What's New from the Twisted Mind?

9/26/18 - Just wanted to add a quick update to let everyone know that, contrary to popular requests, I'm not dead yet. I know that disappoints a huge segment of the population, but that's the way life is sometimes. Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.

ASSTR still is only partly functional, in comparison to what it was. It's disappointing but there are some dedicated people trying to work on keeping it going and maybe setting up a new one. We can hope. The good thing is that most of the story sites and content is still available, just the main pages have been down or unreachable for so long. All we can hope is that something can be done to get ASSTR up and running again. We keep hoping. At least I can get access to my area and update some pages like this one. I'm not adding any new stories until something is resolved, one way or the other.

I'm still writing new stories. All of my new Zoo Mom chapters are being posted on our membership area. I recently wrote several stories in a new series I call Porn Families. It's really quite perverted and depraved, if I do say so. Plus a great 3DX graphics artist has done some illustrations for one of those stories, plus some for my coming Zoo Mom stories. He also did some nice illustrations of the blue skin Orion waif from my Solitude series. I'll be working with him on a lot more in the future. You can see what stories of mine have been posted there on .

In addition to my own stories and the Little Model Annie series, we've added some new authors and are publishing their series on the site. There's a weekly chapter of a UK author, Paul Turner, titled The Gang that we just recently posted the 123rd chapter of. Our resident tri-sexual author, Amy macBitch, is writing more and more of her series Expanding the Family. Her 8th chapter was recently posted and her story is getting more twisted and perverted as she goes. We're really enjoying it. And our felllow author, Neel Down, who has helped us on our Little Model Annie series has had his 8th chapter of his own 30 part series, Nude Like Me posted. So we're continually adding more reading material. And having a great time doing it!

We are still offering free, limited trial subscriptions to our continually growing . All you have to do is just let me know you're interested by using the direct email address below or our contact form . There's no obligation. Just a free limited time access to some of the member's area stories.

The asstr feedback forms still aren't working, so I have a contact page that does work. If you want to provide a note of appreciation, questions or crticism, you can email me using , or just email me at and it will be forwarded to me. I read and respond to all emails.

Until next time,

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7/8/18 - It looks like ASSTR is back to at least a partially functional state. There is a group trying to communicate and work with Rey del Sexo to get the site back up and working, plus maybe adding some desired mods to it. This is good. I really hope that we'll see asstr back again to at least what it was previously. The problem is that the originators of the site don't have the time to work on upkeep, maintenance and development. Maybe a small group of independent coders and developers can assist in getting things back to at least where they were before all of the hardware problems started and the site was migrated to new servers.

The asstr feedback forms still aren't working, so I've updated my contact links to a page that does work. If you want to provide a note of appreciation, questions or crticism, you can email me using , or just email me at and it will be forwarded to me. I read and respond to all emails.

All of my new Zoo Mom chapters are being posted on our membership area. You can see what stories of mine have been posted there at .

We are still offering free, limited trial subscriptions to the huge and growing . All you have to do is just let me know you're interested by using the direct email address above or our contact form . There's no obligation to subscribe or continue, just a free limited access to the member's area.

2/18/18 - Looks like we've rolled into another year already. I've tried to wait until asstr and the new servers settle down before adding anything. At least the admins got the site restored and working... mostly. There was an issue with the SSL certificate on Valentines Day that seemed to have been fixed, but the feedback forms, page hit reports and author's control pages still aren't working. If you want to provide incentive to the admins, you can go to the Donate to ASSTR page and add a note to your check/donation. I'm sure they will get and read that much faster than any email that's going to their already inundated/ overloaded email account.

Having spent the last 2 months of '17 with a bit of a health problem, then the first month plus of '18 having it worked on by the medical profession, I'm still not up to speed. Got a lot of doc appointments as they try to figure out how to make an old guy's body work properly. I think it's a rather uphill challenge for them, but I'm trying.

I did get a little burst of creativity at one point recently, writing a whole new series that I've tentatively titled Porn Families. It's still not complete and I hope I can add more to it, if not finish it. I'll be posting the first 2 chapters about one of the families on our membership area in the near future. You can see what stories of mine have been posted there at .

I've had some readers tell me they tried to use the feedback form here on asstr and it still isn't working. If you want to send me a note of appreciation, questions or crticism, you can email me at and it will be forwarded to me. I read and respond to all emails.

This seems about as good a time as any to post one of the next chapters of my Zoo Mom story series. Chapter 21 is a three parter, with chapter 21A being posted today. It does help if you let me know whether you like the stories and want more.

Free, limited trial subscriptions to the huge and growing are still available. Just let me know you're interested by using the direct email address above or our contact form . There's no obligation to subscribe or continue.

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9/16/17 - YAY!! ASSTR is back up again!

Pleeeeeze donate to ASSTR so they can keep it running and all your favorite stories online and free. As you have seen, they survived and got things fixed after the server crash. They deserve your support.

Other than this quick update, I'm going to wait a while before doing any posts or updates. Want to let the server "settle down" and all the glitches that pop up in a major system migration and restore to work themselves out. I will definitely be updating with new stories in the coming months.

In the meantime, if you like my stuff and would be interested in a free, limited trial subscription to the huge and growing , just let me know here or .

Again, a GREAT BIG THANKS to the admins at asstr.org for their good work on getting the site back up and running for all of us, authors and readers alike.

6/24/17 - Just a quick update. The next chapter of CB Ed's story, Robin, chapter 6, has been posted.

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6/15/17 - Half way through the year already, so just a quick update.

I keep wondering if anyone actually reads any of this stuff. Thanks to those one or two who have sent an encouraging feedback.

I've posted the first chapter of Goldfish's new Woodenhorse 3 series on my Other Authors page. As usual, he would appreciate any comments or feedback on his stories. I'll try to get more of this story posted in the coming months.

If you like stories about a young exhibitionist who wants to be naked in school, give a visit to our fellow Little Model Annie author, Neel Down's new asstr site. He has a second chapter of his story that will be posted soon. I know as he's given it to me to read.

