Lori Anne's First Seductions, Part 3

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Published: 21-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I was nervous, edgy, and snappy to my co-workers all night during my watch. Even my supervisor blasted me over the radio to 'get back into the picture Joan now!' I caught myself drifting not into sleep at work but into weird, lewd, disgusting thoughts and fantasies about Jason abusing and raping my little girl. I only stopped my lurid thoughts when my fingers migrated to my crotch; starting to rub my hard clitoris. This was too much! I had to know and catch them in the act. What was I saying? Them? It should be him that I had to be catching!

This night duty watch was maybe the longest one yet but then I had these incessant visions and fantasies plaguing my thoughts and filling my mind with dread and apprehension of what may or could be happening to my daughter... and her being threaten not to tell me! With this cooking, I left the watch duty an hour early as my friend Casey agreed to relieve me. The drive back home was irritating as I had absolutely no patience for the morning school bus and work traffic. Unlocking the house door, I looked back around and saw Jason's pickup truck still parked at the roadside curb. They're both here! Good.

The house was quite and no coffee was made yet in the kitchen so I started to make a pot. My thoughts were milling and scattered; the notebook computer in my bedroom? Where was Lori Anne now? Jason? Did the program bloody work right? Did it record anything or maybe all of this was just my own twisted mind; accusing my little girl and Jason being together? Wait?! It's Jason using my girl for his own sick pleasure! A fucking child molester, fucking pedophile! Fuck my sweet little baby will you? We'll see how to deal with your sicko fucked up molestation!

Calming myself as best I could to be patient and wait, I sat down at the kitchen dining table and looked down into my coffee cup filled with steaming brew. The smell was pleasant but my mind was tremendously troubled. With only one sip taken, I left the table and went upstairs; stepping on the carpeted steps as soft as I could. Before I reached the top of the stairs, I looked around to Lori Anne's bedroom and saw her door partly open. I hoped I wouldn't find Jason in bed with her! But the thought grabbed my visions of fantasy and I looked through the open doorway. Only little Lori Anne was in the bed; cuddling her teddy bear as she was sleeping. I walked in and softly sat down on the bed; being careful not to disturb her. She looked so sweet and innocent to me; so beautiful! Surely nothing at all happened last night. Surely not! But, I had to confirm it later when they both were gone; Lori Anne to school and Jason to work. I saw that she was wearing one of her daddy's t shirts for a night gown. I smiled and leaned down and kissed her little forehead before I rose off the bed to head back downstairs.

When at the bottom of the stairway, Jason walked out from the guest bathroom. "Hi. Morning Joan. I thought it was you; fresh coffee in the kitchen that is eh." I smiled at the man that could be molesting my daughter and returned to my cup of coffee still on the kitchen table.

Jason stepped in behind me. "I'm off all day today. Maybe we can plan a beach picnic up at the north part of the island for tomorrow? Game?"

It was Saturday and my night watch tonight was the last until Monday. "Sure. Ok. I'm game. And I'm sure Lori Anne will love it. Maybe we can ask my friend Casey and her sons to join us?

"Hey. Why not? Casey's cool. I haven't met her sons yet though?" He sipped his coffee while again leaning against the counter.

"They're cute boys. Their dad is full black so they're a mix of Hispanic and black. The oldest is about 12 - Sammy. The youngest Davey is only 6."

Jason sipped his coffee while I looked up at him. Again he had that same look. I wondered now what it really meant and what was cooking in his mind. My stare was broke when Lori Anne pranced into the kitchen and gave me a big hug. "Morning Mommy."

"Morning young lady. How was your evening with Jason?" I surprised myself even with the bluntness of the question.

"It was ok. Same same stuff." She looked over at Jason and then back to me.

"Ok good for you guys. Now get some cereal for breakfast and then I'll get you to school. You take a shower yet?" I looked at into her eyes to see any spec or hint of daughter to mother deception. I saw something in her look but it didn't make sense or at least with what I was thinking; of her being coerced and threatened not to say a word of her molestation or worse, rape.

"Shower done last night after Jason and...ah..well after we watched a TV movie." Lori Anne faked a grin to me and then to Jason. I knew it! Something is going on! Fucking Jason! I'll kill the bastard!

"Ok that's nice. I'll be back down in a few minutes to fetch you to school." I quickly went back up stairs to my bedroom and ditched my uniform. I took a quick shower and changed into a pair of shorts and one of David's t shirts.

With Lori Anne in front of me as we left the house, Jason was already inside his truck. He waved at us a good bye. Lori Anne gave him a strong wave back. I just smiled back as I opened the passenger side door for my little girl.

