Summer Love

Introduction (click to change perspective)

When I was eleven years old I was on summer vacation in Denmark with my parents, my brothers and my grandparents.

Not long before that time I had discovered masturbating and I had started to become interested in sex and erotica.

Now, before I go on, you have to know that in Denmark porn magazines are openly sold in supermarkets and kiosks without the need for the covers to be concealed.

At the place where we stayed, one of the Danish Baltic islands, I hadn’t seen that. But during a trip to Copenhagen I entered a newspaper store with my parents and there they were. A large shelf next to the counter was full of porn magazines. And every single cover was completely viewable. But I only had the opportunity for a very quick peek because just a moment after me, my parents had spotted the magazines and of course I was sent out to my grandparents immediately. No whining that I want to go back again – of course just because of the comic books – helped in any way. But still, three of the covers had burned themselves into my memory.

One of them showed a naked woman lying on bed and she had a PENIS. This image aroused me very much, too (and I find the thought of a woman with a dick highly erotic to this day), but the other two pictures were even more interesting.

One of them showed a naked woman who stood over a guy peeing into his face respectively mouth.

The other depicted a woman in a close-up of her head and her shoulders. In front of her face a guy held his dick and peed into her open mouth.

I was so fascinated by these pictures that on that very evening I let my pee spray on my body in the shower. I even peed into my face to try to taste it. To my surprise its taste was not displeasing in the slightest. Doing it excited me very much. I had to jack off right away and during the following days I repeated this several times. Who would have thought that all this was just the introduction of what was going to be an amazing experience for my eleven-year-old self.

First Day (click to change perspective)

It was quite a hot summer and so of course we spent a lot of time at the beach. As on the day when my story really starts. All over the beach many girls and women were topless. Naturally an eleven-year old boy was aroused by the sight of all these naked tits (man, what little things were enough to arouse me back in these days). So, once in a while I went down to the wet sand by the water and drew (from today’s perspective quite crude) images into the sand. Of course it were the images I had seen in Copenhagen. I drew them, took joy in them for a few seconds, wiped them out again in fear of being caught and started from scratch. I just had drawn the penis that squirted a thin line into the woman’s mouth. I did my best to hide the erection I had. I was so aroused that if I had been alone I would have masturbated right away. But of course that wasn’t possible. So quickly wipe out the image before anyone could see what I’m drawing. Next was the woman standing over the guy. I drew the guy’s cock erect although I hadn’t been able to see if that was the case on the cover. But how in the world could he not have a stiff one? And finally the last stroke of the image, the stream of piss coming from between her legs and going into the guy’s face.

„What a beautiful picture. What is it?“

I was startled and wiped the image out hastily. An adult woman had addressed me. Damn, now someone did see the drawing after all.

“N-nothing” I stuttered. „J-just some lines.“

“Oh gee, why did you destroy it?” she asked very calmly. “To me it looked like a woman who pees on a man’s head.”

I looked at her with my eyes wide open and probably got bright red in the face.

“What’s the matter? It was a nice drawing, wasn’t it? You don’t have to be ashamed. I won’t tell anyone.”

She blinked and smiled at me. That took effect. I calmed down a little. Only then I noticed how beautiful the young woman was. She had nice brown hair which she had bound up on the right side.

“I’m Sonja by the way. What’s your name?

“Christoph” I said still a little shy.

“And you’re here all alone?”

“No, over there by the dunes are my parents and my brothers.”

I pointed my finger in their direction.

“I’m curious. Where have you seen what you’ve drawn there?”


Of course I hesitated.

“Well? Still that shy? As I said, you really don’t have to be ashamed. I really loved the picture and I’d like to know what made you draw it.”

So I told her about the newspaper store in Copenhagen. Of course I kept my little experiment on the same evening secret from her.

“So you liked what you saw there?”

Again I hesitated although of course it was obvious that that was the case.

“Would you like to see that for real?”


I was puzzled and I guess also shocked.

“I mean a woman peeing. Would you like to see that? If you want to, I’ll show you.”

I was still totally bewildered.

“Really? Are you serious?”

I couldn’t believe it.

„Yes of course I’m serious. If you want me to, I’ll show you. But of course not here. I’ve got my camp up in the dunes. I would wait for you over there.”

She pointed at a spot at the edge of the dunes, quite some distance to the spot where my family had put up camp.

“Then we go up to my place and then you can watch me.”

“Okay, I’ll come then.” My heart was in my mouth. “But you have to wait a moment. I’ll tell my parents that I’m going diving in the water. Then I’ll swim over and come to you.”

“Nice. See you then. I’ll wait for you.“

Again she winked and smiled at me.

I had to stay sitting for a little longer. By the shock of being caught my erection had disappeared but the expectation of watching that beautiful woman pee had made my cock rock-hard again. I don’t remember how I managed it without jacking off, but my boner indeed subsided after a while. So I ran up to my family. They were eating some sandwiches. I was offered one, too, but I ignored it. Instead I rummaged my mother’s large beach bag for my fins, my diving-mask and my snorkel.

“I’m going diving. ‘Til later.”

“Don’t you wanna eat anything?” my mother called after me.

“Not hungry. I’ll eat later” I shouted while running down to the water.

I put the mask on, went into the water and put the fins on my feet. I dived a bit outwards and then swam as fast as I could along the beach keeping an eye out for Sonja. There she was. So quickly out of the water and up the beach.

“Hello. Here I am” I said heavily panting.

“Hello. That was fast. How short of breath you are. Shall we go?“

I followed her to her camp which was nicely hidden in the dunes. There wasn’t a soul in sight. To cover the view onto her camp even more she had built a long windscreen around her camp and a large sunshade was installed as a roof and simultaneously as a cover for the frontal view.

“Come on in. Sit down” she said and sat down as well. „Would you like something to drink?“ she asked while she already filled a cup with cold lemonade from her cooling bag.

I took it and thanked her.

“I’m so happy that you came. You’re such a cute little guy.”

I probably blushed heavily again. I didn’t know what to say. (How about telling her that she looks good? Children!)

“I hope you like the lemonade?”

“Yeah, it’s good.”

Finally I was able to say anything.

“But you didn’t come here for the lemonade, did you? I bet you want me to undress.”

I nodded, but only because I was sure that she expected that. I was totally embarrassed. Obviously she noticed that.

“Well? So shy again? Don’t be, it’s just what I promised, isn’t it?“


I really wasn’t much of a talker that moment.

Sonja removed her bikini-top and asked me if I liked her breasts. Of course I liked them. The bulge in my swimming pants, which had begun to swell when she started to caress her breasts should have been answer enough.

“Do you want to touch them?”

I nodded. She grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. It felt great, so soft and warm, which I told her when she asked me how it felt.

“Why don’t you caress my nipple like that?”

She stroked her nipples gently with her finger. I followed her.

“Do you notice how they’re getting hard? That means you’re doing great.”

She moaned a little, certainly just to motivate me little boy and not because what I did was really that good. My shyness had subsided quite a bit only to come back in full force just a moment later:

“Well, then why don’t I also remove my panty?” she said.

“Okay” I said cautiously.

So she pulled down her bikini bottoms exposing her hairy pussy.

“There are more than enough girls running around topless down on the beach, but I bet you haven’t seen that before, have you?”

“Well, I’ve secretly watched some of the movies which are on cable tv at the weekends.”

Back then on the private channels they regularly showed sex flicks from the 70s and 80s.They were pretty harmless, though. More than tits and bushes from far away couldn’t be seen.

“Yeah, I know these, too, of course. Not much to see in them though. Here with me you can watch as close as you want. Come on over, will you?”

Of course I did and then indeed I could see her outer labia which became apparent under her pubic hair. That was in fact something I had never seen before (besides the tiny peak on the porn magazines in Copenhagen). By the way, as I know today, she had trimmed her pubic hair and certainly also had shaved off some parts. So she wasn’t as hairy as the girls in the above mentioned sex-flicks anymore, but compared to modern standards she was still quite hairy.

“Do you know how that is called?”

Of course I knew. Of course my parents had told me about the bees and the birds.

“Vagina?” I replied questioningly.

“Well, I guess you can call it that. Do you know any other names for it?”

“Pussy!” I said more confident.

“That’s better. But my favourite name is „cunt“. Did you ever hear that word?”

I had and I had also picked up that this was a pretty “dirty” word.

“I think I heard that sometime, too” I said insecurely.

“Okay, now I’ll properly show you my pussy.”

She parted her pubic hair a little to expose her sex.

“These are the labia or pussy lips and they cover the interesting stuff.”

She spread her labia for me and then pulled the foreskin of her clitoris up.

“This up here is the clitoris or short “clit”. This little button is a bit like the glans on the tip of your weenie. If it gets rubbed it creates a really nice feeling. And way down here…” she opened her hole a bit. “…is the entrance of the vagina. In there goes the penis during sex. And the tiny little hole above it…” she widened her pee-slit a little. “…is the hole from which I pee. That’s what you are here for, aren’t you? Shall I?“

„Yes please!“

Oh man, how excited I was.

“Okay, pay attention then, there it goes.”

Already the first drops came out of the little slit, which soon transformed to a nice steady stream. My cock was so hard now that I thought it was about to explode and my swimming pants were way too small. She lay back and opened her legs even more.

“Now for real” I just heard her say and a moment later her piss came flying out of her pussy.

I was really impressed by the height and the force of the stream. And it was so much. It was so beautiful, I could have watched forever. But of course that glorious jet also finally had to come to an end.

“Well? Did you like it?” she asked after it was over.

I could not come up with more than a simple “yes”. I was still completely flabbergasted.

“I can see that” she said smiling and pointed at the bulge in my pants which made me blush again.

“So will you let me see yours, too?”

That’s not what we had agreed on. “Ehhh” I said.

That was a bit too embarrassing. To show my dick to such a beautiful woman? And totally hard, too?

„I’d rather not“ I added insecurely.

“Gee, come on. I let you get a close look at my pussy. Just a tiny moment? I’m just so curious. Pretty please.”

Again she looked at me with her irresistible smile, but I still hesitated. Eventually she managed to convince me that there’s nothing to it if I also undressed myself. That nobody would see it and it would stay a secret between the two of us. And that she desperately wanted to see the penis of such a cute little man like me. And that she had never seen a little boy’s penis before and so on and so on. She complimented me until I finally couldn’t say “no” anymore. Thank god she never gave up, I have to say today.