Also, you can visit my co author and cohort, Data001's asstr website and read his Head Teacher story.

Donate to ASSTR if you want to keep all your favorite stories online and free. They deserve your support.

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5/24/17 - Chapter 5 of CB Ed's story, Robin has been posted today. Chapter 6 coming next month. Feedack would be nice.

Also check out the new story site of one of our writers on the Little Model Annie story universe. Neel Down, has setup a new site on asstr and has posted the first chapter of one of his stories. Hopefully with lots more to cum.

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5/15/17 - I've really not seen any real interest expressed in seeing my next Zoo Mom chapter 20C posted. other than a couple of emails. I went ahead and made it available anyway. Those who like it [both of you ], let me know and I can work on getting the next chapter ready for you.

The final chapter 4D of Goldfish's continuing saga of Woodenhorse 1 was posted. How a community can cum together and have fun. If you enjoy this series, let me know. I'm working on getting Woodenhorse 3 into posting format.

I've got chapter 5 of CB Ed's story, Robin ready to be posted later and it should go up May 24th. Chapter 6 will be posted in June. Again, feedack would be nice.

One of our writers on the Little Model Annie story site, Neel Down, has setup his own site on asstr. He's posted the first chapter of his new story. Give him a visit, read the story and give him some feedback on it. He's really interested in hearing from readers. He's still learning how asstr works so be nice.

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5/1/17 - Chapter 4C of Goldfish's continuing saga of the Woodenhorse 1 story has been posted. More belly riding, and some of the girls play with the boars. Yup, an interesting town to say the least. If you enjoy this series, which will have the final chapter posted on May 15th, let me know. If we get a response, we'll work on getting Woodenhorse 3 into posting format..

I'll try to get another chapter of CB Ed's story, Robin ready to be posted later in May or next month. Again, any feedack would be nice. ]

Seems there's little interest in seeing my next Zoo Mom chapter 20C posted. Just sayin' [hint,hint]

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4/24/17 - I've received a lot of requests (at least two) for more of my Summertime story. I've had chapters 8A and B written for some time and posted for a while on the members area of our Little Model Annie story site. Chapter 8A is now being posted here for you. Enjoy! And if you do, let me know. Otherwise, I don't have any idea if anyone cares.

CB Ed's story, Robin Chapter 4, has also been posted as promised. If you want more to let me know. [hint, hint ]

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4/15/17 - As promised, Goldfish's chapter 4B of the Woodenhorse 1 continuing saga has been added. Got a couple more chapters of that one left to go. If you let me know you want more, I'll try to get Woodenhorse 3 for posting.

I'll be adding CB Ed's story, Robin Chapter 4, on the 24th of this month, if I remember. It would help remind me if you want more to let me know.

After several thousand hits to these pages, I've only received something like 3 comments that have expressed an interest in seeing my next Zoo Mom chapter 20C. [hint,hint]

One of our members on our Little Model Annie story universe website does 3DX illustrations. He's done some great ones for some of my future Zoo Mom chapters and will be doing more for me, it looks like. He's also done or doing some for our They definitely add some visual interest that helps the stories out. All of my new chapters of Zoo Mom and other series are posted first on . Zoo Mom chapter 24B is the next to be posted and the series is up to at least chapter 35 and still growing.

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4/1/17 - No foolin' today. I've posted chapter 4A of Goldfish's Woodenhorse 1 continuing story. Yay! I'll see about getting the next chapter posted around the middle of the month.

CB Ed's story, Robin Chapter 4, will be posted around the 24th of April. I'm trying to get a chapter posted a month on his series.

Nobody has expressed an interest in seeing my next Zoo Mom chapter 20C. I've got it ready for posting if anyone wants it. Let me know.

We've added a new UK author's HUGE story series to our Little Model Annie story universe. It's called The Gang by Paul Turner and is a coming of age/sexual awakening story about a group of British kids who form a club and have a lot of fun together. It has hundreds of chapters and we're posting one a week to the The latest chapters of my Zoo Mom and other series are also posted on .

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3/15/17 - "Beware the Ides of March!" Well, that may have been a portent for Caesar ages and ages ago, but it just heralds the posting of Goldfish's Woodenhorse 1 story, Chapter 3B on the Other Authors page as promised. This part of his series should run through the middle of May. Then we'll have to see if the thrid part of his Woodenhorse trilogy is ready to be published. Word has it that he's working on yet another new story also. Yay!

If things go according to my plan, CB Ed's story, Robin Chapter 3, will be posted on the 24th of March. I'll try to have more of that story on a monthly basis for a while. I think there are about a dozen chapters over all.

Remember to check out my Zoo Mom series, Chapter 20B, uhhuh that was posted on the 15th. If I get any requests for the next chapter 20C, I'll have to work on getting that one into posting format. Does anybody care? Bueller? Bueller?

The Little Model Annie story universe keeps growing and growing. We'll also be adding some new stories by new authors on a regular basis. Join us on the website if you enjoy my stories and want to read all of the latest chapters of Zoo Mom and Summertime, plus the HUGE storylines. Yes, there are numerous storylines within one large and growing collection. Here's the list of just my showing what of my series have been posted there.

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2/28/17 - I've added the second chapter of CB Ed's new story, Robin 2, to the Other Authors page. Yay! More chapters are in the works and I'll try to add them on a monthly basis for a while.

Another chapter of Goldfish's Woodenhorse 1 story, Chapter 3A is being posted on March 1st. Chapter 3B is scheduled to be online on a March 15 update. uhhuh

Remember to check out my Zoo Mom series, Chapter 20B, that was posted on the 15th.

Join me at the Little Model Annie story universe website if you enjoy my stories and want to read all of the latest chapters of Zoo Mom and Summertime and others.

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As always, let me know with the feedback form if you enjoy my stories. I don't know if you like 'em if you don't tell me.

