Mf13, cons, 1st, stroke

In an isolated cabin in Northern Canada, while a snow storm rages, an illicit affair with a blossoming thirteen-year-old girl is consummated.

Outside, the wind howled and pummeled the heavy log walls of the cabin. A quiet whistling sound came from the window sill where air had found a tiny gap invisible to the naked eye. The log cabin was too solid to shake from the gale-strength gusts, but the front door occasionally rattled.

Across the room, a fire roared in the hearth radiating warmth into the cabin, battling back the frigid outside temperature. Flames cast a dancing light onto the walls and arched ceiling; the only light inside.

As spacious as the cabin was, with only three rooms, it wasn't conducive to privacy. A bathroom, a small kitchen, and this living area with a bed, a small sitting area around the fire, and a dining table for two made up the entire space. Coarse rugs covered hardwood floors. Wooden furniture with comfortable, colorful cushions made the cabin cosy, casual.

The scent of burning pine filled the air. An occasional sizzle of burning sap broke through the howl of the wind.

On top of me, the heavy quilt warmed. Next to me, she radiated heat and an aroma of sensual young girl. Her bare skin felt good against me. I kissed her head, her long blonde hair silken.

She stirred, murmured like a satisfied kitten, and opened her eyes. Pale blue studied me. A soft smile slowly emerged, pleased, proud. I brushed it with my lips.

Little sparks went off inside me. Desire stirred again. Her hand emerged from under the quilt to hold my neck, and she pulled me into another kiss, her soft lips responding, warm breath wafting onto my cheek.

Our kiss deepened, lips pressing, then parting, tongues flirting. I rolled towards her and gathered her in my arms. Her knee eased between my legs, rising to press against my groin. Closing my eyes, with her scent in my nose, her lips against mine, I caressed her slender bare back, felt her shoulder blades, the sweeping curve of her spine, and finally, at the base, the swell of her buttocks.

They were warm, silken, so perfectly shaped, beautiful and firm. Moving lower, I stroked her thigh.

The kiss ended. Her blue eyes probed into mine, saw what she sought - love and desire still burning bright, no regrets, and she smiled. Her knee pressed against my balls. Between us, another erection formed, and she responded, pressing herself against it.

She turned her body away to give her room, her hand searching and finding my erection. Warm fingers curled around the shaft. She squeezed gently.

I stroked back up her thigh, this time on the inside. With her knee bent, the edge of my hand touched her pussy. She was warm and still slippery and wet with leaking semen. The edge of my finger eased between her labia to press against her clitoris and she responded with another gentle squeeze of my shaft.

Looking into my eyes, she kissed me again. Blue winked out, her eyes closing, and as I carefully caressed her clit, she stroked my cock slowly. The pad of her thumb teased the tip and, when my erection throbbed in response to her touch, she murmured into my mouth.

The wind howled. Outside was bitterly cold. Inside, we were warm and getting warmer as desire washed back at us. Arousal grew. Our bodies reacted with small movements, sensual rubbing, naked skin against naked skin. The tips of our tongues teased and flirted. Then I sucked her lip, lush and so sexy.

Her gentle stroking made me harder, renewing the ache for her, intensifying my need for her; a powerful attraction I'd never experienced before. We were still new to each other, still exciting, still thrilled by an intimacy frowned upon by society.

Her eyes opened. In them I could see her sweet pleasure and excitement. I could see her pride at how she could arouse me. And I could see her adoration, finally released into the open and welcomed by me.

Silently, she spoke. Her body rubbed expressing renewed desire. Her hand stroked, expressing excitement, and her knee slowly eased out from between my legs expressing intent, an invitation.

I accepted. Reaching down between us, as she turned her hip away, I touched her again, just as thrilled as last time. I cupped her small pussy and felt her cleft slippery with semen, lush labia and, against my palm, the dusting of pubic hair; fresh, newly forming, and silky soft.

Curling my middle finger, the tip slipped into her cleft. She was wet, hot, and still leaking. I touched her clit. It was engorged, soft, and tender. She flinched slightly, then softened again, smiling at me, her eyes twinkling.

She stroked me. My erection throbbed in response, now hard, now exerting its power over me. I explored her cleft and at the base, felt her wetness, the tip of my finger slipping into her without pain this time.

Very slowly, I penetrated her, watching for a wince of pain. None. Her vagina hugged my finger, moist and hot, snug.

She'd reached her limit. With a tug of my cock, and knee burrowing under my legs, she told me what she wanted; me, again.

I moved over her, hovering off her body. Her knees rose to cradle my hips, her hand holding my erection.

This time I indulged. This time I held myself off her and studied her. She was a naked Goddess. Small, remarkably firm breasts peaked on her chest, each a perfect mound, each a perfect breast, just diminutive, young, still forming. Again I marveled at her puffy areolae, pink and plump with small nipples.

When I smiled at her, she smiled back. In her beautiful eyes there was newfound confidence, the shyness gone. In her eyes I saw her pleasure at the desire and love in mine. She let me look at her naked body, no attempt to cover herself.

I lowered my mouth to hers, kissing her gently, then bent and kissed one breast, then the other; a brush of my lips. Her areolae crinkled slightly.

Her body was slender, the type of slenderness only possible with youth; stomach flat, hips narrow and peaked. And lower on her body, she felt my response at the sight of her remarkable pussy, my erection throbbing.

Swelling up from her stomach, her mons was lush and dusted with pale blonde pubes, each short, silken, and not yet curled. They looked like they'd been groomed, all aligned towards her cleft. And below the sensual swell of her pussy, my erection hovered, large, seemingly impossibly thick, her hand gently holding my shaft.

I reacted. A shiver of excitement passed through me. I couldn't believe she was now my lover. And I still couldn't stop the thrill that made me ache with desire. Only thirteen, still a child with blossoming puberty, and a woman's desires, she was gorgeous.

Trembling slightly from the strain of holding myself up off her, I bent and took the tip of her small breast into my mouth, tasted the saltiness of her perspiration, the stippled texture of her puffy areola and soft nipple, and sucked gently, teasing her nipple with my tongue.

She sighed audibly, her hand carefully squeezing my shaft. When I finished, her areola was even puffier, and slightly darker from flushed blood; just beautiful. I kissed her other breast, teasing, sucking gently, and she reacted with a moan of pleasure, her hand now tugging my erection.

Returning to her mouth, I kissed her, resisting her urging hand. Then, when the kiss ended, I looked down. She guided me, the tip of my cock touching her cleft, a pulse of pleasure hitting me. Anticipation made my heart race.

She rubbed the tip up and down her cleft, slowly pulling me against her and her labia bulged, then slowly oozed apart to hug the tip of my crown. Arms straining, I watched her tease her clit with my tip, stroking herself. Now up, the size difference came into sharp focus; my helmet as wide as her vulva; an impossible fit. But slowly, ever so slowly, her labia parted, cleft stretched, and her sexy pussy cradled my crown, warm, so moist, so incredibly arousing.

With a firm hold on my shaft, with newfound confidence, she guided the tip down to nestle at her entrance, then let me go.

Poised to penetrate her, I looked at her face. Her smile was soft, encouraging, and excitement sparkled in her eyes. I waited for her. She held my hips and pressed her pussy against me, her invitation.

Pressing, pressure built on my tip, my erection straining. This time it was different. This time she didn't wince in pain. This time, her eyes lost focus as she concentrated on the sensations below.

This time the tiny entrance to her vagina dilated, slipped over my flared tip and, as my crown penetrated her, her pussy gripped me tightly. She moaned with pleasure. My cock swelled. She was so slippery, so hot inside, her vagina so beautifully snug.

I stopped again, drowning in the pleasure of penetrating her, lost in the sight of my thick cock stretching her small cleft so much. It still amazed me she could take me; so young, so petite.

Desire blossomed, hot and demanding. When I looked at her, she saw it. She saw my adoration, my pleasure, my excitement. She felt me when my erection swelled strongly, and she smiled with pride. Her hands urged me, tugging my hips. Her self confidence was beautiful. She knew she could give me pleasure. She knew how I desired her.

This time, instead of lying on her, I eased my cock out slightly, paused, and in a smooth, firm thrust, I penetrated her.

Sensations bombarded me. Her pussy was so incredibly tight, yet silken and slippery, yielding to my gentle thrust, wrapping my cock in a sexy velvet hug. Deep inside her my tip nudged against her rubbery cervix and pressed deeper.

