Mrs. Rosa

Main Story codes: rom,m,F,mF,m+F,MF Epilogue:mm,rape,tort,viol

Pt 1 Discovery

What can I say about Mrs. Rosa that you don't already know? She is my first period teacher and I have to say she is very beautiful. She is Latina and very nice. She is about mid 30's I say, short dark hair that she seems to change almost weekly. Most of the girls in class say she wears wigs but I don't pay any mind to them. She is fit and loves to show off her body with some very nice outfits. She got into a little bit of trouble with the higher ups when she wore a low cut tops that showed off two tattoos of cat paws on top of her breast. A bunch of parents got upset and demanded some action against her. It all blew over when the PE teacher got busted having some jail tats on his back.

I can't help but to watch her in class (well... duh I have to watch her I'm a student I have to) but I can't help to think about her, how beautiful she is, how her brown eyes almost seem to sparkle. Sometimes it feels like she looks right at me and somehow knows what I am thinking about. I sometimes blush and try to act like I am reading or something.

"Mr. Luke, how about reading the next passage?" she says to me. Her voice has a tiny bit of an accent but nothing too heavy or noticeable. I have to calm myself down before I stand up and read the passage. I was glad I sat in the back of the class so no one can notice how... excited I was.

The rest of the day went by as normal. On my way home Pete came running up to me.

"Luke, dude! I found a banging site!"

Pete was a perv. No real way to sugar coat it. His big thing was porn. Not a day went by where he didn't talk about some porn site or vid he downloaded. He got couple nick names like "Pete the Perv" or "Pervy Pete". He wore those names like a badge. No one in school really wanted to hang out with him. The only reason he knew me was that we walked the same way home.

"This site man, its fucking tits!" he said excitedly. I rolled my eyes.

"Well the internet has a whole lot of sites like that!" I replied.

"No shit Sherlock!" Pete said as he pulled out his smart phone, "This one has local bitches!"

"Again, that site is called Adult Friend Finder."

"But this one is better, you don't have to pay, and less fat bitches!"

A while back Pete was able to get his cousin's log on to adult friend finder and we decided to check out our local area for women. I was doing it for laughs but I think Pete was trying to get some more spank/blackmail material. But the results that came up in our area were not very good, mostly very large nude women and women too old to really be naked. So any time Pete said something about a site that might have local women on it I decide to stay away.

"Yeah you can set up a membership and chat with these bitches. Check this out!" he opened up his email and showed me he was getting emails from someone on the site. The pics were of a black woman, maybe early 30's. She was nude, legs open showing her pussy.

"Yeah this nigger bitch is all about cock!" he yelled.

"Dude shut up!" I yelled. That was the other reason no one wanted to hang out with him. There are times where his mouth got him in trouble with the wrong kind of people.

Pete didn't care as he showed the other pics the woman sent him; most were of her showing her pussy or playing with her tits. The last one of the set was her sucking some other black guy's cock while she fingered herself. She had a piece of paper on her stomach that read "Need your white cock in my cunt!"

"Did you tell her your age?" I asked. He laughed at me.

"Yeah, I told her I was 13." He said sarcastically, "No I just messaged her, was like I want to see more and she sent me more!"

"She lives near by?"

Pete shook his head.

"No way, after the whole adult friend finder thing I check places way outside our zip. The nigger is in New York!"

"Really wish you would stop saying that." I said, trying to stress how I didn't like that word. He just rolled his eyes.

"So you want the address?"

"Yeah, why not." I said.

I got home and worked on the tons of homework my teachers gave us. I didn't think about Pete or the site until I was done. My parents weren't home for awhile so I did what every 13 year old boy with a high speed internet connection does, some porn hunting followed by some Call of Duty. I looked at the address Pete gave me and shrugged.

"Might as well give it a try." I said to myself as I typed in the address.

The site looked like a rip off of craigslist. I set up my account with a fake name but used my normal email addy. Once it was set up I looked though several other cities. There were the typical things found on sites like this; decent looking girls that had no nudes, hot girls that are most likely porn pics from other sites, and girls who have no business being nude. I go though several profiles, couple times tempted to email them for more pics but decide not to.

After some time I decide to bite the bullet and look up my zip code. After the search engine did its thing it showed 12 women in my area. Reading the titles of the profiles I was able to avoid what was most likely the large women (things that said BBW or Large girl blah blah blah) That left about 4 profiles. One was a girl that I think worked at the near by wal-mart, she wasn't nude or anything but reading her profile showed she wasn't going to be sending nude to anyone any time soon. The second profile was clearly some kind of con ad/phone sex thing. The pic was from a site due to the site water mark still on the pic that was used. The third profile was a woman who had her face blacked out. She looked like she had a decent body.

The forth profile has a "New" tag next to it. The caption read "Horny Teach looking for young cock!" I chuckled to myself and thought it would be funny if this one was one of the older teachers or maybe a lunch lady from school. I clicked on the profile. It said it had 20 pics. The first several were back shots. The woman was wearing a red corset, matching thong, red fishnet stocking and red heels and shoulder length black hair. I nodded. So far this lady looked good. After several back shots there was finally a front shot.

She was wearing a mask with some large feathers on it so her face wasn't shown. She was wearing a leather bra that covered her breast nicely. I flipped though the pics. The front pics were sexy poses, some teasing either removing her panties or bra. In one she had a dildo to her mouth and a wicked smile.

At that point my pants were around my ankles and my cock was in my hand.

There were several shots of her sucking the dildo. Even thought she was wearing a mask the way her eyes looked at the camera was so damn hot. I noticed I was getting close to the last pic. Number 18 she had her hands on the cups of the bra. Number 19 she was pulling them down...

Number 20 caused my heart to skip a beat...

Number 20, her breast was exposed, and she had two paw prints tattooed on top.

"No way!" I mumbled.

I quickly looked at her profile, of course she wouldn't use her full name or what school she taught at but reading up on her was interesting:

Name: Maria

Age: 36

Occupation: Teacher

Looking for: One night stand, online fun, relationship, phone fun, group, couple

Kinks: Into anything except piss, puke, shit, or animals

About Me: I'm a fun loving, kinky gal who needs some young man to give me a good hard fucking! I am a teacher and I love my job and will not show my face on here (so please don't ask) Will love to email and send more pics of me (if you ask real nice ;-) )

Again... looking for young guys, anyone older than me please don't email, you will not get an answer!

I sat and thought long and hard. Maybe this wasn't Mrs. Rosa. I mean many women might have those tattoos. I looked at the profile for a good long time. I saw a button on the screen that said "Email Me". I bit my lip and click that icon. When the window popped up I typed a quick message:

I like what I see, would love to see more, and see your face also!

The way I see it either one of two things would happen:

1) The woman shows her face and it wasn't Mrs. Rosa or...

2) The woman is Mrs. Rosa... then ???

I pulled my pants up and went to the bathroom to clean up. By that time my parents came home. I had dinner and watched some TV. A little bit before bed time I checked my email. I got a reply from Maria. I quickly open it, seeing it comes with an attachment.

Thank you for your message. I'm glad you liked what you saw! I hope this pic whets your appetite for more!

The pic was of her nude, her face showing... It was Mrs. Rosa.

Pt 2: Correspondence

The next day at school was very hard for me. It was Friday, the school let the teachers wear casual outfits and Mrs. Rosa was really showing her body. She wore a tight red t-shirt that showed her beast and maybe a little hint that she wasn't wearing a bra. And she wore a pair of jeans that showed her curves off in a very good way. I had to squirm in my seat some.

It almost felt like I had X-Ray vision. I mean I know there were all the other times I fantasized about seeing her nude I would base my little day dreams on what ever porn pictures. But now that I have seen her pictures, I had a better grasp on my dreams of her.

As she moved around the class room all I could think about was how her body reacted. She bent over to pick something up. I imagined her ass cheeks open some, her asshole exposed. She bounced up trying to reach something on a shelf. I thought of her breast moving up and down, her nipples hard. I felt myself getting rock hard. I tried to calm myself but it became too much. A slight moan escaped my lips, but it was loud enough for Mrs. Rosa to hear it.

"Mr. Luke, are you ok?" she asked. I swallowed and nodded.

"You look a bit flushed, go to the bathroom and splash some water on your face."

I nod, standing up and taking the hall pass off her desk. I made a beeline to the bathroom. Seeing I was alone in there I made my way to a stall and pulled my throbbing cock out. I will say this right now, before this day I never jerked off in school; I was always able to hold out till I got home. But now I stood over the toilet, quietly stroking my cock, my eyes clothes thinking of the pictures of Mrs. Rosa. Thinking of her breast, her sucking the dildo, shows her hot wet pussy. I grunted loudly as I came, shooting my load into the toilet.

After flushing the toilet and cleaning up I go back to class and try not to get too excited again, but seeing her and also waiting to go home to see if she responded to my email...

After I saw the picture that proved that the profile was of Mrs. Rosa I sat for a long time at my desk. My cock throbbing hard in my hand as I stroked myself. A part of my mind screamed that I should delete this email, but there was a part of me that wondered...

How far can I take this?

I emailed her back:

Oh you are hot! And I would love to see more and chat more with you! If my damn cam was working I would snap some of myself and how hard your pic made me!

A part of me thought the old excuse of "My cam doesn't work" would fall flat, but I sent the message anyways. The rest of the night before mom chased me to bed I waited for her to respond. But sadly it didn't happen then...

But when I woke up and checked in the morning that was a different story:

Hey! Thanks for the answer! I'm glad I made you hard baby! So sorry I didn't answer last night, had to grade sooooo many papers and go though all my emails. Since it looks like you don't have a profile and your cam isn't working, describe yourself! Maybe if you're a good boy I will have some more pictures for you!

Kisses and licks,


Even though she didn't attach any more pictures my cock got hard in an instant. I started to type up another message but stopped myself.

I had to figure out how to describe my self with out giving away who I was or the main thing... how old I was.

I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I had short brown hair, hazel eyes, I was skinny.

Well, I have wavy brown hair, what some women said "amazing" brown eyes, and I'm fit...

I had to figure out how to bullshit the rest of this. I mean I can't just put an age down, what if she quizzes me on it or something.

... I'm sure I am younger than the men who have been emailing you!

Yeah that should do it. A little cocky maybe but hey, if she falls for it I get more pictures of her! I put in a little more and send. I pull her picture up one more time and jerked off before I had to dress and go to school. I had to wonder if maybe she checked her email during school or if I would have to wait some time after school.

Once again my walk home was spoiled by having Pete rambling on and on about some porn. I suddenly came to a realization...

"So Pete... you still going on that personals site?" I asked, he shook his head.

"I got blocked! Can you believe that?!"

"How you get blocked?"

Pete grumbles before he answers.

"That nigger bitch reported me... FOR BEING A RACIEST!" he yells. I roll my eyes.

"Big shocker..." I say trying to act surprised. I could already figure out what he did to get in trouble but he went on and told me anyways.

"So the cunt sent me an email, and some pictures. Her fucking some big nigger cock! So I emailed her back saying like "Yeah fuck those niggers!". She has the nerve to be like "How dare you say that!" then she reported me on the site. Stupid fucking nigger cunt!" He said as he spit on the ground.

"Wow... what a shame." I say. I shook my head and was glad to be home.

I rushed to my computer and checked my email. Sure enough there was another email from Maria. I smiled and opened it.

You sound so yummy! And also a gentlemen. I mean most men when I ask to describe themselves they just go and talk cock size. I decided to reward you with something extra!"

I clicked on the attachment to find it not a picture but a video clip. I swallow and download it. When it is done I click on it, my pants off and cock in hand as starts.

The clip was recorded with a phone, and done in a bathroom. She places the phone on the sink then steps in front of the camera. She was wearing the t-shirt and jeans from the morning. Looking at the bathroom I realize something...

She recorded the video in the staff bathroom!

"I hope you like this baby." She whispers as she pulled up her shirt, showing her perfect breast. She pulled her pants and panties down and sat on the toilet. Her legs were open letting the camera see her pussy and the tiny tuff of pubic hair. She smiled at the camera as she started to rub her pussy.

"You want to be in here baby?" she whispered as she spread her wet pussy lips open. I licked my lips and stroked faster. Her eyes closed as she slowly started to finger herself. For several moments my room was filled with sounds of her moans and her finger rubbing her sweet pussy. I pump my cock more and more.

Suddenly there was a knock. I jumped out of my seat. No one should be home for another couple hours!

"Oh shit..." Maria moaned. The knock came from the video. I watch as Maria pulled her shirt down, pants and panties up. She smiles and sucked on her wet fingers before ending the video.

I moan and cum. I sat there for a while to calm down. I had to watch it one more time before I can make a reply:

That was a hot video! I wish I was there, enjoying your body. I have to say I came hard watching you! You're so fucking hot and can't wait to see more!

I had to force myself to do my homework. Every once in a while I would hit the "check mail" button to see if she is replied. It was a little bit before dinner when I got her message.

Very glad you liked it. Got so wet all day I tried to make another vid for you but it seemed like everyone had to go to the bathroom at the same time. I hope these can tie you over. Will be doing so much this weekend. I know you will not be disappointed!

She attached three pictures. All three were her nude in what looked to be her living room. She looks so good; she was sitting on her couch, her legs open and a smile on her face. The other two were her using a dildo on herself. Though out dinner all I could think about is what she will send me this weekend.

On Saturday I had to help my dad with yard work but through out the day I would take a quick look at my comp, seeing if she emailed. It was about 3pm when I got an email. I smiled that it looked rather large.

Hey sexy, sorry it took so long but I figured you will really like what I did! I decided since it was a very nice day out it was perfect tanning weather!

There were several pictures and a video. I quickly clicked thought the pictures. In them Maria was wearing a very skimpy bikini that barley covered her nipples or her pussy. The pictures went from her in the bikini to it being on the ground and her covering herself with oil. My cock was straining in my shorts when I plugged in my head phones to my speakers. I really didn't want my parents to hear what ever was going to be on the video.

Before I clicked on it I locked my bedroom door and got my clothes off. I clicked on the video and started to stroke my cock.

The video started outside. Maria started to set up her phone to make the video. She took a couple steps back. She was in the bikini and had a large smile on her face.

"Hey, I looooove how warm it's been. So I decided to take the time to tan."

She started to rub the oil on her skin. After oiling her chest she looked at the camera.

"I have no neighbors so I can do this..." she said as she pulled off her top and bottoms.

She started to to rub the oil again, this time working her nipples and on her pussy. She moaned as she covered her self all over. I moaned as I stroked my cock. After some time she looked at the camera again.

"And I can also do this..."

She pulled out a dildo and smiled. She started to sucking on, the whole time looking right at the camera. Her lustful moan caused me to jerk faster. After a moment she popped the toy out of her mouth and stuck it between her oiled breasts.

"Fuck my tits baby.... Cum all over my face!" she moaned. I licked my lips as I pumped my cock. I want to do so much with her. I want to fuck her breast, her mouth, her pussy, her ass. I wanted to fill her completely with my cum.

Soon she moved the dildo down to her hot pussy and started to pump the dildo in and out of her. She moaned as she fucked herself. The sun shining off her oiled body as she moved the toy in and out of herself that made this scene so much hotter. I closed my eyes and imagined myself on top of her, pumping deep inside. Kissing her as I cum deep inside her hot wet pussy. I felt like I was timing my strokes with her pumps. The sounds of the toy pumping in and out of her wet pussy and her moans drove me to pump harder and faster.

"Oh god... oh god... CUM IN MEEE!" she screamed. At the same time I shot my load. I was breathing hard as my hand was covered in my cum. She smiled and winked at the camera before it went black. I quickly had to clean up and dressed before my parents called me for dinner.

The full week of school was very difficult for me. Every morning I had to suffer from constant hard on while in her class, then having my mind wonder if she will answer my email and send me more. And when the day is over I find in my inbox another hot email full of very sexy pictures that makes me cum many times before my parents get home.

I started to get worried though. After awhile when she sent her emails to me she would ask my age or other things. I kept trying to change the subject by saying what I would do with her or how hot she was but I knew at some point she would stop sending me the emails and videos. I felt upset knowing that some point this will end but there wasn't anything I can really do about it. I just had to hope she wouldn't find someone else from the site or something.

But Friday came and my heart sank in my chest.

She wasn't wearing her usual Friday t-shirt jeans outfit. She was wearing a very nice looking black blouse and skirt. She also had her hair done up in a very nice way. She looked so beautiful.

"Looking good today Mrs. Rosa!" One of the girls in class said.

"Thanks, I might have a hot date tonight!" Mrs. Rosa said.

I felt my heart break. I try to think about what kind of man would be good enough for her. As she taught the class I couldn't help but to think of her being with another man. Him kissing her all over, undressing her, feeding his throbbing cock into her mouth. Soon having her on all fours as he fucks her pussy.

I knew I should be upset, but I found myself getting more turned on. I swallowed as I couldn't help but to think of her fucking other men, my mind racing as I thought about her on all fours, a number of men surrounding her, feeding her hungry holes with their throbbing cocks.

The whole day my mind was filled with various images of Maria fucking strangers. I found myself going to the bathroom many times, stroking my cock and shooting load after load into the toilet.

At the end of the day I rushed home, avoiding Pete the best I could. I quickly jumped onto my computer and waited to see if the would have sent me anything. At first there was nothing. I sighed. I guess this was the end of the emails. As I started my homework I figured to save what I was sent and get on with my life until I heard my email ding. I looked up and saw it was a message from Maria.

I quickly opened it. I saw there were six attachments, all picture files.

Hey sexy, I hope you like these pictures. Depending on what happens tonight these might be the last ones I send you.

