Diary of a Surrogate

By Shaman

I'm one of those young teenage girls about 14-16 that you see on those afternoon talk shows. I want to be pregnant. I watch all the shows about the subject that I can find. I admire those girls like me that share the unrelenting desire to be impregnated. No matter what. I go to bed each night masturbating myself to sleep dreaming of being pregnant. I think about it all my waking moments. There were five pregnant girls on the other day. I got so horny listening to their stories and looking at their extended bellies, I had to sneak off to my bedroom and masturbate. There was one 14 year old pregnant with twins. She was so beautiful. She was much larger than the others even at four months. I am so jealous of her. That's exactly what I want, twins.

March 26,2001

The only reason why it hasn't happened to me yet, is that I don't want some immature boy fucking me. I want a real man to make me pregnant. Boys that fuck me have to wear condoms. And I have had a lot of boys. When I am riding their cocks I close my eyes and visualize a nice mature man under me. I would ride his cock till he spills his cum inside me. I feel my belly start to grow. I dream and visualize how I will look. I will be so proud to have my belly stick way out. I want to be bigger than any other woman. I am searching for a sure fired way to have twins. That will definitely give me a big belly. I want my tummy to get so large. I want stretch marks where ever I can grow them. I want to turn myself into a baby making machine. One out and another in me right away. That's my entire goal in life.

March 30,2001

I found this web page with couples advertising for surrogate mothers. Maybe that is the way to have twins. I read that they put several eggs from the mother inside you at once, so you have more than a 50/50 chance of multiple births. I have made the decision that this is the best way for me to get pregnant. Tomorrow I have an office visit at one of those clinics. I want to be a surrogate.

April 1,2001

I can't believe that they turned me down. I am too young they say. I'll show them! But as luck would have it, there was this couple there that I talked with after they left the clinic. They are desperate. They can't afford the high cost they are asking. I said you make me pregnant and let me live with you till the baby comes and I'll do it for you, no charge. They were so excited. So am I!

April 16,2001

They found a clinic that performs the procedure differently and cost less. They harvest eggs from the mother and implant them into me un fertilized. So the father has to fertilize me. That's okay with me; I wanted a mature man to make me pregnant anyway. Mark is real cute. Ellen seems nice too. So I moved in with them, Ellen started on fertility drugs to produce lots of eggs.

April 26,2001

My cycle is just right, so the clinic harvested the eggs and I got five of Ellen's placed in my womb. That afternoon, the three of us started fucking almost continuously. We only had about 48 hours to conceive. She wanted to be a part, so she helped her husband fuck me. It was so sexy. I had never been with a couple before. I have to say that having two people caressing and touching you can make one get awfully hot. When I finally got on top of Mark, she stood above me and pushed me down on his cock every thrust. I don't think I have ever had a man's cock that far up inside me before. It was erotic; I had a good orgasm. When he shot his load I thought she would push his cock right through me. She held me there for a long time, sealing in his cum.

April 29,2001

We have been fucking on and off for days now. Mark stays home from work and we fuck every time he gets a hard on. I love fucking so I help him get it up by sucking him off. He has a lot of cum. I think he is really horny knowing that he is fucking me to impregnate me.

May 9,2001

I was tested today, but there was no take. If I have a period next week we will know for sure.

May 16,2001

I had severe cramps this morning and started a very heavy period. I guess all those eggs in there caused me to be extra heavy. I am so ashamed that I didn't get pregnant. Mark and Ellen are down in the dumps to. I have to be upbeat for them. I coaxed them to bed to lift their spirits. I told them we have to practice how to make me pregnant. That brought brightness to Mark's eyes. He pulled Ellen into bed with us. I touched her so gently and licked her pussy. She was panting within minutes. We had fun and felt better afterward.

May 25,2001

This time it is six eggs. Ellen was so full of eggs they had to separate out some to implant. This time we are fucking on all fours and I lay with my hips in the air for a half an hour letting his cum do it's work. Ellen gets behind Mark, grabs me by the waist around Mark and drives his cock in and out of me. She really likes to drive his cock hard inside me when he cums. I rather enjoyed it myself.