“Can I undo your swimming pants?” she after I had agreed to her wish.

“Okay” I said and she slowly pulled them down.

“Wow, what an impressive little guy. I must say you have a beautiful cock.”

Of course these compliments totally hit my mark.

“Thank you.”

“May I touch him?”

In spite of all that had happened before I still was a bit shocked.

„Pretty, pretty please, I promise that you’ll like it. If you want me to stop you can tell me anytime.”

This time it didn’t take as long as before to persuade me. She started with caressing my balls very gently. Wow that felt good. She tenderly touched my stiff cock.

“Did you ever caress yourself there?”

Of course I denied that. That was way too embarrassing now.

“I bet you did“, she told me winking at me. “All the little boys do that. And that’s a good thing, too. Jacking off is healthy you know? And very pleasant as well. So you don’t have to be embarrassed. I do it with my pussy, too. Like that, see?“

She started to rub her pussy.

“Well, okay, yes. I have done it.“

„So, how was it? Nice?“

„Yes, it felt really good.“

“And I bet your cock squirted nicely then, didn’t it?”

Again I blushed heavily when I confirmed that.

“I’d really love to see how you do that. Would you show me?”

Of course I hesitated again, but only shortly this time since she was playing with herself as well.

“All right. I do it like this. See?“

As I said before, back then it wasn’t long since I had started to masturbate and I hadn’t really found the proper technique. So I started to roll my penis between the palms of my hands like I had always done.

“May I? Maybe I could show you how it would feel even better.”

This time I agreed immediately. She already had touched my dick, hadn’t she? And of course I wanted to know what I had to do in order to make it feel even better. So she took my cock between two of her fingers and started to jack it by slowly moving my foreskin back and forth. At the same time she caressed my balls with her other hand.

“Well? Isn’t that better?” she asked me.

“Yes a lot better” I said already panting a bit.

It was indeed so much better than what I had done before. Of course it substantially was due to the fact that it were her hands and not mine, but I wasn’t aware of that at that moment.

“So, and now I’ll show you something that is even a thousand times better than that” she said and to my total astonishment she put my penis between her lips.

I could feel her tongue playing with my glans. Then she started to suck on it and only seconds later I squirted into her mouth which startled me tremendously.

“I-I’m so sorry, it came so quick. I-I couldn’t...”

“Psst, don’t say anything. It’s okay. I thank you for it. It was delicious. I’m glad that I could do that for you.“

I calmed down when I saw her beautiful smile again.

“So, was it nice for you, too?” she asked me.

“Yeah, it was great. It had never been that good before. It felt so nice when you licked my penis with your tongue and when you sucked it and then when it squirted out.”

“I’m happy you liked it so much. That’s called a blow-job or oral sex, by the way.”

“I love blow-jobs!”

“Every guy does.” She laughed. „But I’d like to know something else. Before, I have seen your other sand-drawing, too. First I thought that it shows a dick squirting into a woman’s mouth, just like you just did. But that’s not true, is it? He PEED into her mouth, didn’t he?”

“Well, yeah that’s right.”

“So, since I already peed for you. Maybe now you could pee for me, too?”

I didn’t hesitate in the slightest anymore.

“Okay, I’ll do it if you want me to.”

“Oh wow, that would be so great” she said smiling at me again.

But unfortunately it didn’t work. I tried hard, but I couldn’t pee, although I really had to (when I was in the water just a little later I pissed like a horse). Obviously I was too nervous.

“It’s no problem if it’s not working” Sonja said. “But I’m very thankful that you tried. And as much as I hate to say it, but I think you ought to go back to your folks before they get worried about you. But remember, what happened here must stay a secret between the two of us.”

“Of course. I won’t tell anybody. Cross my heart.”

Back then I wouldn’t have told anybody anyway. That would have been way too embarrassing for me. Until now I kept my promise, but I think Sonja wouldn’t mind that I tell you now.

“If you’re at the beach again tomorrow, I’d be happy if you visit me again anytime. I’ll be at the same spot.”

“Okay, then I’ll visit you again tomorrow” I promised and said goodbye.

With a pounding heart I walked down the little trail to the beach and in the evening I had to go to the toilet twice to jack off (I didn’t do it in bed back then). It was indeed a lot better with the new technique, although not nearly as good as when Sonja did it.

Second Day (click to change perspective)

Of course next day on the beach I was horny the whole time. We had been hardly there for an hour when I equipped myself with diving mask and fins and went down to the water to visit Sonja again. But her place was empty. I was so disappointed.

But that doesn’t have to mean anything, I said to myself. It’s still early in the day. She’s certainly still coming.

So I decided to return in the afternoon. After all you can have fun on the beach with a lot of things: playing in the water, playing Frisbee, building sand castles. Still, lots of times I had to think about Sonja. And every time I did that I had to hide my boner afterwards. When it happened in the water I was even tempted to touch it, but I was able to resist. I’d rather have Sonja do that. A while after we had eaten lunch I wanted to try again. So I grabbed my gear and announced that I would stay in the water a little longer, because I had found something I wanted to examine more closely. When I walked up the little path to Sonja’s camp I was extremely worried that she wouldn’t be there again. But that worry was unnecessary. She was there. And she was naked!

„Hey, there you are. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Had she seen the bulge in my pants? At least she seemed not to.

“I’ve already been here in the morning, but you weren’t here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, I needed a little longer today. I’m glad you tried again. Wanna have something to drink? I got some cold lemonade.”

“Yes, please.”

I sat next to her on her towel and enjoyed the lemonade.

“I can stay a little longer today” I said. “I told my parents that I would stay in the water for a while.”

“Great, so we can take our time. But remember, you have to tell me immediately if you feel uncomfortable with anything we’ll do. Do you promise?”

“Of course” I said. But I couldn’t imagine anything that Sonja could do with me that would make me uncomfortable.

“So, have you ever kissed a girl?” she asked me.

I blushed again. “Yes, but only like this.” I pursed my lips indicating a kiss. “Not like with tongue or something like that.”

“Do you wanna try? I could show you how to properly kiss.”

“I’d love to” I said happily.

Of course I was very curious. I wondered how it would feel to kiss these full red lips. And then her tongue.

“Is it difficult?” I asked her because naturally I was a little worried that I’d be very bad at it and thus be disappointing for her.

“No, actually you can’t do anything wrong. Just let me lead you and do whatever you feel like doing.”

She grabbed my face and pushed her lips on mine. That felt wonderful, especially because it was such a long kiss. Her mouth opened and I felt her tongue on my lips. Man, that was great. I opened my lips as well and felt her tongue glide into my mouth, which was even better. My heart was going like a race-car. Our tongues met and she started to let her tongue dance around mine. A little later I did the same. Kissing was the best. I wanted to never stop. We laid ourselves back on her towel and continued kissing lavishly. She began to caress me and I followed her example. After a while she grabbed my hand and put it on her breast. I started to knead it and when I stroked her nipples like the day before I felt them getting hard again. She moaned.

“Wow, see how stiff you’ve made my nipples again? You’re really good. Want to put them in your mouth? I love that.”

Of course it was my pleasure to fulfil her request. I took the stiff nipple between my lips and started to suck it. I kinda felt like a baby, but it wasn’t strange at all. Just the opposite. It was fantastic.

“Oh yes, that’s so good” she moaned. “Play with it with your tongue. Lick my nipple. And don’t forget her sister” she added and pinched the nipple of her other tit.

So while I licked one nipple and caressed the other with my hands in turns, she held me in her arms and caressed my hair. After a while she laid me on my back and we kissed again. Then she started to kiss me neck and worked herself down to my chest to play with my nipples.

“Do you like that?” she asked me.

“Yes, it’s nice” I replied.

Up to now my cock had become so hard that it almost hurt. But I enjoyed the foreplay so much that I didn’t really care. When I continued to play with her tits again she bent over me so that she could lick my nipples and her breasts were just above my face. Right away I took her nipple back in my mouth and sucked on it until she went further down on me. I loved how her warm, soft breasts touched my body tenderly while she kissed my belly. I felt her nipples rub on me. She opened my legs. Her breasts went over my belly. She kissed the insides of my thighs. When her tits touched my dick it felt like a lightning bolt going through my body. I moaned out aloud.

“May I remove your pants?”

What a question.

“Mhm” I said.

She grabbed my pants to pull them down. When she did that I felt her fingers on my dick and I got “electrocuted” again. Oh god, I was afraid that I would cum as soon has she took him in her hand. I concentrated hard to try to prevent that.

“Wow, look how big he is already” she said when I lay naked in front of her. “Might that be because of me?”

She smiled at me.

“I think so” I said grinning.

She continued with her caressing but she left out my cock for the moment. Still, every touch of her felt like a little electric shock. I saw my cock throbbing. Her tongue slowly wandered up the insides of my thighs. When I felt her warm, wet tongue on my balls I could not help it anymore.

“Oh, it’s coming already” she said and grinned.

“I’m so sorry” I said. “I couldn’t do anything about it.”

And she didn’t even touch the cock itself. Helplessly I watched my sperm spreading over my belly.

“Why should you be sorry?” she said. “Don’t be. I take that as a compliment.”

With apparent pleasure she licked my sperm from my body.

“May I?” she asked before she swallowed my already a bit flabby cock to suck out the final drops of cum.

“Mmmh, that was delicious” she said when we again lay next to each other on her towel.

She tenderly petted my belly which had a visible effect on the hardness of my cock. I wish I had the sexual stamina from back then.

But before she would go on with whatever she wanted to do next I had something on my mind.

“May I watch you pee again today?”

“Hehe, you did like that, didn’t you?” she said laughing. “Of course you can. Under one condition. First you have to pee for me since it didn’t work yesterday. I can’t pee immediately anyway. I gotta drink something first.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

While she poured herself a glass of water I kneeled on the edge of the towel and tried to piss into the sand. Again it didn’t work. But my bladder was also not as full as the day before.

“I guess the both of us have to drink some more” Sonja said and poured me a large glass of lemonade.

“Another one?” she asked after I had emptied the glass in one gulp.

I said yes because on no account I wanted to disappoint her again. This time my piss had to flow.

I laid myself next to her again and we started to kiss and caress each other again. For the most part she concentrated on my upper body. Only from now and then she tenderly touched my balls and my cock. I was glad that she did only that because more stimulation would have surely made it squirt again. Anyway it was hard as a rock again. I kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples again. I really loved that. She showed me that she felt the same with a soft moan.

