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Chapter 3 - Lisa shows

Peter sat in his car on his way home from office with his pants opened and his cock standing straight up. He was rubbing it with one hand. His heart was pounding like mad. In just a few minutes he would watch his seven year old daughter having sex with his dog. Before yesterday he actually was never particularly interested in animal sex, but when his daughter had told him that she had been “playing” with King, his interest was awakened in an instant. In fact the mere image had made him crazy yesterday, exactly as it was right now. Likewise, sexual thoughts about his daughter had been completely unfamiliar for him – in contrast to his wife. When Lisa slept and they lay in bed, Kathrin had confessed that she had had sexual feelings towards her daughter for a long time, but that she never had done more than masturbating to fantasies involving their daughter. And although he himself had never had such feelings, they were there at one go since yesterday. Kathrin had to tell him everything down to the last detail. Everything from jacking off her wet cunt while nursing baby Lisa and the things she fantasized about when she bathed the little one or changed her diapers. Now that this fire had been awakened inside of him, he couldn't believe how his wife was able to resist the sight of Lisa's cute little baby cunt for such a long time. In a way he was glad that he didn't have such feelings back then.

“I'm not sure if I had been as strong as you, darling,” he had told his wife approvingly.

“It was very hard indeed. I just had to bring myself off then as fast as possible... or let you bring me off, hehe.” Well, if she had known how fast he could be converted...

Every red light was a torture now. He hardly couldn't wait to get home to see what his little daughter wanted to show them. Oh, how he was looking forward to put his cock back into the tight little kiddy-cunny and filling her with his cum. He took his hand off his cock. He almost overdid it. He had been on the verge of squirting right here in his car at the thought of the sweet little crevice of his daughter. Of course he didn't want that. Not now.

But Lisa and Kathrin weren't even at home when he finally arrived. He found a note on the kitchen table:

“Still out with King. Looking forward to it! Kisses, your Girls!”

Never before had 15 fucking minutes been so fucking long. His cock hardened just by hearing the sound of the key turning in the lock of the front door.

“Hello Daddy!” Lisa jumped into his arms.

“Hi, honey, have you been waiting long?” his wife asked.

“Not really, but it felt like an eternity,” he answered grinning.

They went to the living room and Lisa told Peter and Kathrin to sit down on the sofa.

“Come on, King, let's show Mommy and Daddy what we did together.”

The girl was out of her clothes in an instant and sat down on the sofa between her parents. She laid her thighs onto her parents’ legs thus spreading them far apart. Peter's mouth was watering at the sight of his daughter's slightly opened pussy lips which were standing out in their wonderfully pink colour. It was obvious that Lisa was already quite aroused. Her cunny glistened of horniness and a tender scent rose to his nose.

“Come over here, King! Lick it!”

The Great Dane obeyed without hesitation. But he only sniffed her pussy.

“Come on, we've done that so often before. What's the problem?”

Maybe the dog was bemused because of the presence of Kathrin and Peter. But eventually he overcame his inhibitions and started to lick Lisa's cunt. Peter already envied his dog a little bit. But on the other hand of course seeing his daughter licked by his dog made him hot as hell. And she was visibly enjoying it a lot. No surprise. King did a real good job. He even managed to tuck his long tongue into her tiny love hole. Peter tried to imagine how that felt for her. Of course he knew how the dog's tongue feels on skin since King had licked his hands frequently and he loved to lick his master's face when welcoming him (although Peter didn't like that too much). Kathrin also watched with wide eyes how King skilfully put his tongue inside her daughter's pussy. She would certainly soon want to find out herself what it felt like to be licked by a dog. Peter's cock was aching in his pants, he had to free it now, so he took it out and started to stroke it slowly. Kathrin bent over to her daughter and gave her a tender kiss which was immediately returned lavishly. Lisa obviously loved french-kissing and she was already quite a good kisser. Tenderly Kathrin shoved her tongue into the mouth of the seven-year-old and Lisa started to play with it. She put a hand into her mother's pants, followed by Kathrin's. Unfortunately Peter could just imagine what was going on inside his wife's pants but therefore he had a wonderful view on his daughter's sweet cunt which was still lavishly licked by the Great Dane. And slowly but surely the effects of this treatment were showing. Time and time again Lisa's hips were jerking and her belly tensed. Lisa moaned aloud when she came and King continued licking even harder when the little kiddy-cunny was overflowing with tasty juices. Peter could see his daughter tremble of lust.