This time was different. This time, the second time making love, was better, much, much better. Pressing deeper, I wasn't worried I was hurting her or causing pain, stretching her too much with my thickness. And this time, unlike last time, my erection pushed against her end, even deeper, and my groin pressed to her pussy. This time she took me completely, relaxed, and able to enjoy herself.

Sighing with pleasure, buried to the hilt inside her incredible pussy, I finally lowered my body onto hers. She welcomed me with her arms wrapping around me. She smiled, proud, excitement dancing through her enchanting eyes. And as we kissed, I began the long, exquisite journey out, stopping on the cusp, then once again penetrating her tight pussy, a silken sheath gripping me sensually.

The kiss ended. She sighed. I nuzzled her neck and inhaled her scent deeply; floral, young, with the heat of sex.

The wind howled. I fucked her slowly, pausing with each stroke to rub against her clit. She murmured her pleasure at first, then joined me, curling her small pussy up to meet my strokes. Holding her shoulders, loving how her slender youth felt under me, we fucked slowly, each withdrawal and stroke building my arousal, so much pleasure, so sensual, so very exciting. And gradually our movements grew more confident; gradually we lost ourselves in pleasure, the sensation of fucking, of the ultimate intimacy, joined.

Breathing changed first; breaths panting, pulses racing. Small tremors emerged; my muscles straining, her body responding with shivers. The sweet strain of promised bliss arrived; body taut, erection swelling and aching, her thighs gripping my hips, her hug tightening.

We fucked faster, my groin bumping into her clit. When we kissed, it was with passion, lips parting, tongues intertwining, mouths opening, breath puffing through nostrils. I fucked her faster, need arriving, body tensing, so close, so close.

The kiss ended suddenly when she gasped, then groaned. Her small pussy clamped down on me, her hips surging up. Buried inside her, I felt her climax, heard her grunt of pleasure, body curling, and, withdrawing, I thrust into her tight pussy and came, semen burning up and exploding, bliss, utter bliss, cum spurting. With firm, short strokes, my orgasm took control, cock swelling, aching, glorious bliss as I spurted deep into her, hot cum flooding her again. She grunted and gasped her pleasure, and I thrust, swelled, and exploded, pure ecstasy. My climax peaked with a straining body, pulsing erection, cum spurting, and I slipped down into slow thrusts, weak pulses, sweet peace permeating me.

My full weight rested on her. She was so slender underneath me. Her legs relaxed and straightened. My back was damp. The wind howled, the leak at the window whistling.

We kissed softly, small pecks, little nibbles, both of us sighing audibly with pleasure. Then, when I softened and was squeezed out of her, I moved to her side. She rolled to face me. My arms welcomed her heated body. She nuzzled like a satisfied kitten stealing protection and contact and love.

Flickering firelight lit the room, shadows dancing. I was hot under the quilt and pushed it down to our waists. My back cooled.

I hugged her gently, my young lover, still thrilled by the smallness of her body against mine. We'd made love twice now and, God help me, I wanted to make love to her again. Had my body been able, I would have. I couldn't get enough of her.

"This time was even better," she murmured.

"Mmmm-hmmm. And it gets better every time."

"I love you, Lucas," she whispered, seeking another kiss.

Nature unleashed it's power outside. A log rattled, fell and settled in the fireplace sending a flurry of sparks up the chimney. To the sound of a crackling fire and the accompaniment of the weather orchestra, we fell asleep.

I woke up when Ella stirred. She eased herself from my arms, slipped out of bed, and went to the bathroom. I watched her, beautifully naked, slender and petite, and her cute bottom undulating sensually. Pale, straight blonde hair fell in a tangled mess to her lower back. In the firelight it looked like spun gold.

I waited patiently. The toilet flushed. Water ran in the sink. Then she emerged, a beautiful Goddess with petite breasts, narrow hips, and a gorgeous delta of a pussy dusted with young pubic hair, a rare blonde matching her head.

She saw me watching her and smiled slightly, showing no shyness, and climbed under the quilt, moving into me. I welcomed her, hugging her.

Time had no meaning in the dark. A relentless winter storm raged. I kissed her gently, her lips soft, warm, and responsive. Two small, very firm breasts pressed to my chest. We cuddled and necked, alone under the quilt, our private universe.

Sleep returned.

When I woke up, daylight was filling the window. The fire had died. The storm hadn't. My bladder called. I slipped out of bed quietly, shivered at the cold that had seeped into the cabin, went to the bathroom, peed, cleaned myself, and returned, easing my way back under the quilt. She'd kept it warm.

On her side, facing away from me, I moved close, spooning her naked body. Reaching around, I held her, enjoying the feel of her small, sexy bottom pressed to my groin, and loved how delicate she felt in my arms.

I'd made love with her twice! I'd had sex with her twice and it wasn't enough. It wasn't nearly enough to slake my thirst for her.

I had almost a year of pent-up desire to sate; a year of suppressed attraction, yearning for the forbidden. And Ella hadn't helped, either.

It was apparent the first time we'd met. To me, it was like static crackling in the air between us. And in fear, I'd tried to play cool, distanced, uninterested. Yet, God how I'd been attracted to her.

A twelve-year-old beauty had carefully worn down my resistance with charm and awareness beyond her years, with bright laughs and giggles. Despite my best efforts, Ella had set her sight on me.

At first, I'd been amused by her attention. She had a crush, would blush, and her beautiful blue eyes would dart away when we talked about anything approaching personal. At first she'd sit separate from me, her blue eyes looking at me when she thought I wouldn't notice, then blush when I did. Her mother thought it amusing.

Over a period of weeks she'd worked her magic on me and I'd resisted even more when I accepted the attraction I'd felt. Her mother hadn't helped. Away traveling far too frequently, she'd leave me in charge; a mistake.

Karen, her mother, was outgoing, bright, beautiful, and a natural flirt. It made her an extremely successful sales executive. She was curvaceous and oozed sexuality, and that also made her a great sales executive. Men fell over each others' heels trying to get her attention, her approval, and longed for the slightest hint that she found them attractive.

It had surprised me when we'd hit it off. She wasn't my type; too brash, too public, too outgoing, too blonde. Yet somehow we fit. She liked my quiet humor, my subtle wit, and would laugh uproariously when she'd catch on to something I'd said. We were too different.

And yet, the sex was fantastic, explosive and energetic. Karen was the most adventurous lover I'd ever experienced. She had no hesitation in showing affection. None. And that was my downfall.

A tumultuous affair started. Then she introduced me to her quiet, reserved daughter, Ella.

Life changed. The whirlwind that was Karen wrecked havoc on my life. Her irrepressible enthusiasm for living took control and, before I knew it, she and Ella had moved in with me. So disoriented by Karen, I still wasn't sure about our relationship and hadn't had time to think.

Maybe things would have been simpler if Karen wasn't so overtly sexual. She had no restraint in demonstrating affection, even when her daughter was around. Ella, quietly observant, saw her mother's actions, and always smiled shyly when she noticed me notice her.

Karen was smart, a lot smarter than I'd given her credit for. Within the first month, I knew why she'd picked me. It had nothing to do with love or desire. She was far too rational for that. Machiavelli would have been proud.

Karen's job took her on long sales trips. Often one month on the road, or in the air, flying to the Middle East, Europe, the Far East. She'd be home for a week, then off again.

The week she'd be home, she had an insatiable sexual appetite, exhausting me. Then she'd leave for a month and I'd get back to work. I was self employed, using my multilingual talents to write technical manuals for technology companies. It was as exciting as watching mud dry. But it was very lucrative. I set my own hours and worked from home.

Then I realized: Karen had found a free nanny!

Ella was dangerous. She was sweet, pretty, and not given to moods. She never tested my patience. But she sure as Hell tested my character.

At twelve years old, she was in that magical stage of puberty, awareness of the opposite sex emerging. Physically she was changing, too. She was a slender girl, which is why her newly emerging bust was noticeable, even though her breasts were very small.

Ella chose me as her guinea pig, and used me to test her emerging sexuality. She used my reactions to judge what guys like or dislike, what we react to or not. I might have survived her transition if it wasn't for the damned electricity between us. It was palpable. It defied logic, ignored better judgment and common sense, and battered social norms.