I opened the first picture. She was wearing the blouse and skirt from class. She had a smile on her face as she started to unbutton her top. The second picture her top was open, her breast exposed, working on getting her skirt off. She looked at the camera with a wicked smile. The third picture the skirt was off, her panties almost off.

My cock was throbbing in my shorts as I opened the fourth picture. She has a notebook in her hands and she wrote something on it. I wondered what she wrote as I opened the fifth file.

My mouth dropped open... and my heart stopped in my chest.

The fifth picture was her breast and pussy exposed, but lying on her stomach was the notebook that she was writing on.

I hope you like the pictures and videos, Luke!

I couldn't believe it... there was no way she could have known it was me. I nervously clicked on the last picture. There was only the note book and another message:

Meet me at Station Park at 6:30 or you are in trouble!

Pt 3: Caught

I sat at my desk in shock. I had to re-read the pictures several times. I also kept looking at my clock, it was 5:30 pm. The park wasn't too far from my house but I had to debate on if I should go or not. But that last picture and the warning of getting in trouble decided for me.

I put on a shirt and shorts and rode my bike towards the park. My heart was thumping hard in my chest. When I got to the park I locked my bike up and started to walk. Soon I found Mrs. Rosa. She was sitting at a picnic table alone. She was still wearing the blouse and skirt outfit she wore in class and in the pictures she sent me. I sighed and walked over. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Good, you made it! Have a seat!" she said excitedly. I sat across from her. I almost couldn't look at her. But she didn't seem angry at me; she had a kind smile on her face.

"So... did you like my pictures and stuff?" she asked. I found that I couldn't really answer her.

"How did you know it was me?"

She opened her purse and pulled out a folded piece of paper. She looked at it for a moment then pulled out a pen. She then circled something on it and pushed the paper towards me. I looked at it and sighed.

It was a print out of our first email. What she circles was the FROM area of the email. Next to my email address was my full name...

I felt like a total idiot.

"When I saw the email address and your name I looked it up on the list I made at the beginning of the year and saw it matched."

"So... I guess your going to report me?" I asked feeling defeated. She laughed.

"Oh yes Luke, this is all part of my master plan. I send you nude pictures and vids write you erotic email all to get you grounded by your parents!"

I had to laugh at that. I mean she would have gotten in more trouble than me.

"So you knew it was me from the start?"

She nodded.

"So... why keep chatting and sending me stuff?"

"Well, I thought you read my profile... I wanted younger man, and to me, you fit what I was looking for!"

I had to admit, I was a little shocked hearing that.

"You wouldn't believe the people that messaged me. I said I wanted men younger then me. I get some sixty year old sending me pictures and trying to say he was what I was looking for. Or I get the guy who said he was in late twenties but I can tell by his pictures he had to be at least forty something. But when I saw that one of my students not only found my profile... and had the balls to email me, well..." she has a smirk on her face.

"I just had to see how far he was willing to go!"

I swallowed hard. She had this look in her eyes that seemed both sexual and scary. She leaned in and whispered.

"So I'll ask you again, did you like the things I sent you?"

I nodded.

"Say it."

"I... I loved them!" I whispered back. She leaned in closer.

"Did you jerk off and cum thinking about me?"

"Yes... every time."

She leaned in closer, almost close enough to kiss me.

"Do you want to fuck me?"

"M...more than anything in the world!" I stammered. She pulled back.

"That's what I want to hear! Come on, we have a date to do!" she said cheerfully. I had to snap out of the little daze I was in.

"A date? But I don't have any money."

Mrs. Rosa smiled.

"I got this! Come on, get your bike we'll put it in the trunk of my car!"

After putting my bike in her car I got in. She looked over at me.

"Ummm so... where are we going?" I asked.

"Well, some dinner, some where nice we can talk. And we'll see where the night takes us."

"Oh... ok"

"Were you expecting me to just take you to my place and fuck you?" she asked.

"Well... I don't know..."

She giggled.

"Oh Luke... you are so cute. Besides..." she leaned in and placed her hand on my thigh "we have all weekend to fuck each other's brains out!"

She took me to a nice restaurant a little bit outside of town. It was a nice quiet place, a romantic looking setting. We were sat in a nice corner area, a little out of the way but was good to hide us from anyone who might see. I sat there worried.

"Mrs. Rosa..."

"Please, when we are outside the classroom, call me Maria."

"O...ok Maria. What if another teacher sees us in here?"

She smiled.

"No teachers come here. And on the one off chance they do, all I have to say is you helped me with a project and this is your reward!"

I nodded, sounded good to me.

After we ordered our drinks and meals I was quiet. I really didn't know what to say to her. She smiled, as if she knew what I was thinking.

"So, you go on adult dating sites often?" she asked. I blushed.

"Well, this guy I know, Pete..."

"Pete the Perv?" she asked with disgust in her voice.

"I take it that you don't like him?"

She shook her head.

"He gives me the creeps. If any student was ever going to get busted for some fucked up sex thing... it would be that little shit!"

I laughed, hearing her talk like this about him made me think about how she talked about others in class or school.

"Well... he lives near me, and we walk home. He gives me porn links and well, I go to them some times. That's how I found you."

She looked worried.

"He didn't... tell you my profile was there did he?"

I shook my head.

"No he wasn't on long, he got banned from the site for calling a black girl the N word. Plus he said he never looked in the local area for pictures."

Maria looked relieved.

"You didn't tell anyone else did you?"

"No way! I didn't want to get you in trouble!"

Maria leaned back and looked at me.

"How long have you thought about me?"

I couldn't think of an answer.

"I know you do think of me, even before I sent the pictures and videos. I could tell."

I blushed. I try to think of a way to answer her.

"S...since the beginning of the school year."

She smiled and leaned in.

"I been thinking of you too Luke." I was shocked hearing that.


She nodded.

After we ate our meal she quickly drove us to her house.

She pulled her car into a garage of a nice two story house. There were no direct neighbors around. Walking inside the place was decorated nicely. There were pictures and fancy looking posters on the walls, a very nice rug in the living room and some expensive looking furniture all over the place. She led me to the couch and we sat. She made sure to sit real close to me. I could smell the sweet perfume she was wearing. She placed her hand on my chin and turned my head to face her.

She slowly started to kiss me. It was my first I guess you could call it an adult kiss. I was shocked at the moment but soon I was getting into it. Her hand went under my shirt and was rubbing my chest. My hands started for her breast but she stopped me. She pulled back and smiled.

"Mmm what an eager beaver you are!"

"Sorry..." I said a little embarrassed.

She stood up before me and slowly started to take her blouse off. The whole time my eyes were fixed on hers. As she work on unbuttoning her top I felt my self being more and more turned on. I shifted some in my seat as I felt my cock getting harder. She knew what she was doing to me. She undid the last button and opened her shirt.

Her breast were beautiful, the pictures couldn't do the real thing justice! They were firm, her nipples a light brown and small. As she took her top off and tossed her blouse at me. I laughed as I placed it to the side. As I did that she turned on her stereo and started to sway her hips. I smile as she started to undo the button that held the skirt on her hips. She held it in place then looked at me.

"Why are you still dressed?" she asked. I quickly removed my shirt and shorts. My cock was throbbing. My hand started to move towards my member but Maria shook her head.

"Don't you dare touch it!"

I swallowed and nodded as she swayed her hips, holding her skirt to her hips. She looked so sexy as she moved to the music. Soon she let the skirt fall to the floor. My hand started to move to my cock again.

"You touch that cock, this date is over and your walking home! Sit on your hands!"

I quickly hopped up, sitting on my hands as I watched Maria's sexy dance. My cock throbbed and it hurt. I bit my lower lip as she leaned back, her legs open showing me her wet pussy.

"You want to fuck my pussy baby?" she asked with a low, lustful growl. I nodded. She smiled and quickly spun around, showing me her great ass. She bent over some, slightly opening her ass cheeks, letting me see her asshole.

"How about my ass? You want to fuck my tight little ass?"

"Oh yes" I moaned, my cock throbbing. I felt as though it was so hard that it would tear off my own body if I couldn't do anything about it. She smiled and turned to face me. She bent down, her face level with mine.

"You wanna fuck my soft, moist lips?" she asked in a whisper. I nodded.

"I... I want all your holes!" I almost yelled. A wicked smile came across her face and in one move she bent down, and took my throbbing dick into her mouth.

The sudden shock of being in her wet mouth drove me over the edge. I exploded in her mouth. She moaned, drinking my load. I sat there, still on my hands as Maria slurped up my cum.

"I...I'm sorry." I gasped. After a moment Maria popped my cock out of her mouth and smiled at me.

"It's ok sweetheart. Know what's great about boys your age?"

I shook my head.

"It doesn't take long for you to get hard again!"

She stood up and French kissed me. She got next to me on the couch and laid back. I climbed on top of her and we French kiss for a long time. My hands all over her nude body as she wrapped her legs around me. She was right because my cock started to get hard.

She reached down and took my cock in her hand. She pulled my cock to her wet pussy. For awhile she stroked my cock up and down her wet slit. I looked down and watched as she started to let me inside her.

I felt my heart skip a beat as I entered into her hot, wet pussy. She moaned as I push into her. I cant really describe how it felt to enter her, but I have to say it was the greatest feeling in the world. I gasp as I pushed every inch of myself into her.

She moaned, her legs wrapped around my lower back. I started to move my hips some. My eyes closed tightly, wanting to try to last longer. As I pump back and forth I moaned, loving every moment of being inside Maria.

"Mmmm yesss good boy, fuck my pussy baby." She moaned. I felt her flex her legs, making sure I either didn't go to fast or pull completely out. She pulled me down and kissed me as I pumped in and out. After she broke off the kiss she pulled me down to her breast. My hips pumped on their own as I nuzzled my head between her breast. The smell of her perfume was strong there. I almost felt like I could fall asleep there. Soon my hips were moving faster as I felt that I was close to cumming.

"I...I'm going to cum!" I whimpered. I realized I didn't have a condom on. I figured that I should pull out before I popped but she wrapped her legs around me tightly, keeping me in place as I cried out, unloading my balls into her.

"Yesssssss my sweet boy, fill me up, make me your woman!" she moaned. I lay on top of her, trying to catch my breath. She caressed my face.

"Did you like that baby?"

All I could do was nod.

"Come on, lets go to the bed room."

I followed her to her bedroom. I see this room in so many of the pictures she sent me but being in it for real was just something I never thought I would be able to do. She had me lay on the bed. She climb on top of me and kissed my face, then neck. She made her way to my chest. I loved her kisses but I suddenly realized it was getting late. I looked over at her nightstand to her alarm clock. It was 9:30.

"I...I got to go... my parents..." I started to say but was cut off by her kissing my cock. She looked up at me and smiled.

"There's a phone right there, call them up, tell them your spending the weekend with your friends."

I nodded and reached for the phone. As I dialed my home number Maria rubbed her face on my now hard cock. As it rang I closed my eyes, praying that maybe Maria would leave me alone long enough to talk to my mom.

"Hello?" My mom said when she picked up the other end. She didn't sound upset or anything.

"Hey mom..." I started to say. At that moment I saw Maria have a naught smile on her face. Before I could say another word she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. I gasped.

"You ok?" Mom asked. I tried to keep my cool.

"Y...Yeah, sorry... I am with some friends... might spend the whole weekend with them... if that's ok?"

"If it is okay with their parents its alright with me." Mom said. My parents never really paid too much attention to me on the weekends or summer time. I was a good kid and never got into any real trouble...

Then again, if mom saw me lying in Maria's bed while she sucked me, I think her idea of me being a good boy would change real quick.

Maria's head bobbed up and down on my hard cock as I hoped mom would hang up.

"Just be home by Sunday. Oh and don't forget to not over stay your welcome!"

"I...I...I won't." I stammered.

"Are you okay? You aren't getting sick are you?" mom asked with worry in her voice. I swallow as I looked down. Behind Maria was a large mirror. I could see her ass reflected, her fingers working in and out her pussy as she sucked me. I quickly closed my eyes tight. I really didn't want to cum while on the phone with my mom...

That would just be weird!

"I'm fine mom... just... was playing some football... before it got dark..."

"Well... make sure you take a shower before bed. I don't want your friend's parents thinking I raised you to be a slob."

"I will..." I said, holding back another moan.

"Okay sweet heart. Will see you Sunday then!"

"Yes mom."

"I'll let you go, love you sweetie."

"Love you too." I said as mom hung up. I dropped the receiver and moaned as Maria continued to suck my member. My hands on her head, my fingers in her long brown hair. She reached up, rubbed my balls as she worked my cock so good. I tried to hold back as long as I could.

"Ohhh shit I'm close!" I cried out. Her head bobbed harder and faster. Her hand lightly squeezing my balls. Soon I flooded her mouth with my seed. She swallowed my load and moved up, lying next to me.

"Mmm my sweet little boy. How did you like that?" She asked.

"I... that... I don't.." I couldn't really express what I was thinking or feeling. She caressed my face then my chest.

"Get some rest... because tonight I'm going to teach you so much and I'm going to test you this weekend!

All I could do was nod.

Pt 4: Weekend

We made love one more time Friday night before we fell asleep in each others arms. The next morning I started to wake up. I almost didn't want to open my eyes. All of this seemed like a dream I didn't want to leave. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself alone. I could smell that something was cooking. I got up and tried to find my clothes but I realized that my clothes were all in the living room.

I walked out towards the living room. As I got closer I heard the radio was on and I could hear the sizzle of something on a frying pan.

"Luke baby you up?" Maria called out from the kitchen.

"Yeah, was looking for my shorts." I answered

"No, no clothes get your ass in the dining room!"

I smiled and walked into the dining room and was treated to an awesome sight.

Maria was cooking, wearing an apron but was nude. I smiled seeing her ass exposed to me as she cooked something on the stove.

"Smells good" I said. She turned and smiled at me.

"Like the view?"

"You know it!" I answered. She wiggled her ass some then went back to cooking. After a little while she placed a plate of eggs and ham.

"Eat up; you're going to need your energy!"

She took off her apron and sat across from me. We started to eat when a question came to mind.

"Umm... so have you been with other students like this?"

She shook her head.

"No, I mean, I thought about it though. And past couple years I had some real cuties that I thought about but well... too chicken shit to go after. But I'm glad I got you."

I smiled. Soon we finished out breakfast. She picked the plates off the table and put them in the sink. She walked up to the table.

"Are you ready for dessert?" she asked with a wicked smile.


She sat on the table in front of me, her legs wide open. I was eye level with her wet pussy. I looked up at her.

"I... I never..." I stammered. She smiled, taking my head into her hands and slowly pulled me towards her sweet sex.

"Lick it, lick it all over." She whispered.

Before I started licking, I kissed the area around her pussy. She slowly placed her legs on my shoulders as I took my tongue and started to lick her wet pussy lips. She moaned.

"Good start my love. Lick it all over."

The taste of her juices was so sweet. Her fingers were going though my hair as the tip of my tongue hit her private areas. Her hips moved, grinding on my face, making my tongue go deeper into her.

"Yessss" she moaned. My hands moved around her, feeling her lower back and ass. My tongue found her most sensitive part, her clit.

She cried out as my tongue flicked on her pearl. She pulled my hair some, telling me to keep going and don't stop. I loved her sweet taste so much I couldn't stop if I wanted to!

She grabbed my head tightly and held me in place as she started to breathe hard.

"Oh Luke baby yessssss, yessssssssss ohhhhh fuck I'm cummmiinnnggggggg!"

Soon my face was covered in her juices. She leaned back, breathing hard and letting go of my head. I stood my. My cock was throbbing as I looked at her. I didn't give her a chance to say anything as I started to push my cock into her wet pussy.

"Ohhh Yes, take me, fuck me, I'm yours and only yours!" she yelled. I slid every inch of me into her hot pussy. I thrust away, making her breast bounce and the table move a little. I have to say thank god that table was strong enough to hold our weight. She licked her juices off my face as I pumped hard and fast.

"You feel so good Maria!" I moaned as she wrapped her legs round me.

"You too, Luke! Oh so fucking good!"

Her hips moved with my thrust. Soon we were in a rhythm. The room was full of the sounds of our breathing, and the wet sounds of my cock pumping into her wet pussy. She grabbed and frenched me. Our tongues tangle with each other. Both of us moaning in pleasure. Soon my hips pumped a little faster as I felt myself getting close. Maria could tell.

"Fill me baby, give me your seed!"

I cried out as I unloaded my balls into her. She held me tight against her chest. My head between her breasts, my ear on her chest. I could hear her heart beat. She caressed my face.

"Mmm it beats only for you my pet." She cooed. My hands reached up and rubbed her breast. We stayed like that for awhile but soon we got off the table. She smiled.

"I think I need to give you a fuck tour of my house!"

"A fuck tour?"

Maria explained the "rules" of the fuck tour. In every room of her house my cock will be in her mouth, pussy, or ass. And in every room I had to cum either in or on her. I chuckled.

"Well, I guess we will be skipping the bedroom, living room, and dining room."

She smiled and shook her head.

"Oh no dear. We will just come back to them later."

"Well... another thing, you said you wanted me to fuck your ass... we haven't done that yet."

She got up and walked out of the room for a moment but soon came back. In her hand was a tube of KY Jelly.

"Well, we shall start the tour in my kitchen!"

I got up and walked the couple steps into her kitchen. We shared a long kiss as she poured some KY onto my cock and rubbed it in some. She handed me the tube then turned around and bent over some. She reached back and spread her asscheeks.