“Now it's your turn, Mommy,” Lisa said excitedly after her orgasm had subsided.

Of course Kathrin was hooked right away. Lisa helped her mother getting naked and Peter too got rid of his clothes, also with the child's help.

“Now you have to lick Mommy's wee-wee as well,” Lisa told the dog after Kathrin had made herself comfortable on the sofa with her legs spread wide like her daughter before. “You gotta call him, Mommy.”

Kathrin did and King began to lick her without hesitation. Kathrin moaned.

“Ooooohh, Goood boy. Fuck, that's good!”

Getting licked by King felt incredible. The soft, wet dog-tongue ploughed through her crack and every time when it slid over her clit it made her twitch. Again something new after she had experienced the sensation of the tiny (and first a little clumsy) tongue of a child licking her cunt yesterday.

“So, how does it feel, honey?” Peter asked.

“Fucking great, oh boooy! Nothing against you, honey, but in eating cunt you can't keep up with a dog's tongue. Admittedly, considering the length of it, a bit of an unfair challenge... Oh my goooood! Fuck why didn't we try that a long time ago?”

King just had entered her snatch deeply with his tongue.

“Our daughter has to show us how fucking good that is!”

“Yes, who would have thought that our seven year old could teach us about sex. Lisa, our little sex-teacher!” Peter said, admiringly caressing his daughter's head.

“If you pee a little, he's even more eager to lick you, Mommy,” Lisa said, who was naturally very proud now. “King likes pee just as much as Daddy.”

Of course Kathrin tried that right away. She really had become a skilful master of piss. She could almost piss as if by command, even when she was heavily licked or fucked. And indeed, after she had let a few squirts of piss go into the dog's mouth, he intensified his tongue play significantly. He pushed his tongue into her hole even deeper than before. It was almost as if he fucked her with his tongue. She just thought how grateful she was to her daughter and then she came. Hard. A wonderfully intense orgasm was flowing through her body while King continued to lick her unabated.

“Okay, Daddy, now I show you something else.”

Peter was curious about the things to come. Lisa sat down next to King and stroked over the Great Dane's belly. Without hesitation she grabbed the dog's sheath and started to massage it gently.

“Look, next the penis will come out,” Lisa explained.

Already its tip came into view and then its shaft slid slowly out of its sheath. Peter yet wasn't asking himself anymore why his daughter was so good at rubbing cock. King visibly enjoyed this treatment since the dog's penis was already quite hard and it had even begun to drip, which was certainly precum. Peter knew that dogs start squirting quite soon and squirted on more or less during the whole act, although at the beginning it was only precum. He knew it, but he had never seen it. Yet another thing in which his daughter was ahead of him.

“And what are you guys doing there?” Kathrin had come over to them. Of course she also wanted to see how it went on after King had given her a wonderful orgasm.

“Just watch, our daughter's jacking off our dog,” Peter said while watching Lisa bring the dog's cock to light completely. Including the knot which was already starting to swell.

“Look what King's got there, Daddy,” Lisa said. “You don't have that.”

“No I don't. Only dogs have such a knot on the base of their penis. That knot is getting very large when it's inside a girl-dog's pussy. Then the dogs are tied until the knot gets smaller again. That's to make sure that the boy-dog squirts as much sperm inside the girl-dog's pussy as possible, so there's a good chance of puppies to come.”

“But he didn't put the knot inside me. I don't think it would fit into my little pussy.”

