Sex Change Stories with a Nightmare Twist!

By Lisa James: Email the author with comments

Imagine being turned into a girl.... Without your consent...

Growing breasts... Loosing your penis.... Feeling a vulva form between your legs...

How would you feel?

The Vulvoid Transform:

What if the means of your change was a pair of living panties, that forced you to become their host... Caused you to grow intelligent breasts that controlled your body against your will.... Used your new vulva as a source of sustenance by forcing your to masturbate and orgasm, feeding off your vaginal lubricant... That forced you to turn other males into girls like you... Raping you, and making you give birth to new living panties...

This is the sexual nightmare of the Vulvoid Transform.... Ready for a scare? Grab your penis now for reassurance.... You may never look at a girl or a pair of panties in the same way again...


Imagine catching a virus from a girl at school. No ordinary virus, but one that rewrites part of your DNA. One that changes your XY chromosomes to XX. One that causes your body to become female. Just when you are getting interested in girls, you become one. How would you react?

TG Anime & 3D

Awesome and highly graphic anime and 3D imagery of Vulvoid Transform plots

TG Talking Books / sound files (sit back and be transformed!)

I have had several Vulvoid Transform and one X-Virus story read by girls in character.

Becoming a Vulvoid Girl: Transformation Photos:

Stage 2:

Full male

Stage 2:

Penis shrinkage to 70%, breast growth commences

Stage 3:

Massive penis absorbtion. Breast growth at 100%

Stage 4:

Last stages of penis absorbtion. Internal female reproductive organ formation at 70%. Breast brains connect with nervous system

Stage 5:

Completely empty groin. Internal femal reproductive organs complete

Stage 6:

Vulva begins to form with growth of labia slit

Stage 7:

Vulva slit completes, vagina grows into body and clitoris grows from tiny penis remnant at front.
Victim is a girl.

First forced masturbation to feed Vulvoid panties...

Vulvoid Girl giving birth to a newly gestated Panties Symbiot (Photos):

Men becoming Vulvoid Girls in the Chambers featured in Vulvoid-Transform-Part 6:

Illustration by AldoDark, visit

Amime 3D scene from the Genetech Vulvoid Lab 1 - see link above

Amime scene from the Vulvoid Helpless in the City - see link above

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