I liked her. She had an acute mind, was sharply observant, and balanced what could have been precociousness with sweetness instead. Over a period of months she wore away my distance and I felt helpless, unable to stop her. Somehow she made me want to make her smile, want to make her laugh, and made me seek out her company. How? I had no idea. None! Was it a uniquely female talent I wasn't aware of?

Ella stirred in bed, waking up slowly. She turned in my arms and smiled. "Morning, Lucas," she said softly, a slight blush dusting her cheeks.

This was the first time she'd woken up in my bed. It was the first time we'd been in bed together; the first time we'd been lovers. And if I could find a way, I'd make it a lifetime of her.

With a soft kiss, I murmured, "Morning," then nuzzled her neck, inhaling her scent deeply, just beautiful - a slight floral aroma muted by sleep and warm skin.

It made me aware of her nakedness, her silken skin, her young body pressed to mine, the feel of her small, firm breasts against my chest, and arousal washed through me, blood flowing, heart beating just slightly faster. Below, my penis stirred, thickening, an erection forming. I wanted her again. Would I ever tire of her? Would I ever have enough of her?

Ella felt my erection and smiled. "I need to go to the bathroom," she informed me, almost apologetically.

"Hurry back."

With a pleased laugh, she left the bed, shivered and ran, her gorgeous small ass jiggling, buttocks moving in wonderful counterpoint. Ella's rear was a wonder of nature, the seductive gap at the juncture of her thighs enticing.

Wind buffeted the cabin, snow plastered to the window obscuring the view outside and making the glass milky. The air was chilly. I rolled out of bed and, shivering and naked, went to the fireplace to start a fire. Flames licked up over new logs as the toilet flushed. Water ran in the sink.

I rearranged the logs. Behind me, bare feet ran. When I stood, Ella was back in bed shivering, her pale blue eyes peeking over the edge of the thick quilt. They crinkled with a smile. She glanced down at my partial erection as I moved back to bed. Her warm nakedness greeted me.

"Is the storm going to last long?" she asked as I drew her back into my arms. Her breasts were cool when they pressed to my chest.

"With luck, a lifetime," I answered her.

Ella smiled with pleasure, studied my eyes, then my mouth, and then she pulled me into a kiss. Her breath was minty, her taste minty fresh. Soft lips moved against mine wakening my erection. She murmured, such a seductive sound, and I tumbled into a passionate kiss, lips parting, tongues flirting. Reaching down, I cupped her gorgeous buttock, fondling her, marveling at the glorious shape of pubescence.

How had I fallen so hard?

Ella had been so very subtle, sweetly innocent, yet full of yearning. I'd seen it in her eyes, full of puppy love, dreamy, yet insecure. It was the insecurity that had started my downfall. It was a deeply felt need not to hurt her. She was too sweet.

With her mother gone, I'd let Ella flirt and rewarded her with encouraging smiles, letting her know through my expression alone that she was beautiful. And Ella flourished, gracing me with soft, shy smiles of delight.

She'd started dressing differently. Gone were the plain jeans and T-shirts. In their place, Ella wore skirts and cotton tops, so obviously trying to be beautiful, attractive. She changed when returning from school, wore small jewelry, cute earrings. And over time she sat closer to me on the couch when we watched television.

The first time I'd wanted to kiss her was still sharp in my mind. It was when she cuddled to my side and I'd put my arm over her shoulders. She'd turned her face up to me, given me a beautiful smile, her enchanting eyes full of excitement and adoration, and I'd felt the tug of desire, her lush lips so kissable. It had been a Herculean effort to restrain myself. But I knew I was lost at that moment. She was charming me, seducing me with her sweetness, her innocent yearning.

Ella spoke, bringing me back from cherished memories.

"We're stuck here, aren't we?"

"For a while, yes."

Her hand caressed my arm. She studied my eyes and, when she felt my penis slowly form into an erection again, she smiled slightly, obviously pleased she could arouse me.

"I'm sore," she informed me.

When I didn't respond, she asked, "Are you disappointed?"

"No. I'd be surprised if you weren't," I told her.

Her hand slipped under the quilt. She found my partial erection, closed her fingers around it, and stroked me slowly, my cock waking up, growing hard at her gentle touch.

Unable to resist, I fondled her small breast, gently caressing, squeezing, and teasing her nipple.

She stroked me slowly.

"I dreamed about this. I dreamed about waking up in bed with you and I used to play with myself, imagining it was you touching me."

She squeezed my shaft, then stroked me as gently as a feather, teasing, and my erection strengthened.

"I would imagine all the things I'd do for you," she continued in a quiet voice. "How I'd please you, and how I'd make it so much better than Mom could. I'd pretend you chose me instead of Mom. That you wanted me more, that we'd go away together and be happy."

She stroked my erection more firmly, her fist touching the base of my shaft, then rising to the top, her thumb caressing my tip before stroking down again. A wave of pleasure washed over me.

Ella kissed me lightly, then continued. "I promised myself I'd do anything for you if you'd only let me. I'd let you do everything to me and you'd be happier with me, want me more."

She looked into my eyes. Hers showed slight shyness, a small blush emerging on her cheeks. In a soft voice, she asked while stroking me, "Would you like me to use my mouth? I will . . . if you want."

"No. Not yet." I kissed her gently, then rubbed the redness on her cheek. "Just because I have an erection doesn't mean I need sex."

"Are you sure?" she asked. "I really don't mind."

"I'm sure. Let's cuddle instead," I suggested, reaching down to remove her hand.

Her arm reached around to hug me. "Kay," she whispered, then sighed.

We cuddled, face to face, bodies pressed together, and kissed lightly. She sighed again and settled in my arms. The music of the storm played. Between us, my erection remained firm against her.

She reminded me of the first time she'd hugged me like this.

I was in the kitchen in my boxers, pouring myself a mug of coffee. Karen was off on another long sales trip. I noticed Ella in the kitchen doorway, standing quietly watching me. She was still in her cotton pajamas. In her eyes I saw such sweet yearning, puppy love. Three months shy of thirteen, she was blossoming, enchanting, a child slowly transitioning into a woman.

I'd smiled at her, feeling a tug of attraction, the slow unfurling of desire for the forbidden. She was so sweet. Her returned smile was accompanied by a shy blush, her head tilted down just enough, and, with her long, long blonde hair flowing free like silk to her lower back, Ella was beautiful.

I opened my arms in an invitation. She'd smiled again and moved slowly towards me. My arms welcomed her slender body in a hug. Her arms wrapped around my waist and she pressed herself to me, giving me a sweet sigh of pleasure. The hug was different, new. This hug was intimate, a full press of bodies together, and her hand had caressed my back speaking volumes. The hug lasted a long time, both of us unwilling to end it. And I made the mistake of rubbing her back, feeling her slender body, so young and desirable.

When we parted, her cheeks were dusted with red. She'd felt my cock respond, a partial erection forming, and had glanced down as she moved away. It was the first time she'd seen my physical response.

As if it was a sign, or confirmation of my attraction to her, Ella's sweet flirting intensified over the next week and I didn't stop her. I was too charmed.

I was falling in love with her.

It was the feeling of intense attraction and adoration, the way my heart would wake up at the sight of her, and how I missed her when she wasn't in the same room I was in. I didn't feel raw lust, like I did with Karen. With Ella, my feelings were softer and more intense. I yearned for her and found excuses to hug her, inhale the scent of her hair. She touched a place in my heart that hadn't been touched before.

Our relationship changed.

Ella responded to my attention with laugher and brightness, pleasure at being desired. I didn't hide my attraction. But I didn't take advantage, either. Ella was too precious to me. Instead, I touched her frequently; a hand on her shoulder or arm, a rub on her back when standing side by side at the kitchen counter, or curling her hair behind her ear when it fell forward, letting my fingertips brush her chin when withdrawing my hand.

Ella blossomed. My subtle return of her affection changed how she walked, light on her feet, sometimes almost dancing with pleasure. I complimented her on her clothes. I openly admired her - not a hardship at all.

Another major change in our hesitant, budding relationship occurred when I asked her if she'd like to go see a movie. In the cinema, as La La Land music swelled, a romance in full bloom, her hand had brushed against mine on the armrest. A few moments later, the edge of her hand brushed mine again and I'd turned my palm and taken her hand in mine.