The drive to school was quiet. Neither Lori Anne nor I said a word to one another as we may have both sensed something was not being said or something was being kept hidden and to speak was to let it out and have to deal with the consequences.

I stopped the SUV at the school drop off point. "You have a good day ok Hon." I watched her slide out of the seat and land both her sneaker feet with a dull thump.

Dressed in her school athletic uniform, as today was an all day work out for the kids in school, she looked back at me and smiled. "Thanks mommy. Bye." I watched her prance away; her body form fascinated me and again, I caught myself 'looking at her' in a way that a mother should not be doing. Damn it anyways!

Getting home was a fast ride as most of the morning traffic was gone; kids all in school, parents and people at work. Jason was off but I knew he liked to hang out at his friend's beach bar down at Ipan. He'll be there until happy hour starts at maybe 3pm.

After I started the notebook program recording file for the living room spy cam, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and opened them to whatever was to be seen last night. I quickly saw the TV on and cartoons on the screen. Lori Anne was sitting on the carpeting floor and eating a piece of the pizza Jason bought for dinner last night. I looked around and didn't see Jason anywhere. I then split the screen to two views and opened the bedroom spy cam file. The room was lit up by only the bathroom light that Lori had left on. And then I froze! I watched Jason come out of Lori Anne's bathroom, naked and drying himself off with one of the white towels. After he dropped the towel on top of the clothes hamper, he walked out of the room still naked! Damn him! Shit! Where was he going?

Waiting patiently in front of the two cam screens on my notebook, I felt myself getting aroused with my spying of Jason and Lori Anne; almost wishing for something sexual and twisted to happen so that I could catch him and nail him to the police. I watched the screens and then saw movement in the living room cam; Jason came in with a pair of shorts now on and sat down on the couch behind Lori Anne.

Watching intently the both of them for maybe twenty minutes, I looked at the screen time; it showed 0812pm. It appeared to be all ok! Nothing! Nothing is happening. What was I thinking then? Where did these thoughts, these visions, these sick fantasies come from!? Why? Am I the sicko one; looking at my daughter's body in a sexual way and fascination? Maybe I am the incestuous pedophile here in some weird, twisted fate! My fucking Gawd Joan!!! Get a grip bitch! And then I saw Jason lean over to my little girl that was still sitting Indian style on the carpet.

He reached over and started massage her small shoulders with both of his hands. Lori Anne allowed him to continue until she got off the carpet and sat down next to him. His left arm around her shoulders, she rested her head against his bare chest. I shuddered as I saw her start to rub her left hand on his lower chest and then reach beneath his shorts! My gawd! What was my sweet innocent little girl doing!

On the recorded cam, I watched my 8 year old daughter start to give Jason a hand job beneath his shorts; his cock was fully hard and a noticeable bulge beneath the shorts as Lori Anne continued to stroke his cock up and down while she watched cartoons on the TV. My breathing was faster now as I watched the two of them continue but it was my daughter that was in full control of the act taking place in front of my eyes. How could I show the authorities this? They would suspect that my husband & I had groomed our daughter to seduce men or some other twisted venue.

I focused back to the scene and watched Jason pulling his shorts completely off while Lori Anne took off her t-shirt and shorts; only her pink doll logo panties were all that she left on as she grabbed his erection with both of her small hands. She rubbed his skin up and down and started to kiss and lick his cock head. She stopped and wiped something from her lips and giggled and spoke something up at him before she put his cock head completely into her mouth while she continued stroke his cock skin up and down. I almost slapped the screen at Jason as leaned back and enjoyed the sex act; his hand gently rubbing Lori Anne's small back with a loving squeeze of his fingers around his small neck every few seconds.

He started to pull her panties off and start to play with her small buttocks; his fingers probing between her cheeks. When my little girl twitched forward slightly; I knew Jason was playing with her vagina and clitoris. She released his cock from her mouth as she looked back to her buttocks and then back forward. Her eyes were closed; her mouth open. She was enjoying Jason's finger play. Jason must have said something as she returned his cock head into her small mouth and began to stroke his skin again. Watching this happening and getting more excited, I paused the file and kept looking at the two of them on the living room couch. All I could see in the paused view was my little Lori Anne naked and sucking on a grown man's hard cock. It was both thrilling and exciting to me but I seemed not at all disgusted or mortified. I looked at my cute sexy daughter's naked body as she was with Jason; a guy I have fucked many a times with or without David with me. Now our very own daughter was part of it all now too! I was captivated by the screen and what I watched and felt different about Jason; he wasn't molesting my little girl at all! She was doing it to him. I saw Lori Anne as a different daughter to me now too. She was sexually connected and not just a motherly, parent thing. I clicked off the screen pause and watched more.

