The New House And Community..., Part 1

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Published: 7-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The pain has subsided finally, and I am able to move about in a fairly normal way. But getting hit by a truck, is not a pleasant thing at all. The only good that came of it was work comp. and the truckers insurance policy. This happened while on the job, and it had put me into an 11 hour surgery. Thank heaven's my mobility was on the upside again.

It will take time to feel well enough to put in full days at a desk, but in marketing, a person can take the consultant route, and start your own business. This is what I have started out of bordom and a need to feel that I am doing something constructive with my life. The settlements were very good, and left me enough to live on for the rest of my life, providing I don't try to live large. Just a bit over 2.7 million.

For business reasons, I wanted a bit more quiet, than what my apt. could provide, so I did some serious study on smaller cities in a warmer climate to help my health. As it turns out, Northern Arizona seemed perfect. Asking around the city, I found what was reputed as a good agency with good standing in the city, with several very nice homes listed.

At age 44, I bought my very first house. It's a 3 bedroom place with a master bath and a garden tub in it, and a separate bath for the main part of the house. One bedroom was set to become an office, and the other, just a guest room. The living room area and dinning room were open, and a breakfast bar was all that separated the kitchen. It was a single floor affair that spread out nicely. And the best part was... It had a pool for my recovery program, and a large hot tub outside. The back yard was fenced in, and had headges inside for great privacy. Not that I was much for swimming nude or anything, but it just seemed more homey and safe.

The movers brought things 2 days after the closing, and got everything into the right rooms for me. I made a trip or 2 over the first week, to buy things needed to make me feel at home.

On my first Saturday in the house, the door bell sang out. Answering the door, I found a stunningly beautiful lady in a sun dress, hand out stretched, and a big smile. She introduced herself as Mia, and was the nearest nieghbor to me, about 75 yards away from me. Mia had come to say welcome to the area and meet me.

Mia had lost her husband a year ago from cancer, and they had bought thier dream home when it was brand new. Her husband had been an lawyer, and had only fathered 1 child with Mia. Mia was an art teacher, who had met her husband during his travel to the Philippines. And she was about the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. After sharing some of my life with her, I showed her around the house. She had been as far as the door in the past, because a very cranky older guy had been the first occupant, and wanted nothing to do with anyone.

Mia was amazed when she saw the pool, she had no idea that it was there. I am not sure how the idea came up, but not having any idea about decor in a home, I asked Mia, if she would help me beautify the place. When she saw bare walls and the lack of items that made a house feel warm, she giggled a bit, and agreed that I needed some help maybe.

As we were chatting about all this, while near the door, the bell almost scared me out of my skin! After a good laugh from us both, I answered the door again. Mouth open, unable to speak, I simply stared at the young girl standing on the front portch. This little girl was beyhond my concept of beauty. Mia broke me from my stupor, she said "this is my daughter Samantha although she prefers Sami" Sami had a cute little pair of tight shorts on, and a snug fitting top.

Mia continued, "Sami? This is Mr. Taylor, our new nieghbor" Mia smile politly, and said "hello, Mr Taylor, nice to meet you" I have to admit, I was worried that my mouth might fumble my words. I was still in shock, from the beauty of this kid. Mia was a solid 9 on any mans scale, but Sami? She was a 10 plus, if thats possible.

But I managed to say "pleased to meet you too Sami, but please, just call me Ray" she just smiled sweetly.

My guests left a few minutes later, but only after I agreed to have dinner with them, at about 5 pm. Knowing that I should take wine as an offering, I jumped in the car and went looking. It was settled that I would get a non-alcohol wine for all of us, and a bottle of regular for after dinner, if it came to that. I returned home, to kill time putting books away, and setting up the office. My mind could not shake the image of Sami. Her hair was straight, and was long enough to go mid back, it was that almost blue black color, a shine that would catch any small amount of light and amplify it. Her body was a work of art also, very nicely shaped straight legs, a very cute bubble shape to her butt, and the just starting, budding of her breasts. Not enough to require a training bra, but close.

At about 3pm, I took a nice shower and dressed in casual wear. Polo shirt and pleated dress slacks, and a pair of brown loafers. Then at about 4:50, I walked down to Mia's home. Sami, was ever present in my mind. At no point in my life, had I ever thought about a child in the way I was, about Sami. Maybe it was simply that, I had never been around many kids, but none the less, it was disturbing and something very new.

I rang the bell and waited about 10 seconds, and the door opened, to the sight of Sami. She was in a nicely fitted knee length cocktail style dress, in a nice floral pattern. Her hair was in a simple pony tail, and she looked just heaven sent. Absolutely the most beautiful creature on earth!