“You just tell me when you have to pee, okay?” she said while massaging my belly.

“I’ll do that” I answered. “But I don’t know if I can if my penis is so hard.”

“Don’t worry. It’ll work if you really have to.”

After a while my bladder really started to feel fuller. Sonja still massaged my belly and that also had an effect on my bladder.

“When I finally told her that I thought to be ready, I needed to pee badly. It felt like I couldn’t hold back much longer even if I wanted to.

“Nice. Do you want to stand up?” she asked. “Though if you don’t mind peeing yourself, just stay as you are.”

“Really? Are you sure?” I asked her. „But then your blanket will get all wet.”

“So what? Just let it go.”

I supported myself on my underarms so I would have a good look on my pissing cock. I tried to relax.

“Can I hold him while you’re peeing?”

“Okay” I said and tried to piss. Damn, it’s not working again. How is that possible since I have to piss that much?

“I think it’s not working” I said a little desperate.

“Calm down. It’ll come.” She released my cock again. “Just relax. Maybe you close your eyes and lie back? That’s really normal when you’re not accustomed to pee while lying down.”

She started to massage my belly again and again I felt the pressure in my bladder.

“If it comes just let go.”

She pushed on my belly. That made one squirt of piss to come out.

„There it is!“ Sonja exclaimed. „Now just let it flow.“

Now it really came. The floodgates were open. After the next very powerful squirt which went right over me and landed on the dune behind me, I tried to piss with a little less pressure so my piss would squirt on my belly.

“Wow, that’s marvellous!” Sonja said and grabbed my hard dick again.

The piss had to go so much that this touch didn’t bother me in the slightest anymore. First Sonja let it spray in the air in an almost vertical jet. I increased pressure again and watched my piss fly high up in the air and then patter on my belly. Then she guided the stream to hit her breasts.

“That feels wonderful.”

She put her tongue into the stream. Oh my god, how fantastic was that to watch.

“Mmh, your piss is delicious” she said while letting me piss all over her face. I was in heaven. In the end of course she took my squirting little friend into her mouth and let my piss flow down her throat. She didn’t release my cock until she had sucked out every drop of piss she could get from me.

“That tasted sooo good” she said while she licked the piss from my belly.

Soon she also started to caress my balls again and more and more I felt her fingers on my cock as well. I realized that an orgasm was quickly building up again. Who could blame me since she just had sucked on it like a vacuum cleaner and now there was her finger-play.

“Oh man, I think it’ll squirt again soon!” I warned her.

She grabbed my sack and pulled it downwards with her fingers. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, but the feeling that I was about to cum disappeared.

“How is it now?” she asked me.

“It doesn’t feel like squirting anymore.”

“Good, because your next load has to go right in there.” She pointed to her open mouth. “If you want it, too” she added.

“Mmh,” I said and nodded eagerly.

I had been looking forward to get another blow-job and to cum in her mouth. That’s also why I was so disappointed before when I had squirted too early.

I watched her licking along my shaft and letting her tongue wander up to my glans. When she moved along the little piece of skin that links the shaft with the glans (the frenulum) it felt like an electric shock again and I moaned out aloud.

“That’s great, isn’t it?” Sonja said and went on playing there with the tip of her tongue.

I felt my balls contract.

Don’t squirt already, I thought while I lay under her, panting heavily.

I didn’t only want to cum in her mouth. No, I also wanted to extend the duration of this wonderful blowjob as much as possible. She let her tongue rotate around my glans a few times and then played on my pee-hole with the tip of her tongue. Again I felt the shock and again I moaned. Oh god, that was just fantastic. Not only how it felt but also the sight of her tongue flicking over my cock. Finally her soft lips closed around my glans and I watched my cock disappear slowly in her mouth. Even my balls went in this time. I felt her tongue caress them. After she had released them from her mouth again, Sonja started to caress them with her fingers once more. And then she blew my cock by every trick in the book. I could hear her smack when she sucked it and when she moved up and down I felt her tongue everywhere. In retrospect I have to say that it wasn’t all that bad that I had already squirted. This allowed me to enjoy this for an astonishingly long time. Thanks to her as well because she didn’t blew me with the same intensity over the whole duration of the blowjob. It seemed that she was able to feel when she had to go slower and more gently to prevent me from cumming. As wonderful as it was, eventually the only thing I wanted was to squirt. I needed it badly and she seemed to notice that as well because she sucked my dick with growing intensity without giving me any more pauses.

“It comes” I could barely moan before I felt my cock starting to squirt.

Load after load poured into her mouth. Surprising how much sperm I still had in store after I had squirted shortly before. After she had drained me completely, Sonja confirmed that:

“Wow, how much that was again. Not bad. And so tasty. Thank you so much.“

„You’re welcome“, I said grinning. “But I have to thank you, too. That was soooo good.”

“I’m glad you liked it that much.” She hesitated for a moment. “Would you like to do something like that for me, too?”

“Of course” I said without hesitation.

I could see how happy Sonja was about that answer.

She sat down in the sand in front of me and spread her legs. Her pussy lips which were nicely framed by her bush, already opened by themselves but she spread them even more with her fingers.

“Would you like to caress me down there?” she asked me.

I reached my hand out to her and touched her labia. They were very soft and warm. I heard Sonja breathing in sharply and withdrew my hand right away.

“What is it? Don’t you want to go on?” she asked me.

“Yes I do” I replied and touched the soft flesh between her labia. It felt even warmer and it was quite wet.

“Just go on, that feels really good” I heard her say and started to explore her cunt with my fingers.

She always told me when something I did felt especially nice. Of course then I continued accordingly.

“Would you look at that? Why don’t you caress this little knob” she told me and exposed her clitoris. “Do you remember what I told you about it yesterday?”

“Of course I do” I said and began to gently rub the little button.

She had said that this was similar to my glans so I knew that I mustn’t treat it too roughly. But she wanted more.

“Yeees, that’s nice” she moaned. „Take it between your fingers and rub it good. Yeeeees mooore.” Apparently she liked what I did.

“You can continue right away, but first let me show you something else.”

She put my fingers aside and opened her hole.

“Why don’t you put a finger in there? You’d make me feel really good if you caressed me in there.”

Of course I gladly obeyed. Inside she was really wet and a not warm but hot. Curiously I started to explore that hole with my finger.

“More fingers please” Sonja moaned. “And you can use both hands on my pussy.”

Again I followed her request with pleasure. So more of my fingers went into the slimy tunnel and with my other hand I continued to massage her little pearl again. Doing this felt really nice and it also excited me again. My cock was getting hard once more. She laid herself back a bit, but continued to watch me. With one hand she started to caress her tits and played with her stiff nipples.

“Oh yes, that’s sooo good.”

Sonja became louder and louder and she breathed faster and faster. And her hole actually got even wetter. Suddenly she grabbed the hand whose fingers were inside her hole and moved it back and forth forcefully. Willingly I let my hand be guided by her. After all she knew best what she needed. Of course I tried to help as much as I could.

“Oh yes, I’m cumming!” she exclaimed and I felt how she started to tremble.

She released my hand and I continued alone. With my other hand I held her thigh. She raised her hips and again I felt her trembling inside. After a while she grabbed my hand again and removed my fingers from her hole.

“Wow, boy that was crazy. Good job, honey.”

I was so proud.

“Thank you.”

“Sorry that I interfered, I just had to.”

“That’s okay. I’m just glad that you liked it.”

“I loved it. But, haven’t I promised you something before?”

Again she spread her pussy.

“Maybe if you caress my pee-hole, something will come out of it? ...If you don’t mind me peeing over your hands of course. You can get as close as you want.”

“I don’t mind at all” I said immediately. Just the opposite, I thought.

So I began to caress her piss-slit and I noticed the muscles that were below it pulsating.

“Look out, here it comes” she warned me and already a wonderful warmth spread on my fingers.

I put both hands into the stream. It felt amazing and the wonderful scent of her pee entered my nose. I got even closer. I could totally see her piss gushing out of her piss-hole. Again my cock became rock-hard. Despite the enticing scent, I didn’t dare to try its taste. I cannot tell you why in the world I didn’t, but I can remember that I had wanted to. Instead I continued to caress her pussy and enjoyed the sensation of her piss drenching my hands. There was one thing I did want to try before it was over. Quickly I sat between her legs and asked her if she could squirt the rest onto my belly.

“Everything you wish for” she said and pulled her pussy-lips a bit up which made her stream go a lot higher.

She didn’t only hit my belly but she also reached my chest and sometimes even my throat. All I would have had to do was to bend my head a little down and her piss would have hit me directly in the face. But I didn’t. Though still I enjoyed her piss flowing down my body, into my crotch and seeping into the sand below my balls. Eventually I got on my knees and put my stiff cock into the stream. Unfortunately She was almost finished by then but it was still great.

“Was it nice when my piss hit your cock?” she asked me while she sat in front of me, licking her piss from my body.

“Yes that was great” I said with a big grin on my face.

I really wanted to go back to her cunt since it had been really interesting before. I asked her if I could.

“Well, why do you even ask? Of course you can do that. But let’s try another position for that. Why don’t you just lie on your back?”

After that she sat herself over me so that I had her pussy right above my face (kind of a 69-position, but of course back then I had never heard that name).

“Okay go on then. Just do whatever you’d like.”

A few tiny drops of her piss still resided in her pubic hair, glistening in the sun. I opened her lips and once more admired the bright pinkness of her cunt. Still very new to that sight I already thought a cunny to be a beautiful sight. And now that I was so close to it with my face I could smell the wonderful scent of her cunt better than ever before. Of course back then it was quite an unusual smell but I remember that I liked it instantly. I deeply inhaled her scent before I started to caress her. She already was really slippery and hot again. And soon she also started to moan once more. Naturally I loved that. So quickly my fingers went back into the hole they had liked so much before.

“Yeees that’s good. You’re doing great. Just go on.“

After a while she told me that she had another request. But I should only fulfil it if I really didn’t mind.

“Would you kiss my pussy?” she asked me.

I told her that I would gladly do that for her although it did leave kind of a strange feeling. So I just kissed her right on her opened cunt. I still wonder why she didn’t laugh out loud right away. But instead of doing that she told me that it felt really nice and that I could go on if I wanted to.

“Maybe you also want to kiss me there like we kissed each other before?”