It wasn't the first time I'd held Ella's hand. I'd grabbed it to lead her when we'd run across a busy street, and taken it to steer her to a store when shopping at the mall. But this time it was different. This time the touch was gentle and surprisingly intimate. A soft squeeze communicated my pleasure and a return squeeze told me she understood; silent communication. We held hands through the rest of the movie and, when the lights came up, Ella looked into my eyes and blushed, so sweet.

With the simple act of holding hands, we slipped into intimacy. Awareness of our attraction was out in the open. Ella took to sitting close to me on the couch and casually taking my hand, holding it on her lap. Small squeezes talked, affection and more. I couldn't stop myself when, as she hugged me goodnight, I kissed her soft cheek. She blushed, her pale blue eyes sparkling.

That such small intimacies could arouse me no longer surprised me. I went to bed with an erection, with desire and dreams, with a body yearning, and found release in the dark of the night.

The fire crackled, a log shifting. The wind still howled. The cabin grew warm, or perhaps it was just me. My memories of our sweet journey aroused me. Against Ella's naked body my erection flexed.

Ella smiled at me. I kissed her, hugged her, then caressed her naked buttocks, loving their sensual shape, small and sexy. Warm arousal washed through me and I wanted her again, desire unfurling inside me.

"I can't get enough of you," I told her. "I don't think I'll ever get enough of you."

Ella smiled with pleasure. Her hand slipped down to hold my erection. She whispered, "Kay," and stroked me slowly.

My cock swelled. I fondled her ass, gorgeous, firm, yet soft and arousing, and kissed her again, pressing my lips to hers. A flit of mischief passed through her eyes. The tip of her tongue teased me and I moaned, kissing her harder, insistent, tongue probing. She opened her mouth to me and we slipped into a passionate kiss.

Her hand stroked my cock driving my desire higher. When the kiss ended, I whispered, "Roll over."

She rolled. I followed, settling on her back, pressing her to the bed, my legs outside hers holding them together. My erection nestled into the valley of her buttocks.

"Lift," I whispered, reaching down.

When she lifted her hips, her buttocks pressing to my groin, I eased my hand under her, my fingertips brushing across her sparse pubic hair. Then I cupped her small pussy, warm and sensual in my palm.

I nuzzled her cheek and kissed it. Below, I curled my finger, probing into her cleft to find her clit, then caressed gently.

Ella sighed with pleasure. My cock throbbed. I let myself drown in the pleasure of her young body underneath me, and how her small buttocks cradled me so sensually. With the lightest touch, I caressed her soft clit and Ella responded slowly. It started with quiet sighs of pleasure. Then her buttocks tightened as if caressing my erection.

Very slowly, Ella's pussy became slippery and she responded with a slow hump, pelvis tilting, her bottom stroking my cock.

I nuzzled her cheek and whispered, "You have a beautiful body. It turns me on so much."

She sighed, "Kay," and moved, responded, rubbing her pussy against my finger. Her eyes closed, concentrating on the sensation of being touched, an intimate caress, then squeezed her sexy buttocks.

In the isolated world of the cabin, alone together, a winter storm still unleashing its wrath, and a warm fire crackling, I let myself go. Rolling my hips, I fucked between her cheeks, slow, sexy. For minutes we writhed together, enjoying our intimacy. Then my erection pulsed and precum leaked. Suddenly the tip was slipping through her silky buttocks, a whole new experience.

Ella murmured quietly, humping my finger, her cheeks rolling, stroking my cock. I fucked her buttocks slowly, precum spreading, and caressed her soft clit gently, aware of her soreness.

Ella was warm, her body small, so sexy. Her breathing deepened, nostrils flaring, her bottom undulating rhythmically. My cock swelled. I fucked her bottom, rolling on her, my tip slipping against her and rubbing against my stomach. It was beautiful and exciting and so sexy.

Very slowly, the signs of an orgasm emerged, erection straining, balls tightening, weight emerging in my groin. My strokes grew longer, the crown sliding back through her cheeks, then forward to emerge at her lower back. I fucked her slowly, waiting, waiting, and Ella murmured, humping the bed faster, my finger caressing her clit.

Excitement mounting, I waited for her and was rewarded. Ella gasped quietly. Her body shook, buttocks clenched tightly. For a second she paused, then succumbed to her climax, grunting quietly, humping fast, pelvis curling. Her mouth opened. She panted, groaned, her hands curling into fists. Her climax was so spectacular I couldn't hold back.

As my erection strained, thick and rigid, as the first wave of pleasure hit me, I came, semen rushing up. My cock pulsed. Hot, wet cum spurted between her cheeks, sweet bliss hitting me.

Pulling back, the tip of my erection pressed down between her cheeks, down deeper between her thighs, and pressed to her cleft as another hard, hard wave of pleasure hit, cum erupting against her pussy, hot wetness spurting. With a groan, my orgasm blossomed. Thrusting gently, the tip bumping into her cleft, I came hard, spurting, sweet ecstasy washing over me. Ella grunted and humped. Hot semen covered my finger rubbing her clit. As Ella climaxed, I thrust and came, soaking her small pussy, each spurt bringing pleasure, gut clenching, cumming, cumming.

We stilled, hearts pounding. My erection softened. I was drained once again, peace and lassitude permeating me. All my weight pressed Ella to the bed. She sighed loudly. Her body relaxed, soft and sensual.

The scent of sex blended with the scent of burning pine and her aroma. I kissed her cheek.

"It's not enough," I murmured. "I'm drained and I still want you."

A smile played on her lips. "Kay," she said softly, so sweet. She rolled her hips slightly. "We've made a mess."

We had. The bed was wet with semen.

I eased my hand out from underneath her, kissed her cheek, and suggested, "Let's clean up. Take a shower with me. But not yet. I want to lie on you just a bit longer."


Eventually I rolled off her. We hit the small bathroom; sparse, with a toilet, sink, mirror, and shower stall only just big enough for two.

It was the first time I could study Ella naked. Until now, I'd had glimpses; her walking to the bathroom and back, her naked below me, her on her side facing me. Ella was blessed with a beautiful body. Adolescence had started the process of reshaping her. She had a hint of a waist, her hips still very narrow. Her rear, while small, was undoubtably female; a developing pear shape, sensual buttocks forming a sexy butt crack, and arousing creases where the bottom of her cheeks met her thighs.

When she turned in the bathroom, I studied her front. She was going to have beautiful breasts. Even now, they were perfectly shaped. Deliciously firm and so petite, they looked edible. I adored her puffy areolae, small mounds topping her breasts, her nipples soft. I loved how her areolae would swell with arousal and change to dark pink.

And below, I adored her pussy. She was a true blonde. Her small mons was covered in a fine dusting of straight pubic hairs, all groomed to point to her cleft. Even paler pubes covered her labia, baby hair, soft, silken. And cradled between her plump labia was her small clit, the tip emerging halfway down.

My body didn't respond, but my mind did, desire for her still strong.

We washed quickly. The hot water tank was small. Ella shivered when she dried herself. The bathroom was cooler than the main room.

Dressed in panties and one of my T-shirts, Ella looked cute. She helped me make eggs for breakfast. I was starving. We chatted comfortably. I told her about the cabin, and how snow squalls frequently blew off Georgian Bay, frequently heavy enough to block roads. Through the small, frosted kitchen window, the pine forest surrounded the patch of open yard; snow a thick blanket, pristine, flawless.

As we ate breakfast at the small table in the main room, my mind drifted back to our first kiss.

It was easily the most exciting kiss of my life. I'd hugged Ella every night before she went to bed and kissed her cheek. It was one of those that changed.

It was my fault. Hugging her, with her scent filling my nose, I'd kissed her cheek softly, lingering slightly longer, and when I finished, my mouth had stayed close to her face as I inhaled deeply. Ella had slowly turned her face and her lips brushed across mine, feather-light. A bolt of electricity hit me. And, with her shyly looking into my eyes, aware of her first, hesitant intimate act, I'd smiled softly and brushed her lips with mine.

It was chaste, yet intensely intimate, and thrilled me to my core. Ella blushed, her pale blue eyes bright, and I kissed her again, just lips touching, then whispered, "Goodnight. Sweet dreams."

One kiss. That's all it took. Somehow we knew without stating it. We'd started on a journey and complications loomed. At first, we didn't talk about it. Our intimacy was limited to sweet kisses, each one rewarding me with a cute blush of pleasure.