Peter couldn't resist to imagine his little daughter tied to King. Somehow that thought made him horny, despite it definitely was not (yet?) possible. It certainly would lead to injuries. But he was sure that his wife would try that soon. She definitely had caught fire and it probably made her as hot as him to watch their seven year old daughter shoving the dripping dog-cock into her mouth. The little girl sucked it passionately. Now Peter for the first time was glad that King wasn't as large as he was supposed to be. Had he had the proper size, his cock would probably be too large to make his daughter able to give head in such a beautiful way. In addition to sucking the cock she also massaged the dog's balls. Peter thought about how it had felt when she had stroked his balls with those small hands yesterday.

Wow, take it easy, honey. I don't wanna cum just now.”

His wife had begun to stroke his cock.

“Small surprise at such a sight,” she replied. “My cunt's already itching like hell again.”

„Look, Daddy, King's cock's already squirting.“

Lisa had taken the dog's cock out of her mouth. And indeed, it wasn't just dripping anymore. Peter could see the precum of his dog splash onto his daughter's face.

“He squirts a lot more and harder than you, Daddy. And longer, too. Actually all the time when I suck him or when he fucks me.”

When she turned the cock in their direction, Peter noticed what she meant. The stuff was squirting all the way to him and Kathrin. His wife was about to catch some with her mouth as Lisa put it back in her mouth and continued sucking it dry.

“Damn, honey, that's so fucking hot. I need your cock in my cunt right now,” Kathrin demanded.

She sounded a little desperate, so Peter couldn't deny that to her.

“Well, all right, sit on my lap then. But so that I can go on watching my sweet one's blowjob.”

“Of course. I wanna see it as well.”

Already there was something new Lisa wanted to show.

“Look, what else King can do,” Lisa said after releasing the still heavily squirting cock from her mouth.

She bent it through his hind legs into tying position and continued to pamper it with her mouth. But this time she wasn't only sucking it. She also licked along the whole length of his shaft and on his knot, thus she got sprayed more and more.

At this sight Kathrin didn't have a choice anymore. She just had to cum now. Skilfully she let her hips rotate. Then she only had to rub her clit a little bit and already she climaxed again.

“Would you like to try it now, Mommy?” Lisa finally asked her just shortly after her orgasm had subsided.

Kathrin had wondered if her daughter ever asked. Of course she wanted. She craved to get the glistening red dog cock into her hungry mouth and let his juices squirt down her throat. She already had tasted the few spurts that had landed on her when Lisa had him squirt in their direction. And she had loved the taste. She wanted more. A lot more!

“Absolutely, honey.”

Kathrin dismounted her husband and got down on all fours behind King.

“There you are.”

Lisa tucked the squirting dog-cock into her mother's mouth. Immediately the hot dog-semen flooded down her throat. Oh god, it was just fucking delicious! And what an amount it was. She was in heaven. Of course it was different to human cum. It was much less viscous, but the taste was similar, though a little weaker. Peter shoved his dick into her cunt from behind and started to fuck her. This time with a lot less tenderness. He fucked her really hard and that was exactly what she needed now.

“So, how do you like it, Mommy? Yummy, isn't it?”

“Yes, sweety, it's delicious. Come on, let's share.”

Mother and daughter licked and sucked the dog-cock together. And still his squirting wasn't weakening in the slightest. Just the opposite in fact. When Lisa began to milk it behind the knot the semen shot out with even more force. Both of them got drenched in cum from head to toe and from time to time they also licked it off each other.

“Yeeeees, I'm cumming!” Peter moaned out loud and in the next moment a hot gush of sperm poured into Kathrin's cunt.

“Is Daddy squirting in you, Mommy?” Lisa asked excited. “Can I lick it out?”

“Mmh.” Kathrin nodded smiling (as far as smiling was possible with a dog's cock in her mouth), certainly not unhappy that she had the cock to herself again for now.

