Found in a Copse

[ Mgg(6,10), rape ]

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Published: 5-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

At last, a quiet lane, just off the motorway with a stopping area and shelter. I pulled the van in, rushed out and dropped my jeans just inside the belt of trees and pissed the four pints of lager I had consumed some two hours before. As the flow gushed, I gazed round, being alerted by voices. They were distant, but I spotted rooftops and realised this copse was only about 50 metres deep, split between the lane and the suburb beyond.

I was thankful for the piss, having had to drive fast, non-stop and hard from the previous stop, which was a pub on the outskirts of a small town, where I had met some people and enjoyed their company.

The pissing was down to a dribble and I started to shake off, when I was startled by a small cry of distress. It was near and I twisted, still shaking my cock, to see a small child caught up in some thorny shrub. The hem of her floral dress had snagged it and I don't think she knew I was there. Zipping up, I glanced all round to see if any other person was in the vicinity. The scrubby growth was low enough to see any adults and the children's voices were way off, nearer the houses.

The kid still hadn't noticed me as I weighed up the situation. She was fat but pretty, the dress the wrong sort to be worn in a rough wooded area. On her feet were elaborate strappy flat heeled, pink sandals. The van was four steps away; she was four steps in the opposite direction.

I asked if I could help her, startling her initially, but she nodded a shy yes. I freed the dress, which just about reached her dimpled knees, clamped my hand over her mouth and lifted her the short distance to the van. Fat, heavy, but no match for my strength, she wriggled furiously as I slid the side door open and bundled her in. The rag was in easy reach and I stuffed it into her mouth and roughly flung her down to the floor amongst the tools and general living detritus scattered around the van, which was my temporary home. The fall took the wind out of her and within seconds I had bound her wrists with gaffer tape and secured the rag in her mouth with the same. I leered down at her splayed legs, the dress high on her thighs, noticing with disgust that she was wearing pink shorts under it. I bound her ankles with tape too.

I checked the copse and there was no one around and I could hear no voices nearby, so I drove off after turning the van, keeping the engine noise low, before flooring the pedal and hitting the motorway.

An hour later, the motorway service station was perfect; huge, busy and packed with all sorts of trade vehicles, which I parked amongst. It was nearing seven in the evening and I was hungry, so I checked the kid who looked fearful but was still secure, so I went in for a meal. I chatted to a couple of truckers, who told me they thinking of getting a taxi into the local town and seeing if they could pick up some hookers. We discussed places we had had some success; I made up my stories to keep in the loop with them and declined their invitation. After they left, I went back to the van and pulled the inner curtain across behind the front seats. Now the rear body of the van was totally shielded from the outside, although light was allowed in via the vent I opened on the roof.

I cleared some space round the kid and took a couple of photos of her, and then knelt down, showing her the knife I had got from a box. I told her that if she made any noise or struggled when I took off the tape and gag I would kill her and her eyes were wide in horror, but on growling at her she nodded. I released her legs and arms, then the tape from her face. I brandished the knife again, close to her eyes as I slowly pulled the rag out of her pretty little mouth.

I asked how old she was and she told me six, with a cute little lisp. I lowered the knife to the hem of her dress, gasped the material taut and slit the garment straight up the front, the sharp tool easily slicing the embroidered pattern across her flat chest. She whimpered and I raised the knifepoint again and she started to cry silently. I stroked her flat puppy fat chest and rotund stomach, which had no sign of a waistline and noting the almost imperceptible, pale, little smudges where her nipples would sprout. I smoothed my hand over the incredibly soft skin and roughly pinched and twisted each nipple, which immediately reddened and bruised and she mewed with pain.

I decided to strip, my cock was solid and hurting in the confines of my jeans. I peeled them off together with my shorts and my dick sprung out, twanging hard against my belly. I asked her if she had seen one before and she shook her head. I shuffled over her face and slapped her hard with the rod of my cock. She wept some more and I played the bare knob over her sweet lips, her nose crinkling and her lips curling with distaste. I knew it would be sticky and smelly, as I hadn't washed it since being at the pub earlier. I told her to lick it and she shook her head and I slapped her really hard with it and then my hand - snarling at her. The tears flowed, but on forcing, she started to lick the smegma crust round my purple helmet. Impatiently, I forced her mouth open and stuffed it in, her eyes were boggling.