Lori Anne stopped sucking his cock head and smiled up at Jason; saying something while she continued to stroke his cock skin up and down. He patted the top of her head and she took his cock back into her mouth. After a few more minutes of her working on his cock, Jason's legs started to tremble and I knew what was coming. With my daughter still having his cock head in her mouth, he finally lost it. Semen shot out and filled my little girl's mouth; what she couldn't swallow was falling from her lips and dripping onto his thighs. To my amazement and enthrallment was how my little girl was able to swallow so well? I couldn't swallow that much cum ..no way. My gawd! What was I thinking? My sweet little girl had just given a blow job to a man and swallowed!

I continued to watch them on the computer screen; both happy and chatting with each other; Lori Anne sometimes giggling as she wiped Jason's semen from her face with her hands; some of it was still in her hair. With Jason's hands helping, she straddled his thighs; his cock still partially hard and now pressed between her and him. She rose up and put her small arms around his neck and gave Jason a long kiss on his lips as he played with her buttocks; his fingers pushing and probing. They kissed for several minutes before he laid her onto her back to his right side. He slid off the couch and knelt before her; her small vagina inches from his face now.

I felt my breathing start to get hard and strained while I watched Jason proceed to lick and tongue fuck my little girl's vagina; sometimes lifting her buttocks up to lick her butt hole. I was mesmerized with the computer screen recording as Lori Anne giggled as she held her hands on top of his head while he held her small waist; his lips and tongue play was turning me on so much that I undid my shorts and pulled them off along with my panties. I remembered the zoom and got the screen closer to my daughter's face. I needed to see if there was any hint of her being forced or not wanting to do the 'sexy thing' as she calls it. Her face was strained as if in some kind of pain but I knew better. Her eyes closed tight, her mouth open and saying something repetitively as I could see her lower body starting to buck up and down. Her mouth let out a yell but I couldn't hear as the spy cam wasn't set up with microphones. Tears rolled from both of her eyes as she moaned out and her body bucking up into Jason's face; she reached an orgasm. My little 8 year daughter!! Damn.

I was fingering my clitoris and thrusting fingers in and out of my vagina while I continued to watch the screen. After I zoomed back out I cried out as I saw Jason starting to push his cock head into Lori Anne's vagina. She was now giggling as I knew her clitoris was now sensitive. She was trying to get away from him but he held her waist to prevent her escape as he continued to push his cock inside her. I lost it and almost fell off the seat as I exploded in my own orgasm. Jason now mounting my little girl was too much for me to control my own thrill of orgasmic pleasure!

I had lost a couple of minutes of the screen in my recovery...as Jason was now easily thrusting his cock length in and out of Lori Anne's vagina; she could take maybe two thirds of his length before her small body slid slightly forward as he pushed his cock head against her uterus. My little girl had her hands on Jason's chest while she looked down at his cock thrusting in and out of her small body enveloped under him. She looked up at him and giggled and said something before she started to arch he small back upward; reaching to another orgasm. I zoomed the screen closer to her face and watched my daughter start to cry again in her pleasure. Tears rolled across her face and dripped down to the couch seat. I was starting to feel strange with all this happening in front of my eyes. I lost the anger, the disgust, and the sick fantasies. In front of me, on record, was my young daughter enjoying a moment of sexuality with a man that obviously cared and respected her; Jason!

The screen showed my little babe's loving reaction as Jason leaned his head down and kissed Lori Anne's lips while his thrusts became more intense; pushing her little body a few inches forward with each inward return of his cock. He finally reached his peak and thrust in and let his semen fill her vagina for a few seconds before he slid out of her and stroked himself; semen spurting across her small abdomen, her stomach and chest and face. I watched my babe, my daughter, giggle at Jason's ejaculation. He was even smiling as he finished himself off as he straddled Lori Anne's waist to spurt, drip the last of his semen onto her face and open mouth. I switch the screen off.

I felt weird and thoughts of guilt welled up; maybe I shouldn't be watching them? It was their special moment together. Was it so wrong to watch? Was it wrong for my young daughter to have sex with Jason a grown man? They seemed happy with each other. Neither forced or coerced one another.

I turned the computer off and thought about removing the spy cams but decided to leave them as they are for a few days. Why? I saw it all? Viewing my wristwatch, I saw that I had 5 hours before having to pick my daughter up from school. Think it's time to talk little lady! Indeed time to talk!

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really like this series Im about to read number 4 with a rock hard cock


Just beautiful. Very healthy depiction of man/girl sex and super hot that mom accepts it, as she should.


Very well written story, great description of Lori Anne sucking cock as her mum gets turned on. Had a hard on from start to finish. Waiting for mum to give her little girls pussy a good licking

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