Carefully I put out my tongue and touched her wet cunt-flesh with it. Touching it with the tongue, her cunt felt even softer than before. I didn’t get a lot of her taste with that first tender touch. But when I licked it thoroughly I could taste her for real. Of course that also was an unusual and a little strange taste for an eleven year old boy. But it didn’t take long until I didn’t only grow accustomed to it but I began to like it. Soon I couldn’t get enough of it and I licked fiercer and fiercer. Again I heard Sonja moan and of course that excited me even more.

“So, do you like my cunt’s taste?” she asked me.

“Yes, I love it.”

“That’s quite obvious. And again you’re doing a great job. What you’re doing feels really wonderful.”

And she couldn’t have said it only to cheer me on because more and more cunt-juice flew out of her hole. Slowly she lowered her rear a bit so that I could rest my head back on the ground. She asked me if I was comfortable and I just answered with a smacking “Mm”. Then she grabbed one of my hands that were holding her thighs and guided it to her butt.

“Caress my butt, will you?”

Of course again I happily obeyed. With both my hands I caressed and kneaded her ass-cheeks while I pushed my tongue deep into her hole (well as deep as a child’s tongue would go). Quickly I learned that her cunt was opening nicely when I spread her cheeks with my hands. To lick her like that was wonderful. My whole face got smeared with her cunt-juice. Then she also started to play with my cock, which of course had been rock-hard all the time. At first she only caressed it and my balls only very gently, then she slowly started to jack it. Thank god she was really careful, otherwise I wouldn’t have lasted long. But again she was very skilled with extending the playtime. Eventually I also felt her tongue and her lips on my cock and balls again. One time she let her tongue flick over my glans, one time she played with my foreskin and of course she also swallowed my cock wholly again, sucking it good. And during the whole time my balls received a first class massage. If I hadn’t already squirted twice it wouldn’t have lasted that long.

“If you put your fingers back into my hole we could perhaps cum together. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

Of course I liked that thought very much, so again my fingers disappeared in their favourite place and I caressed her like I had done before.

“May I guide your hand again to show you something else?” she asked me and grabbed my hand again.

Two of my fingers were buried in her hole and she started to fuck herself with my hand.

“See? If you continue to do that you’ll surely give me an orgasm in no time and we can cum together.”

Of course I loved fucking her with my fingers and the sloppy sounds it made.

“Faster, yeees, faster” she cheered me on while she continued to treat my cock. This time she didn’t hold back at all. And I, too, fucked her hole fiercer and fiercer. She pushed her rear onto my hand and I tried to push my fingers as deep into her as possible.

“Yes, that’s great” I heard her moan. I was just moments before squirting. My cock was buried between her soft lips and she was sucking it eagerly.

“It’s coming” I warned her and came in her mouth.

I can’t remember if I went on finger-fucking her cunt. But when I lay in the sand a little later, heavily panting, she sat beside me and she thanked me for giving her another wonderful orgasm.

“You liked licking my cunt, didn’t you?” she said and after I had eagerly confirmed that, added that it maybe would be time to finally go back to my parents.

Reluctantly I agreed. She smiled at me warmly and gave me a kiss which I returned immediately. I really didn’t want to go back, but I knew that I had to. Still, at least I tried to extend the kiss as much as possible.

“Tomorrow we’ll go on if you’ll visit me again. You will come, won’t you?”

“Of course, surely” I said.

“Great. I’m looking forward to you. Maybe tomorrow we can fuck for real?”

“Then tomorrow you let me put my penis in you?” I asked her very excited.

“Of course.”

She winked at me.

I noticed that I had to pee again and I asked her if she wanted me to do that here before I go.

“By all means” she said and laid in front of me in the sand. “Let it come.”

“Where?” I asked her.

„Everywhere“ she said.

So I drenched her with my piss from head to toe.

“You missed a spot” she said and spread her pussy-lips, which I immediately doused with my piss.

“And another one.”

She pointed to her face and opened her mouth. So the rest went there and I watched her greedily gulp down my piss.

“Thank you so much. That was a nice goodbye-present” she said while I put my swimming-pants back on and collected my snorkel-gear.

“Till tomorrow then” she called after me. “Again with a nicely filled bladder, yes?”

“Of course. See you tomorrow.”

When I left she waved me good-bye and sent a kiss after me.

In spite of having squirted three times with her, in the evening I became extremely horny again. While I jerked of in the bathroom, missing her mouth at my cock, I suddenly had the idea to try if I could reach my cock with my own mouth if I really bent myself. And indeed it worked. I reached my glans with the tip of my tongue. What a pity that I’m not so flexible anymore. Since I had to pee I let it go into my mouth. Some of it went off-target though. Good that I tried that in the bathroom. After that I started to jerk again and bent my spine even more. I actually managed to put my lips over my glans. Now I wanted to know how my sperm tasted. I had never tried before. Indeed I often had a mind to try it when I was jerking off, but as soon as I had cum the idea of swallowing that white goo didn’t seem to be so good anymore. But Sonja seemed to like my juice a lot, so this time I went through with it. I squirted into my mouth. It actually didn’t taste that bad. Only after I had cum, I realized how exhausting that little exercise had been. My spine even ached a little. But it had been worth it. I decided to tell Sonja about it tomorrow and I fell asleep thinking about her.

Third Day (click to change perspective)

The next day I arrived at the beach very late because during most of the day my family had gone on a day trip. To my relief they decided to still go to the beach although it had been quite late already. That was because it had been very hot that day. Naturally I could not bear to stay with my people very long so I grabbed my snorkel-gear and I was gone. I saw Sonja from quite some distance because she didn’t lay hidden in her camp but in the open in the sun. There she lay, completely naked in the sand. When I came closer I saw that she was probably asleep. This first disappointment was compensated by the sight of her beautiful pussy, because her legs were nicely spread. The white sand was sticking to her wonderful butt cheeks and her firm thighs. I removed my pants. Of course my cock was already erect. I didn’t really dare to wake her up. The problem was that I had to piss desperately because of course as she had wanted me to, I had prepared myself. So waiting until she woke up by herself wasn’t really an option. And of course I also didn’t want to just relieve myself here in the dunes, since she was waiting for my piss. So I had no choice but to wake her up. My first thought was to wake her with a kiss (which would have certainly been very nice, too), but I had an even better idea. Why not piss her awake? She would surely like that and since she wasn’t lying on her towel I saw no problem with it. I guess I wouldn’t have dared to wet her if she had lied on her towel. I kneeled in the sand next to her, pushed my hard cock down and directed it to her breasts. To piss with a hard dick was quite difficult for me back then and so, although my bladder was full to the brink it took me quite some time until the first drops of piss emerged at the tip of my glans. Quickly the drops turned into a steady stream and I had to hold myself back again. Naturally I didn’t want to piss on the breasts of my sleeping beauty with full force. It didn’t take long until the desired result of the pissing-action was achieved.

“What’s that?” Sonja asked a little startled after she had woken up.

„Oh, what a nice way to be woken“, she added after she had realised what was happening.

Although I had totally expected that reaction, I was still relieved that she liked my surprise. She started to rub my piss over her breasts and she played with the piss that collected in her bellybutton. With one finger she directed my cock so that the stream would hit her face. I pissed a lot in her mouth and watched her gargling with it and how she also slowly let some of it flow out of her mouth and over her cheeks. Most of it she swallowed. Again and again I also directed my stream over her whole body and so I covered her in my piss from head to toe, washing the sand from her body. Luckily I had filled myself up as much as possible. After my bladder was finally empty I beheld my work. Thousands of piss-drops all over her body glistened brightly in the afternoon sun. Again I kneeled beside her and licked one of these drops from her breast. It was kind of indescribable to lick my own piss from her body. I licked her whole breasts and then her belly. There was still some piss left in her bellybutton which I sipped up with pleasure. Then I worked myself back up to her breasts. I needed to lick her nipples now, which I had skipped before. One single drop of piss still adhered to one of her hard nipples. When I licked it off I heard Sonja moan softly. I went on licking her nipples for a while until she pulled me up to her to kiss me passionately. Her mouth also tasted a little like my piss since more than enough of it had been in it.

“So, did you like your own piss?”

“Yes, a lot. I have tried it before but it was so much better to lick it from your body.”

“Ah, you already tried it. How did that happen?”

“Well, after I have seen the pictures on the magazine I really wanted to know how it tasted. So after dark I just went out the backdoor next to the bathroom of our holiday house and I peed straight up until I could put my tongue into the stream. I kinda liked it, but I wasn’t able to taste much like that. So I also peed in a cup.” Then I told her how I had peed in my mouth in the bathroom. “And just yesterday I found out something else: I can put my penis in my mouth.”

“No way. How do you do that?”

“Just like when I pee directly in my mouth, only I have to bend my back even more.”

“Can you show me? I’d really like to see that.”

Of course I happily obliged and I didn’t care about getting back-ache again. I really wanted to show her this trick. Again I managed to put my lips over my glans and suck on it a little.

“But when you do it it’s much nicer” I said when I lay on my back again panting a little (as I said, that is fucking exhausting). And then I just asked her:

“Maybe you can pee in my mouth now? I really want to know how your pee tastes.”

“Of course. It’ll be my pleasure. Just stay as you are.”

She placed her knees next to my head so that her wonderful crevice was directly above my face. She looked into my eyes.

“Here it comes.”

With two fingers she spread her pussy-lips. My heart was pounding like mad. In a moment her piss would come out of this little hole and I would get to drink it. She made it very slow at first. I was completely fixed on her. I could see a little drop emerging at her little pee-hole. It got bigger and bigger and finally it detached itself and fell into my wide opened mouth. It happened like in slow motion. Of course it was only a drop of piss, but in my mouth this drop triggered an outburst of flavour, just because this drop had been given to me by this wonderful woman. Then the slow motion was off. More and more of the golden drops found their way into my mouth and finally it was a wonderful stream of marvellous woman-piss which poured into the mouth of my eleven year old self. I was in heaven. I couldn’t get enough of it. Fortunately she really had a lot for me. In fact it was so much that my mouth kept overflowing whenever I gulped it down. Eventually she turned around, bent over my pelvis and started to blow my dick. During that turn she hadn’t stopped pissing for a moment, so she pissed all over my face, which I also enjoyed a lot. When she began to suck my dick I raised my head and started to lick her still pissing slit. Unfortunately all the wonderful pissing finally came to an end, but her hole was also tasty without it. I think she might even have climaxed while we pleasured each other in this 69-position. Not bad for an eleven-year old who had seen a real cunt for the first time just two days ago. Sonja, on the other hand, was so gentle and careful that there was no chance of me squirting (though two days ago it might have still happened). My cock felt like it was about to burst, so hard was it. From time to time she did take my cock into her mouth and I also sometimes felt her warm tongue glide over my firm glans and my shaft, but actually she concentrated more on my balls. While she pampered me like that, she eventually dismounted me and licked me below my balls as well. I even felt her tongue almost at my butt-hole, which at that moment didn’t made me wonder as much as you could think since it was such a pleasant sensation.