June 12,2001

I missed my period and the test came back positive today. I am beside myself. We were all so happy. We made love together when we got home to celebrate. I licked her to an orgasm to thank her for giving me her eggs.

June 19,2001

I had an ultrasound today. There were two distinct heart beats. I am pregnant with twins. Just what I wanted. I yelled and danced around the room when we got home.

July 25,2001

My belly is starting to protrude. I am going to the bathroom every ten minutes to pee. I have had a couple of days with morning sickness, but otherwise I feel great. I can't wait to start showing.

August 25,2001

I have a noticeable round bulge in my stomach and my breast are sore and enlarged. Ellen bought me new B cup bra's today. I wore hip hugger jeans and a short top to show off my bare swollen belly when we went to the mall. I have been eating everything I can get my hands on. My goal was to gain 30 pounds. I want my belly to get really huge.

September 25,2001

I weighed in to day. I have gained 15 pounds at three months. My hips have spread and I am into 6 month maternity clothes. A vertical stretch line is starting to appear from my naval down toward my mound. I have dark olive skin and the mark really stands out. I am so proud of it. It is darker at my naval. I wore an outfit with an open bottom shirt that reveals my bare belly to show it off. I got lots of looks. I am standing in the mirror admiring it as I write.

The doctor wants me to be careful with my weight, but said that if I could grow a big placenta, the twins would be bigger and healthier at birth. He said I have nice wide-open hips that will make plenty of room for me to grow the twins. So I will start eating and drinking lots of water to stay bloated and stretch myself.

October 10,2001

It is working. I have gained two inches in girth in the last ten days. The 6 month maternity clothes are getting really tight now. I can't tie the waist belt anymore. I love my profile in the mirror. My album is getting full of pictures. Every Friday I take a new set. Ellen helps. I think she likes to look at my pregnant body nude too. She likes to get her hands on me and feel my breast and tummy. We usually wind up finger fucking each other. The three of us have sex together sometimes. I think Ellen likes to have me as much as Mark does.

October 25,2001

I found my first stretch mark today. I have these vertical dark lines appearing on my sides. There are two on each side. They are about three inches long, but not very wide. I showed them off to Ellen and to Mark. I sat in Marks lap and let him feel his babies. He got so hard I had to lap fuck him to give us some relief. Ellen was at the store. Mark was intense.

The vertical stretch line is starting to show above my naval, which by the way are now showing stretch marks too. I saw a picture of this woman on the web yesterday. She has stretch marks radiating from her naval all the way to her sides. I book marked it and will compare myself to her often. I hope that I can out do her. It's a competition now. I love those dark lines on my breast pointing to my nipples. They will match well with the marks radiating around on my belly.

November 25,2001

The marks on my sides are beginning to open up and get darker. I had no idea that my olive skin would make them so pronounced. I love it. It's better than I could have expected. My nipples were always dark, but they are getting darker and larger. They are nice and purple brown. I am constantly horny. I masturbate and fuck Mark every chance I get. I didn't realize that pregnant women get so horny.

It's now 6 months and I am feeling wonderful. I am so glad that I went through with this. Mark and Ellen are great people and every night we lay in bed naked. They hold me to feel their children move in my tummy I suck Ellen's breast and kiss her while Mark fucks me. When Mark shifts over to fuck Ellen I kiss her breast and touch her clit. She has several orgasms before we are done. We have this unspoken competition over who will get Mark's sperm. I usually let her win. I love the look she gives me while Marks shoots her full of cum.

He loves to shove his cock in me from behind while he holds my belly and feels his babies move and tumble inside me. I love it too. I have such strong orgasms this way. I am now in super size maternity clothes. I am drinking more and more water trying to blow up faster. I am constantly in the bathroom peeing.

