Sam Tucker's Life Is About To Change, Part 5

[ MMb(2), inc, grandad/grandson, oral ]


Published: 19-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.


  • Samual (Sam) Tucker: 59 years old. Retired Truck Driver. Divorced.
  • David Tucker: 26 years old. Sam's son. Married for 5 years.
  • Kathy Tucker: 28 years old. David's wife.
  • Amy Kratz: 24 years old. Sam's daughter. Married to Ben Kratz.
  • Ben Kratz: 24 years old. Amy Kratz's husband.
  • Terrance James (TJ) Kratz: 18 month old son of Amy and Ben, now in the custody of his grandfather Sam.
  • Craig: Sam's old trucker friend


For the next couple months, Craig managed to avoid calling Sam. He didn't want to seem too eager. Although it took every ounce of restraint he had. The truth was, he could hardly wait to molest Sam's Grandson. When he was at Sam's house, he took a small picture of TJ that was hanging on the refrigerator, and he had been masturbating nearly every night while looking at the picture of TJ, and imagining rubbing his cock on that cute little baby face. Not only that, but in the picture, TJ was only wearing a diaper so Craig also imagined rubbing his hard cock all over the boy.

Sam meanwhile was true to his word, and had not touched TJ inappropriately. David on the other hand, had jerked off over him and made him suck his cock several times. Uncle Dave loved feeding his nephew his cum. And TJ accepted whatever Uncle Dave had to offer.

TJ was nearly 18 months old. It's amazing how quickly they grow and change in such short amounts of time. He was considered a toddler at that point, although he still had many characteristics of a baby. He was walking; although not very well. He held on to a lot of things and fell occasionally, but he was definitely walking on two feet on his own. His hair was thicker, and he had 4 teeth on the top and 4 teeth on the bottom. His vocabulary was growing too. TJ could point to many objects and name them, he would repeat almost any word you said, and even though he didn't understand what he was saying most of the time, it was fun to hear him repeat you. He was also learning how to ask for things, usually using only one or two simple words at a time, and incomplete sentences.

Craig called Sam and he was a little nervous. It had been a few months like I mentioned, and he knew Sam was a little intoxicated when the whole thing with TJ was mentioned. A little intoxicated and he was getting his dick sucked at the time too. So he wasn't sure how Sam was going to react. They spent a few minutes making small-talk and then Craig asked him if he wanted a blow job. Sam was a little embarrassed by the question, but he had not masturbated that day yet, so he was pretty horny. He might have been thinking no, but his hard cock was saying YES.

Craig did not even mention TJ. Sam was waiting for it to come up, but it never did, so he thought maybe he had misunderstood, or Craig was kidding or something. As he talked to Craig, he watched TJ standing between the couch and the coffee table; holding onto the table and stacking blocks and giggling. In a way, Sam was disappointed that Craig was not asking about TJ. And Craig, he could hear TJ in the background, and just hearing his baby talk gave him an instant erection as he imagined what he was going to do. He could hardly wait to get to Sam's house and get some of that.

Craig arrived as planned around 6:00 pm, and as soon as he walked in he grabbed Sam's crotch. Sam pulled away. "C'mon man, take it easy". Craig chuckled and said "Oh c'mon yourself, I was just havin a little fun. Lighten up". Sam closed the door behind Craig as he walked into the house.

"So uh...... I guess you know why I'm here"

Sam turned red. "Well, yea. I mean, you are one perverted fuck and you want to suck my cock. Am I right?"

"Of course I want that, but I wasn't kidding the last time when I asked about your grandson. If you are still ok with it, it's what I REALLY want"

Sam got an erection, and he felt a little faint. He was not prepared for this. He thought it was not going to happen and now it appeared it was as long as Sam allowed it. Sam said "well lets have some drinks first. So I can loosen up. I will go get us something. TJ is in his playpen in the living room if you want to go see him."

Sam went into the kitchen and Craig walked to the living room, going directly for the playpen. Craig reached over the side and the first thing he did of course was grab the boys crotch. "Not potty trained I see" Craig yelled. TJ was wearing a diaper under a pair of shorts. Bare feet and no shirt.

"Yea, they tell me it could be another 6 - 8 months. Maybe not that long" Sam yelled from the kitchen.

He lifted the boy up under the arms and carried him to the sofa. He sat down and started bouncing TJ on his knee..... holding up TJ's tiny hands in his and balancing him as TJ laughed. Sam returned from the kitchen with two tumbler glasses, a bottle of Maker's Mark Bourbon whiskey, and two shot glasses. Both tumbler glasses were filled about halfway with what looked to be whiskey with a splash of water; the way both men liked to drink it. Sam sat down and Craig lifted one of the glasses, took a sip and closed his eyes as it burned a little going down. "mmmmmmmm that's good" he said.