Sami said "hi Mr. Ray, come in, mom has dinner almost ready" she took my free hand, and lead me to the dinning area.

I said "Sami? That is a great dress on you, I don't think there is a model who could look more beautiful in it".

She smiled and said "really? You think I'm that pretty? No way!!!" then let out a blushing giggle, it was just the cutest damn responce she could have given... But said "thank you" anyway...

Mia told me that my timing was perfect, but I had to correct her, that he meal timing was even better. She was also in a similar style dress, and had her hair in a pony tail also, but she did still have an apron on, to keep from ruining her outfit.

I handed the bottles of wine to Sami, explaining the 2 bottles, the one we could use for dinner, that contained no alcohol, but that I had got it, just with her in mind. And the other could be had later, or saved for another time. She and Mia thought the gesture was sweet and said so. I have been to dinners many many times, but I swear, not with 2 females that were even close to these 2 in beauty.

Dinner was lasagna, with garlic bread, fresh green beans, and a salad. It was wonderful, but the company was even better. Sami had told me she was 9 years old, and home schooled for the most part. Mia was an art teacher, but only taught on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She had 2, 1 hour classes each day. Mia was of a culture that did not allow for dating til after 3 years of mourning. And she was in no hurry to start either. Her life was pretty full.

Sami spoke too, but her mind was set on a goal, and that was inquiring about my pool. That had us all laughing. Mia pleaded guilty for letting the cat out of the bag, and tried hard to fend off Sami's desires. But I think I made huge points with them both, when I told Sami that she was welcome to use it, every day if she wanted to, providing that it was ok with her mom. I did get a quick screech of pleasure, and a shocking hug.

Time to depart, I thanked them for a perfect time, and bid them a good night. And again, I got a very sweet hug from Sami. I think she has missed having a man in her life. I just prayed that I could keep my mind on the fact that she was 9, and that my thoughts should never go any further, if it was at all possible.

Thinking about her, kept me from sleep for hours. This was just too nutz for words... But sleep did come at some point.

Waking at 6am, I went to work and finished the office, computers, books, and files in place. My binder and notes on the desk also, so I could continue on with my manual writing, as a guide for several different types of businesses. It would be what I would follow as a guide and would use as a training tool also, should I need to hire an assistant, at some future date.

It was a very hot day, and after having the pool drained, cleaned and treated, I was planning on spending my Sunday, pool side with a few cold beers and a good book. Having gotten back into fairly ok shape, I still has a way to go. Swimming was a very good thing, to keep weight off the spine and still be able to get in an ok work out.

Wearing only a pair of nylon shorts, I was digging in the fridge for the beers when my cell rang. A pleasant voice belonging to Mia was on the other end, she told me that she had been trying her best, to keep Sami from comming over to ask if she could swim, but that she finally caved in, and promised Sami, she would call and check first. I told her that my word was meant, and that she was welcome at any time. With that, she relayed the message, and again got a screech. Mia said that Sami would maybe be at my door, before we could end the call, and laughed. I told her to come as well, and have a cold beer or tea if she wanted to. She actually agreed, and said she would follow behind Sami, as soon as she put her clothes in the dryer.

About 1 minute after I cut the call, the bell rang. I opened the door, and again was mortified. Sami was wearing a simple yellow one piece bathing suit, and for the love of God, she looked unbelievable. Her hair was down, and her face was beaming with delight. The suit was a very snug fit, and maybe even a bit too small. Her beautiful little ass and almost budding tits, looked beyond description, but the best part was her gorgous, plump pussy mound. The suit left nothing hidden, it showed off every bit of Sami's sexy face and body. Shit! My cock started to get hard!

After a quick hug, I showed Sami to the sliding door and pool. Grabbing my beers and putting them in the cooler, I added Coke, Orange and lemon iced tea, not knowing what they would like. This also allowed my cock time to get back to its softer form... This was not going to be an easy time.

I took the cooler out to the table and lounge chairs, and returned to the house, knowing that Mia may be there soon. It was as if meant to be, the bell rang as I made it to the living room.

Mia was dressed in shorts and a halter top. Her hair was also down, and she looked wonderful. After hello's and chuckles, we made our way to the back yard. I told her to help herself to what ever she wanted from the cooler or kitchen, and to please, make herself at home.

I decided to sit in a chair instead of lounger, just in case Sami came close, and my problem from before returned. The thought left me a bit unsettled, but at the same time, amused. It was just too crazy to grasp, being aroused so much, by a 9 year old.