2/15/17 - I have today posted the next chapter of my Zoo Mom series, Chapter 20B. Sissy and Lynn have fun shopping for some seriously hot duds for Lynn. And get a little special jewelry for both of them. Hope you like it. As always, let me know with some feedback. I don't know if you like it if you don't tell me. uhhuh

The latest chapter of Goldfish's Woodenhorse 1 story Chapter 2 has been posted also. Hopefully, Chapter 3 will be available in a March update. Yay!

All of my new chapters of Zoo Mom and Summertime and others are being posted on the Little Model Annie story universe website. We're looking at the possibility of providing a limited trial subscription to the site, so those interested can see just how HUGE the whole thing is. You can get an idea by looking at the page. My shows what I've posted, along with Data001's series. He just posted Chapter 33 of that series today after a long wait. there if you like my stories here.

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There should be more updates to Robin and Woodenhorse 1 in the coming weeks or next month.

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1/30/17 - I've added a new story series from Goldfish, Woodenhorse 1, to the stories on the Other Author's page. This is just the first chapter and there will be more to come. It's a wild tale! I hope to have at least one chapter posted per month. Use the feedback form to let us know how you like it. I know from our weekly 'stats report' that people are reading them, but we don't know what you think unless you send feedback to us. I forward any comments on Goldfish's stories to him, so he'll send more work to be posted for you.

Continuing chapters of CB Ed's Robin story will continue to be posted also. Chapter 2 is scheduled for the end of February. Look for it!

I have the next chapter of my Zoo Mom series ready to post here. Yay! It should go online mid February. I get a comment or two once in a while about continuing the Zoo Mom series, but out of several thousand views per month, that's not a lot of feedback. I don' t know if any amount of people want more of it or not. uhhuh

If you DO like my stories like Zoo Mom and Summertime, you'll love the Little Model Annie story universe. Lots of the same themes. Take a look at the to see just how big the story is already and what's yet to come. New chapters or stories are posted at least monthly, so there's all new material constantly being added. All of my are being posted there first, along with Data001's series. We'd like you to and enjoy everything there.

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I hope to have a new update or two in February. Watch for them.

1/20/17 - I had a multiple chapter story by CB Ed that I hadn't been able to convert to postable format, so I emailed him and he sent me new text copies of his Robin story. Yay!! I've posted the first chapter of it on my Other Author's page . I'll be posting more of that series as I get them coverted to html format for posting and your reading. We both hope you enjoy the series. Please let me know using my feedback form if you want to read more of his series. He also wrote another really hot story for me and I may get enough inspiration to use it as the basis to expand and edit it into a major stroke story. It's called "The Whipping Post Restaurant" and if you've read any of CB Ed's stories, you'll probably get an idea of what it's about from that.

I hope you enjoy this update. I'm working on getting the next chapter of my Zoo Mom series ready to post here. I'll do that if a reader or three let me know that they want them. Unless I get feedback, I don' t know if anybody is reading anything or wants more of it.

As always, if you enjoy all the free stories on asstr.org, hit the donation link and send a few bux to help keep asstr online.

Until my next update, have a hot and erotic New Year!

12/25/16 - I wish all of my old and new readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. More stories of my own and some from other authors are coming in the new year.

12/15/16 - I've added another story from Goldfish as promised. This one is Out in the open, a story about some extended sex education for the youngsters. I know my readers (all three of you) will enjoy the theme.

Another part of his major work, Woodenhorse #1, will be added soon. If you like his stories, please use the feedback form to tell me if you want more of Goldfish's stories so I can let him know.

I hope everyone has a great Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I'll be posting more stories of my own and some from other authors in the coming year.

11/1/16 - Another story from Goldfish has been added, as promised. Another part of his major work, Woodenhorse #1, will be added soon. If you like his stories, please use the feedback form and let me know if you want more of Goldfish's stories and I'll let him know.

10/16/16 - Just updating my Zoo Mom series, posting chapter 20A, where our perverted family plays with pee and peeholes, then Sissy and Lynn go shopping for some slut clothes to show off their hot bods. Hope you enjoy this new chapter. The series is up to chapter 24A posted on our website pages, but I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 36 chapters either written, partially written or outlined. There are only a couple of holes left to fill in the series, which I'm working on.

I recently received a new story from Goldfish, which I will add shortly. He has also sent me #1 of his major work, Woodenhorse, which will be added soon. There have been some interesting responses to Woodenhorse2, so if you like that series, please use the feedback form and let me know if you want more of Goldfish's work.

Our is growing. If you like my series here on asstr, you will really enjoy all of the perverted going ons in the story universe. We have added new authors who are helping us write more of the series, so it just keeps expanding and getting more depraved and extreme as we go.

Hope everyone (all three of you) enjoy this new Zoo Mom chapter. Use the feedback form to let me know.

9/1/16 - A new story from Goldfish has been added to the other author's page. It is quite long and is part of a trilogy. I decided to post it in its entirety instead of one of his shorter ones. Goldfish said that he would send the other two parts if there is any interest, so please use the feedback form and let me know if you would like more to be published. We can't tell if you want more unless you let us know.

Over the years, I've gotten a few complaints, which I've addressed previously on this page. Apparently, the authors of these few complaints are either the same person or share the same very sadly limited intelligence. Like, sliding down the left had side of the IQ bell curve. I recently received another similar *anonymous* complaint and took some time to decide whether to just ignore the obvious fools or share their mentally stunted thought processes with you. If you're interested, I've posted the email and my response on my Info pages, which has an illumination about several defense mechanisms also. So if you're interested, take a read and let me know what you think. Am I wrong?

We've been updating our website pages with only one new story over the last two summer months while we worked on several new chapters during that time. So starting September, we'll be back to posting two new stories each month, and possibly more. If you like my Summertime story or my Zoo Mom series, we know you'll like the story universe, which is growing all the time. Additionally, I post new chapters of my own story series there for the members to read for a while before posting them here. So if you're looking for more current chapters of Zoo Mom, which is up to chapter 24 posted, or any of my other new stories, join us there.