"Rub some in my ass baby." She moaned. I poured some on my fingers and rubbed them on her tight asshole. She squirmed a bit as my fingers coated her back door.

"Put on more, push them innnn" she groaned. I nodded and poured more, then slowly pushed one finger in. Her hole clamped tight around my index finger as I started to rub and move it around. As I pulled out I poured a little more on and pushed in. After a couple pumps she turned her head.

"Put on more lube on your dick and enter me."

I poured on more and slowly pushed my throbbing cock into her ass. She gave a low sexy moan as I started to enter. She felt so tight but so good. I winched in a little pain as I pushed though, even with the lube it didn't help much when her bowels tightened. Soon every inch of me was deep into her sweet ass.

"Mmmm Luke baby you like my big Latina ass?"

"Ohhh god I love it." I moaned. I slowly started to pull out. She grunted and lean over the sink some. I got about half way when I started to push in. Soon I started to move a little faster. Both of us moaning and grunting as I was thrusting hard and deep, my skin slapping against her ass.

"Yes Luke yess!" she shouted, "Pull my hair, make me your bitch!"

I grabbed a hand full of her long black hair and pulled as I thrust in and out of her ass.

"Love fucking your ass bitch!" I grunted. She moaned and pushed back against me. I started to feel myself cum. She tightened up as I thrust one last time, flooding her ass with my load. She leaned back and moaned, kissing me as my cock slide out of her ass. Our tongues flicked and danced in each others mouths. She took me by the hand and led me to the next room on the tour, the bathroom.

As we entered we both kissed deeply, hands all over each other. She soon broke off the kiss and walked to the sink. She took a wash rag and soaked it in warm water. She had me sit on the toilet and started to clean my cock. I leaned back and moaned, the warm wet wash rag wrapped around my cock. She got close to me and we shared another kiss as she cleaned my cock. I felt myself getting hard again.

She took the rag off and looked at it. She nodded at her handy work and then bend down, taking me into her mouth. I gasp as my hands went on top of her head. Her head bobbed up and down, her hand rubbed my balls. I looked down to watch her suck me. Her eyes looking up at me as she sucked me. I couldn't last long as I looked into her brown eyes.

"Unnn shit!" I yelled as I came in her mouth. I watched as she swallowed my load. She pulled back and opened her mouth, showing me she drank my every drop. After a moment we got up and she led me to her office.

At this point I needed a little bit of a break. In her office there was a small loveseat, a desk with a computer, several bookcases and file cabinets. We sat on the love seat and took the time to kiss and hold each other. After a bit she got up and turned on her computer. After a bit she pulled up some porn clips. We both watched, some times cracking a joke or two on what was happening on the clip but we did enjoy the some of the fuck scenes, taking some mental notes of what to try later. Soon I felt myself getting hard. Maria smiled as we had one more kiss before she got on all fours on the floor.

I got behind her and rubbed my cock head up and down her wet slit. I pushed into her, giving her every inch in one thrust. My hands on her hips as we moved together. The porn clip playing as we fucked. In a way it felt like maybe we were in the same room with another couple, the sounds of sex filling the room as we worked on getting each other off. Maria's pussy tightened up driving me to cum in side her again.

The rest of the tour was an exercise of trying different positions with what ever was in the room with us. In the guest room it was standard missionary. In the other bathroom we 69ed. We worked our way back to the garage, where I bent her over the hood of her car and took her ass again.

It was close to dark when we ended the tour back in the living room. Maria was on top and rode me as I came once again. At the end we limped back to the master bedroom. At this point we fucked and came so much I don't think I could get hard again for a good long time.

We lay in bed, kissing and holding each other. Both of us covered in sweat as we relaxed in the bed. We were both too into getting our tour done to really eat. She called in a pizza order.

"Like the tour?" she giggled. All I could do was nod. We spent some time kissing and holding each other. After fifteen minuets the door bell rang. She got up and opened her closet door.

She pulled out a real short, very sheer robe and put it in. She hardly closed it when she tied the belt to it. She smiled as I looked. The robe left nothing to the imagination. I had to see what happens when she answered the door. I followed her till she got to the door. I hid so I can see when she would answer.

When she opened the door the pizza delivery guy looked like he was eighteen maybe nineteen years old. At first he didn't seem to notice the door open as he was looking at the pizza case in his hands. As he said that the order was he looked up and saw Maria. He stopped in mid sentence.

"Oh goody my dinner is here! Thank you ever so much!" she said as she took the pizza from the guy. From where I was hiding I could see his eyes were darting between her face, her chest, and before she kind covered it with the box her crotch. He was still at a loss when she closed the door. I waited a moment before coming out of hiding and laughing.

"You didn't tip him!" I said as I head his car pull out of the drive way. She just chuckled as she walked the pizza to the table and set it down.

"His tip was getting a peek at what you get to see all of for free!" as she said that she tugged at the belt and let the robe fall to the floor. Even though I saw her nude all day I still loved the sight of her body. My cock tried to twitch some but the 90% of my body that was sore and hungry shot that idea down. She saw me wince in a tiny bit of pain before laughing and walking to her room. She came back wearing a t-shirt and tossing me mine.

"I thought you said no clothes?"

"Any other meal, I would say that... but this pizza is hot and greasy as hell, I am not in the mood for having some burnt tits or my man having a burn cock..." at that moment she handed me my shorts.

During the meal we had I guess you could call a normal chat. We both liked the same kinds of movies, and I was surprised to see she also liked to play video games. We both laughed and enjoyed learning more about each other. Soon the meal was done and we went to the living room. As we walked back towards the couch we stripped off our clothes. We got to the couch, both nude and in another round of kissing and touching. After a bit we stopped. She turned on the TV and we both snuggled up with each other.

We didn't care what was on. We just loved being in each others arms, once in a while sharing a kiss or two. Soon we started to get sleepy. We went back to the bed room and fell asleep in each others arms.

Sunday morning we woke up in each other's arms. I have to say Maria looked so beautiful. She gave me a tired smile.

"Good morning my love."

I smiled hearing that. I had to say though, there was something that was kind of bugging me, a nagging question that I felt I needed to ask before I had to go home.

"Maria... I have to ask... Will I see you again?"

She laughed.

"Of course silly boy. You will see me every day. I am your teacher!"

I shook my head.

"No... I mean, was this weekend, us having sex a one time thing?"

She looked into my eyes for a long time. I could see what looked to be confusion. She raised her hand and caressed my face.

"Oh my Luke... my sweet little boy." She whispered. I almost felt bad for asking.

"I have to know. I love you!"

She smiled.

"Do you want me as your woman?"

I nodded.

"No, say it!"

"Maria, I want... no I need you!"

Tears started to fall as she looked at me.

"Maria, do you want me as your man?" I asked.

"Yes, a million times and a million ways yes!" she cried. As the tears started to roll down her face I rolled her onto her back and kissed her deeply.

My cock started to get hard. It was harder than any other point during our sex filled day. It felt like it was on the verge of exploding. As if she knew Maria nodded and opened her legs. I slowly push into her.

This time it all felt so different. As I push deep inside her I felt as though I was going deeper, feeling parts of her that I swear I didn't feel before. Maria arched her back and her mouth opened in a silent scream as I thrust deep inside her. Her arms wrapped around me as I pumped into her.

"Oh Luke... Oh Luke... Mi amor, nunca me dejo va, nunca para a quererme!"*

I didn't know what she said, but some how I understood. I thrust harder and deeper. Her fingers dug into my back. I didn't care about the pain I wanted to be one with her, with this woman, this beautiful sexual being. We both needed each other, and we both knew we had each other.

My hips moved in and out, trying to hold back coming for as long as I could. Both of us not wanting this to end, not wanting to part.

But soon Maria's body tightened as she started to cum. I thrust deep on last time, cumming deep inside her. She held me tightly as she cried.

"Oh Luke, oh god... I don't want you to leave!"

"I don't want to either." I said as I looked into her eyes. We kissed deeply holding each other tightly. I would have given anything in the world to be able to stay. We held each other as if there is nothing else in the world. But sadly I had to go home. We both got up and went to the shower.

We both washed each other, touching and kissing as the warm water came over us. We couldn't get enough of each other. After we were done and dried off we dressed. She took my bike out from the trunk of her car. Before she opened the garage door we kissed on last time.

"Next time, we are fucking in the back yard!"

I smiled, my cock twitching in my shorts. I rode off. I found out that Maria lived close by to me so it wasn't too far of a bike ride.

When I got home mom and dad didn't really ask me anything. I went to my room and sat at my desk. I had a little bit of home work I could get done in a heart beat. After getting my stuff ready for the new school week I couldn't help but to think of Maria.

As I sat in my room my computer made a chime noise. I quickly checked and saw it was an email from Maria. I quickly opened it up.

I just wanted to make sure you made it home. I love you and need you bad!

Attached to the email was a picture. When I opened it I smiled.

It was her nude, legs open, the pussy I enjoyed so much on full display. She had a note book to her tummy and there was a note written on the exposed page:

Luke and Maria, Forever!

I locked my bed room door and got my web cam. I snapped a picture for her.

I was nude and hard, I also had a sign for her on a note book:

You are my one and only, together forever!

After I sent the message I had to think.

How was I going to act during the week at school?!

(NOTE ON SPANISH: I got that from a translator off my phone, don't know how good it is)

pt 5: Lust

Sunday night I found it hard to sleep. Not because I was horny, but because I got use to having her next to me when I slept. Feeling her warm body pressed on mine. And just knowing she was there, that see was mine made me sleep. Yeah I know we only had two nights together I guess it was enough to "imprint" on me.

Monday morning felt rough to me. I could barley eat my bowl of cereal before I had to dress for school. The bus ride to school made me think about how I need to act around Maria, or I should say Mrs. Rosa. That was one of the many things I had to remind myself when I saw her. As I walked into first period I saw my love.

She wore a nice blue blouse and a dark skirt. Her long hair draped over her shoulders making her look so beautiful. She looked at me and smiled. I could see on her face she wanted to kiss me, and I would have let her. But since the class room was already half full we just smiled and said hi. At first everything was normal. I maintained a normal mood as class went on. But soon my mind started to drift.

As I watched her move around the class room I couldn't help but to see her nude. Seeing her breast sway as she turned left and right. Seeing her great ass as she had her back to me as she wrote on the white board. I felt myself getting hard as I imagined her showing me every bit of her body. I wanted to stand up, and take her right there in front of every one. My day dream was about to go to that when suddenly...

"Mr. Luke, how about you read the next passage?"

I swallowed hard as I had to adjust myself. Thankfully I sat in the back of the classroom so no one should see that I was a bit excited. As I stood up and read the passage I glanced up and saw that Mrs. Rosa was looking right at my crotch. I almost wished I could have had it out, letting her see her effect on me. But I figured she already knew that. After I was done I sat back in my seat but I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I didn't know if I could really be able to handle behaving myself though out the day.

Between class periods I had to go to the bathroom to relive myself. Even in classes I didn't have with Mrs. Rosa I couldn't stop thinking about her, thinking about our weekend together. I had to stroke a little to calm myself down so I could pay attention to my other classes. At the end of the day I started to walk towards the busses.

"Mr. Luke." Mrs., Rosa called out as she walked out of her class room. I turned to face her.

"Yes Mrs. Rosa?"

"Could you come here please? I need to speak with you."

I nodded and followed her into the classroom. She closed the door behind us and I heard the little click of the lock and the sound of the "privacy" shade being pulled down to cover the small window on the door. That shade was used when a teacher was giving a test or was having a private conference.

"You seem very distracted today. Is there something wrong?" she asked in a serious tone. I stood there a bit confused. She walked up to me and placed her hand on my crotch. I moaned as she rubbed me though my jeans.

"Is this the root of your troubles?" she asked, a wicked little smile on her face. At that moment I was in on her little game.

"Y... yeah. My tease of a girlfriend got me so hard." I moaned.

"You poor baby. That girl should never tease a boy like you." She started to unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock. I moaned as she lightly caressed my throbbing member. She slowly got on her knees and took me into her wet mouth.

"Oh Mrs. Rosa!" I moaned, trying not to be too loud. Her head bobbed back and forth as she sucked me. My hands were on the top of her head as my hips moved to fuck her mouth. After a moment she popped my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me, lust in her eyes.

"Oh Luke baby, I needed you bad! I was like you... I had to go into the bathroom and get myself off thinking of you... You don't know how close I was to grabbing you and taking you in the teacher's bathroom with me!"

I moaned, thinking about her fingering her self in one room while I was in the other jerking myself off. She took me back into her mouth and continued to suck me. I started to learn to hold myself longer while she sucked me. My hips helping me fuck her face. After a moment she got up again, this time she pulled up her skirt. She was wearing stockings, a garter belt, and nothing else. I smiled as I stroked my cock.

"I was so wet; I had to get my panties off!"

She pulled her skirt up to her waist and sat on her desk, legs wide open. Her pussy looked so hot and wet, the whole area being framed by the belt and stockings. I walked up to her and slowly pushed my member into her. As I got every inch into her she wrapped her legs around me and kissed me. Both of us moaned as I pumped in and out of her. This was so dangerous. Someone could knock on the door, or if they walked pass the windows just right they would see us.

There was a part of me that screamed for me to stop. A part of me that tied to warn me that we could get caught. But I didn't care. I figured that Maria had the same thoughts going through her mind but she came to the same conclusion.

We needed to fuck!

We both tried to keep somewhat quiet. Kissing each other deeply trying to keep our moans silent. As I kept pumping Maria kept her legs tight around me. Soon I thrust one last time and cum deep inside her. We both smiled and held each other.

"Let me take you home." She moaned. I nodded and adjusted myself so I could zip my pants. After I step back she smiled, her legs still open.

"You have your phone on you?" she asked. I nodded and pulled it out. She didn't have to say anything as I went into camera mode. I snapped a pic of her, legs open, my cum oozing out of her pussy. She had a sexy smile on her face. The whole scene being on her school desk made it that much more hot and nasty.

She pulled her skirt down. We come up with our cover story in case someone saw us leaving, but no one did. As we got closer to our neighborhood Maria looks at me.

"Do you want to go strait home, or can you spend a few minutes at my place.

I didn't have to think twice to answer that question.

After pulling into her garage we were all over each other, kissing with passion as we stumbled into her house. Our clothes flying off our bodies, the only thing Maria kept on was the belt and stalking. I had to say seeing those on her really got me hot. We walked into her bed room. Kissing each other deeply, my hands all over her. She broke off the kiss and sat on the bed.

"God I love being in your room with you!" I said as I started to climb on top of her. She moaned.

"No baby, this is our room."

We kissed deeply, our tongues danced in each other's mouths as I entered my lover. We were able to take our time as we moved in unison. We didn't need to keep quiet as we made love. Both of us grunted and moaned.

"Fuck me papi, fuck meeee" She moaned as I thrusted deep inside her.

"Oh god Mrs. Rosa..." my hips thrusting more when she called me papi.

Both our hips move in rhythm as we were both getting closer to orgasm. Maria held me tight against her as her pussy muscles contracted around my throbbing cock. We both desperately kept pumping. We didn't want this to end. Soon her entire body tightened up, catching me off guard as I thrust on more time.

I shot my seed deep inside her. She grabbed me and we frenched as I emptied my balls into her. As we kissed we rolled to the side. It felt like we were kissing for hours and I enjoyed it. Soon we just lay there, looking into each others eyes. My hand was caressing her side as she caressed my face.

"I love you Maria."

She smiled, leaning in and kissed me.

"I love you too Luke. I love you so much!"

We held each, kissing and touching each other. If I could I would have just stayed there forever. But sadly I had to go home. I went to her bathroom and cleaned up as she lay in bed, talking to me about what we should try to do soon.

"I don't know if we can fuck in the class room everyday... but I do want to try more stuff in the building!"

I got a little excited thinking about ways we could fuck in other classrooms, or the gym. After I was done cleaning up Maria got dressed. We shared one more kiss before she drove me home. She made sure I had some kind of cover story in mind in case my parents were either home or asked where I was. When we got to my house my parents weren't home. Maria has a sexual moan escape her lips. When I asked her what was on her mind she just smiled and told me she would tell me later.

After I got home I couldn't help but to get nude and stroke my cock. Even though I just had her two times I still needed more. I was able to cum before my parents came home. After I cleaned up and changed clothes.

During dinner the phone rang. My mom answered.

"Hello? Oh Hello Mrs. Rosa!"

I sat up some. Was she calling for me?

"Yes. Ok that sounds good. I have no issue with that. Yeah he didn't say anything about it but you know how teens are! Thank you, have a good night."

Mom hung up the phone and sat down.

"Luke, how come you didn't tell us Mrs. Rosa picked you to help with some extra credit projects?"

I chuckled. Wow, I couldn't believe she went this far with a cover story. But hell it could never hurt to be on the safe side.

"It slipped my mind... also I figured I would be home before you guys came home." I answered. Mom nodded.

"Well if you think you are going to be late just give the house number a call, leave a message or text us."

I just nodded and said okay. My cock twitched a little in my shorts; in a way my mom just gave me permission to spend longer time with Maria. I know this must have been her plan with the phone call.

The next day at school when I went to my locker before first period I found a note tucked inside. I carefully opened it, making sure no one really saw me. I already knew who it was from:

Luke baby, do you think you will be able to spend Friday night with me?


I smiled. This was the first time I ever got a note in my locker from a girl. When I got into class I took a sheet of paper and wrote out my reply:

I won't be able to this Friday. It's my mom's birthday and dad said something about taking her out for dinner. But I can be at your place on Saturday morning!


When class let out I walked up to Mrs. Rosa's desk.