Mia and I chatted about many things over the next hour or so, and only then, did Sami make it over to us, she was just thrilled with the pool. She was enjoying herself more than her mom could remember, since her father had passed away. I really had to keep my eyes off of this sexy little minx, but I found myself taking small looks at her charms, which Sami had many of. After a few drinks from a Coke, she thankfully went back to the water. Talk about conflicted.

Mia watched as Sami walked back to the pool, then she commented... "I think it's time to get her a new swim suit, she looks almost nakid it that one."

Taking a hard gulp of beer, I said... "yeah, and she is going to have every man from 8 to 80, falling all over themselves, just to be close to her" then followed up with... "I don't envy your job, of trying to keep watch over such a young beauty as she is, even at 9".

Mia actually laughed, and shook me to the core, as she told me that Sami had told her mom, that I was "a major hunk!" She even did the little fingers up quote marks, for me. Then she laughed. I am not sure if I actually laughed, or if it was a nervous gulp I made, that just resembled a kinda laugh.

Mia then confided in me, a thing that really took my breath and mind away. Mia had grown up in a motherless home, as her mom had died giving Mia birth. Mia went on to tell me, with soft words and a reddened face, that she had became sexually active at age 9 herself. Her father first, and then her uncle, who also had lost a wife, only that his had simply run off.

Mia needed to go back home to finish laundry, and appologized for perhaps shocking me, but that she valued honesty, and felt the need to share her story. She told Sami that it was time to go, but she got a huge whining nooooo!

"Mom? If Mr. Ray say's it's ok, can I stay for awhile longer?" then looked at her mom and me with the pleading eyes... It actually made me laugh, and her mom blush. I assured Mia that I had no plans, and that Sami could spend the whole day in the pool, as long as it was ok with her. Then mentioned that I even had plans to order a pizza later, and that if she was interested, she could come back at about 6. That would allow 3 hours more of pool time for Sami.

No second thoughts, she just said "great" and made her way to the door. Oh boy! What the hell was I thinking? Now... I had to look at this little Godess for 3 hours, and try to keep my hard cock from view! This was not going to be an easy task. So with that in mind, I jacked myself off in the bathroom, hoping that it may help, and grabbed 4 more beers, so I would not need to stand up for anything else, and risking a bad situation.

As I made my way to the table, I had decided for what ever reason, that Sami being home schooled, may not even notice or wonder about what going on in my shorts. Next thing I knew, I pulled the cooler with a fresh stock of beer, over to the lounge chairs, knowing that full well, at some point, Sami was going to see my hard on anyway. It was just going to happen.

After getting comfy, Sami actually came from the pool, and as she walked over, I could see every part of her sexy body, she almost looked as if she were walking in slow motion. I found myself praying that her mom would forget about the need for a new swim suit, her fucking body was just too damn sexy to cover up. I knew from that moment, that I wanted to fuck this little lady, as much as I ever wanted anything in my life.

Sami stood close, grabbed her now warm Coke, and took a long drink. Her tummy was flat, and her small child cunt was puffed out, and showing every bit of her slit. And the thing that had me nervous before happened, my cock was huge and throbbing. I was only about 7" I believe, but man! It seemed bigger now. My shorts tented out, and it was not possible to over look it.

And sure enough, Sami stood totally still, and stared at my crotch. With out a word, she sat down by my side, just at about my knees, she had a full view, and was not shy with her eyes.

Then, "Mr. ray? Your thingy looks very hard. Is that from looking at me?"

I had to chuckle some, but I said... "yes honey, you are just about the most beautiful young girl I have ever seen, and God help me... You are out of this world sexy. I hope you don't mind me admitting this to you?"

Still looking at my poor cock, she said... "Can I see it? I only saw one on the computer, but never a real one, except my dad's once." She went on to say, a real one that was hard... What a kid!

I took my shorts off, and let her look. She asked, "can I touch it?" I told her sure, "but it's no fair that I am the only one nakid." Sami let out a giggle, told me I was silly, and took her suit off in less then 5 seconds, having no feelings of modesty at all.

She was even more perfect with nothing on... Her skin was so smooth, almost angelic. Her light tan skin tone was flawless. Her nipples were actually semi hard and her breathing showed signs of sexual excitement. Sami reach out and touched my cock, and it was like an electric shock, I kinda jumped a bit. She took her hand away quickly, as she feared that she hurt me in some way. I had to tell her, that it was just because she excited me so much. And that it really felt great. Slowly, she moved her hand back to my hard on. I tried my best to tell her what she needed to do to make it feel real good, and let her know what would happen, but told her I would warn her, if I was going to cum.