I knew I wouldn't get a good blow job without teaching her, which needed time and turned my attention to her shorts, which in the last few seconds had turned from pink to a dusky red and I realised she had pissed herself. I didn't bother with buttons or zips, I just wrenched them off her, finding that she also wore a pair of plain white panties, which were removed in one, to expose her little puddingy pussy. I was delighted to find she didn't have a neat slit, without any labial formation. There was a nice thick fold, still glistening moist and I thrust her legs apart and dived in with my mouth, savouring the acidic taste of a sweet preteeners pissed vagina. I flung her legs up and bent her double to see her arsehole. It was so neat, the proverbial star shaped flower bud and I licked her piss out of its broad dimple. Before I left the taster, I sucked her labia into my mouth and gave it a sharp bite, which made her yelp. I levered over her and prodded the knife on her neck.

After taking more photos, I positioned myself between her flabby legs and aimed my cock head at her cunt. It found its mark immediately without any help and as it lodged amongst her delicious soft fanny folds, I banged in hard and dry securing two inches. I was prepared for the scream and clamped my fist over her mouth and pulled out. Her cunt lips folded together immediately, but I plunged in again, with more urgency and slid in four inches. Remaining in her, enjoying the incredibly tight pinch of her virgin cunt, I shagged her relentlessly until I came and flooded the fat little girl's vagina with a load equal to the last load, earlier that day.

I flopped down heavily on her body, heaving breath mixed with her sobs, our two totally disparate bodies stuck together in a slime of sweat and joined by my eight inch tool still lodged firmly inside her young twat. It started to soften, but I didn't pull out, I let her muscles push it out, after all I had done all the hard work so far. On its release, I rolled off the kid and sat alongside her tear-racked body where she remained spread legged and bleeding gently from her bruised and torn slit.

Curious as always, I parted her flaps as she flinched at my touch. I ignored her pleas and flattened them, finding the hole I had just enlarged somewhat, to search for her hot spot. The tiny button glowed in its little crevasse and I flicked it casually, getting a very energetic jerking response from her. I told her to hold her fingers on her cunt lips and hold it open. She obeyed without a threat and I photographed her doing it and then a close-up.

I hefted her legs up and over her chest, her shitter exposed once more, but not pristine clean any more but slimy. I prodded it and she reacted as I expected, tightening her ring piece, but I forced my middle finger in as far as it would go. I finger fucked her bum for a while and inserted a second finger, while I twiddled her clitty. She was certainly reacting the right way, her sexuality alerted by the attention to the most intimate nerve.

Needing a piss I kneeled over her crotch, keeping her legs high and managed to insert the thick bulb of my dick in her turd tunnel. I wasn't hard but still had some solidity and soon I was pissing into her bottom. I pulled out and stuck it into her cunt a little way and then to cap it all, I aimed the one eyed monster at her face and let her have the last knockings of my urine.

Tired and now satiated, I cleaned myself up, dragged the soiled stretch of carpet from under the child, leaving her lying on the bare ply board floor. I gagged her tear/piss stained face again, taping it secure. Her wrists and ankles were also bound and I got out the maps. Finding some remote lanes is never difficult in this fair land of England and I drove in darkness for about half an hour.

The lane was perfect, no buildings, no traffic and I could park off the road. After removing the tapes from her arms and legs, I dumped her in a ditch under the hedgerow and made off into the night, flooring the pedal to make the wheels spin and hopefully spoil tyre tracks, although the van was fitted with four different makes and tread patterns anyway. I had to think ahead. Her clothes stayed in the van, but I left her sandals on her feet. I drove for an hour, knowing I had freed her to be able to walk, somewhere on this humid August night.

The next day, having parked up for a sleep on a lay-by where I burned her things behind a hedge, I went back through the photos on my high quality digital camera and viewed for the first time the pictures I had secured that morning at the pub.