I didn't grope her. I resisted touching her, limiting myself to rubbing her back, or holding her hand. Ella flourished. She became brighter, more talkative, and in the process charmed me even more. Through her I was experiencing young love, and it was intense.

Our slow flirtation was sidelined with the return of her mother. Karen was as sexually voracious as ever and I took my desires for Ella out on her. Yet in Ella's eyes, I could see her unhappiness at every show of affection her mother gave me. For almost a week we didn't kiss, didn't hug, didn't hold hands. For almost a week I was sexually exhausted yet never satisfied. Karen's appeal was waning fast. Desire for Ella was far more powerful.

"What are you thinking about?" Ella asked, interrupting my drive down memory lane.

I smiled. "I was remembering the first time your mother was home and we couldn't kiss."

Ella nodded.

"I was so jealous. I'd get angry at you, and then angry at Mom." She smiled softly. "You made me so happy that night. I think I was about to explode."

"You were," I confirmed, finishing my eggs.

She stood, took my plate with hers and went to the kitchen to clean.

I'd noticed Ella's increasing jealousy, her frowns, and how she was behaving slightly cooler towards her mother. One night, with Karen taking a bath, I'd slipped into Ella's bedroom. She was in bed, studying her Smartphone, wearing cotton pajamas. She glanced up at me and immediately smiled, pleasure sparkling in her eyes. I sat on the side of her bed and leaned close.

"I've missed you," I whispered, then brushed her lips with mine.

Ella moaned, dropped her Smartphone, reached up to hug my neck, and pressed her mouth against mine. Our lips moved, the kiss intense, pressure alone expressing desire. When it ended, she sighed as if she'd been starved.

I kissed her again, soft arousal washing through me. When it ended, I caressed her cheek. "I'll come say goodnight every night," I promised, "as long as you give me a kiss like that one."

Ella smiled. "Kay," she whispered.

Two days later, her mother left on another business trip. Ella, coming back from school, ran into the study and hugged me tightly. "Finally," she sighed, then tilted her face up for a kiss.

Our life was back to the sweet, sexy one. Ella seduced me with her need for frequent kisses, each accompanied by a faint blush, her beautiful pale blue eyes alive with pleasure. For the next month I drowned in her affection. She was almost thirteen years old, her birthday forty days away.

I was in love. There was no doubt in my mind. It wasn't lust, or desire for a young girl. I needed her with me, next to me, laughing or smiling, or sitting in comfortable silence as we watched TV. I wasn't plotting how to take our intimacy further. I didn't try to lead her. I was satisfied with our kissing and hugs and holding hands. I was in love.

I held myself in remarkable restraint despite it becoming harder and harder to resist her. Ella didn't help. She was sweetly flirtatious. Her kisses lingered longer. She still dressed to attract me.

Then one afternoon, when she came back from school and moved in for her kiss, her face turned up to me, smiling, excitement dancing in her enchanting eyes, she unleashed a new weapon. It was devastating.

We kissed, my lips brushing against her soft, warm lips. Then mouths pressed in a familiar kiss and Ella murmured her pleasure. I lost time. Her almost purr assaulted me and, without realizing it, my hand dropped to fondle her sexy ass. Arousal rushed in suddenly and I caressed the stupendous shape of her buttocks, growing erect.

The sound of her pleasure destroyed any self restraint I'd managed to cling to. It was the first time I'd touched her intimately and God was it exciting!

A dam had burst; the breach too big to repair.

Ella smiled broadly when the kiss ended. She left to change out of jeans, and I stood in place with an erection tight in my pants.

From that point on, I fondled her sexy ass every time I kissed her. In Ella's behavior it was obvious she liked my desire and affection. We slipped into greater intimacy with astonishing speed. Not three days later, as I sprawled out on the couch watching TV in the middle of the afternoon on a lazy Saturday, Ella entered the family room, smiled at the sight of me and walked over. She bent to kiss me and I dragged her down.

She settled on top of me, studied my face, smiled slightly, and kissed me. I held her, then caressed her gorgeous small ass. Her lips pressed to mine and two things happened. First she murmured again. Then her short skirt slipped up and I was fondling her panties and, in a dazed confusion of sensations, I tasted her lips. Ella responded with a long moan and her tongue tasted my lips. The tips of our tongues touched.

Under her, an erection formed and she felt it, rubbing her body on mine. My hands held two gorgeous panty-covered buttocks. And our tongues caressed softly. I was done. The longing I'd felt for so many months was released and I eased my hand inside the leg of her panties to cup her buttock, her skin so soft.

It wasn't until the kiss ended that rational thought returned. I removed my hand, straightened her skirt, covering her panties, and held her. She raised her head and, despite eyes twinkling, Ella was blushing bright red. God she was beautiful!

A line had been crossed. Staring into her eyes, I eased my hand back under her skirt and caressed her cotton panties.

"You have a gorgeous ass," I informed her.

"Thanks," she responded with a shy smile.

I drew her face down for another kiss, again starting gently, then intensifying with a brush of my tongue. Ella's eyes winked out. She murmured and parted her lips. In the maelstrom of an intensely sensual kiss, I brought my hand up from her rear and carefully touched her petite breast over her top.

Eyes closed, sensations bombarded me. My erection strained. Ella tasted wonderful and, in my hand, I held a perfect, small breast, new and firm. I caressed, feeling its remarkable shape, thrilled by her youth, just budding into womanhood.

That night, it took no time for me to cum, to release the pent up desire ravaging me. Sanity returned but didn't last.

Ella broke my musing by wrapping her arms around me from behind. I realized I had an erection just from remembering that pivotal event. Desire returned.

"You're quiet," she observed. "What were you thinking about?"

I rubbed her arms around me, looked back at her and smiled. "You," I informed her.

She moved around and sat in my lap. Her blue eyes were bright. "What about me?" She wiggled her butt on my erection. "It must have been good," she added with another smile.

Caressing her bare thigh, I asked, "When did you become so mature?"

She shrugged. "I dunno."

"I was remembering that time I first touched your panties and the kiss."

Ella laughed lightly. "And my boobs."

"And your boobs," I agreed, bringing a hand up to cup her petite breast over the T-shirt. I fondled her gently, such a wonderful palmful.

She put her hand on the back of mine, pressing it to her. She blushed slightly. "I was so horny I had to play with myself that night."

I grinned. "So did I. It really changed things between us, didn't it?"

"For the better." She leaned against me, her cheek finding the top of my shoulder.

Caressing her wonderful breast, I had to smile. Her sitting sideways on my lap brought a sharp memory.

Ella came into her own after that Saturday. She'd seek out a kiss, look at me with such longing, and when I didn't respond by touching her, she'd take my hand and guide it to her breast, blushing in the process.

For the next few weeks we made out whenever the mood hit. For the next few weeks I suffered aching erections, seeking relief in the dark of night. Then, one week before her thirteenth birthday, and the day before her mother was due back, our intimacy moved to a new, thrilling level.

It was after dinner, in the family room. Ella was comfortable sitting next to me while we binge watched Gilmore Girls. As usual, Ella was holding my hand in her lap. Occasionally we'd kiss, not passionately, but softly, expressing love. It was a wonderful way to pass the evening.

At one point, she let my hand go and I caressed her bare thigh. In a short skirt, her legs were open for me to admire. Her hand settled on the back of mine and my attention returned to the television. It was the feel of soft cotton that disrupted my viewing.

I glanced into Ella's lap and my pulse jumped. The soft cotton against my pinky finger was her panties, plain white with decorative elastic. Her hand was still on the back of mine. Had I edged my hand up or had she?

Either way, the sight brought immediate arousal. Ella's pussy strained against the white cotton; small, plump and so very erotic. Its shape was accentuated by tight panties, leg elastic digging deep at the sides. I was overwhelmed with a desire to press the side of my hand against her, feel how soft her pussy was, and explore the shape. Between her slender thighs, her small pussy looked ripe and lush.

My erection strained for release.

Ella turned her face to look at me and it was immediately obvious. Her blush revealed the truth. She'd guided my hand! Encouraged my intimate touch! And with that realization, I'd groaned aloud.

Ella smiled.

Removing my hand, I pulled her sideways onto my lap. She smiled slightly, still blushing, and I kissed her smile. Her eyes winked out. Soft lips responded against me. She teased my lips with her tongue and, as we slipped into a passionate kiss, I stroked her bare thigh, inching my hand up the inside, her skin smooth and warm.