Lisa had had a lot of dog-cum before. Her Daddy's sperm was much more interesting right now.

“Pull it out, Daddy.”

“As you wish, honey-pie.”

Daddy laughed and obeyed. His penis was glistening with his semen and Mommy's juice. So Lisa gave him a proper lick before turning to Mommy's cunt.

“Okay, clean. Now Mommy.”

She sat down next to Mommy's butt and pressed her lips onto her pussy. Lisa noticed that Mommy was pushing a little and already a big gob of Daddy's cum oozed into her mouth. Mixed with Mommy's cunt-juice it tasted even better. Lisa plunged her tongue as deep into the hole as she could. She wanted to lick out as much as possible. At the same time she started to play with Mommy's clit with her fingers because she wanted Mommy to cum again so she would get more juice.

“So, how does King's cream taste?” Peter asked his wife. “Better than mine?”

“Almost as good as yours. Why don't you try it yourself?”

Peter had tasted his own cum often before (Kathrin was totally into kissing him with a full mouth and he had gotten to like it, too), but he never had had a cock in his mouth yet, much less a dog cock. Nevertheless, it came to him totally natural and so he didn't hesitate when Kathrin presented the cock to him. He just took it in his mouth. He even thought that the dog's sperm tasted nicer than his own. The taste was similar, but weaker, he liked that.

“Well, I bet you wouldn't have thought I'd just do it.” Peter said when he noticed the slightly astonished expression in her face. “What? You think blowing a dog-cock is a bigger challenge than fucking my seven-year-old daughter? No no, I think I've seen it all now,” he added before he put the cock back in his mouth and started to suck it like a hungry baby.

“We'll see about that,” Kathrin said with a whimsical smile on her face.

“Well, now King will want to put his penis also into my cunt,” Lisa proclaimed.

She really followed this through, Peter thought.

Now he was really eager to see his little daughter getting fucked by his Great Dane. He released the dog's cock from his mouth and got instantly sprayed in the face.

Lisa laid herself on the sofa, positioning her bum at the front edge of it. She raised her legs and spread them wide apart. The labia of her little kiddy-cunny opened invitingly, making the entrance to her love-tunnel visible.

“Come here, King, come to me,” she called. “What are you waiting for?”

King hesitated indeed. Obviously he was again uncertain because he wasn't alone with Lisa. This time he even looked to Peter like asking him for permission. Peter nodded.

“Go on, boy, fuck my little girl. I don't mind, just the opposite.”

King seemed to understand and went over to Lisa. He gave the juicy slit a quick sniff, but he wasn't wasting any time with licking which Peter understood quite well. After all he and Kathrin had thoroughly spoilt him with their mouths. In his stead he also wouldn't want to do anything but to drive his member into this juicy tiny cunt. And exactly that was what King had in mind. He put his forelegs up on the sofa and started to hump right away, but he couldn't find the entrance.

“Could you help him, Daddy?” Lisa asked.

When Peter grabbed the dog's cock, King stood still for one moment. He manoeuvred its tip to Lisa's little hole. King immediately realized that he was at the right place now and thrust. Peter watched the big red dog cock disappear in his daughter's cunt. Lisa moaned.

“Everything okay, darling? Peter asked, now indeed a little worried.

“All well, Daddy. It feels great. You can let him do it on his own now. Just watch how good King is doing it.”

“Wow, that looks so fucking hot!”

Kathrin had come close, too. Both of the adults sat right behind King, so they had a wonderful view on Lisa's little cunt and the dog's pounding piston that went in and out of it.

“Well, honey, I see you're very much looking forward to get that thing in your cunt, too, don't you?”

“Of course I do. I can't wait. Look at the speed with which he's fucking our little darling.”

Indeed, King was moving with an insane speed. Again Peter thought about how he had criticized the size of his dog. He would never do that again. He started to caress Kathrin between her legs. Of course Kathrin's cunt was soaking wet. Right away he felt her hand on his hard rod. If he hadn't just cum, he wouldn't endure this treatment very long. But so he could totally enjoy his cock being jacked off without having to worry too much about not cumming. Instead he enjoyed the pleasant view on Lisa, who obviously wasn't very far away from an orgasm. King was really good.