Sam said, "I'm a little nervous about this" and then afraid Craig would think he was backing out, he put his hand on Sam's arm and said "I am gonna do it, I just need a little something to drink to get me relaxed, ok?" Craig picked up the bottle and poured himself a shot.

"Yea I understand. It's a pretty big deal. It is pretty perverted and obviously wrong, but that's part of what makes it so sexy bud."

Sam drank a big gulp of his drink and watched as Craig put his finger in the shot glass coating it with the whiskey. Then he brought his finger to TJ's mouth and TJ immediately started to suck the alcohol of the man's finger. Craig anticipated Sam's objections and while watching TJ suck his finger he said "it will never hurt him Sam".

Craig lifted his glass and held it up to Sam. "Sam buddy, if you continue to be cool with this, we are going to have so much fucking fun". They clinked glasses and both took another large sip. Then Craig fed the little boy some more off his finger. "awwwww" he said. "There is no reason you shouldn't be part of this party too" and then he laughed, because he was thinking in his head that TJ WAS the party.

Sam was beginning to get a good buzz going. His nervousness made him drink faster, and he got drunk quicker than normal. And watching his friend feeding his grandson whiskey from his finger, and ESPECIALLY watching TJ suck his finger was making his cock even harder. It was sick, but Sam was enjoying the show.

Craig's cock was getting harder too. Hard for the little toddler on his lap. He started to caress TJ's hair, and his shoulders. And running his fingers across the baby's smooth chest, using a finger to rub circles around the baby's nipples. "Ok Sam. I think I am gonna need to get the party started here."

He fed little TJ a few more fingers of alcohol, then he looked at Sam. "I'm assuming you don't want to see any of this. Do you want me to take him in one of the bedrooms or what?"

"Welllllll". Sam was really feeling the alcohol now. "I think I would kinda like to watch".

"Watch? Or participate?"

"Just watch. I mean, for right now anyway."

TJ's little eyelids were drooping. It was obvious that he was affected by the alcohol he was fed.

"I'll tell you want then Sam ol buddy, Any reason not to do it right here? He was already opening his pants when he asked and Sam gasped a little bit because he knew it was about to happen"

""uh.... Uh... No.... go ahead. I just gotta adjust here a little or my dick is gonna break in half". They both laughed as Sam opened his pants too.

"If you see anything you do not like, just tell me to stop ok?"


TJ was sitting on Craig's knee, facing Sam. Craig gave Sam a wink and a smile. Then he put his left hand on the left side of TJ's face and brought his face down to TJ's level, using his hand to turn the boy's face towards his. Craig stuck out his tongue and licked the boy's mouth. Then he pushed his tongue between the kid's lips and TJ opened his mouth and started sucking on Craig's tongue. Craig's eyes were looking right at Sam as Sam's grandson was sucking on the older man's tongue. He let TJ suck on his big fleshy tongue for around a minute and then he pulled TJ's face more towards him, and put his mouth completely over TJ's. Sam could not see it, but inside Craig's mouth, he was licking all over the kid's lips and pushing his tongue into TJ's mouth. Licking his baby teeth, licking between TJ's cheek and his gums. TJ was starting to get a little cranky and was starting to whine so Craig stopped momentarily. TJ's mouth was shiny with Craig's saliva.

Craig looked over at Sam who looked a bit uncomfortable and he said, "is this ok?"

Sam, who was softly touching himself just shook his head, and reached for his drink; downing the last half of the glass in one gulp.

"Good idea," said Craig, and he gulped his as well before filling both their glasses again.

"Want some more little fella?" Craig stuck his finger into the shot glass, and fed TJ some more whiskey. "I'm gonna take off his diaper ok Sam?" Sam shook his head yes and Craig smiled at what he had accomplished so far.

Craig reached down, took off the baby's diaper and tossed it to the floor. Then he fondled TJ's tiny little child sized penis and his little wrinkled scrotum.

"Oh my god Sam, this is so fucking hot" he said as he fondled Sam's grandson's privates. Craig picked up the bottle, took a small sip of whiskey and put his mouth back over TJ's. He opened his mouth and forced the whiskey into the baby's mouth. TJ swallowed and immediately started to choke and he spit it back up.

Craig laughed and said "whoaaaa ok, little sips right little guy", and he laughed. He had to bounce TJ a little and pat his back to get him to stop crying.

Craig looked at Sam. "Has he done a poopy today?" Sam shook his head yes. "Did you clean him good?" And as he asked his lifted TJ to his feet and smelled his bottom.