This time, the edge of my index finger nestled to the side of her pussy. Excitement thrumming through me, I carefully felt the rounded glory of her vulva, her cotton panties stretched tight. We kissed deeply while I gently rubbed her pussy with the edge of my finger. Ella murmured into the kiss. She eased her thighs apart. I turned my hand and cupped her remarkable pussy, my erection straining, so damned aroused.

For what felt like hours, yet passing too quickly, I caressed her sexy pussy, my pulse racing and, inside my pants, my erection throbbed. Precum dampened my shorts. I was lost in the excitement of this new intimacy, fondling her small pussy, tracing the outline of her cleft, feeling how incredibly soft and yielding her pubis was.

Then I shuddered deeply. I felt a damp spot form in her crotch and almost lost it. The concept of Ella aroused, horny, had never been so blatant and Jesus it thrilled me!

It was too soon when we stopped. It was too soon when bedtime arrived. It was too soon for her to leave, despite the late hour. When she kissed me goodnight and left, I brought my finger to my nose and inhaled the delicate scent of her arousal; clean and light with an earthy note, intensely exciting. And that night I experienced one of the stronger orgasms I'd had, stroking my rampant erection.

Ella sighed loudly. A gust of wind rattled the window pane. I was surprised to find my hand stroking her pantied pussy, just like I had two months ago.

"I want you again," I told her quietly.

She nuzzled my neck and whispered, "Kay."

"Are you too sore?"


When she moved to get off my lap, I stopped her. "No. Right here. I want you here."

She looked surprised. "Here? On the chair?"

"Anywhere. You choose. This time, you take charge. Do what you want. What gives you pleasure."

The fire crackled when another log fell. The room was hot. Ella studied my face. I wondered how she'd act. She'd been a virgin just last night. How comfortable was she with our intimacy? It would be telling.

Ella rose from my lap. She glanced at my boxers, my erection so very obvious. Her cheeks flushed pink. She glanced at me and her eyes darted away. For several moments I thought she'd decline. Too shy. Not yet confident in her blossoming sensuality.

She smiled and reached down to stroke my erection lightly. Then, reaching for the waist, she ordered me, "Lift."

I raised my butt. She tugged my boxers off, my cock pointing up. For another moment she studied it openly. Then, with her eyes still on my erection, she reached under the hem of the T-shirt and tugged her panties off, her foot kicking the light blue cotton panties to the side.

Pushing my knees together, she straddled me and settled on my thighs. Her hand wrapped around my shaft, fingertips just meeting. "No wonder it hurt," she said quietly. "You're much bigger than I'd imagined. Are all guys this big?" She squeezed gently and I responded with a throb.

"Some bigger, some smaller. I'm about average."

I waited, hoping she'd remove the T-shirt. She leaned in and kissed me, her lips brushing mine. Below, she stroked my erection with both hands. When I touched her lips with my tongue, she backed off, smiling. This time her blue eyes twinkled with newfound confidence and a flit of mischief. She let my erection go, used both hands to curl her long blonde hair behind her ears. It fell behind her in a silken curtain to touch my knees.

Still smiling, she held the hem of the T-shirt. Looking at me, she asked, "On?"

Lifting the front, exposing her naked pussy briefly, she asked, "Or off?" then covered herself, pressing the hem to her crotch. "On? Or off?" she asked again with another quick flash.

Totally charmed, I gave her a groan, "Off, dear God, off, please!"

Ella smiled, pleased. She lifted the T-shirt slowly, pulling it up, over her head, down her long hair, and dropped it to the floor.

I stared at her naked pussy. With her legs spread, her cleft was flowered open exposing the long hood of her clit and the sexy pale blonde dusting of pubic hair on her rather plump mons. I caressed her bare thighs. My erection strained.

Ella gently removed my hands. She looked at me with sudden shyness, a gleam in her eyes, and eased off my lap. Turning away, she walked with a sexy sway of her cute ass towards the small couch in front of the fire. Back to the fireplace, she kneeled on the couch cushion, leaned forward, her forearms on the couch back, and finally looked at me, her cheeks tinged with red.

With a smile, she asked, "Can we do it here? Like this?"

My groan and bobbing cock answered her. She giggled quietly, pale blue eyes sparkling with amusement and delight. I stood, cock waving, and walked over to the couch, stopping behind her.

My heart thumped heavily. The sight of her was so sexy. With her knees on the couch, her rear was at the perfect height. With her legs together, her bottom had a sensual shape, and, dear Lord, her sexy pussy looked like a separate part of her; squeezed by slender thighs, lush, almost bulging, cleft tightly closed, and pale blonde pubes faintly covering her labia. And just visible, midway down her cleft, the tip of her clit was cradled like a precious pearl.

Ella watched me over her shoulder, a small smile on her face. Her cheeks were still pink, telling me she was still insecure about displaying herself. The fact that she was, that she was exposing herself intimately for me despite her shyness, brought on a flush of love. I moved close and leaned over her. As I kissed her cheek, the tip of my erection brushed her pussy; a teasing touch.

"You're so damned sexy," I murmured to her. "I can't get enough of you."

She sighed, "Kay. I like that you can't."

After another soft kiss, I straightened, stepped back, admired her slender young body and, with mounting excitement, I knelt.

Rubbing her thighs, I kissed her naked pussy lightly. Pubic hair, as fine as body hair and silky soft, tickled my lips. Her scent filled my nose; an exciting hint of something basal, yet clean. Caressing her gorgeous small ass, I pried her buttocks apart. Her rosebud appeared, tightly closed. Making my pulse race, her little cleft flowered open to reveal her soft clit, very small inner labia, and glistening with moisture, the sexy sight of her inner cleft; pink, smooth, and the incredibly small ragged entrance to her vagina, her hymen torn.

A shudder hit me. How? How had something so impossibly small accommodated my erection?

I kissed her cleft again, this time slipping my tongue in to taste her. She was clean, pure, with a hint of maturity. Her cleft was glassy smooth, her clit soft and pliable. Through her buttocks I felt her shudder and I teased her clit, then captured it with my lips, sucking gently.

Ella moaned quietly.

I took my time, despite an erection crying out, pulsing, aching. The tip of my tongue probed and penetrated her tiny entrance. For the next few silent moments I ate her, loving her small gasps, her trembling buttocks, and the gathering wetness of her arousal. Ella responded with sighs, with murmurs, and with sharper inhalations when I sucked her clit.

Saliva mixed with her natural secretions to make her whole cleft slippery, and finally my need was too much. Standing, I gripped my shaft and paused, admiring her bent over, the way it brought home her slender youth, gave her a waist, her sexy ass curving, and the stunning sight of her small pussy squeezed by her closed thighs. When I edged closer to her, the stark size difference between her cleft and my erection registered. I was so much bigger than her, thick and rigid, and it excited me. Knowing she could take me despite my girth was thrilling.

This time I would see. This time I would be able to appreciate the experience of sex with such a young girl, and it thrilled me. Shaft held tightly, I nudged the tip to her pussy, a light kiss. Pulling back, a clear string of precum joined us. With a hand on her hip, I pressed the tip against her cleft again. My flared head made no progress. Her labia bulged but stayed closed. I rubbed the tip up and down her pussy spreading slippery precum and tried again, pressing the tip against her firmly, harder, even harder.

Ella shuffled her knees apart. Suddenly her cleft yielded, bulging and oozing apart, my crown hugged in sexy warmth. The sight had me transfixed. An adult erection poised to penetrate her small pussy was erotic beyond belief. Then I pushed firmly.

Ella's labia stretched and thinned. They edged over the ridge of my head. Suddenly, resistance melted away and I penetrated her, my crown gripped in a warm embrace. I swelled, aching, so turned on. Ella dropped her head to her arms and groaned. Incensed by the sight, I gripped her hips and, with small, gentle thrusts, wormed my erection into her, each inch exquisite, her vagina a silken sheath, tight, so exciting. Slowly, gently, I penetrated her small pussy deeper and deeper, her buttocks nearing my groin, my cock throbbing. And then I was there, buried inside her, her sexy cheeks pressed to me, my thick shaft stretching her.

I stopped. My erection throbbed, flexing inside her. Ella responded with a small clench, her pussy tightening, squeezing me beautifully.