Two in a day was good going and I looked back to that morning helped by the pictures.

I had been having a quiet drink and got talking to a smart looking professional type of black guy at the bar about the price of the food in the pub. Later out in the garden, I had a nice letch at his wife and two teenage girls, all three were busty, he had with him. They were all as black as coal, but seemed to be middle class; I mean not black trash, judging by their clothes and speech. He seemed wimpish, small and weedy although trim, wearing specs. The three females all wore revealing clothing, showing acres of leg and cleavage and the older of the two teens had the biggest pair of bouncing tits of the three. Now and then two younger nigger kids would run in from the children's play area, a boy and a girl and sip from a drink or grab a bite and then dash out again.

I finished my drink and took a leak and then went to the car park. The young black girl was tiptoeing precariously along the top of a stonewall which was next to my van. The boy or indeed any other children were not in the near area of the play space which had a hedge in the middle which actually surrounded a paddling pool but virtually split the space in two. I lusted after her slim elegant frame dressed in a gingham red check shirt over a white mini skirt that showed off her long tapering legs to great advantage. She didn't look up as I approached my vehicle, making as if I was checking the tyres, but aiming to get a look up her knickers.

Suddenly she fell into the gap between the van and the wall and instead of trying to peep up her skirt, I had full on vision of her white pantied crotch as she lay in front of me, legs splayed and slightly concussed. I glanced around and could see no one, so I slid the side door open, grabbed her, shoving her into the van without struggle, closed the door and stuffed some rags in her mouth. Swiftly I taped the rag in, then bound her legs and wrists, checked all round again and drove off.

About an hour of A roads and lanes got me to a motorway service station and I parked up in a busy spot full of trucks and vans. I checked her and saw dark, part hooded, puzzled eyes studying me, but she was intact so I went for a piss. Back in the van I closed the curtains behind the cab and knelt down beside my captive. The knife made her eyes open so big and I told her she would die if she screamed or struggled when I took the tapes off. I got a nod of understanding and snipped her arms and legs free. I ran my hands up over her chest, the cotton shirt masking the dense blue-black tone of her young skin. Reaching the top button, I undid it, then all the others, to surprisingly reveal a cute white training bra. Her body was heaving as I pressed my fingertips into the points of the bra and to my amazement I found not a dimple of empty space, but actual flesh filling the tiny cups.

I slit it open and it sprang apart and I saw the cutest glossy black buds of nipples without areola on shapely cones. Brandishing the knife once more, I got a fearful and starting to be tearful nod at my threat and I tore off the tape and pulled the rag from her thick lips mouth. She told me she was ten as I took in the details of the first black kid I had been close to. I took some photos of her upper body and face. Her twisted thick black hair was pulled severely back off her face and tied in a red ribbon. However thick hair growth was evident close on her brow and I wondered about her cunt hair. Holding back wanting to savour the special nigger moment, I stroked her nice little titties and the nipples rose almost instantly as goose bumps sprouted on her arms. I bent and sucked the juicy knobs and then bit them hard and she squeaked, but it was so slight and tremulous I didn't threaten her. I licked the sizeable cones, knowing they would surely grow into big tits like her mum and sisters.

Intent on saving the best till last I rolled her facedown and undid the buttons of her skirt and pulled it off. That dragged her panties part way down exposing the start of a very dark crack on her butt, which wasn't a bubble version, but tight and round. I pulled her shirt off and then plunged my face into the back folds of her tiny panties licking the black skin and forcing the waistband lower as my tongue buried into her crack smelling body and some delicate soap.

I ripped the undies with the knife, spread her cheeks wide and took some pictures, and then I turned her back over to be rewarded with a rounded plump mound with a few wispy hairs just starting to grow above the simple slit of her cunt. Hmm! That's early I thought, together with the breast development. Her legs were clamped shut and there was a lot of resistance to my efforts at opening them until I traced the knifepoint over her preteen tits. She sobbed and whined, one of her thumbs clamped across her front teeth, as I forced her legs wide and I dipped my head straight in to lick her young snatch. It was so sweet and it was moist too. More photos. My tongue slid easily inside and then she murmured a question.