"Yea, he smells nice and clean. The smell of baby wipes actually makes me hard Sam"

Craig started talking in baby talk. "Lets see what we have down here sweetie" He laid TJ on his back beside him on the couch and grabbed his tiny ankles. Lifting them up and pushing back just a little until TJ's hips raised off the couch. As if he was going to wipe his butt and change his diaper. Presenting Craig with a view of a toddler ass crack within which he KNEW was a tiny asshole. Craig grabbed both ankles in one hand, reached down with the other and used a finger and his thumb to spread the kid's cheeks apart until he could see the puckered hole.

"mmmmmmm that's the prize huh TJ... yea that's what I was looking for". Craig adjusted himself on the couch so he could lean in and lick TJ's bottom. He was licking and moaning, occasionally spitting into his crack and licking it back out.

Sam said the first thing he had said since Craig started. He almost yelled "Craig". Craig looked up, afraid that Sam had had enough. Sam looked at him and said "I can't see". Craig smiled and said "come over here and hold his feet for me. You'll be able to see."

Then, as Sam held his grandson's ankles up in the air and Craig licked his toddler ass, TJ giggled. It must have tickled or felt good. Either way, TJ seemed to be enjoying the oral copulation of his rear end. Craig looked up and said "god am I hard Sam". Sam shook his head "I know what you mean man, my dick is like a fucking piece of rebar.

"Let's get undressed, ok Sam?"

Sam paused, then stood up and dropped his pants, and pulled his boxers down exposing his hard 7 inch plus cock and his hairy ball sac. Sam did not trim his pubic hair and it was thick. Craig stood and did the same before reaching out and grabbing Sam's erection. Sam moaned as Craig stroked him. Craig moved forward and tried to kiss Sam, but he pulled away. "no man..... not that".

Both Sam and Craig removed their pants and underwear, and their shirts. They were both completely nude now along with Sam's 18 month old grandson. Craig said.....

"Check this out. This feels really good. Watch". He grabbed TJ and picked him up until he was standing on the couch. Then he got on his knees behind him and he worked his huge man cock in between the toddler's thighs. He looked at Sam and smiled and made sure TJ had his legs squeezed shut and he began humping him. Long strokes that made the head completely disappear from the front of TJ's legs, and then poke through by 4 or 5 inches.

"The skin on the inside of a kid's legs is just the smoothest thing you will ever feel Sam. It's like silk". Craig continued to dry fuck little TJ's thighs. "And if you put some cream in there or baby oil or something......... fuck. You'll never want to fuck a woman again. Then pulled his cock out and pulled TJ down until he was sitting down . He lifted the kid's arm and put his dick in his arm pit and pulled his arm back down trapping his cock under TJ's arm. "This too." And he started humping TJ's armpit. Then he pulled out, pulled TJ back a little bit. "One more place bud...... check this out" And he laid his hard cock on TJ's shoulder up against his neck and he pulled TJ's head down until his dick was trapped under the kid's chin. He started to fuck TJ's neck. "I am telling you man, there is NOTHING like a kid's skin against your hard cock" And TJ looked a little uncomfortable, but he was tolerating being used like he was.

Sam was masturbating as he watched. Craig said "you wanna try it?"

Sam said, "You told me before that it would feel really good if he put his mouth on me....... Right?"

Again Craig smiled. "Yea I did say that. Is that what you want to try?"

"Yea, I think so.

"OK", Craig looked around, thinking what to do. "ummmmmm, here, he lifted TJ under his arms, lifting him up out of the way, and told Sam to sit on the couch with his back in the corner. Then he sat TJ between Sam's legs facing him. Sam was stroking his cock and TJ naturally reached out to grab his cock. Sam tensed up when he felt his little fingers and looked at Craig. "Oh man his little fingers feel so good. This is fucked up man, he's just a toddler. He's my grandson".

"Yea, well your grandson is gonna get a mouthful of grampy's dick" And then he put his hand behind TJ's head and pushed him forward until Sam's cock was pressed against TJ's face. TJ opened his mouth. "You gotta help him Sam, rub it on his mouth". Sam positioned the head of his cock right in the opening of TJ's mouth, and swiped the big bulbous head across the little boy's lips. Sam could see his precum leaking out in a steady flow and coating TJ's soft baby lips.

Craig said, "Now don't bite grampy. Take a nice taste of cock there kiddo." Sam gasped as he felt his grandson's tiny lips against his cock. "Oh god, the inside of his mouth is hot." Sam reached down and put his hand behind TJ's head and pulled him forward a little, and inserted his cock head into TJ's mouth. TJ gagged. Sam looked up at Craig. "How much do you think he can take?"

"Probably not much."

