Pain and Humiliation Slut

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Published: 31-Oct-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

This is a story of how a seemingly ordinary young girl becomes a pain and humiliation slut.

My name is Mary and It all started when I was very young, five or six I think. I was always a very curious little girl, always getting into things that I shouldn't. Being told not to do something made me want to do it even more. The first time I was caught masturbating, I was told only bad girls did that, I didn't care if I was bad or not, all I knew is it felt good.

My father told me to stay out of his office and off of his computer, so of course I had to see what he was hiding. I knew how to work a computer a little bit by that time, so when my dad was gone I snuck into his office and played on his computer. I found web sites that my father had visited that blew my little mind away. I didn't know anything about sex until that fateful day. Many of the sites showed men and women fucking and sucking, which I didn't know anything about, but it still made my little pussy tingle. When I came across a spanking website it opened my eyes.

I'd always had this strange anticipation to being spanked when I was bad, I couldn't explain it, I sort of enjoyed being spanked. Usually after a spanking I was told to go to my room, once there I always played with my pussy to make the pain in my ass go away. Little did I know it was the pain that made me get off at such a young age. After seeing the website that showed I was not the only one that enjoyed a good ass spanking, I started looking for new ways to make my mother and father angry.

Kate, my mother was not as good at spanking me as my father was, she never pulled my pants down or hit me that hard, but it was much easier to make her mad. When I made my father angry, I knew my little ass was going to be sore for hours, which is exactly what I wanted.

By the time I was nine I was getting in trouble so much my parents thought I was just a bratty kid. They started talking about putting me on Ritalin or sending me away, I had to convince them not to. I became a model child, doing good in school, staying out of trouble and being the perfect daughter. I was so sexually frustrated I resorted to spanking myself to try to get the excitement I needed, it didn't seem to work. I was definitely hitting myself hard enough, but there was something missing. I had searched the Internet on my dad's computer to try to see what I was missing, while all of the bondage and discipline websites excited me, I just couldn't put my finger on it. One day at school I saw an older girl that was a well known bully, picking on another girl, this got me excited for some reason, I knew I didn't want this bully picking on me in the same way, I wanted a spanking, and not by a girl. I wanted a man, a real man to spank me, the way my father used to. I decided to test my theory and headed to the park after school. My mother told me never to go to the park by myself, there were a lot of perverts that hung out there. I realized maybe a pervert is exactly what I needed.

I was playing on the jungle gym keeping an eye on this one guy that was sitting by himself, pretending to read his newspaper. My excitement reached a fever pitch and I couldn't wait any longer, so I walked over and kick some dirt on him.

"What do you think you're doing, that was kind of bratty." Said the stranger, looking up from his newspaper.

"I'm sorry Mister, I think you should spank me for being bad." I said, bending over and lifting my short skirt to show my plain white panties. "Why don't you take me over there and give me the spanking I deserve." I said almost begging, and pointing to the restroom.

This guy smiled broadly, he knew he'd hit the jackpot. I got very excited when I realized this stranger was not only going to spank me just like I wanted, but I was probably going to have sex for the first time too.

"Do you always ask strangers to spank you; little girl?" Asked the guy, looking around as we walked toward the bathroom. "No, you're the first stranger I've ever asked to do anything like this." I said, knowing it was dangerous, which only made it more exciting.

When we entered the restroom, I wasn't sure what to do, so I just went for it. I went and bent over on this little bench that was in the corner of the small restroom. I figured as long as I was willing to have a stranger spank me, I'd do it the way I liked it best, so I pulled my panties down. I always loved it best when my father spanked my bare ass.

"Come on mister, give me the spanking I deserve." I said, knowing I was probably going to get raped as well, I didn't care, my excitement was so high I would've done anything at that point.

"You have been a bad little slut haven't you, you need a good spanking to calm you down." Said the stranger, having played this game before, just not with somebody so young.

He spanked me a few times lightly, it was good but I wanted it harder. Then he reached between my legs and started playing with my pussy, this thrilled me, I wasn't expecting this and I moaned. He would wail on my ass a few times, then go straight to my pussy, the excitement was building quickly.

"Oh yes... I'm cumming... Don't stop mister... That feels so good." I said, losing it.