“That’s great, isn’t it? But you have to tell me before it’s too much”, she told me. „I don’t want you to cum already.“

I asked myself why she didn’t want me to cum. Anyway, what she did had exactly the effect she obviously had intended. She gave me wonderful sensations without making me cum.

“Why can’t I cum?” I asked her. „Yesterday you did like it when I squirted in your mouth.“

“Very simple. I want you to cum in me. Remember that I promised you that we would fuck today?”

“Oh” was everything I could say, so excited was I. Then I still managed to ask her if we could do it right away.

“Of course”, she said. “But for that let’s better get into the shadow or else you’ll catch a bad sunburn.”

So we returned to her little camp under the big umbrella. She lay on her towel and opened her legs.

“Sit down”, she said.

So I sat between her legs and watched her opening her crack with her fingers again.

“See? Your cock has to go right into that hole.”

 I raised myself so that my cock was in the right height.

“Wait, I’ll help you.”

She took my cock in her hand (actually more between her fingers since a child’s cock isn’t that large) and guided it to her hole.

“And now just tuck it in.”

My cock in Sonja’s cunt felt so wonderful. Similar to her mouth but still so much different. And she also seemed to like it because she moaned when I entered her.

“And now?” I asked her, stupid as I was.

“Now you have to move. Back and forth, just like jacking off, only this time you have to move instead of the “hand”.”

So I started to slowly hump her.

“Yeees, exactly like that. You’re doing great. How do you like it?“ she asked. “Isn’t it wonderful?“

And how wonderful that was. I hadn’t experienced anything better in all my eleven years yet. It was paradise. When I had gotten accustomed to the movement after a while, I started to caress her beautiful breasts, which went a little up and down at my thrusts.

“Yees, that’s good. Lick my nipples”, she invited me. “See how hard they already are? That’s just because of you.”

After such a beautiful compliment I just had to oblige. Actually it wasn’t that easy to concentrate on fucking as well as on licking her nipples, but I passably managed to do it. She continued cheering me on and also told me again and again that she loved it. While I fucked her, she gently caressed my head and my back. Then she lifted my head a little and kissed me. My cock in her cunt and her tongue in my mouth! I wondered if it could get any better. Man, how beautiful it was to fuck her while we kissed. Still, after a while I wanted to focus more on fucking. Due to all these distractions I totally wasn’t able to hump her properly any more. So I sat up and started to thrust her faster and more rhythmical again.

“Oh, yeeeees. This is so good. Fuck me hard. Faster. Faster still. Aaaahhhh.“

She moaned more and more and she got louder and louder. I was only able to endure that so long because my little child-cock didn’t get so much friction inside Sonja’s adult cunt. In her mouth I would have squirted long before. But eventually I was about to climax. I laid myself on her body, feeling her breasts nicely on my skin, wrapped my arms around her and increased speed even more.

“Yes, cum inside me”, I heard her moan. “Squirt your kiddie-sperm in my cunt.”

She pressed her legs together a bit and that was all that was necessary for me to cum. I felt my sperm shoot into Sonja’s wet cave. It was the best orgasm I ever had until then.

“You seem to have liked it a lot”, Sonja said while I lay on her heavily breathing. “I did, too. You were great. Thank you so much for this wonderful fuck.“

I looked up and grinned at her. “I thank you, too.”

After she had licked my cock clean, we sat on her towel drinking lemonade to be able to have a good piss again later on.

“You know I can also squirt when I cum” she told me.

“Eeh?” was the only thing I could say.

Sonja laughed.

“Yes, it’s true. Sometimes we girls also squirt during an orgasm. Maybe the two of us can manage to make me do it? Shall we give it a try?”

Of course I absolutely wanted to see that. She explained to me that she could not guarantee that it would work. But if I followed her instructions and if I did well it would work. I wanted to know if hers also looked like sperm.

“No, actually it looks as if I was peeing. But it’s different.”

She spread her legs again and I was to sit between them again.

“Put your hand like that, would you?” Sonja formed a wedge with her hand. I followed her instruction. She spread her legs even more and opened her cunt again. Her hole was really wide open now.

“Now you slowly shove your hand in.”

“What? My whole hand?”

I was indeed a little shocked, although my hand was not that large back then.

“Are you sure that’s possible?”

“Of course it is. Don’t forget that a real baby has to go through there.”

So I laid the tips of my fingers at her entrance and shoved my hand slowly in her. Man, was that slippery. But it felt really great.

“Oohh, that’s already quite good” she said. “Now turn your palm upward. You have to grope around a bit. You’ll find a flat dome. It feels a little harder and rougher than its surroundings.”

I needed a while until I had found the spot, but she did a pretty good job guiding me there.

She breathed in sharply.

“Yes, that’s it” she said when I had reached her G-spot. “You gotta rub this spot good now.”

She didn’t have to tell me that, I had already started massaging her there. It didn’t take long until I felt the muscles inside her cunt contracting rhythmically. That was an amazing sensation. Sometimes I’d like to have such small hands again since not every woman wants an adult man’s hand in her cunt.

“Do you think it’ll work?” I asked her. I desperately wanted to see her squirt.

“If you go on like that, I don’t have much of a choice”, she replied.

She moaned out aloud. Her cunt grew wetter and wetter. Every movement of my hand caused nice smacking sounds now. This aroused me very much. From time to time I could not refrain myself from licking this delicious juice from her pussy.

“Ooohhhh, I’m cumming”, I heard her exclaiming just before a gush of a clear liquid squirted out of her piss-hole and splashed on my belly.

The next one even went up to my chest and after I had lowered my head a little, it splashed right in my face. That was great. And it indeed tasted a little different than piss. Less salty, a little sweet. And this juice was also a little less watery than piss. It felt a little greasy.

“God, that was awesome. That was an outstanding performance of yours.”

I was as proud as Punch.

„It seems this has made you quite horny as well.“ She pointed at my hard cock. “Like to fuck again?”


I had totally hoped that I could put my dick in her again.

“Okay, but let’s try another position then. Lay down here, please.”

She made room on her (now really wet) towel.

Sonja grabbed my cock and sat on top of me. Magnetised I watched my cock disappear in her cunt once more. Then she started to ride me. Oh my god, that was amazing. It still is my favourite position. I didn’t need to do anything. Just watch her tits bouncing up and down and my cock getting swallowed by her cunt again and again. The best was when she started to rotate her hips. Once more it was a totally new kind of stimulation for my little cock. Sonja told me again that I should tell her before I cum because she wanted to have me inside her a little longer.

“Then you have to stop right away I think” I told her, because If she went on I would squirt very soon.

She immediately interrupted her movements and instead bent down to kiss me. That was so beautiful again. After we had french-kissed passionately for a good while she sat up. But she didn’t continue to ride me right away. Instead she opened her legs and spread her labia. As always a wonderful sight, especially now that I could clearly see my cock sticking in her. But it was about to get even better, because suddenly she started to piss. First onto my belly and then after I had immediately asked her to (“In my face! In my face! Pleeaaase!”), she narrowed her piss-slit a little and hit my face precisely with her stream. To be precise, in fact she hit my mouth since it was widely opened. I drank as much as I could and also got soaked completely. The towel on which I lay got totally drenched. The stream stopped abruptly and she went on riding me. Not too fast though, which was a good thing because all this pissing had made me so horny that it wouldn’t take much to make me squirt although my cock hadn’t been directly stimulated since quite a while. Soon I learned that Sonja in fact hadn’t really emptied her bladder. I felt that she let go some pee from time to time while she rode me. But eventually that also stopped and she really pushed herself onto my cock and let her hip rotate again. I felt how she rubbed her cunt on my pubic bone. And then she came. I clearly felt the contractions inside her, which milked my cock well. So my cock had no choice than to squirt. It felt like what I was pumping into her was quite a good load of sperm again, despite my previous orgasm. In any case my orgasm was a real intense sensation again.

After the both of us had calmed down again I watched her letting my cock glide slowly out of her. It was coated with a thin layer of my sperm and her juice. More was going to be added because a moment later she let my cream ooze out of her cunt again. All of it splotched on my cock. Then she dismounted me to lick my now limb cock clean which immediately made it grow again. But now I also had a surprise for her in store. It wouldn’t be easy as long as my cock was in her mouth but I didn’t want to say anything. I absolutely wanted to surprise her. I closed my eyes and focused on my task. It took quite a while during which she fortunately didn’t stop licking my cock (she obviously liked doing that), but eventually I managed to piss in her mouth. In return I got to hear a comforting “Mmm” from her. She drank all of it to the last drop. Even after I was finished she didn’t release me from her mouth. I had been hard since before I had started to piss and we both wanted me to squirt one more time. She started to caress my balls and sucked and licked my cock in turns until I really squirted again. It probably wasn’t that much anymore but for me it felt wonderful again.

“Thanks for your piss and cream” she said to me with a beautiful smile when she finally did take my cock out of her mouth. “Oh man, we totally forgot about time. I’m afraid that you need to go back now, don’t you?”

“Yes, I think so, too.”

I had been with her for quite a long time. Not that my parents were already looking for me.

Then something crossed my mind which made me a little sad: “Oh darn. I can’t come tomorrow. We’re gonna be at Sommerland (that’s a chain of Danish theme parks) the whole day and we certainly won’t come to the beach tomorrow.”

“Well, you don’t have to look so sad. A day in a theme park is a lot of fun, isn’t it?”

“But not as much fun as fucking with you.”

“Oh, it’s so nice of you to say that. So I guess we’ll have to be patient until the day after tomorrow. You will come back to me then, won’t you?”

“Of course.” Then I had an idea: “But what if you’ll come to visit me tomorrow evening?”