8/15/16 -- Have been updating our website pages and since Goldfish sent me a couple of his new stories, I figured I'd update things here as well. I know that will possibly make both of my veteran (inveterate??) readers happy to see something new posted. His new stories are short so I will probably post both of them this month - one now and the next one as I get the time. He has said that if there's any positive feedback on them, he'd send along some more. So let me know if you want more. He has quite a good sized story ready for posting which, "for political reasons", is relevant to current events. If readers want more of Goldfish's stories, let us know.

I'm especially grateful to one reader who liked Goldfish's stoires and offered to proofread them for me and help get them online. Thanks, bud!!

Summertime is slipping right along here. Hope everyone's having a good time. I, for one, am really happy to see the skimpy clothes on lovely bodies. Uh, and some not so lovely.

Remember, asstr.org deserves your tax deductible donation to keep it proviiding a place where uncensored stories can be posted and read. Please consider clicking on the link and making a gift of whatever you can.

Enjoy the new story. I'll be posting another one in a few weeks.

7/28/16 -- Happy Summer to both of my regular readers. Or winter if you're in the Southern Hemisphere. [I know I've got some in Oz and NZ somewhere.Luv you all! ] Because of all the bovine excrement about Climate ChangeTM, I'm gonna go out on a limb like I did a couple of years ago and make a daring prediction: In the NH in only a short 6 months time, it will be between 50 and 100° colder than it is now and most will be facing some amounts of snow, maybe as much as several feet(!!), and freezing temps. For the SH, it will be just the opposite. Quite the soothsayer am I, huh. Anybody wanna place bets against me? Hehehehe Do I get my million $$ Hockey Schtick grant now, huh?

One of my fellow authors who is known as Goldfish has been quite prolific-- just the opposite of me lately. He's offered me some more of his stories to publish on my Other Authors page and I've gotten requests for more of them. So I'll be trying to post one of his new stories here every month for a while, so you who have been complaining that there's nothing new will have to stop that. If you like his stories, he will send more so let me know.

If you enjoy reading my stories, there are two things to note:
1) asstr.org is provided free so go to the donation page and give a little bit to keep it online, free of censorship and free to access.
2) Most of my new story series, along with the Story Universe, are published on our membership site, usually two new story postings each month. I will post some of my own series, such as , Teen Slut Karen, Summertime and others after they have been posted on our membership site for a while. If you want to get them first and fresh, there.

Everybody have a great sex filled summer (or winter, depending on where your butt resides)! Till my next stroke of genius afflicts us with another update, C'ya!.

5/1/16 -- Hey, Hey! May Day!! No, I don't mean that in a distressed way. Just a calendar way. Hehehehe

It's getting into coming summertime and the warm weather again - at least in my part of the world - and it's great to see all the hot bods running around in less and less clothing. Gives me story ideas, like when I got the inspiration for Summertime. By the way, chapters 8A and B have been written for Summertime and have been posted on our members site. Still have to get through chapter 9, which has only been half way developed. [Damn writers block!]

I've gotten some really nice reader comments in feedback on Summertime and that has helped urge me on to writing more on that series. However, most of my concentration has been on my storyline. Since I had a flash of inspiration with what to do with the house next door, I've written some of what happens there. Looks like that will be at least 5 chapters long or more, as it seems to just continue to develop. Lynn gets to make some porn vids and Bobby meets his first trannies. Oh my! Oh My!

Yeah, every once in a while I get a wild inspiration and it seems to just flow out of my mental cesspool. Then the block drops down again and I get a dry spell. So far, the Zoo Mom series is up to between 35 and 40 chapters, depending on how I break them up for posting. There are some holes that I'm tyring to get filled up in there, but at least that series is in continuing development somewhat. Yay! Chapters up to 23E have been posted in our members area with 23F/24 coming up.

Again, there are two things that I can't emphasize enough. If you read a story on asst and like it, please let the author know, if there's a feedback form to do so. It really helps us writers to hear from readers with their comments. Even if it's just a short "Loved your story _______ . " At least that lets us know someone is out there reading. And if you read anything on asstr, please consider making even a small donation to help keep this and every other writer's site on asstr available. It costs tons of $$ to run and maintain the servers that asstr runs on, and that doesn't even take into consderation the political pressures that are most likely brought to bear because of the "controversial" content. And it's AD FREE! Credit card companies and Paypal made it as difficult as they can by refusing/revoking asstr's accounts because of the "adult content". Asstr.org seems to be about the only place that doesn't impose any censorship on written ideas. Also, any donation to asstr is tax deductable.

Have an enjoyable dance around the May pole! Just wanted to give my faithful readers (all three of you) an update on things and let you know that I ain't ded yet, despite the wishes Grrrrrr! of so many. I will be posting some new material here after it has been on the member area for a while for our members to read and whack off to. I hope everyone has a wonderful, sex filled summer! Luv you all!

1/25/16 -- I hope every one of my readers has been having a happily erotic New Year! And that I might have contributed to it in some small way.

We have had a new author join us in writing our story universe. That has helped a little with my damned writers block that is still curtailing my erotic story production. I wish there was a pill for something like that. However, I have had some flashes of inspiration and have added some new material to my story. I have decided what will happen with the vacant house next door. And the family secrets are let out of the bag when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit. Little Kari just can't resist and surprises Grandpa. At least I'm happy as long as I can keep getting flashes where some new material spews out of the cesspool of my subconscious mind! Once my new material has been posted on the member's site for a while, then I will occasionally be posting it here.

Our new author working with us on has expressed the disappointment that few people actually acknowledge stories that they like and let the author know. So if you read stories on asstr.org, consider using any feedback links to let the author know you liked his or her work. And asstr.org is one of the few places on the web where authors may write what they want without censorship. It takes a lot to stand up to those who would like to limit what others may write or read, so if you enjoy any stories on asstr.org, consider making a donation of any size to keep the site online. I'm sure that the people who keep asstr.org running are under constant and tremendous political and legal pressure to remove anything they don't like - and don't think others should read. And that is in addition to the actual costs of the machines, upgrading, maintenance and bandwidth that is required. So use the donation link to help keep asstr.org online so you have all of the various erotic stories to choose from and enjoy.