“Do you see how good King is at that? I'm already cumming.... aaaahhhhhh!”

Lisa's whole body was trembling. It was obviously a very strong orgasm that shook her. King slid out of her but he wanted to continue. Again he searched for the entrance to paradise.

„Do you like to stop or do you want me to put it back in, sweetie?“ asked Kathrin, who had hoped that it was her turn now, but her daughter wasn't totally satisfied yet.

“Please put it back in, Mommy. I want to cum again.”

Of course Kathrin was able to relate to that wish. She grabbed King's cock and was about to put it in when she saw a little trickle of dog-sperm coming out of the child's wide opened crevice.

“On the condition that first you give me the juice that King has squirted in your little cunny yet.”

So she put the cock aside again and pressed her lips on Lisa's cunt. Kathrin felt Lisa pushing and already the dog-cum flew into her mouth. She sucked it all up greedily, but when she noticed that there wasn't any sperm left she stopped.

“Thank you, honey, that was delicious. Okay let's go on then.”

She shoved the throbbing cock back into the wet little hole. Right away King started humping again. Without saying anything Kathrin sat in Peter's lap shoving his stiff prick into her hot snatch.

“Fuck, you're wet, honey. You certainly won't have to wait long for that cock anymore,” said Peter. “Anticipation is the greatest pleasure. I myself can hardly wait to get my dick in that little hole of our daughter. So please, be careful here. I want my next load to go into that sweet kiddy-pussy.”

So Kathrin let her hips rotate very slowly while rubbing her clit, but she didn't go to the peak. She wanted her next climax provided by the dog. And it wouldn't take long until it was her turn, too, since Lisa was already panting and moaning quite heavily again. Now King pushed his cock even deeper into the child's cunt. Kathrin could see the large knot pounding against the entrance of the small hole again and again. Lisa edged her hand in between. It seemed that King tried to get his knot in, though of course that was impossible. Kathrin imagined how it would feel if King put that thing into her cunt. If possible she would definitely let him do it. She really wanted to know how that was.

“Just one moment until it's your turn, Mommy. I'm cummiiiing, aaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

Again the child was trembling all over. Exhausted she lowered her legs and crawled up from below the large dog.

“Well, get down on the floor, baby,” said Peter. “Be a good bitch for King.”

“Yes, doing it like the dogs is easy.” said Lisa. “That's the easiest way for King to do it without any help.”

Kathrin got on all fours. She spread her legs a little and waggled with her ass. It just couldn't be more inviting for King.

“Come on over, King.” Lisa patted her ass. “Now you can also fuck with Mommy. You'll surely like it. Her cunt feels really nice.”

Kathrin sensed his wet nose touching her asshole and she heard him sniffing. Then he mounted her. She felt his weight on her back and his legs clutching her body. He thrust. A few times she felt his searching cock missing its aim. But in this position he didn't really need help. He found his target. With the first thrust the dog buried already about half of his cock in her dripping cunt. Kathrin moaned out aloud. What a fantastic sensation. After only a few strokes King's piston had left its sheath completely only to be plunged into the hot fuck-hole in full. And he did it again with a crazy speed. She couldn't have imagined from just watching how good it felt to be fucked by a dog with such an amazing speed.

“Oh my goooooooood, King, you're doing so wonderful! Fuck me, yeeeeeeeeees, fuck me... Ah, Aaaahhh, Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!”

“Obviously it is as great as it looks, isn't it, honey?” said Peter, who had made himself comfortable at the foot of the sofa.

“Better!” was the short reply he got.

“See, how good this is?” asked Lisa, who now sat down on Peter's lap, but not yet on his cock, though it was still quite erect. “Why should we not do that?”