December 12,2001

My ass has filled out nicely. I checked it out the other day. I really like the way it looks. My waist is gone, but the bottom of my ass flares out a bit and my cheeks are fuller. It really looks sexy when I walk. My naval is all but gone and there are signs that it may protrude. I hope so. That way I can see it through my clothes. My belly is starting to break over. Up until now I was nice and round in my profile. But I can see my profile shifting downward and I am starting to overhang my mound. I love the way my body looks. I stand exactly in the same place so that I can compare my profile every Friday. It's neat to see how the babies position changes my belly profile. The other day one of their heads was poking straight out at my middle. You can see the outline of its head in the picture. My stretch marks show up so well. I just love them. Mark likes them too. Ellen puts lotion on me. It always arouses her. Her nipples get so hard touching me. I suck her nipples and lick her to an orgasm and she uses a vibrator on my clit to make me cum.

January 25,2001

I am now in my 8th month. I have gained 32 pounds with four weeks to go. I made my goal, with more to come. My body is so beautiful. I love every thing that these babies have done to it. I am such a woman now.

I cant' believe it, but a couple just left here and I have agreed to have babies for them. The plan is to impregnate me five days after my first period. My skin is so thin across my super tight belly. My girth is pushing toward 60 inches. The vertical stretch mark is about a 1/4 inch wide and extends from my mound to between my boobs now. It looks so neat. My breast have continued to grow. They are almost C size. My areola are spreading across the ends of my breast as they grow and my nipples are quarter inch across and tall. The blood veins feeding my breast have enlarged too. I have several really neat ones on each breast that protrude above the skin and you can see where they come out of the middle of my chest near the top of my breastbone and run all the way to my nipples. I love to look at them in the mirror. When Ellen sucks them they really stand out and get blue. My profile has definitely shifted down. The crown of my belly is below center and breaks over just above my mound, which also has moved outward. There is this horizontal break point just above my mound that defines the bottom of my placenta. I am so much a woman now. I am still so horny, but I can hardly get my fingers on my clit. Ellen and I masturbate each other.

January 28,2001

Ellen is trying to experience my pregnancy as much as she can. She constantly wants her hands on me to feel the babies. Mark fucked me for the last time last night. I am going to miss him. He is a great lover. He has a nice cock and knows how to treat a woman.

February 25,2001

I just had my sixteenth birthday today. Hurray! I am a week away from my due date. I have gained 38 pounds. For a small framed woman I am all belly. I am only 5-3. Other than my ass getting a little larger, I carry all that weight in my stomach. My bottom ribs are being pushed outward to make room and my skin is as tight as a base drum. My belly button has been inside out for almost this entire month. My girth is 64 inches.

I posted my picture on that web page today. I have had several emails from men telling me how sexy I look. I just love all this attention. I just knew it would be this way. I am so happy that I have fulfilled my life long ambition. I can't wait to have these twins and get pregnant again.

June 1,2001

It's been three months since I had the twins. I gave Ellen a boy and a girl. They are so excited and so am I. I am pregnant again. It only took one try. The father is a tall lean black man; he has a big long cock. He had no problem hitting my mark! I felt the head of his penis cover my cervix and his cum flow right into my womb. I guess the doctor was right. Since I was nursing I would get pregnant easier. I am providing milk for the babies for four months. So I breast pump four times a day. I have lot's of milk and I want to give the twins the protection that it provides. Breast pumping really makes me horny too So I have to pump and play; with my clit that is. We will know in a week if I am going to have twins. I sure hope so. I did so well last time I want to shoot for over forty pounds. Darleen is a tall full figured Spanish woman. So the genes are right for large babies. I want them to be over six pounds like the last twins, so I will have to bulge up for them. I can't wait to get my big belly again. My stretch marks only look like dark lines on my skin for now. They should be back soon. I will be wearing my open front outfits to show off my belly until I have to put on the maternity tops. I saw an ad for a pregnant bikini contest. I want to enter.

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