"Oh here is that thing you wanted my mom to sign." I said to her while other kids were leaving the class room. I figured if I said this out loud no one would think that I was passing her a love note or narcing someone out on something. She smiled and nodded as I walked out. I felt bad that I couldn't spend this Friday night with her, but then again I did have Saturday to look forward to.

Then again, after school the rest of the week we would wind up in her locked classroom, either half nude or in one case full nude, having a quick fuck. Then we would go to her house for a more slow, love making session. When we laid back in the after glow we would just chat for a bit. We would joke about things, talk about our day (hearing her bitch about other teachers or students was a real trip for me!) and what not. One point I dared asked about what she thought about our future.

"I... I don't know." She answered, "I mean, I love you so much, you make me feel so good! No other person I been with has ever made me feel this way. But I'm scared..."

"Scared of what?" I asked worriedly.

"That you will give me up for some younger girl, a girl your age!"

There were some girls in school I had a little bit of a crush on but most were either stuck up or really didn't seem that interested in me. But comparing them to Maria was like comparing an awesome stake dinner to half a tic tac! I held her close and kissed her deeply.

"I would never do that! You are to awesome, too beautiful!" I whispered. She smiled and caressed my face.

"How about we take this one day at a time. See what happens."

All I could do was nod and kiss her again. I couldn't tell her that I was afraid of the same things. Afraid that she would leave me for a guy her age, or worse, someone younger than me!

So all I could do was kiss and hold her.

On Thursday, between orgasms and cuddling, I had to remind her I wouldn't be able to stay after school or come over due to my mom's birthday. She whined and pouted, even threatened to spam my phone with nude pics and vids. A part of me didn't mind the idea but I knew that would be a quick way of us getting busted if I had my phone out for her dinner. Thankfully Maria didn't do that, she just waited till about 11pm to send a zip file to my email. The file was full of nudes and a long video of her fucking her hungry pussy with a dildo, moaning my name the whole time.

Saturday morning I quickly rode my bike towards Maria's. When I got to her house I knocked on her door and waited. Looking around her house was really alone. As I looked around the door opened. I turned and saw my Maria. She was wearing the sheer short robe she wore for the pizza guy last weekend. She smiled as I walked in and closed the door behind me. Before she could say or do anything I reached out and grabbed the belt of the robe and gave is a small tug.

She smiled as the robe dropped to the floor. Her nude body exposed to me as I walked up to her. We said nothing as we both grabbed each other and kissed with passion. Our hands all over each other, touching as much as we can. She peeled my shirt off me and started to work on my shorts when we broke the kiss.

"God I need you!" she moaned as she pulled my shorts and undies off. My cock popped out and throbbed. She licked her lips as I stepped out of my shorts and underwear pile. I started to pull my shoes and socks off. As soon as I was nude as grabbed my hand and took me out to her back yard.

The warm sun felt as good on my nude skin as she led me to some lounge chairs. I noticed that there were some stakes with orange flags on them. She saw me looking at them.

"I'm going to get an in ground pool soon. I see some skinny dipping and water fucking in our future!"

I chuckled as she had me sit on one of the lounge chairs. She licked her lips as she moved herself down to her knees.

"Oh Maria, I needed you so bad. When I got home last night I wanted to come right over but parents wouldn't let me leave." I moaned as she started to stroke my cock.

"It's ok my love. I have you now. Do I have you all day?"

I nod.

"All day and night baby. I told my mom I was spending night at friend's house."

She smiled and started to suck me. I gasped my hands on her head and my hips moving, fucking her mouth. Being out side nude with her felt so naughty, so hot. Even though there were no neighbors I almost wanted someone to see us. My head rolled back as I felt my self explode into her mouth. She gave a low sexy moan as she drank my cum. She stood up. She reached to the side of the chair and pressed a button to tilt the chair back till I was laying flat.

She moved up and straddled my face. Her hot wet pussy lowered to my face. I hungrily started to lick and kiss it all over.

"Oh Luke baby yes, eat my cunt, been so hot and wet for you." She cooed as I worked my tongue all over. Soon she was grinding her pussy all over my face. My hands were on her ass, squeezing her meaty ass as I licked as much of her hot pussy as I could. Suddenly she stood up. I looked a little shocked, but she smiled and moved around. We then were in a 69, my tongue working her pussy as she sucked my semi hard cock. Both of us loving each others taste each others juices. My cock getting hard in her mouth as she ground her pussy into my mouth and face.

Her grinding became more frantic as my hips thruted more and more. I could tell we were both so close to cumming. At the same time we both moved, my hips thrusting my cock into her mouth as she pushed her pussy into my face. At that moment we both came. Both of us giving a sweet moan as we flooded each others mouths with our juices. After a moment she moved around, laying on top of me so we could slowly French each other. Out hands touching each others bodies.

"I want to spend all day out here. I want you to fuck me over and over." She moaned. All I could do was nod.

"Your wish is my command."

We spent the whole day out in her yard, fucking and sucking each other into a tired, sweaty mess. It wasn't until sunset when we went back into the house for some food and one more fuck before bed.

Sunday was a slow day for us, filled with holding, kissing, and touching. Both of us giggling about little things, talking about what we would like to do and experience with each other. Plans were formed for the upcoming summer vacation. Of course before I left for home we made love several times.

The next several weeks were about the same. Some teasing during class, fucking in the classroom after school, then some more at her house with weekend fuck-a-thons. During one of those weeks she drove me home and saw no one was home.

"When do your parents come home?" she asked. I looked at my phone and saw I had a text message from my mom.

"Father and I will be a little late, you can use the cash card in the counter to order yourself some dinner."

I smiled and looked over at Maria.

"Looks like late. We are going back to your place?"

She shook her head.

"Mmm no baby, I wanna see your room. I want to see where my man jerks off when he can't have me!"

I swallowed. That was rather risky. I tried to come up with some excuse but soon we were parking in my drive way and I was unlocking the front door for her. I led her to my room. I kept looking back at her, making sure she wasn't getting nude or anything. She just smiled as I led her.

"Sorry about my room. I didn't think I was going to have anyone in here." I said as I opened the door. She walked in and looked around as she started to unbutton her blouse.

"I always wanted to be in a boy's room. Seeing where he hangs out, get his rocks off and what not."

I stood there and watched as she took her blouse off and started on her other clothes. All I could do was stand there and watch her.

"Well... one get nude and two... show me on your computer what you stroke to!"

I smiled, quickly undressing as she closed my door and made sure to lock it. I turned on my computer and started to open different folders. One was all the pictures and videos she sent me. The others were things I downloaded from anywhere I could get online. As I was opening them Maria came up behind me, rubbing my shoulders as she saw the pics and vids. Most were just clips I downloaded from places like bangbus or youporn, nothing too racy or anything. She moaned as she directed me to open different pictures or videos.

"That's enough, get on the bed now!"

I quickly got up and lay on the bed. My cock pointing at the ceiling. Maria climbed on me, straddling me as she slowly lowered herself down on my dick. We both moaned in unison as she took every inch of me into her. For a brief moment she just sat there. She was so beautiful. I reached up and rubbed her breast as she started to ride me. My bed creaked and squeaked as she rode me.

I pinched her nipples as she slid up and down my throbbing member.

"Ohhh naughty boy, pinch my nipples papi, make them hurt!"

My hips moved up and down, my bed moving back and forth as we started to go harder and faster. The idea that any moment my parents could come home was a thrill for us. We hardly spoke as we moved, desperate for each other to have an orgasm. She started to get loud as we both thrust into each other.

"FUCK ME, FUCK ME GOOD!" she screamed. I sat up and took her breast into my mouth, sucking one nipple then the other, lightly biting her rock hard tits. She reached for my head and pulled my hair, pulling me away from her breast and frenched me.

That was the moment we both came. My cum going deep into her womb as she cover my crotch with her juices. We embraced each other, kissing and holding each other tightly. After some time she got up and dressed. I almost felt upset that she couldn't stay nude.

"Well, you better get dressed baby, your parents may be on their way home!"

I sighed as I pulled my clothes back on. We had one more kiss before she left. I couldn't believe we did that but it felt so good. I lay on my bed and though about if there could be some time soon where we could be here together.

Several days after our fun I had to walk home after school. There was some teacher meeting thing so no after school fucks for us. As I got off the bus Pete came up to me.

"Hey stranger, long time no see!"

"Hey" I said. I really didn't want to deal with him.

"Where you been hiding?" he asked in a real annoying way.

"Doing some after school stuff."

"Like what?"

I tried to keep my cool. For some reason I really didn't want to talk with him. He had a creepy looking smile as he talked to me.

"I never figured you as a over achiever."

"Well, takes all kinds." I answered.

"So... how come I saw Mrs. Rosa at your house couple days ago?"

I stopped in place.

"She wanted to see how far I was in a project I am working on."

Pete nodded and fished out his smart phone.

"Would love to be in that project!" he said with a smile. I didn't want to say anything else to him.

"I mean, those nice tits... bet that pussy feels good!"

"What ever." I said as I tried to walk away.

"What do you think Principle Hudson would say to this project?" he asked as he turned his phone towards me.

I looked over, and my heart stopped.

That son of a bitch took pictures of me and Maria through my window. I saw the shit eating grin on his face.

"Well, if you don't want me getting you or your wetback fuck toy in trouble, I think I should get a crack at her, don't you think?"

Never in my life did I want to kill someone as I did in that moment.

Pt 6: Comeuppance

I stood there as Pete swiped his finger across the screen, showing me that he snapped many pictures of what Maria and I did. My hands balled in fist as I see the shit eating grin on his face.

"Yeah, I'm thinking I would love to have that little bitch sucking my rod."

I had to think about what I could do. This little shit was really pushing my buttons. As he taunted me with his phone I didn't noticed there were some older kids making their way towards us.

"There's that little fucking faggot!" one of the older boys yelled. I looked over and saw about six older high school boys. I knew the leader was Dan Parks, the head quarterback of the high school football team. The other boys with him must be on the team with him. They angrily made their way towards us. Pete tried to put his phone away but Dan grabbed him by his shirt.

"You think it funny messing with my sister you little shit?" He yelled as he pulled Pete close to him. Pete tied to answer him.

"S...she didn't seem to mind..." Pete said trying to sound like he was being tough.

"She is six years old you sick fuck!" one of the other boys yelled. I took a step back; I didn't want to be mixed up with what ever Pete did. At that point the other boys surrounded Pete.

"You like trying to finger fuck little girls at the park?" Another boy yelled, shoving Pete hard.

Pete tried to say something but before he says could one of the boys punched him hard across the face. He fell to the ground. At that moment his phone fell out of his hand and slid next to my foot. I stood there for a moment as I watched Pete get a major beat down. The boys kicked and punched at Pete, looking like they were aiming for his face and crotch. As they were busy with him I looked down at the phone. I quickly picked it up and ran into the woods. I kept looking behind me, making sure the older teens weren't chasing me, thinking I was involved. After awhile I saw I was safe.

I looked at the phone in my hand. I turned the screen on and hoped he didn't have a screen lock. Thankfully he didn't. I went though his phone; looking for the pictures he took of me and Maria. As I went though his phone I found pictures of other girls. Most looked like he downloaded though the net but others looked like he snapped up skirt pics and a couple looked like he cornered some little girl somewhere and made her undressed. Soon I found the pics of Maria. As I looked though them I remember something my cousin told me. It was a way to check to see if he either uploaded the pictures somewhere or maybe put them on a computer somewhere. As I looked at the picture history I saw he didn't save them or upload them anywhere. I sighed in relief. I went into the phone settings and did a complete factory reset. There was one more thing I did to make sure Pete couldn't do some kind of phone restore.

I took the biggest rock I could find and smashed his phone. After several whacks the phone was a broken mess. I took a deep breath, picking up the bits and scattering them all over. I started to walk back towards my house. When I got back to the area the boys and Pete were gone. The only thing that was there as a reminder of what happened was a nasty looking rust stain of blood. I quickly ran into the house and onto my computer. I saw that Maria was online. I quickly messaged her, telling her I had to call her.

"Hey baby, what's going on?" she said as she answered the phone.

"I have some bad news."

"Your parents didn't find out about us did they?" she asked worriedly.

"No, it could be worse. Pete took pictures of us when we were in my room."

"That little fucking shit!" she growled angrily.

"We may be okay though. I was able to get his phone and break it."

"I see..." she said quietly.

"Some older kids beat the shit out of him. Something involving him trying to finger bang a six year old."

"Why am I not surprise."

I sighed. I wondered if we were really in the clear.

"Look, for the next couple weeks, we need to stay clear of each other." She said with sadness in her voice. I nod in agreement.

"I kind of figured that..." I sighed.

"It's going to be hard. But as soon as this clears up, we will be together okay?"

"I guess." I moan. I already knew I will hate this.

"I love you Maria. I don't think I can last too long with out you."

"And I love you too, Luke my love." She said quietly.

We ended the call. I lay on my bed and looked at the ceiling. I already missed her so much.

For several weeks we kept clear of each other. We kept ourselves as student/teacher. I missed being able to see her after school. Being inside her, filling her with my seed. Feeling her kiss me, our tongues in each others mouths.

This also extended to weekends and internet. We lived in fear as we waited for something to happen, someone to call us in to the office or worse, talk with some police officers.

Pete wasn't in school during this time. No one really knew or cared. Some spoke of the older teens beating the shit out of him but nothing about if he was all right or in hospital. There was a small part of me that hoped that maybe Pete was killed in that beating.

That hope died during second period when the intercom came on.

"Luke Haxton and Mrs. Rosa, please report to Principle Hudson's office."

I took a deep breath as I got up and walked to the office. I was sweating bullets as I made my way there. As I walked in Mrs. Rosa was already there. Also in the office with us and Principle Hudson was Pete.

Seeing him was a shock. Those older teens really did a number on him. He was in a wheel chair, both his legs broken. His right arm was in a cast and by the looks of it the fingers on that hand were also broken. His face was still swollen. His jaw was wired shut. On his nose was a mask looking thing that signaled his nose was broken. His left eye was covered in a bandage. As he saw me enter he narrowed his good eye at me.

"Please Luke, have a seat." Principle Hudson said as he nodded to a chair in front of him. I nervously sat in the chair.

"You and Mrs. Rosa were called to my office because Pete Dinby has told us some very damaging accusations. He said that you and Mrs. Rosa are participating in a very inappropriate relationship. Is there anything you wish to say in your defense?"

I looked over at Pete then the principle.

"There is nothing between Mrs. Rosa and myself." I answered.

"No offence to Mr. Luke, but I love men, not boys." Mrs. Rosa added. Principle Hudson nodded, looking at both of us.

"Is there any reason you can think of that Mr. Dinby would accuse you two?"

"I did catch him several weeks ago trying to sneak into the girls bathroom and I did report that. He was very crossed when that happened." Mrs. Rosa said.

"Sir, I have to ask. Did he have and proof of what he said?" I asked. Mr. Hudson looked at me.

"Well. He said he had pictures of you two in the act. But he clams that you stole his phone that had said pictures."

Mrs. Rosa looked at Pete with anger in her eyes.

"Him and that camera of his. He was caught several times trying to get pictures up girls skirts or trying to pay younger girls to let him snap nudes of them. It was you who told banned him from having his camera in the school!" she said. As she was saying this there were moments the Latina came out in her voice. It was kind of cute in a way.

"Calm down Mrs. Rosa," Mr. Hudson said in a calm voice. He looked over to me. "Did you steal his phone?"

"No sir." I answered, trying not to sound guilty. Pete whimpered and tried to say something but since his jaw was wired shut he could only communicate by writing in a note pad. He scribbled something and slides it to Mr. Hudson. He looked it over.

"He says you are lying. Please tell me the truth Luke."

I nodded.

"It was the day Pete got beaten up. Before those older boys came Pete was bugging me. I have been staying after school to help Mrs. Rosa on a project. Several days before he came up to me and tried to get me to steal test answers. I told him no and he said he would get revenge. That day he showed me some pictures he got from somewhere of a Hispanic woman with some young guy. He said he was going to tell the school and you that were of me and Mrs. Rosa. Before I could say anything those boys came and attacked Pete. I ran out of there so I don't know if they took his phone or not."

Pete made a mean, painful growl. Mr. Hudson leaned back in his chair and looked at me.

"Do you happen to know why those boys attacked Pete?"

"I heard them say he did something to one of the boy's little sister... if you pardon my language one said that he tried to "finger bang" a six year old in the park."

Pete made a small whimper as Mr. Hudson looked at him.

"Mr. Hudson. That boy has a record of being a little pervert. He has several reports by me and many other staff members. I believe that he just tried to get myself and Mr. Luke in trouble due to blackmail!"

Pete had a panicked look in his one eye. Mr. Hudson looked at us.

"I am sorry to take up your time. You two may go."

As we got up from our seats Mr. Hudson clicked on his desk intercom for his secretary.

"Mrs. Gibson, please call Mrs. Dinby, and Sheriff Gibbs."

Mrs. Rosa and I left the office quickly.

The next several days rumors started to fly around the school. They weren't about Mrs. Rosa and I having sex, they were about what happened to Pete.

There were stories of Pete getting arrested for rape, getting arrested for threaten to attack a female teacher and about a hundred different versions of the story. It would be about a month later when I found out what happened.

When I said something about the park Mr. Hudson had some idea as to what Pete did. For several months there were reports of someone molesting little girls at the park. Most of the reports were some one getting girls to a quiet part of the park. The report says then the person will take pictures of the girl nude, then sometimes will make the girl jerk him off or in couple cases suck him. Since the hospital had Pete's blood they were able to match his DNA to a semen sample they found at a crime scene. Once it matched the police had enough for a search warrant.