I had her move up a bit closer, so I too could feel and touch her body. She never let go, but managed to move up enough, so all of her was in easy reach. Not wanting to scare her, I touched her back and shoulders first, using my fingers softly on her skin. As she stroked my cock, I made my way to her slightly hard nipple, then to the other as well. As suspected, she was excited, she moaned a little as I caressed her small tits and nipples, her breathing comming in shorter faster almost gasps.

I moved my hand down her chest and tummy, I circled her belly button a few times, and made my way down to her thigh, after a few seconds, my hand made it to her puffy little mound. Totally bald, and as soft as imaginable, I worked my middle finger to her slit and waiting clitoris. The moment my finger made contact, she jumped a bit, which made us both giggle. She momentarily forgot her duties, and just got her legs spread for me just a we bit more, and leaned back some. As she continued her handy work, I fully massaged her sweet pussy. As I moved my finger down more, I was amazed to find her tight little hole, as wet as can be. I juiced 2 fingers up good, and brought them to my hungry mouth, I was dying to know what she tasted like. The taste was somewhat less mucky and strong as a fully grown adult, but it was almost better than I could have hoped for.

Sami seemed freaked a little as she watched me, and asked... "ewwwwww, is that kinda nasty? I pee from down there!" I had to chuckle a little, but told her that there could be nothing bad or nasty, from a girl as beautiful and sexy as she was. I had to admit further, that I had never felt this excited or wanted anyone nearly as much as I wanted her. That I felt that way, the very moment I saw her.

Letting go of my cock, Sami moved up and placed her lips on mine. So gentle, and with so much want and purpose, I slowly held her face and started using my toungue to tease her lips apart. It was not more than a minute, and we were french kissing, like we had been together for months. She was naturally, just letting her feelings guide her. I went back to my bald pussy massage, and was rewarded with a groan in my mouth, she started moving her little girl cunt around with my touch. No more than 2 minutes went by, when she really started to buck against my hand, and a minute later, Sami had her first ever orgasm. She actually cried and kissed me all over, and ended by falling into me, and trying to recover.

I just had to get my fill, so I got myself up and lay her back on the lounger, I moved down to the foot of the lounge chair, and slowly pulled her down, to put her sweet pussy in tongue reach. I parted her beautiful legs, and got my first perfect view, of that sweet young cunt. I kissed her feet, calves, and thighs, using tongue and kisses, as I worked my way up. She used her elbows to allow her a view as to what I was doing, and she shuttered and shook as my mouth and tongue, invaded her slit. It started deep down, by her little rose bud, and worked its way to her little love canal and then her swollen clit. She was really thrashing around, and making breathless panting sounds. I played my tongue all over her, and after feeling her building climax, I placed my mouth completely over her child cunt. My tongue now dancing only with her hard clit, her body responded with a grinding motion, trying to push herself harder onto my face. Finally, she actually let out a labored scream, her body shook and trembled, her legs were moving of there own accord. Her head fell back and again, she wept... Her little mind and body were almost lost in pleasure. I pulled myself up, and carried my little sweet lover into the house.

I put her on my bed, kissed her sweet lips, then made my way to the bathroom. It took about a minute to make myself cum, and was not really what I had in mind, but I knew that too much, may scare my little princess. So, with that, I went after our swim wear and returned to my bedroom.

Sami sat up, and was full of questions, but had never had any idea that she could have such feelings come out. We both got dressed, and went back outside. Sami stayed right next to me, she wanted to feel contact, she wanted to be loved. And I knew that, that was actually what I was feeling for her, and wanted to smother her in, forever...

We ordered pizza and coninued to talk. She talked about her dad mostly, and how it hurt her, but more than anything, it confused her. She knew that her dad loved her, very much, but he was seldom home. His job was just too demanding of his time. Only for 2 weeks of every year, did they really get any time together, as a family.

Funny thing was, I never felt the need to tell Sami to please not tell anyone and especially her mother, about what we had done. We could talk about that at some later time, I had a feeling, that Sami understood things, which is not usual for a young girl of 9. We kissed more, and just held each other.

To be continued...

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This is going to be very interesting. Sexy mother and daughter in need of loving.


Good story, except for the fact that in the beginning you say Mia lost her husband a year earlier to cancer, then near the end Sami says she only gets to see her dad 2 weeks every year and he was seldom home due to his job.


Awesome, actually! You built the story well, took your time progressing it. Please continue! David


Actually, i missed the pastense there... Should have used (had) sorry...

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