He was fingering me hard, if I hadn't taken my own virginity his fingers surely would have. After I came down from my powerful orgasm, I looked back to see him pulling his cock out of the fly in his pants. I had never seen a real cock before, but I knew I wanted it. My little pussy had taken a banana, so I thought it wouldn't have a problem taking this guys cock.

"Okay slut it's time for your real punishment." He said moving his cock toward my pussy.

Every time he called me a slut it sent a tingle through me, I loved it. His cock entered me slowly, it was warmer than any of the toys I've gotten off with, it felt great and I knew I would need cock from then on. Once he began fucking me I could feel another orgasm building, then he did something unexpected, he began slapping my ass, this brought an immediate; intense orgasm.

"Oh yes... Do that again... It feels so good!" I screamed, not caring if anybody heard me.

"You like that cock don't you little slut?" He asked, as he pounded my virgin pussy.

"Yes... I love that cock... I want to feel that cum deep inside me!" I screamed, feeling like a dirty little whore; that I had only seen on the Internet up until then. This is what I was missing, being treated like a slut, humiliated by this stranger that only wanted me to get his rocks off. It's as if we were using each other, I loved it. He finally came in my little girl pussy, he didn't care if I got pregnant, he just wanted to jerk off in my pussy.

"That was great little girl, by the way what's your name? My name is Roy." Said the pervert, suddenly being nice.

"Um... Joy." I lied, not wanting this guy to know my real name.

"That's a nice name, say, would you like me to buy you an ice cream or something?" Said the stranger that had just raped me, looking suddenly nervous.

I think he was afraid that I was going to start crying or something. I needed to tell him not to worry.

"Look mister, it's okay you don't have to worry, I'm not mad or anything, I love being treated like a little whore, and I plan on doing it a lot more." I told the guy, seeing a look of relief on his face.

"I'm so relieved to hear that. So, you like to be treated like a little whore, well in that case let me show you how I like to treat sluts when I'm done with them." Said Roy, pulling a couple of bills out of his pocket and stuffing them down my skirt and into my panties. This thrilled me to no end, I was going to enjoy fucking strangers in the park.

"Thanks mister, I guess this makes me a real whore. I'm going to try to come back tomorrow, do you think you want to meet me here again, and maybe bring some friends?" I said, reaching into my panties for the money he'd given me.

"Sure thing honey, I know a few guys that would love to fuck a little slut like you." He said, with a lewd smile on his face. He left the restroom first and told me to wait a few minutes before I left. He also told me if I like to be treated like a slut I should look the part. I knew what he meant, I looked like any normal 10 year old, not like the little slut I wanted to be.

I went through my closet looking for something sexy. The closest thing I could find was a pair of blue jeans that I had grown out of two years ago. I cut the legs off and made a pair of shorts. They were tough to get on, I had a hard time pulling the zipper up. When I looked in the mirror I could see a prominent camel toe, and my ass was hanging out the back. They certainly were as slutty as I had hoped. I also found a small white T-shirt that showed off my belly button. I took a pink magic marker and wrote 'slut' on the front, I looked hot. I practiced putting on makeup that I stole from my mother, I was ready.

The next day after school I got dressed in my hooker uniform, covered in a big hoodie and walked to the park. When I saw Roy and two other guys standing by the restrooms, I tossed the hoodie behind some bushes and sauntered towards them. I had watched enough porn on the Internet that I knew how to act sluttish.

"Hey guys, did Roy tell you about the hot slut he met yesterday." I said, putting my weight on one foot cocking my hip to one side and licking my finger.

"Man, you were right, she is a little hottie." Said the tall guy talking to Roy, but not taking his eyes off me.

"I didn't believe you until right now." Said the other guy, also not taking his eyes off me.

I slowly turned so they could get a good look at me, my pussy was getting so wet thinking of what we were going to do. I felt like such a slut, I couldn't wait any longer.

"Come on guys, let's fuck." I said, grabbing Roy's hand and dragging him towards the men's restroom. The two other strangers were close behind. My body began tingling all over in anticipation. What were they going to do first, was I going to get spanked again? Was one of them going to try to fuck my ass? I was almost in orgasm thinking about it. As soon as we entered Roy began kissing me hard. The little T-shirt was ripped from my body. I can hear my shorts tare as they were removed. Roy must have told them I liked it rough. Roy sat down on the bench and put me over his knee, he began spanking my ass hard; telling me what a bad girl I was.