"Well, what if we went really, really slow? I mean, shit. I feel like I want to get it in there Craig. I'll bet the muscles in his throat will draw my damn cock in if we just push really slowly."

"Well, it's up to you. He's YOUR grandson."

Sam worked his way from under TJ and got up. "Put him over the arm of the couch so his head is hanging down. That's the way they really fuck women's throats in the porn movies I've seen" Craig did so, and Sam leaned his body over the arm.... Positioning his cock in TJ's mouth. He push a little and TJ gagged, so he stopped. But he didn't withdraw. Then he pushed a little further, and TJ gagged. Sam remembered how much whiskey Craig had fed him and realized why TJ was being so calm. Sam worked, and worked and worked his dick into little TJ's mouth.

When he felt it hit the back of his little throat, he just kept going. It felt like working his cock into an incredibly tight pussy. But it was better. He felt the muscles in TJ's throat massaging his cock, pulling it in, inviting it into his belly. Sam continued to push, a centimeter at a time. He didn't even realize he was making so much progress until he looked down and saw that there was only about 2 inches of cock that wasn't in TJ's toddler mouth. TJ was breathing through his nose. He kept blowing toddler snot into Sam's pubic hair. Especially when he gagged or coughed.

"Oh fuck.... I can't hold back. I'm trying to keep still but...... it's like his little throat is jerking me off" Sam could see the bulge of his cock in his grandson's throat. Sam started shooting his cum. One squirt, then two, three. TJ was not bothered in the least. Sam's cock was so far down the kid's throat that he was basically cumming directly into the child's stomach.

Sam was sweating, moaning, his face was red. He was experiencing one of the best orgasms he ever had, and he was depositing his grampy sperm into his grandson's belly. Craig was jerking his cock as he watched his buddy throat fuck his 18 month old grandson.

Sam and Craig both heard the front door open at the same time and they both turned to see David standing there. Sam did not move. He didn't know WHAT to do. He was stuttering, and trying to say something. His grandson impaled on his adult penis.

"God David, I'm sorry.... I'm sorry you had to see this". He was trying to pull his cock out of the toddler's throat, but it was stuck. Not really, but Sam was afraid he would hurt little TJ if he pulled out too fast so he had no choice but to let his cock remain.

David walked closer. Craig was holding his cock which was just as big as Sam's but was now pretty floppy. Sam and Craig both expected David to freak out. But he stood there for a few seconds looking at Sam's cock in the kid's mouth. Then he put his hand out and started to play with TJ's little cock. Both Sam and Craig's jaws dropped.

David said, "I guess your diet consists of more than just Uncle Dave's cock milk, huh little guy?". Then he laughed. Sam and Craig both sighed in relief.

David said, "I just came over to tell you, we found out, Kathy's having a boy."

They all looked at each other and nobody said a thing for about 15 seconds. Then they all laughed like hell.

to be continued

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Totally hot! Loved seeing TJ taking it down his throat.

So Much for Reality

Well, at least the first 4 chapters were hot. But when an 18 month old is deep throating adult cock (no matter what the size), that's when you know you've transcended from the world of the possible (like a baby with just a cockhead in its mouth) to the world of 'maybe you should have quit while you were a 'head'. ;-)


I continue to love this story. I await further developments for little TJ. Keep up the great work


I love this edition! Its really nice to see them going a bit rougher on tj. I love seeing the sick corruption the lust is playing on sam, not really wanting to hurt him but getting off on using him regardless, especially with craig pushing him further. I can't wait till his toddler bottom starts to really get explored. I love stories like this that are non-consensual but not flat out violent rape, basically molestation, he loves him but he's still gonna use him. Can't wait for the next chapter! It would be hot if somehow craig could find himself alone with tj for a short period while he doesn't doesn't have sam around as a chaperon. Like if sam while drinking fell asleep, just a thought.

Uncle Jon

More! More! More! I agree with totstorylvr, a little rough stuff makes it even more fun. I'm sure that if Craig could get TJ alone, there would be some horny fucking going on.


Very fucking hot!!! Can't wait to hear what happen next...I am ROCK HARD!!

Uncle Jon

Boylover, this story keeps getting hotter and hotter. This episode was just unbelievably arousing.


Yay! Gotta love the toddler deepthroating. Keep up the great writing and get into that lil boy butt soon, pleeaase!

Uncle David

Absolutely nut-busting. This story (and this chapter in particular) has made me cum again and again. More, please!


This is a very hot story series, and glad to see that with Craig's help, Sam is getting more into it. It's awesome that dad and son now know about each others' desires too. This was a great episode, and I concur with totstorylvr's comments above. Can't wait to read more.

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