“You're right, Sweetie. There is no good reason. Thank you for showing us. I'm proud of my little kinky daughter.”

Peter hugged her and gave her a little kiss. Lisa turned it into a French-kiss, opening her lips and pushing her tongue in Peter's mouth. Naturally he promptly returned it and started to caress her. He felt like being newly in love. With his seven-year-old daughter!

And for her, too, the feelings for her Daddy had changed. He sensed that when she whispered in his ear:

“I love you, Daddy.”

It didn't sound as innocent and childlike anymore. It had a newly added meaning now.

“I love you, too, Sweetheart. I love you, too!”

He kissed her neck and raised her a bit. He kissed her tiny nipples which actually weren't real nipples yet, but Lisa obviously loved it a lot when he licked her there. They did get hard a bit, too. Raising her a bit more made it possible to move his tongue further down her body. He kissed her tummy and licked her cute little bellybutton. Lisa stood in front of him with her legs apart. When he started to caress the insides of her thighs with his hands while still kissing her belly, Lisa whispered

“Can you kiss it now?”

He planted a tender kiss on the little lips of her vulva. He let his tongue glide through her slit. He had been waiting for that the whole day in his office. It was even lovelier than yesterday and he thought, too, that the little cunt tasted even better now. He totally forgot what his wife did that moment.

„Oh, Daddy, that is soooo nice. But when you go on like that I cannot stand any longer,” Lisa jolted him out of his thoughts. “Wait, I know. I'm gonna sit like that... Hold my bum, would you?”

She sat on his chest.

“Now my legs... Sooo.”

She raised one of her legs.

“Okay, I know what you mean. I'm holding you, get up.”

Peter helped her putting her legs on his shoulder and herself onto his breast. He pulled her a little farther up so that her little cunny was now exactly below his face. He embraced her with his arms.

“That's what you intended, wasn't it?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Lisa smiled at him lovingly and he kissed her little love-pearl which was showing out of its foreskin. Every time when she moved her head he felt her soft hair brushing over his hard cock. What a wonderful feeling. But soon it wasn't just her hair he felt there. Smoothly she caressed his cock and his balls with her little hands. When he felt her soft touch on his glans he pushed his tongue into her fuck-hole, as far as he could. Lisa moaned out satisfied.

Like a purring kitten, Peter thought.

The moaning got heavier when he started to rub her clit with his fingers.

Lisa bent her legs a little to further open up her crotch. It felt so nice when Daddy licked her wee-wee and petted her little button. She wanted to return the favour, too. She just had to turn her head to be able to reach her Daddy's big cock with her mouth as well. First she licked along his shaft while continuing to caress his balls. Slowly she worked her way up and played at the base of his glans with the tip of her tongue. She could feel Daddy's cock twitch. Carefully she bent it to the side and was about to take it in her mouth.

“Daddy, what're you doing now?”

Daddy had just put a finger into her cunt, but that wasn't what she had meant. What she had meant was that he was licking her bum-hole. King had licked it from time to time as well, but she hadn't attached much importance to that. Because she was so small down there and King's tongue was so large, she thought it had happened just by accident. But what Daddy was doing now wasn't by accident. He had started to encircle her bum-hole with his tongue and now he had the tip of his tongue exactly on the little hole.

“What am I doing?” he asked.

“Well, you're licking the wrong hole.”

“Why, doesn't that feel good?”

She thought about it for a moment. Yes, it did feel good. Different than when he licked her pussy, but it was also very nice.

“Yes, it's really nice.”

“Well, then, enjoy, my little princess.”

She did and his glans disappeared between her lips. She began to suck it with loud smacks and again she felt it twitching. Daddy had his finger deeply buried in her cunt and now he didn't just lick her bum-hole, but he also pushed the tip of his tongue in a bit. That felt so good. But now she also felt the need to have her Daddy's cock in her pussy. Should she ask him or wait until he said?