I confirmed I was going to do it. Then she stopped me solid, saying please do it in my bottom. She answered me by saying it had happened before, but not in her minnie, as she called it. No it wasn't a boyfriend. No, no, no she answered to more quizzing on who it could be. I don't usually enter into a conversation with girls I fuck, but this one intrigued me. On pressing further and how many times, she told me about twelve and after a lot of knife prodding without drawing blood, near her cunt, tits and throat, she sobbed and disclosed it was her daddy. I was shaken at the reply yet was sure she meant it, after all the threats.

She added that he wanted to keep her virginity, so did it in her bottom and would I please do the same. I confirmed I would and stripped off my jeans. She gasped when she saw my erection and told me her daddy's wasn't as big. My reaction was to flip her over, grab her waist up into doggy, and spit down onto her ring and aim. Initially she clenched, and then with some menace applied she relaxed her sphincter as he had obviously told her to do and I slotted my knob into the tight hole. I hadn't done an arsehole for a couple of times lately and enjoyed the sight of her pink membranes curling out of her black bum, wrapping round my knob end as I withdrew slightly.

Roughly I shunted at her and my dick sank six inches into her rectum and she squawked with the sudden intrusion. I ignored that and started to ream out her ring with fast urgent strokes, embedding it deep, full length into her preteen turd tunnel. Cumming was close but I wanted the ultimate prize. Acting fast, I easily turned her, spreading her slender limbs, thrusting her ankles up round her head and centred my slimy cock at her simple slitty quim. She cried out in protest, in time with a huge thrust and I burst through her tight hymen in one stroke, clamping my hand over her fat lipped mouth as she screamed.

I gave her a lot of bangs, then slipped out my raging, near to bursting prick and again plunged deep in one stroke into her bum. Two shoves then out again and in one raging rampant surge I transferred into her baby cunt and my cum exploded inside her ravaged vagina. Cumming was glorious in every way, by fucking her hard, her tightness milking every drop of my jism until there was no more and it started to soften. Before it went limp, I pulled my sodden shaft out of her pussy and thrust it easily into her shitter. She would naturally defecate big thick turds so my large tool would be no different to them, except in its initial hardness and the number of times it would pass through her sphincter.

I lay on her sobbing broken nigger body, enjoying the hot African skin squelching sweatily under me. My cock slid out and I rolled over. It was very greasy and brown tainted. I took a look at her crotch, and moved her labia apart enjoying the pink and purple inner folds of her pussy, taking more photos which included some full length with her sad despairing face.

I bound her arms, legs and reinserted the gag, then sorted my clothes, then went into the service station for a meal. I then drove to a remote piece of moor land, removed the ties of her arms and legs and dumped her over a dry stone wall. I thought I could hear sheep and wondered if a ram would catch her scent.

I took off in the heat of the day and aimed to put a couple of hundred miles between the black kid and my next stop.

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So well written it sounds like a true story.
6 year old girls with pissy slits are the ultimate pleasure.
The 10 year old black girl is such a slut too, asking for his cock in her arsehole.
I hope we hear more of this pedos exploits.


stories would be good if you didn't find the need to always make your victims so god damn fucking disgusting. You know you don't have to detail them, as our imagination can place whatever turns us on, but you seem intent on ruining that for us ever time. WTF


Thanks, it is an unusual scenario for me. Quite why I am drawn to rape stuff at present I am not sure.


beautiful story so far, but when the black girl told that her daddy's dick wasn't so big I actually had hoped for her to tell what perverse things her daddy and possible friends usually do to her...


One of my main reasons for writing is including the detail of the people involved, whatever their status in the character list. It's my thing - OK?


holy motherfucker!
the black girl part just made my shoot out like a bullet!
ur a genius!


Nice one!!


Thanks again, especially les. You know how much I like your stuff.


Good story.


The rape of the little 6 yr old was fantastic(thank you) but to top it off with rape of the nigger girl, kept me cumming

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