Surprising me, Ella was the first to move. She eased forward. Part of my shaft emerged, glistening. Then she pushed back, my cock disappearing into her, her buttocks pressing against me. I restrained myself, not moving, and was rewarded with Ella moving again, fucking me slowly. She murmured her pleasure, gave my erection a sexy squeeze, and eased off, my shaft emerging. Reversing, she fucked me, slightly harder.

Ella used me. She fucked me at her own pace, pleasuring herself. When I reached around, under her, and rubbed her clit, Ella gasped and thrust her ass back at me. Forehead resting on her crossed arms, her arms on the back of the couch, Ella fucked herself on my cock, moving faster, harder. I stood still, absorbed by the sight, my body reacting to the sensual caress of her pussy. I loved the sight of her small pussy stretched so much, the glisten of my shaft, and how slippery we were; yet she was so deliciously tight, a snug sensual caress, and my excitement built.

My body cried out to me to move. I resisted, letting Ella fuck herself on me, rubbing her clit with my finger. Then she gasped loudly, her climax starting. Her shoves faltered, her vagina clamping down. I grabbed her narrow hips and finally, finally moved, fucking her hard, pulling her sweet ass back at me, thrusting into her all the way. Slapping sounds started.

Ella cried out her pleasure softly and I fucked her harder, faster, cock straining. I took total control, fucked her hard and chased my orgasm. It hit suddenly and hard. My erection swelled. Pressure released, semen rushed up, and as I buried myself as deeply as possible, I exploded, cum erupting, utter bliss. Withdrawing quickly, I thrust again, cock swelling and exploding, hot cum spurting, so fucking good. Holding her firmly, I fucked and came, letting my orgasm take control. I flooded her, spurting with each short thrust, pleasure crashing into me. Her buttocks spanked against me and I came, spurting deep inside her, my orgasm peaking painfully, then I fell, strokes slowing, spurts weakening, the ache in my groin easing. I slowed to a stop, my softened erection gently throbbing with the final tendrils of an intense orgasm.

A little weak in my knees, I caressed Ella's ass. She finally moved, looking back at me, her face was flushed, eyes soft. She looked tired and at peace.

"That was amazing," she said. "Can we do it like this again? I really liked it."

Fifteen minutes later, in our underwear and T-shirts, we sat side by side in front of the roaring fire. Ella held my hand. She leaned against my shoulder.

"What's going to happen?" she asked.

It was a good question. What was our future? The thought of sex with Karen no longer interested me. I wanted Ella and no one else. Here, at the cabin, we were in an isolated world. Too soon we'd have to head home.

I thought about her question. "I don't know. I'm not sure I want to sleep with your mother anymore," I told her. "You're who I want."

Ella squeezed my hand. "You have to. If you don't, she'll leave you and take me with her!"

Ella looked at me. "We can have all the time she's traveling. What's one week every so often?" When I looked doubtful, she added, "It's what I want. Please?"

Ella reminded me of the strangely mature conversation we'd had the week before her birthday, just two weeks ago. She was the one who brought up sex. She was the one who told me she wanted to sleep with me, that she wanted me to be her first.

It was odd. We'd kissed. I'd fondled her, felt her bare buttocks, and felt her pussy over her panties. That was all. Yet, when she asked me to make love to her, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to agree. I'd grown to love her and I desired her more than anyone before. She was so sweetly sexy, so full of adoration, and impossible to resist.

For the week of her birthday, with her mother home, we celebrated, and had fun. When her mother wasn't present, I'd tease Ella, drive her desire higher, and whisper how much I wanted her. The electricity between us built to painful levels. I used my constant hunger for Ella to satisfy her mother, Karen. It was my idea to wait and come to my cabin. It had been my idea to have an intimate getaway, a change of scene for our first time. And the long drive to north of Parry Sound had heightened our excitement; the prospect of sex hanging in the air. Ella had been restless and excited. So had I.

We'd arrived at dusk, just as the winter storm rolled in with heavy snow and strengthening winds. The cabin was cold and dark. I'd made a fire after unloading the SUV. Ella had wandered around inspecting the cabin.

Then, that moment arrived. With heat filling the room, with wind growing to a howl, with firelight the only source of illumination - shadows and orange dancing on the walls, Ella had stood four feet away from me.

Her eyes were huge. Shy excitement showed. Looking at me, a small blush formed on her cheeks as we both knew what came next; intimacy, sex, being naked together for the first time. For me, the thought of sex with Ella, only recently thirteen, and blossoming with puberty, thrilled me. It excited me, promising experiences I'd never had.

Ella's sudden shyness strengthened my excitement. Her innocence was so attractive. That she wanted this, wanted me, was a huge turn on. I'd never made love with a virgin. I'd never felt this strong an attraction before. It was new. I cared so deeply for her. I wanted her to experience the joy of sex between two people that loved each other, the freedom of intimacy, the excitement of nudity, exploration, discovery.

I was nervous, unsure, and slightly afraid. It was such a huge step. Seeing her shyness, I moved to her, hugging her. I could feel her trembling.

She turned her pretty face up to me, studying me, searching.

I kissed her softly, and magic happened. Ella melted. Our lips pressed. Fears and worries dissolved. The kiss grew passionate, tongues flirting, and I cupped her small breast, caressing her gently.

The room became hot. I led her to the bed. Ella pushed her jeans off. As I did the same, she tugged her sweater and T-shirt off, slipping under the covers, watching me.

Undressed to my boxers, I moved into bed. We edged together. Hugging her, we kissed again, and bodies relaxed, warm. I loved nuzzling her neck. Ella's response was precious; a small giggle as if tickled, followed by her exposing her neck for me, and as I kissed it, soft, sexy murmurs, her hand caressing my shoulder.

"You've got the loveliest neck," I informed her, moving to her ear, nibbling it with my lips. "And a lovely ear."

She giggled quietly.

I kissed her cheek, then cut her giggle off, kissing her soft lips. Moving my hand up from her hip, I touched her bra, plain white cotton, and gently explored the remarkable shape of her breast, new, petite, yet suiting her slender body. It was perfectly formed, firm as if bursting, so damned sensual.

Ella showed her inexperience and shyness. Her hand stayed on my shoulder as I touched her. We kissed, sometimes soft lips brushing, sometimes lips pressing, and occasionally tongues flirting.

I reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, slowly drawing the shoulders trap down her arm. Covered by the thick quilt, she shrugged the bra off and rolled back to me.

The feeling of her bare breasts against my chest sent a surge of arousal through me. My partial erection strengthened. The minute she felt it, her hand stopped rubbing my shoulder. She looked at me, her pale blue eyes intense.

With an encouraging smile, I took her hand and brought it down between us, guiding it. Still looking into my eyes, she hesitantly pressed her hand against me, and as she closed her fingers around my shaft over my boxers, Ella blushed.

I rubbed the blush on her cheek, smiling. "Your touch feels so good," I told her.

Ella smiled and carefully squeezed, testing my hardness. I cupped her breast and, through my thumb caress, felt the puffiness of her areola. A shiver of excitement hit me. I had to see. Edging the quilt down, I looked. God Almighty! Her areolae looked like icing on a cupcake, a sexy, swollen, pink mound topped by a small nipple.

"Jesus, Ella. They're gorgeous," I whispered, gently pushing her onto her back. "Can I kiss them?"

She smiled shyly. "Kay."

Leaning over, I brushed her tip with my lips, breathing warm air on it. Then I kissed her nipple and slowly opened my mouth, sucking gently, taking her remarkable areola in.

Ella inhaled deeply.

I sucked harder and teased her nipple with my tongue. When I backed off, her areola had darkened, flushed, and looked bigger. I moved to its twin, enjoying the experience of tasting her, amazed at how remarkably firm her breast was, so young and budding.

Ella squeezed my erection and sighed, then let my cock go. Her hand held my neck, pulling me tighter to her breast.

I explored her body, brushing my hand down her side to her prominent hip and, with mounting excitement, I touched her cotton panties, loving the swell of her mons; so small. I caressed it, teasing, fingertips tracing the tapered perfection. Her legs were closed forming a little gap at the top, wide enough for my finger to brush down her cleft.

When I stopped kissing her breast, Ella's eyes were intense, searching my face, her yearning and insecurity plain to see. I smiled and rubbed her cleft. A small smile emerged on her face. I kissed it. Our kiss lingered, then deepened.