Peter loved caressing his daughter's tiny asshole with his tongue. He had expected that his daughter would like it when he licked her there and she didn't disappoint him. The juices were flooding out of her cunny-hole which certainly wasn't just due to his finger-fuck. Although his daughter sucking his cock was wonderful, it was now screaming to be embedded in that steaming little cunt of hers. But he would wait for Lisa to say it. Thank god he didn't have to wait that much longer.

“Daddy, please, I can't wait anymore. I want to fuck you.”

“Finally!” he heard himself say.

“Finally?” Lisa asked. “Why didn't you say so sooner?”

“Because I don't want to push you there. In this game I want you to always have the lead.”

“I wanted to, I just waited until you ask, Daddy.”

“Haha, well, I guess next time I'll say something.”

Peter realized that he obviously still was too held back. It seemed there still was a little part in him that couldn't believe that a seven year old child would want her father to fuck her to heavens. But that was exactly what she wanted. She slid off him and he was about to get up.

“No, Daddy, stay seated, I'll sit on your lap.”

Just having said it, his little daughter stood in front of him with her legs apart, facing him. She lowered herself, grabbed his cock and shoved it into her wet kiddy-cunny. Although she was still very tight, he slid in very easily.

“Kiss me, Daddy.”

He lowered down to her and kissed her. He just loved his daughter's tiny tongue in his mouth as much as exploring her mouth with his tongue. After a long and passionate kiss, he leaned back and Lisa started to ride on his hard piston. Of course she didn't manage to shove it completely in, for that she was indeed too small – now. It was such a great view to see his cock disappear in Lisa's little hole again and again. Lisa mainly concentrated on the ride, yet like Peter, from time to time she kept looking over to her mother, who wasn't really being fucked by King anymore. Instead the Great Dane lay on her back relatively motionless. That probably meant, that she had taken his knot and he was pumping his dog-sperm into her cunt. She surely enjoyed that a lot. But soon that became less interesting again. Lisa hugged and kissed him again while she worked his dick with rotating movements of her hips. Then she raised herself again to go on with the riding, but a lot faster this time. Peter felt his glans rub along the walls of the narrow tube. Lisa increased her speed even more. She fucked him like an animal and moaned and panted very heavily now.

“I'm going to cum, Daddy, ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

He was on the brink as well. “I too, honey.”

Peter would squirt his cream into his little girls belly again, but not before she climaxed. And he really managed to delay his orgasm for the necessary seconds, but when Lisa came nothing could have held it back. His cock was literally milked by the twitching kiddy-cunny. Load after load of his hot semen poured into his little one's love-hole.

“Yeeeees, squirt it all in me, Daddy. That is sooo nice.”

She flung her arms around his neck and kissed him. Again he pushed his tongue in her mouth. She sucked on it, while he shot the last load of sperm into her.

When she slowly got up, he felt his sperm flowing out of her and along his cock. She stood up, spread her labia a bit and watched her Daddy's cum oozing out of her little hole, dripping on Peter's cock.

“Look how much it is. When I push there's even more coming out of me.”

Indeed it was much more than Peter would have thought.

“My little daughter,” Peter told her in a mocked strict sound, “look what a mess you've made. You'll have to clean your Daddy's dick now.”

Of course she loved to. Probably she had only let it flow out like that to do just that. Greedily she licked every square centimetre of his cock and his balls clean. To finish it, she gave him a big smack right on his glans.

“Uppsi, what's Mommy doing with King?” Peter suddenly heard his daughter say and looked over to see what Lisa meant.

King had dismounted her in the meantime and stood behind her with ass next to hers. Kathrin had one hand between her legs, with which she probably held the dog's cock inside her.

“That's exactly what I told you before, sweetie,” Peter explained. “Mommy has King's knot inside her pussy and now the two of them are tied until King has finished.”

“That means King is squirting his sperm into Mommy?”

“Probably. Is he still squirting, honey?”

“I can't tell, darling,” his wife replied. “He already filled me up so much that I can't feel anymore if he still squirts or not.”