Speaking of other authors, a friend of ours who writes some fantastically erotic fantasies (is that redundant? ), Annalise, has recently added a new perverted storyline to her asstr.org site. Give it a visit and see what you think. And let her know.

My main co-author on the Little Model Annie story series, Data001, has posted many new chapters of his Head Teacher Young Sex Slave story on his asstr.org site. Be sure to visit and give it a read, then let him know if you like it.

12/15/15 -- I'd like to wish all of the readers of my stories the best of the holiday season! Have a very Merry Christmas and a joyous, erotic New Year!

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the erotic fiction world. See you next year!

11/25/15 -- Contrary to what some would like, I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't posted anything new for a while. Didn't have a good summer as I spent about four months flat on my back in bed with a pinched nerve. That followed a full week of passing kidney stones. I didn't die from it but there were times when I seriously wished I could just to make the pain stop. Now I fully understand how people can get hooked on pain killers. Unfortunately, I didn't have any good ones and aspirin, ibuprofen and other various OTC remedies were like eating tic tacs- only not as flavorful. Ugh! So my writing productivity was, shall we say... well, zero.

I have added chapter 19 of my Zoo Mom series for those who have been asking for it. All of my newest stuff is being posted on our , but after being posted there for a while, I've decided to add some of it to my site here. The Zoo Mom series is up to chapter 23D posted on that site, out of about 36 chapters that have been either written, partially written or outlined. There's a few holes that I'm slowly filling up as I get the inspiration.

When I first setup my asstr site, Summertime at Grandpa Dicks was my first story series I posted. Unfortunately, I posted most of everything I had written on it too quickly and ended up with no more to post when my first writers block hit. I've written other series and posted them since, but I still get a lot of very nice comments and requests for more of Summertime. Unfortunately, I really haven't been able to add more to the basic eight chapters that I have. The ending of chapter 8 still needs to be done and if I get that worked out, I'll post it. But the bad news is that there really isn't any more and that storyline may never be pursued any further. I really DO appreciate all the very nice comments that I have been receiving on it though. Glad you like it.

I hope all of my faithful readers (all two or three of you??) have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you all for reading and enjoying my stories.

1/22/15 -- Still lookin' at the green side of the dirt! And the old perverted cesspool that has been mistaken for my mind has been overflowing a little bit lately. Which means that some new episodes of Zoo Mom have been written. After a bit of encouragement from a number of readers, a new Chapter 9 of Summertime at Grandpa Dick's started coming out and is partially done. Plus a new bit with Teen Slut Karen just happened to come out also. So I've actually found some holes in the writer's block and things have been leaking out. Check out my Story Notes page for a little more information.

Just wanted to wish all my wonderful readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year. You can join me and read all the new posted chapters of Zoo Mom and the new and growing story universe at the . We're looking for some talented 3DX illustrators to help add some visual content to the story universe, so if you are or know someone who'd like to help illustrate our perverted stories, use the comments page. As always, I respond to any feedback, thoughts, comments and suggestions as quickly as I can (if an email address is included).

11/2/14 - I've had quite a bit of fun writing the last parts of Zoo Mom Ch 20. It's a wonder Lynn and Sissy didn't get picked up by the police for causing a disturbance in the mall. LOL 'Course since I'm the author, I could have any of that happen. But then, after Ch 19, they might just have had some of their friendly cops show up and join in the fun.

Just checked and Ch 21 had already been written so I'm proofing it and it will probably have to be broken into a couple of parts. I'm really wordy, when it's flowing out. When the writers block clamps down, not so much. ;^( But several episodes of Zoo Mom are basically done and will be posted in the members area of the . All of my new stuff is going there, along with the HUGE story universe that is totally exclusive to that site..

It's interesting to see in my latest asstr stats report that 32 people had gone to the comments page, but only 2 had hit the feedback 'thank you' page, which wouldn't be seen unless they had successfully sent a comment. I keep wondering if I have that many people who are upset or disgusted with my writing and themes but then they read the 2nd paragraph of the feedback form, which links to the info page, and they decide it may not be worth sending me their diatribes and spittle covered rants. Or not. 'Tis interesting thought though. Why would someone come to a site like asstr and seek out really twisted, hard core erotic writing and then be upset about what they read? Like Robby said, "Does not compute!"

It is also interesting to see that the comments I get that are reasonably favorable have a return email address so I can reply to them, which I always do. I feel that if someone takes the time and makes the effort to let me know their thoughts, I should at least have the courtesy to respond. And I do. Always. But the rare negative comments don't have an email address that I can respond to and give my side of the story. I'm noticing a pattern there.

I can take valid criticism. If my writing is poor, and someone points it out, I'll try to learn from it and do better. If I made a bunch of misteaks and typoes, and they are pointed out, I'll usually try to fix them and try to do better in the future. But it seems that most anonymous rants are about rather irrelevant stuff like why I re-upload my site without adding anything new. See the entry for 9/21/13 below for the answer to that. And yet I still get an occasional (almost word for word and always anonymous) email about that.

Pretty much the other emails I get are asking for more or when I'll be posting new chapters of Summertime or Zoo Mom and as I've reiterated before, all of my new writing is being posted on the members site.

I've found (or suspected) that my writers block may be the result of depression from seeing such persecution of adult literature and erotic fiction all over from zealots who want to control what you read and see. It was disheartening to see Loliwood no longer accepting stories. All we could hope for was that it was getting too much work to keep up and the owner finally had to give up. Certainly we can hope that it wasn't the result of persecution by the bigoted zealots putting pressure on it. Fortunately it's housed on asstr.org so it continues to be hosted and online, just no longer being updated. It would definitely be interesting to find out what kind of pressure is being applied to asstr.org itself and the Internet Free Literature Corporation that funds and maintains it because of the subject matters/themes that are in the various stories and sites. If you enjoy what asstr.org is doing, please consider making a donation to asstr.org to help them keep doing it.