"You little slut, 'smack' only dirty slut, 'smack' would let three strangers fuck her, 'smack' you need to be taught a lesson." Roy said spanking me, as the other two undressed quickly.

"Look at that pussy, it's dripping wet, this little slut does love to be used doesn't she." Said the tall guy, with the big dick just before he shoved it in me. It probably should have hurt, but since I had been playing with my pussy all day at school in anticipation I was ready for it.

"Open that mouth slut, let's see how good of a cock sucker you are." Said the other stranger, shoving his cock down my throat. I had practiced deep throating with bananas so it wasn't that hard to do. I think I was just a natural born slut. I came so hard I think I passed out, when I came to I was sitting on big dick's lap bouncing up and down on his cock.

Roy was getting undressed and the other guy was stroking his semi hard cock. I reached up and felt cum on my chin, he must've blew his load and I didn't even know it. This was so hot, I could feel another orgasm building. How could an innocent 10-year-old turn in to such a slut, I thought as another orgasm washed over me.

"Pick her up, I want to see if I can get my cock in her ass." Said Roy.

I have played with my ass before, but was still a little afraid, but that only added to the excitement. I would not have told these guys no for anything, I wanted to be used and abused. I thought fucking Roy yesterday was fun, but this fucking, was mind blowing. When Roy stepped up behind me I reached down and spread my ass cheeks. His dick went in my ass with just a little pain, I must be made for hard-core fucking I thought, here I had two guys fucking me at the same time, I began moaning as another orgasm flooded my pussy. Two cocks fucking at the same time was like nothing I had ever imagined, now I know why the girls in porn videos seemed to love it so much. Those two guys couldn't last very long in my tight holes and were soon filling my holes with delicious cum. They slowly released me, when my feet hit the floor my knees buckled I was so weak from coming so hard. I didn't want to stop.

"You're not finished are you, I can do it some more, come on guys one more time." I begged, pinching my little puffy nipples, standing there with cum running down my face and all down my legs, looking like the little slut I had become.

"Sorry baby, but were pushing our luck as it is, this is not a very safe place and we don't want to get busted." Said Roy, as the three of them got dressed.

I limped to where my clothes were and got dressed. The zipper was broken on my shorts and my shirt was torn. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw what I wanted to see, a used little slut, but not used enough, I wanted more.

"So how about tomorrow, you guys want to fuck me again?" I said, still absentmindedly staring into the mirror at my slutty reflection.

"You know it baby, in fact, maybe we can even bring some more cocks for you to fuck." Said Roy, handing me 100 dollars. I got a big smile on my face, more from the promise of cock then the money he gave me. I think I would take the money and go buy some slutty clothes.

One year later. I have become more of a slut than I could've ever imagined. When I masturbated as a little girl I never thought of sex, it just felt good, now when I play with myself, sex, cock, cum and being a little slut gang banged is what runs through my mind. Roy and his many friends finally took me out of the park and to one of their homes where we didn't have to worry about being caught.

I used the money they gave me to buy more and more sluttish clothes. The guys loved when I pranced around looking like a little hooker, rubbing up on them, licking my lips and begging to be fucked.

Roy bought a few whips to spank me with. I learned that I like my little puffy nipples whipped just as much as my ass, more than once I went home with whip marks all over my body.

As long as I got good grades in school my parents left me alone; even when I came home with a fat lip. I just lied and said I got into a fight, I couldn't tell them it was a big black guy smacking his big cock in my face, which I asked him to do.

Roy started taking pictures of me being a slut, which excited me even more. I told Roy to hang the pictures in the park restroom. He made sure you couldn't see anyone's face in the pictures, but it was still so exciting knowing all of the guys that were looking at this hot little 11-year-old being fucked like a seasoned pro.

After the last time I was fucked by five or six pervs, one of the guys decided to write on my pussy with a black permanent marker, he wrote 'Fuck Hole' in inch high letters. Because it was permanent ink, the whole next day in school I was walking around with 'Fuck Hole' under my panties; and it made me so hot I had to jerk my pussy off a couple of times in the girls restroom. I think when I go to Roy's house after school I'm going to have them write more slutty things, I can't wait.

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wow, super hot story, I loved it!!! more please...


Loved your story! Thanks for sharing!


Hot hot story!

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