Once they got in his room they found enough evidence against him. In his closet he had a shoe box full of little girl's panties. They then went on his computer, of course there was a bunch of porn pics he downloaded from the internet but the cops found a hidden folder. In that folder were pics and videos of the little girls he attacked. From what I heard most of the pics were just the girls nude, but the videos showed him fingering some, and one he almost raped a girl. The only thing that stopped him was someone walking near by his spot.

Even if he somehow was able to find some copies of the pictures he took of me and Maria, he was in so much trouble no one would look twice at us.

After he was busted, my parents bugged me about him since I walked home with him. They asked over and over if I knew what things he was into. I had to keep telling them that I wasn't his friend we just walked home from the bus stop. But after awhile they stopped asking me about him.

It was still about a month and a half until Mrs. Rosa and I was able to have a moment together. During the long wait I was worried that maybe Maria might have changed her mind about us. Maybe she decided that it is too risky for us to be together. As I was walking to the bus Mrs. Rosa walked out of her classroom.

"Mr. Luke, can I see you for a moment?"

I walked into her classroom. As I walked in she closed and locked the door, and pulled the "privacy" shade down. I looked at her and smiled. She sat on the edge of her desk and gave me a serious look.

"Luke, I believe we need to talk."

I swallowed hard and nodded.

"We have to set some rules... so no more fucking in the class room."

"You still want to be with me?" I ask. She gave me a big smile and kissed me deeply.

"Of course I still want to be with you! I needed you so badly." She moaned as she held my face in her hands. I was about to wrap my arms around her but she stepped back.

"No, we have to behave here."

I stood there a bit confused; she was the one who kissed me first! She smiled at me.

"Come on, lets go!" she said, grabbing my hand and leading me out of the classroom. Thankfully no one was around as we made it to her car. The drive to her house was madding. As we pulled into her garage I could tell she was getting excited. We quickly entered her house. As soon as the door was closed I grabbed Maria and pulled her to me, frenching her deeply.

We frenched each other desperately, our hands all over each other. My hands found their way to her chest. I put my fingers in-between some buttons of her blouse and suddenly I tore her blouse open. She gasped as my hands grabbed her bra covered breasts. I kissed her harder, pushing her back to the wall. Her hands reached down and grabbed my ass as I kissed her face and neck. My hands roughly grabbing her bra cups and pulling them down, exposing her breasts and hard nipples. She reached behind her and took her bra off, letting it fall to the floor as I bend down some and start to kiss and molest her breast.

She moaned, her fingers going though my hair. My fingers hooking into her skirt I try to force them off. She pushed me off of her. I found myself breathing hard, my cock throbbing hard in my shorts. She let her shirt fall off her shoulders as she got her skirt and panties off. As soon as she was nude she lunged at me. She forcefully pulled my shirt and shorts off. We made our way towards the bed room. Looking at her nude body I had to take her!

As we walked into the room I pushed her over the bed. She turned her head and looked at me.

"Yes baby, take me! Fucking make it hurt!"

I had dreamed of when we both were able to fuck again. I dreamed of it being a slow, romantic, beautiful scene of love making. But now seeing her, being here with her, I didn't want slow love making, I wanted hard, nasty fuck. And the way it looked, Maria wanted the same!

There was no real foreplay, she didn't suck me and I didn't eat her. I pushed my cock into her hot pussy. She was extremely wet as I went in. My hands on her hips as I pushed every inch into her. She moaned happily as I started to pump hard and fast.

"Yes take it.... Take it... Smack my ass papi!"

I gave her ass a hard smack as I pumped. I was worried that since it was about a month and a half since our last fuck I wouldn't be able to last long inside her warm pussy. But now I was like some greedy wild animal, thrusting away, once in a while my hand striking her ass, making her scream.

"Oh Luke baby, fuck me so good! I needed this!"

All I could do is grunt like some kind of wild animal as I thrust. My hands squeezing her red ass cheeks. Soon my thumb started to toy with her asshole.

"I want all your holes! I'm fucking this one next!" I growl as I start to push my thumb into her asshole. She whimpered as her hips bucked, making me pump more and push more of my thumb in her ass. Her body started to tighten up, squeezing my thumb and my cock at the same time. I thrust one more time, flooding her womb with my seed as she came. I pull my thumb out of her ass and fall onto her back.

Soon we move around on the bed. Holding each other and kissing.

"Sorry I got a little rough... and tore your shirt." I say with a smile. She leaned in and kissed me deeply.

"I liked it. If you didn't take charge I was going to jump you!" she chuckled.

"I missed you so much." I whispered. She leaned in and had me hold her.

"I missed you too baby. God I wanted to hold you, kiss you, and make love to you!"

"I was worried that maybe our time apart, you would start thinking about maybe not wanting to be with me anymore."

Maria held me tight, shaking her head.

"No, I would never do that. I would never think that!

"I just thought, since Pete took those pics and threaten to expose us..."

She sat up and looked me in the eyes.

"Luke... it would take a million Pete Dinbys and a billion Mr. Hudson's to keep me away from you!"

I held her tightly and kissed her deeply. We laid there holding each other till close to night fall. I wanted to spend the night with her, needed to make up for lost time.

"Did you jerk off a lot during our time apart?" she asked. I had to chuckle.

"Well... yeah. I mean I am a teenager!" She laughed and snuggled into me. I ran my fingers though her hair.

"What about you? Did you masturbate?

She cocked her self up on one elbow and looked into my eyes.

"Let's just say I have a whole back log of videos I made for you. And let's also say I wore out two vibrators during that period!"

I laughed, pulling her to me and kissing her deeply. We spent a long period of time just talking and kissing. This all felt so good, so right. We were a real couple and I never wanted any of this to end. Maria kissed me on the cheek and looked me in the eyes again.

"Luke, what do you have planed for the summer?"

I lay on my back looking at her.

"Well, some point in the summer I might work for a friend of my dad. He runs a landscaping and home repair business. So maybe earn some money."

Maria stroked my chest.

"How about the first couple weeks of summer, you spend it with me at a beach house?"

I smiled.

"That sounds a whole hell of a lot better than mowing lawns or painting houses!"

"You think your parents will mind?"

I shook my head.

"During the summer I feel like an orphan. I mostly go to the public pool or hang with friends. All I have to do is say I'm camping with them or something!"

So we made a plan to spend the first couple weeks of summer vacation with each other. As I looked at her I had a tiny bit of sadness.

"It's going to suck not being in your class next year." I sigh. She looked at me.

"We will still be in the same building, and you will be over my house on weekends... and after school! Just because you are going into the next grade does not mean we are broken up!"

I laughed. She was right. I wish I could have stayed longer with her but I knew soon my parents will be coming home or calling my phone. I got up and cleaned up. We shared one more kiss before I headed home. I barely beat my parents' home. When they asked where I was I told them I was back to working on that project with Mrs. Rosa. They just nodded, my dad telling me to keep up the good work. I had a little chuckle at that. I told them about my friend from school inviting me to go with him and his family to the beach when school let out. The parents didn't seem to mind since both of them were too busy with work to really plan anything for the first month.

After dinner I emailed Maria, letting her know I was all set for our beach getaway.

Pt 7: Beach

The last several weeks of school seem to drag at a snails pace, but the last week seemed to be killer. It was the typical "filler" thing, teachers either throwing out busy work or in a way say "fuck it" and let us have free periods. Mrs. Rosa at least had some fun with her last couple days. She had either her mp3 player on or sometimes her spotify playlist going as we would have a free period. Mostly we all sat around, bs-ing about this or that. Some of the girls kept bugging Mrs. Rosa about her plans for the summer.

"Well, if you nosey little brats have to know," she answered jokingly, "the first part I am spending it with my boyfriend at a beach house!"

Everyone got quiet.

"You have a boyfriend?!" one girl shouted excitedly.

"Is he a teacher here?" another asked.

Mrs. Rosa just laughed.

"No he isn't a teacher. I have been seeing him for awhile now."

I tried not to blush when she talked about me. Of course she didn't say my name or go into any details but she did give me a glowing review to the other girls.

On the last day of school Mrs. Rosa had us write a quick paragraph to hand in to her. The topic was "What I will do on my summer vacation." I had to chuckle as I wrote a very brief summery on my paper. When the bell rang the students walked up, handing their papers to her. She gave hugs to some girls and some parting words. I made sure I was the last person to hand in my paper. As I walked up to her desk I could see the smile coming across her face.

"So Mr. Luke lets see what you have planed for your summer!"

She took the paper from my hand and looked at it.

This summer I plan on fucking all of my sweet Maria's holes and filling her with cum!

She looked up at me with a smile. The door was half closed so it was enough to hide her pulling me by my shirt to her and kissing me deeply. After that brief moment we broke the kiss. She chuckled.

"Mmm get out of here before I decide to fuck you in front of my next class!"

I smiled and nodded as I started to walk out the class. She folded my paper and placed it in her purse. The rest of the day I just sat there and thought about our plan for the beach house. After school I was going to head home to pick up my clothes. Then I head to Maria's house. I spend the night there then early tomorrow morning we head out for the beach. I was so excited that the remaining classes flew by in a blur.

After school let out I had to ride the bus home. I had hoped Maria would drive me but she explained to me that there were some meetings and what not they had to do for their last day. I got home and picked up the duffle bag my cousin gave me when he got out of the military. Before heading out I checked my email, just in case something happened. Maria did send me a quick message.

Luke baby, hope you get this before heading out the door. Make sure you bring at least one nice button up shirt and some kaki shorts. If you don't have them or forget we can go out and buy some. Love you!

I grabbed a button up, some shorts and an undershirt and stuffed them in my bag. After making sure my computer password was set so my parents couldn't snoop while I was gone I made my way to her house. The day before my dad gave me about four hundred bucks for my trip, telling me to be careful and not to spend it all in one place. I didn't really think about really spending it. To tell the truth I figured we wouldn't really be going out too much on our trip.

I got to her house and saw I was there before she got home. Maria gave me a copy of her key so I walked in, making sure to put my bike in the garage. As soon as I sat on the couch my phone buzzed. I picked it up and saw it was Maria. I answered her call.

"Hey baby, where are you?" she asked. It sounded like she was walking outside.

"At your house, I got your email so I got the shirt and shorts."

"Good! I'm on my way home. Fucking meeting took too long for my taste. I was thinking when I get home maybe we order some Chinese?"

"Sounds good!"

"Okay, getting in my car now. I love you baby!"

"I love you too my sweet Maria!" I said. I heard her giggle as she hung up. I sat there on the couch for a while, wondering what I should do while she was on her way.

It was about ten minuets since her phone call when she got through the door.

"Luke baby you here?" she called out. I kept quiet, hiding in the bathroom. I listened as she started to walk pass the door. I carefully came out of the bathroom and came up behind her.

"Hey sexy." I whispered as I wrapped my arms around her. She did a quick squeal of surprise when I grabbed her but soon calmed down when I started to kiss her face and neck.

"Oh my love," she moaned as she reach behind her, I smiled as she gasped. "You naughty boy!"

Her hand touched my bare side. Before she came home I decided to undress, hiding my clothes in the bathroom so she would be surprised. She broke away and turned around to face me.

"Look at you, walking around my house naked!" she said in mock anger. I just smiled, stroking my hard cock some. I came up to her and we shared a long, loving kiss. Again she pulled back, about to peel off her t-shirt when I shook my head.

"No, let me." I whispered. She stood still as I pulled her shirt off. Her breasts stuffed in a sports bra. I ignored that and went to her shorts. I slowly undid her belt, then the fly. Soon the shorts fell to the floor. The only things on her was her black sports bra, a sheer pair of black thong panties, her socks and tennis shoes. She turned and started to walk towards the bed room. I followed, my eyes glued to her juicy ass.

When we entered the room I pressed up behind her, hooking my thumbs into the sides of the thong and pulling them off. I could see how wet she was by how the panties peeled off her. She moaned as she pulled the sports bra off.

"You know... I am hungry." She said in a way to hint that maybe she wasn't really ready for sex. I stood there for a moment. My stomach growled, as if it heard her and wanted to chime in its opinion. We stood there facing each other as if we had to decide what to do. After a moment I decided.

I pushed her onto the bed. She laughed, her legs opened wide. I quickly climbed on, kissing her as I felt her reach down, taking my throbbing member in her hand and guided me inside her. We moved in unison, pumping in and out as we kissed deeply. The bed squeaked as I pumped. The room filled with the sounds of our love making and our breathing. Both of us needed to release badly and soon we did. My cum going deep into her. She moaned and kissed me deeply.

We laid on the bed for awhile, my fingers lightly caressing her body.

"How come you wanted me to bring the button up?" I asked my eyes fixed on my fingers as they lightly touched Maria.

"Well there is this really nice restaurant that I want to take you too but they kind of have a dress code."

I nodded. I didn't want to leave the room. I just wanted to lay here with her, both of us nude and wanting nothing more but to please each other. But both of our stomachs decided to take this break from love making to make their stance known that they demanded food. Maria sighed as she sat up.

"Come on, get dressed. Time to get some food!"

I pouted.

"Awww, we can't do delivery?"

She shook her head.

"No, the good Chinese place doesn't deliver. So come on before we both suddenly drop dead from starvation!"

We quickly got dressed and went out. We got our take out and headed back to the house. When we got back we sat in the living room, eating our meals as we had the TV on.

"So, what all do you want to do at the beach?" I asked. I partly knew the answer.

"Well, for one I really want to tan. Need to get rid of some tan lines."

"I kinda like tan lines." I said quietly. She smiled.

"And of course swim in the ocean. It feels like forever since I have been swimming!"

I looked out the window to her back yard. The stakes were still in the ground. She told me that the pool will be done by mid July. To tell the truth I couldn't wait for it. My mind filled with all the naughty possibilities we could have.

"And the number one thing I want to do, is make love to my man!"

I smiled and nodded.

"I like that idea!"

We both laughed and finished our dinner. We took the moment after dinner to pack up the car so we didn't have to waste time in the morning. When that was done the rest of the night was spent cuddling with each other. Stealing a kiss here or there. We had to go to bed semi-early due to the long car ride ahead. We had one quickie before falling asleep in each others arms.

It was almost 5 in the morning when we got up. Both of us grumbled having to wake up this early on the first day of vacation but Maria reminded me of the long drive ahead of us and all the fun that was waiting at the house.

Soon we were on the road. Being so early there wasn't too much traffic, mainly people headed to work. Both of us were still groggy but morning radio and us talking got us through the first part of our journey. It was close to 7 when we stopped for breakfast. We were maybe a state and a half away from home but at this time we were both starving. We got a booth at some little diner and ordered. I ordered some waffles while Maria ordered eggs and ham. As we waited I reached out and held her hand. She blushed and smiled.

"Where did you get this house?" I asked. It was something I didn't think about asking until now.

"Well, it's been in my family for some time. My mother, sister, and I use to spend every summer there after my father died."

"Wait, you have a sister?" I asked. Maria never really talked much about her family in school. I tried to rack my brain, thinking about if I saw any pictures of her family in her house. She nodded.

"A younger sister, three years younger than me. When we were teens we would go to the beach house, relax... barley wear clothes."

That got my mind racing. Thinking about young Maria and her sister walking around nude. Their bodies oiled up for some tanning or maybe something naughty. Then my mini day dream flashed forward. Maria and her sister were their current ages, both nude, both looking so hot. They both get on their knees and start licking my hard cock...

"Luke, are you perving out on me?" Maria asked, snapping me back to reality. I blushed for the moment. She laughed.

"Sorry, how come you never told me about your sister before?"

Maria shrugged.

"It never came up. I mean with you and I we talk about other things, or we are a little busy with other things."

I was about to say something when the waitress came up to us, giving us our food. We ate and talked of other things. Then soon we were back out on the road. Maria told me more about herself. When she was ten her father died in a car accident, leaving her mom to raise her and her sister, Tina. Her father left the girls a large sum of cash from some businesses he owned that her mom took over. Maria had a good child hood and with the money was able to go to college. Her sister went into the Air Force after high school and when her time was up she went to college herself. All Maria knew about her sister's work was that it was some kind of business, maybe a desk job she didn't really know. When we got to a gas station she quickly showed me a picture of her mom and sister, taking about a year or so ago.

"We took this picture, and about two months after my mother passed away." Maria said with some sadness in her voice. I looked at the picture. Maria and Tina were the spitting image of there mother, who also looked beautiful. Tina looked almost exactly like Maria except maybe a little bit shorter. She hard long black hair and from the picture maybe smaller breasts than Maria.

"Look at you, again perving out thinking of my sister!" Maria said laughing as she snatched the picture out of my hand.

"N...No I wasn't!" I stammered. She smiled and reached for my crotch. I gasped as she rubbed my cock though my shorts. I didn't realize I was semi hard.

"My nasty little man, does he want to fuck my sister as well as me?" she whispered in my ear. I gave a low moan and nodded. She giggled and took her hand away.

"Well, young man, you just got yourself snack and drink duty!"

I sighed, adjusting myself so my half tent didn't show as I walked in and bought us some little snack foods and drinks. As we started off again I looked over at Maria.

"You aren't mad at me are you?"

She quickly looked over at me then back to the road.

"Luke, sweetheart, why would I be mad?"

"Well... when you asked me about your sister."

She shook her head.

"If I was mad I would say I was. I mean look at me and my sister, we are two Latino hotties! What man wouldn't want to fuck us?"

I busted out laughing.

"I only want you." I said as I looked at her. I saw her smile.