The bigoted and tyrannical persecution of adult erotic literature is what made my co-author, Data001, and I decide to put our stuff behind a paywall on a completely separate site. That way, the only way to access our erotica is if one is over 18 and makes the concerted effort to pay and join. We'd really like to keep it all free, but it takes humongous amounts of both time and effort to write, edit, proof and format the stories, then update and maintain all the webpages. That's true, whether it's posted on asstr.org or on another site. So the little income from the paywall doesn't even cover the hosting costs. True, the hosting costs would be free if we hosted on asstr.org, but then with total public access to all subject matter, obscenity prosecutions like what was done to Frank McCoy wouldn't have the paywall as a defense. If only adults can or are supposed to access the material, then a minor or someone who claims to be "offended" or "disgusted" by the subject matter becomes "why did you go to the extreme of paying to get access to something you knew would probably offend you?"

Sort of like the "attractive nuisance" of backyard swimming pools. If you have to climb over a fence or break through a locked gate to trespass on the property and you drown in the pool, that effort made to trespass does carry some weight against a judgement against the owner. Or it used to before our court system became the property of and enforcers for the PC nanny-state we've allowed ourselves to be shackled with. Thus, we've had to put up a paywall "fence" around our supposed "attractive nuisance" of erotic literature. Because everyone knows that porn will corrupt anyone and everyone who happens to chance upon it and sees it. Or if you go by the facts and not the knee jerk emotions of the pitchfork and torches crowd. "[N]o country where this matter has been scientifically studied has yet been found to think pornography ought be restricted from adults".

Enough of my rants. I'm running out of steam and might as well channel my efforts into writing more enjoyable, if not constructive, things. Like more Little Model Annie, Zoo Mom and all that kinky, perverse stuff I'm known for. 'Til I get the itch next time.

9/1/14 - No, I'm not dead yet and haven't stopped writing, even though there may be some who wished for those things. LOL But the writers block is still a major impediment to my productivity and output.

As I've noted before, all of my new writing will be posted on the . Chapter 19 of Zoo Mom has been posted there, telling about Sissy's fine adventure at the police station. And I had been very worried about Chapter 20, as it had not been written at all. Not even started, other than having the basic theme notes for it. It was quite a hole that had me worried about having to delete it and just renumber all the succeeding chapters, or something, if I couldn't get something out for it. So, in a spurt of inspiration when the writers block lifted for a short while, chapter 20 started spewing out almost faster than I could get it pounded out on the keyboard. And it spewed and spewed... and it's still not finished. It got so large that I had to break it into several parts or it would have quickly become novel sized in itself. So the empty hole that was chapter 20 has been filled, at least partially, with still more to come out. That provides a path to the numerous chapters between 20 and 33 that had been at least partially written with some of them completed. I think chapter 33 is Kari's third birthday celebration.

In addition to Zoo Mom, the story universe continues to grow. If you want to see just how big it is, just go to , which is still being expanded as we come up with more storylines. The concept has gotten so big that we're opening up some of the Little Model Annie universe to other authors who'd like to write something based on the storylines, themes and/or characters in the White Productions universe. We've already had some interest expressed only a few days after the idea was announced to the members of the site. A new story submission/archive site will be opened to the public as soon as we've worked out a few more details and completed the author's guidelines. I'll try to post a notice here on this page when things are a little further along.

I'm also working on getting a few more of Gopheroady's stories to post here on the Other Author's page. He's got more to post, I've just got to get coordinated with him to get them added here. Let me know if you want more like his Tartain Plaid story.

As always, I appreciate any comments or thoughts and I do respond if an email address is entered so I can.

5/4/14 - A couple of new short excerpts from some of the stories have been added to the page on the site. I hope you'll take a look at them and if you like what's there, join us for the full story universe in the member's area.

Chapters of the Zoo Mom story are being added there each month and after reading some of the existing chapters, I got so inspired (well, turned on, actually) and wrote a huge long chapter 20 that hadn't been even started yet. It's 25K words/130K bytes long so far and has even more to go. It's getting so big, I may have to split it into several parts. Those darn girls, Lynn and 12 year old daughter Sissy, can really get into some interesting situations... sexual ones, that is. But it's so much fun to fantasize about it. In this chapter, they go out to buy some slut clothes for Lynn and piercing jewelry for both. That is, after a nice morning family sex session where Kari gets it again from Daddy. I'll have to see about putting some short excerpts online on the or here when I get a chance.

Chapter 8 of Summertime is mostly finished, but I need to work on the ending of it a bit. Haven't had much inspiration regarding it, but I've let a few readers preview it, hoping they will be able to give me some suggestions that will tie it all up and then get to work on chapter nine of that series. Again, anything new from that story will be posted exclusively in the membership area when the postings reach that point. And all of my so far posted chapters are and will be available there in .txt, .pdf, .mobi and .epub formats for downloading and reading offline if desired in addition to being in HTML format to read online.

As you can see, the writer's block comes and goes. It's really frustrating. When it releases its hold, I start banging on the keyboard and the story just flows out. I get irritated having to even stop writing to eat or answer other of nature's more urgent calls. I even begrudge having to sleep when the flow is spewing out of my rancid cesspool of a subconscious. Then it seems that the block clamps back down and I can't figure out how to get even a couple of coherent words out. Like I say, it's SO frustrating, because I LOVE to write.

Fellow co-author Data001 has been the creative genius on most of the "Little Model Annie" storyline, and has kept me going in spite of the block. We're having a lot of fun writing in the new universe. I hope you'll look at the and join us for the whole erotic adventure.

1/1/14 - The new website is doing well with new story updates twice a month for members to read. A new has been added to give some idea of the size of the story so far and how it is developing. It's been lots of fun. I'll try to get some more from the series online and link to them here so you can see how freaky-deaky it all is. If you've liked my Zoo Mom, Summertime and Teen Slut Karen stories, you'll just LOVE and her story universe.

