the end. Jerry still humped away long after I was done.

Jerry finally pulled his cock from Christine's cunt with a huge sucking pop. Her vagina oozed viscous white fluid. It ran down her legs and made wet spots on the comforter.

Christine collapsed on her side, asleep.

"See you in the morning, John," smiled Jerry as he left us.

I woke early the next morning, strangely refreshed. It was about five a.m. Christine was still lying there in her schoolgirl outfit, sans panties. I got up and relieved myself in the master bathroom toilet. As I returned to bed, I thought I heard something outside our room.

I opened the door. There, at the other end of the hall was Sally's room. Her door was open wide. Sally was lying in bed, surrounded by her Hello Kitty stuffed animals, wearing her Hello Kitty pajama shirt. The pants were on the floor. Her feet were in the air with her knees spread wide. Jerry was balls deep fucking my little girl! OH MY GOD!

I raced down the hall. "Jerry! Jerry! JERRY!" Jerry was preoccupied. In fact, I had just arrived in time for him to drive deep in to Sally's cunt as he came with a final hard thrust. Sally had the most satisfied smile I have ever seen on a fourteen year old girl's face.

"Jerry! What the hell?" I accused him. "You promised you would leave Sally alone!"

"I did?" He looked confused. "No I didn't."

"You did! I let you fuck my wife so Sally would be safe!"

Sally's eyebrows almost hit the ceiling.

"I mean…" I started to say something else.

"Oh no," Jerry explained. "I said she would be safe as long as my needs were met. It turns out I have a lot of needs. Including the need to deflower and fuck your fourteen year old 'Little Sally'. I've been screwing her every morning before school."

Oh my god. Oh my god.

"Look," Jerry went on. "My work here is done. The interviews are over. I'm just going to pack up and head out."

"Done?" I was relieved. A little.

"Yep," he went on. "I hired five new girls. The office manager is eighteen but the others are all younger. No child labor laws for unpaid campaign volunteers you see. Everyone of them was a virgin."

Before I could think, I started to ask, "How would you know…"

He interrupted me. "'Was' I said. 'Was'. And one or two are pregnant."

"Now how can you possible know that?" I was trying to think of how I could explain all this to Christine.

"Well, I don't, strictly speaking. It's just a matter of experience. I've been opening campaign offices twice a year for almost fifteen years. That's about the average. Sometimes three." He leered at me. "Sometimes all five."

Fifteen years, twice a year. That would mean dozens of little Jerrys in the world. He must be incredibly potent.

"The best part about being a campaign manager is the perks."

Jerry left us that morning. I did find out from Cindy, one of my daughter's fourteen year old friends that got one of the jobs at the campaign office that Jerry was right. All five this time, including Cindy.

And it turned out Jerry had left me a personal gift. Both Christine and my little Sally were knocked up too.

The worst part was that the November general elections were a year from now. Jerry's parting words were how he was looking forward to another visit.

© 2014 The Wizard Whitebeard does not encourage or condone illegal activities. He does not even exceed the speed limit.

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