"And I you, my sweet love!"

It was about another two hours before we got to the beach house. It was my first time at a place like this. All my times I went with my parents we mostly stayed at hotels. The house was high off the ground and looked nice. When we got inside the place was almost spotless. There was a nice sized kitchen, a living room with a decent size TV. And several bedrooms. Maria looked at me as I looked around the house.

"What's wrong? Wasn't what you were expecting?" she asked.

"No, it's clean. I mean I guess since you said it's been a year or so since you been here I guess I was thinking things covered in sheets and maybe some dust."

She chuckled.

"No, when me or my sister don't come here, we rent it out to people. And we hire a cleaning service to make sure the place is clean."

"That makes sense." I replied.

"Only problem is there is no food in here, so we will have to go to the store. But that was a long drive and I want to lie down."

I smiled at her. She smiled back.

"Care to join me?" she asked.

Soon we were in the master bedroom. Both of us nude and laying on the bed. We started with just some simple sweet kisses as we caressed each others bodies. I was just going to let her sleep but soon her hand was on my cock, stroking me as my hand slowly rubbed her wet pussy. My fingers slowly enter her as I felt her tighten her hand on my member slightly. Soon she lay on her back and I climbed on top of her, kissing her deeply as I pushed my hard cock into her.

We both moaned as I got all the way into her. My hips slowly started to move back and forth, pumping into my beautiful woman. I pushed all the way in and slowly pulled almost all the way out. Maria's hands on my face as I pushed all the way in.

"Ohhhh Luke yessss" she moaned. My hips started to move a little faster on their own. Her nails dug into my back as I pumped. I groaned from the light pain as I pushed a little harder into her. Her legs wrapped around my lower back

"Maria, you always feel so good, so fucking tight!"

"Yesss all for you baby!" she cried as we started to move with each other. She feverishly kissed all over my face as we moved, her pussy not wanting my cock to leave. I propped my self up some with my hands as went deeper into her. Her hands reached down and squeezed my ass as I pumped.

"Cum in me, cum in MEEEE!" she screamed as she tighten up with her orgasm. As soon as she tightened up I unloaded. We both moaned smiling as we both tiredly held each other. Her pussy clamped around my softing cock. At this point we both drifted into our naps.

After about an hour we went to the store. Nothing exciting just picking up some food. Maria said she was going to cook me some great meals so I was looking forward to that. But tonight we stopped at a burger joint and got something quick. After we put the food away and ate our dinner Maria went to the bedroom. She came out in a nice looking long black skirt and matching top. She took me by the hand and we took a walk on the beach. We held hands as we walked. There was no one really around so we could steal a kiss or two. Soon we came upon a pier. At the end there was a live band. She took me over and got me in even though that part of the pier was a bar area.

Maria had a several drinks and I can safely say she was drunk. She was very active as she grabbed my hand and led me to the dance area. She was all over me, doing some very hot moves and grinds on me. Thankfully no one was really noticing how old I was, then again most were drunk so I bet Maria and I could have started fucking on the dance floor and no one would have batted an eye. After awhile though I knew I has to get her home. She whined a bit but soon we were walking back to the house. I had to say it was kind of funny seeing her a bit tipsy.

As we made our way into the house I took her to the bedroom. She fell onto the bed on her back.

"Luke baby, make love to me." She slurred as she opened and closed her legs. I chuckled and shook my head.

"No, your drunk."

"So? I'm horny, and I want your cock, give it!"

She started to pull up her skirt up. I saw she was wearing some sexy black stockings and a garter belt and no panties. She moaned as she spread her legs wide.

"Come on baby, you can't say no to this." she moaned, her voice seemingly drifting into sleep.

"Baby your drunk and I don't want to take advantage of you!"

"My sweet little gentleman... but I'm ok, come on.... Fuck... mee... You better have your cock in me... in three seconds... or else! 1...2........"

At two she fell asleep. Her legs still wide open showing her pussy. I walked over and started to unbutton her top. At first all I wanted to do was undress her, make it more bearable for her to sleep. Last year on Christmas my dad and my uncle both got drunk and I had to help my mom and aunt move them around to make sure they slept okay. I remember them being heavy and taking three people to movie. Maria felt the same way. The only thing I could do was open her shirt and bra. As I looked at her like this I felt my cock stir in my shorts.

In a flash I found myself nude, slowly pumping in and out of Maria's pussy. The scene was just so nasty I couldn't help myself. She murmured as I pumped fast and hard, making her exposed breast juggle. I grunted like an animal as I used her passed out body. Maria body rocked to my thrust as I pumped hard and fast. Soon I was cumming in her pussy. I pulled out and went to the bathroom to clean her up some. I then fell asleep next to her.

In the morning I woke up to the sounds of Maria pukeing in the bathroom. I got up and saw she had taken her clothes off. Must have been when she had to go to the bathroom. I walked up and knocked on the door.

"Maria, honey, you okay?" I asked, worried that she was getting sick.

"Ugh... I'm fine. Just can't drink like I use to... I'll be out in a moment."

I went into the kitchen and started the coffee machine. One thing I learned was how to make coffee for my parents and it seemed to help my parents with their hang overs whenever they went to parties and what not. As it was brewing Maria came out wearing a normal bathrobe. Her hair looked a bit of a mess but I had to say she still looked good. She gave me a weak smile as she sat at the table.

"Never get old my love. Stay young, be able to drink!" she said as I started to pour her a cup of coffee.

"How about I just never drink?" I asked as I handed it to her, along with the coffee and creamer. She picked up the cup and sipped it.

"Oh what's the fun in that?" she replied as she sipped. I started to make myself a bowl of cereal. As I was doing so I felt her watching me.

"Did you take advantage of me you naughty boy?" she asked as she took another sip. I froze in place.

"Umm... well..." I stammered. When I woke up I did feel guilty about it and maybe there was a tiny part of me that hoped she wouldn't find out. She looked at me and smiled.

"Know how I know?" she asked. I shook my head.

"My pussy was sore and there was some dried cum on my skirt! My little Luke, being a little perv!"

"I'm sorry; it's just... when I tried to undress you I couldn't get you all the way... and seeing you like you were..."

She got up and walked over to me. As she walked over she opened her robe, exposing her nude body to me. She wrapped me in her arms, embracing me. I looked up to kiss her but she shook her head.

"Umm, no kissing yet. I need to still brush my teeth."

I just nodded and held her. She giggled.

"Luke baby, you can have me any way you want. If there is any time you do something I don't like, I will tell you. And I hope if there is anything I do that you don't like you better speak up!"

"Okay." I answered as I place my head between her breasts, hearing her heart beat as she held me. Soon we broke the hug. She sat back at the table as I got my cereal and sat across from her.

"So... what are we doing today?" I asked. Maria sipped some more coffee then answered.

"Well, after this damn hang over goes away. We go on the beach, I sunbathe, and you play in the water unless you want to be my obedient oil boy."

I nodded at the idea of having an excuse to feel her up in public.

"Then a bite to eat be a little lovely dovey with each other. Then I take you to that fancy restaurant I told you about. Then after that we have some wine and make love till dawn. What you think about that?"

"Sounds good!" I said with a smile.

It was about noon when Maria was well enough to go out.

"Before we go out, I have two bikinis I want you to see, tell me what one you like the most okay?"

I nod as she walked in the bed room. I stood in the living room in my swim trunks waiting for her. The first one she came out in she might as well been nude!

The top was just two tiny triangles of fabric that covered her nipples... and that's it! Her areola and the rest of her breast was shown. The bottom was almost smaller than the top was. It barley covered the crotch; you could clearly see the tiny tuff of pubic hair she had. I bet if she sat down you would be able to see her pussy with only a tiny bit of string blocking nothing. Of course she did a cute little turn around so I can see the back side of the bikini. It was like all Maria did was getting some dental floss and fashion it into a belt and thong. She made sure to bend over some, letting her asscheeks open some. Yeah the dental floss thong covered nothing, her perfect asshole exposed to me. She turned around and looked at me.

"So, think this will turn some heads?" she asked. I nodded my mouth wide open.

"I think you might get kicked off the beach with that!" I said. She laughed.

"Silly boy, I know I can't wear this out there," she said as she walked up to me "this is just for you."

We shared a quick kiss; my hands went up and pulled the tiny triangles away, exposing her yummy nipples. Before I could bend and suck on them she backed off and laughed. She went into the bedroom again. A couple minutes later she came back out wearing a normal bikini. A nice looking dark colored top that this time did cover all of her breast. The bottoms covered her pussy and sadly the bottoms weren't a thong so her juicy ass was covered.

We grabbed our beach gear and headed out. It was so sunny and hot out that right after we set up the umbrella and blanket I had to jump into the water for a little bit to cool off. I came out and got back to Maria to start my duty as her oil boy. After I dried off my hands she handed me the tanning oil.

She laid flat on her back as I poured oil in my hands. I started with her legs. I slowly started to rub in the oil. She lightly moaned as I moved my oiled hands up from her ankles too her thighs. She looked down and smiled at me as my hands covered her legs all over. She opened her legs some as my hands edged closer to her bikini covered pussy. As my thumbs lightly rubbed the area of her bikini that hid her pussy she cleared her throat.

"Need some oil up here." She said, shaking her breast some. I smiled as I pours some more oil on my hands and started on her tummy. I started to rub the lotion up towards her breast. My thumbs edging under her bikini top. She moaned.

"Luke baby, get me all over." She whispered. I made sure to cover her arms and neck. After that she took care of her face. She then set the timer on her phone for about fifteen minuets. I took that time to go and swim in the water some. I knew it was time for me to come back for more oiling because Maria started to call me back to her. Again after drying my hands she handed me the oil, this time I worked on her back.

As she lay on her stomach I started on her legs. Again slowly rubbing my hands up to her thighs, getting closer towards her ass. As I worked towards her ass I could see her hips move, slowly humping the blanket as I touched her. My fingers sneaked into her bottoms. My thumbs rubbing her pussy while my other fingers rubbed her asscheeks. She moaned as she reached behind her back and untied her top. I moved my hands up towards her back and rubbing oil along her back. I made sure to press my crotch onto hers as I moved up and rubbed her back.

"Mmm some one is a little excited." She moaned as she grinded on my bulge. As we both dried humped each other I wished I could have pushed my cock into her right then and there. I was done rubbing the oil but we both wanted some release. We continued to hump on the towel as I acted like I was rubbing oil. Both of us tried to keep our moans low as we felt each other about to get off. As I kept moving my hips I looked down. A plan formed in my mind.

I moved one hand towards her bikini bottoms and pulled them to the side. I carefully moved my swim trunks in a way so my cock can be out. Maria looked behind her and whispered.

"Luke, are you crazy?"

I just smiled as I pushed into her. She grunted and grabbed the blanket as I did little pumps in and out. I wondered what anyone would be thinking if they saw us right now. This was all so hot, so exciting. Maria grunted.

"You're going to get us in trouble!" she whispered again. I leaned up as I pumped,

"But you like it don't you?" I asked in a whisper. She moaned and nodded. We kept our little movements as I bent down and kissed her neck. My mind going to other places we could fuck in public. We moved a little quicker until I came. She moaned as I pulled out. I stuffed my cock in my trunks and pulled her bottoms back in place. I lay next to her and smiled. She smiled back and shook her head.

"You naughty little boy!" she said.

After some time on the beach we decided to go get lunch at a near by diner. As we sat at a table we chat some as we waited for our order to be called. She still couldn't believe I was daring enough to fuck her on the beach like that. I was about to say we could try other places but our number was called. I stood up and went to get our order. After getting the tray I turned and my heart skipped a beat.

Standing at our table was Carol Logan, a girl from my class. As I walked up I started to hear her annoying voice.

"Wow small world Mrs. Rosa! When you told the class you were going to the beach who would have think it you would be here!"

Maria just had a little chuckle. I couldn't tell you how many times Maria bitched about how annoying Carol was. She was a little tattle tale/rumor spreader. This isn't what we needed. I tired to think of some way to avoid her but the diner was packed and I couldn't find a way around.

"So who are you here with? Your boyfriend?" Carol asked. Maria just smiled.

"Well yeah..."

"Ohhh where is he? The girls at school would kill me if I didn't see him!"

Suddenly I was pushed forward some by someone who was trying to get their meal. I stumbled forward, almost spilling our lunch onto the table. Carol saw me and had a disgusted look on her face.

"Luke, what are you doing here?" she asked a look on her face like she was going to throw up. I tried to think of something but Maria came to my rescue.

"I ran into Luke on the beach and invited him to have lunch with me. Small world huh?" Maria said with a smile. Carol looked at Maria.

"Well what about your boyfriend? Won't he be mad you're having lunch with... him?" she asked nodding to me. We both know she wanted to say something else.

"I don't think he would mind me having lunch with one of my favorite students. Maybe you should go back to your parents before they worry about you!" Maria said as she took her meal from the tray and I sat across from her. Carol looked at the two of us with a prissy look then walked away. I waited till I knew that bitch was gone before I said anything.

"You think she will say anything about us?" I ask. Maria laughed.

"No, I think she will make some bullshit up about seeing my boyfriend and having a wonderful lunch with us, but nothing else really."

I sat there and wondered if we will run into any other class mates. We both finished our lunches and made our way back to the beach house.

Before we headed out for dinner at the nice place Maria told me about I ironed my nice shirt and kaki shorts. Maria went into one of the other rooms to put on her dress. She said she wanted it to be a surprise. When I was done with my outfit I put it on. When I was done Maria came out, and she was beautiful.

She had a short black dress that fit her body well; she had her hair down with a tiny bit of make up on. I felt myself getting hard just looking at her like that. She smiled. She knew what effect she was having on me.

"Come on, dinner before dessert." She said as we went towards the door.

It wasn't far of a drive from the house. It was a very nice high end sea food restaurant. We were seated in a nice private table in the back of the place. The lighting was dark with some candles lighting Maria's face perfectly. I couldn't help to be entranced by the way she looked.

"Order anything you want my love. Tonight is special." She said quietly as she looked into my eyes. I looked back into hers.

"What's special about tonight? Is it your birthday?" I asked. She just smiled and looked at the menu. I wasn't a big sea food fan but I did like shrimp so I orders a fried shrimp meal. She ordered lobster and some other very pricy items.

The food was awesome and being with Maria made the whole night so great. We got a dessert to go, half a triple fudge cake. When we got back to the house she went to the kitchen and grabbed some wine glasses and two plates for the cake. I watches as she sliced some cake for us and placed them on the table in front of me. She then took out a bottle of wine and started to pour me a glass.

"I'm not old enough to drink." I said looking up at her. She looked at me with a smirk.

"This coming from the boy who several hours ago fucked me in public. I think you can have a drink."

She poured her self some then sat across from me. I took a sip of the white wine and winced a bit. She chuckled and took a sip.

"You asked me why tonight was special. It's because there is something I need to tell you, and I wanted everything to be right. There is something I want to ask you. Do you really love me Luke? Do you see being with me forever?"

I got up and walked over to her. I got on my knees and took her hand in my hands.

"Maria, I would march though hell and back to prove my love. If I had to I would give up everything to be with you!" I said, feeling myself about to start to cry. Maria had a look as if she was about to cry herself. She took my hands and pulled them up to her face and kissed them.

"My Luke, my sweet love. I would do the same and so much more for you. I want to make sure you felt the same as I do... because..."

Maria took my hands and moved them to her stomach.

"I'm going to have your child."

I sat there. I didn't really hear what she said; at least that's what I told myself.

"Wa... what?"

Maria looked worried as she held my hands to her stomach.

"I'm pregnant."

I looked up at her face. She had a mix of sadness and fear. I could tell she was afraid of what I was thinking. To tell the truth I was scared but excited.

"I...I'm going to be a daddy?" I asked. She tried to give me a smile and nodded. My eyes went down to her stomach. The idea that in there was my child. I felt a large smile come across my face.

"How far along are you?" I asked my hands and eyes not leaving her stomach.

"About a month, maybe."

I thought about this morning, her puking in the bathroom.

"Was this morning... morning sickness?"

Maria laughed.

"No, that was me being a drunken idiot! It won't be for a while before that comes up. Are you mad at me?"

"Why would I be mad at you? I... I love you!" I said, stand up and looking into her eyes. She started to cry.

"You... don't think I trapped you or anything?"

"Well, it is both our faults. I mean at no point did I say I needed a condom, and you didn't say if you were on birth control."

She chuckled.

"That's true. Luke, oh baby I'm so happy your not mad or scared at me."

I leaned in and softly kissed her. Our tongues danced in each others mouths. After we broke the kiss I looked into her eyes.

"Maria, I want to marry you! I want you to be mine always!"

Maria started to cry.

"Oh Luke, yes a million times yes!"

She reached up and grabbed me, kissing me with passion as we held each other. One of my hands moving down to her tummy. I had to look down.

"I... I could drop out of school, get a job or some..."

Maria angrily slapped me across the face and pulled away from me so I wasn't touching her. She had a look on her face that could kill in a heart beat.

"You are not dropping out of school. You do that, I will never speak to you, and never let you see your child! You got that?!"

I nodded.

"Y... yeah, I'm sorry. It's just, I need to man up, and I need to take care of you and our baby."

She smiled and walked back up to me. She took my hand and placed it back on her stomach and lightly kissed my lips.

"Baby, you said the right thing. But for now don't worry. I have money, and can take care of myself and our child. I do expect you to come to our house when ever you can to be with us."

"I can do that. Maria, can we get married now? Like can we go somewhere?" I asked. She held me close.

"Oh I wish. But baby you are 13. Unless we go to Mexico we may have some issues. But we can be secretly married. Like that idea?"