“And how does his knot feel in your cunt? Is it good?” Peter wanted to know.

“It's fantastic,” she said. “What a pity that your cock doesn't have such a thing.”

„Can I have a closer look, Mommy?“ Lisa asked and crawled beneath her without waiting for the answer.

Lisa lay just below her Mommy's pussy now. But she couldn't see a lot because Mommy held King's penis with her fingers, blocking her sight. But she did see that the knot was inside. It didn't seal her completely though. A lot of juice ran down her thighs. Lisa tried it. It was a yummy mixture of King's semen and Mommy's cunt-juice.

“Do you want to take a better look?” Mommy asked.

“Yeeeees, please.”

Mommy let loose a bit. At first Lisa could only see the red strand on which King's knot was attached, sticking out of her Mommy's hole. Suddenly her cunt opened up a bit and a part of King's knot came into view. She hadn't seen it being that large before. Lisa could see thick veins on it. It came out a bit more and with it more juice. Lisa touched it. It was also a lot harder than ever before.

“Can you make it come out completely, Mommy?”

“Okay, sweetie, I let it go now. Watch out, you're about to get soaked.”

With one last move, the giant knot left Mommy's hole, followed by his whole cock. A giant gush of dog-sperm flooded on Lisa's face. She had opened her mouth widely and it was filled in an instant. Quickly she gulped it all down and already her mouth was filled again. Still, by far not all of it landed in her mouth. Her whole face right down to her neck was drenched in King's cream. When the flow ceased, Lisa thought it was over, but Mommy only had to push a little and already the next gush poured down on her face. She had never gotten so much yummy dog-sperm at one time before.

“What about a little piss for dessert?” Mommy asked, though asking wasn't needed of course.

“Go ahead.”

The next moment a light yellow stream squirted from Mommy's pee-hole. Of course Lisa wanted to have as much as possible of that in her mouth, too. Thanks to Mommy, who took care not to piss too much at one time, Lisa managed to drink a lot of it, although it was a lot more than the cum before. Yet still she got quite drenched in that, too.  Also because Mommy deliberately aimed a few squirts on Lisa's hair and her upper body, so she and Daddy had more to lick from her afterwards. When they were finally done cleaning her daughter, the three of them ended up in a long kiss again.

“Playing with pee is so great!” said Lisa when they lay together on the floor of the living room (on a big wet spot on the carpet by the way). “Can't we put the cover-thingie on your bed tomorrow and pee lots and lots while playing sex again? Pleeeeaaaase?”

“Of course we can do that, but I think we can't do it tomorrow,” said Mommy. “Did you forget, that you're at Sophie's tomorrow?”

“Oh, that's true.”

For a moment Lisa was a little bit disappointed, but she was also looking forward to play with her best friend again.

Regular playing, Lisa thought. Or maybe not only those?

She would spend the whole afternoon at Sophie's and Daddy would pick her up in the evening. When she would arrive at home tomorrow it would already be time to go to bed.

“So we can't play sex together at all tomorrow?”

“Well, there's always time for a little good-night-fuck,” Mommy replied. “Isn't it, honey?” she added addressing Daddy.

“Of course. I can't send my little princess to bed unfucked, can I?” Daddy said winking at Lisa. “So the great Piss-Games will take place the day after tomorrow then. It's better when the next day's a day off anyhow. You'll stay in our bed for the night, then we can do something together which we'd like to share with you.”

“And what is it, Daddy?” Lisa naturally wanted to know right away.

“Won't tell, but you'll surely like it, don't you think, honey?”

“Certainly,” Mommy said smiling. She seemed to know what Daddy meant.

Lisa went on trying to get it out of them for a while, but she didn't have a chance, so she gave it up. A surprise was good, too, and if Mommy and Daddy said that it was nice, it certainly was. She was looking forward to Friday like it was Christmas.

© 2015, Taakal. All rights reserved.

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