Chapters of those stories of mine are also being posted on the site as bonus material. So far, up to chapter 12 of Zoo Mom and chapter 5 of Summertime have been posted in multiple formats (.txt,.pdf,.mobi,.epub). All new, never before published chapters of my existing stories will be added there exclusively over time. There will be a new chapter 2 of Teen Slut Karen, which is mostly finished, and chapter 19 of Zoo Mom, which is finished and will be posted there when it hits that point in the series. Along with The Perverts Club - The Ceremony, a really extreme S&M wedding story. Then there's Nasty Nan, a story about a very young and very extreme girl and the fun she has, based on a theme from a couple of Loliwood stories. So, if you want not only my story series and new published ones, but also Data001's and my Little Model Annie stories, please join the site so you can have them all as we publish/post them there. Also, Data001's perverted story Head Teacher's Young Sex Slave chapters are being posted as bonus material on that site.

New in this site update is one of some stories that were contributed by a fellow author and reader, Goldfish, that have not been published before (that I know of). He has graciously sent them to me and allowed me to add them to this site for your reading pleasure. Some of the same themes as my stories are involved, so I'm sure you'll find something to like in them. The first to be posted is Tartain Plaid. Let us know how you like the themes and story. At least three more will be coming in future updates.

As with CB Ed's stories, I'm posting Goldfish's stories pretty much "as is", in text format, just as he sent them to me. I have not edited or proofed any of them as I feel his work and writing style should be left intact. I don't want to impose my writing style by doing editing of his material.

I will try to keep up with posting his stories every once in a while so you'll have something new to read. And maybe some snippets from Annie's world too.

9/21/13 - Summer is ending, leaves are starting to fall and the hot wimmen are covering up their delectable bods. Damn, I hate winter!

It seems like a few people are a bit upset that there have been no new additions or updates to this site lately. In my last 'What's New' post, below, I explained that the for Data001 and my new story universe was where all of our new stuff would be posted. And I've received a few anonymous comments that have objected to my uploading the "old" content without any changes or additions. Seems it's not fair of me to re-upload my site content unless I've added new free stuff to it.

First things first. While I have some new material for my existing story lines, such as "Summertime", "Zoo Mom", "Teen Slut Karen", and "Ellen's Tech Lesson" and others that have never been published/posted, most of what I've written recently has been for the new story universe that Data001 and I have been working on for over the past year. All of that story is being posted on our which was created just for that story. Our other series are also being posted to that site as extra material for charter members who sign up and support us there.

As I've explained before, I first started writing my nasty porn stories for just myself, and then decided to share them with others. I applied for an asstr account to do that, but it took some time for it to be setup. In the meantime, I setup an account on another story site and started posting a few of my stories there. Most were well received, with lots of good comments, for which I am and was grateful. Once the asstr account was activated, I started posting the same material here. The authorities at the other site at one point decided that they wouldn't allow "Pedo" themes in stories, so I discontinued posing any of my stuff there on principle. I continued to post a lot of my series here on asstr.

When the damnable writers block hit me, it really blew away my writing productivity. I've chronicled some of that here in these pages. Then Data001 cajoled me into working with him on a new story idea he had and we started scheming. The Little Model Annie story universe is the result. We both originally wanted to publish it as an eBook, but no distributor would ever handle our extreme themes, even though most of their business is supported by porn/erotic stories of some sort or other. (Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!)

Well, we've put a lot of work into the story and since we can't easily publish it in a form that people could download for a paltry sum, as most professional authors do, we decided to create our own website for it. In addition to that, we decided that we'd put our other work on that same site as a bonus for those who supported us and signed up for membership. See how that works? You support us and we give you more of our stuff. While not for free, it's probably cheaper than buying the gross pile of like " of TM" - and I sincerly apologize to all horses and their excrement for that comparison. They really don't deserve it.

I deeply appreciate my readers that have followed my filth on asstr, and have provided such kind and positive comments on it. I really do. But I started writing my filth for myself and then just shared it with others by posting online. Like anyone else, I'd really like to get paid for all the work that the readers have claimed to enjoy. Not a lot, but a little bit. For those who support me and join the website, they'll get all of my writings. I think that's only fair. And to provide them for free here would not only not be fair to those who purchased access to them on our website, but would be a total disincentive for anyone to join the website.

So you can see there are some mixed emotions about what we're doing. On the one hand, we really enjoy providing our filth for reader enjoyment. On the other hand, the amount of effort and time it takes to turn out what readers seem to think is decent quality writing makes us want to be compensated for some of it. Thus, the paid subscription website. And it seems there are those who are willing to pay to get what we're providing. Both Data001 and I humbly and profusely thank those who have purchased subscriptions.

So I guess it boils down to the fact that I apologize if you are upset because you can't get any of my new stuff for free on asstr. But I just don't apologize for wanting to be compensated a little for the time and work I put in to thinking up, writing, proofing, editing, writing, proofing, re-proofing, formatting and posting the stories. At least I'm up front about it and haven't just stopped posting anything, or pulled my stories from asstr.

Which brings me to the next little misunderstanding. I've received a number of anonymous comments decrying my re-uploading all of my site to asstr without having made any new additions to the content, viz. more stories. If those commenters had even had the courtesy to provide an email address, I would have happily responded to them to explain how things work. I have ALWAYS responded to any email from readers if there is an email address included to respond to. I feel that if you take the time to send your thoughts or comments to me, I owe you the courtesy of responding to you. And I do. But being cowardly and complaining without providing a way to answer the complaint really twists my shorts.

The way asstr works is that, rightly or wrongly, each time an author uploads content to their pages, those pages are listed on the main asstr homepage as "Most Recent". If existing pages are not uploaded, they don't get listed in the "most recent" files listing. Thus, a reader new to asstr - or even one who's been checking the main page every day - who had never seen Zoo Mom or Summertime or the others - would have to know how to find my stories or my webpages by my author name or the story names, which is a chance between slim and none - and slim done left town. Asstr has thousands of authors, hundreds of thousands of stories and who knows how many "collections" of stories. Searching through all that and finding any of my stories would be remarkably remote unless you knew exactly what you were looking for.