"Yeah. But I promise, when I'm done with high school, I will marry you for real!"

We kissed. I was a long and loving kiss.

"I can't wait." She whispered. Holding my hands she led me to the bed room. As we went in she stood before me.

"Undress me husband. Make love to me." She whispered. I said nothing as my hands went down to the bottom of her dress and slowly pulled it up. She raised her arms up, letting me pull it off her. I saw she was wearing a hot lacy black bra and panty set. We both were silent as I unclasp her bra and let it fall off her chest, exposing her perfect breast. I hooked my thumbs into the waist band of her panties and peeled them off her. Once done she stepped away from the pile of clothes and started to undress me. As soon as I was nude we stood and looked at each other. We didn't see each other as fuck buddies or some naughty couple. I saw her as my wife, the mother of my child. And I saw that she saw me as her husband and father of her child. We quickly got onto the bed and started to kiss each other with love and passion. Our hands all over each other.

We didn't say a thing as I started to kiss her face, then neck, working my way down to her chest. I sucked one nipple, then the other, kissing my way to her pussy. Her legs opened wide as I started to lick and suck her sweet cunt. As I worked my tongue I looked up at her. There was something in the way she looked at me that told me she wanted to do the same with me. I moved around so my throbbing cock was at her mouth. She quickly took me into her mouth. We started to pleasure each other with our mouths. Our bodies working to make each other feel good. After what felt like forever we moved around, my cock throbbing at her wet pussy. Nothing needed to be said as I enter my wife. She moaned as I pushed my entire cock inside her.

We moved like a well built machine. Our hips moving to feel every bit of each other. Our breathing steady as we pumped more and more. Her legs wrapped around my lower back as I held her tightly. We didn't want this to ever end. Her body tightened up as I thrust one last time. We both came in unison, my seed filling her intimate areas as her juices covered me. We kissed and held each other, falling asleep.

The entire next day we didn't leave the house. Really we didn't leave the bedroom. We spent the entire time making love over and over.

The following day we went out and went ring shopping. I realized this beach trip wasn't some excuse to have sex. This was our honeymoon. As we found a nice set of rings Maria had mine set as a necklace, she said when I was done with school we can have a ring set for me to wear on my finger.

The rest of our beach trip/honeymoon we had fun site seeing and having fun on the beach. I didn't want to go back home. I wanted to move in with her, be with her all the time. But sadly our time at the beach was over and we had to go home. I spent one more night with her at her house. Before making love we talked about the future. She wanted me to go to college and she said she would help me as much as possible. I didn't really know what I wanted to do. The only thing I knew was I wanted to be there at much as I could, for Maria and our child.

Pt 8 Family

To tell the truth, I never really saw pregnant women as beautiful. I seen porn and nudes of pregnant women (thanks to Pete and his links) but I never got off on them. But when Maria started to show, I started to change my mind. Maybe if was because she was mine, and the baby inside her was also mine... and maybe because she wasn't about to get like gang banged by a bunch of guys in what looked like a rundown warehouse (god damn Pete and his stupid links!)

I would see her in school between classes. Yeah I wasn't her student anymore but I would make some kind of excuse to my friends when they ask why I kept going to her classroom. I would say something like "oh she asked me about blah blah" or "I was just walking by and she said hello."

Most times when I saw her between classes it was for a quick kiss or so I can place my hand on her stomach. On the weekends I would go over to help her. Before she was showing we would just be together, talking about baby names and if it was a boy or girl (we decided to be surprised). Most of these visits would end with us making love. When she started to show the baby bump more and more I would help her with carrying heavy items or just rub her back and feet. We would have sex, but it started to be less and less likely as her hormones were kicking in and that meant mood swings. Sometimes she would be super horny, so we would be nude, ready to go then BAM, she become super depressed, crying about how she looked like a whale, how she was fat and I was going to leave her. Those moments we held each other, I assured her I would never leave, and I didn't think she was a whale. To prove I still wanted her, that I still needed her we would make love.

Most times that would clam her down, but there were some times after sex there would be another mood swing, this time anger. She would yell and scream about how this was my fault, how I should be ashamed by what I did and all. When this first happened I was upset. I mean one moment she was into it, into me being "into" her, then the next yelling and screaming. After she calmed down she explained to me about pregnant women and hormones. So when it would happen, all I did was just nod, agreed with her and said sorry over and over. Maria chuckled and said I will be a very good husband.

It was mid January when Maria went into labor. Sadly I couldn't be with her when she went to the hospital. She was in labor for about 10 hours but when it was done, she had a beautiful little girl; Christina Lareina Rosa. I was able to see my daughter for the first time when Maria brought her home several days after. I was very nervous holding her for the first time. I know people say that their babies are the most beautiful thing in the world, and I am one of those people!

I tried to be over Maria's house almost every weekend. I had to be with my girls. Sadly I couldn't have sex with Maria for awhile. About two weeks after she came home I got to meet her sister, Tina.

Tina came to help Maria. Like the picture Maria showed me during our trip to the beach Tina was beautiful. She had her black hair cut short. Her breasts weren't as big as Maria's. When I came into the house I saw Maria relaxing on the couch as Tina was holding Christina. Maria smiled at me.

"Luke, this is my sister Tina,"

I smiled and waved, saying hi.

"Tina, this is the father of my baby, Luke!"

I stood in shock. I hope maybe Tina would think maybe Maria was joking. She just chuckled.

"Well Luke, it is nice to meet you. Maria has told me so much about you."

I just smiled. She didn't seem to think Maria was serious. She went into the other room with Christina to put her down for her nap. As she was out of the room I looked over at Maria.

"What are you doing?! Telling her I'm the father!" I whispered angrily. Maria just chuckled.

"Oh don't worry about her. She thinks I'm a little drugged up so it's ok."

"So, what do I tell her I am? Like what is my reason I'm here?" I asked. Maria just shrugged.

"Didn't really say anything. Just hang out with me."

I sat next to her and held her close. She snuggled up to me. She yawned as we held each other. After a moment I heard the door to the bed room close. I let go of Maria and tried to act like we weren't doing anything. Tina walked into the room and saw us.

"Maria, you look tired. You should take a nap too." She said as she took a seat on the love seat facing the couch. Maria stretched and yawned.

"Yeah, this way you two can get to know each other. Don't be too loud you two." She said with a chuckle as she got up and walked to the bedroom. I sat on the couch across from Tina. I felt slightly shy in front of her. She smiled as she looked at me.

"So, you were one of Maria's students?" she asked. I nodded.

"Y...yeah last year." I answered. Tina was wearing a t-shirt and a long skirt. She just looked at me as if she was measuring me up.

"So how long you think you will be here?"

"Until Maria says she doesn't need me. But I am not only here for her."

"Yeah, you're here for the baby." I said. She smiled and shook her head.

"Not just Maria and the baby, you too."

"Me?" I asked confused.

She walked over and sat next to me. I could feel her eyes burning though me.

"Maria told me everything, and I mean everything."

I swallow hard. I didn't like that she knows. I mean I didn't really know Tina. How do I know she wouldn't call the cops or something? She moved closer to me.

"Do you know how long its going to be until you can make love to my sister?" she asked in a very low whisper. I swallowed; I didn't know how to answer.

"Six months. And I know that is a very long time for a very horny teenager. A horny teenager who had some hot holes to fuck over and over. You been jerking off a lot haven't you?"

Her hand reached down and rubbed my thigh. I felt myself getting hard. I tried to move her hand off of me but she squeezed a little hard.

"Just relax, or I will yell out you are attacking me! And believe me; my sister will believe me more than you!"

Tina reached and started to undo my pants. As I sat there she took my shirt off and tossed it across the room. She had a cruel smile as she pulled my pants down. My cock popped out, throbbing as she got my pants off. She licked her lips as she looked down at my cock. She stood up and started to undress. Her body was completely different than Maria. I remember Maria said Tina was in the military and it showed. I'm not saying Maria was out of shape or anything but seeing Tina's body you could tell she worked out. She had no body fat on her. Her pussy was bald and smooth. She stood above me, her hands on her hips as she looked down at me.

"Like what you see? Think my body looks better than Maria's?"

I didn't answer. She chuckled as she came up to me. She moved her self in a way so she could easily suck me. Her hand wrapped around my cock and started to pump it up and down. I grunted.

"Mmm so hard. You need to cum in a hot wet pussy don't you?"

I gasp as she used one hand to pump my cock while using her other hand to rub my balls. I felt my hips move as Tina stimulated me. She smiled.

"Look at you. You really need some don't you? Don't worry baby, Auntie Tina is here!"

She bent down and took me into her mouth. My hands reach down towards her head. I wish I could tell you I pushed her off me but no... my hands rested on top of her head and in a way guided her as she sucked me.

"Ohhh shit..." I moaned. She popped my cock out of her mouth.

"Shhh, don't be loud, or you will wake the baby, or worse, Maria!"

She took me back into her mouth and sucked more. I bit my lower lip as her head bobbed up and down. It felt like it was going on forever. I guess it was the fact I haven't been with Maria since she gave birth but the blow job felt so good. I tried to hold back and not cum in her mouth. My eyes closed tight as I felt like I was getting closer and closer to cumming. As I felt like I was a second away from unloading Tina stopped sucking and quickly grabbed my cock. She squeezed my cock at the base. It hurt some as she moved around, holding it in place as she started to have me enter her pussy.

"Mmm, Luke, I want you to cum in me, knock me up too!"

I whimpered as she slide down my cock. Her pussy so tight around my cock it was almost painful. She let go as she took all of me inside her.

"Mmmm yes so hard." Tina groaned. I tried to keep quiet as she started to ride me. She rode me hard. Her moans and grunts getting louder. I whimpered, trying to find a way to say to Tina to be quiet but there was something else that was about to rat us out... the couch was moving back and forth, making a loud dragging noise on the wood floor.

My eyes were closed tight as Tina rode me. In my mind I was praying that this would end, that some how Maria will never find out about this. That maybe this will be a one time thing...

"What is going on here?" a voice asked. I squeezed my eyes tighter. It was Maria. I could only imagine the look on her face. A look of hate and anger. I could almost see what will happen next. I could hear her scream at me and Tina, could see her throwing us out. Could see her not letting me ever see Christina again. I opened my eyes slowly looking towards Maria. I didn't see an angry woman...

I saw a large smile.

Tina moved her hips. She gave a small chuckle as she tightened up her pussy, making me wince a little.

"I... I can explain..."

Tina moved her hips, sending a pleasure though my body, stopping me from speaking. Tina looked over at her sister.

"Mmm I am doing as you asked, helping your man cum." She moaned. I felt confused as I heard Tina say that. Maria walked over so she was standing next to her sister. She looked down at me then at Tina.

"You didn't tell him did you?" she asked Tina with a laugh. Tina moved her hips some more.

"I wanted to have some fun with him!"

Maria looked down at me with a sweet smile.

"I felt bad that we wouldn't be able to make love as much as we could before having your baby. So Tina volunteered to take my place as your lover until the doctor says I can have sex again!"

I was speechless. Maria leaned in and kissed me then stood up, wrapping her arms around her nude sister.

"When we were teens Tina and I would share everything... even lovers!" Maria then slowly French kissed Tina. At that moment I couldn't hold back any more. I cried out as I came deep inside Tina. Tina broke the kiss and laughed.

"Mmm, a little sister/sister action got you off? What a naughty little boy you are!"

Both girls laughed as I laid there. Maria squeezed one of Tina's breasts.

"I think when I get better we will have to have a three way."

"I'm thinking we just tie him to a chair and make him watch us have fun!" Tina moaned. She leaned back and looked down at me, my cock deep inside her still. I swallowed and looked at Maria.

"I...If you are letting me have sex with Tina, I think maybe we need condoms. I don't want to knock her up!"

Maria looked at Tina, her hands on her hips.

"What have you been saying to my man?"

Tina laughed.

"I said I wanted to have a little fun with him. Maybe I said I wanted Luke to knock me up. He didn't need to know I have a sub dermal device!"

The sisters laughed. After a while Maria looked down at the floor and seemed a little upset.

"Okay, one rule for you two, no more fucking on my couch!"

"Why?" Tina asked. Maria pointed at the floor.

"Because you two scratched up my floor with the damn couch!"

Tina got up off of me and looked at the floor, at this moment I saw Tina's ass. I have to say every bit of her was tone and fit. She looked at the scratches and chuckled.

"I'm sorry; I will buy some floor repair thing or something."

Maria sat next to me. She looked over and looked at my cock. I almost wanted to cover up, feeling guilty about having sex with Tina. Even though this was all Maria's idea. As I was about to cover up Maria bent down and took me into her mouth. She moaned as she tasted her sister and my cum. Her head bobbed a little.

"Oh Maria... you shouldn't be doing this!" I cried. Tina watched and smiled.

"Silly, she can suck you, jerk you, tit fuck you. You just can't use her pussy or ass!"

After a moment I was lost in the moment. Feeling Maria's mouth on my cock made me wish I could do more with her. As I was being sucked Tina bent over and kissed me. Her tongue entered my mouth. Any guilt I had was gone as I felt myself cum in Maria's mouth. At that moment Christina woke up from her nap and let us know it with a mighty cry. Maria stood up.

"Okay you two, go clean up before you handle my child!"

So from that moment on my visits were the following:

I would come to see Maria, spend time with my daughter, help out with anything Maria might need, and then before going home I would fuck Tina. Sometimes Maria would watch kind of join in with either dirty talk or some sexual things.

On the weekend visits I would sleep with Maria at night. It felt so good holding her. Even if she didn't have Tina there the things Maria could do would have held me over until the doctor said she was ready. The main thing though was to spend time with my little girl.

Christina was so cute. I got use to holding her. Every day I couldn't believe that I help create this little life in my arms. She seemed to know I was her daddy. There were times where Maria or Tina would be holding her and she would be crying her eyes out. I would take her in my arms and she would get quiet. I had to say I fell in love with the tiny life Maria and I created.

One night when Tina went out to have some alone time I was holding Christina with Maria. Maria looked at me.

"I want to make a rule right now. You will not have sex with our daughter!"

I looked at Maria.

"That didn't cross my mind." I answered. It really didn't come up at all. Maria nodded.

"I just... I don't know. If she gets older and some how wants us to introduce her to sex. Then we will think and talk about it. I don't want to come home one day and catch you raping our five year old daughter or something!"

I shook my head.

"You have my word! This is my little girl, and I would never hurt her in any way shape or form!"

Maria smiled and kissed me.

I have to say, Tina is great in bed! And she taught me how to make sure to have quiet sex. There were several times we got a little too loud in the guest room and woke up Christina. Maria threatened that if it wasn't too cold outside she would have made us fuck outside. Even though Tina was awesome in bed I really needed to be with Maria.

It was close to June when Maria had her doctor's appointment. I was mowing my parent's lawn when I got a text message from her:

"Doc says I am healed up, give me that dick NOW!!!!!"

I quickly finished up the mowing and took a quick shower. It seemed like I got to her house faster than I ever been. As I walked in I saw Tina holding Christina. I had to say hi to my little girl. I kissed her chubby little cheek and she cooed. Tina smiled.

"Do I get a kiss too?"

I smiled as we both had a slow deep kiss. Tina broke the kiss and smiled. She looked like she was about to say something when Maria called out from down the hall.

"Is that Luke?"

"Yes it is!" Tina called back; she looked at me and laughed, "Soon as she got home she had been rip roaring for you!"

At that moment Maria came walking towards us. She was nude. Before I could say anything she grabbed my shorts and pulled me towards her. We kissed with passions for what seemed like forever. She took my hands and started to pull me towards the bedroom.

"Have fun you two!" Tina said with a laugh.

As we got into the bedroom Maria pulled my shirt off me as I took my shorts off. She pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me, kissing me with passion. My hands grabbing her breast as she worked her hands towards my rock hard cock. We needed each other so bad. She moved up and slowly let me enter her hot wet pussy. Both of us loudly moaning as we joined. She felt tighter than she has been before. I guess 6 months of healing and no sex would do that. We both laid there for the moment, getting use to each other again. Maria started to move her hips, grinding into me roughly. She lean forward letting her tits dangle near my face. I reached up and started to suck her hard nipples. I could taste a little bit of milk as we both moved our hips.

There were no words spoken between us. At this moment the only thing that mattered was our urges. I sat up, grabbing Maria and frenching her as I thrust into her again and again. She moaned in my mouth as my hand reached down and using my thumb to rub her clit as I pumped into her. The bed springs squeaking as we worked towards cumming together. Maria used her weight to push me onto my back. She grabbed my hands and held me down, kissing me with all her might as our hips moved.

It was becoming too much for us as we got closer to cumming. Maria moved close to my ear and whispered.

"Cum in me, make me pregnant again!"

I cried out as I thrusted deep inside her and exploded. Her body tightened up and she moaned, cumming on me as we both held each other. We both were breathing hard, trying to calm down some. Her head was on my chest as my hands went though her hair.

"I want more." She moaned. Her hand went down and stroked my crotch. I moaned as she stroked me. I was getting hard again. We kissed as she moved up, getting on all four.

"Fuck me my love." She said. I got up and got behind her, rubbing my cock up and down her pussy, sliding into her with ease. My hands went to her hips as I started to pump in and out. I wanted to last a little longer, wanted to enjoy every moment of this. Maria's head dropped down as I pumped.

"Oh Luke baby, need this, need this..." she mumbled as she pushed back against me. Her bubble butt pushing me back a little. I raised a hand up and gave it a good hard slap. She cried out as I switched hands and slapped her other ass cheek, making sure both side got the same treatment.