Still kissing, I drew my fingers back up over her mons, reached the waist of her panties, and eased them inside. I explored inside, touching her warm skin, feeling the start of her mound, and as I explored deeper into her panties, I felt the softest pubic hair, like duck down, and my excitement surged.

I moaned into our kiss. My erection strained up to press to her hip. And I delved deeper, driven by desire, soft cotton pressing the back of my hand. I felt the dip at the start of her cleft and, teasing myself, slowly traced it down between her legs until I was cupping her pussy; a small, sexy palmful.

Ella's response was immediate. She parted her legs. Her tongue became more active in our kiss, and her hand fished down to hold my cock, giving it a squeeze.

When I curled my middle finger, planning on finding her clit, the tip slipped into the base of her cleft and discovered wetness - Ella aroused, and it excited me to the point of dizziness. Between her labia she was warm and silken, so sexy.

Our kiss ended suddenly. She gasped when I found her clit, her hold on my erection becoming a grip. Her eyes were closed, breathing deep. I stroked her and felt her tremble slightly. She surprised me. She was so aroused!

Pulling my hand out of her panties, under the cover of the quilt, I pushed the waist down on one side, then the other. Ella helped, rolling her rear and kicking her panties off. At the same time, I shoved my boxers off. Desire for her was driving me nuts.

She rolled to face me, came into my arms, a naked angel. My erection poked her, slipped up, caught on her pussy and slipped through her thighs. She hugged me, her eyes bright. We kissed again, harder, passion emerging, and I groped her gorgeous naked ass, fondling her, pulling her against me.

It seemed natural. Ella eased her hips back, and I pulled her forward, my erection sliding between her thighs and against her pussy, rubbing her clit. For minutes we kissed and pseudo-fucked, my cock swelling and aching.

Withdrawing further, I stroked between her thighs again and slippery precum spread, the sensation disorienting in its pleasure. Without thought, I hooked my leg over hers. Hugging her tightly, I rolled, settling on top of her, her legs together.

I had to slip down for us to be face to face, reminding me how small she was, how slender, how young - a twelve-year-old just two weeks ago. When we were face to face, my erection settled in the valley of her thighs, the tip pressed to her pussy.

Ella opened her eyes. Her lips looked more plump. She studied my eyes and returned my smile. Our kiss was softer. I sucked her lip. When my body reacted again, cock throbbing, I pressed forward, the tip pushing against her pussy, then slipping down across her cleft. Pulling back, I repeated the exquisite move and, as we kissed lightly, she moved for the first time, joining my slow gentle strokes. Precum made her very slippery.

I caressed her breast, squeezing, brushing her nipple, cupping her, and Ella responded with a quiet moan of pleasure. For minutes we played at sex, my arousal strengthening alarmingly.

Then Ella took the initiative. Out of the blue, she tried to part her legs. I stopped moving.

"Are you sure?" I whispered.

She nodded. "Uh-huh."

I released her legs. She spread them, and I settled between, the tip of my cock pressed down between her buttocks and against the bed. Reaching down, I held my shaft and guided the tip back up along her cleft. Moving by instinct alone, I stroked her cleft, gradually adding pressure, watching her face for guidance. At first, all I felt was sexy warmth on the tip. Then, with a surge of excitement, I felt her labia caressing. I pressed slightly harder, still stroking along her cleft and felt her pubic bone and below, soft and yielding. My erection throbbed.

Ella hugged me. She stared at me, her eyes so blue. And I saw a wince pass through them when I lodged the big head of my erection into her cleft, pausing, poised.

Heart racing, I pressed in, made no progress, and backed off. I pressed again, cock aching, and Ella winced again.

"Should I stop?" I asked, somewhat breathlessly.

She shook her head, staring into my eyes. I kissed her and pressed forward again. It felt like I was making no progress, but Ella moaned into my mouth. Easing back, still gripping my shaft, I tried again, slow, firm, and Ella broke the kiss with a quiet cry of pain. I backed off immediately and waited for her, my tip resting in her cleft.

"This hurts," she whispered.

"I can stop," I offered.

Ella answered me by sliding her hands down my back to my hips and tugging. I pressed into her again.

This time Ella winced silently. But below, my God, below, the tip of my cock oozed into her, the crown gripped almost painfully tightly. I was penetrating her! I was fucking her! And dear Lord it was exciting!

I stopped again, waiting for Ella to relax. She was painfully tight. And my erection was pulsing fast, as if I was close to cumming. Excitement flooded me. Staying still was hugely difficult, the desire to thrust into her almost overwhelming.

To distract myself, I kissed her and stroked down the side of her very slender body, over her hip, and onto her thigh. Her leg was flat on the bed. I drew her knee up. Ella responded, bringing her other knee up, both now cradling me. Her pelvis turned up with the move.

Her eyes cleared. She smiled again. I kissed her beautiful smile and started a rocking motion, a minute move of my hips. Erection straining, so hard and rigid, I made no progress, neither in nor out, as if I was locked in place, my crown gripped so, so tightly.

Kissing, rocking my hips slightly, Ella relaxed. The first sensation was release, as if her pussy had become slippery. With exquisite slowness, I rocked my hips, and gradually I penetrated her little pussy just a bit more. Ella winced. I paused, then started again, squeezing into her slightly further. She winced, her vagina being stretched for the first time. But slowly, carefully, for what seemed like hours, we moved, kissed, nuzzled. And very slowly more and more of my erection penetrated her in the most exquisite fuck of my life. God she was tight!

Not fully buried, my tip touched her end. Her pussy gripped me so snugly, tighter than I'd ever experienced. The excitement of sex with her, such a young, beautiful girl had my heart racing, cock pulsing, swelling almost rhythmically. She felt fantastic, utterly incredible!

Then Ella smiled. "You're in. I can feel you and it doesn't hurt anymore." She reinforced it by clenching her vagina several times and that was that.

Uncontrollably, driven by being turned on for so long, by the exquisite experience of penetrating her, the heavenly tightness of her, and the excitement of her young body, I came - explosively. I couldn't control myself, couldn't hold back. It hit like a storm and raged through me.

My cock swelled, semen rushed up, and I erupted inside her so hard I felt my semen. Ecstasy swamped me. My erection swelled and pulsed, another even harder explosion hit, cum spurting hard, hard. With no control, I came fast and hard, spurting, gasping, cock swelling, cum flooding her tight pussy. My body jerked and strained, cumming hard. I peaked with a deep groan of pleasure and slipped into weakening spurts, slowing and stopping, heart pounding.

My erection softened and she still felt tight.

When I could focus, I looked into her eyes. She smiled at me.

"Sorry," I apologized.

"S'okay. I felt you cum."

Kissing her cheek, I whispered, "Next time I'll try to last longer. But no promises. You do something to me."

Ella giggled silently, pleasure and pride in her expression.

I stayed inside her for a long time. Eventually fatigue hit both of us and I eased out of her. We cuddled, the winter storm raging outside, amber light flickering from the fireplace casting dancing shadows on the walls and ceiling, and slowly fell asleep.

Ella tugged my hand, bringing me back to the present. "Well?" she asked.

A ray of sun hit the window, then disappeared. The wind still gusted, just calmer. We'd need to shovel our way out the front door.

"Well what?" I asked.

A sneaky expression entered her pale blue eyes when she realized I hadn't been listening to her. "I said I'm horny. I want to make love again," she informed me.

"You're kidding!" I exclaimed. "We just finished having sex! Give me an hour to recover."

Ella giggled, newfound confidence radiating from her. "Actually, I was saying you have to be careful at home. I don't want Mom to find out about us. If she does, she'll leave and take me with her." Ella looked up at me, perfectly serious. "I don't want to lose you, Lucas." Her eyes intensified. "Ever," she added.

"I'll be extremely careful, then," I said softly.

Her beautiful eyes widened slightly when I bent my face to hers. A shy, pleased expression formed when she understood I wanted another kiss and she welcomed it with small, soft, warm lips, murmuring her pleasure; a gentle kiss that drew me deeper and deeper, drowning yet again.

Lost in the kiss, I fondled her small breast over her T-shirt. Ella murmured again and her tongue emerged to tease my lips, so sweetly gentle, so intensely sexy, and I felt my body respond. Would I ever get enough of her?

The kiss ended when she reached down, felt my crotch, and giggled lightly.

"That didn't take long," she observed, smiling with pride.


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