Sam Tucker's Life Is About To Change, Part 3

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Published: 10-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.


  • Samual (Sam) Tucker: 59 years old. Retired Truck Driver. Divorced.
  • David Tucker: 26 years old. Sam's son. Married for 5 years.
  • Kathy Tucker: 28 years old. David's wife.
  • Amy Kratz: 24 years old. Sam's daughter. Married to Ben Kratz.
  • Ben Kratz: 24 years old. Amy Kratz's husband.
  • Terrance James (TJ) Kratz: 1 year old. Son of Amy and Ben.

Sam has not been able to locate his daughter Amy or son-in-law Ben since Amy showed up at his house crying, and dropped off his Grandson TJ. He found out by accident that TJ's tiny fingers feel good on his cock, and he has not been able to control his sexual need for TJ. Sam's son David is a pedophile, and also cannot resist the 1 year old boy. Then Sam and David get the news that Amy has died in a car accident. And Sam ends up learning how it feels to have your ass licked.


It was a week later on a Saturday. David and Kathy were visiting Sam. They had just found out that Kathy was pregnant, and were celebrating with Sam. It was a bitter-sweet celebration because it had now been a week since anyone had seen Sam's daughter Amy or her husband. But David and Sam shared bourbon as Kathy played with TJ, feeling very maternal and imagining what it was going to be like to have a baby of her own.

Sam and David forced themselves to feel good through the miracles of distilled spirits. At one point, David went into the attic and found the old playpen from when he and Amy were kids, and he brought it downstairs and set it up for TJ. Sam really appreciated that kind of help. Of course he still expected Amy to return at any time and reclaim TJ, so he wasn't making any permanent changes for TJ.

Sam heard a car door close outside, and peeked through the shade to see two uniformed police officers walking up the front walk. Sam opened the front door. He had no idea why they were there, and yet he knew just the same.

"Are you Sam Tucker?"

"Yes, can I help you?"

"Is Amy Kratz your daughter?"

By this time, David had arrived at the front door. "What's going on", he said.

"I'm sorry to inform you......" the officer's word were interrupted by Sam's wail. "Noooooooooo Nooooooooo, god why? Why my baby Amy? He turned towards the door and Kathy put her arm around him as he cried on her shoulder.

Dave questioned the officers. "I'm her brother, What happened?"

"She was in a traffic accident sir. She was the passenger in a car driven by someone named Joel Stinger. Do you know anyone by that name?"

"No, I'm afraid I don't."

"Do you know any reason that she would be in the car with this person?"

"No, not at all."

"Are you aware of the whereabouts of Mr. Kratz?"

"No, we haven't seen either of them since last Saturday. Thank you officer. I better go attend to my father."

The officer said "again sir, I'm sorry for your loss." And they turned to leave as Davis closed the front door.

David joined his father and wife on the couch where Kathy was still comforting Sam.

"What the hell is going on Dad?"

"I don't have any idea son."

"Well who the hell is this Joel guy? And where is Ben?

As David was asking his father these questions, his mind suddenly turned to TJ. The boy was sitting up on the floor playing with his key ring and hugging his bear. Oblivious to the fact that his mother was dead and for all they know, his father could be dead too. As inappropriate as it was, David began to think about adopting TJ. About having him in his home, with access to him 24 x 7. David's cock began to harden and he shifted his weight to keep it from being bent. Kathy spoke, as if she were reading David's mind.

"It's a shame for TJ. We would have been able to help take care of him Sam, but with me being pregnant, I don't think I could do it"

As much as David wanted to protest, he played it cool. "Yes, I hear you Kathy. You are going to have to continue to take care of him Dad, are you up for it? David also knew that he would be having a child of his own soon. A little girl or boy who he would be able to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

Sam wiped a tear from his cheek and sobbed..... I guess I don't have a choice.

"We'll still help all we can dad. I promise".

"I know son.... I know."

They spent the rest of the day mourning Amy and reminiscing about the good times and showing TJ all the love they could. Before Kathy and David left, Kathy gave TJ a bath and put him in his pajamas and got him to go to sleep, before laying him in the playpen. And David and Sam continued to drink the bourbon. When David and Kathy left, David was in no shape to drive and Kathy took him home.

Sam was pretty intoxicated himself. He sat down on the sofa. The house was quiet, and his mind drifted to that beautiful blonde woman in his DVD with the man's cock in her mouth and he started to harden up. Even at his age, he had no problem getting hard. He reached under the couch to find his favorite DVD and the first one he pulled out was called "Runaways". He turned up his nose. That one is ok he thought, but not what I want.