"Yessss, fuck me, keep me pregnant, and keep me yours forever!"

Hearing her say this really got me going. I thrust deeper and harder. I didn't care about how many kids we had or how we were going to take care of them. I just wanted to keep making her cum, keep making her want me.

As I pumped into her I suddenly felt a presence behind me. I felt a female body pressed up onto my back.

"Go on Luke, knock up my whore sister. Show me how much of a man you are!" Tina whispered in my ear. She used one hand to squeeze my ass and the other to pinch one of my nipples. Maria looked back at Tina and me.

"Yes... knock up my whore pussy... then knock up my sister, make us both yours!" she cried out. Tina moved her hand up and turned my head. She frenched me as the hand that squeezed my ass moved down between my legs, rubbing my balls as I moved back and forth into her sister. Hearing Tina whisper nasty things in my ear while she touched me and pumping into my sweet Maria was too much. I pumped one final time, cumming deep inside.

Maria fell forward, moaning in pleasure. I lay next to her on my back. Tina was the only one still up. She was on her knees on the bed above us. She licked her lips as she played with her nude body. Maria rolled to her side and smiled at me.

"Mmm my sexy man, I still want more." She said, her fingers rubbing my chest. Tina moaned.

"I want a turn!" Tina demanded. I had to chuckle.

"I need to rest some."

The sisters had other ideas.

Maria and Tina moved around so both of their heads were near my crotch. I sat up some looking down at them. The two whispered something then giggled. Before I could ask what they were talking about Tina took my soft cock into her mouth. I moaned as she worked my member into her mouth. Maria reached over and rubbed my balls. My eyes rolled back as Tina started to make my cock hard. After a moment she popped my cock out of her mouth. Maria quickly took it into her hand and then started sucking me.

The two took turns sucking my cock. After a while my hands were on top of both women's heads as they licked both sides of me throbbing member. It was that moment when Tina decided to take her turn with me. She straddled my crotch and slowly lowered her self down. Maria held my cock in her hand, helping me enter her sister. The last several months Tina and I have been lovers, fucking in every way we could think of. Most of those times we were alone but something about Maria being here with us made this so much hotter, so much nastier. Maria moved up next to me, kissing my face and watching her sister ride me.

Tina slide up and down my cock, moaning in pleasure. Maria sat up and started to suck on Tina's hard nipples. I reaches over and played with Maria's ass as she reached down and rubbing Tina's hard clit. Tina rolled her hips as I pushed deep into her.

"Yes Tina, let Luke knock you up! Be his lover like I am!" Maria moaned, pinching one of her nipples as she rode me. Tina moaned.

"Mmm come on little boy, knock me up, use my holes." She growled. I wanted to sit up and kiss Tina but Maria stopped me. She pushed me on my back and straddled my mid section. She laid on top of me and kissed me as Tina rode me harder. Tina tightened her pussy, making herself very tight. Feeling how tight she was almost made me cum right then but something in me made me hold out made me want to make her cum before me.

Tina growled and rode me harder. Maria lay on her side to watch us. Her hand reached down and rubbed her wet cunt.

"Mmmm who's going to cum first?" she moaned as Tina and I fucked each other like our lives depended on it. Maria kissed my cheek.

"Make that bitch cum; make her scream your name baby!"

I grabbed her hips tightly and thrust as hard as I can. Tina tried to get her pussy as tight as possible. Both of us grunting like animals, neither one of us wanting to let the other win. Maria cheering me on as I pumped hard into Tina.

Soon Tina started to whimper more. I could tell she was about to cum. At that moment I pumped as hard and fast as I could. Tina's body tensed up as she screamed.


As she came on me I let go, shooting my load inside her. Both of us breathing hard as Tina's body shuttered as she calmed down. She collapsed on to the side of me. The three of us spent, tired and covered in sweat. Tina snuggled close to me and kissed me lightly. Maria snuggled to my other side. The three of us in our own heaven, we could have stayed like this for ever. Resting up for our next moment of lust and fun. We were about to drift to sleep when reality slapped us in the face.

Baby Christina crying out, either from hunger or maybe her Aunt Tina's orgasmic screaming, who could say. Tina sighed.

"I got her... my fault anyways." She moaned as she got up. She grabbed the robe Maria had draped over a chair and went to check on my daughter. Maria held me close.

"Luke... are you happy?" she asked. I looked into her eyes and smiled.

"Yes my pet, are you?"

She held me tight.

"A million times yes."

We held each other as we drifted off into an afternoon nap.

Pt 9: Future

So I went on going to school. During my junior year I got Maria pregnant again. She gave birth to our second child, a boy we named Eric. During my senior year Tina decided to just live with Maria. At this time she not only helped take care of the kids but helped me (in non sexual ways.)

During my senior year she helped point me to what I want to do after high school. At this time I found out that Tina went to college and got degrees in business and accounting. I also found out that she ran her fathers businesses after she got out of college and was very good at it. She opened my eyes to something I never thought would be so interesting. So in my senior year I took several college prep business courses.

And yes, Tina helped me in the bed room after Maria gave birth to our son. Just like last time Tina would help me with my urges while Maria recovered. Tina made sure to keep her birth control up to date. Then again I found it funny that while we had sex she would demand that I knock her up and what not, but hey it seemed to work because I would find myself fucking her harder and faster, seemingly unloading more cum in her.

During my high school years my parents would bug me about not having a girlfriend or maybe I had one but never brought her around. I couldn't bring myself to tell them that really I was "married" and had two kids with my former teacher but you know, you kinda don't want to get the woman you love arrested and become a TV movie of the week!

Several days after I graduated I married Maria, for real. We had a court house wedding, nothing to big or anything. My parents were surprised that not only I got married right after high school but to an older woman who had two kids. Thankfully they didn't remember that Maria was my teacher about five years before. They welcomed her and the kids into our family with open arms.

It wasn't until I was about 24 when I told them the whole truth. I have to say they were in shock for a bit. Mom talked about calling the police but dad talked her out of that. His reasoning was that it was all done in the past and that I did marry the mother of my kids and also seemed to have a good, stable marriage!

I didn't tell them about my relationship with Tina that might get a little odd.

Maria and Tina both helped me out a lot during my time in college. I went to a local school and moved in with Maria (I mean I kind of had to, we were married) during breaks between semesters Tina had me work with her. Most of the work was online kind of things but it did show me so much about business. Once in a while I would go with Tina to one of the offices she ran. Spending a week doing what was only in class books and lectures really got me wanting to do and learn more! It was no surprise I was able to graduate with top honors!

Plus those week long trips were more of an excuse for Tina to have me all to herself.

Maria often joked that since I married her I was also married to her sister. And Tina took that to heart! The first time Tina took me on one of her office visits we spent most of it nude in the motel room. She said this was our "Honeymoon" and really, I didn't complain. Tina tried to make it sound like this was going to be our secret but of course, as soon as I got home Maria asked how our trip was and then asked her sister for all the nasty details of what we did.

Having two kids didn't hurt our sex lives too much. Granted we couldn't have the wild stuff we use to do when Christina was just a baby. Yeah there were times where we started to get hot and heavy, clothes almost off, Tina frenching me while Maria started to suck my cock. It was like something was in the air that would trigger one or both kids to start crying. One of us would have to stop and check on them.

It got a little worse when they got older and started to talk! I have to say though, thank god for grandparents! With a quick phone call the kids would be whisked away to down the road for a weekend of fun with them, so daddy, mommy, and Aunt Tina could have their own fun!

After I was done with college I got a job at a local company. I worked my way up and got a very good job that not only pays well, but also lets me spend time with my kids.

Maria still teaches at the same school. I decided one day to surprise her at school. After checking in with the front desk I made my way to her class room. It was close to lunch time so of course the halls were filled with students making their way to where ever they were going. As I walked closer to the classroom my mind flashed back to all the times I would sneak to her class between periods, usually getting a quick kiss or feel, once in a while a quick fuck. As I got to her door I saw that the privacy blind was pulled down over the window. I thought for a moment...

Was she fucking a student?

I stood at the door. I didn't know what to feel. I knew I should be angry but at that moment I felt something else...

I felt turned on!

I could almost see it in my mind. My beautiful Maria, her skirt hiked up, panties pulled down. Some little 13 year old stud pumping in and out of her, no condom on, just needing to cum in this slutty teacher.

I quietly started to turn the door knob. How should I react if the door was locked? If it was unlocked and I walked into the scene what should I do? I felt my cock throb in my slacks. It was saying one thing.

"Join in! You know she will need a cock in her mouth or ass!"

I turned the knob. It wasn't locked. As I opened the door the scene I walked into wasn't of underage sex...

It was Maria, talking with a female student.

The student was a cute little girl, curly brown hair and glasses. She jumped up from the chair in front of Maria's desk and looked a bit flushed. She quickly stammered something and rushed pass me. Maria looked upset at first until she saw it was me who walked into her little meeting. She smiled as she got up from her desk.

"Luke! What are you doing here?" she asked as she walked up to me. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me deeply. As she pressed herself on me I could tell she could feel my hard on. She pulled back.

"Mmm what got you so excited?" she asked. I gave a sly smile as I closed her class room door and locked it.

"Well, seeing the blind pulled down, I thought I was going to walk in on my wife and a new little lover! Tell me, is there any little boys I should be worried about?"

Maria laughed.

"Oh a couple, but I doubt any would be as brave as you were."

I chuckled as I walked up towards her. I stopped, I noticed on the floor where the girl was sitting was a folded up note. I picked it up and opened it. Maria cocked her head to the side as she watched me read it. I feel my face grow red.

"What is it?" she asked a little worry in her voice. I look up from the note and answer.

"Maybe it isn't a little boy I should be worried about!"

I hand her the letter. I watch as she began to read it:

Mrs. Haxton,

I'm writing this because I don't know if I will ever have the nerve to say anything to you in person. I don't think I will really give this to you but I hope maybe it will help me. I think I am in love with you! You are all I think about! When I go home I think of kissing you, touching you. making love to me... I want you to make me a woman, your woman!


"Oh my!" Maria said as she placed the note on her desk,

"I take it Cindy was that little cutie that just left?"

Maria nodded. I walked up behind her. Pulling her to me, my cock pressed up on her ass.

"What you thinking?" I ask her. She reached down and pulled her skirt up. I use one hand to undo my fly and pull out my throbbing cock as she pulled her panties to the side. I push into her and we both gave a satisfied moan.

"I...I'm thinking... I want to taste her." Maria moaned as I started to pump in and out of her wet pussy.

"I want to taste her too" I moaned. When I said that Maria pushed back on me. I could almost tell we were thinking the same thing. My mind was filled with images of Maria on the desk, her legs wide open. Sweet little Cindy is nude, leaning in and starting to lick my wife's hot wet pussy. I find myself on my back, having the teen slowly sit on my face so I can lick her little slit.

Maria and I grunted as we fucked hard and quickly. Soon she slammed back hard on me as I thrust one more time, both of us cumming at the same time. We stood there trying to calm down, trying to catch our breaths. We both gave each other a look and laughed.

A naughty little thought came to mind...


It was the end of the school day and Cindy walked into her room. She tossed her book bag onto the floor and she fell face first into her bed. She grumbled and sighed. It took her months to work up the nerve to talk to Mrs. Haxton. She wanted to spill her heart out to the attractive Latina. But the first part of their talk she was tongue tied. Mrs. Haxton tried to coax something out of the girl but she was too stuck as to how to tell this woman she loved her. When she thought she had it figured out the door opened and some guy walked in.

That must have been her husband; he was too handsome to be a teacher. Cindy heard rumors about Mrs. Haxton's husband. Most were about him being a former student and that they were fucking when he was only 13. Cindy didn't want to believe that. But he was very good looking and he did look a little younger than Mrs. Haxton. Cindy got up and went to her computer to check her email. Most of it was spam but before she logged off one email caught her eye...

It was from Mrs. Haxton, and it had photo attachments...


Epilogue: Pete

Pete was out of breath but he kept running. It was a moonless night, the surrounding area was pitch black but this was the only chance he had to run. He was 16 years old, spending the last three years in the Galveston Juvenile Detention Center for his crimes. Those three years were a living hell.

The first half of his sentence was spent in the hospital wing. He had to recover from the beat down he got from the football players. But that wasn't easy. Galveston was known as one of the harshest Juvie homes in the country. The nurses and doctors gave him the bare minimal help. After he was mostly healed he was placed in general population. The rule was as long as he didn't say anything about why he was there he wouldn't be hurt. But really it didn't matter.

The kids who were there for major crimes saw Pete as a weakling. His first several days in gen pop he was attacked, beaten up by his bunkmate and several of his "crew". When Pete tried to fight back the beatings got worse. When he tried to complain to guards it seemed like he got placed on more shit list for being a snitch. After several months of beatings and no help from the guards Pete got sick of it. He tired to report the guards for letting him get beaten.

That was a big mistake.

After some guards found out that Pete reported them, some how gen pop found out about what crimes he was there for.

The first night the news came out Pete was attacked in the shower room. It wasn't only a beating, he was raped. For several weeks Pete was attacked by inmates who really didn't like kiddy didlers. It took him almost being stabbed by some skin heads for the warden to move him to the sex offender's wing.

In a way Pete wished they kept him in gen pop!

In the sex offender wing Pete heard the horror stories of the messed up things the kids here have done. He herd one guy's story of raping a 3 month old. Another boy talked about drugging and raping his mother and father. The sick shit these boys have done make what Pete tried to do look like a simple jay walk.

Pete will also find out what happens in this wing to new people. His first night two boys attacked and raped Pete, threatening to kill him if he told. In this place even the guards took part in sexual assaults. There wasn't a night that went by that Pete wasn't attacked by either one of the many crazed inmates or a guard or two. During this time Pete only had one thing in mind.

This was entire Luke and Mrs. Rosa's fault.

That was what went though his mind over and over. During every beating and rape, this was their fault. It wasn't the fact that he was busted with the pictures and the DNA... it was that wetback bitch and her little faggot fuck toy!

As time went on Pete has an on going fantasy of revenge. At first it was simple. He saw himself breaking into where ever Luke and his cunt were at. He would beat the shit out of that little bitch Luke. Then he would make him watch as he beat and rape Mrs. Rosa.

The longer he was there, the darker the revenge got. Soon he would not only rape Rosa, he would make her watch as he would rape Luke's little faggot ass. Oh he would spend hours on Luke. When Pete was done with Luke, that little bastard would be a cock craving fag!

By the time Pete escaped his fantasy was very dark. This time he would not only beat and rape the couple... he would kill them! He dreamed of making Luke watch as he would slit Mrs. Rosa's throat. Then with her dieing breath she will watch as he kills her little asshole boyfriend. Every time he had this dark fantasy that he would kill first, sometimes it was Luke, sometimes Rosa. It was this screwed up fantasy that kept Pete angry, kept him alive, kept him looking for an exit.

And on this moonless night, he had his chance!

It took three long years but Pete found his chance to escape. He found an access vent in a reading room that looked like it lead somewhere outside the walls. He had to find a way to unscrew the bolts that held the vent in place. He tried coins but they wouldn't make a scratch. He found someone who could make shives out of things from the metal shop and for a price he made Pete a shive out of a flat head screwdriver. That price was a series of blowjobs. Pete figured for freedom he would suck every cock in the building as many times as it would take! Once the shive was made and the cock sucked Pete made sure that the first moonless night he would make his attempt.

After getting the vent open he found his way behind the walls of the building. He made his way down to what looked like an access tunnel. Pete made his way out of the tunnel and into the woods outside of the juvie home. He made his way though the woods, breathing hard, and not knowing if the guards have noticed him missing yet.

He tripped and stumbled over branches and rocks. He would grumble a little curse towards Luke and Rosa. He kept running. He figured he should be a safe distance from the center. But his main goal was to find the main road.

Once he finds that main road...


"Mother fuck, WAKE UP!" Ed screamed to himself as he worked the steering wheel of his big rig. He has been driving Mack trucks for close to twenty years. He knows when he was starting to fall asleep, but this was different. The last No-Doze pill he took was wearing off and he was out. He knew when the No-Doze wares off sleep drops in like a fuck ton of bricks. He shook his head and growled. His eyes were drooping hard. He knew that no amount of coffee, music, or CB radio chat would keep him up.

He really had to be careful on this stretch of road. Several years ago he hit a rather large deer on this road and it did a number on his radiator and tires. He knew that there was an area he could pull over and get some rest but that was about eight or nine miles away. He had to maintain, he had to stay awake...

His eyes drooped more and more. For more than half a second his eyes were fully closed. And that's all it took.


Pete jumped down from a small embankment and landed on something hard. He couldn't tell if this was black top or some rock. He grumbled, wishing maybe he did his escape during a full moon! He bitched under his breath, another thing to blame on the couple.

"Be nice to have a light." He grumbled. As if fate wanted to answer him a very bright light engulfed him. He tried to raise his hand to see what the light was coming from...




Ed's eyes jolted open. He didn't see what he hit but it had to be a decent size. There was a tiny bit of blood on his windshield. He shook his head and took a deep breath. Maybe it was a good thing he hit that deer! The shock gave Ed a quick adrenaline boost. He will be able to drive up the road some, get some rest and check the damage he may have gotten. He hoped that maybe this one didn't do as much as damage as the one a couple years ago.


Pete was able to see what the light was coming from. By the time he was able to see it was a rather large truck it was almost on him. He was in a surprised shock and couldn't move.

Before the truck plowed into him, making his body explodes like a water balloon full of red paint there was one thing that went though his mind.

"Well... shit..."


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