Here's a little sample of past page hits from the statistics provided by asstr based on a week when no files were re-uploaded to the site during that week:

Summertime-ch1.html: 74
ThePervertsClub-ZooMom-Ch1.html: 103
EllensTechLesson.html: 20
ThePervertsClub-Introduction.html: 46
Now, here's the hits count from a week when I re-uploaded the site's files once or twice during that week, with the resulting links on the main asstr homepage:
Summertime-ch1.html: 5172
ThePervertsClub-ZooMom-Ch1.html: 1159
EllensTechLesson.html: 468
ThePervertsClub-Introduction.html: 468
So you see, anywhere from 10 to 70 times the number of people found my stories after I re-uploaded them a couple of times during the week. Would you prefer that those people never to have found my stories and maybe enjoyed them? Isn't that a little selfish?

Here's part of the last such anonymous email I received:
I'm not sure why you republish your whole site all the time. Wouldn't it be better just to publish new material? Then again, I'm not a writer so what do I know. I just wanted to let you know that, despite liking your work, I will no longer visit your site. There's never any new story and you've exceeded my patience. I don't appreciate being treated like a monkey; expecting me to explore your site when nothing's changed. An ex-fan.

And another:
Is there a reason you keep uploading the same stories, all the chapters written long ago? Could it be your ego is so big, so needy for traffic and comments, you can't help but re-post and re-post in the vain attempt at feedback and accolades?

And another:
I cna't tell what's new anymore. You keep reposting everything. wouldnt it be easier just to put up new stuff so we know its new? I'm tired of looking at the same old stuff. Tou have lost a reader.

So let me see if I get this correctly. I'm an asshole for not putting more new FREE stories - which I have worked for hundreds of hours on - so these 'monkeys' can access them for FREE, and I'm inconveniencing them by uploading my sites files so literally hundreds or thousands more readers will find them by their links being on the main asstr page, but also inconveniencing them because they see the links and have to make the monumental effort to go see if there's any new FREE stories there. The one who feels he's being treated like a monkey claims to not be a writer, which is obvious, nor does he understand how asstr works. So he's gonna punish me for not adding any new FREE stuff for him, and making him have to search through all those pages, and for him not knowing how asstr works by, get this, not reading my site or stuff anymore. Gee, I don't know whether to slit my wrists or pop the champagne cork to celebrate.

I really don't know what to say. And I have to point out that these were received after I posted the notice and links to our website below. So, if you like my filth and want more than what's posted on asstr, come join us at our and enjoy it with us. Otherwise, enjoy what's been posted here and please don't send me anonymous complaints that you're too much of a pussy to sign.

6/16/13 - Well, the new year has come and gone since my last post and we're looking to see when summer might poke it's head out and grace us with some warm weather, giving the hot chicks an excuse to show their fine bodies off. Just the kind of thing that got me started writing Summertime at Grandpa Dicks series. Data001 and I have been working on not only the new stories for Little Model Annie and the whole Annie story universe, but also on where all of our work will be posted. It's taken a lot more time than we planned or figured on, but we're happy to announce that the for membership and the first chapters have been posted for reading or download.

In my last post, I gave a little bit of the storyline background of the Annie Universe. The story universe concept is based on how Phil Phantom created his See No Evil story series and we thought that was pretty good idea. The individual stories can stand alone, but linked together they form a huge universe of related themes, characters, locations and situations. Thanks, Phil, for the great idea!

The Little Model Annie story has a little something that will either satisfy or piss off most everyone, somewhere. We've enjoyed covering the most extreme sexual fetishes that we enjoy reading and writing about and with two dirty minds working on the story, there's double the pervertedness and depravity. For those readers who have enjoyed my Summertime and TPC/Zoo Mom series (all three of you), you're gonna enjoy what we've done with the Little Annie Series. All of the same fetishes are included and for those who don't really like certain ones, you have our permission to skip those areas, scenes or chapters that are based on what you don't like. But I think there will be something for most every kinky, perverted mind who likes to read far out, twisted extreme erotica.

We've had the opportunity to let a few of our readers sample some of the previews of the Little Model Annie stories and the comments have all been good. We originally thought about posting the series on asstr, but we ended up creating whole new websites for it and our other stories. So you can go to the fictional parent site, which has a that will be written by some of the story characters or to which is open to all and where you can interact with other readers, us authors or just leave your thoughts and comments.

is the name of the secretive porn company that our little Annie ends up working for. This is a fictional world wide outfit that provides most of the porn for most of the world, in one way or another. Little Annie soon finds herself right in the middle of things, doing the nastiest, extreme porn and loving it. Initially, she is recruited to be the spokesmodel for the 'slut clothes' line of club wear and lingerie aimed at the toddler through early teen girl market. Yeah, parents buy their toddlers clothes that make them look like prostitutes. Hey, this is fiction and we can write about everything and anything. And one of the ongoing inside jokes we have is that we write stuff that's "ripped from the headlines" of today's news. [Where do you think we get some of our best ideas?]

It's been fun and the two years have really gone by fast. We both hope you will join us at the and sites and at the Erotic Paradise Island site when it's ready to go online. (Maybe I'll share more about that one in my next post.) All of my currently posted Zoo Mom and Summertime stories will be posted on the White Productions site and any new chapters will be posted there also- Zoo Mom Chapter 19 is finished and ready to be added there and Summertime Ch 8 is almost ready. I don't know at this time if I'll still be posting them here on this asstr site after they're made available on the new site. We'll have to see.

If you've enjoyed either of our stories here on asstr, we'd love to have you join us in our new endeavor. As always, we try to answer any email comments or questions from readers. It's taken a lot of work to put our idea into action, but we have finally gotten it ready to share with others. We intend to update the site every two weeks with a new chapter/posting of the Little Model Annie story. We already have at least a year's worth of posting ready to go and even more of the storylne planned out and ready to be written. Our other stories will be added when we can, as bonus material for members.

So that's what's new and what's kept me busy for the last two years. We hope anyone who likes our writing and stories will visit the new sites and enjoy what we've put together.

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