He put it on the coffee table and dug under the couch again. The next one he brought out was called "Just Anal #14". Sam had never watched that one. He was not really an anal kind of guy. He thought it was dirty and a little distasteful. But as he was sitting it down, he looked at the cover again. There were three pictures of that same blonde woman from the other DVD. In one she was getting her ass fucked hard, and in one she was eating a man's ass and in the last, she was getting her ass eaten by another beautiful lady.

"Oh what the hell" Sam thought. He chuckled at him self and said out loud "boy am I fucked up".

Sam stripped completely and lay on the couch. Nobody was home to disturb him. He was going to enjoy a really good wank. On the screen, he saw his fantasy woman. Only this time she did not have a cock in her mouth. This time, she was on her knees with a man laying in from of her on his back. The woman had her hand on each of his calves, pushing them back and down, so that they were nearing his head. He was helping her hold them. Then she let go of his legs and he held them himself.

You could see the mans shaved balls between his legs in that position along with his hairy ass. The woman put one hand on each of the mans ass cheeks, spread his ass open and started to lick and push her tongue into him. The man moaned and started to masturbate. She kept going, working on this man's anus. Sam thought to himself "I really didn't know it felt that good". Sam watched as the man orgasm's and shot his load onto his chest and into his own mouth. Sam momentarily gagged as he thought about that.

Then he started thinking. "I'd really like to know what that feels like." He looked down and there was a pool of precum on his belly. But I could NEVER ask a woman to do that to me. It's just too ........ Hey wait a minute." He looked towards the playpen and TJ sleeping.

"Who's gonna know right? But he might not even be interested in doing it" Sam snapped his fingers as he got another idea. He got up and walked into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and looked around, then he opened the cabinets. "Ah, honey" A little plastic bear bottle of Nature's Golden Honey, which he grabbed and headed back into the living room.

"Let's see, how am I gonna do this?" He pushed the coffee table out of the way, noticing on the screen that the woman was STILL licking the man's asshole. "She must really like that". Sam reached into the playpen and lifted TJ out under his arms. "Don't wanna get your pajamas all messed up little fella." So Sam stripped TJ, and in the process woke him from his sleep.

TJ looked up at Sam and said, "Gampy".

"That's right honey. I'm your gampy and you are gonna help gampy try something".

First, Sam sat TJ on the floor in front of the tv. Then Sam sat down with his legs over TJs legs. Sam's hard cock was poking TJ in the belly and he started playing with it. But Sam was trying to get himself into position so he did not worry about that. Sam leaned himself back until he was flat on his back and then he took the squirt bottle of honey, held it between his legs and started to squirt, but it ended up going all over his balls. The honey became a sticky mess in his pubic hair.

"Damnit". Sam lifted his hips off the floor a little, put the nozzle right into his ass a little bit and squirted..... This time his anus filled a little, as well as all around his anus where it leaked out. He dropped the bottle...... leaned forward enough to grab TJ and then fell backwards again bringing TJ's face to his crotch....... TJ's face landed right in Sam's sticky pubic bush and Sam had to push TJ down a little bit. But TJ got the idea and started licking the honey from Sam. Sam reached down and spread his ass cheeks and he said "Oh my fucking god" as TJ began to lick directly across his anus.

This was a feeling that Sam never felt before. And it was a one year old boy doing it. It wasn't a woman, it was a little baby boy and he liked it. Sam could not help himself. His hands searched between his legs and he grabbed his cock and started jerking it. Precum was flying off the tip of Sam's cock and he reached down and could not help himself from grabbing his grandson's hair and pulling his face harder against his ass.

Sam's attention went back to the tv, as TJ licked the honey from his ass. The blonde woman was getting fucked in the ass, and then another man joined and they both had their cocks in her ass.

"Holy shit. How the hell?" But the sight was too much for Sam. The combination of his little grandson licking his ass and the woman on the screen getting double ass fucked drove Sam over the edge.......... He closed his eyes, let out a primal scream which scared TJ and made him cry.

But Sam didn't even care..... the cum was traveling up from his balls, through his urethra, and exploding from his pee hole with great force. Sam jerked his cock as his semen shot onto his chest. One squirt, two squirts, three, four, and then a few less intense squirts before his cum slowed to a dribble. He let go of TJ who fell to the floor, still crying.

Sam could not move. That was the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

When he finally summoned the strength to get up, he looked down at TJ who's face was an absolute mess. All sticky and tear streaked and a little brown from Sam basically using the boy as toilet paper. Sam was still fucked up. He grabbed TJ, lifted him up and patted his back as he rocked him. When he stopped crying, he laid him back in the playpen on his stomach and Sam went to bed himself.

to be continued

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