“How is that possible?” At first she looked a little astonished. But after I had explained to her that my bed was in a little cabin in the garden of our vacation home, she seemed to start to like the idea.

“The problem is, that my cousin sleeps there, too. Though in fact until now he went back into the house every night until now. I think he’s afraid to be alone in the cabin, although he is a few months older than me.”

“What if he comes back?” she asked still a bit worried.

“Well, first of all, he never comes back”, I said. “And secondly, the cabin can be locked from the inside. Then he certainly won’t be able to get back in and has to go back into the house. No problem.”

So we decided that on the next evening Sonja would come to our vacation home and wait there until my cousin left the cabin. She also told me to prepare for some pee-games again and that I need not worry about a wet bed.

Fourth Day (click to change perspective)

I don’t have to mention that next day in Sommerland I often was not focused on the amusement park, do I? Of course it was still a fun day, but the actual apex of the day was still to come. Probably my cousin left the cabin at about the same time as always that evening, but to me it seemed like he stayed a lot longer as normal. Time just did not want to pass. Bad-boy me even started to tell horror-stories to make him go away faster. Some time after everything went quiet he finally left.

Of course, trusting Sonja, I had drank a lot again and already as I was waiting for my cousin to go away, the urge to pee was building up quite a lot. When I was alone I tried to hold it some more, but I couldn’t do it for long. When I finally noticed that I started to lose small squirts from time to time I had to go out. So I just have to refill, I thought. I did have prepared enough beverages. So when I was outside I directed my cock upwards to my mouth to start refilling right away (not that I was able to catch a lot this way). I was just thinking if I should stop to keep some inside or if I better empty myself completely now.

“Can I get some of that?”

I was so startled that I stopped pissing. Of course it was Sonja and of course she got some of it. She kneeled in front of me.

“Okay, go on.”

“But then you’ll get all wet!”

“Who cares? It’s gonna dry again.”

So I started to piss. Right in her face and into her open mouth. She did drink a lot of it, but I think she also let some of it ran down on her breasts on purpose. Her summer dress got soaking wet on the front. The fact that I was able to see the public street while I pissed on Sonja somehow felt especially exciting.

“A good start” Sonja said after I was done. “So, do we get inside?”

Of course we did. I put the latch on the door.

“Wow, you look beautiful” I said when the light was on.

She wore a bright red lipstick and generally more makeup than at the beach (possibly she didn’t wear any there, she certainly didn’t need any). She also smelled very nice and I liked her dress. Especially how her breasts showed under the now wet fabric was really nice. Of course an eleven year old isn’t really aware of that, but the only correct words to describe her and her outfit at that moment would have been “freaking hot”.

“Thank you. I dressed up tonight just for you. I’m glad you like it.”

Sonja rummaged in her handbag.

“Just let me make things nice and cozy for us.”

She brought up some tea lights from her handbag and distributed them on the window sill, the two bedside tables and the little desk. After Sonja had turned the light down with the dimmer and lighted the candles she asked me if I liked it.

“Yes, it’s really nice with the candles and all” I said truthfully.

The candle light really created a very nice atmosphere, although with my eleven years I certainly was not yet able to see the romantic aspect of it.

“Glad you do. But now let’s first refill your bladder, shouldn’t we?”

“Of course. I have a lot of stuff to drink here, see?”

I fetched a bottle of lemonade from my stash next to the bed.

“Quite the storage you have there. Do you have something special in mind tonight?” she asked laughing while I already emptied a bottle in one draft because I wanted to get my bladder full as fast as possible.

“I’ve also brought some lemonade, but for now I was thinking about something else. Something to toast with.”

She fetched a little bottle of sparkling wine and two glasses from her handbag. I had been allowed to try little sips of sparkling wine on special occasions, but now that she had a glass of my own for me I felt very adult.

“But we should dilute this a bit. Do you have an idea what we could use?”

“I don’t know. Lemonade?”

“No. You don’t put lemonade into sparkling wine but I have a good idea.”

She filled the two glasses about a third with sparkling wine and put them on the desk. Then she removed her dress. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I had gotten aroused by the sheer presence of Sonja but of course now my cock went completely hard. Sonja wrung some of my piss from her dress, distributing it among the two glasses. It did surprise me a bit, but what the heck, piss is delicious after all, isn’t it?

“Not yet full” she said. “Well I guess then I’ll have to provide for the rest.”

One after the other she put the glasses between her legs and filled them with her piss. Well now it got really interesting. I was curious about how this mixture would taste like.

“So, if that isn’t a first class drink now. Let’s do a toast.”

She gave me one of the glasses with the light golden bubbly liquid.

“To us and a wonderful evening.”

I just nodded, clinked glasses with her and sipped a bit. It tasted really good. I could easily distinguish the taste of her piss. In conjunction with the taste and the prickling of the sparkling wine it was really delicious, which I told her.

“Isn’t it?”

She emptied her glass and put it back down.

“But now we have to free your little fellow. It seems he doesn’t fit into your pants anymore at all. Is that me or the drink?”

“I think it’s because of you” I replied. “I haven’t had that much sparkling wine yet.”

While Sonja pulled down my pants I took a big gulp of the sparkling wine piss mix and emptied the glass before she pulled my shirt over my head.

After I had put my glass away she bent down to me and kissed me. While we kissed we laid ourselves on bed. She started to caress me and then of course I did the same. I extremely enjoyed that again. And in bed it also was so nice and cozy. When I began to caress her nipples they went hard in an instant. They quickly had to go into my mouth. While I sucked her nipples and caressed her breasts she held me close and petted my hair and my face. Then her hand went further down. First to my chest, where she played with my nipples, which I liked very much. Then she petted my belly and finally she was back at my cock and my balls. She massaged my balls quite hard, but my cock she caressed very, very gently. Of course eventually I wanted to eat her magnificent pussy again and thus also went from her breasts further down. So we ended up in a 69-position. I could totally indulge in her pussy with my fingers and my mouth (I think it’s because of Sonja that I love eating pussy that much nowadays) while Sonja took care of my lower regions. However, now she omitted my cock completely. Instead she massaged and licked my balls and my perineum, too. A little later she lifted one of my legs a bit and then I felt her tongue right on my asshole. This was strange only for a little moment. After that it was just glorious. I think I even moaned a little.

“You seem to like that, don’t you?” Sonja asked and pulled my ass-cheeks a little apart to be able to put her tongue even deeper.

“Yes, that’s great” I said.

“I really love that you like it that much. You know, we could try something then. I bet I can make you cum without touching your cock at all.”


I was curious now. I was so aroused that not much was needed to make my cock squirt anyway, but without touching it at all?

“And how are you gonna do that?”

“Do you remember the spot inside my cunt that you rubbed to make me squirt? Guys have such a spot as well. It’s called prostate gland and you can reach it through here.”

She pushed a finger against my asshole.

„You wanna put a finger inside my butthole?” I asked her a bit shocked.

“If I may, I’d like to do exactly that, yes. I promise it won’t hurt and if it still is in any way unpleasant for you we’ll stop right away.”

Of course I still found it strange somehow but I was very curious and I wanted to know how it would feel when Sonja touched my special spot.

“I’d like to try” I said.

Sonja retrieved a little tube and explained that it was a lubricant and that it would make her finger easily go inside me.

“See, it’s all slippery” she said and put some on my fingers. “And it also tastes nice” she added and, after I had assured myself about its slipperiness, she took my finger into her mouth to lick the stuff lasciviously off again.

“Okay, now lay yourself down and relax. Let me do my magic. And as I said, tell me if you want me to stop.”

Sonja put some of the lubricant onto her middle finger. I laid back, opened my legs and bent them.

“Is it okay like that?” I asked her.

“Perfect. Look out, here it goes.”

And already I felt her finger on my asshole. She smeared the lubricant well all over it. It was a little cold but not really unpleasant. Then she started to penetrate me with her finger. It indeed was kind of a little unpleasant at first but not so much that I wanted it to stop. I was also way too curious for that. Up to now everything she had done with me had been nothing but great. I had no reason to think that it would be different this time.

“Everything all right?” she asked me. “Any problems?”

“E-everything okay” I said with a little shaky voice.

I felt her finger going deeper and deeper into my asshole. Then she pulled it out a bit again and shoved it in once more. After she had done that a few times it started to feel really good, which I told her.

“Terrific. Then let’s go look for your prostate gland, shall we?”

I just asked myself how she intended to find it when an incredible feeling went through my body. I moaned out aloud.

“There it is!” Sonja said joyfully. „So watch out.“

She started to massage the spot whose touch just had triggered this “shock”. Every time she went over it I felt this bolt, which went on right to the tip of my cock.

“See, it’s already flowing“ I heard Sonja say after just a few of those bolts.

Only then I realized that I had closed my eyes of lust. I looked at my cock and indeed, some white fluid was dripping from it onto my belly. Sonja licked the drops from my belly.

“Mmh, delicious”, she said. “You know, the prostate gland makes most of the liquid your sperm consists of and when you massage it, it comes out. In addition it feels massively good for you guys.”

“Yes, that’s right, this is really great.”

It felt absolutely amazing and I’m thankful to Sonja for that to this very day. Who knows, without her I might be one of those idiots who won’t let anybody near their asses because they’re afraid to be taken as gay and they never learn what they’re missing out on.

She kissed me but soon stopped again before too much sperm was running down my belly because more and more liquid came out of my cock. It was now almost a steady stream instead of a dribble. Before it impended to run down and seep away in the mattress, Sonja licked it off. Her massage grew stronger and stronger. She was literally fucking my ass with her finger. Suddenly I felt that I really came without her touching my cock a single time. I squirted all over my belly. One shot even hit my chin.

“I guess I won the bet” she said. “Wasn’t it amazing?”

“Yes” I could only say while watching her lick my belly clean.

After Sonja had licked all the cum from my body, she kissed me again. I remember that in that moment her mouth tasted a little strange somehow, but not unpleasant at all (today I know what I tasted was my own cum). Again we went into heavy cuddling, kissing and petting. When we were back in 69-position I asked her if she might want to piss.

“Of course, I’d love to” she said. “But before that we have to prepare your bed.” She pulled a black rectangle from her bag. “”Help me, will you please?”

She unfolded what turned out to be a soft plastic cover. We spread it on the bed and covered it with a large bathing towel, which she had brought along as well. It was all white and all over it were a lot of red hearts in all sizes. On top of that it was extremely soft and fluffy.

“Now we can mess around as much as we want without your bed getting wet. As I have promised.”

“Great” I said, looking forward to the messing around.

But first some more drinking. Actually I noticed that I already had to pee again soon, but the more the better I thought. It wasn’t that urgent yet. For now it was Sonja’s turn.

“Do you want me to show you how I piss all over myself?”

“Yes, totally.”

Of course I wanted to see that.

So she laid down, swung her legs over herself and raised her bottom up. Her pussy was right above her face now.

“It might be best if you sit right here next to me.”

So I sat down with her head between my knees. When I looked down I saw right in her beautiful face and straight in front of me was her sweet, slightly opened slit.

Suddenly the flesh of her cunt bulged a little outward and the little piss-hole started to dribble. First it stopped again. Another twitch of the muscles of her cunt was to be seen and a not so small trickle ran down her belly and over her breasts. The next gush already really squirted out and landed on her breasts. Eventually she also hit her face and let her piss spray into her mouth.

“See, that’s how I do it” she said panting a bit harder.

It seemed that was a little exhausting for her, too, since it was a similar position like when I was licking my cock.

“Want some, too?” she asked me and squirted onto my belly and then into her face again.

I could not resist any longer and so I dug my head into her pissing lap. I drank her hot piss and also enjoyed how it ran down between our bodies while I licked her pissing cunt. When she was finished, she laid back down with my head still between her legs. I crawled further down to get to lick her really well and she took my cock between her lips, which of course I had hoped. I had to focus quite a bit, but I did not need long to open my gates as well. How amazing it felt. She sucking my dick while I pissed in her mouth. Almost the best about it was that I could just let it go without saying anything and that she showed me clearly how much she enjoyed this. I was so glad that I had filled my bladder so well. I never wanted to stop pissing. It was really a lot. I think I’ve felt that I brought her mouth to flow over. But every bladder, as full as it had been, would be empty eventually. While she went on pampering my cock and my balls I wanted to shove my hand into her cunt again since she had enjoyed that so much the day before. As I had. She moaned out aloud when my hand slowly slid into her. In this position I was also able to play wonderfully with my tongue on her little passion button. First I fucked her with rhythmical movements of my hand. I liked how she moved her pelvis along with my movements. But of course my goal was to find her special spot. I wanted to try to make her squirt again. After some searching around I found the rough spot and when I caressed her there with the tips of my fingers she moaned out aloud. It was great. As great as it felt when she licked my butthole and caressed my balls.

I massaged her love-spot hardly and her pelvis twitched more and more obvious. Then it happened. I really managed to make her squirt again. It wasn’t as strong as the day before but nevertheless I was thrilled when her juice squirted vertically right into my face. Obviously she was as happy about it because her moaning went really loud then. Thank god the cabin was quite some distance from the main building in which my parents hopefully were sound asleep that moment.

“Oh my god, thank you so much, Sweety” she said. “That was awesome. Now I really need to feel your cock in my cunt.”

Of course she did not need to tell me that twice. I climbed over her and sat between her legs. She spread her labia. Of course this time I wanted no help. I grabbed my dick, put it to her hole and thrust it in. She moaned and I started to fuck her fast.

“Oh yes, that’s so good, oh that’s so gooood, oh yeeeeees” she shouted again and again which cheered me on even more. I fucked her with such speed that my little guy kept sliding out of her from time to time. But he was back in as quick as he was out and on it went. I laid on her and moved my pelvis as fast as possible. I humped her like a rabbit. Soon it got soaking wet between her legs. But it might have been more than just cunt-juice. I think she pissed from time to time while I fucked her. When I sat up again she raised her legs and spread her cunt with two fingers. Now I could perfectly see my cock go in and out of her hole. And I also could see her piss-slit from which she kept releasing squirts of piss spraying onto our bellies. A few times she even managed to hit my face.

“That’s it for now unfortunately” she said. “But my bladder soon ought to be full again.” She winked at me and added “With your piss this time.”

“I can pee again” I said and pulled my dick out to piss on her.

“No, no, put it back in” she said. “I want you to piss right in my cunt. I want you to fill me up with your piss. Give me all you got.”

Right away I put my cock back into her hole. I thought that was a great idea. I wouldn’t have thought this up on my own. And if I had, I wouldn’t have dared to ask if I might do it. I just let it go. Immediately I felt the warmth of my piss spreading inside her. And already it started to leak out of her again.

“Wait a moment” she said. “I’m gonna lift my butt a little so more of your piss will stay inside.”

She raised her thighs a bit more and supported her butt on her hands. Of course I had to rise as well so I could no longer kneel. But I found a reasonably comfortable position that enabled me to put my dick in her hole and empty my bladder completely inside her. And indeed nothing was leaking out anymore. But I felt that my cock was totally immersed in my piss, she was full to the brink. I started fucking her again and with every move my piss sloshed out of her and ran along her belly and her butt.

“And now drink up” said Sonja.

Of course I would do that with pleasure. I pulled put my cock.

“Open my hole with your fingers, then I’ll fill it up.”

So I put two fingers into the hole in which a moment ago my cock had been and opened it a bit. And indeed I could see my piss slowly rise in it. I slurped it up and she refilled.

“Will you share it with me?” Sonja asked and with her mouth open she waited for me to satisfy her wish. So I filled my mouth and squirted my piss in hers.

“Mmmh tasty. More please” she said grinning.

We went on doing this until she wasn’t able to fill her hole anymore. I sucked out the small rest until she lowered herself.

“And now let’s fuck again. My cunt needs your cream as well.”

Her cunt would not have to wait for that much longer because I desperately wanted to cum. When I began to fuck her again she clasped me with her legs, thus making herself nice and tight and I humped her as hard as I could.

“It’s gonna squirt soon” I moaned.

“Yes, let it. I desperately need it” I just heard her say and already I felt my semen pour into her.

We kissed. For a while I just lay on her and we cuddled and kissed each other and everything was just wonderful.

“Well, are you tired now?” she asked me while she emptied a small bottle of water. “Shall we call it an evening for tonight?”

“No I’m not tired at all” I said.

That was not really true. Actually I had gotten quite tired. It had become late indeed. But I wanted to stop in no case.

“Please let’s go on a bit longer.”

“I certainly don’t mind” Sonja said and smiled at me. “Maybe you might wanna drink some more, too?”

Of course I did that and laid back next to her on the bed afterwards.

At first we just went on cuddling and kissing each other. To my joy I realized that she let it flow again while holding me in her arms and kissing me. I returned the favor and peed as well. Oh god that was so nice, lying next to each other, snuggling up, kissing each other and pissing on each other. We lay in a big warm puddle by now. I started to caress her between her legs. Another gush of her warm piss went through my fingers. She caressed my balls and my cock went rock-hard again. I struggled quite a bit with it but I managed to squirt out some more piss while she gently fondled my little shaft.

“How hard your little cock is already again” Sonja whispered into my ear. “Come on, let’s fuck some more. From behind this time.“

Of course I was in right away, although naturally back then I didn’t know immediately what she had meant with “from behind”. But when she went down on all fours and spread her crack with her fingers for me I knew what I had to do. I knelt behind her, she grabbed my cock and directed it into her hole. I started to thrust her and she moved her ass back and forth in rhythm. It was great how my hips smacked on her butt every time I entered her. And how she moaned. That was wonderful. In this position it also happened that my dick slid out of her. Too bad when you have such a small kiddie-cock. But of course he was back in again as quickly as before.

“Why don’t you put it into the other hole this time?” Sonja asked me after it had come out again.

“Eeh?” was the only thing I could say to that at first.

“Yes, put it into my little butthole, will you? Although we girls don’t have a prostate gland, we also like being fucked in the ass.”

In that case her wish was my command of course.

“All righty, I do it.”

Her cunt-juices had made my cock so slippery that we did not need any lubricants. Not that I had thought about that in that moment. I just tucked my cock right up her asshole and enjoyed her loud moans which began as soon as I entered her. And I had enough reason to moan as well since her ass was so much tighter than her cunt. Very nice for my small kiddie-cock. After some time we changed positions. She lay on her back and I fucked her again in that position, still anally. She started to rub her clit. That was a wonderful sight.

“Oh yes, my little lover, fuck me in the ass. That is so goooood.”

Faster and faster her fingers moved over her clitoris.

“I’m cumming!” she shouted and I continued to work her asshole with my cock.

But Sonja still had not enough, because now she put two fingers into her cunt and started to fuck herself.

“Oh, it’s so wonderful to have both holes stuffed up like that.”

But there was more to come yet. Obviously two fingers still weren’t enough. Already, there were four of them. And these went into her hole deeper and deeper until her thumb also disappeared in it.

“Well, you wouldn’t have thought that my hand also fit in there, would you?” she said grinning after she had seen the obviously surprised (or should I say shocked) expression on my face.

Indeed I never would have expected that, but she really fucked herself with her whole hand. She was inside her hole to the wrist. Now my little kiddie-cock seemed even smaller to me.

“Go on, fuck me. Fuck my ass. That’s so good“, I heard her say.

Obviously, surprised as I was I had stopped moving. Actually I wanted her to ride me again, but since she seemed to have so much fun with the ass-fuck I went on for a while longer. But eventually I did ask her if she could sit on me again.

“You do like that, don’t you?” she said with a warm smile on her face. “Of course. It’ll be my pleasure. Back to the front hole again, shall we?”

I already lay in the puddle of piss and nodded eagerly in happy anticipation of her riding on me once more. Did I already say that this is my favorite position? She straddled me. But before she put him in, she played a little with my balls and caressed my belly tenderly. Every time she touched me I gasped heavily. I really wanted to get into her.

“You need it bad, don’t you?” she asked mischievously. “Goood! Then let’s give the little guy what he wants, shall we?”

She grabbed him and rubbed my glans over her pussy before she put him in. Sonja stayed sitting on me and started to rotate her pelvis. After some time I noticed that I was able to piss again, so I just let it go.

“Oh yes, that feels so good. Fill me with your kiddy-piss.”

Sonja moved faster and faster. For me it also felt really great when my warm piss started to leak out of her. Suddenly it got even more. She was pissing, too.

“Yeees, I’m cumming” she screamed and pissed even harder.

“Then she leaned back and spread her crevice. “Open your mouth!”

I obeyed and received her warm stream. First I swallowed it. But I kept the last portion in my mouth and made her bend down to me so we could share her piss in a nice long kiss. While we continued kissing each other she moved her pelvis even faster. I squirted in her while her tongue was still in my mouth and I felt her warm body on mine. That was absolutely amazing. She didn’t stop after I had cum. She went on rubbing her clit on my pubic bone until she also came again. We didn’t stop kissing a single moment during all that, not even when she slid off of me. It was just beautiful, I could have done that forever. Of course this led to another cuddling- and kissing-session.

“I think it’s about time to clean up here” Sonja said after we finally had released each other from cuddling.

So I helped her to get the bed to its original state, not without slurping some of the puddle up together.

“But you’re not leaving yet, are you?” I asked her after she had stowed the wet covers in her bag.

I was really tired now but I still did not want her to go.

“Okay, then let’s get to bed together. I’ll stay until you sleep.”

Already I lay in bed, holding the blanket up for her to slip in with me. I was so happy. I just had to stay awake to keep her with me. As soon as she lay next to me I started to caress her again and I kissed her nipples.

“Hey, what about going to sleep?”

Contrary to her words she also started to caress me. My cock was already hard again only from the touch of her hand on my belly. We kissed and Sonja petted my belly. Of course due to the “removal” of the puddle, I had to piss again quite soon. If the cover had still been on the bed I would just have let go, but of course that was no longer possible. So I told her that I had to pee.

“Well, the cover’s gone now. I guess I have to drink it all up then”, Sonja said and went under the blanket.

I felt her lips close around my cock and I let go. As soon as I was done, her head appeared from under the blanket.

“Thank you, honey. As delicious as always.”

“Can I also have some of yours again?”

“I do have some left for you, but do you think you can manage without spilling any? We don’t want you to have to sleep in a wet bed, do we?”

“Yes, I can manage” I said, although I actually was not that sure about it, but I did not really care. Just to be on the safe side I still asked her if she could do it a little slower.

“I think I can do that”, she said and straddled my face.

She spread her cunny lips for me and I pressed my mouth exactly on her piss hole.

“May I?”

“Mhm” I replied and already my mouth was filling with her piss.

It was really no problem at all to drink her empty without spilling anything. Although there was not much taste left in it, it was still delicious, which I told her when we lay cuddling next to each other in bed.

“Nice to hear” Sonja said. ”Maybe it would be a good idea if I gave you another blowjob? As stiff as your little fellow is now, you will have a hard time to go to sleep, won’t you? Do you think there’s still some cream left to squirt?”

“I hope so” I said, looking forward to another suck.

“But after that you’ll sleep. Promised?”

“Promised” I lied, still determined to stay awake.

Only moments after she had started to suck my dick I felt her fingers go down my perineum. I spread my legs to make way for her fingers. She took my cock out of her mouth for a moment to lick her finger, which she afterwards put into my butt. Quickly she found my prostate gland and I felt my cock twitching. I moaned out loud. That felt so wonderful again. She really sucked my dick hard now. Possibly it was the prostate massage that really made me squirt some amount of juice into her mouth a little later. Greedily she sucked every last drop out of my cock. When she removed her finger from my butt I noticed that I already had to piss again. Not very surprising, since I had drank her bladder empty only a short while ago.

“Wait, there’s more” I said and pissed in her mouth.


Again she swallowed it to the last drop.

Of course I wanted to go on cuddling afterwards, but I was so tired now that I wasn’t able to stay awake much longer, so I fell asleep in her arms. When I woke up later because of my full bladder, she was gone.

What else? (click to change perspective)

But of course I saw her again. The vacation fortunately was not over yet. Next day was a very hot one again, so it was beach all day. Of course soon I was drawn to Sonja’s spot, but she wasn’t there. I waited a while for her until I yet left disappointed. Of course I made my way back through the water (since I was officially snorkeling) where I met her.

“Hey, hi Sweetey. Are you looking for me?”

“Yes, I’ve been waiting for you up your dune.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve stayed a bit longer down here. The water is so wonderfully refreshing in this heat. Will you stay with me for a while? Why don’t we take a little swim together? What do you think of that?”

Of course I was okay with everything, as long as I could be with her. Naturally I would have preferred having sex, but what the hell.

“There we are” she suddenly said when we were quite a good way out in the water.

The other swimmers were all quite some distance away closer to the beach.

“There? Where are we?” I asked and looked around surprised.

“Well, here by the sandbank” she said. “You can stand here. See?”

And indeed I could stand on the sandy ground. The waterline just touched her belly-button.

“Well, do you have an idea what we could do here?” she asked me and came very close to me.

I felt her hand between my legs. I immediately got hard.

“I think he has a clue” she added.

“I too” I said grinning and also shoved my hand between her legs.

The little piece of cloth that covered her (her bikini panties were tailored extremely small) was of course no obstacle. Her warm cunt felt quite different in the coldness of the water. I had to insert my fingers into her. In spite of the water I felt the lubricating film covering her inner flesh. I started to massage her with two fingers inside her and the thumb on her clit.

“Go on, that feels amazing” Sonja said.

“What you’re doing does, too” I said and grinned.

Sonja had taken my cock out of my swimming pants and jacked him tenderly now. Slowly, thank god, because I didn’t want to squirt into the water right away.

I licked her nipple which naturally tasted very salty.

“That feels really great, but we have to be careful of what we’re doing above the water” said Sonja and pushed my face gently away from her again after just a short moment. “We’re not far enough away from the other people so that nobody could notice that. We don’t want anybody to find out our little secret, do we?”

“I guess not” I said disappointed.

To be honest, I would not have given a shit that moment if somebody had seen us. Actually I even would have liked it a little. Of course, with my eleven years I was proud to be able to do such kinky things with such a gorgeous woman. Back then I was not aware that she was risking quite a lot. And if somebody had told me, I probably would not have understood, since the time I spent with her was the best time I had had up to then. So why should she get problems because she was spending time with me like that?

“But nobody will see what we do under water. Do you want to put him in me? Fucking in the water is great.”

Of course I was in immediately. She laid herself in the water floating and spread her legs.

“Can you find the entrance under water?”

“Of course” I said grinning. “I have found it a moment ago, didn’t I?”

She laughed.

After my cock had found its way into her hole I started to move quite speedily right away.

“Slowly, slowly” she held me back. “Like I said, we have to take care so no one will see what we’re doing. Maybe you can immerse yourself a little more into the water?”

At first that wasn’t so easy, because I could neither stand nor kneel like that. Instead I had to go into some kind of floating state in between. But thanks to the water that was possible and gradually this became really nice, because it felt so different compared to fucking her on solid ground. More and more seldom I touched the ground at all and we fucked levitating in the water.

“I think my cock is going to squirt soon” I told her before I came.

“Let him” she said and I unloaded myself into her cunt.

When I was done I had the urge to kiss her. But that wasn’t possible. Obviously Sonja could see that something was wrong.

“What’s the matter?” she asked. “You seem a little unhappy. How is that possible since you just squirted so nicely?”

“No, no, that was great of course. I just would have loved to kiss you that moment.”

She quickly glanced around.

“Well, a little kiss should be okay. Nobody’s watching.“

In fact it was more than just a little kiss, but of course it was light-years away from the passionate french-kisses we already had exchanged. I enjoyed it nevertheless. All the more when I realized that the water suddenly became warmer around my crotch.

“Surprise” she said with a beautiful smile and pressed herself so tightly onto me under water that I could feel her stream on my skin.

Since I had come to her beach camp as prepared as always, I could return the favor right away, which Sonja thanked me with a pleasurable moan.

Then we set out for the way back.

“And did you eeh…?” I asked her. I didn’t really know how to call it but she knew what I meant.

“Come? No, not this time but that’s okay. It was beautiful nevertheless.”

“Was it?” I asked a little uncertain.

“Of course it was! I told you myself to make it slow, didn’t I? If you had gone on like at the beginning you certainly would have brought me to orgasm. You can catch up tonight, can’t you? If you want me to visit you again tonight of course.”

“Of course I want you to come again” I said looking forward to the evening, which didn’t disappoint in the slightest. But I won’t describe everything that happened from here on in full detail anymore.

A few nice pissy games we did deserve to be mentioned though.

The first thing happened right during that evening. I can’t remember why, but somehow the subject of dogs lifting their legs to piss came up (we talked about peeing a lot, we both liked talking about it very much). I said that only the male ones do it like that and she said that the females could do it as well. I disagreed and told her that a cock was needed to do it like that. To make my point I just did it there and then. Of course it was mainly funny to pee like a dog, but in a certain way it was also arousing.

“And you think that I can’t do that?” she said, went on all fours and started to piss.

It ran down her leg.

“See?” I said grinning.

“One moment.”

She stroke through her crotch with her fingers to wipe her labia out of the way and pissed again. And then a nice stream squirted onto the bed.

“I told you it would work.”

“But a female dog cannot do what you just did with your hand. Our dog doesn’t lift her legs anyway.

“Okay you’ve won” she said laughing.

Of course following that was a doggiestyle-fuck.

Another thing that amazed me was the one time when she greeted me in her beach-camp with piss. Before I had reached her she told me to stop. She spread her legs, opened her pussy-lips and peed. I wouldn’t have thought that she could reach me with it because I was still quite some distance away. But she did. And not just barely. She totally rained her piss down on me.

„You would not have thought that I’d reach you, would you?“ Sonja said with a big grin on her face afterwards. “Your turn.”

And indeed I didn’t manage to reach her straightaway.  I had to come a little closer, which she acknowledged with a triumphant “I win!”.

“Win what?” I asked her when my stream eventually did hit her. “Who said this was a pissing contest?”

“I did. Just now!” she said with an even wider grin and sat up to let my piss rain down on her. Wasn’t she just unbelievable?

Then she showed me how I could increase my pressure, too. Namely just by narrowing the opening of my piss-hole with a finger.

I was able to bring that technique to good use during another opportunity. Once during foreplay I pissed right on her clit, which she had exposed with her fingers for me. Shortly after that I licked her and I managed to make her cum in a very short time.

I would have so loved to spend every minute with her. I was so much in love with her as an eleven-year-old could be. But of course this vacation eventually had come to an end. I don’t have to mention that the final goodbye from her and the time afterwards was not very pleasant (even more so since I could not talk with anybody about it) and that’s all I’m gonna say about that. But not for the life of me would I want to miss this experience. Sonja will always have a very special place in my heart.

The End

© 2015, Taakal. All rights reserved.

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